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Russia's Desperation Turning Ukrainian Cities to Rubble

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 21, 2022 12:38 pm

Russia's Desperation Turning Ukrainian Cities to Rubble

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 21, 2022 12:38 pm

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Brian kill me. Thanks much for being your blood is the brain kill Michelle will get a great weekend and happen to be joining us at the bottom of the hour, Lieut. Col. now retired 20 years in the Air Force were closable rack Gulf War. Everything New York Times best-selling author, I want to get his perspective on with the meetings we do and what things are like on the ground. Things are really getting to more more difficult for all size. Day 26's were up to.

Will discuss that and of course take your calls and you can write me Brian kill and you could always get the show Brian Kelly If you happen to leave your affiliate so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three if they're in the dealer out of the deal. We can allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon that sets off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I don't understand why my relevant colleagues. Having watched what Blackmer can get away with with nuclear weapons one hand you want us to the Iranian so really what a false choice dealing with the Ron Dempsey. They have no choice. Any reasonable person would say talks with the terrorist nation led by Russia has to be the stupidest tri-state decision. The world has done since Biden's epic fail in Afghanistan. Let's discuss it. Eric compromises for which we cannot be ready as in a dependent state. Any compromise that is related to our territorial integrity and sovereignty of the people have spoken about it. Weapons in their hands, that of Vladimir Zielinski. He is his best salesperson story of two talks, which is key except in demand and is present. Biden heads to Brussels. What you did his message big. Let's talk about why this is in the first three weeks, and these are quite senior generals.

The bottom line is that their command-and-control has broken down their communications have been jammed by the Ukrainians there secure constant work such great insight day. 26 the battle on the ground moves to a new phase is Russia fail spectacularly to blitz into Ukraine and take the capital in a couple of days until Zielinski. Now they're trying to ruffle cities and taking aim at civilians from the perimeter. What is our answer. I just don't have the more people have to die before we do something, I'm just not really sure where we go from here and I am not saying we should initially get troops on the ground for people to say with a look back and see thousands of civilians killed and targeted theaters blown up when you have the sign beneath the building from the scene from above that says children and they still blow up the theater. They blow up a studio and artistic studio which is a bomb shelter. They blow it up knowing is filled at civilians and then their picture for rounding up civilians in bosses and sending into camps inside Russia.

How much more evil. Can we actually stand while Ukrainians fight as in previous adapt resourceful and resilient as any set a series of fighters have ever seen. When I can see anything like this for a long time and was Zielinski's done brilliantly is not only be a great symbol of strength and courage which worked the Parliament of Canada of the UK of the US, the Bundestag of Germany and then over the weekend of Israel, saying, this cut to.

I don't need to ensure you our histories interleaved. The history of cleanings and Jewish people in the past and now in these terrible times when different states live under very different conditions. But the threat is one of us have the same total distraction state culture and even Janine rain Israel book and he also called them out.

Stop being an honest broker side with us, but if they're doing it in order to be an honest broker and maybe broker some peace. He can understand it but so far we have not seen those strong voices of support come out for Ukraine. In fact, last weekend present I had a conversation with the Prime Minister bed and he basically told us to give up land for peace really, of all countries not to give up land for peace.

I would assume Israel would not before that fund anymore right to limit his give you an idea it was going on on the ground. Russia's loss at least five generals lost another one yesterday. The was nine commanders on the ground so that's part Italian commanders or whatever they call them in Russian lost because these guys leading from the front because is nobody to lead that there's nobody elite.

If they stay behind as well as general per tray. As mentioned in our open this almost no command. You gotta get in their face and told what to do because they have no other that they will. They seem to have lost their ability to communicate with each other to the US fears that Russia is setting up these concentration camps.

As I mentioned, so the first phase is done in Russia fail. The first phase 2 or three days we when we decapitate we put our decapitate kill everybody we decapitate the government put somebody else in there we go to the Russian-speaking areas. Get some great video of them, greeting us like liberators, but even the Russian-speaking areas. Want nothing to do with you. They want to be part of the West and party Ukraine and Zielinski is if he had left.

Maybe this whole thing falls apart like a honey but instead he stays bothers me most is Gen. Millie Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, predicted the key would fall in two days really quintet this great military expert, nice doom and gloom and we also heard the White House is telling people they specs on skin to be dead within a week. That's okay with you ain't never a democracy fighting for freedom from repression in Russia within a let it go because they're not in NATO.

That to me is unbelievable. Once you actually asked Russia for Israel for the iron dome which is great big story is is Marable. I don't know if you heard but 5 o'clock their time. They had a deadline when sun comes up.

They Russians told Ukrainians drop your weapons leave. You can leave and not get her up beside if you don't leave again until y'all and they said screw you were not surrendering Mariposa key city.

If you have the map in front you could see Italy a Lynx Crimea and the Don Buss region. That's the land bridge and get some closer and closer to moving further well.

Further west towards the water and towards the black sea, so that's a big deal and key we understand there about 25 km or 20 miles outside the city and digging in gross, appealing to mine outside the perimeter. So there stalled out and they know they can't go further and if you want to imagine key picture New York City only a little bit bigger is 320 mi. your city's 300 mi., so they are bombing not keep military installations are trying to get at the military, their bombing department building schools, and they try to blow up the theater today we found out that firefighters are trying to rescue people from a shopping mall because they're just trying to destroy everything from the outside. Much like cowards medical leave is an area that's really the backstop to keeping Odessa from the hands of the Russians.

Odessa is what they want. That means they control the higher black sea was left Ukraine be totally landlocked but legally we just won't quit. They devastated them. They say 50 or hundred missile strikes a day for the past two weeks and they have not barged. They have two key bridges into the city.

One is ready to blow right now they using it to get supplies in and out when they feel as though there's more people coming through that they the enemy. The Russians still blow it up so the US's promise of the billion in aid. My question is what are they actually getting what is happening on the ground any time their head-to-head. Russia seems to be losing from afar. They can't seem to have the missile defense system. The block with volleying in your general David Pretorius cut nine burglary encompasses in the first three weeks, and these are quite senior generals. The bottom line is that their command-and-control has broken down their communications have been jammed by the Ukrainians there secure constant work and go to single channel list. JAMA bowling that's exactly what the Ukrainians of been doing to that they use cell phones Ukrainians block the prefix for Russia so that didn't work and they took down 3G literally stealing cell phones from Ukrainian civilians to communicate among so so what happened was the call and get stop and impatient. General sitting back there and is armored or whatever vehicle he goes forward, to find out what's going on because there's no initiative beginners, no noncommissioned officer corps. There's no sense in initiative it at Junior levels they wait to be told what to do, gets up there in the Ukrainians had very very good snipers and have just been picking them off left and right in at least four of these five are absolutely confirmed.

I think the fifth will hear today. Yeah, that's amazing. And you Ukrainians. It is nine so. Couple things, Joan Perkins, a four-star general.

Now, Fox's contributor will be joining us late in the week.

I'm sure he said that the fact that they're using these just bombing the city shows frustration. The fact that they shot off to hypersonic missiles is not something that's really effective you don't hypersonic missile and then in a fight with a neighbor you want that to go around the globe to be missile defense that we have maybe have a nuclear warhead, but hypersonic missiles basically showing off for it shows you that you don't have anything left pictures you don't even have the precision weapons to destroy could save you spot a Zielinski or yet a prime target like a clutch go. You have the precision weapons left so you just using basically dumb bombs shooting them into big buildings trying to kill as many people as possible, not caring that there's 1.5 million kids that they had to be leave the country and there are thousands had been killed, killed, how do you sleep with that. So Capt. Gary told Todd Bock was on Fox and friends this weekend. What makes him unique is these is the United States Navy now retired officer any further. He's the first Soviet born US military officer. He thinks he knows the mindset of the Russians cutthroat cut 12 mass all beasts are Russian soldiers or peasants uneducated of them there there for a month.

They're afraid to leave the armored vehicles at night because the children have on base. They are hungry. They're scared to hear them so they start conducting to start acting like barbarians there and it's all over the place and their kidnapping people and mononuclear. For instance, there start bomb bombing and they realize that their bombing schools. Their bombing hospitals yeah mean that you do that some of our doing self-mutilation.

They're shooting themselves in order to go to the hospital and get out the front lines that make when I hear the stories and I hear that they're prevalent here from other people you want to buy Zielinski by holding out will win flat out when Kenny actually win by surviving and said that instead of saying okay can hold onto Crimea.

The Don Buss region will take a we have maybe by holding out and it's the toughest decision anybody could make as president of people will die, but by holding out, maybe get your country back and save the rest of Eastern and eventually Western Europe can they win and I think that's we should be considering what is a wing look like and that's what Mitch McConnell brought up yesterday.

He said I'm looking at what's happening here and I see an opportunity for women and that's why I think that Joe Biden should make that clear in his address in Brussels cut 31.

He needs to step up his game is generally done the right thing but never sin and let's take a look at what's happened here Ukrainians of Kilmore Russians in three weeks. Then we lost in Afghanistan and Iraq in 20 years.

