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Biden Finally Talking Tough on Russia, But Is It Too Late?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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January 24, 2022 12:23 pm

Biden Finally Talking Tough on Russia, But Is It Too Late?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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January 24, 2022 12:23 pm

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and positive it's Brian, thanks much Alysia revives the right to me Joe 1-868-408-7669 in your fresh off the weekend with his a lot of intense things going on around the country around the world will bring you to them in terms of what you care about most. In almost every poll from NBC to Fox News Quinnipiac. The things you care about most is inflation when the dollars that you have. Don't buy the things that used to that matters. The administration hasn't done much on on this. Now they say they'll address it. Kevin Hassett has addressed a senior advisor – review capital matters, former chairman of the Presidents Council on economic advisors came back twice till present drop and says he will come back again, but first things first is going to be with us. So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we haven't gotten back to normal and it's ridiculous at this point and you will realize, most importantly, this is going to be remembered by the younger generation is a catastrophic moral crime. Yes, Barry Weiss, 100% on HBO. Former New York Times editor now writing for sub stack on the bill. Marshall almost over. As predicted, omicron is not just is not almost over but starting to get old and being phased out and please they go out all your mandates and with you the protests the beginning to rise up across the country and around the world's people are tired of being told what they should put their body to wear on their face very clear that if there is any further Russian aggression in terms of sending Russian forces into Ukraine. There will be a swift they will be severe.

And there will be united response throughout Europe. Wow, that sounds tough, total wasted time secretary blinking talking over the weekend. Now he's acting but is it too late present buyers.

We need stronger measures to deter and avoid a massive invasion of Ukraine. The measures he's contemplating the measures he's taking on what our enemies are learning about America's resolve why I'm going to roll out a real plan this week I'm going to go at the underlying reasons you will see. Climbing on city. This is AC of crime that's been fed by many rivers that the stop the flow of guns guns yeah be nice but you the strictest gun laws in the country. He was supposed to change things.

He has not. Mayor Erica explaining guns and career criminals in a violent arrange homeless subculture for the rise of death and deterioration. New York City the latter is what I think guns is what he thinks Saturday to cop shot 01 clinging to life, but just barely. The other murdered.

One was somebody was good move to NYU Langone.

This has to stop it spreading across every major city since Eric Adams took over five cops have been shot.

Hardly the guy who's going to crime down a law and order.

No one fears him and he is gotta be feared. There's gotta be a fear if you commit a crime you shoot to kill a cop that did you go to prison for life you done or you get the death penalty because he was a cop killed in Texas on a 47-year-old in Texas in Harris County just on a normal routine pullover. The guy shot him dead. Okay, work at overnights.

Now you know why sometimes a white cop so hostile when they walk up to these cars. Why, because I know one move is over.

So would blows me away is it Mayor Eric Adams is on the top of the planned Internet to this week you ran for office. You were a captain, you are borough president, then you win the job you have that gap and now you go over the plan is if crimes is going to disappear cut three I'm going to roll out a real plan this week I'm going to go at the underlying reasons you are seeing crime in our city. This is AC of crime that's been fed by many rivers that the stop the flow of guns we are removing thousands of guns off street and it appears as though having guns we removed from the street five are common in linearly.

We want to reinstitute newer version of plainclothes modified plainclothes Pentagon unit. I talked about this on the campaign trail team has done the proper analysis and now we want to deploy that.

But as people told me.

Cops have told me. Why would I do that I don't get a more money. It's even more dangerous and where to body cam and I if I do one thing that somebody doesn't like as a plainclothes member. You know the Donnie Proscar when you go inside. Some of these gangs in whatever it takes or walked these neighborhoods to play back that tape.

Why haven't we seen the tape of these two cops being killed while people see that we see every George Floyd like video that makes cops look bad and justifiably got in that case you are common New York City subway system 461 felony assault.

Eight homicides in case you think carjacking is a thing of the past. I believe some of these numbers in New York City, 328 in 20 2510 in 2021 in Chicago 1413 1849 the next year. Philadelphia went up from 565 572 757 hideous Washington 364 26 New Orleans 278 to 288. Think carjacking the Kagan use cards white why even bother to steal one so this crime is out of control and they're blaming guns. How about stop, question and frisk. How about that. How about you starting enforcing on every small rule infraction and get corrections poked up to take care of this, which you tried to do with the bill. I understand it, so if you are in for any these rest and they said of bail.

If you are somebody working class didn't have much money you would not be able to get out and somebody else who middle or upper class could so you've totally overcompensated you mated zero cash bail. So somebody is II think he was in Detroit burned his girlfriend. 60% of his body was out on $5000 bail. Use Gov. Kathy Hoke. This woman's clueless cut for our hearts and prayers are with the families and the members of the NYPD and also to us. It's a resounding call to action to say those in Washington who will not receive the call. When I was the children of Sandy Hook who were slaughtered in their classroom and continue up to this day we have to do more to find scourge of illegal times on our screen. You believe this, this guy's been committing crime since 1998. This was Sean McNeil, his mom called in because she was afraid for her own life and they asked her over the phone. Does he have any guns. She said no.

They walk in this. This guy shoots two cops. The third one got him but you know that this cop after shooting the cops what it would be in for the execution have a pretty good source of just told me that the cop is not going to survive. The second one you believe this, so will talk about crime and no punishment, and the hope that I thought for New York is not coming so now in about help Ukrainians getting some help. Now we understand that they are getting some $200 million with weapons are begun to arise on their shores. We understand that from neighboring areas of Poland of the of the sum of the Baltic states with the when he is able to repurpose some of the arms they got from us in a go sending over to the Ukrainians who are getting trained by the polls by us, by the by the Brits who was standing up strong with us.

Unlike the EU and Germans who were caving unbelievable. We have, we grew up in an era of weak Germans when we need them strong, but Russia is dismissing a British claim that Moscow is looking to replace Ukrainian government with the pro-Russian officials. That is one of the things they think they could do.

They had a pro-Russian official, Larry was voted out of office and thrown out at a run for his life. It is so important for this administration to show strength. I don't care about elections when it comes international relations when it comes to our defense, and for those who say while you just want to go to war know if you show strength you shall resolve. You don't go to war when you show weakness and you let a bully like Vladimir Putin do what he wants to do. Then all of a sudden you find yourself backed into a corner and then Warren suits and if it's like World War II World War I and even Korea you you see that we are not ready to do battle and we have a huge ramp up time we get huge casualties because this may hundred 50 US military visors in the Ukraine.

Ukraine also was able to get right.

They they evidently were able to get a lot of a lot of input. We understand from the lot input from other military experts are there zooming with the F6 and $50 million in security systems that just came from us so they do have some antitank missiles at a covenant and I believe some missile defense that are coming in, but my sense is the rusted of 120,000 troops would actually stop them that one of the things they would be able to stop them. I believe is doing something that they don't want they said were tired of the military presence on our surrounding areas, the former Warsaw Pact countries are the ones that were actually part of the Soviet Union and instead of doing that Pres. Biden is going to we believe is considering and it looks like Jennifer Griffin says it's it's got a little likely it will put thousands of troops into Poland into Lithuania and the surrounding countries do the exact opposite of what they want, but I also thought was interesting is this is another plan to be patient with me Washington Post as a lead story by demonstration threatening to use a novel export control the damage strategic Russian industries from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to civilian airspace ministration will decide whether the going to do this or not member. They did this to while away and if they lost money and protect company to its knees.

So what they're saying is a for the first they had their first annual drop. This is will be attractive because there are certain semiconductor chips that we make that nobody else gets that we have to.

They have to pass through our shores, we could deny them things for quantum computing things for their their communications, electronic medications, this semiconductors which we have no would we do that immediately, and they start feeling when their virtual reality and all their other drills should we do what Mike McCall says, and she we and should we start drilling.

Should we start drilling with the polls and with other Eastern European nations to show willing to coordinate some type of attack peers who McCall said yesterday on face the nation cut nine.

What's also important is the message of deterrence when in joint exercises in Poland, the Baltic states, Romania and Bulgaria to show prudent were serious right now he doesn't see were serious and that's why the bill that is taking place. I think this all started Margaret with Afghanistan and the unconditional surrender to the Taliban when he saw weakness. Weakness invites aggression, we saw that with Chamberlain, Hitler. So a lot of you listen now to why one of the war you want to right now. No summer with the world has a say in what we do and what happens is there certain obligations we have for the Russians to reaffirm influence in that area with Vladimir Putin the wet, the smart but devious leader of that country who's got economy the sides of Italy's, but acts like it's got economy the size of ours in China they have to know there's hell to pay in evidently. Of these, this guy has a weakness besides not having a soul I as weakness. He is not risk-averse to the point where he is reckless, so let's make him pay the price. Let the Ukrainians fight for their own sovereignty. Give them the weapons they need. The strategy that they deserve. Give them some armed drones let them fight back that I did not notice they've left. They've lost 13,000 soldiers. Since the incursion of 2014 when they took over the Don Bosse region and took Crimea account of a resort town usual David Sanger said on this week which were seven apples at Martha Radice there about what do you think Vladimir Putin will do cut 14 what we think the Russians are doing here. I think the answer is pretty simple that Putin really does see this as the moment to extend the sphere of influence that Russia has back to something more approaching what the Soviet Union had, but certainly prior to 1997 when NATO began to expand and he sees Ukraine as the right target because it's not a NATO member and he knows one thing, the United States and NATO are not going to put its own military forces into this fight so then it becomes a question of whether he thinks he really can tolerate the sanctions that the US is threatening that Europe is threatening whether he can get through all of the international condemnation and basically what you are seeing happen right now is the US and a giant mind game with Putin in which they're saying yes you could run through Ukraine but the cost will be so high that it will destabilize you at home. I David Sanger is really really tight with different governments and certainly with the military and with the State Department in the matter whose president he's got these incredible contacts.

