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Joe Manchin Flips, Signs Off on $443 BILLION Reconciliation Bill

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 29, 2022 12:43 pm

Joe Manchin Flips, Signs Off on $443 BILLION Reconciliation Bill

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 29, 2022 12:43 pm

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Live from the Fox news New York City said of Fox and friends.

So America's receptive Brian a table nearby the right to me Joe exciting week. So glad you with us. Jason Riley standing by both regional calmness but had Institute senior fellow and all will going to talk to I will James David is about what's happening in Ukraine. This momentum shifted towards Ukrainians will talk about that as well as the presence to our phone call with prison. She I will tell you about the exciting events present that much of his calendar will have to focus on what happened yesterday and there's a lot to look into the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is any inflaming going on. It's coming from China side.

This is taking place within the context of existing policy. So I really think this is much more about Chinese domestic politics than it is about American foreign policy and I'll explain that to bright and cheap meat for about two hours, what was said what was in it. Why it's more important than ever that Speaker Pelosi continue on her trip to visit Taiwan both German palm and many of the significant banking personnel and economist say were not in session that Joe Biden is smooth as ever. Yesterday reality in recession, not the word to describe the bite administration is spouting on the economy.

Even though reality is we're in a recession and you know it you got $850 billion just in the last 10 days and no spending that is good to make the recession worse and the inflation higher that is Larry Kudlow. Joe and Joe get to put the pulley but the poison but the most with the poison the bipartisan well, but poison a bipartisan well for for good as the chips build sales then a stunning 700 page bill appears bursting with tax increases in climate projects 850 billion spent with money we don't have. So it's free and Jason Riley, Jason II got to calm I understand it, the present God between 30 and 35% approval rate depending on the pole he is sucking wind. However, a lot of people looking at yesterday is to big wins for him are you well know. Now I don't see it that way. Although I can see now how people could think that I mean the timing of the of the bill is a sort of slimmed-down blowback better.

Could be worse. Four months out from the midterm election of the Republicans are really given the Democrats something to run on here and end so I can see how people could think that could be helpful right they could be right.

What will free, but the bad luck I think for Biden to come out and play down that the country of the recession and struggling right now I think it's just a bad very bad look, make him look out of touch, politically, and that's probably why a lot of Democrats don't want to run in 2024. They think that he looked at approximately two old and when he goes something like this. I think he only reinforces that impression is Jason everybody in the ministration sing it with words. Brian decent Jean or Amando or Janet yelling the roles they will not inflation to back to back quarters of negative growth. That's not a recession will really is noticeable to the jobs okay this 11 million open just below the numbers are okay Mormon I get it so but everybody else got high inflation, listen 9% inflation helping everybody but I just don't understand how this administration thinks it's to their benefit to deny what were experiencing and what were experiencing is everything that we do cost more whether you flying on vacation driving in the road shopping in a supermarket, and I just find it unbelievable the guys been doing politics for this long, would sign off on the strategy which is don't believe what you see right and that's why people think big victory for Biden I think could be mistaken because I think when voters go to the polls. Gas prices are to be with him in mind the fact that their earnings are going as far as they used to be on their mind, and it's a bad look at the inner weather were in a profession technically are on the cusp of her session.

The fact of the matter. The recovery is over Brian and this is a rather strong recovery that the Biden administration inherited the last administration and its bungled it by the ministration of Dragon in the 1970s again and so that if there back of their political problem. Even if they're getting the spending bill through.

But it's not only about politics is bad policy of the last thing we need right now with this economy is higher taxes left corporate investment in a larger welfare state when you have a labor shortage like we have right now you you don't want to give people an incentive not to go back to work and that's what increasing healthcare subsidies does and and and giving incentives to companies not to invest not to hire and and and so that politics and it's bad policy and that's my concern so soon. Joe mansion shocked everybody by having the school ready to go. It was a understanding was in the memo. It was a bill, it was all ready to go now. It's not clear thinking to get all 50 Democratic senators cinema was blindsided by mansion had it done but he says he did reverse his position he was going to wait till after July. After July's inflation numbers rent, but he didn't cut three all hell broke loose Thursday night. People thinking I walked away and on this matter on reverse reverse. I never been reverse my lifestyle and I never walked away, really Riley Moore by the way I'm in, all of which will make you sent to this point he stopped DC he stopped Puerto Rico from becoming a safety stop the filibuster from being blown up. He stopped a lot of the political fill the filibuster.

He also stopped a lot of this climate agenda. The $4 trillion bill back better bill so I appreciate that with this just makes no sense.

Even to the West Virginia state treasurer Riley Moore cut five is really disappointing his support of this legislation with this tax on call just to be clear, the coal operators are good and that paying this tax. It's like all taxes, the Democrats put forward the consumer will you RDC energy prices rising right now they're 14% increase in energy prices in this country which is really driven that CPI number the number that we just talk about as it relates to inflation.

This is going to just pile more on Ted that this is going to increase inflation so I do have to say is disappointed to see that he is supporting this since we are called state and that he does get some pipelines and he does get some more drilling and he says he did open up federal land.

I have not seen the details on this. You know well sizing treasury. They don't know how it's going to inflect inflation, Jason Furman, a former Biden official said it might inflected effect a little bit and bring it down a little bit. If you're not attacking inflation Jason. I don't know what you're doing, but for the present United States right now where you think he is at as he gets it for this midterm as compared to where Barack Obama was given a bad spot and and and and and I think his problem is that you, the people around in the Democratic Party has never particularly fallen in love with Biden the way they had with Obama. So he's got people you know, trying to fathom in the back already before the first midterms and I don't think Obama had that that problem at this point and at present, and so I think I think your Biden pinna in a tough spot right now Joe mansion Brian. He reminded us this week that he is a Democrat Democrat doesn't mind passive.

He doesn't mind spending any deal to bring pork back to the pump that you mentioned you could argue out you know I'm doing with select Virginia on them to get them permitting later on and and so I can go along with this. I think maybe the pressures gotten home. Brian I mean it's tough to be the punching bag of Washington DC for as long as he had really taken a lot of links on this and maybe just a thought about that enough and then decide to cut a deal with with with structural yeah perhaps we don't seem to been surprised when this thing was reinvigorated by Ro Kahana quick thing. I just am with the presence doing the thing that I find most disturbing is it's happening in real time and that is the shedding of Hispanic votes for the Democratic Party in this present in particular how does this happen Jason and do you believe that you believe the majority of Hispanic voters are now signing with the Republican Party but the Democratic Party, night sweats, they can afford to live very many of the happening happening because the Democratic Party is that much more focused on what progressives in their ranks want and that leaves out a lot of what rank-and-file Democrats wanted to leave class tissue and Hispanics have been put in that mixer and there there working. By and large, and they they have not been the priority of the Democratic Party, neither have a lot of black voters and is is is is thing the ramifications of focusing on what their more highly educated elite members want an MS costing them a rank-and-file working-class voters. Like many Hispanics are so just I just just came across and want to share with use of the president spoke to prison see of China for over two hours yesterday, but there's a difference on what they said was discussed by the president. The present spokesperson said the discussed Sentinel and they discussed the genocide when it comes to the Uighurs and they discuss other things for hotspots in the country around the world and especially the trip by Nancy Pelosi to Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan now today the Chinese Foreign Minister is pushing back held a press comes to discuss the phone call and said basically that Karine Sean GOP air was lying when she said yesterday's press conference with present Biden raised genocide and forced labor practice by the PRC. He said you mentioned that a White House spokesperson said the issue of genocide and forced labor will bring mention that is false information. I wonder what else is out there and seems to me I remember seeing a lot of important phone calls with transcripts released to the press we ever get to get transcripts from this meeting.

I don't know, although I would be reluctant to trust Chinese state media on what was said I would want to go want to go that far.

But you know in terms of Pelosi and her visit. II hope you stick to what I think would be helpful to show support for Taiwan there with the Biden administration really wants to get under Chinese skin hit them where it hurts and that's economically reduced tariffs and trade deals with places like Britain and Japan and others in the age of Pacific that won the US as an alternative trading partner to China that is how you get the attention of China ultimately and I hope by the ministration pushes for the right to get my Jason really appreciated. Thank you. A lot of the elbow talk about the China challenge with a diagnosis region well as well as was happy the Ukraine go to his inside information.

Adm. James diabetes is there indeed a momentum change like we have not seen in months.

Use of the brain to meet you diving into today's top stories Brian kill me precise personal power is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you did your project Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show itself is changing China's constitutional and political tradition problem for Cove still hasn't come up with a formula that China doesn't have a vaccine that will not use anyone else's vaccine except their own because of Chinese nationalist pride. How could they depend on Western vaccines given the superiority quote on quote of the Chinese system.

The problem is the sign of recollection is not affected. So you have these lockdowns, which are causing tremendous hardships. China's economy for years and years and years Chinese kindness party derived its legitimacy from one thing double double digit economic growth that the official numbers this year.


