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Carolina Journal Radio No. 844: Lineups set for special Sept. 10 congressional elections

Carolina Journal Radio / Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai
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July 22, 2019 8:00 am

Carolina Journal Radio No. 844: Lineups set for special Sept. 10 congressional elections

Carolina Journal Radio / Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai

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July 22, 2019 8:00 am

State Rep. Greg Murphy has won the Republican runoff in this year’s special 3rd District congressional election. He moves on to face Democrat Allen Thomas, plus Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates, in the Sept. 10 general election. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, analyzes developments in this contest and the special 9th District matchup between Republican Dan Bishop and Democrat Dan McCready. A new state law places more emphasis in N.C. high schools on economics and personal financial literacy. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and colleagues on the N.C. State Board of Education recently discussed the creation of a mandatory high school class on those topics. You’ll hear highlights from their discussion. State lawmakers are helping some school districts fill teaching positions by making it easier to rehire recent retirees. Legislation designed to remove barriers for rehired retirees moved through the General Assembly this year. Some lawmakers continue to push for reform of North Carolina’s certificate-of-need restrictions. You’ll hear debate on the latest version of CON reform moving through the chambers of the state House and Senate. Families continue to turn to homeschooling and private schools as alternatives to the traditional public school system. Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and director of education studies, analyzes the latest enrollment data for both forms of parental school choice.

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From chair to current attack and the largest city to the smallest and from the statehouse into the schoolhouse Carolina Journal radio your weekly news magazine discussing North Carolina's most of public policy events and issues welcome to Carolina Journal radio.

I pitch Coke. I during the next hour, Donna Martinez and I will explore some major issues affecting our state high school students in North Carolina will soon learn much more about personal financial literacy Y that pleases members of the state education board. Lawmakers want to help school systems fill some bacon teaching jobs, they'll do it by recruiting recently retired teachers back to the classroom to hear details some legislators continue to push for reform of a medical regulation called the certificate of need Torcon to hear how that certificate can block medical innovation plus will hear the latest numbers linked to homeschooling and private schools in North Carolina.

There is continued growth. Those topics are just ahead.

First, Donna Martinez joins us with the Carolina Journal headline the results-oriented in North Carolina's special GOP primary election in North Carolina's third congressional district and is set up a four-way race in September's general election to fill the seat left open by the death of a long time. Congressman Walter Jones. Plus, it's just one of two special September congressional elections here in North Carolina. Rick Anderson is editor-in-chief of Carolina Journal. He's been following both of these races very closely joins us now. Rick welcome back to the show. Thank you so in the third in the GOP primary. We have a winner who is that right guys. Dr. Greg Murphy, who is a state representative from the county from Greenville and he defeated another position and pediatrician Joan.

Who's from Kinston.

They were the two candidates who survived a 17 candidate primary election which was held a couple months ago and now of Greg Murphy will pretty easily. It was 6040 race and I will now go on to face three candidates Alan Thomas, a Democrat, former mayor of Greenville, a libertarian primary winner Tim Harris was Libertarian party primary in the Constitution party's candidate Greg Holt.

Let's talk a little bit about some of the endorsements in this GOP primary because they were huge.

You write big time national names that were weighing in on this race, and who was supporting him. Well, the big one for Greg Murphy was the freedom caucus and US Representative Mark Meadows of the 11th district is the chairman of the house freedom caucus that provided a lot of the emphasis in the home for Greg Murphy's campaign Joan Peary was endorsed by a lot of people house for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential nominee, every Republican female member of the house. Several US figure, US Senators, including Joni Ernst who was a rumor vice presidential choice for Donald Trump back in 2016 and freedom works. The grassroots conservative organization also endorsed Joan Perry and she got a lot of outside money she may have actually outspent Greg Murphy in the race.

