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Trump Power: How Much is Left and Can Democrats Push Joe Out in 2024?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 25, 2022 12:55 pm

Trump Power: How Much is Left and Can Democrats Push Joe Out in 2024?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 25, 2022 12:55 pm

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Live Fox News euros euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian. I shall be here, but if the right do we kill 184-087-6690 visitation weekend. I know it's hot out, but it's cold summer dope addict general Keith Kellogg coming up lately. Next, I should say I've not talked to my ladies were the best in the business terms of insight and intelligence when it comes to tapping Ukraine coming up on a year since the disaster taken from Afghanistan and fascination and does take the president's numbers are from the moment he did it and executed out of the hour by Josh Rogan, author of cash under heaven trump she in the battle for the 21st century will talk about what brings him here wise, especially timely today, but first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three present by the Celtics Commissioner of the NBA. Whatever China wants instead of standing up for America that is absolutely true.

Pelosi must go no not talking about that the next election. I'm talking about her alleged trip to Taiwan are ideal to visit has triggered China's anger it's off the charts. She's getting pressure to cancel the trip but it was but if we back off. Right now our weakness as a country which are allies, not reliable and we are scared to tell reporters the Pentagon is starting the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine. I think what they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term. I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do anytime in the near term, weeks or months away. What weeks or months away. We just train their pilots think about December John Kirby snap out of it.

Ukraine on the offense for the first time we see you move to take back some of the 20% of the land rush is stolen is present buying again hesitates on planes absent 15th and 16th. He said he was prepared to get once again the White House is falling down with the world needs them to stand strong when they are looking forward rather than looking back more and more Republicans are saying enough. I don't want to focus on the past want to focus on the future I want to focus on Donald Trump and election it is now two years old.

I want to focus on inflation. I want to focus on crime and this is causing a significant problem, from power. How much is left is Biden sees his own party begin to point to punish him could both swing the midterms with an announcement on their futures. Should they make announcements before November. I say no on that bullet. Swing back to the war, let's bring the attorney general Keith Kellogg general welcome back general and maturing here. Yeah, now we got your point that you general.

First off, I get to get your take. It is Nancy Pelosi backs off and does not go to Taiwan. How bad will America look what I eat right and you nailed it on your dictionary you get it. She's got to go, but Newt Gingrich wanted a speaker in 1997 she needs to go to show strength. We should stop reacting to these guys.

I don't care which Russia or China or ran. We got to show strength in 1818, the president of her own party recommends against her going and it uses a military role of military doesn't recommend either baloney. She should go, she should send a strong message and I don't care what the Chinese say they can yell all I want stop listening to. We keep reacting till it makes no sense to me because China has publicly threatened strong measures. Pelosi proceeds of the plan visits in August or the day before. Mark really is an interview and says we expect China to try take to try to take Taiwan within five years but our breasted neighbors from Japan to Australia to South Korea looking for strength even Vietnam. We have to show them were willing to fight, if not to start cutting deals with this evil regime we have a policy for striking 79 about strategic ambiguity and other famous one China policy, and that we would not challenge them in that there is only one China.

It's about time we pick up the phone so you know something I like this to China policy. Taiwan is a country 23 million people.

It's a free country is democratic elections out there and really not part of China at all and I don't know why we can keep going back on this old comment in the canard that attach to only one China noted fully to China.we should make sure they understand that we should push our way forward on this. Instead of keeping the stop reacting and if they want you, Gen. Melanie Taylor, Mark look if they want to invade five years fund will be ready for him at 5432 or one whatever they want to do. Don't fret next week. You know what Pres. Trump said when he talked to Kim Jong-Il and I got a red button to an much bigger than yours yet. I was was funny but real solicited over Ukraine.

First off, I first on my life's really since 9/11. I remember the New York Times one supposes actually calling things consistently more positive than maybe the actually on Ukraine when I'm not used to it.

I'm just I'm used to the other way so that we see the tears are now part present Zelinski did not want to say it orally but I hear there's a very formidable counterattack going on cures on the first major city to fall in Russia. Hands will can you tell me about that. Would you know I actually said on John Roberts program. I almost 60 days. Tonight is going and it was about going on the south just a matter of time to keep pushing because you can't be strong everywhere imprudent gambled everything on the Don � region into the week to the south was pretty weak. And then we give them high mowers, which is a it's actually is really causing the Russians for major problems to such an incredible system that we developed during the Cold War just to actually specifically stop the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union inflating the West and by invade today a Washington Post approach did the frustration of Ukrainians become clear when they say the four weapons or noise Ukraine. This is above the fold on the front page of the Washington Post, which give them every weapon system they need. If we can take at least all of the Russians, and especially in the South and tears, and here's the reason why cursing is so important is human frontiers on you can actually call that land bridge that the Russians have to the Crimea.

If they keep pushing as hard this is gonna cause the Russians the major problems in the Russians of about extended as far as I can go there there back to their to the last set of weapon systems.

The oceans and got the ring and M and T 62's third ammunition supplies are going down there they keep fighting but Ukrainians can actually pair up and match up quite well with them. So I don't think this is a lost cause Ukrainians at all if they can keep pushing the salvage, because the Russians are major problems, so we go ahead we bring out their pilots and train them and we send them back and then we get set to give them F2 teens and F-16s and then we find out not so ready to go for us to get we are not ready to sell them or give them to them. Listen to John Kirby try to spin his way out of this cut 12 told reporters that I got to starting the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine is that many mistresses less worried about provoking Russia because that would be a significant escalation. I think what they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term. I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do any time in the near term, weeks or months away mean these kinds of aircraft require a lot of training a lot of supply chain, support, maintenance, support yeah and so we would cut 13. What is you know what was in an announcement that we made was that it was I got asked a question. As a result of some comments that Air Force senior officials made out of Aspen but it is just an exploratory measure to come to see what long term trying to help improve Ukraine's defense needs long long-term, even postwar that's that's sinful. What is he talking about a trial balloon.

He quoted Dr.: really work. It's not effective to have succeeded.

Really need your superiority is not there for the Russians give maintenance to the system that we developed in the Cold War to defeat the Soviet Union again from the ear through a ground attack system to what they call the rescue. 35.

It's a great system. We have a lot of in inventory.

They're not hard to train our really simplistic system and allow him to punch hardback at the Russians, but were Kirby was saying to just come in the next Security Council trial balloon what he thinks he gets on a rise out of him before the trainer pilots get the equipment they need to machine put in the US troops on the ground or linear, but I'm saying give me equipment they need to fight this fight and let them fight it out but we did explain that we have been training their pilots the 15 disposing the warthogs is supposed to be included in this something happening between Gen. Jack Keane was optimistic by talking to the people higher up at the Pentagon. This is going to get done there preparing for it to be done. I am perfectly willing to be spun if it helps Ukrainians be safe and more secure. I'll get it.

I understand sometimes you can't tell the public everything but my fear is what getting everything in the actually are looking to give it to mid-December. What's can be left to be left of this word in in December. Every work well and hundred 50 days of this. This step should have been delivered at least 100 days ago and are incrementally given the stuff out you don't fight wars and incrementalism. You just don't like upset about artillery.

There's no Army military action in the church.

I never hold artillery and reserve all for right away to fight it right away when I got like doling it out will you will be here little bit here that's actually absurd what comes to war fighting the Russians don't fight like that they don't understand that we are getting Ukraine's wish that at least a shot at the Russians to be able fight well and give me equipment they need yard, yet not with soldiers or airmen, but given the stuff they need. They confided out I think will do quite well.

One thing we find out about the American public is pretty consistent over 2+ years we get impatient as a people with a war that doesn't end quickly and the way we wanted to be and then we start losing sentiment towards it. I'm sure Joe Biden has people next to them say Miss present.

You gotta, unified country right now but if we continue to write checks and send equipment and not see ample progress. This whole thing is gonna fall apart. Zielinski is doing the PR thing as well as the fighting thing and still ousting some spies from within the seed.

The print does the present understand the urgency in this that public sentiment will switch away from this and that means the Russians could be looking at victory because he's been hesitant.

Part of the statement. I think the president is not listening to do some the expertise got his attitude about it.

That's the way it's going to be.

I think it goes back to it. You know about former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates said years ago Joe Biden's been wrong on nearly every mass was courteous in the last 40 years. I think it's proven again.

I hate to say it. I don't think Brian and I understand it's harsh.

I don't think he's up to it. I don't eat up the challenge and the intestinal fortitude to take the leadership skill take on that I am very proud of supporting what I did Pres. Trump he would not allow this to happen, he would've thought this way wouldn't thought this way and I think Biden is doing it and I think it's it it just cautions from the enormous problems down the road when it comes to military aid. I think we also need to push the European alliance that they needed to provide more as well. You were provided a mystery to 18 both economic, humanitarian, and military and other European countries. Your 29 NATO countries need to pony up a lot more as well, taking recipes like: do extraordinary things. So we appreciate that and there's others like Germany and France were willing to say we*worry about tomorrow. They are sacrificing a lot energy wise which is very interesting that the Russians are choosing to give us a taste of what life like move that energy which we been dying for them to get off their energy. Merkel should be almost prosecuted for allowing them to be so attached 55% of all energy coming from Russia. There's not never in their interest while they thought so. I can never understand, but the understand Europe's their best customer. If they could find a way to pivot away from natural gas and oil from Russia that we, along with beating the militarily, we would get rid of the real cancer on the world and provide actually more of a liquid natural gas Europe Logitech.

