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God's Great Messiah

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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December 13, 2020 7:00 am

God's Great Messiah

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Will grab your Bibles and turn off your electronic stuff. We were somewhere the other day and sweet home Alabama started playing on somebody's phone that's a good way to get your picture on the screen appear and you know what I've learned.

You know what's funny is the senior adults are the worst. It's got an off button. I do know that much out of the much more. Isaiah chapter 9 we we sing about the Messiah and the Salm a while ago and tonight requires going to lead us in seeking a lot more about God's Messiah and I've entitled the exposition of this section, God's great Messiah because he is God's Messiah he's for us and to our benefit, but is for God's purpose in God's glory primarily what a powerful portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promised Messiah to Israel. We see in Isaiah chapter 9 that when you looking at Old Testament messianic prophecies is important that you always understand your interpretation must have made sense to the people of that day even though it has its ultimate and full fulfillment in Jesus is coming in the future, so will remember both of those you will be talking about both of those as we go through Isaiah writes in Isaiah chapter 9 verse one going down through verse seven, but there will be no more gloom for her who was in anguish. In earlier times.

He treated the land of Zebulun and actively with content, but later on he shall make it glorious by the way of the sea. On the other side of the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles.

The people who walk walk in darkness will see a great light, and those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them. You shall multiply the nation. You shall increase their gladness. They will be glad in your presence as with the gladness of harvest as men rejoice when they divide the spoil and you shall break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders rod of their oppressor is at the battle of Midian for every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult and cloak rolled in blood will be from burning fuel for the fire.

Here's how this is going to happen. Verse six or a child would be born to us, a son will be given to us in the government will rest on his shoulders.

His name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace. There will be no end to the increase of his government or of peace on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and uphold it with justice and righteousness from then on and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.

Just earlier in chapter 7 the Bible says that King Ahaz king of Judah of the kingdom split for most of this the northern kingdom called Israel, which represents more of a sinful rebellion and carnality in the southern kingdom of Judah which is supposed to represent the godly remnant though they were compromising and backslidden. Also, but the northern kingdom is threatening to destroy Judah when King Ahaz of Judah and all the hearts of Judah. The Bible says there their hearts are shaking like the tree limbs. When the wind blows through the time of darkness. It's a time of fear. It's a time of war, and not just the northern kingdom, attacking the southern kingdom as time plays out mighty terrifying Assyria is threatening both, and indeed will bring its boring machine against both, and in this context, God tries to encourage and also at the same time reprove Israel and I'm using it right now generically for the North and southern kingdom encourage and reprove Israel, the child motifs a metaphor of a child.

For example look at chapter 7 with me turn back a couple pages and look at verse three. Ahaz is going out to check out his water supply because in that they are bright when defeat someone is to cut their city off concerning their water.

Verse three then the Lord said Isaiah the prophet go out to meet Ahaz, you and your son Scheer Jacob at the end of the conduit of the upper pool on the highway to the folders field. Isaiah don't you go talk Isaiah for me. Isaiah is God's spokesman here and what God saying to Ahaz the king through Isaiah is this.

Trust me, trust me don't look to Assyria to protect you don't look at any same thing in the world. Look to me and trust me, so he says Isaiah when you go says it again. Tell them exactly to say. Just make sure you take your boy with you. Your little boy your child his name is Scheer J ship Scheer Jacob translates out as a remnant shall remain Sarah Tom Isaiah walks up. There's this little boy just when he shows up.

I read in a nutshell remain is God's message just just ironic and sore. Paradoxical these mighty warring enemies at all, and do the shaking with fear and God brings a little chat and the little child's name means a written shall remain what you love and be devastated by these people destroyed them got go take care of your when not only that would look over chapter 8 and in chapter 8. Look at verse three. This is another child.

So I approached the prophetess. This is Isaiah's wife and she conceived and gave birth to a son, then the Lord said to him name, he may her shall allow hash.

She'll remember Maynard on June we first met him before. May her shallow last night's buyer shall hash badges little boy whose name means swift to the plunder speedy to the spoil. So just by having this boy with him is Isaiah goes that the country God is saying. Paradoxically, ironically, through a little child. Swift is the plunder speedy is the spoil. Here's what he say Israel don't fear the nations don't trust in the nations trust in me, because I go to sleep, sleep, plunder your enemy and give you their spoil children making this announcement then there's this different child mentioned in our text look at it again.

