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September 1, 2022 12:45 pm

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September 1, 2022 12:45 pm

The Brian Kilmeade Show 09-01-2022

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Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold live Fox News Studio City New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice to kill me. Thank you much greener body of the brain can we chill 1-866-408-7669 if you want to vaccination you can see that Jason gave it to you in the house and Julie Banderas coming in at the bottom of the hour, probably a little bit late, exasperated with the child and maybe lick run you you you you in a number that yes I'm sure she can be a number two sushi will not be real. I so let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's phase 3, number three, now they're making the same argument for saying that at a special master would endanger national security and, in their case why the special master is an extension of the court there pointed all the time. So what's the big deal. Bring on the special master. I'm not buying the DRGs picture from error log the trunk to make mistakes.

Do I want to hear why trumpet is deemed dangerous hand everything over.

Sure but MI sold on the alert you leads you legal alley was in the illegality illegality you as you did oversight for oil to write that I got a dictionary for me at all times because of the photo of the flow of the floor marked off by the FBI. How many of their folks of New York City or Washington is parish five. Why are they asking what is the administration we got suggestions. If you guys will bother Sheriff Jim Skinner from the border in Texas hello second city Texas start sending illegals and buses to Chicago joining DC in New York City is crating havoc there like a rabbit deals with daily of the perceived state of Texas is more deadly.

Fennel takes over or breaks more lives daily all across America. What will it take for buying to un-break the border under British series, in our nation's history bag. Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy unbelievable divide and dismiss. This is the deployed strategy of the Biden and the Democrats administration ridicule trump voters and alienate the Republican base.

Pretend you are tough on crime. The economy is roaring that the border is closed. Afghanistan was a success. Please let me know how this helps the nation and his political fortunes literatures canal the poem say wow I can't believe he is 45% approval rating is 38 and that was one pull that habit 45 Jason first off, I'm color me na�ve, but when you label a whole party 74 million people that voted for prison trip. Maybe someone from a Republican so it's a 68 million 60 million people unacceptable. How does it help you govern. It doesn't help you govern and it doesn't help any of the Democrats can't win elections because usually to win in tight races you got to convince some of the other party to come join your side, you agree this is a deliberate strategy. Now it's absolutely idyllic. I think they went and they did pull testing they did focus groups and they said look, Biden has to show more energies got a show is fired up and somehow they got they got it demonized the Republicans and I guess is this the way to do it but I think it's going to backfire. Think of fires people augment people self identify. They met unanswerable question. They self identify their knocking to go out there and by that they're getting on-site we had enough and they want to see January 6 and they've said that those that's Meg.

Republicans now for me and for anybody. I think when prison trunk goes out on Friday for his rally. What is a bag Republican. Okay, they are strong in the border.

Number two, they are for new trade deals. We know that for sure. Therefore, strong defense not getting involved in foreign wars for lower taxes is targeting corporations are there for the working class of of their power over Alecia very pro-law-enforcement Pro defense but not Pro foreign wars so I mean pretty much what Donald Trump did. He turned a lot of the Democratic agenda on it said they didn't know what to make of it. When he started saying he had enough of these trade deals like unions were that we are neither own remanufacturing back that's Meg Republicans, they want to say all your violent really who is violent for the last three years. It was one day that everybody says that I know that was important. Besides that, I think Republicans are pushing back. I think the best analogy I can come up with its it's like a boxing match. If you're if you can't throw blow if you if you can't win on the issues just wrap up your other opponent pushing him in the corner and just give him a bear hug and and that's the way they're trying to do it. They're trying to distract from any discussion about any substantive issue keep trump in the news keep vilifying Mager Republicans. That's what they're most of America will see and therefore they don't have to talk about inflation and immigration and all these other issues. If you missed it in Pennsylvania in the middle of the day. I'm sure you can bring it up tonight when he speaks.

This is what he's been saying: where is serious moment our nation's history bag Republican. Don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy they refuse to accept the will of the people they embrace embrace political violence. They don't believe in democracy. I don't get it that to say that half the nation doesn't believe in democracy. Yeah, I mean were constitutional republic I either think a lot of people do understand the difference, but that does nothing to solve the problems that people are facing everyday true with referring to the fact that the president can continue the former present keep saying that he was robbed and reinstate me and things that nature people understand the difference at me but you know that there's not another person outside Mac gates may be in Congress who saying that either cut to is the press secretary. The president thinks that there is an extremist threat to our democracy the way that he sees is the Mager Republicans are the most energized part of the Republican Party. I was tempted to point of the cut, but I can't look there. They're trying to engage in some of this from the White House, the podium of the White House engaging the Pope the politics which the White House press secretary should not be doing but I don't think it's effective it doesn't address real people's problems and I think it's a losing strategy.

So how about this. I think for the most part I'm pretty amazed at the myth I with the Democrats are doing. For example, no one ever said that Donald Trump did want to enforce the border didn't want to cut taxes and wanted to tax reform, didn't you did actually criminal justice reform so you ever say they will sort want to label down trump a liar but you know it's objective for which they are telling you is pretty much my open the tell you the porters because we know it's not there telling you that the deficit reduction. The inflation reduction package was going to reduce the deficit. It does not.

It enhances clean energy.

They said there pro-law-enforcement and their there's a show no indication that they are there weak on crime and that's with the basically the been running on the stately Afghanistan was a big success at the total flat out lie. Everything they say it's almost the opposite. And they feel like if they just say it enough and with that, I think they're touting his eye color counterfeit democracy. I think they are trying to get go out there and convince people that this is such a threat to to to the world but they're not offering proactive solutions and look I think go look at all the people that are running for Congress. They don't want to stand next to Joe Biden, Harris Fetterman the other day did not show up yet go to Tim Rigo in Ohio. Guess what, Jim's got something else going on his schedule go down to Georgia hello Stacy Abrams as something else on her schedule. Nobody wants to be seen with this guy. He's a political liability, but somehow he thinks the answer is more cowbell, more Joe Biden is going to use to solve this just keeps speaking and but every time he speaks their students more and more gaps well there is because he did say that Fetterman was running for governor. He's running for Sen. and currently he's leaving Dr. Oz this to people that I'm watching close jade events and kinda backed off on a little but for the most part. Every day they try to rip Herschel Walker Cesar worthy and Dr. Oz. Nobody likes him and we really all he their rookie. Okay, I get the rookies but isn't that really which meant to be what you did not serve any got out. He served he got out, you might want to go back that's okay but would would you have a businessman, Herschel Walker, an athlete, Herschel Walker, who is a speaker like Herschel Walker who is got foundations when law enforcement and military since you know I did bobsled. I did track and field.

I did football. I think at UFC I think I like try politics because I understand business which Georgians need.

I don't think there's a problem with that you had a higher good staff to make some mistakes but still experience politicians. Dr. Oz initially syndicated talk show host who understands the health and care industry international business he's talking other countries about syndicating his shows in a self-made student success story who worked his way through medical school.

Excuse me. Isn't that the intent of Benjamin Franklin and others serve for a while get out hey you got a go serve in Congress for doing that in New Hampshire we have to, but everyone does something, and I I just am flat out flabbergasted how these guys get ridiculed that I don't get in serve, get out. You want people who can relate and understand your state represent your state get in in the United States Congress. I think Dr. Oz is a wonderful candidate to Herschel Walker yeah he may not be as eloquent or store have something in his is his but come on, what personnel so you can put up. He is an iconic figure in this country.

Somebody that that is has a real following. I think you'll be the next senator from from Georgia yell at me right now is up to going to the Emerson pole and the fact is, he's up to down to up to its shows its neck and neck and he's just getting so Republicans just vote Republican. Then were going to be fine.

This is why Joe Biden and the others need to vilify but I think their strategy is wrong. It's a if you or Ronald Reagan you would go out there and convince people that you know what these Reagan Democrats.

He went out and told Democrats.

This is how I can make your life better and he wasn't angry and I think that is a formula that Republicans need to remember today and Democrats are failing that test right now I watch our good friend Ari Fleischer and others say there's no way Joe Biden is running again. There's no way he's not. I'm telling you he is running again you there's no doubt about it, and is probably only one person that could stop him and might be Barack Obama if he called up and say listen, I'm going to back another candidate, to say that it's not your time anymore. That's about the only I think Jill could stop him. He's got nothing else to do, and there's no bedspread, there's who is the natural person thinks he's the bench you will look how well California is going.

They can even turn on the light LR yeah you exact assume we come back. I want to do a fresh look and rather not cut you off on Morrow log all what we learned the other day I would bothers you about it and where you think this whole thing is heading. II saw Bloomberg report that nothing happened before the election just because of religion generally did not have that they think that there cannot within the lightning.

How about that will help to you. How generous is not, then we come back we'll do that. Take your calls and Julie Banderas will be here. We think that we could back in a moment diving deep into today's top stories for Ryan kill me precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News network, mind, and dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five fast is three hours in radio with Ryan kill me.

