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Florida Votes to REVOKE Disney's Special Privileges

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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April 22, 2022 1:06 pm

Florida Votes to REVOKE Disney's Special Privileges

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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April 22, 2022 1:06 pm

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Why is New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.


Would you be nearby is the right to me showed back to be with us all week long. The number called beyond 18664087669542 have a lot going on today.

There is, why me were not for me personally. We have a duty get ready for the Saturday night show so that's going to be great. For that Saturday at 811 nation on Fox news channel also come fresh off our friends a lot going on and we know the prison United States is desperate to have some good news come down the pike because he's not had a lot of it and a lot of it is his own self-inflicted wounds.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three what we would tell you this morning is that we still assess that variable is contested, that it hasn't been taken by the Russians and that there still an active Ukrainian resistance so they continue to fight for that city. Yeah, not much to hold onto right now Russia is desperate for a May 9 victory and they think they have it with the widow Mary Opal. Let's hope the Russian people and the world realize this word choice is been anything but glorious for the mass killer Vladimir Putin as Joe Biden gives 800 million more lethal way to help slay the Russian bear will have the latest scale is out with the lonely boys on this but now we got Democratic senators Democratic members of Congress that are not only looking at the P4 policy. But there also look at the people politics yeah this is not good for Democrats in November. Henry Cuellar weighing in disaster. Even the Dems can can recognize it.

That's the crashing of our southern border, which is about to become a multiple country invasion should title 42 Galway by May 23 as a Democratic senators and 13 house matters on the Democratic side, put the ministrations wake up call to the disaster they created is about to get worse.

Why people wanted to deal with the special district for decades, but Disney have the political power to prevent it for decades. What's changed is by trying to bring California values to Florida Floridians is that all right. Just in our state. Maybe you don't deserve the special privileges anymore exactly that. Is Randy fine talk about that Randy find is in the state legislature. Just a signature way. That's how close Republicans are winning their battle against corporate will culture and the radicals that forcing on us.

Gov. DeSantis cops back at disease attacks on his parents rights bill that's right. This will lead to their loss of self-rule in the state of Florida how I believe DeSantis just help save the American way. The couple away. So first up just to outline what's happening. I do not know the Civic Center was there but Walt Disney got a great deal. He basically said you got a bunch of swampland the middle of Orlando. I'll take it.

Don't like California. They just want to put all these hotels right around me. And if you been out to Disneyland on California is really suffocating Orlando.

They still haven't used all the land that they have. So they filled in the swamp. They built Disneyland, Disney world as we know it today. Well data know where Gov. DeSantis decides he's had enough of this gender fluidity talk in our in our case through 12 schools he's had enough of talking about sexual identification, hormone blockers happen to put together narrow down bill that just would stop talking about sexual genitalia and all the stuff K through third grade. The most reasonable piece of legislation possible makes you think itself. We really have to write that the answer, sadly, is yes, as you have teachers of their own agenda want to jam that down people's throats so hundred 50 companies allowed the mislabeling of this bill, the know say get don't take a bill to have them condemn this bill so hundred 50 companies including American Airlines and Marriott condemn will Disney didn't so they had a mini walkout at Disney. So then the CEO gets on front of a glimpse.

Cameron says I apologize to everyone and will never happen again. I will do everything to fight against this bill. He meets with the governor when he releases up the what he thinks is a summary of their private conversation. I like the look to change it governance, risk assessment, we talked about look to change it at second. I happen so in fact I will call you out for saying you going to fight against me. I'm going to jeopardize that autonomous status that allows you to have your own fire department your own water bill build without any type of permits when Disney want to build a building or new Parker expandable roller coaster. They do it without the states the city, the county did the countries. Okay they do their own application process get about 3838 lobbyists in Washington DC to make sure no one changed any of that. Will that change when the governor says to put out to relinquish. Take this from you and then the house passed at the Senate passed it.

Now it's official hears crisp roles each Army last I filled in for Jesse.

He's the Florida speaker of the house to the amount said what they said and I agree with you completely on the statements were just totally outrageous on the misled Floridians.

They misled Americans about what the Florida legislature did to protect kids in kindergarten through third grade.

How we start looking at those taxing districts, and today we we acted affirmatively to make sure that in the next year they will expire. Yeah it will be June 2023 is huge news and so far no statement from Disney. I think the CEOs got a go Bob Iger 71 years old. He's evidently auto yacht with Brian Grazer, the legendary TV producer partner Ron Howard, I'm sure is keeping track of this is 71 years old going to need him back, although it will show that Disney can't live without him. That'll be the issue but member.

This is the CEO had that clash with Scarlett Johansson about payouts and revenue in that Jeep was built in the back and or movie revenue and when the movie didn't Aaron to theaters.

It wants streaming they want to compensator, so they had a huge fight. Bob Iger came back to help out during the pandemic. The sky was insulted by that heavenly that I've been talking I would bring that up because it's got to be some resolve here that they make like four and credible 5 billion in local, state revenue on an annual basis $5 billion.

Not saying that's going away stress with 50 million visitors, but things are going to change hears Josh cry shower. He says be cautious got six big risk because DeSantis could've just pocketed the land he got the parental rights bill passed pretty comfortably.

He moved on to work Disney on other issues and really one of the larger battle. Instead, he's really picking up a fight that could have uncertain implications and could also push Disney in the arms of the Democrats which might not be all that great for DeSantis's personal interests and be great for the larger cultural issues that are also plenty others woke guys who nose rings and women with nose rings are the ones who caused this. Having no we do not vote Republican.

The big corporations are giving much more money to Democrats.

So I go to bat for him to finally realizing that I got it definitely has presidential aspirations whether don't mention my don't know the guy in Colorado. Jared Polis. He came into Fox digitally says I think is important for we can create a culture that goes against this kind of cancer culture that were saying they look at would DeSantis do is cancel culture places you can because a company is a viewpoint you don't, it doesn't that you don't like it doesn't mean that the company should be penalized by politicians. If Ford Florida target specific companies with legislation to hurt them because of political viewpoints. CMS exits the company itself with political viewpoints.

I don't want to major corporation fighting against legislation and be do you go to get some plug good hippie class back in.

That's it. I want talk about title 42, it's not the cure-all at the border.

It's not utilized enough that allows people coming to the board without an absolute emergency, and proof of refugee status to be turned around because of the pandemic. Most people are not vaccinated. The get turned around. Thanks to title 42 is been the books forever now been implemented down trump what is on the books. Therefore, Joe Biden was to take it off the books. It's going to evaporate. May 23 in the middle of the pandemic. Now people are queuing up in caravans in Honduras and Guatemala said to go through Mexico. They will do nothing to stop him and will go to get 18,000 a day streaming, and that's to your kids classrooms Yorktown. Obviously there's some criminals in the mix.

They're breaking the system and were putting on the glide path. There's a lot of people upset by this. On the left and maybe it's it is only because of their political circumstances. We have an election coming up Joe mansion since this is a dumb idea to repeal 42 Sarah Mark Kelly.

He's in pleasing huge trouble if they get a good candidate to run against him in Arizona so he's against christen Cinema put together legislation stopping this John tester center master okay Sen. Bennett all against it. And there's a whole bunch of Democratic House members against it. Why is he doing and when Joe Biden's asked. He is even understand the question and makes me just be reaffirmed that it's not even his policy listen to Joe Biden screw this up. Cutting were not considered is continuing to hear from my my first shoulders can be an appeal by the Justice Department because as a matter of principle we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we be able to do that right like there has been no decision on extending title 42 is a scary part. He came went out of his way is a ministration to rescind title 42 he thinks would talk about the mass mandate which the CDC asked the Justice Department to sue an appeal that decision in court to release the mass mandate of public transportation Heath answering the wrong thing. We all make mistakes. I do in front of this microphone but if I'm setting policy and I can't even reiterated instinctively and mean so much to this country. The mass mandate I will have my scientists look at title 42. Scientists don't work on border issues. I don't know if you heard but don't worry, Harris is in charge, Harris tried to answer a question and I'll warn you I can't get through it all, but I will let you hear how confused she is cut nine are there about as far as I'm actively me that the orientation of the main and will write goes on and you just tell me and I saw this and I saw somebody last night goes on for a minute. She says absolutely nothing since most fundamental things possible and never said anything insightful and doesn't want to answer question, then why she was limited since by title 42, she ignored it. She's in charge of the border set up to you to ignore it, hears Henry Cuellar does not ignored could not ignore the FBI investigation targeting him either. Which by the way they said he's not a target of the China we can run the Democratic Party that actually try to primary and content the administration for not only to immigration activists but they they need to listen to poor communities listening to the landowners whose listen to the to the judges. The county judges that shows the mayors or communities, and finally whose listen to the men and women in green and blue.

The ones that provide water security 42 is taken away. It provides an incentive to the criminal organization say now we can promote this we can market this order is open and they make a lot of money. He wants to get it done. He has some company. I don't want anyone to think the title 42, if it stays in place is actually doing anything at the border.

So can 10,000 a day, through all people to just be woven into the system and they're coming here not because they're desperate running from the mob or some drug cartel like a America looks better than Mexico. America looks better than Honduras.

I think will come in instead of applying for a visa admission. Find out what that occupation we do, how you contribute to the country. They walk over the Rio Grande River and he will even enforce the remaining Mexico policy.

