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Finally! Judge Strikes Down Transportation Mask Mandate

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 19, 2022 12:43 pm

Finally! Judge Strikes Down Transportation Mask Mandate

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 19, 2022 12:43 pm

[00:10:02] Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

[00:18:30] Allen West

[00:39:57] Will Hurd

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[01:05:56] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:24:44] Tom Homan

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Fox news New York City Fox and friends. So America's receptive kill me. I will write to me.

Thank you much for being with us.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, in a purely investigative journalist for more TVC prosecutor eyes got a great article written about Russia's the way they been acting during this war also Lieut. Col. Allen West. Also, would Russia's people doing when it comes to nukes as well as a bio weapons as well as chemical weapons. It was seen near we are the Don's lost battles on our quick guide.

Quick note is great news Casey AP is now carrying us in Helena, Montana 9:50 AM. Thanks so much. NewsRadio 95 Casey AP that is awesome. So we appreciate you joining us today and be our growing family of nations. Special thanks to talkers Magazine for ranking is number four in the country, the fourth biggest show in the entire nation almost in a powerful show in the country so I'll will let me tell you the number to call if you rather if you were saying to yourself, I'm at work. I can't really call would you want to write just go to Brian kill not only can get my books but it's a chance for you to go online just kick God click on comments and welcome to my email so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three first-term president at this point in his presidency.

This is the lowest. This is a lot for anyone who is elected to the presidency and then get up there for the vice president. This is a really really really bad number.

Even dams are beginning to acknowledge they are heading towards a disastrous midterm question posed by coding on replacement for present buying Elizabeth Warren offers a solution to the epic fail on the Democratic side in the economy, foreign policy, border crisis, all bad. What she wanted to help us get the bill back better. I'm not kidding. CDC recommended continuing the order for additional time two weeks to be able to assess the latest science in keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people.

So this is not a safe disappointing decision. We also think that math mandate should be in place really disappointing. That's thanks Judge ridiculous, airport and airline mass mandate and that America celebrates at least most of us will look at who rips them often who manages to leave them on and wipe science does not matter for years.

The judge picked up on that was of course your China where you locked up 25 million people. I think what were saying right now it is pretty clearly the opening salvo's where your noticing a heavy artillery really across the whole front, which is about 300 km at its widest point. So it's going to be a substantial fight. This is potentially a decisive battle for the war. Wow that is big epic battle for Don Voss begins as Russia tries and fight their embarrassing reputation restores its embarrassing reputation and take the resources from the Don Bosch region of Ukraine. I'm talking about oil and iron if they get Don boss they get that the stakes the death and endless quest to rally the world from rockstar Zelinski is happening right now. And of course great sacrifice on part of of the Ukrainians.

This can be.

They say the biggest pitch battle tank to tank artillery artillery since World War II, and I just think that if it comes down to pure skills and organizations in communications and possibly even equipment.

Ukraine is going to do just fine but it doesn't mean that I could.

They're going to emerge unscathed by a long shot. However not everybody is optimistic Daniel Davis join me less. I filled in for Jesse on prime time is retired Lieut. Col. cut three. Now I think what were saying right now is pretty clearly the in the opening salvo's where your noticing a heavy artillery even more than what they have had before. Really across the whole front, which is about 300 km at its widest point. So it's going to be a substantial fight. And then there also see and lots of airpower, more airpower than we've seen in any single battle.

So far, and then the Russians are preparing lots of armored penetrations. Apparently, according to the Ukraine Armed Forces announcer they have actually already had a couple of attempts and that's only going to increase in the days ahead. And if this is this is potentially a decisive battle for the war yeah Lujan schedule is done task. These are the areas in which Russia's moving while we speak right now and Ukraine is ready there. There they been there.

They were trying to get their land back.

Since 2014, inflicting some damage on the Russians but getting some casualties of their own. Meanwhile, as with the Russians are backed out and pushed out of more more towns is become clear. Do not even aiming for military targets there killing them of murdered civilians blowing up apartment buildings, hospitals and schools and you see this 900 people found on Saturday, you seen these endless graves and what you just don't see since Hitler and Stalin would walk the earth is only civilians intentionally targeted their cowards because they can't win a military battle. Your general Pretorius cut to this could be a pivotal moment in the war in Ukraine. OC Russians obviously gave up on the effort to seize cave topple the government and replace Presidents Lenski with the Russian figure they lost the battles of key turn to even assume in the north and Ukrainians. One of the Russians agree focused in the area where they have made some gains very hard-fought and they're going to reinforce that in the East in the southeast and then presumably further down around the port American: those defenders incredibly resolute really be the Alamo of Ukraine. In many respects one that ultimately falls and his discussion of shaping normally for us. That would also include preparatory fires include a variety of fishing a note logistical assets, medical evacuation, resupply ammunition, caches, refueling assets and so forth so that general Pretorius is wheezing tied to this administration. I feel a lot better if he was in charge of the operation he was assigned to train Ukrainians on the howitzers on the next coming days.

Evidently they been trained on almost all Eastern European equipment pretty unbelievable to me that these new NATO nations army if they would start over. 12 now we have 30 they still kept the Russian equipment the Soviet equipment when there wasn't any type of NATO program. So in case something happened to be able to replace it natural nails created the fight against the Russians.

That's all going to go to you when I go to the Russian version of Amazon to get spare parts but that's the situation, but of Bulgaria Poland in your Lithuania, Latvia. They have all the same equipment that's gotta be adjusted as soon as this conflict is done so the other big news happened yesterday is a judges ruled that we no longer have to wear masted airports in a public church for public transportation.

Yet they kept it on in New Jersey. Idiots. The airlines have dropped MS requirements yesterday afternoon.

American Southwest United Delta Alaska Airlines spirit. JetBlue frontier all said goodbye mask most people are happy United Airlines master no longer required on domestic fight selected international flights. It's great news daily Mac and any other form press secretary now Fox news anchor says just now.

The flight attendant on my plane announced breaking news confirm that we can take our mass off cheers and clapping erupted on the plane but my producer today because a minute to ensure tomorrow from Detroit just texted me that she walked into LaGuardia Airport and everybody's wearing a mask, except to people that blows me away just walked into LaGuardia. It's packed and have only seen two people not wearing masks but when I go there, count me as three because I will never wear a mask again ever it was, I actually have to in order to stay in my job and would the students. Students been forced to vaccinate the report to get a booster and now Elise and once a private school where and 95 for the last two weeks of school that is abuse and idiocy. Adam Corolla was on Sean Hannity last night at 12. It is scary though right that they're fighting for their so hard like Jenna Saki wasn't disappointed. You're disappointed that Americans clawed back a little bit of their freedom that disappoints you think about that and there was never any science behind it. The second they said mascot between bites. You had to know. There was no science to masking on a plane.

No other masking application works that way it's not accurate up Ruth spraying laughter and at some point someone says you gotta keep the mask up and let someone hands you fiesta Max, in which case you take it down until you're done, but things are done with the mathematics soldier 1-866-408-7669 listen I got to get back to back, but in half barrel take your calls go through your emails Jeffrey Scott Shapiro investigative journalist Washington DC will talk about Russia, with their doing to Col. Allen West. The chaos of the border unthinkable and so fuming. There were allowing this to happen in our country who assumed the brain to meet you diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me, Fox news podcasts network kind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast to listen now by doing a Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show will go back everybody no doubt about it. Present troubles would give a chance. No question, and they got along fine with all the Russia hoax investigation destroyed any chance of the make progress now, I don't think in retrospect, it is possible make progress with food and I think he is pure evil, but no doubt about it. When 2008, the never should wanted to Georgia with a point that I should as Shasta Feely, who was too provocative with anyone into and still is.

Grab Crimean took part of the Don Buss region from Ukraine. He did not want them joined the West.

The EU were NATO so we did it and he really got no retribution some sanctions. We never flew in weapons health Ukrainians wrong message sent now after well welling up 150,000 troops. He is an invasion gets repelled in our setting for a pitched battle right now in that country of Ukraine. I think you're up for the challenge.

No doubt about it. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro saw the challenge of rush up close and personal work with a trump administration and defended the former president during his administration. No dictator did you do anything close to a Vladimir Putin was doing right now in Ukraine.

Jeff writes in the Wall Street Journal, Jeffrey Joyce me now because a lot of people on the right don't see Russia as the bad guy that astound you. Jeff, Brian, it's pretty shocking and disappointing, but I have to say that this is something that started years ago actually started or truncated into the mix. There were sort of the vacuum.

