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Masara Kim Live From Nigeria Genocide Islamic Danger Buhari War Criminal 080621

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 6, 2021 7:44 pm

Masara Kim Live From Nigeria Genocide Islamic Danger Buhari War Criminal 080621

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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I do know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day, and I think Rick even attuned here folks.

Again, as believers, we have a responsibility to be engaged and involved in what's happening in our nation and in our world and we need to be informed. We need to hear truth, we need to be given truth so that we can make good biblically-based decisions. One of the areas were were not getting much truth and and American media is is pretty quiet in this arena. The epic times is running some pieces and I'm grateful for them, but otherwise it's it's it's very quiet and that is in the area of what is happening in Nigeria in central Africa, in Nigeria, and I want to welcome a gentleman who is reporting from there and doing everything that he can including putting his own life at risk to try and bring forward the truth.

Masonic Kim, thank you so much Masaru for being with us today. Appreciate the great great actually committed the audience as well. Masaru you know if Nigeria is lost to Islam.

There are many who believe that that you know aside from South Africa Africa would would fall there's oil implications because of the amount of of potential loyal influence that Nigeria could and should have.

There's economic instability and it becomes a a tremendous launching point for terrorism, which I believe is why Bogle Ahram has has taken root. There to try to use that as a platform to launch into Europe into South America and and and ultimately their quest to conquer the world but but the genocide of Christians right now is horrific God by saying that Nigeria collapsed into an Islamic with liquid human implications actually would be over women but no duffel Africa, but the dignity and Kia world.

To start with.

Already we are having severe pocket, but if you can actually Nigeria Christensen that you that I increasingly persecuted you are not just forgot. You need to do a convert to Islam and completely, but even for to it when you bucket your own in places where Islam has not yet gained stronger with the dislike of the central part of Nigeria I will you house before the terrorist attacks from planetary presently hold them bonded by the money. When Jean called the Mohamed Wiley medical bondage adjuster close to mask the true motif and identity will you do it on one day after doing, but of course when you begin to give you do? What do they steal what you typically when they're going to attack life. You know you don't actually find the definition of the bonded. Now I want to do most of the time is that concrete can communicate kill Christians when they realize that you will not Christian.

Your treatment you delete big highlight market that you leave you on the Masaru lost you. You tend to get away any incomplete touch and complete a bachelor with nearby Park Avenue nobility 20 I can communicate glad that I could get them living together. You know the actually physically kill them on paid them looking you might be aware of and in 2000 18/23 of June instructor states where almost 300 Christians when mother cut in one night. It will you shielded about 200 Masaru lost. Masaru lost you Gonzalez are weekly.

We missed a lot of that is because you disconnected. We we missed a lot of that because you disconnected so there were there were 300 Christians that were massacred in one night there was an imam that that man asked what you actually make them muchly, you know, cohabited with the local conduit doing the donated land and we keep BLT smoke and when we terrorist came gal actually a number of Muslims living with the Christian community difficult lucrative avoid being pocketable to just anybody that came around. The days you know mostly and I lifted with them for quite a while and it will donate again on for him to build his more from watching you.

Noting this freedom will know that.

But then again, when distilleries came directly to the Christians killed so many of them 300 of them collecting on that I feel them displacing about 110 I lost you again on missile I lost you again or are you are you you are 20 Q that I could haplotype them at particular: will cancel that call yeah just just hit, but I don't just okay I'm back now okay about not even if I could take that again I could actually now my much in a particular village in a particular village.

Actually, I'm glad the creek is where Martha could want an imam that the grant that shielded from 250 Christian does not. Donated dilemma which abilities he smoked and then you you the question bondage reality well why didn't you come be mom why… Can you move them in the community.

Now close holders of Christians. Presently we are estimating 50,000 under estimation of the number of Christians have been killed over the left one ticket in central Nigeria inclined to get a loan when looking at more than 50,000 yesterday, today, for Peter to go more than 100 Christians where Martha could buy these terribly fond of another. Together, continuing with their dad yell conquest get your organism on the government just gone by and watched the attack on the go, which will on Ticonderoga to play jump less than 10 minutes drive to the regional headquarters of the Nigerian Army would you also run by you know the planetary you know and you can actually wear when day is complete click about you.

We understood that Demetri gone the motion controlled military aided discovery in killing these Christian deboned over 500, 500, how do displacing over tactic outfitted thousand other and I met three leg kick that you take a deep P1 your breaking up again today is your willingness are your breaking up again, sorry we we missed a big chunk of that saying that today was really heartbreaking when I met three kids parents where Martha could went with Clodagh right before them the between the ages of 191 new at the West with Clodagh right before them and they would left to do to dial on that in the bush and distorted a tiny bit of the numerous stories of competition that we have here.

Now we come back to the question of what would happen to an end. I will need to opt out. Those looking to more people to be looking at what I did a minute Lundgren landgrab for draping economic prosperity of heaven, and then political advancement local geographical explanation and ultimately you know for the general migration of all Nigeria L without money, you can look at when cutting out your window that you get to know you, you need money after the agreement and mutual money to be able to view the worship center and all of the Randall court.

These people are trying to pocketable to conquer the territory that have been larger well. I'll call you talked about the well Nigeria lucky in doubt area of Nigeria.

We keep talking they been penetrated going to be penetrated now in the central part of Nigeria particular department with cultural and I lost you again that song in a sorry lot. We lost that again you you cut out hello hello the great yeah okay now.