So even though New York Times a lot of you roll your eyes now.

David Sanger knows his stuff.

You know I don't agree with him on some of it is facts. What were the sources are are great. I know that. Listen Kevin Hassett the bottom of the I will talk about the economy but next is you 186-640-8766 that a lot of you say to yourself, like talker and I'm tired as nobody respects Tucker more than me. Tucker wants no part of this. I don't believe this is a grand designed by the defense defense contracting complex to get us into a war.

I don't I see an absolute need to stand up and be strong and I have catastrophe if we don't use of the brain to me, chose so glad you're here and I'll be on outnumbered at 12 and of course on Saturday beginning this Saturday 8 o'clock. I will have my first solo show on prime time on Saturday and hope you'll join me then, I've just gotten word. We have one name we picked the name already just now. In fact, I'll share with you. When Eric and Pete say it's okay and Allison is no sacred she's not here though she's on speakerphone, like Charlie's Angels member.

Charlie's Angels trouble. He never met Charlie but he really control the Angels at any really control the plot points, who was at the Reno I don't.

I think what you're trying to say about. It's only the guys that come of the non-tinnitus, though it's a woman they told me there was a vital final and it's only the guys can make the decision, announcing it on the air right. Although most of the decision-makers in this company are women and I think were better company because it and how smart am I to say that very smart smart and you can believe back on current events and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made months Truth Podcast Network nine Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me, show to partner with our police personnel and mental health professional professionals to be more proactive and not just react should not wait for someone to carry out a dangerous accident. When we know they are on the station in the first place immediately when you see a dangerous person. There mental health professionals will be deployed in that person will receive the proper care and remove from subway system. Good luck in your medical professional turn of getting cops over the trouble with therapists. Hey, that guy with no teeth are threatening with his corduroy jacket threatening to throw you on the tracks. I think he needs 45 minutes of I guess's positive thinking, analysis, or maybe some shock therapy, AL.

I just can't believe a former cop was still thinking about what to get a mental health professional out there with cops in the subway. Stephen Tampa hey Steve, anything, this could work with mental health professionals working alongside men and women who will never happen.

Absolutely will.

Why would he sentence teeth.

Why would he say he's a captain okay with an activist court with a cop, I believe you and Mike propagating the job only because of the fact that they want to shut them up or whatever it was, what problems he was courting it in the current administration tonics, retired NYPD officer over 20 years experience at work on the cover artwork and plain) units. Whatever looking to implement it will never happen on administration. The cops will be fired. Naturally, every time the action people do not understand the structure of the NYPD don't understand how it's put together NYPD has more oversight units in it. Watching the cops that removed than any other agency work.

We have more IA mentation that more strict supervision than anything that's out there in the car and any current police agency that exists these cops are under a microscope.

There even more under a microscope. Now just to see CRP alone could have a cop park for a minor infraction. That's like yelling at somebody. So how are they going to get guns off the street talking people every night trying to get crime on the control administration at hostile at it. Watching their Steve great points from a real guy that really worked the job. I really appreciated want to hear from a lot of police officers, the other sees precise personal power.

So is America's liturgy in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox news nine Janice done, or wherever you get your podcasts radio show like no other. Brian kill me. Inflation, you think what you see, make progress on speed up the axis to materials single best way to take the burden off middle-class working class folks is to pass the blueback greater peace things that they're paying a lot of money for now. Right.

I've always said the best thing to do when in doubt is spend $2 trillion Army neck that that's a economics 101 so that was with Joe Biden said and I said to myself I wonder what Kevin Hassett would've said if you senior advisor Joe Biden. When that was part of the speech that he had a review. Kevin Senior advisor national review capital matters. People remember you as the chair of the Pres.'s Council of economic advisors came back for two stents are welcome back what you think about the present remedy to resolve inflation, yet they don't have a planet inflation and I think the thing targeted by the equipment thing that I would do is go back and equipped for when they were debating the $2 trillion because Janet yelling for example, that we need to go big if inflation is not a risk addict. Inflation did start to get out of control than the Federal Reserve would have the tools necessary to get him back under control quickly and of course that's proven dead wrong and they're pursuing more spending.

After making that mistake. So I'm very disappointed in the advice of the Presbytery get equipment to invite all end up leaving her control crafted Americans recognized around the country is very negative. Patient is now the highest level expand over the last three months since the 1970s and you know people go to the pump in the middle of the grocery store. They don't have anybody and that's why you consumer sentiment right now is going to be better). Was it hard getting present from to focus on the economy think he just love that haven't economic income of the oval and shown in the chart to be kicked and acted that all the time. You might recall that I even did the White House press conferences quite a bit and it was like a classic Donald Trump thing but you think okay if I go to the White House press carpet that I need to prepare for really long time. But what would happen would be accurate if the oval showroom like how the economy is doing and it was always great news. American unemployment your income inequality going down wage growth hired in one year than eight years under Obama and anything okay go to the press conference and literally got caught up at the Prince Rupert hour later, the press carpet but yet he he was getting academic briefings literally every day. At the end of the day. Larry Kudlow and I very often with all just to hang out and catch up with you. I mean, that's the stuff he loved every president has a specialty in George H.

W famously was always focused on on a love interest relations never liked by the economy. It's not his think John McCain same way, give me foreign policy and minds to the economy when you got from you that someone zeroed in on the economy would ask tough questions and in doubt for a guy like you.

You probably loved it because you getting the attention of the American people are asked what is their number one issue replacing Cove. It is now the economy and jobs, they have eight and by the way Republicans out of a 33 point advantage driven also by independence as well on people who are good tomorrow say I trust what party with the economy. Republicans have a 33 point advantage so as to get the very least focus on nobodies that you know under Pres. Trump policies precoat with 4 million people were lifted out of poverty because he recognizes you know being friendly to business owners how to create jobs 7 million people were taken up with food stamps but he was top of his economic team play the very first time a great device for some charts about what real state crisis that they these data are all wrong. I can't believe you showed me a chart with dated was going got a real estate I don't really pattern anybody in your Kashani plot data and the date or write me okay but what he would do if he would test everybody willing to defend himself.but you… Rightly got results. He got little Sue Sereno, Larry Summers said the thing that really sealed inflation more than anything else was the thing that is actually been trumpeted by the administration and that is that rescue plan a 1.9 trillion after we were to gave in you after you guys gave 800 billion into economy on the transition after present Trump lost in the was getting Joe Biden said to take over your surpassed 800 billion between that and then he gets one point I truly niece's note though that money into the system was totally unnecessary and heard field inflation story Larry thread about that mental story that what we did remember you mentioned. I went back in and become an emergency start of the NetSuite come back to the West Wing to help design the economic plan at what we did is we have an agreement with Ron why the Democrats that nobody really understood how bad the cobra thing with me. You know, back in February and March is what we would do is we would do the stimulus bill for two or three months at a time and you go back and look we did five of them spread out throughout the year a little bit of the time you do with bipartisan support unanimously that the president worked even though the Democrats hated him and impeached him. He worked closely with them to right size the stimulus for the year after the biggest decline in the second quarter sheet. The Great Depression economy was about flat for the year because we had right size the stimulus by going a little bit the time and then what is your bike becomes a partisan vote and patent. This massive stimulus. He knows exactly what the future holds for coverage and for that irresponsible abandonment of the bipartisan path stimulus is what got us where we are right now and it's just so ironic. Joe Biden said he was there to bring us all together bring back the days where were bipartisan events and and instead he just owns 100% partisan and actually violates an agreement was made between Democratic Republic of your purported extra stimulus is right size so I think three is not going to look well listing the toll omicron is taking you say less severe but easy spread. It really was a surprise was a variant that started in South Africa. That certainly is here but is beginning to diminish.

It's gonna fall quickly. If the UK is in South Africa or something to learn from an ice.

I believe it is. But you know, it is also paying the price now China now. I love when China's down does the world economy how does the world economy pay the price when China is down and I'm looking at the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Times of India.

They all have China turning down a 2022. What is that mean for us. We need to, divorce our economy from target it away when we're in the White House. We documented a report that the CPA that they were stealing literally trillions of dollars of our electoral property. Every year, and so what happened is American businesses would go do business with China and then China would steal the blinds and then climbed the competitor put about a business like one of the places this happened was solar in the solar panels are made in China now and the companies in the US is to make them just had all of their patents owned by the Chinese. We need to get our production on shore. We need to get a little trade as possible.

China and the rest of the world needs to go back to because marination that's really got dark times of copy. There using Uighurs in their own countries and in him. It's time for us all.

But since they do make so much of our stuff.

