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Judd Dunning Left uses Violence Threats Afghanistan 081621

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 20, 2021 4:38 pm

Judd Dunning Left uses Violence Threats Afghanistan 081621

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Praise you for tuning into a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping, encouraging and challenging first generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to be pastor grade is committed to seeing God's life changing power work in you prayer today or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-8624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that life-changing message and anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3620 404-4636 24. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation chosen generation pastor and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous light in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows a generation grade does best. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice more.

You can listen to never again I thank you so much for even a given year to the program. We welcome all of our audience all across our network and we want to welcome also lighting you just do this last hour but are good if you want to watch us live you can get just there TEC and You can watch us right now on on their network and we would encourage you to check things out over there. Why am very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program. He has his own program on K ABC on Monday nights there in the Los Angeles, California, and that he also has a bullet point and that and he also is an entertainer as well as an intrapreneur with his own real estate company and an analogical things that my friend as Judge Dunning welcome good to have you book your would like for your back here all year. So now we 13.

I always write the 13 and have a reason why not a liberal and how to light another humbly, I think Christ is the only part that really like her are called during the break, but we quickly like the power that I got your lunch, not the break walked up and put the little Celt. What a great year KB.

You been a great import that all ignored.

While John and I greatly appreciate that.

I greatly appreciate that you know you you brought some interesting points I want to get into this to what happened there in LA and get your thoughts with regards to that but but I think that there's some some interesting thought processes, you know. As far as you know, understanding some of what may have brought us to some of where we are per se, but let's talk about give me your thoughts and T for as an example course, they attacked people who are questioning masks and vaccines a a peaceful protest and it was interesting to watch the news talk about how old they are aggressive and NT for trying to make accusations that people who are, you know, protesting masks and and vaccines were the aggressors made it boggles my mind go back with swine litter that the great video going around it. That would need an American victory and ended on the exact amount of the of the propaganda that going against individual liberty right now there's a point for government that will make the trumpet in the back of the big three of liberal bigotry is. I did that article while going back to you know what what that when the back start doing to get out to be less powerful with their spare Dell shipped over the aquatic chain. We arty thought the structure bill with coastal with care and art in our complete global economy.

There's so much power the stomach and platelets don't disregard the bad ship waiting right behind it direction and if you know even trumped a bit. We had married a distraction from the truth that we can use opportunistically to legislation in the background so the awake and then not only give away anything Greek in your dog to make out what it break you got it that were prospering intellectually, spiritually, mentally, physically, creatively, financially and psychologically. We have all week we we had no children of God we can crinkle prospering all those looking Jesus that wanted the sufferer to align it be small for the whole leg of the left, reprinted that they if they don't gain it all. So you know they're using the distraction of my eyes departed the vehicle bigger probably have no creeping walled out the more you use the Polaroid problem for the day and slowly take away liberty and laughter to the know they think the prelim icons never went through thick and you want to copy somebody where Matt wake up tomorrow in your yesterday I played insecticide all over my house because the heat out white year we have a bunch of trees around and I know I like that I have the appropriate use for math so noted.

I will probably go to birth on the bed that I didn't know too much and the thought the meeting will focus on the noble and people in the noble deal. I'm not think talk about different lacrosse over and there. Suddenly, the holders of what right well the people January the holders of good like they're being held without full due process in America that we have a double standard for dinner to be limited people at the anything the dark do. It's hard to think of justice with their background of what they wanted to deconstruct the nuclear family of no America they wanted to join our foundation.

I disregard anything knowledge the validity of what can you not not not at all to me and Jesus showed it sit again. Again, it's really true colors when when they came after pastor falter there in Portland right Christian family sitting around, you know, praying, and and praising God.

And here comes MTV in with their flash bombs and their bear spray and and they assault them and then you know Sean puked the very next day has probably about 1500 to 2000 people out there they couldn't get into the center of that and Shawn even announced from the stage. If you want to learn about laying on of hands. Go ahead, you know, the aggressive, but they continued praising God, but at the end when they were trying to get to their cars. Many were assaulted children and women. And as you know, as a part of that. So, as I explained it in the last half hour. You know, Anna and Angie for supposed to be about anti-fascism.

They don't even understand what it is meant most of them. I don't think even understand it there so wrapped up in their own heads that they don't even understand that because you pledge allegiance because I as a veteran took an oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I'm a patriot that does not make me some evil nationalist. In fact, Israelites went to war in Scripture against other countries that tried to take them over. So there there's there's no ambiguity. Biblically speaking, when it comes to how God saw the boundaries and the sovereignty of nations and the sovereignty of individuals within those nations. And you know I agree that there would be the awake and happily married within America will let the talking bragging liberal portion with so much information is going around and clouding people to the truth of what's really going on. You know, I think he could real risk to be a mirror of January with you that they get involved at the DHS that that there was that you are with nation on the nine on the 9/11 anniversary. Right now it domestic merit never turn back pain back pain back. Being an election integrity parent right with you called. Think about that but remember I think I backdated you elect integrity. Three people now are domestic there is.

Meanwhile, Cappiello cobbled burning down and NT put it one to watch if there are back protest. We haven't broken out like your little lock down cycle without the land and people start to think wanting to knock somebody down and let them and have them recover knocking down effect upon you can disable them for life right though there may be we may eventually think right about personal freedom and there's people were happy about the fashion in two different Americans because there there making math and directing the pump. I think if people would love that they're basically out there, like the Russian port that want to create disruption in disarray so that they can stand power in government is then the bouncer that is exactly that there there very organized and deconstruction of our country because the then they can then you can expand government because I don't why Greg I don't know a lot To drag why people trust government. Our founding fathers that again and again and again.