I think the conservative thought existed within Republican leadership. After McCain lost the election and Romney lost the election was the product. A lot of us and I noticed when I was going to see there were more more people sort of looking elsewhere for some kind of patriarchal figure that they could follow or admire, and there was the fall than a Vladimir Cook being strong nationalist leader who was crushing the left opposition in the country and of course that is a complete understanding and superficial view of Russian history because I'm not a nationalist is a terrorist who came to power by killing hundreds of adult people in 1999 with the Moscow apartment Bobby chief. The bombing to look like they were checking rebel justified check she bore splitting the power base camp of the Kremlin.

If you will, and I heard a lot of Russian what he doing now is hurting a lot of the Russian Soviet not a nationalist, but there is this fall and being a strong right-wing leader who is taking on woke ideas and become very pervasive throughout the party couple people you have guys and I guess you know Michael Anton seems to be pro-Russian. The situation thinks Ukraine is corrupt and you have another guy who's running for office.

I think is Joe Kent. He is a congressional candidate serve the military seems a good guy. He does not believe that Ukraine is a country that's worth arming the complete lack of understanding of real-world affairs and Russian history. Brian is a complete misstatement of the facts and reality. And I think they're sort of victim blaming going on here with Ukraine running to look like Stockholm syndrome is kind of like you know if we could just get Ukraine the fall in line and accepted Ladner couldn't demand a reasonable none of us will have to deal with the terrible situation and state the possible Third World war we can all have nice things will is really easy to say that we should give up the Sudeten land or some region of another country when you're not the one living it right. We Artie learned our lesson from what happened World War II with the third right we don't want to make that mistake again.

Listen to Sen. Dean's who went to bruschetta and saw the massacre there. He's from Maine Republican cut seven. These are images that nobody should ever have to see in their lifetime. I was taken from keyed up to go check about 20 miles outside Keith as we were getting close to Bucci could see the brutality of the Russians leveling these residential complexes small homes and apartment complexes. This is where women, children, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpa's were just living their lives that were brutally murdered by the Russians so that is with the Russian state they don't want to fight the military they want to kill and destroy. And torture civilians humming. What is admirable about this building. It overnighted the Russian right again in no rush to get screened out Russian fight wars because they are operating under the belief because so many other countries like that on the public in regard to this right during the Gulf War. They hide in civilian quarters to avoid bombing the way the Kremlin knew that if those are the actual target they want to go after because the most elite soldiers are hiding in those areas. You obviously this is not again you know a a an accurate view of reality.

For some reason you have this issue now developing on the right and it's very similar to what happened on the left. In many ways.

That's what I find ironic about when I was in the streets I work for the US agency for global media, which houses voice of America that I was with you without broadcasting. I was shocked to learn how many Americans on the left at the misguided sense of admiration for Che Guevara that he was some kind of hero of the downtrodden assassin and the killer persecuted on the sexual slave labor camp in Cuba but nonetheless the picture hangs in the office of all kinds of activists to work on the left and you have a similar superficial admiration provider could not write. I can tell you is someone to work with that agency that Russian state media have been a lot more effective than American.

They're all over Latin America supplier thing is shifting Latin America go to the left in countries like Chile or Honduras now public Peru single pole shift go over because the Russians are so effective at promoting propaganda and disinformation and their point of view and somehow that kind of see Gentoo Jeffrey Scott Shapiro Wall Street Journal column and talked about how the right seem to be so some of the right seem to be siding with Putin you play trumpet as he sits only positive things about Vladimir Putin. I don't think that it was helpful.

I think the trunk was viewing Vladimir Putin the way someone in international business. I think that he thought he could come in and try to work with him. I think he probably did a more effective job change it. You definitely the dominant partner in that relationship right me know when I was in the administration they really do try to think through the length of operating a business. As part of states we make personnel. It was like a look at some of the more experienced people around that usually works and unfortunately for our purposes, the girl, pointed holdovers who were experienced people working against us.

So you can't really view political administration to the lens of business you're knocking to be able to Connor manipulate someone like my miracle. He is a expert KGB deception agent.

He knows what he's doing and as intelligent and smart president trunk was. I just don't think that was something that would be achieved, so I don't think that the comments were helpful, they probably didn't help the opposition either in Russia because they're looking to America guiding light. They want to make sure that American leadership is on their side, and it was probably a lot of things in the context thing. Do you think this would happen under trump and because trump did stop Ted Norton to pipeline. He did get out of the missile tree they were cheating on.

He did send arms to the Ukrainians. Unlike Pres. Obama do you think the president Putin would've done this under trump. Knowing what happened in the tropical thing will safeguard ministration under arbitration was nothing like that ever happened. I don't think there's any possibility of that.

I think Google did respect trump. I think that he feared in the author.

On critic the ability and I think the evidence is in the history that it didn't happen under trump right very interesting because now we have an ongoing war and is clearly good and bad. This clearly evil, and for other people fighting for freedom. Maybe not a perfect marketing for freedom better off putting money on Zelinski. Let's hope we can eventually all agree on that is see the forest of a modern-day Hitler, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro thanks precise personal power is America's letter to you, your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project radio show like no other numbers I got inside numbers for February. There was 163,000 apprehensions 217,000 apprehensions in March suggested that Monty saw 50,000 increase.

I would expect to see that increase as well. In this next month. It's getting disastrous every day is getting worse and worse out here for us and this administration could obviously doesn't care about that is Marco and Fox News at night talking to Shannon bream penal County Arizona Sheriff and it's even worse in Texas March Southwest border encounters 221,000 land encounters 33% increase since February, 76 increase were single at 76% were single adults, 20% of the counters about individuals at least one prior encounter going back and forth unaccompanied children of the border 14,001 67. Think about this. I can by himself with a coyote.

What you think happened that kid 18% increase since February drug seizures fit no seizures of 55% in March. Heroin up 7% methamphetamine 22%.

This is totally out-of-control in any metrics was free. Lt. Col. Allen West American congressional I should get your friend to try to write their congressional rights. Union Executive Director Col., welcome back to be back with the grind and pray you had a great Easter weekend.

Yup I did and so I'm wondering what's going on. I know the border patrol has netted a good day in two years know they have not. It would be nice if we had people an elected position that would honor them by allowing them to do their duties and responsibilities.

One of think that you forgot to mention with the 23 known individuals on terrorist watch list that contract come across the board as well, and we may have gotten 23 but I guarantee you that there were 23 a or that the eluded our border patrol and so we have to be concerned about that. So where face of the church after Christ that you just mentioned humanist extracting crisis and even just recently we have Brandon Jarrett of the airport control union invoke our request that Gov. Abbott here Texas invoke article 1 section 10 cost of the three of the Constitution and determine and see this as an invasion and take the necessary steps instead of busting to come to Washington DC listless secure borders feel awful border because where Chris now and admit how can how can you National Guard. How can you have enough National Guard have known of the Texas Rangers need the federal government well know what you want.

One of the things that you do have in Texas state court, which is another part of the National Guard. You also have the Texas state militia and what you want to do is start allowing the order counties to be able to beef up and deputize more individuals and look you got a lot of you know, retirees and veterans of the military and I've met them to be more than happy to go down there and pull you notes every 296 hours of duty down there to assist on the boat so Texans are willing to do this ourselves because if not I can rest so right Col. well the thing is that you have to pass legislation that can empower our folks here Texas been able to make arrests and not just rest for trespassing which ends up having people being released because that's a misdemeanor and you cannot stack up the court system amenities.

The county can handle that. But you got to start being able to deport people and the other thing that you do these nongovernmental organizations that are down here Catholic charities being one that is associated with Lutheran, yet they are getting taxpayer-funded dollars to process illegal. So bear the one that of putting them on buses and planes of the lease of the mountaintop society with 12, $1300 of taxpayer money and also cell phones of this nature so we can revoke the licenses of these nongovernmental organizations which are 501(c)(3) from them being able to operate in the state of Texas takes them out of the state even though the federal government paying them the absolute because what they have to do is a not-for-profit organization arrived at the Y to operate in the state of Texas.

So you just revoke that permission for them to operate in the state of Texas. Usually, Tom Homan said should happen because 27 this is a huge issue resigned because he has the same motion. Got no church across the sport's secretary: security and integrity to the White House for open borders longer national security issue.

It's a terrorist threat because he knows better. It's not that he's incompetent.

He's choosing to to look incompetent is not insane. Insane. And the American people at risk when you are an elected official.