A lot of time silicide prices here correct and that'll and if they can ship anything out as they can handle the pandemic. Then we have a supply chain issue, though those tie in. In layman's terms. We will feel it correct, even if in the long-term it helps us, we will feel it now.

We will, but one of the things that your standard movie production back into the spirit there's sort of a booming new capacity throughout the western United States and Mexico to Canada. I think people are smart enough and the reason why prices are so high right now is not China in July.

Give it a pathless mathematical stimulus but don't forget they also cut the heck out of supply and so you right now. Oil production is about 1,000,000 1/2 barrels a day below. Where was precoat it because Biden's out there. You know, stopping exploration on public lands shutting down pipelines and if you're wondering why gas is so expensive. It was so expensive it's because that's their plan to save us from climate change is what energy prices energy prices going to everything right. Like you go back and look what inflation is taken off of speaker goes up and then your energy is how you make everything the price of everything goes up and we had no oil at $40 a barrel to be 90 today then we wouldn't have an inflation problem like we have in the rest little bit bigger now that that is there economy oil cabinet will quickly under United energy coverage and economic I what happened to LNG production that was supposed to help Europe.

There was supposed to be. We are supposed be advancing technology them to be able to to sell that to our two people at a of a certainly a reliable rate but soon a a good rate that would stop any need for the Keystone pipeline skews me for the North from two pipeline. I worked on the White House where we went over and negotiated the construction analogy here to become dependent on US energy production. Especially, there is an officer, one in Poland that we are working very hard on, but the fact is that Biden's crackdown on US energy production is slow that down and make Europe more dependent on Russia. Europeans benefit heavily in windmills and so on.

And there's not much wind shear and incredible energy shortage and directly going back to relying heavily on coal because windows are working on the soccer saying that dates from 1973. Finally, if I want to hear Elyse Slotnick, Alyssa Slotnick, a Democrat from Michigan on Meet the Press and she's basically off the Biden train because she doesn't feel as though they are saying anything that relates to the people that elected her got 28 wake up in my district like real political people there not know here in Washington. I probably know, not watching the show right now they're waking up in there talking about the price of groceries. The price of gas.

The timing of crime rate and concerns about security there talking about whether their kids email to stay in school, those things that are the people are talking about and I think that's in my mind, the White House should be laser focused on but they're not and is she right, and that's why Biden's approval of effective strategy of the Democrats is to divide us to make the pain each other and that anger gets people at the polls with really really stupid arguments you want to write down what you don't have smoking reform than the next election is going to be illegitimate, but let me tell you the last election we didn't have that voting reports of their further saying that the one they just wanted to follow the logic of what they're thinking there is thunder to speed it. Trying to divide us because we got nothing else to do the trying to distract us from inflation and everything else. Afghanistan Russia potentially going to Ukraine all that stuff of the distraction of the voting rights as a distraction to try to divide us to make us not comfortable with how to start the two things that you would do to affect inflation, as I would rapidly pipeline energy that we do make all of the trust tax cuts expire permanent so that people know okay by better increased to five that'll better build more factories and tax extremity and inflaming my doors shut. So right now they'll expire when will depend on which one but some of them are starting to expire the expense of an answer. It's actually urgent that Congress act to extend the context they will expire on the extent rights not this Congress. Maybe we'll see.

Kevin Hassett owes cricketers ice Kevin Hassett will we come back your turn.

1-866-408-7669 were talking about the imminent Russian invasion. It seems that Ukraine also got the situation crime, which are dealing with now as omicron receipts. We go back to work.

Guess was waiting for us and angry mentally ill homeless belligerent homeless population, and a a D famed and defunded police force.

The matter almost matter what city you're in, you'll feel it unless we get behind them.

We put a stop to that use of the brain to meet show your calls next expanding your knowledge base is Ryan kill me Fox News time tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast to strive and listen no Fox News five The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me try to feel good about themselves is not easily made a video of Tom Hanks narrating Tom Hanks as we are strong we are courageous we are resilient and this is the land of the brave. Now put that diaper back on your face and go hide some more is pretty amazing over the look I you know it whenever degrees are going to these.

I would agree with me on my go to be with him, but I agree with him 100%. When it comes to this pandemic and II agree to that. He says the Democrats are being its own so extreme of this cancel culture that he says they have become a laughingstock. He said that really plays into why Greg got fell show works, ready show works on Fox.

He's of the longest time Democrats really were doing crazy stuff, but now they are doing stuff that's comedy friendly. So here's an example.

I want you to something.

I retreated over the weekend. Barry Weiss is a writer podcast her and she right for sub stack. She got fired from the New York Times. She wasn't left-wing enough. Here's her saying exactly. I think what I've been saying over the course of two years and she is someone who will listen to her cut 22. We were told that the vaccine seen and you get back to normal and we haven't gotten back to normal and it's ridiculous at this point. If you believe the science you will look at the data that we did not have to years ago and you will find out that Clark's masks do not do anything he will realize that you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be a symptom of concurring on the crime and you will realize. Most importantly, this is going to be remembered by the younger generation is a catastrophic moral crime.

No kidding. Amen exactly humble. I don't know nothing I can add to that, except for the fact that she's coming from the left, not people, not the squad left but from the left and so is Bill Moore what is everyone else like Howard Stern and those people like that go to wake up Steve Alyssa WRC on Long Island take Steve quickly won Biden last Wednesday to find out what a minor incursion is and that is Russia coming King Crimea and there was no response will ever then the second thing is Eric Adams as mayor of New York angers five illegal guns for every one recovered making that up out of Mary only been three weeks and he doesn't know what he's talking about I tell you what he's got a very short window to prove that he's competent. So for watching circumstances. Nothing that he necessarily said or did that because this crime, but it is so horrific when the four-year-old is tossing the train when somebody else gets executed. When you see somebody gets on the tracks on Sunday afternoon.

1130. Thankfully, no train was coming at the same time in these these two cops killed and you see the DA come out and say what he said about not prosecuting things like resisting arrest that resulted no jail time of that to me. That to me shows somebody that is not stepping up and thinking he's got a big honeymoon. We does not have a honeymoon. Our earth to Mayor Adams. Your honeymoon is over and now you know, not supplant later on this week. Take your time I will go join the election two months ago and you think crime is something around just to come up with sometime next week but the good news is I think I'm recon is retreating receiving. I think right now I think cases new cases were up 8%. Debts are up about 40% thereof just under 2000. I'm not sure anyone sign for omicron. But if you don't have underlying conditions in the I don't know anybody vaccine are not vaccinated, they can tell me that they know somebody that is died from it and I love with the NFL's doing.

They have stopped testing to make sure the superstar quarterback is not temps positive. You could either leave them in a test tube that Michael Jackson is the name or hyperbaric chamber.

Or you could not test like that idea not test delicious sick. Can we start practicing that everywhere. Love that they I would got outnumbered at 12 and don't forget to tune into my new show Saturday night at 8 o'clock, which now has a name. I just have to talk to my people, and when I should announce it will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So subscribe and listen no Fox News five just live Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much. Alyssa everybody is Ryan kill me, Joe Prather, you come from New York City and around the country heard around the world. Of course, crime-ridden New York City. That's a great way to describe it because it's 100% accurate because of the randomness of these crimes and the severity of the outcomes expressed would happen over the weekend. Michael good was standing by to talk about it. Dan Hoffman, on the other crisis happening around the globe, Ukraine.

He was CIA station chief, he served over in Moscow, Iraq, Pakistan and South Asia as well as through various countries in Europe. We have a crisis building with 110,000 troops almost thoroughly surrounding outside the water's edge. This early thoroughly surrounding the Ukraine.

We are rushing arms there. We are looking to get our embassy staff out of their will this be at 1945 style 4039 style invasion on the European Peninsula. Here we go without styled in Hitler we got this guy name Vladimir Putin to look into the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three we haven't gotten back to normal and it's ridiculous at this point and you will realize, most importantly, this is going to be remembered by the younger generation is a catastrophic moral crime that is so true Barry Weiss of sub Stack lateral podcast form in the New York Times on HBO almost over. As protected omicron one hard and one fast and is going to be going quick. You can watch these cases drop in the New York New Jersey Washington on most of the East Coast in Florida especially Midwest to get hip then will drop because the symptoms are not severe, and because the debts are not high. The hospitalization certainly taxing especially for those who are not healthy but we do see that go and it's time to get on with our lives.

Are you with me very clear that if there is any further Russian aggression in terms of sending Russian forces into Ukraine. There will be a swift they will be a severe and there will be a united response from the United States and Europe not buying it now is acting but is it too late. Present buys would get stronger measures to deter and avoid a massive invasion of Ukraine. The measures he's contemplating the measures he's talking about what our enemies are saying and what were learning about what they are learning our enemies are learning about America's resolve.

I'm going to rollout a real plan this week I'm going to go at the underlying reasons you are seeing crime in our city. This is a cc of crime that's been fed by many rivers to stop the flow of guns you write. He was supposed to change things. He is not. Mayor Eric Adams is blaming guns not career criminals and violent arrange homeless subculture for the rise of death deterioration. New York City Saturday to copter shot one was killed another Stanley is in an even more grave condition at this hour. This has to stop instead of spreading to every major city, bringing the ugly stats so I was free. Michael Goodwin, Michael you understands in your post, Mr. lives in New York has seen it all in New York and around the country and the Fox News contributor Adams does not have much time to show you the right man for the job.

