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Biden COVID Positive, White House Says "Doesn't Matter" How He Got It

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 22, 2022 12:53 pm

Biden COVID Positive, White House Says "Doesn't Matter" How He Got It

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 22, 2022 12:53 pm

[00:10:54] Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)


[00:18:33] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)


[00:37:00] Geraldo


[00:47:27] Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)


[00:55:14] Eric July


[01:13:56] Dr. Marty Makary


[01:32:09] Chris Christie

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy this writing to me Joe and I to be here all week long we as we close out this weekend. Rick Scott is minutes by the hour. One of the best most experienced military mines in our country. Adm. James David, his former three Malik commander of NATO on this big move now to ramp up finally by the types of equipment were getting into the Ukrainians. Europeans are not doing it their all. Talk we according to yesterday's guests only got 40% in there that we promise. But here's with the good news were about to give them F-15s and F-16s and hears better news. We've already trained up the pilots.

We've gotten some money they been trained on our stuff. We can get some warthogs in there as may be, is executor ready F-15s F-16s is going to be a game changer.

Look for the Ukrainians get back on the offensive. But let's now get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three don't let it dominate. Don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen to her double vaccinated symptoms are mild present buying test positive for COBIT. We wish him the best. But why was Trump treated so much worse will compare contrast and see how this new variant might be affecting our lives again everybody. Some prices have been climbing across the country so let's get some grass for selling siding and McGrath G. This is nuts that the press secretary with the harp behind her talking about, she's being a graph like she's on Sesame Street. What matters most of that was Karine Jean-Pierre.

What matters most. The economy your economy just comes down. Thank you Vladimir Putin administration takes about they should suddenly jobless claims are up is a recession.

Next, the city should be commended that would not Texas that we in New York all countries home of the free land of the brave. We do not be Become callous and send people to wait and looking looking for help.

What New York City blames Arizona and Texas but don't blame them mayor of New York City blamed Biden New York is overall with about 3000 illegals of the last three months because of Pres. Biden. He will not enforce the border. How soon until Dems realize the borders of the GOP talking point.

Instead, an American breaking point, and that you said so I started to clarify one thing with Mayor Adams. You're about to hear the whole clip is saying and I guess this is a new democratic strategy. Gov. Abbott is so fed up he said I would take all these in individual illegal immigrants ever given option getting an air-conditioned bus will put them right in Washington DC so this ministration, this White House can understand what is like being on a border city that Jill equip without the infrastructure to handle without a 4 million roughly 4 million illegal immigrants 800,000 got a ways since he took office. He says I'm dropping Washington DC but every major cities overrun with them big and small, and then you see the mayor of DC say yeah I got all these illegals here. While this about few thousand 65 busloads. Not all fall from Texas point make no Mayor Adams comes out and says dumping into my city cut one city should be commended that would not Texas where New York all countries home of the free land of the brave. We do not be Become callous and send people away looking looking for help all of us came from somewhere even from Texas came from somewhere and so they should not have sent people away that was seeking refuge there is so much wrong with these statements and he camping this intentionally misinforming. He has to be there be ignorant on purpose or its manipulative and political because the fact is, you can come to this country there's a way to get here because of climate change because you don't like your country is not good enough. We can't take everybody in the wants to be here now, Fox News alert, nor can any other country think anyone must be there.

Nobody in this world has let down their border like Americans let down their border. The most prosperous nation in the world with the best military is being overrun by a minimum of 4 million illegals not only coming here on our social social system, but also a lot of them selling drugs.

A lot of them are criminals. Many of what we don't want here hate our country don't want to be part of our country. But Mayor Eric Adams. We are not spurning our back on these people. We are saying there's a way to come, go to your consulate, apply, and you can come here why the Hispanic vote is going to Republicans is because Hispanics don't look at Venezuelans, Bolivians, El Salvador ends, Guatemalans, and say because you're from there. I really respect what you're sneaking into this country. They want to be Americans. They paid the money they got the green card. They took the test they became citizens, and they resent the fact that all of them are beating the system to get here and Eric Adams now says wait a second. My shoulders and filled up with illegals mice classrooms are filled with filled up with kids that don't speak English and I blame Texas you crazy. Cut to this is a real burden on New Yorkers as we try to do the right thing of we already, as I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system. So now we talking about is your stated food, clothing, school. This is going to impact our of our schools because we do not turn away individuals because the on document translation services. There's just a whole host of things. This is going to produce. That's what we need. We need help in getting this done and ready to write coordination to make right and and you blaming Arizona and Texas both moving our moving migrants to the nation's capital as part of an effort to bring the consequences of an open border policy to the people who put in place an open border policy. Simple as that. In a statement in response to Mayor Adams erroneous statement, Gov. Ducey of Arizona said Adams needs to get the facts straight and pay close attention to which really occurring is our nation security depends on the state of Arizona is providing voluntary transportation for asylum-seekers only to Washington DC, not New York. Pres. Biden created the Christ of the border. He failed to respond to calls for action refuses to even visit the border so bringing the issue closer to his home, not your home same thing in Texas. Big difference.

So listen to how ill were being served by this administration's appointees. For example, the TSA administrator nominate this guy David propose who actually got confirmed he's being cruel by Sen. Josh Holly why because these illegals really use arrest warrants to get on planes and they don't even care if they belong here not have you ever try to get on a plane without any idea it's almost impossible for you and I but not of your legal cut three comedy. Visuals are presented TSA with arrest warrants or deportation notices and were permitted to travel in this calendar are under a thousand or so we are looking at whether a person's legal or illegal in the country are our function is to make sure that one out because our role is to make sure the people that might pose a risk to transportation that significant enough to either require enhanced screening or to not allow them to fly with the proxy position. Someone who is known to violate the laws United States just does not thereby made enhanced screening concerned about this person's character to their people every day that violate the laws United States the fly. We look for things that are related to transportation security defying to their here illegally. They very violate the law, ways to stop it is the turn up at different places with a need ID whether it's whether it's a place like TSA are going to go to your license that's way to identify them. They're not the not doing that he's proud he doesn't understand why Josh always even answering sooner Holly joint talker last night. Cut for it is utter and total contempt. But this administration is showing for the law-abiding citizens of the United States what they're telling us is weight and the longest lines ever being treated all kinds of random inspections and invasive procedures and have your stuff confiscated.

But if you're an illegal alien and you have committed a crime.

All and you have an arrest warrant, right to the front line and get right on the plane and as as you said the TSA minister told me today that maybe a thousand such illegal aliens just this calendar year alone have been able to use their arrest warrants to get on planes. It is unbelievable. It is unbelievable but it's reality.

I don't take too much time away from Rick Scott. I do want to jump into the economy. How the ridiculous background music to the press secretary hopping on with a graph behind their part to being the just astounded that there is a graph behind her, telling us the gas prices went down.

If anyone talked to her the new idea about the economy at the White House and I doubt there is. They should say we probably should be taken abound now because per barrel. It's up to $108.

So will you be getting the ripple effect from that in a few weeks down the line, so you probably don't want to look around and say look how low I got gas prices because we also remember who you gave credit for when gas prices went up Vladimir Putin.

So who you give credit for now. Prices go down. Logic would tell you Vladimir Putin. So thanks Vladimir. I'm only paying $4.60 a gallon all by the way I was paying 225, two years ago, but I want to get caught up in details we come back Rick Scott Adm. James Servetus at the bottom of the hour, then with 15 minutes left in this hour we'll be taking a call is 1-866-408-7669 diving deep into today's top stories Ryan kill me precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real.

This is the Ryan kill me show where was the effect I don't think we know they don't think that that matters anything matters. For this moment. You don't think that matters you and say that is the press secretary yesterday on a call question to the health advisor about the Pres. Biden's condition because he tested positive.

When asked where he think he got it. I don't think that matters. My real focus is on the look of the system to have in place in the therapy therapeutics that we have in place to help a no no. It didn't matter because for the last three years you been telling us contact tracing is everything you hired thousands of people around the country to want someone test positive to go contact them anymore kids in classrooms and say you can contact Ray stay home from school. You can contact Ray stay in the hotel human contact tracing can get on the plane and now the president gets this a chance to show everyone the way you should be handling the latest variance in the mild symptoms and followed it and you come out it's it will doesn't matter where he got it from. You have just wasted 2 1/2 years of our time specifically with the medical advice.

The same team basically is in place, led by Anthony factory you base Beatles. We wasted our time and thousands of taxpayer dollars having contact tracers call you up and get that phone call you get that email that says someone's been in your vicinity who tested positive, but it's okay. The press averages yelled out.

It doesn't matter where you Got it from.

Listen to the difference between the way prison trunk was handled. He was vilified.

No responsibilities reckless doesn't take this serious as he goes to the hospital. The other networks, almost cheering for his illness to be long-lasting Molly Hemingway notice the way in which Pres. Biden was treated by the press in prison trunk at 14.

The new state of hysteria before he got cope and when he got it. I don't know if I've ever seen anything quite like it. The anger at that White House doctors the anger at the treatment that he was getting angry at every little thing about how he was handling things and as you know that now they think doesn't matter where he got it pattern repeatedly with corporate media when they would blame Republicans when they got COBIT and they would blame Republicans when Democrats got COBIT yeah it's not some rich guy trying to sell sooner you.

