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Biden Targets Oil Companies, Blames GOP for Inflation?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 15, 2022 12:29 pm

Biden Targets Oil Companies, Blames GOP for Inflation?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 15, 2022 12:29 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me. Thanks. Would you bring your body is the brain to meet you big our company way we know there's a lot going on in your life. All affected by was going on with our economy and around the world, Clay Travis, a rare visit in studio.

He'll be here okay founder, and one half of Clay and Buck so bring their one year anniversary since replacing this guy name Rush Limbaugh will be here live a little talk little bit will sports and so much more and then Rhonda McDaniel on the impact of the primary season. To date, including what happened last night and 186640876690 if you want to write me Brian to me so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three to me what they represent is capitalism what the live tour is offering, the more money the PGA can't compete.

I don't begrudge them taking that opportunity there still to be able theoretically to play in the majors and listen live tour versus PGA battle to me is one of the more intriguing in the world of sports sports. That's it. Saudi sports washing the live tour and hypocrisy. I'm not offend the government. The Saudi government but Phil Mickelson should not be taking the fall and last but because he decide to sign up for the live tour unless you bring in Lebron the PGA people, which is the world soccer body and our government bring them all down with them. They all do business with evil regimes without paying any price. Why should Phil Mickelson pay a price for anyone else and she's a conservative tribal Teixeira ultra Magan right wing extremist and, of course, sexist and racist turning Myra Flores. Those two words alone tell you everything you need to now that 20 tail madman coming yes another impactful intriguing primary day comes impact fell from Texas to South Carolina to Nevada to look at his record and the stunning flip in Texas public and Congress are doing everything they can. My plan is to bring down costs on ordinary families. That's why my plan is not finished.

Why the results aren't finished either jobs or back prices are still July. Yeah, that's the president so inspirational. His term is in freefall, especially as it relates to the economy. He takes to the mic to throw shade everywhere is specifically a trump in the GOP and breaking this morning buying sent a letter to the heads of seven oil companies need to use emergency browser they don't increase output at refineries a break it all down and unbelievable for him to do this on reading the letter and they're all the same.

Summary. One of them. He basically says listen. Oil was $120 a barrel, then guested for 25 with the problem.

The problem is member of the refinery since the 70s. The problem is we don't have any more refinery capacity so he brings up the fact that every dummies on stage breach of let 'er rip with the prudent price IQ rights in this letter is a question of whether he put his principal responsible for the intense financial pain.

The American people and their families are bearing that is not true, as usual, but amid a war. There's raise gasoline prices a dollar 70 historically high refinery profit margins are worsening the pain, so he says, altering the use of the fence production act. If you don't refine more oil and gas. Now it is incumbent on the oil and gas companies to fire back because he's talking about that they're charging too much. Try to make a profit. Fact they are been told for the last six years. Stop investing in fossil fuel. So Blackstone and all these other major investment firms aren't so that I able to keep up when the pandemic hit you with the huge tankers just laying out there in the Pacific, Indian on the Atlantic oceans including pulled the port losing a ton of money because nobody was using oil and gas because we were all told, just to go home and now you want the oil and gas industry to ramp up because you're getting hounded in the polls incredible to me, making them the enemy making Wall Street the bad guys. Here's the president yesterday: your help. Families are carrying less debt nationwide have more savings nationwide is live about reckless spending or change people's lives. My plan for the economy made extraordinary progress report America in a position to tackle the word while worldwide problems worse everywhere but here you just so out of his mind. He talks about inflation being high, but is high everywhere note is lower in the euro zone is lowered South Korea's over in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, a below inflation China Saudi Arabia. I might mention Israel all have lower inflation. Why is that because the president pumped all kinds of money into the economy would be needed. As Larry Summers is said we keep quoting. We do need the rescue plan to give a whole bunch of extensions on unemployment insurance give everybody more stimulus checks and they all stayed home and he were to check on our daughter from our checkbook at $1.9 trillion.

He had no offsets for this money.

He put it in there. Then he of the infrastructure bipartisan bill got some positive qualities. No offsets. Another 256 billion to the deficit and now he's about 10 more the deficit and more to our debt by forgiving student loans to integrate all or some grade a million jobs. You.

Kidding. We know you told every W they would to everybody was told to stay home only 50% of the workforce was working.

Unemployment was at 14.6%. The fact it was already coming down doesn't mean you created those jobs means people are actually going back to work would happen a lot quicker had you not done all the extensions with all the extensions on the unemployment insurance and disability everything like that. Cut five Republicans like to portray some kind of big spender � spent a lot of money but compare the facts under my predecessor, the deficit exploded, raising rising every single year and all benefit go to the top 1%.

Basically under my plan last year we cut the deficit by $350 billion because through quantitative easing. In between the stimulus that was written over 6 trillion of course there was a bigger deficit. And when you stop the quantitative easing and when you stop printing money, but thankfully Joe matching Kristin cinema stood up and said were not putting 5 trillion into bill back, better revenue in 2 trillion, the deficit came down because we were no longer spending in emergency fashion Jenks of the China virus that you don't want investigated investment fund managers now look at the economy, said over the next year, 83% expect sluggish growth.

73% expect a weaker comedy economy over the next 12 months and then there's people who are no holds barred, pulled no punches Peter Schiff who says hello recession cut eight if that is so far behind the curve. It can even say it. You actually have to get interest rates above the rate of inflation.

We need positive real interest rates but thanks to the Federal Reserve. Everybody has so much debt that we can afford this rate high enough to fight inflation but it is good to be high enough to cause a massive recession and another financial crisis that's worse than the one we had a 2008 misprision view of human affected everybody's lives.

Almost all of it for the better for the worse. I wish was for the better. I'm not even sure you wanted to be for the better because you have this goal of green technology green energy but it's not fair it's not ready. John Kerry speaking. Maybe what's on your mind by saying that landing in his private jet somewhere where he's not out in his yacht or windsurfing. He saying how great it is, there will be switching to a clean economy news for you when out the area. Gas prices up 106% year to year, you can't tell me that doesn't affect everybody listening so I want to take any time with Rhonda McDaniel will go over big Daniel Dorrance each year will go to go over last night in South Carolina and Texas and Nevada. And of course, next week will be in Virginia. I actually might be there.

Rhonda McDaniel next to us in the brain to meet you learning something new every day, for I am kill me, show precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now in Fox News time or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week it's the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News time a talk show.

That's real. This is Brian kill me show why hardware your principles and your value and hot fine bring plan when decisive plaintiff is an exciting night.

They just press the streaming sets of all you can work hard and you can achieve it no matter what time he was overcoming obstacles, overcoming challenges, overcoming adversity with that since my land life and a lot of second chances and I learned in the second chances and it was an awesome night last night. While that is an intimate, obviously happy.

After her challenge, Arrington gave her quite a run. But she ends up her family.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump came out against her so QIP but he did come out in and congratulate her after so after she won she said this and by the way Nikki Haley endorse Nancy Mase said from present Donald J.

Trump carried Katie Harrington Arrington was a long shot. She ran a great race in way over performed. Congrats to Nancy Mase should easily be able to defeat the Democratic opponent joining us now is Rhonda McDaniel, RNC chair Rhonda welcome back great to be like if we surprise it. Nancy Mase overcame a push by Donald Trump and retained her seat called her, telling her I had all I had the power of incumbency make different and a fire in my pack at that ship an amazing story of dropping out of Haeckel working at the waffle house being the first amended to enter to send it out and she worked incredibly hard and I think Pres. Trump endorsing her and think it lack after the fact can be magnanimous about well for her success in the following file while it's interesting the other person not nearly as fortunate as Tom Rice, the incumbent South Carolina was hammered, hammered by Russell Fry. He lost by 25 points. Tom Rice voted for impeachment you with your view.

The different Nancy make it run against Trump during our whole primary, right, you got it where impeachment but then he talked about it the whole time he was running and I think Republicans didn't want to hear that and Russell Fry did a great campaign in and pulled off a victory. Let's let's talk about something it's really intriguing is got a really rattle Democrats in South Texas. Myra Flores flipped that seat to a Republican, a Mexican born Republican wins in an area that's 84% demo extent of the Democratic with 84% of the vote last time you take from this and that precursor of things that we think are time and across the country. Brian in 2021. We went to McAllen Mayor's rate and and same area of the Rio Grande Valley with Hidalgo County being a key County That ready at the community center and the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen for over a year that's for Myra Florez at her headquarters and a lot of her work was being done out of there. She went a fantastic candidate. Her husband, the border agent she ran conservative value and she pulled up the victory and Hidalgo with a big part of it.

She wanted County Cameron County. We were watching it all night.

We never expected her to win that county. It usually cuts for the Democrats. I Looked at yet and the early voting with heavy Democrat and it means that Democrats crossed over and voted Republican, Democrat, should be very very worried about what working with Hispanic motor and it it it makes sense because Republicans stand for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, hard work, good education, and neither things, especially in this economy right now. Inflation and high That are really resonating with Hispanic voters across the country.

Sting so much to go on if you want to cc flipped in the four Republicans in the Senate might be Nevada Adam Maxalt in Reno while he ends up winning. Do you convince that he gives you the Republicans the best shot.