We've said this for years that we want to do this you know we we asked we exported to a now we want to send more room as well and we can do that and I don't know why the Europeans don't look at us, his failure to follow cyclic Europe. You can depend on us.

We provided to you made. You know the only people other than the Russians is is Qatar United States, and they provide him with. We provide a must when you combine this rate was 70% of the net.

The liquid natural gas to Europe, we ought to be playable doing that was so we can do it. They should rely on us to do it and I worked with Russians don't take time to wean them off it in a big cause of problem children Merkel take a lot of heat for what she's done by getting so close to Europe to the Russians with little illicit fuel and energy but the names he created this problem themselves. Now to get to work your way out of Kellogg. Thanks so much � find entrapment yet to get this book war by other means a general in the Trump White House listen use of the brain to me so so glad you are on this Monday, Bob Liao, Josh Rogan, the Washington Post don't move your knowledge base Brian show contest networks CNS team Fox News senior meteorologist.

Be sure to subscribe to the Janet team where ever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine nice person is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now. Fox News or wherever you did your project from his mouth to your peers and kill me clearly still see trial is the most important political figure is endorsement still matters is based on Maryland Gov.'s race when they are looking forward rather than looking back more and more kids are saying enough.

I don't want to focus on the past want to focus on the future.

I don't want to focus on Donald from an election.

It is now two years old. I want to focus on inflation. I want to focus on crime.

I want to focus on Ukraine and this is causing a significant problem, I think it's the reason why he's more likely than not to announcing 2022, 20, 24, three, and one final point. If he doesn't announce he could actually cost the Republicans the house as well as the Senate if the election is about the economy can swing both elections about Donald Trump.

Republicans lose both and you know what you don't. To be frank wants to figure that out so brisk a popularity we got it is always a grind. You never know exactly okay who the key with the candidate is Barack Obama. George Bush is not, you know, we country starts off 30% and 30% then you out when it and a lot of it has to do with the circumstances in the country but of present Trump comes out and says I'm go to be running again number one does work to his advantage, but it really kills the Republicans and here's why even be the biggest on trumpet understand for them to be successful in places like Ohio in Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin again with Sen. Johnson will though they have dipped very well. If so, so muchly together.

Herschel Walker, in particular these purple areas where you gotta do a young kid like wind please Eldon, for example, you don't want Kathy Holcomb to be saying please Eldon is a sycophant of doubt Trump you want to say please Eldon is a is a congressman from New York with a military background who who is one election after election. In a very purple area in Suffolk County. But the minute Donald Trump comes out and says I'm running on the leader this party. It allows all the anti-Trump elements to rise up a lot of suburban women a lot of them are moderates and certainly over Democrats. It makes it easy because you want them to get about 31% approval rating, Joe Biden, your been thinking about January 6 Donald Trump doesn't matter what you think.

If you love Trump. This is a matter to think about what's it going to take to win in these in these areas like New Hampshire like in Georgia like in Nevada liking Arizona especially so turning point USA Summit does a straw poll at the end and they had you. They had Mike Pompeo there they had run the Santos there.

Mike pence and not speak so they said who's your pick for present Trump did run in the 2024 Republican present to primary offers the following choices. Who would you pick 70% said Trump, 19% said the Santos 1% said Christine Homme .5% by Pompeo .3 cruise .3 Haley .3 Mike pence, so it's not even close. Keep in mind keep in mind that this is early this other polls like New Hampshire and Michigan and Florida.

The covenant Santos endowed trumpet of a basically a daddy is a lot more to go on on the others on who you who fear the most. On the left. Gavin Newsom number 130% fear Gavin Newsom would give the president the hardest time Michelle Obama's over to a 13% definition with 30% amazing Frank Tillman, Chuck Fackler, Josh Rogan is going to tell us why Nancy Pelosi has to go and what is really happening. Ukraine Fox News talk tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week. This depend on its podcast. Listen now by going up Fox News five Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite contest, but talk show that's real for us is that Brian kill me show the FBI and MI five.

Great Britain came to America and send everyone that the risk of doing business in China is is intense. They steal our intellectual property. They sort of take and then turn over and send you out our universities here are infected and they in China have learned a lot of lessons by what's going on Ukraine. They are watching and they are going to try and figure out how sanctions won't affect them and they're going to wait for their time with Taiwan in their wrist because they can disrupt our supply chain and that was Congressman Brad Winthrop, who was a medic in the Army and he was just talking to Fox and friends this weekend. Talk about the dangers of China and how it all goes to Nancy Pelosi, the speaker the house isn't going to visit. I want to cut in about a month and when present, Biden was asked about that.

He's not Ford and now China is outraged by threatening something severe will happen if she in fact visits that one Josh Rogan joined just now author of chaos under heaven Trump. She in the battle for the 21st century Washington Post columnist Josh welcome back what it would be why is China so upset that the speaker might go and what you think our reaction should be trying to be clear, the Chinese come to party gets upset every single day about every single thing and you know we can fall into this trap falling for this fake outrage every time a couple Congressman want to go to Taiwan or we can tell them that Americans have the right to go wherever they want whenever they want, whether or not it offends the delicate sensibilities. The Chinese Communist Party. It doesn't matter right not to be our policy first. Okay. And how dare they do they think they are to tell any US representative whether not they can go to Taiwan which is a democracy where comics make all the time. But the reason this became such a mess is because the Pelosi staff and the White House couldn't get on the same page. They couldn't agree on whether or not this was a good idea right now and you know the ministrations as well.

You know, we really want to crisis. At this moment we got a lot going on and the Pelosi stamps as well. That's what can happen. So what we just never going to go in a way they're both right, but the point is that you would think a Democratic house you know leader in a democratic ministration could just get on the same page could have a talk about it and figure out what America's policy is, but because they're so disorganized, discombobulated. We look like we don't know were doing then the Chinese ramp up the threats make everybody scared and take advantage of the fact that were so dysfunctional that was going on.

So when this was posed to the present. Before you start diagnosis positive for COBIT. This is what he said well I know not a good idea right now I don't know what the status of really that's not helpful, but it shows weakness. It shows equivocating, doesn't it, and you understand how they view what you would state you were in Japan for a long time you really got to know this region that's exactly right. What Biden did was for somebody confirm the trip with me secret little pointed is that you go you don't tell the Chinese too far in advance that may have time to threaten you for a bunch of months and then everybody gets all scared you don't go the whole point is to keep it a secret until he basically touched down sub- live up that plan. First of all negative all he revealed that the administration of these concerns, but that his staff had been trying to work it out with Pelosi behind the scenes quietly so you really screwed up the negotiations.

At the same time because you know they're trying to convince policy hey listen to what's with the laying maybe after the election when you're not really speak ready by me shall be speaker but you won't be speaker be okay and then bucking clerk that that was the people like what the heck. Now they feel like they have to go though. It's just a mess.

Okay. And this is what the Chinese love best when we all know were doing because then they can go around like oh, look at in a look at the situation and look at the Americans and their the aggressors and everyone else in the region doesn't know what's going on.

This fits into like the broader strategic confusion about our Taiwan policy rhyme, which is really the big big problem which is that Pres. Biden opens his mouth he says, yet working to defend Taiwan. He said it three times already publicly each time the White House with a walk it back.well we don't know we have this thing called strategic ambiguity. So when I can tell you one way or the other and to the everyone else in the region like what what it will be supposed to make. How is that you American foreign policy where the president and the staff say two different things and I was was a plan for that and again this gives the Chinese live managers they shouldn't have, because everybody knows that if the China text I want to be terrible terrible for the world terrible for Taiwan, it can make this whole Russia, Ukraine, war look like a walk in the park. Okay, we bad so we should increase our deterrence. In my opinion be clear that working to defend Taiwan in my opinion, and then you don't tell the Chinese that hey, that's a free democracy where free democracy will visit whenever we want.

You'll just have to lump it. That's what I think a policy should be, but is not. I hope it is in the end, I know we show weakness but we could save it by going and you could say that it's unbelievable that you do you know if one thing I haven't heard speaker Pelosi anything negative about present. Biden ever so you gotta think that they could work this out behind-the-scenes. Also, the president is never like you gets walk back, but he never corrects he got walk back with Taiwan but he kept saying the same thing over and over again.

So knowledge is what to be honest when I agree with truck with him through the present. Biden on this timeline. I think he's right and I think his staff is trying to rein him in and he is the present United States and if he thinks we should defend Taiwan. Then ultimately you can make that decision. We have this thing called strategic ambiguity which is both to preserve the status quo by not telling anybody what our policy is, and it's very clear to me at least into a lot of other people like Mark Esper who just got back from Taiwan. Victor Pompeo just got back from Taiwan and a lot of Democrats to say listen, this situation is getting really dangerous and I was in the region last month and it was clear to me from all the Chinese generals promising to attack Taiwan that the Chinese are planning to attack Taiwan doesn't mean they can do it today doesn't mean that they can do it today but as soon as they believe they can get away with it.

There probably going to try okay and what we do between now and then is really important. We need all these other countries in the region to join us. And when you have the present United States and his staff in the housing three different things about what our policy is that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. What is that what you think China would have you heard is Chinese take away from Russia's troubles in the Ukraine.

