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Wayne Allyn Root New Book Civil Disobedience Patriot Handbook 101121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 16, 2021 8:27 pm

Wayne Allyn Root New Book Civil Disobedience Patriot Handbook 101121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping and encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to be pastor grade is committed to seeing God's life changing power work in you. If you or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that's life changing message an anointing to your event again. That number is 830-6248 304-4636 24. Give us a call and keep on listening chosen general pastor and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows generation program savvy with me. Thanks so much here. I know you have a choice to listen each and every day, and I thank you so much time to listen to the program here while I'm very excited to what welcome to the program route for America is the website and while tell you he has absolutely written an incredible book. It's called the great patriot protest and boycott book Pres. Trump says you're in the right place. Opportunity is knocking and Wayne route will show you how to seize it. He knows that it be tenacious and relentless and how to win. Donald J.

Trump I want to welcome Wayne Allen route to the program when welcome good to have you back I'm great I'm doing great. It's a course say I I'm I'm doing great. The boy America's Americas not doing so great under an end of this tyrannical authoritarian efforts that's being put forth. In Washington DC it's it's it's relatively crazy liberal shown itself to be pure communist shown themselves to be in top.

They show themselves. Island they shown an elder and I can say that a lot of people can't because I'm Jewish. They show Michelle I'm innately spent all their time it's all empty lost Lane hang on just a second.

Thanks really get Wainwright back.

Okay, let's try that one again. There you go. Now I found is deciding do the ignorance hang on just a second. I tell you were in my apologies that was on me. I had a I had a technical issue. Go ahead. Please continue Jewish and 38 and 1938 it got you to prepare anything to the public ought you know I'm very careful about that cook nothing 6 million Jews like to update your and this is not that, at least not yet. But I'll tell you what it is good 1938, which with the pre-Holocaust 1938 there were no Jews being sent to concentration camp and there were no Jews being murdered in large group systematically what it was work math and propaganda propaganda with the state and the media were in bed together and they were lying about everything the Big Apple to get up at work and they were trying to destroy the brand you need to shed their unclean their journey. There'd be pleased to hear their corrupt their criminal they should be allowed to society.

They should be like eating a restaurant they should be allowed in your retail store that you be converted into one place and punished is not allowed to live a normal life exactly what you like the Democratic Party are saying about Bakley people to think the same big lie because the reality is I eyed all stacked all over the world all over the world. The epidemic now of the stated not of the under activated almost everybody in the hospital in Israel.

In England and Wales in Scotland in Singapore. Everyone in the hospital, 80% are vaccinated. Jacks are activated, so it's not like anyone is to blame the activator unvaccinated. The reality is you have a choice in life my body my choices.

I would liberal say that I choose to be under activated and so many conservative unfortunately unfortunately pastor it's become about 50-50 conservative because they been forced to choose between their entire income and paying their mortgage and living or becoming homeless and filled their choosing to survive and they get the vaccine against their will lock the conservatives got the vaccine they don't want it but I understand completely. They had no choice. They work for living and I got a chill radical block so it's not like all conservatives are anti-vaccine by the wet muddy introduction at all of only a tightknit experimental emergency use only. Chapter 2 of the vaccine and illogic of service are divided on this issue. They just had no choice. They took it so it's it's a very difficult situation that would bite me of 1938 and propaganda in the media is overwhelming. So I wrote a book to counteract it, so hopefully we could talk about that absolutely, absolutely. And that is the great patriot protest and boycott books and you write in your most recent blog about civil disobedience and and what that might look like talk to me about your thoughts on civil disobedience at what point do we engage in civil disobedience and and what are some of the things we can do because I believe also that the left is trying to coax us into a civil war. They they want that kind of action so that this administration can invoke something like an insurrection act because they've already targeted us.

They they've targeted those of us that supported Pres. Trump.

They continue to support conservatism and are fighting this good fight but talk to me about civil disobedience and that you and and your views on that yet awarded a question about that and what they wanted a bad incident perpetrated by somebody who is either very stupid or maybe playing for the other side and killed a lot of people at a church into a regular mass murder situation and the user that the project to take all of our guns away to go door to door a cupcake every guns America at gunpoint.

Ironically, Dr. Bill looking to do. That's what happened about 25 years ago in Australia and macula people actually what's the difference between United States and Australia. They're going to such a tyrannical horrible situation. The entire nation lockdown Australia Sydney just came out of it. I think this weekend for the first time in three months.