I know you wish prison Biden. Well, that goes without saying, but if you notice the difference awaits repressing trump was treated by the press and the way they present lines are about the press it's ridiculous. It merely be almost hope the trunk would get worse and I know anybody decided that anything other than the and of having document affects but yeah, it may not mean this is spirit gleaned when Justice Cavanaugh's will get yelled, gets harassed not one, Rick.

I know that not one Democrat said that's not right. One which one I want. Some of the Democrats were saying when prison trunk tested positive cut 12 Pres. sixth is huge galvanizing point for the stocks in large part, it's his own. Their dereliction is partly to blame for this. I look at this is drunk driver who injured himself in a rack and chill the oncoming sober driver Donald Trump is injured himself. The treatment he's getting at taxpayer expense privilege treatment murders that's that's a little bit of a flashback. Remember those days and suggested that Joe Biden should get the best care possible.

So we went to prison to want everybody to the Democrats are so mean-spirited all the everything is just the messaging and there is anti-people like Tromp mean but but but Cavanaugh stuck me look at the violent of the proposed boundary of It Right Okay with That Democrats Are Just Lately It May Command Couple Things at the Cabin As Neighbors Are Being Harassed Now Being Called Karen's and Other Things Because He Lived Next to Them in the Neighborhood and Is Clearly Less. Most People Do What You Did Center When You Were Governor Two and That Serve As You Get so Much Abuse and That Your Family Gets Abused That's Wins the Bridge Too Far. When Friends and Family and Now Neighbors You May or May Not 00 Even Know You Think to Go Back to Can't Get to Their Driveways Because Your Neighbors a Supreme Court Justice Used To Be an Honor Now to Detriment What You Guys Are Doing in the Sentence Kind Interesting. I Am All for Bringing the Computer Chips Home on for That. I Think You Are for the Pre-Manufactured Homes for National Security, but You're Not Happy with This Chip Bill. Tell Me Why. No Wonder the Sergeant over $30 Trillion, Inflation over 9% Because Washington and with Broken Legs. Why Spend Money on That Massive Giveaway Chipmakers Only Giving Example How to Work Intel Corporation, Which May $20 Billion Last Year under the Sky. I'm Glad People Make Money a Great Job They Expand Audit Stuck in a $20 Million/Year but Here's Organ to Retake. Maybe $4 Billion for You Intel so Hope You'll Build Something I'd Say Truck and Tell You That We Want to Build Where to Build an Orientated Bill. The Chips We Need, but You Get Going to Be $4 Billion in Order to Get Your Tax Break for Bill That They Were Given Behavior Tax Credit for Building by the Lake Water They Have To Do Is Stop Doing Business in China.

Stop Expanding Know and by the Way, When China and Bates. I Want to Have To Stop Doing Business in China. No Intel Testified and Commerce Committee. When I Asked Him What You Think When Trying Bates. I Want to Get a Good Know When I Can Stop Doing Business That Were to Keep Doing It.

The Pro-China Bill. We Were Given a Company like Intel Who the Big Operation in China Money for Doing Nothing, and What We Get the Taxpayers Get Nothing. I When I Was Governor of Florida. I Did Probably Were Thousand Economic Growth until I Made Money on All the Deals I've I Didn't. I Got My Money Back There Is Anything like That. The Bill Know so It Took Me There Is No Ability to Admit Mention at $250 Billion and Went from Millville $52 Million-$250 Billion in like 24 Hours and Everybody's like, You Know It Is a Lobbyist Is Now Why Is This What Why Is This Even to Democrats of Any Club They Want to Do This It If You Could Give Away Your Fist. Chipmakers Have a Home with You Lobbyist Because It's Just a Pure Cable That Sounds Good. It Sounds like All We Want Absolutely Were Anti-Cannot Absolutely This Is an Ability If You Enter China State and Federal Government within Five Years When I Could Buy Any Product Have Any Chips Made in China That We Do It That We Actually Have Some Accountability over Here If You Take This Money, No More Business in China.

We Knew That These Things Right Here Soon.

Rick Scott, Thanks so Much Appreciated Is a Guy on Services Chair Was Initially Published Senatorial Committee. We Come Back We Go inside the War in Ukraine and with James Servetus on the News Given Fighter Jets Now Ukraine. Finally, Fox News Podcasts Network. These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest Will Gain Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business. So Just Subscribe and Listen Fox News by Just Radio Show like No Other and Kill Me about the Question of What One Airplanes Likely Used at 1516 Maintains Possibly Also the Europeans Are Looking up. Given up That Wraparound Females That Are Made by France Typhoon Which Is a Euro Fighter Jet Griffin Which Is a Sweetened Jet so I Mean, Isn't That a Major Turn Here Because of What the Ukrainians Are Asking for.


Unbelievable. Joe Jackie with Me Last Hour. This Report Today Not Deny That the Air Force Is Considering Providing A-10 Warthog Still Going to Be Warehoused and Used up 60 F-15s and F-16s to Barbara Zielinski's Air Force in Ukraine and the CAD Pilots over Here Who Already Trained on These Western Fighter Jets and Will James Chevy Disjoint Is Now 16 Supreme Allied Cmdr. Knows the Area Well and What's at Risk.

Adm. What Brought Us to This Point and Are You a Believer That Were Going to Actually Get These to the Ukrainians Believer Right Thing to Do. You and I Talked about This Idea of Getting Fighters in the Hands of the Ukrainians Four Months Ago Brian at the Time We Are Talking about Polish Being 29.

I Wish We Had Done That It Might've Made a Difference Earlier, but the Idea Jumping over the Old Soviet Inventory and Going Right to NATO Aircraft Makes A Lot Of Sense and by the Way, A-10 Warthog. Those Things Are Killing Machines down Low to the Ground and Brian so Simple to Fly.

I Could Train You to Client A-10 in about a Month.

While That That and Finally We Are Not Using Anymore Right Warehoused the Function of the Battlefield.

These Are Close Air Support Meeting. They Fly Very Low.

They Have Extremely Destructive High Caliber Cannons up in Front. They Can Also Drop Small Bombs. They Are What You Call Lien When You're in Close Combat with the Opponent and Therefore Perfect for This Kind and Grinding War Were Seeing in Again. Very Simple to Operate, to Refuel Very Battle Hardened in and Yes We Were Sending a Block to the Bone Yard.

We've Got Other Options That Are More Advanced but A-10 Would Make A Lot Of Sense and the Other One in That General Jack Mentioned the F-16 That Again Fairly Simple to Operate.

Not It's Not Quite As Turnkey As in a Tent but That Has Much More Capability and Importantly Brian That F-16 Bring You an Error to Eric Capability You Can Shoot down Russian Fighters. With That, so That Would Be a Killer Package Eight Hands and F-16s Literally and Using That Now the Street Vernacular Hate That Killer I Get Those Two Jets in the Hands Now.

I of Course. But What Would Make You Think You're Going to Do That Because We Remember the Battle. I Mean This Is Always Internal Struggle. Things like This Is a Do They Do Do a What Changed Had Us Change Our Article from a 1980s Jet to Change a Turn-Of-The-Century Yeah, Things Have Changed, Which I Think Are Driving This Forward. One Is the Russians Had Improved in Their Fighting Capability, Not Because They're Doing Anything A Lot Smarter but Simply Because They Compacted Themselves into. This Is Known in That East and South. So There Lining up and Massing Forces Brian. That Is an A-10 Target Massed Forces and Then on the Other Side of the Cooling You're Seeing the Russians Use These Long-Range Missiles Long-Range Fire.

That's What EF 16 Comes in They Can Take out the Russian Air Cover so That the Changes on the Battlefield and I Think It's It's Time to Make the Leap If We Are Going to Continue to Support the Ukrainians and and We Must, and I Believe We Will Hi Mars to Put a Handful in Our Reports on the Battlefield on Bleakly Successful. How Many More Prepared to Put in. We Ought to Be Putting in God Right Now Were Talking about 10 to 12. This Is Another Area Where We Need to up Our Game They Make a Huge Difference in What They Do. Brian Is You Know Is They Can Reach 15 Miles behind Russian Lines and Go after the Little Majestic so Highly, Highly Capable. One Thing I'm Not Hearing Discussed That I Would like to Hear More Is Surfaced to Surface Missiles to Go at Sea against the Black Sea Fleet I'm Start Knocking down More of Those Ships at Sea. We Have Missiles.

NATO Has Missiles That Can Do That.

I Think That the Next Big Move. You'll See. I Hope so and Will See What Why Are We First off I Want You Here with Jack. Tina Said about What We Can Expect in the Next Few Weeks, Cut 24 What's Really Taken Place Sale Is Ukrainians of the Parents Account. Since They Know Full Well the Russians Have Expended Themselves Quite Considerably, Taking the Eastern Part of the Dom Bass Region, the Casualties of Been Staggering. They Lost Hundreds and Hundreds of Armor Equipment in That Process Conducting Very Limited Attacks.

Right Now You Can Better Describe Them Is Being Installed on the Part of the Russians Some Sense of That's Been Prepared by the Ukrainians and Working on It for Number Weeks Likely Take Some More Preparation Phase and Certainly Advanced Weaponry Increase Fighter Capability Will Be a Factor in That so Are You Getting the Scene Reports a Major Offensive Soliloquy and I'll Put a Target on It. It's Going to Be in and around the Area of Paris on Which Is If You Will That Gateway to Crimea First Major Cities All Correct and in High Symbolic Value. This Would Be like the Texans Roaring Back and Taking the Alamo Back and It Just Would Be Symbolically Important, Geographically Important That Gateway to Crimea Controls the Water Sources to Crimea. This Would Put Real Pressure on Proved He Would Then Have To Swing Forces to the South to Counter That That Would Take Pressure off in the Don That You Know It's a Chess Game on a Battlefield like This and Not Checking and I Both Agreed the Next Move Is Going to Be the Ukrainians in Its Can Be Offensive. And It's Good to Be in the Shop.