I think we ought to go under this validity, Ukrainians can actually win in the way they win it for us to get these defensive weapon system to them as rapidly as possible. For example, perplexed as to why we couldn't give the Polish Russian mayors into the country. So what I'd like to see the present do is to reassure our Eastern block allies finally go to Brussels finally go to Berlin and I like to save the remaining of Poland or to the Baltics there right on the front line need to know that were in the fight with them to win.

I would take a break right now so we get some calls. 1-866-408-7669 but he said something really significant. This is a powerful guy. He's not one to bluster or easy you know he's not a Arad raw you know Vincent body go out there and you and you got five new Rockne and find what when each is this strategically since we went.

Why don't we talk about winning and by winning a surviving and you survive you bleed them out not only their reputation done.

There economy flat on his back in the military is no longer feared. What does it take to get to win and that's we take that goal and work our way backwards. Can we possibly be an inspiration. Please possible and look I know is not healthy, but if you will ride a bike through the cliffs of Delaware. I believe we should get them right into Ukraine.

What a great site.

It would be to see Joe Biden talking to Zielinski face-to-face. What a what a motivation that would be for those men and women and some more civilians OR have to find a way to survive get food and medicine for their kids trying to survive this country to the present in there when you have three prime ministers in three Eastern European countries, going there last week, one at the US present this week.

I dare rush it to go Bob key with the present United States.

There dared them. This is a bright kill Michelle so glad you're here politics and current events and use that up. Thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian until made Fox News contests network nine Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist.

Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine information you want to truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show so I think must be should be worried is only meaningful outline is distancing. That's the way I read this call.

China wants to distance itself enough from prudent that it is taken down with this invasion of Ukraine and in a sense, the biggest obstacle to she's China dream as he calls this idea of trying emerging as a dominant air right now is the alliance with Russia, which is a pariah which which poisons is she's future. So I think that the call was part of number of things were sent.

So I I did not get divination so tapped in, but I would love to read the transcript because I didn't hear much substance that China Biden called the present. She and and buying call.

I want to find out what progress he made coming couple days before that I think Jake saw the blinking met for seven hours with China. I see nothing but sarcastic belligerent answers in their communiqus so I don't know where Dave Ignatius got that these friend of the show and his resources usually great for most other people cannot get think that we made much progress in that meeting Bob listening Oregon hey Bob, good morning Brian, I know you're busy. I got three things you want to point out one your hundred percent right.

Zielinski's winning number two the secret like you started saying is in that laptop why our economy and our gas prices are all messed up and number three nonstop meeting all my mechanic friend upload the laptop meeting. Hunters yes absolutely that of the hunter laptop all your secrets are in there and if we can get that out there you'll see why our gas prices and everything's going crazy well I'm couple things I don't I do know prices are everywhere, but I'm not dystopic mystery to this Bob the mystery as they refuse to drill. That's it. They believe that we are our futures renewables and batteries and yet they have not invested in cobalt or any of the rare-earth you need to make that stuff we have nowhere to store that stuff we have nowhere to get rid of it. So that's another challenge, but when I read the transitional fossil fuels. It is time in emergency disk. I will move so I don't think the answer to the inflation, high gas prices are in that laptop and a lot of other stuff is we seem to have enough time. Yeah, good cook. Let's get going gutter which anyone per minute and respect a lot of things you look at the terms of I know talking about cost lives and cost of the Russian spy other going about things look into it. Young age I was buried in the history my dad had me on it like I know my war history of local countries more than I know how to write cursive but for a long time in a long history, Russia has had a huge thing with expending large amount of personnel material and supplies to obtain their goals. So when I hear like that killed a couple thousand on like that that doesn't bug me a lot because I am wondering why dismantle doing that through God's article. Motive behind what is going on but I think he still be a walk in the park, I think, is he to Crimea so easily and he took the down bus reason so easily. Another fight he kept going on and I see you thought you also grant this and I'll show everybody and I'll never have to bother me again with asking about the UN bases we ask about data things as simple precise personal power is America's letter. Love, your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me for losing things are not going according to plan their wedding lost my top 10 generals to major generals to star generals their offensive schemes to withhold shoulder taking a defensive posture during the union to protect their airfields to combat terrorist or terrorist. Their rabies all I don't know that's a rabies animal living in our house and were thinking, but waiting to meet other animals or by giving him a treat. She's not on Vitas when dealing with a rabies animal that has to be you has to be destroyed. There's just no other option about it so they know that they're not stupid. They knew they got themselves in a lot of trouble. So they're going crazy. That's To Gary tailback and one thing that stands out is easy for Soviet born US military officers who he knows the mindset of the Americans us and he knows the mindset of Russia and the issue he does believe the wheels are coming off Lt. Col. Dan Hampton joy just now spent 20 years in the Air Force partner at Kosovo first Gulf War, New York Times best-selling author as a new book is excellence coming out soon. Next month the astonishing world's World War II saga of one man's defiance and indomitable spirit that should be great Col., welcome Brian talking again. Been a while. I know it has certain Col. first of you. You heard with this former Soviet of Soviet born American captain had to say about the Russian mindset. Do you buy into it. Absolutely the only thing that is prudent in his little garden and respond to. At this point is forced.

I'm not advocating going to war but I'm advocating a very very strong stance right now that sends a message that cannot be misunderstood. So what would that message be the presence heading over to Brussels people than me watching what he says in NATO listening. I have as much faith in him as I did, and in Harrison's trip.

So let's hope something comes out of that, but I won't hold my breath. First of all the no fly zone issue over the Ukraine. It won't work under the current conditions, but I do think that that that NATO build up as much as I hate to to advocate for that along NATO's border is going to send an unmistakable message to.

That hey bit off more than you can chew or not we were not fragmented.

You actually given us a common enemy which is you and in it and if you don't answer the demands for peace if you don't stop this now. It's going to get a lot worse for you. I don't think the nuclear issue is is that dangerous at the moment. I know it sounds bad to say that but I think people are improvement wouldn't go for that. However, chemical weapons is another matter altogether and not something we should be watching very carefully nisi so we talk about so much of intelligence to do about it you have any idea if you don't understand is no one I don't think the security defense had the answer. When he was asset this weekend.

We know writing checks. We know we have equipment on. Is he getting in and and how they gather getting in a timely fashion, that they are getting in and I'll tell you this, Brian. Nobody moves men and equipment around the world better than the United States does timing working to get an armored brigade from the coast of the United States into Poland faster than prudent has gotten two key rights and nobody can do it better than us.

The problem with with the Americans, especially leadership is staying power and it that that's a political issue. I don't have an answer for that.

I wish we had somebody different in the White House that were stuck with what we got at the moment, but right now they need a missile defense system. How do you not against people that want to sit on the outside and just bomb you all day and night yeah that's a tough one like somebody else has mentioned before, they're not winning militarily and they know that the attack to early you know in about a month six weeks too early. It's just a mud quagmire over their tanks don't do well in my right. That's one reason why they're stuck so they all are doing is something we know we where to find them. Well yeah they can go off the road. It's it's forced it's not. It's really not good to rain so it wasn't good judgment to invade anyway and when he did it. It was even worse and he can't win militarily at this point so he's he's doing what he does best, which is blunt force trauma against civilians and beating up their cities, I think, is trying to work himself into a better bargaining position and that's something that these diplomats need to read you know, keep in mind they got us into this by waiting too long I have to give this guy a way out of his own people don't do something about them.

You gotta have a way out.

Not just going to say I made a mistake and leave so he said was that what I worry about since they don't care about the human condition. They don't care about their own people die let alone actually bombing the districts, bombing schools and apartment buildings. You've seen this not decide even proper gabbing this is you can't even argue that they're aiming for. If civilians we do that's called collateral damage and we have investigations and people are fired or or their demoted or court-martialed in the and then vilified McDonough Road, we had Abu Ghraib as bad as it was down front. Rumsfeld said I'll resign if you want if you want am ultimately responsible.

This is the array.

Abu Ghraib is a good day for them there actually taking people out of cities and beginning to put them in prison camps in Russia, innocent people. So having said that, if they are going to rubble cities and then hold them go into talks and say we will take what we have and if they get close enough to taking the shoreline up to Odessa. I'm told they can't. They said they accomplish the goal being that they don't care about human suffering and all the way and spun back in rush, I think one of the most effective way and that's from a nonmilitary standpoint is to make certain or at least try even harder than we are to make sure the people of Russia know what's going on yet to recall another authoritarian state.

This is probably as bad as it was back during the Soviet Union.

He got absolute control of the media and and the only way it's going to changes when enough Russian people realize that they're being lied to again by somebody sitting in the Kremlin again and they do something about it. That's what is most afraid of even more afraid of his own people all Russian leaders are then then he is in any outside force, and that's where the change hopefully is going to take place in the meantime, I think I said it the other day on Lawrence Jones to show we need to turn the airspace over over Ukraine into a if it flies, it dies zone.

We can't go in there without a declaration of war, but we can give the Ukrainians every piece of antiaircraft artillery, surface-to-air missiles, radars and everything else they need to to deny the you know the airspace over overhead to the Russians there doing pretty good job of it.

