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Biden is giving $12 billion more to Ukraine while our troops use food stamps

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 28, 2022 3:19 pm

Biden is giving $12 billion more to Ukraine while our troops use food stamps

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 28, 2022 3:19 pm

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Mike Huckabee, and Ralph Reed join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Dodge dart show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job universities. Do you still see George so everybody you know why there are no what is a very remedies and also a very dangerous day as well and that is our starting point today as we are following of these developments out of Florida, where it is looking grim and the wind and built the damage the storm surge is beginning to happen, it will continue throughout our program and were going to do our very best to out to keep you updated on the story I we got a lot of video on our website.

Todd, and you'll be able to access that it will be updated throughout the day.

Kayla Parker, Ben Jeter, the whole new steam other very busy today wanting to bring you the latest information from what we understand from the national hurricane center there now predicting a catastrophic storm surge of folks I want to listen to these numbers. This is this is not an arrow are this is the actual numbers and were talking about feet not inches, but the national hurricane center now says that they're expecting a storm surge of between 12 and 18 feet above ground level of that's expected to happen somewhere between Inglewood Florida and Bonita Beach, Florida. That would also include Charlotte Harbor.

So that's a little south of Tampa Bay, but it doesn't really matter because the storm is so massive it exploded in size late last night in the early morning hours.

At one point by going directly to I walls from a meteorological standpoint.

From a weather guesser standpoint, it truly was remarkable to see to see that storm just explode borderline, category five, but at this point really doesn't matter a penultimate sustained winds are to be 100 and 3040 miles an hour, and that this is very dangerous if you live in the Cape Coral Fort Myers area you're pretty much good to be underwater and last night I was checking out some video from Key West and Key West was already inundated and the storm was was multiple hours away and it was even high tide so we can only imagine were talking about a massive swath of Florida that is going to be deluged and in the deluge has already started to happen, you know, it was fascinating and I we we got some photos on our website of the heart of the these the days the water is just it just has just emptied out and all of that will come rushing back in.

We want to hear from you if you are there in Florida. We want to know how you're doing. What are what what's happening there. I we better touch with some of our friends of the talk radio world and you God.

God bless talk radio because when the power goes out, yet you can't lug around the TV, your smartphone, your battery runs out. You still got your radio and that radio host a lot of our fellow colleagues are putting themselves in harms way to keep you and your family safe and I just I really hope that you take a moment and think those people and I give them a good prayer because there'd they're going to be there through the through the entire storm through the eye of the storm, literally making sure that you guys are safe.

Here's our telephone number 844-747-8868. Maybe you have family down there, a baby, you have evacuated your listen to the program from a hotel room I we will know how you're doing and what the conditions are like back in your neighborhoods 844-747-8868 may I just say how blessed the state of Florida is to have a man like Ron DeSantis and the governor's mansion. Here's a guy that doesn't take any. He doesn't take anything from the mainstream media so earlier today that they're having a big press conference and keep in mind what's the whole focus of today the whole focus. The whole point of today and yesterday and tomorrow and the day after is preparing for the storm dealing with the storm making sure people are protected. Making sure all the swift water rescue geyser in place making sure everything is there to go in and rescue people and make sure people are sick but that's not how the media operates her that's not how Joe Biden operationally lived to get to Joe Biden in just a minute but Ron DeSantis earlier this morning. Here's the encounter. When a reporter tried to insert politics and all of this got number nine is false. It concerns Seth lacks response to the storm so far and that will break that is nonsense. Stop criticizing okay stop it. We declared a state of emergency.

When this thing wasn't even form. We've had people in here you had counties doing they done a lot of hard work and and honestly you're trying to attack me. I get to like your tacking these other people who work very hard and says that's is totally false, why don't we ever certainly since I've been governor declared a state emergency this early.

We made sure that we were very inclusive with it.

We said there was a lot of uncertainty and and we work to make sure the preparations that have been done and all the other stuff you talk to the people at the counties when they needed something stuff gets there very quickly because of what Kevin and his team of.good for you, sir. These are sleaze bags were talking about the mainstream media here and good for you.

Governor DeSantis and that's how you have to deal with these people. You gotta put them in their place and you gotta calm right out.

You know I was giving some advice to a person there there running for office and they wanted some guidance.

I've never run for public office before there there have this big job this big debate, and it turns out that the debate moderator is friends with with the with the other person's opponent and there were really concerned because they felt like they were going to get a fair shake by by the media and I told this person. I said you don't play their game you play your game and if you have to go to war with the with the debate moderator you go to war with the debate moderator.

By the way, that's what Donald Trump did back in the day and it worked brilliantly, but good for DeSantis were calling out this nonsense looked last night on CNN, the most profane name and new primate road network Judge Joe Brown in our hurricane coverage center think the judge looked John limit little Donnie will uninstall the nitro before he joins his girlfriend saw on the on the morning show at CNN, which by the way, is the lowest rated show they have on CNN. But I digress. So Don lemons try to make the whole hurricane a climate change issue and the director of the national hurricane center. I don't know if he got he's got a little disinterested in him. I want you to take a listen to how all that went down cut seven. Can you tell us what this is and what affect climate change has on this phenomenon where we can come back in time I climate change at a later time. I want to focus on the here and now we think the rapid intensification is probably almost done.

There can be a little bit more intensification. Is it still over the warm waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, but I don't think were to get any more rapid intensification. If you look here, you can actually see pretty interesting for your viewers.

You can actually see a second firewall forming around the inner eye wall and that's basically the second I wall has overtaken the original eye wall and that should arrest development. Listen I just am just trying to get used to doing tundra climates is what what affect is pointing On this phenomenon that that is happening of the scenes he storms are intensifying. That's a question I don't think you can link climate change to any one event on the whole, on the cumulative climate change may be making storms worse. But to link it to any one event that I would caution against listen grew up there and the storms are intensifying something is causing intensifying note what a moron and good for the national hurricane center director to call out this moron for being stupid and there only thing worse than a moron is a stupid moron and that's what little Donnie limit is now.

I went back and did some research and so when you're having these conversations with the other three hungers of the folks out there that do do believe in this global warming.

Well, here's what you need to understand about hurricanes, hurricanes or been around since the good Lord created the earth and we had the great flood and Noah's Ark back when the rainbow meant something else. What we've had hurricanes. We've had bad storms as a matter fact going back to when they were they were measuring and keeping track of how many hurricanes in America, which was back right around the turn of the previous century before last. On the 20th century, but the 19th century. It turns out that yeah we have had a lot of hurricanes lately but we also have a lot of hurricanes back in the 1800s record-breaking.

As a matter fact I believe the third or the second of the third most active hurricane season was back in the in the 1800s and then back in the 1920s and 30s, so there is no rhyme or reason to this this particular hurricane season. It's been very quiet since the A4 E and we haven't had that many storms and this is the first storm of the season actually impact the United States of America now Pres. Biden may have a theory about that. He seems to think that vaccines are going to protect you from the hurricanes got number two liberty clear. If you're in the state where hurricanes often strike like Florida or the Gulf Coast or Texas of vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated.

Now everything is more complicated if you're not vaccinated hurricane or natural disaster hits. She's a lawyer.

This guy is never clear by the way, so there you go.

Biden says if you get the other jab then you're gonna be able to survive the hurricane. I still think we need to put Rod DeSantis in biblical robes give them a beard. Given this, the rod and put it out there on idle though the beach and have him maybe part the part the waters or maybe he can pull a Pat Robertson pray the hurricane to Martha's Vineyard Art. We had to take a break here a lot going on. By the way, Pres. Biden is now summoning the dead and working to get into that, we come back 844-747-8868.

Again, a very dangerous situation down there in Florida.

Be safe.

Don't put yourself in harms way by the way of the National Weather Service just posting this. A lot of people are going out now into the bay because all the waters have receded so people are like running down the back.

Do not do that because that water is about to come back and you don't want to be caught up in art 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year.

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There is a limited supply. So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes is already happening right now. Just something inside and under have indicated that this is the first category I will will and are "see a reporter talking about the hurricane is making its way into the state of Florida. I some wheat we host a video rep I'm about to post this on the website. Tampa Bay has completely emptied out so you can only imagine what's going to happen when all that water comes rushing back in its it's a it's a bad situation and I will say this Rhonda Santos doing a great job. Seems like they've got all their ducks in a row. As this storm comes ashore have finally have you guys heard about the about the waffle house index.