This he realized that I don't know if he realizes that but I think it is true that the public patient worn out and this attack on the police officers last week that killed one and left one more very seriously wounded, critically wounded with a bullet in his brain.

As I understand it. I hope it will be a turning point and a realization on the political class writ large. That this cannot continue that this leniency on on career criminals is what is driving so much of this and and there's no consequence to crime. That is the most important thing I think that it happened in New York in the last for five years is that you can you can get away with a whole lot of things now that you couldn't before and everybody sees this as a license for me. This, by comparison, the easiest thing to see is what's happened in the West Coast in terms of shoplifting and no it was okay. I know somebody decided with geologist bring a shopping bag and fill it up and no one's going to arrest me and then will will just take the whole store will break the window will take everything so there is as I say in my column this inadvertent validation of the broken windows theory of policing that if there's one broken window and nobody fixes it pretty soon you're going to have a lot of broken windows and that's what's happening with crime small crimes. People got away with crimes. I gotta go away with and now more and more gun crimes more more violence, more more antisocial behavior has become acceptable to the political class, and to those who won't people who think all of the poor poor souls are just misunderstood. Know the criminals they have to be treated as such. I put the criminal law, criminal justice system is about is bringing justice to the victims and to society at large.

This weekend was Sean McNeil is a career criminal the first time he did commit a serious crime, 1998, 30 attacked copies to various states of California to South Carolina and now New York.

His mom calls 911 because you need some help and that we have two we have one guy cleaned life and Wilbert Morrow and then killed Jason Ramirez 22 years old.

He walks in. This guy is so unrepentant once he shot the cops, he would get shot himself. By the third guy was relatively new one to tell you what the execution there is no fear that anything bad is going to happen to listen to Eric. Adam says he's going to do. Cut to partner with our police personnel and mental health professional professionals to be more proactive and not just react. We should not wait for someone to carry out a dangerous accident. When we know they are on the station in the first place immediately when you see a dangerous person. There mental health professionals will be deployed in that person will receive the proper care and removed from subway system is this guy gets this guy kidding me you think will go to see men and women in blue with a therapist by their side in a smock circa similarly about your childhood and why you just threw that 61-year-old Wall Street or onto the tracks. Maybe I can get understanding.

The next time you might want to do something impulsive like that.

I don't know what to do about this talk all through the campaign, which is why I supported him, which is why the New York Post endorsed him because he was the only candidate in the Democratic field talking about crime and pledging to do something about it. Now it were still in the first month of his mayoralty.

I believe he is been awakened to the seriousness of this if he wasn't before.

I think he now understands the gravity of the situation.

The widespread problems are beneath the shopper on the subway, the mentally ill person on the subway who pushes somebody in front of the train or tries to is not the same as the guy in Harlem with the gun who is a career criminal farming. There are different problems and they take different solutions. He was speaking there about the subway issue, but I think the the other one. You know he's talking about getting the federal government to help with the guns in the state and all that's fine. But fundamentally, the issue is the guy who was carrying the gun on the street. That's the problem it's not where the gun came from. At that point.

At that point it is who's got the gun in his pocket, and who is using it on the street that's what's driving up the crime rate. That's what's driving up the murder rate. Hundreds and hundreds of people at least 300 have been killed in the last two years who other who, under normal circumstances would not have been just according to the statistics, so there's a real life issue a real-life result when the people are carrying these guns and killing other people and those people carrying the gun if they didn't carry the gun. They wonder committed the murder they wouldn't be going to prison, so it's really an all hands on deck moment II said in the column.

Eric Adams has to be a wartime mayor. He has to look at this is a war is called a battle battle indeed. But it's a war it's a war against criminal behavior and some of which is carried out by the mentally ill and so it's gotta be all parts of the government have to be focused on health matters nearly as much fun. The police backers in 2020. Now the gun was mysteriously silent like state Atty. Gen. to sue James New Yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement. I think that plays a role by councilmember Shah Han Hanif Moore police will keep us safe. Then yesterday she's heartbroken.

January in 2020. In June we had our streets have been over policed in black and brown Americans are over criminalized really okay what about the Councilman Christian Richardson Jordan in January of January 22 is generally second 20 January 22 should be second 2022. Jesus said this NYPD is still the biggest gang in New York City. Now here if the lawmakers feel that way. Their policies are can reflect that because it's one party rule and then that's got a good ripple right down to the would-be criminal who would being emptied out of Rikers Island and led some point is we know to fix it. At some point people either leave in mass numbers was gonna rise up in mass numbers I talked about in my column about Rudy Giuliani in 1993 when he was running for mayor and how he said the ultimate test. Do people feel safe and right now.

New Yorkers do not feel safe and and you hear stories all the time of things that that that are not newsworthy in and of themselves, but just a sense of fear and dread on the streets and subways even even in shopping areas, so there is a lot of fear right now and Adams has to address that. Of course there are the prosecutors in Manhattan DA is a problem I mean what his plan to go even more lenient.

You have the city Council you have the state legislature. You have the governor all these people are responsible for the situation that has been created in New York. Adams is the only one the only one who campaigned to fix it now got the job and he's got the problems and so he's I think he's trying to figure out what is the way that's going to work, not just the short term thing that I can do but watch the way, that's really going to work so there is an impending crisis and urgency an emergency, but there's also he's gotta figure this out for the long term as well. This is right now facing the country, according to a NBC poll economy and jobs in crime, replacing covert among those, especially among independents. At some point you realize that the inflation matters in the crime matters but you don't have a the seven expresses expressions of sorrow coming from this White House.

What is filled by going to show some courage to take on crime and not worry about it and not worry about his left foot is left-wing and O'Brien. You and I talked about this before I remain absolutely mystified by the Biden presidency. I don't get it. I don't get what it's about anymore. I mean it's all that's left is stuff that is not thankfully being passed by Congress but B is irrelevant to the daily lives of most Americans understand the president is not the mayor he's got a thank you note in almost in generational terms of moving the country forward. But you can't do that while the countries on fire and the countries on fire with a lot of issues and coalbed is receding. Thankfully, but you have this crime. You have inflation you have that you have the possibility of of foreign foreign policy problems like with Russia and China and Iran.

So what is he fixing what is he doing that is making life better today. I don't see anything and when he finally gets around to the covert stop. It's almost like well behind the curve so it's not clear to me what this White House is doing when they wake up each day thinking about the country. Don't they know what what's going on.

I mean that's what concerns me.

They seem really out of touch. Excessively, so it would look there's always up is always a kind of bottom-up to the White House.

Some in the White House gets the big picture okay, but how do you get the little picture how do you get in touch with the granular things that are happening in in this country and the White House doesn't seem to have a clue.

I think I can do sitting there reading the New York Times in making their policies money to get gotta get Biden's plan to get out of Washington is great, but only if he listens, if he just comes to talk and sell these stupid policies pushing it will not help at all, and you will see these polls continue to tank, go out to the places where were going to get Internet open to rural communities when they're starting to break ground on some of these bridges and tunnels us a great view, means that the infrastructure deal that you announce today will not pass without the other. That's the infrastructure deal you held onto for three months without even allowing the boat. Now you say basically it's her only when and then trumpeting it when if he actually had a plan. He would know I got this thing in June.

Let me pass it instead of going for the left-wing. Second, I want this because it's not enough. So, now that's only has any trumpeting it and he wants to go show up at different construction sites. The problem is his presentations terrible and ET is not good on his feet and then that's the issue, and we comes out.

He's always yelling and bad. Talk about unions and corn pop. Nobody wants to hear it.

The thing about Bill Clinton point out Bill Clinton and Barack Obama at similar numbers. We know that as an asset to very good communicators. They were personally charismatic this to Joe Biden doesn't have either one of those skills I agree with you the thing with the infrastructure bill that he signed it in private.

He didn't even have a signing ceremony that errors because he didn't want to be Republicans and Democrats there. The left doesn't want bipartisanship.

The left doesn't want a unified government approach it wants what it wants only, and it wants to destroy those who don't agree with it, and Biden has given them too much oxygen they have become more powerful under him, but as a result, he has gotten less done that. The result of his presidency is that everything is ground to a halt because he has given Bernie's control of the budget father Ron clean gets elected to happen. I thoroughly believe that an iced out the vice president seems totally overhead and lost all confidence in what is my right. I think Susan Rice is an important player in all this problem by everything she touches turns to crap. Listen we come. Thanks Michael goes great. I was good to hear from you and read your columns and my and of course Fox back them up with your calls, expanding your knowledge base is Ryan kill me. Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you get your favorite contest. If you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Ryan kill me. We should preface this by saying no one could have anticipated.

Covert, no matter what the venue is what the IOC deserves all of the disdain and disgust that comes their way for going back to China. Yet again there were in Beijing in 2008 I go to Sochi in 2014 there shameless about this stuff and so this takes place, not only amid covert, as did the Tokyo games all over your ago but the restrictions on press freedom and the sense that everyone there is being monitored in some way. We had that feeling in 2008 in Beijing I think of anything it's been ramped up now and that is Bob Costas at the cover 12 Olympics is not doing at this time. Now with NBC anymore, but is been there, been their best sportscaster since he was 30, which is speaking out about the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in.

