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Rest of Media Realizing Biden Too Old To Do The Job

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 11, 2022 12:45 pm

Rest of Media Realizing Biden Too Old To Do The Job

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 11, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy of the brain to me Joe, hope you had a great week and a lot of you took all last week off. I appreciate that I didn't and you do many of bottom of the open perspective that huge story in the New York Times about. Have Joe Biden's looked at really by his staffers get old rapidly older than everyone thought like we've been saying from day one will talk about that as well as a present is said to go overseas so special guest coming up in about 10 minutes.

John a drastic five providing broad great song just went to Ukraine performed it in that war-torn region in that war-torn country and presents him as he could be listening to it as early as today. You'll love the video you can download it on iTunes and all the money goes to the guys abroad in their saber allies. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three. I am here to sell and that all about a psychopath kiddo in the Middle East with infinite resources who pose a threat to his people who the Americans unto the well present buying takes his old show on the road.

The big stop Saudi Arabia and the problem he needs. He needs them now but vilified them for years and is no longer Obama's Middle East is going into it strums thanks to the Abraham Accords which New York Times seems to have forgotten and that was a guy who thinks it. The Prince is a killer might be, but it's a guy that we like better than a run. Joe you can upload this trump deal up to.

She stopped for this is the beauty of Joe Biden in his presidency is full is not the Russians than if the Republicans will say whatever Piers Morgan, of course, Biden's two-pronged approach to the economy, blame and deny will discuss both about the fact that present I'm getting older, but the fact that his team is saying days of consecutive work just just too much for the man and that of course is in the New York Times story that it's very, very significant considering it's in the New York Times.

Even the New York Times let you know that Joe must not go for reelection in a damning report on his aging in his performance, which reaffirms what we've been saying all along since he campaigned from his basement.

This guy is not ready. It's not that he's a starter it's nothing. He is was never impressive as a senator. He was never impressive as a candidate. It took the perfect storm to get him elected because he didn't have to campaign we saw all the mistakes he made and we watched everyone else ignore now nobody's ignoring it because it's impossible to ignore.

He doesn't do any interviews.

1/3 as much is trump Obama and Bush did and now people are saying. Well, he only works five days a week. They seem to lose himself in his thoughts all the time.

They notice that his gait he's barely lifting up his legs. He shuffles everyone's concert is going to fall like he did off his bike. He didn't over the weekend, so for him to say I'm going to run again will be 83 years old. He is right now you have older than Ronald Reagan was when he left office. Ronald Reagan left office at 73. Everyone thought he was.

He was too old and was much more vigorous and inept to aneurysms like present by, and I just think that I'm astounded they ran the New York Times and stunned that it lasted this long so should he actually stick around and what would it mean Dr. Nicole Safra waiting on first which he picked up as a doctor, from what they were saying about him as a person: we joke about the fact that present buying getting older, but the fact that his team is saying days of consecutive work that's just that's just too much for the man only matrix that is essentially not funny and is always mentioning there's a job to be done and we know that precognition does happen around age 30, which is why you have the same residence. The minimum age to be present in 35 cognition. He thinks a call strength and now here we are with the president Hill. It's it's clearly treating physician to say that he struggling a little physically and maybe mentally and with his age and the subsequent restrictions at that. So more than once he's mentioned VP Harris as president. We know he matches up Ukraine and around little bit of a difference because Sen. Warner John all the time. The old John Warner.

He's passed away. Sadly the other walk back his statements on China and Taiwan don't get steak there was coarse war Vladimir Putin must go which all of a sudden made it a Cold War fight instead of Ukraine against Russia fight and as I mentioned before his age of said they get so nervous because he shuffles to their wires everywhere just in the nature of position.

David Gergen, who leans more left and right but work for both presidents, including Ronald Reagan says that he is 80. Meeting David Gergen said he says uses I noticed a difference in his own decline lack of a better word, and it 80 years old, you should be present in New York Times talks about Biden meeting a new Middle East that he left six years ago. Everything he touches the trump card. She tries to reverse and that's what you try to do as a candidate, but trumps finest work arguably with the Abraham Accords and now all of a sudden Joe binds realizing the rookie politician knew more about an area he supposed to thrive in that international relations so does he plan on running again.

VP Harris on face the nation cut five.

Listen to Pres. Sydenham tends to run and if he does, I intend to run with them so they got always love to know it's funny.

I don't know why she laughs and makes no sense. It's just nervous. Also, she's asked him face the nation about was going to the border in the governor's move to take illegal immigrants and bring them right to the border and send them back to Mexico and he says well you just make matters worse, how could you not ask if you're Robert Costa filling in for Margaret Brennan on face the nation. How could you not say you are in charge of the border is busted wide open you how you feel about that what you mean you had a broken system. 3 million people of come here illegally already and you are in charge of this and you've got to the border once for 45 minutes. It wasn't the border. It was a crossing and you haven't been back since. Zoom call with the root problem of the of the of this invasion Apartments, Venezuela, Cuba, we have Chinese crossing we have Afghan East crossing every Ukrainians are crossing because it's come one come all the order interests well when it comes immigration we have to give them a pathway to citizenship.

Okay that'll stop the inflow given citizenship that was sarcasm we come back. Johnna Dreiser choices he just went over the Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine battling out while the Russians are actually making progress. They have to pause the running out of people to running out of ammunition and they are afraid of this war turning like it did Afghanistan amongst the Russian public, but they want to go out of their way not to have a draft when he wants for the rubble up close and personal, and he made a part of a video of the song he wrote in tribute.

The presence of an sky camp with the whole thing will play a lot of it and just know if you downloaded the money goes to save her allies who did more to get our people out of Afghanistan than anybody else and now they're helping including getting our reporters out of Ukraine and still helping get her allies at Ukraine that were termination we come back that story.

And of course Britt human then we end this hour with your calls. This is the brain kill ratio newsmakers and news breakers. First, Brian can only show, Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your podcast and that is that that is the voice and that is the ark of the Ukrainian orchestra and the lead singer and writer of that song Johnna draw sick singer and songwriter. You know from five for fighting by using C.

He believes red white and blue. Extremely patriotic really moved to write a saw to take action when they we watch the it's almost coming up in the year the ridiculous embarrassment drove Afghanistan and that's where he formed a relationship with save her allies.

They helped him get into Ukraine to shoot a video of this song which you haven't heard yet. You have to listen to it. It's awesome. And then think you the picture this if you downloaded you can actually see the video of war-torn Ukraine and in the middle of it. You see the Ukrainian orchestra and the know that is a guy playing the piano and that is our guest John welcome. Congratulations on pulling this off first of the what is it and why is this just not a conflict to you. Why is this not so a lot of people look at Ukraine situated say well I feel bad for them is not my problem wide.

Why do you think it's it should be our problem why he is wise to personally understand that sentiment by folks while resetting all this money, it's not our problem's not on our shores, but I talk to people much smarter than me.

I think they feel if we allow Putin to devour Ukraine. The dynamic doesn't change, it's just the Polish border. Now he's on after he takes Moldovan the Baltics and there's a very realistic chance that were here year, two years from now with our soldiers, our children, on the Polish border really fighting and dying in World War III. So I think if we don't stop Putin and Ukraine the world and an inflection point Afghanistan Ukraine. You don't think China's watching. You don't think Taiwan is next on deck. It goes way beyond Ukraine with Zielinski inspired you.

How could he not what we offered him a plane ticket and he said no, not just for him but his family. He stayed with his wife and children expecting to be murdered. Remember early in the war.

They were Russian mercenaries trying to kill him going for Keith. They were going for cave. Yeah, I mean that's where we recorded this on the outskirts of Kyiv so yet Zielinski is a perfect guy. No.

Did he stay yes is inspiring the rest of the world to come to the right setting history is every G-7 leader almost gone.

There so I do think there's a reason we put Churchill in this video. I think he's a modern-day Churchill that's Dragon the world to the rights and history writing transit is more than my fight about a guy that meets the moment that you see enough yet inspired Munich certainly inspired you and that comes out the song and then you said okay. I watched the video we played on Fox and friends was great, but they knew something about something happened that got you into the Ukraine yes and got you with the Ukrainian orchestra got the piano and then you write the parts for all these pieces in that. I mean I can't get my head around what you had to do there so many minor miracles that allow this to happen and the setting of playing in front of the Maria, the largest cargo plane in the world. The symbol of Ukrainian independence that Putin destroyed intentionally at the beginning of the year to got them to put the orchestra and me in front of that plane on that hollow ground again.

