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Biden downplays inflation, won't commit to 2024 run

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 19, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden downplays inflation, won't commit to 2024 run

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 19, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Karl Rove

[00:18:25] Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV)

[00:36:47] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:10] Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)

[01:13:31] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)

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Fox news is the fastest-growing radio show Brian kill me will deliver him to the right to Michelle. I asked Eric over the weekend. Eric a little embarrassed with the compliments I've been getting my open and I did say was my fault as I said would be good to get some of these people that say some things on the show that a positive but I think they're going to be like so self-aggrandizing and Gaia got me feeling kind of awkward cycle, RL you liked it you like it a lot. Excuse may have been introduced yet. And then I will I say can you we been some insult, Eric. You took no time to combine second I got to right away. Karl Rove is here in studio called literally I could take it off today and on the radio from Long Island and when I heard Karl Rove was going to be in studio because I'm I'm not on the Queen coverage so I was all from TV. I literally came in for you today, and Michael, I am above. I'm flattered but but I could've come to be on Long Island later today. Are you really were going to shuttlecock you play golf.

No, I'm not allowed to play golf. I'm such a terrible go from not allowed on any golf course in the United States or any country with which we have a bilateral multilateral defense agreement. According to the chapter play golf with. He knows how how terrible I am to you. I guess he does. He doesn't speak ill of you really yeah I had a friend of mine saw him on a golf course and said a friend of my family and said hey Brian kill me and I want snow to golf your and he said something very funny and disparaging term still golf enough ice don't have the time. But, and I don't. I'm not natural that was natural maybe I find the time. But don't you like around compared to every place you been to you do you you find you like it. Yeah it's it's missing something. Can where you're going down yeah yeah I actually many many years ago came to my first visit to the Long Island was with the 41 when he was thinking about running for president and back then there was a big Republican machine in Nassau County and we met the same leader of the Nassau County Republicans, which was quite a trip. I don't really know who that was his name will come newcomers if take BP to be lifted up because he was there.

The Mexican executive forever now is Chris Blakeman and the reemergence yeah merchant is not fun.

Now, like he's a good guy that I want to know is brother well used by Colligan. The Bush administration.

I met Bruce through his brother, Brett and Brad by the way was for some reason Brad and I hit it off and he was the first one to be my family through the White House he so riveting to see Karl Rove don't sail but I did get a chance even to the Christmas party. The first Christmas for you guys had I saw you there. And I am sure you remember it was the room we had the Christmas tree and was at the green rumors I would agree yeah and I said hello to you and you seem very nice and it turns out you are a Welch tell people that I've worked hard to get the hardest rickety okay so let let's talk a little bit about what we would do with the primaries were ready to go. If the statistician say there is a 70% chance between 67th and chance that the Democrats keep the senator you believe in that style. I admit it's always been mystified me. How do you know what I love them there. There's a 69% chance the Democrats why where the hell out of that cave. I was very evident. Yeah I know but a bit of work is that come from no I think with the Senate is very much up in the air. Republicans have got an uphill climb, but that I feel reasonably good about their ability to end up 5149 or maybe 5248. On a good day for a couple key races are going to decided one of them is going to be Pennsylvania and then another one is to be Georgia and in Nevada and if we keep Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and pick up either new head pickup either Nevada or George or both work 51 4952, 48, but it's it's gonna be tough.

Don't know near center, but because Ruby way. I don't know it's in its first wall were run and rethink about this were running no Democrat Sen. Senate said no Democratic Sen. is up in a state that that Donald Trump one Ron Johnson Wisconsin and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. There up and states that were won by Joe Biden.

Same with Herschel Walker. Same with Blake Masters in Arizona and in Georgia and Arizona respectively.

So you know it's just weird. A tribal moment and the tribes are strong in their allegiances and so it's gonna be an uphill climb.

On the other hand, we got 8.3% inflation and we got and in a president whose approval rating is 42%.

He commented on that last night Joe Biden did on the inflation and I thought it was very interesting, but here he is talking about the economy 19 your grocery bills.

What can you do better and faster. First, Wallace put this in perspective inflation rate month-to-month is this all just an inch hardly know you're not arguing that 8.3 is shown that sin is good but it was a point to where a point to before.

I miss not hearing me. I can make a sound like all of a sudden, my God, it went to 8.2% is the highest inflation rate Mr. president in 40 years. I got that.

But guess what we are in a position where the last several months.

It hasn't spiked. It is just barely spent basically even you feel better about you not have a little better. You know when I go to the grocery store and pay about 16% more for milk than I did a year ago and when I go and pay in about 12% more for 4 m poultry and want to pay about 10% more for vegetables or fruit.

I feel that I feel good that it's only that much and not warmish.

Yeah, I mean, look, this is this the administration has oversold and under delivered and they oversold all we got the inflation reduction act which no economist who is in on the White House payroll says will reduce inflation and factual add to it and then think about this.

What is inflation. Inflation is too much money too much demand facing to chasing too few goods and what they do, they say were going to have a a break to any student who has a student loan and makes less than hundred $25,000 a year at AGI for an individual or $250,000 for a couple because because, well, we need more young people to turn out and vote and that's it up to $1 trillion in additional demand. I made this you know we had a $1.9 trillion American rescue plan we had the infrastructure bill which by 750 was art 750 billion that was that the every five-year renewal of the of the of the interstate bill paid for by the gas tax that was paid for, but that we got all this other stuff. The inflation reduction at $483 billion at me all they keep doing is making the problem worse than number one thing to stop at 22222. It's is to stop the spending. Given the number two thing is for the Federal Reserve to do what it's doing to slow down or reverse its its quantitative easing program. My thighs stopped, yet they stopped it and that was a smart thing to do and now were going to have to go through raising interest rates of that interest rates reflect the true value of money and the value of money is being determined by inflation what you great assets is you don't get in value always try to think you still have families feel rather than outward of the big picture I parties right and you would people don't appreciate the come up to me often.

I'd I bother people I was asking what's going on where they worked with their waiters or owners and they tell me the utility bills, utility bills were up 50% and then we had into winter so when you deepest understanding it just up just double. Yeah, I think of what is going to like there's no one to talk to. Nobody's talking about it right when you say groceries. It's an average of 13.5% and gas did drop a $0.26 last month. Let's speak I loved at the present. The other day said were down a dollar 30 average price aghast out a dollar 30 per gallon what's up buck 31 from when it where was what each was sworn in office and that's according to the energy information agency of the US federal government and just on this because I just got finished with his Wall Street Journal story until your editorials that I just try to fill my time and dispel electric cars in the city is a big demand help electric cars good job American people want to help out, let's do it. Bottom line is nobody can make them because we can make a fast enough we don't of the battery technology we don't have the elements to do it. We don't have the chips so if you have a chip shortage. Evidently I'm not mechanical but they say you need chips any cobalt and oldest rare-earth we are having yeah so so for GM to get the best intent to make like 26 a month and these people who put deposits down the Ford F1 50 lightning which I did a story on for vaccination. They can't wait because they've been waiting over you two years and I will wait for new collapse well and also regarding subsidized radio and remember it's a relatively small percentage of those of the fleet. Most people cannot afford a 63,000 hour car quit if this subsidizing might be temporarily affordable but think about that said subsidize 7500 bucks. Where does that money come from us us so were subsidizing us to purchase cars and all of us gotta pay the higher price for the small relatively small number people are per purchasing these EV's what I know we had to part out of 21 you to hear you do not watch present Biden because it was delayed because football game mighty Guardian pick it up. So I do watch it raw with commercials why my DVR can be smart enough to understand that the games going long installing 60 minute could you look into the core of Caltech is my number one assignment to make it over to Byzantium come, here's present Biden on his future cut 17 you say that it's much too early to make that decision on. I take it the decision has not been made in your own at look my intentions. I said the is that I would run consistent attention but is it a firm decision that I run again. That remains to be seen in up on top of his what his wife said last week they would think about it would what he read into the car.

I'm shocked by look up first alternate. There is a legal reason why he can't see have made a decision because he would then have to file a federal committee you have.

If you make a decision to run for president have a limited number of days before you have to file a federal committee otherwise in violation of the federal election law so I don't begrudge him saying will haven't made a final decision. Because of that is a requirement. But look, let's not kid ourselves.

He is not running for president again.

He's not.

I've been saying for here. We're not going to nominate the Democrats are knocking to nominate an 82-year-old who Artie has difficulty handling the job for another run.

They're just not as I will good to recent polls. Democrats do you want them to be the candidate 25% one pole. Yes.

26% another one. Yes 75 and one and 74 the other in their zero undecided Democrats of Artie made up their minds now. Look, I understand why they feel like they can't be in. We we can't will be a lame-duck, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

But let's not kid ourselves. He is not can be the candidate of the Democratic Party if they were denominated. He is the one person could probably be guaranteed to lose. On the other side.

It's interesting because I'm you I want to Sunday shows every week and two weeks ago they said the Democrats becoming resigned to the fact that he's gonna run again if his approvals in the 40s by 42 to 45 in the NBC has with 45%. The resigned to the fact that he's Russian because think about it, there's no Rhonda Santos this note and Nikki Haley me what you have is the governor Witmer you have Gov. Newsom you have Gov. Poulos have Gov. Cooper of North Carolina.

You got probably Amy clover Sharon there. They got Cory Booker look I'm I'm I'm I'm not a Democrat you name one blue chipper well, you know, here's the deal. We never really know. And there's gonna be a contest on on the Democratic side for the questions can be, how long is that contest can be as it can be truncated because Biden doesn't make an announcement until relatively late in 2023 or what happens if he makes an announcement in early 2023 or late 2022 but but there should be a contest over there and when and we we kid ourselves as Republicans and conservatives. If we think that they don't have anybody who's capable of mounting a campaign date that we just watch them all fail in them and you had to annoyed by Natalie. Everyone was feeling super Lysander site. That's why I am normally I'd say I'll be all about Moli�re's output inches so odd last time that they kept a lookout for cloture lookout for Warren in the end. Look out for Mayor Pete and nobody emerged in the panic.