I do see lightning might be a with the Atty. Gen. and Nevada and working a shift Nevada with three very competitive house rates their fellow we went out three that three of the five we need to take back how adamant one that we need to take back the Senate will need one to take back the Senate a really great gubernatorial candidate and Sheriff Lombardo felt Nevada looks really good Nevada state right now because all their balance cycle with were mail it pallet the first thing that's ever happened. So that's gonna put it on in a situation which you do a lot of work in November to make sure we get those ballots returned for the general that would be the incumbent January 6.

The trial will watching how how do you think it's affecting the outcome of these primaries and maybe the general not at all. People Artie have their opinions about January 6.

It happened a year and half ago at first thought.

We all know the violent that the capitalist deplorable.

He hated many of the Hillary Clinton where their wheat we don't agree with that and there can be law enforcement law enforcement taking action on the individual at a circus. They don't have minority representation. The Republicans won the lotto point that members of the committee, which has never happened in the history of the Congress and then to put it in prime time when we have a baby formula shortage. We have Right that five dollars we have in place now eight point back.

It shows that the Democrat even though they have the Senate house and the White House aren't interested in doing anything for the American people. This is just like camera distraction and people are think your story at the bipartisan for such a deal is done despite the president most Republicans and sign up for Pet�n did and now you have this gun legislation. The Mitch McConnell told Corning going there and work something out and the others a lot of stuff left out. There's a lot of stuff that is in gun owners really don't want any limitations.

Here's what Sen. Mitch McConnell said about the outline they came forward to 32 center corn you know I have to point person on our side with come to outcome for is horrible school and is teammate indicated as you have reported coming together. The condo behind a framework which hopefully can be turned into legislative language. For myself I'm comfortable with the formwork of the legislation reflecting what framework you talk so slow we don't have that much time.

But you know would support a mother. Rhonda are you are you from what you've seen. I don't mind getting in before I see that the final thing that what I will say and think that I am saying I think are the Republican voters will very much support like shoring at the school, getting more security at the school thing for mental health that we now we the mental health pandemic it specially with teenage boys right now coming at the endemic kind of kids have mental health issues because they were locked up for two years in isolation. Another issue that we are dealing with now.

I think I talked a lot of Republican senators who told me they felt carful at that. But we have to see the final product before weight say anything definitive.

So when we look at the president's term of the lost 13 races over 100 wins. Many avoid some of a lot of which were just incumbent. So I Tim Scott running unopposed what you think of that record was to tell people is the power of the president to this point for the primary season. I think it's a tremendous power because there is no either side of the IL rate change it to an endorsement beside Donald Trump you look at Katie Vance you look at men that you will get Back, but at a very competitive primary at McCrory. I don't think there's anybody else who has that type of way and it showed the power of Donald Trump. I do think incumbent have been able to withhold that if faith endorsed against an incumbent on that.

The bottom line and can it be a critical factor in turning out well for November and we need him to help make sure we take the Catholic Senate run McDaniel RNC chair.

Thanks so much Rhonda. Big night last night. I said, getting up early with us. Thanks, Brian. All right.

Well, Jesus.

Saudi sports washing how you feel about Lake Travis live in studio will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News five just Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download knowing Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other and kill me. I respect and I understand their opinions and I understand that they have strong feelings and strong emotions regarding this choice and I certainly respect them respect that I respect that was a rattle Phil Mickelson to the aftermath of them decide to play in the lived score 1st stop was in London. Welcome back everyone. This probably kill me.

If you're smart enough to be watching Fox nation. You see, quite Travis familiar face here on the network is with the channel and also the founder about cake which is part of the Fox family now and I actually had a chance to see out kicks set up at the USFL is in Birmingham over the well yeah and I sewed you guys. Roland got a chance to see Gary Schreier yahoo talk about how you guys are rolling out major programming yes and I want talk about that but it just on this clay was so fortuitous for us. You hear I'm I'm fascinated by the backlash to Phil Mickelson's getting because he decided to go to the Saudi back league. You, I'm not surprised that there's a backlash because this all started when Phil Mickelson spoke out and let it be known that he was aware of what it happened with the Washington Post reporter with the pariahs showing as it were. Yes, that's right, that entire storyline and so it made him an easy target because sometimes athletes can just play dumb and say I'm not a geopolitics of political expert and it allows them to avoid a little bit of criticism.

Lots in the context in which most sports media have covered most sports related controversies involving foreign affairs.

This did surprise me in the McSwain walked the NBA certainly has been the woke is stove woke sports leagues in the United States slogans on the jerseys the decisions to not stand for the national anthem, outspoken coaches, players, everybody on a variety of different political issues, all from a left-wing perspective. Yet China which is a multibillion-dollar partner of the NBA rejects and repudiates basic human rights. As you well know with what's going on and changing province with what's going on with the Uighurs and almost no one in the NBA media will even raise this is an issue, and so the precedent that it been set was were not really going to grill anybody and then Phil Mickelson kinda stepped in it with that quote and from there everybody else is been attacked.

Now my big theory that I have shared that I believe is going on here is I think the PGA Tour is using the media to do their dirty work, so they want to go after the live tour as a competitor. See the biggest attack angle as being the Saudi connection, and so they are constantly feeding all of these American news media and international news media as well. Negative stories and that's leading to fairly confrontational, press conferences, as each of these guys join. I do think it fades quickly because how long can you ask them about these questions. Sooner or later everybody kind of reacts like Brooks Did.

I don't know if you saw this, he hasn't left for the live tour, but the U.S. Open is going on a character of his handy set guys up and tired of talking about this. Yeah. And I think that's where most golf fans and certainly sports fans are right now, overruling McElroy fueled it over the weekend he went to the tournament categorizes 22nd term in going ahead a Greg Norman who founded the Thai have enough money in my life to retire now.

I am not all about money and talk to my wife about that but something about Mickelson but just to qualify this even further. Listen, I was on the air 9/11.

No one has explained to me radical Islam.

I get it.

If you are Fox and don't understand bin Laden Isis, while everybody that was a bizarre cow. We everybody was linked to Saudi Arabia and other nations around there.

You have to be living under a rock or be totally disinterested to the 9/11 families came out to condemn it, but I would say this and by the way I know of so many of these 9/11 families to become staples in a row.

Fox in this building, you'll find that as we come up on the anniversary this year were marketed to the devastating attack we combined with Saudi Arabia on the Abraham records what you gave them missile defense to protect them against Iran. We are working with them and now begging them next month in two weeks. Perhaps in July to pump more oil we have relations with them as a relates to.

We provide them protection against Yemeni rockets are coming from the Hutu rebels we have weeping dating we been dealing with them in their I think many terms in many ways a poor regime since FDR yeah so why is this your line in the sand while I think that's a fantastic question also.

Why is the sports media holding golfers to a higher and more aggressive standard than Joe Biden himself is being held to right now called so-called Saudi Arabia pariah state if the media is going to go after someone, then I think Joe Biden would be the one the Ford focus all your eye or on not as much golfers who, as we said earlier, certainly not geopolitical experts when it comes to international affairs in relation clay.

I do not know this into some of this research is been dug up late to find out the relevance of the PGL UPG told their golfers to go along to the Saudi international tournament.

As always a came back and play the AT&T Beach. They never problem that yeah and I'm sure you know that Europe, the European tour has taken Saudi money in the past and I guess Callaway titlist pain as well as Nike to huge business in China as well as the UAE and Saudi Arabia so excuse me, I'm not against 9/11 families, but I just think Phil Mickelson is an easy target. He comes out as I was told to $20 million gambling. You know he's the the counter to Tiger Woods for the longest time you speak some of the time he got in trouble for saying I will go to a different say because I'm tired of playing California tax yes he got in trouble for that yet.

Look, I think Phil Mickelson is an easy target.

I also think maybe I'm just already use to it because the thing that almost no one is discussing is has no one been paying to pay attention to high level soccer for the last 20 years.

I mean Saudi oligarchs have gone into the English Premier league and other top European soccer federations and bought up some of the biggest and best franchises in those leagues and then started to pay all of these top players outlandish salaries that nobody else was making beforehand.

Driving up the overall amount that soccer player makes a point on.

That is, I haven't seen Massey or Rinaldo or a lot of the top English Premier league and European soccer stars being criticized for their affiliation with the Saudi oil money and that way either.

And I think it's maybe just a delayed reaction. In my mind that this is where we are right now so yeah I think that's I think your major Greg really good point.

Also Abramovich the oligarch.type tight with the Russia and they made it basically sell it finally brushed tons of Russian brought prior to the invasion of Ukraine.