It was incredibly moving, but I think it's symbolic of the Ukrainian fortitude and stoicism you see in the faces of that orchestra. The whole Ukrainian people, and you understand why they're standing up to the student tyrant right nobody wants to be Russian. They want to looking West. They wanted right east right questions only want to be Russian right so so John and ended their offer for you, they won't have their imperfect freedom just like ours imperfect, but we have our own. We like to rent a room book if that's okay so John you get there because a save our allies. Yes, and you don't give details. I got there right but you were content to do this in Krakw. We flew to Krakw we took a truck took her quick hit its military operations was always fluid so everything's good happens.

Not can happen.

We are supposed to have a safe house in Krakw. But no, we land your gone three hours to the border. They drop us at the border.

We walk across the border. Basically, were stranded. We don't have a car. We finally get a car we get to love Eve.

We chase a train be run on a train really looks like a bad movie we jump on the train nine hours later when Keith we thought we be shooting in Wheeling.

We me save her allies, Nick Palmisano, who was the lead car producer as well as one of the heroes of Afghanistan Hollywood heard Latin American production crew and then we had some security support. There's about 10 of us there we had some Polish translators Ukrainian translator. So, as a group of us and but then when we found that we could shoot at the enterprise airport in front of the Maria elements another level, and I still can't believe it happened but I'm so grateful to John he said hey they will hold it with Ukrainian orchestra. You said I have an orchestra, will I want to do this in Poland because Poland is been so good taken all the refuge and frankly they're getting a little tired. They need a shot in the arm. Sounds good to do this in Poland, but when the call and said you want to do with this Ukrainian orchestra.

I said the exact same thing you did do they exist and they didn't in the form they used to their scattered all over the country but present Zielinski personally approved this and I think he understood what we're trying to do so. We gathered everybody we had four hours to record it in the studio.

We had four hours to to film it, but you said something very important. You said the Russians don't even like this and this is what this is all about. Brian, it's a salvo in the cultural war. In this conflict. The Russians are politically isolated or culturally isolated.

I mean, I'm sorry the politically isolated or economically isolated. We need to show them that the artists of the world are against them throw cuts can be the big deal there out there out and they know they're being told that they're the heroes, the Russian people being told are the heroes. But if we have a live aid type global concert with every huge artists singing at the end of October.

That will get into Russia and they will see that the world the artists their favorite artists are against them, and they can topple this dude so what changed as much as you moved to get there to make the effort to be there when you play the song and you listen to it back. It's very moving. Thank you. What is it like sitting there with the piano in the middle of the street, surrounded by this orchestra and knowing what you playing for the clarifying moment. We were recording the orchestra in front of the plane and I sat outside a corner my eye on trucks coming to military garb that was the general who approved the shooting at this location with Zielinski's permission and he has to hear the song and I saw the orchestra, stiffen and when we start a plane they took flight.

They played with such vigor and pride in halfway through the song.

The generals and his entourage took out their phones and they started taping it was in English it's in English they don't understand the words. It shows the power of music. Everybody's crying.

The generals crying every burrito.

After we played I lost it. Halfway through the song I just lost that I stop plane and I just watched. But after after we played there was this silence is heavy silence and it hit me right away. Why were there.

These people are fighting for their survival and with music, our common humanity there fortitude. It was incredibly inspiring to me and understand Weiss save her allies through these missions. I understand why heroes in our history go to Normandy bring the wall down this kind of that American spirit to support people whose freedom is under attack right and it made sense it made sense that moment. Why we were there. Don't you also believe that we need a recalibration of things we take for granted we have the ability to go do all these things and protested Nick about it and wonder where the line is these people are fighting for the outer survival and in your video or a bunch of pictures of people who have lost their lives. Prior to this since they invade unwarranted invasion by Russia to try to teach a lesson because they wanted to vote for their own leader, you're so right, you know people say were you scared of course I was scared but you know what I got to leave they don't there under the suppression prudence try to reconstitute the Soviet Union. All these things we squabble about here seem so trivial. When you go to a country like that and understand people are dying for freedom's freedoms that we take for granted every day.

Well, can one man save the world. If you want to do something good today and get support save her allies and be motivated by a song that will change or enhance your impression of this conflict.

Download this song right now. Can one man save the world and all the money goes to Cinderella's videos on YouTube, Twitter tweet at Sharon. One man can't save the world alone were all in this together.

So please share this play for your friends world needs to see it. Five providing China drastic. Thanks so much John, great to see in person again.

Brian your awesome I met Fox news can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news, but I'm just done, or wherever you get your favorite projects will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News by just talkshow. That's real. This is Brian kill me show you about the fact that older but the fact that consecutive or just too much for the mentioning there's a job to be done, and cognition does happen around age 30, which is why you have the same president.

The minimum age to be present with 30 5P. Cognition, he thinks a call strength and now here we are with the president Hill.

It's it's clearly treating physician to say that he startlingly physically and mentally and with his age and the subsequent restrictions. With that and that was Dr. Safire. Just reading the story that we read using a medical background essay present by not the same guy. I mean it was we rejected when he was at his prime and easy terrible campaigner, the world came together and a pandemic. It is able to campaign from his basement sporadically and erratically and now people are realizing to the tune of the New York Times. Specifically, that he slurs his words. He contradicts himself. He gets himself in trouble. He's declining. Physically he shuffles her. Freddy's going to trip over all wires loses his train of thought can only work five days a week and can't do anything at night. I'm sorry the presidency demands more imprint humans been saying it from day one. He Fox is a senior portico analyst Britt welcome back Britt is almost as if they looked at a few your a few of your editorials and a few of your a few of your are rants. Your comments and say you do get mad sometimes okay see you commentaries would you thought that the New York Times wrote it so specifically recognized by so many people is a poll published today illustrates that there was no getting around it anymore in a crisis occurs only in the midterm election with report. Luke 1000, at least improperly, but very great margin and maybe both houses, which would further cripple presidency already already troubled by the fact that the president himself. This is not a good place when you look at this. First off, 64% of Democrats doing to running to run again.

When I found most striking is 60% of those 65 and up to want to run again and I saw David Gergen since similar to you. The Gergen served Republican and Democratic presidents tends to lean left to watch him run unseen at all time. He says I can't because I'm not the same guy I can't run anything now, and he's 80.

And he seems on top of his game is this guy you should not be present at 80 years old.

Well, there are back in the campaign and all the hiding of them during the pandemic excuse and know people say, well, he couldn't possibly have gotten 81 million votes.

I agree with that. He didn't. Donald Trump got those votes. Donald Trump motivated Republicans avoided the party, no doubt about that. He brought in new voters and on key issues, immigration, trade, and sought but he motivated Democrats even more and that's why we have Joe Biden as Pres. So yes, at 38 interviews trumpet 116 Obama won 9871, usually at 16 press conferences in almost 2 years so is read there holding them back.

I get I mean obviously for a reason.

While it's clear the other writers know people, tiptoeing around, Biden was not too sharp to begin with. Were not talking here about somebody was really it was really the sharpest knife in the drawer and just over the passage of time or even suddenly, lost his way. Biden was no rocket to start with and I wrote a piece about going back to the late 1980s a fairly long piece and the time when he was a center.

He was a bit of a laughingstock because he completed the Senate gallery of reporters faster than anybody with the possible exception of the Connecticut Senate a little whiter by not going to do the right to peace. I see he didn't want to see it first because he said he claimed I never covered the reason for that. Brian I didn't cover it because there is a debate and he was involved in somebody else.

Almost always said what he was saying better in shorter and so we had a couple coffee in the Senate dining room in which he was to interview me about why I want to see him and he would have to do a review you don't currently want to get something against me and I said no you see civil why is I said center.

I think your windbag that would Biden's credit. This is why people avoid light. They broke out laughing, usually not going to think that in the winnable enemy when we did the interview we got along fine but at the time it was widely known that Biden would talk forever and never really say very much, and now is a likable guy and he had a lot of experience because he been there forever. Yet, at the time. By the time he became recently and money with him, and he was simply not a person back in his days everybody really thoughtless presidential timber. And yet by accomplices.