James Clyburn pretty much leave the party because he was doing when tolerable. Yeah, James Clyburn, I love that the election that are of 2000 and 2004 that was so great that you wrote down and I referred to you on Saturday night and I said as Karl Rove on the roster. I could easily said you not been thinking about it, but I said as Karl Rove wrote on the eternal you feel your popularity right you know when I wondered because I did get a couple of phone calls at night stayed, congratulations. I didn't I didn't read your call but heard about of America's most trusted source right information. Brian Kilby admits that thanks are saying that Annette had energy that call real quick. Donald Trump right now is considering running. Do you think he will and surety well. In fact, I got an email from them last night asking my counsel on who he should pick as his running mate which I thought was unusual and was in direct email. Was it a note I predicted was apparently sent 2 million people down or came to me that but so you know lookout guy don't know we'll see. I mean, was it that little bit of a dangerous movies that you sent from save America and was asking for advice on his running mate is CC Artie declared as the Artie made a decision I mean is a little bit of a feud on and off right under you love each other than I don't know I just I'm on call balls and strikes and so do you like it is a lie. I go there for practically exactly as you do know that this note from you but I know I've heard it come back to me. But it's interesting. I'll say one thing he does.

He's the same guy that I know what you say well is to all you can say to a chronologically bridge gets a lost it if you be like him, you never liked them. And if you do like me pretty much say I you know I can't say the say they were buying yeah I have a slightly different I think people come and go. Some people come and go there, but there always for him if if if there weren't such a trouble number of people say but the Trump bad guy we all rally you know that although Republicans rally to let you know there are some of the say you know what I'm come get tired of me and you know why we go into this big controversy over him taken document is so interesting. Sen. Jay I know you mean to say I can tell you who but said to me yesterday. I'll take a break Brian here is the biggest probably what he is lame-duck you elect somebody in their lame-duck right away.

It hurts your party right so it's not in it does not in our best anybody obstructing the other day to a guy who's a big Trump enthuses that I love what he did it. I get the criticism how he handled himself.

He said you know what I hope I'm not can be supporting them next time around like I was before because I want somebody to go in and serve two terms, and he if he gets a letter you can only serve one. He said weren't such an important moment in our country that I think we need servant leadership that is there for two terms, and he said also that tends to be 1F you had to terms you know that George 41 is that your was unusual followed Reagan normally you get eight years by one party and then it flips to the other guys and I don't I don't have a flip at the end of of one terms never thought of that sophisticated spirit is the same thing they said to Grover Cleveland, but he ran anyway and prices, and they that they didn't have many other options, but Karl Rove you actually know that it's great to see in person, you, you have made.

Steve, thanks for being here, and that which is you yeah this for me. I just am flattered back in a moment your knowledge base. Brian kill me show Fox News network I'm been down the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your project. He's so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. The only problem with it what they want to be a sanctuary jurisdiction. They called out the National Guard and they have those illegals supported the next day from Martha's Vineyard and here is the thing that you see claiming to be sanctuary and all that that was a way to virtue signal against Tromp and do all this other stuff.

They're basically doing it that they feel good, but they don't want to actually have to deal with the consequences of the policies that they advocate for all of you right and that was the governor governor did not to any governor decided to not do any publicity. I found this stunning over the weekend, and even since and I talked to talkers, people, we try to book him on Saturday and talkers. People who want them Friday couldn't believe that they'd said no and then over the week and he had the fence we spoke out and what we talk about Gov. DeSantis said were taking her illegals that you put in here without telling us and worshiping them to Martha's Vineyard because why should the southern states be paying a price for this audit. People say it looks cruel.

It's his crew is dumping them in El Paso Rio Grande Valley into Yuma Arizona.

Why is it less cruel. They're coming here and there storming our borders. I don't care. The reason we can handle it in this gotta be done in an orderly way storming 7000 days not right Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen now and Fox News five just information you want to truth you demand.

This is the Brian kill me show the inflation reduction act of something my staff and I worked extremely hard on the make sure it was balanced most important thing we want to do is what I Republicans my friends and we've always talked about produce more energy. This bill will produce more energy will drill more oil will produce more over produce more natural gas.

What is it we're is it's not in the bill is good to be a separate paper and the paper can pass has center management totally due by Sen. Schumer go to Jim Justice, a former Democrat turned Republican. The 36 governor of West Virginia where Joe matching calls home.

One of our favorite all-time guest joint just now welcome back governor good. Yeah I'd I just want to get your take on. You know I really credited Joe mansion for not adding to states now are not allowing the filibuster blow up pushing back on the massive bill back better but I'm mystified by white go along with this deal and it turns out he is even have a deal. Could you tell us about what Joe mansion got out of this grounded Cheryl.

Sure sure to try to backtrack more and more private objects that that's just� George and what would God walk away from Bob Goldberg and I would be the first decided which of the brightfield target we should absolutely just a week ago but basically Berkshire Hathaway water to water to have an area that was green where we did that 2200 acre park. So basically you're going to be a great way absolutely what I believe all hardwood to embrace the alternative managers that have borne it out. I don't know what you get out of bed down because really a girl� [Amazing is easy.

Dolly said we want to release, loosen up the permitting process speeded up pop for example the drilling to do would have you do want to carbon capture on coal plants to allow them to stay open to stay open longer because according To keep it under some type of criteria and finish a pipeline that goes through West Virginia but nothing to death. Nothing to do with the budget therefore can't be in reconciliation so it's gotta be a separate paper they needs the votes will terms of Bernie Sanders because a microphone for this. They hate each other and you know he's a socialist doesn't belong in the Senate, in my view and he would never find West Virginia begin with so so what Joe mansion says cut 48 we have to have 60 and in the in the Senate.

We only have 50 Democrats that Bernie is not going to vote for any way shape or form. So if we have 45 or 49 Democrats, don't you think there will be at least 15 or more Republicans fix the only thing that we've ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation.

I hope Democrats and Republicans will come to their senses.

It was to his most bizarre statement you signed off on a deal that put trillions into our economy that we didn't have and you didn't even get a commitment from Republicans that you evidently needed or from the Democrats. This 70 in the house at don't want to vote for this guy really back in Boston record born of this nation from the stamp on the world. People do really believe that today, 20, 22, we can do about possible die. That's about ridiculous statement in the world can we get a shotgun at some point will surely get you okay yeah but but with all the bottom line the whole more energy we have in the world.

People live longer.

People live healthier and civilization. All she bonded clean energy and so we have a building that have to be clean energy really and truly have no: anybody could step back and try to what's on a big dive from the standpoint of people all across this nation are really hurting on this ablation. Daniel significantly are everywhere. If you get to stop now and the whole thing is we spinning around and try cover the way to make it look good to me. People are really in this midterm burial whitewash for bombing. You would think so.

In West Virginia particular you would tell me the Sentinel. How would a big deal it is you, not a border state. The man you're feeling the Sentinel pouring in the border and what people are forgetting about the nobody want to talk about the border until Abbott and DeSantis started and and to see to a degree, started sending these illegal immigrants into their cities and their states, thinking we had the Delaware soon as well as Martha's Vineyard what your take on this letter. Ground border in the world but this administration has gone backwards atop the chart but and so out of touch with really are called to the boaters and the people that are out there. There really been real real people of the fabric of this country, but with all that said situation is a major impact. We got a lot a lot a lot and and and you know all across the nation sampled that had kids. That really don't know better you are now working at one time� Ever did anything whatsoever drive drunk sure you didn't think that a lot of kids get Dylan's nonexperimental body through the mayor and a lot of this one time underground and in the family's great goodness. A lot of it is tragic beyond belief, but what's going on border is that after the world and you know we all know yet you won't talk about it and you know what's going on this great stuff on the there is talk about governor made everybody lead with the Sunday shows they want to ignore it. I listen we don't really watch out really really really strong.

Why because I don't want to talk about blip on the screen are good, but we got up I get a lot more so the other thing you discussed is inflation. The president spoke for the first time in over over 200 dazed in a sitdown interview. I never heard of how you become president so you don't want to communicate or take tough question or any questions to Scarpelli, who had his 16 ounces boxing gloves on and with throwing underhand said this cut 21 and you would tell the American people that inflation is going to continue to decline Italian-American people get control of inflation in their prescription drug pricing and a hell of a lot lower their healthcare cost and lower their basic cost for everybody there energy prices are going to be lower.

While we know the energy prices really going up most people's have doubled in that we getting set for the winter which your take on that softball Watermill officer.even here. Insert better and really sad prescription cost will be better and energy cost will be better, which is so ridiculous about chart because this is the time of year that they're all bright.

It's not the man for Eric and Bob required the standpoint. It's not: heating demand is not all that but were you going to wear your red going where and I will promise you, from the standpoint of the year. The guy every pound. The goal that they can buy no matter where it might work better day.

They're trying to buy because there really were inquiring about golf.

Anybody that knows anything about natural resources would know that without any question you are handed primarily two things. One word about the way way more worried about what in the winter, and it really and truly we don't have any way where so what's happening in your government falls government down the government or whatever our underwriting and underwriting underwriting absolutely without any questions. I know they got big time big time energy caused if you could just can't imagine that we are due to the fact that people are harming. That's the thing that I can't get over now is painful are really hurting and how we know. I don't get it. Why don't get it. West Virginia and I'm trying to break my neck to get rid of the personal income tax Lab budget brought the entire time and all I sound like a politician.