Are you a government official, you're supposed to uphold the Constitution states of America. That's our rule of law in article 4, section 4, the Constitution, which is known as the guarantee causes there to think that the federal government supposed to guarantee to every state in the union.

One of those things is to protect every state from invasion and so they're not doing that they are they are disavowing their constitutional duty which you know to me that is an impeachable transit. If you are allowing people to come across the border knowingly on a terrorist watch list best best aiding and abetting terrorism and so death again federal statute so you moving a crime, even more so because DC has an idea.

Your title 42, which allows some to be turned around in times of a pandemic. Listen to this. I think it's time to end title 40 think we should never implemented. It is a very cynical reading of US law. When I listen to border patrol agents who are patrolling on the border.

They tell me it actually increases the number of migrant crossing attempts it creates more chaos to thought about the governor and the Democratic not likely to get the Democratic nomination to be governor of Texas Democrat nomination, but you will never pay to cover taxes, especially talking about open borders and that title 42 should not be around, look when Joe Biden saying that he is going to lift title 42. Basically what he saying that every instance of the corona of the pandemic or whatever is over for illegal immigrants but yet you still want to try to have the place for American citizens to be very interesting to see how the bond administration handles a reactively federal judge's decision out of Florida that says that this whole thing about math mandates on transportation needs buses in place is unconstitutional and it has been in because no government organization agency can mandate thanks to the American people that supposed to be done through our elected representatives to law and so all of these people that don't want to buy about the Constitution don't want to pop out of the law undermine our sovereignty of the constitutional Republic. They should not be in the position of the leadership of this country and if they are, they should be held accountable for breaking a law.

I remembered you those suborbital agents on horses were trying to contact border with the Haitian immigrants of the people said they will whipping these immigrants and they sent people to know. Horseback I said no that's weak. I do it the horses going through rough terrain there trying to get people to get out of the river and that's the way you do it.

Remember this here is present. Biden after he saw the sky 22 corset president and it was hard to see people treat it like it did horses running over people being strapped. It's outrageous. I promise you.

Those people will pay they will be investigation underway now and there will be can't. It's amazing right and judge Joe Biden said that, Harris saw this and said that's got 23. I've been very clear about the images that you and I both side of those law enforcement officials on horses. I was outraged by I it was horrible and on and deeply troubling.

There is been now an investigation is being conducted, which I fully support and any to be consequence and accountability really consequences.

Accountability Jen Sakic at 21 point say in a statement last night and again this morning. He was horrified, I believe, is not representative. We are as a country not represent that nightmares administration. Well, it turns out that the investigation going on for months. They have been officially exonerated to the been told that I could be charged in the ghetto make the announcement short shortly will how long does it take to investigate something like this Col. and we would take for them to apologize well drawn apology is not going to be forthcoming and you take me back to you fictional that was also notes I was going to lynch him at 2 o'clock at more don't want the storm Chicago trunk support. This is what is so embarrassing about the left how they jump on the state to track the push of narrative. Yet, when it falls apart. They are stuck with you know with egg on their faces. I would think that it be more important have an investigation on these government, nongovernmental organizations, the getting taxpayer money to process illegals that bring them into the United States of America. You know you could've asked any cowboy here, the state of Texas in five minutes able to tell you exactly what those mounted border patrol agents are doing and what the color want to go #but now how many taxpayer how much taxpayer money wasted on investigating the credit that saw the top Harris talk is never lost.

The border talks about it then naturally you can go even with catastrophes brewing. Listen to Jen Saki yesterday cut 2012 at the mounted officers present within migrants notified they will not face criminal charges so when President Clinton apologized. There is a process in an investigation. It's kind. I don't have any presence of people with the criminal offense investigation that I let the department of homeland.

Any conclusion of that investigation. These officers of brutal and appropriate measures only charge you apologize and negation into their behavior so that investigation is playing out whenever there is going to be announced. The department pretty well and I'm sure will have a comment so part of that the lack of respect for law enforcement to his father that lack of respect. And, you know, here's another person is not been down there on the border to see what is going on.

I'd love for her to be down there in the middle of the night with these young men and young women who are out there on the Rio Grande River trying to protect our country. Keep us, but that that'll never happen. Sadly yet but maybe because MSNBC her new employer will sign her there. One day maybe should do shoot from there maybe be a pundit with some other prestigious anchor. Maybe Qdoba will be hired back its unbelievable show some class and Elyse apologize Col. was great to talk to you. Thanks so much. You all the best product you got 1-866-408-7669 Branko Mitchell back what he calls the move thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of tonics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So subscribe and listen just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. That's what, me included.

Everyone is so excited that you must stratify twitter like yes, the great one discern about censorship, freedom of speech. Yes, he's very said freedom of speech is someone you don't like seasoning freedom of speech is someone you don't like saying something you don't want to hear because they have to have that right is essential to democracy and there's yours push back against at all though. Believe it or not, the founder is not necessarily against a here's more from Rogan is the super intelligent leader type character right that seems to have great ethics and morals to me seems to be like a guy that if you had a movie character in the movie character was is like super billionaire didn't give up yet like buddy was like soup, smart, and you really genuinely working to save humanity. Yeah that's I got so will result for this so my obviously Apollo global is this mammoth company that owns Yahoo and many other things they are considering participating in a bid to buy of Twitter. They sell discussions about backing a possible deal for twitter and could provide Mr. musk for another bidder like a private equity firm Thoma Bravo, LP with an equity or debt support to an offer. The Apollo said deposit which owns Yahoo has also been evaluating potential cooperation between the online media company and twitter people said that there is no guarantee that twitter would be receptive to any of this but I also see that the takeover bid is not really accepted by a board with the board aren't even stockholders in the company ended, and by the way, musk says if he is to take over the company.

The board salary will be zero dollars if his bid succeeds at zero dollars so you do it just because you want to see the company may not have some influence Jack to receive the founder slams the board's dysfunction after response to musk buyout bid threes upset by I find that interesting that he is… He said he also took on CNN yesterday to Jack Dorsey.

He wants no part of Twitter. Now it seems like he wants out of this, but he deftly likes musk and would like to see, I think, must take over unless he's put not a big hoax in this is just a big show. I don't think it is the big stories with tab of the Democratic Party.

Other policies are so unpopular politicos first story today, much like the new watch and post yesterday just talks about how there, get ready to hold on tight Democrat you and get routed in the midterms leading many to wonder if Joe Biden should be the nominee for four more years. He reportedly told Barack Obama. He wants to run again which is laughably awful and he's an avid number so the Washington Post went ahead and listed the 10 presidential candidates on the left rank them in terms of their capability of getting the nomination number 10 is AOC. That's a joke.

Number nine is Gavin Newsom. The guy should've been recalled his track record's terrible Cory Booker man. He got no momentum last time was going to change this time Jerry Brown he might be moderate, but I don't see him ever projecting standing up straight or wanting to put become a national figure Roy Cooper know nothing about a maybe call which we had a look. We don't want said Elizabeth Warren is too radical even for Massachusetts. Harris, the worst vice president least prepared lease interesting. A person ever run for office most overrated people to judge the people to judge got no residence in the South, he fell apart in South Carolina agreed to bow out. I guess for treasury check our first secretary position. He is a transportation secretary when, please tell me when you think the supply chain is running well when it was at its worst.

He was on paternity leave and didn't tell anybody. If you are going to be a paternity leave, which is situation is totally for castable. Don't take the job, or you work so that we have a natural catastrophe going on a president or somebody like that cannot take time off. At that point.

That's when you physically can be there, so there's no way any of these people are going to be present within a war predicts this going to be very tough to hold onto House and Senate and Jesus.

The only thing we can do is press go back. Better really, more spending and overheated economy.

Our answer is bill back better. Nobody thinks I should be the right answer.

That is pure. Check the box this what I want to accomplish despite what's happening in the country. Here, Sen. Mitch McConnell on really why Joe Biden is so unpopular cut 13 of the written approval writings which are well below 40 now start was to trillion dollar so-called American rescue plan that was passed about a year ago a party on night a Mitch can you put your sleep. You have something important to say. Here's a Harry intent on CNN a scene and polling expert cut 15. Now there was always that thing all Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating at this point of presence, and we did it all over and over and over and over again what this point in his presidency down some numbers actually has average approval rating is at one point higher than Joe Biden's which is a 41%, Donald Trump, a 42% of first-term president at this point in his presidency.

This is the lowest.

This is the lowest for anyone who is elected to the presidency and get up there for the vice president.

This is a really really really bad number that's on CNN 33% by the people. 38% by NBC for 35% approval on the economy.