Melbourne lockdown for six months. The insanity over just a few gaps from COBIT.

They used at at the election as a reason to block down the country leave everybody literally locked in their homes to come out yet that were Mac got even outdoors when the police like you would drag you off bleeding to prison. Helicopters and military in the street you're allowed to go to the store once a week and only one member of your family can go is the most incredible chill radical picture dictate tutorial authoritarian situation at every machine and killed the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and the only Gypsy American Australians. Everyone here at guns and there don't they took away so they learned a very very valuable lesson.

Don't ever give up your gun and just going to just dinner judges very quickly.

Just I mean, what you just said the narrative.

The unit just J I'm sure a lot of my listeners are going. Oh come on Wayne that that what, where, where's the slither that can be that can be true.

This is this a reality in Australia this this reality. This is what they're doing over there because what you just described sounds like something out of some kind of a of a novel rather than than than real life in our world today, why I never imagined in the United States like God would give a speech that bait flight ever match. We have open borders. You could talk about open borders right that the border is kind of poorest people are coming over here or there and they shouldn't be kind of what's going on Colette year the borders port. Never if we just sit open border.

I would never get to stop anyone from coming in again when never commissioned anybody back again. Imagine that could be a reality, while they are in denial, and they act like everything's fine.

2 million illegals will come in this year 2 million were ready like 1,000,005 a million for it will be well over 2 million. Insanity were changing the entire demographics of America 2 million in the year.

What makes anyone think that she would be 4 million in the year after 6,000,022 20 million people be American.

Let it insanity to change the demographics of America.

No Democrat needs to steal a regular election ever again. Till just automatically went to every person coming in is a lifelong Democrat could they want welfare checks and cradle-to-grave and Democrats will be party a promise that it will be the bad guy to still know it will bankrupt America and Europe you're raising taxes to levels that will destroy the average session where the bad guy to every legal will vote Democratic forevermore and no Republican will ever win another election.

Imagine that badging anywhere which a whirling root who had not had the flu 35 years was that had a cold in 15 years who takes megadoses of vitamins worked at 90 minutes today and he did completely organic and healthy diet and a teacher guide pure protein so I'm never ever sick.

Imagine I would be told that in some cities. I can't enter a restaurant or retail store I might make them sick. I could be the single stupidest man I've ever heard in my light show. I mean all of your two it's not just Australia. Yet Australia is worth it to a level far worse. America headed for that level very clearly and don't forget three speeches now in effect under check what would a Lieut. Col. in the Marine could be sent to the boarding just as he says what happened and absolutely true when Atty. Gen., the FBI should arrest wallet. You don't like critical race theory that teaches you that American evil and white people, regal knees, things are happening, you know that we are becoming a creditor common to take over the United States will become a nation reflect speech will be will be illegal. Let me add this to it as well. I do know if you got this by last night I was just flipping through, seeing what what was on television.

60 minutes was doing a piece on separation parents being separated from their children blaming the Trump administration now where where October 2021 okay there guy. Biden has been in office right since January sworn in in January and here they are still doing a piece on separation is the propaganda you were talking about Wayne.

If it's the right I am a were talking about and attempting to make all of us and and and they are pushing racism and they are they are pushing this idea that America is bad.

By the way today's Columbus Day and I've got I've got a piece of the bill federal Road at my site talking about why Columbus made that voyage and guess who it was that was attacking Europe that caused Columbus and many others to try to find a sea route. It was Islam, but no way right. We can talk about that Wayne can't talk right Islam, we can say anything bad about you know about Islam guess anything about the fact that they're going door-to-door in Afghanistan, killing people today right now as we speak About. I Don't Know Lego's Nigeria and and and Vogel Ahram and How They Are Going into Villages and and Taking Young Women Out Of Villages and Turning Them into Prostitutes, Essentially Because They Marry Them Often. Every 24 Hours They're Married to a Different Johnny until until Basically Dive Being Raped. But You Know We Can't Talk about That Wayne Because We Get Same Thing about Islam Otherwise Were in Islamic Folks Way Now Root Is My Guess, Forget to Get More Details from Him on How to Fight Back and and the Brand-New Book That He Has Written, Not Right after This Brief Break Now Is a Critical Time to Be Vigilant in the Defense of Our Freedom. There's No Better Way to Do so Them by Joining the Association of Mature American Citizens a Mac a Mac Is One of the Fastest Growing Conservative Organizations in America Well over 2 Million People Are Joined Now Carry the AMEX Membership Card. A Mac Was Built by Regular Folks and Feel the Same Way You Do. You're Not Alone Aim That Believes in and Stands up for the Values That Made America so Great Were Fighting the Good Fight against Reckless Government Spending and the Ever-Expanding Scope of Federal Government.