This is absolutely the crux of it. Now it's not just a case about a document is a case about why obstructing justice and I think a much harder decision for the Justice Department down the road as to whether they indict this case because you can make an argument that what the president was once entitled these documents makes mistakes he mishandled.

Maybe we shouldn't target, but once you prove that somebody lied to the DOJ walk away from that and the question is if that is exactly say listen we have several boxes you told us. Those were the boxes and is more boxes okay. Who told you that was it. The presence lawyer present, that you do that and I'll let you guys talk it out with me right now is Jason cheap it's you not a lawyer, right now.

So what is on the Judiciary Committee right the NBC did those CNBC intelligence correspondence saying that that's roughly the case and whether talking about is the FBI mysteriously and to me I'm is put out everything 36 page report, they let that picture in and showed all the top-secret things on the floor. When I first saw the picture I thought Trump left it like that. I do not know they fended out to me with what you marketing you doing sales you selling your case to the American public to keep a special master away. That was odd audit.

It strikes me as they're out there saying they wanted disengagement politics. This is not how you administer justice. What other case would they actually do this they were trying to put together a document to present to the judge.

They didn't need that photo to do that. That was a marketing ploy. They knew that we get out there in the public they knew that there would be out there for public consumption is fundamentally and totally wrong. There pictures of taking framed photos of time magazine what what the world are they doing taking those off the wall that's read to kill us and maybe they were on the wall. Maybe they were just in that box but widely taking a photo and knowing that it will be released to the public like you got understand is you think was released to the public at all, they did. I think they knew that that was going out there to the public. That's not for judge judges to get a look at that the judge just needs to have a documentation of the rotor was the picture okay yeah I had not noticed that if you look on the far right side you'll see a box of framed photos.

One of them is Donald Trump on time magazine okay I can understand why the president has that you know you may have just collected, but look, I was the chairman of the oversight committee. I issued some of the subpoenas that went to Hillary Clinton went to the IRS and those types of entities and then they go out and destroy documents that are under subpoena. You tell me that's not worse than having these documents. Every member Hillary Clinton and others. Their excuse for having this material.

Remember when Uma Aberdeen had this in Anthony Weiner's laptop and that became an issue right before the end of the election.

The argument from the Clinton camp was.

These are just duplicates. This is not the original don't think that we took some classified material there get a can argue that it's not secure it's protected by the United States Secret Service for goodness sake, so there are a whole host of arguments out there that it is far worse for Hillary Clinton and the IRS to destroy documents under subpoena, some of which were classified that Donald Trump having a box into which he's entitled to is the is the present United States. He has a security clearance so we know about this guy, Tim Tim Ball to who decide to retire a few weeks ago. Last week walked out of the building now with these seems to be the spin on my words seem to be well he was retiring anyway.

I never part of the Hunter Biden case is going to be that that's black-and-white. That's a challenge that you can be enjoyed whistleblowers come forward.

Did you whistleblowers ever with oversight off tons of right yes so the they came forward and they talk to Ron Johnson and they talk to judicial order a glass or lastly, as under Grassley they came forward a week and have whistleblower verse, the FBI establishment on this because the way he was ever the case. He never told anybody to suppress the case and it was supposed to know. They told us you better suppress the case again and he was trying to hide the case so that's we had to get to the bottom of this. I was on Hannity last night one of the guests is a former FBI agent who is now an attorney who says there were 20 whistleblowers out there so that he's representing. So there are a lot out there. I think a lot more will come out there because I just think there are a lot of people that understand equal application of justice is what they stand for.

And that's not what's happening right here. The way they treat Clinton and Biden is totally different than how they treat Trump and anybody else associated with the right so far. People concern Chris White us worker is concerned, he was on this morning cut 23 and that search warrant was way, way too broad to begin with. So this is sort of a step towards remediating that that problem because in my 24 years in FBI I've never seen a search warrant that broad basically was. All documents created during his presidency, and that could include a lot of privilege material particular attorney-client executive privilege that there are other privileges as well could be just personal documents we saw Jim Comey run off with his memos and link them. We we've seen other presidents run off with what I should say run off with documents but take documents with them. Yes, it's a fairly normal garden-variety type of disagreement with the archives that they blown completely out of proportion hears of this that the special master review at least create a perception. I think the judge is headed in this direction towards fairness so these the former assistant FBI director Chris worker George C. Special master there should absolutely be a special master and I was surprised that photo health documents were talking about at this point.

Yeah, well, he might have hidden the meeting, tell us about them to find out what happening but the Republicans did not talk about this whole time right back will gain close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News by just Fox News time just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox News time just done, or wherever you get your favorite projects. Talk show that's getting you talk your way and kill me. We are watching right now very radical and extreme party near what we've seen in other places like Nazi Germany, like other places like the Bolsheviks. We've seen this before. This is a very tedious life. The Republican Party is under full embrace of autocratic Ways and Means is nothing but disastrous. And we have to stop it that his current bordello of you guessed it, MSNBC will watching right now is a radical extreme Republican Party like Nazi Germany. So here we go. So the president starts the charge by going to semi semi fascist Mager Republicans. Clearly this is intent intentional. This is this is their method. We do not want to talk about my record. We want to make a cartoon of Republicans make them unacceptable. So with me right now is Julie Banderas, author of a brand-new book field is a fantastical fort Fox News to anchor our youth to be an outnumbered a few hours. I am to be on outnumbered and of right and you really want women I am to be well that's up for debate right you know what I don't want to get ahead of myself. This E this is one thing it really takes you are astounded by. I was astounded you present say it and yell course. He turned away from the I heard he was at a fundraiser when he first said semi fascists never backed off. It and they came out and said this Mager Republican extremists who want violence don't accept like yeah okay so let's just start with the semifascist comment because I don't even know what that means. It's like, how are you semi fascist. You're either fascist or you're not fascist, you're either a jerk or you're not jerk you're not a semitruck. I've never been called a semi I can't say that word that starts with a B can I it's like you are or you're not in it and I also just want to say that the president has since he stepped into office bashed maggot supporters.

He needs to move on because the more that negativity. As far as I'm concerned that you bring into the circle, the more you're asking for it because you know you can get a backlash from a lot of Republican Dragon which by the way where Democrats the majority of Democrats that have switched over at the number of Democrats and switched parties. Because of this president is overwhelming. You're just pushing more across the aisles present can use more from this character, and MSNBC monograph or pillowcase are a domestic terrorist cell operating in America. This is a group of people who decided that it is acceptable to use violence and threats of violence to try to achieve their political means. That is terrorism. So terrorism Nazis has it worse and I don't know. I mean, and the referring obviously to the insurrectionist son on the capital, but those are not Trump supporters your typical trump supporters. Those are not typical Republicans. Those are extremists and let's reminds Democrats that there are extremists on both sides. The left has plenty of extremists.

Take a look at all the protests across the country that have grown so violent, so there are, you know, there are extreme on both sides hears Joe Rogan on what you just mentioned how many people are switching parties can attend as far as compensation for all those people that were forced to close her businesses and keep the door shuttered and lost everything did work for decades to build. Now there are just to be angry more than a million people transferred over the Republican Party. I think in 2021 alone for no other numbers you heard us more than 1 million voters switch the GOP raising a larger Democrats so they talk about the Hispanic vote in that but nobody talks but anymore they took with momentum going the other way. They don't talk about what is happening there. But I do notice to the Sarah Palin loss last night and the only congressmen you you knew from representing Alaska will be a Democrat so that, along with the special elections will you take from that you and I think that's more of a personal thing.

Sarah Palin maybe people just don't like her either.

She left I just don't think that she is. I don't think she's a good example of what were to see coming up in the midterms and just overall. You know that favor toward her. I don't know if she's lost favor with some Republicans, but I will say that you know as far as the anti-fashion. The semifascist comments. The president ran on unification and this is something that burns a lot of Democrats. He came into office because he believed that he was going to be the president that was going to be able to reach across the aisle he was going to be able to get things done but instead he's done the opposite.

He continues to drag maggot supporters down the road Dragon through the mud and it's not getting anywhere and it's not getting Democrats anywhere. He's doing them a disservice.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson on what he seen so far. He told Tucker cut 11 Joe Biden is all for unity when his polls were above 50%. And what is best for so so far as polls are dropping even this week as I speak down back to 38 in the latest Reuters, many tries to divide the nation and we and we know how that's going to end up talking about well-formed but it's so predictable. We went through the Russian collusion hopes and then we went to the laptop.

