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Finally! Even the Media is Calling Out Left's Hypocrisy on Kavanaugh Threat

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 13, 2022 12:30 pm

Finally! Even the Media is Calling Out Left's Hypocrisy on Kavanaugh Threat

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 13, 2022 12:30 pm

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Brian kill me. I Mary mother sitting in for Brian to tell me how you always so much to talk about my gosh is never ending and since Thane and I want to start off talking about the Supreme Court what would happen with Justice Cavanaugh is a top attempted assassination on his life. And thank goodness that the guy who wanted to kill Cavanaugh, at least, was cognizant and lucid and seen enough to call 911 and say you do something bad here, but they're drizzled. There is a lot to talk about here when it comes to diseases being ignored by the mainstream media and this new level of violence in our country against certain institutions is something that we should all be taking note of and it is very scary. So who better to join us. Then Carrie Severino.

She's the president of the judicial crisis network and is the co-author of the book justice on trial the Cavanaugh confirmation in the future of the Supreme Court, Carrie Severino, thank you so much for joining me here so what there so much.

As I said to talk about when it comes to what would happen with Justice Cavanaugh and if this man had not made that phone call could be having a totally different conversation this morning. Actually I am and apodictic that the security that met Mark alternately are taking government out would have caught that in time, but you really don't know and indicative everyday.

A tragedy that got our and it could have been a much greater tragedy bit you know that we do with it outfitted flowing from that leak opinion is cannot be understated and and now it's not just theoretical. Now we know that this is real. There was a real person and God forbid they could be others. I think Courtney can move forward relief. The opinion ASAP because I'm while their children to be people who are outraged enough that the idea that someone could change this opinion by taking your criminal act like it is really a problem and create all the wrong incentives obviously went when he went politicians just joking fear mongering over this opinion as well.

I think it's unfair, reckless, each of the fear mongering again. Obviously, Chuck Schumer being the one who who was the most out there when it comes to that fear mongering when it comes to the you know what he said I think we have the debt we are to have that we could this I just want to remind everyone that Chuck Schumer had to say I want to tell you Gordon's arch.

I wanted tell you Cavanaugh, you release the wall when you will pay why you won't know what to do if you go forward with these awful decisions now say something like that. Donald Trump is basically on trial in order to get another round of it today for foretelling people to peacefully go and you know make their voices heard on January 6. Why is there no accountability.

This is a theme I see a lot of frustration in so many areas of our government, not just this issue. Very frustrating to me. And politicians like Sen. Schumer thinking are very reckless and even while think what you people protesting at their home. Working at you know we we encourage people protesting at her.

You know what folk why docking deficit in giving out the edited is a really bad idea. You just can't go along with it it it it dangerous to put it out there and then to continue to endorse people going to their home continue the kind of rhetoric even if 99% of people out there.

Thank God the forehead and protesting peacefully. We all know all type of the aisle.

There are great people there people who think this is something I can just do to make a name for myself and that's why we cannot, we need to have more more privacy for our public servant who are at this kind of risk we don't want our fifth and become one where judges are making divisions, not because of what they know with the correct legal result now because of what they think the Constitution says because they fear for their own safety. And we know that this guy said that he got the justices could Cavanaugh's address because it was docked and put out online, but there is no accountability for that and this is again I can say is that it's really to me so latent on Omar claims that she got some threatening messages and so there's a press conference and she's out there practically in tears. Now we have to pay Reno extra arm security for ill hunt.

Omar, why is it that, why is that's so egregious begat this is okay and listened neither one. I'm not saying what happened to her is is a good thing. It should be ignored and not saying that at all. But why is there concern for one and not the other. We need to be encouraging violent threats and intimidation across the board. And you know what the PT has the ability to get get up security right away, but the it was a bill unanimously passed by the Senate that would give increased security Supreme Court outfitted, and particularly to connect their family member but just did Not just the fear they have young children and so you know this is not just the justice that is under threat. If the on Derek Derek about it. The children living in their home and invented something that outrageous to me that the house has refused to take up that bill. I think Nancy Pelosi is afraid it might actually pass because you can. You can conduct a unanimous Democrats support even in the Senate on American you want their justices to be safe across the board.

You know whichever side of the aisle thereon and and we want our our continent of the Congress painting and so I think we look forward to provide tactics security to then as well, and ASC bragged about blocking it. Remember AOC.

AOC said you know like oh yeah III blocked this because she feels that it should also be extended to as Nancy Pelosi says she does to the other members of their staff as well.

It shouldn't just be to members of Congress and knowable point is the other part of this and get him to delve into something. Maybe a little far afield here with you because we talk about security but yet at the same time we find out that there's been a framework you know for four Second Amendment for gun rights. I don't think that politicians or the political class, the ruling class. The Kardashians, the elites in athletes, etc. in this country should be have access to better security than the rest of us just because they can afford it. It should be the same for for everyone. We should all have the right to protect our families so it looks like were asked extending the level of protection because of the crazy people in this country into the elites yet those elites are taking away the rights for the little guy to protect their family. A law-abiding family in Chicago that stuck in Chicago can have the same access to the same protection as someone who can pay for is that lead to far what you report it. Configuring K for Thermo to the back one of the cases cited it with the dog and abortion and gun case that excited cited want anything you want to kill Dr. Cavanaugh have to do with a New York law that you can't know when to open carry, you can only conceal carry. If you have a permit in the permit only go to people who have basically read and that there's someone threatening the it could become a protective order for the most part that can be easily measured thank who have maybe a stalker or hyena profile that they are considered a specific threat economic book apply to all Americans evenly. Not just American who have a hyena profile that they can show that they are in danger and at risk. I think it is interesting that the court can consider for is considering exactly that. If you and we could get here decision on that as early as today without yet because it just makes you so crazy that you know the rules for the but not for me I meet you know I mean I got that whole thing and it seems to be growing in this country. I do think that we have to keep our justices safe because this is intimidation of the court and we don't have any kind of pullback because the party in power likes this violence. I am I in my going too far. When I say that, well, you know I can't do what they're actually I hope that none of the other jacketed that are are members of Congress are actually hoping for anyone to get killed but certainly the protest unrest is politically helpful and we think of what with the objective of the person who leaked this draft opinion during you know no one is ever leaked a full opinion like this before with her jacket. It was specifically to create the kind of unrest and when you listen to the groups that are doing to protect what they think they wanted. We want to make the justices feel uncomfortable. Don't feel so unsafe that they will think about how the rule of law work, we shouldn't have deficit who are coming to conclusion because they fear for their personal safety that not the American way that you do in Cuba, Venezuela. That's not how we do it very discouraging that is on it on the famously reinjected that we are going to note protest in an threatening bully you into coming to a result we absolutely are coming up with a more recursive Reno coming up because there was a warning from Sen. Chris Coons yesterday on Fox News Sunday and I want to get into that with you as well get your opinion on what he had to say.

If anyone would like to join in its 1-866-408-7669. I would love to hear from you. 866087669 a Mary Walter got North Kerry Severino on the Branko Meacham driving to today's job story Brian Gilman just Janice Dean Fox News senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Dean podcast on Fox News or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox News by just worth hundred dollars Fox News contributor newsletter inviting you to join the conversation every week is the Bend outage podcast is no Fox News bar talkshow that's real.

This is Brian kill me show you the way you go to report there's a little doing so will only time that I'm aware where the White House literally from the White House press room is the going commission of a felony.

That was Sen. Ted Cruz on speaking this on Friday regarding what happened. The attempted assassination of justice Cavanaugh joining me is Kerry Severino. She's an excellent piece on Fox called Supreme Court intimidation is taken justices to a dark place and it talks about some of the history of the intimidation of of justices going back to Robert Bork and it's amazing carry.

How is one sign that always seems to be intimidated. Why is that well I am glad they did something that people on the right-hand side is the way to make their point on I think that is that is definitely correct.

They are something that you just line you do not cross.