Good luck with your and every second of it, never let you whoever let you forget what you did to us and embarrasses country with Afghanistan. The numbers reflect Fox News contrasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest.

Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy throwing chili Joe 1-866-408-7669, two from 46 Midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world will heard from CA guy Congressman from Kirschman from Texas to be with her shortly and he's going to give us some insight with tapping on the border, also tapping in Russia and the danger of China will part of his new book match lap if you want to know where things are trending within the Republican party with there's a lot of very impactful primaries going on with the former president has back some underdog candidates, unconventional candidates, how much of his reputation be unaligned before the guy run see faculty with his match lap. Great guy that will do a simulcast on the on one of the top shows and the input of TV business history on that is to funny funny company. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 of first-term president at this point in his presidency. This is the lowest.

This is a lot for anyone who is elected to the presidency and then get up there for the vice president.

This is a really really really bad number so you think it's bad. Even Dems are beginning to acknowledge they are heading toward a disastrous midterm election was with Warren think she has a solution spend more money.

I'm not getting CDC recommended continuing the order for additional time to weak side to be able to assess the latest science keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people.

So this is not a safe disappointing decision. We also think the math command that Champion plaintiff really well. The judge doesn't so let's keep restricting Americans. Why don't we thanks judge ridiculous airport and airline mass mandate ends with Americans celebrating at least most of us little kid who rips them often who manages to leave them on why science is not matter for years or you could do a China did lock down 25 million, most of which are asymptomatic people in Shanghai. You make the call. I think that working in right now it is pretty clearly the, the opening salvo's where your noticing a heavy artillery really across the whole front, which is about 300 km at its widest point. So it's going to be a substantial fight. This is potentially a decisive battle for the war Daniel Davis weighing in epic battle on the Dunbar's region as the Russians try and fight their embarrassing reputation and get it back by winning phase 2 of this war of choice from them if they do get the Dunbar's region, they get the oil to get the iron they get the call. The states the death and the endless quest to rally the world from rockstar president Zelinski continues and let's bring in will heard for this also will welcome back Congressman, I just want to welcome Casey, AP, 9:50 AM, and Helena, Montana, NewsRadio 95 Casey AP appreciate you joining us garnishment.

Welcome back is always a pleasure to be with you and always enjoy your talk same here at American reboot still doing well. Excellent book and idealist guide to getting big things done in a country that needs big things done.

That's my subtitle to your subtitle encouragement.

First off what's happening at the border right now is sinful.

I never thought I'd see that my lifetime, the White House does not bad policy might not like Trump's policies too harsh or too heavy-handed or you know of maybes try to leverage our our our allies okay that was a fun debate. The good old days, but just allowing border patrol to be overwhelmed on a daily basis. I mean, how is that responsible both responsible leadership and that's one of the leading to the low numbers that you were talking about. After after at the top of the show when you're in your big three companies numbers are right. So you talk about in just one month right in March there were 221,000 apprehension that one Mark when you look at the previous deportation in an entire year. In the beginning of present Trump's term it was. It was less than that for the entire number of deportation attire here so these policies are absolutely terrible. It's good to get worse.

We all know about title 42 going away potentially and DHS has has predicted potentially additional hundred thousand plus more people added to these crazy numbers that we seen every month.

So how could that be a family. What is the goal here is release.

When you find us want talk about, hence we go visit it may work his nose had do the deal is is allowing the border patrol to be overwhelmed like this. The wall not to be built, no surveillance, no follow-up giving away phones hiring the NGOs to provide fresh set a closing up bus ride a plane ride into our cities to overwhelmed to overwhelm Mo for the most part, working-class school districts what they're trying to do is either incompetent. I think part of it is incompetence because they don't know how to stop the problem and in it and it goes back something very basic and we talked about this before, not every body is in final and stop treating everybody as an asylum picture what's happening when people are coming to border, whether they come in essence volunteering themselves. There there there to border patrol to be arrested because they know that they're going to be able to be allowed eventually to get back into the interior of the United States are saying that they have a credible fear of of back at their own country.

This is kind of they've been taught by these these human traffickers of moving people not everybody is in time asylum seekers look upon the protected class very clear with the protected classes are in your government is supposed be persecuting you or your government is not defending you against persecution by other entities.

There are not too many places in Latin and South America that meet that standard. Venezuela is one clearly acute but it is another. Now the fact that everybody around the world is understanding and see how easy it is to get in there start to leverage this infrastructure that is in place to move people to our border switch starts with stop treating everybody has an asylum seeker which mean more people are going to have to get reported that you don't have these pressures not only on border patrol and I should point out the communities when you're certain to have hundreds of accountant the people added to you know it to a population of everything a month.

Sally Moody said the present. How could they tell you.

Listen, I am not trying as well out of the president's right now. Start making sure all the intelligence of the intelligence community and and DHS is collecting on how people are being moved here use that in order to dismantle the organization that's bringing people here to move her to not like 221,000 people are walking from Honduras to Eagle Pax right there on buses and cars. This house is theirs. There are people collecting money.

This exchange of see there's a whole level of of infrastructure that can move that volume almost 1/4 million people a month to work with our allies in the region could dismantle that that would be the first up we have to turn off this ticket. You know that is feeding and treating this this kind of this kind of traffic that you want to handle the border that I like.

Make sure where we're using all of our tools and stop treating everybody at the start with those two things and that goes a long way to start right now you expect 18,000. This is a listing of title 42, so stateless that date. So Martelli Rafael Warnock Cortez mad master of Nevada Hassan of New Hampshire will put their line on name on a letter saying not let title 42 evaporate. Now these guys been invisible. Up until now. This is political. This is political salvation. I get it but why would prison bide want to lose the Senate. Why would he want to put those candidates in jeopardy.

I don't know right because he should be listening. He should be saying how his poll numbers are on getting terrible should be seen how Latinos in South and West Texas are unlikely fuels. The red wave that were to see in in November she should be saying all of this as an indication that the American people did not want these things to continue. This isn't about being a Republican or Democrat thing. This is about normal policies that should be happening and when I would try to remind people my difficult 820 miles of the border and a lot of time on the border from born and raised in South Texas live in South Texas now security for people that live on the border is actually public safety, and when at night, you have people you know. While marching through your your by your home. This is scary. This is a scary thing Democratic major Democratic County judges democratically elected officials in the region banking administration to do something different why they're not listening.

I don't know but in the end, this is what the power number of losses and and hopefully we have a plan and and make sure we get DHS to cross-country as well with Little Rock, both Texas congressmen at the time and you guys try to see what you get along with. Now he ran way the left for president and did not have success. He talked about taking the wall down. What was built on it.

Now he says here's what he says about title 42, you don't think it's a good idea for the Biden administration to end title 42, why no, I think it's time to end title 40 think we should never implemented. It is a very cynical reading of US law really says cynical reading of US law during a pandemic to control your border.

Now it is not cynical.

And guess what the local officials you know the ones that are dealing with on a daily date, day-to-day basis and have been dealing with this for a number of years they wanted to see they were seen in place right that that's the reality of things. I'll leave when it comes in. If you talk to people, dealing with this classic basis. And guess what they're saying and Democratic officials. These are people that have been Democrats their entire lives. And they're saying this is the worst ever been, and that something needs to change. Don't take away tools that were that we've been able to use give us more tools in order to deal with this problem pay in federal government by administration. Get your act together and deal with this problem because here's the next thing that that is my fears the fact that pork which was basically no consume with this this problem.

The number of people that are coming in between our ports of entry 11 drugs that are coming in legally is is is crazy. We don't know what else is happening.

I like III told this story in the book I just wrote about how you had Chinese astrophysicists sneaking across the border to try to get jobs working in a at space X in South Texas to steal their plans and see what they're doing in order to improve their space program right so these are these are some of the pain that we have to worry about. And when you have a complete report border which is having now on the much longer term ramifications stories what's going on Ukraine phase 1, they were able to hold off a tremendous pit of tremendous price on the push to the on the push to the North. Now they're going to be a big battle and Don Bostic going to prison. Zelinski it's already started using Robert Charles said former assistant secretary steak cut for you know you probably got 56 new facts. One is that Russia is trying to regroup in the East.

The second is that their basic combat power of the brigade strength and the morale is falling is low already and falling. The third is that there command-and-control ship. But the biggest most ship and the Black Sea was sunk to Moscow by Ukrainians in the last two are that the Russian economy is starting to feel heat and there still a nuclear threat out there.