We can help would be better hundred 51 combat missions during a 20 year career senior no stranger to this either is Michael Walt's figures in Greenbrae is still in the National Guard used to work for dictation as the diplomatic lawmaking and found war fighting is what he said is what he's picked up. So far, cut 16 Biden from a macro strategic standpoint continues to let fear of escalation and nobody wants World War III I want to be clear, but he continues to let that fear of prudence, escalation, drive his policy. That's actually dangerous because it's giving prudent space to climb up the next wrong that escalation ladder, and I fear the next one is going to be a chemical and biological weapons because Biden refuses to lay out the consequences of what will happen if prudent.

Does that that's a fear you buy into absolutely adding Joe Biden needs to find a stout piece of wood lashing to his spine will past the point where he needs to worry about that okay yet he the other gentleman is correct. You don't want.

World War III is already there and you have to ask yourself this question. If he is allowed to declare victory and and win in Ukraine.

Do you think he's gonna stop there. That's only going to make him stronger and hungrier just like you did with Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, any of the other. You can name are the only thing they respond to the threat of force, and then ultimately unfortunately if you have to force itself so play this out to continue rubble cities talks move forward. If he's able to survive this engine and get additional land to Crimea and the Don box region suited disc is rushing to get the real story of America.

America will keep bringing up how many civilians economy people he of his buildings he blew up and then go back to normal and then LL the Baltic nations will gradually get into the crosshairs of a rearmed Russia. So how do we make sure Ukrainians win without putting our people in well like it that III think I think that you gotta be given a way out and that's up to Zielinski prudent to decide for the most part he cannot do this indefinitely, Brian. That's the thing it's taken a lot longer than he thought anywhere in the longer he tries to hold on like this. To me this is not 1990. This is not 1960s, the word will get out and if things do return to a qualifying normal condition like you're suggesting the word will get out. He won't have any choice there will be news clips or will be pictures people will come back in the Russian people will find out what is happening now whether that makes a difference or not.

I you know I don't have a crystal ball. I like to think it would. But I also know the Russian people's greatest strength in their greatest weakness is that they're just dogmatic willingness to accept their condition and not do much about it until it gets absolutely you know to an undeniable state.

I don't know when that cannot happen in the meantime, again without a declaration of war. The best we can do now because of what we did not do in the fall and by we I mean the White House is to supply Ukraine with everything it needs so I want to do here in terms of what the Russian people are thinking this really courageous female anchor got upheld the sign. Don't believe the Russian media.

This war in this war. She evidently one that was protesting. No one really hurt her so she decided to do it on television. And right now she fears the going 10 years in jail. I want you to hear what what she said yesterday about the situation on the ground there.

In fact, she said she's worried for her safety will not leave Russia which takes tremendous courage.

Here's cut 20 Marina Austin's asking Cova I want to demonstrate to the world that not all the Russian people the same meaning more than half of the people in Russia and that CCA sanctions that the West is imposing on all of the little is probably correct vision, but you must understand that not just that guards and close the circle and suffering from the sanctions. Many people, ordinary Russian citizens who are against the war, also being affected we think about that courage. Number two is to give you an idea what's happening in Russia and her environment today. That's phenomenal what she's doing. My I am at a loss to explain why she still alive except that she would very public with it and if she disappeared that might cause problems. Once I believe her. I think she's absolutely right. Most not most, but a sizable chunk of Russia does not support this but again you have to recall there only being told most of them what wants them to hear and and even in this country. I mean think about being on our own environment.

A lot of people rely exclusively on the news and the news media fool for what they for what they hear what they believe and and they don't know they don't look into it for themselves and in most cases that's okay here but think about the events of the last two years and how some of that was skewed out of control by other news networks and then multiply that by you know a thousand million and you got Russian there only there only eating what they're being fed a lot of them so again one of the most crucial parts of defeating this and ending this and maybe getting rid of is to make sure the Russian people find out what's really happening that would help. I just think that the social media.

This evidently finding that this cyber hackers that cause so much chaos usually with us are actually focusing on them now and evidently they're doing it through massive text messages getting to the Russian people with video. My hope is that the cyber world will turn on Russia because it clearly the bad guys in this Tenneco Dan Hampton. Thanks so much a look forward to your book. I'm sure it's going to be great is called valor.

The astonishing World War II saga of one man's defiance and indomitable spirit.

It's out May 3. Thanks, Col. Brian Tinker got 1-866-408-7669 I'll come back and take your calls. Also, we have not really explore the China angle. Their ambassador came in on face the nation more preprinted a great job with them. What he didn't say is also very important double your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show Fox News podcasts network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week as the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talkshow that's real.

This is Brian kill me show you are ready for you. I was ready to work loss and I think that I think that without negotiations. We cannot support the go. That is a little of what's going on with negotiations and what is Zielinski saying to Israel yesterday into us on Friday and people are fearing that the people that oppress them to do a deal that he's not ready to do I think is no reason to fear that I think that number one by the prudent can stop now because if he stops now he's killed mother but civilians. His his military prowess is been exposed to a lack thereof, is hardware is been antiquated. He's got hypersonic missiles, which is no need in this environment that hypersonic missile to blow up a military base. He could though the normal rocket or any type of what we would say a Tomahawk so he's choosing things and showing off in a way that shows a desperation so I worry that in these talks there today and right now and I could not properly presence with you for doing it because he sees so much death and destruction of innocent people who are not only in the harms way, but the being targeted, targeted some jail put in concentration camps. If he says okay you can keep the Don box region.

Keep Crimea and promise not to join NATO.

I just don't think he Pat if he could find a way to to understand that if the best assessment possible. They can be given to the armaments that are coming that have arrived in the in the replenishment of supplies if he could get all these things, food actually water. He holds out, he would fight for the whole country you be fighting more first country more for the free world. And then that's it. If you hold out. I talked to Gen. Perkins today talked to Newt Gingrich to talk to others on off-line they believe time is on Ukraine side when you see some of these cities. I wonder usual Mike Rogers said former FBI guy head of the select intelligence committee and in the house got 20 hasn't this doesn't have a big victory yet and he just does has not taken over any key strategic city to his advantage.

Mary Paul was supposed to be that because of you right on the water. I think what you're saying is just another act of desperation he is losing direct contact with Ukrainian forces.

Now I'm not saying that they're winning and pushing him back but there holding them back on their causing enough chaos, destruction in this command-and-control is logistics lines are doing phenomenal insurgency work on his invasion, and I think what you're seeing here is a prudent desperate moment either get outward in a level, the thing we will take Mary, Paul, that was one of the big things that the their defense forces even talked about that they had to take Mary Paul in the beginning and then they were going to come up around keep so that the guy just things and analyzing and understanding intelligence he get gets now not as good as we used to get the nose at regionals and understand it. She's not getting caught up in the emotion of it so I worry that if they stop right now he's getting he could get it if he's desperate because most of his better fighting forces are in the South so and they have experience busy been since 2014 the been fighting a lot of time losing but if they go get Odessa and they go you okay I'll stop here is now is acknowledging that Zielinski's prison of Ukraine.

Now we saying the downs at the right time for talks. But here's my criteria should be, and now we saying that you know we just want our own security.

He's talking a lot different now and my thing is in oil and NSA will he took Crimea. He took the Don box region and then he invaded any got the black pearl. They said that the pearl of the area and that is this beautiful Odessa area big vacation area play-by-play from military and gets it all applicable years, so forget about all the military targets a rush is reemerging unless he could just suffer that loss and I'll deal every cover I hope will be out of town to tough call.

That's why this is such an important week regulators trying to will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So subscribe and listen. Fox News contest live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me will be a great weekend.

Brian kill me show we are back in action. By the way to LB on outnumbered, then hosting the 7 o'clock showed you for Jesse Waters tonight to see a lot of me today. If you choose to what I hope you do as you know, I will locally here heard on 77 WABC New York, my first guess also looking New York Michael Goodwin bottom the hour go to Alaska Gov. Mike Donley will be joining us on they did every one of these oil-producing states have been told to stop pumping stop flowing into the pipelines and now with the prices so high. These governors are speaking up and they're saying yeah I could do something about that, but the left is so anti-fossil fuel. They don't want to fuel anymore of that and they rather just go get it from their article get it from.

I guess Venezuela or Rhonda eventually and you know Saudi Arabia associate to the bakery stories you need to know Brian's three number three if they're in the dealer out of the deal. We can allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon that sets off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I will understand why my Republican colleagues.

Having watched what Blackmer can get away with with nuclear weapons one hand you yeah exactly the roach. Chris Murphy really actually talking about this Iran deal doing the run density have no choice. Any reasonable person would say talks with the terrorist nation led by Russia as be the stupidest high-stakes decision since they left Afghanistan, which was an epic fail will discuss with Michael Goodwin.