We Believe in the Sanctity of Our Constitution. So If You're 50 or over and Hold to Traditional American Values.

You No Longer Have To Feel Alone, Call the Association for Mature American Citizens a Mac and Get Great Discounts and Support Your Values. Call Today 855-696-7930 855-696-7930 Years Ago. Pastor Greg Get Your First Year Absolutely Free.

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Don't Forget You Can Get More Chosen and will go back to generation radio. I'm your host Pastor Greg my special guest is Wayne Allan route and that you can find them at root for America route for America.

That's the place get signed up over there and you'll get his his blog so come directly into your mailbox. But there something else you could pick up there as well. The great patriot protest and boycott book and have to say Wayne I have said this more often in this show in this segment than you have your say that I've not enjoyable, you have in common. I just kept talking to a good time at this point to let people know. I think pollution at least one after my book is one of the great patriot project boycott book and by the way people are now realizing you can answer book number 1 inch to about 20 categories of Amazon for about three weeks now it's on every bedfellows. You can aim at Amazon and congratulates race patriot project boycott book. That's why my boys out to work like Gary yeah yeah I can't wait to get three sports project every Friday morning the mulch with the sport in the people business basically took three of those every Friday morning to my voice is getting quite a workout. The great picture book, like a boxer.

Here's the deal.

In a nutshell, I grew up is very hoping another conservative personality host America with my background very unique. I grew up a Jewish kid in a majority black town which were all black middle school. It's all black high school. Dr. my upbringing and all black people keep laid out all black tracking and all I could tell you is because of that upbringing. I had a front seat view of Dr. Martin Luther King who I really respected and liked and appreciated what you did, which you will gain civil rights and stop the persecution of black people in America XO to meet one of my heroes and not judicature it can give you that cover the background. What was widely known for civil disobedience. He knew that the only way to ever get civil rights and stop the persecution of black American civil disobedience when they tell you to sit in the back of the but you should abruptly arrest you without that your feet, and actually recommendable take their feet. Pretty soon you've achieved attention from the media and you achieved.

You brought a spotlight to the problems your urate is enduring shaping with dog sitting at a lunch Unit lots and elect Your black little cushion at the lunch counter and should spiritual erected actionable disobedience never violent.

That's what I'm preaching to my new book the great patriot project boycott book.

I believe now that the persecuted people in this country are conservative and the un-backdated by the way, which which a large portion of B black and Hispanic but in any case, it's the conservatives were now in the closet out of the closet conservative driving and in fear of losing our jobs in our lives that are free speech and civil rights, and so this is kind of the conservative version of rules for radicals It's all Lipsky for conservative it's Dr. Martin Luther King. It teaches conservative values project and boycott and strike in intimidation and civil disobedience just like a liberal For decades. The minority, where the silent majority. We have to change and become the loudmouth majority to complete game teaches conservative how to fight when Wicca talked about, but it's much more than that, great.

Here's what else is.

I went out and I got the phone numbers the email via physical mailing address and social media directs all the top executives America that are casinos and Board of Directors members of the companies that treat conservative like garbage. What we find most of their product and we could boycott them and thank you to your knees, the great patriot protective boycott book at all outstanding. Wayne Allen move route for American when working people listen to you and and what timely on me under the USA radio network 8:54 PM Eastern, 3 to 6 specific writing our show and most poorly the book great for the boycott, you find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy. The prospect of more mandates lockdowns inflation and the list goes on there something you can do by from companies that believe what you and I believe we need to stick together now more than ever, and there's been one company willing to stand with you since 2012 patriot mobile patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. They offer nationwide coverage using the same towers as all the major carriers patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget and discounts for veteran and first responder heroes and multiline accounts. They are 100% US-based providing exceptional customer service. Most importantly, patriot mobile shares our values and support organizations fighting for religious freedom, constitutional rights, sanctity of life, first responders and veterans use the code chosen for free activation call 972. Patriot, 972 patriot calls today use the code chosen patriot

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