Even though the candidates personal campaign accounts of Greg Murphy, was about $200,000 ahead but Joan Perry may have actually spent all will close to half of the $2 million more people supporting her so fascinating about these endorsements. Rick was there any sort of policy distinction between these two candidates was one. For example, more of a free marketer I versus the other. While both of them. Both the leg or emphasize the fact that they were going to be the person who is going most closely futile Donald Trump line that was that was number. Issue number one. As far as William grassroots support. But the thing that did divide them was that Greg Murphy has been a cosponsor and until a few days ago a very adequate supporter of legislation over the past two sessions that would come very, very close to expanding Medicaid under the affordable care act people who currently don't qualify for it mainly able-bodied single males who are working and earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid. He removed his sponsorship from this bill even though it was very vocal advocate of both the 2017 session in the current session skull.

Carolina cares that it's called North Carolina health care for working families and it's actually as word recording the segment still a live issue in the statehouse.

What Joan Perry, Dr. Perry said was basically this is Medicaid expansion. This is a bad deal.

This is going to throw hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians on the dole and it's going to cost is gonna blow up the budget cost taxpayers lots of money and is a bad thing. So now that Greg Murphy has prevailed in this set primary race Sam. He is going to go forward to this September general election.

You mentioned that this is a four person race. There is a libertarian candidate in the race. There is, I believe the Constitution you try candidate. What is that mean for Republican voters. Typically, the Republican electorate might choose one of those three people versus the Democrat will in this case, the district is rated safe Republican by all the major political ratings organizations a part of that is because Walter Jones because he ran up a unopposed in last November. The registration and voting pattern suggests it's a safe Republican district, but it's hard to say.

Alan Thomas was Mayor Pringle.

He somebody who's not have a problem raising money. He was the he was the Dicks Executive Director have the global transport for a while so he somebody who's going to have a lot of knowledge and probably a lot of support in the local area. The other two candidates may divert some votes from Greg Murphy will see mean that it is a say this this Medicaid expansion controversies probably not going to go away. Do we have any indication Rick that national Democrats are paying as close attention to this race in the third District as we know they are in the special night congressional district race that it is a matchup between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Dan Bishop. I haven't seen it yet.

No part of it may just be there you like to see who want because the perception largely was that the Greg Murphy having been elected to the state legislature for couple terms also being someone who is I believe the chairman of the board of the Biden Medical Center enemies very closely tied to the Brody medical school at East Carolina. Somebody's got a lot of local recognition and so the thought was between the help he was going to get from national Republicans and the like that he was going to be the easier candidate to prevail in the fall in the September election than Dr. Perry who support largely was from the outside grassroots and of course Republicans were to try to get more women elected to Congress, but can be a fascinating race for sure. In this set September special election. There also over in the night congressional district and we also will have that race on the ballot in September. As I mentioned Democrat McCready versus Republican Bishop. They are having this election because of August the Reader's Digest version would be ballot shenanigans on the original race in the ninth District what we know. National Democrats still paying lots and lots of attention. Perhaps money into this race for misreading yet they they are there money and attention to the race.

They are from from what we're seeing from the local reporters in Charlotte.

There's actual interest in this race, which is very unusual for special elections, especially off year elections and this is going to be one that actually have a reasonable turnout Democrats thought they had this thing one outright.

Back in November of intra-and after all the shenanigans was brought to light McCready quite wisely continued raising money throughout the controversy and is going to probably have a financial advantage over Dan Bishop who still serving the state Senate and so the thing is going to have to happen now to make this all work is that it is that the get out the vote efforts are going to be essential and the question is, basically, is Dan McCready whose Mecklenburg County representative. Is he going to be able to sway get the union County vote which he needs and then the vote from the eastern districts which are more conservative than the both of these can think that the dinner could you get for Mecklenburg County. So Rick, what about the EM potential involvement of Pres. Trump into either one of these rates is anticipating that he will come in and campaign either for Greg Murphy Murphy in the third or Dan Bishop in the night I would be so surprised if he didn't, it wouldn't be surprising also to see Lara Trump's daughter-in-law, especially in the third since she's sorting from the area down there toward the coast and so I think we'll see some active subjective support for the president because of the drugs he's going to need and one has to wonder as well if some of those higher profile Democratic presidential candidates if they're coming into North Carolina if they might to hook up with the Democrats in those races as well to the price will Rick Anderson is editor-in-chief of Carolina Journal Carolina Journal has been following both of these congressional races very closely with as much more Carolina Journal radio come in just a moment tired of fake names tired of reporters with political axes to grind. What you need to be reading Carolina Journal honest, uncompromising, old-school journalism, you expect and you need even better, the monthly Carolina Journal is free to subscribers sign up at Carolina. You'll receive Carolina Journal newspaper in your mailbox each month.