We have to maintain the moral high ground. That means making the argument very strongly and very passionately but in the proper sphere so you know, making the arguments the legal arguments in court making an amicus brief that you can make an op-ed you can get the hundred thousand people marched on the Supreme Court every year at the March for life, but not in violent not to the justices houses in a way that threatens their personal safety could look that says really is. We know where you live, but is it if there is inherently threatening to say I'm I'm sure you your front door and any that you might walk out you don't know what they're waiting for you right so it is a way to discuss these issues and we can't, we have to know how to do that without threatening people, and it concern because there's a lot of movements that are down playing the victim. The prohibitions on like assassination occurs like a really shocking cold recently showing surprising numbers of young Americans critically thinking it would be okay to kill people in certain circumstances because of political result know where are we so we have to regain our civil discourse in our ability to talk about these issues in a civil way, you still think across the violent white not in your piece you know that there is there's a lot of dark money that seems to be organizing and funding all a lot of this of what's going on these protesters outside of the home Stephen but even the possibility of some of them being paid to be there. Wow, I find that shocking, but Sen. Chris Coons was on was on Fox News this weekend. Yesterday on Sunday and she had listen to what he had to say here now. When I heard this because I had you know tie it in with your column about why will this dark money that is finding all these protesters listen to what Sen. Chris Coons warned of yesterday. I do think there is a distinguishable difference between what we just heard from Sen. Schumer and the actions taken by former Pres. Trump and his circle of advisors in the days before January 6. Overall results were clear and I think catastrophic physical assault of officers that led to several officer deaths and the shattering of the capital perimeter frankly is one of the members of the Senate who had to be escorted out along with the vice president by Capitol police just feet ahead of an angry mob. I do think that we are at risk of a season of political violence in this country and all of us should reduce the temporary level of our rhetoric where we are at the risk for a season of political violence and it's already started hasn't weaseled with they called the summer of love. So he signed up both sides have to tone down the rhetoric, yet they don't tone down the rhetoric and it's okay Merrick Garland is not enforcing the law to keep the Ruth Ruth sent test group from protesting outside his justices on their being allowed to do it so is is he warning us that this rhetoric is going to be amped up, especially if they don't get the ruling they want that went really, considering I glad to see that you get paid apartment interview that he didn't condone that or you are you think that level of rhetoric, but I think we all need to be part of taking that down did a lot of fear mongering that goes on about the condition that then you have group again like Ruth sent at the it incredibly difficult to find out you could funding them.

If it is it operates in a way that is the hallmark of comedy same dark migrant who are of course the most radical, most Democrats even do not want people protesting injustices on the net based on polling that happened before the Cavanaugh attempted assassination.

So I think that is something is way out of the main pivot. They're trying to mainstream the idea that you know okay to take this kind of of violence and I think we we all need to have Sen. Coons that I think I would if I don't agree with all of the comparisons there, but I think he is right in the bar like let bring this value down because we need to make sure that people are are still having dialogue and not and not diverging into violent and I fear what's going to happen is what usually happens, it boils and boils at Wells and finally boils over and something happens where someone is killed and then they all get out there and they hold hands and they sing Kumbaya and the Apollyon is all you know it's is a terrible, horrible thing.

We need to bring down the rhetoric but not one of them apologizes for their words and and that bothers me the apologies or demand member.

Pres. Trump had to say the words that they wanted him to say but yet they will not even say you know what I apologize. I should probably shouldn't said that my words were too far. Not one of them will do that.

I'm gonna go Kerry Severino. Thank you so much for joining us. You can find your piece on Fox

Supreme Court intimidation has taken justices to a dark place. I highly recommend reading it because as I said, the history of this going back. It's not new, and I found it really eye-opening and educational Kerry Severino. Thank you, thank I married Walter you are listening to the Brian kill me ciao and if you want to join in 18664087669864087669 years calls coming up this person is a member of your thoughts with you throughout your busy doing subscriber and was the mowing Fox News largest river. You did your project Fox News upon just these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News but just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite project radio show like no other report I would agree with the New York Times buried this whole liberal Supreme Court justice, but someone came to kill it would've been on the front page where the body of the not part of them that feeds our narrative is Bill Marr. He was on with Kelly and he and Killian Conway as his guest and they they agreed on something else to disagree on some things, but they they did agree on the fact that you know the attempted assassination on justice Cavanaugh was basically buried by the media and he's absolutely right. I give them our credit for calling it out because we all see that most Americans see the double standard, even those on the left will see the double standard when it comes to a lot of the median people on the right cc see the double standard as well so and from from different outlets right someone blind and we we see so I can build more credit for calling you now, but he's not the only one so there was a political panel on CNN and they did it.

David Gregory is a political correspondent for them and they were talking about the attack us assassination attempt on justice Cavanaugh listen to what CNN had to say. Every politician has an obligation to stand up condemned. This had to do something about, and the truth is that a lot of people on the left who are in political power are being so hypocritical about this. The very lecturers all the time about the excesses of the right including Donald Trump on January 6 fermenting mob violence and yet they're out there countenancing as they have the statements before but it's okay to stand outside these people's home.

Did you hear CNN.

Now I don't know if CNN is finally decided to become journalists. I have no idea. You know they had take their journalism degrees out of the closet and dust them off and fumigate them. Get the cobwebs off of them. But that's on CNN calling out the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to political winds fell off my chair when I heard that I thought that that was cool breezy. When I when I heard that in some way think is going on here. Are they actually being journalists, 866-408-7669. It's David Gregory I see in you will Bill Marr a lot of times will will get it right, Bill Marr will I disagree with him on some things but I do think that he does try to walk that line down the middle where he tries to go but you know, tries to see both sides equally. But I said enough. I want to hear from you David. Excuse me, Steve, there's a David on the on the look working at that from Steve in Springhill for Florida. Listening on WXJ B's D viewer on the Brian kill me. Ciao hi hi Gary, I sure can go ahead little challenge Springhill Florida where basically construction workers and in all that we have permits for everything that I do and basically I work for a while on horsemen and all public people, officials, and their information is always walked out on the Internet and I was just wondering… Had occurred earlier when I was with you that he received justice Cavanaugh's address online website somewhere and I was just wondering is there some count of assault on somebody that can be held accountable for that because male, with all due respect, we can pull a permit on it. Sheriff here we take the paperwork to the permit office blank, and they actually officially fill out the information. Even if you try to search all Judea, they won't come up on your phone. It'll skip the address completely and go to the next one, so I know that I don't talk, but I'm sorry I didn't understand how somebody was able to even get Justin Cavanaugh's address that don't apologizes it simple talk because I had the same thought as you did what he did was apparently somebody was published the addresses of the conservative justices were published online in some kind of article. Now what I say article I use that term loosely, doesn't mean it came from, like the Washington Post or something like that. I but it was was made available. They were docs do not information was put out there and that's where he got someone on the left did this but to your point. How is that okay why are we. Why is no.

Why is no one being prosecuted for that right but that's a great question I asked that question all the time we we prosecute recent SWAT teams to get grandma's who were standing at statuary Hall and a video just came out where they were all these people milling around statuary Hall taken pictures and the cops are just standing there with her hands folded on the sidelines watching everybody because no one was trashing anything.

No one was doing anything but those people we spent out who they were, by facial recognition and asking neighbors to rat them out and we sent SWAT teams to go arrest them, but we can't find out who did this.

Why am I not believe that they don't want to find out who did this just like that dude from the drawer that he's public social money.

I can't even get a deputy to address right legal information online, we actually go to them personally. It should be held accountable for that. That's all excited I agree hundred percent Steve, thank you so much for joining me 100% and that's what I started off the interview with Kerry is. I said to her I carry Severino if you missed we we just spoke with her buddies. Adrina's ability and a sense this throughout government of the wildfires in New Mexico hereby just announced that they're going to the federal government, meaning you and me, we're going to pay for the cleanup for for debris removal and all this other stuff where you pay for that. What about the guy with the Park service or the national wildlife service.

However, who they did a controlled burn and moves they didn't put it out all the way it reignited and burned Emily's people's home. It is still going upwards with another wildfire that they also started and got out of control. The people who did this not saying that there to be able to pay for everyone's home and make people hold in and foot the bill themselves, but do they still have jobs please get fired. There's no accountability in you and I are foot the bill for this now.

You know, because it's easy because there government workers alike LOL oops text has a pay for LOL sorry are bad there's no end and that's I realize this is a little bit of a different thing somebody chose to do this, but if this was. I firmly believe that someone had docs the liberal justices and put their information out there that resulted in the same course of action as what happened with justice Cavanaugh, it would be a wholly different response from our federal government totally different response and you disagree with me, 866-408-7669 about more of your calls coming up to marry Walter in for Brian kill me.