The skies were laundering money like crazy by buying big time London was the best place to yeah Manchester city yet is owned by a Arab sheik you know the where file with the World Cup is good to be in cutter. It's illegal to be gay. You could be arrested and jailed return of the building. I understand you mentioned Brooks Caprica I we have that cut 25 U.S. Open sucks three autonomous black cloud over the U.S. Open and is one of my favorite dancing and would like to get more dollars trying to focus on the U.S. Open. Originally, don't get tired of the conversations and start all this black cloud that sucks. I waited a plane and talk about some event that happened last week Vince will be going there for the next thing I mean that's why a lot of athletes think you know me, one of the reasons Brian we had so much success and I'll kick is there is such a left for left, I would say slant from the sports media that a lot of these coaches and players just kind of throw up their hands and say man you know I'm here to play golf. I'm not necessarily here to opine on the US relationship with Saudi Arabia and how that impacts the live to right and there's this idea out there because for left-wing sportswriters want their political opinions to be shared. I think I think this is where it comes from. I think there's a lot of guys are going to sports media that are insecure about whether the real journalist because I'm writing and talking about sports for a living and I think this is when they decide. Oh, I got a bow up and be serious on this topic instead of talking about whether a guy deserves $100 million contract are not now I get to be an expert on the live tour and whether guys should be playing at Saudi Arabia related issues and so I think this line of questioning is often elemental insecurity on behalf of many people in the sports media who also want their left-wing political opinions out there like Travis here for now kick last one just to to to go full circle. Here's a a form business Council Chairman, I think he is Richard Haas weighing in on why this is different than this. Just about the money.

No matter how they dress it up as I think the reasons for Pres. Biden to go to Saudi Arabia this summer, or shall we say more worthy. You got the common concern about Iran's nuclear program got the possibility of Saudi Arabia following suit with other countries and creating a peaceful relations with Israel. We need greater Saudi output on oil. We want the shortage to extend the cease-fire or in Yemen. We could probably just solve political human rights promises from the Saudis about the future.

So I think there's a legitimate reason for having a relationship with Saudi Arabia. If you're the president of the United States. Is there a legitimate reason for Phil Mickelson to have this relationship with Saudi Arabia for Greg Norman to know there's no serious purpose for it again. This is simply greed. No less.

I mean, talking. I yes the president's relationship with Saudi Arabia is more serious than a golfers relationship with Saudi Arabia but if China bought the MBA. And let's be honest, it kind of feels like China has bought the ABA, but let's just pretend that you know all 30 MBA franchises were suddenly purchased by China or China bought in-depth endeavors.

Ownership of the UFC or the WWE or whatever it is, is the argument that if a country we don't like is involved in owning a sports league that American athletes are allowed to be employed there.

This is I think legitimate question to me what what usually UFC is an example right people who love the UFC endeavor owns it. Right now, but like anything it's for sale right if the price is right, I imagine. So if someone offered a wildly exit exorbitant amount for the UFC. Are we saying that American fighters shouldn't be participating in UFC events because it's owned by China or Saudi Arabia or some other country that we don't have great relations with all the time.

That seems nonsensical to me absolutely, Clay, would you hold on. I know you're not used to doing breaks because a lot of times the kicks a podcast right yeah but I've also got the clay and buckshot. So, do you understand the either set of dots to come back and make money. I will I do want you to weigh in an and I got upset I could traverse you double your knowledge base. Brian kill me show your listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me like Travis is back with us out kick is now part of the Fox family Clay Tommy Laird is getting a show on your channel talk about where to. I'm excited Fox bought out kick last year was exactly to this day they officially announced it and we got the deal done and we have so if you if you've never heard about kick and you are remotely a sports fan but you sometimes throw your hands up in the air and say I can't believe this woke universe is driving me crazy. You will what about kick and so Tommy is a newest addition, working to have by next year. My plan is I hope to have 6 AM to 7 PM live streaming shows and Tommy's new show, which I'm excited about launches on Monday and it'll be Tommy Laren is fearless to have great guest.

Fantastic studio.

I live in Nashville belted out for its can be great debuts on Mondays can do multiple shows a week for us. We got a lot of fantastic programming. You also soon be able to stream it all through out it's can be great Bobby Barack right I we got what Bobby Barack you may have had them on the your show you where I know you have a mean he's a super young talented guy Joe Kinsey, Armando Sal Garo, who a lot of people know covering the NFL. We've got a bevy of talented guys that are coming in and girls that are to be producing some content that I'm really excited about. So you were told the client that you took about everything but I just got to talk to about another area of expertise, which is sports and how it could be different this year in review to the college tour last year yes to tell you party right BUT name, image and likeness.

It basically we are a thought if you were want to transfer the transfer portal was chained making reagents into everyone. The Attleboro sampling Ohio State because of the transfer portal ends up being baby or the finest young quarterbacks yet.

A fellow seen 20 years so but he was stuck in the bench so they got a little bit of freedom but now the NAL name, image and likeness. What's good and was going to do for the balance of power in what we see on TV.

I think it's going to be a seismic change that the description that I've used is basically the Berlin wall came down in college athletics and what I mean by that example is the Berlin wall came down.

Suddenly Germany went for capitalist and what's happened is a raw, unvarnished capitalism now exist in college sports were before. It did not and so you are going to have top players recruits and employers who put themselves in college able to sell their labor.

Basically as free agents to many of these different schools out there so the rich and and I mean the rich roosters are going to be able to dictate the quality of talent that is coming into schools on a level that we've never seen the soul of the Texas A&M and Clay traverses his hotshot senior in high school He lands and in Texas and he needs and you agree And though the boosters greet them and they let him know what he's got a dealership deal. These going to have a sneaker deal.

Yeah, we got other guys. It'll make you a part owner of the stakeout. Yeah, I mean what what could end up in M has everybody right yet text items doing great Texas doing great University of Tennessee is doing really well. It basically is coming down to how many billionaires are big fans of your school and what guys can't be ruled so widely come up with some rules while the NCAA got destroyed in the Supreme Court because basically what they determine was there was an antitrust violation when you're telling a kid all you can get is a scholarship and you're not allowed to make any more money off your talent and so the NCAA got destroyed to such an extent legally that I think they're terrified to try and implement any rules. So right now were in the wild West. I've written and talked about what I believe is an basic huge paradigm shift. As I said the Berlin wall coming down in college athletics at some point there's going to have to be rules put in place in some magnitude because look at what could happen. Let's pretend Elon musk. Instead of deciding to buy Twitter the richest man in the world was a huge fan of a particular college in Florida sees University 45th and he says I'm to give $1 billion to this in IL fund and working to buy every single year everybody who resides with Florida's good to get $1 million to represent in IL River in IL doesn't mean you have to make money right. There's lots of guys out there who can run businesses and lose money on it and so in theory you could have a situation can only sign 85 scholarship players for football, where every single one of them to make a $2 million a year player Florida because a billionaire decided he wants the best possible team will then that's why the NFL has collective bargaining agreements right because otherwise, richest owners, we are able to sign all the best players and competitive balance would be severely curtailed, and so that is what is going on now.

I think that a lot of people are suddenly realizing wait a minute, we have free agency on a level, there's the primary guys in college athletics will make more money than they were. His prose right and I don't think people have thought about this and really understand all of the permutations and outcomes that are employed now and I just said you know that it will come one, come all, we have five years for the produce. The Syracuse is the ones that are the I think about having Larissa Besley. If you have a rich booster you could elevate or if you don't fall very quickly and if Clay graduated from your school, your life is for sale New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me. Thanks for being here buddy of the brain to me Joe, you permit them in her noting her around the country and around the world was because he or she is a fox and contribute to comments from and the hill she can provide some much-needed insight on the realities of the economy as well as provide what's going on with the presence big letter to all these oil companies basically threatening them the price down or else eventually bent heirs to the bottom of the hour, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three to me what they represent is capitalism what the Lipitor is offering them more money. The PGA can't compete. I don't begrudge them taking that opportunity still to be able theoretically to play in the majors and listen live tour versus PGA battle to me is one of the more intriguing in the world of sport yeah they go the Saudi sports washing, so to speak, to live tour and the hypocrisy that goes along with it. I'm not a fan of their government, but Phil Mickelson should not be taking the fall, unless of course you can bring down Lebron PGA and FIFA and our government along with them.

They all do business with evil regimes without paying any price.

Why should Phil he's a Republican conservative tribal Teixeira ultra Magan right wing extremist and, of course, sexist and racist turning microflora. Those two words alone tell you everything you need to now that 2022. When rain coming yelp another impactful intriguing primary day by Donald Trump's impact fell from Texas to South Carolina to Nevada to look at the road that record and the stunning flip in Texas Republican Congress are doing everything they can.

My plan is to bring down costs on ordinary families.

That's why my plan is not finished. Why the results aren't finished either jobs or back prices are still too high.

Yet we present binds German freefall, especially as it relates to the economy. He takes the mic to crocheted everywhere specifically at Donald Trump GOP and breaking this morning buying sent a letter to the heads of seven major oil company threatening to use emergency powers if they don't increase output at refineries does that even make sense. I'll break it down but first let's break you officially bringing was because, thanks, and good morning. I'm happy to join you yeah so I just hinges that letter of moment to go and essentially if I if I do summarize correctly.

It is headache oil sigh, I get it, but refinery capacity there making all the money so find a way to get the refinery price down because oil is 120 barrel but gas should not be close to $10 a gallon. It should be more like 425 is the right look.

I think he's desperate.

That's what we know, and I haven't had a chance to really read this entire letter, but that argument is refinery margins are too high and so you need to produce more product to bring those margins down. I think any sensible business oriented person which Joe Biden is clearly not would realize that if refinery margins are extremely high. The oil companies are refining every drop of oil they can get their hands on because that makes their profit hurts and then their and their bottom line look better. So look I think this is a prequel to Biden trying to push for windfall profits tax or some other measure that signals to the American people that he is mad about gas prices.