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Other outlets barely cover but there's a bonus print newspapers published monthly by our daily news site gives you the latest news each and every day lot onto Carolina once, twice, even three times a day won't be disappointed. It's fresh news if you'd like a heads up on the daily news sign up for our daily email do that Carolina Carolina Journal, rigorous, unrelenting, old-school journalism, we hold government accountable for you will get back to Carolina Journal radio amateur coca North Carolina high school students will see a new emphasis in the future on economics and personal financial literacy. The state law sets up a new mandatory course on that topic. The State Board of Education recently discussed the issue to the governor Dan Forrest explained the intent of the financial literacy and economics legislation is to create a four credit class for high school had financial illusion economics in high school before, but not for credit is elective course and obviously students are competing GPAs to get into college and some students by far.

Do not take this course. Obviously goes without saying, but we have $22 trillion in this nation's largest personal.

That is the student loan.

$1.6 trillion and growing every single day. We have over $130 trillion of unfunded liabilities or promises made to people that we have no funds in the bank pay for long-term future. So I think you know what we have is a lot of student not to their fault at all graduating high school that don't have a firm concept of economics and financial literacy, and I think that it is overwhelming support in the community. People see this they see the need for this, even though a lot of people that have been taking the training and for these courses in other states like Virginia legislation modeled after even the teachers come away from the training going well.

I wish I would've known this in high school.

How come we we know this already is good across the board, not just for students but for ourselves as well for families because I think the students take this back into their homes as well and can teach the parents. Some of these concepts.

A lot of people say well you know that that's a lot of work to have a four credit class for balancing your checkbook, and that's not about balancing your checkbook, that would be one aspect of it, but it's there's a whole slew of things is about particular Dan Forrest wanted to be certain his state board colleagues learned the facts about the new requirement is a lot of misinformation related to what's actually in the bill itself and how we go about doing that big pieces of controversy is been about adding things onto the teachers plate. I can say that there's probably a bigger proponent than me saying that anything additional onto the teachers workflow for sure. But at the same time we been working our staff and legislative staff been working with DPI and others to work this into the rework social studies standards that was being done. Anyway, we are at that point in time the five-year period where we are really rework social studies working this into that solar intent is to make sure that were not adding anything additional onto the place of of these these teachers and also to note, that is not to social studies is that any teacher can go and get this training over the summer get their $500 stipend for taking this training and then go back and build to financial literacy so work on spreading the love around as well to other teachers, Jamie falcon, Barry in Lieut. Gov.'s office for more information about the standards tied to the new course you have are the economic standards.

There's also financial literacy centers that are similar to what we've Artie been teaching in our schools except a little more detail but we find is when we talk to people with all stakeholders.