So at the very least we title 42 in place because you're actually suing to make sure we all wear masks showing that you believe on some level, the pandemic is still happening. The pandemic is certainly epic of the board will mostly coming through unvaccinated when you think if you prefer to write me do it.

Brian is click on comments.

Also, if you want to get on the phone 1-866-408-7669 Brian Kelly Joe diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me precise personal power is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show success is suggested to get the Russians completely out of Ukraine and talking about where things stood two months ago where things stood eight years ago. We want them to get completely out of the east and south and out of Crimea Shall we say ambitious is it to make sure that Russia can keep waterskiing this time over the last two months.

Right now they've gained a lot more than they had two months ago, when this thing began in Frederick is it to get back to where we were question is do we insist that this be a peace agreement.

Are we comfortable with the possibility that the night might not be any battleship Missouri ceremony here.

Indeed, I find it really hard to be honest some outcome that would be enough for Russia not too much for Ukraine so I actually can't imagine I don't have the imagination right now to imagine a formal peace agreement.

Yeah, it's gotta be crazy because if it did you think it is going to be simmering sore in the region where anything could happen at any moment. One thing is pretty clear. The Russians the barbarity and depravity is so terrible even the Chinese disagree. Yesterday there was an Easter armor since offer have a pause on the fighting for Easter and presence on ski got rejected by Vladimir Putin and just to have the humanitarian corridor. They cease 2.5 to 5 million people are now under stress and duress within the country and they're just looking for some corridors to get them out, they will not allow that. Will the Russians while they're just trying to celebrate some type of victory in May 9 they think Mary Opal will be that victory. They very lost thousands of troops maybe up the 20,000 there's nothing glorious about this fight. Please don't let them get away with it or in your conversations this weekend. Talk about how Vladimir Putin is present of prevailing in this one thing I'm happy about. We are putting in more arms another 800 million.

I wonder where this money is coming from. I'm glad it's going hears Adm. James diabetes on what this James diabetes fact which is amend that. Let's go Gen. Jack Keane and he talks about the risk that have to be taken in order to get this aid from Poland all the way down to the Don box region. It is much order 24, hoping it would doing everything we can to assist them in getting these supply lines and Asian nations quickly to force his right knee down and we may have to take some risk to do that know clandestinely covertly by landing somebody supplies closer at night and airfields that don't even have lights on and we can get in and get out some leaders risk their that means is Americans are flying in Ukrainian airspace, but it is something we can do and we may indeed be doing what I hope we are doing in general.

Jackie does the Institute for the study of war and if you ever wanted find out what happens when you know most of our listeners do, but you don't want to just wait for the somebody tell you it's happening the ISW's ISW they have to take always the key movements really every 2 to 3 hours. What bothers me is I am not seeing Jenny yelling out there the way we watch Mick Mulvaney out there when he was in OMB Whipple whipping out the sanctions telling Melodie how valuable they are in combating the Russian aggression. Janet Yellen actually said this about European oil and gas which is single-handedly funding the Russian work on 2027. Your clearly needs to lead to six son Russia with respect to energy, but we need to be careful when we think about a complete European and on say oil imports clearly. Please global oil prices. Yeah, I think it's worth it will pay a bit more why my pain. Russia more start starving them during their direct reports ready down 25% Fox News time tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News radio show like no other time.

Personal appeal by Justice Department because as a matter of principle we want to be able to position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we be able to do that, but there has been no decision on extending title 42. Okay, that's a bit of a problem with your confused join the club. So was the president realizing that that was the answer to two questions. One was title 42 is what's on the border because were in the pandemic to allow border patrol to turn people around. Because of this health catastrophe of numbered. The other thing were talking about is the mass mandate which the Department of Justice is appealing the decision that the file for the court judges said he district court judges said that we should not be under mass mandate anymore. So the present confused both yet that we had the personally under it with his words walk that back Jackie hi rejoined just now the White House correspondent. We lean on.

So often, Jackie. This is unique to see the president talk comes over the circles and then have to walk it back we heard from the White House before when they made that they need to clarify that usually comes from a White House official came straight from the president and I think it is because in out basement and credited them in the past when Biden have said something usually lately been pertaining to Ukraine and then we hear that the light has officials walking back or clarifying what he had an entire chair the president in charge or in the White House official in charge and typing again with menstruation and having the present and put out a statement. He knows only a half-hour after that that confusing comment came out and I thought that with significant symbolism which you hunt sleazy. You seem so much was your hunch that they got completely misunderstand the question.

Is he confused about title 42 in the mass mandate because it's something that's said to me the to the two biggest issues on the docket domestically right now halfway through answering figured out what the question why.

Which is why he turned and circled back to epi and and and imagination open a decision on pending title 42, which sort of a draft of the original question and he went after wrongly indicating there is going to be a Justice Department appeal. I think he was sort of working through that and he had and abandon immediately after he had treatment to clarify first time it happened I may remember I was with him. Maybe a little over a month to Kyle and asked him if he was ready to call put in a war criminal and he originally had now and then was walking away and I think it was ruminating on what that question was in his heart and his own volition turned around and corrected him now without thinking of misunderstand and then gave an answer that unfortunately completed the two issues right now.

I can see in email shame for him right is your estimation loses chief advisor. I know was Chief of Staff is but whose his chief advisor and determine which of the present skin up there in age and is so many walk backs and it ends up being a problem for everybody. What was it does seem like he's always alone difference between the advisors are handling and I think that Kate Bedingfield of the world dictate burners of the world to innovate.

They don't allow him to have a lot to do the printer print had happened to him and do live interviews and deal take a lot of questions off the cop at the end of remark, I think that is response to criticism that the world think that he had cognitive decline they want to shut them away.

They why not let them stumble and like feed into that. He and you know how mentally degraded. I think that's the wrong patient personally because you now I see him when the cameras go off and he died stumble around and in making a dent, but I don't but I don't believe that he is out now by any means. I think that would be a she is different when it comes to advising him on policy to patient. I think that if it's an issue relating to the military guys meet with Sec. Stanton and Lincoln for the State Department.

I think run claims very influential. I think in Congress as Steve Fischetti and Carol are also a pretty big role but a Giant Inner Cir., #1 issue that affects most people is what's happening with inflation, and I'm struck by how many different explanation excuses the presence giving for Wyatt's hi from food and supply chain to COBIT listen, this is the soundbite you just pulled about the economy okay basically Jackie what he's doing is there excuses that he keeps talk about with inflation is any of them resonating.

Now I call out this morning from a second practice having been part of American country headed in the wrong direction and that all highlighted issues on the economy in Ukraine, typically 70% includes 49% of Democrats terrible number when you're little over a year out from the midterm election of Pres. Obama came to the White House to celebrate Obama care famously legacy given me to speak on the dangers of social media and the story came on the hill earlier this week that the president Biden told his former boss, Pres. Obama that he plans on running again.

What you think. The strategy is between that getting out or such as somebody that was able to get this get that story from Pres. Obama. Probably I have absolutely nothing important that you know. Think about this present whole numbers that have been banned in the gutter and Afghanistan quickly and then bearing an email read wave coming in the midterm and then the president turns until you know offense that he may not control both chambers, even controlling the chamber is very compelling.

But here they have not been able to really any in his agenda that they been able to get time they had to been a partner with Republicans on in the section about, but I think you know there's sentiment feeling permeating the public that he is not going to run again.

That doesn't work for all the congressional Democrats were trying to keep their people and I think that there is some strategy there to triad you know people believe in Iran again and that there is energy behind the Democratic pride is energy with the presidency so that it makes it easier on you members of Congress are trying to keep the spot. It's not exactly your gig but it's hard to not see 13 people leaving the vice president's office, including her Chief of Staff when you hear is going on there is is chaotic and dispiriting as it seems, well not the first headline that we had like vice president.

There has been a lot of turnover and the response that we get all the time when we cover the story that people are grateful for their time narrated everyone happy that people love their job, respect, vice president and everything is cup by departures sort of do doubt on that and I don't think they were going to hear really something acknowledging that from that. I think it's gonna have to come from people who leave that offense and truly Muslim believer trying to go into other thing that still Democrats want to work as a ministration or do something in their careers. I don't think there's any want to talk poorly about their experience there by I think it's a reality that you think they've had a lot of turnover in the VPs office and I don't think that all of that is related to the fact that she has been put in charge of quote unwinnable issues like water, is anyone feel compelled to address the border. New York is came out in week that story about him wanting to keep title 42 in place with this disease does the administration understand that this isn't just a Republican issue anymore.

I don't think they'd given enough attention to that yet and they're going to really need to because you had now 19 Democrats who publicly broke with the administration on and a lot of them are vulnerable members are running for reelection and you have just this morning to have problems not endorsed a bell that would change on title 42.

Basically it gives congressional oversight. I prevent the administration from stopping title 42, from being listed until they come forward and and and the public health emergency declaration and then also give a plan on how to going to address the charge at the bladder and what the bill died 80 administration and the public health emergency which has a lot of female implications for think about that when it then they have to also submit a plan to address search. And if the plan is not then any action on title 42 is delayed iMac another 30 day so that I live for this group are that you have to have 50% of each party voted to endorse that 70% to present the content. Overall, 58 members in the Democrat, Republican, and Pandora spending all of them are going to report it when it comes to the floor.