The real numbers are probably three or something like that China no longer struck the massive youth unemployment. They have all sorts of demographic problems, the residue of the one China policy real environmental project that a long list China faces all sorts of difficulties got the upstage right look and talk about at the various financial bubbles terrible real estate investments. What they perceive what is what I have left so I think they're playing the nationalist card yeah and put away when you have to worry about popularity just among the party. It's so much different, so you don't really mind if you there's you the appointment of the big picture. It's a promise can be national arrest when he got the guns when he got the Army when people are afraid to speak out now you have surveillance everywhere. I don't think that's an issue, but in terms of effectiveness. Getting people working think that is and this is why don't think the pandemic in the Wuhan virus was actually done intentionally because he truly heard China and for the longest time.

There were there ripping us in the West for not reacting strictly in and harshly and clamping down the virus now 1/4 variance in and thereby very behind in there. As you heard Richard Haas say their vaccines are effective hours are, to a degree, but the variance make it tough. The boosters are still a step fine and for the most part, China has one speed edit is total lockdown. I was listening to some translational BBC this morning. There are people that one out for food shopping and couldn't get back to their house.

They say within their going through translation saying I guess I just have to go walk the streets. My feeling is if the present going to be on for two hours. It's gotta be Uighurs.

It's gotta be Sentinel. What about the Fed.

Evidently the planting people outside the Fed to try to get run inside to see with the Fed policy is and start influencing it to tilted towards China. They also want tariffs released if they want Terrace released. How can they still want tariffs to each of the same time say their ineffective so the presence gotta come off strong. My fear is getting come off strong at all because he never has in the past. What about warning them about what capital Russia is single-handedly sustaining their ally when it comes to oil purchases even more than even more than India is John Radcliffe he's been on all these discussions because he ran the DNI. He said this from what we know. After the readouts on this to our conversation got 20 according to the readout, Joe Biden told Pres. G that he opposed any unilateral efforts to change the status quo, Pres. G was more directly promised a fiery death.

He promised that those that play with fire, set themselves on fire and would perish very clearly from that. It sounds like Pres. G is playing hardball present. Biden is playing wiffleball and wishing that far too often and when it comes to Nancy Pelosi going over it over to Taiwan absolutely has to go to be creative. Republican went to. She invited Mike McCall evidently could clear his schedule because she's going to be going soon. We don't have exact dates usually general Jackie just told me on Fox and friends, so listen they never problem with this. In the spring when it was announced. What's up now cut 25 for 10 years she has been intimidated." Coursing a tie want to voluntarily capitulate and become a map part of mainland China always been honest to accomplish in those 10 years is Stefan, a Taiwanese resolved not to do that they believe in Taiwan and they think of themselves as Taiwanese right. He goes on 27 yeah absolution has every right to be there. Leaders go in and out of their admittedly not at the level of the speakership since the Newt Gingrich was there but to back away from that would give pricing G use propaganda victory just going into the national party Congress here in a few weeks.

What I want to shine him for 1/3 term. They want no embarrassment. They want nothing to deflect from that enshrinement. She needs to go.

She said she was going to go.

He's making a big stew about this coming day analysis in April, but then she got: there was no reaction from the Chinese. Reacting now because it's much closer to his enshrinement here several weeks. So here we go there.

This is another challenge by almost a year to the day when the field to the week of Afghanistan and how weak we look there. The lettuce I believe to the Ukraine and house so we were there.

There hopefully are now giving Ukraine. The weapon systems they need builder fibers are much better fighters and Russians, and a much more dedicated to this fight. They're fighting for their home and entered security, many of which lost a lot of their loved ones in this war. So for.

I got this number get this Russians have lost dead or wounded 75,000 removed from the battlefield 75,000 that six times we lost in Afghanistan in 20 years and with James Servetus on that important Brian kill me so so glad you're here.

Will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So subscribe and listen Fox news by just Fox news can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news, but I'm just done, or wherever you get your favorite podcast from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. Well, this could be the beginning of taking back more territory as the Russians have reached a point exhausting themselves that people in our equipment and the dome batch regions unlikely to be able the Russians available to take that whole region. Ukraine's right they see the vulnerability and taken advantage of it and there you go. I general Jackie and says like the New York Times echoed that perhaps is a moment of change in the battlefield. They have not. There's not been main a lot of Russian grand gain since July 2. Some of that's intentional because we understand that there are reconfiguring the recalibrating the rearming and I guess establishing their new commanders in the field but is momentum changing with these high margins of the equipment we've given them. Adm. James Servetus joint is now the 16th supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO, author of some recent book the sellers bookshelf and 2034 a novel of the next world war which involves China also to risk it all nine conflicts in the crucible of decision Adm., welcome back. Is there momentum changers that understated you know I really just like Gen. Jack and give it to things that really are telling one is this quote operational clause has gone on too long to the military. I found they should've been able to change out much faster think the way you NASCAR pit stop. You know, that's pretty quick.

This is dragging on a non-partner that is the old commanders have all been fired to bring in new commanders. That's never good for military organization in the second is this is really concerning if you're sitting in the Kremlin you're running out of manpower. They are many indications that they are pulling up individuals who are coming out in jails to go serve on the front lines they are pulling people out of out of day-to-day activities and Russian just jamming them into the military, a lot of indicators that they have not gone yet to scale national conscription, a draft, but I think that's really telling, and then the second point Brian.

You nailed that it be not just behind Marcy's very precise long-range rockets that can reach back to the Russian majestic wellhead, but it's the day-to-day stuff. It's the howitzers ammunition that the wave after wave of desk gotta be very discouraging. If you're on the Russian side, so how are the Ukrainians taken advantage of their loops out there, look at this town called Pierce on which is the gateway if you will the Crimea that would be a huge symbolic in a pretty important tactical victory if they could retake Pierce on puts real pressure on Vladimir. Things are shifting on the battlefield Adm. about how far they have made progress but didn't want to talk about much of it. Also the I think it's the 39th Army were 35th Army of the Russia did seem to be trapped right now because it looks like Ukraine took out the bridges for their resupply. Yeah, both correct and that this is a very significant potential development because again it goes back to logistics. If you can't supply that army in the field effectively enters and dies like a great thought of buying in the hot summer they'd really got a challenge down there and the momentum at the moment.

I don't overstate any of this grind, but I do feel a shift in the battlefield. So, let's talk about China from the readout on the print for the present.

They seem to have discussed a lot about they do not want Nancy Pelosi to go over to Taiwan general Jackie to solicit this thing was out there in April.

They didn't say a word.

This is about his reelection or or coronation should that should the speaker be going over there and why is the Defense Department backing her off election if you will. Since we know there are no free fair elections in China.

The anointing of this president she is for him to become that for third five-year term that's unprecedented since the days of now, it may be at Deng Xiaoping.

So it would elevate feet to the highest level in the post-World War II pantheon of Chinese leader. So he takes that very seriously, and he has posturing to his base. His domestic audience, trying to play tough guy here in terms of the speaker going over know I'm kind about two minds on that when Brian first and foremost, no we should not let China have detail over who goes to Taiwan. I'm going to Taiwan not met with Matt inside the president of Taiwan, but I'm not that currently seated speaker in a house that is a pretty high order, visit in the Pentagon. I wouldn't say they're back in Iraq, but I think what they're doing quite correctly is calendar there is risk there is risk, particularly as you run into this election. So it's a choice, and it is something I don't think the president's mandate speaker cannot go doesn't really have the authority to do that. I suspect quietly he's pushing for her not to go to the island and bottom line in all this, Brian.

It's gonna inflame tensions to a higher level, particularly in the selection you spent decades in the Navy you know this area so having said all that, I would say it makes us look so we and makes our ally so worried if the speaker backs out now. We need somebody on the ground there because Taiwan is legitimately under threat.

I'd like her to hear what exactly they need to successfully defend themselves in the comeback. We cannot allow them to dictate what I why we visit this way Brian her visit will create increased tensions. But if you wanted create increased deterrence. They don't need a visit from the speaker of the house to steal a phrase from Pres. Zielinski when we are putting a ride out of tea at the start of that conflict.

Zielinski said I don't need a ride I need more ammunition. I think that's the approach we are be taking focusing on getting if you will. These kind of high-end systems like the high-margin equivalent at sea because in this case it's good to be of seaborne invasion so what the Taiwanese need our smart minds long-range antiship cruise missiles better and more capable cyber all of that which by the way their rich country they can afford easily like that from that would make a lot of sense to make those kind of operas that's where I'd like to see the conversation.

You know that every time you back off its axis week is not a mature calculated decision and if they're able to do this and spot stop the speaker from coming, i.e., the president would be just terrible were supposed to be the superpower in the area.

I don't know why the speaker made this trip. I don't agree with her. A lot of times, but I agree with this boldness here in the know the present by Nietzsche and she's not going there and undercut present buying you know that the risk would be if there was a Republican president, a Democratic speaker going over there. You worry about two messages but you know she's not to give to messages now and I think here's some good news which is broad agreement here across the political spectrum of the challenges that China presents.

