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One year later: Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 15, 2022 12:50 pm

One year later: Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 15, 2022 12:50 pm

PLUS: The latest Biden administration spin on the FBI's raid of former president Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago residence.

[00:00:00] Alan Dershowitz

[00:18:32] Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

[00:37:00] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:14] Daniel Bilak

[01:06:05] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:13:57] Oliver North

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Five euros New York City Fox and friends. So America's receptive Brian would kill me. Thanks. Would you being here buddies the regularly Joe hope he enjoyed a great weekend were back in action now that if you are you play football you play soccer your back in college, I mean you're basically reporting for Your summers over if you coaching the same thing.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us who are not college athletes were high school athletes.

We are have three more weeks left about two more weeks left of August and we get to Labor Day. So in a cherish every moment, but the news is not stopped on how you take a moment off. I know I can't. So we have Alan Dershowitz to unwind the legal obstacles might remain in front of the form present United States Sen. Ron Johnson of the bottom of the hour, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three retro butter back office, which is nonpartisan said that there would be a negligible impact on inflation this year is an almost Orwellian. How can you call inflation reduction in the nonpartisan experts say it's not. It's so true John.

The call was a great question to Karine Jean-Pierre inflation reduction bill is a green boondoggle now dims beginning to admit it makes us more subservient to China because world are green energy. They got the rare-earth is victory for the Democrats. No doubt about it, and their agenda absolutely.

What about for the country as the president regret the decision that he made to pull the United States out of out of that country. Absolutely not.

We are faced with a choice of continuing a forever war continuing to stand our sons and daughters over to Diane Afghanistan sickening Kate Bedingfield one year since the disastrous calamitous embarrassing exit from Afghanistan.

The White House still trying to spin and sell us there was successful not here as we focus on the State Department and White House whose decision humiliated degeneration of great war fighters while left America and our allies behind enemy lines on emails now believe that classified information. We should all think seriously, we should think necessary.

Sarah is good and often critical of the trump administration, who was once a member of it brings up a great point Merrill logger rate exposes that there are items that need to be returned, but unclear why they could not have been obtained through talks also now the FBI's been accused of taking trumps personal papers, according to attorney-client privilege is still unclear why the warrant why the raid as the national angle but the anger boils over the walls before we bring in our first guest. Special thanks to KX DX 1550 AM in Fresno, California talk radio 1550 the best talk in town is picking up the brain to meet you.

Also, where privilege to have it. We love the presence on the West Coast. Thanks so much Alan Dershowitz professor at Harvard University, author of numerous best-selling books including the latest.

The price of principal why integrity is worth the consequences joins us now. Prof. welcome back all think it was a pleasure to be on. Yeah, thank you you you are calm about what what about is him is not just a slogan or political phrase it really matters here when it comes to the right. Merrill Lago in what respect my whole book price principles about how we have to put global partisanship, one principle we have in law is equal protection even though Atty. Gen. Garland talked about evenhandedness and then didn't explain why a search warrant was necessary for Merrill August when it wasn't necessary to house, they did search emails that were found on Anthony Weiner's server. But no, no criminal investigation or criminal investigation of safety for both of those Democrats are present when I like them am glad they were brought, but the same standard has to apply to Donald Trump unless they can prove that Donald Trump had greater intent than Sandy Berger stuffed the classified material into his sock.

Or, you know, a greater degree of negligence than Hillary Clinton can't have one standard for Democrats and another standard for Republicans of the argument you want about his damn good argument is that you're allowed to ask that question unless and until the question is answered.

We can't be assured that we have evenhanded protection of the law on surface with those issues in the present had leading up to January 6.

I know I want any paperwork I mean when he got into setting up a library that I know of, but he took a bunch of things I am watching these looks like 20 something-year-olds with file boxes walking to Marine one.

I don't think the president was saying take this take this don't take this don't think this obviously, if you want to unwind. You know the present well and you've seen them in office more than I family seem workable does the way runs on the G you think for a second that he save himself. I need all this, I need all that. And when they asked for 15 boxes back. They did in the sky confirm Prof. Dershowitz that he walked in on June 2 or six if I would stay was when the when the archives people.

The FBI counterterror were meeting sick I should do a great job just want to thank any help I could be. Let me know that he went back to his daily workboat.

There was two sources there reflected that. How do we get to this in August but we shouldn't. They were negotiating like the way the negotiations work.

It's very simple. Go to court and enforce the subpoena at that point, the judge says to me, I'll go through everything. All this is privilege lawyer client. Oh, this was never class D classified.

This may have a different privilege maybe invoking the fifth amendment as to production.

You can't make a person produce something very active production is incriminating, but instead of going through that usual legal process which Atty. Gen. Garland is the standard procedure. You always look for the less intrusive method and lessons that necessary user search and he had this press conference. I like Carla and I support this claim, court, and yet why not explain the difference why did you need to go to a search warrant.

Why not enforce the subpoena actually generally done its part of a bigger process when respite in the Varro put them in handcuffs and yet the putting shackles metaphor you have to put in jail stolen. You have to arrest one my clients white-collar political clients are indicted PHONE call the Justice Department saying Walid come on your client can bring them in tomorrow single tomorrow is a busy day: no problem will get a rain barrel will be set and then will have a child the way you do you go to the airport with the family being there putting in shackles that is not evenhanded justice and so no in my book the price of principal I go to all these standards and go to all the principles that we stood for, and how they're being violated over and over again. I tell story of in my case and Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the president of the United States is invited to a dinner party and what she tells me if I knew you were invited.

I would never accept the invitation defended Pres. Trump and people do that to me all the time.

The library has been bigger. The library hasn't had any of my book since I defended Pres. Trump, a public cave library that's putting partisanship over principal locating and you didn't because you still you consider yourself a Democrat, did a little Democrats you say okay this is right or wrong and that was it and appreciate the present stand on Israel and that's one thing I don't want to know, and many other young foreign policy. He did a very good job.

I don't support his views on gay marriage on a woman's right to choose reasonable gun control and climate control. We have differences we can talk about the differences that used to be a day when I would get on television with William Buckley and we would debate issues like that the economy socialism versus capitalism, and then we would have a drink and talk afterward and agree to disagree both civil libertarians today. You can have a discussion if you don't agree on Pres. Trump. Then your daughters apply at least where I live in Martha's Vineyard and so you know, nobody is talking to me and my library will let me speak you know all of that and that's what I write about the price plans will the price is very expensive.

I have thick skin.

As you know, I've been hundred show my wife is being picked on. My children are being picked on. They didn't even necessarily agree with my stance on Pres. Trump but one McCarthyite scholastic income after your family as well you to send people to proceed to be murderers. Of course I defended President Clinton.

I also defended Gov. Edwards. I also defended Alan Cranston, the Democratic Sen. Trump was the only Republican I have ever that I can remember in a political situation and of course in O.J. Simpson defended I had. I think that had 35 homicide cases, one like 32 of them and you know people complaining that I let murderers out on the street.

I've never had one serious crime again but nobody ever stop talking to me over.

Nobody ever step. Talk over other serious criminals only Trump course has never been charged with a crime you could be a little sad about it all and I have to argument these were never gone that I had a wonderful last night we had a wonderful dinner at our house in which we had very prominent people can. We'll talk.

It was great. I still have some very, very good friends there with the Fairweather friends of the one that I know what I have anything to do it. They were never friends. I don't support you because of politics. How could they be French, Leslie, I just went back to this case is Stan Abrams on this week with George Stephanopoulos. He's outlined the case cuts five.

The first question becomes, what were they doing that was the number one concern pursuing potential criminal charges was the number one concern getting the stuff back and I think when you're talking about evaluating this through a legal prison. The fundamental question is going to be intentionality. How much do they believe that they did this on purpose. Were they intentionally ignoring subpoena swimming literally destroying documents or mutilating us one of the statute refers to were they concealing these good questions right. I mean, do you have any questions because you can use a search warrant to get things back against the wall provide you only use a search warrant to produce a criminal behavior that is taking a professor because they take it as evidence of a crime.

That's the reason for search warrant. There are other mechanisms for getting things back and those were the mechanisms that were first employed subpoena. You can get other judicial mechanisms to retrieve things and get them back, but you can only use a search warrant.

If you have probable cause for believing a crime has been committed and there is evidence of that crime that you are entitled to see the process of the justice department has almost always been told.

Go for a broad search warrant.

If you can get the material by subpoena and they were in the process and try to get through a budget. They didn't like the way the negotiations went fine. Go to court and enforce the subpoena.

That's the way it's supposed to be done so you know I think this can be some legal ramifications here. I hope that the affidavit is ultimately released and I hope that Atty. Gen. Garland, who I like will explain why they couldn't go by subpoena.

Remember, nobody was touching those materials they were in boxes in the basement behind blocks. Nobody alleges that there were attempts to try to destroy them or do anything else with it if it was, that would have to be in the affidavit. Let's see the affidavit. I downloaded the allegations struck you a defined media bias to corrected so that is beyond the espionage act. I was thought was if I have five material and then I tried to give it to the Russians. I got this great top-secret to hit hey Russian agent, take it, but just by holding my in violation of the espionage act will personal use against Rosenberg's Rosenberg was indicted and executed for turning over nuclear material to directors of the West and civil libertarians take the espionage act except as used against Trump because it was used against exons. It was use against Dr. Spock. It was used against the Ellsberg was used against many, many left-wing dissenters, Eugene Debs.

It was used against liberals and civil to try to always hated this afternoon are plotting only God let you. Let's expand it. Anything to get Trump like my colleague Michael McCauley Lawrence tribe says on CNN I'm trying to persuade my former student merit Garland to prosecute Pres. Trump for attempting to murder Pentz now if you have that kind of judgment that the student wrote that an exam I didn't see my grade inflation and Lawrence tribe is trying to persuade the Atty. Gen. of the United States to indict him for a crime that didn't happen. Attempted murder Pentz and people listening to him and he's on CNN and he supposed to be the constitutional lawyer that has judgment. He reflects the modern approach of the hard left get Trump at any cost principles be damned. Read the Constitution. If you have to. The only goal is to get and look I want to have the right to vote against Trump in the next election, the landlord against him twice in previous elections.