You know what they're learning is how not, how did do it better there practicing how to do it better. So first of all, they learned about nuclear brinkmanship prudent threatened to nuke us in the Chinese building hundreds of nuclear weapons.

For what reason to brush us back if we try to interfere in Taiwan. Then they learned about sanctions.

Another taking other banks out of our system and preparing to get sanctioned then the recording food and supplies and fueling grain so that we try to cut off their economy that though they can just be fine for a while and then what they're going to do is the not to make his mistake which was to slowly attack their regular do it fast, and that can be brutal and thousand people get to Diane. That's why we have to stop it and the only way we can stop by the way is to make sure that they don't think that they could pull it off. And that means arming the Taiwanese to the teeth with the stuff you need to defend from an invading army and were not doing that right now we need to speeded up and fast. That's unbelievable that were not doing. I thought we were doing that we had some advisors on the ground yeah okay at those can be somewhat to get on enough you say a couple other things in terms of what China is doing with their zero covert policy why they not backing off that they see it destroying their economy. They see what they have to do the wrong people were they doing are they going to continue to do this in Shanghai and other places.

Yeah, I mean friendless and we have to be careful when we analyze the Chinese come to his party stop leadership because it's kind of a black box. But what the concern is is that they can't leave eliminated their ability to change course.

In other words, she thinking is about to be crowned for his third term defense essentially makes him a dictator for life in China he's killed or jailed.

Anyone who might challenge him to in that system. If you're the guy was like hey, wait a second for zero covert policies taking our economy and it's crazy because the variance of work that way anymore. If you say that you're going to die or go to jail. Your whole family so no one says it so were in a dangerous situation where the Chinese come. His party may not be able to admit a mistake ever. Which means they just double down forever. Now that's what the body demonstration is worried about when that when Nancy Pelosi like him to go to Taiwan today. But when a second. What if the Chinese are so crazy at this point that they can feel compelled to overreact and then working have a crisis, we can have a war on that same is not a legitimate thing to think about trying to saying that we can't overreact to that and at the same time we have to realize that these guys are thugs are basically operating like a mafia organization right now and the way to deal with criminal organizations is to apply the law and to do the right thing to show strength and you know that requires America speaking with one voice and leaving the world and that's where I think about administration is functionally did write about what our diplomats when they go to zero because it will covert what happens to our diplomats. You want to go shopping want to go out today. Are they immune to this. Not only are they not immune Brian but what I discovered is that a bunch of them over a dozen of them were thrown into these fever clinics. These are Chinese government medical quarantine centers that look like a prison. Act like a prison walk like prison talk. It's a prison okay and for them to scoop up American diplomats and their family members for testing positive for covert and throw them into the covert fever clinic prisons.

That's outrageous.

That's against the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations. Maybe doing this for years. The embassies try to fix that now.

Not to mention was 40,000 US citizens in Shanghai who got locked down can get food can go to work and leave their apartments. You know, the Chinese government abuses its people horrendously, to 1� or another. If you're a Uighur urine you're probably in the camp.

As a regular Chinese person you just monitored everything you write and thinking and do things or social credit score for Americans in China. The situation is getting really really bad, and the ability of the US government to protect American friend is going way down and I heard your leave and when you think about doing business in China. What are these corporations doing how are they, you know, investing in China and putting Americans in money invested in China and moving their corporate theirs are supply lines to China while being every piece of data you see every trade is going really negative okay because the Chinese, with parties becoming more aggressive, more repressive, more expansionist and more interfering in our lives when that that's what's really going on in the US China relationship in the Pelosi kerfuffle is just one small piece of it.

So when I hear these treasurer experts in these economic experts say, well, which is removed.

If you want to get inflation down what you move some of these Chinese tariffs. They don't work anyway something of myself. Okay if they don't work why China wanted off so badly and why you tried to bite and take forever to take them off as he undid everything else trumpeted your take on Josh. These these triumph strike home. You don't write it your Wolf Brian you hit the nail on the head should tell you something that the Chinese the thing the Chinese commons party wants Moses for the tariffs to go know if they were useless if they didn't exert any pressure, then why do they care about them so much. So that's one thing.

The other thing is that it would help inflation at such a tiny bit of money is not even the things that are causing inflation the tariffs of three years old so it's not to do anything that's just a lie. The truth of the matter is that the reason that there's so much lobbying money in Washington going into the peak, the Treasury Department and the committees that run the stuff is because Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce want to do a favor for the Chinese come with parties so they can get a favor in return and make money on their short-term balance sheets while increasing the risk of American investors in a Chinese commons party that's building the machine that's attacking our democracy and our way of life okay and the corruption of that scheme is not well understood by most Americans. But that's what's going on. You got Wall Street firms who are trying to get access to the Chinese market to make a little bit of money before the whole thing goes kaput fluently and they're willing to sell out America's national security to do it and that's what the tariff debate is really about is not about whether or not working to get inflation down .00003% if that even is true. It's about our regular continue to fight China's economic aggression which is pointed at us, which is aimed at our prosperity or not and if we are, then we gotta keep the tariffs and actually do more we can do more investigations, we gotta keep on them.all of the things they're doing wrong electoral property theft. The trade subsidies we have to realize that Wall Street is playing on the wrong side of the fence there helping the Chinese, this party raise our money from us to build the machine to attack us. That's crazy.

That's what we gotta stop. That's the big weakness in our US China strategy a couple things that we have Josh Rogan are guest here for the Washington Post offering his expertise in the region. Just 12 point worth pointing out something become understood but evidently the pentagons been studying all the intercepts with China aircraft and ships in the Pacific region over the last few years and the conclusion. China's been significantly more aggressive and dangerous over the last five years that according to general Millie I'm not sure why had to do a study on that just just still looking at the news we've been seeing that which significance of them going public with that is he goes to Indonesia over the last few days. First time in a long time you know there's just no part of the US government that is waking up to the fact that the Chinese commons party is becoming increasingly problem in ways that affect free and open societies all over the world in ways that affect our lives in the spines one part of it.

You saw FBI revelations this week you saw, you know, there's just everywhere you look, and you know I'm letting it start of the pandemic.

You know, which is again came out of China was covered up by the Chinese know investigations but put that aside. You know if U never got covert. You must realize at this point that we've got a problem here and now. The fact that Mark Millie is saying that okay well this buying is gone way up yet. That's it. That should be pretty obvious, but it just goes to show you that you were always sort of thinking. Oh well, what's going on with Saudi Arabia was going out of Ukraine. China's the long-term challenge and the more attention that Americans have the more awareness that Americans have about their plan to change our world order in ways that benefit them and make the world safe for autocracy and repression and it gets us the community of free and open societies, the better.

So I think that the fact that he talk about it more, but don't think anyone surprised right yeah they said talk about more the general Millie when we do we can we invest in our Navy and kinda respond to. Are we going to.

That's one message you could be sent as much as one per handout. They look at that is weakness.

We learned that with Iran as well as Russia Josh. The other thing is a lot of people point to the fact that prison binds This rich experience in China talks about how well he knew present. She when you second in command, but he doesn't talk about how his son, his business interests over there for years.

You think that matters when it comes to foreign policy would ensure that he would you deduct from this of course it matters because the Chinese come this party seeks to not just corrupt our leaders, but it crushed their families and their children, and they're not the only ones that do it, but that way the Russians and the Saudis do it too, but the Chinese do it more okay and they corrupted Neil Bush you know, the son of the other brother George W. Bush son of George W. Bush and they corrupted Hunter Biden okay and I'm not even talking about the things that I can talk about things that he's admitted to and the deals that he's already been piling about that. There's plenty in the open source without even wondering what else is out there that shows us that he was trading on his family's name to make money from China for things that he had no business being involved in skills to apply Josh getting there but you have a blizzard of knowledge and opinion and extremely valuable. I have no idea what you not on CNN every hour. Thank you. Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News five just a radio show like no other and kill me for Democrats. They would love to make 20 22,012 12 it's about inflation is about gas prices climbing the streets. If you're in New York or Washington or Boston or Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. It's about crime and Democrats about the wellness issues that is Gov. Christie made a lot of news with us on Friday. Give talk about Lee's Eldon talk so children has to do, how there was an opportunity, a window of opportunity with all the attention on him because he was attacked on stage talking ironically about bail reform in his assailant is out on no cash bail within hours. Thankfully, the feds picked him up and put them back in jail is a red Corvette initiated service but don't appreciate how drunk he was and how aggressive he wasn't ill didn't know that about. He could've done some real damage to somebody. I don't know how we got on stage so quick but now we shall discuss the national spotlight. He is gotta use it to be the weakest Democratic governor candidate in the country in Kathy Hogle and that's what Gov. Christie mentioned on our show, which was picked up in the New York Post on Sunday. I noticed that as well as what Gov. Christie said about the present of the form present. That is force will hear from him little bit later in this show.

Gov. Christie about what he said over the weekend analyzing the Republican side of this race in general. Why is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here, but if the brain can only show I just got my water with things he Was on. Therefore my equipment is save another good news story. Charles Hurt will be here the bottom of the hour for the Washington times.

John Richards wrote a song is number one in iTunes. It's against progressives because he thinks they suck and ruling the country Kennedy is here in studio. She is all-American, you actually ran could not be tomorrow American that is correct Brian, thank you for know what is you sure it's a taxation.

Taxation is theft Brian Wright dress I wore last week in a freedom that no I didn't write you was that I felt no you weren't still look at my Instagram would you like to see the dress that I wore bright. What is it say Brian it says I can read taxation is theft.