There is broad agreement across the spectrum that we need to support this democracy, the island of Taiwan. There is broad agreement that technologically, China is accelerating ahead of us. That's why I wanted strongly in favor of the chips act, which passed yesterday, which gets into this idea of competing and making up the ground we lost against China.

So there is broad consensus. There no, I don't worry that Morgan have mixed messages in Taiwan and as I set up front. We can't let China get Ray who goes that's a fact. So from what we know from the outsider perspective it seems they have huge problem with youth unemployment looks like in their effort to make things more equitable in the society. They stopped a lot of their entrepreneurs from flourishing stop by the momentum with young men and women be able to intern for some of these up-and-coming companies so as they try to rein in the Jack Ma's of the world have lost maybe a generation of future business leaders on top of that, this is zero covert policy locking down entire cities. The latest one will 1 million under lock and key in 48 hours.

I sense that this is no small problem with the domestically with China. China is not 10 feet tall. In addition to the excellent point you just made understand that they have been in the process of really undercutting their environment. They have massive pollution problems. They have an overheated housing and construction market that if it truly collapsed and make the great recession year of 0809 look like a walk in the park and they have very few allies around the world as well.

That's why they're kind of cleaning business relationship with Russia.

So I I would not want the hand of cards at present. She has and I'll make the point that when they look across the Taiwan Strait of Taiwan. They see a vibrant democratic society highly entrepreneurial. That is another reason they don't like Taiwan.

It serves as an example of everything they are not wrong that they think will take it is easy did Hong Kong today, understand, or do you think they should understand right there. I think that they are watching what's happening in Ukraine at present she has got to be asking himself three questions in regard to taking Taiwan militarily number one are my general's as bad as these Russian generals appear to be.

Don't forget Brian Iraq trained in the same war colleges they've operated. Together they all come out of the Soviet communist model number two.

He sets himself. I wonder if those Taiwanese will fight like hell the way the Ukrainians are as I said earlier I didn't Taiwan that Mme. Cy there is not a lot of quit in that Taiwanese society, in my view, and number three he's asking himself while pretty surprising how well the West has hung together here, and he knows China and the end of the day is to dig to completely sanction, but could we go after sectors that would really hurt him economically by sanctions, the answer is yes.

So I think all of what's happening in Ukraine actually will have a showing of fact, not a permanent one. But it's going to slow down any impetus toward an adventure on Taiwan by the Chinese as you know, I think the Ukraine battle for them to be successful is extremely important to us.

A lot of people do with the one thing that could undermine this effort is corruption with the execution of getting arms and money to the right people, how concerned are you that we get it: we get to neighboring countries and we lose total track. I'm very concerned.

Brian and I say that as I look at our recent history, particularly in Afghanistan, but also in Iraq and these are failures that cut across all administrations, Democratic and Republican week constantly tend to ascribe to our allies in the field. The same kind about moral, legal, ethical constraints that we bring to a contracting process that's just not the case in much of Eastern Europe, so I applaud those who are pushing hard for real accountability on these systems which are general you would you would set up the system. You could do this right, yes, and any number of others could take someone else would be terrific at this is HR McMaster, the former national theory advisor to Pres. Trump TSO one star was on my team in Afghanistan working on corruption. She knows how hard this is donkey could bring the right tools to the table. He understands the government on our site intimately and he's extremely moral and ethical. I really we just put a good back and tell me get his resume ready minute to minute you propose me doing that I had you you want to you want to be… W old TV all day in Jacksonville. You do not want to be in Ukraine right now. Time, Adm. Thanks so much great pride. Thanks a lot. When we come back I'll take your calls.

1-866-408-7669. Also about the recession and I'm in the presence as I look to the math. I looked at the job numbers were not in it. What would you think I don't care about the number said forget about the negative GDP over the last two months in traditional metrics what your metrics back in a moment something new every day, for I am filming a show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show on his excessive part of the economy that a strategy is slowing down economy or somebody mortgages, things I got slow down. But if we look at the consumer side, much like O'Brien commented were seeing a slowdown in consumer so and it's intentional and this is what I was looking cold when it comes these economists want to slow down the economy we want to get people to spend.

We want to incentivize people to say we want to get people to buy new was so I get that with tax breaks and tax incentives and discounts.

What I think what they're trying to do was slow down the housing by upping the interest rates would they try to do is make things a high enough where people stop buying so than the prices go down, but that is also affecting all of you I can't buy it today I can go shopping now I can go on vacation because the demand is so high. So rather than increase the supply we do is we try to throttle the consumer. And that's the code they're looking at. That's when they use these terms that are supposed to confuse us. They don't mean even I can figure it out so we people go about frankly nothing seems to have slowed it. II have a restaurant. People aren't coming as much. Have a dry cleaner and people are using as much and you know I have a ice cream stand and I got close my doors or crime is gotten so bad I gotta close my Starbucks so there's a few factors out there so you have the present United States.

If you are in a situation where things are challenging, economically and you have the president not acknowledging it to me. It's extremely frustrating. Here's the prayer and III hesitated and set on having 1/32 soundbite with the present is a struggle so much with every sentence.

But here's what he chooses to say instead of saying the GDP's negative growth and here's why this what he says cut 13 on to say two things about the GDP report we received this morning. First, it's important to start with what we know before this morning's report or job market remains historically strong. Our economy created more than 9 million jobs since I can golf is no small part because the people on the stage are economy created more than 1 million jobs in the second quarter same spirit as today's GDP report covers our unemployment rate is 3.6% near a record historic low knows he didn't talk anything about the GDP and affects the overall growth of the economy. What it means down the future he's talking about things she wants to talk about that is 9 million jobs created by Mr. Pres. we all know that we are in a pandemic, and people were paid to stay home because we did not know the belief, the lethality of this Wuhan flu that the Chinese perpetrated on us.

We could even get a straight answer on how we came here and what it actually could do and how we actually prevented. That's a whole another story. But to take credit for 9 million jobs.

Knowing the economy is getting back on track. What I be saying is if we got our supply chain up we be able to bring them all goods quicker. They would be with the man remains the same in the supply was increase logic would tell you that's the best way with a market economy to bring down inflation and to be clear, inflation is up around the world and Japan is ridiculously low 2.8 basically leaving Canada, Germany, UK. In almost every member of the G7 in inflation not in small part to the spending which you just added to over the last two days to the tune of $800 billion By the average American Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill me. I buddy Brian kill me here company from 46 McCammon hadn't heard around the country around the world, especially Ukraine. Here's some good news.

Ukraine might be getting all that momentum back and I think that is why. Maybe Zelinski, with so much press. I don't think it was a good move to do the and I'm sure you don't either.

To do the boat cover that was ridiculous and embarrassing, but I do think it was great that he did the Piers Morgan town hall over the weekend. They did the interviewee asked to and the first lady coming here. He has to stay he has to say.

Front and center with the West. Kurt Schlicht will be with us at the bottom of the hour to see newcomers for town hall and a trial lawyer lawyer. He's got a book out call will be back the following rise of America and that's where the middle of a believer not a rise so we have a lot to discuss a let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is any inflaming going on that's coming from China side. This is taking place within the context of existing policy joy really think this is much more about Chinese domestic politics than it is about American foreign policy where he goes to prison by noon. She talked for 2+ hours, what was said and what was in and why it's more important than ever that the speaker visit Taiwan will find out sometime within our show. If she'll go determine how many of the significant banking personnel, economists say were not in session reality in recession. Not the right word to describe with the administration is spouting on the economy know the reality is wearing a recession and you know it you got $150 billion just in the last 10 days and no spending that is going to make the recession worse and the inflation higher that is Larry Kudlow.

Joe and Joe get to by poison the bipartisan well for good is chip spill cells and then extending some 700 page bill appears bursting with tax increases in climate projects 850 billion spent about 48 hours.

So there's a lot out there know I was done.

Will it help the economy would help the country will help present Biden's political fortunes. I'll explain Jackie Heinrich White House correspondent extraordinaire Jackie welcome Jackie, first off, I just find it kind of weird doing video processing ministration has not look at the numbers and here's what I spent it. It's don't look at that will look at the numbers but here's what you shouldn't read into it almost telling you with the reality is, even though we know the reality traditionally has been were in a recession and he could easily say I'm in a recession. But here's the good part recess were not in a recession and here's a good part. You find that strange a little bit you know.

Avoid low back yet numbered to the negative growth that you can't get their attention to the common definition of the work on economic binders on record using that definition every fashion recently and yet they are rejecting that definition at which they don't have to get it.

