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Dr Brian Domitrovic Suply Side Spending New Investments Crypto History Cut Taxes On job Creators 081221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 14, 2021 5:05 pm

Dr Brian Domitrovic Suply Side Spending New Investments Crypto History Cut Taxes On job Creators 081221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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What day it rains again.

Somebody say. His gold… Okay… It's this week's is the official beef jerky generation radio show when you place your order. Your suit you for US constitutions and a US like figure 1 Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second depends on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off pistol Pete's publish order today hello I Mike Lindau and I'm coming to you with the most important commercial that I've ever done all my pillow and myself have gone through in the last five months in my purse to bring the truth forward.

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Now that the chosen generation with pastor Grace so much finger. I generally have a day we thank you for being here welcome to your audience.

TEC I hope you CNS I'm seeing you yeah great to be with you folks over there cloud And of course I think were still up on Facebook. Although, with Ryan having been on last half hour, maybe not. I don't know will see. Let's see also want to give a shout out to our USA radio audience and to those listening on noble radios down in South Texas, and others.

You listen on the Truth Network as well. Great to have everybody on board MFM and forget them all right. I want to look at my next guest, and by the way big shot out to my good friends Giovanna and Ward. I hope you listening great to have you on board today. Well my next guest is a professor of economics professor of history. He studies the intersection between those two and a and has written some incredible books and incredible articles about Reaganomics. He is mentioned actually in in the book, he caught a class. The rebels who sparked the supply-side revolution and restored American preferred. Actually, that's his book Brian to metric the writer of that book. I want to welcome Dr. Brandon program, Dr. Brown, welcome, good, happy. Thank you. I want to start with this kind of a basic question, because you know there's been media wise we have fake news out there and they have attacked the idea of supply-side economics relentlessly give me a brief description for my audience of some of supply-side economics. What what what is that economics first arose in the 19th 45 years ago when going to a horrible economic time. A couple of very high inflation couple tickets every year. We think that now like it coupled with economic activation and unemployment and a comparable combination. According to all the policymakers people like Dr. Lacher and funkadelic Robert Bartlett, the Wall Street Journal, we need to have real money like we have a gold standard 50 years ago this week, and we have to cut tax rates specially on those who create jobs that Pollock picnic to think good money and Patrick cut became the centerpiece of the Reagan economic revolution and it was two decades of mass prosperity get into that. So, good money and jobs and low tax rate on those who are most likely to get involved in creating economic intercut painting them in hiring people which which the Communists like to call all those of the rich people we gotta take all their money away, but of course what people don't realize is when you take the money away from the people who are trying to create the jobs that that that stimulate the economy than they don't have any money to pay employees but will get into that. So what is trickle-down economics. What where did that term come from and and and described that were way back in the 1930s when people were confused about the government on the Great Depression, not even a way to put it, because the government really caught protecting the import and clerk that now 90 years old, but every time there tax rate cuts don't go to Rome to create jobs and invest in real enterprises the left and the critical supply electrical and you don't want to add to net Dr. Ben Carson was on with me last Friday and we talked a bit about the opportunity zones which really are are are you created by those that want to create jobs with good money and and spend their money at private individuals doing those kinds of things and and what was so incredible about what he was sharing was how it was changing the lives of so many people who would never have those kinds of economic opportunities before, and yet the last two tells us that they're all about you not helping the people wants to destroy the very systems that are actually helping people are.

Here's my next question and this is where the history comes in George Bush Senior then Bill Clinton both inherited Reagan's economics how much influence was still there when they became president of the ranking very much. Several Reagan's term. W. Bush did report the Reagan revolution through an unfortunate EP Brandon 1988 payment then attacked the beach payment he can cut back even further on the K check for in not only did not come through with the capital gains rate Delta rate regular income rate up a little bit that we had a couple years of sluggish economic growth and protection under Turkish when Clinton came in finished cutting paragraph Ronald Reagan started it did great income tax rates, but then he cut capital gains rate on the and that's why the growth record. Bill Clinton was very slow at the beginning, and there was a huge rush in the last 4 to 6 years with Republican Congress elastic years of the Reagan revolution to George W. Bush.

Use Reagan's plan ran on it. But then implementation of Patrick cut was very ambiguous. You may recall, cut tax rates at the top the very top right right all away up near 40% because a pile of A percent the first year 2001 at one of the reasons we went into recession of an electorate occurred, but we came in a compromise that percent. Only when he took that back two years later the Internet where you have a real cut starting at about five percentage point right then you met the boom after 2003 declared you pay attention to the way the Reagan revolution with gun and get it right you credit. What did Barack Obama do to dismantle America's economic engine that one thing about Barack Obama, the collective School George W. Bush tax cuts all the way through his first term that top right Bush W could cut 39.6 to 35 state enforced from 2009 through 2012 so Barack Obama extended that rate cut the make sure he got reelected and he only right that 2012 when you secure the second term and then on top right is what we call effective tax rates on the court.

PK working people earning very little income so many government benefits that he caused the problem that were really feeling was so frustrating.

Management the people can't come into the workforce because the list of government benefits that basically he ushered in communism. Yeah, I'm thinking right government is there, as the as the source.