This information hoax. Then we went through the insurrection in an attempt to overthrow the government. January 6. It wasn't was a buffoonish rider and then we went to Donald Trump rate hopes that he had nuclear secrets and they had to be for the first time in history the next president in his home had to be invaded and if so predictable because it's just mass destruction. None of these issues that he has pushed through Joe Biden on the border on crime on inflation on the economy on energy have 50% support. He doesn't have 50% support he doesn't and you would think he would have it busy got total control. The government sued about Victor said this is just a desperation. It seems intentionally for I think he feels like he's making gains possibly think he is making gains is the other guys having shown up therapy with amphetamines out there JV of the others aren't going to which is aimed.

Doesn't that show up overridden the Ryan Tim Wright does not show up in Ohio when he goes there right now II don't think he's making gains and I'm not sure what he's thinking.

I don't know what his advisers are telling them what to say and what not to say they should be advising him not to say a lot of the stuff is insane.

As far as supporters and Hispanic maniacs want to bring this up because Hispanics are also fleeing from Pres. Biden. I mean, the immigration crisis in this country is turning off so many legal Hispanics in this country who are finally saying I'm not voting Democrat. They don't care about us.

I mean, and if they cared about us than they would prioritize us instead of prioritizing illegals so I mean tax dollars are going toward illegals instead of hard-working American citizens who migrated to this country legally. And that's another issue that's gonna bite him where hurts come the midterms are right and we come back we'll find out would if there is indeed more to know with Julie Banderas and also find out about her brand-new book, Fiona's fantastical for yes back to you on a need to know basis and you need to know the Ryan kill me. He's so busy he'll make deer kill me know that is not going to between sex and splashing water on his face and giving himself. Did you do anything like that happening between the is because you came out obviously much here and now.

I just got lighter is your management that is in three waves which you doing to a birthday break bathroom break at the U.S. Open.

She did when and she did play great but and also I love the post game interview this it was used within them to play the world. She said will pretty good to. So, but she hasn't been good lately and she's gonna retire after this U.S. Open out of capacity crowd a lot of emotion because they can't get no backtalk of edge disease are vaccinated. Julie Banderas is here and she doesn't regret it. Usually well yet we still have time. I Believe the whole vaccination story in the first of all, the USTA like I said this the other day needs to grow a pair of balls like, I mean tennis balls.

Of course, because they don't have the law, they don't have a rule that actually mandates vaccine that is not the USTA's policy. It's the CDC's policy as we know, the CDC has made a lot of bad decisions that they're keeping this guy in open air. Unable to compete top in the world is literary tribal Bible, and administration. They should be changed to applicant.

Legally there is any pressure from the administration from USTA from several different okay you can come and we can come in over this. Did you see the numbers.

There is the cases are down 10% only 450 people to country. Three new 50 million passed away and I'm sure most of these deaths have a covert as a part of it, but that the main reason for so and by the way, the anger that met the American people should feel about the we were treated over the last two years is unquantifiable. Now they're starting to mask up in Berkeley.

They tell me if you don't get a flu shot. You have to wear a mask.

People look, not enough fluids around before codefendants and all of a sudden we have to wear masks because of the fluid and then what happened three years ago, leading up to or mask. The other thing that infuriates me is that this administration absolutely flat out denies and lies about the fact that illegal immigrants are literally walking over the border with coded and that's not a problem there being costs to places like Chicago are they doing covert tests on hundreds of illegal immigrants to come into this country, absolutely not. But then we got a star world-class tennis player that's not allowed to play tennis and compete because of not being vaccinated in Flushing, Queens, which by the way, in Flushing, Queens. If covert is what you get.

That's actually a good thing. I find it there's more to know no Williams.

As you know burst out into laughter. Because of that one reason.

It was a night to remember for her 762662, she advances she's gonna play on Friday and although she looks a lot fitter. She's going to play doubles with the with venous she's got a wildcard birth in their I think that she lasts a while I think U.S. Open needs this badly because outside outside a few players. Nobody knows who's going on tennis and yet nobody does. And everybody knows her, so she is the celebrity everybody roots for her. Everybody knows her and she is she's she's exciting to watch. Next I write these major US carriers mishandled the most luggage in 2022 of you lost your luggage by the way, or an airline. Yeah, like, of course, what do you remember the airline was the number one airline rightly held various list of American was the biggest offender in this category hundred and 8000 numbers of bags lost, followed up by Southwest and Delta but I mean America. The 508,000 SW. is 62,000 Delta 47 so American what bank is going on right if you really want to make sure you keep your luggage. I was flying a Legion heard of the lease and right have only lost 1093, but that's because nobody finally heard of a Legion thereby only carry a real Jos� Weir is is is a Legion go there when she says know what Weiss would you say they were not going there.

When ago. Okay. Weird is it in Berkeley was you crying students who have not received a flu shot to mask up unvaccinated cadets at the Coast Guard Academy were told to go home. All right, your student, you're a religious exemption has been rejected.

Where does it stop and now the FDA on Wednesdays authorizing an updated version of the COBIT 19 vaccine legal become very attached to variance ago and by the way, I will submit the document. Carrie wrote me and said they've only tested on mice when I get when not getting the booster would not getting that your Berkeley do not wear the mask and those people don't deserve you with the Coast Guard if they kick you out yet and Pat and by the way, the endemic is not here for another two years so basically the common cold is going to be around them along even know the end stomach so when COBIT is finally out of our system another two years from now just you know that has what the latest official prediction. The next story scares me more is the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday authorized updated versions of COBIT 19 vaccine is that the one you're talking about Pfizer and the dharna tailoring to be effective next against omicron variant okay good I'm done of. I'm over talking about it anyway. Los Angeles County's basic income program in which a thousand residents are receiving $1000 per month for the next year three years.

In fact, is now underway.

What you think of this $2000 to giving in Pennsylvania to people that needed we know about the giveaways when it comes to loans you not to pay back now you give people guaranteed income and you wonder why we have 7 million or 11 million open jobs in this country. It's unbelievable.

You know, and for which you want to work when college is now being refunded your getting rebates oncology are not the pay to go to school and now you don't have to get a job Sally go to school next Dolly Parton launches dog apparel line called doggy Porton my life for pets is stronger than ever. She says she's got just outfits for dogs. I do not think you should be dressing up your dog well your dogs are massive so I think they would fit in anything. I'm not fat, shaming them, I'm just saying right just to make that clear case of listening.

Except I want to follow, whose death, how big are they coming, they are one of the Rockies. 135 Apollo's 120. We have Willow now who is already 55 pounds, you could fit a scarf on the maybe and it would probably go on their ankle, not even around her neck unless they have a say in what they're wearing. They should not be wearing anything. Now God's clothes. Now I can't stand it. Christmas trees are already on display.

How annoying is this at Costco and Sam's Club as holiday shopping kicks off month early hundred and 18 days away from Christmas. Second, I want to enjoy Labor Day today I think you can create anger I feel and how it annoys me and stresses me out to get them like shooting my behind. I'm I'm psychotic when it comes to decorating but I like to I need to start putting up my tree in September were not sure be as you better be even up until April. By the way, so lastly, before we talk about your book over 75% of American adults are failing in exercise so the remaining resources and population falls short and only 24 ports for a only 24% a record or are actually exercising regularly at the hundred and 50 minutes per week. That is a staggering 46.3, nearly half of US adults who failed to meet the minimum standard, don't you think this is terrible for a country it's sad hundred and 50 minutes per week were supposed exercise national GM we have Jim today we stop saying that because we don't have it right. For now, all Americans got to go to the gym once a day later Julia you want to go to lunch. Sorry I have Jim this.

That's what I want to hear You that Apple I think because of the woke is and when it comes to obesity mean you saw the Abercrombie and Fitch add that aired about a week ago this obese woman. There are companies that are now promoting obesity which is actually really sad because are trying to be inclusive at something inclusive. That's just advocating for diabetes.

Now we know more now. Julie now I can find out about Fiona's fantastical for vertebrates, books books, is a book publisher at the conservative Christian book publisher that I've partnered up with.

They have a monthly subscription book club okay for children readers are between four and 11 is that is the demographic so basically I'm a September author and every single book has a positive message is like an anti-woke pro-American teaching morals, values, you know everything the kids aren't learning in public schools these days. So my theme is perseverance and it's just teaching children positive messages that when things are getting tough and also to lean on God and to power through and how their pictures. There are pictures. I am not in the book.

I mean, well, there is a picture of me at the front.

It's a sort of a cartoon picture of myself. There are post pictures beautiful as illustrations, but the book is not just a story. It's more like an adventure. So it's actually really cool. One story read pages of right now it's one whole story about a little girl who likes to play outside and build a fort and so it kind of reminds me of my childhood because I love to play outside and play outside anymore right and that's another that's another message get your kids outside get them off the iPads but this story is really cool and in the end, you know, she perseveres and she finally achieved her goal. But there's also activities in the book and venturers. There's a map and there's all these fun explorations, and so it had on getting you to know I've braved brave which you can get until September 1 way is to launch day, so I now live on brave You cannot buy on Amazon only on brave and why you mentioned this and outnumbered, I sure am all right, great. Congratulations to all of this is my first and Brian is written like 20 bucks so I have a little catching up. Well, you know, I have never wrote written a book to inspire people really did stuff to tell people thing Noah gets inspired Americans buy from you. Thank you Brian Franco Michelle Julie Pinto's Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here buddy is the brain to me Joe standing by center Rick Scott and Marti's into insightful guys will bring this make the show better and bring these major stories forward. The present United States to be speaking today about a big speech going to talk about the soul of America.