This is fascinating, so the weather guessers. They rely on the national hurricane center for other insults but it turns out that FEMA actually checks in with waffle house with. They've got this massive system in place is called the waffle house index not been Dieter. I know you're from, what the Pennsylvania you're from the Amish country of Pennsylvania. That's right, but they have waffle house was so that you so you so you guys have a waffle house. You know what I'm talking about or have you been to the waffle house.

Now you need to have a gun. If you do, you told me about.

It's always good to be prepared. As you know there's always a fight going down with waffle house, but the food is delicious and that the waffles the hashbrowns of the what.

Just think I'm blown away in trying to make the link between hurricane Ian and waffles.

So here's the deal, while blouses open 24 seven.

It is matter what's happening 24 seven so they got up and index and this is somewhat an informal metric. But the that the company uses this to figure out how bad things are in that community.

So for example if the storm comes, and there waffle houses serving their full menu. There's that means you typically there's no or little damage and they've got full power so so that's green that's so that's green.

Next on the waffle house index is yellow. That means you may not be able to get it out the sausage patties or the bacon or the toast.

They don't have biscuits, waffle house.

I never could understand, but they got to.

That means that maybe the powers little spot either some outages and they may not have a lot of food supplies that yellow now read is the apocalypse that means the waffle house is completely closed and the FEMA says that they actually use this to determine how bad the situation is in a town so the waffle asses closed I'll be there sitting in the ghetto like brigades of people because they know it's gotta be really bad. While many a night selling update where Rhonda Santos, the governor of Florida. He said it's no longer safe to get out of town.

You have to bunker down to wonder if those people just bunker down in the waffle house, probably not, because I was checking and the waffle houses around Sarasota and in that area of Florida are closed.

There are children have their own code red and here's the deal you know if your if your town if your towns waffle asses close you better pack up the pickup truck and hightail it out of town because something very bad is about to happen. I was with my waffle house any. Maybe it's just because it's one of the only places where you can go get a good breakfast at 3 o'clock in the morning. Well it did that at McDonald's or Taco Bell. No, not really know it's it's got it or Perkins you can go to a person should huddle house is pretty darn good. I will say so anyway VI. The waffle is index a pretty good indicator of whether or not your town. Got to the scattered covered and smothered by the sort that could be taught of the hashbrowns. I don't know, I'm a little confused by this but I think it's pretty fancy. Years ago used to go to waffle house in the Memphis area and they have a cook and she was up. She was a big girl. Her name was big sex and it was big sexy shoes great. That was on her name tag was that with the locals because that's what she was called, that's that that's what the locals could've been on the name tag. By the way, later folks will get good waffles I will buy the waste media names as we got a great story about Virgin Atlantic also coming up immediately after of the bottom of the hour news break folks Joe Biden was calling out a dead congresswoman, thinking she was alive today, are you concerned about the mental prowess of the President of the United States, is it time for us to demand a cognitive test 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number here in our bunker 844-747-8868 will be right back. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM National Weather Service now telling people you gotta hunker down.

They say via extreme wind warning now in effect. Gotta treat it like a tornado.

Go are thoughts and prayers with her friends or listers in the sunshine state. Gotta play this audio president Biden somebody forgot to put the pill in the porridge. This morning he was giving a speech up in Washington, and the guy was just all over the place. Biden went on to say that he he didn't even know if he was talking about Tom Bill Sakic could remember who he wants Harrison Center such as sec center side is doing a hell of a job. Unbelievable.

And then he goes on, and he's talking about.

He was calling out a Jackie Borski.

She was the congresswoman from Indiana. She what what were to play the audio and the bold filled in all the rest of this will, and thank all of you here including bipartisan like concessions like Gov. Sen. Braun Sen. Booker that the check you here was checking to ensure she was to help make this a reality. Now she's not here Mr. presidencies had what's wrong with you. So is calling for Jackie Borski. She was killed in a car accident in August. What drove her staff members were also killed and Biden knew that because you put out a statement. It was a very nice statement to boarding her loss so the idea that he either forgot that she died or or and this could be a possibility. Maybe he thinks she's still alive and this is bonkers were on the verge of World War III and we've got a president who thinks dead people are alive. The guys mental stability is an issue now, ladies and gentlemen of national and international importance. Quite frankly president Biden's mental faculties are a clear and present danger to our country and now is the time to the Democrats know they're going to get shellacked there. There get get ready for a but weapon as we used to say back home. They know there to lose in the midterm elections so they got nothing to they got nothing to lose politically by coming out and saying what we all know to be true that the president is not well and we need leaders from both parties to somebody needs to get up and like Ronnie Jackson are good friend from from taxes.

The former White House physician, now a congressman and he's been calling on Biden to take a cognitive exam. Let's see what's really going on up there, but we need to know whether the president is just having some sort of a perpetual brain freeze or the cheese really has done slid off his cracker. We need to know that once a you ladies and gentlemen, is it time to invoke the 25th amendment demand is now seeing dead people 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I mean it's not like this is some sort of a random occurrence. It's like every single day, mumbling his way through that entire speech. It was bonkers, just bonkers.

Malachi want to talk about the Nordstrom pipelines and were to do that after after the breaker coming up, but when we when I when I say I have grave concerns about Biden's mental capabilities. It's it's very important with what's happening in Ukraine and Russia. By the way, Joe Biden, the budget, the stopgap budget that the that the Senate is going to be voting on $12 billion in new spending for Ukraine. I meet at what point do we say enough is enough.

Just a couple weeks ago on this program we were telling you that many of our military personnel cannot make ends meet. And why can't they make ends meet because just like everybody else.

They been hit the hardest. The hardest by inflation. They're not getting pay raises their putting their lives on the line. They're being told by the Pentagon will again feed your family go down to the local good at a local food stamp office.

Go get yourself some government cheese go to the local food pantry at your church.

That's were there telling our fighting men and women. Many women were putting their lives on the line to keep all of the safe and were telling them that the lives of Ukrainians matter more than the lives of American people.

That's what they're telling us that's with the Biden demonstration.

That's what members of Congress are telling us now, I know, and we've heard this over and over and over again. This idea that well we gotta keep that we gotta keep the government "we can't shut down the government.

Why not, when the Republicans going to man up and actually be Republicans when it comes to physical physical being fiscal conservatives. When is that going to happen. I mean we know that they're not cultural conservatives anymore, but if you're not to be a fiscal conservative. What is the point of having a Republican Party. We all had to balance her checkbook. We all have to live within our means and I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of seeing my hard earned tax money going to fund this war between Ukraine and Russia. I'm sick of it now it would be a different matter. If in fact the Ukrainians were coming to us and wanting to buy all the stuff but were not only are we giving it to them. When is writing them a blank check and it does make you wonder what the Ukrainians have all the Biden crime syndicate.

What is it that Ukrainians have all these guys that Biden is literally giving them a blank check all gotta be enraged about the she got a son or daughter in the military or a veteran. Could you imagine what $12 billion would do to VA hospitals around the nation.

Could you imagine what that $12 billion would do to the families of military personnel that are just struggling to make ends meet to pay the bills every month is a lot of money, folks a lot of money 844-747-8860 that's her toll-free telephone number. Should we be funding this war in Ukraine right now. Is it time to pull the plug 844-747-8868 I wanted tell you guys a story couple years ago.

There is little girl named Lydia Booth she is 1/3 grader. We were in the middle of the pandemic. You might remember this, the kids were going back to school, but they were told they had to wear a mask so little Lydia shows up to school wearing a Jesus loves me mask the school leaders told that little girl.

She was not allowed to wear that sort of thing.

It was okay for the kids to pledge their allegiance to black lives matter, but they were not allowed to pledge their allegiance to Jesus Christ as our friends and allies defending freedom they took on Lydia's case, they did not charge that child a single penny. As a matter of fact allies defending freedom. They don't charge any of their clients, any money.

The school backed off, but they did not rescind the policy. Now it could've been easy for allies defending freedom to just declare victory for their client but they saw the bigger picture. They saw that religious liberty is under attack, and of all places, Mississippi, so they filed a federal lawsuit and they're saying that the school district is guilty of viewpoint discrimination and the cases making his way to the court. You see top. Are you telling us one telling you this because all this month were helping allies. Defending freedom. They do this, free of charge.

These guys can be making hundreds of thousands of dollars working for some of the top law firms in the country but they don't do that instead they do pro bono cases defending religious liberty defending the unborn defending the pro-life movement, and I respect that.