My own view is that he didn't have the energy of the letter like that back and letting the panel Lane program expanded all the counting benefits and medical benefits. Benefit and it will mean that we started to make more money a lot about the point we call the think tank clip where if you are family earning $30,000 in getting benefits under Obama's plan, you lost money. If you make 40 or 50 or $60,000 directly lock grilling, you only recover your income getting up government benefits if you went from 30 to 70 search situation working class important. Met with Garrett the copilot that accredits you know who who's who's going to give somebody a $40,000 a year raise stop and think about that folks. That's why we thought labor court that the patient collapsed like 10 million people under Obama -like report rent got well, that's what that's why that one guy who did do kind of the experiment, so to speak where he paid everybody in his company. Having it was 75,000 a year. That's why he that's why he hit on that number right and 30 universal basic income try right now working with a corrosive effect like report stork can open the supply chain there all disrupted.

It felt my car no housing construction of a week. The result of the court about okay to a degree, but let's not forget that line I I was talking my son on the restaurant I was talking with Ryan Hartwig about this in the break. No AME trying to get a somebody to work in the in the restaurant business right now is is just almost near impossible because of you know the money handouts that people are being given their incentivized to stay home and that's I mean that is a nonsustainable situation in my and my Ms. Smith thinks anything and that Dr. no, not really what we have to report that problem date for 2009 in the so-called recovery plan that Barack Obama, on network with the working start labor court struck out started big time in the so-called recovery from the great recession, and they were date rebound underground crop without any question. But now they were recover their old Obama weight of what the labor court struck out under the new ministration and only need to do is look around the world.

Okay look rush you know it is is not they they are a very communist by they are using a different economic outlook so to speak, in order to create money. China is the same way. I mean, China's communist, no doubt, but they are using AAA capitalistic market type structure as their taking over countries and and as their unit operating in my am I missing anything. They're not run company about the book I write but can't explain everything about the plot like a chronicler in the right revolution which I rode with Claire Cutler's discretion they'll get translated into Chinese by what I know what work there. You know on how Reaganomics really work and get the economy off the or powerboat With a limited bid have flatpack market, China government for a favorable tax credit of the United States and China have dominated Hong Kong dollar currency for Peter all the crippled Reaganomics you want to grow QuickTime in the world near major country like others I whetted. So I'm glad you brought up the book you wrote because what is it that Pres. Trump did. They created this economic woman you've already said Reaganomics played a role in invective but talked about some of the things that he was able to do in spite of lying in in spite of you know the the Democrat opposition. What were some of the things that he was able to do that.

That just really exploded our economy work with clinically and I writing a book written out but weighted architectural bundle Trump great. December 27.

L at the siding that we had the highest corporate tax rate in the world of the developed world when trucking of the office at 35% and in companies were just reorganizing felt the operational credit this country. 12% rate with 25% below also bring up the rear against the old world Donald Trump… 40% from 35 to 21 all all the spit right back in the United States, hiring new lowest poverty rate of all crime low with African-American unemployment rate all time median household income. What eight years into an expansion economy report that you have an acceleration in economic growth. After a decade into an economic silly work it with epic. So tell me you know is I'm wanting to get this information around what what's happening now. What is what is the Biden administration doing are they are they changing all that, where we had an interesting little problem market. Reaching critical about 35 equipment up gold is not really increasing.

But those are things in building electric bill from election cycle again. Wonder okay. Stay tuned. Don't go anywhere on our guest is Dr. Brian dementia Vic will be back with Dr. Brian right after this project for you. What you can do to take advantage of where we are right now.

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I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame of the phone repentant and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness that God will heal our land. I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes and that's a call evil wicked and to learn about those acts as a part of the mandated Christianity that love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront your friend with the truth in hopes of their heart will return because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently live call evil attempts to call that does not make me weak, strong, not silent and not fearful. Courageous. Therefore, if you're my friend may not fully that I share what I share because I care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs. They are not debatable for me and you can choose. Unfriend me say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and God, not man gets to decide what is truth life and the way God bless you. You can support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace June generation were no top off limits everything filtered through biblical glasses, my special guest is Dr. Brian Mitrovich, and that you can get his book, class the rebels who sparked the supply side revolution and restored American prosperity even find that on Amazon use Amazon smile. If you would and put in faith harvest Church Amazon smile, faith, harvest Church, by the way there's only two left in stock more on the way but only two left in stock that lets you know how how how that book is moving document we're talking about, you know where can people go, what can they do an action that people can take to help themselves economically in this talk to me about where you might advise people to look stock market dictating Elkhart Gen. opinion people United States future.

The next 10, 15, 20 years pretty good.

I think it opportunity in the market in the world stock and real if the current market panic at $6 trillion in currently traded every day.

I think that the critical current. The phenomenon of showing the creative instruction coming for government money the government money not dollar… Gold the Federal Reserve and it created structure will come and destroy and looking at a retail banana gone with thing structure and overcome newspapers with Google and and were going to the government money timeline and the 20 years is going to be replaced by Chris. I think even now people have come up with the 1% of their money as they fight by and money and you mentioned a man that will and having it in this. Now obviously that will get you back to talk about this about the privatization of money and how money was privatized prior to 1913 and the Federal Reserve. .51 private individual find it against golden years before the Fed and the public one person I believe that with more our number choose that he had not your mind and I guess think Rena this is Adam and always being there and we are sponsors of chosen generation in sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want to join me chosen generation has to say.

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