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Pastor Greg Children Being Targeted by the FDA No Evidence Suggests They Are At risk 102121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 22, 2021 6:00 pm

Pastor Greg Children Being Targeted by the FDA No Evidence Suggests They Are At risk 102121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to Chosen Generation.

Chosen Generation. 830-446-3624. 830-446-3624. If your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation, he is available to bring that same life changing message and anointing to your event. Again, that number is 830-446-3624.

830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.

Welcome to Chosen Generation where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now here is your host Pastor Greg. Pastor Greg Young, our guest director joins us and we will be visiting with him about the border crisis, about national security issues and what are the greatest threats to our national security. We will be visiting with him. Lots to talk about with Tom. And of course Tom is, well, he is one of the most knowledgeable people there. He was a very close confidant of President Trump when it came to national security matters especially related to the border and dealing with illegal immigration and the threats that are associated with that, cartels, gang issues. The issues of course we know now that there are a number of terrorist organizations that are taking advantage of this porous border that we have, 52 of them most recently that were apprehended thankfully but no telling how many have already gotten into the country so we will have that conversation going on.

Also Dr. Bonner Cohen is with us from the National Center for Public Policy Research. We will talk about the climate hustle, the efforts that are being made, the idea of wind and solar power and some of the poor execution of that played a dramatic role right here in Texas. We had that big freeze last winter and we had power outages and rolling blackouts and areas around Houston in particular were without power for up to a week. Why?

Why was that? Well, it was because of the fact that we had shut down a lot of the natural energy sources that we had been using here in Texas and that was something that Governor Abbott was directly involved in and responsible for. I know he blamed ERCOT for the whole thing but folks, things are not as they seem. As it relates specifically to his statements that he has built or is building, actually he said he built a border wall. Let's see, Dr. Peter Navarro is with us as well today and we will have a conversation with Dr. Navarro. He was one of the very few people, one of only three actually that was with President Trump.

He was with President Trump all the way from the point of the beginning of his presidential taking of office in 2016 all the way through until he left office in January of 2021. So, Peter Navarro will be with us and we will have a conversation with him about all kinds of different topics and things that are going on including supply chain issues and the fact that our economy is under massive, massive assault, massive attack. We are in trouble folks. We are definitely in trouble and everybody is feeling it.

Inflation is exploding. Let me see, we will go over a couple of articles here that I think you would be interested in. If you are signed up by the way, if you happen to be signed up for what we are doing with our emails, I am so sorry folks. There are so many things that are happening right now.

I want to try and cover as many of them as I possibly can with you because there is just a lot for you to be watching, a lot for you to be engaged in. One of the things that you need to be engaged in and we just put out yesterday on our blog section if you were a part of our email blog, you would be getting this and that is the instructions for how to go to the FDA site. The FDA right now, the White House announced yesterday they intend to press mandatory vaccines for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Please stop for a minute and think about the impact of vaccinating children between 5 and 11. Number one, children between 5 and 11 are not being impacted by this COVID issue. That is something we need to understand to begin with.

It is somewhere in the.00002 percentile, something along that line. Children just are not being impacted by this. Just like children are generally not severe victims of flus and things of that nature because children have a very naturally strong immune system. Now they carry things with them.

As a matter of fact, I can bear witness to that. My wife used to work in the school system out in California and she actually picked up something that children carry in them that is dormant for the child but that a lot of children have and she picked it up. For adults, it is something that is significant but for children, not so much.

This is a very common theme. I remember when this whole pandemic thing first started. My mom was working actually in a pediatrician's office back when I was a child and I remember calling her because I had seen something come across having to do with the Hong Kong flu. Some of you who are older might remember that but that was in 1968, 1969 in that general vicinity and there was a meme that came across that had to do with Woodstock and Woodstock happened during the Hong Kong flu. I called her and this was considered a pandemic back then, the Hong Kong flu pandemic in the middle of it. It took place in 1969.

August 17, 1969 was the Woodstock Music Festival. Here is the thing and of course then they said, oh no, well no, that did not happen because this, that and the other but the reality is that yes, during Woodstock, during that time, there had been this ongoing Hong Kong flu. Nonetheless, I called my mom, I said, hey mom, do you remember the Hong Kong flu? She said, yeah. I said, well, what do you remember about it? And she said, you did not get it. And I had to chuckle and after we got done kind of laughing about that, I said, you know, you were working in a pediatrician's office at the time. She was the office manager of a pediatric office.

Lots of children coming in there. I said, you guys, you wore masks, right? You did this, you did that? She said, no, we didn't.

I said, well, what happened? She said, well, some children got it and some children didn't but we came through that. Children are not the ones that are the target of these illnesses because children's immune systems are generally stronger. I remember when I was a kid, if somebody on the street had, I don't know, the monster, the measles or chicken pox or what have you, we went over to their house. That was the inoculation. Everybody went to the house of the kid that had that. You all got it. You went home and then you were through it.

You were over it. Natural immunity. Well, children have that. But now we have this mandate by the White House and they are attempting to mandate that children are going to get this vaccination. Mandate kids vaccines. Brand new story.

White House details plans to vaccinate 28 million children ages 5 to 11. CBS News, of all places, is reporting on this. PBS is reporting on this. Folks, I'm not making this story up.

