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Producers' Pick | Dave Portnoy previews the Big Game from Barstool Sports

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 12, 2023 12:00 am

Producers' Pick | Dave Portnoy previews the Big Game from Barstool Sports

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 12, 2023 12:00 am

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Welcome to Barstool Sports, Scottsdale version. The place is mobbed. Almost everybody's young. We're actually looking for one guy in particular.

I'm looking for Dave Portnoy. Nice to see you. Great to see you. Last time I saw you, it was very cold, but those streets were very empty, and we were talking about a pandemic. Yes. Things have changed.

Yeah, I mean, it's for the best, right? It's warm out, Super Bowl week, our bar is packed. I feel like it's a great time to be alive right now. I feel like you could be around players, you can be with the fans. I feel like you're the fan. Yeah, we're normal people, but we have players too. If they want to let their hair down and like go on, you know, we just have fun with them. So we'll do both, but we're definitely still a common man vibe.

Understand. So what am I seeing here? For people at home watching, what are they missing? So right now we got, I was just doing it, we got a live broadcast in the corner with Big Cat and KFC, two of our guys. This is our own bar, Bar Still Scott Still. So I think we have now Bar in Chicago here, Philadelphia is our third, we're opening them up everywhere. So this is a great spot to be all Super Bowl week.

Is this as big as he gets? It's the fourth one in Arizona. People are saying the numbers are bigger and the major difference, gambling. Gambling is not something you whisper about, everyone's talking about. Yeah, so I can take out my phone right now and put any amount of money I want in the game. I could put, I probably will end up doing like a hundred grand on the Chiefs. We'll see how that goes, but everyone's their own. You know, you don't have to go to Vegas. It's right there on your phone.

You can do it. So it's beautiful. It makes money for the state and hopefully makes money for the players. So Dave, let's take a walk and let's see this area. It's very important people behind the velvet ropes and some that have gotten passed already. There's nobody important here. Who told you somebody was important?

There's nobody, there's nobody. Does he look important? He looks like a slob. There's nobody important. We are the place to be if you're a slob. Right.

And how would you describe a slob? I mean, you look around, they're in sweatshirts, they're dressed comfortably. They're out here probably drinking high nunes, just trying to have fun in Super Bowl week. There's tons of like really expensive parties and like big end talent. We're a place you don't need that.

The only thing you gotta do is maybe wait in line. Right. Is it fun? Or are you Dave, the man in charge? Or is this fun? No, I have fun. I have other people. I mean, look at this.

We've got two security guards behind us. No, it's all fun. I love Super Bowl week. And it's my favorite part. See that guy yelling, where's Goodell? Now there's a guy that's not fun, a criminal and a crook. And we know that.

I appreciate it. Yeah. That's commissioner Goodell, one of the worst guys that ever lived. Right.

But he does not like you and you don't like him. I'm banned from all NFL events. They dragged me out of the last Super Bowl Patriots, Rams and handcuffs. They've thrown me in jail for protesting the flake gate and he's lied under oath. He's lied in Congress saying he's never heard of Arsenal sports, which is a flat out lie.

And if somebody would actually go down the road of prosecuting him, he'd be where he belongs in prison. But could you say he's actually doing a good job because the league is flourishing? Listen, the league needs somebody, the owners that like a dead dog that you can kick. He, the NFL is a monster.

It's a beast. It's too big to fail. They just need somebody to take all the heat. He is the most overpaid guy with the least talent in anybody in the world. It's what $40 million a year. Right.

So what has he done right? Well, I will say this. I've been described the same way and I have the same salary. Good for you. If you got that salary, you shouldn't be here.

You should be, I don't know, buying bottles somewhere. I know 40 mill a year. So, so Dave, Tom Brady, you know, this is retiring. What has it done for you and your family? How do you guys have you guys dealing with this? Honestly, no joke. Barstool may not be where it is without Brady. We started in Boston, his rise coincided. We became the face of the Patriots fan. You know, I wish him nothing but the best. He's given me so many memories, so much, all of new England really. And, uh, we were lucky to have him as one of ours. He brings all new England together.

So I wish him nothing but the best. I'm going to put you in an awkward spot now. Who is more handsome? Is Dave Portnoy or Tom Brady?

You want to think about it? No, that's Brady. Listen, I'm a humble guy. Brady's got me. He's got the model looks. That's NEC. He's got it better on.

Well, I didn't say that. I have a bad shoulder. If I didn't have a bum shoulder, who knows? I may have been in big leagues. Are you a lefty?

I am a lefty. Did not know that. A bad shoulder needed. Everyone knows that story. Kept me out of the big leagues. That's it. That's it. That's a bad shoulder.

No excuse nation, but yes. So Tom Brady retires the next day. He's doing a podcast and Bill Belichick calls in.

Yup. And it dispels a lot of the theories that they didn't get along. Tell me what that did to have coach Belichick say, uh, Tom, you wanted me to treat you like every other player.

What do you think? It was a love fest and I'm hoping it leads to, I know the owner, Bob Kraft, that said they want Brady retire as a Patriot. I hope that happens, but they're the two best to do it.

