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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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June 13, 2024 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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June 13, 2024 6:09 am

Do you care that Aaron Rodgers missed mandatory camp? | RIP to the legendary Jerry West | Hot Dogs, of course.


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See new home specialists for details. I'm sorry, no hot dog conversation today. Actually, that's not even accurate. No hot dog conversation this hour. There goes our audience, Jay.

They're gone. That noise you hear, it's all of them jumping ship, bailing off the bandwagon, and breaking legs. Because there's no hot dog conversation. I'm telling you, we got more people complimenting us on the show and telling us they laughed so hard because of the hot dog debate. And there's a twist.

If you haven't heard, there is a twist. But, I'm sorry, it's back to my boring, routine, sports analysis. We didn't prep for a hot dog show two days in a row. We didn't prep for a hot dog show one day in a row.

It just happened organically. There's basketball we have to talk about. And not just that, there's the US Open starting today.

And we've had fun with some of the football as well because it is mandatory minicam. Some people freak out over things happening in June. I couldn't give a flying flea whether or not Aaron Rodgers is throwing a couple of passes as his receivers run routes on air in June.

June. In fact, given his track record last year, maybe it's better that he doesn't play until we get to the regular season. Because if he's only going to last four legit snaps, let's just wait until then. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get him 12 snaps.

That's mean, right? I don't care if he's there or not there. He's got an event. Maybe he's in someone's wedding. Apparently I heard he's on vacation. He can't be on vacation during mandatory minicamps. No, Jay, that's a vicious rumor meant to stir up drama around Aaron Rodgers. I'm done with Aaron Rodgers' drama. How about play? Do you know how long it's been since he's played? He tried. No, seriously, do you know how long it's been since we've talked about Aaron Rodgers on the football field? And I'm not saying it's impossible, only that a lot of times guys have trouble coming back after an injury that's taken them out for a year plus.

So I get it. The Jets fans are frustrated. New York Radio is having a field day with this. They want him to be out there because they want to believe that it's not going to happen again.

Lightning is not going to strike twice. Let's see a healthy Aaron Rodgers. But if you're a multimillionaire and you have an event to go to, it's not vacation. Now, see, I'd be ticked if I were his teammates that it was vacation. You can't plan a vacation during mandatory OTAs.

It wouldn't make sense to go to all the voluntary ones and not take your vacation then for the day it starts. It's clearly an event he can't move. Again, that's why I think someone else's wedding. Flights are tough to move these days. No, a wedding. Hotels are tough.

Jay, you can't tell your friend, yo, I've got mandatory OTAs. Do you mind moving your wedding date? First of all, most women are in charge of the wedding details. We don't know that he's at a wedding. I'm just saying, it's got to be something like that. An event that can't be moved.

A charitable event. I wouldn't put anything past Aaron Rodgers. You would what? I wouldn't put anything past Aaron Rodgers. If he's on vacation, I would totally believe it. No, he's the one that told us the Jets have got to cut the BS out of the building. And then almost ran for Vice President of the United States. Maybe that's what he's doing.

I mean, again, I wouldn't put anything past Aaron Rodgers. Well, it's not an excused absence. That's all we know. My money's on an event for a friend. It's either because, you know, he loves his friends. He considers his former teammates and longtime friends to be family. And so I would put my money on either a wedding that the date can't get changed or a charity event that's not his own.

And so it conflicts with his first mandatory practices with the Jets this year. A Tuesday wedding. Oh, I didn't think about that. I got married on a Sunday.

That's fine. I was at a Sunday wedding last weekend. That's true. I'm going to a wedding in July that's on a Thursday. July 4th, as a matter of fact.

That's interesting, actually. I think they feel like they can get it for cheaper because it's a holiday. On July 4th?

Wow. Dead set on July 4th. So there, a Thursday wedding. Then what was he doing the last two days? On Tuesday and Wednesday? Just traveling, getting there?

Helping with cleanup. Maybe. He's a good friend. No, maybe he was in the wedding, right? So we had to go to the rehearsal dinner the night before, and then the wedding was Wednesday.

It's a theory. It's a Wednesday wedding. Charity event.