That's my American right just like your American right vote for. And that's the way it should be at the polls. You shouldn't have bureaucrats evenly. Atty. Gen. trying to tell us who should run and who shouldn't will now the Democrats are trying to say if he is convicted of any kind of the statutory violations that he can't run for president. Read the Constitution early for bases for disqualifying somebody for under 35 if you are not born in America if you fought in the Civil War against the union or if you are impeached and the impeachment resulted not only in a conviction for the conviction, and a statement that you can't run again for the only full criteria you can expand it and deny me the right to vote against him. If you'd like to look for calendars was thank so much to give his book the price of principal why integrity is worth the consequences is worth the consequences.

Thanks, Prof. We appreciate 186-640-8766 I we covered a lot of ground. What you think present chances of being this and is the do what questions you still have.

We still haven't touched the other two members of the big three, so don't move something new every day, Brian kill me show precise personal power is America's liturgy, your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Ellen Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project, Fox news podcasts network and the dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is Ben Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News fastest three hours and radio your domain for two was finally full deadline. Finally, losing momentum.

DeSantis was bleeding in the polls this morning but it descends as I have this bag. Now I gotta run against Pres. Carter and this is saving Trump politically anyway.

Bill Moore's right I may build more sees the whole comprehensive picture over.

Like Alan Dershowitz and that desirable form doesn't like him, but understand why people do and understand some of the decisions that your bun is made are absolutely farcical. He bad, including what today is and that is the one year anniversary of the port of Afghanistan was in a pull out it was a calamitous disaster. It was not unorganized was that chaotic. It was a self-inflicted personal wound on our country's reputation and cost the lives of 13 Americans in the near term and we left thousands behind allies and citizens and our veterans who besmirched by the way we left had to scramble leave their jobs and form operation pineapple as well as allied another group aiding allies and get these people out in the administration want to pass and praise, which is as crazy as naming inflation reduction act when a program is out there signed into law about to be signed into law the saving thought to climate the five will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest talk show that you are with Brian kill me that office, which is nonpartisan said there would be a negligible impact on inflation this year and fairly impact inflation all by next year is almost Orwellian called inflation reduction in the nonpartisan experts say it's not the question we actually address this this this evening. It was that top line number. Here's the thing we have 126 economist both Republicans and Democrats will set going to find information former secretary and treasurer of all there's more to it. It's just the way that Republicans that was so that he could make an argument that is which you keep talking about Republicans to the Office of Management and Budget you talking about the seed is the CBO you talk about every date doesn't touch inflation. Bernie Sanders is such inflation. I appreciate the question and who these hundred plus economists. It says if you're going to reduce the deficit, which is going to reduce inflation because nobody else does. Unbelievable. I mean that you said and they would now they talk about it being that the biggest climate investment in the history of our country. They're saying it now.

We think climate than China because they have all the railroad necessary for us to switch the batteries in electric by center Ron Johnson joined is now home and security committee foreign relations budget committees is also holding a big roundtable discussion on the crisis at the southern border, which will get to shortly centered. That's the spin that's already coming out and sat even officially signed yet. Brian and Sherry about this inflation reduction act at all. When you increase taxes on business for 30 years I viewed taxes is the cost and you try to recover costs by doing what increasing prices and all the hundreds of dollars allocated to greener deal: misallocation of capital do I have to remind everybody about Solyndra C. Time and time again dollars going down to the black hole.

The document, improve our economy and as you pointed out green energy manufacturing be done in China right now so I guess I might boost the Chinese economy. I don't do a whole lot more America increase cost and that's called inflationary. So this past and simply partyline vote. Did Joe match is done so much to make sure we had two states of the union. We can book the filibuster and given electoral college. I appreciate all those things.

But why would he break on this when it seems like the oil and gas proficiency God or a separate letter not even included in this budget because the parliamentarian said this is nothing do with finances. It doesn't belong here to go help me destroy the state Senate by limiting the filibuster that we've held off a $5 trillion package but not helpful.

We just keep spending money we don't have.

We keep increasing taxes as well write report burnout is the reason Brian were into quarters of negative economic growth by respecting his recession. That's not a good sign. Our economy are just me lurching right now. There was so much pent-up demand there. So we dollars sloshing around one reason we have elation but we shouldn't be having negative economic growth. Right now the only reason we are is because democratic government and democratic policies and policies that are not good be helpful in terms of our economy and bright in order to save security and Medicare. We economic growth worker give me have a stagnant economy. Of course I've been concerned with predicting stagflation go well over a year and that we have right now suggesting that you have with pharmaceutical since it would be great if Medicaid Medicare got a chance to bid on their farms on pharmaceutical prices with the thing that the bedside about that is the form of pharmaceutical pharmaceutical industry is going to pay huge price and wouldn't pay the price on innovation correct correctly by way of any money we raise from that misallocated greener deal is not going to yell from what I think you like to go to premium for Medicare or to bolster that program you make a more sustainable, but actually right when when you start punishing the pharmaceutical discrete, but Juergen have less innovation and have fewer lifesaving projects. That's not a good thing.

I want to hear we keep any sale how she's been one year since a disastrous, polite and embarrassing plug of Afghanistan. This cost 13 American lives directly and many more indirectly keep any filled the White House. Medications are to cut 17.

Does the president regret the decision that he made to pull the United States out of out of that country. Absolutely not. We are faced with the choice of continuing a forever war continuing to stand our sons and daughters over to Diane Afghanistan continuing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year there, Pres. Biden made a an important and tough, but the right choice to end that war to bring our our sons and daughters home and to free up resources while leaving millions if not billions in military hardware behind humiliating our country. Mike McCall led a study in the house about the withdrawal got no cooperation in the State Department was able to find this cut 21 there was a complete lack failure to plan.

There was no plan and it was the original plan executed.

The State Department probably didn't have the resources it needed to carry out an evacuation of this size and enormity. They had 36 consular officers and it's Kia trying to process hundreds of thousands of people. They were overwhelmed. So how do you take that they really want to sit digested. They were glad the way this ended in failure is called the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan. It wasn't planned. It was totally botched but we did we can dollars of the military court behind the telegram. In this way, but the recycle dangerous. Is it just was one more signal that America was becoming weaker and weaker."

Forever, series C weakened America thinking that is an opportunity what you think. By mid cooking invaded and is now committing war crimes and atrocities against Ukraine because he thought this would find at will look at what China is doing around Taiwan.I am highly concerned about how aggressive they are becoming and what they may do because of American weakness in everything the Bible is done opening the borders along the 5 mL Debbie drives this country for your high inflation record gasoline prices high energy prices rising crime Brian the year 2022. In America we don't have the infant formula for babies note our country coming off the rails and series C that and they become more aggressive in the world becomes a far more dangerous place because America is weak under by week ago today. There was a raid and FBI raid at the mar Lago the compound of the present United States wasn't there is New Jersey and New York City working at the time it took 27 boxes 11 classified for documents marked top secret classified TSC SEI highest level they took surveillance video as well.

In around where these documents were stated. We later learned that on June 2 two toward June. Second, there was a last meeting between the counterterrorism division and the will and present trumps team about documents he got 15 boxes in January there will going to back and meet again at Merrill agar was June 3 exact date.

Heading it up on the counterterrorism side with the FBI was J Brad, the top counterintelligence official present drop by two guys, anything you need let me know they said you would you put a block on this door said fine.

Something happened in between. They raid the place where you take away from the center. Johnson part and parcel of the parties within our federal law enforcement, but it sounds like a dispute over declassified documents absolute authority dominate the bureaucrats don't like what you wanted declassified because they're the things that are embarrassing to them is my time government are educating a gross classification of material mainly class, but not financial security, but to prevent the embarrassing truth from coming out class example is the redacted declassified footnotes to the Pfizer report I can't get to the body to report that the priestess of the FBI had no idea that the Nazi was tainted by writing this information. The redacted declassified footnotes that nobody knew exactly that in October 2016 so then ironed out in court now with an unprecedented search warrant of a formal presence residency.

I think this is outrageous.

I think the more we do here but I don't want your body becomes more more outrageous.

I want you to your was the press secretary said was the president's knowledge of this unprecedented move about a possible opponent and his successor. Cut one Department of Justice when it comes to law enforcement is independent.

This is what we believe and this is what the president has said this is not about politicizing anything, anything at this point finds nothing great about not been brief.

We have not law what the president is disgusted been briefed on it has he not gotten off his bicycle on the beach to get briefed on the rate of a former president. Maybe future opponents compound is that is plausible. Well, I don't believe much of anything else remembered repeatedly said he never talking hundred dollars overseas repeatedly to be alive. He may need that ministration, but there's no doubt about the fact that he is the one who pointed all the partisan political hacks to be fairly caring about this highly politicized partisan activity.

They are weapon I). Obama started it with the IRS under learner held accountable for that that that really began the growth phase in the weaponization of the federal agencies and I think of the bite ministration under Mayor Darling and Chris piglet Chris Garay are putting that into overdrive. You're going to have a roundtable that was happening. Borders can be August 16.

That will be this Friday would be the focus is to be there tomorrow with Dr. Brandon just ahead of the unit should represent good work Troy Nelson love Mark Morgan, former head of the text as well.

Let me love you more control as well know exactly what the border now, but also have a long history of what has worked what has to work. What brought us to this point I really want to discuss the cause-and-effect bill so much. We we overlook the depredations of this human trafficking flow administration completely ignores going to gouge the problem but the human trafficking, the sex trafficking flow deadly drugs, causing all the overdoses that were under the really highlight what is the impact of this open border policy by tracing the bear ignoring as well as most mainstream media so mainstream in Wisconsin will show up and cover it shortly.