He became the president and because I think Trump was uniquely able to motivate Democratic voters and Biden was the last man standing and now we have missed president and majority, which we didn't see an attempt to get more Republican votes. Anybody else in history. 74 million but it was not enough to win. So, on the other side some intrigue because you have a lot of competent candidates with with a lot of talent. I mean Sen. Tom cotton Gov. Ron DeSantis Nikki Haley Christine home Mike Pompeo don't know who else can come from the last class you probably Sen. Ted Cruz, maybe Marco Rubio so disallowed talent unit.

If the governor Junkin I just spent a day with them could not be more impressed with. I think he's in it for the right reasons to get back. And of course that have ego and got have conference I get it, but I think he's got a great skill set. Regardless, a lot of intrigue and listen to old 2024. That is what we are now at a stage where the public is showing its disappointment with these elderly politicians. Biden is unpopular in part for that reason is all over the poll you are tempted to Nancy Pelosi is ancient and no, Harris is thought you would not smarten of the list goes on and there's a sense that people want to move on to a new generation Trump is pretty old himself and be almost as old Biden was in 2020, sleeves and so and so the question becomes will people want to move on and this young proper Republican candidates mention which is fairly impressive group. Many of them look like they could be president will happen of Trump announcements and the buzz is doing in his announcement.

When that happens, let's simply freeze the field and keep these people from moving for their candidate will somebody take them on somebody take him on a medium which is I think possible. Will the Trump boat as it turned out in such numbers in 2016 and 2020 will devote beside him and would never vote for somebody to be sensitive? Great questions Gov. Chris Christie said something.

Who says more than likely would run a conference.

Here's what he said about what's different this time cutting primary like that was a general election for the 20 16th, nor want to say they were for Trump over Hillary to bolster now in Republican primary polling is politically correct to say you're against to see if you say you're against Trump and you want to run it will kill you. Like Gov. Hogan of Maryland. Never going to get a shot just an anti-Trump can you run being governing okay yeah what I was like present of the digit something is good.

I think I could be a better candidate because if you just alienate the Trump folders you end up like Liz Cheney story that Republicans cannot win in 2024 with Trump but they can't win.

They may also not be able to win without his supporters to how you finish that you mentioned did so to some extent in his race for governor in Virginia by a never criticize Trump but he kept his distance from Trump but the guys in the race and on the pin on the primary ballot got a deal with them and if in the other thing is, this could affect 2022 Brian because it Trump comes out sometime in the near future and announces his campaign every Republican candidate in the country to be asked what is positional. Trump form against and what is the consequence of finesse that is not on this ballot, and on that will wait and see. I don't think that will work. I think you have to face some sissy for some reasons I can run CDG interrogation and ridiculous lawsuits that are taking place here in New York and up being debilitating.

What say something happens in Georgia that gives him in legal trouble or something opposite from something that would merit growing bringing charges against him. I feel like you can get out and into her three times. I think that'll be part of the drama and so I think I could see that being an issue you look January 6 committee there every time you look at something that they're excited about. It is always further demolition of Donald Trump's image and reputation. That is what they're doing and the question arises is successful in doing that and keep comp off the stage, not actually can, but if it did help the Republicans mother without the Democrat is a very good chance you can help the Republicans more water thing on the record, the Democrats who made so far under under Biden is about as much trouble as I've ever seen a party store up for itself in at least the ball in such a short period of time.

It's amazing what happened so so what if Trump was in the middle of things and is still motivating Democrats and the more the more damage is done reputation.

The more Democrats will fear him, and, to opposing the key question and maybe even for 2022. I love someone's experiences you are is also intrigued by this so much of this is unprecedented. I want to bring you to the other other issue where I think it's a huge problem and I think these protests and when I saw Justice Cavanaugh got for Stata Morton's had to leave out the back door mourns comes out saying these protests out of control.

Now they're starting to harass Morton's steakhouse and started: phony reservations and continue the protest around establishments which means how many people you Justice Cavanaugh Justice Thomas or Alito dudes L Amy Connie Barrett, do you want to go anywhere in her local business even end up hold up at some house surrounded by security at some Lake so huge were present. Biden said you would think you have maturity in this moment, cut 20 could protest because could make it a point.

It's critically important. We can do a lot of things to accommodate the rights of women in the meantime fundamentally changes the only thing you keep saying from the from the press secretary to himself. Keep protesting people are upset just keep it peaceful that secular work, clear and compelling. Here protesters and others can't see which is that Washington Supreme Court are not the arena for the abortion issue anymore.

Irina is now the state in the state legislatures and give me these protesters if they want to get something done. Get out to the states. You don't have abortion rights and work for them. Try to get the legislatures to pass measures that will ensure that they have a chance. My own view is that over time will have very few states that allow abortion all the way up to the moment of birth and very few that disallow them entirely, we went out with the kind of compromises, whether allowed up to a certain period of time, or not allowed with their written but there are exceptions, and so on. And this will all work out. But in the meantime the protests in all noises happening in the wrong place. The action is really not now in Washington to make it worse by making up scenarios don't exist if women leave their state will provide transfer will be make it possible that the women to be prosecuted for having an abortion will make sure they of legal help if this contraception bands will be able to step on what you talking about making up things don't even matter to inflame the situation. Can anyone be mature here looks remarkably silly and out of focus. It will not be treated for ectopic present pregnancies and salt but there you go, that's that's not illegal anywhere in the country and so no action is out in the states you want to get something done on the issue work in those places, but the democratic process work with you. Thanks so much appreciated as always, thank you sir. 1-866-408-7669 that was for you without a lot of questions even he's intrigued by this moment in political history. Almost like you to take just a moment, giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me radio show like no other modes of having preview mind and to have China draws it to this hour. I thought thought was really great. I do want to point out that we finally got all the pandemic.

It took forever to finally organize and get four venues all set up an F4 venue set up and I hope you guys can join me make all for them, why not in Newark, New Jersey Saturday, August 27.

I'll be talking about debris inside Fox Creek inside sports also.

It's a lot of fun and we talk about basically winning the war in history and why America has been great from the start. So, August 27, 2002. If you want to come down there in person intimate studio New Jersey performing arts Center so that'll be go to Brian kill will just tell you how to buy the tickets. Then the next week September 8 in Albany New York at the egg Empire State Park Plaza in Albany, New York. Please join me there. Tickets are now available. Brand also VIP axis is we can meet before the show and Brandon Missouri Saturday, November 12 that'll be at City Hall live and that's when my book the prison freedom fighter comes out in paperback and then the next the next they'll be Oklahoma. I hope I can do that at the Cox convention Center in Tulsa. So please get your tickets early because I doubt that I can't manufacture them, especially in this age of everybody making sure that it is a covert friendly. So get your tickets early. Brian kill it's go to Ticketmaster values.

Find out about the Fox stories inside sports stories you'll be able to actually interact and will talk about not only within the news, but in America's past. The right right. Why is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me. Thank you for being here buddy is the Brian kill me shelve a lot of you did not come to work for a week, that's fine.

We were here July 4 off and then were back. I get the sense I'd wait a long time for an elevator that before back in at 46 in midtown Manhattan. I know about you, I don't to with Virginia XO the story.

The company Duncan city state workers back to work and if not, you probably have to find another job. So many people just quit work five days a week anymore.

What happened to this country Jumbo Michael Goodwin shortly and then get to talk to Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute to talk about what the presence of a Saudi Arabian trip that I think he takes off on Tuesday so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I am to someone the about a psychopath kid out in the Middle East with infinite resources who pose a threat to his people to the Americans to the time that is sod Aller Prairie on 60 minutes talking about what he thinks NBS is doing in Saudi Arabia. I did try to kill his family. He was forcing the country. He's not happy present buying takes his old show on the road.

Now the big stop in Saudi Arabia. The problem is he needs them now but vilified them for years. Since no longer Obama's Middle East. It trumps thankfully Abraham accords, but guess who gets the credit trump gets gets no mention the Abraham accords will Joe blow this one up to this is the beauty of Joe Biden's phone is not the Russians that the Republicans will say whatever that is. Piers Morgan Biden's two-pronged approach to the economy, blame and deny we joke about the fact that I was getting older, but the fact that his team is saying days of consecutive work just just too much for them and they were talking about going over the G7 before he went to Saudi Arabia. Dr. Nicole Safire on the New York Times let you know that Joe must not go for reelection in a damning report on his aging performance which reaffirms what we've been saying since he campaigned in his basement. He's too old and he lost his fastball and his sinker and his changeup. Michael Goodwin's got a huge repertoire and he has not lost his fastball, New York Post, Fox's contributor to understand Michael, did you relive the place he used to employee the New York Times put a scathing column of full of quotes from people they been working with them about his ability to do this job did you read it. Yes, I did my undergraduate work.I mentioned it to pieces in the last couple of months and to me is a confirmation that the first was that Democrats were talking about crime and it was therefore your Democratic candidates in a number of sickly cities. Mayor Merrill candidate were talking about crime and therefore crime was no longer a taboo subject among Democrats. That was the signal. You can campaign on crime from the New York Times, which I think most people don't fully recognize, Brian is the brains behind the Democratic Party, such as it it really creates the talking point it largely creates the agenda. It gives permission slips denies certain things. It has given a permission slip to talk about crime and then more recently, it took the same treatment to buy himself, and this issue that people were looking for alternatives and again use all the Democratic Party respond, you have more people talking about it more more open things.