They say why don't we plan we just keep this as a have course credit or disperses and was something else is impossible to do when you when you include the economic standards as well and just take some time and make it your finances to read thoroughly to see how much more in depth, they go and went in the knowledge that the students will learn from this and what we've seen in other states that have implemented this there their teachers actually benefit a lot from understanding the curriculum that's involved in interest that positive reaction came from state education board member Olivia Oxendine colleague James Ford had a question about the standards this creating both this and the financial reserves are using what is called the Council of economic for education is a national organization is a lot of accreditation across the nation educating students as well as adults on financial literacy and economics and were using their best practices that other states were using his specific standards to the ones from that were done after the financial crisis in 2009 for financial literacy and economic standards of the release date and were purposely using the specific standards because they've Artie been benchmarked and used the nation. But we also don't want to get the situation where we just say were going to accept the Council of economic standards and who they are, or situation again where an entity owns the standards and we don't want to say were using the most current version because we lose control over the standard at the Council for economic education at any time, changes their standards. We will be using the ones what we've already approved, and that we can move around will prove their own yes Ford had another question about economic standards. The financial literacy piece, having taught civics and economics on a lot of these concepts are things we teach in our course right so was I wondering what was in position of the calculus behind create a separate course of focusing on macroeconomic pieces of schools that are doing this greatness and control for a lot of sections. The teachers that you feel comfortable teaching where they did not have the background to teach it therefore that you glanced over at or they died as deep as they should've in the standards and with the they're going to be going through either over the summer again at $500 stipend or if there's opportunities in the school year for them to receive special, better prepared to deliver in depth all the standards and cover them. Gov. Dan Forrest chimed in with information about course credit related to the credit courses well through important. Make sure all students are taking this and this is some people have several rushing this through and it doesn't startle 20/20 with the freshman class MMXX freshman class so that is the point where that credit for high school mandatory credit for high school coming to Effexor 2023, 24 graduating class than that would fall under that provision.

Board member Amy White likes the new focus on economics and personal financial literacy German teaching career had the blessing to teach economics, legal and political system that I cannot tell you how important this curriculum is far state in my present job I work with at risk adults frequently have more month, then they have money and the missing piece misunderstanding about finance saving investment in a simple budget or else you're in trouble and so now working on the back can teach financial literacy to adults, most Wednesday nights starting in January and an understanding that critical piece if we can help folks understand even as early as high school because I can't show an iPhone but on a noncash society. A society that is dependent on exchange through.

I hate to say Apple pay or whatever, has created a misunderstanding about cost-of-living about the contradiction between needs versus wants. That I can apply and not putting this back into our standards and providing training for all students across the state. Carolina most of us are blessed with good training that we have pets across the state family come from poverty and that the structure is not there and getting back in high school setting to all students is important you been listening to highlights from the state Board of Education's recent discussion of the new law requires future high school students to take a course on economics and personal financial literacy will return with more Carolina journal radio in a moment.

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But here's what's better design donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon smile purchases to the John lot foundation. Be sure to designate as the nonprofit you want to support. It's that easy. So now not only will you enjoy what you buy. You also support freedom. Don't forget lot onto today, something nice and help defend freedom, help support the John lot foundation will connect Carolina journal radio I Michiko got North Carolina lawmakers want to find good teachers for high need public schools there, turning to retired teachers for help. Republican State Sen. Rick Horner explains will acknowledge we have a serious teacher shortage of many of our schools, our teachers retire sometimes as early as young as age 52 and three and find employment in private industry. Banks are poor even private schools but can't come to work for us and support this bill the trust to address it all that problem on how if it's past will have an immediate impact while things we do here takes to three years.

We do a study we don't work, you will see next year how this will impact our schools. Your superintendent be able to replace long term. So with high quality teachers that we produce and hopefully a reward for the will to help with the plan affect retired teachers allow some come back to work that what we found highly schools title I school school escorted to your phone the all grading system that we currently use the prior year salary for that feature will be a video so schedule one salary normal on Sycamore course 30,004 score are special and I believe it is almost to level XXXV,000 also be entitled to the local which could be quite substantial for the proposal gives flexibility to local school superintendents forced to pick who they want to know something truthful but some we really won't back and we won't have those also have flexibility like this plan affect the salary of retired North Carolina teacher.