58 members of the house and he thinks that every member of the Republican Party is going to support that and that's something that that the present going to have to reckon with and is Artie what 9+5050 planet. No kidding everyone down there is a tough race.

Jackie Heinrich I know you get back to work and finish the week strong. Thanks so much.

Thanks friend.

It's always great fantastic 186640876 exam get a lot of your emails and and I'll share them with you all read them to your brain kill for that those ordering the books like the present freedom fighter Frederick Douglass, Abraham, like in the battle to save America's soul and don't reap. Don't forget Saturday 8 o'clock, 11 o'clock Eastern time. One nation on Fox news. This is a brain kill major something new every day, Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscriber list, the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me as all I wrote down this no other country. The president is inaccurately portraying what happened to Bill. He said I would not pass it unless I had multiple back better in the other bill wouldn't pass one without the other. Number one, number two eroded me my goodness that was generated from the house and from the Senate on both sides of the aisle.

I think Mitt Romney a lot to do with that. I think Joe mansion a lot to do with it. I find it hard to believe you wrote it wouldn't take more pride in doing it.

He had a chance, take a big bow. He delayed this thing three months as he try to get go back better past and now he realizes this is all I got I got to go sell a lot of chemical Republicans say that it would produce too much climate change unit but they thought the worst was yet to come.

And in the end Sen. Cassidy was right when he was on the show and said the other ones I got a pass. I'm telling you it will not pass and Joe mansion was want to put a stop on that wall Christian Cinema real quick a lot of people writing me for on all different topics. One Scott writes me and says hey we need America stand up for themselves and quit giving hundreds of billions of dollars to entertainment taking so much money from people that work so much to keep America and give it to entertainers and politicians that needs to stop. And that's what tapping a lot of people spending a lot of money supporting causes from the causes and for acts that would say to a lot of people are upset in New York.

Specifically, lately the New York is giving Buffalo Bill $650 million. That's a form of entertainment like a thing to be used differently and with Tom at the border crashers. This was from Gary. Gary says this Brian need your opinion on the border crashes is pretty much known that Democrats are allowing put pressures to create government dependency, which in turn secures Democratic voter rolls in the distant future. Couple things I don't think that they're saying oh I have an ideal get them on Social Security again about welfare.

Then the phone for me. I think that's even too far down the line. I think there's a belief that America would be better off and the Democratic Party be better off with more Hispanics. You know what's happening these benefits: more more to the Republicans.

I wonder if that'll change the Democratic stance of the border which is come one come all Mike you listening right right now in Glendora, California hey Mike Brian with the work were were dying for your I would love the house to get to work on that we needed.

We need to get an affiliate in LA here's my question for you. It's on there all the time talking about actual limited nuclear weapon.

My question is never addressed what actually look like you know what happens is that the Hiroshima event where everything is devastated or the neutron bomb where you you can explode one. I don't know the range on those you could come in occupied kill people but not building occupied areas. I've never heard what we know what you guys leave when the one who actually look like in reality I am going to.

I don't have that I don't have that knowledge, but I will bring some that bring that forward.

So someone uses a tactical nuke in the first person I heard talk about this is Donald Rumsfeld who said hey you know I would not rule out tactical nuclear weapons in in Iraq as well.

Really. And they said yeah it's not it's not against the Geneva Convention. So I said okay that's that's interesting as opposed to dropping a nuclear bomb.

So I will deftly look into that. Thanks so much Mike Shannon Wrightson says says, can you please explain to why no one is talking about the fact that most viruses are naturally born the covert chemically engineered. We have no way of knowing what the future effects will be. And I know a few people had a more than once. So how does that. How does that twice as many adverse but a long-term convocation. It's a little bit awkwardly worded, so odds are long term convocations are higher. I do understand. Thank you for your service every day for you and the Fox staff and your radio show so I don't understand what's exactly why there's so little curiosity and the origins of this virus. I know when the Republicans of the Republicans go. True to form and take the house when the first things are doing is having a massive investigations of the origin of this virus and I think it all all old circumstances point to something that Jon Stewart submitted and Bill Moore's admitted that a lot of Democrats are running from this came from Trident came from that lab that happened to be located right near the soul. Will this all took place.

The big story that were talking about is the Disney story. It looks like they're going to be there gonna lose their autonomous status and less thinking. You were the CEO would have an emergency meeting with Gov. DeSantis.

They I was just told they don't have their own police force or Skype least that's what they do have their own fire department their own energy. The tax from people they could decide to expand their amusement park and have to worry about clearing out the county or with the door with the state or the city. These are some of the advantages that they have. They pretty much call their own shots. Here is Randy fine on how that's coming to an end because the Senate and House voted to get rid of it and will be signed signed into law today: hornets nest several weeks ago I started taking a look at special districts and we found that six of them have been created before the Florida Constitution actually put in place all sort of weird things in them. For example, Disney and the right to take land outside of their district. They had the right to build a nuclear power plant without state oversight. They did not follow zoning laws or safety codes.

People wanted to deal with the special district for decades. Disney had the political power to prevent for decades. What's changed is by trying to bring California values to Florida Floridians is that all right. You're just in our state. You don't deserve the special privileges anymore. That's what happened. Pretty amazing governance into stock continues to rise. Please do not do political stunt, doing the right thing.

I ask you to sweep Bill six pages Fox News contrasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite Fox News radio Studio City New York City opinions and facts with a positive Brian thanks would be and hereby is the right to me Joe come here from 46 heard around the country and around the world and hopefully picked up in the Ukraine is to monitor that situation.

This article be joined by Dr. Nicole Safire as well as Charles Payne posted making money with Charles Payne's got great insight on just about everything is also filling in for Neil. Lots of these overfull channels quite often back was on Fox and friends this morning. Will be taking your calls. Also, if you prefer to write funny emails Brian just click on comments and will keep up to a tapping as the news breaks across the country. So let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three number three what we would tell you this morning is that we still assess that Mary Opal is contested that it hasn't been taken by the Russians and that there still an active Ukrainian resistance so they continue to fight for that city yeah they go John Kirby.

Russia is desperate for a Mike May 9 victory because they have that big day to celebrate their victory day so they want to say that they want at bearable. What's hope the Russian people and the world realize there is no victory in what they're doing Ukraine.

It's a colossal mistake in Vladimir Putin is a modern-day Stalin and Hitler only boys on this now. We got Democratic Sen. first Democratic members of Congress that are not only looking for policy are also looking at the people, politics.

This is not good for Democrats in November. Yeah the country I don't know what I want to sidetrack you with that disaster. Even the Dems can recognize the crashing of our southern border, which is about to become a multiple country invasion should title 42 doorway May 23 and Democratic senators and House members are rallying the president to stop the repeal process does the present even know what that process is people wanted to deal with the special district for decades, but Disney have the political power to prevent it for decades. What's changed is by trying to bring California values to Florida Floridians is that all right. You're just in our state. Maybe you don't deserve a special privileges anymore yeah that's is happening just a signature way. That's how close Republicans are winning their battle against the corporate world culture and the radicals that were seated on all of us covered Santos collapsing plopping back at Disney as they attacked parental rights. The they got the will to win.

He's showing other Republican governors had a pushback in corporations that have steel in their spine and not kowtow to a small minority of people who may want you to be politically correct and green oriented instead of worrying about profits and success in the survival of a company and that's why the CEOs got to be fired at Disney. They got a bring back Bob Iger or somebody else competent this good to sit down with the governor whose can be reasonable. It is reasonable and say this is our way forward with this guy. I don't see it.

I don't see how it's even possible me while here is what happened yesterday is the house did with the Senate did on Thursday. On Wednesday and that is pass the repeal of of Disney's autonomous process they were essential out to be their own country within a state that goes away. Here's Chris brawls the Florida speaker of the house and the loss that may come into and the their loss may come into the on the into the state in terms of tax revenue. Cut to the amount said what they said and I agree with you completely on the statements were just totally outrageous on the misled Floridians and misled Americans about what the Florida legislature did to protect kids in kindergarten through third grade. How we start looking at those taxing districts, and today we we acted affirmatively to make sure that in the next year they will expire. So this is what Steve Cahill says Wells Fargo.

The impact on disease more symbolic than real money is a stock price fell on Thursday, ending the day it got down 2.3%. Florida has hundreds of similar special tax districts. There would be left in place one covers the villages you senior-level hoeing. We know that another covers Daytona Speedway. We know that Disney by far the biggest got 16 parks outdoor shopping 220 acre baseball, soccer, volleyball across a baseball and use complex I been there multiple times. 18. Disney owned hotels 24,000 rooms as he has off of the bus fleet, the rivals that of the city of St. Louis so Charles Payne joins me now.

Hey, Charles, Steve Cahill, Wells Fargo Associates owner audience that this is more symbolic in terms of a loss for four Disney. Do you agree with that elicits a gargantuan company so it might be symbolic, but I think I think anyone who dismisses this is making a mistake a tickly business management because Disney is one of the worst performer is the worst performing the Dow Jones investor leverage this year, stock is getting crushed. It is been getting press for well over a year. Do not do not make it and and I don't want Disney plus all their product Fox Terrier. I watch the Disney movie my manual granddaughter on Saturday or Sunday.

