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Jim Simpson Karl Marx Despicable Man Communism Destroys Live CrisisNow Dot Com

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 22, 2021 6:04 pm

Jim Simpson Karl Marx Despicable Man Communism Destroys Live CrisisNow Dot Com

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to Chosen Generation. Chosen Generation. If your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation, he is available to bring that same life-changing message and anointing to your event.

Again, that number is 830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for tuning in.

I do know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to have my next guest with me. He's a dear, dear friend. We have had some wonderful meals together at CPAC when we used to go to Washington, D.C., before it became a place not welcoming to those of us who honor God, country, and the Constitution.

And at any rate, we did. He's wonderful, and he's been fighting this fight to expose the red-green axis for years. For years he has been fighting this fight, and I'm so proud of him for hanging in there through just all of the hate and all of the attacks.

Who was Karl Marx? The men, the motives, and the menace behind today's rampaging American Left is the new book. Jim Simpson is my guest. You deserved that, kudos, my friend. Thanks, Craig.

That's really nice. Yeah, you know, it gets pretty old, doesn't it? It gets pretty old.

I've been writing and blogging and doing stuff since 2002. And I'll tell you what, it's discouraging sometimes to see how bad things have gotten, and knowing from the beginning that that was where we were headed. You know, it's just very, very difficult. But, you know, we have to keep praying and we have to keep going because the alternative is simply unimaginable.

It's unthinkable. And I describe it in that book. And I want to get into that this morning in our conversation.

Obviously, you know, time is always short on the radio, unfortunately. So let's begin with when somebody asks you, who's Karl Marx? Who really is Karl Marx? Well, it's a fascinating question because he is not the person that the Left has made out to be since time immemorial. You know, in the mind of the Left, Karl Marx is a secular god. But the reality is that... you there?

Yes, I'm listening. The reality is that Karl Marx was a person who was exactly the kind of person he claimed to despise. He was a greedy, selfish, parasitic blob. I mean, his mother carried him weakly to change his underwear.

He ignored her. He was impossibly greedy. His father was a wealthy, wealthy attorney in Lutheran Germany and soured money on him. And he ran through that money in no time flat and spent the rest of his time depending on small cash donations that were sent to him by his co-conspirator, Frederick Engels. And Engels stole money out of the petty cash account from his father's business. And they were both the sons of wealth. And when he couldn't get money from Engels, he turned over ailing relatives waiting for them to die so he could find out what he would get in their wills. And he would send letters to Engels and to his wife, willing about how much money he was going to get when this old fool or whoever, you know, passed away.

And it's just amazing. Two of his daughters committed suicide and a son-in-law committed suicide. Three of his children died of malnutrition. And while his wife left him twice but came back for God knows why, was running around trying to raise enough money for a coffin for one of their children. He employed what one writer called a loudest, libidinous and otherwise useless secretary because he said a man of his stature had to keep up appearances.

It's simply amazing. He spied on his communist friends for money from the German government. He fathered a child by his maid and accused Engels of being the one who had actually done the deed. And Engels raised the child as his own and didn't admit it with Marx until his deathbed. And, you know, the things that his friends said about him, Mikhail Bakunin, who was the most prominent anarchist of the day, said one has to worship Marx in order to be loved by him.

One has to at least fear him in order to be tolerated by him. Marx is extremely proud of the dirt and madness. And you have to underline that word, proud, because that is what drives these people. They are like megalomaniacally conceited.

They think they have the right to impose this monstrosity of an ideology and a world plan on the rest of us and eliminating the entire class of people in the process. As you're explaining this, obviously, we're talking about the despicable character of Karl Marx, who had no morals. He wasn't necessarily raised by an atheist parenthood.

But he rejected all concepts and all ideals of, you know, having to do with anything godly. And it sounds like that he did that in order to excuse his completely immoral behavior. Yeah, no, I mean, he was a master at excuse-making, a master at blaming others for all of his problems.

I mean, his life is a litany of blaming others for all of his problems. You know, one writer suggested that the reason he hated capitalism so much was because he played the stock market and frequently lost. His mother said, Karl ought to try practicing a little capitalism rather than just talking about it. And, you know, this was his thing.

And he was. He was raised as a Christian. His father was Jewish, but converted to Christianity about the time Marx was born, because Jews were not able to practice their profession in Lutheran Germany at the time. It was a practical move, but Marx was raised and made beautiful Christian poetry when he was in high school, but then he went off to college and turned very dark. So in your studies of Marx, where did he come across the idea of what we today refer to as communism or Marxism? And then, so where did that concept originate?