Your knowledge base. Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me so I know that there's an outrage. Right now I guess about protests that have been date and we certainly encourage that. Outside of judges home. Not that was circle back exactly meet when the protests first started outside of the conservative justices homes after that memo from the Supreme Court was leaked but there is the White House that is that is what she said that the president's position, but it is illegal to do so in front of justices and judges homes so they were encouraging the commission of I think it's a felony. Breaking the law, but was never enforced. Merrick Garland never thought it important enough to enforce and I the cynical side of me says well that's because these people are pressuring conservative justices which is what the left wants if they can pressure them into voting the way they want and the left is like okay peaceful it's all right. Doesn't matter if you're terrified it's okay yet.

Johan Omar gets some some threatening voicemails on her. Her machine in her office and she gets a press conference which is practically in tears.

And all this extra security because it's a terrible thing. And of course they blame the right yellow… The white supremacists on the right. You such a victim, 866-408-7669 we go to Victoria listening on WDB.

Allen Orlando hi Victoria, you're on the right can reach out and I put on the radio and going with you on everything great, I mean that I think I think we lost common sense and work for Lake Lake Pres. has not done a dang thing and you know coming from me. Okay I would like a hard-core Democrat are younger and like I don't.

I think my eyes opened when the twin trunk gone to office and it will be like the Democrats unapologetically nothing and we have all the Democrats here in Orlando and Lake you know when they don't admit they're wrong but they'll pay him down because I want to run and I want to challenge Rubio but you were wrong right make it difficult part is like a freaking hypocrite hypocrite and I'm tired of them not take responsibility for their action and pointing out the Republicans and Republicanism of God when okay okay the Republicans from the Republic and party with God when I was younger. No, I think my dad logic was very polite and I think that what were trying to do is good, but I do disagree with our governor who's trying to censor a lot of things that have happened in history coming because I'm a history teacher, so I do kinda think that you know China sensor and critical race theory. I think I think if we don't delay in her kids and we don't get them knowledgeable make very great decisions on their adult young thing so just saying in the whole critical race theory is is a totally different thing. But I will tell you if your Buffalo definitive history read Thomas soul's book is a book out called black rednecks, white and white liberals, and it is an amazing book he talks about the history of this country that is not taught and if you are a a teacher and you love history. I highly highly recommend a book I think you're gonna love it Victoria. I really think you're gonna love it and I will also love you. Admitting thank you for that. Thank you for the call. I loved the chicken. You know when I was younger as hard-core Democrat and my eyes were opened happens to a lot of people know today say of my father always told me you know when you start paying taxes or to change her tune and he was absolutely right. My very first paycheck. I told the story a zillion times I was still remember to this day. This is a memory when I am drooling in my 90s and in a hospice somewhere that it that I will have this memory. I won't know who like my family members are but I will have this memory at my parents kitchen table. I know exactly where my father was sitting. I was standing and comes in with my first paycheck like hey what's the site what's gross and net I don't understand this. What is this and he said to me explain it to you and he goes through everything.

What he took this money from you to pay for.

You know people for their retirement. Michael might an essay for their own retirement and in and this is for businesses for that and I were asking all these questions and he shook my head and he said, welcome to the Republican Party.

My last message was like it's not there to be said, welcome to the Republican Party and I think parents need to teach their kids, fiscal responsibility, but kids don't have jobs anymore.

Parents just hand the money kids have to work for anything more anymore and that's why I think you have so many kids there were such hard-core even socialist when they grow up next are indoctrinated in schools then they have a moment like she had world this is like oh, and her eyes were open and that usually comes when you start to pay something called taxes that usually change your tune listing in Jacksonville.

Let's talk to Damien on W okay B Damien you are on the Brian kill me. Joe hi good morning Mary Michael absolutely appreciate you joining the Godhead. Well, I'd like to jump on it or agree with you on the double standard.

I was just with and around the channel this weekend and I caught the speech, the president was giving and he I can't quote them, but basically what he said was if you don't like rich people and you don't like these oil guys get all this money go ahead I could I would slap him right across the face. If you like rich people that what you say you should do if you don't like them.

He was talking about the CEOs of oil companies how much money they're making. I could I would punch this this, the president said that I did not know. He said that I didn't say that about Donald Trump. I take about back you don't school like to come under the bleachers. You know that about Donald Trump to when he gets a free pass so they don't do that you don't agree with somebody right because it plays into the narrative of and this is what kids are being taught. If you don't like the way someone speaks that persons are Nazi or their racist and therefore they are bad and you have the right to punch that there was this whole during the summer of love. You punch a Nazi thing that was going on and you were righteous.

What you are doing because there are there bigots they and we use the term bigot totally wrong in this country. It's been totally morphed into something that to mean not what it means and end their racist and therefore you can punch them and you're doing God's work.

At that point and being God being the state being the left so I look that up.

I did not know Damien that he had said that. So I've got a look that up. Thank you so much. While I had no clue. I let's quickly get to Roy in Georgia. Roy you're on the brink of HL hi good morning call get her opinion on what power do you think the Republicans are going to wheel take over in January.

No more boron trying to go to an impeachment because for sure that they have violated our laws and pretty much turned her back on the cause of vision. So here's my feeling. I always say that Republicans have the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn.

I don't have a lot of faith in the establishment party.

I'd I just don't. I don't think that people like Mitch McConnell really view the Democrats is worthy of punishment I they just don't play hardball. They want to go along. In my humble opinion, to get along because they like the gravy train.

They like the money they like the lobbyist they want to keep their jobs and Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and my Lindsay Graham. I think Lindsay Graham talks a good game, but I think he caves on weight way too many times so I don't have any faith that Republicans are to do what we want to see them do. Hence, the appeal of Donald Trump and Rhonda Santos as well. Hence, the appeal of Jim Jordan because they are fighters you have Chuck show Chuck Grassley dear and Chris's party establishment, but he's a fighter and the appeal of a least a phonic and of Lauren Bogart and to some extent Marjorie tell agree. I may think that some of the stuff she says is out of line, but she's a fighter and that's where I think the establishment is wrong in this country. I think they're playing it wrong and why city establishment on both sides. I love that the Democrats don't get it, but the roof establishment Republicans don't get it either. And that's why think they're going to be really shocked when the people speak in November I read I really think that's a great question, Roy and you are China and feel free you know if you disagree with me.

That's cool. I will put you on the air. And that's fine. I justify I just find that you I don't mean to be rude. We got we got a run, I'm sorry, right where we were running out of time here. I apologize for that but I just don't think that they're going to do what we want them to do. Unfortunately and unfortunately that is going to I think the schism in the party even more. And I don't see us developing into the elite part of both parties being the party. The establishment both the elite of the Democrats and Republicans almost are like one party and then he got the base so maybe like what you know you get the base on the right base on the left, so maybe like the parties but the leaders I think there for me for free. You write more coming up on the right, Jim New York City set of function for America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Yes, I'm sitting in for Brian kill me start off with the one Michael Goodwin, New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor.

Follow him on Twitter and Goodman_and why does Michael Goodwin welcome Michelle how are you going to let you you have your latest pieces. Donald Trump needs a new tune, it's time to move on from old grievances. Some things in here with which I disagree young man.

I agree with you that this whole 2020. Donald Trump has to kind of pull himself out of this. I totally get it. I totally get that. It needs to be less of his focus. I do understand that no child has his need to feel that he really feels that he should of been present say pretty much everyone who voted for Donald Trump also feels the same way you have these investigations going on in Arizona you have people pleading guilty to stuffing ballot boxes.

You know the movie 22,000 mules definitely makes you think and not capped out at what 80,000 viewers on the Saturday night that they did it date they would've crashed the service had they gone past that they're making millions on the selling of the video of the DVD because people want to see it.

So there's a lot of people in this country who feel that 2020 was not on the up and up and stolen like for me. I don't think it was on the up and up. I think there's a lot of questions that need to be answered, and I want those questions answered and I feel like it's being shoved under the rug.

So I think that Donald Trump has a strong base of people who feel that they too were stolen from. If that makes sense.

I wouldn't agree with you on on strong people who believe stolen and that there were a lot of things about the election probably were not kosher. Think example, Molly Hemingway book on the on the money how it was used in the number of studies proportionally to favor democratic locales so they Wisconsin, where her research. Another show that the city officials essentially turned the election.

The whole process over to non-not-for-profit funded and that they were basically all Democratic office running the show in places like Green Bay, so I don't doubt that there is a lot better and I count myself as a Trump supporter and that I voted for him twice in 1620. I think the problem going forward. Though what really is the base that supports the idea that the election was stolen like I can of course agree that there are things the question about it.