The red panda.

There was so much innuendo in their that maybe I'm just it just really bother me a lot. I miss anything.

Obviously she is nine years old and want to bring great attention to what I hate what they're doing and know these things.

Planting the seeds and watering them easily about fun right or universal messages of good versus bad good friends able to know this message like a year that the love and approval of your friends supersede that of your parents. Disney's job I think so.

So Netflix is the worst performing stock to sure this is right up there with them and they both have that in common. You know I think they're going down a path where your content provider and believe me, people need. I think you get to the point. We think anything you put out people buy because you put your name on it while learning the hard way that's not true.

Couple things.

Looking back last night and doing is to prime time last night. We want to put up respectable these culture wars and how much the costing eulogy 2016. Do you remember what happened with the governor.

There, Cory came out and said I believe men should use the men's room. Women choose women's Romans to blow how your birth certificate reads they lost something like $5 billion in the state with the All-Star game pulls out and all these other companies refuse to expand.

Do you believe that this could be a turning point that maybe this governor Rhonda Santos is saying hey corporations, put some steel in your spine what's right and stop panicking when people start being politically correct around you. I hope I can say I wish I hope it is not 100% sure because again we always look to this through the US centric lens.

Yeah, you know, these are multinational companies. They start to make more money outside of America than in America.

Their growth is greater outside of America then in America and and and so for them what they might lose here doesn't matter as much because they can pick it up somewhere else international international conferences. Nike are saturated in America.

They obviously were their biggest market but then I can grow this market to continue to grow to China markets a piece China vector quote was we we consider yourself a China company right which is unbelievable so Netflix same thing. They picked out here Facebook picked out here. A lot of these large corporations that are in the midst of this of these wall courts cultural wars. You'll notice your business's have peaked in America.

So yeah, I guess. Whatever the final product on that a couple of things that are there also going on.

I had a chance to go out with the CEO afford to look at this this new lightning which is their Ford pickup with lightning it's all and it's also self driving is to roll out a few weeks. Have 20,000 reservations each says that nothing truly been done in terms of bringing back supply chain here is you want our medicine sit still over there.

You know you want a lot of our product is still over there. I told about rare-earth and battery just like you. I need help from the government on this. You have to have and what medical supplies all the pharmaceuticals is still over there nothing is really changed. If you want a squirrel for China.

China is trying to work in a way which they don't need our market. Are we also aware that we need China to make our stuff soon. How soon do we see a national movement to nationalize a lot of these products and I would've thought and really big last year. The year before when we were waiting for medicines that come from China and Americans were dying on. By the way on things that we actually discovered in a we put together to work in American companies, but we decided to offshore the manufacturing of these drugs and getting protective equipment and this is where I come into a lot of before my Orthodox conservative economists and in some of the things like Ricardo and Adam Smith in this notion that if some country company or country wants to provide something for you at a cheaper price. Take it I just think is nonsensical because there is there there are ways that cost that aren't always easy to put in a numeric formula or limit when push comes to shove, it's too late when it when it becomes obviously that even from a numeric point of view. It was a dumb idea, but it's too late to turn it back and I was hoping that maybe that will be the time we have seen is less reliance on China more Vietnam. Maybe some Mexico.

We met we need to bring. We need to bring all the stuff I care about rare-earth is a rare is that this is the time nickel numbers on the other stuff right isn't really that rare per se. This is hard to mind is dangerous and so what the hell, let's try to do it.

We don't want to. We don't want to put it put up with that.

Ironically, just this week the last week is in a bind reinstated more more hurdles toward getting the very stuff that he said to week three weeks ago we would we be leaders in electric vehicles and materials actually made it harder. Once again, to actually get to express what would happen. He's got new permitting that he reversed a lot of things.

A president trumpet put in place to speed up manufacturing. You know that's just really a bureaucracy, layers, red tape, and owed to the climate change agenda. Couple of things that we discussed this in the Sam Fox and friends, but Hawk Newson came out with billing with Bill Dana yesterday and he is could not be more negative on Democratic mayor, former Police Capt. Eric Adams curious cut 32 was back to Eric Adams this this this mayor who spews was a Democrat. Many shoes conservative Republican talking points at the end of the day.

We have a name for something like this.

Mrs. only called right because of all these old black man and he's a white man in black face and a very conservative minded white man that we have is a man with hundreds of people on the city's payroll billions of dollars in budget and 46,000 police officers. He has change to victims in one night.

The night before. He had 16 shooting victims on a train makes when you going to do about policing and he says what about BLM is America not smart enough to see them deflecting as he came out to several should know he brought about BLM because he was really struck to the shootings in the Bronx and Brooklyn in the middle of the night pieces out there black black kid shooting of the black kids and he is was BLM condemning this right your thoughts about his thoughts was always despicable to hear one black man: another black mannequin. It's is so ignorant and in the also the notion that somehow being conservative as being anti-black email it said it really is. These these folks are perpetuating the sort of urban myth that has yielded zero nothing but generation after generation of broken dreams, broken promises zero cents to six if you get the black vote by promising higher minimum wage. You can get the black vote by promising more housing projects.

You can let the present United States get up and blow smoke by saying oh we took so many kids offer poverty. Poverty is in this country. Family forced 26,500 bucks. So essentially this thing that we do some programs and the average family from 26,300 bucks at 27,000 you can let someone call that an achievement you're still in poverty is an artificial line that means nothing your life does not change your mom's like that and change your grandmother's life and change her great-grandmother. Nothing is changing. People coming here from all over the world and being extraordinarily successful all over the world.

America still the most amazing, country in the world for creating prosperity. We are not participating in at less than 10 black seals in Fortune 500. Nothing 10 blocks or says people are in Fortune 500 CEOs what why is this a lot of reasons for this, not just one reason but I think a big contributor tripping factor is one not grooming ourselves were allowing progressives to give our kids watered-down educations so that when you graduate from say New York City high school right your three years behind the white counterpart you're five years behind her Asian counterpoint counterpart. So which one of us has the best chance of becoming a CEO 20 years will talk to group right and then I say kudos to the two agents right there there dominated since they know you look at. I look at all these annual reports and look at all the good doing amazing sales of everything in the interest to limit their mission into the league.

I know I know that seals of everything.

I got a tip you had to, but we were like that. We have much more respect for family, religion, God, a lot more accountability like my grandparents on the farm in Alabama and you just can imagine the time they owned how hard it was for black family to have their own farm and have running water and electricity, but they raise their kids. They did an amazing job.

It was all about self-reliance. Everyone had a role.

Everyone busted there.

You know what, and there was accountability never no excuses. This is a Faustian bill that we have bought into and it gets worse and worse every generation that better and what's scary about it is not it were moving to this new world. This new paradigm right Industrial Revolution 4.0 guaranteed income. Well that's the trade-off.

In other words, this can be so many things. The meta-verse artificial intelligence robots flying taxi Robo car. Some of the things you just talked about from Fort there presenting an amazing opportunity, but you have specific skills form to go messily for your call with you have to have specific skills. Whereas before the great migration of Blacks from the South to the North. You can go up there and in General Motors to show you how to work online and you can get an amazing job, great benefits and your kids to college and on a home so the trade-off that the progressives and Democrats offering now. Blacks and Hispanics are going to give your kids education to participate in Industrial Revolution 4.0, but we will give you universal basic income. It's a bad deal and we got back, I sent autonomous. It's bad, it's awful.

And anyone who protects that by calling another black man in charge. Thanks so much to see two and three and if if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your Brian kill me.

I think there is ultimately a sharing solution. Here, there might be a frozen conflict is the term that she is the model that I have in my mind is to look 1939 at the invitation of England by the Soviet Union.

Stalin's tanks role in their fans fight them to a standstill and what's called the winter war Google winter war Finland 1939, and having that in England gave up about 10% of their territory, but they sailed on as an independent sovereign state.

They blunted the Soviet advances I think there is an outline of the deal there but it's going to be months incoming and we've got a lien Vladimir proven more than we have so far go after the money. Yeah it would sanction wise, but he's bleeding him.

He lost anywhere between 10 and 20 commanders from naval to army number two. He has lost about 20,000 of his soldiers more likely more in the pristine seas lost in the fear people have the Russian army is virtually gone now as they get their butts kicked every time they square off of the Ukrainians, but they do have more people, more resources, they don't have to depend on outside help. My hope is that people like Janet Yellen pipe down and continue to push forward on sanctions. It stops most of Europe from getting almost all Russian oil and gas and coal for that matter the right Kelly Joe, we come back over 19 where the master not Dr. Cole Sapphire radio makes you say this is the Brian kill me show mandates that there just aren't ready for the bottom line is just aren't great and so when it comes to things like flying April 18.

I don't want to get on a plane with super spreaders. I don't want to get on a plane with 214 other people to be breathing on me with their covert breath.

I don't think that we relied upon personal responsibility and people were responsible, leading to the mandates right.

We want people to be better than they are and that's just the bottom line we cannot necessarily rely on people to protect their fellow man. That is the stylings of the view feeling that getting really Smith mandates are big mistake.