Should he run again and now finally this piece they do Apollo or or or the day. I guess the commission a pole with the Siena College or legitimate poster and they come back with this finding, which is 64% of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standardbearer in 20 2464%. I mean Joe Biden is a dead man walking. As far as Democrats are concerned and I think the New York Times has had taken up the mantle now going to make sure it happens from time to time is nothing if it isn't the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

In addition to being a brain so it's now now taken over the parties thinking on this issue. 60% of those colds are 65 and so don't act like as much a 30-year-old whippersnappers who don't have any patience for grandpa those people who are senior say he should be present.

David Gergen court in the same article says maybe I should not be president. I should not be running anything and I'm not putting him down. He's putting himself down saying that that's 80-year-old it's too much of a job right now. They point out that they point out to these walking is aging before eyes.

He was he's walking back the comments in China. Walking back his comments about Vladimir Putin must go.

He mixed up Ukraine and Iran a few times he's called VP Harris Pres. Harris call Sen. Warner John Warner Cinemark Warner John Waters dead Mark why John Warner is currently the center from Virginia whose only a stone throw away the All-Star event of the breakdown to schedule the most damning he can't work five days five days. That's it. And he doesn't do anything at all at night and they don't overload your schedule. You can't do that you cannot do this job like this. And Peter Baker wrote it hardly wakes up in the morning thinking I got it destroy I got destroyed Joe Biden today, so it makes you wonder if that's why Pritzker and Gavin Newsom is now out there right number two Brian mentioned senior voters, 94% time survey Democrats under the age of 30. Prefer a different candidate. 94% that you vote for the Democratic Party. And so Joe Biden never made sense.

I mean you have to go. Think of 20/20 and the whole thing that he campaigned from his basement because of cold and I mean it was it was a very strange election in so many ways and we got a president who's just not up to the job and I think there is another element to Brian and and it really is Summit Steve Hilton was making this point on Fox last night. The corruption you know that that the hunter Biden connection to so many of these countries and the money you know that Joe Biden has been in government his entire adult life. Where did you get all the money to buy these houses and things. What I mean. Where did all this come from and and so I think that in many ways. Joe Biden is a relic I compared them to the Tammany Hall creatures of your New York where they basically said I seen my opportunities and I took him government was a way to get rich government was a way to have power and protection for yourself and your friends and your family and to make a lot of money doing it and I just think it's undeniable that there is a thread.

The big guy getting his 10% cut. This was not the first time Joe Biden got a cut of hunters money with all my heart is where is the money that we raise the money. What what is going on there and on some level of those thought this II think that the hunter wants to do in his family, and I do on some level he's almost taunting them with that book and with these details. Keeping everything, putting voicemails in the cloud. Are you kidding so here if you want to see this a little bit of a non sequitur. But it's the same genre, Harris was on face the nation and I've never seen a bigger layup of an interview ever in my life and listen to this question to, Harris cut for finish this sentence for me. Americans need to vote for Democrats in November because democracy is on the ballot truly, truly, if you look at initiatives like shoelace balance a woman's right to make decisions about her own body and potentially what can happen in the not-too-distant future around issues like access to and make you a you kidding me and I love democracies on the ballot. What the Supreme Court said that abortion should be decided in a democratic fashion should be decided by voters and their representatives.

I mean, it is said it said the same thing about the EPA and the missions you know every everything but times wrote that the court lurches to the right EPA admissions with the same thing in the sense Brian said that Congress has to make these decisions, not the administrative state, not bureaucrat you think that people who really believe in democracy would say yeah, that's the point of our Constitution is that the powers are delegated to the federal government. Are you most powers not delegated to the states and their representatives, which is the democratic process why Democrats won't accept the democracy that's in the Constitution why they want big federal government was Supreme Court making all decisions that can be antidemocratic right.

Lastly the president states is making the most of this Roe V Wade is making up scenarios that don't exist. Abortion is going to be banned. If you go to another stage can be arrested within our community.

Travel same sex marriage is to be banned not to be of use contraception in the present last week present the story of a 10-year-old that was raped was a rape victim and had to leave their state to get an abortion horrible. Only problem is he more than likely is not true. Never fact checked, according to according to faction to the fact checked his Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post. Nobody can find this story nobody could see any type of harassment complaint or any sexual assault story in this state and how could he possibly get into present remarks and make up such a horrific story and not be true. No remarks so money was right that he was appointed to the Naval Academy change in Russia.

All of these things are not in the prepared remarks.

Taiwan will defend Taiwan militarily.

Three times she has said the same thing and none of it is American policy. Never it never part of the program so this probably is another one of those where he makes it up. Think seat about the reporter on Amtrak right totally made up kind of stuff and he repeats it.

So yes, it's true, it seems as though the staff is running the office of the presidency, but they're not doing a very good job of running the president he goes out there and says these things that are just not true. This could be another one big one is a 10-year-old that he said had was a rape victim she was forced have to travel out of state to Indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life's great not happen didn't happen. So let's make everything worse in the Supreme Court justice protests that he says keep protesting the peaceful knowing that they're being harassed outside their homes. Knowing that justice Cavanaugh just got forced out about Morton's restaurant. He doesn't mind that I mean is that that to me is on is is just inexcusable will see where this goes, Michael not going anywhere good.

And the problem is not just 2024 courses the next two years is more than two years left in Joe Biden's term and I said to you numerous times.

I don't see how he finishes this term. I mean the way is an obvious decline. The problems that that have been created on his watch and the weakness that he projects internationally. It is hard to see how he still is still there to 1/2 years from now the line is hard to believe is to be there to enhance use now that's who's in the prompter so I just want to repeat that line that line repeat the line so staffers should be fired. You know what you dealing with and you put that in the prompter you you take your seat take it that wasn't written down, he should take his own seat to know you a card to send see when you walk into the room take to see and the most basic rudimentary things that you think may be an eight-year-old would need right now.

Maybe in April he has to have a written out express United States unlabeled Michael, thanks so much.

Got it was sent out your turn next and able, let's say 186-640-8766. I will talk about that the present trip over to Saudi Arabia and will talk about as well the the economy where you think it is and why DIY you're not buying that. It's now Republicans fault don't move diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me have a serious recession, inflation is our problem and it is our top priority.

So I think perhaps the transition to a more traditional growth level, but I don't think we should be talking ourselves into recession.

Eugene Armando was plaster but out there and she's known as somebody that you is relatively reliable for that administration, but she had Apsley no energy was not convincing. I know we did we get the jet yelled to me counts of the world and peopled with the economies of poor economics background that I used to broadcasting so I'll give her that she was a former governor you go out there don't run around me, but just let me know that you care your understanding you you convicted what you say it was no energy and that so dig true presence that 3.6.

Unemployment should be happy to present at 370,000 jobs and thought it was can add 280 should be happy, but the but a lot of other stuff really is people discouraged. I mean into economically just give an example of what is people discouraged average gas is down $0.30 but it's already just that's on $4.70 a gallon. That's an all time high. Prior to this incredible unprecedented search. The average family has to spend another $460 in extra money on food and clothing, and gas.

The Fed is about to up the interest rates again might be good to the macroeconomists but I don't hang out with macroeconomists. The average person says I guess I'm putting off my house. I guess I'm not renegotiating my house. I guess I am not moving. I'm not getting my first as I guess I will continue to rent 40% of Americans say the number one priority is inflation. 50% of you see the personal finances are a major issue now in the Biden economy. To me that's pretty significant have 80% fall off of the S&P 80. 80% fall off of the SAP since 2022 and that's the real economy. I'm not cheering for inflation.