I think got an award he why he feels he's qualified to talk about the soul of America when he spent the last I don't know three weeks telling everyone if you're mega Republican.

You have no soul. You're a semi-fascist which I'm pretty sure that Hitler and Mussolini would tell you that there's no such thing.

We'll talk about that and his strategy is effective has been protested. Is it matter of anything to win, not a matter of unifying the country the averages. Save yourself a prison country. I know you are a pond in and a political expert. I just can't really sell my soul for that, but the presence could speak tonight if she was going to say something equally insulting.

I don't think were going to give me network time. Why should we. This is a campaign speech 70 days to the election. Let's get to the big three now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three, now they're making the same arguments are saying that at a special master would endanger national security and, in their case, why the special master is an extension of the court. They are appointed all the time. Yes, I generally tell you I don't get it either. Bring on the special master. I'm not buying the DOJ's picture show from Merrill Lago did the trim team make mistakes.

Do I want to hear why trumpet is team just hand over Dover sure, but am I sold of the E legality because of the photo in the front was marked up by the FBI and tossed on the floor. I am not satisfied yet how many of their folks of New York City or Washington Parish. Why aren't they asking what is the administration got suggestions.

If you guys will bother us but they wouldn't Sheriff Skinner and they don't hello second city Texas start sending illegals in buses to Chicago joining DC a New York City grading havoc. Of course, but that is called any day in Texas any day in Arizona but will take for prison bind to un-break the border were a serious moment our nation's history back Republican voters threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy the well is not unifying to divide and dismiss. This is the deployed strategy. The Biden administration and dams ridicule trump voters alienate the Republican base pretend that you're tough on crime get the economy touring the border is closed. Afghanistan was a success.

Please let me know how this helps the nation and his political fortunes but to bring in center Rick Scott said are you a mega Republican US semi fascist. But what I care about this country and I know what Biden is doing is horrible for family mean what he's done the people inflicting common core people with this inflation. Once he done to our military. Make a note or just awoke military equally done to her school single look at the order of me, look at all the thing and he wants to attack somebody else thinking that every day when I think he's a pretty high think of the bring people together when attacking people can't start attacking problems rather than people make you mad, serious, cut one word a serious moment our nation's history bag.

Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy they refuse to accept the will of the people they embrace embrace political violence. They don't believe in democracy really mean is, is that a winning message. Somehow you think that was pulled tested.

I don't think so.

You know what that would be good to get inflation down to secure the border to make sure our parents have choices for school to make sure enough on the police to make sure he supports are military and do something that did the covering out to bring back know our credibility after the Afghanistan withdrawal so that we audit if you want if you want to talk about the soul to conquer what the country believe that capitalism talk about individual responsibility. Don't go say oh you don't, you go to school you you you will want a whole bunch of debt in the court held that the waitress at the restaurant. He paid taxes that the paper some more. Your doctor that went good when got an expected degree house that they are, how that the soul this country is a mega Republican your view. I have no idea what you talk about.

I think what I think about a Republican I can get out to me that believes in this country want to live that dream of this country kid like me growing up in public housing at Montague could be anything. That's what I think of this cut tracking the land of opportunity.

That's why people wanted pluckers country because here you agree that what some politicians tell you what your dream could be in ruins your economy ruins your safety rule your school.

That's pretty much show was the trying to avoid bringing up here is Mitch McConnell describing the chances of winning back the Senate and we know that you are basely run the show when it comes to winning back to sin� Probably a greater likelihood is different.

There all so he taking a shot at Kennedy quality and is that a shot at you as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial committee builders per second. We got a world renowned Dr. Heisman Trophy winner, a small businessman congressman from afar acuity episode offered her chill the struggles of drug addiction tech Dr. Brown Iraqi war veteran start to turn the state Atty. Gen. official construction pepper company that brought her but her husband back to help who is blind in Iraq you think that we don't have quite candid about a week.

The people in the state.

These people show respect vote of the people of the state quite like hail every day be a cheerleader for hard-working candidates to make sure we win in the board. That's how you win in November. Supporter candid disappointed to hear Sen. Mitch McConnell say that I clearly disagree with what he said look we both agree we want to give a majority but I'm gonna go out there and support. Do we need a way more money yeah nobody text win 5540. What we need more money the Democrats about what that's true we get our story out and tell people who we are versus them haven't been doing the November nightly. I believe will do it.

So, Marco Rubio, somebody you know well over Florida. They think that they think that the he's got his hands full right now. How do you see that race one and a great greatcoat he's house) is everybody else but you got a great week and so he worked hard in the in the U.S. Senate is working hard right about the hundred percent of time with Pelosi who stopped on crime, you know. She said that she came up to law enforcement and she stopped on crime.

It makes no sense so that Marcus could have a big one when you talk about Dr. Oz the seas down by double figures. I am, I find it hard to believe in a stately Pennsylvania with Fetterman somebody who is known to be way left they would have Dr. down by double figures. Would you have still down a little bit but slightly all this is that we were defining 20 Fetterman marks the betterment of anyone to do a debate basically want to let everybody out of prison. He wants to he wants to legalize all drugs that could crime. He will he will go to hundred percent time with with with Schumer and would Biden so this guy is not good for Pennsylvania.

So as long as we have the resources meant to be your center. I look forward you look at all the look of their background. They come from America. They live the dream I want to start with them. What is your take on the raid that took place at Mara Lago and what is happened since the raid tomorrow Lago here is used Jonathan Turley about the chances of appointing a special massacre 22. What's also curious as the level of detail in this filing.

This is Department of Justice have previously said that not a single sentence should be released from the affidavit because national security would be harmed or the investigation would be undermined. They did release a redacted affidavit that confirmed many points I really did show that the earlier representation was overwrought and overbroad.

Now they're making the same arguments there saying that a special master would endanger national security and, in their case, why the special master is an extension of the court there pointed all the time.

Would you like to see happen here backs out on Pres. Wade at the home of a potential political of the president got it tells everything got started this disturbing. I talked all geared them to do that.

Just surely looks at me kindly DOJ had become critical animals for the by demonstration. Can't beat that can be the case got a picture if the FBI has some basic argument on television answer every question all put out the affidavit. All the information they got to make sure that the American public thinks that they can mount a little bit stuff here and there quite and again struck more transparency make everybody feel a need to know all the facts. Center Rick Scott or guest center. Do you believe the Democrats want to talk about trump they want to talk about the raid. They do not want to have to go so are you. How you plan on handling that strategically TODAY want to talk about high inflation little talk about people in the on critical exterior Afghanistan withdrawal think that they caught they if you think about, I represent people my state that are struggling because of the by demonstration, a Democrat coming this idea to give people the pay off their debt, but the people that didn't go to college, working every day hard, though they have to pay more taxes to pay for these people. 87,000 more Irish taken once more.

Ira taken the coming but at their homes or we could talk about the things that we gotta stop but soon soon. Rick Scott was your agenda look like this weekend about a candidate owner. I'm in indulgent today raising money Herschel Walker going to great. He's a great guy.

He's gone through all the storms of life. He can talk about them is running at the Marxist guided that has only voted against the state of Georgia only for the state of New York, so Herschel could have a big win on the euro that I can't help it.

Simple has them up to what is Rick Scott's full say you know when we could pick up the right messaging is working but off he got a great teamwork, working, and Warnick does not represent Georgia� New York center Rick Scott owes great thank you sir to burn every day you got Marti's in the bottom of the R18664087669. I will get some insight on this present speech the night's strategy about calling people that don't vote for them Nazis and Gov. Hogle, New York City, by the way, contain fewer if you're conservative Republican go to Florida really and Charlie Crist in Florida so Jeff, you have over DeSantis.

I don't want your vote as you vote for hate. I've never seen such consistency among any party that said if you don't vote for me. I don't want you here. That to me is the definition of divisive back in a moment's makers and news breakers. First, I kill me show from his mouth to your years. Brian kill me widen middle-of-the-road propylene working class is inoffensive, purposefully inoffensive politician in our generation is an extremist. They go Joe Biden is the they say to.

He's a moderate in between candidate non-extremist woollies acting like and there's nothing that he has done that these past that is moderate things its bipartisan infrastructure controversial, but I saw there was enough positive. There they saw some Republicans get behind it I just consider Corning came across and let his way to some type a limited gun reform that I think made total sense didn't demand anything gave money for states to enforce a and enforce a couple laws there, but still to be there decisions and then the things that he's passed unilaterally have been flat out disasters rescue plant disaster. In this last plant disaster. It's radical and neck lead you to that conclusion, but they feel so they got their man in Joe Biden. That's what he has had a big meanwhile in terms of extreme that's with the presence talking.