If you have any smashers or national board certified in Congress regular teacher to teach a course you retire, earning about 56,000 last year. Your retirement benefit will be around 30,005 you come back you get 40 grand for this program so your combined return number will be $70,500 publican representative Jeff Elmore supported Horner's plan. We've looked at that and the need, especially for rule areas in our retention issues and trying to keep people in the classroom we found a lot of the rural areas. It's the overwork base that we need to attract and try to hold onto you been listening to legislative debate about a plan to attract more high quality teachers to high need schools in North Carolina, will return with more Carolina journal radio in a moment where doubling down on freedom at Carolina journal radio were proud to bring you stories that impact your life and your wallet. And now get twice as much freedom when you also listen to our podcast headlock available on iTunes Locke is a little bit different. It's a no holds barred discussion that challenges softheaded ideas from the left and the right, like Carolina journal radio headlock is smart and timely but with headlock you'll hear more about the culture wars get some more humor as well. We guarantee great information and a good time that's listen to Carolina journal radio each week and listen to headlock to remember, you can listen to head or subscriber download each week iTunes Carolina journal radio and headlock just what you need to stay informed and stay entertained both brought to you in the name of freedom by the John Locke foundation. Welcome back Carolina journal radio I Michiko got North Carolina lawmakers want to scrap the certificate of need Torcon that's the state government permission slip a healthcare provider must collect in order to build a new facility at hospital beds or at a major piece of medical equipment lawmakers haven't been able to win support for a full-scale repeal Republican State Sen. Joyce chronic recently touted a bill to chip away at some con regulations.

This deal removes the psychiatric hospitals chemical dependency treatment facilities certain continuing care facilities and those are facilities that already have contracts with. Thanks for their lodging.

This allows those facilities to take care of those patients and those residents in their home. That's the only ones that are affected by this are the continuing care communities. The bill increases monetary thresholds for diagnostic centers for major medical equipment for health facilities. Those adjustments have not been made since 1993. So this is just medical inflation that we are increasing the threshold facilities that have a con already. This will just require that they report the number of procedure rooms. Currently, only the ORs are reporting this just requires a will have a accurate description of how many there actually are.

It allows single orthopedic surgical centers to become multispecialty centers.

As with every other attempt to eliminate con restrictions. This proposal generated pushback in this case, those who control provision of kidney dialysis in North Carolina are fighting the bill. John Bodie lobbies for North Carolina radiologists and for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, which operates 20 dialysis centers. He offered lawmakers a cautionary tale in 2014 the state of Georgia dialysis out of COM and when that happened. Dialysis facilities moved away from their rural areas currently dialysis facilities in Georgia. Number 370 60% of their counties.

They serve 60% of their counties in North Carolina where we have CO we have 230 facilities in North Carolina. We serve 90% of our county's Democratic Sen. Floyd McKissick responded to the lobbyist remarks it does give me great concern. We certainly don't want to forsake those people living in rural areas are already challenged enough with their healthcare problems.

Mother underwent dialysis things she did it at home for a while. She lived in rural areas 60 miles away from the Raleigh-Durham area. Mom passed away back in 05, but I became uniquely aware of the challenges of those who are facing dialysis by understanding what the difference was between the in-home peritoneal treatment and what it is like a sinner and for those who rule areas. The last thing we need them to do this activity, drivers, would have to do our taxis to go 5060 miles to get treatment is crazy.

We had to relocate because of that challenge, but we don't need to do anything to put these people in rule areas were isolated areas at risk. Republican Sen. Joyce Colbeck offered a response. She placed North Carolina and Georgia in a larger context only 12 states in this country have certificate of need laws for kidney dialysis centers so they are making it work. I know that he specifically spoke about Georgia but he didn't speak about all the others there are.

We are one of only 12 that requires that we are the fourth most regulated state on certificate of need federal government abolished it back in the 80s because they realize it didn't do what they had intended for it to do and other states have responded by repealing it or at least repealing portions out North Carolina has done nothing. It is time for us to get in line with the rest of the country to improve access to care.

Republican Sen. Ralph Heise is a longtime advocate of certificate of need reform responded to criticism of the latest proposal, locking the competition and prohibiting other people from getting into the facilities business dialysis and pop up on every corner store market will regulate those but it does mean that those who are in my hospital for an example might not have to be loaded into an ambulance every day off from the hospital and taken to a dialysis center in order to receive a treatment and put back on the ambulance and taken back to the hospital.