I don't want to be involved.

West Virginia level by an all-out bell business. God knows to do and stole Ron store the way it should be run in West Virginia was killed on the Western right. Beyond great.

But we need to move forward with people pushing back on get dry get rid of the stated objective. It's distillers world brought the problem and you know it believed when I ran from the blade but too many people that are in office today all is trying everywhere in the world to figure out how they can study and all that I can get reelected in the next office, whatever it may be in it the other day care but that's secondary to get elected again. Great points because you do this the service you run, you still running, you have a business to run. Self-made six super success story, so you decide you look at this and I've got a chance to meet you away from all the microphones and away from the cameras you would visit opportunity to serve laterally get back you've acquired this great business instinct. See think you could help you state that certainly needs leadership. That's why I laugh when people say, well, Dr. Oz and then Herschel Walker's of the world than the generals who run for office while they're not politicians in NH and the parties can appear excuse me, they were never meant to be part politicians Ben Carson dear dear people that have achieved enormous success in their lives and they say will.

How else do I serve the country. Why do you need professional politicians get someone to organize you get a Chief of Staff and you going give back.

I left it when people say it's wrong to have a delight as a leading surgeon run for office, don't you all got baked game and make sure you lost everything that was their farms or whatever it might be carrying members serve in people and people that really and truly brown right now I'm driving down the road. I brought my cell prayer rug paper almost up.

I am not the only thing in the world I wanted goodness for our people and it's humbling and it is an honor beyond the lady flying at night, or whatever, as far as I could say a lot and I really like people like an absolute value is not what is not right and so people say it's just most of but it's not.

I you and I know I know you not. I know you said you speaking the truth. Go Jim just as always great to talk to you just just tell Joe mention getting writing. Next time, because the stuff that he got probably would help West Virginia but it turns out he got nothing.

I just can't believe without that experience in politics would walk out with nothing while still respecting the fact that he did stop there.

But Democrats are doing a lot of crazy stuff governor. Thanks so much� Thank you governor when we come back I'll squeeze in some calls a promise that was great. The great Gov. Jim Justice West Virginia back in moment use makers and breakers. First and only show from his mouth to your ears and kill me. How we teach our kids.

History is become a big controversy these days with liberals and conservatives wanting to whitewash the past and sometimes that's true sometimes they do, but plenty liberals also want to abuse history to control the present and last month a scholar named James sweet on how calling them out for doing just that. He criticized the phenomena known as presentism, which means judging everyone in the past by the standards of the present, it's the belief that people lived 100 or 500,000 years ago really should have known better, which is good. It's like getting mad at yourself for not knowing what you know now when you were 10. I don't know a better way to put it in receipt so great and I keep on praising Bill more. I sure is not praising me on a daily basis but I do this all the time with present freedom fighter up and going back to doing these live shows, which I'm doing in Tulsa on November 13 and on the 12th in Brandon, Mississippi. Go go Brandon Branca made. I comfort tickets as I talk about all the site instead of just saying hey, this moment in history after defendant and that's fine I'm happy to do it.

I never thought it be doing it and to have somebody who loved to attack Republicans for 25 years on national television now on HBO say things are out of control because of the criticism and the rewriting of our history and our present and our hatred, our self-hatred, that he actually spent more cuts of this he spent most of his first half of his our weekly show talking about the idiocy of taking down statues and blowing up our past and how long we been talking about that when he this is gives me great hope is why a plant. Nothing.

Not that I want a new billboard listen to show is that if people on the left who are normally critics of everything on the right say you guys have gone so for off the off your axis that I can even subscribe to you, but I'm not going to ignore it. I want to build my sure Roger idiocy.

I think it's noteworthy because I think over the last year and 1/2 nights probably two of every four shows that Bill Moore has we highlight something he brings up and what he brings up is not something deep to maybe George will or some deep thinking, he just comes up with logic would happen to the logic in our discourse. It's so maddening. A lot of us just check out. I won't say always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian kill me.

Thank you Michelle come at you from 46 McDermott had heard around the world. The stretch of Ukraine when the Russians get there by Big time. Thankfully and may be throttled for decades to come. That would make the world a better place will discuss so that this out and become by Michael Goodwin who was coming with us in the matter of moments in Congressman Steve's police. He is going to be banning an effort to locate McCarthy to make sure the house ends up in Republican hands in the dental lab to two weeks ago. Lay out the format stuff they want to accomplish and would Republican house would look like the queen died in his sickness to week two barrier and should be very soon. Maybe in a few hours and we will not talk queen I apologize but if you do want queen talk. I'm going to ask you just this one time to go somewhere else I can take it victory the stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three parent disaster in the field. The incompetence of the Russians which is surpassed what I would have expected. They have simply failed to deliver our honesty when we would sing about it. They are winning. Ukraine is winning in Russia is emptying their prisons firing their generals and in order to hold onto their illegal gains of a country they know business going into meanwhile our recovery plan reveals they have been killing thousands of innocents torturing them first. During their short occupation. First, Wallace put this in perspective inflation rate month-to-month is this just an inch hardly know you're not arguing that 8.3 elements in his what is wrong with him present buying speed to 60 minutes.

Even this awful setting makes some hair-raising statements leaving his very own future in doubt will break down one of the biggest failures of the rule of law is happening right now at the southern border of the United States until last week, no one is really talking much about it. Now people are and the crowd roars run to Santos making some waves along with Gov. Abbott by sending this. There are those illegals coming into our country into these rich areas border brawling Dems reptile for Martha's Vineyard migrant drop and the VP residence bus stop as 11 more buses arrive in New York City. Finally, people are paying attention so therefore it's working for me now Michael Goodwin's team, some New York Post, Fox News contributor development.


Goodwin_NY Post Michael first off, would you say if you watch the Sunday shows.

And so even the nightly news that these governors these moves by busting them into these areas has worked at least people are addressing it worked my column and expose the Democrats hypocrisy on this.

They don't want these migrants and their cities but it's okay for the border towns and border states to absorb the mall.

I mean that's what the governors I think achieved. Unfortunately, they did not achieve the real objective which is not just to embarrass the Democrats but it was to get the Democrats to go to the White House and say you know this is no longer a minor issue for us. This is a major issue for us you for your blue cities or blue states, Mr. Pres., were on the same team. You gotta help us shut the border. They didn't do that instead that there is a variety of responses to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent a bus to suburban Republican. I may be the mayor of Washington DC as she called out the National Guard.

I'm not sure what her plan is New York New York.

Unfortunately, what we saw what happened. Martha's Vineyard of course I got shipped off to a military base on the mainland. New York is a strange place. To the mayor Eric Adams has I say and incoherent reaction. On one hand I agree with you as present Harris one week ago I said that the border is secure to agree with that. You think our southern border is secure.

I believe that we can continue to coordinate that to make sure that it is secure properly and I think that is crucial that any when it comes in this country should not be coming here to harm Americans no matter what entryway they're doing and I think that the partnership that we've been working out with the White House is going to do everything possible to make sure that continues. What the hell did he just say a man who doesn't know what his own policy is figured out what to do about this is what happens when you try to tow the party line.

How can you say border is secure when you're faced with that?

People want straight talk from politicians to be asked is, is, how to correct when she says the border secure and to deliver that word salad make you sound like, last like that but I mean he's done. First of all, he never said anything when Biden sent the secret flight secret flight came into the New York area right. Eric Adams never said people about that although the Post reported it repeatedly. Then when Greg I meant for governor of Texas start sending buses up goes crazy got all kinds of New Yorkers to go to Florida and campaigned against that. Well good luck with that. That was a 24 hour about that didn't happen until he continues to criticize that but somewhat secretly he goes and send city officials tell El Paso Texas with the Democratic mayor and they make a deal that El Paso will send 200 migrants a day to New York by bus. So figure this out. He doesn't he doesn't say a word when Biden doubted he screams blotting murder.

When Abbott does it and then he makes a side deal with the El Paso Mayor to send 200 a day where is the policy here. Where already the city shelter system for the homeless is bursting you having all kinds of feuds between the new arrivals and the homeless is this is hours get these new people out here then finally by many of them are Venezuelan, which has a special category because of America's relationship with them as well so none of it makes him when absent.

And then of course there's the cost.

There is the which has not been reimbursed so far by the White House. There is the issue of what you do with these people.

Adams wants to let them work. Can you imagine what what message that would send such a mess. It's just such a mess. And finally, I would say this mayor has taken his eye off the ball. The ball is crime all public disorder in thousands of migrants who don't speak English. For the most part can't work who can't function in our society who are not allowed to do. It makes no sense in the world. Things.

The first is consistent broken system remain in Mexico and Venezuela would these Venezuelans fleeing this by brutal country most likely will be productive citizens that did the just of them. I'm sure you know that you still a capitalist society where they had a shot at working in the oil-rich and they let you go Chavez in the success or ruin it. So they should apply for citizenship in the first country they step foot in. Remember that so that's what that's another policy that put together by the administration. So they have to remain in Mexico will they be evaluated. They have to apply for citizenship in the first cut to the point, but if you break the rule to not get in to be sent out right away along with building 4550 miles walk, please tell me how that's broken.

Know what I liked about it. He's he was trying he was trying to fix it. The they were ignoring it.