Yes, let's leave them on as long as possible. Let's never see each other's faces. Let's do it at the pandemic to me where the back end of it, but I have Dr. Cole Sapphire here. She's getting set to host outnumbered in 90 minutes you can be on the couch for an hour before she's doing a house call right here on the 15th for Dr. Sapphire. How do you feel about those doctors on the view.

We just heard Charles refer to fast in the past. In fact, why I prefer to be hyperbole that were hearing from the view and elsewhere as the couching effect is what happened at initially in the pandemic. You had some restrictions in place. We had no idea what was going on. We didn't know about the virus.

There is no community immunity.

We couldn't test we can have treatments we can have vaccines well so here we go to years in the late 70s mandates and restrictions stay even though we had science and data showing either they didn't work or we had nothing declaring that they did or did not work and has to go with them asking so community masking the majority of studies show that there is no change in case transmissions, hospitalizations and deaths, whether they were masked mandates or not. I'm even some very small study showed okay if you had high quality mass. There was maybe a very small difference were receiving here. We don't have high-quality mass going on and talk about the airline mass mandate, which is which is crazy defense about 10 years ago, a study showing 99% of aerosolized particles were filtered out of those high grade HEPA filtration systems and it doesn't take into account the droplets and other things I get you still have risk of being on an airplane getting Sarah's cove to her being exposed to it. Just like colds and flu and everything else we've always traveled with before. This is about my health, my choice people who want to continue wearing good quality, well fitting mask absolutely don't want to travel.

I don't care you you but here we are over 95% of the population has some level of immunity we have an ability to test and we have ample treatments at this point is time to forward with this pandemic. Are you surprised to those kids in the political thing with the Department of Justice to see DCS Department of Justice to appeal this decision because they're concerned about not only this, but their power on the next pandemic. Then the next medical emergency.

Masking should not have been as divisive as it was, it should not be political it should be scientific. Unfortunately, the CDC has failed us immensely that they have not actually put out any randomized controlled trials with four people wearing mass on airplanes, improvement, or even disprove it were just doing it because you saw the CDC statement this week. They said we are asking them to appeal it to maintain the authority of the CDC like the phone. There were no references about why they should have mass whiteness will save lives are what this will do for the betterment of the country.

They just said to maintain authority just because that's a great point because it did slip by me and this is a judgment of the judge in Florida made the decision to go from Judge to trump judge. She's very young and in Florida there crazy there into freedom so that's it was second, you just marginalize a accomplish woman's decision and that was to go to another court. I think the the 10th district, which I think were 11th and Ace is very conservative in the next step would be the Supreme Court. In the meantime, Philadelphia, San Francisco, to a degree New York LaGuardia airport I've said okay you got a mask up on the inside thing Lorelle railroad, they don't enforce it. Thankfully I was in La Guardia. They didn't enforce it. So it's haphazard again across the country. Meanwhile, we continue to appeal it on these different circuits and then up to the Supreme Court, expired by then anyway at this complete lack or waste of resources on the taxpayer dollars is what is this mean for future emergencies and I can tell you because there is been such a fumbling from the CDC, the FDA H without throughout this pandemic. They're going to have a really difficult time getting Americans to listen to them again because they continue to have recommendations that do not actually follow the science that is so sad that the term science has become a fictitious term. It is, I believe Dr. Sapphire that would be the exact opposite of down trumpet 14 more years. It would've been the vaccine doesn't work. How come I took the vaccine took two shots. Donald Trump brush this vaccine. It wasn't ready.

Now the present. Biden says vaccine is the only way and that's for every Democrat seems to be saying that Republicans are more skeptical on that when it comes to therapeutics. I don't understand the reluctance to using the warp speed modeling therapeutics we came up with them. I believe in November.

We don't have a mass-produced because we didn't take the so-called risk and invest in the product before was actually proven through the studies. I do think it would be in a different place after him for president. Right now, mainly because of the messaging that would coming out when they vaccines first came out they wish on my thighs and I went vaccine percent ability to prevent transmission and keep out of hospital and prevent death rate will be only three weeks of data selling that three weeks. They did a great job of doing that really quickly. We realized the vaccine is still good at preventing severe illness. However, it doesn't do a thing with when it comes to transmitting the virus.

Maybe there's a nominal decrease, but that's about when the CDC Dr. found she and every other talking head should have said okay.

Our talking points are changing. This vaccine is not about preventing transmission.

It's about saving lives always been with the flu shot is been about, but unfortunately they didn't do that. So all of a sudden it looks like the vaccines are failing and are failing to prevent transmission. The moment that happened. That is when the mandate should have gone away.

That is when this vaccine is to help you to keep you out of the hospital and it should been a conversation between patients and doctors, but instead they push forward with their talking points, which is how they lost public trust and there has been consequences because they neglected all the science that came out elsewhere in the world because United States didn't do any of our own studies showing that there are side effects specifically in younger people come to some of these vaccines and they continue to neglect natural immunity and maybe some of the younger people who have natural immunity need to get vaccinated. Maybe they wouldn't have side effects, but unfortunately they were way too rigid way to black and white, and they've lost complete trust when it comes to the American people should we call these vaccines in home shots you said flu shot not flu vaccine because you gotta get different one every year on sleepwear talking semantics at this point and you can say that the whole goal of large vaccination campaigns is to eradicate the pathogen we know at this point*sculpting was not being eradicated by these vaccines. So should be called something else to be more of this early treatment, but a preventative measure.

Just like lose weight. See decrease the risk of a lot of medical absolutely, and maybe it should be that you're going to have a really hard time getting CDC, FDA and Co. to change their mindset because they have just been on this step is train that it didn't matter what state in their way science that it didn't matter that is Going with their talking point when we come back to. So Sapphire will talk about the Chinese method of handling the vaccine. It is brutal, I don't know if you've seen this video, but only getting worse by the way, you still have yet outnumbered right yes sir. She's good yet outnumbered in less than two hours back in your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show breaking unique opinions. All Brian kill me show the hypocrisy here which I think is the real story. I mean they were relentless for the entirety of the illustration accusing us of politicizing the public health agencies, but here we have now and administration who day in and day out, make decisions not based on science and data. They said Biden was in the fall the science when it comes this mass mandate. They don't have the science I don't have the data and they also don't have the law. This judge struck it down was exactly right. You can't have the same agency. The CDC looking at the same science at the same time, and on one hand saying this is code is such a dire emergency escape. The rulemaking process to require every American who traveled by airplane to put on a mask to require millions of Americans to have a vaccine, even if it's against their will because commit such an emergency. But on the other hand, so you know when it comes to the border when it comes to title 42, you know what cove it's not that bad with so that is that Kevin broke abrupt end. But that is Brian Harrison is Brian Harrison. He was on Fox news yesterday. He's the HHS Chief of Staff under Trump so he seen the big difference. The way it's being done in this would drives Dr. Sapphire nuts is because the medicine is being best rise and politicized and it's hard for you to get your message out instead of people saying well I wonder what angle she's coming from. People used to take doctors at at their word. Now people are saying which handler they on what do they want to achieve and what it would point they try to make as opposed to my object.

My objective is just to treat people and keep them safe. Unfortunately, I can tell you that I mean watching it myself of all. Over the last two years is that you know physicians are not going solely on the science from the data themselves.

I mean, I can tell you when it comes to my profession. Early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment is all data driven for the 99.9% so we always must people are in line with our recommendations and our viewpoints on that, but unfortunately when has come to bad things and just become so politicized that it is not the same people are not referring to studies and and if they are there picking and choosing which ones they want to see it's not the collective date.

The CC has put out a few of their own papers and I in their own little journal because goodness knows if they were trying get in some other peer-reviewed journal wouldn't pass that sniff test because it is so poorly done so poorly designed really hold onto that because I will cannot do CDC and the CDC is the holy grail of public health and type. Recall that I had a lot more trust in their ability to collect data and to put forth recommendations but unfortunately now they're only looking at their own botched data and they're not taking the collective. They're not looking at some of the masking studies in the studies on vaccines and others elsewhere me throughout the world have just failed when his come to really collecting data and putting together good good research and it is really polarize physicians as well from what you know we have the best vaccines would you say that fact. Undoubtably the mRNA vaccines have have had done the best in terms of reducing severe illness hospitalizations and death better than what you seen out of people to the Chinese vaccine or the Russian vaccine. Well, it's really hard to say because that while we can say what they what they give us regarding information honestly forthcoming a lot of information so I can tell you about looking at the traditional viruses. The adenoviruses that are specters and others which are whacked at China and Russia are using we are comparing mRNA to J&J. We can see that the mRNA is still having a better ability.

Now the China Chinese that they're going to put out their own mRNA vaccine and that they still have not yet as writers we now work with the Chinese are doing. You must be horrified if lockdown 25 million people forgot to feed them. If you go out you could be arrested if your six-year-old test positive. They take the six-year-old away and keep them separately with a bunch other kids in some type of huge hallway and they basically shut down entire city. Forget about was going to economically they believe zero cove. It is their goal. They are actually arresting mayors that allow some of these viruses he put in their term get out of control. What is your take. When you hear some of that video of them screaming at night for food and water.