Eric compromises for which we cannot state any compromise that is related to our territorial integrity and sovereignty. People have spoken about it. Weapons in their hands while you go Vladimir Zielinski story of two talks what you Zielinski except in demand. When he finally sits down with the other side is present. Biden Hester Brussels which he be talking about as he tries to add Zielinski's urging lead the world. This is in the first three weeks, and these are quite senior generals. The bottom line is that there command-and-control has broken down their communications have been jammed by the Ukrainians there secure constant work. Yeah, that is to betray his target about what's gone wrong for the Russians. The battle on the ground moved to a new phase is Russia fail spectacularly to blitz and decapitate in Ukraine want to take the capital and killed Zielinski now trying to rubble cities and taking aim at civilians from the perimeter. What is our answer, which is a good deal more troops look like Michael Goodwin joins us now Michael you tackle a bunch of issues a little bit a hunter by knowing discuss that you discuss Iran, but on this one advice if you were going to be a speechwriter for present Biden as he addresses the masses in the world and Brussels in the NATO NATO what would you put in that copy will I believe that not yet ready for a deal and so it's not so much what you can offer him He would take short of capitulation of Ukraine so I think what I should say is that we have a chance here to deal him at fatal blow and we should deliver it we should do whatever we can. Not just to help Ukraine defend itself in a minimal sense to actually win this war because I think that is done, it will solve Ukraine's problem for forever, even important, perhaps more important is that what it would do for the world. If you take online country like Russia off the chessboard in the sense that it no somewhat defraying the memo probably gone there will still be the issue of those nukes but I think that you will have shown that the West can stand up to what authoritarian governments that you want to use my Concord neighbors and don't don't give a fig leaf about civilian casualties or anything like that and so I think this is an important moment for Biden is rightly world leading the world democracies in the way that America has ever since you know that almost dawn of the 20th century, which is that you know, helping to subdue Nazi-ism helping to subdue the Soviet Union and to win the cold war to to do it without a real war is a great accomplishment for the fact that immigrants around the world want to come to America, Russia.

They want to come to America Ukraine at some point when one life there is restored hopefully. So I think that the message that Biden should be proud not know what his policies don't always support that. I think he believes that we can find his way out. When he talks about hope you effectively allows open borders when he effectively supports policies that that basically defund the police. I meet these are things that people around the world want safety, security, opportunity that's what America offers that I think Biden ought to be proud of that right all the things he sees the border is inexcusable that he would. He did in Afghanistan is going down generations for so embarrassing to our country's legacy is still ongoing. By the way, you will know who gets it right Zielinski.

He is stressing high pressure situations, life and death. Literally he goes to the UK and the US he goes to Canada. He addresses the Bundestag in Germany and then over the weekend he addresses Knesset in Israel hears his message when it comes to giving land to Russia cut 26. Eric compromises for which we cannot be Iraqi as an state. Any compromise that is related to our territorial integrity and sovereignty. People have spoken about it.

They have not read Russian soldiers slipped bunch of flowers went with regularly weapons in their hands, so simply you cannot make yourself a friend not citizens of another country forcibly and that's was trying to say. But you wonder how much corny she can take and if who's going to take the South and try to.

You don't just expand a little bit about what he hasn't taken to clear the victories got a buffer zone so I it's going to be a big week to decide if Ukraine's good to be able to to withstand this barrage because it looks like outside marrow pole for the most part the Russians do not have these tactics and the experience to walk the streets and try to gain a city back here assigns the only city they got back and you see the video. The people in the streets protesting and harassing the Russian soldiers walking southern region Without a fight, probably. But now I'm not sure Ukraine would give it to what he is done to the country as a whole. That's why I think the idea that one piece of something like that.

I don't think it's in the cards. I think he is the first time in for a dollar on this and it doesn't bewilder. I think the way most of the world. Why would he do this is destroying his own country to the impact from this are going to be long lasting for Russia's economy for the lives of people there are going to be outcast.

Certainly in the Western world and make a lot of sense, but here we are so I think there's no appeasing him at this point about things going on that is almost as big as the Iran deal in Geneva with Russia taking the lead and we have to sit in an ancillary room you believe a total disaster is looming. Why well point that the deal itself is not needed.

I mean we we were able to contain Iran more than we had before the deal by Trump's top policies taking out all the money that had the codes for their main terror group around the world so heavy heavy sanction those sorts of things have crushed the economy. Now look, there have been outlets China and Russia. Of course the evil Empire, China Russian ran work together on this, but the deal gives us nothing we can't have without the deal, and it gives a ran lots of things it can't have with without the deal so it is not in our advantage.

Any deal was and around the details. Build a power plant and then take their nuclear waste into their country to be traveling to them. So here is part of the deal here is that Russia is now on the column. On one hand America says Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.

On the other what we might, would you mind brokering this deal with the wrong kind of prickly.

They won't talk to us directly so we trust you to do that which is he a war criminal or a trusted partner and negotiate a problem as you said he would get exemptions from all of the sanctions put on Russia over Ukraine in order to work with the Ron after a deal is finished. What sense does that make and then finally as I reported in the comment to Brian. This movement is proposal circulating on the Biden administration to remove the terror designation from the Islamic Revolutionary guards. Essentially, the military in Iraq and they are a terrorist organization expert terror farm life Solomonic was the unit commander of the early central core, but they wherever they go there all day been in Syria Bateman that they been in Lebanon mean they been working these you know that using the cooties to attack Saudi Arabia's exchange.

Everything you said seems logical. Use the Democratic perspective on this cut 32. Chris Murphy selects on the no choice but Iran deal. I mean, when you trust the Russians the meaning. This is the case with the working with the Russians on this. It seems I cannot cut the Russians out you don't need the Russians right material that was being removed from Iran on the original nuclear winter Russia there other countries they can take it we don't need the blessing of the UN to get this deal done. You think it's bad to have Russia's nuclear power invading a sovereign neighboring country. Imagine what happens if Iran is nuclear power. The rest of the Middle East will find a way keep Russia out of the deal, you keep them completely.

Even if they're in the dealer out of the deal. We can allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon that sets off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I don't understand why my Republican colleagues. Having watched what Biden can get away with with nuclear weapons one hand you weapons to the Iranians. I have problems with that to you without rushing to get rid of Russia then you realize how we can do that Iranians will talk to the Americans so we backtracked on his own proposal think Russia's involvement alone should kill one of their lead negotiator was seen boasting that the Iranians got more than we thought they would. The Chinese help, he said, so we are now up against China Russia and Iran together in this deal.

What sense does it make even know what in the deal. You can imagine with Joe Biden pulling the strings. It will be a bad deal and then the Russia thing is very important power we are undercutting our positions in Ukraine by saying go ahead and talk to the Iranians on our behalf and then this thing with the terror designation of the Blahnik Revolutionary guard absolutely insane people all the terrorism you're not answer deal and now what were doing with the singing Ukraine not fully arming them for this conflict in the back and forth through witnessing here.

I've never seen three events come together like this in the term, let alone at the same time Afghanistan was a weak commander-in-chief. Absolutely Mike Goodwin. Thanks so much a pickup's, talks with Iran deal.

He also something about a hunter which I think is important. Hunter Biden that is. Thanks, Michael. 1-866-408-7669 will be back because just a moment in the bottom. The are always on by Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska.

Kenny indeed pump more. I think the answer is yes. Learning something new every day, Brian kill me show Fox News contrasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other. Brian kill me.

China's trusted relations with Russia is not diabetic to accept the international efforts to solve the crisis in the peaceful way. Why can't you condemn this as an invasion less. Don't be nave.

Condemnation. It sounds nave to say that doesn't solve read. Don't be nave.

What a put down that is the Chinese Amb. to the United States Indo marker printed face the nation say yeah it's an asset that we have good relations with Russia. Yes, it's altar responsibility. You said get out or don't do it, they would not have done it is you're backstopping all of what they did. And believe me, I don't think is benefiting China in a small way it distracts us from China.

Other evidence.

I know they fully militarize those those islands they made the middle of the South China Sea and they're able to do some things with.

Maybe that awful focus of the most part they've united the Europeans. They have knighted who were breaking up after the UK left others.

We talk about leaving the EU now of NATO. They say what's going on here. Don't ever given their 2% of the GDP. Now, almost everybody is pledged to do, including Germany and the United is one another emergency meetings happening this week. Everything that China didn't want to happen this happen and to responsibility and instead you get arrogance coming out to communicate to their seven hour meeting the to our meeting with the president and then that that injury yes and face the nation. Joe was on WRC Enloe around Asia good morning Michael. Good why what I ran the bombing trying to rob five year shortfall side shot which they can bring you lot blowing up okay the subway trying to stop it so why shine on the route crazy nuclear deal with it what you would've enriched it what what it's amazing. And you know design Democrats on board with this, they don't care deal anyway. This is the deal so to evaporate in 10 years 37 years into it I may cut that deal. Let me trump one in a cut that deal. How many years ago. They probably cut it in 2012 at 226. It probably comes this only three years left in this deal. And then there left to do whatever they want. Their theory is once Iran becomes part of the family of nations. They will need a nuclear weapon.

