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Producers’ Pick | Ainsley Earhardt

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 1, 2022 9:00 am

Producers’ Pick | Ainsley Earhardt

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 1, 2022 9:00 am

Fox and Friends' Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt has a new book out "I’m So Glad You Were Born: Celebrating Who You Are".  Check out Ainsley Earhardt on ONE NATION tonight at 8PM EST on FOX News Channel

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Ainsley Ehrhardt is fulfilled her obligation to come and be on the shelf for at least 1/2 hour flight was on her schedule.

She suddenly realized she was here she could back out of it as a star.

Is this true Ainsley this trailer I actually tried to leave security pulled me back into the office into the building and that Brian shall not be the same unless you go on you or you have a commitment. Okay, really would've this happen and who was the security and on the third side entrance of 48 and I didn't want to give you their name. Let's find me here. Thank you so much for inviting me. It's it's true what see how it goes and see about have you back of the name of your book is I'm so glad you were born a children's book celebrating who you are as a great message is the same Ainsley using one from Barton prendre guesser and was on the five website yes okay fine someone affected by the economy because you live in America you choose to live in America right right yeah when I was covering the Queen are ever talking to someone who was in. I was in the UK and they watch Fox and they are like we went what would we do without Fox and I said are you thinking about moving out of America to like were worried about our democracy. So I lied to you if you do, we now know Fox and I said no I'm not America.

I love our country. We do worry about the state of our democracy and in one of the recent polls that was number two molester member that Brian I Amber one was inflation number two was the current state of our democracy right absolutely so the Prez United States. The thing that so audit think about what he does is not admit things that we know were true so the thing about the economy he same gas prices are going down. Dave got up for seven straight days. He says there under 3 Dollars We Can Find Pl. under three dollars. I think today was Hansen says on the West Coast you back to up to seven dollars you get I guess gives diesel fuel. May we drive the truck so here's what he said Job 1: your fire are the average price of $3.75 a month ago was the 386 and then we can go is 367 so when the price goes up. How soon to hear about the prudent price hike. Your right right right you claim prudent.

I'm seeing her thinking is on listening to that soundbite thinking about crime how crime is gotten worse since he's taken taken office.

I look at the border. The border we were reporting on the numbers of people on the on the terrorist watchlist are getting through close to 80 people this year where when Donald Trump was in office. One of the years it was the route 1 of the years it was like wine you that this is the any ones that we now live.

Think about inflation were about to celebrate Thanksgiving turkey, maybe a dollar dollar 15 a pound back in the day when Donald Trump was in office now. Turkey's gonna cost you five dollars a pound.

So if you're feeding a huge family on Thanksgiving. It can cost you more than $100 just to buy your turkey parents can afford that families can afford that. Especially when you're also paying higher heating bills and electricity's going up were all making choices even if you even if you have a lot of money in the bank and you've been a good saver in Europe most of the baby boomers resistor yesterday on how baby boomers are are saving a lot of money and at least one child is being paid for by the parents with that unit with these younger yards are being spread by the parents. But even if you have you. You're one of these parents you still making choices. You can't just spend and spend and spend look at the interest rates.

Why would you sell your house right if you bought a house years ago. 2.6% I think that was one of the lows under Donald Trump. Why would you sell it and buy another house for more than 6%.

You wouldn't so the housing market is gonna be at refiners when it absolutely, these are all the things the Afghanistan withdrawal. Don't forget that when you go to the polls and about 50 days or 45 days.

Do not forget that the Afghanistan withdrawal and all of the innocent people that were left over there during their times today political choose me about the polls they really feel as though they gotta get this one right because opposer only 2016, there were only 2020 many cases and now today between the Siena poll between the Monmouth pole between the morning console pole and now 538. The role looking at their sites and try to figure out if they can get it right. The problem is, how do you get in touch with people and the other thing is the whole Trump supporter think they will not tell anyone who they're supporting.

So Republicans very rare window admitted is, let alone your Trump fed another person comes up and says ultra bag extremist and they'll say I'm definitely not answering honestly, it makes you wonder why do people go out of their way to say this, red waves been stopped. I don't understand why it's been stopped, possibly because of abortion, but that was more June July than it is in August September don't think I think a lot of people don't want to talk about who they're voting for.