He's doing everything he can, including beating up on oil companies because after all, none of it is his fault. Remember that instead is the Republicans fall and mutants fall and everybody else's fault, including the oil companies and look we been here before.

This is just sort of stupid policymaking. What I want you to hear little bit of the best of of his speech which was way off the mark on so many facts cut one since I took office dear help families are carrying less debt nationwide have more savings nationwide which is post right there.

Is that true no no and no debt is actually going up and also consumer savings are going down and that's been in place for a couple of months so I don't know whether his team is just behind the curve or thinks he can just get away with lying to the American people bizarre.

So which is played the rest of that Eric is live about reckless spending or change my plans economy made extraordinary progress. Put America in a position to tackle the word what worldwide problems worse everywhere but here is that true inflation and things are worse everywhere but here now because I see that inflation is high is lower in the euro zone lower South Korea significantly almost half of ours, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany and and by the way, some of those countries have less oil and gas indigenously than we do. So you would sort of imagine that America would be better off, but we are not an end. Going back to the American rescue plan. I think people are waking up to the fact that the Democrats $2 trillion excess spending in 2021 really ignited inflation Eagle back to look at the numbers is completely clear that that's what happened you ladled out $1400 to every American expanded the while the child welfare tax all these things and it came home to roost in terms of immediately inflation beginning to take up so I think that he is very defensive about that and why should he be so defensive about the American rescue plan one it was passed only with Democrat votes to an awful lot of people at the time, including, apparently, Janet Yellen said maybe this is too much on top of already spending $5 trillion. Maybe we should whittle this down and three Ryan.

He has no other answers to all of our country's problems and spending more money. What is he want to do about inflation spend another 3 to 5 trillion on build back better. It's insanity and I think basically the entire country knows it.

Cut five Republicans like to portray some kind of big spender that spent a lot of money but compare the facts under my predecessor, the deficit exploded crazy rising every single year and all benefit go to the top 1%. Basically under my plan last year we cut the deficit by $350 billion to do that by spending so much. The year before that. All you have to do is make even the most modest cutbacks in spending that the deficit is improved, you know. Again, this is just malarkey. He would call it, but I just don't think American voters of this stupid, they know that the numbers are worse. They know we had a blowout of spending under Joe Biden and and unfortunately now were paying the price for that.

Yeah I'd had no idea he was in a focus on the deficit play that's refocused on hold so he does not talk about the cost of extending everyone's unemployment insurance extending everyone's the amnesty when it comes to rent. So all of a sudden there's no rush to get back into the workforce so there's 11 million open jobs right now 7 million unemployed, the room of the numbers were remarkably low and even the wages are going up it's not keeping up with inflation the scene.

I think we could do that basic math. I think it doesn't and he can't apparently because he keeps uttering these falsehoods. But you ring up a good point, which we don't talk about enough. It wasn't just fueling demand for scarce goods that came out of the American rescue plan. It was also keeping people on the sidelines instead of going back to work so you had this big boom and in demand and then the supply side shrank because to your point, we didn't get back to workers by the way, were still not back that that's the amazing thing, there still hundreds of thousands fewer people in the workplace now and pre-coven. Why should that be. I look studies have been done to show that you could get 85% of your pre-COBIT income doing nothing because of all those benefits and the and the moratoriums and so forth. And by the way, not paying your student debt is another reason people don't have to go back to work.

All these things piled up to create a labor shortage and you never hear Democrats talk about this because they don't really want people working. They want people dependent on the state. They want to be able to go around as they are now doing with the American rescue plan hundreds of billions of dollars. Meeting it out to various communities and guaranteeing their boat. You know I will lose always piques our guest.

Of course, was a Fox News contributor comes with and no and Liz.

The thing is fundamentally Americas based on competition expense on competing in somebody else to be better and if not appeal work be the best work you can be.

If you fly the plane field and you take out innovation with the same country for newer ship agreed that there test on off a lot of things wrong but actually a lot of this is an echo I'd say an enhanced echo from Obama's era, Obama was antibusiness. Really and all the red tape regulations, higher taxes, all those things created the slowest recovery from a recession in our history. Please Lord, make sure this doesn't happen again because we are on the same path right now. So here is what people do judge said about another area of expertise and that's oil cut nine very striking right now to see these oil companies who have become almost ridiculously profitable and you hear these oil executives on the record talking about how they're not going to increase production.

Why would that they're doing great right now is why the president has called for a use it or lose it policy, where if you're sitting on these thousands of permits like these oil executives have been and you're not doing anything with them, then you're to be held accountable for that know so far, congressional Republicans have blocked action to do something like that, but we think that's another step that would make a difference. Among the many many steps the president already take, so it is the oil companies fall right you want to break that down is the company's fault because they have a lot of acreage under lease, and they're not drilling you might go back to the beginning of the Biden administration when they actually froze drilling permits and by the way, the interior secretary, Deb Palin basically has been called out for judge for not abiding by the law it the law says you have to hand out these building permits for companies to be able to take advantage of the acreage they have under lease.

Look, there is acreage under lease. It's not totally the acreage that the oil industry wants recount is going up in United States is up over 40% year-over-year and production is increasing. But we had a big pickup post trump in terms of production going down because oil prices plummeted and that always happens there a lot of small companies in this business, not just the giants they cut back on investment. But the bigger picture is every big lending institution. Every big investment company and the federal government and the Democratic Party are all telling oil companies. Your future is limited were not working to put you out of business. Remember that was a Joe Biden the clout to put fossil fuels out of business. So why if you're a smart person and is going to take 15 years 10 to 15 years to recoup your money and a big oil platform or oil field are sure something. Why would you spend that money if they're telling you you're going to be out of business. Big investment firms were told be politically correct to not interest in these fossil fuel companies. So guess what, they turn rancid seasoning. You want me to go give you windfall profit tax.

Did anyone give me money when everyone stop using oil and gas and when the when the price dropped under $50 a barrel. When you lose money all all cucumber layoffs.

No one really was shedding a tear for them.

Then no and and Brian, I do think we should mention just in passing that Joe Biden is napping to go to Saudi Arabia, a country that he totally dismissed Ryan and said yes and meet with Mohammed bin Solomon the crown prince who brought runs that country.

Even though he's called him a thug and a killer peak hat in hand.

Because guess what their two countries on earth that can increase production to UAE, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia on multiple occasions in the last year. They refused to do that because he has so insulted them. So not only is he beating up on our industry causing problems in American output and not encouraging it by the way he hasn't yet called in the oil company guys and said hey look whatever you need, let's let's expand production as fast as possible. What can I do.

Instead, they're putting on methane new methane regulations that increase the cost of production. They've as I mentioned earlier held back on permitting, etc. why hasn't he done that, why hasn't he convened in a like he did with the automakers kind of White House powwow to say let's drill more oil is because the climate salads in the White House refused to do that climate zealous, and that's what he's about seeing this of the report that he's pushing the big tech companies to stop publishing anti-climate change information unbelievable as if it is settled science as if those two words go together settled in science we speak here. Where's the have some time to join me right after break.

Okay, great. So is going to stick around.

Then Julie Banderas right after that you listen to the brain to make sure we come back we are going to talk about the big push right now for this administration to put all the pressure on the on low back better stay want to get something going on that and to raise taxes on those horrible people that are in the most your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me that is so far behind the curve. It can even see it. You actually have to get interest rates above the rate of inflation.

We need positive real interest rate thanks to the Federal Reserve. Everybody has so much debt that we can afford this rate high enough to fight inflation but it is good to be high enough to cause a massive recession and another financial crisis that's worse than what we had a 2008 wow, that's scary. Peter Schiff you know him, you shall know, same as your Pacific Capital on with Laura Ingram last night was because here was your reaction to his assessment that is a recession is going to hurt more than await. I hope.I say I am pretty bearish on the outlook right now because I think that that is totally behind the curve. I think he totally right and I gonna have to be aggressive or better know today just how aggressive they want to be upfront with them to the feds can make it to make an announcement today about how much their hiking rates. It was supposed to be a 50 basis point increase.

Another look at 75. Because the inflation number. Friday was so terrible. Now today we also had bad retail sales numbers for May, so maybe that's going to temper their thinking. But I think it's already set in stone that they may become more aggressive and that's I think my the markets up. I'm answering an interesting assessment that traders are thinking okay I think if gets aggressive. Why would that be good for market because it it shortens the recovery time if you will, will begin at five in the next two or three months to look beyond what recession may come etc. but you know obviously the numbers are not good for starting to see the job market fray around the edges that it is the one thing that has been extremely strong. Joe Biden's right we have a very strong job market.

If that begins to deteriorate. I think consumers get even more anxious that they are today.

The most shocking number last week was not inflation. In my view, it was the consumer sentiment number which went from 58 foreign made a 50 absolutely and all time historic low and and and what is that mean it's it's the it's a reading on how positive consumers are about their financial position about the economy at the outlook for the economy.

Looking forward, we have never had a lower reading and I want to think about that. We've not had a lower reading during wars and during riots and during the pandemic. All during those periods consumers remained, if not upbeat, at least okay 58 was not an upbeat number that's a recession level number 50 is like Dyer so I that worries me when I was gonna say though as compared to 2008. The one thing I think you can have some take some solace in our prior regret saying this is that I don't think number one. The banks are in very good shape.