I expect the same thing tonight in Philadelphia. John Avalon used to work for Rudy Giuliani for the part he just rips Republicans for living said this on CNN cut five term semifascist is not helpful. It's not the fitting. The office of Pres. and what you can absolutely call out the dangers for democracy, but it makes opposite perfect sense for someone like center is absent because we New Hampshire 40 more than 40% of registered voters or independents write another another another 30 and change. Republicans, Democrats are the third category among registered registered voters, so she needs to be able reach out and that language doesn't help. So Gov. Hogan said this to Fox's Jesuit digital another moderate from Maryland Republican Biden ran, saying he was going to try to bring the country together and we are needed to have lower some of the divisive anger, rhetoric, and yet this is pretty divisive, angry, and the rhetoric will name-calling a little bit over the top.

So I think it's a mistake, but I got I get the electoral advantage and why he's doing this because he's got a rough a tough race up to the midterm election. These try to move things away from what I would say from his failed record as president and affected the Democrat to control everything in Washington have moved too far to the left and so attacking the right wing of the Republican part of the magna base is probably good politics, but I think it's in it but I don't think it's right for the country. Yeah, I would look for somebody to run the country and I just talk about politics, you know you have is advisors I could play some of that but I thought the Joe Rogan nailed it when he came out and it's caused some sponsors and some boycotts but here's what he said about what he seen for the president. So far, and his policies cut 10.

As far as compensation for all those people that were forced to close her businesses and keep the door shuttered and lost everything did work for decades to build.

Now there just to be angry more than a million people transferred over the Republican Party. I think in 2021 alone front, with the numbers you heard us more than 1 million voters switch the GOP raising a large Democrats yeah and then he went on to say this cut nine as far as compensation for all those people that were forced to close her businesses cut nine. I hope his lessons learned in this but no one who was alive today had ever experienced a true pandemic and I'm hoping that now that this is over.

People were going to you know recognizes some serious errors were made and not repeat those that's the best you can get out of it tells people vote Republican.

That's a lot of me to do anyway so with the doing of these Democratic groups are saying boycotts, modify protest, Joe Rogan, thousands of people retweeted it, don't you know what happens when you protest Joe Rogan you pay the price.

Neil Young and all those all those washed up musicians and said don't carry my music on spot. If I I believe Neil Young is now back Joe Rogan didn't move things that he might've said they were appropriate in the 80s were comedy the 80s inappropriate now actually apologize for what give up on protesting Joe Rogan save yourself some time and energy Marti's and snacks. No one's protest that provides experience inside. I know you'll find them interesting. Frank Alicia radio show like no other, kill me list for clearness. None of these government documents are his to take, and I Deputy Director said that a lot of the pro forma presents problems or of his own creation. You can under the foot of the presidential records act of 1978. You cannot take original documents out of the White House with you when you leave the White House where there is the president United States or any of his aides noted that Stinson verboten under the law.

Another no criminal penalties for violating it. But why the former present tacked up to 20 nearly 30 some odd boxes of material we had no right to do so and that's what the government asserts incidentally in this filing, the city, the present and former presidents for the return of the documents, because as he said in his filing were created during his administration and the response of the government to be the response of the government and their filing was.

That's evidence that they are here as if they were doing if they were developed in the White House during his time in the presidency under the presidential records act. They belong to the government not to him hundred percent right.

I guess by the law, but if you know this and up down Trump does know everything about the law, especially, but the White House easy ultimate old outside of the greatest outsider ever to be elected president.

No doubt about it. Marquise would tell you that two former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush boxes contribute or supposed calmness so Mark, having said that, it's hard to dispute what Karl Rove said what you wonder did Donald Trump from somebody you said hey you know this is presidential records act. You might want to put those files back.

I mean, we wasn't hiding it. I have the video we see all those boxes stacked up. I mean don't you feel should be a process that even can stop this in the future or could have stopped it while it was happening. What do you think happened you to even know we don't know we got there and I'll tell you the thing that bothers me most about Carl, but the sum of the document that will see were not top-secret the eye which is apartment information local dictation code HCF phone number change treatment change human intelligence so that mean he had intelligence back could have exposed not to communication methods and sources and for that we have to plan, the government is most carefully protected and when the president is likely classified all like sweeping like that. That's even worse when you declassify the source and method exposing sourcing method so you know this is qualitatively different from Hillary Clinton's situation, as were her records were electronic they were on a server they were sent in email that we know from the FBI that her emails were compromised by foreign intelligence or any other the truck from information was compromised by pointed out the pile. N/A N/A (you have to first warned him to get after Rolando get into that room and find the information, but it wasn't secured. He had no business having inner monologue about an you know this is just another example of how key the other side, a pretext to go after you know after the molar report cleared him of electrical we found out you don't tens of millions of dollars in two years chasing it. There the next day he called with the lengthy which was not an impeachable offense leader before government conduct 800 by an impeachable little quid pro quo. Most Americans realize that the pretext of Hernando Wood to go along with the teacher brought them out again. He's given them by by being messy and chaotic, given them a pretext to go after him again and here we are. A few months before, a few weeks before the election talk about inflation. Talk about crime talk about all the lease on the border and across the country were talking about Trump talk about chaos will talk about the mess and it's not good for the Republican Party remind a lot of swing voters binding because it wasn't like I want to put this kind of chaos behind the minutes reminding them of feedback long thing they wanted to chaos is still here. Number one citizen accurate but I think it also should say that this totally chaotic. You look at the board look at inflation look at the stuff that's past you look at what he did in Afghanistan what he's about to sign in Iran. This is worse than any of that just of design Bureau I'm talking about. This is life and death. Joe is taking his hands off her rack to the point where the bounty just the countries about to go flying into turmoil. We at least Mike Pompeo said hey guys, anything you do with the Ron you will risk our military and financial support, and for the most part we were able to have the status quo with a rock. He is totally let everything alone. He expose Ukraine to the point were now we gotta put billions into arm them and millions of died because thousands of died because of that, so just like everything you said why give why she now why walk into a bad area in a crowded sports bar when everyone's drunk and when you know everyone doesn't like you and say, does anyone want to take a swing there still guilty of punching you but why put your chin out. Having said that, having said that, I only want to do the ill record thing which is keep it simple. Having said all that, they pull 15 boxes and they go back and forth for a series weeks I take this don't take this put a lock on here don't put a lock on here.

I'm sure that I still say that this seems to be political opportunity to make trump the story, Trump allowed it, thought it understood it, even though George would make trump the story even though it's it's good to see James suing trouble to make trump the story's CFO was the story week before the Georgia phone call was the story so all the lawsuits they would reach to bring Trump back with this.

In particular, I said, the result having all that said, would more tea since it was true, does it warrant a FBI raid for nine hours in the response yesterday with the 36 pages in the marked up photo wow really I thought everything had to be secret. You couldn't exposing we don't want to, you know, we had to go to a special judge in order to get redacted affidavit. Now you just told us everything you got and the problems that you have. So I'm there all over the place. The problem is all about the clock in between the one we got a department that no one trust and with no one trust for good reason and cheapo who had to resign and walked out of the FBI because whistleblowers within the FBI came to Chuck Grassley and told him that he got in FBI providing the intelligence of the information evident by the court and it is so much corruption and then they put out the picture, which is clearly partisan political thing to do and and undermine confidence in them that somebody that little basket there for the fact that that picture.

They put out had covered up top-secret information that they did in fact have human intelligence method exposed and unprotected and monologue and that probably justifies going in and getting that stuff if Trump was not trumpeted not cooperating and giving so the raid could have been lawful. It could even be justified, but the FBI because the seven year effort to politicize and go after trump doesn't have the credibility to make the case. It's just like the media today, right. The be why so many Republicans believe that the election was stolen what was installed because the media got it right in saying that there was no evidence but they like the entire six years to your election for years. They put the rush of collusion hope they could all be stakes and so like a boy who cried Wolf don't believe them when they're actually telling the truth so normal Americans are caught between hyper politicize left-wing media and and and just establishment and then giving them the pretext to do things that could go after him and all I wanted to stop the inflation will stop all I wanted to help people work through the gap and get their life back and we can talk about that talk about the yeah because a couple of things on this, so if you want to know about the election what was affecting the election which would be my stump speech about was present trumpeted chair cushion told me last week and wrote about in his book. He said if Trump was in trump. You wouldn't want so people that don't like certain elements trump just know you need the whole picture. In order when that's wood. That's a people to know them best. Say we could debate that this can be college courses on that when things settle down in years to come. But if you look at the fact and now it's emerge that they had the vaccine before the election, and they held it and what the American people would've thought if operation works peel beauty warp speed yielded a result before the election, and then you now have the Hunter Biden story clearly suppressed. We even have the FBI agents it might've been a part of it.