And we saw that with Pres. Trenton because if you think a lot of people feel like if you are in favor of Donald Trump or even justice policies than your many people are scared to. To say that other people they're scared of retaliation or retribution retribution at work or what whatever it is in our neighborhood are in the classrooms and when Rachel compassed Effie go out to the Bronx to that tent city and she interviewed all these people and she said half people she interviewed didn't want to be on TV because they said if I am and I'm against these illegal immigrants coming in our community than there and everyone can become racist. Why we do have a he actually give this some great innovation will be to build tension the Bronx. Good luck with that is your right at 1 o'clock something at war. You gotta worry build a tent honey, I got caught then you get up in the morning. Okay, I get out of bed.

Sure, there were my gotta go where you got where he could to hold. I know you said where to go to the bathroom when they put their belongings what they do all day.

They don't have jobs where I hear that what I supposed to do all day. I have no idea.

Maybe read your book glioma zero Spanish adapt that I'm sure there is sure there is a knock off China will probably knock it off in Spanish and you will end up to spend your whole entire day in litigation. You think that'll happen. How do you say I'm so glad you were born in Spanish slowly because I don't understand it because as you know I took German celebrating who your sewing so you tell me about this with Joe. First you bring other children's books before we made you think this is the right time for this well so my mom had a stroke about years ago and my first two children's books were about my dad and his sayings so I really cannot as you get older you feel really guilty about the things that you've done as a teenager or my dad. We were scared of him.

So we didn't argue at my dad with my mom. She was a car go to. She was the one that just took it all.

She was so nice and on here. We would just I don't know. We just gave her a hard time. I didn't understand why she was late picking me up.

Sometimes I give her a hard time when I had a project that was due next week. I want her to take me to Walmart.

The day I got the project and finish the project at night and she would just getting home from work. Teaching 20 some odd kids raising three kids food on the table and my dad got home. We all ate dinner as a family and I like begging her to take me to Walmart matter she doesn't. So, I mean she was exhausted and I don't how she did it and now that I'm a mom and I'm working. I'm a single mom, I realize, like how did she do that sending out order Uber eats at night because most of the time. Sometimes I can't but I can't do it every night and just can't. I don't how she did it said this was just something that my mom I said to us growing up. I'm so glad you were born and I just wanted to say thank you to my mom after her stroke are our time with her so precious she doesn't really have a voice you can't really talk and she's a schoolteacher and her favorite thing to do was talk me if you were on the phone with O'Brien and you asked her about her parents and her childhood. Oh my gosh you need.

We get a hold yeah get the whole thing and be hours later she was a talker and now God is taken away her voice and she's just struggled so much with dialysis and kidney disease, and diet, diabetes, and now the stroke I wanted my mom's voice heard and I wanted it to be heard around the world because she loves children so much and she taught and beautiful school and a boy child development center and we scatter all the time. I would play in her with all of her toys and everything that she had at school. She just change so many people's lives. And that's what this book is about celebrate your children they will change lives. We would have a party for them every single day and let them know we are glad they were born and if you look at the illustrations. Children of all races, children of all sizes. Some have different debilitation's and these are this is what happens. Can a look like all of God's children. They are all made by him, and so it celebrating all the children around us all the people that are contributing to this world and letting the kids just reminding the kids that were glad they were born and I hope they are glad that they were born of these two things is no doubt about it, you between the Bible study this your deftly get into heaven you think. I think anyone can get into heaven if he according the Bible, anyone will get into heaven if you believe in your heart and your mind and your soul that Jesus Christ is the son of God, right, and if you declare that you know we all make mistakes were all anybody can go to church I'll go because I go because I want to be a better person and I need to ask your forgiveness because you know I have attendance at a like we do, were all sinners and so I know you're going to heaven. If you believe Jesus Christ son of God, and you try to live that out when you could just correct you one thing you should rule.

Sinners usually produce a present company excluded. Is it possible the only person who was on this earth without son was Jesus Brian and no no just Jesus. I was to buy in convincing Chris and Donald Trump say master forgot is because there's nothing I've done last forget that your risk of usually religious idea risk of helping us know I got you it was in the name of the book is so glad you were born I have contracted Ainsley for two segments and in the in the interim, political, convince her that I'm playing the perfect game and I deserve to be in the same conversation as Jesus back in a moment. After changing the enlightening you're with Brian kill me. This is one busy semester and you're crushing it on campus. Sometimes a little boost to feel your best and always got you covered from brain support and focus helpers to deliciously come and find all but feel that information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show so so Ainsley over to your books out today Tuesday I'm so glad you were born. Illustrations of brilliant talks about the birth of your daughter and I would really relate to everybody else around the country. Ainsley, we're so I you go to the same place I want to want to be dropped off. They want a beautiful theater.