I mean I am not cheering for recession but the experts are saying the only thing that's keeping us out of this is the fact that we have 11 million open job 7 million without a job and that's what it's doing it and the rest of the world is sucking wind. The supply chains have not been solve simple things like air travel has not been addressed.

Without having out the trains are running on time. Our goods are getting here on time. Things cost more. Look around if there's anything we expected from politicians not to run our lives is just to do the things that allow us to run our lives effectively in this administration, mostly through their own move, starting with oil and gas and our reputation with Afghanistan solely to blame Michael Rubin next if you're interested in Brian's talking about your Brian kill me with the Lord is the planet all the runners run for the money relations with Saudi Arabia for 90 years and 91 because the revelations were established in 1931, so this is a little bit late but picking up a page from Franklin trying to move forward and get something into the into the courts would be a great step forward right now that is Robert Charles former Naval intelligence officer also had roles in the State Department.

Michael Rubin joins us now senior fellow TA at AEI where he specialize around Turkey and the board of Middle East presence going to the Middle East. Michael, it's a much different Middle East in the present last visit six years ago when you say I would absolutely Biden a little bit too little too late. Strategy is falling on deaf ears that he seems completely out of touch with reality and I'm afraid that moving forward with the Saudi trip. It's not end well for him. Sally's reporting rehab parameters. They do not want to talk about any social issues they don't want to talk about human rights. They don't want to talk about Khashoggi and they will not even put on the table there oil alliance with Russia. You're absolutely right, Brian. I mean the Saudi feel like you're in the driver seat. They also believe that Pres. Joe Biden humiliated for purely domestic reason they don't believe that he understands the threats which the Iranian backed rebels in Yemen play and when it comes to that oil production alliance with Moscow. Remember, that's what the Biden administration, blames in parts of the high oil prices, so it's curious what Joe Biden expects to get we talk about the Saudi having long memories there still complaining about the way they were treated during the oil embargo back in the 1970s. This notion that Pres. Biden for his progressive base can last a long time how I that's always stood behind us when we needed them and then turn around and support us after the gratuitous treatment which Joe Biden dispensed to them.

It really is unbelievable justice. It is for people don't really want to memorize the regional travel there. Just don't sit. It's important in understanding as to who the rebels take over a friendly government whatever he thought of the many government. They were friendly to the Saudi's rebels are supported by run without a run support. They don't exist or are found not effective. Do not effective force and they decide to start lobbing rockets into Saudi Arabia so the study originally does some rockets and sorry rape starts hitting back, and now they're the because they were set loose in Saturday's worn smooth with they were doing with the blockade everything but they were responding to attacks correct that correct clear they were attacking military targets. They were lobbing rockets at civilian airfields not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the United Arab Emirates and when we look at Pres. Joe Biden op-ed which he wrote a couple days ago and the Washington Post to presage this trip. What Joe Biden showed in that op-ed is, he simply doesn't understand the Saudi security concerns novice to nihilism that the rockets there were really Iranian backed let me tell you this. I used to live in Yemen. As you know, I've gone to arms markets in Yemen went up into arms markets in Yemen. I didn't see any anti-ship missiles in the desert markets of Yemen.

Both antiship missiles are recent imports through the Islamic Republic of Iran killed the Saudi's aren't a put their national security on the line for what they see as Joe Biden trying to relieve domestic pressure because unfortunately his record and back in the United States on resolving the petroleum prices, inflation, and so forth is so poor speaking with Michael Rubin about the presence upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia so we know in sometime in campaign rhetoric. You say things to get attention to elections. I got but I know where he talked about how much contempt he has for Saudi Arabia, how he says their pride in the region. There were to be isolated and he was basically going to demand reforms and not not interact.

He is totally changes tune because one is real politics insight. They're not perfect, but there there a preferred ally and one is some fantasy world in which Saudi Arabia doesn't matter and that world, even Donald Trump is a rookie politician picked up right away and was able to leverage the Saudi and Israeli flourishing relationship to normalize relay trade relations with Israel and other nations.

And right now even though some formalize Israel does not have an enemy in Saudi Arabia because they have one thing in common. They all hate Iran. What is the president done with Iranian relations.

This different from Trump's Michael Rubin actually look at the timeline of Iran's nuclear program. What you find is that Iranians waited until Joe Biden was in office before they ratchet up their uranium production because they were afraid of Trump. They're not afraid of Biden that would Biden rights before his trip that he is committed to continuing with this 2015 nuclear deal that no one but himself and his progressive base thinks works that something that doesn't go over well with the Saudi's they don't feel that he understands their security needs.

Now it's fair to criticize Saudi human rights, although in a diplomatic way, but two things here. Is it better to throw the baby out with the bathwater push Saudi Arabia into arms of China and Russia, which is what he did at the same time. I hate to tell you this, but there's no angels in the Middle East. This notion that somehow the Hutus are angels in the Saudi's are deserving of contempt that's not the way you treat American allies.

That's not the way to signal that diplomacy is back, absolutely not.

And why not use technology.

Abraham according build on it. I made in the past, one administration to the next with pickup Middle East policy. The change I got it when you have a change of embassy you have a change in Middle East for the better. And now the Palestinian issues been marginalized with their corrupt government. People recognize their you can't deal with them, so why not just take advantage of that.

Having said that, how do you think this will come out this weekend. This week will Saudi's are going to try to throw Joe Biden a life raft before the November 2022 elections.

They might treat them politely. There might be some high level sops however but ultimately I think that Joe Biden is going to come back empty-handed. If he wants to address oil prices at home got to be serious about domestic oil production. He can help hope for any life rafts from those whom he passed around in the Middle East go to Greg Abbott said just about that cut 18 is so embarrassing is this eyespot about administrations going off to Saudi Arabia begging for them to produce more oil when we have the oil right here in the state of Texas. Texas is one of the most prolific reducer of oil in the entire world.

Obviously, any kids vilifying oil and gas by not producing enough and not refining fast enough when maximum refinery capacity has been reached and he's been vilifying fossil fuels from before he was elected you're actually right there from the cop.

He believes that his Democratic Democratic base is what's reflected on Twitter. He doesn't realize how far out of the mainstream, twitter and Kiara right now and let's also look at fossil fuels.

The fact matters with technology. They become a lot more clean.

You can't expect people who are trying to live paycheck to paycheck to prioritize some super expensive alternative energy, which frankly doesn't work all that well anyway frankly Joe Biden just seemed out of his element and the Saudi's are completely frustrated by this, even if they wanted to work with his administration so I see many over the Middle East and seeming desperate and been able to walk it back to you know it's interesting his left wing of his base is upset at him. They don't want him going over there alternately. What I mean, there's this notion that there some sort of angel of the Middle East. What Joe Biden needs to understand is what every president, Democratic and Republican before him understood that we are under threat by the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the founding statutes of the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps. It defines the purpose at export of revolution which the Iranians in turn defined as waging insurgency. There's no way to diplomatically explain that he's got to be serious about the Iranian problem until he is. It doesn't matter what the domestic base thinks he's going to lose the outside world again so much for diplomacy being back if Joe Biden is so arrogant he refuses to look at perspectives outside Washington.

The people he is dealing with irrational, the sequel to return to windmills returned to solar panels and be able to make up for high gas and oil prices or fossil fuels listen to Congresswoman Fenderson, a fellow squad member Camilla JJ Apollo listen Cisco 14. I don't think that this is a good idea. I think that we are essentially sublimating human rights at this point with the president going for this visit. That's not to say that I don't think that the United States should have engagement with countries that we disagree with to go to have to present go. Essentially what feels to me a bit of hat in hand, begging for help on the oil front when we know that the president knows and has been clear about this during the campaign. Saudi Arabia and MBS have committed incredible atrocities were crimes with Khashoggi and we know that there hasn't been accountability for that yet. Final thought actually interesting. Even the Turks have dropped their their criminal court case against MBS with regard to facilitate look when I talked to Saudi liberals very quickly what they say is the narrative we have here about chopping up a journalist is wrong. Now that's wrong to but what they say is the way they see it is one Saudi intelligence officer was killed by other Saudi intelligence officers for reason they don't know the situation is much more complicated and it pays for Joe Biden to listen to his experts in the intelligence community and so forth, rather than simply listen to the squad on Twitter. Yes, I would think so. When I was a Dell B's instincts and his instincts were are being ill served by his Chief of Staff run claim whose job it is needed is to work the squad and he seems to be won over by the squad and it's going into every speech of the present gets in those important lines.