But I need our help. And here's what I want you to do a go to Todd you will see at the top of the page the allies defending freedom banner click on that and would you make a donation. All this month we are raising money is sort of a radio fawn for allies defending freedom and the if it's if all you got five dollars to make God bless you, but maybe you have $500,000 they they need all the help we can get the best part of it all. It's tax-deductible, even if it wasn't, it would be a noble thing for you to do.

But your to be getting a tax break on this and and you know we can all use those these days.

Again, Todd

Click on the alliance defending freedom banner and your to be helping little third-graders like Lydia fight for her religious liberty and her freedom will be right back. I want him back to the time charge radio so that it really is just unbelievable. The mental condition of the present and really Shimon's family of Mrs. Dr. Pursley Joe Biden is should be accused of of elder abuse was abided said a few days ago.

He was 30 she was 12, the hope and pray there wasn't any other abuse going lie. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Richard listing to us on the great KR 0F in Louisiana Richard what's on your mind like get your point of view on observation about the Biden the to be more than just mentally deficient.

The Democratic Party I believe it's worse than that. I think he actually represents the party nothing but back to the primary, the Democrats did not have one single electrical candidate. They were that bad.

It was either lightweight vicarious start. Looney Tunes extremists like socialism up in Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and P booty judge. Yeah, I mean there were there were selected doodles on that list. There were there was not a single candidate that could hold 40 to 43% in the general and they coalesced behind Biden, knowing already that he was mentally compromised because he was the most electable candidate they had unfortunately well you don't Richard let me let me jump in here actually the most electable person they had was Kelsey Gabbard but they were to let her run because her parents were supporters of traditional marriage back when she was a teenager and she helped in their campaigns and and that's the one of the reasons why she was booted off the stage.

She actually I think that she could've.

She could've been a viable candidate. Very good point, but the point I'm making you try to run from by the anomaly we get no but they should not be able not in the midterms not at any point should they be allowed to skate this is your God is the one that is our best leader and that you represent and all he was that he was their best and their brightest Richard. Just think about that for a moment you're here on the something here but I think ultimately he was the guy that Susan Rice and Barack Obama knew they could control.

And when you see the policies that are that are laid out on all of this. It's very clear to me this is the third term of the of the Obama administration, his policies being implemented by a mindless drone like Joe Biden.

When he got it all. What happened Washington was loaded by mental deficiency in Looney Tunes extremists.

So in the Democratic Party. They should not be able to escape. You know that shadow of the All right, not Richard, great call and that we appreciate you listen to the program. We love all of our listeners down in Cajun country 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Belloc really get into this Nordstrom pipeline situation throughout the program. But I want to set the stage for for just a moment here. This is a very dangerous situation so report came out yesterday during our show when we wanted attract out as much information about this as we could, but it was very clear that something was happening with the pipelines of there were there. There's an extreme one and Nordstrom to both her pipelines and they carry natural gas from Russia to Europe through the Baltic Sea and were getting word that the.

The pipelines were in fact sabotaged the question is, who was who did it.

Tucker Carlson last night on Fox news channel actually suggested that Joe Biden might actually be responsible for ordering the sabotage of those pipelines not I want to play when an employee that audio just yet, but I do want to go back in time and it wasn't all that long ago that Joe Biden warned that if Russia invaded Ukraine that there would not be ignored. Nordstrom pipeline there would not be one, just take a listen cut number one means the first Christian forces Germany if it's Russian. So that means tanks and troops crossing the border of Ukraine's again then the there will be. We will be no longer sonorous team to win we will do the exactly.

Since the project and controlling the project and Germany's control we will, I promise you will be able to there you have it. That was the threat coming from from Joe Biden not Donald Trump Joe Biden so now people are are pointing the finger Russia so Europe says well we think Russia sabotage the question I haven't Tucker as a slice out of the channel.

Why would Russia sabotage its own pipelines. Why would they do that. Why would they put themselves at risk, especially when winter is just around the corner. Folks, I'm telling you the. The policies and the behavior of this ministration are leading us to a world war and all of us need to be very concerned about what's about to happen in this world, not just here in America but the world by the way of this were just coming in. This is CNBC is reporting the US Embassy in Moscow is now telling American citizens to leave the country immediately what you think that's all about. I'm telling Biden is playing a very dangerous game and when I say Biden I mean Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama is a very dangerous situation were to play the audio from last night. Tucker Carlson made a pretty good case I think a lot of people are wondering, did Joe Biden order those pipelines to be sabotage to be blown up by the way, there is a report out from the U.S. Navy just up. What a couple of weeks ago, I will. I'll pull that audio or pull that story for you and will get into that, but the. The Navy the divers were actually undergoing training exercises on how to blow something up underwater and guess where they were will leave you hanging on that one, but you're not can be terribly surprised something's going on here and it seems as though this ministration is hell-bent on having some sort of an armed conflict with the Russians the only one problem. There is you got Vladimir Putin and I think he's more than willing to use a nuclear weapon to make his .844 747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number a lot of theories a lot of the theories percolate about what happened to those pipelines, 844-747-8868 where you get your calls are good friend Mike Huckabee's good to be here. Also, Ralph Reed from the Faith and Freedom coalition were to be talking politics.

This is the job search radius. Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from the radio show. Have you with hurricane again. Now making landfall near Sanibel Island in Florida category four storm 155 mile an hour winds a lot of damage a lot of instruction and if you are in that area. I hope you are hunkered down because it's going to be a pretty bumpy ride for the next little while others saying storm surge could be 18 feet high in some places so you guys be careful and take shelter immediately. If you're anywhere in that area, but you guys know what to do.

You been through these kinds of storms before brand-new polling data out from Grinnell College national poll, just 41 days until we re-take America. We retake the Congress and we stop the Biden Obama agenda just 36% of voters approve of Joe Biden's job performance that's stunning. 51% disapprove of the president and that's not all.

Only 21% of Americans are satisfied with the direction of Biden's America.

That's from a Gallup poll gallop also found 56% of Americans say Biden's 40 year high inflation has caused them hardship.

That's up from 49% in January, 45% in November, so a lot of people are hurting out there a lot of people are looking to the Republicans for answers. Overall, just 20% believe Biden's economy is good to fairly good.

77% say it was bad. Among independents, 51% say Biden's economy is very bad 2% and this is the key. Among independents, 2% of independent say Biden's economy is very good. All of that to say in working to keep reminding you of the stats as we move closer to the midterm elections, but I believe that we are looking at a massive tsunami. I would say it's going to be a 100 foot political storm surge and it's going to sweep across this nation because people are fed up there, disgusted.

They're tired of the economic hardships they're tired of the schools indoctrinating their kids there, tired of the sex and gender revolutionaries there, tired of the billions of people coming across the border illegally, and they're tired of having to foot the bill for somebody else's war there just tired and I suspect we are going to see a massive uprising on election day and I hope you are encouraged by that 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now I want to get to this Tucker Carlson piece last night I Tucker weighed in on this crazy story about the ignored the Norge stream pipeline to a lot of hype two of the pipelines were were sabotaged, but we believe blown up there leaking natural gas in the Baltic Sea. It is a mess out there. And the question is who did it is kind of like the big whodunit. Unfortunately, we cannot ask Matlock or Agatha Christie to go and investigate. But a lot of people are pointing the finger at Pres. Biden now you've got the Polish and Ukrainian leaders there blaming Russia for the attack Russia state media says it's either the United States or Ukraine who did this. But regardless it's causing big problems. We know from CNBC is reporting that the US Embassy in Moscow, telling Americans to get out of the country. What is that mean what does that tell you is it possible that Russia also had the same audio we had back when Pres. Biden said of Russia ever invaded Ukraine.

There were no longer be a pipeline cut 1 million is first Christopher signature ready if this Russia invades that these tanks and troops crossing the border of Ukraine's again then the there will be.

We will be no longer sonorous team to win we will do that exactly, since the project and controlling the project and determine if control we will, I promise you will be able to. So if I'm Vladimir Putin and I'm watching that I'm listening to that I'm hearing, the president of the United States say that of Russia invades Ukraine they're gonna blow this thing up and sure enough, that's exactly what happened. So it would be easy to understand why the Russians think we did and the question is, did we do it which is what Tucker was talking about last night. Cut number 11. One of the environmental catastrophes when the great environmental catastrophes of our time is unfolding tonight off the coast of Denmark. The Norge stream pipelines which were enormous Russian own conduits to carry natural gas from Russia to Western Europe have been breached as we speak Norge stream one and Norge stream two are pouring millions of cubic meters of natural gas into the Baltic Sea pictures in the air which you cannot see in your screen actually toxic bubble fields. More than half a mile wide. You can only guess how many Marine mammals are being children of countless, but the lasting damage may be to the atmosphere.