No everybody in the Middle East that have a nuclear weapon if they're allowed to do this deal because try to do it to listen to Brian Kelly Joe will be back Gov. Mike Dunleavy again 12 governor of Alaska to get the truth behind oil and gas.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me like rather turn to dictate like those in Iran and Venezuela. Rather than turn against the climate elitists dictate the energy policy of that Democratic Party and of his presidency should always try to pass the buck to Vladimir Putin and that was enterprise over the weekend third ranking center in the in the Senate to start about other frustration knowing that we have the energy here at home to make us more secure everywhere and help out Europe and he's not turning to her one of those energy stages. Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy knows it well is a 12 governor of Alaska elected back in 2018 governor. How frustrating is it to hear that the ministrations looking elsewhere for oil and gas and vilifying oil and gas companies making them the gouges in this whole thing. Brian, thanks for having you on like like Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, were or energy giant and the idea that you would forgo the opportunity, not in jobs and revenue making sure that were secure nationally in terms of our security. Overall, turning to porn porn porn oil sources, especially those from the first characters makes no sense at all. We got oil and gas here in huge amount. We can help make America energy independent. Once again, like it was just a couple years ago and I hope our allies as well. So make it all so soon. How much does he tell you to level loss when it came to flowing the following oil gas to a pipeline. While we have about 500,000 barrels per day of going to art Alaska pipeline peak in 1990 with 2 million barrels per day. We produce about 18 billion barrels through the pipeline from the slope that we have upward somewhat upwards of a 40 billion barrels on the North Slope and offshore still still to be still to be developed but we can do it. We have the infrastructure we got the market. We got it down here in Alaska.

I mean, we probably have a topic environmental regulations on the planet we don't flare our gas.

That was a statement for many years ago.

So with regard to the environment, we do it better with regard to it being American oil. It's cleaner oil and it's available for its available for the country as well as their allies so again we we got the ability got the infrastructure we got the oil we have the markets we do it better than anyone this idea that you're going to go overseas and at the irony for the environmentalist you go overseas you can almost guarantee you can accelerate the destruction of the environment overseas you doing here you can almost guarantee that you will take care of the environment better here and as a result of not being over there take care of the environment overseas so it's a win win win across the board for this country for a state like Alaska.

So let me ask you tell me how works example, why are you doing 2 million barrels a day with the work while MAST is the need is the heir of the orders of their why don't we want you producing who's telling you not to well because it is very difficult. Offer times to get projects. For example, we have two projects at least two project. I could name more one is Willow wanted liberty and we had settled a federal judge. For example, put up, put a halt until there's further further environmental study on Willow, for example, because now the new thing is to not look at the environmental impact per se at the site where the drilling technically now they're using this idea that you have to look at downstream carbon use.

In other words, what you sell the oil. Let's say you ship it to some other state, or in some cases some other country.

Now there they're saying the chapter consider that carbon that will be released.

As a result bring about oil and filter coming up with all kinds of reason not to produce oil here in America but again makes note because if you're going to burn oil from another country. I can guarantee you develop under questionable environmental practices that are still there, still didn't ignite that oil in one form or another and you're still getting a carbon self. It's really a brilliant effort by some federal judges effort by the agencies within the body. Lustration social engineering approach to America were not running out of oil or gas. It's just a slow boat approach they the idea of the offshore oil you know when the abiding restriction first came in, they were to put a halter that we all had to your producing state put together lawsuit the fight that the continuous log and I got tell you the Russians Saudi uranium and other laughing all the way to the bait and I got politically crazy. Some people do some Russian officials said they want Alaska back that where you yeah yeah well as I mentioned. Good luck with that. We got we got worse economic state. Brian we got hundreds of thousands of armed got a robot military robot National Guard that that that that ridiculous so there's a couple of things.

Understanding 2018 with the tax with the trump tax plan.

They pass the they allow drilling and war. What why weren't you able to drilling and well over those two years. While that's a very good question because the body ministration is trying to put a halt to it and again. The thing about that that was the bill that was passed that law to actually sell those we open that up again were being slow boat like agencies that were being slow boat by how that one who didn't want to kill oil and gas in the country and so we have an agent fee that worked on the development project, such as oil, gas, and they purchased somebody we filter their filing suit against the government. Once again, in order for the government itself federal government felt the follicle laws that were passed in 2018 so working the ancient by our own government. Brian, it's amazing what this is like to stand but they also find out how you feel about this. Russians might've been financing some of the advertising and the political push to sell green energy to stop people from the stop the West from fracking, especially in America and that to make sure that the green movement was pushed forward because the Russians want this market to themselves. Make make Americans feel well that really works on me that the irony of cold gushing. You have the Russians producing oil in the Arctic.

They don't have environmental standards.

We have yet to find an NGO for the shutdown oil production fear and a lack Arctic, which is done better than anywhere else, especially better than Russia yet.

The environmentalist will gladly gladly take their money so that they can do the bidding of the Russians that you get Vista. Get the attention of a lot of folks here in the country and again that the Iranian men respect to somebody extremist environmentalist they'd rather take Russian money to help the Russians produce oil in a dirty manner in the Arctic at the expense of American job security. It is a terrible thing and I hope for more.

More Americans understand what's really going on. Can we help with natural gas from us. Can Alaska help natural gas to Europe she will you were lucky can help natural dad. We have a permit ready project.

Here we can actually deliver gaps or even our Japanese Korean Philippine Vietnam. We are closer to your closer to Japan than any other source of gas on the Pacific specially now that the project comes back with "down the result of the war with Ukraine and Solon is ready to develop their death project. We have a bit largest gas reserves in the country and we got trillion feet of gas that we can deliver to her Allied we get this project we could deliver that gap several years with the construction of this project. Another death line like the beat up trend left the pipe micro oil so ready to go were looking we got word back. And the environment that's occurred here over the last several weeks, and the result was more middle up a lot more valuable to toilet yeah I would hope so Gov. Mike Dunn ladies with us from Alaska gym sock is probably your whole industry listen example including the American petroleum Institute claims that this is an assailant having access or fines on the oil and gas industry had a lot of lines are longer than 9009 to drown and I would note that only 10% drilling is happening on federal land. The other 90% is private lands. But I'm talking about the 10% in that case and the argument that there is no opportunities to drill for oil is just not the phenomenon that were actually seeing is much more about firms wanting to return cash to investors than about a lack of opportunity. Okay, there's the oil expert the oil tycoon Jen Saki.

So do you have a problem with her argument. When you shut down the pipeline when our oil plays shut down by federal judges for slow boat up by the very agency abiding restriction will receive that that, recall you want up if you really want to drive down the cost of energy you really want to save the environment if you want to really ensure that we have national security. Bright, just as importantly, if you truly believe in a new green future of renewable. You can't just turn off the get the oil and gas and expecting the renewable aids to magically appear. You gotta have a transition that needs oil yeah and you gotta have enough oil and gas to meet the demand of what our allies so that we don't get ourselves in another position like the thing with the Ukraine aggression or the topic so her arguments. Trust me from coming from.

Coming from an oil state arguments do ring hollow because weren't several lawsuits against the government federal government to get oil production going don't know it doesn't make sense. Nine. 9000 (why would a permit still be open, difficulty getting getting the project sanctioned the overall project sanction. There is a popular permit may debate. They look at oil and the actual amount of oil production may not of been there to justify huge investment and also could be there such a certain future for oil gap in the country but you probably have some about this thing were not sure if you want to invest in somebody's place logically best overseas to digest two from major oil companies.

Yes, you got major oil companies for example Goldman Sachs will call them out that the seven not going to do any investment in oil and Arctic Alaska. Yet the one that in Arctic Russia so that he is the combination of these things The war on oil and gas and really men with happiness.

Give me a price for the people of the country rolled her Allied and make it more secure right and hope will be definitive in the election will find out it's people can do is to the Republicans can define this effectively and not let those statements like 9000 permits being unused because oil companies want to gouge the public they could do a good job doing that then there would deserve to win the election by just going with facts, but will see Gov. thanks so much for bringing reality to this conversation. Thank you Brian, thank you. 182640876690, come back and find out what you have to say this is the right tell me just so glad you're here. Newsmakers and sprinklers.

First, I can only show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me.

So far, China has gotten away with it. I mean there the invisible hand behind their the ones who are funding for roughly half of Russia's golden and currency reserves are controlled by the US and by the West can't get access to the other half. The Chinese can provide access to. They'd been doing it.

They also have the world's largest credit card now in China and they've allowed everybody in Russia has this card to charge things the trade and the purchase of long-term energy supplies undercut the sanctions because it shows Bhutanese got somebody in his corner for the next five years or more. There's a number of ways that China's support is just crucial proportion.

I believe the Chinese could stop the war with one phone call to and that's the whole thing. That's why the with the ambassador said to face the nation when you sit on, don't be nave. Condemnation doesn't do anything yet from anybody from us and will do anything for Russia but from you will do everything because without you. Russia doesn't have the money to do this. They have Apsley no friends of the world and they said they don't want me why they have the ability to do that because I have you on their back and sadly India has let everybody down because they say always that a long-term defense relationship with Russia when I can stop it now we have their spare parts will get the cheap oil to but they have to bring it to us so that's that's the penalty when I can abide until we actually see it. Here's what Chris Christie said about this whole thing cut seven. The guy was really a buying this morning's presidency. So he's encouraged us these occurrences that happen, but he'll want to get too hot. He doesn't want him to take that next step you if you're sure you don't want biological or chemical attack you to want tactical battlefield nuclear weapons to be used because he knows the result of that will be the rest of the world will not only unite against Russia against those who supported them like China. So if you're presidency this morning. You are walking the fittest of type work for you don't want to get rid of Putin because let's face it, he's the neighbor he can count on him to be the test. But like she is from the other hand, if Putin is as desperate as John claims that he is and that members of our intelligence. He claimed that he is and he is in a resort that she is II would be cough smart phone and say not to fast cowboy because if you do that I'm out here in China. Please Russia. Russia finished while there's no question and I believe for the most by ego go back and forth with units and oppressive society. It's it's opaque. It's hard to understand what goes on except for if you want to know what message they went out they have their own newspaper, the national newspaper so that message it's in. That is really the government talking pertain to be journalists. So would you do have is omicron hitting them hard, harder than any of the heart of the been hit since 2019 when they when they gave the world. This pandemic don't you have is growth of 5% would usually take to point out that maybe 3% when they getting usually 18% or 10% growth command of the pandemic. That's big news. We have a series of things that happen to wipe out capitalistic tendencies and permissions within that country within their business even nationalize a lot of industries coming in and taking businesses that were successful discouraging people like Jack Ma from craving the next Ali Baba then you have the leveling off of success in the got a guy looking for a lifetime leadership role gets five and half years in prison.