The banking regulations that came into place after that. The big recession the great recession. They call it actually meant that reserves are very high. That's a big deal were not to have bank failures. Knock on wood. But there's almost always a bubble of some sort that explodes when the Fed starts strengthening its true. Is it crypto. Are we gonna find that some hedge fund was overleveraged on crypto and all of a sudden a whole lot of people biased in others. V. Some probably Liz, thanks so much for being here. We need some insight as we do not need politicians telling us what they don't know and regular basis appreciated. Hey, thanks so much for having make me Julie Banderas we come back to those which she brings doesn't radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show, but I also think with the separate what's going on society from politics, so is a good change politically.

Hell yes were to kick their butts. It's going to be amazing. Red wave not so much because the Republican Party is a perfect but these guys have bungled everything you can imagine the real question Michelle talking about his even if the voters revolt. Can you actually change all the insanity that's rolling through these institutions and, through the schools of non-it on. I more dubious into. We have a lot of political success right at time of the school systems that talk about the curriculum were talking about all these other things that are going on with local and state governments little on the federal government and yet the present United States prison Trump, who was frustrated because a lot of things were not responding to the policies that were he was trying to put in place a Julie Banderas Fox news anchor sent to house those outnumbered in about 90 minutes. That's right right try to do my hair and makeup so I'm ready in time.

Yeah well I could do that but I think you probably want to pro you want someone that majored in this technology or something. I took a course I don't think there's a major for makeup in college but sure I'll take it else would you look that up by that if you can, majoring in makeup and hair. Okay, maybe it's a separate trade school board always would match upset do you think this is like a red wave.

Yes I do. I think that the Republicans have you know a big advantage coming around this time in a first of all, Democrats have completely screwed up on every single level from the economy to gas prices to every ounce of inflation that the Americans are suffering through suffering the most.

The poor the middle-class to lower middle-class.

They are the one suffering because their wages cannot keep up with inflation. So for an administration that ran on the basis of that we are going to raise taxes on the rich and we are going to protect the poor. It's quite the opposite. The poor are the one suffering the most of the rich are actually doing quite well.

I took a couple things happen yesterday I think the most intriguing things would happen in Texas so in Texas they have a seat that's open because somebody resigned and it's 84% Hispanic, and one for for the Republican yes and this is may be a canary in a coal mine for what could be happening the future in politics. Yes, because it would. Joe Biden is done for some reason he is repulsed.

The Hispanic community. Yeah Myra Flora.

She won the special primary election to finish the term of former Democratic representative Ayla yelp first 143.

Was it was a significant significant when and it says a lot about our immigration policy.

First of all because Hispanics alone are probably the most disgusted population demographic in this country with our immigration crisis.

Hispanics are seeing this administration is basically just giving the green light to to illegal immigrants in this country and they want to stop so this is gonna be a major red flag for Republicans for Democrats moving forward because Democrats don't stand a chance in border states like Texas so yeah if you're a Democrat in Texas.

Kiss your secret by what about Nancy Mason overcomes an anti-antitrust movement. They were Nancy Mesa got in the bed said Donald Trump when Young was critical of him on January 6 and he went out in and endorsed Arrington so Arrington comes out and she loses by about 10 points afterwards prison Trump says is Katie Arrington is a long shed.

It was a long shot paren a great race in way over perform. Congrats to Nancy Mace, who should easily be able to defeat the Democratic opponent.

So that is as close to a a piece of peace deal that Donald Trump would ever have Nancy Mace who he was a big supporter jump ship. I since he might be coming back there.

Yeah, I think anyone that Trump is getting behind right now is is going to succeed. I mean it's just I think that the Trump era is coming back.

I think that anyone is running with his support is going to have a very strong chance of getting elected.

It's also interesting that all those Republicans that ran against him basically denouncing him for the January, six riots and those Republicans that I or that those Republicans that in fact voted toward impeachment. Look what's happening to their seats right.

A couple things I think he's got a that of all the people he endorsed some of which were on. You know grandma really unopposed or no real opponent in 16 wins and he about 13 loss so give or take 101 or two on either side to his God. He's God shows he's got some clinical cloud. I think the best example is JD Vance, Dr. Oz, the worst example center. Purdue did you get close to Brian Grant so his power somewhat limited. How do you feel January 6 and the ongoing hearings even though today's was canceled place into Donald Trump. I mean, you know, if you look at the primaries and it speaks volumes as to how Republicans who wanted Donald Trump impeached are now paying the price in glitzy South Carolina. His preferred candidate easily ousted the five term congressman Tom Rice their first Republican to be booted from office after voting to impeach the president here mean it's like talk about getting bitten in the you know what we say that word on radio just okay well yeah just don't can I say don't something where you eat because that's another thing that probably probably know you probably don't defecate where you eat Republicans because of your to turn your back on Pres. Trump now for president Trump and now you're trying to get reelected. Just remember that beachfront face the very conservative, very loyal trumpets in this country. They'd have very good memory and they're not going to forget. You know those Republicans that turned their back on the pendulum would be Liz Cheney of the Louisiana trail by about 20 point against the Trump Kennedy yeah yeah another.

That's another sign for Republicans, Liz Cheney. She also voted to impeach Trump which has helped lead the house panel and investigating the January 6 attack. She's facing a competitive primary. I guess in August right from a Trump back challenger and she that's on you look at for her either. While there will be a means this is a conservative Cheney's royalty in Wyoming and for her to lose the juju the power of the Raj huge book. I mean the other thing is if you take a step back. You say the people that think that Donald Trump acted poorly after January 6 or's most loyal supporters of Anke mean Jared Kushner you have his campaign director.

You also have you have VP Mike pence you feel most of these people were his most loyal supporters for four years so by Liz Cheney doing this I understand she's disappointed instead Tom Rice just as I get into what you still this I think would happen. Liz Cheney. She went way over the top so she went over the top. She is my makes Adam Schiff seem like a Trump supporter, so that's why think the problem was a link there is a yeah I cannot support what he did on January 6 and I really have look at them differently, as opposed to, I will lead a campaign to stop right yeah I mean and I don't know what they were thinking when they were doing that because these people didn't want to like stay in office and content considered continue their political careers. So I'm not really sure.

I think also that they were thinking that perhaps the rest of the country really get behind them. I don't think that they actually foresaw that the Republican base that trump you know, had garnered so much support from were actually going to continue to support him. After all of Julia's a few weeks ago by the way, the, the Bobo by demonstration setting some of their leadership down seem to have some to Capitol Hill to get together on the messaging right with the messaging is that that's ultra magna number one number two is that inflation is everybody's got inflation were better off in this whole thing is I'm cutting the deficit as well because Donald Trump's tax increase for the rich, what is to this price so they want to start with all that I ultra magna thing is Bennett is been an epic bomb yeah nobody minds it in fact Trump loves it. The maggot King. He endorses it was the present buying yesterday in Philadelphia cut 14 bipartisanship but I know about this Republican Party like a part able to bring some Republicans along the parts of my plan, but the fact is public and Congress are still the grip of the altar. My agenda is to refuse to consider change any part of the Trump tax cuts was to learn massive windfall billionaires and others that were paid for. Yeah, you led to him. He's offering that advice you try to grab Rick Scott's plan and say the Rick Scott says every five years. Who should we sure about a reevaluate Medicare Medicaid and Social Security, but the presence interpreting as on the run with this and sees trying to get rid of it every five years and it's not even the Republican plan. It would Rick Scott put out that I know and if you if you sit here and complain about former presidents trump taxes when he's been in office for two years.

I mean, what you worry about your own administration. I every time he mentions mag I almost feel like he should that like a feather and trumps As far as I'm concerned. I don't know if he hung himself. He's actually helping and literally sell hats you own a maggot hat. I don't I don't I just might be hacky that Herod so fluffy, good point. Yet, while I used to wear backwards for a while but if you will be like a you you know what you don't it with the point of protecting from exactly so I just said I don't have an answer will take it off. I don't wear hats either. I probably wouldn't wear a maggot hat I would wear anyhow, but how can I ask you how you feel you look son I don't think so bad my hair and makeup are done where I'm looking right now.

If people are actually watching now on taxation. I'd be better off actually in a hat. I did do a great link that covers my whole face. So we come back we'll find out if the if you need to know more, because I will have toast outnumbered cohost outnumbered in our 15 minute ideal ideal and I need to get the make up on stage double educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me.

Joe according to scholars part three years old.

Our kids don't like concept of race part three years old. Our kids are attaching our qualities like smartness and honesty and cleanliness to skin color and all the while parents are thinking. Teachers that our kids aren't thinking about skin color. Even seeing it, and so were not stepping in to counteract those messages and we need to. That is the room candy talking about. We really feel like kids know about race of three in of course ready to transition if you need to. They think cleanliness and skin color linked is there any way you find that could be true.