Natural gas is comprised of up to 90% methane.

Methane is Joe Biden is often told you is the key driver of global warming, which is of course an existential threat to humanity. The planet so if you're worried about climate change. What just happened to the Norge stream pipelines is as close to the apocalypse as we have ever come yes but the question is from an environmental apocalypse, but the question is what about the actual account the actual apocalypse because if in fact Joe Biden ordered the destruction of those pipelines, we could be looking at a war with Russia cut number 12 so the question is how did this happen in transit was not an accident at the very same time that leaks in these pipelines were detected Swedish officials recorded two powerful undersea explosions.

Each one of which was equivalent to hundreds of pounds of TNT. Nothing in nature can account for that.

Almost immediately, the pipelines began leaking in three separate places so there's only one explanation for what happened.

This was an act of industrial terrorism is very obvious to the Prime Minister of Poland and he wasted no time in saying so watch monitors the union today. We are also dealing with an act of sabotage is not. We do not know the details of what happened yet, but you can clearly see that it is an act of sabotage order an act of the public probably marks the next stage in the escalation of the situation facing we are dealing with in Ukraine, we can clearly see. He said this was an act of sabotage act of terrorism as we can see that so Tucker goes on to advance a theory that I too believe. I think this is absolutely feasible and possible that it was in fact Joe Biden who did this is who did it and of course the prime suspect is obvious to be the same manner.

Because domestic inflation here in the US and stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton that he Vladimir V. Putin, Washington Post got right to it potently declared is no weapon icing the Norge stream pipeline according to the Canadian Vassar to the UN letter.

Putin is decided to use quote pollution as an act of war progressive Twitter strongly endorsed this conclusion did it make sense until you thought about it for just a moment could maybe evilly tell us that he is evil but is he stupid probably isn't stupid and yet and here's the strange part.

If you are Vladimir Putin, you would have to be a suicidal moron to blow up your own energy pipelines is the one thing you would never do natural gas pipelines are the main source of your power and your wealth and most critically, your leverage over other countries. Europe needs your energy now more than ever. With winter approaching. If you can't deliver that energy that countries like Germany have no need to pay attention to what you want you're in the middle of the war all hands on deck Morse. You need all the leverage. You can get under these circumstances there is no chance you would blow up Norge stream one or two, not obviously, it's so obvious. The nurse are famously dim Secretary of State Tony blinking seem to acknowledge it. Sabotaging Norge stream.

He said today's quote clearly in no one's interest right but really only half right. It is true the blowing up Norge stream does not help Vladimir put he would not do that why Woody but that doesn't mean that other countries wouldn't consider doing they would consider and we know they have considered it because at least one of them has said so in public in early February less than three weeks before the war in Ukraine begin. Joe Biden suggested on camera that he might take out these pipelines watch Russian visa.

These tanks and troops crossing the border of Ukraine's again then not there will be. There will be no longer first team to win we will how will you exactly since the project in control of Germany's contrast we will, I promise you will be able to notice how you phrase that is the president doesn't phrase things back something from his reading of cards and say I will cause the delivery of gas from Russia to Germany.

He said there won't be a Norge stream to put an end to it will take it out blow it up how you do this, he was asked. I promise you we will be able to do it.

They thought this through those watching very much including us didn't take Biden seriously when he said it well, maybe we should have ladies and gentlemen, something very strange is going on binder with this item just came in about 18 minutes ago the Biden administration is announcing a new $1.1 billion weapons package for Ukraine. $1.1 billion last night separately. The Senate's agreed to a deal, a stopgap spending bill is good to keep the federal government open until mid-November in that deal more than 12 billion more dollars to Ukraine ladies intelligent a problem with us to have a problem with spending tens of billions and folks soon. It could be trillions of your tax dollars you have a problem giving all of that money to Ukraine. Are you concerned that we may very well get into a shooting war with the Russians over this.

These are very disturbing days I I said this early on in the election process early on that the best way, the most effective way for the Democrats to maintain control in Congress is for there to be some sorts of an armed conflict, some sort of a war or, quite frankly, if there is some sort of a calamity that would compel the president of the United States to either postpone or cancel elections. That's also a possibility and I can certainly see the puzzle pieces coming together for the Democrats to pull something like that off as crazy as it sounds. We had to take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show articles.

Welcome back to the side surge radio show and again all this month we are hosting a radio fond for our friends and allies defending freedom there fighting every single day for our freedom and their doing so incredibly well very successful fighting all the way to the Supreme Court and winning cases. One of the reasons were doing.

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That's our goal by the end of October. We hope to raise $50,000 were allies. Defending freedom and all this month. If you make a donation. Let's say you have $100. We've got an incredibly generous donor who is going to double that amount. So you you what you give $100. That's good to be a $200 gift you say Todd, I don't have $100 give a thousand authorities a Todd lesson.

I finally went about her give give five dollars or $10 every single penny matters and we want to do our part to help out our friends, allies defending freedom right. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Bob W dear Linda, Bob, I understand you got a theory about this pipeline.

Yes sir morning.hate I think about obligated out all the illegal migrants are coming over. One of the getting ready for war, or if I don't bring these guys in the way here. We don't go to war Russia. We beaten all these men illegal men of our defined battle Bob, this is what that's a theory and it's a pretty good theory look there.

There's this idea in America that our nation is set that you nobody's gonna know what is going to come and find us for near the Louisiana territory nobody's gonna comment and fight us for the state of California. I I disagree with that and all you have to do is look at what's happening right now with Russia and Ukraine Russia. Once their property back and I sincerely believe that there are plenty of people and in Mexico and parts South that want to retake what was once their property and that would be California and New Mexico.

In an Arizona and in Texas so I don't think that is out of the realm of possibility and wheat we really don't know who or what has been coming across at southern border and and Bob. I will open this up to our listeners, but I think there's something to that and I think that that's one of the reasons we need to understand who's been coming across the border and what they're up to and right, you know these guys get into our military. Whatever he promised you know what she'll be an alternate time, like at the we don't know well California is offering all of the legal ID cards so we've got that to contend with some Bob appreciate the call. Thank you for listening 844-747-8868 Bob says, a look. Maybe these illegals that are flooding the border are actually some sort of a secret Army may be there.

You've got terrorist in their wanting to commit terrorist activity in the United States. I think that's a possibility. You certainly can't just say and he and they don't do that anymore.

I yes they do. Yes they do. Ladies and gentlemen, but we need to be looking for any sort of an event that's going to destabilize the nation something so significant that Biden would would want to call off the elections or postpone the elections and I do think that's a possibility because the Democrats aren't stupid, they know exactly what's gonna happen to the midterm elections. They see the same polling data we see ladies and gentlemen, by the way were frittering this new video. This is pretty. This is pretty remarkable of there was an event in the Rose Garden.

Pres. Biden and Mrs. Dr. First Lady Joe Biden in a very unflattering dress is standing up there and clearly the president is an eight. He's in a state of very odd state. The video shows her calling the husband over and telling her over and over again Hugo down this weight.

Joe, you go down this week trying to show them how to get off the stage. It's a very small stage and then he stops and turns and walks the other way 844-747-8868 this is easy. I knew this was this was going to be a big story for us here on the Todd surge radio program yeah yes arch are show in the company based here in Memphis, Tennessee.

But our Chief Executive Officer actually lives in Wichita Kansas. The great Dalton Glasscock and you are Dalton on the on the show time and and again and up very upset about New York City's Mayor Eric Adam. So just the other day Eric Adams taking a cheap shot at the state of Kansas we have a brain. New York has a brand and when people see it means something you don't we go.

There is not in Kansas doesn't have a plan is no you know what New York has a brain and not a very good plan and I I mean geez a look at what's happening in New York City what you what, stop, stop.

I I am not good to do this, but I do know someone who will defend the honor of the great state of Kansas that he wants to be the next Republican governor. There are currently the Atty. Gen. of the great state. Derek Schmidt and he is on the patriot bubble newsmaker lineup.