Although, even so, that's also something that you likely would do on the weekend for people to attend. If it was a golf charity outing, that's usually on a Monday. If he was golfing, people would know it.

Come on, it's Aaron Rodgers. If he walks onto a golf course, there will be cell phone video. There would be. That's why I think a private event like a wedding on a Wednesday. A Wednesday wedding, I don't buy it. If one of your friends said to you, I'm getting married on a Wednesday, you'd be like, nah, that's a sham. I'd be like, that's a little strange, but I'd go. Right?

Well, what if Rodgers had nothing to do with it? He can't decide when the wedding is. You know, walk up to the bride and say, hi, do you know who I am?

I've got to be a practice because last year I didn't play at all and my teammates are kind of expecting me in New York. So would it be okay if you moved your wedding? I think he's got grounds to stand on.

That's because you're a guy. No, he does not have any grounds to stand on anywhere with a bride. Wednesday wedding, I don't know.

And her wedding date. I don't buy that. Maybe it's in Timbuktu and so he has to travel back and he's jet lagged. I think he's in the darkness again. No, maybe the wedding's in the darkness.

Maybe it's his own wedding. The people at the darkness retreat would fib on him. You know no one can keep a secret. They can't see him. That's not true. Who's in there? I don't know.

There's a light. That's not true. Anyway, if he's anywhere public, there's video and people are reporting it. Which is why it has to be a private event. Or the darkness. No, because I'm telling you, someone would tattletale on him at the retreat.

You don't think anyone in a waiter, if you've got some kind of party or anything, would snap a photo? I know it. I've got it.

I've got it. He's doing the Hiyawaska again. It's totally possible. It is high. Maybe something new?

It is totally high and possible. Yes, something new. He's trying a different substance. Because he said that was the key to him winning the two MVP awards. He's experimenting. Yes. This is what I mean. Why do we bother?

If it's not football, I'm not talking about Aaron Rodgers anymore. It's totally fine. If you're willing to pay the fine, it's totally fine. It's totally fine.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. That was a waste of time, is what it was. But I'm still going wedding. Are you with me? I'm not on a wedding. I see where your head's at with a private something, but a Wednesday wedding or a Tuesday wedding, I'm not there with it.

I'm not there. Just because you wouldn't do it, it's about to be all the rage. You think? I'm telling you, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday weddings are much more popular now because they're cheaper. No, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, I get those. But midweek wedding, people got to work. Not Aaron Rodgers. Actually, he had to. He didn't go. He did actually have to work.

But he got out of it. People have vacation. It's the summertime. He's on vacation. You can't take vacation during mandatory OTAs.

It doesn't work that way. Could you imagine if somehow his bosses slash teammates found out he was on vacation? No, the locker room would turn on him. They'd start wearing Mike White t-shirts again.

They'd find the Mike White t-shirts and start wearing them again. Tyrod Taylors. No, Mike, just anything other than Aaron Rodgers. Oh, they might ask for Zach Wilson back. But, you know, he's about to start for the Broncos, so... I don't know if it could ever get that bad.

Oh, my gosh. Okay, so no hot dogs and no Aaron Rodgers. We're boxing ourselves in. These are topics we can't talk about anymore.

Although we do tend to amuse ourselves with them. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook, also on our show Twix, at Amy After Hours. We actually fell down a rabbit hole earlier that had nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers. And we were wondering, the it city or metro in sports right now? About a week and a half ago, I could make a case for Dallas.

Probably not today. And so we've tossed around a few cities. L.A. seems to be the closest. I think I'm kind of with L.A. right now. But it's actually great for sports fans that there isn't one city or metro that's dominating the headlines. Or that has four teams, three teams that are at the top of their games. But L.A. is probably the closest right now just because you had both NBA teams make the playoffs, although neither went very far. You've got the Rams who made the playoffs last year and recent Super Bowl champions.

Not that that should matter. Dodgers are the best in their division again. Plus they have Shohei Ohtani and they spent a billion dollars on three guys last year.

Or committed that much. Jay's kind of leaning toward Las Vegas a little bit. If it was a few months ago, like around Super Bowl time, I think that was the place to be. I think that was the sports hub of the country. But now in June, maybe not as much anymore. But follow me here.