What first of all, go back to chapter 7 will connect chapter 7 to it.

Chapter 7 and look at verse 14. Therefore, 714, the Lord himself will give you a sign, Ahaz is playing coy. He's playing spiritual because he's already decided to dishonor God and trust in alliance with Syria to protect him from the northern kingdom and God's been telling don't do it.

God knows he's already done it, but he had really told anybody's done it but here's what God says.

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a virgin will be with child, and bear a son, and she will call his name and email and you well know this is different. Emmanuelle and I know I've spritzed this before. Not I like to say that make her shallow past Baz in the Immanuel child of the same child they may not be they may be, but it doesn't change the doctrine of the teaching of the text. Either way, but anyway there is a uniqueness here that we didn't see in the other two. This child's name is Emmanuelle which means God is with us. There's going to be a special protection is going to be a special preservation to be a special peace and prosperity for you Israel because God says I will call my cell make sure it happens. But I'll call in the embodiment interesting that when we think about this and then over in our text.

Go to Isaiah 964, a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us. This is 96 and notices the government will rest on his shoulders.

His name is wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father Principe's no end to the increase of his government fees and read all those things we think vitamin. If this can't be King Hezekiah right. This can't be any human king that's ever reigned in Israel are well rated Israel. This can only be fulfilled in Jesus himself. This has to be a prophecy which has its final ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ himself. So let's look at this text and let's talk about God's great Messiah. I let's look at the messianic redemption that this great one will come as a child is a great Redeemer messianic redemption in the first subpoint a is he comes with illumination.

Chapter 9 verses one and two but there will be no more gloom for her who was in anguish. In earlier times.

He treated the land of Zebulun and the land landed make F Tilly with content but later all he will make it glorious by the way of the sea. On the other side of the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles. This assisting. This region is the northern part of what we call the nation of Israel, and it was the darkest part of the nation. Here God says you done everything humanly to fix your problem. You got everything humanly to protect yourselves you done everything humanly to find peace and prosperity in the earth but I'm going to do something and finally get the job done. I'll bring this day of illumination. These people are presently living in death shadow the darkness there realizing right now, had been absolute. I mean they see no hope on the horizon on the horizon. Rather, these are hopeless and pitiful people, and God says I'm going to come in and give you a glorious hope that's not because God must do it. Not because man in his wisdom, found some key way to force God or some mantra to manipulate and buy into God, pouring out his power know it's merely God's choice in love and grace. Remind yourself child of God. That judgment is never the end for God's people.

God never permits a humiliation for which there is not a corresponding exultation plan. This illumination, this bright hope is coming to this darkest of life because the northern northern region rather is Laura Syria had most dominated and taken the people, captives, and so in every way that region was viewed as the most depressed area got to. That's the area I'm going bring the brightest light because in here, Galilee of the Gentiles, that region of the greatest CN that region of the greatest wall when darkness is this not point to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is often called the stranger of Galilee. He is this CN darken world's glorious hope and his ministry was primarily in the northern region called Galilee. It was a region of of half breeds lot Gentiles. There some intermarrying their self so the rest of Israel, even to the day of Christ seven years after the prophecy, the Israelis, looked at that region with disdain. There's been such dark pasts.

But that's where Jesus showed up and after his resurrection. Matthew 2632 Jesus after I resurrected, I will go ahead of you into Galilee, so in this darkest of regions are you dark place. Now maybe everything outside of you is really okay but in your heart and mind just darkness this fire discouragement. When I got to know I would tell you God will stand up and then bring the light darkest region of Israel, profits of the light come on, that's the prophecy of Jesus coming and pouring his ministry out primarily through the regions of Galilee. Suddenly, like the suddenness of dawn unexpectedly. The glorious lot of hope will shine upon them, and these people groping in darkness will suddenly find himself blinking in the light.

They were like Ephesians 212 said, having no hope and without God in the world. That's the way they were. That's kind of the way they saw things that's the way they felt, then, is first to chapter 9 tells us in the light will shine on them.

Bob reminds us John 8:12 PM the light of the world. That's who Jesus is.

He is the great one.

He is the great Messiah who is the great Redeemer who comes to CN darkened desperate hope I don't know if you found a darker soul in February 1978 I turned on the radio and heard a preacher telling you the before I knew anything about this text. The best thing I can tell you I'm driving my car. Hearing the gospel and the light came came on inside, fear this is about Jesus.