ABC News is reporting on this as well. Folks, there is a petition that you can find at our website in the blog section and at that blog post at the very front. Actually, you can see it.

511 Action, FDA campaign, stop FDA mandate. OK. Oh, OK, I got it. That's right. I forgot. I'm live on my website. I'm listening all of a sudden.

I was like, wait a minute, what happened? OK. Anyway, 511 Action, FDA campaign, stop FDA mandate on children. Please make a comment at the FDA site. If you click on that link, you're going to go over at the very top of that page is going to be the interview that I did yesterday with Marty Hudson.

And she tells her horrific story about her reaction to the Moderna vaccine, which was is horrific, and she's still dealing with it today. Then below that is is the information that you need to be able to go in and make your comments. There's a link on their FDA gov advisory committee and how you can make make that direct link over. It'll take you should take you straight over. Look at that. It did it to me again. I'm gonna have to go in and edit this post in order to be able to get that link to work. I'm glad that I went there to check that out so that I could see that that this thing was, in fact, messing up.

So here's the deal. There is a link that is there. I'll make sure that that gets corrected. And if you go there, you'll be able to. Get over to the page and and and and you'll be able to click on it. And when you go into the page, then you will be able to make your comment. And it's it's very important that you do that. You open that up.

There's a meeting display. There's a document tab. You scroll down.

You can watch the five minute video if you want to. Then you exit that tab. Then you start top typing your comment. There's a place on there to ask what are you commenting about? Obviously, this is an FDA drug issue. And so you can make your comment there. We have got to bombard the FDA with comments.

It's so important that we are actively. This is part of the activation that you can do. So I want you to make sure and get over to the website in the blog section right in the center of the page.

And if you're watching me, hello, just scroll right down below. Click on that and follow the instructions that are there. I just updated the post so that now that will go to the page that it needs to go to the FDA Advisory Committee. Oh, look at that. They are not wanting us to be able to find this. How interesting. Folks, the FDA is is apparently playing some games.

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For the best night's sleep in the whole wide world, visit Now back to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg. And don't forget you can get more Chosen Generation at And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen. My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. I was expecting a guest that was supposed to be with me and they had just really pressed and said, we really need to be with you.

We've got this event coming up and we really need to be on before the event which is coming up this weekend. And please, you know, bring us on and they are not here. So anyway, and then going over to the website and discovering that in the post that I had put up yesterday, the FDA has deleted the link, the very first link, which is read the meeting announcement. Go to URL and there was a URL that was there. I click on that URL and lo and behold, hey, guess what?

It's not there. So anyway, you're walking through these things live with me right here on the radio. No, we're transparent. No makeup.

No net. Anyway, I'm glad that we checked that out though. So now what you need to do is go to the second line which is Click on that link and that will take you over to a link.

You click on comments and it will take you right to where you need to be to be able to enter your comment. And there are some sample comments that are in here as well. If you're representing a group, of course, say so.

If you're an individual, then say so as well. We've now had thousands and I hope that you were with me yesterday to hear the interview with Marty. And I'll have an interview actually that I'm going to be doing probably tomorrow. I don't know that it will be on the program, but it will be at the website.

It will be live. I'm going to set it up with a nurse who also is a victim of the vaccine and what happened to her. Folks, there are thousands, millions actually of people that we know of that have had vaccine reactions. 1.6 million negative adverse reactions to the vaccines, 1.6 million.

And those are the ones that are just reported. Now, the nurse that I'm going to have with me tomorrow actually has done loads of research into this and has uncovered that there are many, many, many, many, many more that have had adverse reactions that aren't even in the system, that are blocked. In fact, she was a pediatric ER nurse, as I understand it, and I don't want to get too far into that story because I want her to share the firsthand testimony. But my understanding from talking to Marty about this is that many of these nurses were blocked. They were blocked and they were told that they would be terminated if they contacted VAERS to turn in a report. And they were getting reports from people coming in that they were seeing that were talking about the adverse reactions that they had had and why were they there and why were they coming in. And they were told to change the paperwork and not enter that in to the hospital record. The hospital records rejected the ability of these medical professionals.

And something else that is not being reported on, and just do a search of it, they're starting to have to report because of the numbers of people that are doing it. But there are airline pilots, there are nurses, there are doctors, there are people in a variety of different industries that are all saying, we're not going to take the vaccine mandates, the passports, we're not going to go do that. Some of these people, even our people, Dan Bongino, as I understand it, did in fact take one of the injections. But he even was saying, I'm going to stand with the people here at Cumulus and those that have been terminated for saying no, I'm going to stand with them. This is, you know, whether you did, whether you didn't, this is not an issue of that.

This is an issue of the federal government shouldn't be telling you. This is Adam Mundall with State Air, and we are sponsors of Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business, and I want to encourage you to join me in sponsoring Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Call him today at 830-446-3624.

Once again, that's 830-446-3624. I know your business will be blessed as ours is, and I challenge you to this blessing. Thank you. Hi, this is Pastor Greg, host of The Chosen Generation Radio Show, reminding you that we have a two hour program Monday through Friday with great interviews on topics that impact you. Our goal is to return our country to a biblically based constitutional republic as envisioned by our founding fathers and what made our nation the greatest in the world for over 150 years. You are a part of that vision. So please join us at chosen generation radio dot com chosen generation radio dot com and sign up for our e-mails today.
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