The nights will understand the disaster. The crisis was occurring in the border no center does a lot of things going on. I disagree with but the one thing I think is the most underreported major story in this country is what's happening. The southern border of frustrations boiled over.

They are shipping illegal immigrants who want to into New York and DC and what New York and DC are panicking. They have no idea whether pretending to have no idea what is happening. No other country in the world allows a border to be breached like this. And then they becomes wards of the system. We can afford this why there have a bad policy. They have no policy to complain about 7000 illegal immigrants coming into the city that a daily flow of the Southwest border every day last for five much more than 7000 people dead recall now encountered during called apprehended because the encounter process we disperse people within the span of eight hours. You got the mayors of New York City and DC scream and yell what is outrageous is always occurring on the southern border you you are even seeing a fraction of the problem. The government have a deal because present bite is not important a lot is not secure border inexcusable. So look forward to that. Sen. Ron Johnson has the reelection, he could become so Ron Johnson built $50 million death Valley try to destroy the line destroyed everything I say something a lot health Ron Johnson � comment the crucial seat. We have to save this center. Best of luck. Take care. By the way, if you will see me on stage and talk about taking that a Mid-America story thousand people at a time. I made a chance to talk to my book of talk about my books and also talk about was having a fox the country and most importantly, we end with questions from the audience is a lot of it's going to be on Fox nation live join me on the egg on September 8. That'll be in Albany, New York Brandon, Mississippi on Saturday, November 12 City Hall live November 13, so I'll be in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 at the Cox convention center and then in New Jersey we we push it to December 2 when my paperback comes at the present freedom fighter December 2 at the New Jersey performing arts Center.

She's gonna bring to I hope to see everybody there in Albany were about sold out some seats up front are left so grab them. This is the Brian Kelly Joe back in a moment, giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me in the comes down to what is in this scene if he turns out to be the real. If it turns out, don't violate the espionage is a serious crime bill if it doesn't believe that there are legitimate questions. I think the trump support about the different standards apply to Donald Trump is been applied to Clinton to James coming to Hunter Biden of the others and that is the problem with when you take a massive sledgehammer like this unprecedented subject go to deliver at the elders who said it best in the first hour the first block, he said, and forced to subpoena Brenda Corneille. I gave him a subpoena.

They ignored it. Okay go to court is generating the compound is an emergency. What is the emergency he put a lock on the area what you want to lock on. I don't know what was happening.

They want the surveillance video visit video prison trump giving these documents to some Russian agent some Chinese agent.

Some Saudi agent. I don't mean to. Do you think that that is indeed the case would knowing by the way, the Trump White House White House when it was very much grab it do things that are within Orthodox Way in May. Please a lot of people would upset some others more traditionalist usual Michael Walt's cut three. These are things that I think are terrible for the country are further dividing it, I completely destroying any type of trust, belief and confidence in our government and our adversaries all over the world from China to Russia to Ron are pointing at this and saying look at the flaws of an out-of-control democracy. This is why you have to go with very machinelike us and that is politically corrosive and destructive to those from Steve Hilger last night and by the way the Russians are playing this raid in their same because the rate happen because present Trump did not like Russia and that's why the rating is compound saying you can't run our country.

Worried about what people think, but I do think you have to run the Department of Justice wondering about the next day.

My objective is to get X, Y, and Z. But how I get it matters and look James Comey had no problem trumping his Department of Justice's Atty. Gen. you think that maybe Chris Torre can say no America on something pretty good for my agency to look real partisan I can afford that puts my men and women.

In jeopardy, why not say something Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here about is the Brian Kelly Joe, 1-866-408-7669 coming up a little bit later from six in midtown Manhattan club Danube you lack he's coming to us from Ukraine is a member of the territory, territorial defense force of Ukraine former chief investment advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and head of Ukraine investing need your help and I forget about them and then would do a simulcast with pony show morning company that's and 45 after prefer and also special thanks to KX CX 1550 AM in Fresno California.

As of today part of the brain to mutual family. We truly appreciated. You are Fresno's best talk in town so grandma tight. Hope to hear from you. 1-868-408-7669 was good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three quarterback office which is nonpartisan said that there would be a negligible impact on inflation this year is an almost Orwellian called inflation reduction in the nonpartisan experts say it's not that's true inflation reduction is a green boondoggle and now Democrats begin to admit it, it makes us more subservient to China. They have all the rare-earth necessary for electric cars and everything else we can file tax and spend money we don't have nice does the president regret the decision that he made to pull the United States out of out of that country.

Absolutely not your face the choice of continuing a forever work continuing to send our sons and daughters over to Diane Afghanistan. How could you possibly pay someone enough money to say something like that.

One year since the disastrous calamitous embarrassing exit from Afghanistan and the White House to try to spin and show us that it was a success, not a chance. I now believe that information serious. We should all think we should think necessary. Now we should error log of the rate exposes that there were items that needed to be returned, but unclear why they could not have been obtained through talks also now the FBI's being accused of taking trump personal papers, it is still unclear why the warrant why the raid is national anger boils over his people see a double standard when it comes to the FBI, Michael, your New York Post, despite contributor deep thinker are Republicans right to think there's a double standard selected, not double it wouldn't have any standard at all. This is an extraordinary breach and America Online, the Atty. Gen., acting as if it's nothing unusual in it by the book in its routine where where in the history books. Is there another example of anything like this, that, as you said Trump may have had some papers and documents that work should not have had may have belonged to the archives. It may have been classified. Nonetheless, why, why is it that there's never been a real serious prosecution for this kind of thing. I mean, Sandy Berger, for example, stuff things into his clothing in his underwear and socks to steal things on the archives to protect himself and Bill Clinton from history really got cases treated basically a misdemeanor.

Even had his security clearance restored, so there's no precedent for this and I think that my own view is that Mary Garland had plenty of opportunity to explain why this is different and he didn't that little that little speech he gave was far, far short of the mark and end all we got instead word leaks from presumably FBI officials telling the Washington Post and others. Oh my goodness it was nuclear. It was about nuclear weapons it was.

I mean this is this is, as I said in the calm days you would say d�j� vu all over again just like Russia Russia Russia anonymous sources making these huge claims and then the reality never quite matching up, but the damage is done by these initial headlines and with with very few facts to back them up, and I seem to Russia no way to govern this leak that oh my God, that's it.

It's terrible.

And then just gradually fade away because it's an unnamed source. It's lead to them from who knows who in the Russia link with trump and how many Fridays stories that we have about that and then we hear what's going on with this rate. Why does this make sense will nuclear secrets nuclear seek espionage act, obstruction of justice or thought they were cooperating.

What happened well, evidently a lawyer did so III haven't seen it sign a document saying they got everything are really because one of the things he said is just put a lock on that door because we know will continue to talk about this and he said whatever you need. I'll let me know. You walk by that meeting on January on June 3, so that's a pretty high-stakes why would come to this. After all the controversy you have of the president. It makes no sense. I thought Sarah is good or who is a former trump and trumps orbit now. Oftentimes, a critical Republican said this cutting out classified information.

Serious we should all think seriously when she had seven top-secret emails on our conversations on her server classifying authority. We should have thought seriously to think this is serious.

This is so what what is different about it.

There's really no difference, except for cheap bleach. A lot of the stuff out her IT manager, Deborah answered the subpoena and she was able to come in on a Saturday.

An interview at a time of her choosing, without any cameras or recordings and no house was rated of Hillary Clinton's and she was Secretary of State.

I want to go back to one thing you said, which was make sense.

I'm beginning to believe it does make sense. In this way. In April, the New York Times reported that Joe Biden was unhappy with Merrick Garland. He wanted Garland. He believed that Donald Trump should be prosecuted and he was frustrated that Garland wasn't doing anything to prosecute trump that was in April and here we are so II.

To me there is a direct connection. I think that January 6 did not give Garland what he thought was sufficient for prosecution but buddy stumbled on this case and he is turning it into the prosecution of Donald Trump. That's my view of what this is about which ports Joe Biden's fingerprints not only on the raid. But on the entire idea of prosecuting trump and when Joe Biden says I'm going to let the Justice Department decide who gets prosecuted.

I'm not going to do any of that. Of course he lied and is no doubt in my mind that for that provide a lot of this is payback for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden going after Hunter. But I really believe that we cannot discuss because this case is so unclear and inexplicable on its own terms and as you said, why, why not continue negotiations. Why not do this. Why not do that.

It's never been done before. I think that the answer is because Merrick Garland has effectively been ordered by the president of the United States to prosecute not only his predecessor but the likely Republican nominee in 2024 and I think that's what this case is ultimately about all of these only anonymous quotes about how serious and all that it it's not going to add up. I guarantee you it will never come to fruition that there's anything in here remotely resembling a nuclear weapons issue. It is all about getting Donald Trump and I think Joe Biden is responsible for this. I think this is payback, and I think this is this is what Merrick Garland has become the errand boy for Joe Biden's obsession with with prosecuting Donald Trump. Well, here's the problem said the exact opposite: Department of Justice when it comes to law enforcement is independent. This is what we believe and this is what the president has said this is not about politicizing anything at this point finds nothing great about not been briefly and not all possible. Not discussing not briefed about the rate of Merrill log are you kidding not to be right United States. Your Atty. Gen. has just done something extraordinary. Her predecessor and funeral.

You haven't been briefed well I can see where that's not a lie because Biden says to Ron plane. You tell Merrick Garland to get off his butt and go prosecute Donald Trump. You don't need to brief Joe Biden then right.

You can read all about the papers. You can read the anonymous leaks maybe maybe the White House is part of the anonymous leaking. I just think you you would you would need a tractor to pull apart the. The idea that Joe Biden is not involved in this, of course. How could he not be how could he not know how can you not care how could he not have some responsibility for such an army would do we say he had no role in Afghanistan that he had no role in the inflation reduction act of course not.