Yet we miss the T users on it and that's because I'm a giant Easter by it's exactly like a OCs tax the rich stress I fixed really. I love it. I was free invest. It was really fine great collection of people very very interesting speakers. I learned a lot, not some new gas for my podcast Kennedy save the world on modify Apple and Fox News right that's always good. Your youth youth suddenly promoting you. This is most you promoted your part is quite subsiding. The podcast people be happy. But now the stories you need to know Ryan's three number three present by the Celtics Commissioner of the NBA is. Whatever China wants instead of standing up for America. I agree with that policy must go. No I'm not talking about leaving Washington on target about on her trip to Taiwan.

Her idea to visit his trigger. China's anger is off the charts. She's getting pressure to cancel the trip from her own party and from the White House.

We cannot show weakness Nancy go to Taiwan told reporters the Pentagon is starting the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine what they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term.

I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do anytime in the near term, weeks or months away. Kennedy I you read this you to never tell. Thank you prime the big day Ukraine on the offensive for the first time we seem to take back some of the 20% of the land. Ration stone is present. Biden again hesitate on the plane said he was prepared to give once again the White House is falling down.

When the world needs them to stand strong.

Brian. Yes, they still like sauerkraut, but they're tired of focusing on him and they want the election they want the concerns to be about themselves and about their future about Donald Trump's past Trump power how much is left is binds his own party begin to pony up push him out could both swing the midterm to the announcement of their futures to the make announcement before November and with Thad Kennedy you have your show to focus on. I don't want to sidetrack you joyfully talk about my talk to my show came right right okay things aside for 30 seconds. Thank you very much is it does benefit did you think of who do you do you think it benefits Donald Trump or the party or neither for him to announce in September. These in run think he should run. I think he should announce now that he's not running and the chances that the chances of that happening allow contrarian and I'm really hopeful that he takes the good advice. Any steps back handpicks as successor and left everything play out to were not tortured by crazy old people any longer write you because it but it's not really get down from those we said we stool nothing now because he's he's more crazy than old.

I think is his energy defies someone with his numerical age, but he's nuts. Do you really think that's a great idea to write great ideas you realize finally respects are inspired by his ideas and not we need to give him credit for that.

And we need to honor the voters who need those ideas put back in place. Having set. Maybe we have. We we recast Darren here bewitched reference) rights in the recast would be younger Darren, although there's probably the same age. Maybe the younger Darren, the less difficult to work with right if people do not know the bewitched rest reference.

That's why they have TV land in YouTube so quickly scramble on the break and find out exactly how and Brian cut 43 is just crash our he builds on your point from actio's about half of the Republican voters are not all the way they bear into the election. Conspiracy theories and will hang on to every word they will go to the rally and that's about maybe 40% of the overall Republican electorate is very proud Trump might even say they want to run again for president to look at the future along the lines of what Frank said they're concerned about the economy are concerned about crime.

Maybe there some concerns about 2020, but they are much more future focus and when you combine that half Trump electorate with the 20% of Republicans were basically anti-Trump is the coalition that Ron DeSantis or anyone else for that matter. It is looking at as they try to prepare for 2024, but not with him. One of the other. Whenever you think of review front to say this is your point is your poor person and if Donald Trump should person they both can run because Ron DeSantis we lose as you walk away. Okay, but if Donald Trump loses, he will walk away with whoever still supporting him. Yes, you don't want to force him out.

That's why he very gracefully has to take survey of the political landscape before him and come to the right conclusion.

Here is a turning point USA had their big summit over the weekend he they did a straw policy. Who's your pick. The question was turning 9% said Donald J. Trump if Trump did run in the 2024 Republican Presidential primary offers the following choices for whom would you vote down. Trump, 78% Ron DeSantis 19% genome 1% everybody else Pompeo cruise Haley parents barely registered your reaction, you change your view.

I did not change my half now and I can do or don't know the river right now turning point crowd loves Donald Trump their inspired holidays.

I love the 90s, but I'm not go back on MTV my time, my time is great right time for Fox News and FOXBusiness is now Brian and that's where I am and I think that's where Republican voters should be what you think they should high-five the former president. They should thank him. They can reminisce when taxes were lower gas was cheaper and we went down again with that crazy turning point USA side this drug policy which Democrat do you think is the most difficult to defeat for president in 2024 Gavin Newsom number one at 30% Michelle Obama 13 Hillary Clinton attend Bernie Sanders at 10, Harris at seven AOC at 5.9 and then Biden is ninth and people are judges the last so difficult to defeat either. I am not afraid of Gavin Newsom.

Having lived in California and the better part of my life and yet do you know Adam Crozier's commander says he's crazy. He's crazily delusional. Yes and delusional person. He was recalled.

They didn't kick him out of office but the pre-call made on the ballot go through entire recall election and he survived because Republicans didn't run the strongest candidate they ran Larry Elder has more skeletons in his closet. Then in on a mortician fetishist right I never like that was a heck of an analogy number think about. At one point later today so present. Biden's got 31% approval.

Newsom has run his state into the ground. All you have to do if you have any California in five years.

Go to a place you once visited and you will see overrun with homeless people in human feces and crime and it works. My friend got punched in the face and small moment 53 punch in the face and knocked out by crazy homeless guy right in with Starbucks and we saw the so we saw the, the, the track athlete to get punched in the face and will incredible. Here's Gov. Chris Christie on 2022 country for Democrats. They would love to make 2022 about follow Trump love to, but it's not about follow Trump. It's about inflation is about gas prices climbing the streets. If you're in New York or Washington or Boston or Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. It's about crime and Democrats about the wellness issues so that's we want to do. He's willing to have it out there when I think Republican should look out for it. Say looking at present Biden's poll ratings and they think the Democratic Party is at low and maybe think they should or should it doesn't matter. I think the Democratic Party is more popular than the present and I think they have to act like that monkeypox is more popular than the president right today has the lowest pull of the Biden presidency 31% approval out right now monkeypox is pulling at 32.5 right more people want monkeypox an ideal, but did Democrat party. The establishments they are in the lines hail foisted Joe Biden upon it and he said he can be child.

That's all I ask you yeah he's better.

He's worse, rather, in every other area and he is on a fast track to cognitive decline.

How right and he owes interesting is I think medical doctors are backing up by Dr. Ben Carson saying he was the last to say it, he said clearly is deteriorating and nothing coverts a man is a mind booster that I went over twice.

It is you father, I had the Celebes that come out of nowhere.

I have long coven and it bites you in the key start like all of a sudden you cannot get out of bed. It is brutal. I hope he doesn't have long coven I do not want the president of the United States to suffer this kind of fatigue because it is debilitating right so we we hope your running trap right half Ironman distance trap months and I still have coded fatigue that comes and goes in its brutal you tell people as you pass them. I've learned from coven. Am still beating you want them to talk people on the bike. The bike and salon take three hours to get parenting people you're kinda slingshot each other and so I might been the last coming to pass. You writing I was wearing a lupus jersey because he was raising money for lupus and a check on the lips and Mike are here we go lupus this is Tanya for the last time right that he actually passing and you let them go because you're also again I am not prolific this Brian right to make that position because there that's true. A lot of people say Kelly she likes lupus. I like her but I just can't agree with our lupus.

I don't know how that rumor got there can describe right and sub podcast years you just go on and on and on we come back more of Kennedy and we're going to talk about something else.

It's very important and that is that is of course the Ukraine. Yes, and I believe it's time for you to weigh in the something going on Ukraine decking of publicity, a counter offensive interest back in educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. Told reporters the Pentagon is studying the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine is that many mistresses less worried about provoking Russia because that would be significant escalation think what they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term. I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do any time in the near term, weeks or months away mean these kinds of aircraft require a lot of training, a lot of supply-chain support, maintenance, support so couple things that obviously is a the filling press secretary Adm. Kirby saying something that is completely not true. They Bernie have Ukrainians outside the country training on our basis. We have the F-15 F-16s ready to go, including the A-10 warthog why they said we might barely get it to them in December. Kennedy is here right now.

Hello so what you think.

Similar to Ukraine. If we wait till December to get them to us what he thinks can be left to the Ukraine earth, Ukraine.

If we don't get people to the negotiating table which you going to lose so many lies that country's going to be further decimated. They have to talk and the United States. For some reason interested in this horrible protected war that is good for no one. Right certainly not good for Americans. While it's the yellow choice Ukraine was invaded 20% of their country's going to be invaded anyway. As soon as is present.

Perhaps your weakness. Maybe they would've done on the Trump. I don't think it would've happened under Trump personally, but I don't know, but this is totally Russia's fault and you have a chance to really damage somebody who for the next 50 years would be a real danger to our national security and they are still were sucking wind against Ukraine and we going half way by giving the high Mars is going on, believe effectively, don't give enough we promised him jets but then we pull them back will get it to them in December.