I think the two big races that are underway right now Todd are the speed of the regroup versus the speed of the resupply and probably the speed of the economic sanctions bite versus the speed of thinking that he can achieve his aims. It's a tough moment, so we has this play out will her final thought how the weight should play out the west beginning at the weapon to the Ukrainian as they can possibly handle the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said the more weapons we get and the sooner they arrive in Ukraine. The more human lives will be saved if were able to recompile Ukrainians to continue to show their their ferocity and on on the battlefield. This is good to continue to go.

BP in a more positive direction.

Ukrainian Russians have more capabilities we found them trying in upon me, and in a missile strikes in the care of the population but you not to be able to scare the Ukrainians longer this goes on, the worse it is for the West, so the more weapons we get Ukrainians later hammer to the Russians, the better off everyone critically will glom together the Congressman's book he talks about how we come together how we get a good big thoughts things done. It's called American reboot an idealist guide to getting big things done will always great to talk to you after you got 186-640-8766 I went back and take your calls, then going to welcome at the bottom of the hour match let go inside the Republican Party, as well as some of the key endorsements Adele trumpet out to put himself out there and then will do morning company simulcast busy hour so glad you're here both sides all breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show it is scary to right that they're fighting for this so hard like Jen Saki wasn't disappointed. You're disappointed that Americans clawed back a little bit of their freedom that disappoints you think about that and there was never any science behind it.

The second they said mascot between bites. You had to know. There was no science to masking on a plane. No other masking application works that way it's not accurate up with spraying laughter and at some point someone says you gotta keep the mask up and let someone hands you fiesta Max in which Casey taken down until you're done, but things are done with the best mix right and I guess was disappointed genocide exactly disappointed that the mass mandate is done by the way, my producers on the plane flying to shoot I'm going to today 99% still wearing masks. That's New York for you cutting CDC recommended continuing the order for additional time to weeks to be able to assess the latest science in keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people. So this is not to say disappointing decision. CDC continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit. We also think the mask mandate should be in place and that it's safer for individuals who are flying to continue to wear masks unbelievable.

We just have to stick with the science not really sure the sciences because she was on the say I'm not a doctor, I would a shame you not a doctor. Meanwhile, please point to the fact that the judge was off-base and saying you can keep extending the mass mandate. We have a covert 19 virus is a very nice sub variant of a variant that is causing deaths. The drop in hospitalizations to drop why you keep screwing with people's lives you have an underlying condition.

He got a cold you feeling symptomatic where you mask you have emphysema you have asthma wearing a mask, I don't.

I'm not. And now you can tell me to. It is a great is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me.

I think those in my party whom are suggesting that inflation is not an issue they need to stop reading Harvard papers and start listening to those in Hartford and Harrisburg who are actually experiencing the day-to-day life of what it means to pay higher prices. I think the president upset for a long time should acknowledge it. I don't think you need to take all the responsibility for it but he has to take responsibility for what to do going forward. I think if the reposition money from. We spent on COBIT to help small businesses that is Harold Ford a reasonable Democrat who knows his parties in trouble party. The starting trouble band with it come a long way since think about where they were. January 6 match lap.

He is chair of the American conservative Union, better known as a seatback and former political director for Pres. George W. Bush and alter the book, the Dessa craters defeating the canceled culture mob and and reclaiming one nation under God.

Matt welcome back Ryan. Great to be with you and Matt are you surprised politico says you guys gotta take the Republican take the Senate the house and the party and is looking at the Democrats with a presidents got between 33 and 30% approval rating, you know, politico is kind of an arm of the DNC that tells you between politico and Biden bolster from the lot. But that's okay. Thank the worst political environment for Democrats of 30 years. I think there's a couple of indicators here. The kit that I never want the Republicans are never had in the congressional ballot this far in advance of an election in May. You know they did in front basically all year the nation believed that people make you believe that were on the wrong track at an alarming rate and I just feel like for independent searches. I keep looking at women independent young voters there turning from buying policies because not working for their their incomes are being destroyed by inflation gas prices out of the prices through the roof and I think people are just tired of the woke wars and their self-inflicted.

I means you have the inflation in the economy of Afghanistan you have the border. These are self-inflicted wounds for the present. I mean they I think it would inflation of tic to maybe economist say whatever but that would've ticked up as much if you didn't have to do the rescue plan a ¥1.4 trillion. I remember every time a path for the big billion dollar bill pay multiple billions they trillion you were the money when I mean you know you have a date that they needed with the court got it off the 1.9 to take care of covert relief and then they ran out of I think there's a basic incompetence going on our unified administration. You call it self-inflicted. I always wonder how much the president really knows what's going on your present throat with a bubble, but you in a particular problem.

I don't.

I wonder how much she really understands the American people are hurting to get what they're going to do for 30 years is going to put touchup bar on the idea that government can solve problems that scraper my thought but they're going to destroy their Branford very long time to get once people start to hurt this badly like they did under Jimmy Carter, don't forget to quickly yeah my heart is out to them. So here is years out with Harry entered in place said on CNN's yesterday cut 15 know there was always that thing all Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating at this point of presence, and we did it all over and over and over and over again what this point in his presidency down some numbers actually has average approval rating is at one point higher than Joe Biden's which is a 41% down some of 42% of first-term president at this point in his presidency. This is the lowest. This is the lowest for anyone who was elected to the presidency and then get up there for the vice president.

This is a really really really bad number and that this is CNN polling expert that says that and I think it's from Afghanistan that I think things change in Afghanistan.

The way we got out the embarrassment this nation still feels because of that the ineptness in which the generals basically said and I blame them to the present by when hear that he said we getting out.

That's it. We told looking happy to get out anyway and then we left all those million $80 million. Maybe billion dollars with equipment behind and were seeing it playing out right now. The Iran deal being negotiated by Russia.

Are you kidding.

Well, maybe billion dollars of equipment could've been used in Ukraine, you know, it just gets worse the more you think about the consequences of this week there for me.

I go back to the Carter example.

You know, Carter, with God ready to think of the bumbler on the economy but also oversees you know, the Iranians held her hostages and try to rescue the hostages elected*aborted rescue mission and and I think think think your at present have a period of time to prove their bones to the voters that they got what it takes. Sometimes the reference sometimes there down the proper bite down in the 40 or under 40% range for basically three quarters now you just staying in the basement and I think people are hardening on this decision that may be mentally incapacitated, maybe he's not smart maybe doesn't have good decision-making skills.

Whatever it is they are viewing it now. It is enduringly of a failed president and what's going to happen that the Democrats are going to flee the candidate who are up in November there document appear with him on stage and appear Kemal Harris on page there is a meltdown moment. On the other side. By the way they deserve deserve every second of it for their hatred, and constant piling on apparent the cop of teachers of coaches.

I mean enough about so depressing that it's a foreign person, I say Donald Trump is weighing heavily on the midterm sees going against camp with Purdue as governor in Georgia going heavily behind Herschel Walker. That's pretty clear. Then when it comes to Pennsylvania. He's going with Dr. Oz and what a ghost comes to Ohio. He's going JD Vance. So would I find it interesting that must be very intriguing for you is that of this is dividing a lot of the Trump world. For example, with Dr. Oz listen to Kelly and Conway when the present one with Dr. Oz over Dave McCormick. I think it confuse many Republicans and conservatives in Pennsylvania because they seem noncitizen words on video against guns for abortion praising Honey Clinton's minimus brilliant women, smartest minis ever not been for Obama care and so on and so forth so that when I guess you know you about a few people there whole pictures for Dave McCormick and others how you handling that you think the prison made a mistake there, you know, we haven't weighed in on in the Ohio primary in the Pennsylvania primary. Dave McCormick is a friend of mine and his wife might have a very high regard for him euros a week state out of most of these big primaries will probably make it eventually. But you're right it's tricky primers rose tricky. You note that Trump went without long-term friend, Sean Hannity is huge back directive and is done down from two years acute backer, JD Vance and your primaries are painful because there in the family, but you get from get to the other side of the fact that matter who wins that primer in Pennsylvania. I will pick up that whole button should say the same thing is true in Ohio out of Arizona. Jim Lehman is our candidate in Arizona you will get that nomination pick up that Arizona spent the what, why do I think that because if you have Biden's own culture saying that they'll you get back 30 years, we have the perfect 1994, 1994 Bill Clinton was president Republican cleaned up. Basically they want think they had no business winning and Bill Clinton got smart and he moved to the middle you think Joe Biden moved to the middle. I don't see it I think they're doubling down but they're doubling down there doubling down on the government knows best, JD Vance, he's been in the past. He is been as we recently came out he was against Trump now is not presence as yet he found his way that's usual for the present usually holds onto some of that anger. But he also you know I think he actually forgive out too quickly sometimes to get out elect people who have crossed them back into the cat you is more tenderhearted than people really good start would basically apologize that. And I JD had definitely done that and you'll always candidate to get the right of all these candidates or make a play for truck and so for the Republicans that are staying in a truck yesterday that that's not how it playing out, you know, other other old party leaders are being approached only Trump it's because he's captured the imagination in the spirit of activists around the country. So I know it's painful because we don't get the endorsement and look I might make different decisions of the president of these right but you know what he's got the right way and took the candidate he like batterers. Well, I think the key is when these races got to win each and every one of these because you know what Joe Biden, the Democrats are doing basically trying to get to socialism in this country and what that happened.

