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David Wurmser RM and PG Iranian Piracy Persian Gulf Gulf of Oman Straits of Hormuz MB Hamas 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 6, 2021 7:43 pm

David Wurmser RM and PG Iranian Piracy Persian Gulf Gulf of Oman Straits of Hormuz MB Hamas 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Go to Brought to you by the American Media Council. I encourage you to go to the blog section at, We had a long conversation in our last segment about the issues of election integrity, and I give you links.

There's a link in there. Code Monkey Z, bombshell, Dominion whistleblower speaks out, releases admin password, proving remote access. And as I explained, there's no such thing as a Dominion voting machine. Dominion is software, and all of the machines have Internet connectivity because that's how they tabulate the votes at a central location, whether it's in your city or in your county and ultimately at the state level. That's how they do that.

And so they tell you, oh, no, we're not connected to the Internet. Not true. Not true. And what this shows is that Dominion employees in the manual were shown how to remotely access these machines during the election.

That causes questions. Georgia's information is up there. Pennsylvania's information is up there.

Wisconsin information is up there, as well as information from Amistad Project and what they've come up with as well. This is all factual evidence that you can look at and decide for yourself. We as believers have a responsibility to ensure truth and integrity in our nation. And I'll stop there. My guest for this segment, my co-host, Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government. Rick's been all over the election stuff as well.

But that's not our topic. Our topic and our special guest for this segment is a dear friend, David Wormser. David is currently with the Center for Security Policy. He is the director of the Project on Global Anti-Semitism and U.S.-Israel Relations. He is also a longtime expert when it comes to areas of Middle East policy and foreign policy as well. He was a senior adviser to U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney on the Middle East, the proliferation and strategic affairs.

He was also involved as an adviser under Secretary of State John Bolton at the State Department. And he just is a wealth of knowledge. David, thank you for being here. Welcome aboard. Good to have you. Well, thanks. It's always a pleasure and an honor to be here. Thank you.

Thank you. Well, I sent you something and I do want to just briefly touch on this regarding an individual who has been brought forth. This is a White House appointments that came out on I guess actually yesterday is when these particular appointments came out. But they are leaders to serve in key religious affairs roles. One of them has strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Give me your just your quick overview on this. And then I want to get into Iran and what's happening in the Middle East. You know, this is typical of this administration is that they're they they create an enemy that isn't there, Islamophobia, and then they appoint somebody to address that Islamophobia. And if that's really the big threat to religion in America, the truth is religion in the West as a whole, not only in America, threatened by three areas globally. It's either communists like China, which you can see visibly how much of a threat they are to religion or progressive Western elites who are really very determined to pass laws that make it almost impossible to practice religion without without harassment. And then third, the Muslim world, where a minority, any minority right now, whether it's Jewish or Christian or Yazidi or Baha'i, is under siege and threat of extermination.

I mean, the greatest extinguishing of any religious community anywhere in the world in the last couple of decades has been in the Middle East in the last five years of regional Christians. By Islam. Yeah, by Islam. We need to make sure that's understood. By Islam. Right. We may face the extinction of of of Middle Eastern Christianity, the cradle of Christianity, other than in Israel.

We may face it in the region entirely within the next decade or two. So what does the administration do? They appoint a sympathizer of those who are oppressing the Christians in the Middle East as the guy who is responsible for protecting for in U.S. foreign policy of advocating for religious freedom.

This is putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop. And again, yeah, and it's a major concern. Contact your senator. Senator Cruz is on that committee. He needs to be contacted and and just really told, don't let this pass.

Marco Rubio is another one that I would say in Florida they need to put pressure on. Go ahead, David. Yeah, you know, the one place where Muslims really are oppressed is China, and that's the one place where the Muslim Brotherhood decides not to say anything about Islamophobia. You know, you have the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, Erdogan, Prime Minister Erdogan and the Pakistani prime minister, both in Muslim Brotherhood, both are aligned with China and both say nothing about China's oppression of Muslim minorities.

So this is all this is a farce. This is not religious freedom. This is about political correctness, which is particularly I don't know, political correctness, but I do know it's particularly alarming because Turkey has the historical ties to the Uighurs. And with those historical ties, the Turkish government has completely turned their backs on the Uighur people. And in fact, as you say, have chosen ties to the Communist Chinese Party for many reasons. And they've abandoned the truly repressed Muslim minority in China while at the same time screaming about repression elsewhere, when in fact, in places like Nigeria, as we've spoken on the show before, places like Nigeria and the Islamists are, in fact, the ones who are oppressing the Christians and nativists and killing people on a daily basis. Because of their Christianity. And that's a that's a real problem.