Maybe it's good for sports that there isn't one it city or metro. How about that? We've actually asked a show question that has no answer. It's up for grabs. It's great. We've stumped the peeps. They have no answer for this question.

And any answer that you give me, I can debate. It's kind of nice. I like it. It's the first time in my... Well, probably not the first time. It's one of the only times in my radio career that we've ever had a question that really didn't have an answer.

I like it. I'd like to hear arguments for what someone would think is the town, though. Because like you're saying, there's so many possible answers. There's ones that we went over that are clearly above others at the moment.

But which one stands above? They have potential. Right, right.

Yeah, like New York I would say has potential, but not there right now. I like this. Look how fun.

Our phone number is 855-212-4227 if you want to be like, was it Steve earlier? Who called only to click the second that we took him on the air. It's good stuff. I think he got nervous.

It's quality radio. He got, he was for Klempt. A little. The Boston Celtics, they could make a case for potential sweep of the NBA finals because I feel like that might have been the best shot the Mavericks had.

Hear me out. Not only did they finally get 35 points from Kyrie Irving, he was four of six from beyond the arc. He took 28 shots.

But 35 points. And he was a menace. Even when he wasn't hitting the shots, he was driving, he was aggressive. Luka Doncic, he didn't shoot well from beyond the arc, but despite his limitations in terms of his midsection and painkillers, he had 27 six rebounds, six assists, although theoretically could have been even better if he was on the court the last four minutes of the game. So the fouls were an issue. But they got double figures from P.J.

Washington. They got a double double off the bench from Derek Lively. They were near perfect from the free throw line and had about the same number as the Celtics. They cut down on their turnovers. They out-rebounded the Celtics. And they had the same number of made buckets as Boston overall.

There was one major difference. That was three pointers. Made three pointers. But also, the fact that this was the Mavericks' best shot so far, they had a 13-point lead, the most they've led by, in these NBA Finals, and in the fourth quarter, had a stretch in which they outscored the Celtics by 20. And yet they lose. You look at it in that perspective, the Celtics actually gave up a stretch, or had a stretch, their opponent went 22-2, 22-2, and yet they still won. It kind of takes you back to the Pacers series, where they would take the Pacers' best shot. And no matter what, the Pacers couldn't close it out. They could not close it out. Well, here are the Celtics, and even though they get outscored by 20 over a good chunk of the fourth quarter, they don't give up the lead.

And even after, everything goes stagnant and stale. You know the score was stuck at 93-90 for more than three minutes in the fourth quarter. Nothing could drop, there were turnovers, there were mistakes, but ultimately, and after Luca fouls out, it does kind of change the balance of power. The Celtics can take care of their business. Exactly three minutes to go in Game 3 and a three-point Boston lead. Derek White, bounce pass for Horford, swings to Holliday in the corner, 11 on the shot clock. Holliday, left-hand dribble drive on Hardaway, gets in deep, kick out, open, White, three, got it! Derek White, pounded by Hardaway, comes across that court. White pounding over the right hand, Hardaway on his left shoulder, 12 on the shot clock, entry's a bad one, but it gets to Tatum, he spins away and ducks over Kyrie Irving. Derek White, ambles out, sets the screen, Jaylen moves to his right against Hardaway, switches to the left hand, pulls up at 19, got it! Big shot after big shot after big shot by Jaylen Brown here in Game 3.

Sean Grandy, Cedric Maxwell on Celtics radio. I'm actually thinking that Jaylen Brown is cruising toward NBA Finals MVP, and what a neat redemption story that would be for him. Now they're not done yet, but if you know the history, you know this is the sport where no team has ever come back to win after being down 0-3 in a best of seven series. It's happened in the NHL, it's happened in Major League Baseball a handful of times, it's not common, but 156 times in NBA history when a team has gone up 3-0 in a series, they've won.

156 times. And that includes the Miami Heat last year against the Boston Celtics even though Boston forced a Game 7. And I'm sure, though it was a year ago, those memories can still become very vivid in the minds of Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum.