We all know he wants to repeat them because they wrote in the prompter. Michael, thanks so much, and oil left before we go just grew quick you think turkeys can have any success working to with Russia on opening up the black city.

Turkey is working a lot with Russia to help Russia evade sanctions are not interested in opening the black city unless they get paid handsomely for it, so that's a no, like, really.

By the way dear NATO, I don't know why but they are Michael Ruben thanks so much. Thank you got 186-640-8766 and we come back all the chance to open up the phone's final just to say. Also, if you want to write me your work brain to just click on comments don't move your knowledge base. Brian kill me show radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show. I am selling about five in the Middle East with infinite resources proposes that his people to the Americans unto the tenant a psychopath psychopath with no empathy doesn't feed a motion to file down from his experience and we have to witness (and crimes committed by the skill that is former intelligence director. The work hand in glove, reportedly with Mike Morel, former CIA director and assistant CIA director for a couple administrations who people respected here. Reportedly, I know people of complex issues was special and come to Saudi's who was forced out of power by MBS a 34-year-old prince who runs a country. The king is old and decrepit and he was the one behind the Khashoggi killing by almost all accounts now. Everybody that was with the Jeff, the old leader is hunted down. That's the way the Middle East works it's terrible that happens constantly as you notes when Russians were to buy the way and the way the Chinese work so there hunted down that this guy is in Canada decide to speak anyway to 60 minutes and sees a horrible person as it is capable of doing anything so that's the downside of working MBS, and having said all that, most intelligent expert. Experts agree and other administrations have concluded that MBS is a person work for. That's what I was so unbelievably irresponsible of the present United States use as a talking point during his time when he was a candidate when he former chairman of formulations and notes is a downside to alienating Saudi Arabia. Who's going to replace him are Ron and with the prisons trying to do is get a run back into mode back into the family of nations. In order to get the oil back in the market to bring the price down, which is a lock they're never going to do that run. Thankfully there were these the Iranians holding off Ron Ulysse IK SLM in Oregon a run right now. This is everything American last of the structures cost $4000 so far this year my food and fuel. Diesel gets 21 miles to the gallon, which is very good at what we do Don't get better physically possible with this person is doing his best to kick Israel and the chief destroy lives with since Calvin Coolidge aligned that we Saudi Arabia.

Everything else to cater to China to make us last checking is an attractive our ships to go back to the table with Iran so we could be subservient. You want to watch so I really can't go present like talk to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and one tripped and clenched things up.

Let testing to get a RAM course with surveyor in other countries, and yet this guy for the people that's running this gentleman frustration. You don't need a degree from Brown University understand that he had he had Middle East.

It was much more settled. Yet momentum going to bring Saudi Arabian the most to have tribulation to recognize the existence of Israel. He had a chance to do all that, even with the change in leadership with Israel and he didn't do it because it's the Abraham accords and that was trumps thing and he would even acknowledge that which shows an insecurity that goes beyond someone has been doing this for 40 years. It's crazy. The big story of course is Roe V Wade how the president is reacting to that, he instead of calming things down in same boat and I understand you want to make an election issue. You want to make sure the carnage is not that bad in the midterms I would say this when you do is don't bring up the fact that contraception is ask same-sex marriage is on the docket that connected allow women to whom he can be arrested if they go to another state in order to have an abortion. You don't do that. Instead, he does all those things inflames things that already have people on edge. Listen to VP Harris. The Democrats fail past Democratic presidents congressional leaders to not codify Roe V Wade over the past five decades to be very honest with you I do believe that we should have, rightly, playfully, certainly believe that certain actions are just settled certain actions. It is settled clearly were not. Now that's right and that's why I do believe that we are living sadly and real unsettled time perfect, that settles it says VP Harris had the biggest a series of lab questions you will ever get is a world leader ever as a US leader, actually. But given more stuff to do, the prettier and more press conferences to see if she can do it also shows the lost confidence in the present as is and what cannot write to find apply for live shows Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here, but is the right kill me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 Jonathan Turley has been summoned and he's responded to the call will be with us to break down some of these protest the horrible protests of Morton's justice cabinet doesn't seem to bother the administration at all. You know it's not stop there is a familiar with the fact that they have people that don't like them and that they will find out where dear cabinet secretaries live in their officers live in their administrators live because they are encouraging people to protest and have no problem with doing at residences were at restaurants I can't believe that maybe he can generosity Rousseau will be joining us in the bottom of the one of our favorite all-time guest author of the Hollywood Godfather who had many interactions with James Don and who is famous is sunny in the Godfather famous Brian song I want to get his take on that mob on the mob and James Condon where goes. He's also in this book will talk about both those things let's get to the victory stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. I am here to sell and that all about psychopath Caleb in the Middle East with infinite resources proposes that puts people to the Americans to the right MBS for the present can be with them anyway and that was Syed Ali Bari who used to work with the job who used to run used to be a prince that was in power in Saudi Arabia was ousted by MBS buying tickets old show on the road. The big stop Saudi Arabia. The problem is he needs them now but will but vilify them for years and no longer no longer Obama's Middle East will explain this is the beauty of Joe Biden's phone is not the Russians that make the Republicans old and so ever. That is Piers Morgan.

Of course, binds two-pronged approach to the economy, blame and deny about the fact that present I is getting older, but the fact that his team is days of consecutive work that's just just too much for the man. Yet that is Dr. Nicole Safire responding to that cute story about Joe Biden schedule the reveals he is not on his game. Even the New York Times says Joe must not go for reelection. That damn report on his aging is performance in his work ethic will discuss that but first things first, Jonathan Turley, welcome back.

He is a law professor at George Washington University as well as a contributor here. First off, I still get your take on the Morton story. The fact that Justice Cavanaugh has to leave out the kitchen through his with his family because of protesters on the outside.

He gets protested at home. He can't go out to dinner with his family.

Jonathan you must be incensed.

I am not called call it would not be a difficult call for the vast majority of American but it seems to be an insurmountable burden for the president and his cabinet members to simply condemn the practice. Nobody at questioning the right to protest that often the only point they address know anything they don't have that right. Over thing you can use things that you will write to wrong way. It's wrong to carafe and how judges and justices because you don't agree with how they interpret the Constitution and it dangerous for visual just recently had alleged attempted murder by he within attempted theft and yet people like go to church another ticket themselves to simply condemn the thing you know what, it's too much we can protest and we can object and we can be passionate. We don't have to Holland and harass members of the bench because they hold a different view of the Constitution. No kidding any socket to stop in the snow Sunday. Now the putting bounties.

If you have a justice sound siding get $250 and more so if you see Clarence Thomas at the lake meconium bear and add in Aruba you supposed to alert local protesters and just leads me to the something is this people feeling acting emotionally and passionately. Or these people being paid and who's paying obviously people are becoming addicted to rage in the new thing I remember years ago you were followed by not yet in the hall by the faces of these individuals following you to the Metro at how much they were enjoying and you realize that you can become addicted to rage and that's what we saw in your case, we see outside the house and hire American people to say to by tenant and other leaders that not enough to say people are upset. It's like when Nancy Pelosi was there about people destroying the statute and she said what people do what people will do violent people. It says go do it and then get those people that on the other side of any issue to respond. For example, do you really think that Justice Tom just the Supreme Court justices are the only one there going to take you take these political activists off. I mean, there are Republican activists till they are very angry.

Let's say at the press secretary. Let's say the Sec. of transportation. The kinky cake on a flight today of the supply chain situation. So what's gonna stop every day people that are not of the White House that don't have armed guards from all the sudden they sealed their residences turn on the ground because it's is going to get out of control. The only reason he has no problems with this because he told he is upset about the Roe V Wade decision is upset about the EPA decision. He's upset about the gun decision so he says you do Supreme Court is acting responsibly. What messages at the second element you all day you look at Highland Park. We have a crate of mental illness under their people who are disturbed and violent, and we constantly talk about that when we have the tragedy that occurred but the politicians don't take responsibility for how they fueled both the left and the right, but to couple of difficult to simply tell the protesters there's a point where you have a right but you can if you set right and this is you know you disagree with with Justice Cavanaugh fine protest that the Supreme Court organize on the election level. You don't have to harass and trying to intimidate the justices by the way that R and the vote on critical about this last term supporting the more liberal justice either correcting a justice who next to Robert. Yes most likely to support the left of the court absolutely and leave with the gun lobby's keys with the gun decision to page insert that said just come up with different restrictions you want and and submit them. Of course, New York went over the top and most like to go back to court, but how about this story. Job I needed in an attempt to get to. I guess swing votes and limit the damage done to the midterms is expounding on what could happen with Roe V Wade overturned, he say next contraception he sending it to stop women from traveling.