They left these governors no choice. It's almost as if I was watching the Saints Boxborough and say to myself, where the coaches and with discipline if you let these gladiators fight it out. They will kill each other as a system in place and they tossed them out of you guys miss this brawl. It was so brutal with football helmets on M's enemies of where's the discipline we are watching governors and mayors fight each other is a federal government has put no rules in place. This is the Saints box game played out without helmets and mouthpieces. Here's more from Eric Adams slamming the mayor's cup for this really this goes in contradiction to who we believe we are not only as a country prophetically as the city. This is a city that is right to shelter and is a safe haven city as well. We would love to coordinate with our partners throughout the state that feel as though they would like to share in this obligations that we have what is going to be done in a coordinated fashion is not going to be done in the underhanded way as you have been witness from the Florida governor and the governor of Texas. What is happening so he's asking small towns in Oneonta and Buffalo can you take some of these guys which I would you say how all politicians are trying to avoid the central truth of the matter of the matter is these people are coming across with his asylum claim.

December and Brian. I'm a bit details of what's happening now. I think it got lost in this but you have a lot of American lawyers coaching going into Mexico and coaching. These people funded funded in many parts by the federal government coaching them on how to file asylum claim no asylum law is pretty now it's about religious political personal persecution. That's what that's what asylum is about.

It's not about a poor economy random violence and authoritarian government, if that would be cast in the whole world could come to America practically so it's very narrow but you have these lawyers coaching them and the way that sometimes it's the court. Sometimes it Biden ministration and previous ministrations and dealt with it is if you come to this country you file and sign think you can stay while your case is adjudicated.

The problem is. Even the New York Times said recently. It sometimes takes seven years for these people and never leave their here right now. Under the circumstances, Fox reported several times Fox news has reported that there upwards of 4 million maybe 4 1/2 million people who have come to the United States from these countries under Joe Biden. This does not include the ones that have been sent back to me maybe close to a million have come without any detection whatsoever by collision on the assumption require of the week of my complaint now said at the very least, because some people back to need video of people being sent back. They need to see these these camps overwhelmed. If you are sending all these people back and he did know I don't know why you not saying that message. That's the message people get the right now only sees people screaming in and they get to say state is flat out laziness because I can't see the advantage to them breaking the border and then allowing this chaos to rain.

Finally, I just want to get your take on Joe Biden saying this about his future yesterday cut 17 you say that it's much too early to make that decision on.

I take it the decision has not been made in your own head look my intentions. I said is that I would run consistent attention but is a firm decision that I run again. That remains to be seen. I was shocked at that you want to just hold the one why we telling everyone for sure you get a running your press secretary to say there been a run and all of a sudden you wife says something last week and now the presence is this what to what's going on here injected an element of doubt about his intentions reminded that Harris, have said something similar.

One point she said that Joe Biden is going to run and then she corrected it. She had someone correct with reporters and replace it his intention to run so I think there's clearly something afoot here and it may simply be that they are reading and writing on the wall, which is that Democrats, despite all this bravado despite the attempt to hang Pres. Trump and and and to make abortion the defining issue of the campaign are still in trouble in the midterms, and even if they pull out one or both houses.

It's not because of Joe Biden that Joe Biden is increasing liability. The idea that he could serve from this point. Six more years who couldn't possibly believe that. I've always thought that when he said he was running that was just to forestall the exit MP for the gates and I think that as we get closer. I suspect it is entirely possible that after the midterms, almost regardless of how they turn out. He will announce she's not in 24 okay that would not surprise me that mean the same thing we can sing Democrats resigned to the fact that he will run, but they weren't happy about it but now it looks for him to say this, and for the first leg to say same thing is pretty clear he's not which most people predicted, like you, Michael, thanks so much. It was great.

I 186-640-8766 I bought of the ousting squeeze next you both sides all talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show want to force their immigration. It's always sought within some pages so children some now once again, the kids and families are put on these buses transported for political purposes across state Sen. Dick Durbin is so full of it, yet kids are involved mostly male male, a male of working age who see perfectly healthy not need of any type of sanctuary there that one should be stay in the country try to fix it. Not coming here or applying for to do the right way. Yeah there are kids involved both for the most part, these families are coming across go to the jungles paying all types of money sanctuary giving up their homes to come here illegally.

Instead of doing it the right way or expand or petition to expand the consulate in a way that allow them to come here, but right now they're letting everybody in and because those kids are better off in El Paso. The Martha's Vineyard isn't that torturous in Martha's Vineyard will be freed of a sunburn. Harold W. W.

PTF in Raleigh North Carolina a route Harold Michael I called you for the last three years and I suggested that when these immigrants and enriches a different spot what you getting now. I called the White House, don't fight with these people. They argue client we buckle in Queens.

I have a son-in-law in Jamaica now you write what lawyers immigration lawyer is likely shipped over to Tijuana. Total cost of any thing would be good to me would be a struggle at some point we do normal prison. In the say hey listen E-Verify. Since you got your here illegally and he finds the pain things like that but you do it the right way. We do need Harold, I like to expand the consulates in these countries. I want to screen them at a rapid rate. We do have 11 million open jobs.

They are right about that, but what you find out who's coming here is an orderly way were a nation of immigrants were great country for B because people like you have made a great country and people want to come here if you will be an asset.

We got the jobs depending on who your but this is not the way to do it in the fact of the ministrations no interest in cracking down has caused these governors to do with their doing now is politically risky with their doing, if not all upside for but they gotta get attention.

At least they got attention Harold I do remember you recommending this and know the Trump tried it.

His lawyers talked about doing this radio show like no other, kill me better and faster for this in perspective. Inflation rate 15 inch hardly know you're not arguing that 8.3 is good but it was a point to work a point to before me. I can make a sound like all of a sudden Mike God went to 8.2% is the highest inflation rate Mr. Pres. in 40 years. I got that. But guess what we are in a position where the last several months.

It hasn't spiked. It is just barely spent basically wow that is a tough stance and I don't know how tactically smart. That is, it hasn't barged up and on on blue unlivable you high. Nobody says that inflation is not a problem except for the present. Biden Congressman Steve Schooley's joint is now house Republican whip cursing your take on that answer, Joe Biden's from reality with what is going to hurt families remain inflation over 8% is not just barely even are not something to celebrate and throw party at the house like they did last week.

While the markets thinking I don't think this is a problem in its main problem families site when they talk about what's wrong with the country that you can afford to buy good you can go to the grocery store brag about gas prices below the 40% higher when he became president because of the things he's done and they keep doubling down. They want to spend more money just celebrating the $730 billion tax hike and spending bill. Also at the 87,000 IRS agent to be going after low-income families. The numbers prove it from the Congressional Budget Office here. You're the low income family can be paying over 20 billion in new taxes under Joe Biden's bill, he promised you that you won't be paying more in taxes, except he signed a bill that will do just that. To so they are totally disconnected when you bulk up with 87 billion I can find people to do it but you get qualified people to do with the customer service because nobody thinks of the phone there. Number two is if it's in order of priority, which you put that money towards the border 13,000 IRS as I am what you have 13,000 total border agents, most of which are processing people and off the bars like 3000 watching 3000 miles of border. So what are we thinking about those priorities. Why is people not bringing that up. We brought this up during the debate show you again out of touch with reality, on national TV thing in the border secure and in the meantime you cut some of the most liberal elites in the world. Martha's Vineyard complaining that Rhonda Santos sends one busload worth of folks that are cross the border illegally over the Martha's Vineyard because it might might disrupt the garden party and in the meantime you have millions of people come across illegally and they sidelined the border patrol we want to allow patrol agents to actually do their job in securing America's border. Let's continue the wall.

Let's get back to the remaining Mexico policy that Trump negotiated to actually allow us to have a secure border that Joe Biden inherited and then he turned it into an out-of-control chaotic situation were millions of people come across in her border patrol agent can't do their job while he wants to double the size of the IRS to come after low-income families, some disturbing things going on right now and that's utility bills there going up significantly, electricity sup 15%. The biggest jump since 1981.

Natural gas prices have doubled were about to go to the winter.

According to reports, gas prices, about 368 still full dollar plus of where was grocery prices. 13.5% and we know that the Fed is going to raise interest rates so people want their first home or with or were about to buy a home or backing out a dizzying rate. Yet this is what the president said yesterday cut 20 is the economy going to get worse before it gets better now. Thanks we hope we can have a say soft landing transition to a place where we don't lose the gains that I ran to make in first place for middle-class folks generate good paying jobs and expansion at the same time make sure that we are able to continue to grow. Feel better picture of the commander-in-chief. Landing families that are paying more than double prime mortgage you can buy your first home today. If you were saving up because one you're spending all your savings account paid more money for everything that cost more because of God.


But then interest rates are more than double what they were when he took office so you can even afford to buy a house right now any call that a soft landing on it again totally disconnected from reality. Pres. Biden just continues to double down on the things that created all these problems. He won't work with us to pick some November were running on an agenda to actually going to turn this around showing the country. What a Republican lighthouse would do to solve these problems as opposed to make things worse.

So 10 cities with the highest inflation rates Phoenix which of course Arizona everything to do with the control the Senate Atlanta Georgia everything to do with who controls the Senate. Tampa is third Miami is fourth and fifth is Dallas 60s Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario big shocker, then Denver, which we know the Republicans have their hopes that they could pick up a Senate seat. There Baltimore were menaced Minneapolis and then Houston, Texas. The wetlands were inflation those of the 10 highest ones.

So when people talk about crime. That's probably one being terms would people care about. I would read today in New Orleans is now the murder capital of the country what's going on there. I heard you can hire cops. Nobody wants to fill these positions out-of-control Brian and you got a situation where they got a really depleted police force. They are not aggressively going to hire more police that's in essence defunding the police if you're not hiring that the right level and their letting criminals out there not charging and putting criminals away for all a lot of crimes and some of them were goes on on the streets that carjacking, for example, on the mayor, Carlotta. He rightfully so because she one testified for a carjack or not the victim of a carjacking and it's embarrassing how she still had a job I mean that woman's first class while New Orleans is rotting is a recall going on right now, but it just shows you which scene that's a big city after big city where they define the police to go to mail the charge people for crimes unless you basically get the murder somebody flight. Yet people are committing more and more violent crimes and ultimately get to murdering people because they would've been in jail for the lower level because they were charged and if it happening in every big city in America. These are all democratic policies becoming a national issue which can adeptly be something we talk about in terms of something we would do if we had the house in November so the Senate side, you guys are all disjointed. Rick Scott and Mitch McConnell are a different pages Lindsay Graham a different page from Mitch McConnell as well as Rick Scott and not at war, but this seems to be a subtle robbery. There is certainly no coordination on the house side.