Why Do We Why We Willing to Take These Risks before Was so Worried about Going Too Far in Provoking the Russian to Explain the War. What Changed Our Perception about the Success of the Ukrainians I Think Was Number One and Really Zelinski and His Inspirational Messages around the World. Number Two Was the Obvious Incompetence of the Russians. In Other Words, We Began to Feel As Though You Were Not Concerned about Russia Attacking NATO, They Can Barely Handle the Ukrainians for God Sake. So I Think Those Two Factors Brian Have Reduced Level of Timidity on the Part of the West and We Are Now Correctly up Putting Much More Lethal Capable Arms in the Hands of the Ukrainians, so Let Me Tell You What Dave Ignatius Wrote Today and I Think You Respect His Contacts with the Military. He Says the Chinese Are Really Unsettled by the War in Ukraine. CIA Director William Burns Told Him Speaking A Few Hours before This Big Aspen Conference. The War Has Drawn the United States and European Allies Closer Together, Confounding Beijing's Hope of Dividing the Trans-Hellenic Alliance. He Also Noted That China Has Been Careful Not to Violate US Sanctions against Russia Even Flagship Company Such As Tele Communication Giant Waterway Have Reduced Their Business with Moscow for Fear of New Penalties from Europe and the United States, and She Was Surprised by Demonstration with the Judge Is Expected to Be Weak and Ineffective. Rod Has Been Able to Rally Global Support for the Ukraine.

How Much Is That Hope May Be CIA Spin and How Much Is That Reality Could Compare to Your Sources. Adm. Everything I'm Hearing Tracks and I Concur with David Ignatius This Is a Well-Written and Well Sourced Column.

As Always, from Him and What Brian Common Sense. Put Yourself in President. She's Footsteps Right Now Number One Vladimir Putin Told Him in the Run-Up to the Olympics Hate This Will Take Me 3 to 5 Days to Conquer This Country. What Were Headed in the Month Six, Number Two, She Is Asking Himself or My Generals.

As Bad As Those Russian Generals Appear to Be. Don't Forget They Were All Trained in the Old Soviet Model.

They All Went to the Same War Colleges They've Operated Together. He's Losing Confidence, Watching the Russian Failures Number Three. He's Asking Himself and This Is David's Point Way. I Wonder If the West Would Hang Together to Sanction Me and Yeah I'm Too Big to Sanction Because They Sanction Sectors Quietly Perfect Example. Fourth and Finally Brian. He's Asking Himself. I Wonder If Those Taiwanese Would Fight the Weight Ukrainians Are in the Answer Is Yes, I've Been to Taiwan I Met the President, Derek, Mme., Sighing. She's Zelinski of Asia. They Will Fight All Those Things I Think You're Gonna Have a Dampening Effect on Chinese Enthusiasm for Jumping up and Attacking Taiwan Are Really Countering the West. I Think I Think This Is a Good Thing That Is Coming Out Of This. Please Use What They Do like the Love That Were Distracted in Europe Just like the Lovely Abstract in the Middle East, and the Longer They Can Keep Us Looking There More That They Can Continue to Enforce Their Ways in the South China Sea Absolutely Right, and That's Why We Have Got to Continue to Keep That We Would Say in the Navy. A Weather Eye on Asia and the South China Sea.

It's the Taiwan Strait. This Is Where We Need the Navy to Be Operating and Pushing Forward, Even As the Events in Europe Attended Take up Resources and This Gets Us Back. Brian, You Know You're Going to Hear This from the Admiral but on the Size of the Navy. It's Too Small to Do These Kind of Task We Have Less Than 300 Ships. China Has 350. We Have Got to Increase Our Military Capability. Notably Our Maritime Capability in That South China Sea Leslie on This Conflict. Love Russ Came out and Said Yes in the Foreign Secretary Not to Be Foolish for Us to Have Peace Talks We've Expanded Our Ambition beyond the East Now so I Know We Supply Now I Know He's up Very Slow Slick Tongued, but He Does Feel As Though They've Gained Territory and They Were Looking to Gain More, Especially Because It's so Rich in Natural Resources and A Lot Of It Is Port Cities and I Would Say If They Have One Major Geographic Objective.

Brian It Would Be to Swing to the West into the South and Get to Odessa to the Port City of Odessa. Odessa Is Los Angeles and Long Beach. If You Will, of Ukraine. It's the Economic Beating Heart of Their Export Economy. So Yeah, the Russians Still Have Ambitions. This Is Why We Need to Where We Started the Conversation with the Right Tools in the Hands of the Ukrainians Content Data Russians Are Going to Continue to Do What They Can. But There Their Goal of Conquering the Entire Country Taking over This Vast Texas Size Plan Not Going to Happen, We Need to Help Ukrainians. The Best Thing We Can Do Is Give Them Tools to Go on the Offensive That Will Continue to Push Back on the Kremlin and the Lies from Putin and Labrum, and His Team. I Don't Think so Much. Have a Great Weekend You Too My Friend. I Pick up His Book, Risking All Nine Conflicts in the Crucible of Decisions.

The Size of the Book to Sell His Bookshelf 50 Books to Know the Sea in 2010 at 2034 Novel of the Next World War. He Talks about How Taiwan Could Be Taken over Specifically and It's It's a Legitimate Plan and That's Why Was a Bestseller. This Is the Brain Kill Me, Joe. 1-866-408-7669 Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show the More You Listen to Memorial No Kids. Brian Kill Me That Rob Attacked Mr. Meadows Received Tax Republican Members of Congress from Current and Former Trumpet Ministration Officials for Media Personalities and from Friends like Pres. from Staff, They You, Pres. Tromp Had to Speak Publicly to Get the Mob to Stop. Let's Look at Just A Few of These Text Messages Fox News Port Personality Laura Ingram Said the President Needs to Tell the People in the Capital to Go Home. Former Chief Of Staff Mike Mulvaney Urged Mark He Needs to Stop This Now Fox News Personality Brian Kill Me and Said Please Get Him on TV Destroying Everything That You Guys Have Accomplished.

I Really Have No Regrets about the Text Message Right End and I Last Night Was Many about Our Live Show with Pat and Rick, If I Am High School French Fries Who Also Were Doing Live Show like We Are Forced They Chose Together to Be Will Be in Newark New Jersey on the 27th 20 on September 8 in Albany New York and Then Go to Be in Brandon, Mississippi As Well As Tulsa, Oklahoma. We Just Talked about Different Things We Could Do and I Walked in a Generous Exterior.

I Becoming That Much but I Know Murray Very Familiar with the Pluses and Minuses of the Day It's Almost All Minuses and As I Walk in I See Adam Kinsinger Used the Marshall Time until He Turned to Think He Did Turn Anti-Well Who Knows but Easy Read That out Loud. But the Thing Is They Didn't Destroy Everybody Right Now Donald Trump Probably 65% Approval Rating. I Don't Think People Would Be Talk about Richter's Ron DeSantis Running for President. If Pres. Did Not Have January 6. I Don't Think Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley Would Even Be Considering It an Center Card Would Be Considerate. Maybe Gov. Young Can Would Still Be Considering Is He Not in the Trump Orbit. I Think That's Accurate. I Think the Text Also Demonstrates That Is That You Are the Same Person on the Air and off the Air Its Financing on the Utah on the Air but It Says It, but You Are Texting That I Was like, like, What Are You Doing like Get Him to Do Something about This Get It to Stop. You're Ruining Everything That's Exactly Is That on the Right and We Were Watching This on Here Watching the Brakes for the Sound up Try to Get a Hold of It. They Played A Lot Of Bread Bears Commentary, and News with Her Doing Is They Are They Are Doing a Documentary and and They Are Doing a Documentary from Their Point of View like You Watching the Derek Jeter Documentary That Part One Just like Michael Jordan Documentary Was Michael Jordan's Point of View and He Okay All, Everything, and Didn't Kiss His Ass. But for the Most Part It's What Michael Jordan Wants Audit. This Is Not Saying This Not True. The People Are Really Making Comments, but Anyone They Want to Come out to Michael Jordan Was Overrated.

Give People a Hard Time or Was Did This X, Y, And Z Gambling in Atlantic City and Flight up before It's All the Negative Stuff to a Degree Which Is Edward Edited out. So What They're Saying Is Legitimate People. They Were in and Out Of the Trumpet Ministration and People Just Critics. I Understand It, but the People That Set a Potato That Was in the Attic. If Was There Anybody That Stood up and Said Yeah I Talked to the Present. He Was Not Happy about Anything Going on. I Talked to the Pres. and He Went Ahead and There Was No Panic with Him.

He Wanted and Cut This Video and He Redid It Because He Was Sore All the Edits in the and the Bad Takes. He Did It Because He Want to Make Sure He Said the Right Thing.

So We Have No Counter to This and As Ken McCarthy Explained to Me When I Said That I Think They Made a Mistake. He Said I Am Not Convinced When They Turn down Banks. They Told Me Jim Jordan Couldn't Do It.