So this is as big as any of those things in its own way. Why would he be sitting this out. He didn't sit this out is very much involved in this. I would beach shot to death if he were not somehow complicit in this raid I see we delete this Afghanistan one year since withdrawal the worst military exercise of that operation I've ever witnessed in my lifetime, and embarrassment. This country can have a generation to shake off. It was not worthy of this generation of war fighters in Afghanistan.

Michael McCall heads up an inquiry into what went wrong and they, the administration has no problem saying we loved the way this operation. Why listen to Kate Bedingfield cut 17. Does the president regret the decision that he made to pull the United States out of out of that country. Absolutely not.

We are faced with the choice of continuing a forever war continuing to stand our sons and daughters over to die. Do you believe that I mean is that what they came up with. A year later, no regrets. I think they politics you can admit error on something so large and fundamental so they got stand by their story. I'm not surprised this is that while I was some time ago and generally these days presidents don't admit mistakes most politicians don't because that is on videotape and that lives forever, but I would send this friend that it's good that we got out. With with the missile, but the fact is that Joe Biden said Al Qaeda was not in Afghanistan that was one of the reasons was the reason we went and I was one of the reason to justify the complete withdrawal is no more Al Qaeda now to Caliban themselves are bad enough.

Nonetheless, by the way. The mastermind of Al Qaeda is there, living openly and yes it's great that we drowned him and got him but doesn't point out that again Biden either was wrong or he lied because there's clearly Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. And so the whole 20 year work of wiping Cato over 9/11 has come to this where there mastermind is a living openly in the country. Once again, just as they were 20 years ago.

It's amazing lastly throats is inflation reduction actually doesn't reduce inflation. It's all about a green agenda which is not the country's agenda use Jamie Raskin trying to tell everyone how much we should enjoy the spending bill cut 29 well as soon as the act goes into effect. I hope that all of the provisions will begin to work. I am I those who been blaming Pres. Biden for the inflation going up are now giving present Biden all the credit for inflation going down to removing things in the right direction already parts of the facility will work on next question about inflation well and also the idea of legislation is going to work quickly to reduce inflation is not. I mean, we all know how long it takes. These government programs to get going and so the idea that inflation is already going down because the limits it. It's unbelievable what politicians in a jam will say I may not talk to know if we could indict them every time they live Brian so I would get a kick when someone is indicted for lying to Congress. Congress lies to us every day, especially now like so much my pleasure Brian, thank you.

We come back to take two calls 1-866-408-7669.

The reduction act. It's going to be the inflation reduction exits going to be signed will talk about the invasion was more. Find out more. Donald Trump just spoken Fox's digital schools will share that with you and will also going to talk about one year since Afghanistan.

This is the brain to me Joe, so glad you're here your knowledge base Brian show information you you demand. This is Brian kill me show a way that is, they go and that was with Gov. Abbott is doing is not is doing is actually necessary getting the world's attention to the fact that his state is been proceeds were snares, and worse, New Mexico, California.

It's a border state that with the huge border of Mexico and is being overrun at this hour. Nobody's paying attention. The border patrol agents are not being vilified there quitting on the spot.

They spend all their time intake, taking it all the stats and information and not policing the border that is frustration. So Gov. Abbott is saying if you guys want to go to New York, Coppin apostle provide them. It's costing the people of the Texas a lot of money but are trying to send a message in that case it's working. Walker your listening over and WABC in Jersey City. Hey walker, I think that every every step of the way we shop value you know when you really only one. His health was rated when Roger Stone was rated and an all in on the next. The next thing that happened it will see comp in handcuffs and if they don't if they don't get the trial out of Washington DC. He will be convicted if they cannot move the trial to a new pool state's place like the federal court agreed with Tennessee for there's no way that Trump will not be convicted if it if it if the trials take place in Washington DC go to prison away from that, I really do.

I mean, because you have documents. It may or may not be top-secret how to get them anyway. We hear about these top-secret documents you going to skip getting up your phone you take off your belt everything out going there come out. I mean, it's a far cry from that. But that is what they want they want to make sure he doesn't run.

I'm not really sure because they must feel as though this is a democratic cycle skews me Republican cycle Donald Trump where everything might be their best chance of winning again so I'm not really sure was good. I mean II know Joe Biden hopes he runs again busy think he Joe bindings is one guy you can beat so there's a lot of different avenues.

I don't think he's coming out in handcuffs by a long shot well today what we come back when you talk about something else that very much part of the Trump administration and that was Ukraine we come back to Daniel Bill Eck will be joining us member the territorial defense for the Ukraine.

What's happening over there why people worried about a tack on nuclear energy and then will to take your calls and then do a simulcast with Stuart Forney this is Michael Mitchell from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me back everybody 1-866-408-7669 Stuart Forney will join in about 20 minutes right now about telling Ukraine with Daniel Bill at one of our favorites. Member the territorial defense forces of Ukraine former chief investment advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and head of our Ukraine invest. Daniel, it seems as though were talking a little bit more about Ukrainian forces on the offensive indicators on region and some type of subversive Acord operation. Perhaps in Crimea with the Russians have lost at least nine aircraft will could you tell us to be back. A military general and you can tell which side has the advantage by bonding to and I think were now at the stage where the Russians I was bonding to all initiatives and I think that's a really important turn more by no means over clearly, but I really should get an yeah very interesting reading. Seriously softening up the South usual some guerrilla warfare and clearly driving the Russians crazy driving the Russian people who came down and occupied Ukrainian homes in Crimea crazy all leaving and you know right now from being able to take out a lot of the ammunition bases and some of their heavy equipment and airplanes at the Army base supply lines.

We are starting to choke him off bridges to get their material, e.g. To Reinforce Their Shoulders and Try to Turn the Tide Turning the Pipeline Is Getting Lucky from the United States behind Martha Harley. MM 270 from the Bricks.

American Equipment Shall Be Fantastic You Been Able to Make Use of Stuff in 2 to 3 Weeks Usually Takes 2 to 4 Months to Train and Making Absolute Precision Aircraft for Aircraft. Have You Heard Any Progress on That We Haven't Blinded Actually Crucial to Launch a Counteroffensive, He Reports That the Slovaks Are Going to Give a Fair Fleet of 29 the Russian Soviet Era in Return for Getting New American But Select the Plane Could Not Confirming or Denying Sort of Thing What What Happened on the Left Side Congress Is Law to Allocate $100 Million to Clean Ukrainian Pilots on What I Understand Are the Teams and Other Aircraft Not Tomorrow. Unfortunately, Too Bad.

I Appreciate the Fact That You Are Appreciative of the Material but If You Schedule Once You Just Win This Thing. People Are Dying Because Were so Slow on Delivering What We Say Were Supposed to and I Just Worry about the Follow-Through I Mentioned This to You before If Anything Will Will Diminish the Support Ukrainian Operation Has in the US Will Find out the Will Wasting Money That It's Getting into the Wrong Hands of People Are Using It for Graft and Do You Feel Is so the Fulfillment Is There That Arrives in Poland Bordering State and It's Getting to the Front Lines Are You Are You Pleased by the Way That's Happening. Yeah, No Question. Which Airport the Other Day I Saw a Hercules Globe Unloading Equipment to Be Happy about the Deputy Getting There. We Could See the Results on the Field Shot with the Reduced Number of Fatalities Losing As It You Talked about Earlier. Brian Hundred 200 Soldiers a Day in May, June, and Probably at 25 to 30 a Day Now Because We Really Been Able to Expand the Range of Fire and for Selection by an and You Need More That I Think We Gotta Align with about 1500 Miles Long like Boston to Miami for Frontline and You 11 Hi Mark, Getting up to 60 Now Getting Small Pocket.

I Don't Know What the Problem Is Bureaucracy in the White House Holding Back the Sense That No Policy Decisions That Have To Be Made Has To Be Clearly Articulated by the Administration Know That the Administration in It to Win It.

Yes, It Is in the US Interest to See Ukraine Win the War Because the US Doesn't Want to Live with an Aggressive Imperialist Russians in the Future. What Were Sort of Seeing Is Hearing. I Guess US Will Be Everything Possible for As Long As It Takes for Ukraine to Survive in Exactly the Same Thing. You Can Survive for Long Time on Life Support. But It's Not a Great Quality of Life Ports Well You Know We Need All the Other Day and I Think This Is Probably the Clearer Policy Statement of What Our Lord Directed Ukrainian Matting.

This War Started Eight Years Ago in Crimea and and Gary 90% of Ukraine Having Suffered Holistic Counsel Gone through Everything That They've Gone through Great Torture, Not Just a Horrible 90% Are in Favor of Not Getting, Not 1 Cm Wattage of Ukraine and so the Russians Could No Only Going to Come Back and Know That Connor Was Always Walking toward Well You Know What You Have To Conflict Facing a War of Annihilation and Extermination, but House House and What the Cost of That's Going to Be in Terms of Why Instruction Really Depends on Our Western Allies and Especially like His with This Member, the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine Your Money Got so Why Would It Work in the Russian Interest to Add to Speed up the Elimination of Their Number One Customer European Union As Much Is You Want to Be out. They Want to Be Out Of Their Relationship with the Russians Yesterday. They Know That They Need Their Natural Gas and Oil to the Pipelines, but the Russians Are Beginning to Cut It off and They're Prepared for. European Union Is Prepared for Winter without It. Why Is It in Their Best Financial Interest to to Perpetuate This Meaning. The Russians Were All Optional People. Democracy Will Not. They Are All Taken That They Are Going to Eliminate Your Claim and Probably Go Further down, Got Closer They Got Cash Reserves.

They Think They Can Get around the Sanctions That They Can Certainly Value the Lives of Their People so No Supper a Little Bit More about.