Our system is set up, not trust and I went about it again and again and everything said no we don't trust government we have government we keeping it all away, positive and negative liberty that actually happened here, there, Mark LeBaron. Yup, you people are like garlic but pounding to triplicate. This is push of moral route that is making it all okay and not okay we have to say that dialogue rightly talking through him also about folk feel the positive discovery that I wake up every morning like I love my life that you got my children, my faith, my family, what long term sobriety.

My business all my blessing and then from there they would let me stay awake of what is your call. Of those I need to review for the insanity that we have to be my show is now unapologetic. We have to keep unapologetically thing that's not true that's not real that's not racist… That's what trumpet you just have a different view of how to care for people. When you get back to that liberal neoclassical liberalism as possible.

The public yeah it's it's that you were talking about the issues with with DHS and interestingly hi had a post that was up that's apparently been removed from my page but it was something that Sgt. Gunderson do you remember him he was the police officer that was fired because of his political views. Yet what he he had a post up that was a screenshot of something that had been on on TV and and it and it basically was Eli government even taken a picture of an online on my camera but it was it was basically here we go.

Yeah I do I have it saved. They got rid of it, but they couldn't completely get rid of it. They tried but anyway NBC nightly news potential terror threats opposition to covert measures claims of election fraud belief trunk can be reinstated 9/11 anniversary and religious holidays folks are talking about Christian religious holidays okay and there considering those to be now Department of Homeland Security considers you and I as Christians who follow the Bible as potential terror threats. Think about that and think about the things I've talked about this morning. I will be back to talk more about this would judge them.

I you really think I'm making this visit we went. In this is in this.

It might gotta be a novel pastor. They know they're not really saying that now they are yeah they are but remember the 20 someone years ago. Janet Reno said that if you believed in the Bible. If you went to church more than now once a week if you had, you know, Ms. Lee week gatherings at your church, and so on. You were a threat and and just during trial. You're a threat.

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Don't forget you can get more chosen generation, at and we'll imagine generation ready.

I'm your host Pastor Greg and my special guest is Judd Dunning Gen. could tell folks how they can listen to you because I know why you're on K ABC and that's it 8 o'clock on on on Monday evenings out Pacific time to talk whatever discipline, if you would 7 PM okay and every Monday night helped Abelardo and Katie. The unapologetic Judd Dunning, our and that is what were doing the thinking up a is a nationwide would like their catch of the pod that decking there well in repeat and would have a great were have a great time and it all looked over at bullet point nation you catch our video comedy show commentary. We call it read by the combustible news you can use to blow up on Yourself on fire in order.

Our joke your liberal friend Beth at bullet point nation not a lot of fun. Danielle, could you do need to cope fun at the little thought bullet would call me I'm a great writer worked with me have another writer working in the show were little team and it's real blessing.

Both clinician in our book.

Is there bullet point Good stuff.

Good stuff for the good stuff. Well, you would ask me to move in the in the break about Afghanistan a in in it and in a nutshell, I think that you know once again in this reminds me a lot of of the Vietnam situation and what most people don't know about the history is is that in the lake and went when Richard Nixon came in 1968. One of the things that he had put in place and was negotiating with the Vietnamese as far as bringing that to closure was to do for South Vietnam.

What we had done for Japan at the end of World War II, yes we drop the bombs on Hiroshima and a and and you know what was that about all that was actually to save millions of lives and it did both Japanese lives and American troops trying to root out the Japanese that were deeply embedded, many of whom fought for a number of years even after the surrender on islands that never got the word from Japan, but we will rebuild their infrastructure. We have a multibillion-dollar deal to do the same thing with Vietnam and actually Joe Biden torpedoed that in the Senate as a leader of the Democrats they torpedoed that and they got John Kerry to come in and live for them and they left 600 of our boys. There and John McCain knew that they were there. The original deal was to bring all 1200 out.

They left 600 I give you that history to understand where we are today with Afghanistan because once again, Joe Biden has led the charge in pulling us out and leaving the Afghan's that have been loyal to us, and that were working with us to set up a democracy like they see across the border in India. They wanted that same democracy for their country and and now we have absolutely abandoned them, and this is how you know bitterness towards America is is fostered and is created and this is it our America Judd. This is in your and I are America. This is this is that liberal communist progressive America that that once our nation destroyed. That's how I see now that they would American rate filling the funder we put into marketing and they prefer the way out and that what we do with reluctant intervention through the role of God the world right now people are suffering like they would go back in with infrastructure liking being hurt.exacting. Little did they fill on what you want done. One paper one day to build on the deal. The deal to go back to your neocon no unity and these are human beings need care and human beings who by the way, laid down their lives along with our troops to fight for freedom and liberty in their country believing that we were playing the game. Somebody say hundred is just a beach Her sleep spring water and this the beach is the official beef jerky of the Jordan generation ready when you place your order. Your C2 for US constitutions and a US like sick when Constitution for you to recover to cover in the second pass on your friends, family or loved ones go to pistol Pete's and use discount code CGR to get an additional 10% off distal pizza publish order today

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