December how many people have to die. People have to starve how many people you talk to anyone from Ukraine and and ask them about the country that they love and the home that they had to flee, it's it's brutal but again were over here North America. There a lot of people right around there who should be personally invested. Looking at you Germany and everyone every other country in Western Europe. Here is has fighter jets NATO now in this post be given to then send it if you guys are right next door and you're worried about Russian aggression. Send top-end this weekend. I know you know what know that fighter jets are very impressive. I almost were taught, I know I so Elvis had to make a choice. My daughter didn't see the original and she kept looking at going why are you crying because Elvis because Top Gun is all okay maverick, Brian. Here's Al. I'm sorry that we were Americans on the show is Al Gore describing what is wrong with our our country. I want to make sure you pick the right side and try to do that now here is cut 33 well, we need to avoid confusing the short term with the long term that's different from investing billions in new fossil fuel infrastructure and new oil and gas drilling. That would not do anything to help the current crisis order help gasoline prices for that matter, but would guarantee increased omissions in the years ahead. You know the international energy agency has said that we should have zero new drilling for oil and gas reserves. We've already got enough to incinerate the planet. What were saying this global emergency play out and it's getting worse more quickly than was predicted incinerate went to incinerate Albert.

People want to put refined oil in the form of gasoline in their cars so they can go places he has earned money and then spend it and and that is positive. Some prosperity so we actually if you drilling more pine then let's build more refineries and acknowledge that we need a longer wider ramp to get us to energy independence and nonfossil fuels. He is, I'm so glad he was president. He also said were minority government tender about trying to blow up the filibuster and get something passed his dad spend years in the Senate spend years in Senate.

Does he really want to trash the Senate does he know there's an excellent chance. Republicans will then have that power.

Of course that's that's what that means. Guess which state didn't vote for Albert Gore when he ran for president is Tennessee T Dublin he'd done less than lethal training roughly half my MSN there somewhere deftly started letters fights when we watching tonight noon Eastern and tonight 7 PM Eastern for the West on the Fox when we went to green. If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. We are starting to see Trump drop below the critical 50% mark in terms of who public interest want to Caesar nominee in 2024 and the constant consistent rise of Florida Rhonda Santos he's now in the mid-20s nationwide critically because truly the national numbers don't matter. We learned that in 2016 we learned that in 2008, Barack Obama. What matters New Hampshire, South Carolina for the Republicans and Rhonda Santos is rising in all the early states significantly and there's even a survey that now has him ahead of John Ciampa, New Hampshire. So don't get to be crowds of the weekend in Arizona and Florida on Saturday and then it is turning point pull one going away by 50 points of Rhonda Santos. Other people like Franklin's have pointed out that in different states from New Hampshire and Michigan. The Rhonda Santos in a virtual dead heat with him and how much does it matter what the reason why it matters is the present could declare he's running again is really September.

Who knows maybe tomorrow with me right now is Charlie heard Fox's contributor comes to the washing times Charlie would you think of Franklin's analysis and were talking about this because a present indicate over the weekend about to make a big announcement and of course he's a great showman. He's a great marketer and he knows that keeping people's interest is the most important thing, and he is always done a very good job of that sort of thing, but I think you know the real value of the turning point that turning point pull is that it measures enthusiasm and obviously elections are not one on enthusiasm alone, and although the enthusiasm there for president Trump in Rhonda senses I'm state is pretty is pretty starter, but a lot of political watchers and you know media political media in 2020, 16 have egg on their face because they ignored the enthusiasm and I think that you can argue that you can't dismiss the enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is important and obviously present, Trump has been in a lot of ways silenced and sidelined. I think that and so the width that has been a lot of that is yes and yes it was still there in in a lot of pockets all across the country and I think a lot of people in our business are not talking about it because critically I think a lot of people in our business just are so desperate for him to go away. Which is kind of weird so Rhonda Santos is a mention here the states. New Hampshire I he's basically leading or tied New Hampshire, Michigan and Florida and a lot of people are noticing that over the week and the New York Post Wall Street Journal. Both had bought beds saying that Donald Trump should not, cannot, when it should not win again in the near prostitute must close in wash Wall Street Journal and so yeah and and and I get it you know it.

A lot of especially serve cautious Republicans and and I understand their thinking.

They feel like especially in these polls with front-end is a perfect example. Rhonda Santos shows Rhonda Santos is an America first Trump agenda Canada and and and his popularity is based on all of that. I was see there are questions about whether or not he's got the all of the qualities that make people love Trump. Although I would argue that all Trump just sort of actually vanished from the scene.

All of those trumpeters would congregate around a guy like DeSantis because despite what what you might sort of hear from the press trumpeters are very issue oriented the officer they love the guy you guys are very appealing, but to them but but he is but it is all about issues.

The 2016 election was the most issue oriented election of our lifetimes. The reason he just don't get elected is because of one because he's a nice guy. It was because he was talking about issues, Democrats and Republicans had ignored for long time and so I do think that I do think that people are and also it's it's still amazingly early, we have gotten through the midterm ship and I think that that it in the silence a lot of people kind of their imaginations, get away from him and it's easy for you and your posted washer journal to sort of dismiss the power of the Trump still has over the party and beyond. But once things get underway.

All that changes very quickly right how much pressure do you think are on the centipede candidates like JD Vance is the doctor is what happens in this primary is Kari Kari Lake wind that is her big Mike pence pick the pick the more traditional on the one the mic to see picked how much pressure is on the presidents future. With these pics, how they do in the general and how many emergent primary I would argue that for oversaw knobs working to make a lot of it because we always do were always looking for team needs to read but I would again that's why I always go back to the issues. All of these candidates in Pennsylvania, for example, you had three Republicans all running on a Trump platform, all running on Trump issues and so when when we get into these big arguments about well is just Trump still control the Republican Party and the answers it like it doesn't really matter who wins their he's changed. He's completely altered the platform of the Republican Party and they're all running on the front platform right away so I would argue that that you in a weird way can come to claim victory from any government, and as he is want to do. He will write you could do that but I stay McCormick for example, had a lot of Trump people on the staff, but he still met with both limited Dr. Oz, my guy and Dr. Oz pulls it out, so I'm very curious to see Dr. I think Dr. Oz is getting totally underappreciated. I think he's going to ease adding these underdog at these good I think he's gonna win handily. Yeah, I think is easy. So much different than Fetterman and was a great communicator. He knows his stuff. The guys and and and and and and I think at the end of the day. That's why Trump endorsed him was because he looked at the at at play know it's it's really simple and and and and politicians try to complicate everything Washington politicians try complicate everything which gives them room for corruption and and and trumps the beauty of Trump. He looks at things very simple to potentially one rope will quickly point if you are looking a place where Trump actually you can say Trump may be lost. Look at the Georgia race is just an end but but I would argue that it wasn't that he lost exactly, it's that talking about the election and obviously election integrity is the most important thing that there is that election integrity is different than when he started, but he keeps about 2020 right. Just thought I would talk with the states with the witch.

Write him and the governor to fix and and and so and so what I would argue is that those races in Georgia rejected the idea that you could run a campaign on the 2020 let you about this anymore and only that Brian Kemp took some key because he wanted to election and when I say they don't care they don't care about the particulars of it. They do care about election integrity and we have to get that. Make sure that all that is fixed, but my point is that the real enthusiasm for a Trump presidency or a campaign is all about the issues. Just like in 2016 right and in Florida this week. This weekend he said his best ways talking about the bright future of the country. He's talking about the issues right can you shut off 2020.

I think he's I think is find out when next to me talk to you-well, I know, I think it's can be a process.

I think that that that it's it's going almost 2 years.

I know the agreement price is like 12 studies.

This is a one-to-one therapy they'd have to but they said I think you should see somebody else right because this is not working. I think it's time for Academy.

That's right, I saw that ketamine is what got God's reportedly hunt rough crack that's amazing and I and and by then, and if you read that if you believe that blood Dr. Keith out and if you believe what he says is it all the other psychotropics that people take for depression don't work but ketamine does and if that's true, and I don't know about.W doing a little Trump I'm Trump takes a word and just jumps on exceed almost tragic return of 2020 like you are talking about this other headline in the Washington Post, Stephen Eisenberg rights for publisher. The New York Newsday and Chief of Staff in the for the New York Mayor Lindsay years ago. He said quick Joe quit buying could save the midterm for the one term pledge. I actually think it's just the opposite, but with his point is is that the Democratic Party's more popular than by your thoughts. Mayor Lindsay from what was from a different century literally different since I never got hurt. He was a handsome man when most of the video does not exist when there is a shame yeah back to him so yeah. So, quite honestly, I know, I think the root you know it's worse than right on Joe Biden in the 2022 elections is running on Democrat issues that issues are worse for Democrats. And so, but I think it also proves that and and and I think Eisenberg speaks for a lot of Democrats today and I think that what he is saying is really that Biden has served his purpose and now it's time to shove them off the cliff but Charlie I if you look back with someone like I just read about Taylor Roosevelt now a lot nicer. The biggest mistake he ever made was as soon as you want a massive election.

He said this to be my last and immediately the became a lame-duck. This is a year and 1/2 and if he said this is it for me.

You think he's invisible now as a leader. What could he possibly do. If you're thinking. If you think from the Democratic perspective.

I think Eisenberg is way off on this so so you're making an argument for doing away with term limits for president. I like that that's interesting you. Are you saying that anybody's lame-duck can accomplish anything. So then why have a second term growth rate 1/2 years you're done. We said that thought if I could come back just I'm just I'm just trying to give you a hard time really doesn't work, but today you can even get it know but don't but I know Joe Biden. Pres. Biden has the White House and both chambers of Congress and you can't get any. Please get John Meacham tells me like FDR. That's the problem.

So I think that he's not getting anything done. The next two years, regardless as to famous as Charlie heard is not as famous as John Rell.