You just say like we know not glide, but Gary other parts the economy they're doing well and that therefore we don't like going to continue on by day. Decided instead to pick a word battle. I really as a distraction and I think to bigger problem at hand, which is that were hunted out downward flow going. So let's talk about those two bills. The past first to chip spill with the past. If the Republicans knew that mentioned Schumer had another reconciliation package ready to go have made any outlier on shed that really started with Republican Sen. Todd guy trying to make the US more competitive. Again, China has had broad bipartisan report accurate different iterations that went new frontiers and then it went. You think I checked and after that the ongoing per month. However, I think that mansion called really dies young Carol.

Other initiatives like Princeton my was working to with ideal key votes on the gay marriage bell and after magical dispatch line announced its reconciliation VL all of the Republicans you are going to vote.

The checks were already on record with their leadership and that they were going to vote that way it hard to go back on your word for something that brought me back by now you got that gay marriage bell and you were duped by Nanchang telling Michael to been working to garner support for that. I don't know if you want to work with out with you guys on the Dell right now. The timing carried shop until September. And who knows what happened but it certainly is imperative that you get drinking gay marriage bill which You will note vulnerability that the White House example could be seen it by thinking marriage for climate pending reconciliation VL and I don't know indication with the burnt nation failing unexpectedly and right after mansion shimmered yelling that Tricia how Republicans feel about being yeah because you wouldn't think on the surface it have a problem with the veterans bill but they said this too much room there to add another spending that is nothing to do with it was that a bid was that disingenuous Republican.

Yes, why about to advance during which.

There would be more debate over and I think it make it stop down on not going to come back. Obviously a lot better and sent today just you know really going on but that that veteran bell is going to get fairly weak. Jackie is coming to you from the White House so I once a week.

I was surprised that there were so many of the Democrats surprised that the deal was done. Evidently Roe Kahana had a big movement in getting Schumer to reengage with Joe mansion, who swears he never left the table even though is on record saying that a way to the July inflation numbers before I commit to anything. Here's what he said yesterday cut for people say while you wait for the inflation figures because I know not how you know Sen. told you not adding translation Larry Summers discussion and instructions with people that we trust on same people to work with me on staying inflation.

Trust me, Charlie. Inflation will not be transitory.

This thing is going to blow up why this long.

This is not going to be transitory. Okay so I guess that grain by the same people been advising me all along so that it ceases when had to inflation.

I found interesting. The New York Times today. They say treasury has even run the test to see if it would decrease or increase inflation but I guess he has his own people. There were going to do this, do you think he felt a lot of pressure. I always felt he was relishing the moment because he knew West Virginia had his back. What is your impression Jackie really tried. Schumer had been hobbling quietly, getting great approval rating and a lot of praise from Republicans for stopping down what ending that have contributed to the inflation problem, sort of a Democrat. Democrats are now I think that there had been, probably a lot of pressure coming from the White House and the Democratic Party to get Nancy and Linehan by some kind of a land Democrat to win before the midterm I know how Ellen going to check out our carried draw variant provision comparable even end up happening between mansion and and to market not involved and are about to get on board and it really kind of her by leading her out of the content and as I mentioned before I went back kind undermining altar efforts with other legislation I thinking marriage bell they'll know whether to get on board. She had been notably quiet about whether or not you intend to support it, and also notable the White House is not willing to say whether or not spoken with her computer and mansion, with sort of an effort by Dan gleaned her to get them on board the same one thing and then governor have a long way from dying by. It was certainly a shock that Nanchang made it look like he was getting pretty for the last several months stopping down anymore and I just wonder how many people like center Masco center Hassan Sen. Kelly who were in tough fights and maybe Mina be looked at favorably if they sign onto the $800 billion combined spending bill or whatever it ends up being so when you have that criticism of menstruation tied to it. I you claim I think that painter claimed that lot will actually end up happening the day there is more and to know if it's actually going to decrease inflation like their branding it acted to healthcare DL Nikon inflation reduction at Delaware. The Democrat that they are on their field of economy on your keeled over inflation and how I'm not going to have you reduction to inflation and production that will be time I tell a different story. Absolutely Jackie I don't eat as much of the schedule today. What is the White House. Have you doing really at the White House today. There's a lot of behind effort right now between White House officials and hell. It got about a week left before they go into recess and laugh it work.

Before the midterms ramp up so I think that they're trying to close the deal on reconciliation behind the scenes.

There is no doubt working on going anything bell after vulnerable Democrat been trying to thousand that define crowd trying to get a couple of those points dynamically.

I try to close the deal. If he can pull it off, but he had not been engaged very nicely helped out targeting that the infrastructure built few months ago I held a couple of time and was able to get his own party and line the first couple time for crackpot agenda so I'm clear how how involved he going be personally or how much weight officials are going behind Leslie, do you think discipline is announced today that she's going to Taiwan is going to announce it's pretty clear she's telling me she invited Michael McCall, the ranking member on that foreign foreign affairs committee to accompany her and Shelton Democrat pre-click about different story. You don't want to create a charity situation and yet military Dari conditioning ship fighter jet get her layered protection on the aerating anywhere and on the ground if she goes I don't think were going to know about it until she Dari there.

I worry out to Jack I got you on TV gotcha ready to see the rest of the day off and not take my calls anymore hello.thank you, you got to decide to send me over a formal fill it out and I'll email it back to you.

Well thanks you got it Jackie Heinrich thanks so much. Listen we come back.

I want you do it to say, 1-866-408-7669 and then were will get a brief talk about bringing America back on curse lectures here and and will talk about the other challenges in straightahead and we did not even discuss. We have not even discussed at length at this hour. Anyway, some of the poll numbers that are coming in on some of the key Senate races from Pennsylvania to Georgia and remember I spent all of Wednesday and Tuesday and Wednesday with Herschel Walker got a chance to the sea is set up understand what he understands about the issues. See the challenges straightahead. I'll reveal some of that and also were going to have exclusive unedited version of the interview that you even see on TV use in the brain can only show so glad you're here. Newsmakers and news breakers. First, I can only show radio show like no other.

By then there pushing trying to get something quite get it done to get done pushing to get something done on so listen erase the past six months with nutty stuff. It looks like you got a present to get an infrastructure bill done good cobra stuff done get something done of the American people on climate get something done on to several presidency just don't have the past six months of nonsense that takes away from much what he means by the nutty nonsense stuff. You mean underperforming as a communicator under performing as a policy coordinator underperforming and fawn the foreign stage. Even in Ukraine there still a very slow lag time between execution and then Jones. He's like David actually saved and Karl Rove on the right and Newt Gingrich on the right. You pretty much as they they don't look to somebody else's talking points they have great instincts for their party and obviously Van Jones, a liberal guy I can't believe the present United States is keeps bringing about climate. I brought up climate with China. I have climate all over this new package really if you look at the top 10 things the people concerned about in every poll the Fox News voltages came out the poll they came out with Reuters Quinnipiac poll climate change like 2% of the population thinks it's their priority inflations about about 40% and then you got gas prices but in full income. It's all the bottom am all for doing the mature thing and always try to reprint technology forward and try to make the that electric car as efficient as the gas powered car and make it a good option. Now they have all money that we don't have putting subsidies for cars we can get. I'm not sure that's progress.

And we know the's wind and solar supplements, but the campy primary driver of energy and we are not addressing the problem when it comes to getting rid of these batteries and solar panels, which I think we are out about 20 years. That's where will pretty much out right now so leading us to the conclusion that I'm not sure this chip will I understand there's there's a big pushing manufacturing here. It's too bad it's gotta be a government program to do it but in terms of the chip built in the mansion Bill, this is what Sen. Rob Portman who is the utter definition of a moderate and deep thinker in the Senate and a former OMB Dir. for George Bush Ohio.

Of course, WHO.

This is known as the Ohio center cut seven. My concerns are with what else yesterday is that it would be terrible for the economy right now. It's bad for workers it's bad for customers it's bad for American companies puts them at a distant management. Foreign competitors in China. Elsewhere, such as policy, it's a tax this could be applied to businesses over certain level he says is bad policy and he looked at it and he sees how much it's going to cost and would you doing is raising rates on the on the high earners as well as corporate taxes again. What happens when corporate taxes go up, the prices of their goods go up and maybe people they don't hire. We finally made ourselves competitive with the trump tax plan, and I know that that is easy pickings for Democrats to look how far we dropped it.

Let's bring it up again. But what happens is since we dropped it into the 20s. We got bring it up again us and bring it down to what I was doing.

Then we become less competitive and manufacturers of another reason to keep it overseas and just because you think you bring up more revenue doesn't mean the companies don't react to this new tax rate they decide to stay put for sell less. That's what brothers were present, never understood about Obama care, we come back to her coach Lichter joins us in studio right.

The more you listen, Lori. Although Brian kill me or or they won't sign up for one's own knowledge that will get done maybe on the after we get back from our summer recess time. You understand, you live around here Senate time is written to limited 200. They live forever, and they never lose their jobs and they never lose their benefits and they never lose all the things that are not on Senate time there on human time cancer time and that is Jon Stewart going over the veterans bill that goes on hold now because the Republicans of this provisions in it that allows them to put additional money unrelated to veteran spending in Jon Stewart going to bat for veterans laudable, but Pat Toomey said instead that you know who by the way, is leaving at the end of the year.