The messianic redemption. First of all, we see illumination.

Secondly, this notice emancipation. What a powerful picture. This is of our Christ emancipation go to verse four and are referring to this promise Messiah.

This one that's going to come as a child, but somehow as a child.

He will also be this powerful emancipator verse four, for you shall break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor as at the battle of Midian.

Now this this yoke this burden that was on Israel in time and space history 700 years before Christ. That was the Assyrians.

The Assyrians boasted of the brutality and the heavy yoke they put on their slaves.

They taken captive and they conquered opposing country. The Jews are now under this there feeling this but not only is this yoke about ancient Assyria's oppression of ancient Israel. This is a picture of the yoke and the burden of the law that all sinners find themselves under. You see, we have transgressed God's law. Here's what's wrong with you people with you, you don't grasp the holiness of God.

You don't grasp the holiness and absoluteness of the law of God. So far to many of its it becomes a small thing God crossed the road of our pressure, no small thing. Here we were, as transgressions of the law of God and our our our our faces crush down under. This overbearing and damning yoke of slavery that we have the yoke pushing our faces into the dirt in the darkness of gloom and anguish. That's why Peter preaching talked about the Jewish leaders of the day and how they just eat wall after loan the people and Peter says in acts 1520 yoke which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear it to you know it's a burden it's an oppression under the law were the problem. Here we find ourselves in this yoke suppression was a say in verse four. You say we shake off the yoke. No say we hold up under the yoke, no he said you shall break the yoke of their burden that the imagery here of the oldest Syrian soldiers beaten the rods down on the back of the shoulders of their captive Israelis and the staff on their shoulders.

You'll break the rod of their oppressor is at the battle of Midian. So here we see Assyria, but we also see how this speaks of us being under the guilt and the condemnation of sin look over it on Isaiah TMF I can think is going be on your screen when Isaiah 10 verses 24 and 25 therefore thus the Lord God of hosts, all my people, who dwell in Zion, do not fear the Assyrian who strikes you with the rod and lift up his staff against you. The way Egypt did warn a very little while. My end date indignation against you will be spent in my anger will be directed to their destruction.

God says I'm going to break the oppression off of you pagan nations have always been symbolic a baby knife, a type of Satan. If you will. So here we see this picture of the pressure in here we are under the law, bowed down, and Satan walks up with his rod fresh. Satan takes that rod he's is your transgression taken. Satan takes that rod again and says your guilty.

Satan takes that rod again. He says why your condemn and whack you're doing whack you have below just beating us down finished.

This is God's going to take care of the suppressor for us is going to do it to Texas as at the battle of meaning and I want to send me will who won the battle of Midian will Gideon the story of Gideon God would let him happen is the little army and yet he defeated the Mahdi Midianites.

He was from the was the youngest. He was from the smallest family and he couldn't have very many fighters but God used in with a great victory got something to take with the world would think is weak and insignificant avenues that to defeat your oppressor. This points to Jesus baby Jesus became in weakness became in meekness.

Then he grew up and they crucified him in weakness but he arose and power over Satan and death and hell and the grave in Soho.

Jesus walks up the takes his rod rod of omnipotence Satan Khmer. If you think Jesus and Satan are fighting over men sold your food you are fooled. Jesus can only do it our Satan can only do what Jesus allows and Satan come here Satan bound down Jesus and Satan. You're the enemy of me and of my children your transgression, your guilty whack your dude named why your condemn then what your finish. Only Jesus can do that he emancipate's us from the yoke of our slavery onto the law in the guilt and the conduct condemnation in the damnation. We walked under will not only illumination and emancipation, but the great Redeemer. The mission at Redeemer brings us celebration. You can't know this and experience this and go home home in just a cornbread just can't do that something changes in you when you grasp what God's done for you through his son Jesus Christ. Look back at verse three and he says because of what this promise Messiah, who is Jesus Christ is going to do for you. Verse three you shall multiply the nation. You shall increase their gladness and they will be glad in your presence as with the gladness of harvest, as when men rejoice when they divide the spoil. As a result of God being among them Emmanuelle God is with them.

There's going to be a great sweeping of an abundance of joy from this mess in this Messiah as he establishes his kingdom after ancient Israel. In this context, before their nation was in decline, but now there's going to be a multiplication before their harvest was meager, but now it's going to be abundant before the nation was spoiled and now it's going to enjoy the spoils of the but ultimately this is picturing Christ kingdom because now his nation's multiply because is not just Jews but now the gospel of Christ goes to the Gentile.