She is my not be the best time to be best friends with the world's number one pariah and that is Russia with the do like about the situation is that were not focusing on them but not focusing on Hong Kong that focus on the Uighurs not focusing up on Taiwan. What I like about the situation.

I think when they see what's happening with Ukraine. I was gonna fight and we have the right weapons to prevail will find a way to lift and survive. And if China wants to form an unnecessary war with Taiwan as if Taiwan's actual threat, whether let it happen in the lab for other reasons. Number one if you let Taiwan go.

Goodbye all democracies in the region, Australia, South Korea, Japan all want to see Taiwan, thrive and survive the whole world want to see them survive outside China. Why then number one chipmaker in the world because we moved a lot of our chipmaking industries. Even though we invented the stuff we make them elsewhere to make them cheaper and if you and right now we can't get enough chips to sell make new and used cars replace them, and now if something were Taiwan is dominated by China is invaded by China and they have control chips when I getting as many chips ready in my time. So that's gonna be a big thing. Also, China sucking up all the cobalt which is needed for these electric cars, especially in the Congo.

Not a good reason not done not a good thing for America.

Thanks much for listening to be right.

Why is New York City sure office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive everybody is trying to me Joe coming to from New York we heard around the country now more than ever.

I hope heard around the world goes to the podcast. Listen live right to me to get anywhere your podcast development studio is great to have anybody in studio and got usually 3000 miles away shows the next revolution to begin over the weekend probably watched it. I listen to the see what I do is I listen to the replay, but last I saw the original and I saw the replay and I saw the minute you said I'm in New York. I said we are to make sure Steve come to this writer I really came right at me like I'm glad you said that because it seems self-aggrandizing for me to say because I sense that it was for me.

He could you get a second source on that three of the source claim.

I before I officially GST what we'll talk about that. He's in studio in the bottom of the hour). Also, China make it in this business. I'm not optimistic let's get there literally trying to see someone put the effort is given hundred 10% is get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three if they're in the deal out of the deal.

We can allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon that sets off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I don't understand why my relevant colleagues.

Having watched what Blackmer can get away with with nuclear weapons.

One hand is delusional. Chris Murphy of Connecticut. I just had to share that with you dealing with a run DMC. We have no choice. Any reasonable person would say talks with the Terrace nation led by Russia has to be the stupidest high-stakes decision.

The world is seen since our epic fail in Afghanistan will discuss it. There are compromises for which we cannot be read as an independent state. Any compromise that relate to our territorial integrity and sovereignty. People have spoken about it.

Weapons in their hands. Presence of Lenski. He was talking with another network.

We also talked with the Knesset in Israel on Sunday story of two talks, which is Lenski, except and demand. When he finally gets to sit down with Vladimir Putin and Pres. Biden heads to Brussels. What you think he should say which is message me this is in the first three weeks, and these are quite senior generals. The bottom line is that their command-and-control has broken down their communications have been jammed by the Ukrainians there secure constant work yet.

That is, I didn't betray us talk about what's going wrong and why so many generals are dying in Russia. Day 26 the battle on the ground moved to a new phase is Russia L spectacularly to blitz into Ukraine and kill because the Lenski now they try to rubble cities and take aim at civilians from the perimeter and actually capture them bring them to Russia, I'm not kidding.

What is the answer Steve Hilton with me right now Steve I'm hard to see that you agree with me. This is a conflict that matters. A lot of people want to say 6000 miles away never been to the Ukraine what is America getting involved again. I think that a lot of that comes from the suspicion about the intentions of our leaders arose during the Iraq war, invasion of Iraq, and I can see I can totally understand why people say that why should we send you with the leader they sent other people's kids to dine walls where American interests on involved. This is totally different to that we can start this will Putin started this world there are so many reasons that we have to think seriously about the precedent was setting his analogy, people might relate to, which is right here at home. When we think about crime constantly with seeing what happens when you don't stand up to criminals when you kind of do like these George Soros backed the A's around the country try and see it from the criminals point of view and not be too tough on them and maybe they'll just go away quietly leave this life note is the exact opposite.

If you've got violence and aggression and you don't stand up to it. We know here at home, you get more of it exactly the same around the world.

If you don't stand up to this kind of aggression a nuclear power invading another country, then you can end up with a situation where that's the message that sent out to Russia to China.

What else is it tell it opens the door to become a nuclear blackmail that is truly frightening and could come back to all tools that we got states around countries around the world that they will look we need is nuclear weapons. They can basically do what you want because no one is going to stand up to us as an incentive for incredibly dangerous wealth. The final thing to bring it back to economics is. I think this is the part that actually people that really make the connection enough, which is why is America the richest country in all our living standards easily the highest in the world. People think China is catching up. That's true in terms of the overall GDP.

If you look at the size they call me pothead, way, way ahead of China and will be for decades to come by because since our leadership in the world over the last few decades we've been able to shape the rules of the world economy in our interests if we handed over to dictators and authoritarians like Russia and China to set the rules that's cannot hurt us economically as well.

Right absolutely anything is undressing. We have to go in there one I wanted have to go in and grab guns but if they're able to prevail there. They're going for a stony of the chemical philosophy then go with the wind yet they got a college grad, which is basically a weapons depot and that's ready to go home. Bill begin before we could even blink thinking coming overnight and next thing you know they were engaged in taking things back and they'll say well that's a NATO nation. Let's go in and let's defend the word of world war. Nothing why did you stop him in the Ukraine exactly right hand up. By the way that the adjuster to add some validation to that point. If you want evidence that that people's elements not really G just want Ukraine to look at the essay he wrote. Putin wrote this essay was it last summer in 2021, which was the 6000 word kind of rent about the historical destiny of the Russian people's Lithuania was mentioned 17 times in that he will eat things like the rain is part of Russia, just like he thinks Ukraine is right to what I did is is on so with the one nation on tonight 8 o'clock. I did my stand up in front of map 22, two minutes to write and I said okay here is a humorous Europe in 19 38 and 39 and 41 here is 43. What is happened all along the way we try to appease try to assuage. We try to rationalize with the madman in Adolf Hitler to sign an appeasement agreement with Adolf Hitler else of Stalin. Guess what he got invaded by Hitler and he almost lost his entire country, but ultimately he would dine a swamp by losing 20 million or 25 million this Downing number people 8 million of which were Ukrainians, so I'm not asking people to back to the Roman times. This is recent past decade, World War II and now to look like a skirmish compared to what this is gonna look like exactly right and not what appeasement is so relevant and I had Mike on my part because my goodbye Southern California had a historian in front of 100 robust last is a biography of William church.

We hear a lot about Winston Churchill.

He states comparison to white people easily. He said he sees really English speaking country pointed out that, you know, I said to okay you know Churchill very well through your recessional in positive growth that we are, what would Churchill do.

How would he be looking at the situations.

It will absolutely clearly he would be making the case you cannot appease these people because you just get more of the bad behavior in the aggression we've been appeasing foods and that's the truth. Yet it happened with the print lost on Biden was in power, and that this is the first time this is this is the second time preteens invaded Ukraine.

He invaded in 2014. Basically Obama Biden did nothing. So what message does he get to do it again. She knows her understanding of your the New York Times say, though, are supposed pretty much the same thing but they write about how Donald Trump will yesterday was George Stephanopoulos said imagine if we can have all that distraction of the present ever met.

If the presentation wasn't so upset with Zelinski and said Mike Penn set a meeting with them. They probably would've bonded because they are so much alike. If we waste all that time into you, so that energy to arm them with second question is that because Barack Obama had a chance and 2014 and he said nothing but memories famously and blankets that's an exaggeration but now they're saying that VP Joe Biden tried to convince Pres. Obama to give weapons, but he wasn't successful all really. So they are trying to whitewash Joe Biden's past and try to make sense of what were dealing with now. That's unbelievable to me that that's what it's all about, because for them it's about the this is that this dental series people bases that the fundamental truth about you can apply this to every everyone looking for the but they know they it's it's all about the message in the span of the they'll not substantive series people and the biggest evidence of that is what we seen around the world in the year.

Also that he's being that when we were told all his great foreign policy geniuses with decades of experience in the world is full and total chaos.