The IOC gives Beijing the games again.

I was not aware of the oppressive nature in which they did the first time around. But now we see with the Holocaust, essentially in concentration can't be set up with the Uighurs with the steamrolling of Hong Kong with the 39 overflights of Taiwan with their warplanes over the weekend them saying you're not allowed to speak out the IOC.

The USOC and China itself about anything political as athletes basically stay in a bubble.

No one is allowed to attend why the Olympics there radio that makes you think this is Ryan kill me show.

We've been very clear that if there is any further Russian aggression in terms of sending Russian forces in Ukraine.

There will be a swift they will be severe. And there will be a united response from the United States and Europe.

Second, we been equally clear that Russian gauges and other tactics were sending forces into our into Ukraine or other countries. Hybrid actions cyber attacks efforts to bring a government down in there to. I'm very confident based on the many consultations I've had with European allies and partners that there will be a swift calibrated and also united response. Does anyone by that, especially if Afghanistan that is just something as it might be a bridge too far, but has Daniel hopping feel former CIA station chief about the secretary states comments who served in Moscow rack, Pakistan, South, South Asia, and in most of Europe, a Dan welcome back. I want you to hear the secretary states words of four different network yesterday. I know diplomats have to speak a certain way, but I don't like that I don't feel the toughness to you well but you have to back it up with concrete measures. You know, Pres. Reagan delivered some tough messages to general Sec. Gorbachev told me to tear down the wall but then the president back by countering the Soviet Union worldwide and with this administration is clear that they want to de-escalate it clear that they are focused on diplomacy. But what we lack are are the concrete talk policy measures look at what the Baltics are doing. They issued strong statement condemning Russia and then they backed it up not belittling or providing Stinger missiles. Ukraine is doing is providing travel and antitank weapon. That's what you want to do that.

The way to deal with Vladimir construction course. They should know that on the border. Mike McCall brought up the fact that one of the goals is to begin to weaken the alliance weaken the alliance and divide NATO cut 10 or seen as weak right now, but because of present. Biden is his comments about a limited their limited invasion was so unacceptable and that NATO was divided, I think one thing he said was true that NATO is divided and that's his goal was to divide and weaken NATO accomplish some of that has eat because I'm a good case in point I think is Germany.

I'm in the fire there Defense Secretary or somebody you had that role because he comments is a prudent want to respect and deserves it and they said we don't want you just residing us as a good idea and we know that when asked about sanctioning Orson to pipeline here through the Chancellor said while the Norton to pipeline from Russia, Germany, which is yet to be regulatory approval. He says sexy something that is not yet operational was not a credible threat on getting off the swift mess the global messaging system which would should be an option or tough on the German Foreign Minister says well the hardest stick may not always be the best way to deal with such a situation, so I'm not I'm not loving with the Germans are doing is trying to weaken NATO that one of his goal to cut a number of goals and NATO have had to clean up some of the president's remarks. Remember to NATO's general Sec.'s Totenberg had stated Pres. Biden's minor incursion commented that press conference was not a green light for Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are some members of NATO like the Baltic states. We mention: Romanian a lot tougher.

Russia, Germany did not allow Estonia to ship German origin weapons to Ukraine and that's what Russia wants to do with what the Soviets always wanted to do, drive a wedge between United States and one of our most important NATO allies Germany it's always been the case and remember Vladimir Putin served in East Germany and he is very well aware that that strategy and that's exactly what is trying to implement right now and with the sales sedan was reading the Wall Street Journal. He said he did psychological profile and pollutants from with in Moscow and they said that those days in East Germany and when they why he watched everything fall apart before his eyes. He went amongst the protesters against the rush of the Soviets.

The Russians as they were being converted back to Russia and he wanted to get inside and try to convince them by pretend to be one of them not to Wednesday not to keep moving on the embassy and they said this guy's got, he has no sense of risk and the ramifications that was the way they profiled them in his 30s. That's pretty much the way he leads his well I think he does have a width, but it coldly calculated: acting in East Germany played the role of low-level translator guy was walking outside of their embassy to try to calm down the protesters when in fact the KGB operative responsible for running very sensitive operations. I think in this case he going a bit of brinkmanship detecting us what he's doing in a very coldly calculated way. And right now he's not losing 100,000 troops on the border. He's made a lot of unrealistic demands with a timeline that is completely unreasonable and and and a false sense of urgency that you created a crisis but he's incited and we United States and NATO are allowing him to dictate the pace and that the framework for resolving this. So he's making a lot of moves on the check for me, getting checkmated up studies needs taken a few more pieces off Suzanne, I am not one of them.

But a lot of people, especially in the writer say why we try to get into another world. Ukraine armies could try to get into another war. What we care about Ukrainians let them fight it themselves due to how far away that is, we read, then I could be NATO anyway. What is the big deal wanted what to how do you view it kind of talk a lot to me like what European birthday. And when when adult Hitler would taken pieces of Czechoslovakia claiming that you should defend Germans everywhere including Sudeten lands checked about is a faraway place.

Once we defend that booklet that the tactical reason to stand up for Ukraine.

If we give Ukraine to Russia then Russia will own the black sea that will impact Turkey will impact our NATO members on the border which right now value.

The fact Ukraine is buffer state and and that that's another tactical reason here. We also have to be concerned about Russia trying to change the borders of Europe with military aggression are trying to extort us to do that and then third as I mentioned this morning on Fox and friends you Ukraine and Taiwan are on the geopolitical faultlines right now between an ideological struggle between democracy and authoritarianism. And if we don't stand up for democracies around the world and you will stand up for much of anything at all and are our adversaries, particularly Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, they will all be important to strike against the five no doubt that that's one reason why Putin feels like he can target in and in Ukraine right now because of the way we withdrew in such a chaotic fashion, leaving behind a terrorist Afghanistan. I listen, I hundred percent agree with you talking about now sanctions now absent myself. I don't know if you give sanctions now for putting troops in your own country polyamine fleet set a well of troops to Mexico Mexico you know right on in Texas. I initially think it's it's sanctionable. But even Chris Coons thinks it is no, he took Joe Biden seat when he became vice president Angelica 12 Sen. country sponsored legislation supported by the White House to impose does crippling sanctions if Russia invades my next guest, Sen. Joni and said sanctions should come now, why not now. I do think we should take up and pass a bipartisan bill that will show resolve and determination and apply some sanctions now, but the very strongest sanctions, the sorts of sanctions that we used to bring Iran to the table is something that we should hold out as a deterrent to prevent Putin from taking the last step of invading Ukraine Manor Knollwood with three sanctions look like I'm all for a tough stance.

I just don't know what pre-sanctions look like not to want personal and think about the good example, the ministration habit policy longer and longer deal with Iran, where thinking Devon brought around the table sanctions have never acted Vladimir's behavior Ukraine at the next potential threat to Russia because not because of any military threatening of the defense of a lion, but Ukraine wants to build a democracy and be linked up to the West European Union into NATO and that's why they're such a great threat to Russia, but sanctions are going to change anything. I think sometimes it's an easy solution for administration to say what we did company sanctionable if not what you want to do if you want to want to defend yourself and deterrent counter Russia take some hard policy measures like sending the right military equipment and make it clear to Russia that much incited the crisis and we are not going to negotiate from that position will not offer concessions when Vladimir Putin is made. The most unrealistic demands and is seeking to extort it. I still have it hurt the president get up on the bully pulpit and speak strongly about planning for all those who criticized Pres. Trump for the Helsinki Summit with Pearson talk talk and back it up with some action on cooking a little counterintuitive, but sometimes you gotta wrap the Russians on the knuckles a little bit to get them to back off and we haven't done that. We haven't done that at all and answered very dear demands in writing, which I think is pathetic.

The ice is always on Russo J. Lastly, I'm I'm I guess I'm thinking too small and direct. But I always thought that China would be good until after the Olympics in order to avoid the collapse of the Olympics. That didn't stop 39 warplanes from breaching Taiwan's airspace what what is the mindset there is at the China you know is that that's not too pragmatic. Yeah, I mean the Chinese open mouth to encourage and get out for years and it really part of their strategy of trying to win the war without firing a shot. They are stressing Taiwan's Air Force which is flown 3000 sorties in 2020 and and and it costs Taiwan a lot of money up to the billion dollars.

Reportedly last year to deal with this United States right now needs to expedite the approval for the 16th of Taiwan has ordered, we need to provide Taiwan with more assistance military assistance to make it clear that China China has the capability to invade Taiwan. We need to make it clear that it would be prohibitively expensive but they would still too much blood and too much pressure to do it and that's what China's probing right now they're militarizing the South China Sea, and of course they're still in our intellectual property mounting massive espionage attacks against us.

And let's not forget they can feel the outbreak and severity of coronavirus and were not really standing up to them either get a bite my hometown team the Boston Celtics to start clearing Iskander is trying to stand up and be an advocate for human rights and and were not doing their job that an MBA and hope it would do a good job of it in the administration just don't hold China accountable using our soft powers like the late Pres. Reagan used with the Soviet Union. I know, getting cancer, said noted that the part owner of Golden State made that statement says below his pay grade to care about the Uighurs doesn't care about them during concentration camps having their organs harvested, enslaved and converted to a different religion and the immediately come out and condemn the majority ownership said the doesn't speak for us, but I mean that's unbelievable to you is all want to take a stand against racism, which I applaud. Then you've got to be consistent and calling out overseas in China were to and not and not allow China to write our talking points because they provide the MBA with reportedly. I don't know how many billions of dollars.