As a mom now Banderas. Now I don't what cleanliness and what is linked, he says, let me say he says honesty and cleanliness links to skin color and teachers are thinking kids don't see color, that's not true has no that has that makes absolutely no sense now and as far as kids are concerned. Kids need to be kids. I don't understand why society has now all of a sudden made our children and adults because my child doesn't make their my child. He and cheeks, I both do not make their own decisions. I mean you can make your decisions as to when you have to pee when mommy has to come like you, but those are the decisions you make in my house. I make the rest tends when they get older is 3 to 5 does make a decision alike to affect the rest of their lives. I'm sorry it's fun of this even more so when summer vacation going to reach a study of 2000 people, 6% Julie say they are finding they are finding both outdoor and indoor activities will keep their kids entertained the Longbridge of time is a very big challenge.

43% say they are having difficulties of finding something to do and coming up with new ideas. 42% state. That's a problem about you will. I think it's because kids are lazy and they don't like to go outside and do things and that's because parents let them sit on the devices all day to God, for they actually have to use their creativity to think of something to do so. I say take your devices away from the kids and actually pay attention to them the summer. That's my motherly advice next. That's my turn. The great resignation looks like it set to continue. One in five say that they'll be changing jobs in the next year, I guess, is a survey that comes out 52,000 for 52,000 workers. 44 countries in the great resignation is set to continue some 35% say that they plan to after employers for a pay raise pressure highest in the tech sector. Yes, the people basically don't want to work but yet they want to get paid now. That's the bottom line is what I'm reading next traveling with kids, overwhelmed parents.

After five hours is according to recent parents are getting overwhelmed five hours into their road trip 1% know I'm psycho your 10 9/4, 24% prefer traveling for your car instead of flying perhaps 72% of parents pack at least one bag or suitcase for their children while on the road. Pack a suitcase while you're on the road if you're just packing higher on the Dragon stop at a CVS yeah I would say five hours in a car trip with hell. I don't recommend that words give them a lot of melatonin which you've done. I have next because born with this guy, he just had grueling surgery he removed and realigned pins in his neck and his back former Black Sabbath front men. He wore a black T-shirt, black jeans, blue mouse left with his wife Sharon Osborne. Anyway he's been reeling from neck injury stemming from quad biking accident 2003.

I feel bad for the guy.

He has Parkinson's is also obviously suffers neurological disorders due to all his heavy drugs that he's been doing through the years, but their strong couple have to say I got to Sharon Osborne making pretty good.

Greiner will remain in custody for Russia for at least another two and maybe two and half weeks know she's a Best Buy female player in the world are you know what happened when she was passing through a to an airport inside Russia where she was playing professional basketball for a lot of money they said she had how she shot her voice for a for some type of pipe. Therefore, the Phoenix Mercury star and national team superstore is still in a Russian jail. We have no levirate leverage right now I'm like why can't we get there respective that was brought up.

I think with you Allison that brought up the NB issues the leverage with China � China to use the leverage to get Greiner out about that for nights yeah well I guess yeah that would be a good idea because we have arranged so that looks like well because we have no levirate so I mean the fact that we have to rely on China because we have zero leverage of the next big story of Britney Spears. I'm really into the story so you know how her acts rampaged her wedding ex-husband, Jason Alexander not to be confused with the guy on Seinfeld entered her home attempted to crash her wedding will she's reportedly fired the security team security team didn't do their jobs and this guy and see if they were only there for 55 hours say this I say you can't beat them, join them, invite your exes to your wedding.

I like to ask my friends at my wedding.

Like oh I mean, counting her blessings that day. The think you're a good spouse.

Know your handful now I'm not good. Spouse was never meant to be married really. Don't you think that because it really selfish in what way will I love my kids but I don't love anyone else and I hate the world right so someone says show a better recital for a friend of you all know if it's for my kids. I just like to be by myself and dependent visit a friend of yours is sick in the hospital. Yes, for friends. I will go and visit you. I will be if you were in the hospital or if you need a coffee right now.

I'll most likely not get a few thousand euro question when they said are terrible faster with you that your spouse know I'd send the kids but with relevant restrictions. He would get many visitors blame covert I can't come. They won't let me in mixed IKEA Norway offers help with baby names epic over 19, boom.

I can guess where the baby-boom IQ is billed as both a name bank with one 800 listings would you reach to a furniture maker for kids name. No, absolutely not know absolutely not. Instead, I googled that's what I did.

I googled top names in the thigh came up with my cats names and what is in Ames Clarion, Addison, Avery and Harrison came up Banderas. Interestingly enough, it's a fake name is in the Yellow Pages when I was in San Francisco does a lot of Spanish people there.

Long story.

My last name is Bedwell, but I went with Antonio's last name with a celebrity and former agent forced me to faith change my name when I was at local Fox and why if you know the story know I do know my name is Bedwell Banderas complete BS.

I did not know that this is the fun facts you need to know this because they could have Fox news radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach, it's Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here buddy is the Brian kill Michelle the bottom of the John captivity to be joining us. One of the few people who can actually respond directly to the present United States who just went out and called out refineries and oil companies for maximizing profits while we are dealing with high gas and oil prices. The big differences.

These claims is not upgraded refinery capacity.

Now it's time for the refinery community in the oil and gas community of answer back to our customer TVs on that and also we are coming from your current run the country around the world. John Owns our red Apple media WL IR as well as WABC so understands all elements with tapping right now and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is just back from Ukraine former FBI guy. Now the congressman from Pennsylvania will be with her shortly. So let's get to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three to me what they represent is capitalism what the Lipitor is offering, the more money the PGA can't compete. I don't begrudge them taking that opportunity there still to be able theoretically to play in the majors and this Lipitor versus PGA battle to me is one of the more intriguing in the world of sport. Yeah, that is, of course, Clay Travis Sawyer, the Saudi's porch watching the live tour in the hypocrisy.

I'm not a fan of the Saudi government who is with Phil Mickelson should not be taken. The fall unless you gonna bring in Lebron and the PGA FIFA and our government with down with him.

They all do business with Saudi Arabia and even regimes without paying any price. Why should Phil is a Republican. She's a conservative tribal Teixeira ultra Magan right wing extremist and of course I got a call I sexist and racist turning Myra florist. Those two words alone tell you everything you need to now that 2022.

When rain coming, yeah that is true, and she one in the deep blue taxes. A portion of Texas.

It was Democrat. Another impactful intriguing primary day trumps impact fell from Texas to South Carolina for Nevada within a look at that record in the starting flip-flop in text Republican Congress are doing everything they can. My plan is to bring down costs on ordinary families. That's why my plan is not finished. Why the results aren't finished either jobs are back prices are still to live right. Nobody falls right with present binds German freefall, especially as it relates to the economy. He takes the mic to crocheted everywhere. Specifically, a trump in the GOP and breaking this morning present binds scenes, sends a letter to seven oil companies threatening to use emergency powers if they don't increase output and refineries really will break it down. Curtis and Brian Fitzpatrick from fracking state of Pennsylvania House permanent select committee on intelligence, foreign affairs, transportation infrastructure, Carson.

Welcome back.

They want to talk about the war in Ukraine struggles were having getting supplies there what you saw when you were there, but I got asking about the presidents letter that you might have seen. Specifically, we just know that she's blaming refineries for the fact is this up to the charging so much than the getting record profits for the fact that we are paying so much of the pump is that right you connect on the left and present binds a little bit of their ideology versus reality, and they are paralyzed by the far left fringe elements, particularly here in the environmental movement that are preventing them from doing what is utterly common sense and they know we just had I deleted the bipartisan problem solvers caucus we just got just this morning we had their controlling Institute. We had the theology natural gas folks in free bipartisan discussion. Everybody knows what we need pipelines we need permits when he leases to ramp up production. We can be the world's largest exporter. We chose to do some attrition choosing of the and with the fracking and things to that nature where we still among the best of the present can go to Saudi Arabia and asked to pump more. He has no problem blaming you guys for everything: since I took office dear help families are carrying less debt nationwide have more savings nationwide is lives about reckless spending. My plan is not only made extraordinary progress.

Put America in a position to tackle the word what worldwide problems worse everywhere but here, so he's close allies. The people of anyone who challenges him on the economy.

Does that make sense. You well. Wouldn't that includes Larry Summers known economist under the Obama Biden administration put forth a veritable definition of inflation too much money to you few goods. It was certainly raise a red flag before the" American rescue plan B at 1.9 trillion cute too much demand on the supplied labor shortages paying people to not work. This is rocket science and, moreover, Brian again. You know what the problem solvers caucus this ministry. She could have reached out to her group over and over again on the host of issues that have not at all is important with this from what you know about the framework of the gun legislation on the Senate side, Mitch McConnell says he likes allow what he sees in Centerpoint was on us. From what you've seen. Can you get behind that framework yeah you got the text that specific text, but the ideas I think are good right elite week we can bury her head in the sand. Every time a tragedy occurs and hope that the time passes by and do nothing now II pushed back of my colleagues on the left.

To think that 100% of this solution lies in legislation.

It does not, but us to push back and saw my tongue to the right to think that your percent of the solution legislation I think there's certain things we can do. Certainly when it when it comes to juvenile records, both mental health and criminal records getting put into the next system to prevent somebody's kid to turn 18 by these weapons blocking that sale. I think that's reasonable and I think what you're going to see them in the framework pictures and cinema and junk. When put together, there's no federal mandates all of it resembled that of the cortical red flag legislation all it is the carriage financial incentives for states to choose to go down that path.