We have the face with the Facebook founder who told us exactly what happened. So all her suspicions were confirmed in the FBI story did many study was shown that one in 41 in six people to change their vote. Had they known as it wasn't about Hunter truly about Joe and then when you have people who were clear thinking like you who knows trump is not playing the perfect game you know we doesn't walk on water, but also people like Bill Moore who said can we somehow go back to normalcy where I could not vote for a guy, but it doesn't mean you could do illegal things to stop a guy this exchanger think is very telling us a little bit of a thorny question because once you go down this road. This is where we are in this country. The other side is so evil anything is justified in preventing them from taking office is now you know it's not justified using armed violence. The question is when we had to bury the hunter by the press doing that he's saying that's what they did and that is what they did they bury the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were like, we can't risk having election prone to trump will tell them after the and we know for fact that that's what they did course you know you know for a fact that that's something I don't know what they did. I know because you only watch MSNBC and you think that he really thinks that like date is that we know that for a fact to me and to be that oblivious means Bill Moore the only liberal Democrat that understands that whole story. Look alike but not like this. Well you remember the Dan Rather in the National Guard story on Bush turned out to be like the letter had a font that hadn't been invented yet. Bacharach during the Vietnam War: dirty tricks for years and were snuck out and then you probably have crime in America that put yourself in the mind of the swing vote like a boater who bought the doldrums policies were great economy with low inflation plenty of job shortage of baby formula, no shortage of teachers only all the control all the rest didn't like the K and Biden said I'll unite the country all put into the chaos and become thin and he told me fascist. And you know comparing Republican people disagree with racist and Confederate traders and and bull Connor and all the rest of it in your centenary think one way to I don't like that I don't like the chaos, but there's no power to bowl alternative for me.

There is no moderate party of Bill Clinton in the Arabic government spending almost $6 trillion by Fiat using a law that with student loan forgiveness. A law that was passed after 9/11 stolen valor they have to give veterans who were called up to fight the war on terror to make sure they didn't default on the student loan taking a benefit intended for those people going into combat and giving it to a bunch of kids were not hero, won't they couldn't get any spending $1 trillion without without talking about undermining democracy you're completely destroying the checks and balance the power to conquer partners invites between 80 left-wing artists in the left-wing establishment into oblivion destroying our country and the end playing. Check and and there's no end� I swing voter who was in a super approach from poorer super and antibiotic be be aptly flummoxed. What to do about it right now if you were swing vote. I know to mean but to me this is so clear you better off under trump is just so obvious. Yeah oral report money on absolutely destroy our energy industry because he's got some lark he wants to run us through that will never work any shown to not work as we look at rolling blackouts in California. That's our five year future if we elect this ideology again electric car like in California and 40 9 PM I agree. Why are we not talking about that while we talked about monologue are we talking about right now the thing the Democrats want to make every election about trump because they can't defend their quality and too many of us on the right go along with them. Talk about trump just talk about the election about Biden.

The wind Biden one was hiding in the basement and letting trump make the election about him making it about five and now he's doing he's trying to do it again and I hope I hope it doesn't work and they may hold onto the house and they making our country is over it. If they don't mean Joe mansion in Sonoma and they can get ending the filibuster they are going to pop the Supreme Court obligation to Columbia Puerto Rico's state they are going to their going to spend every everything they couldn't spend at the mansion and they are going to spend and more immediately. We will never be able to recover. If that happens, so I'm I'm sorry tomorrow I care about the test of the present Friday. How much does he talk, but the rate how much is you talk about how bad present but he views present Biden and then see if he declares before the election if he waits it'll show that he's serious about running again.

If he's if he actually took place before the midterms.

He's not getting elected either Bullis and Mark. I got a run.

Thanks so much.

Your love, your insight and I understand how your wrestling with all this because I do the same thing you student a higher level back in a moment trying to meet you. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that guns are straightening on people carrying guns are some ways the only people carrying guns in our school carrying guns in our places of worship, they don't need them carrying them in guns into virus or restaurants that only make you less safe. This whole concept that a good guy with God. The bad guys with a gun doesn't hold up to why that is Gov. whole goal whose try to tell everyone just get rid of all guns welding Supreme Court ruled that New York is being denied their Second Amendment so therefore within reason you're allowed to put some regulations in but New Yorkers can now carry put licensing to get a gun have a reasonable chance of getting it and applications in New York and maybe it's by a city and state by you blue are through the roof up 54%, but there are so many restrictions going in that almost look like this law doesn't exist and they done it again. Their inviting of the lawsuit to make New York go by the letter of the law. The path to the Supreme Court, and Gov. Hogan coming out seeing standing at a city that is overridden by crime that is understaffed with cops that is not back to in a solid way, the way it used to be, by the men and women in blue we hear these horrific stories.

Whether it's the bodega.

Whether it's the subway rider got stabbed in the back last night because he didn't want to give up his 30 box. Any wonder, is it really not good for us to be able to defend ourselves is Gov. whole cools are comfortable with it. Another reason to say Lee's Eldon you're my guy live from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice. Thank you, Michelle 1-866-408-7669. Don't forget all be taking your calls throughout the hour got a great movie to spotlighted by Chad Jackson. It is call is the writer it's uncle Tom to the right of the documentary give an idea about race in America from the black perspective where they been and where we are and what is really going on with the right messages is fascinating. I think you really like it and any McCarthy standby to unwind what could have happened to the Hunter Biden story and what did happen. MR Lago. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three now there making the same arguments saying that a special master would endanger national security and, in their case why the special master is an extension of the court. They are appointed all the time. What is the problem, Jonathan Turley says bring on the special master, not by the DOJ's picture from the bar Lago to the trump team make mistakes. Do I want to hear why trumpeters team didn't just hand everything over absolutely but my sold of the illegality of the photo on the floor marked up by the FBI. I thought trump left a mess.

I do not know the FBI tossed on the floor and then took the pictures stop marketing to me.

Please tell your folks of New York City or Washington parish asking what is the administration we got suggestions that will be great.

Sheriff Skinner trying to get some help at the border.

Hello second city Texas start sending illegals and buses to Chicago joining DC in New York City creating havoc along the way.

Gov. Abbott's had it. I guess what the negligence of prison fighters created a war between the states. No joke were a serious problem in our nation's history back Republican voters threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy really dividing dismiss this is the new deployed strategy of the Biden administration and Democrats the ridicule trump voters, not just Donald Trump. They alienate the Republican base. Pretend you're tough on crime that the economy is roaring. The porters lock down that Afghanistan was a success and please let me know how this helps the nation and your political fortunes, but start in the legal stuff any McCarthy Andy welcome back. I'm doing good writing. Since we do a lot of work on what we know so for those 36 pages in the picture they came out what to that, due to this story as we wait to find out if they'll be a special master Brian. I think they made a pretty good argument against the government against the special master.

If I were the judge.

I'd be annoyed if the government because I think you know when she said that she wanted the government to respond by Tuesday and that you have a hearing on Thursday. I thought a fair interpretation of that was that she didn't want them to change the status quo until she got a chance to rule on what should happen here, and instead they turned around and put their heads down and basically plowed through their process.

So they've already completed going through everything they've already given the prosecution team. The documents they think are not privileged and important part. They've allowed the intelligence community to community agencies to get their hands on the classified stuff that I could do the damage assessment which really is the most important thing here. If I were the judge. I'd be annoyed because I think the government department should ask her whether it was okay to continue going through their process.

After she put a hearing on for today and she may be a little annoyed about that but incurs their legal argument that they made that there shouldn't be a special master. I think they made a pretty convincing argument that there shouldn't be. And even if you give someone at this point, if not can it be a very tight timely and I think if their main legal argument is correct which it may be and that is that if Trump still has executive privilege in this post-presidency in the Supreme Court case that that suggest that he has some measure of it. It can't be asserted against the executive branch itself though.

If he has executive privilege. It would be okay asserted against Congress and against someone else, but their argument is even the Supreme Court case that suggested a former president may have may still have executive privilege.

You can asserted against the executive branch in its core responsibilities. If they are right about that and I think it's a pretty good argument that what we're left with is a very small amount of the attorney-client privilege stuff they say which they've already segregated. They didn't give to the trial, prosecutors, and I can show the judge to show what they what they did, though, you know, I think as far as the special master aspect of this goes I think it's good to be much ado about nothing but the following is very interesting because it's the first book that we get there obstruction evidence against likely major there might be obstruction with which one is will you know you told us you give us everything and even what did you do we know the trump team so we gave you everything we know they had yet to file that they gave a. What happened they get they gave the trump team a grand jury subpoena on May 11 and they said to them, you don't have to come to the grand jury in Washington. We would rattle you at the let the FBI pick up the classified information where it is but in lieu of a grand jury appearance.