It's knowable. And the fact is, is almost want to control the oil in Nigeria. And they are going to control the way to control it is to kill everybody who isn't who's a Christian or doesn't bend a knee to swamp. That's the way they do it. That's how they're taking over the oil fields of Nigeria.

And it is a brutal, it's direct. And this administration is appointing somebody who effectively would nod in approval at that who's supposed to be defending religious liberties around the world. Forty two people were killed in nine villages. And this just happened yesterday.

I'm sorry, Monday. And it you won't there's there's no national news about it. No national uproar about it. Instead, the Biden administration is talking about Islamophobia. And as my friend Al-Rasouli would clearly point out, phobia is an unnatural or a fear of something like arachnophobia. It's a fear of something that's not based in any truth. The truth is, is that the Quran says, kill everybody that doesn't believe what we believe if they won't convert. Period.

That's not phobia. That's a fact. That's what they believe. And we don't have to look back 1400 years to see it. We don't have to look back to history to see it.

We're watching it. They're doing it in the Middle East. They're doing it in Islamic countries. Turkey is doing it to the Armenian Christians right now in Syria. And we're watching it take place as well over in Nigeria, as Rick pointed out.

This is a real truth. And by the way, they've cut the heads off of people right here in America. Just you know, as an aside.

All right. One of the things I'm kind of from a world affairs standpoint, I'm a little bit off track, but I'm intrigued by Iran is denying it, but apparently they have taken they've begun piracy off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. To have taken over a tanker and some other apparently some other ships in the region. And is that what's going on there? What's actually happening there? I mean, we read these old snippets, but we don't get much much analysis. Can you fill in some blanks for us so we understand what's really going on there in terms of the actual places where most of the world's oil pass through Iran's interdicting ships?

Yeah. Coming from the Indian Ocean, you go to the Gulf of Oman and then you pass through the Straits of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf, where huge amount of the world's oil, especially in East Asia, the oil comes from there. Europe is still very heavily dependent on it. We less so because of Trump's policies. We became oil independent. That's being undone, obviously, by some of these green policies. So we will again become more dependent on foreign oil.

But the bottom line is we have all these relationships with countries all over the world, our trade structures and so forth depend on this access to oil. The Iranians yesterday mined the entry through the Gulf of Oman into the Straits of Hormuz. Five ships it mines. One of them, they started trying to tow back to Iran to take the crew hostage. But an American warship passed by pretty closely, whether it was actually going to intercede or not, I don't know. But the Iranians thought it was, so they freaked out, they cut the tow line and ran away.

But we see what their intention was. There are more mines out there today and so we have to sweep them. But this is an attempt to close the Straits of Hormuz. You have to remember, you don't need to sink every ship going into the Straits of Hormuz to close it. What you need to do is threaten one or two ships enough that insurance rates go through the roof and then these shipping companies can't afford to ship through the Gulf of Hormuz.

Or if they do, they have to pay such a high premium that will be passed on to the consumer in gas prices and so forth. I'm rather amazed that there's been no comment by this administration. Of course, they've been silent for three weeks with serious riots going on inside Iran against the regime. The Iranian people are fed up with their government, totally. But they've been dead silent about that. They're silent about this.

I think they're trying to take a don't ask, don't tell policy. Namely, if we just ignore it, it will go away. And Iranians read that as weakness and they're becoming more and more and more bold. And it's going to get ugly.

You're being so kind, isn't it? In fact, we've spent since this guy ended up being president, we've spent the last six months bowing down to the Iranians, begging them to allow us to be part of a deal that allows them to become a nuclear power. And effectively, they have done nothing but kick us in the teeth and show us disrespect during that time frame because they have no respect for the United States of America. They don't like us and they don't like and they know this guy's a pushover.

I'm talking Biden. And as a result, it's pretty clear they've done they've got to deal with the Chinese at this juncture and they've got a market for their oil in the Chinese. So they're taking care of their cash flow problem.

And as a result of that, they are going they are now emboldened to be the broke state that they want to be and to try to create Persian dominance over the Middle Middle East and their own caliphate. Isn't that what's going on? And isn't that, in fact, what this what we are putting blinders on to say to not see?