Which by the way Florida passed after parking, Gov. Rick Scott son in the log of the defense kept in law is working effectively. The Republican state. So let's talk about Ukraine.

Why did you go what we been there several times. This was the first time we actually got into Keith went to the embassy with a for myself and then Crenshaw with the first members of Congress to be in the embassy since they raise the American flag back up again and discouraging reports. Brian unfortunately, ever since the Russians repositioned to the east.

They gave up on their initial plan to go after key repositioned on the east to try to build a land bridge downstream variable and all the downward tested a cut off. She asked us completely and therefore commerce turn in your chili slugfest and Ukrainians don't have the long-range artillery that they need and the Lenski said specifically what he wanted to give� He needs 300 multiple routes lock rocket launch systems thousand howitzers 500 tanks 2000 on vehicles �1000. He said he got about 15 to 20% of what he � for so this is following on the heels of $40 billion bill that we passed in Congress is a huge disconnect between the money that was sending through the administration and the equipment that they need when they need it and where they need.

Let's see as we gave the money to go ahead but you not able to get it forward. I see this big story.

Political had the red tape is stopping you from going all the way forward a lot of innovative weaponry is not getting through the Pentagon morass to get forward to see how it performs on it in battle hundred percent and that's exactly what we saw speaking with the generals who came back off the front line to meet with me and dad to give us percent report they greatly appreciate all the past, but they don't, that the money is not what they need. They need that money converted into equipment and needed equipment sent to where it needs to be and their Doubt right now. They told us a 20 km such that the further circular that they have they have gotten a few of the longer-range but they got like five or eight of them I think they said they need to be 100 or so to match it to go toe to toe with the Russians in the your chili slugfest so it's not moving at the speed of war in which you discourage that is from long distance.

The Russians can stay back with artillery and Ukrainians to get out of the way losing about 100 to 200 people a day. Russians are still paying the price.

But they're able to take land as a don't care about their people. They have more of it and they got the long-distance artillery, even if it's dates back to the 90s. Correct. They are winning and artillery slugfest Ukrainians are losing they were losing a hunter.

Now we're getting reports of 200,000 injured, and they just can't they can't sustain those concepts of lawsuits is going to hold he's gone. You think Odessa is in danger. I think Odessa is the goal they want. They want a landlocked Ukraine they can think Odessa and cut off the Black Sea access for all Ukraine's commerce comes from in and out of that port basically strangled our economy so when you hear Russia saying that they want some kind of resolution all their doing other asking for is for Ukraine to see the land of Russia. 31. Russ is good.

Take a breather.

They're gonna regroup, recalibrate and finish the job at the next opportunity. Which is why Zaleski is begging president by begging the West do not fall for prudence trap that he wants some kind of negotiated settlement.

So there is reported shaking during the award ceremony yesterday. Looks like he's having some type of trouble standing rumors about him having Parkinson's, cancer, dementia your former FBI guy. Would you believe, well, we haven't got any reports one way or another that people can surmise what they want, but I will say Brian that I think everybody's got brace himself for the situation Ukraine getting much uglier than it it's occasion to say that I live there's an FBI agent was my last assignment. I grew very close with people very close with the governmental leaders. The parliament errata. They are fighting the best fight they can but will stop at nothing, there's nothing that you know where he woke up to finish a job Ukraine.

So as far as his health goes, I don't know. I do know that you know he's he's been suffering from mental illness for quite a long time that has exacerbated undercoat abilities become increasingly distant, distrustful of anyone in his inner circle.

People used to be in his inner circle.

He has a rescue type relationship with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church is got two different people testing every meal he eats very paranoid and that's that's feeding into a lot of his actions are not solvable. I need to meet with Gen. Millie and find out what's happening and what you can do. Honestly, I think Millie is much more willing to do the things that Ukraine needs ministration. It's I believe run clean at some of the left-wing people in the administration, and moreover, Brian Biden is not is not a strong leader is not the kind of guy that can make that really tough decision to take the risk to come with it.

He sees and acquiesce or used so far proceeded on military appeasement economic Measures taking half the banks of the Swift going halfway and sanctions and changing story you know every other day when it comes to what is willing and not willing to get Ukraine, whether it be so-called offense or other defensive weapons. There is no extinguishment on the battlefield. Right now Ukraine's defendant the territory frustrating right. Very frustrating, but because that you you understand this better than anyone. Brian and I again the people in Ukraine. I want you to know that state that they are aware of your reporting.

They know you're keeping this in the news. Their biggest fear is that this is going to become no longer front-page news. Top of the fold anymore and that's what you want she wants us to go on the back page he wanted to be ignored because that is and operate in the dark, but Ukrainians remind us every time we go there every time I talk to them. Yes, they are fighting for Ukraine but there fighting our number two nemesis there doing a lot of our fighting force in the they appreciate the support, but they want to be honest with us about what the situation is on the ground of what they're getting what they're not getting an it squarely in the hands of this ministration, Brian.

I don't enjoy saying that I want to support a president and administration about who they are but this president, this ministration is is missing a golden opportunity to take out Russia over the long term. It put them in a generational goal likes of which we haven't seen since Ronald Reagan did it back in the stand, sweetening the ceiling hung up. Now try to become members of the Titanic lost for them because Turkey we do in their problem right there. There is no mechanism in NATO to remove a country so there's a pro-Russian country that that gets enough. Turkey was the last entry. I believe I heard about is not in their corruption at the time. I don't believe they were. But no one has been closing up to the prudent in many regards. And that's a problem you have a NATO member country who is even a little bit supportive of nation like Russia and some Likud and they're now going to block democracies like Finland and Sweden want to get in NATO that they got really take a look at that charter because it also follow that Turkey could block in article 5 location should Vladimir Putin use chemical and nuclear weapons.

That something were all concerned about was concerned about not losing the probably that's probably less of a concern outlook for Gen. Millie to make a stand is said to be unanimous in saying this, what I would've done I look for McCall press conference or leaking to the press how upset the Pentagon is about the way this is going and how we could change that's how that's what happened with Trump was in all the time why they feel an allegiance to present Biden usually allowed them to be humiliated and all of us be humiliated in Afghanistan is frustrating Congressman. I just like I just hope you let's hear about this Pentagon hire up a week in this are putting pressure on no doubt, but will he do this to keep an eye on the situation. There it could get really really ugly really messy poodle there. There's nothing that he won't do to succeed in Ukraine and that the very dangerous situation actually comes from Brian Fitzpatrick. Thanks so much at PA 18664 087669 places you need to kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian until made bad news has consolidated his forces that allows him to overcome some of these logistic challenges that he faced when failed so miserably at the start of this thing. Now he's concentrated in the southeast corner he's kind of closing up concert men around the center of that red zone that you just showed on the map that the bad news. The good news is this foot race to put the right weapons in the hands of the Ukrainians is continuing to move in the correct direction and particularly the addition of artillery, surface to surface rockets, all that will allow Pres. Smolinski. By the way, speaking of character pressure will allow the Ukrainians to reach back and intercept some of the logistics that are flowing forward. So, bottom line, look for a static land front and I'll close with this look to the sea for the next big move, but I recall that the Black Sea fleet is blockading and as a result of that grain can get out in Ukraine.

The next big mission set to analyze and think about will be, should we need the West open a corridor or an escort that grain house that could lead to a confrontation. Watch the see that's what things will go. I think we have to I mean by law that's in international waters that would James starve you this to be for supreme Allied Cmdr. we have to open it up you have about six or seven different African countries will begin to starve to death and they do not have the right to blockade international waters so let's act like a tough guy because we are legitimately tough with superior naval forces we come back. John cast Matisse on the president's letter talk show that's getting you kill me very strike to see the who have become almost ridiculously profitable oil on the record talking about how they're not going. Why would there doing great right now is why the president has called for use it or lose it policy worker sitting on these thousands of permits like these oil executives have been and you're not doing anything with them, then your to be held accountable for that know so far, congressional Republicans have blocked action to do something like that, but we think that's another step that would make a difference. Among the many many steps.

The presidents already take others or Sec. of transportation people to judge Mayor of South Bend talking about the really kind of threatening and blaming oil companies for the fact that in some places at the pump.

The price is about $10 a gallon in in California believe that on average were just over five dollars a gallon in the US precipitously in just a year, almost 100% with me right now somebody does need this whole industry explained to him he's at the top of it is the CEO of United refineries also CEO of a red Apple media, which has which owns WABC and WL IR. Among its other entities and their love their kind enough to carry or show John cast Matisse welcome back good morning Brian how are you today good. Were you surprised at the present United States, wrote a letter kind of cone at the oil and gas industries and telling you guys to refine more LRL's or else he's going to take further action, explain yourself if you're not going to which your reaction to that well present Biden war on North American oil companies North American fossil fuel companies with no alternatives. Washington is forced to the situation where the oil prices went from 55, $60 a barrel to 100 and $2025 a barrel and all the price increases in food and everything else comes from oil.