I am not notice on our and it's number one on iTunes your answer. Modify your witnessing nobody want to say go over then just as Quinnipiac. They just have the pole. Just knowing what you don't need a pole. I worst voice on honor, I wouldn't doubt it. I had I was in.

I took choir because I was not able to play any sports right in my choir teacher forced me to mouth the words because my voice was so bad that is something me out. You can need some carotene whatever that's called to get you over your generation ketamine. Thank you. Charlie heard thank you, John Rich is now both sides all radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show back in and that is John Rich with his latest number one hit.

It is a and I believe it's called progress and I believe that you would be saying that for the rest your life. John Rich happy to sing at the rest of my life in studio on Fox patient back again thanks for having me back that people send.

They seem to resonate big with this song.

So tell me about tell me what the song had to come about what you know were watching our country been systematically dismantled under the banner of progress which is so ironic to me because everything I see looks like regression not progression. It looks like destruction, not construction, and I thought man it's so ironic that almost sounds like a song like a song I don't necessary want to saying but I think I'm gonna write it anyway and so I saw a poll that came out that said 88% of Americans agreed was first of all, that's huge.

If they agree on anything agreed that the country was going in the wrong direction. I said okay, it's time to write this song so I just wrote my own thoughts. It's a 33 minute straightahead country song stick your progress where the sun don't shine bright and be playing golf, playing the progressives so I mean, in the name of progress we have to all go by electric cars and if you don't want to do it.

What is going to raise gasoline prices to you have to that's in the name of progress in denying that you doing that, sure, but in the name of progress. We can have a border so we gotta let everybody enters were a nation of immigrants, we gotta let everybody in, but what about all the fennel, and I've lost a family member, a friend over over Fenton all overdoses. What about that, what about and what about targeting our kids at school.

What about indoctrinating up what we have to teach your kids because you will teach them correctly. That's progressive you know what, if you consider that to be progress than you can stick it where the sun don't shine and that's a nice G rated way of saying you know what, and you just so so you point what's going on around the world.

We see these protests in Siri Lanka we see the protests and then announce. These are people that were told to stop forming right but that is the problem.

These greenhouse gases are coming from methane from cows right and we have to stop with the fertilizer you just told me something I did not know which out Justin Trudeau's Juniata yet. Justin Trudeau just just passed a bill to reduce Canada's fertilizer by 30%. So he's basing following the same thing they're doing in the Netherlands and so when is Joe Biden going to say okay now American farmers dropped by 30%. What what's going on fertilizer now is it so expensive you can hardly afford to buy it so that they cut their crops in half. A lot of places run this country. You gotta remember Brian that the only way America is ever going to reach up for a handout. Reach out for help as you gotta put them on their knees first and it appears to me that they're doing it on purpose and its systematic and they do it under the name of progress which is a joke in my mind and that's why wrote the song was a couple of things in the now cooler while you put this out. Al Gore blasts in the past comes out and talks about how our world is about to end and has a comparison he said because we don't have the courage to make the hard decisions about fossil fuels. He had this analogy cut 34 in all the climate deniers so are really in some ways similar to all of those so almost 400 law enforcement officers and evolving taxes were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred and confronted with this global emergency what we're doing with our interaction and failing to walk through the door and stop the killing is not typical of what we are capable of as human beings, except analogy psychotic.

That's a psychotic thing to say that that's one the most horrendous things I've ever heard anybody say, but what's interesting about his comment is an about the real fact of the matter is, climate activists and people like Al Gore, they really want to hold the whole world hostage to the way they see things and so I guess in that analogy, if you said well okay will then Al Gore is the guy hold the rifle right I would never say that about him. But if you're going to bring if you're going to go there then. I mean, let's let's play this on out and I was remind people that better climate activists in and have a psychotic view of it like Al Gore you remember that the Ice Age we had an Ice Age on this planet. At one point in the earth warm back up in the Ice Age was over and then it froze again and then and then we stab dinosaurs all kinds of things happen on this planet and others just seems to be another way they they want to be able to control literally everything we do and were not gonna take it.

That's part of the motivation what you felt as though you had rightists on the people can relate to and they're buying it if people want to download progress when we do it anywhere you get your music it's on iTunes. I spy the fastest way and easiest way to get it. It's number one number one must a helmeted song in all of America right now and just puts a big grin on my face. No America love slow, synthesizing photo playlists on stage absolutely man I can't wait to Fox and friends say yeah John Rich. I supported him.

He's got his head on right he's willing to hear all views and he certainly has his own and it's in these lyrics.

Thanks, John Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here, but is the right to me Joe 186640876690 get a sensational weekend and if you listen to me because revocation hopefully you realize that if I don't fit into your schedule. Normally you get the podcast on right to me John Roberts is standing by his rest at ease out on their so we don't know what he's wearing for you to join us on radio and have his game and threadbare the bottom of the hour pressure on Fox News Sunday couple thing to happen to you profit. I can hear much about, but I'll go over to Harry's foundation will have former VP Mike pence there interesting pension and Trump seem to be at this Cold War phase in their life, and Congressman Gonzales will be congressional delegation of eight members to the southern border. We believe at least one of the Democrats.

It is a mess down there and today it starts in 20 minutes. I believe the first first America first policy instituted hosts American first agenda summit and the present will be speaking there because it always his idea. So let's get to the big three. Now you need to know Brian's three number three present by the Celtics Commissioner of the NBA is. Whatever China wants instead of standing up for America both. You must go. I'm not talking about the Washington I'm talking about Taiwan. The president says the Defense Department is water to now.

She passed two. Who cares how angry China is getting told reporters the Pentagon is starting the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine. I think what they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term.

I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do any time in the near term, weeks or months away I think so just have some exploratory thinking. I go to Aruba. I don't know I might go to sandals might give F-15s and F-16s to Ukraine pattern of just thinking about it Ukraine on the offense of this is the good news or try to take back your son is been confirmed. Keep your fingers crossed it's gonna work. Meanwhile, the White House need to show strength to the Ukrainians with weapons more hi Morris and yes would jets and they wait and they watch yes they still like but they're tired of focusing on him and they want the election they want to be about themselves and about their future about Donald Trump's past Franklin swinging from power. How much is left is by and sees his own party begin to push them out.

Could both swing the midterms with announcement of their futures. Should they make announcements before November was bringing John Robertson and that they John, first off, how are you I'm good you had a good weekend you are you very good thank you are with your new schedule know we got five days as an anchor. Are you able to relax more and weekends. Would you take at least one day were you shut off the phone and don't watch news. Well, I never shut off the phone and and I and I never don't watch news but I am sort of living in a place now where I don't have to be concerned with the next suite is going to completely up and everybody's life so it is a little bit more normal schedule right. I just sent them is exaggerating. Since these tweets were every single time the Romans knew there were newsmakers yeah and and if they were newsmakers think they created some sort of storm that got somebody to make it it it is a little bit of a relief to go to the weekend. Our kids play travel across and be able to go to a lacrosse tournament not think that you have to run back into the White House said it in a moments notice. Although we we all were over the weekend uncovered watch with Pres. Biden.

Thankfully he's doing better and it looks like you said you have a pretty swift recovery. Seven. Given giving a talk today so that's good.

So Ron clean this out yesterday. Any thoughts about presents for poll ratings.

He claims it's a reflection of how America feels about the country, not about him.

The Quinnipiac Paula Smith, 31%. They have a CNN poll that have a 36%. Harris is a 32%. So 71% of adults don't want adults any Democrats so you will percent of adult stones around again.

54% of Democrats don't run again in that same pole you never anything like this in a first-term I don't remember it this early on in a first-term baby toward year three or the beginning of year four. People get very dissatisfied with what happened with Pres. Obama in 2010 and I made that was after two years.

By the fourth.

Sort of redeemed himself and came back to win a second term, but II just don't recall numbers this low.

Remember, everybody was saying hello Pres. truck was in the polls.

Biden wishes he had Trump's numbers and when you look at this New York Times unipolar was up about three weeks ago so that every major voting demographic who were slated and going about the Democratic primary want somebody else to be the candidate in 2024 so you can imagine the frustration that that presents Joe Biden as a limit on the president. I'm supposed to be the nominee and in 2024. Y'all want somebody else got he's got a be confused.

He's gotta be frustrated but I think in some ways is probably got it for a little hurt that after three tries to finally become president and now immigrants want to get rid of and I don't disagree with client. I don't think that Biden's poll numbers are a reflection of of where the country is I think Biden's poll numbers are a reflection of what people think about how he's addressing the problems of the country and the fact that he hasn't been able to turn things around in any meaningful way its gotten really soured on him in much the same way that they were soured on on Bush 41 back in 1992.

So is just amazing that you view of the governors and Gov. Gavin Newsom a particular way yeah Pritzker come out and say you basically make maneuvers like the going to be running. I think too hard for Mayor Pete to do and the vice president to do it, but clearly they would be in if the if he was to back out suggesting Milan Patterson, whose California Republican chairperson was on with Steve Hilton yesterday cut nine about Gavin Newsom wanted to find a worse Canada Pres. Biden and VP Harrison have found that having a sense sent every single one of these stats. Meanwhile, well, everything is going wrong here in California for me to go out and lecture red states like Texas and Florida 19 LLP can't spend any state fines in Montana absolute hypocrite, and now when San is looking for Californian same. That way it should be down there looking at the California way.