That's not what he is doing. He is saying it was stolen.

It was really all I want no I don't think there is any compelling evidence to that. I think that is an assertion and I think it's an assertion that served him in a cynical way, which is nothing wrong my whole four years is nothing to second-guess my campaign was perfect. I want therefore there's no sense to question my term and I think that's part of what I think that the second so what is common to your campaigning on this for 2024. I have no doubt that planning to run your campaigning on the central plank of your platform. What is what you going to do about it until I press them on that question in my interview on Friday for the first time that it meant you had control and essentially what he wants to do federal laws election law so that there is very few if any male in dollars. Everything would be one day voting in person voting only override and no absolute no mail invalid unless you're out. Would be only for military stationed outside of the state and for those who were clearly very sick and unable to hold election laws is something the Republican Party opposed when Joe Biden tried to do it, Joe Biden, John Lewis, voting rights would've taken over all the election laws and set minimum standard or maximum standards so voting ID would not of been part of it so I don't think the Republican Party is going to go for one-size-fits-all.

The federal government taking over election laws and that is not a small small government idea very big government so I don't think that's going anywhere even though I agree with many of the of those ideas. So my point. What is really running on what is the platform what you wanted to do wrong one for use in the White House were not getting any of that were only getting the election was stolen by endorse you. You basically have to believe that they finally quickly. I think he is obviously still a very important power than the Republican Party, but it's not. For example, to clean the swings.

His endorsement of all, Dr. laws on one the primary but with 32% of the vote of the public and a lot of Republicans who did not follow Donald Trump. So I think that there is a weakness in this approach that I think it will not. I think you will not win the presidency by claiming the last election was stolen from think it's a so there's a lot to impact their notes as you were going on three minutes but but to say how cool are you that you could just get an interview with Donald Trump like I was I was reading this, like, well, Goodman's pretty cool guy but you don't die and actually putting**where we talk when you talk about the voting he said he wants to nationalize it. He thinks this is how the laws should be and he said he and he would ban them for limited acts and T program, but I think that's what he would want for the demo for the Republican run State siding get the vibe from it that he wants to nationalize the elections.

I just don't think I think probably wish she would love to do it because he doesn't want to see another elections stolen as he believes that one was and I do think as you do. I am old enough to remember when those are pretty much the rules we get in just get an absentee ballot in your mailbox for you and the other five other tenants who lived there before you did a sawmill that is remember when you had to request them and I don't think that that's a bad thing. I think most Americans agreed with voter ID laws. Most Americans agree with the absentee voting, you have to request a ballot so I said that was my take on that section, but the other thing too is really well what else even run on. She can't really say that because he hasn't declared and he's probably not to declare until after the midterms so he can't really say all if I run this is what I'm going to do because he can't be seen is campaigning right that it affects money. Let me know. Raising money and everything else you that your campaigning for the thought. You're right, it triggers at some level it triggers federal requirements for reporting about things. I think that's what one of the reasons is holding back. As you know what what is impacted in the midterms were to declare before going to know very close to him and he's been telling people that's why I called him. He's been telling people so he wouldn't tell me… Cool but you have been telling people what I heard, which is why I called him and he wouldn't deny, but he would say, I've already made up that I've already made up my mind right one quick question before I let you go here we have call color just before his name was Roy and he asked my opinion on. If Republicans take everything in November. Will they do what the Democrats did well there be investigations, will there be a movement to impeach the president offer because of the southern border, will there be a movement to impeach Merrick Garland over not enforcing the laws outside of the conservative justices, Holmes is not doing his job. Those types of things do you think that Democrat that Republicans will do that. Should they take power know and I'm not certain that they should do all things through without approach I think is going to take us down the road of no return omitted. I don't think that the Democrats should emulate the bad, the Republican should emulate the bad behavior Democrat you may not understand the first four okay you want to play by those rules will play by those rules. In some cases a true, but I think that you have to be careful you're not setting up the next round of which will go on and I'm going to the MacArthur will be back in power, so I do think some necessary. I wish the Democrats would show more restraint, but that discussion for another that's that's that I'm with you. I wish you know you got it sometimes had take the high road, but you know Democrats once in power will start all over again. They don't exercise restraint. They go to war and Republicans always sale. We need to tap the brakes euros were to be at work. They are at war. I firmly believe they are at war and that they are at war with with us and you keep playing nice. You never gonna win. But that's just me Michael Goodwin, thank you so much for joining me pleasure when I get to speak with you so excited when I heard your aunt today.

Thank you. You can find his calm in the Washington excuse me, can the New York Post. Oh my goodness listen to me, the New York Post, Donald Trump needs a new tune, it's time to move on from old grievances, your calls, 866-408-7669 coming up on the Brian Kelly Joe all if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your Mary Walter sitting were trying to kill me if you 087669 also but I do have a podcast Thursday Eastern time. 715 Eastern I go to YouTube and just search on Mary Walter radio and you can watch it live and commented like I like to get the comments in as we go along through the show, or you can watch later. And that's fine to have you speaking with Michael Goodwin about Donald Trump running again and you know he said deftly. Donald he's heard from a lot of people at all times deftly running his business insider business had a piece saying that Trump is seeking advice on how to attack former staff who may run and I thought who my pants right and maybe maybe he will. Maybe my pencil running curious what what you think about that.

It should Mike if Mike pence should announce that he's gonna run that's can be interesting to see Trump and Pentz go at it but Michael Goodwin seen a Donald Trump needs a new tune. Donald Trump needs to to stop at the election was stolen in and he can't he can't make that the base of it, but I think since he has not announced campaigning, but when he does go what he does these rallies is still doing rallies. You often hear that a lot during a 2020 was stolen and where you can avenge it and get it. I get his need for revenge. Get it off.

He really has to tell us what he's gonna do all he has to do is go in and undo everything Joe Biden has done and just go back to what he was doing before. I think the country will be much better for that. That's what I think some just curious, and he also said you know we we need to tone down the rhetoric on both sides. We can't do because I asked him what Alyssa had asked her are the are the Republicans going to investigate some investigations in into some of the things that have been going on, let's do it. You should Garland be impeached because he's not enforcing the law when it comes to conservative justices. He's allowing intimidation to what about my work is with the southern border bankrupting this country not enforcing law, putting Americans at risk. Republicans are to do and I don't know if they should kinda disagree, 866-408-7669 let's go to John in North Carolina. John you're on the Brian kill me. Ciao hi what's gone on how you I'm doing great. Go ahead.

Hello, I've been libertarian vote and I've always been squarely in the middle and what I was wondering you know when are we going to have a candidate that is on solely off of the fact that I am the better candidate for office. And here's why. The one thing I don't like is the extremism on both five of the Republican and Democrat party where you are all Republican order all Democrat and there is no middle ground and I think that the state most people are in the middle were leaning one way or the other but like Frank felt my wife most of my friends were going to lean one way or the other. Nobody wants their nine-year-old grandfather Tronic Dr. the reason that so many people, I think, voted for Biden over Trump was because he made you made everything so extreme one where the other. I think in order for Trump to win you needs to work that middle ground and for me that starts with accountability like I agree with what he was just bank that I want to hear your sore loser and that was stolen from you just say Western mistakes were made, were born, we lost the election were gonna win this one go out and tell me why you deserve to win and and going going do it, but with quickly.

I don't have a lot of time left to but when using ability want to see accountability. That's what I'm saying because honestly I'm not a registered Republican, but the Democrat party as far as I'm concerned is moves so far to the left that I find myself leaning agree more with the right and the reasons I voted for Donald Trump as he was that guy who came up and said I'm not what you know I am not a politician I can fix the problem and in my opinion I think he did a great job of fixing a lot of what was wrong with this country, which is why so many people in the establishment were against him so but I also feel like I want to know. Let's investigate.

Let's find out.

My vote counted. I just want to know that that's all I and I let secure elections. I think that that's an important thing so you know I I guess my question is do you not think that Trump did that.

I think that prompt made the country from where we were when he was in office where we are now. I see a discernible difference that things are worse if I think it's clear to many people that everything is more expensive. You know finger allow our lot a lot worse than they were. The problem is is that we now live in a socially divisive time if not the same as it was 15 years ago and so you have to also like I feel like you have to tone down below the winding and I feel like you do a lot of wine when it was a lot of petty tacky stuff that in the time we live in.