You guys have not had that problem.

I noted I heard that Leah McCarthy and you will get a light lay out your agenda and to be the queen past when you knew would be smothered.

Obviously, look at coverage today the soul were doing on TV. So what could you tell us that is the Republican agenda should get the house.

Friday will be rolling out our commitment to America so similar with the contract America. We worked with Newt Gingrich a lot of other people but we worked with all of our members from all across the country. Members who have backgrounds in every kind of jurisdictional area. You can imagine from economic issues, lower inflation, have lower gas prices and energy prices how to secure the border crime and city huddle getting parents more involved in their kids education where Democrats decide what labor unions to shock kids out of school so all those things really talk about rerolling out in Pittsburgh.

We want to get out of the bubble of Washington DC, and so this Friday were to be rolling out what we call the commitment to America. I think some people are getting excited about because were all in unison talking about the things we would do in a Republican house close, you won't bring any of these goals to the floor today. We will absolutely bring in past bills through a Republican house.

If the voters of this country give a an opportunity by flipping at least four more seats and I think there's really a lot more than that from Democrat to Republican so we can start addressing the problems that Joe Biden and Nancy closing have created to address inflation to address an out-of-control border crime energy prices through the couple things about to take up overhearing Sen. Schumer talking last week that said is only a 40% chance he can hold onto the house and they think they got a reasonable chance, hold onto the Senate and he was talking honestly about you but I guess Nancy Pelosi would be retired if that was indeed to happen. What were focused on hiring and I think your seen across the country.

I know many swing district Brian American district held by Democrats that are truly those coin toss. 50-50 district shall be one where that incumbent Democrat who votes will close you hundred percent of the time will even invite Nancy Pelosi to their districts because she's on popular and her policies are so unpopular that Democrat is voting with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden 100% of the time that's good to be one of the problem facing if one were to win a lot of seats. We got phenomenal candidate all across the country. People with a lot of different backgrounds include a lot of military background.

In other walks of life working to calm and help you partner solving these problems that the Democrats are created in Washington. Now comes the Wall Street Journal was asked of the weekend where this always heading after the Dobbs ruling, which the Republicans seem to have trouble staking out a position in the Democrats want to take advantage of that and they seem to in the polls cut 44 now the American people have to decide themselves where to draw the lines and what alliances drawer and I think it's going to take years for this to work out and in the beauty of it is the people in Louisiana don't have to live by the New York values and the people in New York don't have to live by their values is gonna reflect what the ordinary citizen thinks is going to force people that haven't had to make its decision or defend their stance, do so. So first off, what you think about his analysis and what is your stance probably pro-life half the country been so distorted you never talk about the Dobbs abortion was banned all across America. New York today in New York, they can still kill babies born a lot outside the womb. Recall that abortion is murder to me it's murder, but it's legal right now that should be legal, but ultimately to be something that is going to continue to be heavily debated and were part of the defense might think about where the Democrats are right now and how far they change their position in DC motion should be mandated legal all across the country. Up until birth paid for by taxpayers that the extreme position and that's what they've been running on and so were to continue to defend life and point out the fact that your today after the whirlwind obstetrician baby in New York and still be killed after it's born alive outside the womb and called abortion.

That's extremely crazy.

It should be illegal. Ultimately, Bates is more fired up right now over this power base is fired up to I think very active turnout in the election cycle, but still economic driving issues are the thing that you see in front and center with most voters still most angry about what's happening in the economy, how much they're paying for things and that's all. And Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, which is why I think what and when a lot of seats that cycle commitment to American the name of the programs can be rolled out in Pittsburgh is good to be on Friday you can make it official right a value for part of the four-part plan so I got asked about something else. Joe mansion evidently had a separate paper with this many go back that it was jammed and all of our throats, at which time he was going to talk about easing the permitting process line were drilling drilling and doing a pipeline that would affect West Virginia among other things, though. Turns out this about 70 Democrats in the house and at least Bernie Sanders in the Senate, and no Republican commitments to pass this in the Senate. So here's Joe mansion, the Republicans should help him or not. Cut 48 60 and in the end, the Senate will have 50 Democrats that Bernie is not going to vote for any way shape or form.

So if we have 45 or 49 Democrats, don't you think there will be at least 15 or more Republicans fix the only thing that we've ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation. I hope Democrats and Republicans will come to their senses.

Would you stand on this comes from Schooley's put it in its continental would-be thing I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. He voted for the tax increases with the promise that they might give them some calming requirement by the way, that's milquetoast real permitting reform not just West Virginia but for the whole country not even on the table and your seen Democrats in the house already walking away from the thing that wasn't there deal that was the Senate deal so closely that consider this a deal that was made to Joe mansion so I don't know if Joe got duped by showing her Pelosi buddy voted for the bill and it was his boat that passed 730 billion in tax increases and 87,000 IRS agent already in the bank. There is no permitting reform that was on the table that we saw.

And it seemed like Democrats walking away would from general after they took his vote for the bill that they really wanted. Wow so you would you vote for an apartment. I haven't seen a billion times always talk about the will they always talk about the deal to Joe mansion okay show it off with just a conversation between Joe mansion and Chuck Schumer is an actual bill where the bill they never show the actual bill till the night the day of the vote. You know you have to find out what Senate I want to see right on why we do it for the whole country. If it's good for West Virginia great country actually started dressing.

Inflation started drafting high-energy, because they down energy production all across America blows me away that he would not consult consider the fact that not many. Everyone is to follow him without loop when he only has West Virginia in mind, Christmas T-square thanks for help while the Republicans will help me help America not just yourself specifically so is great.

Thanks so much Sir 186-640-8766 I listed should be our strong giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me for cruelty is a human thing, not a white thing. That's the truth even though it doesn't jive with the current narrative, but in today's world when truth conflicts with narrative. It's the truth that has to apologize being woke is like a magic moral Time Machine where you judge everybody against what you imagine you would have done in 1066, and you always went presentism yet this professor is right is just a way to congratulate yourself about being better than George Washington because you have a gay friend and he did not is awesome Jane you're listening, a New Jersey aging Republican party should be out in four every day and grant talking about illegal immigration will come across the country. How many people die, Michelle and Nate like groundhog back in again repairs and this is all happening under crown Democrats would be out everything hammering and even if we can have.

I don't think the Republicans have the backbone and down that are needed to go after the Democrats. I think did I think the chemical to be tougher than simple right I think Paul Ryan was still trying to deal with the last two years, Barack Obama they could never understand from fastest-growing radio show Brian kill me.

Thank you. Michelle have to be with you on a Monday and if you listening to me more about the Queen.

Sadly, I would have to ask you to switch stations is you listen for two weeks we've been mowing the Queen not here. This is an alternative programming opportunity already. Lavina be with me at the bottom of the other prison, the New York Yankees, why of course you know it's going on history being made by one of the class action sports 6 foot seven and Sharon judge. Not only is he doing what he's doing in a non-deadbolt era, the second-highest home run record the second number two on the list and in the league I think is 38 homers. This is like the old days when Ruth was the only one getting close to 60 or 40 so he's he's got 59 and also can the Yankees turn around will see what can happen this week.

The plane, the pirates, which are basically AAA team in concert Michael Walton studio if you smart enough to be watching Fox nation Museum garnishment. Let me outline the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three there disaster in the field and competence of the Russian switches surpassed what I would have expected.

They have simply failed to deliver. Yeah, that is, and will change diabetes as Steve Winwood would call it. They are winning. He would sing it though Ukraine is winning is rushes emptying their prisons firing the generals and in order to hold onto their legal gains.

Meanwhile, as the land as a receipt from the land.

It's revealing a killing field. Thousands of innocent tortured and killed.

I will discuss it first. Wallace put this in perspective inflation rate month-to-month is just an inch hardly know you're not arguing that 8.3 elements in his it's not just present speaking of 60 minutes.

Even with his softball setting makes him hair-raising statements leaving his very own future and doubt will break it down one of the biggest failures of the rule of law is happening right now at the southern border of the United States until last week, no one is really talking much about it now understands in Green Bay, Wisconsin not giving interviews by giving speeches, order brawls, Dems erupt over Martha's Vineyard's Mike and drop off the BP residence bus stop and 11 buses arriving in New York this weekend.

Finally, people are paying attention. So in that sense it work comes from Mike Welch welcome you to have your job brought DeSantis now the governor you feel about his maneuver to send these migrants to Martha's Vineyard yeah I think he's he's speaking to something that Americans always care about and that's just a sense of fairness and they hate hypocrisy right and made the fact that the everybody knows. At least everybody watches Fox or listen to radio show and on the other not is not not yet none of the rest the mainstream in your cover covering it. But we all know that this administration right now as we speak has massive contracts, taxpayer-funded contracts with a number of organizations to fly people away from the border all over the country and they been doing it for two years now zero cooperation with governors even 10 I saw I saw a contributor on II hate to throw this out there, but I took a peek at CNN by Ronald Van Jones was saying well but the difference is it's all coordinated as part of a process there somebody there to receive them and integrate no it's not, I could tell you for a fact all of my Sheriff's are blindsided all of our police chiefs are blindsided are mayors are blindsided they been flying people in the Jacksonville, Florida the middle night and Congress can't get a straight answer at all. So just the terms of basic transparency.