He Said I Am Not Convinced They Would've Let My People. Whoever I Picked Go on Their Number One Number Two Even Question the Witnesses so I Can Put in There Because Billy Would've Been Serving the Purpose of Look for Republicans Are Participating and Either I Wanted to Be All in with My People, or Don't Even Get My Fingerprints on It so Okay That Was Your Point of View. They Also Play McCarthy and the See How Angry Ken McCarthy Was at the President and You Hear Him.

You Hear Ken McCarthy's Voice. He Also Not Bad Center Grant Was for the Both of since Met with the President They Feel so They Understood Where Paul Stood and They Feel so That Was Then This Is Now, and I Think Is an Effective Argument. I'm Outraged about the Capital but I'm Also Outraged What Happened. Minneapolis Outrage Was Happy Today with with That with That Freedom Zone in Seattle Would Go There Riots That Took Pl. in Portland that destroyed New York City all that stuff you can't be outraged on one and not the other. And that's where the Democrats are.

They fall on their face here and they go to string it right up until November because it's their major play to try to limit the carnage come election day November 8 Brian Kill me Brian Kelly Joe I Fox News New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian Kill me. Thanks much for being everybody as the right to me Joe, from Midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world 346 and we will have to discuss. I would be joined by Lee's gelding. He was attacked yesterday afternoon upstate New York by Iraqi war veteran with this odd looking device. Bottom line is 2.9 like devices. You put your hand through it like brass knuckles could carefully pour over the hole when you are he got onto the stage. Thankfully this a bunch of war vets and what acting crisis security ended up being a little bit late but there he ends up okay but brought to the ground. He still campaigning. He's going to bring us inside that story surely were probably alert Fox as I do not think you spoke with anyone yet about this, so that'll be great, and there will be joined by Eric Jolley. Eric's interesting in that is get the wrong page appear every July, I should say Eric, you probably don't know.

But you know his work. He's one of the best cartoonists in the country and you so tired of the political road political correctness. It was happening. The cartoon business.

For example it comes to Superman. They said when you drop Superman you write the story at second to be truth, justice and the American way anymore. He's going to be a little bit welcome not to say the American way is going to turn off people that said I quit him and his buddy quit.

They formed a brand-new car. They prepared a brand-new series together, talk to a rip and start he's gonna be joining us to its non-woke comic book the fine cancel culture.

I love that it's called is some a number one it's available now for preorder. I'll get into detail on that and Geraldo Rivera standing by. He is not woke either selected to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three don't let it dominate. Don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen to her symptoms are mild present Biden test positive for COBIT wishing the best. Why was Trump treated so much worse. We'll talk about it.

Tell everybody some gas prices have been declining across the country so let's get into some grass to sell exciting guys and in McGrath.

I'm excited. Just hearing about his pursuit little heart music in the background.

What matters most.

The economy, your economy gas prices are down and I would like to thank Vladimir Putin after all he was the one responsible for raising the Wesley, the city should be commended that would not Texas that we New York all countries home of the free land of the parade. We do not become become cowards and send people away looking looking for help. He is so misinformed or blaming Arizona and Texas for the rise in illegal immigrants coming to our state and our city over the last three months. The numbers about 2800 and Mayor Eric Adams is blaming Texas and Arizona for dropping off people against their will in New York City.

There is no factual facts and those statements and those beliefs joining us now man filled with factual Geraldo Rivera, cohost of the five and the LC he wants Mayor Adams, I appreciate and recognize illegal immigrants are something that has to be addressed are overwhelming the social network system as well as the shelter system is totally wrong that one boss Geraldo from Texas or Arizona has gone to New York well I don't know where they are coming from but I think the old idea of state fighting state over who gets bit much to care for them.

You know an older let your government to their local culture at all. The rector is not the issue. The issue is we need order at the border. I think there I know for a fact that you do to Brian that New York with over a million undocumented immigrant resident is the platelet knows how to absorb a population that that that huge that vibrant that maybe in many ways, but I and I also like Mayor Adams, fighting for the city. Maybe it is misguided and you're correct that is off the mark market and blaming is an effective guy like a fight Mayor stand of the city. We needed that. I think with the right guy for the trouble, I want to do a little out of witness to let you hear his words: city should be commended that would not Texas that we New York all countries home of the free land of the parade.

We do not become become cowards and send people away looking looking for help all of us came from somewhere even from Texas became somewhere and so they should not have sent people away that was seeking refuge. A couple of things we have to turn people around.

Don't come the right way that that is we are we have Jean be embarrassed by having rules to enter our country.

Number two is no old, no offense to New York City. You take immigrants we take our illegal immigrants and we are what we are a sanctuary city. We have not been overwhelmed by 4 million over the last 2 1/2 years. 800,000 got a ways, as you know, that's an imprecise number by nature of the definition of what they are, so you can pretend that New York is in the in the eye, the storm or or leading the charge.

It is, it's Arizona and Texas paying the biggest price so he can put himself in their shoes know why why defending into the level what the allow everybody to avoid the real issue. The real issues we have to deal with the fact that there are 10 million refugees another immigrants from all over the world and want to live in the United States, and I think is a vibrant, growing country.

I want to die.

We can take what, but I I think that the truth. Most of the single males were coming are being sent back immediately.

What you have is you have many, many family sizzled most is is there's all getting now I I don't know the reality I'm not on the border now you know you have what you going to do. I don't know what you're going to do. I don't think anybody stop and Geraldo, I know how I do believe you go back to the truck years and the wall and so forth that he did bring more order to the border. I think Biden in his attempt to be kind and compassionate has caused catastrophes really aggravated the situation negligent at second, it's negligent, it's not is no compassion there is no compassion on their way up to getting abused in traffic.

Today we have video from I think he was. It wasn't about them lose one of our reporters down the border of 28-year-old kids by themselves sent up by parents from Honduras. I me because the parents think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get here. Who knows of those kids have seen all together. They had 1/2 a bottle of water between them is because he's given them the idea that if you get here you can stay here. That's not compassion. Well, I disagree. I agree because both parent and Honduras love their eight-year-old is we love our eight-year-old. There has to be desperation for them to do something at it it better than fact factual and accurate account of how they made the trek. I think that it is horrifying, and on the other. On the other hand out those kids can grow up in the United States hopefully and become safe secure productive adult roles railroads outwardly do well with our eight-year-old I think that there is real danger in demonizing anybody's eight-year-old you know what happens to the love that we show right everybody's children. We are already works leads of dollars in debt were overtaxed to the guilt we have our own economic issues. Nobody else opens up the border like we open up our border, there's no system.

The system really knows their handling unit of account of Paterson, New Jersey Passaic, New Jersey.

Postindustrial town became ghost that they died until the undocumented, mostly Mexican immigrant went into the community. They work hard. They are reliable. They are in demand. The reason they make distracted because there's no unemployment in the United States right now there's help wanted signs everywhere.

They're coming to work as a way to do it. Work visas is that we can't earnings to work out that we have to bring them into our school system overburdened in Brentwood, Long Island, and the get to sit there with things.

In the second language teachers were being underpaid and out to be overworked 20 minute person classrooms are to be 37 person classrooms everybody loses because they decided this demonstration sites okay not to pay attention to our immigration system.

I'm all for expanding work visas, but I'm not for leaving open border. Her although I unfortunately got a go but good luck to have a great weekend.

I just am so frustrated.

Unbelievably frustrated. Thanks letter. Although I had a moment we Zelda got attack last night.

He's going to be joining us to tell us what happened and how we might maybe have to restructure how he does his events for now on Brian kill made both sides. All okay. Brian kill if you're interested in Brian's talking about a door with Brian kill me, I stepped up onto the stage and saw the attacker's face and razor knife of some sort that minutes he attempted another swing I tackled the attacker from the back and slammed to the ground where several of us were able to restrain him get the weapon away from him and eventually turned over to police.

When they arrived, it was clear to spend some time with this gentleman on the ground last night and she was not in the marketplace very concerned look, I appreciate the compassion because he did serve in Iraq, but the guy attack. Please Eldon you see them walk on stage the weapon he had was legitimate weapon could cut anybody right open is a brass knuckle put two fingers through two huge blades on the side joining me now to bring more love, more first-hand account to this is Lee Selden himself.

He's gutsy good.

The Republican nomination to be the next governor of the state of New York and in a speech about bail reform and that the whole push in New York to let everybody out of prison, he gets attacked on stage Congressman, welcome back.

How you doing well with you and thankfully there were a bunch of people on-site attendees at the rally who instinctively all jumped on this diet tackled him, law enforcement was there within minutes I what was crazy was that because of New York's Castle spell law. The attacker was immediately released to back out onto the streets this morning because today I have rallies going on all day today. Tomorrow, Sunday, I just finished my first rally, security, law enforcement presence increased.

That's good, but you last night that was pretty. Not that anyone out there I'll care what your right center left, whatever your party is your ideology doesn't matter in this country we settle our scores. The ballot box, not through political violence and that is just that I said site.

Obviously, from my vantage point there was a little bit hairier than some the other people that watch what happened and could not work so thankfully a lot of people stepped in and and subdue the attacker that the organic it could've been a lot worse had you describe the weapon he had. He he had a weapon that had two holes for the for him to put his fingers through a kind of like if you see with these brass knuckles that were to sharp pointy engines coming out of that weapon and he was saying.