Not a Big Deal. There. That Is That Everybody We Stick to the European This Winter, They're Going to Cave Ukraine under the Bus, and She Could Deal with Russia Pick up the Section of the Business As Usual and This Is Going to Be Actually Were Coming down to Crunch Time for the West in Terms of Its Values and Sticking by and I Have To Say That by Doing Bending over Backwards to Try to Find Alternate You Find Alternate Sources of God to Get It through the Winter Press We Have It in You. We Have It, We Could Perpetuate the Terminals LNG Terminals in There and Get This Done an 18 Month Liquor, but We Have It, but There's a Political Reasons Why When I Using Our Natural Gas Resources Will Be a Boon for Everybody and We Know Natural Gas Burns Cleaner. I Got Asked to Couple Things about the Fight Itself. You Decide to Blow up A Few Bridges Surrounding Cure Son Because You Don't Want the Russians Resupplied Almost As If They Have To Sit There Final Thought on That. I Mean, What Is the Tactic There. Do You Know Where My My Wrong Exactly Right. David Didn't Slay Goliath. I Waited for the Weak Point and and and Kill Them off When We Understand What Was Going to Take What Were Doing Is Cutting up His Supply Lines of the They Don't Think the Animal Equipment Themselves Psychologically Undermining the Breakdown Basically Choking Them Once and for All.

You Want Anything from Russia Is One of Your Country Elect. Thanks so Much Appreciated. Best Looking Ukraine.

Listen We Come Back We Do Simulcast Was to Find the Close with Your Calls, 1-866-408-7669 Busy Monday Bright Film He Chose, so Glad You Now Brian Kill Me Show Joints. FOXBusiness Is Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian. Kill Me Back Everyone Got A Few Minutes after This Effort with Morning I FOXBusiness Overrun to the End As Well As Vaccination Will Still Be on Radio beyond Streaming Service and Then of Course FBN Is a Hot Cable Network Is to Advise Got a Great Show, so Will Be Talking about Whatever the CDC Talked about Was Happening with. Guess What Alex Berenson and If We Can't Get to This on This Head out. I'll Finish up and I Sit down and Come Back to the Show Solely about Him Go Back to Twitter so Solicited Together, the Board of the Tech Is 1051 You Know That Means Brian Kill Me Joins Us Now. Brian Vaccinated Novak Joke of It Can't Compete in the U.S. Open Because He Can't Get into the Country Unless He's Vaccinated. I Think This Is Absolute Rubbish, Brian, Otto, Pulled by I Think You Want to Please I Hope You and I Was Upset When Australia Did It to Make No Sense Because We Use Our Heads. I Looked at the CDC's New Guidelines and Refusing Them Because Again, Ranging the Elections Getting Close out That I Say That We Will Not Different Differentiate between Facts and Unbacked People. Okay No Longer 6 Feet Apart. Okay No Longer Recommends Quarantining If You Test Positive Removes Test to Stay in School, but We Can't Let One of the Thinnest Best Most Athletic People in the World Play Tennis Again.

Somebody Else What 30 Feet Away in a Ball If You Want to Say Don't Listen When after You Done with the Core. Just Do Me a Favor after down the Court Is Going to Lock Room with Ample Room for You Is Best for the World. I Think the People of Queens and the People of America at the U.S. Open Deserve to See You. So, What an Embarrassment. John McEnroe Who Said I Got Double Backed and I Got the Booster Said This Guys Got Apply. Of Course, You Gotta Play What Is Embarrassment, Why Doesn't He Just Fly to Mexico Get up Backpack Go to the Southern Border Walk across Is Not to Be Vaccinated. I Would Do It and Hop on That Bus Hop on That Texas Bus Yeah and to Be Greeted by Eric Adams Read the Port Authority Those Days Hour and 1/2 All Chip in for That Will Let's Get Serious.

Colleen Jump yet. I Was Asked If the Inflation Reduction Act Is Orwellian Role Type Is Called the Inflation Reduction Act, but the Commercial Budget Act Office Which Is Nonpartisan Said That There Would Be a Negligible Impact on Inflation This Year and Barely Impact Inflation at All. By Next Year Is Almost Orwellian.

It's Making Sure That Billionaires and Corporate America. Not Paying Their Fair Share of Making Sure That It's That the Tax Code Is a Little Bit More Fair and When You Put It in Its Totality. He Will She See That It Will Bring down Lower the Deficit, Which Will Help Fight Inflation.

George Orwell's Book 1984 Was about the Perversion of the Truth at the Government Level and That's What's Going on Here Is Because This Definition Inflation Reduction Act Does Not Reduce Inflation and Bernie Sanders Said It.

We Have All These Other Experts Say, Which He Cites 100 Accomplices Can Reduce Inflation. It Does Make Any Sense.

In Fact, the Minute It Passed Away. I Think It's a Matter of Him Signing at This Point They Started Really Saying Is $369 Billion Worth of Climate Investment, the Highest in America's Excuse Me, I Thought It Was about Reducing the Deficit.

So As Soon Excuse Me Inflation As Soon As It Passes the Expose of Food What Exactly It Is and It Is Embarrassing. It's an Insult to Us, Just like the Saying Today Afghanistan Was His Excess Star and Was What Had to Stop Which Gives Me Is the Way It Ended What You Did, Ignoring the Reality. That's the Issue.

If You Want to Read If You Want to Reduce Inflation Which You Do Is You Reduce Spending Is One of the Things You Can Do at the Same Time You up Interest Rates through the Fed Which Is Happening.

Wouldn't That This Whole Thing up Spending Instead of Calling It Is a New Way to Handle Inflation. It's Called Your Agenda Now. It's Good for the Country.

I'd Love to. Though Who It Was Who Invented This Name the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Who Did That Got Have a Sense of Humor.

A Cynical Sense of Humor to Do That Because It's the Perversion of the Truth. I Find Amount of Time Brian Normally like to Extend These Things As Long As I Can, but I Got a Heartbreaking or How This Works Even More Powerful Than the Host of the Show.

The Heartbreak Takes Precedence. It Does Actually Cut off in Your Prime Brian You're All Right Sing It Soon.

Thanks Joe WRC and Hey Joe I Brian, Good Morning. I Can't Believe It Right Now to Try to Claim a Victory and Withdrawal It Would Render America Buying Should Be Impeached for That Get Known 13 Children Killed. I Think a War Criminal Droning That Father in a Tanning Work. So You Get a Talking .20 Years Blood Sacrifice Wiped Away in a Week but Is Incompetent and No One Was Held Accountable. Brian Will 80 Billion in Weapons and Equipment You Left for Al Qaeda. Now They Come Back. We Gave Away and Bake China Allocated Back Sharia Law Implemented at the Training Ground Al Qaeda Terrorist. Now Women Have To Be Back in School.

Probably Not Gay Got Room to Get an Insult to Injury Came Back and Watch You Care about That That Show Did a War Criminal. In My Eyes, Brian, and He Should Be Impeached a Little Horse with Axes Totally Incompetent When You Had All of His Military People so That's How I Recommended but I Did It Anyway and This Is Well Previous Deal Was in Place When You Talk about You Overturned Everything Trump Did the Deal That Was in Place Had Nothing to Do with Giving up Barbara and the Prisons of the Former Prison United States Never Would've Allowed L Bar Door to Take Kabul.

He Said He Would Send One More Foot and I'll Blow You up. I Know Exactly Where You're in the Would've Done It Because It Was Fresh off Killing Salom� Any so That Would Happen.

I Did Not Love the Talks Were Written in Afghanistan.

I Didn't like Was Callous God Was Leading during the Trump Years. I Also Don't Think the Trumpeter Pulled Everybody I Talk to People with Him. They Said Let Me Get through the Election Will Revisit and See Were Rat. He Never Would've Let This Happen. And If You Don't Believe Me When You Agree That Donald Trump Thanks for the Call. Joe Has a Big Ego and the Answers Yes Would You Believe That He Wants to Be Successful at All Cost Answers Yes He Would Never Want to Be the Guy That Gave the Afghanistan to the Taliban. Believe Me, They Go to Brian Kelly., Linda Be in Albany September 8 November 11 and 12th.

I'll Be in Tulsa, Oklahoma As Well As Brandon, Mississippi, and Then Back in Newark, New Jersey Order Tickets Brian Live from the Fox News Radio Studios in New York City.

Fresh off the Set of Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Brian Would Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here, but If the Right to Only Show the Bottom of the Elbridge Carol Jonas Talk about the Political Fallout from the Merrill Lago Raid by the FBI When We Go Today with Him, Col. Oliver North on What's Left of Afghanistan That He Saw That He Cover That He Watched and Then Fall Apart before His Eyes, and How the I Guess the Military Community Feels about All Their Hard Work and Sacrifice Life and Limb Loss in the See the by Demonstration, Throw It Away and I Can Believe They Still Say Was a Success. Let's Get to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Quarterback Office Which Is Nonpartisan Said That There Would Be a Negligible Impact on Inflation This Year Is Almost Orwellian Inflation Reduction in the Nonpartisan Experts Say It's Not Yeah Exactly Charlie Crow Inflation. Bill Is a Green Boondoggle and Now Dims Beginning to Admit It Makes Us More Subservient to China Weakens Biotech and Spends Money We Don't Have. Yes Victory for the Democrats. No Doubt about It, but Not for the Country As the President Regret the Decision That He Made to Pull the United States Out Of Out Of That Country. Absolutely Not Your Face with a Choice of Continuing a Forever War Continuing to Stand Our Sons and Daughters over to Diane Afghanistan.

Unbelievably, How Insulting That Is Pending till One Year after the Disastrous Calamitous Embarrassing Exit from Afghanistan the White House to Try to Spin and Sell Us on Their Success. Not Here, As We Focus on the State Department and White House Whose Decision Humiliated a Generation of Great War Fighters While Left America and Her Allies behind Enemy Lines Now Believe That Information. We Should All Think We Should Think Necessary.