I like when I could get back to prison.

Trump runs.

I do like you II thought his speech of feedback and Orlando. It was a good speech, thoughtful speech, and I saw him I talked to him recently in smaller setting.

I think that's where his head is I think there yet to make the final vision, but I think you're very pleased to announce the year that make it seemed very clear that that's left. Thanks so much Brian kill me show Joyce FOXBusiness is finally in company with Stuart Farney don't just hang in there on your investments, all talent wealth and get peace of mind with active management of your portfolio dial 833-777-7887 investment advisory services offered through Talon private wealth, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor. Past performance does not guarantee future results. In a matter of moments to be joined by Stuart Farney were killed. He'll join you. You join us and then out to because right after that 186640876 excited for you to finish out the hour I think will be talking about something. I kind of touched on this show the Tuesday edition and that is enormous and what's he going to do and how we can somehow behind the financial fund truest says that supply violent 403 because they think that stocks going to 495 Erica the clock. The atomic clock just clicked on that 1051. That means kill me joins us. But let's start with this shift to talk to you about twitter Joe Rogan he's join the fight over twitter and he's back in Elon.

Watch this Brian rolled that's why me included. Everyone is so excited that Elon musk trend by twitter, click yes, the great one.

He's concerned about censorship, freedom of speech. Yes, he's very he said, freedom of speech is someone you don't like seasoning freedom of speech is someone you don't like saying something you don't want to hear because they have to have that right is essential to democracy. I don't know why was wearing a wig have no idea what I was doing that, but I do completely agree with them and nothing you do to yeah just the CO, the founder seems to be in Elon musk's corner that's going to help this Apollo.

This investment fund seems to be in his fun.

Maybe they could do something together. I think that'll help.

Why is everyone so desperate to hold onto twitter. I don't understand why disease why are people because allowing the shareholders to take a will is there something about the algorithm is going to be revealed. That proves that we are what we all already instinctively know to consider thoughts been censored. It's a left-wing propaganda machine and nobody likes that stamping on free speech and Elon buses go do something about it. The first thing you should do is to file the Board of Directors file of the leading managers because that lead that company down the tubes that censored people that failed to innovate and make much money that fading get rid of all, I am all in favor that any any opposition from you know I mean I saw Jen sake said what we find it. Twitter is very white and very coastal a really how about his furry left in very coastal wise everything race know what you have, understand what's necessary for that. She also was in tears today talking about what Ford is doing to LGBT Q rights which mean she hasn't read the bill she got to see about it in tears. Yeah that's that's that that's the word she was in tears about that we chose has even read the bill, just like she has not had time to research would help with the horse soldiers of the border right just like she doesn't really have to know it doesn't feels her chest apologize for really condemning these border patrol agents on horseback, she perceived them to be doing and masks last admission not too keen on the mass coming often planes and trains and automobiles. I don't like that was going on right right you judge makes a ruling this is take the mass offtake center for monthly know no science behind it.

They see an increase in the variant with cases. But now, with hospitalizations as well as deaths were under 504 nation of 330 million why you still hindering our existence.

Why still screwing the people of Philadelphia and now I understand this. I was stunned by this.

My producer is actually on a plane right now look what I look went to LaGuardia and went on a plane.

Guess how many people that she noticed roughly the percentage have mass on I'll tell you because we had a night item from Reagan national now to ago 80% of the people arriving at that Apple was still wearing a mask. Once you produce a site 99 unbelievable America wake up snap out of it. It's over and live your life.

I mean whatever make if you have underlying conditions you know you know the deal leukemia as well. Whatever it is, deal with it. You added you to stay healthy.

But if you're a healthy individual.

The prime of your life while you were in a mask that you be totally brainwashed. I mean that that means that you been watching too much of the view. I have a sense of exasperation at all of these issues. The just cascading along mumbling along not getting anywhere whether it's masks all the border, whether it's inflation or anything else. I just feel exasperated at what this administration is doing and failing to do the same.

I think usually usually feel good about the American people.

If done with it.

If the president was at 40% approval rating. I will really you left the whole back door of the country open. We are being invaded the tune of a million every three months and it's about to be 3 million over the next three months taking our money to giving these people knew Nike's brand-new phones and setting with the school systems that are already overstretched underpaying teachers and hurting your kids, but with the American people set I've had it with making trends noble hormone blockers part of grade school teaching kids about being a transsexual to having a pronoun be something that you learned about in school not on the grammar test but as your identity people are fed up with it yesterday when I was doing Filmore to stand up for 20 minutes on just the facts of the Democratic Party and get killer laughs. I know the American people are insulted by nothing but times have changed. I hope to want to die for the election by Kelly thanks also see again real soon. 1-866-408-7669. We can continue to talk about your Sprint you on what he thinks people feel about this administration and believing these guys that's been partnership is told by experience, 19 inflation affects everybody and it affects people in the lower income arranges the most because like whatever they do they can't help rich people can afford the gas and food prices and I can cut back on luxuries, people who don't spend a lot on luxuries that they spend on food and fuel, and saw many of them in rural areas have a long drive and have to have the fuel killed by this inflation. So the administration gives up on earth as it can doing a better reason it can work.

People don't want the government says it can't solve the problem or government that can. Thank you.

They can do at least try to do it impossible. That's what I'm saying. Everything about Trump's try to get a trade deal with China. I don't like that dealers try to get some to NAFTA. He does like to leverage is like the language okay but you try to get a trade you not to give Trump not to put another floor on Trump Tower don't strike at the border control. I like it. I don't like it more border patrol less more funding, more more wall more fence.

Whatever was he was trying this presidents not trying to do any of that. He's one of the long he's being he's being muzzled by eight Easter rabbit who happened to be one of his communications people as he was talking extemporaneously. That's crazy why Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me I will Brian kill me become a tear from New York 46 or around the country heard around the world. I take it by a tornado this morning. That lasted about six hours, something I survived my doors blown in.

That's how crazy was in New York to download upstate New York. It's a snowing is about is about 6 inches 1212 inches of snow are you kidding what's happening here so will discuss all that the weather got Tom home and coming up this hour and then an encore performance, Johann Hori wrote the book stone focus what you can pay attention is really not your fault it's because society set up that way the Internet set up that way your iPad your iPhone everything that's going on in your life the way and to run. You gotta get control your life to teach at a do it so let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three first-term president at this point in his presidency.

This is the lowest. This is the lowest for anyone who was elected to the presidency and then get up there for the vice president. This is a really really really bad number yeah every damages are beginning to acknowledge they are heading towards a disastrous midterm political today to lose the Senate and the house it speculates on replacement for presidential by the Washington Post, will discuss CDC recommended continuing the order for additional time two weeks to be able to assess the latest science in keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people. So this is obviously disappointing decision. We also think the NAFTA mandate should be in place okay Jen Saki sorry but it's not. Thanks, Judge ridiculous, airport and airline mass mandates ends and America celebrates at least I thought we would look at who rips them often who manages to leave them on, and why the science hasn't mattered. About two years of this pandemic. I think forcing it right now it is pretty clearly the, the opening salvo's where your noticing heavy artillery really across the whole front, which is about 300 km at its widest point.

So it's going to be a substantial flight. This is potentially a decisive battle for the war in no doubt about it now is so Lieut. Col. Daniel Davis on with me last night when I substituted for Jesse epic battle for Dunbar since beginning now Russians trying fight through their embarrassing phase 1 failure and try to salvage the reputation as a fighting force. All they are is cruel personified and depravity personified the stakes, the debt, the endless quest to rally the world prison. Zelinski is become a rock star and he's earned every set, every day of it. He gets on with parliaments with senates with house members with world leaders agreement person, social media, showing that he spirit was knocked in a run like Donnie of Afghanistan, and now it's the game is on and that's were looking at with this with this war, I'll talk about the mess in the second but the Starbucks region is something is been occupied really partially anyway from the Russians when they just invaded Crimea unprovoked in the down bus region is is coal is iron is oil so they are able to hold onto this.

