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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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June 11, 2024 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 11, 2024 5:53 am

Steeler fans may not like it, but Mike Tomlin isn't going anywhere | Dan Hurley says no to the NBA | Panthers take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup


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No matter the mess for trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. It is a good thing that our show airs solely on radio, especially tonight. Now I would always tell you I don't want to do TV. I'm not interested in being on camera. In fact, being on camera freaks me out.

Don't know why it really shouldn't make that big of a difference, but I do not like it. So don't worry about me making the leap to TV because it's not happening, at least not my full time gig. But tonight there is a very practical reason why it's a good thing we're not on TV.

Because we have no water at my house, so showers were not an option. So it's a good thing you can't see me. I don't think I smell much.

No, I don't. I didn't work out earlier today, which is a good thing. Oh my gosh, I was planting flowers instead because it's been such beautiful weather the last couple days.

I always say June is one of my favorite months in terms of the weather in the Northeast or the mid-Atlantic. So it's a good thing I didn't go running, believing that I would have the ability to take a shower before work because that would be hideous. Instead, I guess I could be here using the water fountain and a paper towel. Gross. Anyway, don't worry. It's not as bad as it could have been, but also we have no water at my house.

And I feel far worse for the fact that we have my mother-in-law staying with us. And so she, I hope, will have water when she wakes up in the morning. Yeah, it's a water main break and who knows when we'll get the water back. I asked my friend who's a plumber, lets his profession, but he also works for the water treatment plant in the next town over, or two towns over. He said he has no clue when the water would get back on or how long it will take, only that it was a really major water main break.

And that right now we've got a whole lot of nothing. There were a few dribbles coming out of our kitchen sink. And so as I went to put my contacts in before I came to work, I was standing under, well, my hands were underneath that faucet for a good 10 minutes just to get enough water to be able to rinse off the soap. Anyway, hands were clean, contacts are fine, mother-in-law got a chance to brush her teeth and wash her face before she went to bed. But neither Bob nor I had the option of using any water. So we were, actually we got a brand new egg crate mattress pad, one that's supposed to have a cooling effect and it's purple. So we were changing the sheets and putting this new mattress pad, egg crate mattress pad, very soft and comfortable, down on the bed. And I don't know if I went to brush my teeth myself before I was listening to the end of the hockey game because I knew we would have a guest from Miami.

So I was listening to the Evan Rodriguez goals in the third period on Panthers Radio. And I go to wash my hands or brush my teeth or something and realize we've got no water. There's only air coming out of the faucet in the bathroom. I run downstairs, there's no water there either. And obviously you can only do the flushing of the toilet one time before that's out of water as well. So I'm thinking, where do we have water? Where do we have water? Well, I had a water bottle that was almost empty because I bring a large, I guess it's about a liter and a half water bottle into work every night. And I fill it and I drink it and then I take a full one home.

So I had part of that. We've got a couple of Brita filters on the stove because we both like room temp water. So we have a few cups of water there. We have a couple of seltzer water containers.

I'm not sure that's something that we can use, but for now I felt bad leaving. Well, a little guilty. I felt a little guilty leaving the house without any water. Thankfully, both of the pets' water bowls are full.

So we don't have to worry about them. But yeah, I may have to go home with not just a full bottle, but maybe I could get a bunch of plastic cups, fill them with water and drive home with them in my front seat. Can we find some like buckets around here? Just kind of get, you know, send you home with a bunch of buckets. Just take a cleaning bucket home.

Or I guess I could stop on the way home because it is my morning to go to the grocery store, stop on the way home and make sure that I get a thing of bottled water. But it's kind of a bummer when you have bottled water and what you're using it for is to wash your hands or wash your face or brush your teeth. It feels like such a waste. You just pour it down the drain. It's a weird feeling.

It is. But it's better than not having water. So praying that we get our water back in our town. But when I left, bone dry.

Really funny too because I had no idea what was going on. Just that all of a sudden we went from water to no water and I texted a family member and said, hey, any idea what this might be? And he said, well, it's got to be a town issue or a city issue. Your water comes from the city. So make sure you walk or he said, but make sure you walk outside and listen for any gushing water.