Merrill Lago Raid Exposes, There Were Items That Need to Be Returned. Yes, Unclear Why They Could Not Have Been Obtained through Talks and Now the FBI's Being Accused of Taking Trumps Personal Papers and Is Still Not Clear Why the Where the Why Why the Warrant Why the Raid When He Could've Just Asked a Judge to Enforce the Subpoena.

It Makes No Sense.

Also, Special Thanks to KX DX 1550 AM in Fresno California for Carrying the Show Is the Best Talk in Town and Hopefully by Caring or Show Just Got Better. Thanks so Much Me Well Attended Col. Oliver North Always Makes Our Show Better When He Joins Us Col. before I Get John Afghanistan. What Is Your Take on the Raid and the Critical Criticism the FBI Six Is Feeling Right Now. Well, Every Once in A While Holding up. Maybe That's the Last Time No Never Happened and I Don't Have the Gift of Prophecy, but I've Been around This Time a Long Time Watching This Kind of Thing up before You Know at One Point in Time. I've Been at the White House for Almost 5 Years Point. They Started Asking for My Paperwork and Our Administration Was Ronald Reagan's Administration Gave Them Everything That They Wanted. He Still Wanted More.

Congress Is Always Good Behavior with Iran Can't Process. Yeah, Yeah, That the Good News Is at the End of the Day No One Went to Jail. No One Was No One Indicted, Tried, Convicted and Sentenced to Go to Jail at the End of the Day Were Some Who Pled Guilty but at the End of the Day. The Bottom Line Was Ronald Reagan Was Not Going to Be Impeached. That's What It Was All about Was Never to Impeach the President a State-Run Regular Want to Get Rid of Them.

People like to Talk about How Typical Neil and Ronald Reagan to Great Alerts When You Get Your Never Actually That's Baloney That's That's Creative History Is False. I Was in the Room When Tip O'Neill the Day That We Were Sending American Troops in the Grenada. We Waited till after 11 O'clock at Night. The Washington Compost Couldn't Carry the Story and Then Brief Members of Congress up in the Residence. I Was There I Watched Tip O'Neill Get up Right after This Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Gen., That She Spoke and I Watched a Little Get up and Walk out the Door and Say I'll See You Impeached for This Happen. Bottom Line of This Left the Far Left America Still the Same for Left Which Is More Vicious, More Vociferous and Further along in the Suburban Going to Have To Ask Mark My Words, Which Could Happen Is between Now and Labor Day on the Big Campaign Search Kickoff Really Starts to Focus on Elections Coming up and You Can See a Press Conference Held by the Atty. Gen. United States and Maybe Some Others That Are Going to Threaten the President of Former President Was Going to Jail.

The Claim That Members of Congress Are Desperate to Hang onto the House and the Senate Absolutely Desperate and Probably Likely to Totally Lose out.

So Why Is It the Same Time Reading the President's Residence for the Presence Residence the Same Time, They're Going after Members of Congress and the State Legislatures, Particularly in Pennsylvania. Why Is It That They're Doing Because the Alleged Conspiracy to Overthrow Election. That's What They're Going to Allege That's What These Guys Are All out in the Sunday Morning Talk Shows All This All This Is Aimed at Doing What the American People Know Just Went on Your Account out Front of the Show Is the Problems in America Right Now Okay and They Want to Distract from That and I Want You Think, Oh Know If You Keep a Power in the House and the Senate Will Save You from All These Terrible Things They Create Words like Inflation Reduction Act with Second Decreased Inflation at All.

All of Those Kinds of Deceptions Being Booked by This Administration Invite Their Tools and the FBI's Being Used As a Tool of the Government of a Particular Party and the Government. That's What's Happening.

That's One of the Reasons Why We Got to Do Is We Go Turn out the Vote in November to Make Sure the American People Leave People and I'm a Chronic Optimist. You Know We the People of God to Throw These Rascals out and Start Fixing It in the House and the Senate in Two Years Return the Presidency to the Hon. Integrity.You Want to Do with Michael Wall Said about This Whole Rate Cut to the Notion That a President Of The United States Would Have Some Type of Nuclear Warhead Design Just Sitting around in a Box or Even You Saw Speculation on the Sunday Shows Today That It Could Have Been the Names of Russian Sources, or Images of Spy Satellites. The President Gets Finished Intelligence He Gets Analysis. This Kind Speculation Is Just Shaping up to Be.

Russia Hopes 2.0 Is What He Was Seeing Is the Prison Had Nuclear Codes or Nuclear Details about Our Nuclear Defense in His Mitts.

No One I Don't Know.

I Took Any of Them. He's Not into Building a Library to Begin with, You Want to Get Back There. Number Two, He's Not Deciding What Boxes to Take out. We Watched It on Video. Go to Marine One. Return 15.

I'm Sure He Would Return to Most of the Rest except for the Ones He Took That Electronic Trying to Attorney-Client Privilege on Claim Whatever They Want Whatever They Say That They Really after Will Be a Lie. These Clowns Lie Repeatedly and so What You What You See the End Result of Another One Purchased Anything like What They're Looking for Is a Crime Taken on This President.

They Don't Want to Be Able to Run Again. They're Afraid of the Effect He's Having on the Election of People. The Numbers Victory. She Got in the Primaries in the Primaries, He Still Has an Enormous Following 75 Million Americans Who Voted for Okay. The Bottom Line of It Is They Want to Do Anything They Can to Destroy the Man.

That's Why the Atty. Gen. in New York City and New York State. That's What the District Attorney in Manhattan.

That's Why Every Jurisdiction 87,000 New IRS Agents Working on Donald Trump Not Heard a Good Excuse Why We Need Them. It Makes Absolutely No Sense to Me If Anyone Thinks That They're Just Going to Go after the Jeff Basis of the World Is Going to Have To Just Reach People You En Masse Because He Can't Get Enough Money Hello How Do You Justify Spending All This Money Will Go to Get It Back or How You Do That Will A Lot Of People Are Paying Their Taxes Will Who Are Those People Because the Top 1% Are Paying 40% of the Whole Country and Top 1% Attorneys and Accountants Picture. Make Sure Not Breaking the Law Allowing Time to Change What Were What Were Suffering from Right Today Is in Excess of the Government of the United States in the Hands of Crazy Leftists.

This Is My Jos� Tone Would've Loved to Have Had a Government Is Complicit As This One Is in Taking This Country off the Left Side of the Ship Were in Serious Trouble in This Country Today Because the Far Left Is Governing There in the White House Executive Branch Temple Branches Both Houses of the Congress and If They Could Fill the Judiciary with People on the Far Left. What's Happened in the Cities and States When They Take You Far Left Prosecutors and Basically Stop Prosecuting Crimes and Ignoring the Victim in Serious Trouble. That's What We Can Fix It.

We the People Can Fix It in November Will Start the Process Will Begin.

Hopefully by 2024. We Got Good Candidates to Another Side and I Say Our Side of the American People Side.

That's What We Desperately Need to Have Some American People Need to Turn out Fix It so the Ministration Is Trying to Reset What Happened in Western Afghanistan. You Live Did Seem Extremely Personal to You, I Believe, Is the Worst Military Disaster in Our History, Bar None, Including What Happened in Vietnam and Saigon. It Was Worse. Even Though We Pledged It Would Be Just the Opposite. Tape Bedingfield Trying to Explain It Away Cut 17. Does the President Regret the Decision That He Made to Pull the United States Out Of Out Of That Country. Absolutely Not.

We Are Faced with the Choice of Continuing a Forever War Continuing to Stand Our Sons and Daughters over to Diane Afghanistan Continuing to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year There, Pres. Biden Made a an Important and Tough, but the Right Choice to End That War to Bring Our Our Sons and Daughters Home and to Free up Resources. Your Witness Will I Wish I Was One of Those Was Still in the Hospital When Things Collapsed in 1975 and Applicable in the May 1975, and No One Ever Expected It Was Going to End Badly and I Thought It Would Never Happen Again. I Know That Others That We Have Is Talking Heads. For Fox News. Fox News Radio Television Think It Will. Recovering from This Disaster.

I Would Say That the Armed Forces of the United States Today in Our Ability to Deter War and Defend Ourselves. We Have To Fight One Is Far Worse Today Than It Was before the Collapse in Afghanistan. Not Just Because of the Collapse Because This Administration Has Decided They're Not Going to Improve the Defense Posture the United States. Our Ability to Attract New Allies Is Diminished Considerably.

The End of the Day. You Now Have We Had Young Americans College Graduates Enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States Not Coming As Officers but Enlisting with People from the Ivy League Schools and from the Best Engineering Schools and the Best Service Academies, All of That Has Changed Dramatically Because of This Administration and the Disaster of Afghanistan, the Armed Forces United States. The First Time in Years since Mike Was Having a Hard Time Making the Quotas and Numbers with Qualified People. Why Because First of All Enormous Number of Young Americans 18 to 34-year-old Cohort Are One Incapable of Serving in the Armed Forces Because of Physical Problems, Mental Problems, Drug Use, All Those Kinds of Things That Would Say You Don't Want These Kinds of People in the Armed Forces in the Right. All of That Is the Outcome Rolling down the Hill like a Casket U.S. Army Is Tens of Thousands Short of Their Recruiting Goals and the Reimbursements Are Not Happening Anymore. I Did before Because We Are Blessed to Have Young Men, Particularly in Women Who Want to Serve Their Country in Uniform of the Armed Forces United States Did so Proudly Embarrassed by What We Are Doing in Afghanistan Look Coming Home from the War Is Always a Good Thing to Do with Doing the Right Thing. The Long Way, Which Is What This Administration Did Is Been Catastrophic.

It's for Us Globally. It's for Us Here at Home. That's the Kind of Thing That We Need a Real Leader to Inspire the People to Want to Serve I Was. And I'm Still in the States When Court in 1973 When We Decided That When I Can Draft Anymore. Thank You Richard Nixon Lyndon Johnson Sent My Brother and Me off to Vietnam and Richard Nixon Brought Us Home and Richard Nixon Was the Guy Who Said Draft Anymore. 1973 Everybody Thought the Armed Forces Would Collapse.