They look we got more of it. That's all we ever wanted and truly going to make in Ukraine that is powerful.

Right now they go into an application to be a member of the European Union jackets on the Russia skin. The fact that NATO is more unified than ever that kids in the Russia skin. The fact that Sweden and Finland are about to announce that they have a goal to become members of NATO and they will immediately gain admission back in the direction skin. Also, the fact is that even though Vladimir Putin says the opposite.

The sanctions are hurting that country because the leader of their central bank who tried to resign the day of the invasion. She says that things are really beginning to hurt. They don't get replacement parts not be able to get things for their own military me while Russia is announcing this fight in. Don't ask and Lou Dansk in the old blast region. This trying to move forward. The question is, can Ukraine fight in the open. I mean they were fighting in limited areas in which their defending and they did exceedingly well to the Russia structures killing innocent people and destroying hospitals and buildings and apartment complexes as well as schools and and theaters because the gutless so they brush will fight the streets, but they don't do it well.

Will they fight in the open field and should tactically Ukrainian's allow this to happen because if you really want to do that if he so was their vantage why would you do it, would you sit somehow in the background. You do this gorilla fighting with your javelins and you start taking up these tanks like you were doing before. His general Pretorius about what he seen cut to this could be a pivotal moment in the war in Ukraine. OC Russians obviously gave up on the effort to seize cave topple the government and replace presidents Lenski with the pro-Russian figure they lost the battles of key attorney even assume in the North and Ukrainians one so the Russians are gray focused in the area where they have made some gains very hard-fought and are going to reinforce that in the East in the southeast and then presumably further down around the port American: those defenders incredibly resolute really the Alamo of Ukraine.

In many respects one that ultimately falls and his discussion of shaping normally for us. That would also include preparatory fires would include a variety of fishing logistical assets, medical evacuation, resupply ammunition, caches, refueling assets and so forth.


And of course general betrays always fascinated talk to reserve one of our finest tacticians and he was mentored by Gen. Keene was on the new computer yesterday was Charles Payne filled in members Tony about the sanctions this woman's name is Elvira new Vilna. She's the chairman of the Russian central bank. She was a much more candid about the situation with Russia and the sanctions she told lawmakers that while the sanctions impacted largely been on the financial markets. At first they will now begin increasingly to affect the real sectors of the economy.

For example, her quote practically every product manufactured in Russia relies on imported components. Factories now may still have them in stock but because of the new Western export restrictions.

Russian companies will be forced to shift their supply chains or start making their own components at the moment. Perhaps the problem is not yet as I quote her so strongly felt because there are still reserves in the economy, but we will see that sanctions are beginning to tighten almost every day. She says international respected central banker which years. She tried to reside in the days right after the war, which he did almost did. She said half of the central bank 600 billion foreign currency and gold reserves remain frozen because of sanctions. These reserves of the bank still controlled. She said were mainly gold and Chinese Yen or little or little use in trying to stabilize the ruble forcing the bank to resort to capital controls like limiting the amount of money the people and get out of their accounts and that is a lot of people leaving the propaganda machine, or just flat out left Russia specifically so I believe that if Ukrainians can hold out and start bleeding this country dry that Mimi told it is safe. That means will continue to build up and fortify NATO that means. 323% in will get rid of the old Russian Soviet style equipment will sell them the Western-style commit. We will train them over in Tampa, CENTCOM, and then will be able to pivot with United NATO against a ambitious China who says they going to fortify and back up Russia not good that's not the way to win over the American people. I don't think so. Here is Roy Blunt speaking a special report yesterday talking about what the Russians have early lost serious cut six. They clearly lost the first part of the war and I may actually know whether Putin was more surprised by the Ukrainian resistance or the turnaround in NATO back to the original purposes of NATO, including Germany, now very willing to do what NATO designed to do harm the lack of effectiveness of his own military on the ground so I think now they're just continuing to try to terrorize people and intimidate people. I don't think Ukrainians are going to be easily intimidated B intimidated with the do's and the cell gutless the Russians are there inexperience. I got no moral convictions no moral compass didn't have any sense of battle. Ethics of the warrior ethic. She hear so much about what they're doing is they prefer to kill innocent people that are ready for them. So I just before we go for this hour. I want to talk to for this segment.

I want talk about the mass mandate. I love that this trump appointed judge looked at the mass mandate no reason to extend it. Let's lift it.

A lot of people are upset by it. Here's the reaction from passengers when word got out from JetBlue to United on down cut cut 10. I love it I love the change of not one should be able to choose whether you want to wear masking on its essence months is person's personal choice is about time.

Of course it's about time to put it all in perspective. Live your life cut 12. It is scary though right that they're fighting for their so hard like Jan Saki wasn't disappointed.

You're disappointed that Americans clawed back a little bit of their freedom that disappoints you think about that and there was never any science behind it. The second they said mascot between bites. You had to know.

There was no science to masking on a plane.

No other masking application works at Wayside accurate up Ruth spraying laughter and at some point someone says you gotta keep the mask up and let someone hands you fiesta Max, in which case you take it down until you're done, but things are done at the behest of Max right and grow it knows it, but yeah but you can't tell people in a six hour flight. Delete everything you mascot you crazy so they had to do is to sacrifice credibility and clear to give people realize his own credibility to what you want, but I'm taking final. If you're interested in Ryan's talking about your writing until made some numbers I got. Can I get these inside numbers for February. There was 163,000 apprehensions went up to 217,000 apprehensions in March suggested that Monty saw 50,000 increase. I would expect to see that increase as well. In this next month. It's getting disastrous every day is getting worse and worse out here for us and this administration could obviously doesn't care about. Yeah, that is the sheriff over in Arizona just seen the being overwhelmed and spout with title 42, May 23. Is it so much worse. Worse in our history, murdered, and it just so aggravated because all this is preventable know without trouble I think is by his board policies are too harsh there still a search of the board I we stopped at Kevin okay please try to stop the caravan.

Please try to do things to control the border you want to apply. I think it should be easier to apply friends to hear. We need people we need workers that can be done at embassies that could be part of a look of sealing the border first and trump would have been into that. But this present that evening knowledge the border takes it just goes pastel this insert is because of Central and South America, poverty, or gang activity, or criminal behavior or they want the American dream. Okay, we all do, but not by sneaking in does not matter. We want the American dream. We wanted Toledo support smash and grab this is smash and grab right into our country so the CBP but outnumbers total encounter numbers for for fiscal year 2022. So for 12 1.2 million 1.2 million. I kindly getaways right in March of the Southwest border 2200 21,000+ encounters 33% increase since February knots unaccompanied children 14,001 67. Do I think the American people love to adopt children. Yeah, I think the larger adoption preload, but the software you do it who's your father was your mother whose even trimming traffic or pretending to be your relation. Meanwhile, 76%. People came across were adults, 32% increase in February. Southern Company children drug seizure through the roof at know of 55% heroin up 7% math 22% cocaine seizures up 11% and will even talk about title 42, and just letting everybody in so I had a chance to talk to Tom Homan last night and here's what he told me in all his years of the border.

Various different positions including we just did for prison. Trump never seen anything like it. Let's listen another record-breaking month for all the wrong reasons as illegal crossings on our southern border and an all-time high border patrol encounters nearly 230,000 migrants trying to sneak into our nation during the month of March is the most in any month since Joe Biden took office in the most and over 20 years, 80,000 migrants release in the United States will nearly half of them were expelled under title 42 for the believe those numbers that's about to run out when it does, we can expect to see an unprecedented number but it's not just migrants illegally crossing our southern border in 2020 when looking for a better life for patrol apprehended at least 23 people on the terror watch list trying to cross into our country. This was what Jan Saki had to say about that encounters me know and sense and suspected terrorists tenting across the southern border. They're very incoming I was checking a few dozen annual encounters that most at most it sounds enjoyable just a few.

Doug doesn't encounters it only takes one person to cause a tragedy and 23 is just the number of suspected terrorist who were caught. Who knows how many got away Tom Homan is the former acting ice director and visiting fellow at Heritage foundation immigration reform law Institute, Tom 23 that's stunning how many hijackers it take to turn this in this country on its head. One statement hello Brian, this is what the caller called 23 want me arrested so the arrest and says there were smart border. However, 700,000 got away since Joe Biden became president 700,000 people into this country illegally and were not arrested them on screen database 67,000 numbers. These are facing camera traffic drawing traffic etc. traffic record can respond to you after 9/11, we put a lot of processes in place and to retain the United States visa security program. No fly list screen database you came into this country in a derogatory information at all, do not know if you walk across the salt like 700,000 people on this is a huge issue resign because she has the same vision got no church across the border security and integrity to the White House for open borders longer.