I got that because people can sense the weakness they can sense that these people aren't serious. That kind of virtue signaling about climate instead of actually really hitting Putin where its own energy just to take one example and date know that sense the weakness and that's why you go to the scale surrounded with a sort with Afghanistan so there's a few things going on with you hundred percent right. And the thing is I don't care if some is great speaker.

You know there's some great leaders in the past were great for people change mass was a great speaker, great minds would stand up and at different points in oppressed people. This leadership that wasn't his thing so it doesn't bother me that he's that he's older.

It doesn't bother me.

These are great speaker. What bothers me is he does know his weakness, yet you surround yourself with people that know and then you implement what my political capital he got me the job. The foreign policy geniuses around me to get the policy straight and I'll represent them.

So the fact is the way get out of Afghanistan. Every general told not to.

Reportedly, and he got out anyway and now he says the best thing to do is get back into the surrounding it you. How was that in our best interest and he has Russia leading the charge is Jake Sullivan, Anthony blinking does not idolize these being led by people that aren't even in our best interest. In his instinct and experience are leading the different direction. This is why voice said about Biden right from the minute they got the nomination of the truth about him is he is a total machine politician write the orders. He's never been a leader on anything is been pushed around by whatever, power centers thereof right now that's the work left the far left activists. It's the truth. The unions with the donors when he was in Congress, and the bureaucracy I've worked in so I don't rise it will the time you get the bureaucrats and that they send you the option the position. If you don't know is the leader to set a clear direction they will all of you and that's what's happening here, and that was totally predictable when you put someone like that is not a leader.

He's he's just is a machine politician goes wherever the pressure is not in the top job. So into this one particular if right now you're Zelinski you watching your cities get raised around you just rumbled around you seeing great one on ones that anytime they need their going one-on-one with Russian forces that have a success seen a lack of conviction life experience of seeing antiquated equipment. Having said all that, you know, women and children are dies on a daily basis. They're targeting feeders there targeting hospitals and apartment buildings. When do you say when do you talk what you demand knowing that there's a possibility that this thing all could break your way if you can hold out long enough. I think that seems to be what he's conveying. He's already saying I want to me please, he said. Specifically, I want to sit down with who don't have a conversation. He's put info on the table. The neutrality point when not interested in nature know that that's not a rigid position. He's clearly showing that that's something to negotiate but we've just heard them say actually, the territorial integrity that this is a negotiate. He wants to have negotiation. I think this is the interesting dynamic in the world is fascinating when they feel we should say click and I may affect how we think about it too because this is a really important point I think is like yes I think we agree as long as the Ukrainians want to keep fighting. We should help them with that and do more you talk to miniature people. I'm not an expert in that but is actually from a logistics point of view when not doing it quickly enough of this stuff isn't getting that as false and is quite great a quantity as it should be. We could be doing more no fighting or short of provocative stuff that really will kickoff the rope direct confrontation with brush. We could be doing more military.

But the minute military stuff in a way that keeps the war going because Putin is clearly as a matter of strategy. During this butchery and soul to say so is not an accident he's deliberately killing children and women and innocent civilians in the water to terrorize the Ukrainians into submission.

So the real question is how do we stop the war and that's what you get into into the massive opportunity that the Biden isn't taking because of his weakness on energy and on China.

Those are the two things we could be doing to really put pressure on Putin to stop the war when not properly sanctioning him on energy without telling the Europeans that they go to get serious about funding his war machine which that still doing since the start of the war.

The Europeans absent since the start of the Wolf 15 billion presented that hasn't stopped the tool China could start this with a phone call, as anyone who looks at that relationship was pointed out we not putting any pressure on China to do that we should be sanctioning China now not just talking about invading the future like Biden's on that phone call that there's a lot more that we could be doing to put pressure on Putin and by the way, that helps America to if we unleash the energy industry.

If we bring manufacturing home price.sanctioning China that's great from some sacrifice like they keep talking about that such a good for us. We have to find out. With these China conversations are about that conversation in Italy last week, seven hours right then on Friday for two hours. No details on that. Why do we get details on that. All I get is belligerent, sarcastic comments, mostly from the Chinese on the most amount I held on that you held up the headline to show lust like that so extraordinary that the headline on the weekend papers was she wounds Byington over sanctions. What's like she's morning Biden. He's the one that allying with Putin and supposing him so as we go to break his place on the way out Eric. This is how it's been played in militias and I don't watch other shows with Dave Ignatius on Meet the Press said this about Wood Vladimir Putin got out of that meeting. He says Joe Biden came out very strong and laid it on the line.

Listen, so I think Putin must face should be worried that China is only meaningful ally is distancing itself under, that's the way I read this call. China wants to distance itself enough from prudent that it is taken down with this invasion of Ukraine and in a sense, the biggest obstacle to she's China dream as he calls this idea of China emerging as a dominant air right now is the alliance with Russia, which is a pariah which which poisons she's future. So I think that the call was part of a number of things missing. You need to know basis. You need to kill me breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show China's positive relations with Russia is not diabetic activities and asset in the international efforts to solve the crisis in a peaceful way.

Why can't you condemn this as an invasion last. Don't be nave. Condemnation. It sounds nave to say that invasion doesn't solve so I wanted steep hill to hear that you know is the next revolutions on every Sunday. Steve, you haven't heard that interaction you see the evilness of China coming out exactly 3 nave that this is what I like. They they remember it's a totalitarian state run by the Communist Party know they think this is what it's been like. They want the economic freedom, but they absolutely can't stand any, challenge to the regime that point to view their own evil wetlands in the units and and and so you can't just what I talk like this. They talk like these, the evil, bureaucrats guess what I am. At least they tell me you put the bed that America put the bell on the Tiger not take it off with some effort to get the whole thing is rude and you can't trust a word that they say that's the other thing you know that they they like their readout of this particular night Betty mentioned Ukraine that the conversation by coming. It's just a joke they'll fully supporting Putin Dale Dale buying his energy and wait that the backstop for the economic that they get helping them evade the sanctions, the financial site sanctions. The swift over things that we try to she's helping them avoid it. It's just crazy things on these allied with Putin Williams, 30 seconds up, but I think of some way to horrified that Russia struggling like this. They never thought in my humble opinion, they never thought would last like this they did. Russia does look terrible on the world stage is not benefiting China to be their only ally over the but it's a it's a massive miscalculation.

We never have to press on. The voltage is offset for years. There are number one threat that the rival we need to make sure that they don't get the global domination that is that gold as stated on fission. This is a moment of weakness potentially for them. We got really go off to them as well.

Normally I'd be on you for your for dressing down and I showed you always trust in life for below I'm like I can't insinuate that enough is enough. You know I just leave all the time.

Thanks so much.

The fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me. The problem with the dealers constructed from the start doesn't say well would lift senses often run depending on Iran's says will lift senses of Iran changing the calendar automatically so you can continue its terrorism can continue to gobble up nations in the Middle East can continue any form of aggressive behavior at once and it gets these freebies against the billions of dollars in sanctions, relief, and it continues effectively to move towards its nuclear arsenal. When people are telling that this deal is going to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear not telling the truth. The truth is the exact opposite. It paves the path of gold for them to get to a nuclear arsenal. Benjamin and I will with Mark within last night.

Great interview long form is relaxed. Just saying. How would a disaster. This is in this is taking place and I feel like were all helpless in seeing a tape. I stop by the Iran deal being negotiated in Geneva without assessing their face-to-face.

Why is it Iran. Iran suddenly is anxious to sign this threadbare to put a clack of Fox news anchor special report joined just now Brett welcome back so bright I don't know if you saw that injury last night but it seems overall, bystanders, any deal we know no details about but no one is optimistic about know everything going on but I most people are right that were one of the only network covering what we know about the deal and asking questions about the deal I had pictured state Wendy Sherman on Fox news Sunday and laughed specifically about the steel and should have many details but essentially she didn't know whether it was going to be better or worse in 2015 will remember 2015 had its own critics that it fell way short in a number of different ways but now to say it could potentially be workers in an environment where Iran is still funding terrorism throughout the region and there's not that high directly.

Her argument was we need to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and deal with that separately. All as you heard from the former Israeli Prime Minister that is for critics a nonstarter because they think this is that one-to-one connection is not there it's not there and I just see look at the converse of this innkeeper to the Abraham records piece broke out everywhere because Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman oldies station said well if you're looking to take on a run make relations with Israel.

We see their innovation.

We we see economic benefits.

We know they're not right to us, it became clear all the things he told us in our history and social studies classes whenever happen was taking place in our undoing. The impetus behind that.

I just to get another point of view. I pulled this is Sen. Chris Murphy on Meet the Press talking to Chuck Todd's rights under the no choice but to do the Iran deal. I trust the Russians that mean this is the case with the work of what the Russians on this. It seems I cannot cut the Russians out you don't need the Russians write the material that was being removed from Iran on the original nuclear winter Russia there other countries they can take it we don't need the blessing of the UN to get this deal done. You think it's bad to have Russia's nuclear power invading a sovereign neighboring country.