Now I have you, so you are saying let let me ask you is not paid. Luckily stayed out multimillion dollar local brightly Masaru every Masaru saw every time that whoever is calling you calls you.

You disconnect from me.

I am I about to die so I if you Blogged a quote from coming in anything I yeah I only ask questions if I could place the president Bihari is in fact Muslim himself correct and and so when he came into power. He initially indicated that he was going to be kind of neutral and and he was going to, you know help everybody and unite the country but in fact what he has done has been completely the opposite of what he said he would do to the international world. Is that correct. Actually, no domain cannot award locally here with me and you know I'll talk here practically compared to what you might only read on the papers right that he is facilitating the extinction of Christians and Christianity and and one of the things that you recently wrote about was the destruction of of crops that would basically be the only livelihood in the only means that these Christian farmers have, to feed themselves and their villages and the morning I am in and destroy them correct. Are you there with us on okay so so the flu Lonnie you wrote came in and destroyed the crops of these villages and and what's going to be the impact of that on those villages and on those individuals will over time I will not report.

Actually, we had although slightly over at Solomon Carlin come from time the sum of 5400 008 code you know that where destroyed completely owned by Crispin Miller yet but I believe you got number has nearly doubled because the destruction couple called almost on a daily basis on a daily basis now because what got mean a that already we have faced with mock humanitarian crises in Nigeria, particularly here in Bluffton state only means from which the Christian villager eat. It is the only means from which it paid the children in school only mean to win little cardio and you can economic activity such as building to how well I need a goodbye included for the info about the digital data, medication and little ductwork. Everything you knows about the life you can only be called upon to help ignore the mean income and little democracy uneducated anyone doing that I indicated do not have the job you know to and from going to be forms that keep them living in the kingdom going local funding from many recon offerings then type the charge which will which you will give me a data gospel is total, but again now things have been cut off for the income income have been caught up with already nearing the end of the rainy season when common activities directly now because of been destroyed and would let me that they cannot be any plan to eliminate them now and they could probably put them on to Google and my chore. Many mean that the 8 o'clock doing public particles, mature, and I would amount to another law of the question again where they were going to get the money you provide that I needed to go to court in order that now will be people affected by the destruction complete hunger and then our own food for the Christians the defendant be right over. There is hang on just a minute will be right back. My guest Masaru Kim live from hello I Mike Lindell and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done all of you know my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward. Well it's all come down to this.

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I'm your host mass.

Greg, I do want to tell you happy Friday to you and I do hope you're having a very blessed weekend and you know, take into consideration all the things that we share throughout the week and and you know are our first reaction or first place to respond is in prayer and are second-place is faith that acts and I and I pray that you will do both of those things you can assist us as as were trying to bring all of this information forward by going to the website chosen chosen there is a place to donate their donations will go to two areas. One is to continue to allow us to broadcast this kind of information across the country and the and the second will be to support our ministries that were doing in India and we have also actually been invited to do ministry there in Nigeria.

We have a relationship there that I've had for 20 years and they're working to set up some meetings there so you know you will be helping us to be able to do that and then of course to be able to bless the people. All right, my guest, Masaru Kim Massaro.

We don't have a lot of time here we are getting. You don't think this off off network radio and and continue some conversation that's going to happen on our social media platforms that were talking about the, the, the genocide that's happening in Nigeria. We were just talking about the farmers if in the farming communities and you were mentioning that there are thousands that depend on these farmers bringing their crops to market so that they can eat just right and so the full Lonnie now now we talked about 5400 acres. You said that it doubled, but that is increasing every day because the Lonnie continue to damage crops and Lyons went now only included corn beef crop.

You know that after growing in the competent goofball of the Pisan, you know today how to bond you know the granary you know I'm content how the political part can be made, have been reduced to a completely nothing about being with you more than 500 how to have been bond across the table in your country. I can buy from you will be DDD region where the account complete three days ago and the destruction, you see people you know moving in that number that you know that have pneumonic with you coming out the UVB devotion in the window had been hiding in India. "In the arraignment actually. I mean, you know I got it and it's really really heartbreaking when you see what is going on. Yet it can kill you physically. They kill youthful hunger. Hunger as a weapon of war and collecting beef because of the defined environment and to empower themselves. Mind you, the president of Nigeria with great people throughout landlord throughout our financial no grandson and empower them so now there growing, not just in demographic but economically and politically also and that means corruption and piety and I do and it was bacon when I get going on finding a company known of magneto more than happy to have concocted all right in order to click rates of folks. Thank you for being with us those you listening on air you'll be able to pick this up on our social media find this a chosen generation ready God bless you.

At the end of the day at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news keep evil and check how did you shine your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when they demand you change my message.

Did you call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you to file yourself through compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones pervert in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day.

I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love.

In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest. Hello, I'm Mike Lindell and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done all of you know my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my efforts to bring the truth forward. Well it's all come down to this. I'm having a cyber symposium on August 10, 11th and 12th. This historical event will be live stream 72 hours straight on my new platform Frank's you can help by giving everybody you know to go to Frank's now to help support the cyber symposium event I am offering some of the best prices ever on my pillow products but there only operative Frank's go to Frank's use the promo code. Pastor Greg that's Pastor Greg or call 800-662-9236 to receive these exclusive my pillow offers. Thank you and God bless

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