Also that's a in God's multiplying his nation and there's a time of gladness that's being ushered in is like a gladness we've never seen before.

Psalm 30 verse 11 says he's turned for me my morning and the dancing. Proverbs 1028 says the hope of the righteous is gladness, and when the early church was starting it next to 46. They were taking their meals with gladness.

The Bible say there's a sense of celebration in the hearts of the child of God and in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ brothers and sisters when we make together and we saying there's a sense of joy and celebration, and what we have because he's broken the rod of our oppressor were freed from all of that, there's what I like to say the church gathered together has a limited celebration because were still down here and there's the limitation of the flash and the sinful world. Now look all we have to look forward to his increasing celebration. The closer we get the glorification and benign conveyance when you get in glorification all of eternity is filled with increasing joy and celebration.

Because the more we celebrate what he's done, the more glorifies him who did it know some of you need to work on your celebrator a little bit to sale. God help me to see serious weightiness of my condition as a transgressor before your holy law, and then God cares, correspondingly, help me to grass wonder of the wisdom, the power of the glory of this unmerited favor that you would come and break the rod of the pressure off of me. Help us to celebrate. He says they will rejoice in verse four as when men divide the small you know it comes to my mind, I sometimes like to read about pirate so not sure why but I do and tyrants.

They really were like this ever seen a movie where pirates capture of a ship carrying great treasure. They do everywhere gold chains and all grades in joules in GM's nighters drinking and just start writing said that's what it's like when you realize what I've done through my Messiah's redemption for you.

My goodness celebration. Christ came as the light of the world illumination. Christ came to redeem us back from slavery. Yoke of slavery emancipation. Christ came that we might now and forevermore. No celebration of what he has done. I love Christmas in a way I don't be tried here, but in a way. When Jesus is born is like the party starting to really look forward to going to party for me it's all about food, but finally the lady of the house really knows how to cook his luck hotdog when we get there is left moist tile I've worked all day on Don we got this number got that done. That's kind to go celebration struck when Jesus came. It's as if God said celebration starting is just a matter nothing can stop my great Messiah. He's going to the cross boom and break the rod of the oppressor against you is proving your justification is going to go to the right hand of the Almighty faith faithfully intercede for you and listen to me, he's gonna bring every one of his children home for the gray great great glorious eternal celebration that's out in front of all of us. You believe the stuff this Messiah is the great Redeemer, the messianic redemption. Now let's go little bit further here only got two points. The messianic brain. The messaging Ray Whitman. We been getting over on that list talk about it a little more particular here some point they noticed the conquest and we see this in verse six he said here's how it's going to happen here Heights clinic conquest of the enemy and give us the victory for the child. We will be born to us, but many God we been been through this made her shallow has been asked and sheer J ship we've had the children before Isaiah ran all around. We could see them all the time.

Remind ourselves all the time and you're bringing another child yeah but this was different. He's the menu well child he's God with. He's not someone. God sent.

He's God. This is different is going to be a child born noticed the phrases to us.

Verse six the sun will be given to us. God had promised Israel victory over her enemies. God says I'm going to send you a new side a little child and he'll be God's agent of victory, but obviously this child is not just a son of promise lot sheer J ship was like May her shallow hash bands was they were sons of victory. This child see Emmanuelle child is the Messiah God in human form. This one is not a promising victory. This is the victory is not the promise of Victor. He is the victor wonder Paul wrote with God before she could be against us. If God came down here to secure my salvation who can fight that off. You can defeat that group in question that had been marked out.

I made as someone has promise to come and break the yoke of your burden and break the rod of your oppressor. You'd expect them to come with greater oppression and greater aggressiveness. But when God comes to deliver us from our yoke in our oppressor becomes humanly speaking and great power and might know only God would come as a meek and humble baby to conquer his Jesus of course is the fulfillment of the Emmanuelle prophecy. He's the physical embodiment of God with us.

He came as a little baby in the promise of victory over our enemies sin and death hell and the grave. The Virgin and the child of Isaiah 74 referred to again in Isaiah 95 are types of Mary and Joseph and how difficult it was for Ahaz and Judah to trust that a helpless child was the assurance that God would bring them the victory now. Maybe if God like you done before in Isaiah 37th.