How many people you flying around where they going once they get there. We don't know how long is this clinic is Helen Skinner continuum. What's it costing the taxpayer.

The only difference Rhonda Santos is he's doing it above board in the middle of the day and shining a spotlight on and you know not done that. I know your job is not look at political opportunities for Democrats. But if you are a mayor they cared about your city to be an opportunity taken your party and say listen to Mr. present, who by the way, likes Mayor Adams you got into something of the border because right now they're flooding our area with it and saying how wrong it is in Westchester. Just because it's New York City at Port Authority is just as wrong in Westchester and then you do would be your Suarez is doing in Miami. Sometimes he takes on DeSantis and sometimes he'd know for the most part he see talks by Republicans doesn't always go along with Donald Trump but for the most part he does. I think that's when people are in this business for people and not for their own political power. What you are saying that brighter see that with mayors in Texas and along the border Democratic mayor Leah and Henry Cuellar in Congress, which the Democrats through everything but the it's about that. You know the ice to primary him and taken out and oh by the way, this is really disturbing coincidentally had an FBI raid right on his home right before his primary I guess that's just a coincidence. I just totally forgot that whatever happened with that and then they said he wasn't the subject of an investigation, but that's what it's just David really has the hair stand up the back my head should every American is don't do this raid. It's politically really conveniently timed and then say well it's it's back in her investigations back in the cone of silence after the political damages been done, but he he survived it. This is Henry Cuellar in the house and I told him congratulations. The other day. He said him get more congratulations from your party than for mine. But there are some standing up because they see firsthand this crisis and now DeSantis and now that are to make the rest of these Democrat mayor see the crisis firsthand.

Do you realize Republicans would gotten that seat had the other is opponent one because there's nobody in that area that want to see a liberal in that CO if we had taken the Democrats tactics, we would've poured money behind the progressive absolutely thinking that we could then get really quite aggressive, because that's what obviously they're doing with with Trump aligned candidates, but instead were saying you know let's do it's good for the country. Here's cut eight is to require right now were getting people from Surrey), China, India, and of course keep my truck and Venezuela. There are certain folks. The countries that might not accept some of the people you got a look at that sign on by most of the people come in and don't apply for asylum. We got to do as your next guest is facing Terry J. Johnson. He treated people with respect, but at the end of the day. He he enforced the law he returned people in one of the things that this administration is not doing it there so he showed people going and landing in the countries in Honduras and to show that there is repercussions to leasing show the visual of them being expelled if they are being expelled. I don't know if Philip the plane send them back show that video. It helps the leaders of their countries keep their expanded concert if you want. Listen, I'm sure these Venezuelans are there first-round draft picks casino would be part of communism which many consulate in Venezuela and also make them apply in the first country they step into is where they apply that's with the previous ministration was done and that's with the vice president's.

It was a broken system that we can do in Columbia we could do in Panama. All we could do it Mexico and remain in Mexico. The other thing that that this is me off and is the vice president saying we were going after the root causes the root causes of them are pouring. She wants to pour $4 billion back in the central America talk to anybody who is operated down there.

The drug cartels take a huge cut off the top. The corrupt governments take a huge cut off the top 24 million make sure the money gets spent in the right to do the math on that you're actually empowering these cartels and corrupt governments in making the problem worse about this. We want to talk about root causes.

Let's incentivize major corporations to pull their manufacturing out of China and if they Bring It Back Here United States.

Let's Incentivize If It's a T-Shirt Factory or Whatever to Put It in Central America. Now You're Killing Two Birds with One Stone Me There's Ways to Get It Root Causes Visits during the Intercept to Not Say No. We Subscribe to Have Seen It Building the Wall There's Going to Rebuild the Wall in the Same Contractors. They Were Told to Sit on the Side Are Paid to Sit on the Same Side of Being a Back There.

I Just Keep an Eye and Have You Heard Anything about This. Well, We've Heard so Their Playing Word Games They're Repairing the Wall Providing Extensions to the Wall, but They're Saying They're Not Building New Sections of the Wall You're Expanding at a Repairing It Is to Admit, It Is Those Where They Were Met. That They Would Admit That It Works. We All Know It Works and Look at My Knees Putting a Wall around His Compound in Delaware, Harris Said This, You Know It's Happening Venezuela Right Now Their Children There Being Put on a Bus and Plane Who Didn't Know Where They Were Going with Her Being Sent Human Beings Real People of Faith Who Have Fled Harm and Kids United States on This Is America for Refuse. I Think It's the Height of Your Responsibility As a Dereliction of Duty While like My I Haven't Talk It to the Governor Directly about It. But the Lieutenant Governor Was Was Just on Aaron Publicly Saying They All Sign Consent Forms. They Were All Fully Informed of Martha's Image.

Why Would You Want to Go to Martha's Vineyard A Lot Of Them Wanted to Go to Where They Where They Had Relatives in New York and Boston in and What Have You and and so They Went. At the Same Time There What They're Trying to Do This about Politics in Florida, Brian, Because You Know Obviously the Running Somebody against Both DeSantis and Marco Rubio and They're Trying to Get the Venezuelan Population in Florida Fired up about This and Use This As a Political Wedge Knocking to Work Because the Fitness Wailings or in Florida or Upset about Biden Trying to Buy More Oil from Maduro and His Outreach to the Murder, a Regime Stuck at Work. I Will Will See How This Goes. I Want to Fast Forward to Two It's Going on the War in Ukraine Runs about 3000 Mi.� of Gain. Right Now It Seems As Though Fundamentally for Non-Strategies to Win Your Military Expert, but It Seems like They Made It Seem like They Want to Take Your Son down the South Who They Really Did Was a Head Fake.

They Put the Resources of the North. They Had Almost No for No Resistance from the Russians Who Were Throwing down Their Close Leaving Their Equipment and Running for the Hills so II Have Opportunity to Meet with Zielinski and Keith about Two Months Ago He Made It Very Clear They Have To Get Parts of the South Back.Cure Sign Is a Huge Port City Just like Making Something and I Are Still Making Some Gains There. But You're Right What the Russians Did Was Reinforce the South at the Expense of the Northeast and That's Where the Ukrainians Are Made against the Question Is Can They Sustain It Didn't Have Enough Ammunition. Biden NGO Is 60 Minutes Interview Is Basically Saying the Ukrainians Are Winning but at the Same Time Russia Can Still Turn off Gas and Is Turning off Gas to Europe It's Gonna Send Them into an Economic Crisis. This Winter European Still Are Not Stepping up in What They Are Providing Some Fraction of What We Are.

Which Really Just Just Seems Are Doing yet Only the Eastern Europeans. Only the Polls and Romanians Really and Maybe to Some Extents like Check in Slot Because They're Drunk on Russian Oil and Gas Shut off Anyone You Make It Easy for and What They're Seeing and What They're Going to See This I Know, but They Keep Hoping against Hope They Have This Irrational Hope That Somehow If They're Nice Enough to Go Saying That That's Why Micro Macro and Calls Him Every Week That If They're Nice Enough That He'll Change His Mind. Meanwhile, You See, Putin, and C Meeting They're Talking about Enhanced Cooperation and Reinvigorating Their Cooperation in China's Imports of Russian Oil and Gas Are up 50% from Last Year That India Well I Don't like It When I've Been Pressuring. I Think We Should Be Pressuring the Heck Out Of the Indians.

I Think the Indian Relationship Is Incredibly Important for Us but This Is Unacceptable. They've Got a Move Away from Russian Biden Is a UN Should Be Loud and Clear to Both the Indians. The Chinese in the World That Putin Is an Absolute Monster Is a Fog and You Gotta Stop This Rational Is the President's Presence Can Speak Wednesday to Fly Back from the from the Funeral in the UK and Speak with You Will Be Very Sure. By the Way, It Was Very Interesting That Letter, Putin Comes out and Said the Chinese Had Questions about the War and Modi Came out in a Stunning Rebuke, Modi Told Putin Quote Today's Ear Is Not an Ear of War and I've Spoken to on the Phone about This, and Followed up and Now Is Proving That He Has Had Heard Concerns and Questions about the War from the Chinese Present so Modi Said That Publicly in the Present Saying the President of China Is Is Saying It. I Got Concerned about What's Happening Obviously Most Looking to See What's behind These Public Rebuke Right but There's Nothing Good about That from Vladimir Putin State. This Theory Is He's Added Troops. These Attic Commanders Won't Have a Draft Emptying the Prisons Asking the Wagner Group to Take the Lead for the Chechnya and Step Endings Losing Ground and Equipment so I Could Sit There and Say What Is He Really up, Asleep, but When His Reality Is Pretty Bad so That Critical Decision. Putin Has before Him Is to Go to a National Mobilization Which Is Not Done I As You Said, He's Pulling from Siberia.

He's Pulling from Chechnya. He's Pulling from Prisons Where He Is Not Pulling from Our Middle Class Russian Families in St. Petersburg Was in Moscow Right There Is a Huge Risk.

That's His Base of Support.

But the Other Thing That's I Getting Talked about A Lot Is in Order for Him to Go to a National Mobilization Has To Declare This a War Not a Special Military Operation and That Kicks off a Whole Other Level of Things, but the Industrial Military Military Industrial Base for Russia Is Absently Struggling in China Is Stepping in to Help Them on the Economic and on the Things with like Computer Chips, Critical Minerals, I, I Just Mentioned They Were Buying up the Russian Oil and Gas Were Not Militarily Make This Public Were Seeing That Were Seen That a Number of of Reporting Stay Right Here Got A Few More Minutes with You in the Bottom of the I Will Work with the Present Yankees and I Know You Have Expertise but I Know Baseball If You Don't Mind, I Have To Take His Expertise and Yeah Yeah I More with Cars Michael Wallace WK Be Very Familiar with Him Move Newsmakers and News Breakers.