Imagine what happens if Iran is a nuclear power. The rest of the Middle East will find a way to brush out of the deal, you keep them completely out of it. Even if they're in the deal out of the deal. We can allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon that sets off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and I understand why my Republican colleagues. Having watched Vladimir Putin can get away with with nuclear weapons one hand you want us to. The Iranians said you haven't you wanted to poke holes in any of his arguments. What one Russia being a part of the deal. I'm not sure how to pay for enriched uranium walked in this economy is faltering in the ruble is 02, you know, if anything, Ukraine is one of the examples of nuclear proliferation happen as a result of the Ukrainians gave up their nuclear weapons and look what happened.

They got invaded. So, if anything, it's not Iran's nuclear ambitions that have been produced more people getting more countries getting nuclear weapons. It may be Ukraine and what rush is done inside that country.

And third, I think it is. Sen. is wishing that this is the ironclad and wishing that it's going to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but I think there are a lot of people and it's not just the former Israeli minister who doubt the batches ironclad and she believes it's the sunset deals can be done if it is one thing to say this is a deal discussed them getting nuclear weapon.

Some of the somethings in the in that deal. We could go to military base is not able to put cameras there couldn't have snap inspections. All those things and the fact is a good have all their money. The last time they start getting some money flush with cash, many of which they said well it was frozen in our accounts that we saw arrive on pallets they started for financing turned away. We weren't even prepared for especially let me put it encounter last week Iranians fired on or near our US Consulate interview Iraq last week and they are considering the menstruation is removing the IRG see the Iranian Revolutionary guard Corps from the terror blacklist week after missiles were fired at or near our conflict in Iraq. So the disconnect here is real. No question, and the fact is a stunning, top-secret, and I'm see some of this report saying that doing a deal in which no administration could overturn think of myself in what country can this happen. Can you get a signed agreement, then no future president can overturn the Congress to be a treaty ratified treaty with 60 votes. And guess what that would never happen to what kind of deal can't be overturned that an executive deal.

That's if there's another president and it's not a treaty that ratified the Senate. It can be overturned. Quick as a thing Liz Cheney waiting on that for those conservatives out there who think Liz Cheney is a liberal 33 and just completely disagree with Sen. Murphy's concept that we should be doing is deal as it is wrong to be doing is deal no matter what it is certainly indefensible with the rations in the middle of it. Given that they are pariah state is a war criminal, even if they were in the middle of it. This is absolutely the wrong time to be providing a windfall to the Iranians and the deal does not stop them getting their weapon actually gives a Catholic and I think that that does negotiation should stop immediately right that's I think people should understand I was Cheney. She is conservative she just gets generally six right policy. She has her she's talked about this for a long time nuclear deal. She's been tough on Russia. She's been very very aggressive foreign policy front. Like her father, but when it comes. Generally six argument, she is spoken out right click right we have a situation where phase I tickets effectively say the Russia's phase 1 of two 3D blitzkrieg to kill Zelinski take the capital, and then put their own people in place has failed in epic proportions. The second phase, were in the middle of now and that is expand in South try to rubble. The capital rug a rubble car key marrow pool as many cities as possible until they give up is that we will get to see it now, this slow torture of innocent people who are not only been there in harm's way, but are being targeted and Zelinski's great forces left many of which are civilian being able to withstand that this type of pressure if they are supplied mean it would. How does it send why I don't think it is a blunt family right now that continues.

I agree with you that there's a ship Russians park it seems to be from Barclays South make marrow pole and at bending the knee and then maybe negotiate and say we, on the south and go about your way. I don't see the Ukrainians doing that they have support now from tornado in the US, but from neighboring countries that have foreign fighters in there now that are fighting for Ukraine and the pushback against Russian forces has been astounding that the devastation has equally astounding end and the place like Mary. That latest Associated Press right through. Whether people escape the last trouble that they know of in the city. It's pretty harrowing it is and they said they say surrender by 5 AM their time when the sun comes up, you better surrender and you can sleep peacefully.

If not, put on your arms and the and the price and not a chance were not doing that they have picked up people in buses and brought them to Russian camps, so that's a new phase of the PI capturing mayors one got out is one phase. This is a another phase within a round up innocent people and take them out of the country and give make them sign a contract that they were two years for free. I'm hearing all these different accounts when present, Biden goes to Brussels.

What's at stake. Would you expect the message to be very careful, careful to make sure not provocative but at some point there and there has to be a provocative statement made that that stop, or at least make some get to the negotiating table. He has proven that he is a great speaker. You can rally people.

The question is can they hold out and what can be left of the country actually do very true. We do you think is the readout from the China meeting that you go with China has much more details a different take than ours. We can't get a transcript evidently is that something you're pursuing to find out what that to our meeting was like the translations probably an hour and they had a seven hour meeting Italy. We don't have details of that, except for sarcastic abrasive statements after by China how we find out what's with the really are talking about how the national security council folks are not as liberal transcripts were under the Trump ministration of foreign leaders call the morning between the Chinese readout which doesn't mention your cracking and the American readout barely touches Taiwan is in the troop.

Try to get the Chinese investor on his face the nation yesterday and Margaretta did nice job pressing among a number of things but there is a reality factor that she's not there.

The Chinese and the Russians talk about what happening, you know, if you look at the satellite photos in the South China Sea. Of these sandbars that effectively have become floating aircraft carriers for the Chinese.

It's pretty amazing that the military buildup. There and what they were saying around the world you want to have you picture panel him. Leon Morrow bent down that you think you got Joni Ernst, just back from Poland and is a natural try to get the attorneys best thought of the pre-great game again tonight. Is it we can wait for later in the week Monday. I think you know that I would like to be. You got it right. There will be watching 6 o'clock tonight and by the way, I'll be on outnumbered top of the hour, don't move Frank tell me show radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show they look back everybody would be on outnumbered right at 12 o'clock Eastern time. Hope you join me there. I'll be the man we know, Michael, one of the pods or my accident was at this in the Sealer you can be in a pod. One table to keeping them up in the middle of the I think that's a commission I should go for number one. And then of course have one nation over the weekend.

I am also hosting primetime Jesse water show on prime time so I have a lot to do most of the going Kudlow at 4 o'clock subsides out in a very slow afternoon. So let's find out.

Being that we have so much time in the war. Reasonable issue and it should be. I have no regrets about that.

I do want to know more stunning but not concerning yet.

Justice Clarence Thomas was hospitalized with infection. They sit with flulike symptoms but not covert related is the longest-serving US Supreme Court Justice that was admitted to the Sibley Memorial Hospital of Washington underwent tests was diagnosed with an infectious being treated with intravenous antibiotics. Let's hope that he is okay. Next, Maury the show that I did not know was still on the air flow and after three decades of giving Apsley nothing to society two years ago, Maury and I decided to years ago was, according to a statement that I'm reading called that this season would be the farewell season of the show was retirement is bittersweet and we are so happy for him to spend more time on the golf course, but people thing with his family but he says golf course. Maury is a television icon, a pop-culture legend and we couldn't be more proud of and part of his incredible career. I even know the good part of his career. I guess A Current Affair was a good part of it that's what I remember him grown-up current affair, but I don't know if he did end up with a show like three decades I and baby only I could tell you about the show is I know the wonder of the famous line. You are not the father are not six years ago. This is a statement that he read six years ago and I was ready retirement NBC Universal family asked me to continue show even though I told him I was ready for assisted living loyalty to NBC Universal and my more than 100 staff and crew members. I agreed to do it. I'm so proud of our relationship with them and I was saying that about a visit. I just thought he was different and I need to get a magazine show is the most maybe more famous best was with Connie Chung when she said, just between you all and the camera and a million people and it was 2020 next 10 US two so normal he was barred from performing a grand to Grammy to the concerning online behavior webs read webs quests reps said that a blast report posted last Friday, claiming that the artist team received a phone call Friday about informing him giving a fortune remove the line of performers for the show due to his concerning online behavior Westies who is up for the 2022 Grammy awards was not among the first with the reforms announced on Tuesday. Kanye sent variety. A link to that story saying this is confirmed, the rep did not respond to request for further information directed. The decision was made partially because of his interaction between West and the Grammy host Treva Noah Westies a slur against know and Instagram post coming on the daily show West as directed. A racial slur at him. I guess what was a slur about him a lot to say this or I see it was about his commentary on Kim Kardashian and Davidson so Wes didn't like that and works. I am sensing that he's going up in flames and that I never thought Kim Kardashian P Davidson thing would give him this angry at every eights.

I mean, he's got a long history of acting rate. Who is the this the singer that he went on state that interrupted when she won a major award say that something else you wanted really happy for you and remember that yeah I think the singer was but she wins an award he was up there is that you don't deserve it.

So Beyonc deserves it right next 42% of Americans share devices with others in the household. 36% Americans share their Netflix account with relative 13% with friends. Amazon 22% 8% with friend Disney is 32% with 30% respectively with friends.

ESPN plus is the breakdown, 60% were relatives, and 7% with friends I would not be happy about that. Which would you ever do that any fear. I mean within the same house on Jimmy. I'm sure you would share with your daughter and have signed their lives really ticked off at yeah they're looking to change the thing where the charge people and an extra amount of money if your salary for doing it outside your house the whole thing doesn't work for me.

I never know what to watch, but was find out I'm not watching the right thing and it was now what I watch this thing into it's a mouselike reason for families over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber and listen now if Fox News or wherever you did your

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