Your Don and he longed for me towards my neck area. I quickly grabbed his wrist and held it tight.

My first debate of the Republican primary. That just finished one of the questions they asked me was the appellate something that the audience may not know about yet. I give a thought for a second well I'm a black belt.

I want one. The world championships, exploring when you act that moment when you come at me.

It was a simple move. I just grabbed his wrist in a particular way to hold it there and it was only for a few moments. That was necessary for a bunch of people to it to tackle him. But what you want, that's all that weapon I heard him saying your Don and the car lunged at me that I realize that somebody come in on stage to check the microphone Selden talk about the attack last night targeting as someone walks up to you and they get close you could see that he was a veteran or was pretty apparent to the other AMVETS there is a veteran so were you thinking maybe I'll let my guard down a little in front of a friendly audience and these are veterans and they can appreciate that you served in the military to is that why one of the reasons why he was able to get so close to you think to you and maybe warrant that concerned originally that is such a great question and you know, when I noticed he was wearing that showed he was a veteran was right around the same time that I was also realizing just from the rest of the situation were action weapon in the hand, I also realized that I need to put my guard up.

So when I see a veteran my my guard goes further down than whenever it was before I noticed that but what was interesting in this moment was that I noticed reviewers laterally swearing that letter and at the same time that I'll get the other signals that something wasn't right to Wendy, so glad you feel that it began in the streets today I have a huge problem with your Castle spell all receiving story time and again that the Packer should not have been released instantly and I could give multiple reasons, for we have stories by the way, New York, where people get weekly Castle spell and Glenn commit murder.

There's 93-year-old Connie Torrey in Syracuse murdered by somebody released on Castle spell. There's a guy who was released on Castle spell for arson, who was then immediately rearrested for double grant for I've long been calling for appeal Castle spell when Kathy Holcombe was asked about this if you want to go. She said there's no data to support it.

We need data look at the press clippings and look what happened last night. You can attack you try to stab a member of Congress were to benefit attorneys that anybody and you can instantly be released on Castle spell. There was a story at a New York City a couple weeks ago where there were two Mexican cartel drug smugglers busted with $1.2 million worth of crystal meth instantly real, rearrested, released back on the street due to New York's Castle spell. Also I have a big problem with this law were waiting for Spencer white with Jesus as the mayor's Democrat Leslie Nick Langworthy who said New York GOP chair commences Kathy Holcombe fan the flames but of hate by directing supporters to your rally.

Schedule says is on acceptable context for anyone you feel just as angry about that as a Langworthy apparently does yet. I'll tell you a long time coming because of what happened with Maxine Waters a few years ago who is the chair of the House financial services. Serve on encouraging people to confront trump administration official supported the restaurant that elsewhere really shooting his very close to home for me out serving the house with with everybody at that time and with the capital police officers who were attacked, so I am far more sensitive to the point now. I believe that nobody should.

I don't care what kind around here don't what you're going to a rally order Republican candidate or Democratic or third-party nobody should be trying to settle that score through political violence the political bands could be room for debate and disagreement but not violent.

The result have a safe day today successful day today in case people don't know listen around the country. First, Republicans have a legitimate shot that office since George Pataki held it.

Good luck the rest of the way New York is when look at them constantly, Selden back in a moment radio that makes you say this is that Brian kill me show Skype flash, he probably deserved.

Just because you the right that is from the 2002 movie Spider-Man famous line in Spider-Man war. It's part I think the hottest thing in movies right now. The Marvel comics and they come to life in spite of in the Batman to Capt. America on down but there's something happening there going way woke and it got to the point where a guy like Eric July 1 of the most successful comic writers in the country said I'm done with it. I'm doing my own thing that's exactly what is happened. Eric July joins us right now. Eric welcome back then no problem. I should say what back as adjunct TV yesterday and I'm just really struck by what got you to the point where you said to yourself I'm in a go do my own thing and form the rip of a Ripper verse comics would brought you to the point to even a stat and established a career to go try it on your own well for me. It was like you know I'd been in the commentary space with comics for for a while now and you know I talked about and complained publicly. You know you to everything about the direction at the companies were going for me was like you know what I got to be a part of the solution. I feel like my calling is to be a creator.

Yes the commentary via political or highly comic book space was in a letter that the skill set.

However, when it comes to the music and all the other stuff And the creative since that were my call what I believe God put me on this earth to certainly do so. I wanted to shift away from just simply complaining about an ox that will pointed out that something is bad or whatever, but I need to be a part of the solution.

So something that I thought was going to be able to happen until I you know was well into my 40s and had all this no money stored up in all that and a lot of success over the last few years and it just accelerated everything so as they kill screwing up. I was putting them in the demand obsolete kept growing and it just felt like the right time to do it is not something I was necessarily done, you know, to spite these weirdos. It was more. This is a great time to do it and obviously I've been reassured. Considering that the the campaign is that $3 million so you telling that Isom number one first before we tell that your new thing would brought you to this point because the comic book industry. Like so many others have gone woke and we've noticed it almost embarrassed to be American and we stated over and over again. Here's an example of Superman. This is the first one 1978 Christopher Reeve any changes to real see what it is now cut 30, why are you here the reason for this just politics as he still just all that stuff started noticing people weight breaking away from tradition and going woke yeah like with topsail Gabriel timetables cool colors for you guys some issue number one.

And you know that that's what did it for him. You know they even if it was nothing wrong with saying with Superman being understood as part of this American hero, not sort of.

That's what he was nobody that was from another country had any problem certainly with that but that was more condo signifying the changes that were happening, culturally within the dorsal quarterly within comics and that there were a lot of lot of spiteful individuals that were starting to become creative in their space. They didn't like the place that they were at bay.

They like people a bit be at various rates or whatever if they had certain ideas and they were riding both comic to depict their social political views and his wife comes off the way that it does right now and it is so obnoxious and so bad a creative stuff is really gone out the window with more about the no audience over the head with your specific politics enough love might look. I want to do that. I want to give people some good good story together on the universal truth that I want to certainly acknowledge what is right what is wrong what is good or bad was just an almost taught the concepts but you know what were trying to do here. First and foremost is give the audience what they want with a good story and that point has been completely lost, seemingly on the mainstream industry. So tell me about Isom number one why is of course the first book to reverse publisher we had a man it was a task to not only just have it be this characters book but also Mrs. Watson man, our universe here forces were telling me slightly six-page comic book right 96 pages I need. I couldn't keep it like 20 pages like what a lot of the books are now far paid the rent. I just had to do it my way and the way that it is a 96 pages was what, what, came out of that and it's about Isom character by the name of Avery Sillman used to be a hero of sorts, and then he kind of stopped due to this event and this story picks up where he'll maybe Avery Sillman get a call from his sister tried to bind the whereabouts of this character of his other character was a family plan and because of that he has to go into the city that he no longer lives than he lives outside of it to, talk to his old friend to figure out what's going on where the whereabouts of this old family friends.

They had so, where the store pops off and it is again. It is not just about launching ice on the character itself is an entire universe of this point of different characters that people are going to be introduced to and I think we had a great balance of different people that familiarity of their behavior in the comics but also giving them some subtle form of uniqueness and freshness about was great.

Exports of America's entertainment so people got to know what America was not only the wars we fight, but we produce. We begin this idea this land of the free the home of the brave. The chance for there is an opportunity the Statue of Liberty and part of it was comic books. The industry you're in the movies that we put out the theme parks that we produce. And that was one of the great things about America just free enterprise go do it. People will come and I thank disheartened by the way that you're fighting to keep that going. We don't want to get don't propagandize but you, like the German-American you understand the we get a lot of what we were born here. Yeah, like you know about you value liberty like first and foremost is not a secret like something proudly wear on my sleeve and I absolutely understand and acknowledge that being in this geographical area have been born here. I have a lot more advantages then let's say if I was born elsewhere and I'm not oblivious certainly to that and you bring up a great point with America being used to be like a net export in terms of what was considered the good entertainment we set the scene. Comics are our industry. For example, we set the scene what the entire world would understand to be a a comic book now and comics for those that don't know. It's not like that anymore.

The airports are the what, what's dominating the American market right now Japanese comics, also known as Mongo there destroying America and not just in Japan there destroying them in and in in America North America so instead of having the self-awareness. The creative would say we cannot tell right now by the Japanese in our own industry in our own country. They still put out this sort of nonsense and you know I make this joke about all the time about account.

Try to make America, fly competitive again in this is told that they start yet again wanting our entertainment as opposed to us having to import it and really it's not that the Japanese, for example, are doing anything new to do the same thing they been doing for decades is just that, because the American comic have gotten so bad just by sheer default something exists that is, the better. Just simply not be. Nobody is aware of his Miranda social political nonsense that people love it and also would you say comics have been racing gender sapping characters we can just read and I think black, white, Hispanic, or any type of pronoun selecting culture open a sure matter when we moved in its direction whereabouts. The obsession now in automated not to say that you can have a character be black, obviously with our character. You cabinet you have. Could be a woman or whatever the problem is is that nowadays it's the hyper emphasis of it and because they think the creative over there think that they are everybody else in the shallowest bill they feel like what happened, black character beat everybody over the head with the fact that he is black and then back is going to represent the black population of the wall, just monolithic and at the same exact upbringing same value system and all that which is to simply not the case but again they think everybody is as shallow as them know I say this all the time like this idea that the only way that I could literally relate to a character is if there black is nonsensical, but it's also insulting you have a black character be embraced by white people or white character be embraced by black people. If you're not shallow that takes decent writing that takes this idea to be able to resonate with other individuals and I'll think these people not only not.