$5 billion. They're not showing my hometown team the Boston Celtics in China right now because of enough cancer freedom look good on him. The conscience of the NBI like some others to step up in that same way.

It's very hypocritical for the league to didn't really damages their message of combating racism in our own country. They don't speak out about China.

The Chinese are that by not just that's just not good luck last question, do you think a week from now will be talking on innovation that took place already were the chances 50-50.

This happens now. I mean I just don't. How will you keep over hundred thousand troops in place.

Yeah, I think Google can keep them there for equality desires and and I could just imagine if I was back in my old job at the CIA director for alien to do this for David Tracy go around the room and after four percentage how confident are you that, for example, in the case. Russia will invade.

I would say I'm pretty confident that they will do something whether it you know the move in the in the in the Black Sea to control those ports that are so important for Ukraine economic strength or whether it's another incursion into eastern Ukraine in the Dunbar coming down off of this to retreat, but then remove those hundred thousand troops without attacking Ukraine without receiving any movement on those unrealistic demands. The Kootenay I just find it awfully hard to imagine that lender would do that right now.

Did you happen to know CEC to call Moscow home because he is always good 7 Summer Pl. there, especially in in January to go so much in particular, you got it. 186640876 exam.

We come back I will billet you you guys know the name of the show. You'll be the first to know the name of my new Saturday show it's it's 8 o'clock Eastern time on Fox News Channel is just got confirmed I want to share with you when we come back diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show you what to back everybody I told you before that I was to use this block to announce the first time ever show the will probably run for 25 would you think Erica B.

Do you think 25 years and think yes Saturday at 8 o'clock for the show's run for how long 13. I think with you so ugly that 13 years, I saw that on 25 years with Fox and friends.

How much longer I will live, but I hopefully this will be on for a long time 8 o'clock Saturdays. The name of the show will be one nation right if we would rehearse that are probably what happened before I said it I was thinking trumpets before but one day she was Brian kill me that there will be sought on Saturday. They go because I want to talk about bringing the country together in creative ways and give context of the biggest stories of the day not assume that everybody knows what's going on. So one nation is the name of the show and of course this is also a week in which I'm announcing new features of what made America great on Fox nation so altogether we are one country and hopefully you will begin to take shape. I don't get. I have a promo sheet on Tuesday will be talking about gas all week that work on animation exciting to Jesse water start to show this week and then Lawrence Joe starts at 10 o'clock thereby Jeter knocks down to 9 o'clock and then the show will repeat at 11 o'clock so that you be great so I love the name. It finally got okay so were okay so will you that we lawyered up to take anybody else who has that name so real quick. I'm just going through.

Would Dan happen was saying about our allies and who's on our side and who's out our side and how tight is NATO's bug that is great yeah we just know the German Foreign Minister so Tom Rogan writes this, we should have them on ass and Germany are they reliable iolite 99 is a known German, obviously. And here's the reason they refused to supply Ukraine with weapons and is actively preventing Estonia from doing so as well. In recent days. Britain airlifted antitank weapons, Ukraine, and conducted Ukrainian related intelligence gathering fights while the Intel flights have been transited Germany through Germany's airspace. The most direct route between Britain and Ukraine. The weapon's lights have been making detours around Germany you believe this I mean is I once again we have a trouble trusting the Germans people we basically watch their back for and rebuild them in the 40s.

We keep all our troops there to tripwire. Should anything happen and now this. I find it unbelievable that the germ here. You by your subtlety down the new government does this now they have to find their Sec. of Navy or their counterpart. Whatever they call that officer because he made statements of the week in the Vladimir Putin should deserves to be respected and got such backlash from the world community that he resigned's really happening. Unbelievable. Thanks much was the right to leach out the big news is the name of the show at 8 o'clock is called one nation. I hope you like it and keep it here so move my Fox News New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much.

Was he everybody is the Brian kill me show 1-866-408-7669. Always appreciate your input. We come here from New York City which is overwritten with crime.

A random act. There unpredictable crime. At that and a mayor who promised to write things in who says now I'm to come up with a plan. Take your time this arrogant to be joined by Jim Gray want to find sportscasters a respective ones of the country does a podcast with Tom Brady. I thought ask a question like this. Let me see I had it right down here. Oh is Tom Brady going to retire after that incredible comeback that just fell short yesterday against the Rams and I'll ask him about why I think some of the most sensational games will play games in the history of the NFL should set up a two perfect games next weekend and the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in three so it's good to the big three now stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

Normal test point and you will realize, most importantly, this is going to be remembered by the younger generation is a catastrophic moral crime absolutely. But good news is omicron almost over. Just as we predicted out, and when it's out. A week done with the mandates.

Are we done with the vaccine cure-all that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated the dumb narrative that Ned never added up, and as well as masking and schools can we please be through with this.

That was Barry Weiss and Bill Moore's liberal talk show who feels exactly like Bill Moore were done were finished were through with this very clear that if there is any further Russian aggression in terms of sending Russian forces into Ukraine. There will be a swift they will be severe.

And there will be a united response while United states in Europe.

Well I'm sure Vladimir Putin is worried now is acting tough, but is it too late present bias against stronger measures to deter and avoid a massive invasion of Ukraine but the same time evacuating the embassy while telling everybody not to travel there that upset Ukrainians.

He says it is sending the wrong message with they are getting his arms from the Baltic nations with her not getting his help from Germany. I'm going to roll out a real plan this week I'm going to go at the underlying reasons you are seeing crime in our city. This is a C of crime that's been said by many rivers that the stop the flow of guns that we would help obese up the flow of guns, Eric Adams. He was supposed to change things.

He has not. Now it's going over the plan over the weekend to capture shot one killed on the spot when the killer who is been a criminal since 1998 out and about cold they called his mom call the cops and that he wanted executed.

These two cops. The other one is playing clean for his life at NYU Langone and not hearing good things, and once again receiving five cop shot five cops a been shot since Eric Adams took over the captain from the police station bring law and order back actually one because of that got the nomination because of that, but now is saying things to me that I don't like he's talking about guns.

Yeah, I know guns are a problem but don't extrude to the gun. Gun rules are in New York City district today where else more to control this so please tell me why you think it's not the overall not backing of the cops not allowing them to do their job putting back together.

The plainclothes unit putting back together. The homeless unit that was disbanded by that idiot former mayor and why Eric Adams should know better.

Cut one. These crimes did not start during my administration to have been here for far too long. In many parts of our community.

We have to go after those laws that are not realistic understand what was happening on the ground and have to deal with institutional problems. We have failed to educate black and brown children in the city of New York, if not this entire country.

We put in a new plan in all subway system that's going to end recent mental health professionals and at the same time have my law enforcement personnel.

They had deployed properly is something you really think a therapist is to be going down there with cops trying to reason with these crazed literally crazed homeless people not doubting their luck, but hooked on all types of drugs are just committed to the violent lifestyle in the subculture of allowed allowed to take root in a city that has this thing called winter why they're even there to shows their mental illness. If you want to get them mental help after they arrested, go ahead, but I don't see many therapists going to seven years of school and then following around NYPD transit cop down into the basement of Al which is exactly what it is. Are you kidding me while Kathy Hoke will just as clueless as governor cut for our hearts and prayers are with the families and the members of the NYPD but also to say it's a resounding call to action to say those in Washington who will not see the call.

When I was the children of Sandy Hook who were slaughtered in their classroom and continue on this day we have to do more to find scourge of illegal time. Oh my goodness, you compared that you compare that to Sandy. Look at the range, lunatic living in his mom's basement in the mom and dad collect guns. He takes a gun he goes and assassinates toddlers as horrific as it gets with this guy a career criminal since 1998, who is never seems to been locked up for long even though he's already been convicted on one is a ray of the guv of crimes of attacking a cop.

Not only does he shoot nobody executes them.

Who knows what drugs he's on, and you think the guns of the problem not only his quick pivot over the Ukraine ongoing international crisis. I do care and I don't think it matters if we look the other way would end up with a big war we've seen this movie before. I am not someone that says who cares about Ukraine. I never have. I wish we cared earlier in 2014 we would be in the mess we're in right now. But now were talking about getting putting troops into these Baltic nations exactly what Vladimir Putin doesn't want moving more into Poland exactly Vladimir Putin doesn't want putting more lethal weapons into that country, allowing the Baltic states to quickly import over there now finding out that Germany's Sec. of Navy said that Vladimir Putin should be respected. So embarrassing is that statement that he's resigned. Now we find out if you're bringing arms to Ukraine.

You can't go over German airspace why visiting or trim to pipeline that is actually sickening absolutely sickening in our Secretary of State who looks way over his head every time he speaks. David Sanger on the damage that the president's word said last week showing he tolerate a minor incursion and how a kind of boomerang to Norton this week. Cut 13 is statement that they press conference that the US and its allies might not put full sanctions in for a minor incursion led to such a reaction in Ukraine and in Europe. This actually hardened the government's position. The US government's position now, and you've heard that in recent days as secretary blank and has said that if even one Russian soldier goes over the border in an aggressive way that could trigger all of this deployment of thousands of additional American troops in NATO's Eastern flank that'll be good for Sabina.