Happens every day in the district, and even when a dialysis center is for 500 yards away from the hospital because facility could know for while it has greater medical expertise in the center. Some soil. I think this whole it's this is a very vanilla version of COM so that this is the most noncontroversial, but I understand anytime you got a market that is protected by state law, you're going to fight to keep that market protected but I think most of us believers in every other market competition is what meets the needs of individuals, allowing individuals to expand service means that were not settling for 90%.

What the kidney dialysis lobbyist panned the proposal.

Others supported the measure. Connie Wilson spoke in favor of certificate of the reform. It's extremely important to the delivery of healthcare North Carolina center chronic is mentioned in the fourth most nights restricted state and country. We have 25 services that are regulated by ceiling and this is starting the process of saying hey we need to look at the cost of healthcare access to healthcare is between health insurance companies and providers. But this gets down to the basics, which is where people can get services quality services cost just one clarified. It has nothing to do with quality of care. The ability to compete in the cadence has been a study that shows that were ceiling quality of care.

In some instances and costs higher so this is something for you guys to try to and paraben represents leading age North Carolina continuing care retirement communities. She also supports reform were not only regulated by the Department of Insurance, but also by the Department of Health Services regulation of DHHS over were highly regulated and we are an insurance product and we have senior citizens that sign contracts with us, and we are then bound to take care of them from independent living through skilled nursing as needed.

We even have memory care facilities on a lot of our communities, but this bill would allow us to do is to provide home health care services for our members under contract living in the community, not outside the community living with lodging on the community and the state medical facilities planned in their projections for 2020. They estimated at 220,000 Carolinians would take would need the service in 2020, and what were talking about in our communities amount to 2/10 of 1% of that group, so ours is a very very small piece is all part of our mission to provide continuing care for our members living on campus, and we urge her support. Certificate of need reform require support from the state Senate and House to become law. North Carolina drought radio really influence you either have it or you don't and at the John Mott foundation we have it, you'll find our guiding principles in many of the freedom forward reforms of the past decade here in North Carolina. So while others talk or complain or name call. We provide research solutions and hope our team analyzes the pressing issues of the day jobs, healthcare, education, and more. We look for effective ways to give you more freedom, more options, more control over your life.

Our goal is to transform North Carolina into a growing, thriving economic powerhouse envy of every other state research is how policymakers make decisions that ensure you keep more of what you are. Expand your choice of schools for your kids. Widen your job opportunities improve your access to doctors. The recipe for stability and a bright future for truth for freedom for the future of North Carolina. We are the John Locke foundation. Welcome back to Carolina Journal radio I'm Dina Martina's most school-age kids in North Carolina attend a traditional public school, but at the same time more and more parents are now choosing other environments for their kids to learn in things like public charter schools virtual school private school and increasingly homeschool as well.

Dr. Terry stoops is following the trends and has new data to share with us. He is vice president for research. Also, the director of education studies for the John Locke foundation Terry welcome back to the show.

Thank you. The new data that you posted in the locker room blog which folks can find out by going to John really really surprised me because we are seeing a boom in homeschooling in our state.

Tell us about that. Well according to the figures released by the North Carolina division of nonpublic education homeschool enrollment reached around the hundred and 42,000 students during the 2018 2019 school year. This is up around 33% over the last five years and of courses continues to increase by between three and 5% every year, depending on what your year-to-year change look at so you know predictions that homeschooling and homeschool rate seven enrollment would decrease of really been overstated and I think a lot of people thought that at this point that we would see something of a downturn in the number of homeschoolers or Lisa decrease in the pace of the number of people that are homeschooling, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