They don't have the experience to do that, but they're just so obsessed with identity that that get in a way, of any kind of story that they could feel that even halfway decent virtualize your founder of the reverse comics and you can going to eat and now they're not out yet right having more dates of the route, so we are going to set up your campaign. So going in September. You guys will start receiving shipments half ironically enough, he was expected to bring $3 million and 64 days left in the campaign. However, because it was in a crowd fun.

I just took the transparency of it.

You guys are going to like most of the product.

We already got here. We do have a couple about the prints of the actual book that we need to get in there.

We start shipping those out to going to September even though the campaign still will be close you will be able to get your drive how you mail about you get a moment with Of course we have different bundles where you could save money and you can go ahead and grab whatever it is that you want.

I haven't reached out to a lot of comic book retailers but the safest bet is to go to placing your order order you get your login, you can keep up with the know the actual order itself when it ships at all that would keep it right there for you. Lastly, I want you to hear this with Eric's life center rep reverse comics why you went out in doing his own thing I want to hear Brandon. Brandon, Ruth, I think that's a save name try to explain to us why he gets rid of the American way from Superman cut 31 the American way is kind of change in his and his people can take that to mean many different things so the fact that it's not in the film I think is is powerful because really cements transcended America and although it was founded on those basic values we create in this country. That's not as important maybe as as just the fact that he is so special to to everyone and that he can be an icon to somebody halfway across the world was he talking about camping icon to somebody because worldview say American way yeah that's bizarre that such a weird thing, if anything, you know they can especially have something to aspire for an aspire to be. In the event that they know where that character is so he's kind of being hypocritical and this is a rather contradicting us up. Yeah, he had existing, despite having that true justice in American way transcended just America and he's been away of an inspiration to people that are outside of this country. So what why did you need to change it in the first place seem like that it already happened. Others is a God, but more so ashamed to be you know in this geographical area. We know that there's a lot of counter movements that are unfortunately completing government with country mill, all with that we process a morsel about you that you think of Americanism and these folks are trying to run away from them is simply not work.

I am lastly here's I want to evaluate this X-Men clip is excellent, dark Phoenix club when they change the name to X woman cut 32. It's funny I can actually remember the last time you with when risking something and by the way women are always saving and then around Terry might want to think that changing the name to explain and okay me to such a goofy government seeing that and I was like oh my God is basement when I was out of Marvel and DC in doing everything with with anything that they had to do with his board buying the products, but I'm seeing it thinking that so crazy but a lot of people don't know Victoria Alonso I believe is a Nancy somehow keep going upward with marble and she's echoed that same sentiment multiple times and different like interviews and whatnot will she say I will back all the X-Men. I don't understand why they're called that because they have a bunch of well women that are part of their team again.

Self-awareness does not exist with these folks and I used to be one of those God is like, man is sucking on seeing his beloved characters be ran to the ground, but now I'm like you know what, keep it up. Keep it up with away rep reverse beds of the country, but good for Eric to lie, especially Eric congratulations on taking the risk so that the neural spirit and using your creativity to help restore the American way. Much love, and I appreciate your court have all right go out to the and and support Eric. He took great risks for you so you do is support his is quest year and he didn't phone it in.

This is 90+ pages. Thanks much. Eric will you got it.

I will we come back some good news with the Russia Ukraine where I'll share with you educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show the doctor found that he plans to retire by the end of Pres. Biden's term in the never interned by like is there anything you'd like to announce Jimmy Fallon having some fun late-night actually coming on the news it makes Joe Biden look bad. Can you believe would changing to discuss that and more with Howie Kurtz on one nation tonight is me tomorrow night, Saturday 8 o'clock ?11 that Eastern time you listen to us all different time zone so especially in St. Louis at seven but 811 oh got some great guests including drugmakers, leaders often talk about the true Joe Biden is he underachieving horses exactly who is Rose can take a look at our school system are about to get back back started again around the country. What many people leave the public school system to talk to one of the kings of the charter school system that will be coming your way as well's interview that a Corolla number I promised you some good news. Here's the good news agreement has been signed in this temple Turkey between Russia and Ukraine. They brokered a deal to let Ukraine out signing it. They did not sign the same piece of paper they signed separate piece of paper, but Ukraine is one of the largest grain producers. So far all their grains been locked in their country. They signed a deal to help Turkey helped broker the deal with Russia to unblock exports of grain from Ukraine through the black sea that is huge news not only for Ukraine from Africa and in Brazil. This is all types of their big markets for great evening here in the price of grain dropped around the country so that's great news. It is a wonder I share with you mentioned last few days we got four dates on the books to be able to go on stage so I will be able to go live and talk to Smith to meet you in person, especially my first stop is newly in Newark, New Jersey, and then that'll be a chance I get to meet a lot of WABC listeners will have some surprises along the way have just talked about all my books and America.

The waiver is our real history and I think would try to take America back of thousand people at a time so beat the New Jersey performing arts Center.

I tell you the real story of our past and having fun on stage. That'll be August 27 could bring to and then the egg in Albany on September 8, so that'll be fun so they'll be right after that I got to dates in November when my paperback comes out. The present freedom fighter and it's in Brenda Mississippi at City Hall live and in the kit, Tulsa, Oklahoma@Cox convention center so hope to see you all in person. It will be fun have just signed books personalized VIP opportunities we could talk about an hour before the whole show starts. Brian kill there. Meanwhile, the white one nation tonight and keep it here frankly radio show, Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here about is the right to me Joe I think you with this all week long.

It's been exciting week. Good and bad present testing positive that we Zelda was attacked. Those are great news story for their new stories and was so glad you came here for your information matter of moments. Dr. Marty McCarron will be joining us and tell deposit with his covert, 19 see other treated see what medicines they take. See how many days there secluded CLE contact trace people are also tangentially told to do just about the same thing fascinated to see the press secretaries yesterday. Tell us all. It doesn't matter how the president got it really the last three years we been hearing it's all about how you got it.

People of missed games, practices, seasons school time because you been contact trace every bill got an email like that were if your student got tapped on the shoulder and other persons in front if the empty seat tested positive money go home Chris Christie the bottom of the hour brings us inside New Jersey politics and Republican politics.

Oh, and also estimates are Chris Christie was kind enough to invite me to his box to watch the Keith Hernandez read retire my number game which was fantastic. So it's good to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three don't let it dominate.

Don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen to her symptoms are mild. Okay, that's good news. It is present by test positive for COBIT. We wishing the best, but why was his treatment so dramatically different than trunks will compare and contrast it with this new variant means to you. Tell everybody some gas prices have been the climbing across the country so let's get some grass to sell exciting.

It's so exciting if I was a child maybe six or seven years old, but were not because children don't drive and Julie don't feel inflation. We don't think what matters most. The economy, your economy gas comes down as administration takes a bow suddenly jobless claims are up as a recession next to city should be commended that would not Texas that we in New York all countries home of the free land of the brain. We do not become become callous and send people wait and look looking for help. 4 million 4 million could handle 4,800,000 got away.

So the last two years. That's would Texas and Arizona dealing with Mr. Mayor you. I understand your frustration, but don't blame Texas for not sending anyone to New York or the DC. How soon will more Dems realize the border is in a GOP talking point, but an American breaking point and you were playing linking to insured Joe back no back joke of it does not play in the US open disease of accident, but please explain to me how it's okay to accept 200+ thousand illegals a month on average. Also, for the most part don't carry their vaccination cards. Pretty sure doesn't make any sense, but as always joke of interest on this country were all safe.

Dr. Mortimer carries here. Fox's contributor surgeon, a professor of of health policy at Johns Hopkins University. Hey, welcome back Dr. Carey. We need your expertise, again, is the president in trouble at 79 years old testing positive right now is not the reason he is not as he's got good unity really have comorbidities beyond backstage study feels good looks fine. He may have had this for a week. Who knows. I think his prognosis is excellent. The White House is sort of finally answered his COBIT case learning deliver COBIT and Laxton going back on a lot of policies and pushing right but are they really are the what are the policies it should be in place because a lot of people now where he master the White House of the present scene stay 6 feet apart. I know 60 was still a thing we would would we are isolated but still working would what is the policy well there relaxing policies for themselves.

But everybody also has to abide by these draconian COBIT zero policies and a lot of this stuff is just now.

It's ludicrous. It's not feasible, and attractive and it's futile when you have a virus that's inevitable ubiquitous and out large and so you know he didn't have his mask on. When the photo photographer was there when I was under the last administration that was a media harm to get here. You know what the photographer has immunity that's fine to be in their presence outdoors without a mask, that's fine. So they're finally accepting these policies. Even though there still supporting all these draconian things on the CDC website and send the egoist requiring kids to wear masks the picture they sent out today the White House he's wearing a mask so they go so since care since sorry but I don't. How about this line. I was struck by this and thought about you right away because a lot of times you echo my frustration but you're the expert cut 13. Where was he in fact I don't think we know you have any. I don't think that that matters rainy think what matters. As we prepared for this moment really doesn't matter. We got affected every schoolkids been told to go home every kid that had missing game. Every professional player that was told they can play like for example on the Yankees because the money tested positive been contact trace already sense Olympic athletes compete every people of missed wedding see their newborn babies born.

