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Climbing to the Summit

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 10, 2022 7:00 pm

Climbing to the Summit

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 10, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu talks with Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, at Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference, about his book, "Unquestioned Answers," and they take a little trip to the Rockies! 

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Currently I gently Dick near Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just few seconds enjoying it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network last time I interviewed her talk to this man. We were having breakfast in an amazing restaurant overlooking the Garden of the gods in callColorado now in Winston-Salem is Dr. Jeff Meyer, Summit ministries.

God bless you man.

Thank you.

Well, it's great to see this. It was a lot of fun to build come to Winston-Salem's great community and at this particular event we got home schooling conference going on and there are thousands and thousands of people here who are thinking about homeschooling their children trying to figure out how they could do it if they can do it and what tools they would use so Summit ministries is really privileged to be able to be here and be a part of the program will be your kid had now to some experience you had a good marriage or high school, college age kids and what blew me away was when you took me to the facilities I saw everything as my daughter had just been there and loved it, but our hope as he loved it met met lifelong friends there, but the statistic you shared that that that the statistic the number of kids that hang on their face and thrive in which his name is social, the way thrive that thrive with Christ in college. Amid all the attacks just by going to Summit and beefing up on Christian worldview and in and in the amazing content in life on life stuff you do there goes way up like is a big number with the other question that well anybody who has children or works with children, knows how difficult the last couple of years of been of covert lockdowns that the, the effect on kids has been immense 75% of young adults are saying they do not have a sense of purpose to give the meaning of life. More than half are saying they regularly struggle with anxiety and depression and then in the church we think will you note Jesus is the answer to this a biblical worldview is the answer, but only 4% of young adults who regularly attend church have a biblical worldview there. There they make friends which is great but they don't understand how God could change their lives. So Summit ministries students common for two weeks they get to ask ask all of their hard questions. They meet top Christian thought leaders and authors who will answer their questions and give them great information and by the end of the two weeks to they move from 4% of them having a biblical worldview to 86% having a biblical worldview. It is transformational.

Be there for two weeks so and and we also have a one-week virtual program for students who aren't able to come in person.

For one, one reason or another. In both those programs have such a profound influence, helping young adults embrace God's truth and champion. A biblical worldview. While it's a blessing I'm looking up here in this room is quiet now but were at this huge homeschool conference there's kids people so it only family Road drove from West Virginia to be in Winston-Salem for this to hear you but this room is just packed just a few minutes ago with all kinds of families, moms, dads, grandma kids youngsters that are trying to learn a look at the big board up there. It says fast track to a world of ideas finding life purpose answering kids top five questions about God. Truth changes everything standing in the land of Giants, Marxism, socialism, social justice, having all these ideas are infiltrating our kids and I would seek kids a grubby Christian homes.

Dr. Jeff Marshall Summit ministries.

I see them, commenting, supporting evil causes pro death causes like what ways I get timeout really you know you can like lively things. Common sense would they really we got it we could. We had a law reference is why you're here.

Well, I think when I was coming up, I always sort of thought if I could just get my kids to church. Then they'll turn out all right and and they will you know they can turn out to be moral people, but they can turn out to be people who have a completely wrong worldview so they have no sense of direction in life and they certainly can help lead the nation toward anything good.

If they don't even believe there is such a thing as truth, that sort of the battle that were facing right now and it's it's fun to be at an event like this. All the events were doing whether it's homeschooling Christian school public school. These events are packed out right now because people are struggling to find answers to big questions and they they want to know is there such a thing as truth. And if it's if it is, if the risk is something I can stand for you, David Noble, the founder of our program Summit ministries said truth is the most important thing to stand for a love that Summit ministries and this last one how to speak the truth and be nice at the same time.

So often we we get accused of being these angry religious bigots that were out there get mad, but you do what I love about Summit is you have these great fingers these guys with like multiple degrees behind her name that come in and and equip these kids to speak the truth in love. How important is that how we play offense a little bit here in a loving way engaging the world with the good news of Christ.

Well if you think that you should be looking for that might drop moment every time you engage with someone and I can't. I can't say something really great looks. I can set the way Ben Shapiro would say it right then you then you you'll always draw back because you you realize just not that clever. I'm just not so good with words.