By 1980 with the Finest Military in the World and Stayed That Way Because People in the Oval Office, No Matter What Party They Were in and People in the Armed Forces Committees Both the House and Senate Ensure That We Got the Very Best Equipment We Possibly Could. How Is It That Communist China and Russia Now Have Hyper Velocity Weapons That Can Deliver Death and Destruction in This Country and We Can't Stop Them. I Don't Know.

They Cut the Budget to Cut the Budget for Those Programs That the Very First Time. Hyper Velocity Weapons Were Were Looked at Was on the Previous Obama Administration That This Extension of It Okay to Cut the Budget for Present Trunks and Turn It Back on Again in the Secret Decision. Okay to Start Working Again Really the Other Guys Are Way Ahead of Where the Hell Ahead of Us on This Thing and They Really Are That Decision-Making That Is Put This Country and Its Serious Risk Prime Gets a Break. I Think You This Final Statement That This Is One of the Finest Fighting Forces of Any Generation. They Deserve so Much Better on the Back of the Baseball Card. By the Way, Joe Biden Chose to End It and I Don't Think They Should Feel at All Doubt about What They Did and How They Served with a Sacrifice Just on Absolutely Right. God Bless This Country Forever Young Americans Will Serve in Harms Way and Protect Us from All the Evil What's out There.

Serve with Our Men and Women or against Us Understand What I Said Is 100% True. To Understand What How the Adjustments Made the Battlefield from the Technological Standpoint to the Human Standpoint and I'm Still in All of It.

As People Unwind It in a Pedestrian Way Was I Didn't Serve to Me. I Can Imagine You Covered. As a Reporter and Then You Fought There As a Marine Col. Thanks so Much about It by You and Pick up His Latest Book, the Giant Awakes a J.Crew's Novel That Is Col. Oliver North Back in a Moment Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show a Radio Show like No Other and Just Felt Great to Know That in the Championship Game, the First Ever Metro Region and I Just so Happy That Were Here with Have Been like since Joe All the Attention Very Representing You Work Metro Long Island Massapequa. That Is Jointly Netting the 12-year-old Who Had Nine Cases through No-Hitter to Put Massapequa into the Williamsport Pennsylvania Little League World Series First Long Island Teen since 1978 First Time in Their 72 Year History.

Get This If Anyone Has Kids in Sport. You Know That the Model Now Is to Get Your Parents on Coach Give It to Give You Money. The Trainer Should Have Enough Money for Training Kids Got Almost Drop out. These Are All Volunteer Coaches in Massapequa, New York, and They Were Able to Break through like This Then You Watchmen ESPN Do with They Do the Kill Most of the People There Playing A Lot Bigger. They Cry from a Much Wider Area.

This Is Just One Small Town Who Plays Great Fundamental Baseball Meanness. They Had Two Defensive Stops on ESPN's Top 10. Another Got a Play on Friday to Get a Play on Friday and They Will Guarantee Two Games If They Win Those Two Games It Can Have One Loss the Way It Works on These Brackets. But Once You and the American Side Then You Play the Best in the World to the Caribbean and Taiwan and Always Other Great Nations Are Playing Each Other and Then You See It on the Little League World Series. So This Is Become America's Team. They Say People People Find out That You Are Informed When They Find out How Small the Town Is and How Much They Were Already Overcome so Now They Bid to Keep Your Eye on Them in Williamsport and A Lot Of You Live Forward Some of You Ignore It. This Is the One You to Pay Attention and Congratulations All Those Coaches and All Those Parents. That's a Massapequa Coach Little League All the Other Teams Agreed to This Is a First.

We Come Back Threadbare Speaking of Great the More You Listen More, You'll Know, Brian. Kill Me Now Information Is When Emails on Conversations on Her Server Classifying Authority. We Should Seriously Think This Is Serious. This Is Not Really That Is Maybe What about His and Is Effective Here. Threadbare Is Been All over.

This Was Grabbed from His Few Days off As Your Mom's Birthday Party to Help Us out in One Nation Appreciate That People Clark for Fox News, Which Means yet to Come on Even without a Time When News Breaks, Threadbare, Welcome Back There. Thanks. Help Us out on Friday That Really Helped. So I Do Appreciate It over the Weekend, so Print What Is Change since We Spoke. Now We Find out That There Was Classified Information.

Maybe the Highest Classified Information. They Are 27 Boxes 11 Classified Four Documents Were More Top-Secret. Evidently Something Was Marked TS/SCI Which Was the Highest Level but We Still Don't Understand Why Enforcing a Subpoena Would've Been More Effective Thinkers Still Baton One Problem but Classification We Heard A Lot Of Different Things Will Attempt Folks One Dictate Class Blog All to Know in the Boxes. Three. It Was Protected but the Biggest Problem Is the Timeline What Made the First Subpoena and What Happens in between There to the Search Warrant and What We Saw Last Week, so Were in the Same Spot. It's Just That We Have yet to See the Affidavit That Gets Us to the Search Warrant I Have Not Seen This Maybe You Have the City Trump Lawyers Now Former Lawyers Told Them That All Material Will Reap All Material Was Removed and They Signed Paper They Signed a Paper Saying That All the Paper All That All the Papers That Were Taken from the White House Were Given Back You Know That to Be True. I Don't Know That True and I Also Don't Know That Some White House Lawyer Signed off on Papers Arriving Amontillado and You Know Where Were They Know There Was a Secure Facility for Getting Briefings and Documents of Skiffs at Malaga with the President Was President, and I Continue so It's Not like There Were in a Broom Closet. I Don't Think We'll Have All That Detail Right Couple Things. When the Print I Think It's Unexplored. Maybe Your Bet, You Know Better, Who Told Everyone to Pick up Want to Remove like the GS so I Do Sign off on This Stuff. The GAO at the Sign off on This and Then You Watch People Walk in with No Cardboard Filing Cabinets in There Putting It into Marine One Who Decided That Your How Was It Taken out 15 Box Were Immediately Given up in January More Than 15 Boxes Was Present Again and I Will Put Them There. Can We Go Back to Those Dates. At the Present Actually Walking with You. Truman Say I Want That One, That When That One and That One, so Do We Do Think That Process Is Worthy of Exploring and Usually the Classification Process Involves White House Counsel, Maybe Testified to the D Class Process. In His Testimony to the Generally Six Committee. We Don't Know but There Is Some Documentation of the Declassification.

It's Not. There Is Broad Authority, but There Has To Be Some Kind of Marking the Moment, Not Just like Proof It's All Done and Remember Where We Were after January 6 before the Inauguration. I Would Say It's a Little Chaotic at the White House. So Going Back to That Time Is Important Yeah Couple Things I Trump Says He Wants His Boxes Back to Some of Them Have Some Paperwork to Show Attorney-Client Privilege so That Matters to This Is the FBI Looking Something Shouldn't like. He Says He Actually Not That This Means Anything to Me Are You with the Audience. But Just so You Know They Specifically Want a 14 826 813 833.

This Was Labeled Attorney-Client Privilege, and It Was Taken Anyway and Also Makes One Speculate That That FBI Agents on You Probably Will Today As Well. When You Went for Nine Hours. You Said You Got a Tip That Says Go in There You Could.

This Paperwork Is That We Couldn't Wait Anymore. They Took a Weekend They Want in Which You There for Nine Hours. Some of Speculate If You're There for Nine Hours. You Don't Know What You're Looking for and You Don't Know Where It Is, so That Also Lead to Speculation. What You Need to Go through Monte's Closet, Which They Did Really Broad Look at the Search Warrant.

Every Nook and Cranny of Moloch. Every Place Guest Rooms at Present Could Be Stored Something.If Any Document from One President from the Beginning.

It's Not like You Are Pinpointing a Narrow Search so Yeah That Leads to Speculation about What Else with a Crime to Find or Maybe They Were Just Seeing What They Could Find Nine Hours a Long Time. We Are Preparing with the Sale so That the Big Story Today Is One Year to the Day since the Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan Closer Mike McCall's Been Trying to Do an Examination of What Went Wrong and There Was A Lot Got No Cooperation for the State Department but the Minority Did Release a Report. Here's a Little of a Cut 22 but There Are so Many Mistakes of the Biggest One for Me. Having Lived through Outworking of Being in the Classified Space Listening to the Intelligence Community Tell the Story about This Is It's Going to Fall Sooner Rather Than Later, the Military Set of Tolls the Same Thing and Then We Went to State and They Paint in the White House. Very Rosy Picture There's a Disconnect between Intelligence on the Ground and with the White House Is Doing in This Report, the Says All Right There's No Way to Evacuate Embassy Personnel from Helicopters like We Did in Vietnam for Know What Happened and Was Worse since It Will Be Another Saigon and Is Worse in the Sum of This Video Is so Horrific Running along the Plane You Think This Ministries Is Effectively Trying to Move past It Not Having a Briefing Not Having Don't Kill Island There Is Nothing to Talk about Course, They Want to Move past It, but It Was Really of the Foreign Policy, Missteps It Started a Avalanche Questioning around the Globe.

If We Do This.

What Else Does It Mean for US Sticking with Allies or Following through Which Six Are for You Brett. I Think That the Communication Was Really Quite Something in Those Early Days, the Fact That One Year Ago Today Kobe Adm. Kirby Say No. We Have This under Control and Days Later Major Cities Are Calling to Tell and the Allies Are Leaving the Air Cover Had Stopped so Change the Dynamic Immediately and Then Really Bought Something. Even Bob Was the Biggest the Biggest Thing Brett Lasting Was a Busy Night Season to Be Signing.