The way to not take things and if you look at the report card.

She's 100% right. Will that matter. The only one saying that you and all you have to do is ask anybody who moved from California to Texas or Florida or Nashville with what they think about Gavin Newsom's chances of becoming president, but take a look at it that they put a whole slate of candidates out in 2020, and Joe Biden rose to the top of of of that crop, so anything could happen in the Democratic Party evicted find a good candidate that they can feel not quite sure who that would be. Or they could put forward a candidate that is that woman's words is worse than Joe Biden 888 so fluid right now. Brian was so much focus on the midterms that we can accurately gauge who might be in for 2024 run if anyone because it Biden rent to get both Pritzker investments that they're not going to do it but I think that this could be so much pressure on Biden to not go again at 2024. That will probably see a very broad field of Democratic candidates, but could anyone of them be either Donald Trump if he runs again or Ron DeSantis John Robinson be cohosting today America reports a skin from 1 to 3. So the headline in the Washington Post of the week and was quick.

Joe quit buying should save could save the midterms first party with a one term pledge that Stephen Eisenberg, former publisher of New York Newsday getting a lot of play, do you think that would help just from your experience. We never really quite been down this road before, but of the 7879-year-old schism not to run next could help or hurt it could potentially help the Democratic Party, 20, 24, but it would be the death knell for the Biden administration because it is not going to run again.

He immediately becomes a lame-duck daylight staff will probably see the writing on the wall and they would leave and he'll get nothing done so will will basically be in gridlock for the next two years which is which is frankly probably where were going to be anyways.

Particularly if Republicans gain better control of the house and/or the Senate but it would be really a blow to his administration because he might as well just start packing up and start painting that the house will be tendon and robust because it's been a lot of time there. Exactly years from the triggers for Mr. Chris Christie owes a great cast use on this week which was 7-Up a sons on on Sunday and he was always us on Friday to and he was saying this about Donald Trump.

If he does in fact go through on what he's telling people and announce he's running in September cut three Democrats. They would love to make 2022 about volatile love to, but it's not about Donald Trump. It's about inflation is about gas prices climbing the streets. If you're in New York or Washington or Boston or Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

It's about crime and Democrats about the wellness issues right but if Donald Trump comes on September. John, your projection would be about Donald Trump and could they make a reasonable argument that it is. It would absolutely be about Donald Trump and entered. There are a lot of people in the Republican Party who were quietly telling former president Trump please hold off on any announcement until after November 8, but as you and I well know. Brian tells Donald Trump what to do. The only person who Donald Trump trusts to do the right thing is himself. And if he feels that he wants to make an announcement in order to make a splash will do it. I think that it could have negative impacts on November 8 because Democrats will pivot to that and don't say you know you might be worried about inflation will working hard to tackle that even if they might not be worried about gas prices will working hard to tackle that even though they may going the other direction in terms of climate change in green energy but they can say you know Donald Trump is coming back and you can't have Donald Trump as president and have Republicans in control of Congress.

This is the argument that they'll make a note try to win back seats that might've been up for grabs in November based on on those warnings for the country will be aware the country will go if we ran into that situation in 2024 that's that's that's the argument that they would probably make and I don't know that it's a valid argument but that's the argument that the try to make a.

I do believe that they would make it all about ABSOLUTELY assessing to see if it matters I seek for him. It would be better to wait to November, he might be even stronger if Katie Vance wins if Dr. Oz wins if Herschel Walker wins his mother on the thinking about say all of these candidates that I threw my behind. They want nor bind largely one or were you know we were we were nine and one or whatever that that would be a good feather in his cap to say that he still has a real lock on the Republican Party because as you see now there are more and more fractions in the Republican Party who are trying to push them overboard. So he's got a track record to say that the reason why the Republicans want is largely because of me.

That gives a lot of power.

Generally six earrings that 20 million the first time in primetime 17 million. The next time a lot of people. Some people think it's not changing any minds Olivia. Olivia Beaver's was on Sunday night America last night from politico.

She said this cut 40+ House Republicans affair. All are willing to privately as a sign that he is still pretty powerful within the party. They don't want to face coming after him. The face at his sets of supporters are still loyal. I went around asking House Republicans if they plan to endorse them in the primary if he ran. I in this next presidential and three of them were Artie ready to say yes. Out of the 10 that I asked and so it know it then said that he has had power hour two years away from the presidential run me think about this. You would not have liked to Gov. Marilyn will not support Donald Trump and we know the Mitch McConnell says he would support down from how would that go there's a lot of Republicans bitterly came out against him.

This is really even for a guy with all your experience. John, this is really going to be interesting to see a what it does Republican Party if Donald Trump runs right you will work which workbench people are sitting on. If and when he's going to run it if you if you don't support him, particularly in states that went before him in 2020. Then you run the risk that you're going to lose because Republicans just won't vote vote for you and then there's a risk in some moderate areas were if you came out to support him that you might lose because people in certain parts of Republican Party do not want to see him run again and I think you're seeing people become more vocal about the prospect of him running again and in 2024. There is definitely a fracture of the Republican Party over over Donald Trump still a lot of people who really like him who would vote for him wanted to come back to be president.

And then there's a growing number of Republicans who don't want them anywhere near the bearable office LCL goes to show today. We got quite a big show today, including Josh Krakauer should be talking to us about this whole thing with whether or not Pres. Biden should should run again or not, Morgan Ortega, is to take us through all the latest machinations with Nancy Pelosi and her potential trip to China cognitive ideologies would be doing the same thing with this. We got Jonathan Turley as well. The latest on Hunter Biden, and whether or not time is running out for Hunter Biden. It all depends on whether the US attorney in Delaware. Size of these going to present more evidence of Potter's alleged misdeeds to a new grand jury or whether you will just go with the information from your grant. Maybe there will be some potential criminal charges that are announced, they may be held because of the proximity to the election judges category, Teresa will will pick his brain, over this whole thing with breaking news throughout the afternoon. It's always great to talk to.

Thanks so much argument Brian it was good to chat with great Celeste John Roberts Wayne Inwood said it's up to you next 1-866-408-7669 they will weigh in with Brett there and then finish up with you.

Brian kill me Joe, so glad you're here learning something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking news and steer it all. Brian kill me show Celeste basically said situation like this applause so the Russians can rebuild what I sit on that was really interesting show. It essentially that were open to diplomacy, obviously, but not diplomacy that hurts also helps the Russians, I agree. And by the way, when we help the Russians were hurting us and there's just no doubt about its international interest.

Ron was here in KS L. M.

And in Salem, Oregon hey Ron 45 seconds one which we should not be an attorney about your true self and the Secretary of Defense shouldn't be out announcing what we see in my life.for five years, whether it's in Afghanistan or anything else to need to go back home to 14,000 square-foot house takes about a foot downtown Salem Main Street final, downtowns are roughly 20 violent dump trucks damaged in 1500, 15,000 drill foot in diameter three and get back to my first Joyce bridles because they don't have a spine that more moccasins in DC may shake a stick at in Louisiana that need to be listening to the people I know it's exactly is going on in Canada. Young John Rich which is in your other hour Susan Candace on the limited fertilizer down 25% you going to eat with same thing they're doing in Netherlands Sarah Lanka seen the people rise up and get set up a table at the canary in the coal mine is Justin should know because he's a spineless guy. He's good things green in gender first and we just don't hey Brian Kilby, Joe Brian tell me onstage. I cannot wait to get back out there take back America one stages time to bring to on August 27 up with New Jersey performing arts Center beautiful Newark, New Jersey, and on September 8 and Albany. The fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me, but I am now working hard to earn every single vote that I will tell you that given the choice between maintaining my seat in the House of Representatives on the one hand for ensuring the survival of our constitutional Republic and ensuring the American people know the truth about Donald Trump. I will choose the Constitution and the truth every day of the weekend and twice on Sunday. We had a fundamental obligation in a house that I and my colleagues took under God to the Constitution and � that that is the single most important obligation we have when faced with the threat that Donald Trump presents so that I received was Cheney with Bradberry yesterday on Fox News Sunday she political anchor and he does just about everything so special reports can ready tonight Brett. She talked to Liz Cheney no doubt about it. I she turned about 20 points. She's gonna lose his primary it seems, barring anything extraordinary happening, but for her it's worth it. That's my take away from your interview yeah I agree I think. Brace yourself for that loss doesn't seem like she's affected by. If anything, I think she's preparing to run for president didn't effectively answer the next question I had, which was that her staff is suggesting a check you out for a run for president. I don't know what polls are looking at, but I think that that's what she said just on the politics of the moment. I mean that's the same thing with Gov. Hogan. So Gov. Hogan's handpicked successor, did not get the nomination and he so bitter really, because I will not reroll for the Republican nominee over in Maryland.

There is a there's a lot of people anti-Trump or something to get run and now Gov. Christie's emerge that way.

I mean he still technically friends with them but he disagrees with a lot of things he did so. I think he would run of Trump ran to bottom see anybody getting any traction, except for Gov. young King Gov. young could could effectively my humble opinion, run not be anti-Trump. He's not really using oh Trump anything for his nomination and for his eventual win and I think you will. Weekly indications are that he will and right. He ran a race that touched the trompe l'oeil but did not get sucked into that orbit.

He ran his own race but he also didn't make trump supporters Matt he ran on on issues that they care about education helped him in that race but large.