It provided a lot of people where even if they agreed with his palm.

They were going to vote against him no matter what he did because of how he was of a personal whole life. Sorry about that but you know is because they were spying on his campaign doing everything they could to keep him from being able to run radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show when liberals do something after a mass shooting wire. We also dealing with the fact that the average American sees 200,000 acts of violence on dreams before the age of 820 Hollywood is the woke is place on earth, and every other area of social responsibility when it comes to the unbridled romance position of gun violence. Crickets where the only thing we don't call the trigger is the one that actually has a trigger.

I married Walter for Brian kill me that is Bill Marr on HBO in his Friday night show and he's right. There's a lot of hypocrisy going on when it comes to firearms in this country. To no surprise, at least to me that there is a lot of accuracy around the issue, but it was just announced that there is a bipartisan group of senators who have come up with a gun.

You know they only have the framework so I was reading what they say. The framework does, but they don't have any words so there's no specific so it's super hard for me to say okay this is better. Okay this is good. I want to wait and see and want to pass the lawn and find out what's in it because I saw how well that worked out with healthcare member that so they have 10 there are supposedly 10 Republican to get behind is that this will overcome any kind of filibuster they could they could pass this bill if they stick to it. But again, the devil is in the details.

It's it provides resources to states and tribes to create and administer laws that help ensure the deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom the court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others consistent with state and federal due process and constitutional protections are there's a national expansion of community behavioral Health Center that that model with major investments to increase access to mental health and suicide prevention programs to support services available in the community including crisis and trauma intervention and recovery.

There's a protection for domestic victims of domestic violence convicted domestic violence abusers and individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders are included in Nick's including those who have or have had a continuing relationship of a romantic or intimate nature. So I guess if you're celibate you can get your gun back. I've a question about this one because I think protection orders are abused people. A lot of people in this country don't get what they want especially like a breakup. I will say it's women who really abuses more than men. Sorry ladies but you do you know you went to go get a protection order because I'm to show him you know him to ruin his life and I know people who have had their lives ruined because of this, because you have to prove your innocence in a Temporary Restraining Order does go on your record because you get the 10 day cooling off. He got front of a judge, but still you judge and argue your innocence.

Hire a lawyer. In a lot of cases.

So this to me is a bit of a slippery slope, but it will end when it comes when it comes to domestic violence restraining versus peace. Paper a lot of people walk through it.

I invest in programs to expand mental health and supportive services in schools, including early identification and intervention programs and school-based mental health and wraparound services. Great. We need that I saw study that said that something like 70, 76% of college age students answering the survey said that they've had some kind of mental health crisis 6%. What is happening with the big problem with the younger generation.

I invest in programs to help Institute safety measures in and around primary and secondary schools support school violence prevention efforts and provide training to school personnel and students. Great, but as a Sandoval date. If the door that supposed to automatically lock doesn't automatically lock the shooter walks right into the school in almost every single one of the school shootings there's been protocol in place.

There's been safety his safety instructions in place that followed somebody didn't do what they were supposed to do, so you can have all of these protocols in place. But if people don't follow what they're supposed to do or the doors can be fixed but it hasn't been fixed in the shooter walks right in and it doesn't help to crack down on criminals who illegally evade licensing requirements. People who illegally evade licensing requirements and continue to illegally evade licensing requirements and I don't Hunter Biden springs to mind if they were serious, they should charge Hunter Biden interest but they're not serious so I see this on like okay criminals shockingly don't follow the law and rarely are they ever actually held to it. Example a exhibit a Hunter Biden. It invest in programs that increase access to mental and behavioral health services for youth and families in crisis via telehealth how many of these parents said I knew my kid was trouble. I knew my kid was a problem.

Had problems and was a danger to himself and maybe others as well and I couldn't get any help the cop say hey this is probably hasn't committed a crime, we can help you's and other schools there is a dearth of guidance counselors in schools is a big problem. This is like one school volley system. Don't quote me and there's only two counselors for 600 kids.

Clearly this generation and that one just slightly high that has a mental health issue there there in crisis and maybe we need to invest in more counselors.

I don't think that that's a bad use of my money for buyers under 21 years of age. It requires an investigator. To review juvenile and mental health records, including Texas State data, databases and local law enforcement if somebody really misheard some of the kids can get a gun illegally.

That would've only because the view of all the shooter passed a background check eating mental health record. As far as I know, because he wasn't seeping mental health counseling was he. You can correct me on that if you if you want to 866-408-7669 I'm just going off the top of my head, but a lot of these kids got their guns illegally or stole them stole the guns were legally required, acquired and stolen their crackdowns on criminals who illegally straw purchase and traffic guns. I guess what gun traffickers much like drug traffickers clearly follow the law is when you have assigned as a gun free school zone help criminals ignore the signs so that to me really big, but if they do what they do. The cuts can be a harsher penalty. Okay the mental health stuff I think is great. I think this you know honestly we should in every single school in my humble opinion, had the opportunity of video surveillance. There should be surveillance in the moment those kids walk in the door. Even the surrounding grounds should be surveillance. We should have someone monitoring that 24 hours day. We should our children should get the same kind of protection that we have in jewelry stores.

You know we have to walk into the little antechamber you walk in the first door and then you had to push the button and the check out to see if they want to let you in with the same type we have our banks or I do know for Congress. Why do we not protect our children with guns but it's okay to protect Congress with guns.

We are children deserve the best protection so we we sent 52 billion to you to Ukrainian guns and weapons and everything else I Doak we've taken 1 billion to secure our kids, 866-408-7669 words yet. We just had the basic outline there, let's go to Alexander on KF TK in summary, Alexander, you are on the rank and reach a high right. Yes, good morning America, you're making a lot of valid points but I do appreciate that but there's more to the issue and it's so crucial to the left to destroy gun owners rights in any way they can. You know the arguments they tell you what what you need a gun like that for after all, you need an AR with armor piercing bullets because beers don't have nothing to do with donning nothing okay with talking self-defense were talking self-defense of an individual.

That's one thing when I'm in and remember I'll admit that and that is an NRA member, they regularly put in their magazine the times where people have either saved their life, other people's life. With the use of firearms. The MVI staff. I'm sure you have available. Dave read said that guns have been used like 2 1/2 million times a year, but multiple times regarding when fired, they just basically brandish them or somebody. Here's the talk of a 12gauge and you know I think I better leave you happen, but there's so much in the way of defense, abuse, and good positive use of guns that is happened that the media of course this is all part of the Marxist lot you know to to take our guns away in every country that's done that, you know what happened were the last bastion. Australia knows that I know people in Australia there really going to a real rough spell right now with the government would go.

But we need to go after the criminal politician, which is why you're a good one character. There was really off-base when he said do not prosecute the Democrats, either criminal politicians. They need to be pursued, prosecuted, imprisoned, whatever get them out of positions of power they are using them.

They are using them in conjunction with corporations. If you familiar with Schweitzer's book red-handed. I mean there there actually being paid to do things that are going to help with China in a stronger position in America where they can be more dominant and knows what it doesn't look good but that we've got to go out the criminal politicians.

We can't sit on artichoke anymore and just say well you know what we shouldn't do what they do because we want to look bad. No, I mean they've committed criminal acts of people you think of died along the border because of criminal actions by the illegal immigrants and drug traffickers and everything else that are coming only people going across but when they come across the crimes they commit. After that, I'm with you on with you on I'm with you and that I think some bricks love they need to be held accountable. But this is part of the two-tier system we have, and when someone says to me what we what you need an AR you don't they know nothing about firearms at all when they say things the a lot of things and and I will suitable widen when we protect Congress with AR's well you know there are politicians like most of their lives are more valuable than your child's. I don't understand that. I'm sorry. Why is a congressperson's life more valuable than children and then your child in school and then then you never hear from them again on Twitter is greater than blocky, which I love. But but it's a very simple argument. We should all have the same protection.

The same people who want to take away guns from law-abiding gun owners. Also, though, want to force you to be for should be dependent on the police that they also wanted to fund not super happy with that.

I 866-408-7669 lots of calls. I will get to all of them coming up on the Brian Kelly Joe giving you you need to know your Brian Jill made breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian can only show you as soon as possible. Congress with something against violence as author of the Brady Law.

I am particularly pleased that for the first time close to 30 years Congress seems ready to reject viselike grip.