He said an angel of the Lord will not and will not that Angel cured 195,000 Syrian soldiers in a 180 Angel with that kinda might know that might give you some encouragement, but this is just a baby, but as the Virgin Mary and the child are types of Mary and Jesus. So Ahaz is the king of Judah and Judah are types of modern man. They just couldn't believe it, just couldn't trust that just need more than that. Visually we just got see more than this baby that the white man is today. Jesus came in a way they didn't expect them to calm and then he said he was going to bring them Victor.

The next thing I know he's arrested he's being punched in his beard is being pulled out her spinning in his face and a few faithful disciples at that point abandon him is only surrounded by the Gentile dogs in the vial pharisaical leaders of Israel. They scourging with the cat of nine tails and they put a rugged beam on his back and marching down the Via Dolorosa and taken to the place of the skull with common these criminals crash Mahdi nails through his feet and body nails through his hands and hang them up, suspended between heaven and earth and I thrust a spear in his side ever bison. This is not weakness, humiliation, shame not what were looking for will. That's 700 years earlier when Ahaz of the people of Israel said, God sent us this promise of protection and peace and prosperity in victory and break the rod of our oppressor. Through this baby all they forget is Isaiah said in Isaiah 55 verse nine resin the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts and you don't get it. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians. He said you are thinking like mere men is thinking like a person would naturally think don't you understand child of God we become a Christian you the capacity with the spirit in you in the book before you do things supernaturally, naturally, you have the capacity think spiritual thought child will be born for us, and then he says in verse six the sun will be given to us a son given. This speaks more directly of Jesus and his death. He was the son of God. But Jesus love to use the phrase IN the Son of Man. The words I become one of you and I might save you at the Son of Man and is a son of God. We think about how he was like God but no more. He was fully God and he was like, man.

But even more, he was fully human. It was both the son of God and the Son of Man. He grew to be an adult man while he was here on the earth, but he did not resort to man's methods to be a Victor.

They looked at Jesus and thought Jesus grossly disqualifies far as they were concerned as a home on the cross he was useless. They knew not the wisdom of God, for in that selfless, humble, meek act of dying. He was actually taking the place of his children and all that cross. He completely conquered our enemies sin, death, hell and the grace second Corinthians 13 four for indeed he was crucified because of weakness. Yeti Leos because of the power of God. For we also are weak in him.

We shall live with him because the power of God directed toward you in the first Corinthians 125 because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than me king Ahaz would say Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah 3 babies three babies three babies you brought to me by her shallow hash bass sheer J ship and now the menu about three babies and do not understand the terrifying brutal Mahdi of Syrian armor is kept his camp at our Isaiah was saying God was saying through Isaiah, Ahaz, Israel, weakness is stronger than trust.

Trust because this Jesus does indeed conquer and banish the enemies of his people through meekness and through humility but just think child of God. What it's going to be like when he comes the second time, unleashing his body wrath and retribution against those who are not his is Ahaz did not have the wisdom of faith, so he did not trust in God. He did make an alliance with the Syria so that's where men are today the loss they made an alliance with the Syria we put one on trust the world ways they may say that today in the modern world is this trust the science will not against science.

Just as a side note, I appreciate it.

They really do. The true scientific method before they call it science. Scientific method requires it to be observable and repeatable, and you always get the same conclusion. Not ask ask not science.

It may be the best guess of a scientist and that's okay I can get that they might been manipulating us like little sheet they wanted to the end and carouse together.

I'm not an anti-science guy. I think science is a wonderful gift from God. The greatest scientists in World War II Germany. You know what they did with that great scientific knowledge and ability did experiments on Jews destroyed them by the millions that took every little baby they could find that they didn't deem is perfect and the kill that baby to purify the rest. Science said yes to all this. Our country is in the name of science. Taking our scientific knowledge and market babies in the lives of their fathers did not pay some sort of burden on the mama to carry a baby son says that's morality in character and virtue indicted. Ms. says it's wrong. Trusting in Syria trusting in the Syria looking to the world because God's way. Just same letter right able save us well. His conquests notice. Secondly, not all his conquests notices character not done all water one child. This is verse six the government will rest on his shoulder and ears would have got. So here's what I'm going to this Messiah will come in in his reign he will regain the kingdom of the world worth from all those who misuse it to whom it had been entrusted to take it back for God to be this radical change on planet Earth. Up until the time the Messiah returns in his reign, Satan has controlled this world and is controlled through God's ungodly men. Jesus Christ will take the throne of planet Earth in your rule is keying and he will rule as Lord and all the elements of governing will rest on him when he says the government will be placed on his shoulder know what it means. It means he's up to the task. He's up to the task vote for Joe Donald Trout pays up to the task where you got a vote for somebody. We do the best we can. Amen. But there's only one who will say put it on the shoulders right here. I can carry at all. I can handle it. All these he's up to the task when he sets up his kingdom and it's almost placed on him all the judgments will have been passed and all that is left is love and peace in his all wise direction, which we see in the other part of his character. He's also called the wonderful counselor I like to say as the scholar St. means he's a wonder of a counselor, a wonderful counselor there.