We talk about it a little bit with the Florida Panthers. Now they were an 8 seed last year, so there weren't a lot of expectations. But they spent an entire year trying to get to the point where they could close out a Stanley Cup Final. With the Celtics, they've had multiple years of disappointments, coming up short, and so all of that is kind of bundled together with this group. Veterans, they're primed and ready, but then you think bigger picture even. Celtics have had multiple opportunities going back to their last championship in 08, and haven't been able to capitalize against the Lakers, not just against the Golden State Warriors, but other opportunities where they felt like, including the year that Kyrie was there, second season Kyrie was there, they felt like they were a contender at the least.

And there were all kinds of issues that derailed them. And so here they are on the cusp, and they take Dallas, Dallas's, they take the Mavs, it sounds less awkward, they take the Mavs best shot, and they still don't ever give up the lead. So I think that's kind of demoralizing for the Mavericks, though you hear what Kyrie Irving has to say, and they'll have something lined up and ready for game four.

You know, this is a metaphor here, so just be ready. Just go home, get the ammo ready, get the bazooka, get the.50 cal ready, you know, get everything ready, because when we come into game four, we know that we got to shoot our shots. It's not over until it's over, so we just got to believe, like I always say, it's first to four, we're going to stay together.

We lose together, we win together, so we got to stay together. He was obviously frustrated about that sixth foul with four minutes to go. It's a judgment call, though, and I get it, you could say why are the officials calling that? It is a judgment call, it could have gone either way, Jalen kind of put a forearm into the stomach of Luca. At the same time, though, you've got to know that you're on the cusp, you've got five fouls, you can't be taking that risk. In that one second, that one moment, even if Jalen hits a three in your face, it's still better than not playing for the last four minutes and twelve seconds, and that's the type of moment where Luca has to make a better choice as a leader. He has to know his team is likely not going to win without him on the court those last four minutes, and so he can complain all he wants. And there were a couple of calls that were tough in that stretch there where the Mavericks got close, but you just can't afford a moment like that.

It's where you've got to be mature and you've got to be a leader and you've got to back off so that there's no chance you get called for foul number six, even if you don't think it was the right foul. As for the Celtics, it's the culmination of the last few years to get to this point, now one win away, whether they sweep or whether they force it, or the Mavericks force it back to Boston, they go into a game five still. The emotion that you saw from Jason and Jalen, and if you haven't seen the overhead perspective, there was a lot of talk about their embrace at center court when the final buzzer sounded. Jalen was actually at one end of the court and Jason was at the other. Jason had the ball in his hands, kind of walks towards center court, gives a high five to Drew Holiday, and then he and Jalen see each other and Jalen kind of motions toward him, and they meet at center court for what was clearly an emotional hug. This is not your average, typical hug after a win.

This is one that meant something. Excited. Tired that after the game, we're not necessarily saying one more or anything like that. We're just saying however long it takes. Nobody's relaxed.

Nobody is satisfied. But just at that moment, you know, just told him I was proud of him and he said the same thing and that we got to keep fighting. We was able to make plays and find a way to win. We've been in those positions and we've lost, so it was great to overcome that with my brother Jason and the rest of our team.

That was special. I never really did bite into the rumors, the speculation that the two of them didn't see eye to eye that there was friction between the two stars. I said this earlier but it's so true. You know it creates friction losing, falling short of your goals, but relationships, the best ones, and Jalen calls him a brother, they're forged through fire. They're forged through adversity. They're forged through those moments when you have to give everything you got and you still come up short. They're forged through the blood, the sweat, the tears and this group minus Marcus Smart, I have often wondered how he feels seeing them back in the NBA Finals, especially now that Kristaps Porzingis is injured and he was essentially traded for KP or to get KP I should say. This group has been through a lot. A lot of losing.

I mean a lot of winning, yes, but falling short of the ultimate goal. So you can imagine that there's a ton of emotion now in everything over the next couple days. But we've got to wait until Friday.

Actually, whoa, I take that back. My fault NBA, I apologize. It is only a 48 hour turnaround. What? That's jarring to the system. It's not how the NBA generally does business in the playoffs.

I was stunned when I saw that. You know what though? Have you noticed about these NBA Finals? The games are never on the same day of the week. So they went Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Monday would be game five. Right.