I'm standing up to stop this bill. We just spent $800 billion of the hip.

One was Bill. Half of that two thirds of that was passed without any Republican votes and now this veterans bill. He said he's had enough scene enough. Jon Stewart says doesn't care about that and said what you said coach Lichter joins assessing a commerce for town hall was Los Angeles trial lawyer retired Army infantry lieutenant colonel and author of will be back the fall and rise of America occurred. First off before we get into this just your responses. Veterans bill. A lot of this has to do with getting immediate health care to people that were on and would unknowingly poisoned by these burn pits.

It seems in interact specifically what I was a Desert Storm veteran and after 9/11. I went to Cozumel, but I I am familiar with the whole issue I have friends who are suffering from permitting Civics real absolutely real so we put a whole bunch of things into pit burned this toxic material and people were buying the get these crazy cancers when they and they did around me to back in the Gulf me that you would to see these giant burning piles of garbage and human waste, and we do is this. Oh yeah and I you know it's the year was the year 2000 and were still doing this stuff which I just find insane these veterans have to be taken care of.

The question is is this particular bill the vehicle to do it. Is there some provision in there where the Democrats can slide in a bunch of unrelated spending.

Pat Toomey says there is Jon Stewart who's not a senator and says the reason I'd like to know what's the answer that we I mean we have not read the bill I buddy up with the thing is, what happens is the poison the well with just With mansion humor so they better the ships built a somewhat controversial business government spending to get manufacturing back here to build chips which is a national security issue clearly got it so but it was originally brought up by a Republican, understood, so they debate this and next thing you know, this brand-new bill is putting the front of you and they don't want one Republican vote in the chip spillway would've held that off in order to stop the spending bill which is climate change agenda items does have some fossil fuel provisions. I don't know the details, but even Democrats did know the details that create such distrust weather should be just prostate. They got played. Mitch McConnell, losing a few steps. He was the best parliamentary leader. Maybe in American history and he was so good and we owe him greatly for keeping Marilyn, who was a disgrace from being on the Supreme Court.

That being said, this gun compromise thing from a few weeks ago you like it. Would you like about that. It was a gun compromise. The Second Amendment is the Second Amendment. No one in the Republican Party got sent to Washington to limit our right to keep and bear arms.

What about 18-year-old skulking to the background check of an 18-year-old to stop the next Buffalo lunatic or that you file the lunatic before you everybody Background checks and open up for €16 because you well that's motel or event that was one of the present look that is a fine provision that Lou Isaacson 11th grade walk around Sam to kill everybody. I which Brian inevitably we find out that he or the police or the FBI or both were familiar with these guys for the gun shop owner wasn't because he only he saw that data that's true, and I think I think I was I gonna like that. I like the fact that you raise the age, but the got a look at the back will look that's fine and that's that's reasonable and not crazy the way red flag laws.

On the other hand, the kind of minority report pre-crime think I've a huge problem with. I'm a great believer in the Constitution, the 26th 27 years in uniform active and reserve defending the Constitution. I'm a lawyer, I take it very seriously and when you start saying well you know they're only 18 were knocking to let them buy guns: go to war. I had a side 17-year-olds in my platoon when I was a Desert Storm then I have a really big problem with and no Republican was sent to Congress to vote for gun control.

So I have a huge problem with either was a misstep on the clock.

McConnell sparks he got played by Schumer and if you get played by Schumer.

She was not sure is not like a genius. We say good morning there corn Oakley of Texas center there. So that's we represent, and that's what got yet that was Cornyn's big play to show that you know I'm next in line after McConnell goes because because what 98 years old or something.

I don't how long he should be around but that but you know McCourt according destroyed his credibility with hard-core Republicans. She sees it, just got well I will will see what can happen. I'm sure this is his last term. That's one thing with the report is not an easy yet he's old or something. Yeah I'm problem. We need general driver, Nancy Pelosi, coming there there absolutely ancient and not put away from people listen to us right now might be that age that's a what I would think anybody I mentioned over present buying because present by such as old, he's old for his age and a 79 binds a mess and I I I think people are becoming free to say it they did want to be mean or they didn't want undercut their party.

Now they see that there's a real problem with Scott. This guy is not a leader and he is not capable of performing the job okay so couple of things which I strip to China. You said a military was once great when I got a new book out my talk about in great detail and will be back the phone rise of America. I was there at the pinnacle of American power at the time and place. February 1991 the victory and the goal for the United States or just wiped out entire nations army not just this one little battle right like at night like a Hannibal taking out one arc I mean an entire army across the whole whole country. In 100 hours we were absolutely dominant, but diplomatically economically and militarily. No one could challenge us.

We were at our peak. We didn't know it at that time but we started acting like it and you know we set the book for the end of history of the last man comes out. We've established liberal democracy.

History won't change where were at the end state, and of course, history keeps rolling on as you well know, you cannot be stopped. So after 9/11 were back in action what the after 9/11, we are back in action and were very powerful and will but were not thinking strategically and were not thinking things through and that's not just happening in the military sense not to, not only in foreign policy sense, but culturally we had one has this generation of leadership given us money yet the World War II generation right to beat Hitler. They beat the depression. Pretty impressive. The 60s generation.

They do civil rights and put a man on the moon hugely impressive what's what's our generation to Barak Wall Street meltdown grinder. This is not unaccomplished generation user cultural trust fund babies Brian who inherited culture and inherited a superpower and have been squandering it ever since. So brief you see the way we adapt to the battlefield in a rack if you see I think Toronto's first instinct was not to have a big footprint. Afghanistan get in and get out slow to get the 82nd and allowing God to get out huge mistake. But the way we want in.

I think people are in all of our member meeting with Hazel got Barack and they send you to be in typecasting whilst going to go out to get the Taliban that it was taken down to what 10 days you know, the Taliban lawyer then rendered effective and it wasn't with a huge footprint. This was a lot of stress on a lot of those guys in science and airpower and you can see how hard this was because Afghanistan is waiting in the middle of the Eurasian landmass. It's easy you know you've got a go a long way and we managed to do that.

We have incredible power, but we have an incredible lack of strategic vision, graduate of the Army war College and you know I I look at what's happening and it's like they would fail. You know the most basic finals were college. So mistake his most people think is a mistake to pivot to a rack. Would you remember the mindset that it was why did 41 leave this problem for Bill Clinton and 43 was going to finally take direct action against this nemesis that would not stop throwing out inspectors and shooting at planes and then he goes and does that initially invasion worked, but the occupation blew up the occupation was a disaster is poorly thought through. We thought we are smarter than we were and we didn't put the forces and that we needed. We didn't operate in the way we needed a lot of people want to do things on the cheap and a lot of people used version of counterinsurgency theory, which was, not quite as effective as they thought it would be and they ended up in a grinding war for years and years and the American people rightfully said why are we here where we do much the end state. We wish to achieve.

What is the end state whereafter fetch him in the first question, what is the end state is hereafter way I know in my hunches and you lived it, you were in uniform, but we saw the protection of the Kurds away the Kurds flourish just by allowing for for us to spread fighting the protection keeps down the same way we thought probably once we get to say. 90 of these people will thrive. Just like the Kurds did. Instead, the Sunni Shieh thing rose up the dismissal of the Army the wrong people in charge and then we have to go back in and do what we feared and that's the urban warfare three embodies the Falluja's house to house. I exactly I talked about in the book that area the world has been a problem for thousands of years, and I mean I'm pretty impressed with America's I think were pretty great people but it's kinda arrogant to think were going to go in and settle everything now it's not completely crazy because in a place like Kos about where I served. We didn't go in and we did create a atmosphere of peace didn't factor into the mind thinking interactive. You do the same thing II think it probably did look at look at these guys now there began to thrive. The building account on occupied their own thing I was interested. We really we went to Kos about in the Albanians would been dominated by the Turks and the Serbs on the Nazis. Everybody works right okay another bunch of good dominators went we just drive around and get our troops show up and suddenly our guys are getting out and giving school supplies the local school and then leaving thinking occupiers of days but we really didn't want to and we would've done that in a right to the extent we could.

I mean the quintessential American to me. Brian Kelly is fit is a young specialist in the goal for who I was a combat support hospital doing some prep date. We hear that there's a POW coming in on a helicopter right were evacuating the sky on a helicopter because he start and he looks at me closer you thinking like a Coke. I think that's the quintessential American the name of the book is will be back to phone rise of America encourages want to pivot now the big focusing with militaries is climate change coming. Everything is about climate with the president getting set up with prison she climate weather is not a strategic threat. I you know I look at climate change relatives or trial lawyer. Not a lot of questions to ask, like where was my Ice Age in the 70s because you said it was to be an Ice Age and I had to give up money and I had to give up freedom to stop it when there's no Ice Age climate change. I got give up money and I gotta give up freedom to stop it.