What we want is a statement from you that you've done a thorough search and this is the only classified information that's on the premises and they agreed.

So what happened and what was his third subpoenas May 11. So what happens initially at the trump team asked for a delay.

The subpoena was originally returnable. I think May 24 trump lawyers effort delay.

The Justice Department offers them June 9 and suddenly instead one of the trump lawyers call the Justice Department on June 2 and says why don't you come tomorrow and pick stuff up the basic basin three FBI agents and a Justice Department lawyer tomorrow Lago on June 3, and this meeting is pursuant to the grand jury subpoena, but I give them a package with 38 classified documents which it during which they think this is it all, we have the classified document and one of the trump lawyers. I don't want to say who it was.

She been identified in the media, but I don't Justice Department doesn't want to find this so I'm a little bit reluctant to username, but one of the trump lawyers finds this sworn statement that this is everything we've done a diligent search and that's all there is that that's a false statement pretty black-and-white full state so that you love just because I couldn't for one second is that gel with the fact that the solution you out of the boxes and then you go yeah you would you do me a favor and put a lock on it to make sure C secure and they did so, handed over everything with a locked-in empty room, but that's not that that's what Pres. trumpets that happened. They say that's not what happened what they say is they were never happy about the fact that Trump continued to hold presidential records.

They asked to see the area where the lawyers representative elected With the storage room at tomorrow Lago though they take the FBI agents to see and the FBI agent say all okay. Can we look inside the boxes just to check to make sure there's nothing more there and they said no you can't look inside our boxes right away. That makes them suspicious about the statement sworn statement that everything but what the government said to them was there not happy with the fact that Trump continues to keep these materials and make concerned that now that the condition that is not enough security so Trump took that to mean well will put another law on it, but the government never asked him to put another lock on it. The government's position was when not ready to escalate this right now to the point will have the three FBI agents carried the stuff away, but this is a no no for now. There point is, they will always come back boxes. It was just a question of do you do it by search warrant to give another subpoena that to my mind, Brian.

I think they should give them another subpoena. I think like), then they should subpoena. We want those 15 boxes will not about what they didn't do that and they waited. Apparently they gave another subpoena on June 22 floor security tape. The balance and made the recording about that is that they saw some activity that disturbed them in terms of people moving boxes in and out of the storage area and potentially taking document data boxes, but that's just reporting.

We don't know if that's what happened. Not in the Justice Department didn't put that merry-go-round in their paper so we don't seem to have is Trump's point of view and we don't have a source point of view.

We only have them there point of view from interviews correct trump lawyers file motion for a special master so they have put their version of events. The paper and what they say is that Pres. Trump would completely cooperative, transparent and tell them you know whatever you guys need. All you need to do is let us know what you're looking for. And if we have it will give it know that the government Trump takes the position that the June 3 meeting with an amicable negotiation session and what the government is saying is know it wasn't. It was a meeting on the rest. We gave you a grand jury subpoena. That's the reason the meeting happened and you know that that's the reason the meeting happened because you gave us the statement that we have for the subpoena and the 38 documents, though they obviously have different additions about what the nature of the meeting was to confirm that interaction trump. Drop by and said you guys need anything. Appreciate what you do if you need anything let you know let me to let us know that government paper don't allude to trump government papers talk about the meeting with the two lawyers go mention Pres. Trump stopping by, but they also don't deny though.

It's not like you. To the extent Pres. Trump has made a yet you given a version of the events of what he did at that meeting, they don't mention that they don't confirm it. They don't and I wouldn't doubt the theatrics of tossing that stuff on the floor and taken the picture and putting that in. So I think that this is like a classic Trump situation where you know he does something that self-destructive for himself, but at the same time, he briefly worked out in the people who opposed the I don't know where the adult supervision is that the Justice Department that somebody thought that it was a good idea in an investigation about mishandling classified information that you would display a bunch of classified information all over the floor when number one, they should be.

They should be handling it very carefully in order to demonstrate that that's how they expect people to handle it number one and number two no that Trump was going to as anybody would Trump take this picture that they broadcast and basically safe either.

Trying to frame me in the public mind that this is the condition that my office was in when in fact they are the ones that splayed the stucco out all over the floor. I don't know why but Justice Department and the FBI thought that was a good thing to do. What does a really stupid thing to do at the same time Trump last night put This on his social media thing he said those those that is not a condition in which my you know they found nothing. I had been in a carton in my office Trump lawyer.

Unlike ready to shoot myself basically admitting that he had the document which is like a different story yet. Last week it was. They plan to stay from his point of view I'm allowed to have the documents I declassified them and they were safe in my office. That's his point of view. And that's with the argument is right. Well, I may not be his argument with the justice department says is actually a tough one for him to get around. They gave him a subpoena for classified documents. He didn't say I don't have any classified document like declassified everything he gave them a package with 38 classified documents and he told them that all the written now. I told him that the lawyer told what the Justice Department can argue this seems sensible is that he never claimed that he declassified them. In fact we gave him the subpoena thing we need to classify documents. He came back at that. Here are the classified document.

No claim that no claim they would be classified and no evidence in the meantime that he ever declassified, so here's what John Radcliffe said less like a 25 good prosecutors with good cases play it straight. They don't need to play games they don't need to shop for judges. They don't need to leak intelligence that may or may not exist. And you know in this case.

This tells you that the government didn't find what they were looking for. There were nuclear secrets and Monia Trump's underwear drawer and they're trying to justify what they've done. They're not playing it straight before the American people. I guess he's playing also towards that picture. I think the picture objectionable.

I don't know what John would expect that they would let like let's just say for judges right to define the judge that was amenable to them that they knew would be friendly to them will I don't know how they ended up with Reinhart, but I would I would point out and they may very well at night and wouldn't be the first time, but I also point out that under the rules of civil or criminal procedure when Trump filed his motion. He should've filed it with Reinhart and instead he filed it. As it turned out with a Trump appointed judge so I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

But right that he reacted. Also, what about the leak intelligence, the Washington Post and New York Times. All of a sudden I we can give an affidavit that when I get the affidavit up and read the Washington Post you have a good idea on, not Brian, I have to tell you, as a prosecutor. It was nothing more frustrating when I would have to go into court and say you know we have to withhold this information to remain on the field because we have an investigation going on national security problem and judgment occasionally, or some other good judge would look at me and say hello. Have you mentioned that the FBI mentioned that for the Justice Department because they don't seem to think this is a problem there given information for the New York Times, watching the work thing. If you is nothing worse than trying to do the right thing in place by the movement you want them on which we Think so much in the McCarthy's.

If you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian until made the mistake carousel operating in America. This is decided that it is acceptable to use violence or threats of violence try to achieve their political, that is terrorism and that is how Republic is redescribed by Democrat to want to stem the think we supposed to be a red wave. I'll tell you it's not a good time for Denver Republicans in Alaska.

They lost a special action against this is five special elections they have lost but I will say this Reuters to student Paul and said how popular is present by 38% approval rating on me that's below Donald Trump. At this point, down Trump gained seats in the Senate's first midterm first and only, and he lost the house so he did increase his advantage.

I think it's can be really tight and that's why think after Labor Day. The writings on the show will be even higher because women have go inside politics in a way that almost any other show isn't will get the players and the candidates themselves, because so much is it sink in and you know Marti's and said earlier if they if the Republicans widen the space and so no longer need Joe mansion if the Democrats why the space of their advantage in the Senate no longer need Joe mansion Christensen and they don't get the house empty the house country probably change for a couple generations all their policies will fail so precipitously so quickly changed radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show today.

If you ask the average person you know what socialism is. You know what communism is, they do not know black people were always right. Communism, because many of us do, is a deceiver. This is deception and the means to because they believe in that deceptive line and believe it or not it is time now when you can see the race relations getting better in this country. They see many people seem to look at black lives matter with. They talk about is Marxism and think well what is that if you get an oppressive society one grievance and you give me alternative and say this is because life's uneven and you go Marxism communism. We can even things out.

You deftly have an apt audience and audience. It's unhappy that sees happiness and sees somebody to blame and that's what many people believe is happy with the black community today what we see the brother the outgrowth of black lives matter Chad Jackson is the writer of the documentary that you seen before. Now this is SQL called uncle Tom to enjoy just now Chad welcome gone through a lot of the documentary is fascinating. First off before we talk about racial inequity. We know Blacks about extremely hard this country really started as is as slaves. 400 years ago, but since that time. Progress has been made it a dizzying rate but somehow the progress stopped when did it stop believe to be shocked matter quite expensively over the course of two years and all of the trail. In 1960 movement and what you say about black that had at the heart of this country and the black man in total. My life, to some extent that's true but that's true. Literally everybody in the country about who you are or what your lineages, and discriminative grace suffering the Metropark life. But what the communist have talked to do was to use or exploit. Rather, the race issue exacerbated what way out of proportion can affect the pain.