You mentioned college. Was this something, were there professors that were kind of playing around with this concept and he turned it into a concrete ideology? Well, no, you know, really it preceded him. You know, the Jacobin revolution in France really got it.

That was really basically the model. And, you know, there were communes in France and communism became an idea, you know, in the early 1800s, late 1700s, early 1800s. And he basically adopted it as his own and developed it, you know, a little further and then came out with the communist manifesto in 1848, which laid out his plan basically for imposing communism. And was it originally accepted?

Well, no, I mean, yes or no. I think that the ideas, as they often are, hatched in colleges and universities. The ideas were popular among some people at the time.

Of course, you know, the French Revolution was an entire event that, you know, that really stood France on its head for a little while. But, you know, as always in college and in youth circles, people always want to come up with ideas that are cool, ideas that they think are going to make them, you know, the new rulers of the world. And it's really, you know, it's adolescent ego. It's adolescent pride. You know, it's like the kids who used to sit around in the college dorm smoking pot and thinking and solving all the world's problems before they got to bed. You know, it's the same, the pride of youth taken to extremes. That's my view of it.

I got you. Well, but we don't want to minimalize the damage, right, that this concept has done. And truly, Marx and his friends profited by this concept. They weren't the ones that were giving away everything that they had. They were simply saying to the ones that they truly saw as a class below them that they ought to share with each other. But the rich and his friends, that didn't belong as long as his friends bowed down and treated him like a deity. Am I too far off or am I hearing you right?

No, no, that's exactly right. You know, his friends said, you know, Marx was driven by hate rather than love for his fellow man. You know, his angles said of him that he was... He stretches his arms far away in the air. The wicked fist is clenched. He rages without speaking.

There's a ten thousand gemmels that caught him by the hair. Another, an Italian Tommy, has called him a destructive spirit whose heart was filled with hatred rather than love of mankind. Marx preaches he is the absolute ruler of his party and he tolerates no appetitions. They were looking to this as their ticket to a free ride to absolute power and wealth. And that's what they're about.

On the backs of everyone else and who cared because their lives didn't matter. All right, we're going to take a quick break, folks. When we come back, Jim is going to bridge the gap between this original 1848 concept and what's literally happening in our country today.

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Load up your podcast there because we put all these segments up on the show or from the show every single day at the website and you can load up your podcaster and listen at your convenience at anything you might miss and you don't want to miss a minute of this. Jim Simpson, the author, who was Karl Marx, the men, the motives, and the menace behind today's rampaging American left. And that brings us really to the kitchen table, Jim, because, you know, we talk about it as history and that's all well and good to get an idea. But this is not history. This is the here and the now. Tell me about the things that you see in America right now that concern you about communistic takeover and what they're doing. Well, you know, look around pretty much everything that's happening today, everything that's happening today.

And I stated directly in the book that we are witnessing the communist takeover of the United States of America in real time. Everything that's happening. I don't care, you know, any any thing, whether it's a critical race theory or President Biden, the quote unquote President Biden, absolutely treasonous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

His treasonous support for the communist Chinese, you know, his opening the Nord pipeline, Nord Stream pipeline for Russia while he shuts down our pipeline, the open borders, wide open borders, which is allowing literally a an invasion of our country by people who will destroy it. You know, it's all part and parcel of the same thing. And they lie constantly about everything. And, you know, you wonder, well, what one thing we don't understand generally is that for the left, lying is not something that they are embarrassed about. Lying is part of their strategy.

And so when you hear and see Jen Psaki or Biden himself or Nancy Pelosi or any of these people making the absolutely appalling statements they do, like DHS Secretary Mayorkas saying that the border is closed, the border is secure. The stuff is in your face lies. And it's not merely to cover things up. It is bald face lies in our face.

We know that that they are lies. And they say it literally to infuriate us and to provoke us, because that's part of the whole strategy. And it's all so they, you know, right from the beginning, I have a chapter in the book called Entrepreneurial Parasites. That's what these people are. They all see themselves as entitled to seize every bit of wealth this country has and destroy it for everyone else. I mean, that's the real purpose behind the so-called infrastructure bill. They are going to steal billions of dollars and at the same time serve to help collapse our economy.

Well, I mean, yeah, yeah. And let me just do folks again. The name of the book is Who Was Karl Marx? The men, the motives and the menace behind today's rampaging American left. Go to the website, And if you go to the donate page, you'll see Amazon smile. Click on that link.

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