Mr. Atty. Gen. good to have you with us today. Thanks randomly on all right about hearing God's country, you know, about a minute and it's a beautiful state you have. I don't know why in the world, the mayor of New York City is is taken a shot at Kansas well you know you are Midwest relied on your Macquarie capital want to be in New York and especially right now with, left progressive leadership that they have chronic up there all kinds of problems are you looking for about our own Democrat governor Gary Campbell even one of the loan is now criticizing the state. Under her leadership, so I'm running for governor because I want to be sure that we get the state back on the right track and we are governor who was born in New York picked up some bad habits in her younger years so focused on second member like we believe in that campus, but certainly don't New York City, I will focus on making sure that the order for life each and every day spending and spending spending and cover Kelly's ministration up in New York City. We don't think the biological males are to be competing girls governor Kelly doesn't like doing New York City with a lot of progress that we gotta make out here in Kansas we got room to improve the life well look it's a great state Avenue know we've got a lot of listeners in the end in the state of Kansas. I know we've got to K QAM are great radio folded in Wichita. Good people, hard-working people, churchgoing people and it's pretty repulsive that at least to this point the governor hasn't even posted a message condemning or calling out her fellow Democrat Eric Adams were taken a cheap shot at the good people of Kansas. Well, it was a cheap shot, but look. Here's the bottom line. I made you know that the leadership in New York City and leadership governor's office. Right now they are old folks who have the same political party.

Very similar philosophies we stand with Joe Biden on nearly everything they find excuses about Biden failures that it's just really unfortunate that you can describe this position to fix the election this fall and believe me all stand up to the mayor of New York and things are great all day long. I love you got to what the Bob Dole the favored son Dwight Eisenhower. Very nice report. By the way, Amelia Ehrhardt and of course Superman so pretty good list of dignitaries from Kansas. We got a lot to be proud of and look good for America. Here we love the life we believe in God and country. We just think people ought to be free to live their lives the way they wish to live in one little traditional values of faith that is the way things ought to be how we look at things out here so we love campus please come out and visit us would love you to come here and spend a little bit of money and you'll be feeling proud of America. You know, Mr. Atty. Gen., I will say this when it comes to politics in Kansas. You guys are little quirky hide. I just don't get the ride for peace in the sum of these Democrats get elected.

How is the election working and what is it going to take for Republicans to retake the statehouse in Topeka where I think the phrase very good at the close race but were coming down the stretch here. I think things are moving strongly in our direction. Look, we have a government just out of step with most Kansas values won't stand up to the Biden administration is focused on the issue. The candle about right now with the ability to pay their bills for the cost of daily life you live alongside of a lot of education if you walk down the street to lock kids out of school and dreadlocked parents out of school by vetoing her parents to look like folks just understand that we can do so much better out here to get this thing right this time. To win this again what, aside from the economy and no crime has been a huge issue for a lot of cities and communities around the nation. What about there in your state down insert legal.

We have issues in parts of our state as we often do one of the big challenges we we have right now is the amount of Sentinel exploding our streets below candle to a problem like so much of the country. That moment arrived in Kansas in large numbers a bit later than it did in some other parts of the country but it's clear now with a vengeance. One of the reasons for about Joe Biden's decision to abandon security along the southern border. The spent law is manufactured in campus goods manufactured south of the border, usually from Chinese precursor chemicals smuggled across the southern border and it becomes poison on our street. The killer kids were set at the Y and got one of the things we are recruited by the biometrics on very strong in our camping out at the border early this year.

We stood up and see Pres. Biden several areas that try to keep her maid of Mexico employs title 42 employees and get on the other side of that equation. We got together right now. Not only doesn't criticize Joe Biden's retreat security even though it's resulting in such on the Arkansas community that one related crime, but when pushed on that she actually so good with the political game when border states that help from other states like Kansas so you get the right and something that is certainly unique to Kansas on you guys are a big farming state agriculture huge and we hear from a lot of farmers listen to the show as a ride on their tractors out the fields and Mr. Atty. Gen. They tell us that the Biden administration has their thumb on them and they need the government off their backs hundred percent. Perhaps the number one and number two issue along with portability of daily life, which of course is tied to by all spake of the number one thing that your content travel around the state worried or worried about the future of our country about the country relieved our kids are worried about preserving our freedom, but word about this explosive growth and big government by the ministration and from the Kelly administration Topeka at the end of the day that they just want to be largely left alone to pass on our heritage of the next generation earn a living to live life the way we want to. Great kids will likely want. And you go by the government approach to everything pretty so much money regulating everything trying to rewrite rules like the title IX rules to compel to start Berkshire that I don't like at the end of the day that long election for the state and we got. I have a governor going to stand up back and just get along to go along were just sort of stand silent so much better and you again, Derek Schmidt, by the way, running for governor. He's the Republican nominee in Kansas on the Petrie mobile newsmaker line and Mr. Atty. Gen., one of the things I like about you is that your years your old man, but you're also embracing some of the ideas coming from other governors and specifically Ron DeSantis. I know he was campaigning guys were appearing alongside each other and talking about those policies and what I love about DeSantis. He's not afraid to push back with the media. He's gracious about it, but he's tough and I I see the same thing in and you and how you been conducting your campaign will fight you. I think that if I prayed I was very proud to have status and can order your regular young compared to last week of supporting a lot of support from other Republican governors in our neighborhood out here in the Midwest. Look at the week we do what's right for camp each and every day. Sometimes that involves looking at the what other states of done with strong leadership and thing that's a good idea how to make that your work people here, and the vast majority of those good ideas come from the public governors will light on liberty. They are right on finances available light on respecting the use of their people and we can do so much better. Kansas law, Mr. Atty. Gen. look forward to having you back on the so maybe as we get closer. The election and soon we hope to call you governors.

Schmidt, thank you so much I appreciated and reported art sounds great. Atty. Gen. Derek Schmidt of the great state of Kansas on the Petrie mobile newsmaker line and he's defending the honor of his state of the really New York City.

They got what bagels they got pastrami on rye and crime out the was 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 real quick. I want to go to the phones here. Gina and I was been homebound for a while.

Jean, thanks for doing that.

What's on your mind sir well will I find a little time and I would add being involved so you think you may be involved in this. Well I brought it up by I got a deal going on. I don't know Jean, it's III don't know about that. I think that line is cast is not praying what's edging on out there, but what if they tried to stop the election here, but people are betting on their and biding their time waiting for the election ballot, but not grant that God will will Jean. I will say this is the elections are postponed or canceled.

Yeah, I think, all bets are off. At that point, I do believe that we have to be peaceful, happy warriors and that's that's how that's how we are the most effective is when we do not behave like the left.

But if Biden were to come in and say you know what were going to have to cancel the election or postpone the election because there's a mushroom cloud over idle no New York or Chicago. I think you're going to have your to have an uprising if at that point Jean got a run. Appreciate the call, but the reality here is this folks of the Democrats are in a corner, there's no way out for them and that is when the Democrats are the most dangerous and that's why we've got we've got a pay very close attention to what the Democrats are are doing.

Next, are you gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 got to tell you about our good friends at Petrie mobile.

You just heard the Atty. Gen. there on the newsmaker line Petrie mobile is America's only conservative Christian wireless provider and they are proud partners of the Todd Stern's radio program there out there fighting, especially these days to retake school boards across America for parents and one of the ways you can get involved is by becoming a patriot mobile subscriber their wireless service is the best in America. They have the same towers. The other guys have and they got incredible coverage you say what about my neighborhood, Todd. All you gotta do is go to our website. Patriot and there's little tab that says check coverage you type in your address and it'll show you what the coverage looks like in your neighborhood. They have all sorts of great deals of for a family or also for a business and they have some incredible discounts not get this use my promo code Todd there to give you free activation there to give you a free gift and if you are a veteran or first responder there to give you an even bigger discount patriot that's Petrie everybody happy with wind blowing in Florida and the rain is coming down Thursday got maybe a couple of feet away. One of best. What a mess in Washington DC where the White House now wants to have a conversation about the Atlanta Braves said they got a big problem with the name of the World Series champions here is lesbian press secretary.

I'm sorry I keep forgetting. Note she's the lesbian and black present. No, wait, wait, wait, lesbian, black immigrant legal immigrant Press Secretary.

Yes, every go Karen Jean-Pierre Tracy is not sure that it's important to have this conversation and in Native American and indigenous places. They should be at the center of this conversation, so the White House very interested in having a conversation changing the name of the Atlanta Braves Gov. Brian Kemper chiming in on twitter says the Braves should always be the Atlanta Braves go Braves keep shopping. Congressman Tim Burchett who is the Congressman out of East Tennessee says this is not the business of Washington and our good friend Herschel Walker, who is running for the U.S. Senate said Georgia will not fall for woke Washington attempts to change the name of the greatest baseball team in America. The reigning in future World Series champs should not change their name. Good for you Herschel Walker. I don't see and you does not way again. All this I'll Tell You Is Not Way, Rafael Warnock that commie pastor they got down there.