Seriously? That's interesting. I swear it's something about ABC and, well, it's ABC that's carrying the games even though ESPN produces but putting them on every day of the week so that they're only interrupting programming on that particular day one time because it is prime time.

That's a good call. I never really thought of that. Something along those lines. They don't want to take those shows off the air on Tuesday or whatever every day.

It's kind of weird. It's got to be something like that. Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday. I don't actually know when a game seven would be because we're not getting there. Sometime next year. Right before next season tips off.

Alright, you can find us on Twix at ALawRadio also on our Facebook page. It's good to catch up with you. It's a Thursday morning. Actually the US Open tees off in about 90 minutes or so.

Not even 90 minutes. We're just trying to ignore the hot dog in the room. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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The number one pediatrician recommended brand. Pampers is a physical so I don't know. I don't want to say nothing but sixth foul in the NBA Finals where I basically I'm like this come on man better than that. I was stuck I had to challenge it so I had to challenge because it was you know a close call but the referee called it a foul you got to move on This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence The voices of Luka Doncic, Jason Kidd Obviously a seminal moment there for the Dallas Mavericks for Luka himself with just over four minutes to go and they'd been stagnant. The score just sat there. It didn't change for three plus minutes but that gave the Celtics an edge and maybe they have it anyway but maybe they don't and that's got to be demoralizing for the Mavericks because while they haven't been able to put together an extended say half or three quarters where they've dominated the whole time you have seen flashes of it right where they were able to outscore the Celtics by 20. Earlier in the game they had a 13 point lead. Kyrie finally he finally shows up and scores the way he's capable of he hits a handful of threes and still they aren't able to grab a game and it's at home too right with Patrick Mahomes there and I think I saw Emmitt Smith in the crowd as well right it's star studded you've got everything going your way you build the early lead you can't hold it you rally you're within a possession and your superstar fouls out. So that's on him whether or not he thinks the call was unfair you just can't take a risk like that later in the game. So they've got one more shot in Dallas unless they can somehow figure out a way had a chance to talk to Chuck Cooperstein who's the long time play by play voice of the Dallas Mavericks and I'd encourage you to get the interview off our podcast if you're a Mavericks fan he was reflecting on what happened 13 years ago last night which was Dirk Nowitzki Jason Kidd leading them to their first NBA title and I certainly asked him about Luca and about the series and the major differences but also in the wake of the news that NBA Hall of Famer three time Hall of Famer Jerry West had passed away wanted to know from his perspective what Jerry meant to the league everything really everything 14 time all star some will hold it against him that he he only won one championship but you know he was victimized by the greatest dynasty in basketball history in the Boston Celtics and he was phenomenal in those series I mean just even think back to 69 and their loss to the Celtics in game 7 and he had a 42 point triple double one of only four 30 point triple doubles in a losing cause in NBA history and he did that in game 7 he was a great shooter he was a great defender he was a great leader of their team and he then had a second life as arguably the greatest team builder that the sport has ever seen as the general manager of the Lakers you know he was a coach even before then and he was an excellent coach but he he just couldn't take it he was so competitive it just drove him absolutely insane and even as a general manager I mean he had a really typical time watching games it just you know his stomach couldn't take it but he could he understood talent he knew what an NBA player looked like and should look like and he built his teams accordingly he was a depth trader I mean clearly you know the the deal for Kobe Bryant is something that would be remembered how they were able to lure Shaq in free agency away from Orlando you know he was a terrific drafter you look what he did in Memphis afterward after he left the Lakers and he built up he and Hubie Brown and Mike Portello you know built the Grizzlies into a really really good team in the mid-aughts you know he went on to the Golden State and the Clippers and while he wasn't you know the man in charge he was I don't want to say necessarily the power behind the throne but he was the wizard right I mean he was the Yoda he was the guy that you know you could go to for if you were Bob Myers and get Golden State you know for advice what do you what do you think and he would be very unvarnished in how he did it and I I think it was just awesome how he could understand you know the game as he played it in the 70s as he helped build it in the 80s and then as the game has evolved you know through the years I mean he was sharp as a tack I mean he knew