It was about how you feel about the economy in the future and and a lot of these candidates who are looking towards the future art are taking a different path. Obviously, than the ones that are looking back to the 2020 election so what is your and so Washington more than most people. So maybe someone in the bubble, but their 70 million people to watch the prime time prime time showing the first at the last session in 20 million to watch the first one in the afternoon numbers down precipitously in terms of January 6 our minds being changed. I don't think so. I think that if you're in one Urine that I think that there are some independents and moderate Republicans who maybe didn't see all of the things together and if there watching the hearing that one may piece it together with all the clips and all the chronology that it looks worse in that. Like I said that I think it does look terrific. You know, in those hundred 87 of interacting with that. Yeah I mean I think it's common sense. It does not look good looks bad.

However, what also looks bad is this committee not allowing cross examination. Not having the standards of the committee not having a minority that puts up some defense. Not that there is a defense of the hundred and 87 minutes.

But there is about security and whether or not the president did say go with the National Guard troops and make this a safe adapt that pretty much undercuts any thought that he was in for a coup or an insurrection. I just any just this would be like any trial if there was no defense. So if there is no defense like wow this is this a route and had the biggest or smallest crime, so it Mark Levine gave us an idea yesterday. I thought on his show with defense would sound like, for example, like you said Donald Trump not coming out right away saying what the hell's going on here. If your support of mind you're not in that building. I need you out right away everything we want to accomplish all your undoing. By doing this is that we Trump project. Whatever he did there be people that say well you should have the rally that would've been a different debate. But here's an example of what to put in perspective what's going on if Donald Trump were seriously interested in an insurrection he would've issued a video and his video would have said what it said his video would've been a called arms right cleaning insurrection would've called everybody who can hear his voice to come to the capital armed to take over the capital building he would've called out. The United States military whether they would respond or not to come to the capital building encircling arrest, the vice president and arrest other officials, members of Congress. That's an insurrection he would've declared martial law. That's an insurrection into any of those things that's a counter to it correct that.

But he also didn't pick up anything for that period of time, and I'm not saying that it lends itself to insurrection. What I'm saying is that splendid tilt in action and that that action causes problems for president Trump that said, he's got people like Chris Miller Would tell say that on January 3. He said make it sacred that you need 20,000 National Guard troops.

That's fine. I asked Liz Cheney about that on Sunday she said he never made an order and that that were never came down either before or during the semantics, but the bottom line is that January 6 politically is not a good thing for president. And that said this January 6 committee is not going for Liz Cheney or for no the politics of fairness in presenting something of that using bread is that you do remember Liz Cheney bullied with Trump. 90% of the time she was going to be. She will think it will made a run about McCarthy at speaker and as with all of the other certain politicians. He never used it down trump style like Paul Ryan, for example, never go to work, others adapted to it. She was one of those two people early on because I'm friendly with her. Not like you are, but because you work with a header in your panel.

I mean panels right in Washington. I was very friendly. Liz Cheney, I'm not not now but she was she was fine with a different way he approached politics because she thought he was a conservative, doing the things outside the foreign policy in Syria and pulling troops out there and maybe rushing to vest Afghanistan. She was with them on all the other stuff Blake and I don't know what the break was but there was candidate great and became much more anti-Trump.

It was not January 6 and it was not the election before that and I don't know when that one but you know a motion became part of and what I say to their strict side of the body that is 100% never trump you know they'd never want to see Donald Trump in the side that's like skeptical Trump and it is they really hate all of the back-and-forth in the name-calling and the other stuff but the policies they really think are good. And then there's no pro truck and I think that all of those sides are going to have to come to grips with how the politics lays out here. If he announces before November or you know and by the way, if the republics want to be successful is to get the White House they can lose any of those actions I mean think because right now there there's not enough Republicans to get it elected without any moderates and independents was little to lose some Republicans but I want to switch gears today and he talked about over the weekend Alcor we was doing the rounds this weekend. Obviously he looked good compared to Donald Trump when the controversial election happen.

He bowed out. That's what I wish prison trump what is done and I've said that many times but also he Alcor shocked me because he's got a family. This been involved in the Senate for years and a dad.

Listen to what he says has to happen. Cut 10 public sentiment is changing, but our democracy is broken.

And in order to solve the climate crisis will have to pay attention to the democracy crisis. The same reason that gives them seemingly impossible for the Congress to pass legislation banning these weapons of war are the same reason we can't pass legislation to, for example, reinstall a recent reinstatement ban on assault weapons is the same reason that we can't pass climate legislation. We have a minority government we have the filibuster still which ought to be eliminated really keyboards.

The filibuster really no family or who lived in that world filibuster for a long time you know it's interesting to listen to Democrat you want to get progressive items through say filibuster have to be eliminated now.

What happens when they are in the minority and Republicans are controlling and they are steamrolling tax cuts and I don't know all kinds of things of the Republican agenda items, then the filibuster is not a good thing. I mean, it's been this way for a reason. It protects the minority and that the minority doesn't control, but you have to get 60 votes if you want to be able to control it fully in a window seat. I yet I just always so shortsighted because to see Republican the White House is not far-fetched in the you know you not asking when this this this deftly see it. They seem like the Republic have more talent on on their side than Democrats have. If you just look at it rationally. Number two is is an excellent chance the Tempest Calusa sent so why would they want to be on record, trying to do something they could blow up in their face like the Supreme Court judge confirmation did not stretch to go backwards to the beginning of the Obama attrition. They had a White House house and Senate with 60 votes they had the holdback stack and wanted Fresno Machu Picchu's Joe's healthcare but shows emigration he could've chosen infrastructure chosen a number of things, but they have and then they lost they lost that midterm significantly but you forget that those numbers were there to stop the filibuster I Leslie I know where yeah little bit but I just go talk. I was happy Ukraine know something show, checking a late last week is like talking to people. Officials were ready to get them F-16s and F-15s and and warthogs and then this exchange with Adm. James Kirby on John Kirby on media buzz cut 12 told reporters the Pentagon is starting the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine is that many mistresses less worried about provoking Russia because that would be a significant escalation. What they're doing is just some exploratory thinking right now how I and this is really long-term. I mean, this is not something that we would be able to do any time in the near term, weeks or months away to see the witness until December really get them fighter jets in December, wearing July. These guys are fighting for their wives yes or no warthogs ready to go.

There was a sense that the Pentagon thought to be shrink-wrapped and sent which where's the disconnect I agree and I don't know what changed now but it would be to change why do we not care. Now that we are provoking the whole thing with the mid-29.

I've got the Mike Walsh's back from Ukraine on that trip� Delegation met with Linsky talking with a lot of folks you can be on special report tonight and I think that this is a crucial moment and make this change is really happening. We've gone into a different place and want one now one not two months ago you named your panel yet. I have named the panel Britt Hume could be on Molly Hemingway Juan Williams and one other I think it's been down there too much or you like you hell when baseball games.

They have an extra pirate game kiss when he gets hurt you keep an extra panelist in the green room. The case like that laryngitis is something you're out yeah really really put me off in the lock and Britt sorry sexy day gate that will never happen. That's about right. Thanks so much appreciate 186-640-8766. I will get to because just a moment else is going to meet you the fastest growing talk show in America. Your talk show that you talk are with Brian kill me. I want to America from US and that is that is David Ortiz. He goes into the Hall of Fame start to screw the twins and with the Red Sox. It makes me wonder if we need to know more so a godlike figure in Boston delivered two World Series.

Also going and Gil Hodges way overdue manage the Mets was outstanding.

Play with the Dodgers died way too young. Jim Codd is now in his 80s wonderful person a great picture. Many Minoso grabbed he would be the perfect pinch-hitter really was great but follow is a fantastic pitching coach legally pioneer Buck O'Neil have had chance to meet, so they all posthumously were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, in football next Jaguars have signed another USFL player this quarterback Kyle slaughter will join this team not be a starter travel arts.

Is there but slaughter is one of about 11 people there play in the USFL and suddenly find themselves with NFL opportunities. What a salute to the league he passed for 1798 yards for New Orleans next WWE founder Vince McMahon says I'm retired, I'm not just having side I'm retired, said McMahon, his daughter will move into the role of chairwoman and co-CEO with Nick on so McMahon got himself in some troublesome pads were exposed your public company deliver family operation that's got out there any pain and loss of it on the details right but got $18 million with payoffs. Hopefully yet that's a lot of money. I know where big fan of Linda McMahon at 77 years old.

He's done a lot revolutionize wrestling for the WWE. I don't think they can replace them personally will say next four NFL major-league base. Bo Jackson did something really cool for 59-year-old is paying for the funeral expenses for all 19 children, two teachers lost in you validly at Rob elementary's neck graces. I don't know if it is because I'm getting old is just not right prepares to bear their kids. It is just not right.

But I have been to chance interviewed by ICE those great guy. I these great guy. This is more proof absolutely Bo Jackson was bigger than life to our hearts. Next are hot dogs really sandwich most Americans say yes 57% say hotdogs is a salmon to consider how to sandwich it turns out that Meg is also the dictionary on their side. Webster's defines a sandwich as two or more slices of bread or a split role having filling in between. When you consider damage.

No, now I couldn't do that. Webster's does understand is in Webster's him to sandwich look like said Webster's is a cold, uncaring 11 term has become a hot dog looks different. They can identify as a sandwich, you know, I too thousand 22.

Maybe I'm wrong on that is my dad.

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