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David Shestokas Prosecutor Against Rittenhouse Violated Law Withheld Evidence that Exonerates Rittenhouse 111721

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 17, 2021 3:27 pm

David Shestokas Prosecutor Against Rittenhouse Violated Law Withheld Evidence that Exonerates Rittenhouse 111721

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation, and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who was called out of darkness into his marvelous life.

Time passed were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mouse have my watch and listen to this clip I made the people that like yours and everything like that we know was going on. We need the same thing is awesome just about anyone name the people that folks that is Cortez Rice and Cordes is rice is the nephew of George Freud and he is saying that he has evidence and and is gathering evidence getting these communications from jurors in Wisconsin in the Carl Rittenhouse case. Now there's a Twitter post that talks about a Wisconsin class I felony 946.64 communicating with jurors. My guest today which circuses are constitutional journey is also a former prosecutor want to talk about the Rittenhouse case. We also are going to be talking about the letter that was delivered by Congress to American darling demanding an explanation for a whistleblower and let me read this to you. We have now received a disclosure from the department whistleblower calling into question the accuracy and completeness of your testimony.

The whistleblower provided in FBI email dated October 20.

The day before your testimony and sent on behalf of the FBI's assistant director for the counterterrorism division and the assistant director for the criminal division. The email which is enclosed. Reference to October 4 directed to the guy to address school board threats and notified FBI personnel about a new threat tag created by the counterterrorism and criminal divisions email directed FBI personnel to apply this new threat tag to all investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers and staff. The email articulated the purpose as scoping this threat on a national level, and providing an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels and what is a threat.

We are going to vote you out they were just okay this is my cast David.

It seems that we have a very unlawful all a lot of unlawful things going on here, the situation regarding your mob in terms of what impact that may or may not trial what jurors are aware of late March.

We don't know what jurors are aware of that one or against blackout Bennett Wallace and anybody else situation brand-new motion to look waiting would not be able to blackout the public trial, the yellow which allegedly shows mouse names, but the other couple and that gave them the ability to get what they call up provocation. Provocation instruction but no motion filed overnight. But yeah, the video quality is not the children.

The courtroom megapixels but it was like quality for the 11 point showed evidence in the courtroom that they didn't share with essentially the serious violation of about professional ethics and Mr. Whitman thousands like grading material becomes the girl in the quality you allows for better vision of what you write clearly. Mouse wasn't pointing his gun at anybody as a member of the bar that there is monstrous clothing sale less as you said their name and the Zionist.

The theme video that they presented an and they attempted to make the that Rittenhouse had somehow pointed his weapon at this couple and that was the justification for the response from the couple where in the actual video with the corrected number of pixels and clarity clearly shows that Rittenhouse never pointed his weapon at this couple. Subsequently, the defenses or the prosecutions argument falls flat based on the video evidence would not need actual rock quality trial.criminal apartment I might say so just really really disturbing that walked up yet so sending motion for mistrial really frankly motion shouldn't backlog that the only widely got the call up provocation publications watching waters as their main witness stated on the stand that he Rittenhouse didn't react to him. This is the guy the only one that survived they got shot in the arm right then that he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse approached him, pointing his gun at Rittenhouse and that was the point at which Kyle reacted to a gun being pointed at him." He got shot back that will be back all the way up the Rosenbaum yes and and allegedly video shows shows Rittenhouse pointing God changes the quality of the video should sense when in fact the prosecution had a better quality video that clearly exonerates Rittenhouse the defendant Robert bounced back not going to talk and it will crucial all the boat that was filed overnight and right right from the legal perspective than the other side to this is very clearly I mean there's no question from witnesses who have come forward that have been there talking about how there are individuals outside of the courthouse that are yelling loud enough to be heard in the courthouse threats against the jury should they acquit Rittenhouse will not join, all absolute. I don't know what I would never know what other circumstances and whether or not people are yelling out of the car all the ball. I don't know any kind of harassment dinner so to the extent the jury is aware of the mistrial mistrial be declared because of undue influence on outside sources.

Jury not saying that talking about is is just one because last week when we were talking you were talking about, you know, again relative to the idea that we are entitled to a 1/5 amendment defense.