Ha so solid. I want you without corset on Sunday in comparison to where were at right now is a country to you Baldy. You know the climate deniers so are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers and evolving taxes were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred and confronted with this global emergency what we're doing with our international men failing to walk through the door and stop the killing is not typical of what we are capable of as human beings.

Does he really believe that analogy works well. He's not a genius, so maybe he does. But it doesn't work. For instance involved a there was a killer and climate change.

Yup, I'm still waiting for it because the deadline keeps moving.

Brian, I'm told I'm told that the polar bear should be on fire now where the polar bears on file which could be in five years now quickly stop get rid of your SUV and no more ribeyes not not buy it. You think our enemies around Russia and China think climate change. First, well, what you look at Russia. It's pumping out as much a petroleum as it can, and ran his laugh and off. It's just laugh and China. China's building coal plants write as fast as it possibly can. Germany. Germany shut down its nuclear power plants were trying to shut down doors each with ticketless all right powers freedom powers life. Thanks. Want to come by. Go pick up his book will be back the failing rise of America the good the bad in the future, which is bright. Thanks so much a thanks for him he breaks it back in. You need to know basis.

You need to kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me of doubts and Chris the message. The message that came back. He's not ready to talk when he is he will reach out so I will I will say to you, Chris. I apologize to you a behavior was unacceptable and I'm here whenever you're ready to talk. That's Will Smith, who originally looked at is a big hero everyone Denzel Washington, everyone lauding him. He had a great time at the party and then his crews quickly fall apart with the slap at Chris rock and Chris rock. This is not say a word about it. When I finally talk to you to pay me a lot so will Smith just apologize to just apologize to you to video of himself and Chris rock was joking about it. In his one of his most recent show. I think doing a joke about every show, but I don't think he's explaining like what you have really felt. He said people who say that you know he was just using analogy people say words heard of never been punched in the face yet me between him, Dave Chapelle both member Dave Chapelle not only attacked verbally but attacked on stage by two weeks after and then Chris rock Dave Chapelle as well as Kevin Hart on stage in Madison Square Garden just so weird.

Last week the one of the big stories with Dave Chapelle being kind of canceled from this historic theater over Minneapolis is up selling out across the street again. The so-called transgender community transit same trans community is upset at him. I gotta finish watching the special did you finish watching the special watch the closer I why I watch some of it was fantastic in the beginning, have real reflective. I want to end of it, but I just can't believe that they're going after somebody who happens to be minority, alleging who's not Republican who's clearly who's clearly deftly not some conservative that you can turn on the jokes for smart like I didn't see the whole thing. I remember we had them at the time it was they were well constructed joke. There are funny just don't know (the main everyone came into the crazy mob. If you have a sense of humor. You would laugh at it. I imagine even if not, he's established enough you can cancel him if he could sell out. If either you can cancel these that the KKK I'm pretty sure.

Thanks much for listening Brian kill I will be on the stage in Newark, New Jersey, August 27 tickets available for September 8 in Albany by Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddies the brain to meet your 1-866-408-7669 come to you from midtown Manhattan and around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine times.

Adjacent to this year if you watching Fox nation you recognizing from one you watch Fox news. Also general agreement about of the hours she was talking tonight at midnight know Jason you aware that we are in a war on his yes or yes it's stunned were in it right to be. This is, you would think these are the types of things we can. So what I was trying to do and I think being affected will go back to the stage in Newark New Jersey because it's carjacking capital country and I want to challenge myself and Sandra out there and how we both grew up there playing basketball me in check in Newark will be on stage. A beautiful facility in Newark, New Jersey, August 27 and September 8 at Albany New York with the takeback Americans America's story a thousand people time to think.

I'll be successful. Yeah, this is perfect venue for you do. Thank you Mike. You might have somebody drive you and watch the car while you're inside will rotate Yeah And then I close. If something is running in the rubric rise and all other this I'm resourceful like that. But another is a great event.

Yeah, you do well with the live audience) you mean unlike radio yeah right thing for the struggle but yeah New Jersey performing arts Center so be great right so we'll talk about that. Let's get to the big three that will get to Jason now stories you need to know Brian's three number three is any inflaming going on. It's coming from China side. This is taking place within the context of existing policy.

So I really think this is much more about Chinese domestic politics than it is about American foreign policy president prison.

She talked for two hours, what was said what was and why is it more important than ever that the speaker go to Taiwan will close German Powell. Many of you significant ranking personnel economist say were not in session. All the tellers, the banking personnel. You know the tellers in the parking lot attendant. The work of the bank once it clean the ATM machine.

There always there when I wanted to get is going to you know them a reality in recession. Not the right word to describe the buy demonstration spouting on the economy. If there's reality and there is there with their reality is we are in a recession and you know it you got $150 billion just in the last case in new spending that is going to make the recession worse and the inflation higher. I think Larry Kudlow speak about a Joe and Joe get to by poison the bipartisan well for good for the chips, bill sales and then the stunning 700 page bill goes here and blows everything up. We got tax increases climate projects 850 billion spent with money we don't have Congressman, welcome back.

How often did that happen. Something like what happened yesterday. Mitch McConnell's been around forever. Obviously he says I know both of the chips, but wasn't easy even know there was a lot of positive things to it and after they sign up for the chips bill that they could use as leverage to stop a reconciliation bill outcomes. This finished reconciliation compromise package that a Republican support. I mean, they should've seen that come in a million miles away.

This is not really there. Also that she was really negotiating as he said forget it.

I'm not doing that instead.

But based on the other think they're still going to use the reconciliation tool. There's nobody that's good to go through this process. It's like this is a free pass.

You'll have to get the 50 you tell me that is the number one tool at their disposal, and there should've been some sort of guarantee in place and I highly is it just a huge mistake. I think they got snookered.

I think they got outplayed and and and those senators who did vote for are you kidding me.

I mean, even alone. As that boat. I don't think they should've voted for it, but in combination with this look at what they're doing and mentioned what a huge disappointment. I I really thought he was going a whole says he had gotten fossil fuel things in there is got commitments for pipelines. He's got commitments to continue with fossil fuels, raising taxes and spending hundreds of nearly $1 trillion in new spending and raising taxes things he said he wouldn't do. I mean all eyes right now. I think the biggest story moving forward is what's Kiersten's and because it's anything because one thing about carried interest. She was dead set against that and I think that she believes that it's not in Arizona's best interest to go put Northern the spending package together which is why they were seeing that I would Joe mansion that the minimum tax. The carried interest. It's just not minimum 50% corporate tax is minute minimum 15% corporate tax and then also note the massive spending and cinnamon is probably more prone to vote for the massive spending but the taxes she was pretty definitive order to see what kind of backbone.

She has because evidently mansion really doesn't have one.

Well, she did hold off. There is no filibuster still in place, Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico. Washington Arnott states we have to give him that. Correct. They did not pack the court me at one point, though, those would have been actual think they would've passed was called the Byrd rule that you have to stick to actual spending to move Kelly. Even if you put the filibuster first and you could design anything. Well, yes, but yes, that that's absolutely true, but if you're going to move things through reconciliation. It has to be based on spending. So here's what you may have your Joe mansion describe this deal cut for people say why did you wait for the inflation figures were because I know not to inflation.

How do you know Sen. told you not adding to inflation every summer. Discussion instructions with people that we trust on same people to work with me on staying inflation. Trust me, Charlie. Inflation will not be transitory. This thing is going to blow up why this long.

This is not going to be transitory.

Okay so I guess that grain by the same people been advising me all along.

So I mean what he has in it.

Did the treasury does. The Treasury Department is not looked at this to see if you led to inflation. On first blush.

They said it might decrease inflation a little bit.

I how you been there so I did tell me how do you spend $800 billion. In addition, I meet 370 billion in incentives 300 billion 300 billion to this corporate welfare in there. There's all kinds of spending you just don't spend more money and increase the money supply.

If you're in a fight inflation. How much does it hurt. There were all raising the corporate tax rate may feel supposed to go anyway. Well guess what is can be passed on to the consumer.

These companies are not going to they have to pass it on to the consumer or they're going to start laying off people minute. This tax doesn't just magically show up. It's LOL hey, you know will just read or store this money to the IRS. They passed on. I guess what if there are more taxes these companies charge more that will exacerbate inflation cut five is Riley Moore West Virginia State Treas.

It is really disappointing his support of this legislation with this tax on call just to be clear, the coal operators are good and that paying this tax.