It's just amazing out for the rest of the public. It's been an FBI investigation called contact Tracy the last year and I like Dr. John and I was basically saying going along with final matters are not pregnant. This is the number one advocate of contact Tracy United States even after it served no purpose was talking about ordering a trillion tests a day. You know what you do. I would post when the contact trace your interviews, you and says, where have you been a new site while I took the subway to Grand Central Station that when you do it all goes to pot.

Yes, we were trying to say that. So here's my frustration. These we would find out.

These variants do a good job eluding the vaccine, which was 95% effective against the first version of COBIT 19 and the numbers down. I think in the 40s in terms of immunity levels in terms of his effectiveness in stopping you from being infected and now is, we've had four or five variants. How effective are the vaccines and are the mislabeled vaccines should we call them shots totally effective completely effective in preventing transmission now. I do believe it downgrades the severity of illness and people at risk. True, I believe, so I think we we just seen that clinically as a position as physicians on the ground in high risk people we've seen people who would have a high risk of getting in trouble. Intubated, hospitalized her dying weeks, we saw sort of a quick transition. I'm getting more mild COBIT, but the key is that it's not getting COBIT were given out of vaccine.

That's not right vaccine anymore. It was designed for the Wuhan strain and so everybody's going to get on micron had on the economy. Earlier versions earlier this year you might be a little less likely.

Everybody's going to get on micron so Dr. McCurry and get a little concerned especially, these parents must be concerned, was happening in San Diego. They decided a kid tested that the numbers are going up so they sent in summer school. If you don't get vaccinated. You have to leave when I said I presume you have to leave a week to go through this again.

Yes we are.

I believe are going to recycle all these arguments only, but this time were going to be doing it with a mountain of data that shows no impact on transmission from schools masking kids and you see these arguments even more irrational, even more political and the only places that got all four of the places where the media speeding fear in the public health officials are stoking public demand for the politicians to do these things is going to be high.

I can tell you, Dr. conferences have been going on for six months I've attended about six major doctors conferences with thousands of doctors each in different specialties and no one's wearing a mask, what does that tell you these people are higher risk than kids who were unvaccinated. So yes I do think the forever Masters are our looming large and try to push this heart tell me about this variant were dealing with now MBA five. I would think I would present it to people as sort of a bad cold season, everybody's going to get it.

You know you have word in town that everyone's getting stomach flu or something like that RSP is not a common infection but this one so, basically everybody will get it.

We don't worry about people who get it, the people who are showing up in the hospital. People with special medical conditions and are inadequately immune or not to vaccinate or not an adequate immunity and haven't had over the past, special situations where we pay attention, but otherwise this is a virus that's going to ebb and flow and circulate for years and I don't like it, but if you don't like it you can blame Dana function scientist brewed up in the lab that's interesting. We are going green on that what you believe that Anthony found she might not be set on retiring, he has served a term longer than Pres. Gabi Zimbabwe guy is like an African president just will not leave office and it's time for him to move into a different role may be advisory's primary robot to decide who gets the government grants. That's his job. Okay, it's not to be a public health advisor, and when I did the reporting for that piece about the accidents of people reading the NIH and the CDC and FDA people at NIH told me why she talking on TV about companies, not public health guy's job is the graphic true Leslie monkeypox. We all doomed monkeypox we missed our window to contain monkeypox. We also missed an opportunity to test early and we failed as a country at the CDC level to study it quickly and put out data that it's primarily in people who are gay or bisexual.

They were afraid to say that it was politically incorrect. They were afraid of angry people in that community and sometimes delicate conversation to put out publicly. They were so scared and so timid just call a spade a spade and's and objectively state what is true that we did not pass the focus in sexually transmitted sound sexual health clinics, and we didn't have education community at highest risk and we didn't have a targeted vaccine strategy for those who are high risk and as a result, we got thousands of cases 2100 confirmed in probably 10,000 out there now and it's probably not circulate for a while study just came out today in the New England Journal that 98% of people with monkeypox were gay or bisexual largest study ever done. Of course it was done overseas because the CDC doesn't really do good studies. Leslie unpacks person from upstate New York is diagnosed with the first case of polio in nearly a decade the patient believed to have contracted the virus overseas and suffered severe symptoms including paralysis, only to be worried about.

This is our first case in so long.

This guy, this unnamed individual was hospitalized after suffering significant symptoms is not clear when or where they became infected, but officials say they likely picked it up from outside the country. That's all we have on it.

Some say he didn't have the bully of polio vaccine. How odd is that in this day and I was surprised about that I've not heard a case of polio in a long time course sweetheart pockets overseas in areas where there's no good vaccination but it made me think my first reaction was our people more likely to avoid the routine important vaccines because of the lies, the CDC is pushed out on COBIT vaccines. For example, in vaccinating babies. There was no evidence and they pushed it through anyway really making a mockery of the whole process of doing clinical trials. Why would you authorize a vaccine after the trial showed no benefit while you're doing trials so they are losing credibility and I worry people going to miss the important vaccines like cultlike polio vaccine I Dr. Terry, I'm sorry we keep meeting you.

I know you have multiple jobs you have to make sense is so you think the presence can be okay is getting good carries. This is the way you do. This is the way you treated and we could all learn from it and just notice the difference between the way Trump was covered in the way Biden was covered.

I think that stands out with you to write yeah that's right. Pres. Biden has nothing to worry about hours Dr. I would simply reassure them I go get inductive care. Have a great weekend. I we come back your calls, 1-866-408-7669. This is the right to Michelle from midtown Manhattan around the country around the world. You need to know basis. You need to kill me the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me.

The city should be commended that would not Texas all countries home of the free land of the brain.

We do not become become callous consent people away from health.

All of us came from somewhere even from Texas came from somewhere and so they should not have sent people away that was seeking refuge illegally unvaccinated beating her system selling drug trafficking. Children we all came from somewhere illegally. Thanks.

More from Eric out is probably what he's trying to get at. He's blaming the governor of Texas governor of Arizona for doing what they said this so fresh with the federal government there bossing illegal immigrants who willingly want to go to Washington to put them on air-conditioned buses and send them there right. He saying that was sending them to their send him to New York. At first I thought II didn't know that will turns out the reason I didn't know it. It's not true so he's blaming Texas and Arizona. He should play in Washington would not that stupid.

Please tell me not that ignorant cut to this is a real burden on New Yorkers as we try to do the right thing of we already, as I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system. So now were talking about is your stated food, clothing, school. This is going to impact our of our schools because we do not turn away individuals because the on document translation services. This just a whole host of things.

This is going to produce. That's what we need.

We need help in getting this done the right coordination. My goodness, if you want to save illegal immigrants here taxi every system I get it. Thanks. Being transparent about about if you don't blame the federal government was in your no point problem blaming Albany for what's going on with the cashless bail in these week DA's, why not you show real courage and Sam really just born the present like him personally, his policies of letting everybody in his put 4 million people here illegally minimum 800,000 here got a ways and is 200,000 207,000 in June and is going to be even more than that in scorching heat in July and now with the remaining Mexico about to evaporate.

Title 42 is about to go. Sadly, it's only going to get worse.

I just can't believe that other people have not brought this up. Then he continues to think that the on the economy listen to Karina Jean-Pierre talk about gas prices cut six everybody so prices have been climbing across the country in the past more than 30 days. We have seen gas prices go down by more than 50 sensor cell let's get into some grass to sell exciting guys and yes I am tingling Karina Jean-Pierre is in a graph much like sesame seed tree characters without the children that subscribe to Sesame Street. Whatever the hot children show is today. Here's the thing we remember why gas prices went up is Vladimir Putin's pricing right vitamin food event Ukraine so another prices going down. Joe Biden once it's given gives Kim credit because he's emptying our oil reserves there. Therefore, an absolute emergency will be empty in a year and 1/2. That is, that even affecting the price.

I think Vladimir Putin for the decrease. Thanks, lad talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian kill made people on both sides are under control in the capital riot, I don't think these hearings are changing minds. At this point Brett. I think the Democrats are hoping that they will detract from no news of the inflation news of the border and things like that and polls show that that's not happening right now so Democrats and the press on.

Here's one of the new these things in up in September, middle campaign season, but I'm not sure. Do the trick that is Jason Riley conservative columnist on special report last night. Talk about the January 6 hearings before they actually took place, but it looks like they said so many people have come forward. We might have to do this through the fall. That surprise Gov. Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, author of a Republican rescue governor welcome back to that surprise you that you think this things going direct to the fall. Now all have problems beginning with the composition and makeup of this committee. Your speakership permitted Kevin McCarthy to put people on the community you want to. If she had done that.

I think the hearings will got more tension God and on the issue of election impact.

I don't think you have any election impact in 2022 election, partly will have one in 2024 but not in 2022. Because in the end that could be about inflation gas prices climb parent involvement in education. The issues of the American people care about right now but on the question that the fracture coming out from people who work for Donald Trump will clearly have an apartment 2024 point knowledge the way, do you think that'll be a 2022. I don't I don't my topic but I don't think you can remove any election in the end, the people who are single issue of abortion voters on both the pro-life side in the pro-choice side they vote in every election. The rest of the people where apportionment is a mere list of issues its way down the list of issues at 5627 when you're looking at inflation gas prices crime education of those of the American people care about most. And I don't have any extraordinary impact on the midterm elections at all for any impact at all. It's more likely to have it on the governor's race, crime that it would be on a congressional race given now be made in the state capitals not in record Washington DC sassing to see our cases medicine watching courts medicine much big story today recent column perspective is Republicans to into investigations if they want to know how to have a future conservative future. Look at the workbook with the courts are doing everything they want to accomplish, the courts or achieving the other things politically think they seem as though they been frustrated in the passive, saying they want to do one thing, with a rich repeal Obama care and not be able to do it.