The Chinese that CCP is treating their civilians their citizens the same way, put in is training Ukrainians by keeping them locked up and starving them out and as we as a country and as a glow have seen covenant. There is no such thing as zero cove and you cannot get to zero, even with harsh lockdowns and we have demonstrated ourselves lockdowns in itself do not work that is causing far more damages to those people and their families, then cove it really ever what if they had done what we can and have a larger vaccine campaign about a year ago and targeting it towards the elderly and the nursing homes and the more people who are vulnerable to the virus they would not have a rise in hospitalizations and deaths as they are likely say now again they're not really releasing those numbers so it doesn't seem like it's bad but we know it is bad but they really fled when it came to vaccine campaign because they only believe in lockdowns and they thought zero cove. It was an option and we know it's just horrific.

It also shows you to never Say what the Chinese dinner right they show discipline listen to their leaders. I don't think anybody says that including the Chinese, so the study this area for another area of expertise is cancer you do it every day trying to keep people cancer free, and treat them when they aren't captives huge breakthrough story that I want to pull us out.

I knew you coming on the show analysis of thousands of tumors from the NHS patients have identified a treasure trove of new clues about the causes of cancer is the biggest study of its kind came at a Cambridge University hospitals and they look at the genomes of more than 12,000 people with cancer. They did it in England, they spotted 58 new patterns of DNA called mutational signatures. Scientists were aware 51 mutations changed before this new fine identifying the signatures allows doctors to look at each patient's tumor and match it to a specific designer treatment and medication. So my cancer might be different than the person down the box cancer. So why am I getting the same treatment is that we were heading specific attacks absolutely right. So, historically, someone would be diagnosed with cancer and we would do our best to blast that cancer went toxic chemicals in Pharma chemotherapy radiation dysplastic that in the last decade or two we have really looked at the economic makeup of cancer and found the actual mutations whether it's specific mutations in the cancer specific mutations to the person's own DNA. We been able to target that forms of immunotherapy and because of that we are seeing decrease in cancer deaths because of these more targeted therapies.

In addition to earlier detection. We are just at the beginning of this I can tell you and couple decades from now we are going to have even more incredible treatments and I think we are already seeing it now that cancer is not the same diagnosis today as it was 20 years ago. A lot of people have been living with cancer for years and decades and it is almost turning to a chronic illness for people. The only way that is happening is through some of these targeted immunotherapies and you do you find that is enough sharing of something the Cambridge comes up with this new treasure trove of information.

How soon till it ends up in a hospital, your hospital.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing a lot of the data mining and people do not want to actually share a lot of their data and so it is difficult for big institutions countries will hospitals with both both and I can tell you that a lot of money and resources are wasted in my planning because you can have two very large institutions working on the exact same thing which cost millions and millions of dollars, and it's kind of a race to see who gets there first in the United States. We are getting much better at sharing that data more collectively with grants and that there is still a lot of an international painting of data and I think if we were to work together as a global entity much better than we would have a lot more of these answers treatments and diagnostics available sooner when you when you hear about advances are made. Is there a pathway for you to go find it. For example, do you have to you have a hierarchy you have to go through in order to pursue a treatment that may be a patient walks in and says I just read about this study online. How do you go about pursuing with that patient is come up to you or what you might've heard well gratefully and thankfully I when people comment say that they are reading about a study online regarding cancer it tends to come from the hospital that I work at because we are one of the largest cancer centers in the globe and run a lot of the cancer specific trials and the but I can't say sometimes it is very difficult, especially if you're trying to get a medication or treatment and that is still inch clinical trials.

Often times you have to go to that institution to get it.

Obviously, insurance and payment can be a barrier as well know, there still a lot of red tape but I think that they are especially under the Trump administration. There were some measures put forth and right to try for patients to be able to try some of these medications still in research docs at five now you have to focus on outnumbering you of an hour to prepare. Is that enough time.

I mean, I think I don't now. I mean, I'm always you know the odd man out on the couch and catch the odd man out and accept fire watch you at noon right to let you live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. So glad you everybody is right kill Mitchell from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world. We both eliciting in the Ukraine will be covering that story said dismissively with or shortly. By the way to the five thinkers in the country. Shannon bream will be with me in a matter of moments, so that'll be great when the 9 o'clock. Dana 9 AM and that you to incur shown in between. She's doing the show.

So that's pretty cool and Shannon bream is never stops in her book continues to be a bestseller.

The mothers and daughters of the Bible speak and speak of speaking want to make it to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three what we would tell you this morning is that we still assess that variable is contested, that it hasn't been taken by the Russians and that there still an active Ukrainian resistance so they continue to fight for that city.

Not really sure about that.

There surviving brushes, desperate for a May 9 victory day so you think they have it with a win in mayor you fall let's hope the Russian people in the world realize the war of choice that they put on Ukraine is been anything but glorious for that mass killer Vladimir Putin and by the way Joe Biden gives 800 million more of lethal aid to help the Russian bear. My hope is to get out of Poland into the hands of Ukrainians, only boys on this now. We got Democratic Sen. first Democratic members of Congress that are not only looking for policy that are also looking at the people politics. This is not good for Democrats in November. I know is to bit Henry Cuellar, who cares about the country more than politics even asked to bring up motivation disaster. Even if the Dems can read even the Dems can recognize it.

That's the crashing of our southern border, which is about to become a multiple country invasion should title 42 melt away. May 23, eight Democratic senators, 13 Democratic House members push the administration to wake up people wanted to deal with the special district for decades, but Disney have the political power to prevent for decades. What's changed is by trying to bring California values to Florida Floridians is that all right you're a guest in our state. You don't deserve the special privileges anymore Yep that's Randy fine you. That's what he was talking about from his position in these in the as a lawmaker in order just a signature way. That's how close Republican's are to winning the battle against corporate will culture and the radicals that force an honest case in point Gov. DeSantis clapping back at Disney's attack on his parental rights bill will lead to their loss of self-rule in the state of Florida keep a month. This is not a don't say Gabriel, this is a don't bring up sexual orientation, sexual fluidity, anything to do with genitalia from K through third grade, please tell me why that would bring Jen Saki to tears you really want a first grader to bring that conversation home and not letting a kid be a kid. Shannon bream joins me right now, Shannon.

I know it breaks your heart. This is happening in Florida but I think Gov. DeSantis is doing the right thing being so emotional and not families or kids who are struggling with these issues and walking through anything. When you feel like being on a target and become accurately being perpetrated on someone to stir a passion for a political wing is nothing new. Both sides have done it but a real human being to Penelope saying I think that, or does she not understand what going on these bills. If you read and talk them through with people. I think me, but there's so much misinformation that they wanted about this information. Bill is a perfect example of that weight and pretrade by most people in mainstream media to put his laziness.

I'm not asking you to read the Constitution mistreats the pages make me wonder. People have read it and they know and there pertaining to something else or they have not Randy Meno bill that is not 50 pages long. That's true now really don't want to like people are genuine, they behave long enough that I try to avoid cynical call on difficult bill to understand and to go out there and make families and kids feel fearful over something that is not a threat to them is really unconscionable. You screw scrolls with yesterday selling for Jesse and he's talking about how people are saying yeah this can be a problem for the Scott excuse me to see has a bond of 85 a lot of money out there that maybe the whole state will be responsible for cut three. That criticism is a red herring that's been thrown out by by critics who want to muddy the water and confuse things. The reality is, nothing is further from the truth. Nothing is changed as far as the collection of taxes. Nobody's taxes are going to go up there. There is already a statute in Florida. When we dissolve the sort of special taxing districts on how to deal with them. So I think that something is being thrown out of the days here because people try to create chaos, but the reality is there's 12 months from when the governor signs the legislation to make sure that we resolve the special district in a way that makes most sense. So here's the thing we remember happening in North Carolina.

There was $5 billion, with the revenue from bank expansion to sporting events to entertainment activities. The concerts and now we know what happened in Georgia as it was the All-Star game and they wonder all types of pressure not to do any movies in Atlanta in Georgia.

I'm not sure how that panned out with the pandemic there anyway and then you look at would happen now in Florida may be Shannon. This could be big could be the beginning of publicly traded company staying out of politics. What about that attorney to work in the world I grew up going there.

My mom went there when she was pregnant with me. I was there before I was born I been a lifetime since then. I do think it publicly traded companies have to think about their shareholders. And that means that you got away. The cost of whether you're getting get involved in controversial things are not.

Think about what the blue state and Disney had taken competition with conservative and profamily, pro-traditional marriage, like I think people were very upset about that any Democratic legislators like Grant were taken away your veto taxing and your authority and only special things that we gave you 50 years ago, think okay that happened on the other side would you feel the same thing is I would probably get something for nothing from think of an example where the conservative pushback was there most of the time when you have a conservative by nature, by definition there trying to hold the status quo and then it's the left is trying to change the status quo. I think cultural norms we've known them for decades if not centuries for sure but I think that there are ways to make sure known to accompany and hurt them financially. But when we have the government getting involved with that treating no entity differently Corporation businesses whenever because something I think is one important thing to factor into as you approach is legally it was Florida's and come out and say I'm excuse me just dissing his command say this is our state of the build they said they could do everything they can to stop and make sure it doesn't pass so that your elected legislators are the one in your letter in your elected governor signed it. So I that kind of letter from them could liquidate the amount the level of recall, that would have to be to try to strip aloft the box and maybe they try to work through election dangerous road for Disney to start picking and choosing candidates and parties and issues that your company is you come here, your kids, just like email print for anything. He rose and AE turkey legs for $20 a pop and have a great time. A couple things to think about you to think about with the CRT in Virginia that at the school.