everything about everyone and every team and I mean he was the ultimate NBA man and he will just be extraordinarily missed you know it's just too bad I think that there's a whole you know maybe even two generations of people that are listening to us tonight who watch things on Wednesday and who will watch things over the next couple of days who never saw Jerry West play you know who don't understand why he is the logo and why that never changed all these years because there isn't anything that Jerry West didn't do and that he didn't do at an extraordinarily high level I actually didn't see Jerry West play so it was before me and that resonated with me when Chuck said that because I always giggle at people and kind of feel sorry for the sad saps who never saw Michael Jordan play but yeah Jerry West is the logo not just because he was the right model and he was part of the NBA in some shape or form for 60 years it was incredible and so of course he will be missed his memory is everywhere because of the NBA logo 86 years old passed away on Wednesday you can find us on Twitter Facebook I have to share this with you though Jay I'm laughing I am not surprised but I am laughing Dana believes that Boston is the dominant it city or metro in sports right now because the Celtics are about to win and are you ready for a second reason because of the Brady celebration laughter I don't know if I agree with that one he doesn't play in New England anymore he doesn't play at all and Bill Belichick is not there either so no does it make New England or Boston the it sports city laughter I think it was a nice event yes it was a really nice event there were a lot of people there but it's also not Boston it's the whole New England area although it's true people don't realize that the Patriots or Gillette stadium is actually halfway between Boston and Rhode Island but I would say this of all of the cities even the ones that have the Boston name right so the Red Sox, the Celtics the Bruins they're still New England teams it's a lot like a Dallas thing right where you've a lot of the fans are maybe in Fort Worth or Arlington actually some of the teams are in Arlington with New York you've got the Jets and Giants playing in New Jersey right and the Nets are in Brooklyn so would Hartford have qualified for a New England team well Hartford had the Whalers right at the time right but it was separate the two fan bases were separate Bruins and Whalers Boston and New York it's kind of like that yeah it's a weird spot for a team right I lived there for a while yeah did live in the Hartford area well working on my previous network there are been a bunch of one off teams right pro teams in different places where they have fan bases that come from around them but they're you can't really include them like we were talking about with Milwaukee and Green Bay I feel like the Braves are similar to that where they're the one team like in Georgia of course in Atlanta but like Alabama maybe Tennessee that area kind of all gravitates towards the Braves could be wrong that's what I feel alright draws people from around yeah if there isn't another team for sure you can find that question on both of our social media sites here's why April chose to vaccinate her child I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by Merck you can search for what you need done and find tons of highly rated pros right in your neighborhood check prices, reviews and book a pro right on the spot plus you'll know what to tackle next because thumbtack is the app that shows you what to do who to hire and when pull out your phone and in just a few taps say goodbye to all those unfinished home projects and say hello to caring for your home the easier way is thumbtack and start a project today This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence I have to tell you there is a new theory that's been floated onto our Facebook page and I don't think I believe it but I just want to read it to you so you're fully informed producer Jay he says Brian on Facebook that Nathan's is perfectly within their rights because when you put any meat between the folds in a hot dog bun it becomes a hot dog so it's the bun that makes it a hot dog that's his theory he says if I cut a kielbasa to bun length and put it in a bun and is now a hot dog I disagree I do too so he says that's his theory for being team Nathan's if Impossible Foods wants to come up with their own plant based weenie and put it between two well put it into hot dog bun between the folds of a bun then it's a hot dog but I if it's a brat you can't put it into a bun and say it's a hot dog by his logic if I put a hamburger into a hot dog bun it's a hot dog that's what he's saying I just want to make sure you and I are on the same page here that's not what that's not true no that's not true I think the hot dog refers to the meat not the form with which it's presented like so if you have a hot dog the meat and it's shaped like a hamburger bun it could still be a hot dog it's the meat it wouldn't be a hamburger exactly have you ever tried that have you ever tried to you're out of bread so you fold up half of a hamburger bun and make it into a hot dog bun yeah well that doesn't right just because it's a hamburger bun doesn't make it a hamburger it's still a hot dog we're on the same page okay alright phew I just want to be sure we don't agree team Nathan's team Joey but I just wanted to be sure