It's like all taxes, the Democrats put forward the consumer will you Artie see energy prices rising right now they're 14% increase in energy prices in this country which is really driven that CPI number the number that we just talk about as it relates to inflation. This is going to just pile more on to that this is going to increase inflation so I do have to say is disappointed to see that he is supporting this since we are called state and are these two big wins for present buying inviting look. I want to talk tomorrow to spend more and he finally green new deal may not those of the big things that he wants and he was able to achieve the look when you got Elizabeth Warren praising this that should be your first clue that you maybe there'd they're doing what. That didn't get everything they wanted a boy they got a lot of it because of mansard. Big question though, will they get cursed and send them up if they if they kick it Kiersten. They can't they can't come to seal the deal and reconciliation. From what you know about New Hampshire center son son is vulnerable right told her she humbled this you want to vote for this.

They want to put this to center Masco in Nevada this you want to vote for this so is the so-called moderates they might be against this because it could be blown up their own election portion yeah and Sen. Kelly is up in a very tough race will probably lose out in Arizona if you lose, I do.

I really think I like. I drove up large burden in Arizona. My wife's born and raised in Arizona. Spent a lot of time in Arizona and I I Kelly is the most just bumbling do-nothing Senate is not to go in there and not want to work doesn't think he knows the policy and over the issues he doesn't work hard. He just kind of sitting there and that's so different than the sort of mavericks that have been other Kiersten Cinema, Jeff Flake, John John maintain that the tradition and then Mark Kelly just does not fit the mold of being somebody proactively is out there fighting for the good people Arizona I don't think he knows what to do.

So when comes to climate change. I was listening to this special actually in the daily in the New York Times about Utah Lake Salt Lake and it is decreasing. You handed in new as it decreases and more more the metals get exposed to could be poisonous. How real is that how much you have to do with the man-made climate change. Look, I think what you don't talk about how you think that the great Salt Lake is very shallow. You don't ever see boating out on the great Salt Lake and there's a few bouts, but you don't go on go like Kayla's get the silver, the depletion of the lake is very real pull too much pulling from it, but there's a lot coming out of it yes and so but this whole climate change the way Al Gore describes that I'd never ever bought into that what you thrown to the what the error and what you turn the watercourse that has an effect and we need rain we been going through a large drought there. But you know what through eons of time we've had all kinds of changes to climate and weather and I just I'm not buying it.

I just the way Al Gore defines it. I'm just not there said I'm not close to there and you think you can bring it up Lee with present she to think at a time of crisis economic strife that we were going to make it a package with climate change as the lead subject is insane to me to be its anti-leadership is with go to school for me politically.

What about the country. Does that ever come into play. Bruce and Jason can stick around by the hour, somebody like Neisser will be with us. Just be patient Shannon bream back in a moment your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show they have a direct lending prohibition on all thermal coal in this country and any find anything related to that, I don't buy that argument, and secondarily this is a free market solution.

I am a market to sip and I'm not a market regulator and all were asking for is for the free market to remain free for these financial institutions to assess risk and capital decide all their decisions based on those factors and not some woke political agenda. So we want you play that that's really more a one do this for Jason shape it's in the West Virginia state treasurer Hughes was significant about this the last few years they've been taking these major investment firms, and they told him stop investing in fossil fuels because the politically correct people be politically correct even though it may, it's better for the shareholders there obviously fossil fuels are the backbone of almost every industrialized country. Stop it.

So when Blackstone started group refusing to invest in fossil fuels West Virginia. They basically banned them so they are coming back in the state and banning them from investing.

She might think that West Virginia is not the most prosperous state in the country. I get it. But now these Republican treasures got to the same exact thing. How dare they try to destroy an industry because some nose ring green haired shirtless protesters might turn on them. Yeah, know that Utah was helping to lead the way on this as well. Ours our state treasurer also went after this and the credit agency.

The credit review agencies Utah so some of the best credit ratings as fonts that you can possibly have. But they refused to play that ESG game that you know environmentally social governance game plan because it is a manipulation of the market and in what's bad for the person who is maybe a schoolteacher or firefighter or somebody who's retired.

Guess what, they're not getting get the best return on their investment. That's what they want, so you not to do going to to these major oil companies in senior were not going to invest it when I went you trust, control, take the drill. What I have right now. The measured view by very measured investment offshore platforms and were going to pull back because I'm not getting the investment in a more that's the goal of the green community. So really okay you can do that will that hurts us. It hurts the people to put me in office. So now me to push back on you and now maybe just like Disney. Other corporations see what happened at Disney when they got spanked by Gov. DeSantis. Maybe this gives them the power to say I'm not getting involved in politics have been banned in two states. Now you say Utah, and West Virginia maybe gives him the power to fight back and say legitimately.

I can't be playing politics with people's money. Other there's safety in numbers. The more more organizations the more investors were think that if they got back to date they got a pushback on this stuff because it's not just: fossil fuels it then starts to expand out into other things that they don't want you to do and it's their way of pushing through regulation and shaming people to the point that it's just not healthy that people are voting on this stuff.

They can never passes legislation, but they can do it through the back door and they can do with the Blackstone's of the world. That's what scary yeah I think it's scary but I love the fact I saw that in the washing times not cover many of the places that West Virginia is taking action. So I think that's that's important. The other thing is writing to you to weigh in yet on with Nancy Pelosi is going to have a press conference starts in 15 minutes, at which time she can address her Asian trip that's been on the board since April.

Do you believe that there is to be pressure from the Pentagon and White House for to back off and if so does she. Back off this trip to Taiwan. I think she should be wheels up before the end of the day and go on that trip. She can let the Chinese make the decision for her. This trick like to like you said the trips but on the books for a long time's probably more about domestic internal politics there in China. But I will care that she's the speaker of the United States should she can make this very bipartisan in bringing Republicans along with her, but I think she should be wheels up in the plane should be landing in Taiwan under Taipei. You know, whenever she wants. Yeah. And here here's what John Radcliffe your buddies said last night with Laura Ingram cut 20. The ball is really Nancy Pelosi's court now for the sake of our national security. Laura Nancy Pelosi needs to go to Taiwan.

The Chinese government the Chinese Communist Party cannot be setting American foreign policy in the South China Sea. Yeah, I mean simple as you show some toughness to somebody besides Republicans just just go you could teach Penn to be this this tough woman go get tough on foreign policy.

Instead of trying to undermine. I think it was present Bush administration when he went to Syria and went to these other place you think it was she doing there will be extending a mixed message.

I'm sure her message is stronger than Joe Biden's but it's not anti-administration think from their point of view. She can't back out of this unless she gets over the exact quote we talked about this software. That's the only excuse is to be a lame one because it should be just for a few days and you know it.

Go ahead, go fly under Beijing. Go meet with them as well. I made oftentimes lawmakers to go to Palestine you know go visit with the Palestinians and then go visit Israel you can do the same in China and Taiwan.

She might if you did go to Beijing they might banner from Beijing. After that or not.


Plus, I will. China can attend.

Thanks, Jason breaking news and steer it all. Brian kill me to show welcome to the party and they have in the past that their sanctuary cities, and that no human being is illegal and we got welcome always. People like WHAT we have a lot of people illegally coming into United States and guess what they want to come to places like Paris and Washington DC and many other towns. Beyond that it this is not applicable.

Sunlight this is showing what is been happening to work on that is very passionate José Rosas with Townhall industries with Julio and he did a great job.

You might've seen with the Rittenhouse story and a lot of these insurrections out of the protest. The black lives matter things but he's been down on the border and men he's incensed and it really is disconcerting to see these people fought into a country wonder this is happen with 800,000 got away's and over 4 million people in what's happening if case have missed it, the mayor of New York City Mayor Adams came out and originally he blamed just governors in Arizona and Texas. Convenient but not accurate. He says your busting illegals to our state and our city dropping often overwhelming over Shelton social service systems, but upon further review Texas and I knew this was not busting anybody anyplace except DC and it was just about 4000.

Overall the last six months, Arizona, less the nap an old DC and now the mayor of DC is asking for National Guard for the illegal dinner in their city and so is the mayor of New York City asking for federal funding and asked for the flights to stop at the Westchester County obscene 11 Shiloh upstate New York as well as possibly Long Island. There's also an airport in upstate New York and I know many people to live in New York been listening to me right now but just think very rural areas and the thinking get away with because I don't tell the governors. It certainly don't tell the mayors and now these mayors are standing up since his me. I may be a Democrat but I can handle this woman can handle everything agenda bring Fox News legal correspondent Ankara Fox News at night.

She is the author best-selling author Shannon welcome back Brian.

I'm good while you're fired up right but but you are usually pace yourself for Friday become back. You have to know what I mean did I find it interesting that story that never moves inches so agonizing for me and from for most people see in our border get collapsed as ER border patrol get overwhelmed. But now were seen Democratic mayors in DC and New York City stand up and say I need federal help in the case of Mary about Muriel Bowser she wants National Guard.

Your thoughts, they live and work here and now you print the same thing for similar things from the mayor there in New York. Eric Adam talking about their localities, their facilities being overwhelmed by people coming from the border communities are saying like welcome to the party. I think that's what Julio said the reality but were living with every game in Amir New York is talking about our schools or healthcare systems, everything can be burdened with the concept that, but the reality that the border states lit with all the cream felt very interesting when the mayor here in DC, Mayor Bowser started to say we need to National Guard humanitarian crisis, wondering if people are calling and saying and those who are sending people here in DC people are being used at times it's not a good idea.