The commie preacher who supports abortion and also Stacy Abrams not talking about either, so I am curious light is a development should the Atlanta Braves change their name is reason for the Atlanta Braves to change tonight a lot of people are upset about the about the Cleveland Indians where they now the guardians it's just nuts. There's nothing wrong with calling your baseball team, the Indians or the Braves or the Padres where you draw the line here that's what I'm asking 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be taking your calls about will also ask her good friend of Gov. Mike Huckabee if if he's got a fall on this because I know that he he's a big sports guy so will check in with him and just a little while.

Let's go to the phones. Alexis is a listing to us on W.

Do you read what's on your mind will not that's a great question and I will try to answer that for you. Alexis yes because right now it's bubbling up into the into the Baltic Sea because the things were blown to smithereens.

That's a mess out there folks.

It's a mess and really keep you updated on this.

That's not over and were still working to help to understand why the United States Embassy is now telling Americans to get out a rush but pay very close attention very close attention and if I were you I'd be listening to talk radio. Get a fair shot here and your to get the information you need to get the facts and are also encouraged to watch Tucker Carlson show because he's going to be giving you the straight line as well, but want to mess up their are we had to take a break your 844-747-8868 will be taking your calls on the Braves, having at one point, do you just, you know, in New York City. They don't even name a lot of the school's assistant number like public school, one public school 12 is I will really get to other sports teams come on this is the Todd surgery University studio in Memphis Tennessee.

Yeah well you order those rooted point and uploads Raven a great day out here in Memphis Tennessee a not so great day in the state of Florida where hurricane Ian is causing all sorts of problems just posted some video to the Facebook page showing what was once the beach in Fort Myers which looks like some sort of a re-gene and foaming waves. It's it's horrible. It looks like a Whitewater River so were we been following the developments there not a good situation only going to get worse as the day moves on category four storm hundred 55 mile an hour wind so will be keep you updated. We have a lot of video on our website. Todd and encourage you to go and check that out there we go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee and Gov. I know you spent a lot of time in Florida had a place out there on the beach. I wanted what a terrible situation is horrific to watch the steam coming in from Florida.

I reminds me of hurricane Michael up until a few hours to be a To Create ops turned out to be a Five of this storm is already at 4 mph late being at five. That is just absolutely apocalyptic when it gets the land and were already seeing the effect of that. So you know, kudos to the emergency management team in Florida that Gov. DeSantis is put in place of this will be a world of hurt.

Following this hurricane and even though state Time. You cannot adequately prepare for something of this consequence in size know you really can. I was I was telling Jos yesterday.

One of the worst disasters is really the flooding because even though your house is still there and pretty much has to be gutted. You've lost everything with the bold and the build to and people are to be dealing with a lot of loss from physical things but we just have to hope and pray that that lives are not laws that everybody did as they were encouraged to do and evacuated after 1992 Miami so hard devastating loss. A lot of things changed in hurricane preparation and some of it had to do with building code. Now the building code very very stringent, and most of the structures been built in the last 20 years are going to survive. The structures will win will probably be abated enough but you just mention what most people don't understand the water damage can be so severe and the troubled water damage. This is true editor and inner light from a river in the interior of the US is it a lot of the water damage does not manifest even months after the event because you have various electric lines able and they may seem to be operating in the wet, and that's something that people on with their appliances and all of their wiring very well may have to be replaced, but the immediate concern right now. Human life and that's obviously what the emergency management officials are dealing with trying to protect human life urged them get out of the pathway of the storm evacuate.

Don't take chances. It's not worth it. And then you see these people standing with a microphone trying to show us how tough they are and quite frankly I think sometimes it makes it worse because there are people in their own guy standing on each. I'm sure I'll be okay in my home and it's not a good look I when I was watching some video earlier, Tampa Bay had pretty much empty doubts you could literally walk into the bay. All these people out there. I like folks that waters coming back. You you better get out of the Army. People can't mess around with the stuff especially with the store. This massive and I was watching last night, the, the early reports coming out of Key West where they were. There was already considerable flooding and the hurricane was still for five hours away so they're in for the long haul and people just need to pay attention in and do what of the governor is recommending by the way I Gov. Rhonda Santos.

Wow, what a great job he's been doing.

He has been doing carefully what one has to do in this situation is well and the band storm hitting start staging assets to be needed one at and that means everything, rescue crews, but it also means getting our companies all over the country to make their way as they can without being an Apple store so that the moment that storm does pass through. There will be literally thousands of linemen all over America that will be immediately moving into start restoring power and getting things turned back on. It is a massive undertaking the logistical challenge of enormous but I think what we've seen is that Gov. DeSantis, a Navy guy you know he understands the idea of comparing to combat. That's a lot of what he's doing and he's done a great job of assembling a good evening and being prepared for the worst Gov. Mike Huckabee is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today Gov. I know you're out and about. There was a video that we just posted on our social media pages, a very bizarre scene unfolding at the rose garden where there's a small stage erected and after Pres. Biden's remarks he got lost on this tiny stage of the first lady can be heard in the microphone say just go this way.

Joe so he tries to start following her. Then he turns around and goes the other way is just bizarre but then earlier in the day I Gov. Huckabee and I with this what I want you way anyone. Pres. Biden was giving remarks and he made a reference to Congresswoman Jackie while Laura ski who had died back in August. He actually thought she was in the room, take a listen, thank all of you here including bipartisan like concessions like Gov. Sen. Braun Sen. Booker that the check you here is checking to ensure she was to help make this a reality. No, she wasn't going to be there because she's dad got Gov. Huckabee. What you say about all of this. It was really just started think that he had just seen a video paying tribute to Congresswoman Laura ski so he's just saying that she's asked the waiter giving her a memorial video and he says yet where are you Jackie well she's probably at the feet of Jesus. Right now, and she's unavailable under the White House.

It was embarrassing. I feel bad about all but held that you can just keep covering for Joe Biden, East Johnson not really fully aware of his surroundings, and you mentioned walking off the stage. Every time you when he stops, he turns up and it's like either shake hands with Casper the goes are you just wanders aimlessly about until finally somebody comes and gets it used to be. They would tell him in the Teleprompter.

What to do, but he kept reading the instructions off the prompter as if it was part of the act. So now I just let them wander around whatever it is it's just it's all just all it's it's terrible and it's very sad what's happening and I know you can't control what happens when you get old.

But somebody needs to. I think the reason why nobody's doing anything is because this is the way they want him to be so whoever's pulling the strings can do what needs to be done and in the White House and that leads me to this last story of Tucker Carlson weighing in on this and he raised the question that probably needs to be raised about the Nordstrom pipelines.

Clearly they have been sabotaged and Tucker said did did we do this because Biden promised to do it. Back in February.

He said of Russia invaded Ukraine.

The pipelines were gone and now they're gone. It would be very nice White House. If you a very firm and denial about it like that elation not only here in the United States among critics of Joe Biden. Can you imagine what's being discussed right now in Europe and among our NATO allies as well as what might be thinking that Joe in fact was good on its promise. Just like he said back. Gottlieb's vice president that it they didn't fire prosecutor, and afterwards on I don't get $1 billion of USA and then he gives the payments rather propane comment and says, by golly. Six hours later. That guy was fired prosecutor and they got the money and I always wonder why was there a congressional investigation leading to now did we have anything to do with the Nordstrom pipelines are answered reading John Peter called the Nordstrom pipelines as if it was built by the department store Cecil on believable very dangerous days in this country governor as we had to the midterms and I hope people are paying very close attention because this could unravel very quickly and we can find ourselves in a shooting war with somebody. Governor real quick care what's coming up on the big show this weekend. We were still trying to pen down exactly we got to Congressman that we are working with one of whom will be there but going to announce which one may be the other depends on their schedules and what they can do our musical guest is Greg Morgan. You'll be talking about fatherhood and I think it's good to be a very very good show but then again I think they're all good. I will say we are starting our six season coming up this weekend which means we been on the air about the show five solid years and still going strong.