NRA has had on and move forward to meaningful gun legislation so you know that's that's Chuck Schumer viselike rafting NRA. The this is what they do, they pay people you know their opponents in such ridiculous terms in and lie, of course, and that that's what they do but the left of their base thinks the NRA's out-of-control children. I've heard like the weirdest accusations from people who were against no gun rights against the Second Amendment is for a lot of these safety courses and and for using a firearm safely and for education and and they're okay with a lot of of the restrictions are placed in the sense of life.

I say restrictions, IDs, and that type of stuff. But remember, they don't want an ID to vote to exercise that right is it's constitutionally guaranteed right.

But if you're poor or if you're African-American in this country you don't have an ID because that's what they tell me about ID for voting so African-Americans don't have IDs so how can they get it on there denying them their second amendment right because they don't have IDs to get most states to be able to get a gun.

It costs money you have to pay. I know in the state of New Jersey is insane.

You have to pay to be fingerprinted. You have to pay for your firearms ID card left to pay for your background check and now the firearms ID card in New Jersey extent expire every four years now. It was for life and now it's every four years. So you gonna pay for the fingerprinting again. Background check again when you have a gun transferred to a fire of a licensed dealer in FL you you have to pay for that. So you know there really if that was if you paid it vote. That would be a poll tax, but it's okay to disenfranchise poor people and black people from their right to defend themselves and protect their families.

That's okay. On the left number saying I don't want to know certain certain stopgaps. I think that that's okay by I would like consistency, but I'm a little crazy 866-408-7669 Naomi in Washington you are on the Brian Kelly Chow hi Naomi, I got earlier I would like elementary protection. Very I a you are correct where there is approximately one counselor at the elementary level for anywhere from 4700 counselors are treading water. There's no way that they can keep up on. We need more counselor in every school building, especially at the elementary level I is Bella elementary level.

We have staffing that is so much meaner than middle or high school.

Certainly populations are higher but even a high population elementary school I happy people are getting the job that what three or four or five people do at middle and high school level getting today. I to the opposite scenario that people in office are the people that are the first people on the front line when it comes to protection but didn't think that building doors are open it, just create that much bigger. I work at enough, I had the button on the wall and the ability to be able to hit.

Although the problem was that I was doing 20 other things at one time line with the other half that – which by the way, was only one other person that I would be protecting student staff and by the way, covering the healthcare nosebleeds any health emergency registering student income, finding lunch for people monitoring behavior been sent to the office because the teacher can't manage them at the time.

We need more staffing is my claim. We need more staffing and more help elementary get by in my canyon and the doors need to be locked.

People need to be. But then someone does have an AR. Unfortunately they come back to the glass. I like that out the an investment in bullet got at least for the front door and keeping the remainder of the doors locked doors open round of the your point is well taken that there staffing comes, I think there's there's much larger problems with our schools that go past you know just the staffing you unpacked a lot there a lot to stay there, but there were plenty of school districts in this country and states that were given money to upgrade their schools after COBIT because you don't will be would go back to work until they had filtration systems that this they had that we paid in my town which has Scott on how many others like one classroom for each grade. It's very small. We put air-conditioning in the school and the kids are in school in the summer like okay not quite sure why that's happening but sure.

So I think there's a lot of money that has not been spent. We know there's a lot of money has been spent from COBIT. These schools should be taking that money and they should be hardening their schools with it. Or maybe hiring guidance counselors, but I would prefer to see. Like you said, let's have all improved roof glass.

Let's let's do other things behavioral issues with kids. Maybe we need to reassess whether we need to have some kids who are in class right now. Maybe should be in class right now. I did another show last week or two weeks ago and someone said that yeah she's a teacher and they have one student and there's a codeword when this kid asked that the other kids leave the room okay. Why is that kid in class. So I think there's a lot to unpack as far of all of this goes on Mary Welter and you're listening to the Brian Kelly Fox News radio studios in New York City. You opinions and facts with positive Brian yes and Mary Welter sitting in for Brian kill me with you more about international politics and staying close to home was talk about what's happening especially in Ukraine because were getting worse that the more the balance of the war. The thrust of the war may have taken a turn and be going against Ukrainians. Now you know who would know that you have the answer general Jackie retired four-star general chairman of the Institute for the study of war and Fox Senior strategic analyst and all-around great guy general. Thank you for joining me in the mirror I was good to talk to you.

So that's overhearing you know are hearing that the battle now is is going against the Ukrainians that it is favoring the Russians at this point in the game. So of course Vladimir Putin is not going to say yeah let let's compromise. Let's have peace talks. Now if the if Ukrainians are on their heels right now back on their heels. This is, I would think an impetus for Putin to want to take even more from the Ukrainians so is what we're hearing true that there back on their heels are making some gains at the expense of the Ukrainians all brass region would choose the south part of Ukraine were 2014 Russians 02 republics, one launched the bottom part of each now and launch video managed to capture about 90% of that is a problem in terms with about 10% to go to major cities, several of the most major city and that's where the contest really is.

This is more open to writing outside the cities. Therefore, Ukrainians have to build fortified positions as opposed to hiding in buildings of suburbs like they were able to do around court to also wondered so to all wore a bar to the Russians have lots more art almost about one very outgoing Ukrainians in the numbers about the outbreak Ukrainians where you want to go back to school began to scream for weapons. You receive some but some of the other countries are probably the Germans are on example I we need to give them lots more of the other figures they want artillery range. The Russians go last week on the subject of the bridge."

Showing dollars how the Russians are outraging me Ukrainians and Ukrainians can do about tracking down that all jewelry they don't have the airpower to do it in the Russians multiple air defense systems are the auditory and therefore the materials ought to read the post was although October. So what are the Russians of Mercury News incremental gains of virtually become decisive in terms of wonders, auditory war Ukrainians fill out the skill of the Russians got better world on the Russians but they don't.

The notion that the Russians of the Russians out real quick Ukrainians have more in relation Ukrainians. So what is needed is more more relation strictly auditory that the range the Russians meeting this week. I figures 1 with the so-called 40 nations. The problem support for Ukraine support have a butler but I hope the goal was to pull in those countries also make sure that all process in getting equipment is accelerated as much as possible so small public Google search of the support or certain type of weapon that goes with the little dog and that's what happened initially with the artillery a couple months ago and it also happened with the so-called multiple rocket launchers, which they finally made the decision, but it took a couple months to break all every single bed Ukrainians are losing more and more people will be of some sort so you did also say that there is a ring of things like ammo and I don't know if we have the ability to to produce the ammo in this country. So who is it is not incumbent upon us and it is a lot of this is falling incumbent upon the US.

From what I understand that European countries have spent about 8 billion, and we've sent you know.

Like we spent like 50 was 52 billion at last count is this really the US is war that were basically fighting by proxy in the sense that were worth the work of one's foot the bill no longer in the visual culture and more weapons of any other country, but there are countries that provide a significant amount of weaponry and copolymers provided literally hundreds of times right off the Lord is about to break out all these extra strikes in place ready report their own security at risk of recognizing full well how important it is to crush the Russian on the inside. Ukraine what it really is security. It will take a risk with no spaces.

There were the indispensable leader note no doubt about it. One of the positive things are called out of this is to remind the world how important United States. We United States is likely going to leave but this is the sort of searcher frustration Ukrainians because they can get worn down old Mary and I don't believe has ever given the on going back to P you can take of it down the top when the government people who were trying to suggest that negotiated the diploid offramp but him at all for your role as much of Ukraine is physically possible given the limitations of his forces stay in the country with Russian forces and continue to wear down Ukrainians economically doublespaced to a failed that's what he's blockading all the cargo ships the commitment picked up our Ukraine so agricultural products that we've been calling about using this for the long term.

We have to we have to recognize this and I think some people France, Germany, and maybe so should also would just like to see the stalemated and somehow the cease-fire and hopefully it just goes away will not go away in my mind. The only way to get right. Negotiations are going to be until he gets what he wants, which is complete control Ukraine so I have some questions you can you explain it so well and and I really appreciate that because it's on a level that you don't. The average person can understand.

So when you when you talk about late how this is dragging on and how it took so long to make the decision about what buttons we were going to send. I wonder if it's something like one step forward two steps back because the time that we take if we had squashed this earlier online. It would not be dragging out like this. Do we stand seeing this war drag out for years and were to be bogged down in supplying this four year possible all that's why who's on the other countries as well: actually have shown the word United States has shown that when we completed solo box doctors global and open strictly for javelins and spring. We have given those what Ukrainians we got to get into a conflict with very little be little challenge but we accepted the rest part of the money that is been authorized by the Congress. Mary yielded 40 but it was actually larger than that.