We want to make sure that the CRT if you're Gov. Duncan is not taught in schools and parents to get take your parents can take action if of course a company comes out against with the parents are doing the parents of every right to I believe make it clear not going to that restaurant. No chip fully. For example, people were talking about that but they weren't trying to change behaviors with try to do is stay closed on Sunday their position with their CEO, I guess, on same-sex marriage. If I remember correctly was something that was an issue at the time, then you can make your choice with your going there but what you have is a special privilege with Disney.

It's not like were kicking you out but listen if the states could offer you this at the center of the ghetto attack legislation. I get the every reason to to clap back in the circumstance.

My hope is that would happen and when Georgia was actually ridiculous.

They let a slogan Jim Crow 2.0 guide them to leave the All-Star game and Stacy Abrams as Oma is embarrassed that she played a role in the loss of revenue in that state for something that was inaccurately portrayed. Again, don't say gay bill at first and thought to myself today. The debt is that really in the bill you would say that was in the bill of course the bill and then I said was probably subsumed meshed in with legal terms people gonna be able to interpret it now reads like something for a nonlawyer to digest further proof to the argument that the mainstream media take when you have reporters and people who come in doctrinally using a label don't take a bell where if they read it and everything is not an accurate description of the bill.

You know that people are taking sides and felt a lot of people that are in the lead and left a really thing to dig into the story dates or something improving and he believed that about the Georgia Bell about the Florida Dell about any number of things In other places do the footwork and read for themselves. They're going to take you in the mainstream media know that any use that this are people we talk about the Georgia bill and you look at things about really cutting provisions on it much more expansive than take Delaware the president told and you will never hear that explained anywhere but on frankly showed that were sent to bring Josh crash I was on when your archrivals show that there bitter, bitter relationship. You cannot just in order to some of the other side of the story. This is what he said politically's estate for DeSantis. He does not like the disinterested cut six big risk because the land he got the parental rights bill passed pretty comfortably moved on to work with Disney on other issues and really one of the larger battle. Instead, he's really picking up a fight that could have certain implications and could also push Disney in the arms of the Democrats which might not be all that great for DeSantis's personal interests, and great for the larger cultural issues that are also a player. I have a thought on that, but I want yours through me. You know people who don't agree with him on this. Stop by to say that you may fall into the hand and just that the Democrats or the lap waited there doing their programming and movie messaging to kids and be doing that on their own anyway. I think that this is a good opportunity for trying to make his name and I think he is on the national stage and people are watching him and 1/2 for the last couple of years in a really intense way he was willing to change even made a political calculation and think this is a winner for him to a descendent of the last two weeks trying to get a hold of this story is to find out what the CEO was like with disease been doing. Evidently they have 30 lobbyists. They do a great job, usually giving money to both sides to make sure things like this autonomous zone that therein, says it stays their own because they would be able to build things instantly from the planning board to starting to put pylons in because they don't have to go through districts and counties, and state laws. They would be my mental impact would say that's got to go away. This CEO has lost his way. He is kowtowing to a group of people within his own company who believe that this don't say gay. Bill is don't say gay bill and is anti-transgender. But there's a lot of people at Disney who don't feel that way you carry your mouth shut and now they're probably saying good.

I don't have to get the fighting, keep my job and people are seeing the downside of this. I think it's the beginning of the end of the CEO. How can you want to keep this guy in, let's talk about town hall. Let's read the bill together and let down the temperature and you don't feel afraid or attacked or like you or your children are under threat good leader would have done that you take the time to remember company.

The company does business in countries all over the place in which homosexuality is a crime and they do, they do business in countries where there are horrible persecuted minorities try things happen.

People are killed to be consistent third and some of the places where teeth are real threats to people consistent. How about you to the sis about Joe Biden getting a question on title 42, but thinking it's about the mass mandate. Case in point, cutting when I'm considered is continued here from my my first shoulders can be an appeal by Justice Department because as a matter of principle we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we be able to do that, but there has been no decision on extending title 42% with no girlfriend who worked in a lot of political things and are all over Washington and were all immediately intermingled the mask and the title 42 thing like we were all like, are we thinking.

What came out pretty quickly after that, trying to clean the whole thing up trumpet done that it would be like. We have to convene article of the 20th amendment today because the guy can't handle the job that I sing to my short-term memory, my names and faces of those been terrible at that. But if I'm in the middle of two major stories which is the mass mandate and title 42 I don't mix.

It's impossible to make some up at sites like Mets and Yankees are Red Sox and you mean it's it's a yes or no. I mean this is title 42 is why in my goodness, you better have a great explanation of why you letting it go away because you have really rocked the world of a lot of Democrats.

How can you mix them together and what to expect tonight at midnight down with the code required after praying on the open court on Monday right great chamfering with the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith from the nine difficult family. Shannon, thanks fastest three hours and didn't force a horse to do a formal lens like Afghanistan. The papers that are signed are meaningless. So again we may have to think about something that's much more open-ended, low-level fighting continued occasional flareups and then we have to think about what is US foreign policy look like towards Russia in that environment and towards Europe and then warrant this.

This could be a long-term game changer for for your and for the United States well I mean I know I don't like the way described that I can see this going on forever Richard Haas weighing in ISA prism Council foreign relations officers credentials tell you how important is how smart he is not experienced. He is with great contacts with this can't last forever, and because you can have this ongoing festering blister that's going to continue brag continue continue to rise up. One thing I will say I believe that this is a wake-up call that we been waiting for Western Europe to get they keep hitting the snooze alarm since the wall fell 91 the Soviet Union fell apart. I think this could be a scramble to be a real scramble to start arming these Eastern European nations get them fully integrated into NATO were up to 30 started with 12 were about to add two more Finland and Sweden as early as June and July and then we gotta integrate our weapon system so we don't have this Eastern European problem match of Ukraine.

Ukraine is now the talkshow that you talk to your domain world saw that the most recent last month. 70% increase in place was a consequence of gas in price.

Don't blame me.

It's all prudent its supply chain. It's covert. Sandra Smith knows that or she knows the story that the administration spouting from 9 to 11 is already there to see her from 2 to 4 today. Awesome. Thanks for having me. Thank you mean 1 to 3 not I should put me on the tool so that's check out my Bible and hear your are leadoff. There is no show until I get think I got unit one. While they were hesitating because I thought you probably had a rationale for thinking the show is 2 to 5 but that's okay. Thank you very much for having me. We been digging digging into this morning. I've been with our colleague Bill Hammer on America's newsroom and is really something, even as you play back the sound of Pres. Biden continually and administration still blaming what is happening over there with Russia and Ukraine for the price hikes as all of our listeners and our viewers know by now, prices were going up long before that invasion ever happened. We were having supply chain was we were having constant problems and people were already experiencing inflation when you look at wages. This is very simple ministration likes to tout the unemployment numbers are coming down, wages are going.

That's all factual and that is fine but it does nothing to the average American or nothing for the average American inflation at the same time is going up faster. And that is what is happening. That is why when you hear Larry Kudlow and others talk about rule real wage growth that is actually going down the always interesting but it was in this clip Elizabeth Warren has said this and we've heard a lot of Democrats say this Bernie Sanders big businesses gouging the taking advantage of inflation. There are trying to maximize profits. How dare they, their evil.

I want you to you and Fred Smith said. As you know, CEO of L'Express, a combination of a lot of things that began with the pandemic and instant reduction of demand and then the stimulus payments created demand for goods and then the third stimulus payment. About a year ago created a significant labor shortage and all of those went together to create the situation we have the day with too many dollars chasing too few goods and still many many jobs unfilled. So inflation is a big problem, no question about it equals I was with him a Republican or Democrat just telling you what my with the business sense what's happening and I said this first into the show this morning to when it comes to the green energy agenda and really the cost is inflation. All of us is a lie from a lot of the president's policies on that issue. Worse, where is the touting of the success on any of those green policy issues worth the quantifiable thing they are doing is working.

Question needs to be asked Democrats were supporting this administration and that are supporting these policies where is that it as far as I can tell, the only effect so far is a negative impact as far as inflation on the American people now get a hold of it and this is can be an interesting thing to watch and we have moments in history. We can look back at Jay Powell that the Fed chair. He likes to talk about a man he revered in his day, Paul Volcker and he talks about it but he doesn't like him.

Two very different things. Larry Kudlow and I talked about that a lot. Where is the aggressive approach to strangling this inflation has to know is what we have in and this is an opinion, this effect we have a lot of blaming.

First, we show that we have inaccurate diagnosis is transitory.

Don't worry about it, a lot of blaming and blaming doesn't help anything.

Not doing the after action report on presidency were in the middle of the action.

Here's more from Fred Smith on where came from and this echoes Larry Summers are not making any political statement one way or another, but we know from our own statistics and can track exactly when the stimulus checks went out in April of May, and last year and we had about 50,000 applications the first week in May. It took us to December to get back to about 120,000 applications so it simply quantitative data. Not saying anything based on anybody's politics.