70% Brian 70% of the factories run on diesel fuel and assorted coming 70% of the trucks that deliver product stores in the home country run on diesel fuel. The price of diesel double and we have a problem in our country and I don't understand why he's begging Venezuela tomorrow. Oil is from a flight to Saudi Arabia and inspected them begged them tomorrow and pay them $120 is the break I ran for more oil and pay them $120 a barrel and why we have all the wrong we need in North America and Alaska and Canada. Why are we making North American crude oil. The enemy is using it from foreign sources paying him double the price doubled the price. Brian, you know it's happening. Taking the wealth of Americans moving it over taking their money out of the pocket and moving it over to the pockets of the Iranians Saudi Arabia Denny's women's directions etc. etc. check understand usually saying in the letter. He says the price of gas at the pump less time. Leave the price of oil was a dollar hundred $20 per barrel of the price of gas was for 25 he says the reason why it's higher now and 75% to $0.75 hires diesel and price are now $0.90 higher.

He says it's because refineries are refining oil and gas are at a greater rate because you want to maximize profits is that indeed the case will no clue. The reason they put them in writing so that the White House to put away the White House wants to put out not necessarily the way to present what so I'm very very disturbed about it and am very very concerned about it and we all love America and right now I was on Maria Bartiromo show last week we set that if we don't open up the spigots of North American provided they can provide 15 million barrels in North America Canadian United States that we not doing it and one providing 11 what why would begging the foreigners for half a million barrels is just nonsense. And if we don't use the price of oil, which is the problem is to map there increasing the price of their increasing interest rates today. The 30 year mortgages 06.23 percent right. I'm trying to destroy America but increasing interest rate so much. It will destroy the real industry, so we comes to oil and gas. Oh, why is the refinery capacity down what what would it take to start drilling more not just John Cashman TDs for shell were BP or somebody else. We have no shortage of you know why the product comes in through a pipeline from Canada. Canada has zero shortages zero shortages Alaska barrel day pipeline that goes into United States using the brine 400,000 that's very reason that the White House is growing more wired to doing XYZ well, let's talk about the other departments. The restrictions from other departments of the federal government EPA etc. etc. etc. that don't don't make people feel warm and fuzzy about spending money in the oil industry went with the present United States is working to destroy the oil industry when he says that all electric cars by 2030 and invest money in the orbit. Nobody knows I was at a big bank meeting. I was in a big bank meeting on Monday. One of the higher high up the woman from the bank bankers requiring the big banks to come up with the officer on how to reduce the loans, oil companies, you hear what I just said yes, requiring the big banks amount of money lending to oil companies and related companies so you know what you pay for it in cash to borrow. See, this is an important point for the last for the last two years. All these major investment firms have been discouraged about been told don't don't invest a lot of these will companies don't invest in fossil fuels is better for the world Beverly country that's not where the that's not where we want to be had. Want to be heading toward clean energy.

So how are you supposed to finance these these these permits and these leases if there's nobody investing so investing goes down to the drilling is lessened and all of a sudden they're saying where's the drilling we need capacity stop love reaping all these profits. The American people paying too much for guest so they want to hurt your company and then the Illinois Abilify your company for not pumping more to make you guys the bad guys were his latest US yesterday you're finding out that banks are still having trouble lending to you guys consider getting pressured by the government, banks are getting pressured by the government will not favorably lending money to fossil fuel companies that destroy and interest rates are going up to 30 year mortgages up there trying to destroy America guys not enough.

You know what I told Democratic senators is not don't don't destroy America so so junk expertise or guessed it was been in business for years and knows knows all about you so much for getting out right, so have you ever seen an environment like this. John no not that one. When the American are all America United States is the enemy favoring the rest of the war and the money from the United States were moving into the world makes no sense. He says he's going to use the Defense production act. If you guys don't act your legal you're the refinery business. If you don't act easily use the Defense production act to make you act. You know what we could actually make you do what you concerned about this. I have no clue how to go about to find out somebody is telling him what to do. Brian uses his release, he will prove reserve already. He says he expanded access to E 15 gas which makes no sense because when our burning corn pudding corn into our tanks. So he says I do that in no mood to take other steps and we always go to Saudi Arabia in two weeks. That's one of the steps he's going to be making there won't answer his phone call Abilify that can make it up the president of Mexico to go visit her mother. The request what's going on in our country. Democratic senators stand up for America and not spend up for the party. That's what I'm saying is a lot of, do you think you can get to Sen. Schumer. He knows who you are. Assuming those rights got John Cashman TDs. Thanks so much. You should Brian I will get over it with how we get to catch roundtable on podcast you go to catch W ABC and you get all our podcast and it's common sense solutions make news every week. I John Cashman TDs. Thanks so much appreciated. Thank you got it. 1-866-408-7669 John Cashman TDs waiting and ask him directly. Sky married businesses understand were good businesses and I'm really to a degree I'm getting that he think somebody is actually sabotaging this country and right might be from the, the upper edges of the men and women in charge. This is the Brian Kelly Cho don't move diving into today's top stories Brian kill me. He's so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me economy is really been struggling lately is the stock is now the biggest freefall since the start of pandemic ticker on CNBC is showing the lyrics to everybody.

Her funny Jimmy Fallon right moves right through article that foxy everyday for not carrying the jet January 6 trial tribes make a bad joke and you can't really tell the difference is so insincere. You know he's not like that. That's not even his personality newly think he cares Yahweh like he's felt pressured to be political, since Trump got in. He never found himself again. Are you stunned that we don't hear more about late-night TV. Remember the intrigue of Letterman, Leno, who's winning who's losing you know who's going to be, you know who's good to be the late late hosting no steps. Myers and James cordon and civic don't hear anything about that anymore. The more they will get along some more rivalry so number two is the numbers are big understanding how TV is hear anything about the like nightly newscasts either told their irrelevant essentially by me. But then again 6.8 million.

You have the late-night shows get maybe 2.2 million, so that maybe that's maybe answering questions were using could be right than anybody I mean they're not funny anymore when they're funny. You know you see it, but when they're not fine on talking about it I will talk about that 1-866-408-7669 will take some your calls. The other thing I have not talked about is it's not the biggest touring the country, but it kind of bothers me that people are just killing Phil Mickelson. I've only met a couple times a month saying to Phil Mickelson and I are great friends, but I still see every everyone is beating up on him for playing Greg Norman's new live league, which is backed by it's a golf league about golf tour started now, but with the gunplay from courses in a play at the real PJs walked away from Trump or twitter all the can be over here in Bedminster to play tournaments here and so it at different from courses how you feel about trumping by the all of a sudden because he's a Republican president not popular with the a lot of celebrities. These were the will of the woke sport stars they walked away from audit from courses that cost millions. This new live tour spam financed by the Saudi's so it's a sage Saudi sports washing out really because if you don't want to watch league don't watch the league. Would you have other people like Sergio Garcia and there you have a brook you have not per capita. What you have a few huge names you have will you know is headed up by Greg Norman you all. You also have tried to think of these other names you have Lynch's in there and you who well saved is jumped over so I would See a Mickelson she have about you have Dustin Johnson who might be the top or the top five golfers in the world.

Maybe the top three, but the killing Mickelson why because he's very out there is got. He's always speaking his mind, but not aggressive. Charles Barkley, Stephen a Smith type way, but he's out there, always making news.

For example, it came out news that he lost about $20 million. When it comes to gambling. They say this is a pure money play among the people fed up with the talk about this is Brooks Kappa. He talked about why he just wants get back to playing the U.S. Open cup, 20 U.S. Open sucks three off on this black cloud over U.S. Open dancing more dollars trying to focus on the U.S. Open would generally don't get tired of the conversations inside almost black, exorcising where to play and talk about some event that happened last week Vince would be going there for the next 10 right good point.

On the other people who talk about just be the money play is Justin Thompson, Justin Thomas cut 25. Selfishly, I don't want anybody to leave know I may not talk to so my peers that have asked me questions and I don't know.

Probably as much as others but I'm like you got to do what's best for you or what you think is best for your career Mike but selfishly I don't want you to go that's that's how I kind of, and any phrase or any any conversation I'm having with somebody about it because at the end of the day.

I'm not there parents not you know the persons making the decisions. All I can do is plead my case, but everybody here's a grown up they can make their own decisions and they are in the PJs pushing back and I'm just wondering how much it's their own self-preservation. It's doing European tour taken Saudi money. They also have a Saudi tournament. There was a lot of people know know it, but features can be planing Carter. I'm a big soccer guy, but Carter makes it illegal to be gay. If you've ever seen where the government set up the basically you slave labor to make their stadiums. A lot of them died making those stadiums are paying Titleist Nike Callaway to huge business in China who happens to be running a genocide camp for Uighurs who happen to be Muslim and through the UAE and Saudi Arabia. They do huge business. So all these great companies were these big companies seem to have no problem taken Saudi money, but when they start driving coming up with a rival league to get upset a Greg Norman and others will see where this goes.

To me it's more USFL NFL.

It is more X FL and FL more ABA NBA that it is Saudi money being the issue, especially when you know the presidency, which is going over there and asked them to pump more oil and when the Abraham accords were Protestant degree of peace to the Middle East and recognition for Israel that was done leveraging Saudi Arabia using their help to make it happen. So I times we use them at times we don't but I don't think it's good to to drag Greg Norman Phil Mickelson through the mud because you decide that they are not worthy to defend over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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