Some of that money is the buyback stockpiles. In addition to giving Ukraine authorization: for more more weapons. The best example that were starting to work: setting what the United Kingdom asserted is what somebody's all the countries have to do lunch and provide some support for quickly. I had I only have I have to let you go so sorry. I wish I wish I could keep you but I know I have to let you go.

There is a reports is my last question. There is a report that Russia is rationing its use of precision rockets in there instead resorting to increasingly imprecise rockets.

I just does that mean that they're running out of this type of problem from the outside of board cultures. You, the use of likely did not how much you search the would be required strictly over the Russians were very will be over in a few days.

Right here. We all know the Russians know that they are involved in war, but they don't have the stockpiled sector burials that have those drug shortages absolutely will general checking thank you for your time. Always a pleasure to get to talk to you because I always learn something. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much you your call 866408766986640876690 Mary Walter you're listening to the Brian Kelly Joe something new every day, Brian is three hours and kill me.

Mary Walter sitting in for trying to kill me if you want to join me at 866408769 were just speaking general Jackie about Ukraine and Russia and where that's heading in the American commitment to it is so complex and you put China name Aaron enough unit. If you're a student of history you look at this and go. I think we see this play before and and you wonder where this is going to go and how long this is going to gonna play out in you know all the questions and get task like this. Does Putin know take gobbled over the next stand and you know Belarus and is this going to expand and this is why Poland is generally been said, this is why Poland is so eager to help Ukraine even to their own detriment of protection of their own country by giving them tanks and things like that because Ukraine is what stands between them and Russia. We were also discussing this framework that was put out by the Senators is bipartisan group and there's there's no text to it yet, so we we know that there they are focusing on mental health hardening are schools you know Hart stiffer penalties for people who obtain guns illegally and I just laugh at that.

Because, like, really there obtaining the guns illegally completing whatever penalties you want probably deter them. But I'm a simple person… Let's go with Eric on interrelated, eliciting a WDB L Eric you are on the Brian Kelly Joe hi Mary or your great there's three main things are getting but I like the clip you played Chuck Schumer bragging that you wrote the Brady bill actually works well.

The gun free zone that Joe Biden authored by me not just create a whole bunch of fish in a barrel were well armed down here in Florida and the only shootings we school where they had fish in a barrel, the other number true that they're ignoring the talk about that the kids in the mental health and I work for major drug supply company and were very educated and little Johnny see a shrink a little Johnny got bad but you can't talk about little Johnny, are you committed a violation I need to change the laws and along with you. 21 got to solve a lot of these shooters are well over 21.

They have workers like that lady like us with the educator said we have the things we need to do well think they know about these. They can't record but once they turn 18. That record gets a raise and you start all over. So the FBI a lot of these guys were finding out the blacklist is want to talk to the sheriff. The guy in Buffalo was on the FBI watchlist San Bernardino Buffalo FBI want their kids watching the FBI's bill. Your take on all I totally agree Eric, thank you for that II think I pulled up Forbes just just was talking about the human article out that most college students suffer mental health crisis that colleges are facing mental health crises and a study published in the archives of Gen. psychiatry, found that nearly half of college aged individuals who were interviewed between 010 from L1 to O2 so this is old had a psychiatric disorder over the previous year so 20 years ago. A decade later, a survey of college students conducted by the national alliance on mental illness from August 2011 to November 20, 2011 revealed that 73% had experienced some type of mental health crisis during college, so we have a generation that is now in college and coming up that has mental illness issues and I am glad that we've just stigmatized it, but I also wonder if we have a generation coming up that also can't handle adversity and I think that what worse there. They are self classified as a mental health issue these kids is really you know something not going your way.

A lot of it is just what they call anxiety anxiety. I have anxiety like no it's called a rough day so I do think that we have a need for more mental health services because so many kids are medicated. Now we just like oh yeah I'm depressed so we put them on medication. I can't sleep. He put them on medication.

I think that there is a lot more that needs to go into all of this, but to Eric's point is you know if the FBI is following these kids but that's all they're doing and they're not doing their job.

We expect the schools to do right. I think parents need to be more involved in all of this is well. Parents need to look at their kids and I like the idea that is supposedly part of this framework with a talk about giving parents the ability to have access to some kind of mental health intervention if you will you know if it one of the kids a Diwali shooter came home and see how the kid had slashed his face and his friend talked about that after the fact in and said all it was a cat and got scratched by a cat. We find that Probably one of the cats that he was killing and stuff it in a plastic bag and caring around him home and tells you that you don't hate this kids doing is what he was apparent do. He's not in a home situation is living with his grandparents to call the grandparents do you what you call the police again and tell you that we can't do anything about this, even though torturing animals is a huge sign. There is no path and I think that that needs to be put in place to be utilized to help these kids not not incarcerate them not doing not ruin the rest of their lives, but to intervene and get them help now is arising if you say something, see if you see something, say something when it comes to these kids who are exhibiting some behaviors that are there no red flags and everybody sees red flags but they don't know where to go to intervene and I think we need that I Mary Walter you are listening to the Brian kill me shall talk show that you I Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me and just reminder on Thursday to do a podcast Eastern time in Melbourne. I it's on YouTube just go to YouTube and search for Mary Walter radio or Mary Walter usually bring you to it as well. And if you can join us live at 715 on Thursdays. There's a whole bunch of of previous episodes of the podcast that you can sit much, just check it out. I would appreciate that. I you know in Britain with your your sometimes is ahead of us with a lot of things, and behind us on other things and the left is a listing in which people are like every other country and we need said socialized medicine also. There was point to Europe that we should follow their lead. I think this one I think might be able to get behind this one. They're doing an experiment in Britain and they have about 70 companies in the UK there taking part in a six month trial involves about 3300 British workers to train a four-day workweek, consumer get behind this a four-day workweek to me.

This is also why I think we learn from the date they say we learn this from the pandemic, but also can we learn from the pandemic that you don't necessarily always have to be in the office to be productive, and people will spend more time working at their job when you're not spending an hour and 1/2 doing their hair and makeup guys you two doing their hair and makeup and then you've got is spend an hour in the car to get to work or however you commute to get into. Wherever you go to work and spend the hour on the way home this last time.

I think people are spending more time actually working then and they also have more free time because they have that extra hour or two that they're not sitting in the car commuting and it makes for happier workers and people are getting their jobs done with. Things were getting done, so I thought that that was a learning experience. But I know a lot of corporations are try to bring everybody back in the office because they're paying read Gillis amounts of money for their physical operation right so they want to feel like it's being used. So I want to get your thoughts on this.

I'll tell you more about the experiment, 866-408-7669 could you do your job four days a week. Obviously, this job can't be done four days a week.

Radio and television, and others. You know, doctors, nurses, that type of thing require it's it's a seven day 365 seven type a job right and in 24 hours as well, like we, there's no snow days we was just a joke rather snow days in radio and no one comes to get like TV. They send like weed out cars to come and get you to transport you to the studio back again real people, we have to take mass transit or if drive ourselves or walk or ride a bicycle or whatever and we just have to be there unstinting for doctors and nurses. They have to be at the hospital or their their place of business.

They can't just work four days a week spent some of these.

Some corporations can do it. There are two nonprofit groups that are behind organizing this in the UK. Their CEO said as we emerge from the pandemic more and more companies are recognizing that the new frontier for competition is quality of life and that reduced our output focused working is the vehicle to give them a competitive edge and you look at it when they did studies to find out who wants to continue to work remotely, the younger you are, the more likely you are to say yes I want to do my job remotely. The older you are, the less likely you are to say you know I want to stay home, which I don't understand the big fan of staying home and doing your job. I love it. I think it's great. I got my job done. We we had you were getting bonuses for four ratings and in production and all that kind of stuff so we were clearly doing well working remotely and think of them. I.e. if you are a business owner you can save by not having a physical plant by not having to pay you no rent for all these offices that no one's in bright salespeople.