Both the courts they actually achieved their goal because they were focusing know exactly they want to get, and they begin to get it with guns with education and of course, Roe V Wade you buy into that yet about leadership in cyber courts you had both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell working together focused on getting that done. That's the most successful thing that happened during the trumpet ministration and the one about the most long-lasting impact positively for country so set the template out when the leader in the White House can find a way to work with leaders in Congress cooperatively important common things can get done. The only time that really happen on the trumpet ministration was on the court on behalf of to some extent you on tax policy and I think the place of economic reaction, but we have to do is get back to you not just the executive to stop what we need to work with Congress to get things done are permanent and can't be overturned by a guy like Joe Biden's office and somebody executive think that with the reverse was I when I find amazing and the worst is yet to come is the president before he got called in 19 was in Massachusetts standing and proudly standing in front of the destroyed coal plant well out of livelihoods jobs and families were Will left with Will left unemployed in the city is never recovered and say look, that's what this; place we used to have with Evergreen of future and willing to take executive action soon.

Emergency action soon as early as next week. What is the what is the punch list that has the president arriving in Massachusetts with inflation. This high oil and gas. This high pain at the pump so prolific and have him say this is the perfect time for a green agenda will what is he thinking what can you. What do you fear he will do a number of things that imposes what the Supreme Court 32 and the EPA could not do in their most recent decision by the state of West Virginia look really get much of anything. God, this is all hot air in the middle of a hot summer to mollify his base whose very accurate because he's been completely ineffective for and that's all this is this is politics party and a nothing more than that of relating much you can do legally that won't be overturned by the court in a relative short order to your Supreme Court issued at the end of June and this is Joe Biden desperate to mollify that far left wing of his party and into the murky people should take notice that the Democratic Party cares more about the special-interest groups they care about the American people. Murky people are suffering the summer. Try to go on vacation with the family and care for the castle order when a hotel room or are you to take a day trip because of all these calls should be focused on, but instead focused on this crazy left-wing agenda on on on energy. We should be energy independent and we were be a wonderful fun summer for the American people going.

I want you here Karin John fear the most overmatched press secretary modern history. Note that gas prices are dropping. So she did a little preproduction cut six everybody so gas prices have been climbing across the country in the past more than 30 days. We have seen gas prices go down by more than 50 sensor so let's get into some grass for selling siding and McGrath proud to be American and soft as I visited the Poon price hike with the think Vladimir Putin for the price decrease will you Joe Biden is a guy who is a typical member of Congress else she wants credit.

He doesn't deserve credit for any want to shift blame for the things that you get your claim for. I mean, this is ridiculous. The fact that gas prices have come down to the gallon is nothing compared to what God ought to continue to be you want to take a victory lap of $1.57 gallon gas let it go to that you're weird. Republicans should cope with these people continue to talk this way, but I do what is big when 1 November could become a historical absolutely, and I just think there's a lot of Democrats set up with the Democratic Party for the first time that I can remember in their keeping their of their powder dry, so to speak, but the Hispanic vote is what must be just, it's a five alarm fire for Democrats to lose this percentage of Hispanic voters at this rate so quickly is stunning, especially considering how many Hispanics they are allowing into the country wide open border. But I little bit while ago I was able to talk to Lee's Eldon. I'm sure you saw Gov. Christie probably one of the greatest fears for politicians you give a speech try to win over people and attacker goes after him on the stage. This guy had one of these weapons that had but will almost like brass knuckles with not with the two knives at the end of it. He was able to grab his wrist before the guy plunged it into them. Here's what he told us is most disturbing that after they arrested the guy he is out.

Listen. Problem with your long story time and again this attacker should not have been released infinitely and I could give multiple reasons, for we have stories by the way, New York, where people get relief on castle spell and go on commit murder. There's 93-year-old Connie Torrey in Syracuse murdered by somebody released on castle spell. There's a guy who was released on castle spell for our sin was then immediately rearrested for double grant for you can attack, try to stab a member of Congress were to benefit attorneys that anybody and you can instantly be released on castle spell sitting member of Congress to you believe this failure of Yorkville on the failure of Gov. Cuomo's but he refused to fix because of his legislature demanding and trying to survive politically Focused on nothing to make it better. She should immediately remove yeah Manhattan just the power to do it. Manhattan is a war zone right now you have the New York Police Department abruptly backed up by the prosecutors involving the door for New York that is foolhardy and always has been everybody from the beginning I said who knows anything about law law. This is the kind of event that could catapult resulted in being the governor of New York because people are seeing this every day in their neighborhoods all across the New York and are tired of it and are tired of the bulk liberalism you know you know personified by the Dragon Manhattan and all these other woke legislators you know Brian, the city Council, New York has now made it now made public urination and public shooting up of drugs. That's not something that people could be arrested for more New York you can publicly urinate on the streets of New York and a cop can arrest you for sitting on a street corner New York shooting up so and a cop can arrest you for that city Council New York is fun.

This is outrageous and we need a Republican governor who's going to back the police change the spell form and importance of safety back to the biggest city in the country. Couple of things to think about that when you're on stage sure to remember I used to do your Townhall meeting in the round and did 150 out in my time as governor, and there were times when things are very heated. I was on the special-interest that we often move the security of the state police but you know me, Brian, guy want to get in shape Of people are put your hand on the shoulders. Listen to them and you always think that that was often thought during some of the back of my mind and it's not you know it's not out of the question. In today's environment. Think about that as a politician when you're out there and scary couple of things I enjoy interviewing a note saying that you always watch my show in Dayton you want to repeat 11. I appreciate that on Fox news got a little yard yard over the weekend on Sunday when I see it now. My dad, I got it wrong. I get that information governor I'm interviewing Doug Marciano's Republican nominee, Pennsylvania. As you know, the Democrats poured money into his campaign to make sure he got the nomination, and that was within two points of Shapiro, they did the same thing in Maryland. I haven't seen any anything on Cox yet who got the nomination.

There so what you think about this tactic among Democrats what he think about as a Republican cynical game. The people who want to talk about integrity of elections and spending money to try to support some of the pickle be easier to be, you know, it is first off, horribly cynical and it's why people hate politics toward regular American politics and a politician is because they do this, stuff in the Democratic deserve to be held to account by the voters for secondly, be careful what you wish for your you think your nominating someone who might be reading that you set are done by straddle made what I hear was a greater spirit of the Republican Governors Association meeting this weekend asked me. He gave a lot of supporters out there and you know Pennsylvania could be a place to fight hard for the governorship fight hard for Dr. Roth when the Senate seat.

Those things are important and they they they played in both of those races are both in the Senate primary and in the gubernatorial primary amount of The candidate they say they walked in they made was for the wrong thing so couple things everybody knows how you feel about the election how the present accident January 6 and still very similarly but it doesn't mean there were problems.

The way the governor decided to bypass the legislature Pennsylvania just change the election law doesn't mean there were problems in these other places about these pandemic rules were some Democrat took advantage of them.

So that's one way and would master how easily can pivot and get away from the denial of the election was stolen just say I got.

I want to fix the election was in this state to bring integrity back to our institution as opposed to Europe was right around because the top only when we win by being a forward-looking party party and you saw what that the bright Right Was the first governor in America the past. New election integrity laws and that issue off the table and George LeBlanc's record as governor, and when they did, he won the primary by 51 point and he vamping Stacy Abrams by significant amount of general election: you should be doing back should be the formula you know nothing about their pride. What should be done in the summer of 2020 was when the governor started to pass the state of these new rules truck Hatred in their suing right thing probably after the election seemed to make sure the rules that were going. I hope that whatever 24 learned that lesson and will litigate.

He forgot election conducted under fair rules. If you imagine Jesus after what happened that was his mistake. Gov. Chris Christie always always interesting, always informative.

Thanks so much governor to listen we come back I'll finish up with you cause brain to meet you so busy he'll make your family said about one nation. Hope you are too.

I host a show at 8 o'clock on Fox Saturday night 11 how we could still be on Doug Marciano we just discussed that a play that click back from Gov. Christie Janice steel beyond talk about a new podcast to the new stool and Ian Rowe. If you want to get insight and education and what works in America, Ian Rose, the guy also got her urge you if you're in the Newark area New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Newark New Jersey August 27 New Jersey performing arts Center America great from the start. Red white and blue a great night patriotic night same thing in Albany September 8 Brandon, Mississippi, November 12 and then total, November 13. We just got a long way away, so we will talk about all those things as well as what is happily settled and he was able to come on her show.

First explain what happened with his attack last night. As you know we set a legitimate shot to be the next governor of New York. If young can can do it with almost no political experience, you have a guy that I think is a three or four term congressman who's got state Senate State Sen. experience who knows New York no Suffolk County can win Long Island with military background, a member the Jewish community and now an attack which he was able to handle and I was able to talk about security. And when your attacker gets out a no cash value really understand crime and lack of punishment in New York. Thanks so much for listening to the Brian Kelly Joe and keep it here over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources. A Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you

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