Forget I told you this one time before I was listening to Barbara Walters who Barbara Walters is probably the most esteemed interviewer of the last 57 years. It was toward the end of Barack Obama's second term, and she was not tongue-in-cheek. She was not telling a funny she said seriously what happened. We thought Barack Obama was the Messiah. She didn't really mean sent from God Jesus that we thought he would be the best and wisest the good everybody that she said what happened. We keep being disappointed. Time after time after time after time, but under Jesus administration. Nobody will be disappointed. Men will see his divine wisdom of it so far above merely human wisdom and over and over again Jesus will come and speak to all in his kingdom and will all walk away saying my, my goodness, what a wonderful counselor.

He marveled how he makes everything perfect. Not only the government rest on his shoulders not only a wonderful counselor but Ferguson says he's also mighty God that this can't be a human king. This has to be Jesus. These mighty God emphasizes that he has the infinite Mike to carry out the wisdom of his counsel. What he devises he will be able to achieve government will rest on his shoulders.

He's the wonderful counselor, the mighty God and then the eternal father, it was common for kings and still you some today that a king is the father of the country, but often those kings are good fathers and sometimes when they saying good. They always seem to dial on us and then we get a bad one later. That's why he's the everlasting father is good and he never goes nowhere. If you had a good dad. There's nothing like coming home a difficult season and sitting with a good dad is always there for you. That's the way he's going the eternal father also emphasizes his paternal nature is not going to be one of imposing authority in today's world we say we can bring all this equality and this the injustices are going to be cured in the oppressions going to be removed, but they're doing it by more force and more pressure, not this kingdom is not the way he does peace appear to need to do it that way, he will give the people the kind of father he would care for them and love and give them fatherly security and even would sacrifice for them, which he has done his son, then he is the Prince of peace I fitting in climactic conclusions of these characteristics of the Messiah's reign, but in fact this is what was proclaimed that his birth.

Luke 214 glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among men with whom he's playing next. He is the Prince of peace, friend, let me remind you, Bob Dylan said this, there will be no peace. Because the world won't cease until he return. He is peace. Jesus came and PC came as anything more peaceful that quieted resting baby in the arms of its mother's he lived peace even made peace on the cross by copper his enemies and making them his friends and establish his earthly kingdom. One day, and it's going to be a wonderful piece is going to have a vertical and horizontal concept to it vertically. All will be at peace with God and that will allow us to finally do all horizontal to be at peace with one another when he returns and then verse seven there will be no end to the increase of his government or of peace on the throne of David and over his kingdom.

You can't say delivery and because there is no end. This kingdom starts but it never ends. It never has a back to it. He's the final keying. He's the King of all Kings in just one quick thought on that phrase to establish it verse seven and uphold it with justice and righteousness. Ears will finally be a kingdom of justice and righteousness and is only possible because of who he is, he will not be a kingdom of mirror might enforce over others, but a kingdom that has satisfied the terms of justice and righteousness. His citizens are not oppressed into some external form of submission and so-called peace. The citizens are those who had made bait sorry are those who have been made new by the Kings transforming power there glorified by him and re-created in his image. Therefore, from their innermost being. They embrace the holy justice and righteousness of their king.

They love the peace of this kingdom by love, the joy you missed the kingdom they ran us the satisfaction of the kingdom of the right prosperity of the kingdom, but they love the king most of all, just a little bit about God's great Messiah Messiah's redemption in the Messiah's right hope and I pray you know this Messiah are you his return to him in faith. You must do that and trust him as your reward is your Savior

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