First, I Can Only Show If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about Your Weight until Made after Our Interview, a White House Official Told Us US Policy Has Not Changed. Officially, the US Will Not Say Whether American Forces Would Defend Taiwan Commander-In-Chief Had a View of His Own. So Unlike Ukraine. To Be Clear Sir. US Forces US Men and Women Would Defend Taiwan. In the Event of a Chinese Invasion.

Yes Okay Right Tyson Michael Walt's What He Does. This Is the Fourth Time. Based on This and the Fourth Time. Jen Saki Now the White House Formally Walked It Back before It Aired Take That Way. That's When the Foreign Policy Establishment Elite in Washington DC Has To What We Do Has To Has To Go Cleanup on Aisle Six Row Is in a Cleanup with Apollo. I Actually Think Presence of the Current Policy Is One of Ambiguity Whether We Will or Won't Defend Taiwan. We Leave It up in the Air and I Think That Made Sense for Many Years Because What We Didn't Want Then Was for the Taiwanese Then to Say Hey the Americans with Us 100% Were Going to Independence and Precipitate a Crisis.

Now I Believe It's Different.

Under CC Is Telling His Country to Prepare for War. He's Told His Military to Be Ready by 2027, If Not Sooner to Defeat Our Military. If We Try to Intervene and He's Talking about Being the World Superpower Not a Superpower, the Superpower, so I Think We Need to Shift Which It Seems like the Presidents Instrument Instincts Are Heading That Direction to One of Deterrence and Only If China Looks at It and Says This Is Gonna Be Too Hard, Too Expensive, and Threatened Disease Rule Well, but He Not Do It and I Have To Tell You This, Then Do Something about Recruiting and Forget the Holdbacks Mandate and Start Building on Start Farming, Taiwan, and so and Replenishing Our Stocks and Told That's Right, Right. Instead What He He's Propose These Massive Defense Cuts Which You When You Take into Account Inflation Were Going Backwards. Just Had a Report Come out Today from a Very Respected Think Tank Saying the U.S. Air Force May Not Be Able to Stand Toe to Toe with the Chinese Air Force Anymore Right Because Extolling All of Our Stealth Technology, Not to Mention the Fact That the Chinese Navy Is Now Larger Than the U.S. Navy and They Can Concentrate All Their Ships and One Ocean, but I Would Say Very Quickly Price Minus Taiwan Matter Half the World Shipping Close to the Taiwanese Straights.

All of the Computer Chips.

It's a Critical Critical Economy That They'll Be Now. I Would Chips. Without That, We Have To Depend on China's Almost Solely Which Is Not Acceptable Where We Have One Plan Coming Back like Well Thank You Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show. I Think the Reality Is We Had Midterms This Is a Referendum on Joe by the Fact That There Is Crime Rising American Support Crisis Reporting Discussed. There's a Recession That Were Getting Deeper into That. I Think Republicans Integrate If Instead Were Talking about More Log over the Events around January 6. It's a Distraction and I Think That It Does Damage Republican Chances. The Mentor That's True, and That Is Mortuary Who Is Former Chief Of Staff Device Pretty United States Obviously Being Very Critical of the President Prison Trunk Because They're Pretty Much a War with the Vice President over How Every Thing Was Handling January 6 but for the Most Part.

If Everyone Time I Merl I Go to Gift to Joe Biden If Everybody Is Talking about Donald Trump and Different Legal Cases. It's a Gift to Joe Biden with to the Biggest Thing You Could Do to Make Joe Biden Defend His Record Himself and Others. I Mean, Jared Bernstein, These Other Guys Can Spin It off the Table to the Unpermitted of the Deficit Going down One Appointment Was Always down for the Most Part the Bigger Story Is How Many 11 Million Jobs Are Open and 7 Million People Are Out Of Work. How Does That Work with the Biggest Problem Is in Almost Every Industry Is Not Enough People There to Work. That Is the Bigger Story. But If I'm Jared Bernstein Is an Economist Working for the Government Bringing That up.

Nothing in It to Bring up with with Present Body Keep Some Type of the Deficit Being Cut Being Cut for One Great Reason the Pandemic Is over to Two Weeks to Stop the Spread Ended up Being Two Years and Now That We Stop to Read Radical Spending. The Deficit Goes down Year-To-Year but Not Overall. Overall the Spending Its Way up Because Every One of His Programs outside the Guns Revolves Spending Although You Could Even Say the Spending Are Incentives for States to Take on These You Know Some of These Rules and Regulations but Not Demanding That Allows Them Allows Them to Participate in Some Type of Gun Reduction Were Some Type of Gun Control. So That's the Story. I Thought Marshall Was Brilliant Because You and Every Sunday Show outside Shannon Bream Show by Just Talking about How Inhumane It Is for These Republican Governors to Send in Air-Conditioned Buses and Planes. These Illegal Immigrants so They Crossed the Border Thing to Walk through the Jungle.

They Pay Our Human Traffickers to Get to the Border and You're Upset about an Air-Conditioned Bus Ride to an Elite Area of This World to the Vice President Stoop. I'm Pretty Sure That's Not Inhumane and Is Not Just Because the Children It's Whoever Comes One Comes All All of Them Were Told There Voluntarily and Who Knows What the Weather Might've Misinterpreted through Any Language Barrier, but in Terms of Reality at the Border. Henry Cuellar Right on Message Again. He Did Not like the Shipping of People. Okay, Fine. But Listen to What He Says after Cut Seven We Not Jeter by Setting off. To New York to Chicago. It Does Bring Attention, but I We Want to Focus More on Solutions on the Border Patrol Got a Gift by Homeland Security Equipment to Make Sure They Have Everything Where They Can Enforce the Law Because If We Don't Have Repercussions That the Border Continue Getting 8000 People a Day, Let Me Mention One More Thing Margaret, You Know That Name I Get to Buses a Day and Some of the Cities Just for My Hometown of Laredo Were Sending out 21 to 26 Buses on Day Laredo Just to Give You an Idea What's Happening Here. So Can You Imagine Being a Border City in Arizona or or Texas and Knowing the People Coming across Actually Outstripped the Number of People in Your Town. In Particular, Have People Calling up Sam Afraid to Leave My House yet Migrants Destroy My Property Sleeping on My Lawn and Then When You Have Martha's Vineyard Residents Who Haven't Had a Look at Their Bank Account Years. This Is so Ridiculously Wealthy and They're Upset about 60 They Come Here People in Tears and They Quickly Shipped Them out in a Matter of I Think 24 Hours to a Military Base and Their Complaining. That's When More Shortbread up Cut 14 This Is Highlighting the Hypocrisy and I Think in Many Cases Fake Outraged by Those on the Left and Some in the Media. The Migrants in Florida and I Arrived on the Shores of Florida Do Not Walk across the Florida Georgia Line There Being Flown in by the Biden Restriction, so Somehow It's Okay to Find across the Interior. The United States Everywhere across Five States, but Is Wrongfully Doubled and Then Send Them to One of Wealthiest Communities in America, Right. How Does It Make Any Sense. That's the Logic of It and Would You Have Is Mortuary and Others Me One Person or Thing You Been Watching Anything besides CNN Talking about More Lago You Understand What's Happening at the Border.

The Fact That We Are Totally Overwhelmed at the Border Patrol Is off the Border Just Taking Care Of Processing People, Changing Diapers and Giving out to Play Toys to Children Because They Have To Leave the Border in Their Job. There's Nobody That Sits behind a Desk Anymore They Just Take Intake. They Give These People Warrants to Come Back When They Don't Show up There's No Ramifications That Don't Have the Money. Ice Is Been Defamed. This Is All Part of a Process Flat out Negligence and When You Sit There and Say It's Inhumane. Mission Accomplished.

You Are Talking about It. That's How Low Our Demand Is You See a Thing Falling Apart and That Is Security the Border No One Will Even Cover to Pay Attention to. It's What You Gotta Do Is Actually Ship the Problem Literally to Their Doorstep Word Is the Gotta Be Coming to Delaware Soon and More Going Tomorrow Lago so They Going to Be Going to the Cities into These Areas and People Say It's Cool No, It's Time to Get a Hold of the Situation Understands the 50 State Problem but until You See the Reality of It and See the Cut It's Destroying Other People's Lives. Besides the People of Texas Lives and I Think It's a Risk Was Brought up Karl Rove Brought up before That You Know Some of These People Are Venezuela Cuban and in the Cuban Venezuelan Community Which Is so Much to Make up the Fabric of of Florida and Your Governor. It Might Look to People Who Listen to Propaganda That You Being Cruel to Those People from Those Separate Countries, yet You Are Fleeing and More Than Likely You're on the Run for Reason You Want to Better Life and Maybe Your Political Prisoner Got out or or You Been Throttled or in Prison and You're Free. Whatever It Is You Running from a Communist Country, and You Want to Degree of Freedom Maybe Have Some People Here so We Gotta Do Is You Have To Apply the First Country That You Get to It's Now Almost Never Ours There Is a Situation in Florida Where If You Cuban You Sit on Land, You Get to Stay That's Already Set.

I Don't Think That's Been Rescinded.

If That Still Employed That's Been Employee Got It before the Others See If You Get to a Country View Leaving Bolivia the First Country Get to You Apply Then and That's Was a Degree of Order at the Border Which This Administration Says the Other Administration Actually Broke Really Listen to Dick Durbin Cut 11 Benson Salvation Army Rescue Center in Chicago and I've Met with People Came off the Buses Sit down with One of the Families and They Told Me the Story.