Also considering combined with allies and putting more troops in the Baltic and Eastern European mentioned nations.

As I mentioned, I got to get the UK credit. They are stepping up speaking out strong and talk about a possible plot to Alex Zielinski and put their own guy in there so that would be short of an invasion. Next thing you know they can say it's Russians rising up to change their leadership because they say that Zielinski burned on the whole time is that gray area makes you wonder what is the best line of action is worse missing our starting world war three with but the UK's uncovering that it may be stopping that so that I appreciate Ukraine's defense minister also said that they got more weapons and he said the second bird is in key have more than 80 tons of weapons to strengthen Ukraine's defensive capabilities from our friends in the USA. This is not the end that is the end. Good job. So I think it does matter and hope you do too. We come back. I'm take a break from this L talk politics with Brent Baird 15 minutes, but next Jim Gray was respect is poor and connected sportscasters in America today does a podcast weekly with Tom Brady on the electricity and though those games yesterday and of course Tom Brady's future Jim Gray with us next. This is the brain coming to educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me talk show that's getting you talk your with Brian kill me and there goes 3027 so dramatic at halftime look like I know we was given up, but it look like you just outmatched and man did they come back down 27 six tied the game 27 and then inexplicably gave up the two long passes to Cooper cop the number one target intended target and send Tom Brady home could not will not be defending his title in Los Angeles and the Rams have a chance of playing at home in Los Angeles exactly where I usually find Jim great is the author of talking to goats. He's cohost of the podcast. Let's go with Tom Brady and does just about everything that's important sports at any given time. Jim welcome back. So Jim Barwick and I may send for everything that you've seen yet. I mean, it's hard to impress a guy like you. You impressed with the four games, not the effort, determination, display of excellence in some instances, lack of it at a critical moment here there but the be all out effort and and just the will and desire to want to be a Super Bowl champion and to stand on that Step of the victory platform. It was an astonishing display by it violated those teams really, absolutely, and we know you pockets every Monday with with Tom Brady all year long, extremely successful over and serious and now with Tom Brady marshaling another monster come back and pulled it off the listener headings over time. It didn't happen. Here's what he said after the game cut 37 and put a lot of thought into it. So is targeted by the agency consumer is true for guys and think about this game and not take away test five minutes from now. So he did question was our unit retires at it. He wouldn't commit either way you have thoughts on that.

Jim walked to the Super Bowl so the clock is looking with mapping out here in Los Angeles in a few weeks so asking the question that he doesn't know and hasn't been thinking about and contemplating the question they can really answer this moment. Oh, or at that moment. Before that, you know, we think about going possibly into overtime and trying to advance to a championship game so I'm sure his thoughts were probably only on that and the if he doesn't know. I don't know how any of us with no and I don't believe that he knows so anything that I would say would be pure speculation and really wouldn't contribute much to the conversation because if the person is involved in no everything else is just conjecture. I so I am requesting that maybe Gray might say this rises to your level. You ready for five above oppose it this way with you and your children know that you that you you're the best at this.

I feel under pressure. So here's the question I would ask is he more likely in your opinion wanted to retire after winning a Super Bowl after falling short like you did yesterday. What is a more likely scenario. You know, I think that hard to one another Super Bowl he played. Let me try to become the guy I only got everyone three in a row is extremely dreamily competitive.

He's driven to win a wants to touch perfection. He had a wants to do it again and again an improvement feet, and he led the league in passing led the league in yards led the league in touchdown is 44 years old in my mind there's no question is the most valuable player and to me it shouldn't of been a question Nelly Dr. Wendy Ward, Aaron Rodgers, who had an amazing season just threw four interceptions played terrific football during the regular season. He's going to get the award. If you can. Based on what happened with the All-Pro tape. I believe the score of the 50 voters 34 to 16. So Brady's going to come up multiple short because it's basically the same people voting, but Tom Brady the MVP of this team.

I mean that they were down again.

27 to 3 with the depleted offense of line with the with with work so that the best offense of lineman All-Pro lineman heat up Jensen the center. You know it's the top of on every play. Well, so the replacement he's out hurt Antonio Brown quits in the middle of the note before we could go inexplicably and and until that's gone. Godwin's top receiver I get hurt for five weeks ago.

He's gone.

It was just that, an enemy of the running back throughout rodeo.

It was delivered to it which is literally an effort by Tom and his teammates that was you know spectacular even come back in and be in that game, albeit your Rams made tremendous mistake. You know that or do you know the data be scratching their heads this morning sure that related and not to get to play at home for a chance the player for the Super Bowl XLIXers and then stay at home, so their path. This is pretty incredible. If they can if they can walk in and achieve it. If you take a look at the mistakes that you can't take them away because that's what opened the door the acres fumbled the bad snap staffer on the top for the year sitting 40 some seconds away from being in overtime than that the coin flip just like we saw in the Buffalo game. It's going put the Buffalo game. Here's the last place it sounds. The cheese pizza bills that stunningly 4236 seven home if you and with the overtime is right now you get in touch and it's over. If you go you get the other team gets a shot of the bills they had to say what you think this is fair.

We lost a coin flip. Then we lose the game but that those are the rules Jim right and you know it is appointed he was great and he played Josh out. You know, we can't complain about the rules because had we been on the winning side. We would've been celebrating through and that this is the best we would've been celebrating two they went to been complaining something like know that you should have a chance so you know it's really interesting. A lot of folks this morning and we live in a time where everything about the greatest perhaps the best game it's ever been placed and it's interesting. I remember the game. The place back in Christmas in 1971 again. That lasted 82 minutes little over 82 minutes when the Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins.

That was the AFC divisional playoff game 24 2724 believe with the score. Back then, and that was just an incredible game and so now the chief having the known what it was like those years ago, whatever that is 51 years ago to have been on the opposite end of that law. And now that they have that happen for them in the victory is that Don Shula coached team all the way back then in the Hanks drama and so forth. But that was to the stomach is an incredible game that was going to talk about forever be second-guessed about McDermott not quit kicking the ball, taking time off the clock can be second-guessed about Leslie Frazier and Kermit, what were they doing let a guy go down 13 seconds, but not great. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the long perspective, I do. Let's go this way let's go this week. Let's go will be out of pocket.

Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald, please. So Ezekiel made to kill me. What's also important messages. We enjoyed exercises in Poland, the Baltic states, Romania and Bulgaria to show prudent were serious right now he doesn't see were serious and that's why the build up is taking place.

I think this all started Margaret with Afghanistan and the unconditional surrender to the television when he saw weakness. Weakness invites aggression, we saw that with Chamberlain, Hitler on that was Michael McCall, ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and he's very concerned about was happening in Ukraine. I don't know anybody else is not. Some people think we should not even be there.

Why we doing that no one cares about Ukraine. I feel differently. Fred bear's chief political anchor for Fox News anchor special report with Bret where threadbare author of to rescue the Republic's All-Star panel enables is coming up its February 19. All proceeds benefit the children's national hospital and sadly itself for the rest of the country it sold out for Brett. Welcome to run thanks you.

You want to know the name just came across a video yet will get a name, a special report normally can. Yes, if you can be one nation with Frank and right unite against it.

Are you. I look forward to it. Okay good night. So now I just hope your wife doesn't want you to be staying in until 9 o'clock on Friday. On Saturdays see no I'll tell her but I'm happy to be on anything. Okay, good. So Brett couple things. It just seems we have 100,000 troops at a border for weeks on end and you don't really backup just add to that, it seems like a invasions imminent. Did you hear the over the weekend and make you feel differently now and I think the movement you're starting the State Department and others are getting US government officials and their families out suggests that you truly believe something happened very quickly. However, they they said on the State Department call. Given that the president has said military action by Russia could come at any time US government will not be in a position to evacuate US citizens, so US citizens currently present in Ukraine should plan accordingly. Arrange commercial flights. This sounds really similar similar to where we were in Afghanistan and you know it's amazing right. I mean we just went through this.

Can we figure out you know how what the processes if it pushed himself. Yeah, I will cigarette right now, but I think you know skin interesting is is I heard speculative from David saying I will share with you over the weekend. The presence Saying a minor incursion. Probably no big deal and then walking it back the next day resulted in this here's David saying the New York Times 13 statement that they press conference that the US and its allies might not put full sanctions in for a minor incursion led to such a reaction in Ukraine and in Europe that is actually hardened the government's position. The US government's position now, and you've heard that in recent days as secretary blank and has said that if even one Russian soldier goes over the border in an aggressive way that could trigger all of this so by making the mistake and showing tolerance is now boxed into not really amazing if you think about it. I mean just is answers and then the cleanup immediately following that they had to overdo the cleanup so you know he could've just stayed 30,000 feet with that answer and he didn't have to go into specifics, but once he said well if it's just a small incursion. The minor incursion and maybe we'll just dial back the sanctions. Russia said okay thanks you know I've never been in. They took Crimea after Pres. Obama said you know this is not to happen next thing you know they had a different passport chromium bridge and they never resort and the Russians are sunning themselves. So in the Wall Street Journal today.