Well, if you ever need anybody the bandage I can play a tambourine I'm pretty good at that sucks. I'll keep that in mind will will luck as they say in Washington will put that under it by preaching faith that Gov. Mike Huckabee watches great show on Saturday, the top cable news or program and entertainment program on cable over the weekend. It's amazing I Gov. always good to have you on the program.

I don't think he's that was a very convincing. I can also play the spoons. I can do that you have the spoons know I can't know Kyle, I cannot play the mouth heart and and please don't say those words. Think I gotta take a break 844-747-8868. The moonshot yet. I can blow the moonshot back into the jog. I could do that. That's pretty. I can keep a beat. Pretty good for Baptist excellent 844-747-8860 Lottie folks wanted to weigh in on this pipeline and again as my country right reminded us, contrary to the White House Press Secretary. It is not the Nordstrom pipeline that is in fact the department store were talking about the Nordstrom team pipeline. This is the time charge of the phones. Here are four 747-8868. The whole from North Carolina WSI CR great radio station there.

Nicole what's on your mind today how you hold so dear are you are you what are you taken for the cold Nicole. He see if I can help you know what you think. Are you taken like a over-the-counter stuff you said you have a cold Nicole across and I believe that the attorney shut him down. No doubt about that. Nicole and and I I believe I and I hate to say this but I believe that we were involved in the sabotage of that pipeline you go back and find that woman back in February. How you know the woman questioning him every quarter think would take care of the midterms, not you, Vicki, Nicole, you're absolutely right. It's it it it's very suspicious and these folks could close so I'm going to World War III. No true yes and and and Pres. Trump is right, we are dangerously close to that. Nicole dangerously close football's true it's true the cold look you take care that called me. I recommend I would let me just recommend some stuffer that is coming to Dr. Starnes Nicole take get some get some apple brandy and will knock that right out. Well this yeah that'll do it to Iraq and I and you will have the added benefit of really not caring what's blowing up in the Baltic Sea asked anyway against my God bless you and guess what this country will get back on. Oh, I have no doubt about that little we just got to get out and vote. You go back to bed and stay well rest gets arrested.give us a call back when you're feeling better. Let's go to Mark he's down in Florida at hope Mark.

Are you still at the villages review guys been evacuated that year yet because it just below will coming up towards Orlando over getting several light winds right now but they're saying that we won't get it till late tonight be higher when the maybe 90 miles an hour. Mark what are you hearing from down south from you guys are here Fort Myers are not looking good. Yet Inglewood. We had some friends in Inglewood. He's right right in the line of fire, and it doesn't look really good for defendant touch with me out enough for coming in and out 80 miles due south of think about 400 miles wide. In this field is enough yet. This is enough storm power supply New England for a year and it is about how to harvest market. Are you guys seeing you of the storm surge.

There were talking about some pretty bad storm surge. What were you guys security down there down in Inglewood.

The target right now that hamper their high score insert there. You know he's higher elevation maybe about 8000 89,000 feet friend decided to hunker down and at that high intermediate you thousand feet up and let me go because the guy don't get like a little too late now.

You don't risk your life and what they should've done this a while ago and so they can get pounded down the coast to coast is about 70 miles per lot.

But again, it's in Campo below what it can start coming up.

The biggest concern we have right now is the tornadoes that are starting bond from this and you got them scattered all over the place so there's nothing worse than being in the a and you hear the roaring is found the body of the late late at night like were going to get out of where were at work at Google more solid, stable structure, and where were going to be a little bit safer but the winter just now starting to pick up here but I know later that Mark I want you to keep us updated. Give us a call back tomorrow and if you can let us know how things are on a lot of people out there praying for you guys as well, as that the entire state of Florida about this is one this is when you gotta take seriously. So you hang in there, hunker down and I make sure those golf carts a guide I've been of the villages. Make sure those golf carts are latch down. I know I fly like a kite around like he only shot out to run again that a phenomenal job and you like it.

I think you loaded on a couple reporters already make a political love and incredible and unbelievable. We appreciate everybody's prayer alright Mark, we leave it there my friend. You be safe folks. If you are in Florida. Hang tight do what they're telling you to do hunker down, don't get out now.

It's it's too late. You give us a call. Let us know what's happening.

844-747-8860, it will be right back. Really I feel that I I feel bad for the first black lesbian emigrant prosecutor. I really do not fear she's she's Avenue to to feel a lot of questions from the press corps and are there a little frisky today, and they're asking a lot of questions about why Joe Biden was referencing the dead congresswoman.

After distorting Osama play visibly got real freedom and on this so bided earlier today were to play what he said as he was introducing a dead congresswoman, thank all of you here including bipartisan like concessions like Gov. Sen. Braun Sen. Booker that this check you here this check to ensure she was to help make this a reality. So anyway, they asked Mrs. Jean-Pierre about this at the press briefing. Mere moments ago, the president was, as you know you guys were watching today's event. A very important event food insecurity the president was naming the congressional champions on this issue and was acknowledging her incredible work. He had down here already plan to welcome the congresswoman's family to the White House on Friday. There will be a bill signing in her honor this coming Friday as soon course, she was on his mind. She was a top of mind for the presidency looks very much looks forward to discussing her remarkable legacy of public service with them when he sees her family this coming Friday and I just I just explained she no this wasn't what we were able to witness today and what the president was able to lift up this site at this conference at this event was how her, her focus on wanting to deal with combat security in America hi you feel bad for because you know you know what she wants to say she wants to tell the press work. I got nothing. I yet I know I know he was talking to a dead person what you expect from me then let sender a sixpack of Abita Springs router that might help make our list of the patriot bubble newsmaker line. Our good friend the founder of the Faith and Freedom coalition and the man who quite frankly is probably going to be responsible for helping us retake the Congress this fall, Ralph Reed, Ralph first. Good to have you with us what you make of all of that in Washington today. Well I certainly don't agree. Jean-Pierre serving as the press spokesperson for the president is like being a piata given the number of verbal myth.

Think You know memory lapses and other things that you deal with with the president and I'm knocking to speculate about what the reason is, but I think what more can earning you know obviously you know that this is good for a good-natured laugh and there's a little bit comedic related but but what's not funny and what's not humorous.

Audit is the damage and the devastation and the wreckage left by the policies of the president and his administration, and that's what thought.

Gotta be on the ballot in you know roughly 42 days from today, the average family in America, spending $5000 more for the same good thing grocery in the same service that they did when Joe Biden became president at $5000 that is that Every Family in America through Higher Price That Higher Inflation and That Doesn't Even Get into the $7 Trillion and Well Evaporated in the Market Because of What I Think We All Know Is the Direct Current or Impending Recession Brought about Specifically by the Policies of Joe Biden. You Know They Can Run but They Can't Hide Their Gotta Be on the Ballot. Joe Biden May Not Be but All Those Who Voted for the Policies Are and It Isn't Going to Be Pretty Know Is It's Not Going to Be Pretty and in It and Is Not Funny the Whatever's Going on There and and We Are Not Speculating on This Program but I Will Say This, Ralph.

It Is Very Important That We Have a Commander-In-Chief Were Talking about the Leader of the Free World and Quite Freely If There Weren't If There Weren't a Mountain of Other Issues That Voters Are Concerned about.

I Have To Imagine This Would Be Number One Because Somebody Is Country Is Calling the Shots and I'm Not Sure It's Actually Joe Biden, and That's What Troubles Me Especially When You Look at A Lot Of the Economic Decisions and Policies of, for Example, Forcing People to Buy the Electric Cars, Things of That Nature.

So I Think There's a Guess or Destroy A Lot Of Their A Lot Of Dumpster Fires Burning Right Now in This Country. Ralph Yetter Really Are and You Know, I Know Joe Biden. I Know Joe and Joe Biden.

Not Just the Fight before His Committee When He Was on the Hall.