Having tricked into coming on to beat him but I wonder now going to work versus hiring because these local leaders are now seeing. Okay this is just a taste of what happening at the border illogical people to play politics. Yes Amber for them to speak of knowing it's gonna hurt the president and hurt their party. It shows how desperate the situation is made vertical press conference and not just get present Biden on the phone shows it is and by the way to know if you talk to some National Guard member in DC how shabbily the National Guard was treated when prison Trump was there and he would call them out to clear out the protesters. They were kicked out of their hotel when they were asked to work the perimeter after January 6. They slept on the floor in buildings and now is going to say, come on back. I need you phone the National Guard also not know honey leave my uniform in the closet in my hat, I'm a stay at home depot I'm a stay at MetLife or of an insurance broker. I am not doing this for her National Guard and women to do incredible things like family got career that separate and apart from their military service which they do as well when called out for something nice for them to their families and their employers could be away from all other things so you know we need to feel appreciated and any meeting of the assignment there on the fair when they're being treated with respect and fairly. And so when they're calling all kinds of different things. Whether it's the border here. The border there.

You don't dare put in the middle of very politically heated situation and we went to do incredible things and we asked them to give up a lot of their personal life to do it so I would hope that they feel respected whenever Simon got, but I think it's him and him are probably hearing this from DC and thinking this is a new problem. This is not unique. It's just now showing up in our area and now you're working in the great Schembri my guests and this is relatively new news. You probably know you know everything but sick to their home and security may work is has authorized customs and border patrol to start building the incomplete border barriers near the Mary Ellis dam and in the Yuma sector so that something was able to finish because prison Trump ran out of time. There is funding there to get it done so they can start doing it. How desperate must it be for him to have to go do the border wall the Trump since we needed and they said we didn't. Actuation going on in that region. Julio talked about last night as well because she's been down there and seen so much of this first hand written about that for situations where there are now regular drownings that there that they are often having to find people who do not make it across this area who are washed away. Children who find the river.

I don't mean people who are being put into situations that we know the smugglers the cartels they are making millions probably potentially billions of dollars off of what happening at the border and when you take people through an intake center, dangerous situation, things are likely horrific gaps that are happening in that area and I think they specifically are focusing their because of what's been happening with the waterways on an admission on their part, the things that are not going well there. Despite the fact that Sec. Marcus as recently as the 19th that the border is secure.

People who are living and working experiencing it down there for 10 know it's not a concrete situation for people who are desperate to come here to go through very dangerous journeys and some of them don't make it in that section. Whether to work on the law is one of the examples of rights and Shannon Justice Alito one overseas was at the Vatican. I think he was, but sponsored by the University of Notre Dame speaking out about Ruby waited in the opinion that he wrote wasn't that I have it right. Was it at the Vatican all over Italy mayor on December assignment criticality can speak all over the place in Italy and back down on what he signed his name to sell. I think you would only expect that he will say things that people find controversial, so here's what he said about all those other world leaders who said Roe V Wade was a step back and offensive. I honor this term of writing. I think the only Supreme Court decision in the history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders who felt perfectly fine commenting on American. One of these was former prime minister Boris Johnson but he paid the price was when the Duke of Sussex addressed the United Nations and seemed to pair the decision whose name may not be spoken with the Russian attack on Ukraine so he does not back up one iota proud. Obviously, Woody did using sarcasm to talk about how ridiculous it is for them to weigh in on his decision and come one come all you think maybe some of these protesters might've unnerved him, not him no and beginning works that the court votes the first Friday after the hearing, and apparently it seems like from the beginning, the fiber prepared to stick together and definitely I was writing this opinion.

There were to try to pull at least one person which would change the opinion substantially and he never wavered during the process. I think he was very much focused on what he would get a deal and the work you are right in the position he began taking a coalition of five stuck together. So I think he feels very much like he had done the right thing when you look at applying precedent and legal principles and not the kind of person who going to apologize for doing something that he thought was aboveboard and without flaw right to still happening. Do you think then I'm all throughout the summer. They sort of have a rotation a different night of the different justice his home, and we covered everything out on vacation this week but this weekend and come last week but last week we were out covering a protest at people home and that the deficit home so they can get you and there are people you know another neighbor speaking up thing like that going on. It's not for protecting them. Our kids are afraid were being harassed and their call for from the DOJ on the federal law and the governors of Virginia and Maryland on the state laws like why is there not better enforcement of arresting people who are picketing and resting outside their homes citizens Russian dream. Well, now let's not get that headline on what midnight and then party like there like there is no tomorrow back and you got it back in a moment they listen when we come back I'll give you details of what's going to be on one nation, starting at 8 o'clock. Repeated 11 on Saturday night.

Brian Kelly Joe this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox News Channel Saturday so your weekends to take it easy Bill that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel more Brian coming out fast is three hours in radio with until made of reached out Chris message. The message that came back is that he's not ready to talk when he is he will reach out so I will I will say to you, Chris.

I apologize to you my behavior was unacceptable and I'm here whenever you're ready to talk, so will Smith of course can put that video out there.

After slapping Chris rock on on the Oscars in 2022 King Richard was a great movie. He was brilliant in it, but I was talking about that because of the slab and they were seeing these attacks on stage from Lee Selden to Dave Chapelle. We wonder, did it start there.

Let's find out there's more to know Chris rock has this on stage, but he is not really addressed in the Sudan interview.

He said when I'm ready I want to get paid for it.

Why not I mean I write a book on it or something like that. You and hear his side of the something this takes time to really like you think it through and settle and see how you really feel about you want to talk to Susan Wright and plus he's on the offense, or for that moment. I'll take my time in responding. I'm sure Chris rock is not minding the will Smith is being basically iced out of the industry. For now I think I Chris rock taking the high road like not talking about it you know it better for rock this whole time and just choose methods the whole next monkeys are terrorizing a Japanese city targeting young children and babies even hanging out of preschools to grab them.

This is true. This is a true story for Martineau, it must be true. The wild scene is playing on the city of Yamaguchi in Southwest Japan were city officials say a troop of monkeys and carry out the attack since July 8. Why July 8 you know Eric you know what was actually biting and clawing at human flesh and speaking at the nursery to try and snatch babies Nevada babies babies and what I would imagine that the little kids make it easier for snacks.

I shall say the monkeys are interested in foods or traps are working in the mostly going after children and are interested in food the most with the children and the elderly. Public speaking up from behind and grabbing people's legs so weird. The reason Japan you can control your monkey cannot have made towards. That's how you really dictate where you travel. I might go next. Put on the smart phone. The study finds a people underestimate how fun thinking actually is humans of a striking ability to immerse themselves in their own thinking since Kyoto University. Again, back in Japan.

Our research suggests that individuals have difficulty appreciate just how engaging thinking can be. That could explain why people prefer keeping themselves busy with devices and other distractions rather than taking a moment for reflection and imagination in daily life is true. There was a time of people wrote poetry for fun. You met a guy they said I wrote a poem every night really I was at the lake staring and I realize haiku just my head telling Johan Hari had on the podcast still in focus and Howard's technologies telling her focus. He does talk about anything other states and how the mind wandering actually very good peer brain incident time for you to sort of think of come up with different ideas through blending really different thoughts intersect and you can see, thinking fun. I mean I do better when you Inc. their pricing in a way, thinking fun you like to like I need to think when you're successful in thinking the problem you would resolve right, like for example if you go to if you put something together that that you should should not be able to do, like for example I bought two office trips and they sit for an extra $25 for $25 would you want us to put together an Staples or you will oh my gosh you put it together. No smart yeah I do not want to put it together because I always disappointment. I always I was sick. This is the time that I look like a very physical thing. Or is the problem you're dealing with how I resolved that sort of thing. Complete all docs there Such a satisfying feeling I haven't solved the problem you have. Your life is perfect right you like to have a but I can put the $25 not feel guilty next reaming biggest children could lead to disappointment later in life. Researchers at the University over Madrid. Follow the lives of 70,000 people in the UK who were all born the same week in 1958 the analyze the data of the participant child environments their parent professions and financial backgrounds. Each child's own abilities. The respirations were.

They were younger, their job and their well-being and it turns out people were let down the dream big and didn't achieve it. Therefore, they feel like it is a big disappointment. Since we have no expectations will always be successful is when you are not successful. You can see you exceeds expectation. That is, anything expectations are everything right, however, that the study also found that these negative effects dissipate on in their leader working life. So I so this is a story in the New York Times and has his book out. The power of negative because people who are positive sometimes will say things just make no sense of some of his hand go through divorce. Hey that's good you have more free time to play tennis or thinks everything yourself. That's good advice that you put your I want you to watch one nation at 8 o'clock and then repeated 11 o'clock Saturday over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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