Tom Rogan has an editorial on talk about Germany and Natalie's Germany secretary of Navy or their counterpart.

Whatever they call them had to resign of the weekend by St. Vladimir Putin deserves to be respected. Now we find out that not only is Burley not helping the review to supply Ukraine with weapons. They refused. They are preventing Estonia from providing Ukraine with weapons in Britain if they want to bring weapons into Ukraine has to fly around Germany is that unbelievable to you and you consider the fact that you know the concern has been energy and Russia and what's happening with that pipeline and you don't.

Germany has been tight ally of ours, but this seems to be like they're just starting with the Russian side of nursing to pipeline. When asked about it the four-minute Sidwell so since talking to sanctioning something sent online yet obviously dancing around the fact that we can prevent that from coming online, we could make them a massive offer for LNG that might be comparable to that and I believe you can label as an ally. It's it's amazing what's going on.

I can't give you the inside story on German politics. I'm not liking it.

I agree, and it seems like it's going a different way.

Explorers who they're starting with. But you know what this is happening around the world as people are that countries are coming to grips with whether the US is going to have their back in tough times.

I think you know a lot of analysts point back to Afghanistan and say look what happened here will the US have your back.

I want us to be thinking that to China flies 39 fighter jets into its airspace this weekend at their gas tanks at the hospice report a few hours so that the big story that's going to speed up the closer we get is China and not making any bones about it that you are not allowed to speak out or sound off the IOC USOC and China will come down on you if you spied to show any political bent give any interviews or do anything on the podium in the winter games we know they had 39 warplane overflights over Taiwan over the weekend so they are very transparently being aggressive and oppressive use with Bob Costas to host. I think 12 Olympics said about that cut 33 we should preface this by saying no one could've anticipated covert, no matter what the venue is bought the IOC deserves all of the disdain and disgust that comes their way for going back to China. Yet again there were in Beijing in 2008 I go to Sochi in 2014 there shameless about this stuff and so this takes place, not only amid covert, as did the Tokyo games all over year ago, but the restrictions on press freedom and the sense that everyone there is being monitored in some way.

We had that feeling in 2008 in Beijing I think of anything it's been ramped up now so I mean there's guys not associate NBC anymore, but they're not sending any reporters or anchors or broadcasters which means I don't know what to get that exposé about the Uighurs. Do you I doubted I don't think that's going to look like and listen he's right me by choosing those countries as venues you bring with it everything that they may have going on, including persecution, including really some human rights abuses that that no one is is talking about except you know our calendar few others.

Yet Hughes and his freedom on this as well as deals this Brett was no rebuke of that owner of Golden State for making that statement. The Uighurs are below my what I care about nobody cares about the Uighurs always said when he walked back the next day in the Golden State Warriors. He is in speak for us, but where's the rebuke from the MBA itself. Hughes and his freedom yesterday cut 32 with Maria. They are going supreme on laptop iPad because they know that there is a high percent chance of China and I believe that government told him to follow some kind of path which is very suspicious that it almost do it and the other thing is you know, obviously they worked so hard to get a long extended really want to take the risk genocide so they really want something like that.

So I feel like you twice about going to a country like China to help think this is story get right me know when you will really get fixated in the winter games best without carrying them, but what would you think it's gonna be like intending yeah I think it is so many different storylines that I think it ended NBC's and I have to mention some of this, even though there are in the backyard.

I think other channels are difficult to cover because it will be a controversy, let alone the fact that Russia the last time it went into two Ukraine. It was at the end of the Olympics in Sochi.

This time they conveniently have this exercise with Belarus which is on another side of the border there that comes to the end on the last day of the Olympics.

So in others.

A lot of looking at that as may be a signal that something happens them was supposed to do. I suppose we can call my gosh it was like football, so there was one place you want to hear the final play of any of the games which game would you choose are probably bills Kansas City okay go ahead and send you matches your friend, but between him and now Michael's better to bring these games old man what a college like you wouldn't believe it.

It was just going back and forth. I mean the bills played so well to get back in that game and then see 13 seconds to go down the field and kick that time and then holy cow, I do think that the controversy about overtime rules and having the other team have a chance is real, you know, it seemed like after all of that after they both played so well that they needed the bills need another shop.

I said something about will work on that out. My best person I guarantee that those going was Super Bowl as well as Josh Alice, a somewhat healthy entirely until outrunning. Probably one of the five the fastest defensive backs in the lake and then waving to the last one at two different dear. It's like you put it. I got here. I'm the fastest ease faster running across the field is amazing. I pray I will see you face-to-face in a couple weeks but good luck tonight at the old cattle okay thank you we come back to find out there's more to know in the top of the hour I'm going to give you an idea of medical not outnumbered.

I just decide to do that also. Other big news. Of course everybody's talking about. I'm sure another shows. Two.

We have a name for the brand-new Saturday show. It is called one nation with Brian till made. It was starting a clock and if it's good will repeated again 11 and will be wearing the same exact outfit that's all I can reveal also a special urgency to get the president freedom fighter. I wanted to the Barnes & Noble by my house wearing getting personalized with you guys are still ordering them a more and happy to personalize form especially got Valentine's Day coming up, not the romantic thing getting somebody a nonfiction book that you find special, especially the president freedom fighter Abe Renwick and Frederick Douglass in battle to save America so savvy great, so will do that. Let when we come back on will find out more to know how you can opt out of Valentine's Day or any holiday also. After that was in the lead on outnumbered with crime also will preview my latest to additions of what made America great revolving right immigration and policing Teddy Roosevelt fell silent fastest three hours in radio with Brian till made. I would welcome back him to be on outnumbered the top of the hour. In a matter minutes but first things first, I was about to leave before I realize you need to know more. No thing out of Valentine's Day growing number of brands you because with the chance to opt out of the marketing emails at a Valentine's Day and other holidays and she lets people opt out feature was created in 2021, as he tells actio's parachute. The betting home goods company has the same opt out feature on Mother's Day 2019.

The British fourth boom, and while give their customers the ability to opt out by the big picture in brands do this they appear empathetic. Not bad because I guess sometimes people feel better alone on Christmas or want to Valentine's Day so more than hundred 50 printed joint bloom and wild and thoughtful marketing movement thought market would be thoughtful, should be cutthroat, yet all now for can only get these people to be more thoughtful on stopping the phone calls because I signed up for that. Do not call list is a matter that these get done with that you whack a mole and hit to block them to call for another number. New Zealand postpones we can move on New Zealand's pro-prime minister postponed her wedding after Nancy Newco 19 restrictions. They are so out of control over their to send her just postponing a wedding after announcing a crackdown again. The so-called red setting of the country's pandemic response includes height measures such as requiring mass wearing and limits on gatherings interested to read is not locked down our plans for managing on the crime cases in the early stages remains the same as Delta where we will rapidly test contact trace into everything. The 40 Monroe prime minister was played to tie the knot next weekend so she's postponing on like Boris Johnson who are secret parties anyway is not getting married actually almost died from the virus and you of course he is quite any changes my question right is not a lot tannins and she says that businesses can still remain open and people can freely visit their friends and family and what's the point I have no idea. I'm not going to New Zealand next New Jersey. They have a toddler buys over $1700 worth of goods online. The kid's name is Aisha Kumar of New Jersey is 22 months old is already knows how to handle a cell phone and even more hilariously to supply his family with more furniture than they'll ever need is moms device. The little one began clicking away on a mom's phone really worry more than 70 hunt third 70 and out for the furniture from an online card to be gone on a Walmart account. I he found the card I got and soon soon an array of packages begin arriving at the house the dad says we are not sure that would return most of the items as they are shipped and sold by third-party Walmart vendors. This is crazy guessing the photograph of the date they think of yourself standing on the All-City and have any nets about this is why black people don't have children think this is the main reason is the thing I can order stuff. Next Sarah Palin's a face-off against the New York Times, a defamation trial. The center of the 2008 presidential nomination. The suit was filed the 23rd 20 2017 and editorial incorrectly linked Palin to the 2011 mass shooting in Arizona were six people were killed editorial falsely stated as a matter of fact to millions of people that Ms. Phelan incited Jared Loeffler's January 8 rampage the time to since has since corrected the editorial what she wants money. This can be fascinating.

This is this is going to be a light sky be a landmark case. One way that no matter how its role is can it will change a lot next half empty United Airlines flight from Newark to Tel Aviv returns get this after 90 minutes went to economy passengers. Self upgraded to business class and refused to leave, sparking a riot, so the habit of the plane had not reached the Canadian border. Yet when the identified Israeli nationals upgraded themselves fellow passengers.

Whatever his name is says a riot started when the Jew refused to comply with the flight attendants directive. The fight was half-empty and there was no and there was room so they probably just said themselves, why not the rockets prompted the bios to turn back you ever upgrade yourself when there's an airline out of bed at a ballgame on a ballgame episode you can trouble right there. That's it laying around back and you go back to regular seat next, we don't have a time for next what a shame it was great. I love more than almost too much. Hey, thanks much for listening. Keep in mind the name of the new show Saturday which is going to change her party habit is one nation with Brian till made and hopefully you'll be there. Meanwhile, I see the top of the hour on one show called outnumbered. This is the right to only show over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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