I Debated Him You Know He Is Not a Friend of Mine. I Don't Know Him Well but I Do Know and Candidly the Only Thing That Would Concern Me More Than Somebody Other Than Him Calling the Shot Is Kim Calling the Shot. I Mean That This Is a Man about Whom Bob Gave Famously Said Was Wrong about Every Single Foreign Policy Issue. In the Last 30 or 40 Years and If You Don't Believe Me Just Look at the Fact That It Was His Call to Unilaterally Withdraw from Afghanistan, and the Most Humiliating Departure for US Forces since the Fall of Saigon in April 1975 Leaving $80 Billion Worth of US Matriel and Hardware in the Section of America's Worst Enemy and Allowing the Head of Al Qaeda to Lounge in a Luxury Apartment in the Heart of Kabul and I'm Glad That We Got Golly, Gary, I Get Great Credit to the US Military Forces in Our Intelligence Services That We Got Him, but the Fact That He Was in Kabul and One of the 20th Neighborhood and That Betty Tells You All You Need to Know about the Fact That the Terrorists You Mean It. Ill and Plan to Attack Our Homeland Again Are Being Harbored by the Caliban and I Don't Believe for One Minute. God That Vladimir Putin Would've Ever Gone into Ukraine. If Donald Trump Was in the White House and I Think It Was That Projection of Timidity That Telegraphing of Weakness That Caused Russia to Invade Ukraine and Now Led to the First Major Land War on the Eurasian Continent since the End of World War II, so It's Been One Failure after Another. It Is a Catalog of Part and Every One of These Democratic Members of Congress and Voted for These Policies and Supports Them in the American People Are to Render Their Verdict on November 8 and Ralph, the Polling Data Coming out Is Is Truly Jaw-Dropping Grinnell College National Polling Data Just 36% of Voters Approve of Pres. Biden Were Talking 41 Days out from the Midterms. Other Information That's Coming Out Of the Polling Data. 77% Talk about the Economy Say It Was Very Bad to Fairly Bad, but upon Independence.

Yeah, 51% of That's the Key. The Independence around How Are Things Looking out There across the Country. What Are You Seeing Well. I Think the Democrats Got a Little Bit of a Sugar High Post Job You Know and Date They Wanted to Run on Abortion and Trying to Scare the Living Daylights Out Of Their Bay and Some College-Educated Suburban Women and Tell Them That God Meant That Abortion Was Banned in America Did Bang It Simply Meant That for the First Time in 50 Years Would Be Able to Pay That and States Would Be Able to Enact Laws in That Area of Law and Most Recent Inflation Report That Came out Last Week. The Increases in Interest Rates by the Fed, the Implosion of the Market I Stock Market. I Mean, It Has Brought the Economy and Inflation Back to the Very Top of Mind of Concerned Voters and I Would Just Fight to Particular Data Point Todd to Amplify What You Were Sharing from That Paul You Talked about and Their Both Liberal Organization. Okay One Is Washington Post ABC News Call Which I Think Came out over the Weekend with Saw the Generic Ballot Hi That's among Registered Voters, by the Way, If You Put a Likely Voter Screen on That It Would Probably Favor the Republican by Two, Three or Four and They Had in That Pole, Joe Biden's Job Approval Nationally at 39%. Tell Me Tell You Something. If the Washington Post, Joe Biden's Job Approval Is under 40 It's Lower and That Means in Battleground States like Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Nevada. It's Lower Because the President of New York or California or Illinois Is Artificially Elevating His National Job Approval. One Other Data Point.

This Is a New York Times Siena College Poll. I Believe from Week before Last Day Had Biden Dave on Day at Get Even among the Spanish Voters and Strongly Disapprove of His Job Approval Was 30% among Us Panic and the Strongly Approved Was over 15 with Only 15%.

That Means Wife As Many Hispanic Strongly Disapprove of the Job.

Biden Is Doing with Reflect Intensity and Their Likelihood to Vote and Strongly Approved.

That Is a That Is a Red Light on the Dashboard for Any Democratic Candidate Anywhere in America, but Especially in Areas with Large Hispanic Electorate. Voters in the Electorate like Florida Check for New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, All of Which Have Critical Congressional and Senate Race Is Going on. What I Find Interesting or Relevant. And Looking at Some of the Polling Data on the Senate Races Were Looks like Publications Are Now Leading and Again Tight Races in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida Where the Republicans Actually Hold Leads and What I Think Is Interesting Right Margin on Calling New Hampshire a Swing States.

This Could Be Truly a Remarkable Historical Election for Republicans If Things Continue to Go This Direction. It Could Be. We Need to Insert a Word of Caution and That Is Things Have Already Shifted a Couple of Times in This Midterm Election.

I Don't Think There's Any Question about the Fact That the Leak of the Dog Vision and Then It Ultimate Issuance on June 24 Did Enable Them to Sort of Fraud Away a Democratic Base That Was in It, It Probably Caused Them to Get Those Voters to Come Home a Little Earlier Than They Otherwise Might Have. But All Indications Are That Temporary Momentum Shift Has Ended, and All the Voters That Are Going to Get Motivated by the Court That You Want Both Sides of the Ball Are Already Motivated and the Swing Voters Be Independent Voters, the Persuadable about, Particularly in the Boat. Rick Number Bay Bay Are Getting Moved by the Economy so You Know We We Don't Want to Prematurely Celebrate. We Got a Big Job to Do and Only 40+ Days to Do It.

As I Think You Know Todd, My Organization Faith and Freedom Coalition Is Knocking on over 8 Million Doors and 26 Day and We Are Reaching Right at or Just under 15 Million Bible Believing Conservative Christian Voters in Their Home to Turn Them out. That Is the Largest Such Operation by an Organization on the Center Right outside the Two Political Parties in Your or My Lifetime and I'm Not Able to Divulge Because the Information Is Obviously Proprietary but Were Asking These Voters, Whether They Intend to Vote Whether They Intend to Vote by Mail, in Person Earlier on Election Day. What Issues Are Driving Them and I Am Just Telling You Again without Disclosing What Is Proprietary.

These Folks Are Coming There Coming in Huge Numbers and There Coming Early by Mail or in Person and It Is Going to Be a Game Changer. Will Ralph. I'm Excited to Hear That and I Can Say beyond the Shadow of a Doubt That I Have Seen That Excitement Firsthand. You Guys Have Me As a Part of This That Incredible Gathering in Georgia with the Freedom Coalition and Just to See the Enthusiasm and How Fired up. That Crowd Was We Were Sharing That Information with Our National Audience and the Editors It's Encouraging to See and It's Really Inspirational in a Ralph Organ Have To Leave It There but II Really Do Appreciate the Great Work You Guys Are Doing It. Faith and Freedom Coalition Right Back at God. We Appreciate Your Friendship, Your Partnership, but All You Do on the Radio and the Media in Being a Voice for Our Values and for the Fate Honored to Be with Ralph Reed. Ladies and Gentlemen and We Have Links to the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Our Website so That You Can Get Involved. We Do Have To Take a Break.

This Is the Todd Surge Radio Show Is a Process through Which Your Sales Okay Simple Enough Just to Get in There with My Screwdriver. You Mind Handing Me My Scripture, Screwdriver, Well I'm in Your Senate. Weird. But Yeah Luck, Namely Sabina My Home and I with Progress As We Can Save and Pay Someone to Install This for so You Don't Have To Pretend You Can. I Know My Way around the Screwdriver Is Going to Get the Leaves Had Fisher Dwindling a Little with Progressive and Use the Money to Do It Yourself Comfortable Discussed Interest on This about a Little Sticky Situations. I Will Get Back to the Todd Surge Radio so so Glad to Have You. Let's Go to the Phones Vicki from North Carolina Has Been Home on for A While WHKP Wanted North Carolina Callers Hey Vicki, What's on Your Mind Right. What That Is How Florida Is Going to Impact the Election in November Date Going to Be in Good Enough Shape Where People Can Go Somewhere Physically about You Get out Will All This Devastation Make It A Lot Harder to Get the Boat on His Presence Back, but That Ended Say Something about That. What We Can Have the Election Because Get the Right to Look at under Florida and That in the Meantime He Can Pull All Kinds of Stunt I Add, I Know That That's Something That Concerns Me Vicki. I It's Too I Think It's Too Soon to Tell, We We Don't Know the Extent of the Damage down There Just yet.

I Have No Doubt That Ron DeSantis Is Not Going out Allow Any Hijinks at the at the Ballot Box out so I'm I Feel Pretty Good about That. As Far As Whether or Not Biden Would Come in and Use of That Use the Hurricane As the Reason for Postponing the Election. I'm Not Sure That's It. Of This Is Going to Have To Be Something That Would Instill Fear across a Wide Swath of the Country. So I Don't Think the Hurricane Would Do That Unless You Were Following the Trajectory Is Supposed to Go up What the Eastern Seaboard to to Some Extent, so Will See but a Vicki It's a Good Question to Have. And Thanks for Thanks for Hanging out with Us Today. Hey Folks Wow with the Time Is Expired. Working after This All over Again Tomorrow. Be Sure to Pray for the Good People down in Florida. It's a Mess down There. This Is the Top Surgery Is

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