right not for that reason okay gotcha alright well according to those of you who voted and we got hundreds and hundreds of votes on both Twitter and Facebook two thirds of us well not quite 60% of us I'll be accurate 60% of us are team Joey that does not include Jay who is team Nathan's but you are going to have your hot dog eating contest on July 4th as team Nathan's meanwhile those of us who are team Joey will see a reunion of sorts they used to be the arches of arch rivals the sport has ever seen the sport quote unquote has ever seen sports arguably Joe no not arguably Joey Chestnut and Takaru Kobayashi I wonder if Shohei Ohtani is a fan I don't see why he wouldn't be I feel like they're two superstars Kobayashi's an icon seriously they're both they're going to face each other in a Netflix series of course they are and they're going to have their own all beef hot dog eating contest on labor day another big day for the hot dog industry that's labor day it's the end of summer last barbecues last hurrahs it must feature hot dogs so these two guys it'll be streamed on Netflix labor day and instead they're going to have the two the best the sport has ever seen against each other in a Amano Amano do we know the rules yet no this actually kind of happened before once I think it was they tried their own spin-off no so it was this was at the at the event this was at Nathan's hot dog eating contest I think it was might have been the last time they were both in the event or might been the second to last time they tied at the end of the 10 minutes and they both had like 63 or 62 they had a dog off so they had a dog off and it was who could eat I think it was four hot dogs the fastest and Joey won it seems unsafe after all that it seems unsafe yes alright well so it's July 4th versus Labor Day it's the champions the names of the sport against the also-rans it's Nathan's versus Joey we'll see we'll see who has the most cachet I don't know who the sponsor is for the Labor Day event maybe there can't be Nathan's that's a good point that would definitely be a breach and we know it's not impossible because they're 100% beef dogs so I like how they specified that part it's after hours with Amy Lawrence so to kind of give you the perspective of the Jets on this whole I'm rolling my eyes Aaron Rodgers drama he's not excused but he is excused Aaron and I are on the exact same page there's no issue between Aaron or his teammates for that matter so like I said we addressed it yesterday it's not it's more of an issue for everyone outside the building than it is inside and that's true and that's about it except if he's on the same page with his QB why is it an inexcused absence I think it's because you can't treat your quarterback with special rules this is not Russell Wilson mind you remember how Russell Wilson got so mad at him because he had his own set of special rules his own office right why wouldn't you want your quarterback to have an office I don't have any issue with that so he can study? you want your quarterback to be as good as he can possibly be get your ass in the office and study but it didn't work Russell Wilson has decided that he's a brand new person in Pittsburgh two years after being a brand new person in Denver it's okay if you can't come up with it it's fine I feel the fountain of youth I feel revived in every way mentally, emotionally, spiritually I feel confident I think at some point you have to know who you are you know as a player, as a man a fountain of youth as somebody who's been fortunate to be able to play in this game I don't doubt it I just trust it I felt really good last year playing I felt really confident in the midst of everything so I think right now I have all that confidence times ten confidence fountain of youth revived in every way how is this any different than what he told us when he first got to Denver I feel like it was the same thing Jay went back to his introductory press conference yeah, I'm pretty sure that he used the same script now that I'm here it feels right, it feels great I'm excited about it and also too at the same time I know there's a lot more to do and every day you have to go into that challenge with that mindset that there's more to do and there's so much more we can accomplish together if we do it together he is a very optimistic person but how could he be revived in every way just two years after being revived in every way fountain of youth probably is new he didn't want people to think he was old when he first started in Denver he's now in his mid-thirties do you think his MVP candidacy days are behind him yes even though he's revived in every way and he's found the fountain of youth he's a talent and the other quarterbacks in the league have surpassed him in that category yeah I am hoping because I like Mike Tomlin that this works out they're taking a flyer on him obviously Justin Fields is a lot younger and is waiting in the wings if Tomlin and his staff can get the best out of Justin, he'll be back on the field but for Mike Tomlin's sake and just because it irks the Steelers that Mike Tomlin is going to be there past the 20 year point yes, I'm rooting for this to work out talk to you tonight, it's After Hours with Mike Tomlin I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated it's a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by Merck summer with all trails
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