They can be out of the office and really need an office to be in, so I'm I like it but I think there are some CEOs, some managers who just aren't comfortable if they can't see you if I don't have eyes on you. I don't know that you're working which I think would show in their productivity. If they're not doing their job right now based on their their performance. It should be pretty easy to measure. So I love this 866-408-7669 and I'm curious to find out if you wanted to go back to work full-time. You know I that I did and be in the office full-time. You know why I didn't. I left my job because the gauntlet was laid down that you will be here five days a week seven and I was commuting from New Jersey to Washington DC living away from my husband under on during the week and driving down on Sundays, getting back in the car and Fridays driving back to New Jersey on Fridays. I was home Saturday to get everything done that had to do it and in Sunday's packed the car and did the whole thing again so the quality of life was a huge deal for me and again. Younger people are far more vocal about not wanting to to go into the office and I think that they're leading the way on this. So the UK trying out this a four-day working now Boston College. There's an economist and a socialist Boston colony College named Juliet sure and she is working with four-day weak global to measure companies and employees output and job satisfaction any environmental impact as they participate she is. She's also studied other four-day retrials that Have Taken Pl. in Canada, Ireland and the US. I didn't even know we didn't hear but again think of the money saving gas. If you only had to drive in four days a week instead of five extra day. That's huge, Grady.

Think of the impact on the environment. If people aren't you know running into work all the time because I know people who go to work and they leave the air conditioning on for the dogs or the TV on for the docks and in the light signed and things like to come home to a dark house in the falsely leave the lights on in the house think that if people are home already. You wouldn't be duplicating it because it would be going to an office that's lit, etc. so maybe maybe I'm crazy. I'm looking for an upside where there isn't one. You tell me 866-408-7669.

Let's head to Gainesville, Florida Anthony are on the Brian Kilby shell hi Mark, call talk about this topic of your funny story I had pumped out during code. Business was great mucosal everybody stayed at home with all that toilet paper about a four day work week. You gotta have your ball lot. The will of the persecuted like this work or have a mean that you can judge whether they're doing the job that they're creating website with you that the mowing yards and yeah you know you can complaint for mucosal you know mode so you gotta have a means of all watching them with the cameras all in every business in every restaurant and all understand that you both of them will four days a week 12 hours in the next week to do real work you just come to depend on the all job. You know the one which 36. The next week I think really I think Americans are getting hurt by the economy and that's what their arc.

Upon rather than whether they're working four days a week for five and that is a great point that's I was like, will think of the money you can save by not having to fill your car up because you're saving you know commuting and again I'm in New Jersey so the commute for people into the city is insanity. You know you that I had to go to this I had to go out to Long Island on Thursday and we have a hybrid. Thank goodness because we sat in traffic from the time we got three quarters away over the Verrazano Bridge all the way out to out onto Long Island and if we had been in a regular gas car.

I can't even imagine the amount of gas that we would use just sitting just sitting and going at 2 o'clock in the afternoon going nowhere. No other parts of the country is not as big of a deal because you don't have that kind of traffic that you're dealing with, but I think the time savings and the quality of life issue is a big deal.

Anthony, thank you. I appreciate your comments.

Businesses have openings that are looking for people right quality of life that you can't do a restaurant job from home. Obviously you can't be a waiter or waitress or bartender or something like that. If you're a people business. You can't do that from home sales people in stores. You can't do that from home. I get that I think are a lot and again within the UK. Most of the businesses that are participating this at the 7070 companies participating are white-collar type offices.

They're not blue-collar jobs. Of course, you can't be an HVAC into the child from somebody has to go to your clients home right like factories and things for 12 hour days do it that way. That's a great idea 866-408-7669. You tell me coming up on the brain can reach out to you places you need to know the kill you so busy you'll make your Mary Walters sitting in for Brian Kilby 866-4087 669-3300 British workers are trying out a four-day work week is about 70 companies in the UK and it is month trial and I like the idea.

Obviously, there are certain businesses which can't do that. You can't necessarily just do a four-day work week and also and I combine it with work from home. I think working from home is his just something that we've proven can work thanks to COBIT companies how to get innovative and they did and they kept their companies going.

Obviously, restaurants, things like that suffered.

But in the areas where you could do it. It worked. Why not continue working for is it about quality of life. I think it is for corporations to pay their employees less because of the money the employee is saving by not having to do the commute. If you just let them keep working from home let's go to Doug listening on KL INN in Lincoln Nebraska. Doug you're on the Brian Kilby shell welcome or thank you for your worker for your vote worker in my life before worker so that I work for 12 grade all three will Doug will decompress you actually see and I love that I think we have as Americans, we work super hard we work harder pretty much than any other country. We continue to you get the first week working somewhere.

You get what five days off maybe 10.

If you're lucky for vacation and then you get a couple holidays here and there. I know my European friends think were insane when we meet you at 10 days off like lunch is starting the job site in area 10 days you insane think that we are and where work super long hours a lot of people and a lot of especially white-collar jobs work super long hours because if you're salaried, as as a manager year there till the job is done.

I know people who are physicians who will work 10 to 12 hour days five days a week, but the idea I think you and I'm sorry to report that I wrote to one not in the training anymore.

They change that now they have a think they can't work anymore than so many hours a day and so the D residents are much more regulated now than they used to be, as to how many hours of work and that's a double edge sword a topic for another day about whether that's a good thing or bad thing, but I think it makes a great point. I think it's quality of life has a lock to do with it.

If you're stressed out your burned out. What good are you to accompany Long Island, W RCN time you're on the Brian Kilby Joe hi hi how you today doing great to have anything about this four-day will I side of the coin completely against it and the reason why number one is what comparing United States and Britain what one of a forklift economies United States became as big as they are because we were caught that's number one. Number two is I watched people who was supposed to be working okay and I have one customer she does drug trials full over the world. You can't get a minute with hot that's how busy she is and she wishes she had help.

All true culprit, but on the other side of the coin, I got Ken neighbors I know what being paid and that putting in a brand-new deck in the backyard pool during working hours. Okay, so they're not there killing the economy because they don't hire anybody to work from anymore.

They're doing it all himself and that's what's happening and eventually we know big business failed going to find out this woman. It does the drug trials they know every key she presses and that's when it come down your throat. Be careful what you wish for because they get to know your out at the beach. Your your your shopping day you plan would you kids out in the yard. I listed all of quality of life to but I grew up in this country and I was perfectly happy with the time that my parents spent with them because I understand they got a go to work here. People look at you. The kids look at the role of the parents recall notes, like to get asked the public.

It's kind like asking an eight-year-old.

Would you like ice cream for dinner for the rest of the week. Of course they going to say yes of course we want to be used for an all you can't do it. Think of the real estate that's going to be shut down just simply because there are no office buildings, factories, which is not thinking it's all out world. It's a carrot on the stick. Okay you looking to get more time off so both for us and we get to give you more.

You brought some excellent points really did some thinking for that.

I do know people who worked from home and absolutely were doing other things. When they were listening to a meeting. As soon call doing other stuff, but her job got done. So if you if you have a way to measure productivity, then as long as that person is getting the job done and meeting your expectations. As an employer, then if they're doing it from sitting on the beach but they're still getting the job done. Then, as an employer, why does that matter to you units way I look at that, if there if they're producing and doing what I need them to do.

Do I character sitting in my office to a character sitting in their kitchen do I care for sitting on their back deck. Why do I care or sitting on a beach by themselves. Who cares. And they're doing their job.

I and and as far as how the keystroke thing I do know someone who work for a company where they they monitor the keystrokes that was on a company computer so she knew that if she access Facebook they were to know what she was doing instead of you know, doing her job on the computer so if it's a company computer problem that if that's how they want to do it if you don't like he come into work. I think it can be an option for people if you don't like that coming to work for no one is monitoring the keystrokes on your company issued laptop to do your job or what. However, levered the device is okay then don't be part of this program and we can't we can do it that way. I'm okay with that very quickly. Michael listening on WABC Michael. I've got one minute no, I do it. I work for a utility company big red checkmark my giveaway, but we been working for 10 hour days for a couple years at minimum a couple months ago they decided to take them away from us in front of Saul email her today. Don't let your truck title Crisfield expensive, absolutely a quality-of-life issue it works and you get the job done so and you see you just you just showed me that you can do this if you're in a job where you have to go out and about. You just do 10 hour days longer days. Most people would be behind thank you so much Michael. Don't forget Thursday 715 go to YouTube look for Mary Walter radio on, Mary, Walter, and you're listening to the Frank and Michelle urologist resources a Fox box, whether personal or just

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