Rittenhouse was advised by his counsel after the events took place not to speak to anyone relative to that and and and that was something that the judge had said is off limits you cannot use someone's Fifth Amendment right and then superimpose the concept that well because they they were not speaking to law enforcement. That means they must of been guilty and yet this prosecutor in his cross-examination attempted to put that into the record right now. You made about the implications of course exercise that is utterly up right right and that my some years ago is not anything new, and yet actually literally works like that someone had talked about the weapon against Ahrens for stepping up at school board meetings to insist that's group of words and schools stop propagating paint and and other perversions against their children to talk about that right after this you listening to Christian radio knows best high this is Michael Kreider of Michael's PE supplements. Let's talk energy. You wake up tired even after a full night sleep. Just keeping up with your family and or secure job leave you exhausted by noon. Do you find yourself turning way too early in the day, and too often to caffeine loaded drinks just to get you through it all. When I turned to Michael's MMPs energy factors instead our energy factors are safe, healthy and unnatural way to keep your body energized and without that caffeine crash that you get from those laden drinks. Visit us today at Michael's business Dragon I use energy factors there great order yours that's and use Pastor Greg for your special discount. That's Pastor Greg get your special discount today you find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy. The prospect of more mandates lockdowns inflation and the list goes on there something you can do by from companies that believe what you and I believe we need to stick together now more than ever, and there's been one company willing to stand with you since 2012 patriot mobile patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. They offer nationwide coverage using the same towers as all the major carriers patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget and discounts for veteran and first responder heroes and multiline accounts. They are 100% US-based providing exceptional customer service. Most importantly, patriot mobile shares our values and supports organizations fighting for religious freedom, constitutional rights, sanctity of life, first responders and veterans use the code chosen for free activation call 972.

Patriot, 972 patriot calls today use the code chosen patriot Now back to chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg. Don't forget you can get more chosen generation ready on your host Pastor Ray, thanks so much for being here. I do know you have a choice where you can listen each and every day that you were given a junior damage still kisses.

I guess what folks, there is a memo that is outer AA correspondence that is out that clearly shows from Congress a letter directly to Merrick Garland demanding an explanation as to why an FBI whistleblower has produced the documents a joint message from criminal investigation division and counterterrorism division and I'm looking at a copy of it and and it it it basically is is from a Carlton peoples to FDI sax CCing Jay Greenberg and Calvin's shivers and Brian: and so on and so on. Guidance threat to violence against school administrators unclassified, but it is that it is a copy of the memo that is discussed in this letter David, this is the armaments of the federal Bureau of investigation against parents for expressing the constitutional right to redress government and and and the quote unquote threats of violence that they referred to our something as simple as hey you know what were working to vote you out will get a vote you out for what you're doing to our kids.

That is, there idea of the threat of violence that sounds to me like normal protected constitutional free-speech right regular what all your right out will play no help and save people want no school board meeting as an example of that, generally speaking, there's the connection that what federal law within 500 feet of a school that had absolutely nothing to do with that and categorically horrible memo that they are infected in violation of the chart.

They don't have any exercise over local school boards in the meeting, the now Rittenhouse. Another pieces just throw this in your thoughts on soon as the NSP and the national school Board Association by their own mission and out of the White House was coordinating with the White House in order to basically put this in place and on the FBI as a as a political arm.

This is very similar to what we watch the FBI do in in its assault on on James O'Keefe and project Veritas where all the evidence seems to point to this had to do with the diary of the daughter of the president and there's no evidence that Veritas or James O'Keefe did anything illegal, and in fact several weeks before this breaking down his his door of his home happened that he had already gone.

The law enforcement interned in the item saying I don't know who's this is or what this is or if this is even real, but we determine VR legal counsel that we are getting do anything to report on it which we could because that's what investigative journalism is, and it was provided by a whistleblower who found it were not gonna were giving it to you to return to leverage rightful owner is a law utilizing like their personal ordination and so where all the help that down though right like the federal government got a letter back into local school meeting over local school boards suggestion on your state attorney or district attorney or county at local law-enforcement country may have what's going on that you citizens like David to do that is to suggest that parents are somehow a cool needed national terror organization. Think about that for a minute, folks, you are the parent of a child who communicates with you school about concerns you have regarding their education and so because of that you have now joined. According to these members and this concept of a national domestic terrorist organization, entity, and the director of the FBI can't see clear that an T5 is in fact a terrorist organization nor the BLM scary I become thinking in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired. It doesn't have to be that way. That's why Mike window started my pillow and after his success. Helping people sleep better with the pillow I decided to go all in. He found a geezer cotton for the best sheets and created the ultimate mattress topper and since stores will carry this product he's passing that savings on to you. Use the code Pastor Greg for incredible discounts and help feed starving children call today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236.

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