Something like a civil-rights movement so they can use that vision .2. In essence, radicalize our country. Whether you whether you realize it or not, the black community.

Well, there was a man named W need a boy.

He graduated from Harvard University and there was something called the NAACP, which was started by a white woman named socialist and she basically believed the socialism she wanted to change the structure of our country and she thought that the way to do that would be to start this black movement in the black face to had it so that's what I chose WB to boy Nathan will call the talented 10th in the idea of the talented 10th, with the take from the black community and elite group of intellectuals and to artificially insert them at the leadership of the top of the black community and so again because of slavery because of the kind of racial background that existed, it kinda created the low hanging fruit easy pathway whereby to and and and intrude on this situation going on here. So what Marxism is Marxism seeks to find these struggles between groups struggle struggling based on race, based on facts based on whatever the case may be in a different rate history in this country. It was just low hanging fruit for them to exploit very clearly in the movie the bully was really rivaled by he was a rival of Booker T. Washington was the exact opposite view. A look at the potential of America look at where we were.

He was born a slave and look at where were going in will get a former University will learn to train with and learn to read right and and grow the intellectual base through schools and that was the counter to that correct again yet exactly right. And it wasn't just poor Blacks who are doing that you point out, you saw this true in the Italian community in the Irish community in the Hispanic community. Everybody resolved that the way to mobilize upward and America is to get to work, be productive, be a man complaining. It just so happened that all of that was disrupted by Marxism in the black community, but you're right. Booker T. Washington was pushing American values and that was true of the black community to around about the height of the rights movement, which is again something that people don't want to contend with. Because we've been like this harassment have been romanticized in an imaginary child born in 1990 and we grew up celebrating my own cooking day believing that with the right was a good thing that we didn't we didn't really have a full grasp of everything that happened in order that we might come to our own conclusions but narrative was kind of like codified and put forth for us to believe without question, only now the people are beginning to look at the whole picture and I think people will be shocked by what they found what they find. While Susie was a constant body blocking Junior, an American pastor, author and educator who served as Dean of theology in the African Christian University Christian University over in Zambia. Here's body cut 41 America Frist, safest, most prosperous black people in the history of the world. There is no country in this world black person unless of course they grow up in this country there for a live so deceptive they actually believe the opposite. And that's interesting from the outside perspective. That's the belief but on the inside perspective is. Look how unfair America is it 1619, the 10th 1776, people are pushing the project or Hank Rogers, who goes by the pseudonym Max Kennedy who wrote the book how to be an antiracist all of the so-called pro-black intellectuals who wants black nationalism and offense. Everything about being black. If you look at who's funding these so-called black leaders. You'll find white Marxists is interesting because the people who are none the wiser who are on tick-tock and Instagram who are regurgitating this nonsense about how racist America is and they look to the so-called black leaders of though these guys are the brain trust of this ideology are actually not there. Black leaders are funded and get their ideas from white Marxists, not from black. There is no black man behind the curtain speak understood and was talking to the director of uncle Tom to the trailer. Uncle Tom Chad is described as basic an African-American who who wants to somehow get into white society and sell out his own correct and that's what you is that what you're called is that we down West is called is that with his outward Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is called work all that really what they understand that what were talking about what we have to offer will will move black people from being a crying race to a trotting rate people that try people who will realize that they are in the best country in the world and if they just put their toe in the water and resolved to swim and to be participators and end of the great society of ours if they believe that if they compete if they just be defect then things will look up for them because that's the message that we are putting forth. We are a real threat to those who seek to control black people for their own political aim black person that runs on those beliefs. Let's say for the Republican Party that you know it used to be. The Democratic Party was pretty much understood to be a racist party. There was throw segregationists and everything, but having said that, if you are if you are Herschel Walker, if your center Tim Scott. You are sell out correct.

Fell out and thing is like they want to call you sell out, they want they want to put forth this image of you to the mass of the black people that you are someone who is dangerous and the idea for not want people to make people think that by listening to you, they will actually meet to their detriment, not to their benefit, but quite the opposite is true that you also said part of the whole, is Marxism thing is break up that family and and and push away religion. Why anyways before the Jim Crow era when things first turned after the Civil War, things will on the fast track immediately. African Americans would come in Congress are you joining Congress getting into legislature and then was that whole deal that was made in the Jim Crow that was instilled this setback, but still the black family was strong correct people like to say oh black people thrive fight the racist self and for a long time. I believe that Noah was in spite with Fido. But what we found is that race relations between black-and-white and so were far better than what we've been told that's been demonstrated in the archives that we delved into and correspondence and you know looking at just business dealings and leave Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, all these other southern states and so yes you have black success yet black family that BlackRock in order to prevent the other, but it wasn't and many in spite of so-called racism. It was with the help of white Americans who fall black people as her brothers and their neighbors. Allen West cut 42 talk about Salma Linsky's rules for radicals. It is without a doubt, as well as the Communist manifesto called Marx and Frederick Engels to seminary documents for progressive socialist left American's dedication tells you everything you dedicate this book to Lucifer.

Salma Linsky is so is the day.

Call him the father of community organizing. He actually gets his ideas from school.

Antonio Graham came to envision a slow gradual march through the institutions. What what elements he understood that before I say what I'm about to say it's important understand it all in all, and he understood the Bible and so as someone who understood the Bible.

He knew that no human being can perfectly up to the moral ethic that the Bible puts forth and so he had a famous quote of you have to use their holy book against and so he was he was very much into these jujitsu type organizing tactics where you take this intersectional group.

In his case the black community and you go to a mayor or a police chief polity and you come with a list of demands and you use these threatening intimidating tactics to get what you and in many cases, you find that the places they went into Buffalo and some of these other industrial cities were far worse off after college he left and they were before you came to chat.

It's all your documentary encouraging everyone to watch it.

I don't care what your background is what your gender may be uncle Tom to where you get it. Watch it now it's available. I uncle Part one is on the part two. If you haven't watch part one it's no big deal.

Part two of the film and stand on its own. Larry Elder Allen West Billy Baucom all did a phenomenal job in the film were very excited about it.

We think the I hope so.

I love the message. Chad thank you thank you 1-866-408-7669. Keep in mind among the five tonight so you can get more of me and of course Saturday one nation at 8 o'clock. This is the brain to meet you seining like you're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show. I hope there's lessons learned in this but no one who was alive today had ever experienced a true pandemic and I'm hoping that now this is over people going to know recognizes some serious errors were made and not repeat those that's the best you can get out of it what he tells people vote Republican.

That's a lot of me to do anyway about a million people. He points out have changed your party affiliation after the where the pandemic was handled. People should not forget about that and don't as Marti's considerable you don't get overwhelmed by what's happening in Malaga, where you stand. If just not an issue now biggest trump supporter biggest attracted doesn't matter, don't get caught up in January 6 carbon things are going to affect your lives at stats this big switch to green energy. This is the lock down with the mindset like Berkeley's doing, making these kids were massive they don't get a flu shot. You believe this, or kicking out unvaccinated people from the Coast Guard Academy. Are you nuts that only happens with this administration it doesn't happen with if with the Republican Party. I guarantee it. Keep in mind can be on the five tonight also go to Brian kill, especially if you're in the Albany area will be this great place called the egg some VIP opportunities where I get a chance to talk about politics. Take your questions get a chance to meet you that I go on stage and will talk about America great from the start.

Also be up in Brandon, Mississippi and then over in Tulsa, Oklahoma in November and then finish up in Newark New Jersey. Ron was here in KS LM a run in real life thing that you just serve there is a stricture for Mr. Cho care Nelly my dad was on the golf company was going to make a long story short, I preached with hundred 25 your Zoloft elementary school with Maxine Waters does include people that stood up against those things like a Thomas Babbitt public school was Republican and then watch when they would go from being middle-class life was nobody and be destroyed and you know it's unique is was great talking I would turn lemons onto California steel producer. Still, everything else but dogma from that point, black step was following good lighting. I wore blue jeans.

I was basically a redneck American. I love my country music and jazz and blues a Sinatra and then I grew up in a town, Fontana, California ugly black people that in my opinion. And when you put those together and match what you I came out on the godfather of 28 families best friend Simon only for the best flexion mantra met three times about the color of the skin and your goals and God was applied to my foundation. Tell your whole life to make it because you're black or sabbatical or woman to make it and what you gotta do is overcome it in the people say disabilities because you have no shot and that's what you're told.

You don't have a family to push back for you with you when you're that impressionable age you're doomed and that's why you gotta go download top uncle Tom and uncle Tom to it tells that the reality of what's going on of this country and had turned the corner and Ron, thanks for your support to congratulations on the great life you seem to have lived. Brian kill me Cho don't forget one nation 48 hours away hours away. 8 o'clock Saturday night over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you

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