But everybody can ask questions to anybody can ask hey, how did you arrive at that conclusion. Why would you think that is true. Simple questions that you can use depressed into situations rather than back away from them and that's the starting point, not only for connecting with other people but for inspiring yourself to develop a love for truth and you written a book to really get into this talk about your new book.

We just got a young lady came up and asked you to happen. I said hey I get out a way let you autograph the book. She says got to hear you speak of is you got you signed book talk about the new book and however one can get a copy that to how the book stooped is called unquestioned answers at which is sort of a play on words. Most people think about having unanswered questions, but a lot of people of unquestioned answers things that they think they know, but that they don't really know because they haven't fully looked into it so I take on 10 Christian clichs and show how to discover the amazing biblical truth in the midst of sort of a bumper sticker world often attackers are quick to get that book unquestioned answers I guess is at the website by the name or can I go to the summit website to go to pick up all those resources or wherever books are sold. Now having fun here in the final second year of our time to Dr. Jeff Myers on Stu Epperson truth This guy after speaking with you some lunch. You get up you got a bunch of workshops at a time like this. This might be the quietness is good to be free this whole weekend. Thank you for coming in and pouring in these old-school families and a but let me ask you, Dr. Myers Justice go West go to the Rockies.

Let's go to Colorado take us to take us to Pike's Peak take us to the summit campus.

Create a list on a little tour where you're going to create. Right now the next 30, 60, 90 seconds in the in the parents and the kids listing the true talk right now what would be like to spend those two weeks that they'll never forget. In the Rockies of Colorado with you and your awesome team well you note this is happening tomorrow so that there be a group of hundred and 80 students will be getting on airplanes flying to Colorado Springs.

They're getting on a bus there writing into a little hippie town called Manatee Springs which is right at the foot of Pike's Peak very friendly little place and they will go up one of the side streets to the Grandview Hotel and antique hotel that is been there since the 1880s and is the headquarters for some ministries they will make friends from all over the country. They will come in with the big list of questions of things they want to find answers to. How do we know there is a God. How do we know that there's creation instead of evolution. How do we. Why would God allow hell, all of those sorts of questions, then in small groups and one-on-one with mentors. Again we have one staff person for every four students who were there, so it's very personal. You very love nobody drops through the cracks and then students hear lectures 56 hours of instruction over the course of two weeks where they get answers to all kinds of things from pro-life to what you know.

Why does God talk about man woman marriage to how do we even know that that and there is such a thing as intelligent design. What about Marxism. What about New Age what all of those sorts of things and we have the top speakers in America come into address those things were fascinating in their presentations to students get to hear the lecture talk about it with their friends be in small groups find somebody who can help them answer questions like how I discover my life purpose. In the course of two weeks.

They see the trajectory of their lives changed forever.

So that's the sisters called summit writer called Summit ministries and just the website is so get your kid. You can get your get there then be a Summit ministries and another young person's life. We have a treat or intern program will try to get them to read your books and your what you are doing. They can't maybe get to Colorado Springs, but just a blessing. And what your final challenge to the next generation in the parents about really playing offense in reaching people with the good news of Christ. We still have time. It's only gonna get worse.we got school shootings of little kids going on, we got a war way over there in Eastern Europe. We got just evil it atrocious things happening more abortion than ever before.

What your challenger went out there on equipment is next-generation use of and about well, we live in incredibly evil times but still you as you know, that's not new. The apostle Paul said, be prepared for every opportunity. Knowing that the days are evil to what kind of attitude. Should we have will the apostle Paul told Timothy don't let anyone look down on you because you are young.

Instead, set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, faith, love, impurity, if we had a generation that could rise up with that kind of confidence. Not thinking that they are qualified. Realizing that they can know the truth, they can understand the times they can they can help set people free from spiritual captivity.

We could experience the greatest revival imaginable. Learn is at the right website and then learn about the book on question answers just so good and meet Dr. Myers's amazing team. His family what God's doing. Thank you for your ministry brother God bless you and your ilk in thank you for hanging out with us here on truth. Talk to this is the Truth Network

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