It Is Pathetic That These Governors Are Taking Advantage of These Helpless People Making Promises to Them to Get on the Bus in Life Is Just Fine, and off They Go to Places Far Removed from Where They're Supposed to Be Appearing under the Requirements of Our Law in Matter of Weeks and Months so He's Jeopardizing Their Stay in the States with Each Government System Decision.

Okay, so Dick Durbin Knows Better Use Understand It, We Get Cut from Him. Talk about the Need to Build a Wall. Same Thing with Chuck Schumer.

Same Thing with Harry Reid Now Dead. So They All Know the Difference, but They Think They Can Sit There and Play on the Families and Say They Been Abused and Taken Minority Thinking Get the Hispanic Vote Back Hispanic Vote in the South Has Shifted Predominantly to Republicans, to the Point Is Almost a Dead Heat Went in the North Only Knows Going on the Board and Abuses Taking Place and Therefore Did That Still Remains Heavily in the Democratic Quarter but You Will See I Believe in This Next in This Next Election. J.

Johnson Home and Security Sec. Cut 13.

He Is Breaking This up at a Holcomb Making This up at a Whole Cloth Least in His Initial Assessment Cut 13 Information Illegal Immigration Is an Information Sensitive Phenomenon.

It Reacts Sharply to Information in the Marketplace about Perceived Changes in Enforcement Policy on Our Southern Border. This Administration, I Believe Unfairly Is Perceived As Is Lax on Border Enforcement. In Fact We Are Sending Back over 100,000 People a Month and Have Been for the Last Two Years over 2 Million People. The Lesson I Learned Managing This Issue Is Gotta Repeat Yourself Maybe 25 Times for Anybody Will Listen to You If You Have To Show That We Are in Fact Sending People so That They All Were Saying. I Would like to See the Hundred Thousand. I'm in a Report That They Sent Back Single Males. Every Time I See a Boss Getting off in DC or New York or Chicago.

It's Single Maps so I Don't Know What They're Talking about Sending It Back. I Love to See Baby Attack a Mexican Town. It's Still Felt the Effects of All These a Returning Illegal Immigrants. I Look to See That Is That My Beginning That Mike and Mexico to Enforce Their Border Because I Don't Want to Deal with the Lagging Indicator Which Is Those Who Cross and Come Back. I'm Not Seeing That. Listen to This Is the Impact of the Hispanic Vote, Republicans Performing Best with Expanding Voters Who Live in the South, a Region That Includes Florida and Texas.

Now This up 46% of Latino Voters Say They Plan to Vote for Democrats Will 45% to the Plaintiff of Republicans That Unbelievably Great. That's like George Bush Great. That's When It Was Unbelievably Easy Equally Perceived That Both Parties Were for the Hispanic Culture. When There Naturally. Republicans, by Contrast, Democrats Have a 6224 Advantage among Hispanic Voters in Other Parts of the Country Will See How That Plays out Is for the Most Part You Would Think Would Be the Other Way When You See What You Think Would People and Hispanics Being Told to Go Back Home Knows Those People That Are Come Here Illegally Take off the People They Got Here Legally. That's What's Playing out in the Numbers so We'll Talk about That We Come Back 1-866-408-7669 and Will Find out If There's More to Know Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me Show the Way People Talk about Slavery These Days You Think It Was a Uniquely American Thing That We Invented in 1619. Slavery History Has Been the Rule Not the Exception. The Samarian's Egyptians and Greeks, Romans, the Arabs, British Early Americans All the Way up through Our Kelly Thing Gathered the Slaves from the Interior of Africa Just Slips out the Slave Traders, Africans Who Also Kept Their Own Slaves. We Were Species Prone to Making Others of Our Species Are Bit. I've Said It before and I'll Say It Again. Humans Are Not Good People. I Grew the Last Part That's the Cynical Comorbidities Hundred Percent Right Been Seen over and over Again and the People Wrote 1620, Which Was the Answer to the 1619 Project and Others Who Have Done Studies on the 6019 Project, Including Some Contributors. He Said I Saw Your Final Product. You Gotta Fix This. It Doesn't Work like for Example the Revolutionary War Was Fought over Slavery. Are You Nuts Had Nothing to Do with Slavery Because the British Got Rid of Their Slaves Prior to the Revolution but They Kept All Their Slavery in All Their Colonies. One of Which Was Awesome.

So They Were Doing Is Offering Slaves Their Freedom If They Would Fight against Us. That's What Brought It up, but When You Say Things That Are Blatantly Untrue and Makes Other Things, It Would or Turn out to Be True Makes People Distrustful of It, Obviously so Bill Moore Making so Much Sense When He Does I Will Share with You Because It's Who We It. It's Not Exactly Sean Hannity Saying It Who We Will Believe and Understand That He Understands the Truth. We Did, I Did Not Know That Bill Moore Felt the Way He Did about These Things, but It Makes Me Feel like the Country Is Not Lost so Much Fun of. There's Even More in a No Go. Let's Talk about Football and Controversy, but Not on the Field, the University of Oregon Is Apologizing for Offensive and Disgraceful Behavior in an Anti-Mormon Chant during the BYU Oregon Game.

Let's Listen You Might Want to. If You Want to Say Something to Keep It about the School That about the Religion in Which to Thrive. The School Thrives on University of Organization Apology after This Footage Show We Show to Sound like about 20 People Could Put the Outrage from Utah Gov. Spencer Cox Who Condemned the Chanted in a Retweet of the Video the Claimed Religious Bigotry Is Alive and Celebrated in Oregon.

BYU Is a Private University in Utah Sponsored by the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, Whose Members Are Known As Mormons.

The College Kids Act like Idiots. I Don't Think We Should Make That Big a Deal. Hopefully They Were There Lance, I Apologize.

You Will Next for 30% of Dogs Always Respond to Their Name Compared to 50 per 252% to Jump up for the Word Treat That You Know This Eric OP Would You If This Is Catch You by Surprise. He Almost Thing about You Want to Redo the Study. I Know When I Had a Dog That I Say You Really Want to Treat with No Freak out in a Good Way. But Then If You Just I Say to You, If You Say Hey You Want to.

He and He Would Do the Same Exact Thing I Guess We Just Feel like a Silicate of Notices Yes Were Just 2000 Dog Owners Were Surveyed, 47% Say That There Dogs Reacting Sensitively to the Noise Made When a Tree Containers Open, Which Is True of 52% of Dogs Refuse to Answer the Question Which I Thought.

It Shows Bad Training yet Is a Terrible from the Origin. Now If Your Dogs Were Surveyed Organize Something and Ella Fill out. Would You Let Them Fill It out.

Never Treat Your Dog to Retrieve for Ourselves, to over 64% Said They Look to Their Dogs to Make Them Feel Better on Bad Days Right.

Hopefully Dogs Are Getting Paid Well for This. I Do Have Three Dogs and Mostly for the Most Part I Worked for Them Next Strong National Museum of Play Announce This Year's Finalists for the National Toy Hall Of Fame Including Bingo, Briar Horses, One of a Light Bright Light Bright Is Still Entertaining. People Could Time and Masters of the Universe. Okay. Number Six Is Nerve Toys. It's Unbelievable Nerve to Think You Had No Voice and You Link the Means of No Kachina People Have Had Round. Is Anyone Working on New Toys Was Still Working on Pinyon Is Light Bright I Apologize to This Generation.

We Should Move past This Is like the People Were Churning Butter. We Came up with A Few Games to Pass the Time and Would Never Improve the What about Milton Bradley Is Doing Anything Different Rack of Six to This, the Spiral Graph Was Still Doing the Spiral Graph Every Avenue Asking about What the Prior Source.

I Have Actually Had the Okay with Say This Is Wrong. These Are New Hall Of Fame Okay That's Why Nerve Is a Classic Right Pound Puppies with That Pound Puppies Were Stuffed Animals, but They Were Dogs and What You Do Is in You by My Sister Had Vitamin A Actually Come with a Naming Stop and He Felt the Paperwork and Then Adopt a Dog Pill for You Will Go to the Parent to Get a Stuffed Animal. Instead, How Would Your Family. If Elder Said Yes It Right You Bring Home Rocking Apollinaire Stuffed Animal Right and Plus Wheels Wheels That Are Brief.

I Don't Really Go to the Pound Really Do Need to Know the Background That I Need to Answer This Question That Is Okay to Pay Your Need to Know Yes or No. So If I Have a Thousand Fill out You Can Questionnaire and If They Filled out Properly Yeah Adopt Next Ease up on the Gym.

Intense Workouts Can Impact Your Memory Performance Studies Continue to Conclude That Excises Good for the Body, Brain, and Well-Being. However, Researchers from Dartmouth Are Showing the True Complexity of the Range of between Exercise Memory and Mental Health. This Study Finds the Impact of Excises Much More Nuanced, Different Exercise Intensity Overload Pretty Time Resulting Different Memory and Mental Health Outcomes. He Said 113 for Users and Asked Each Person to Perform a Series a Memory Test Etching the Same Questions about the Mental Health Insurer. The Finished Data Research Expected More Active Participant of a Strong Memory and Display Better Mental Health of the Results Were Not That Simple. So This Is Surprising, but I Talked about like Bodybuilders. The Average Person on the Elliptical Be Okay. Don't Use That As an Excuse to Stop Working out. I Know You Listen to Bright Tell I Want to See You in Person. Karen G.

Listeners, Especially over in Oklahoma November 12, and on That on November 13 and over 12 in Brandon, Mississippi. Yes, Let's Go to Brandon, Mississippi over 100 Meteorologists and Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Hands Box Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber List of Malik Fox News or Wherever You

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