It's just the numbers. So that's what Larry Summers said the rescue plan. We didn't need was in the system now. Larry Sanders said maybe it was because Larry Summers got pressure, but he also said Bill back that it would've been great for the economy.

One of the things and you mentioned about what they're doing Sandra with her trying to do was going to try to convince Joe mentioned he was skinny Bill back better. They think that will be the answer to our economic got it right. Larry Summers got it right on inflation when nobody was listening the administration, Jay Powell and other still calling it transitory.

At that time. As far as nobody listening, I think. Bottom line, the American people are speaking up louder than anybody in the room right now Romney wasn't unlikely voice in all of this yesterday and he came up and he said he needs to get rid of assessment Romney his woke advisors.

Some of the people and advising the president on the economy. Brian Deese's job was in his former life at BlackRock no sustainability was the person driving the president during an energy and inflation crisis. You have to think about where his priorities are Jan Granholm and others any people and talk to the press. Brian I know you probably do we invite them on every single day. They won't come on and talk about the policies that there's so proud of I Larry Summers got it right.

A lot of that a lot of people are asking, why didn't Whitehouse didn't put something up Larry Summers and her. I mean, he's gotten this right all along right one to put somebody. This can get it done. I will be the best people around here with the parties and also would you say to Joe Biden when I thought your body was gonna do is say hey listen do this 50 years.

I actually know the smartest people, men and women on care with the then women was pointless. Put the best pure of me, I will great, almost like just put your be the conductor. The orchestra and put your trombone player in your French horn player together and go ahead and do it and defend them if they can't do it. Want to move on, you do it, but instead we got an invisible team of Susan Rice behind-the-scenes and Ron clean, who pops up every once in a while or tweets something obnoxiously the Easter Bunny right and then you have to ask yourself what could happen with with food prices everything that's happening over in Ukraine. You got the squeeze that is happening all over the world.

One of the headlines that we were grabbing this morning. Data from the American Farm Bureau farms are facing long-term challenges as production costs continue to skyrocket.

These are generation farmers that are speaking out about this. Everything is going in to providing food for the world which we do Brian a mere 10 fertilizer costs, fuel costs, equipment costs the price of absolutely everything is going higher. That will continue to lead to higher prices for everything that were putting on the dinner table for families else and why you not looking at the form reports for me makes me look terrible that Sandra has staff looking the form reports what the hell is going Eric you could be doing to take our slackers harassment Chris Pollock is the co-owner of Pollick view dairy. He says it is going to be a very expensive year for farmers. We are going to the field with dairy expensive tools in our toolbox fertilizer right now is double what it was a year ago. Fuel is double what it was.

Some chemicals are dramatically increased as much as 3 to 4 times the cost of fertilizer loan is risen more than 300% seminaries who stay around and thinking about that. You have to think about that is the administration probably not that something you have to have on your radar and plan for otherwise we can have serious food price spikes again.

I don't know what I don't know but I just know this. European leaders were scrambling to find other other other sources of oil and gas. We kept him reports of Germany over the UAE and trying to give in Saudi Arabia. Let me be your best customer and swimsuit with the UK and others that we know the grain found out. Now we know that Russians always produce huge quantities of grain as is Ukraine so assume this is war starts, or when the hundred 50,000 start welling up of the border. Should we be say to ourselves what Brazil did. I really can't and I don't agree with this decision. They said I can turn a rush and they have the only fertilizer that works for my crops so I got I did go and meet and try to head off this morning.

Didn't I don't agree. The way Brazil handled it but used on our own self interest wears people looking around the corner to the challenges that could be happening economically as the economy grind to a halt took. I guess the research of the press to find out what's going on at our ports and then we find other transportation secretaries on paternity leave and then he decides that idea.

Let's make the docs which will work 24 hour today. We really short of a truck drivers and then we now have a port so and then to make matters worse, what is becoming a bigger and bigger story about a day and now the B word is being thrown out there possible housing bubble happening in this country. You saw the data yesterday average home price in this country now nearing $400,000 and that we've never seen prices that had for bar that cannot last, especially with affordability going down interest rates going up, look just in Canada sure you saw this noted they decided to because they're experiencing a similar hot housing price boom and Spike is using the bubble word yet but what they decide to do is ban all foreign purchases of homes in Canada. Interesting, right that ever happening here. I put in a break room research request right away on that what percent of our house sales in the United States. Do you think are for buyers I would say 10%. I went to. That's why I question the response I got. And this is based on existing home sale data was 3%.

I think you incorporate new home sales and probably a lot of deals that are accurately reported. It might be more than that, to the tune of 10% have a serious impact on their overall economy and housing are so no more foreign buyers will be interesting.

Also, this new trend feature on 60 Minutes about a month ago that I'm here more more about these major companies coming in and buying up homes, fixing them up and then jacking up the rates making almost impossible, especially if the first time a lot of big banks are behind that right so I mean that I don't think I don't enough for government controls of these types things. But if you are if you are what you reaching the game in order to stop first-time homebuyers to be able to deal directly with other home barrio home sellers. I think that's a bit of an issue that needs to be a free market that that corrects itself. Look at that's reminiscent of the housing crisis to people not be able to for the doctor to get the buyers and therefore eventually high prices cure high prices and if they keep doing that run the price is not something that stuck with that inventory. The banks will pay for it. Absolutely, things go back to normal and we come back a little bit of the Ukrainian were also tease your show will before we go what's coming up on your show. Alright, so today were to be digging into what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. Obviously as things continue to heat up in the East. The new weapons package is that enough Carol Keene says we have to go all in. Hapgood Jenkins live in the ground and keep right out of the gate were also following this crazy crime story here in New York City crime running rampant all over the country and also by the way I'm going to be hosting Fox News Sunday this weekend arrives I'll talk about that allow your neck and have we can but you're okay with you have to really prepare all day don't get all that and it's a pleasure and an honor. Bill Hammer also told me of blinds the loneliest thing by yourself and tell the whole staff in Washington. So if you have some time and youinterrupt your day wishes to be very lonely on Saturday will all gonna be watching my back.

I say bye to me nothing about what you want me to back up for some final thoughts to talk to Ukraine and Brian Kilby, Joe this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday, so let's ruin your weekend to take it easy, Bill really hurts coordination with Brian Kilby Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian, no. So as a filmmaker kill me will always be able to advertise everything when you modernize bars sometimes will speak softly and carry a lower you know you gotta take Mr. Prudence words skeptically, so I they made this big show yesterday of him saying he wasn't going to go into that plantain and try to eradicate the people that are there actions, not words. I think we have to watch and see what the Russians actually do here what we would tell you this morning is that we still assess that Mary Opal is contested that it hasn't been taken by the Russians and that there still an active Ukrainian resistance so they continue to fight for that city.

That's they want and they wanted declared on May 9. Their victory day.

They want to say look, we took Mary Opal and were going to connect our Crimea and Don boss like Lenin wanted Sandra Smith is here getting set to host her show between one and three today and Fox News Sunday as well. So we're rusting $800 million more in Sandra and these are some probably the heaviest, most lethal weapons yet. Were your thoughts.

Significant says general jacking when I spoke to him and asked him about that yesterday whether or not this could be a turning point at least turn the tide as far as what is happening on the ground there while he did say it was significant says at this point though. We need more and we need to go all in.

So we well have yet to see whether or not the administration are our country is going to commit to that and go all in. But you have to think about what is happening in this moment and just how bad things are getting you look at what is happening. The East right now as I mentioned Jenkins, Gary B reporting forest top.

The 1 o'clock Eastern time hour from Kyiv but as far as these the revelations and the satellite imagery now from acts or technologies that is risk feeling these mass graves still 100,000 people trapped in variable that is been under constant bombardment of the satellite imagery showing these mass graves and you have to think about in this moment the thought of the Biden administration, providing that a package while significant, while necessary, how much more could have been done sooner, so as to not lead us to this point is to the missile defense systems absolutely and that that's key usually judge you but as you look at the play-by-play and you go to do the of the Institute of study of war if you want the best information and jacking runs that this is what he said is a real possibility. Cut 26 the Russians after successful, it will have a choice to make it continue to go West go back to cave to see if they can take the capital down. The truth is, Ukrainians have a real chance here that I Russians the bombast area. We've got to keep these weapon systems coming in right now.

They deployed something between 70 and 80% of their entire fighting force in this area have 20,000 foreign fighters zero in on this if they get stopped.

Here the Russians. I mean, you gotta think that this is almost equivalent to the wall, down how they go and how is this government going to keep selling this story there is no doubt the world is watching the fate of Mary Opal at this point. That's why I contacted Gen. Keene about about just that. But then you got a look at some of these other existing towns that wonder if they are next as far as the fate of variable the AIDS package. I think now in this moment, we see the administration trying to dive deeper into a war that we no longer have any clue how long it will last, how blood it will get how deadly it will get on. I think you have to put everything in perspective. Timing wise I just wrote it down. Are we in for like Green Day 57 yeah now we supposed to be 72 hours. It was supposed to fall and Daedalus. He left heart just breaks for these people. 20,000 people variable allow loan had died during the assault.

There are many more are in harm's way is absolutely heartbreaking. We will see how the world responds. I got a big interview coming up all right yeah of course was to watch my show at eight. Sandra showed today having urologists and resources of Fox Fox, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber and listen Fox is not just

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