Oh, absolutely. You hit it right on. You know, nobody's noticing, but next week the Iranians are supposed to open a port that the Chinese help them build outside of the Persian Gulf on the Indian Ocean side of Iran. So if tomorrow and all the pipelines, the oil pipelines and so forth are sent up that way. So if tomorrow the Persian Gulf closes, the only one's getting only louder, the Iranians.

They're sending it off to China, which is, you know, consuming it and other countries around China. So at the end of the day, the Iranians are playing us and they're playing us very effectively at this point. They know there's not going to be a serious response, maybe symbolically at one point, but not serious. The other thing is the Israelis this morning announced, the defense minister announced this morning that it is Israeli estimate now that Iran is within two to two and a half months of a nuclear weapon. So we are we're seeing the convergence of all these trends and basically dropping the ball of the West completely on Iran.

And we will really, really regret the day that we did not take this more seriously early. Well, and oh, oh, oh, Biden also is is placing going back to the top of our conversation, he's placing again Muslim Brotherhood operatives in influential positions. And of course, this was a thing that our that our dearly departed friend Phil Haney was continuing to point out and I believe would have been pointing out had he been put back into DHS.

Instead, of course, he was murdered. And there's silence on that. David Wormser is our guest. We back. There's more to unpack here, folks. Back with more right after this.

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I'm your host, Pastor Greg. All right. Look, here's the thing. In all of what we've said, what we've really done is we've we were giving information, but a lot of it is, you know, negative information. About real issues that are going on.

David, what what can we can we do? What what do you believe that we should be doing as we the people relative to attempting to do something to change some of this? You mean domestically or the Iran issue?

Well, I mean, I mean. It's we the people here in America, but yes, it's issues that are happening over there, but it's how we're interacting with them that's having a huge impact on why they're going on. Well, I think this is all just a symptom, a set of symptoms that are a reflection of the deeper issue in the United States, which is, are we the country that we were founded as and do we remember that? And is that going to be the foundation of our unapologetic existence and foreign policy that's anchored to that? So if we remember who we are, where we came from, the Judeo Christian core of our country, and we base our outlook on the world unapologetically on that, then then this will, you know, our power will then kick in and it will eventually change reality out in the world. If, however, we allow the Antifa movement and the progressives and the academia at Hollywood and mainstream media and so forth to continue to convince us that we're evil and that America is grounded in sin and that the system has to be destroyed.

At the same time, this educator or make ignorant all Americans about our own past through our education system and so forth, then this is not going to, nothing we do externally is just going to do more than buy a little time. So at the end of the day, the big issue is who we are, what our foundations are morally, and making sure that that is re-assured up and re-established strongly. Everything will fall into place in foreign policy if we do that right. Nothing will fall into place if we don't.

You know, to me, Rick, your thoughts and then I've got a closing statement. Well, my thoughts are very simple. This is a God issue. It's too big for any of us, but we have to get on our knees and pray for this world, pray for this country.

Because there are so many different issues that seem to be almost, that are too big for any one of us and quite honestly, much too big for the government that's in charge. So this is a God issue. This is about getting on our knees and asking for divine intervention because the power structures in place in the United States are counter to what ought to be happening. And so we need God. We need God involved. We need him.

I'm going to jump in, folks. As David suggested, are we a country founded as a Christian America or not? That does not mean isolationists. It means engaged in bringing hope and light to the world. A saved soul and a changed life is just the beginning, only the beginning. That's all that it is. It's the beginning.

Our influence is our salt and light. And I'm just going to pray this right now. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, your word says that your seed will not return void. I call upon the pure seed of the word that's gone into American minds and American hearts to bring forth change, grace and salvation now in the name of Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem? How did you fight the good fight to share the good news and keep evil in check?

How did you shine your light and be a beacon of truth in the darkness? Did you shrink back in fear when they demanded you change my message? Did you call evil good and good evil? Did you forsake my love for that of another, lying with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life? Have you defiled yourself through compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination? Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch and the young ones perverted in their way by evil men, seeking their own comfort and reviling me?

No. At the end of the day, I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world. That no matter the evil in the world, I will never give up and in spite of the hate, I will love in truth.

God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest. Hello, I'm Mike Lindell and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done. All of you know what my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward.

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