It's a huge responsibility of course were apparent to take on the education of the child have any sense of what the trends are behind the growth well II think that the Internet has the big part to play here getting curriculum materials is easier than ever. And there are more opportunities to get curriculum materials from companies that are catering to homeschool families so you can really choose down to the finest detail how you teach your kids see don't actually have to be a content expert to do this you have up to date materials that can help you do this, that's exactly Wright's anomaly that you have so many root opportunities to look at videos on the Internet. There is virtual schooling that some homeschool families take advantage of. So there. There are so many resources out there. It really takes the difficulty in the worries. A lot of parents have about homeschooling the way and and that's particularly true when you're talking about homeschooling high school kids when you start getting into advanced math and science. There's a lot of homeschool families that worry that those might be a little difficult to teach, but the Internet makes it much much easier to do. Are we seeing any demographic trends in kids who are homeschooled or any regional trends. Is it a rural trend. It is that is a growing in the urban areas all 100 counties in North Carolina have homeschool students and it's growing pretty much in every area of the state so rural communities are seeing some substantial growth in homeschooling. So were were sitting pretty good growth throughout North Carolina. You know there was a time where it was really centered around North Carolina's urban and suburban core doors, but now it's the case that some of our urban communities are certainly getting into homeschooling at rates much greater than they have in the past so we could see growth in counties that certainly didn't have homeschooling if you look at the range of of enrollments across the state for home schools. They range from around 42 kids and Terrell County to 13,000 in wake County. So that's the kind of range in homeschooling populations we have in North Carolina and wake County. By the way has the largest population of homeschool students in the state. In fact, this pool of homeschooled kids is so large that it even rival. Several of the biggest districts in the state you absolutely, the homeschool population would be the third largest school district in the state and it's getting really close to Charlotte Max Berg schools. I think probably in a year or two will be the second largest corn quit school district in the state. If we were to consider it a school district on its own.

It will take a while to catch up to wake County, but I think fits in time it will certainly certainly be there, and it's also worth mentioning that homeschooling is also the second most popular way of educating kids in North Carolina, second only to school districts so when you look at all the choices that the parents have homeschooling outpaces charter schools and private school enrollment and is now the second largest group of education are educators in North Carolina. So while the homeschooling population is surging. Just year after year after year.

Interesting trend. Also, when it comes to North Carolina's private schools a little bit of growth but huge huge growth than there were wild predictions that the implementation of North Carolina's voucher and education savings accounts program would lead to incredible increases in the number of students going to private schools, but that's just not the case.

Less than 1% growth in year-to-year enrollment in private schools were looking at around 800 students more 800 additional students attending private schools in the 2018 2019 school year compared to the year before. That's not huge growth at all and it was only a few years ago that we had a recession that really took a bite out of private school enrollments. They started to recover, but really, there has been no huge flood of home of of private school students attending private schools that we did make any substantial increases in the total population of private school students North Carolina Terry what about to public charter schools. We know that 10 among the education bureaucracy there tends to be some vocal opposition to charter schools even though they are public schools, but they seem to have forgotten hackles up of some of those folks who are operating in the traditional public school system are charters continuing to grow as well. They are infected. The third largest group of of educators and in North Carolina with the roughly about hundred and 5000 students attending public charter schools send an hundred and 2000.

By the way, attending a private schools in North Carolina. Yeah, it is absolutely been the subject of a lot of consternation among those that are in public schools, mostly because they don't want to see the money follow the kid when you have private school students and homeschool students.

The tax dollars still flow to the districts, but they're not responsible for educating that kid. But once that money starts flowing to charter schools. That's when they really start to rise up an object to the growth of charter schools in North Carolina which are growing substantially and continue to grow. Right now we have about hundred and 84 charter schools in North Carolina. We might exceed 200 come the fall which would be a remarkable change.

Considering that we were To the hundred schools just a few years ago and Terry we should let our listeners know that. In fact, damn. You are one of the founders of a new public charter school located in wake County it's going to be opening up a lot of people will mistakenly believe Terry about public charter schools that somehow you're able to pick and choose the best and the brightest are the cream of the crop as some people say as the student population for charter school that's really not the case absolutely knocks. We have a waiting list for charter school and we have to randomly choose who gets the seats when they open up and so there's no opportunity for us to look at the students look at their demographics and say we want the student not that student we have to randomly choose the students look at the open seats at our school and it's like that it every charter school secretary Steve Sam writes every day about the issue of education in North Carolina. Terry, thank you very much that's all the time we have for the show this week.

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