Like Brady's the best quarterback of all time and Belichick's the best coach of all time. So it was good to see it. It felt like a reconciliation of sorts. So I was happy to see it. He almost cried.

Brady almost cried. Right? Yeah. But he feels like a part of your family. Not only this is that, that's who he is.

Yeah. Well, and we spent so much time, so many years watching him. And like, there's so many memories for new England, Boston people, myself that are directly tied to his games, his success. And it goes bigger than football.

That's the thing about football in America. It's family, it's friends. It's where you were. I remember where I was talk rule.

I remember where I was, you know, in certain moments, games, the 28 three in jail sometimes, but it is, it's a part as 20 years of my life really with Braden. Very interesting. And by the way, do you think this is about Barstool? That siren probably probably could tell caught wind that we're here and he brings out the goons.

It's unbelievable. They follow me around. That's definitely Goodell.

He's got eyes on me at all times. So in the big picture, some of the things about you is that you do go beyond sports. Barstool is an industry. And I believe, do you ever think about how far you've come? How, like when it started handing out newspapers, would you, would you image you had a career going? Yeah, I really don't. It's, it's, we're still in it. There's surreal moments like being a Superbowl. We'll get invited to like, you know, the parties and things that I couldn't have dreamed. Like we couldn't, I could've given them all my money.

We couldn't get in. So there are surreal moments like that, but we just enjoy the ride. And the thing about Barstool is 20 years. So it's been so gradual, you know, it was never like we woke up and something happened. So it's been a very slow grind and obviously things like this, having our own bar, which we never thought we'd have and it's full of people and everyone coming out. Yeah, sure. Sometimes you pinch yourself, but overall just still normal dudes. You know, the thing is we're getting older, but your crowd isn't, there's still young guys in there. What's the attraction?

Yeah, I don't know. I don't even like to think about the, we're getting the older part. So it's, but we have old guys, young guys, everything in Barstool is so far beyond just me, but we have young people working. We have new stars coming out.

So we really span generations at this point. So let's talk a little bit about two things we mentioned before about gambling, but it's really everywhere now. Lost the excitement, lost the energy, lost the energy.

We're now lost because games going to be in Las Vegas. What do you think that does for the game? I know you were gambling anyway, but what do you think it does for the game? Some people get worried about it.

Yeah. I mean, those people are naive in my mind because people are gambling with it, being legalized without it being legalized is better with safety. Like we have such stringent member rules at Penn with like, you know, responsible gambling and things like that. You might as well tax it. You might as well make money on it, but you do have to be careful that you don't have anybody doing too much of the extreme stuff, but it's happening anyways.

So why not regulate it, make money for it, make sure it's safe as possible. All right. Do we have, we have a beginning of a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady rivalry. When you look at how young and agile Hertz is, and you look at how young and how dynamic Patrick Mahomes is, is this the beginning?

I don't think so. I mean, obviously Mahomes has been around for a little bit, but you've got so many quarterbacks young. I mean, I think more Josh burrow, uh, Joe burrow, excuse me. And then he got Josh Allen. The FC is loaded. You got Matt Jones is an absolute monster.

Um, I think people are sleeping on him. So there's a lot of rivalries, butting. I don't see it as Hertz yet. Maybe down the road. Right. And the game will play out.

How I think the chiefs find a way to win a very close game. Right. Yeah. Do you realize we've done two long interviews and we're always walking?

I don't mind the walk and talk because it's good at it. Yeah. I'm a pro at it.

I'm like, we did the little loop de Lou there and we didn't acknowledge it. We just did it. Just give up to total professionals. We are natural when it comes to work.

Oh, big time pros. Now scenario few days go by. I'm at a barstool sports. You're on the inside. I don't have the camera.

Am I paying the cover or am I waiting? Oh, if you can get in touch with me, we're going to sneak you in the back door. Have these people probably snuck in anyways. You never know. Right.

Because of those, the type of people you attract. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We're the outside the velvet rope crowd. So yeah, big time.

All right. And for people who've got to miss are not part of this. They're saying it's back. This whole thing is back. The super bowl is back.

America's back. You feel that way? Yeah, I really do. Um, at least with being able to go out, do your own thing. I mean, we're in a horrible place when we first met with the COVID, but yeah, this is great city. The warm weather super bowl.

It does feel like we're getting, we're totally back to normal now. Are you getting the hell out of New York? Oh yeah. I've been, well, I go there in the summer still in the Hamptons, but New York city long gone.

Yes. I'm Boston guy. I'd like to get back to Boston. What about Florida? They don't take as much as your money. Trust me.

I just first year, full residency last year in Miami this year as well. So I do half and half. Yeah.

I'm not giving the government the extra money down the road. Do you ever see yourself in another NFL game and NFL game? Of course. Of course. If once the Patriots are back in the mix, I'll be there. You're allowed.

Cause I wasn't allowed last time I was there. Right. Yeah.

There's always the U S F M stick with the Patriots. All right. Yeah.

Thanks Dave. Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Yeah. Thanks for waiting. Appreciate it.

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