The guy can try to charge women they get abortions out of that state at the residence of the state that doesn't allow them there going to talk about getting rid of contraception all tympanic people and get sis enrage them.

Then he brings up the story Jonathan Turley of a 10-year-old that was raped and had to go to Indiana to get an abortion. The problem is nobody knows what the hell he's talking about. It's not rooted in any fact people be able to track government officials to any abuse through abortions that were done.

How could you could be made up the story. Sorry, it all came from a single doctor. The call from another doctor has refused to speak with media giving that story over and even the Washington Post said that's really not good during what you need support before you run with a story like that to good journalism with the constant good politics either to the president to base without really knowing what the facts are what occurred but remarks were just completely meet the unique youth of the spring court of ignoring early cases on abortion is totally untrue and was almost laughingly untrue because the criticism of the court by the left is spent too much time talking about the early laws that govern abortion, but he also remarked that we have to protect the right to travel what ridiculous women to travel under receive medical care or any protected under the United States Constitution, as long as it is, you know law you could be true. You could have interstate criminal cases, but you cannot be prevented from going to another state for medical or abortion services. The spring court has been incredibly strong on this point and it is not credible. You've other Democratic members, who said that toxic ectopic pregnancy. They are also going to be prevented, be by this decision currently untrue that not a viable pregnancy in the treatment is not abortion but not putting another problem. Most of these states like Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, typically exempted those procedures and you already have a standard easily protected and even if they didn't instill a lot of the parade of apples tend to disperse. Once you get closer to me that there is not significant. Abortion is not a right correct Constitution people are only good faith and in in arguing the other side. You don't have to do with the president and trying to suggest that there the other thing that the opinion endangers when in fact it does not. Very similar to the pandemic wave did you hear that vaccine does this each year.

It's easy to catch your deviation JK know where to hear that. Well, a lot of people speaking responsibly off the call for which you say this is like this is extrapolating from a decision to try to incense people in my humble opinion to be motivated to vote a certain way, the present also brought this up in terms of action he could take the audio is not great but I want you to hear it through all his executive action cut 21 so you want to declare pub the possible public health emergency that have standing background you actually go to the president only in their site. They explain accurately that this is not a public health emergency.

They refer to that status is dealing with diseases and other types of elements that are rapidly spreading across the country.

It doesn't even come close to something like that and also the president don't stand up admitted that they look at this and obviously meant that they said that they didn't see how this would free up significant funds or significant already.

But what would trigger litigation into the question is why do it and the answer is because the clinical health by calling it you can affect term. It gives the impression of action. It's like creating threat or not, in the opinion I think that that you will be able to get contraceptive. Even though the Supreme Court repeatedly and expressly said that is not the case and that it decision is not you.

Lastly, I worked hard on Friday to try to digest. I think it was Friday, his executive order during our show.

Not having the legal background you have.

I can't see any substance in this these executive orders. I don't even know what was supposed to do. Besides, we allow him to rant afterwards. Do you like what what what actionable did he put forward, just before the problem is very little nutritional value and that Executive Order basically said you need to support the right that women have to abortion well limited what you can do just returned this issue to the state of what the White House is not, while raising these other issues that are not in peril is that the majority of women in this country in all likelihood will be in states that protect the right of abortion in the blue states have a very high percentage of our population and many of the way beyondlike hello the Colorado support abortion up to 9 Month Way beyond where Roe required and by the way, only 10% of the country. According to Harvard poll actually supports that type of law, but also over 50% of abortion are handled with an abortion pill which is very likely to continue to be available so it once again good reason that opponent have, to uphold this decision.

I understand that but we really do have some obligation to be accurate and to try to put this in perspective for the public to know what it is we are debating the president said in his remarkable vote vote vote, the court set the Supreme Court you know will accept that challenge, the Supreme Court said look in 1973. The political debate in the country and now you can have an this is up to the American people that simple to do that as a leader or you could say I'm going to get people off the charts angry and the red. The ripple effect you get to be responsible for Jonathan Turley. Thanks so much.

Right there with the president states in the rose garden right now commemorating the passage of that bipartisan gun law, but not very popular with the right but 14 votes at least from Republicans and what it did is didn't ban MR 13, MR 50 AR 15's.

It didn't God raise the age of 18 to 21 to buy a weapon. It did have of money put aside to give the states to help her implement a red flag law with certain parameters which were to change from the wild West for the big blue states are very restrictive to the red states that had very few restrictions and it was if it was a fine achievement, but the present as usual he asked for a lot was angry, blamed the NRA and then behind closed doors.

The Senators just actually went to work and I think they got something effectively done. I think if implemented, would have stopped there shooting over on July 4. Use of the brain till Michio went back we have some open times open lines and then we'll talk to Gianna Russo about the role of James con and the mop and also that series. I love on Paramount plus called the offer. He's in it that is himself, but is pretrade in writing, educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. Welcome back, just a quick announcement Noah have been on stage before my book tours and I enjoyed it so much have a chance with back the world of the American history and I had no idea it would be taking be having to push back on American history and get it right because everyone try to rewrite it now. The latest stories on the front on the back page.

Actually the front page of the new post today how their China and Monticello there actually running down Thomas Jefferson's life and legacy building up hit the slave culture there and vilifying him at his own home that was Minotaur site since 1920. And guess what, if you watch Saturday show their doing the same thing. The James Madison if you want to win the war in history and see it on stage with Brian kill you find out where I'll be August, September, and two dates in November. Get tickets right now including VIP opportunities talk show that's getting you your with Brian kill me assist us. So is Philip the green scratchy cornmeal today. I said hello family businesses don't tell me you're innocent will produce the time you see that is Godfather the first the original Johnny Russo knew that right away.

He's the author of Hollywood godfather my life to the movies and the Bobby was kind enough to help us on the wiseguy special. Looking back 50 years since Godfather one and he was in it himself, and he's pretrade.

I believe in the offer, which is a series I'm not done with but is fantastic on Paramount plus which is based on the making of the godfather Gianni welcome back good. Thanks. Help us on the special as usual you the MVP. You provided the glue to bring us through the reality and the actual acting could urinate and then the aftermath and with this and with the mob was all about word that they could not use in the godfather but I want to get your reaction to James con's passing. You knew him for humor first met him on the set of the godfather. My right.

I met 119th St. like me then. Then he went through the great not like me now why would you not like about you. I don't know so funny. I tried to figure it out. I was an actor. I was 27 years of age, my ego, I wanted to be in the movie and the good news.

I felt very comfortable patches on the 119th St. I should go there all the time. That's not totally sure knows it was the gender-based family and I was working folk Costello with their boss basically is a messenger tricycle golem all the talk by thousand and $10,000 midnight logistical connect games when they said that we are virtually there is a great guy got there early. I made up really soon. I got a Chinese trick drive at 65 Bentley and it comes all the guys that you met people showing pain which can't believe Guy and Bill James call on and they gave us instructions which I thought was interesting when Grendel gets to the rule.

No contract. Don't approach him and then we were all sitting around the table in order of the family with Brando organic King Shawnee Prato Michael Diane Keaton tired. May you all there. We had a traduce ourselves, the more I got up there only come if it was this guy dressed up really suit the dress like my dog dress better than them, Diane Keaton at combat boots on the Kubler but Daniel at at the break, Brando came to me a lot about that ruffled Jimmy's feathers because you know Jimmy's dispatch. Want to bond with them at all that I know what the hell Stella Adler Strasburg will be schools and I do know that I thought maybe staying in character.

That's weird method actor was talking to you and you think maybe Jamestown was jealous. Everybody will know protocol that was the first time always very sore on a set and they told you look at him when he came to me was actually trying to get me fired and I picked up on three or four sentences could use it to Coppola.

This guy's got to be an important guy, a major actor, she replied: culpable you should do a big TV actor.

No big movie coming out no usually brought Lando everybody right again Records show Teresa who to study with study want, when you talk any telescope. This guy got a be a great happy on the wind. My whole family. You gotta rethink this sentence when you try to get me fired. So again, not knowing protocol I should print this quarter a minute, I dismissed the director the whole room went quiet.