It's a national security issue terrorist threat know it's worse time. He knows better. He worked under you as a deputy knows better. He's choosing to suck.

Listen to Beto O'Rourke if he becomes governor of Texas listen to him. I think it's time to end title 40 think we should never implemented.

It is a very cynical reading of US law.

When I listen to border patrol agents who are patrolling on the border.

They tell me it actually increases the number of migrant crossing attempts it creates more chaos is out there telling you, I'm sorry, 42 is a game changer ministration Joe Biden.

This ministration secretary use title 42, to the fullest because 85% of family events got to get into spring forth to all oases came in. Despite 42 Spanish Ghanaian 42 changer present trauma that help with getting the most secure border we've ever had that moment.

Thanks so much appreciated so there were some Democrat you see see it almost as clear as we do. Gary peters is one of the senator center may work center Cortez Masco Warnock Maggie Hassan Mark Kelly all said the present should not get rid of title 42 in Chile as a plan to handle which was 18,000 in Texas alone right to make. We come back.

Joanne Hariri will be with us. This is the right temperature radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show back everybody you know we got this podcast. Brian kill each other come get a podcast anytime that lead to downloads every month. Thanks so much for that library. When the interviews got the most of the most traction is this.

This one and it's it's Johann Hari and he wrote the book stolen focus why you can't pay attention and how to think more deeply and what's going on this world about our phones that we used to talk about the way the answer done the way life is now and how it's hurting us.

Let's listen to focus on focus and discover about this technological age when it comes to focusing on each year that Paul required reading a book, watching alone maybe getting fit mean more and more like running up at the moment but I'm getting harder and harder company to almost all about American.

It's working now focuses on any one task. Three minute one child who was identified. Potential problem when I was seven years ago but now 100 children at the company. Try to use my training at Cambridge University to travel the world from Miami to Moscow.

Melvin 200 of the leading experts on attention of the plaintiff and solid evidence of 12 to make your attention better like Hitler and the fact that the commensurate attention was hugely increasing in recent years. If anyone is listening and your attention is getting what kids attention is not your phone is not just you know, imagining, and crucially your attention didn't collapse your attention on things stolen from us. One could stolen understand the 12 doing this to we can begin to build bigger solution happen intentionally or is just one of those things keep on making the iPhone better keep on making social media more attractive keep on building a website to gets more eyeballs or is it something devious and insidious. Some of it by accident. For example, we could talk about this more, but the food we eat is profoundly damaging our ability to pay attention children to play outside freely is profoundly damaging their ability to focus attention that no one designed… Anyone contention. Don't take my word for it, shown Paco one of the biggest initial investors in Facebook said we designed Facebook to Maximilian by people's attention. We knew what we were doing and we did anyway go to what extent torture can spring run one of the 12 damaging on focus attention I think would be playing out for every single one of you listening today I went to MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of technology to interview one of the leading neuroscientist in the world amendment process to me is one thing you could understand about the human brain more than anything else.

You can only consciously think about one or two things at the same time benefit the fundamental limit of the human brain, human brain and get a change of the times. What happened this week: from master dilution. The average American teenager now believes they can follow six or seven forms of media. At the same time.

So what happens is trying to skeptically collapse, not just teenagers. Older people as well get them to think that the mobile one thing at a time, and it turns out every time you can't do more than one thing at a time. What you do is you chuckle very quickly between tasks and it turns out that comes with a really big cost to encapsulate the company going way trying to do more than one thing at a time comes with something called the switch cost effect when you try to do more than one thing at a time you will do the things you're trying to do, trust competently, you'll make more mistakes you remember less of what you do will be much less created a small effect right. One study, for example, found that just being interrupted while you're working twice as bad for your intelligence and attention getting started on part of the really big effect. This is my professor militantly. We are living in a fixed storm of cognitive degradation of the moment.

As a result of being constantly interrupted. So, interesting civilians in terms if you keep getting interrupted and you don't have the time to wind down and reflect and sink it hurt you cognitively. Long-term really well. Unit 130. If you interrupted it takes you on a bridge 23 minute to get back to level of focus you have before you interrupted most of now netiquette. 23 minutes. That architecture is so important to anyone to think she'll show think about anything you've ever achieved in your life.

The proud of starting a business, being a good parent.

Learning to play the guitar when I printed your problem two: sustained focus and attention focus and attention breakdown ability to achieve any of your goals start to break down your ability to solve your problems breakdown is white so heartbreaking when you see The conflict is attention that could be left able to achieve anything in the book is about talk to how we can put it right if we don't get attention right you can't do anything right. You can't achieve what you want to achieve in your life stolen focus name of the book and tell your Ted talks Carl over hundred million clicks before taking it in. If even look who endorse your book from Emma Thompson to to Adam Grant to Elton John, people have really said the same problem of all ages about focusing, which is got interesting and so must we have a national it's a self-inflicted ADD so what study did you what study did you do that maybe gave you an idea of how to beat this problem and what could be done to attack this problem because almost everybody listening right now outside that crazy friend you have, who still is a flip phone could really benefit from what you could you do. You've researched 12 part two ways we could. I think of the deep and often defend ourselves and our kids. Much as possible as individuals. One example out of him stupidly important thing about The Mikell the case that if the plastic site you to complement you and your fine and you turn the dial to talk and it will look like anything between five minute hold that I will not down to watch a movie with my partner in the prison are fine. If people come out to dinner I might find child you thought before out that they could give myself the heads thing to think per click.

One example I could look at some examples of things. I recommend people like the things we should do the just that will hugely help passionately about the treatment of the moment they willing to get insightful because we are making one of the leading experts on children's attention problems Professor Joe Made Plain St. in Portland and Oregon fit is an attentional pathogenic environment like at the moment someone is pouring itching powder into our heads all day meaningful regarding high-quality, you might want to learn how to type, but you wouldn't scratch that will screw you meditate on for good to stop you. She problem which is one big change.

It complicates archived one of the biggest change is one of the heroes about the "no stability and no grew up in a suburb of Chicago 1969 like you like me to go. She would leave the house and walked to school, which was 15 minutes away generally should she did on arrived, she would bump together to all the kids to school. American by the time you got to 2003 completely ended up only 10% of American children. By that point played outside without an adult and the kitchen to class. I got about 10 minutes a week. I think we tropic the kind of thing even before carpet which ultimately slammed children became something that happened behind closed doors under adult supervision time without childhood we have lost comparing the length of thing is essential for children to be able to focus and pay attention to this one exercise children run around and pay attention much better if you could call let them run around but more importantly when children play freely with other kids without adult how to use their attention what they find interesting about how to persuade other kids to pay attention to them). Those were the heroes of the book is not because she described the public are easy like to describe problems for sheep. The solution she could let go of the old radio chuckle and it is called kids to go to the thought of what she does in the organization does to hold schools and homemade persuade the children have increasing levels of independence, building up to playing outdoors again where they can begin to develop a healthy sense of attention to the conversation to hunt them up extolling moving within Long Island to a 14-year-old boy allegro program. Brian was the big strong for me right and until this program began nine months before he had never allowed out of his house on his parents would even let him run around the block right then this program began to my friends response played bold in the street and then we went into the woods and he said even though work was still that was filled with regret all the words he said. We built a full week.

I will be for an awful thing sounds a bit melodramatic. She is foretold watching a child come to life. How many kids on the children at school anything is on fortnight bright can't be surprised that because that's a bit misplaced but luck moves with me that day. She could think about human history, human history, kids have to go out Preparatory school in the space of one generation. We took that away as point given a tiny bit afraid of what they do and went into the winter, they built a full so deep in human nature and the bookstore the things we need to do together to heal our attention effect is one of the big ones.

Many think was that one of them is willing to restore human childhood.

We cannot kick especially in the lock.

Even before the we cannot kick the child recognized the human childhood cancer could focus we could give them a childhood so interesting because Willie Robertson, the Robertson family grew up on a farm is driving the tractor at eight he would go out in the woods with a gun. He learned how to shoot it but he was go hunting. That was the way we lived.

At one point in life.

We figured out things for herself and a lot of times, watch the news you think if you kids out always got here.












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