Sadly, Celeste one Bob Saget performed dad.

So with people in the area and I don't think it's gonna get hit by the hurricane. It looks like that's more the Tampa area just below the writing to those on with the W so spell WK B this morning but having said that would days ago to be where we would refund us as we got it Ainsley E since most people don't how to spell Ehrhardt. We did Ainsley and you can find out where were going to be and you can see if they're still space. I don't go to be in Charleston South Carolina on Friday and Sunday Pontevedra there still some tickets the last my check for Pontevedra if you want to go Sean Hannity's can be on stage with me.

He's can interview me and you get assigned autographed copy of the book and shown just going to do, he would have to go to a show hill, and that this is Sunday and have a shot yet so he'll interview me. He'll talk to the audience will bow to questions we did it last weekend, and in salt lake city and it was so much fun we just had a really cumbersome and really easy night low-key conversation with the crowd, which is always fun because you get to meet the people who not only watch us every day but the Corolla family who really had like a family conversation about politics. Susie just these two weeks of the Gobi, other events, we haven't gotten that far. Going forward, we just wanted to get things on the air and we been so busy because among all the Fox shows and talking about this book and then doing the two weekends and then from there will come see where we are and regroup and what else he could be doing on Fox. I will do okay said your today Sean Hannity show tonight. Tomorrow I'm doing outnumbered and Jesse water show at 430 Thursday Stuart Farney show and I will be in the studio with you working on the Saturday show donation that will do one nation on Saturday. Friday I leave for Charleston right after the show and get to meet the audience down there and those are my people. You, my sister was in Charleston I grew up in South Carolina so that'll be fun and then flying down to Florida after your show and then I will be in Pontevedra on Sunday that you would busy schedule. It's a business.

Could you ever do that every day could you imagine being a reporter flying around the country going from legalist to do it that way. Remember when I first started and that in the profession first started it Fox that was my life and I just did overnights work for Sean Hannity show flying all over the country for him as a correspondent and that fill-in on the weekends on Fox and friends right to Wisconsin like that. But I loved it. Now, a single didn't have kids.

I was just living a life that is your mind that I was pushing back against you.

Does try to keep you off. Did you ever find out about that. You never did that. You've always been so nice to me and so welcoming to you face to make you believe that is why you need Jesus as the God of forgiveness you decide to amend that or nose jobs were not amending that I'm not sorry I is not blasphemy.

If you try to change the Bible else could you look that up. Could you go that we get to that would be that would be out there. Pray for Brian kill him absolutely.

So we have all the events we have this coming up. Yeah when you have you notice when it comes to kids you get a whole new friend group yeah so you get so many other people because your kids are the same age, go to the same school that you told to her. Put Hayden into soccer so I can meet all this won't have such a reason why you said you said how I get to do what I said you to be moms good help you commute out to be moms with her. I just got Hayden right is not meaning put it like that, you know it's funny actually love-hate in school as much as she does, if not more. All the moms get together all the time. Tonight's curriculum night at school, some going there in between this show. I have another should have some podcast this afternoon and then I'll go to curriculum night. What is that it's like where you learn the curriculum of the school. Good yeah I know it's valuable only at eight. They're very honest with us, but they tell you, then that would improve what is our dragons to a Christian school right if you went to his is going to the public school option so people listen on the country. Some of the public schools in New York, a pretty rough summer great, but not in my area. I mean, there are certain one since PS likes there's one down in battery Park that supposed to be really good. There's one on the west side it's best to be good. PS six on the east side is best to be good but I don't.

I'm not zoned for those and so I don't really have a choice to me if the one to straighten out our school system is real clear.

Let's say it school choice, absolutely. So we all of a sudden it PS six or whatever it is, is to use doing things that are not okay with the parents and the air you take that money leave it they can afford to lose a lot of students because they lose the financing the payment increases on their teachers and superintendents so they will be more apt to listen. If we are moving in the right direction.

Arizona did yeah and you know the parents are moving all around the country are different areas of government.

We moved into Columbia's after we found the best school district and that's where my parents wanted to buy a house but have school choice to be awesome.

You can live close to your grandparents and go to a different district. I'm so glad you were born celebrating who you are available to Ainslie yeah Ainslie buy for your kids or grandkids face everyone else you want one nation on Saturday get there from Fox news can't just subscribe and listen to the trade go to federal prosecutor and four term US Congressman from South Carolina brings you a one-of-a-kind pungent smell but

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