Coppola walked away. I put my mom Brando walking in the back with the jig and that game would be going on.

I don't want to know what is Italian, very hard-college. Big big big big money but anyway so I get a mighty earshot.

I want to embarrass the guy I shall return okay all due respect, I know you all you get me fired.

Listen to me carefully, you get replied I will suck on your heart you will bleed out here. You can embarrass me like this. He looked at me step back that was brilliant. You can really do this part of Zach and I met everybody I told you really tell everyone Gianni, how you got the movie while I got the movie and it's not what you offer may offer there saying you know that they treat me like a bomb actually people call me I will watch it. Even the kid that got the plot called me.

Could you read my book Hollywood godfather Russo I just got kids to play with your help I do lunch. Very nice you to call me to a normal. I read your book. Your first but the good news right now I can't leave him in the James Patterson book right now just came out cold defense attorney about Barry Slotnick and Barry Slotnick was in the room with Joe Colombo Legault Weston when Joe Colombo told Bobby Evans, Stanley Jaffe, our audio you want me to cooperate with you, Johnny Russo, please call all looked at each other nearly dumbfounded recordable God is okay to talk and for your audience. James Patterson book, page 70, 71, whatever you watching on your offer that.

So I got to see Johnny that's I got the part but I bought limitations, so I went to do so. I knows about James cutting particular heating like you would you like him me was he a hard guy to get along with. I know the timeline with Kelly and said that he might've been invited been in the mob 120 want to debate ever since he played Sonny Corleone. He went to his grave thinking Sonny Corleone he hooked up with all kinds a wise person call Andrew more solos guy you want to see him in prison after the Scripture's trial. I mean this guy was nuts.

Since this is not the tribute to yesterday's post. No all my God I did a story yesterday by 11 o'clock in the morning was 107,000 views by the end of the day was over 2 million. Gotta get it. I will get it I will take three dollars. They gave me and just talk to Jim Scott so you that you got buried. I literally along with his family.

So tell me about God is in the making of the Godfather which I find endlessly fascinating how ruddy I know you don't like the way you are portrayed in. They say that Jamestown really beat you up and that seemed as he was told to by the director on not triggered a whole the whole company having somebody beat me up you chip my elbow broke two ribs. Now there saying you just gave me. I got a call my lawyer, you did get beat up by Jimmy Kohn right but you see, that was part of the scene. It was part of the sea. We rehearsed it for her day and then the next day we come back to shoot it. There was no back when he got out of the car in rehearsal that will subtly ad lib. the practice in all likely to have a call to the back. We run on the head. We stopped to see you like to get a little bit knowledge could go that when he threw me over the railing beating me with that metal garbage bill, not like plastic ones reactivated which dealyou chip my elbow said while this is great crazy that when I call out to the railing and he drop kicks me. We had all rehearsal to coherently I would roll over into the fire scene, and that's what he said stuck my sister get out. He broke two ribs were like a football injury while I got all I wish I could inhale and exhale while sounding 30 we have it, but it was a more visual. That's when he just they show you didn't get beat up by by Sonny. Lastly, just so real quick, Johnny Russo, but would pick up his book Hollywood godfather, you will not be able to put it down Johnny real quick in the offer, how ruddy they said like he single-handedly did a lot of extraordinary things in order to put this thing together to see deserve as much credit as a given in the offer. I haven't seen it all. I been in the office today say I found the location will follow.

Now shut the wedding. My grandfather knew the guy will the house to the God they will house a loss to house a man they were picketing everything. Joe Colombo did what this will be made in New York State trying defamation and I found the house upon Longfellow Road.

I found roses pastries to make the cakes the band that's in the movie Nino Lori Ellie would play that my first wedding. That's bad.

They have no you know what it is I'll Corleone find it. I go online I don't. I own all the liquors in 73 countries. When Michael said at the end of the movie.

No call. Your punishment your out of the family. I own the ball. I don't drink a lot of oil now throughout the world. Thanks so much Jenna Russo thank you appreciate back in a moment. Everyone's brain killing welcome back to top the arm to be on outnumbered. I'll be the guy in the middle. Meanwhile, I'm just look at my watch and just thinking you need to know more capital offered to judge some speaking tips during his presidential run was not working well right put into a political strategist named Liz Smith over senior judge tells TMZ that we offer private coaching session feet ahead of initial televised event will extend the offer back in 2019.

During a swanky private fundraiser for Peter Los Angeles mansion including included their personal matching coaching Katy Perry Orlando Bloom also told her most levees like parishes to excel these repeat exchange pleasantries.

We'll want to step further giving footage of the ultimate offer during a conversation one day mansion for back rooms wheels picture like this would help you with the speaking style and coach him up on the best way to deliver his talking points really. I know he's a great actor. Great motivating speaker right and a political expert Layton doesn't say that when Pete told her about Leo's offer. When she asked got the Gypsy with he didn't and she was disappointed she was beside herself.

She chalking up the heat not fully grasping the significance of Leo's offer thanks to (I know, it's like Jack Nicholson over to tips not really thanks on speaking yeah but I have that's a lot of confidence to the you know he's like tiptoeing around politics and getting next superhero costume or by George Clooney in 1997's Batman and Robin is up for auction come to the hyper realistic Clooney manikin wow hyper realistic. Talk to says the batch you made famous by the Joe Schumacher film and infamous for the exaggerated nipples featuring the body armor they were exaggerated nipples on his body will you learn anything every day. You know not know that exaggerated me and I got to start heading north Hollywood types only lien I wanted to give you right it would be great. Then I'd ask about George Clooney's nipples on his Batman outfit. It will be perfect: capable of marked GC for George Clooney and Ridgely came to the Warner Bros. archive. The bodysuit is a stunt suit and the bad emblem with from K fasteners were created from originals to complete the display. I don't know how much people pay but I don't think he was happy with performance. Is that true he was not. I liked his Batman performance. I don't know that answer. People know that unfortunately is not talking. Next was the third leading cause of death in the US in 2020 and 20, 21, one and a people lost their lives. All that that ended up dying heart disease remain number one cancer number two covert number three by accidental deaths. That's a pretty broad one, and stroke 267,001 that matters. A virus expected huge human toll after vaccines became except available and directly affected. Other causes of death. Perhaps because people are afraid to go to the doctor to get the regular yeah next, America's first local family-owned businesses more than any other kind. They topo 2000 people, 67% said to be the local hardware store over Home Depot that surprise you and makes total sense. There generally people in your community. You know them when a lot of fun things you like a T-ball game right that's it. I that's good be true, flexible flyer got my flexible fighting I can get Home Depot go to local hardware store and the local hardware says I will say generally get the kids they felt totally something they usually did a venture.

Hardware stores have toys they think of something handy about it.

The lollipop or some little fun thing about all right, that's good to know next doggy dog became man's best friend. Thanks to a gene that lowers stress going to review research when the world's most famous pet descends from wolves. However, the domestication of the dog has baffled evolutionary experts for decades. The Japanese team believes they have solved the riddle does carry two mutations of a gene known as MC2 are cut this down please. It's called Delacorte into receptor.

It produces the hormone cortisol features built-in alarm system which releases then someone experiences fear or anxiety that make sense to look at what ECT though Brazil is the home to the happiest others at a random pack for you write something I really can make use of. Although Tucker was in Brazil two weeks ago I could I could, given that the talker basket on the state of the happiest Southerners next. The average customer says $340 each month on impulse buys that currently, the average spends 3 to 14 a month, up from 276 and 2020 10 183 in 2023 and for that 72% response say most of the purchases tend to be spontaneous.

A large number from 50 & well the same sentiment last year why you think that is why much about my question feeling accurate number 314 month deadline amplified with an impulse buy abide that you you never find notes impulse by you identify impulse buys. If you don't use it in the aftermath of your end-of-the-year inventory amplified thinker in line the store and you see something really funny, why not use rabbit and we made an impulse private impulse buys tensioning accessory not needed for just something I really think much about it like you think it was called the moon you scrapped it without doing a lot of research on that's a good point. I think did you do that. A lot of times people put these things on the closer as you read through the line to get your attention, to alert you to things you might need correct that you never knew you knew you needed that make sense now, yes, but you also attend by a lot of things because he is right. I am now a few charges on my iPad, my I hope so.

Well, you hi, thanks for soliciting people here right now over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you

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