I Imagine Sometime This Week. This Said This Inflation Reduction Package Hello Do We Call It That, and How Soon to We Can Switch to Climate Change Package. What Are You Starting to Have The Members around the Country Pinching about the Climate Change Energy Bill Was Only Called Inflation Reduction to Get past Congress or That during That Week. In Reality It Doesn't Show.

I Think It's Awesome That This Weekend with White House Press Secretary Trying to Field Questions from Giancarlo on ABC. It's Just Not It Doesn't Work That Way. So the Question Is How Much Is It Going to Make a Difference and How Fast Change Things Had Midterms Really Big Question Brett U Play. Today We Able to. How Was Your Mother's Birthday. Okay. Did You End up in the Big 75 Have the Whole Family Together but Golf Is Greatly Did Not Cause Problems with the Bidens. Although We Cannot Cut off to Go a Couple Different Ways That Secret Service and the Bidens Were Very Separate from Where We Were and That We Had a Great Weekend so Interesting to Both Their the Same Time.

Happy Birthday to Your Mom's a Great Job with Her Sons Brett Have a Great Shot Tonight. You Got It. 1-866-408-7669 We Come Back to Talk about Will Got A Few Things to Talk about More to Know I Want to Give an Idea What Else Is Going on besides the Big Three Also to Give You an Idea of What Would a Big Deal. I Think Afghanistan Is Mike McCall Was Actually Bursting Out Of His Suit Yesterday in Trying to Explain What Was Wrong. Really Drove Me Nuts Is They Said This Was Partisanship and They They Pick and Choose Excerpts of What Happened Afghanistan to Fit Their Own Narrative. Nothing Could Been More Wrong Because We All Know What Happened. They Are Not Talking of the People.

The Ministration Left People behind by the Thousands, and Was Still Trying to Get Amount Cut 21 Is Mike McCall. There Was a Complete Lack of Failure to Plan.

There Was No Plan and It Was the Result Can't Execute. The State Department Probably Didn't Have the Resources It Needed to Carry out an Evacuation of This Size and Enormity They 36 Consular Officers at H Kia Trying to Process Hundreds of Thousands of People. They Were Overwhelmed Yeah He Told Emberley the State Department Told Differently the Embassy There Was a Thought That They Could Stay.

The Embassy Was Fully Stacked and Was Staff and They Could Continue to Process Things. Remember Bart Our Call Back to the White House to to the Pentagon. They Said What He Wants to Do. Do You Want to Secure Cobble or You Want Us to When He Said We Only Want the Airport. That Is a Fact Because We at the Airport with the Depend on the Tele-Band Called the Perimeter with the Taliban Was Saying Is Again a Route to Byrne Cobble a Grant I Can Stand on the outside to Their Credit They Call Back. No Trump Was on the Other End of the Phone. Do You Think for a Second You Said Whatever You Want to Do What Pompeo Whatever You Want but Distinct Airports to Think for a Second You Know Why I Know It's Not True.

Pompeo's Military Guy Number One West Point, I Would Never Give up Country Number Two Donald Trump Wouldn't Want to Be the Present United States. They Turn the Country over the Taliban. I Did Want Want to Talk to Them without Donnie and the Presence of the Afghan Government.

No Doubt about after That Was Mistake Callous out A Lot Of Zach A Lot Of Things He Conceded Was a Mistake. He Said He Was Doing with the Administration's Want to Do with the Ultimate Deal Was Actually Awful and the Ultimate Result Could Not Have Been Worse and Resulted Not Only 13 Dying Americans Time but over 100 Civilians Just Waiting to Leave, Many of Which Were American Citizens to Citizenships or Allies about Crazy Right. Hey If You Want to See Message and Hope You Do Go to Bring to See in Albany September 8 A Few Tickets Left. I Want to See Everyone out There. And Special Thanks to K XPS 1550 A.M. Fresno California Attorney Michelle Show That This Is Show Back Everybody. Thanks so Much for Singles You along to Is Albany Area Drive There. I Can, I Would Get Back on Stage.

A Temporary File.

Talk about All My Books America Great Start History of Thousand People at a Time, Telling Our Real Stories, Not Perfect, but Trying to Be As Well As Answer Questions, but the News Fox and and That's What I Had the Most Fun and at the End You Have of You That My Good Friend Pat O'Rourke Stand up Comedian to Open Things up in Red White Blue Way in the MC Rick Factor.

So Let's Get to the Big Let's Get Find out If Indeed There's More to Know Know Salman Rushdie's on the Road to Recovery's Agent Confirm That Sunday. The Announcement Following News That the Writer Was Removed from a Ventilator Saturday Because He Was Almost Stabbed to Death by This Idiot Close out for Rushdie Said Excuse Me Andrew Wiley .3 Have the Name of the Guy Who Actually Stabbed Him As He Used a Phony Name but This Guy's Been Basically Running for His Life. The Last 25 Years Thought He Was Okay to Give a Nice Speech.

The Fight Was Still in Existence. Thanks to Ron. They Cheered It Officially They Didn't. But You Know They Did His Son Rub Rushdie Son Release a Statement Saying We're so Grateful to All the Audience Members Who Bravely Leapt to the Defense of, and Be First Day to His Dad and the Doctors That Were Involved Got Stabbed in the Neck He Got Stabbed in the Abdomen.

He Was about to He Could in Fact Lose and I but 75 Years Old Is Going to Be Okay. Next, the UK Rising Cost of Living for Springs to Part Ways with Pets. That's a Little Desperate Don't You Think the Cost of Living. Yet Inflation Is Going up for Pettit Animal Shelter Say Their Expressing Record Inquiries Forgotten Dogs Because the Train Comes in the Country's Ruling from Rising Bills.

I Guess We Gotta Feed Him, You Gotta Give Them up. Perhaps They Say on Average UK Households, As Well As $4300 a Year. Next You Write What You Know. Lisa Kudrow Disagrees with People Who Are Talking about Friend Should Be More Diverse, so Lisa Kudrow Who Was One of the Stars of One of the Stars of Friends Wish There Was Claims by Our Friends Craig Amato Marta Cauthen Explained That the Craters Have No Business Writing for the Point of View of People of Color Asked in a Recent Interview about Her View of the Beloved Shows Diversities Is I Feel like Will Show Greater by Two People with the Brandeis and Wrote about Their Lives from College and after College Temperatures, Especially When It Comes to Comedy. That Character Driven to Write What You Know They Have No Business Writing Stories about Expressions to Being a Person of Color.

I Think at the Time the Problem Was That IC Was Was the Apprenticeship Okay I Got It but I Also Think Is Important Understand That There's Maybe Half the Country. They Feel Certain Way and This Other Havoc onto the Field That Does Not Watch Them in Whatever They Say Makes Sense to Them Early This Summer And Place to Donate $4 Million to Her Fun and Endowment to Chair Positions in the African-American Studies Department at Her Alma Mater and That's Brandeis University so She's under Criticism for Not Being Diverse Enough of the Cast Will Probably Not Make Friends Today. That's Bottom Line Not Make Serious Friends. Next, Knowing Teammates Barricaded Themselves in a Pod Making Demands Including Books, TV They Want to Be Able to Watch the Saints. The Office of Orleans Parish Sheriff Susan Hudson Told Fox That the Residents of the Highly Secure Applied to. We Refusing to Enter Their Cells and Comply with the Officer's Commands Remove Barricades from Entryways in the Pod Sheriff Step Is Going to Employ the Best Practices to De-Escalate the Situation. Look Autumn White Collar Crimes Non-Nonthreatening Crimes and Should Have Some Quality of Life behind Bars and Watching the Same Games. I Don't Think Is Out Of Control Once Is a Problem Gambling. I Don't Know Gambling for Aspirin Blankets Next Right Carries Alanna Home Was Burglarized While She Was on Vacation. On Page 6 Says That Carrie Was Busy on Vacation in Capri, Italy, and That a $20 Million Mansion to Have the and Luxuriating a $20 Million Mansion in the Hamptons Will When We Shut the Hamptons. Her Atlanta Home Was Burglarized. Please Have Confirmed the Break-In but Tell Us That This Is Still an Open Investigation Information May Be Limited Carries Reps and Not Respond to the Request.

Jeremy Well Spent Last Month in Italy with Boyfriend Brian Tanaka. I Don't See Famous Pictures of the Group Were All over the Place. Next Michael Jordan's War 1998 NBA Finals Jersey Could Fetch $3 Million at Auction so the Resorption Says It's a Rare Piece. Jordan's 1998 Finale in Game One Jersey Is among the Most Highly Desired Pieces of Sports Memorabilia and the Present Example Is One of Just Two Final Jerseys to Ever Appear on Auction.

I Come after That. Come September 6 You Get Your Chance to Bid on It. I Will Bid on It. But I Most Likely Will Lose You Not Saying It'll Sell around 3 Million.

So How High Will You Go You Know What He's Worth More If He Washed It or Didn't You Want the True Authenticity of like to Join Mike on the Room and Went to Heaven's Jersey Frame Next Prince Harry's Underwear from Naked Las Vegas Pictures Scores 20 50,000 by Dollar Bid. It Only Took A Few Minutes for the Bidding to Skyrocket. $10,000 Opening Bid to $16,000 for the Strip Club Owner from San Diego Called the Place a Bid for $250,000. It's Not a Typo. Dino, Who Is the Strip Club Owner I Get to Go by That Says He Plans to Create a Shrine for Harry's Undies to Be Ends up Winning the Auction so I Push the Auction Went down to Larry Flynt, Hustler Club Where Kerry Claims Prince Harry Dropped by Doing Their While Time in Las Vegas. It Was a Fun Guy at That Point You Think about This.

Though If You Can Go to 3 Million for Jordan's Jersey File of One Third Less Right You Can Get the Undies Piece Once in My Void with Everyone. Everyone Including Harry Wants to Go Away outside to Some Type of I Don't Know Weird Thing to Put the Bar. I Believe That You Go Want Those Washed, over 100 Meteorologists and Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not Just

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