Oh no. And we had earlier in the afternoon used the hose because we were potting flowers and then watering the flowers in the pots. So I have this brief but very sharp anxiety pang over, oh my gosh, what if the water burst, the pipe burst outside? I don't know why it would. But you never know.

It's an old house. Things break. Things burst.

Things crumple and fall apart. Thankfully, there was no sound of gushing or rushing water everywhere. Least of all, not in our house.

There is no gushing or rushing water in our house. So we'll see when it becomes a dire situation. Trying to think, oh, you know what though? Bob has a gym membership. I suppose I could go there. We could go there and take showers. Could you imagine if we said to mom, hey, load up. We're going to go to the gym and take showers.

I've had to do that before. So during hurricane Sandy, I had no power and stuff for two weeks. Two weeks? Two weeks.

Wow. The longest I ever went without power in my home was 10 days. And it did go on for a long time. And that was in the late fall when inside the home, temps were down to 40 degrees, 40, 41 degrees. Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

An ice storm and it knocked out power for a good chunk of Connecticut. But I digress. You cannot see me.

You cannot smell me. So all is well. Jay, I don't know whether or not he even would have known if I hadn't told him, but I'm just fessing up. Confession is good for the soul. You appear clean. So I hit beer clean. The hair may be a little bit messy, but whatevs it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Twix.

You can find me there at a law radio. And then on our Facebook page, I had fun thinking about our question for tonight's show because it does amuse me that every single time Mike Tomlin's name comes up, there are people who would prefer to see him fired or at the very least allowed to walk away from the organization. It's a fight.

It always is a fight. I've been saying to you guys for years, that's right. Cue up all the Mike Tomlin drops. I've been saying to you guys for years that you don't know how good you have it.

Mike Tomlin is now the longest tenured head coach in the NFL, just ahead of John Harbaugh in Baltimore, but longest tenured head coach in the NFL because Bill Belichick is no longer with the Pats. And as much as the rest of the world sees it as this incredible streak where Tomlin's teams, his entire 17 years, they've never had a losing record. Ask the Browns how good that sounds over the last 17 years. Ask the Cardinals how good that sounds over the last 17 years. Ask the Jets. Ask the Miami Dolphins.

Ask, we could go on and on. Ask the freaking Los Angeles Chargers how it would feel to not have a losing record for 17 years. And, while I don't know the numbers on it, the majority of those seasons they've made the playoffs. So they've had a couple that have been record at 500, but for the most part in each of those seasons they've also made the playoffs, including 2023. Steelers fans, however, think it's an excuse. They think, well, we're settling for mediocrity.

We could do better. I know that there was some wishful thinking among Steelers fans, not all of them, but some of them, that the Steelers brass were really the ownership. This is more about the Rooney family than it is about the front office. And Mike Tomlin obviously predates the Steelers front office. Whether or not they would allow him to go into his final year of coaching without a new deal.

No dice. To those of you who wanted that to become a reality, that Mike Tomlin would have to prove himself before they would give him another deal. That Mike Tomlin would somehow have to earn a contract extension. I told you it's not going to happen.

Wishful thinking. And on Monday the Steelers signed him to a new deal, tacked on to his current one, that keeps him under contract through 2027. A three-year extension.

So he does not go into this season as dead man walking or lame duck or whatever particular phrase you'd like to use. And according to Art Rooney, who's the Steelers president, oh you're not going to like this, if you are one who believes the Steelers would be better off with something different, you won't like this. Quote, Mike Tomlin's leadership and commitment to the Steelers have been pivotal to our success during his first 17 years, his first 17 years as head coach. It certainly sounds like they hope he will coach for another 17 years in the Steel City. Extending his contract for three more years reflects our confidence in his ability to guide the team back to winning playoff games and championships while continuing our tradition of success. All right, this with all of the quarterback issues since Ben Roethlisberger's retirement and even the last couple years of Ben Roethlisberger's tenure, right, where he missed his second to last season, his penultimate season.

Do love to drop that word in now and then. It's a little bit foo-foo for football but you know what I mean. His second to last season he missed most of it, right, because of, was it an arm, an elbow, something along those lines, elbow I think. He comes back for his final year, his swan song and essentially the Steelers did not have enough peeps around him. It was way too much throwing for Ben Roethlisberger.

It should have been far more of the balance between run game and passing or maybe should have been more of an emphasis on the run game. So think about it, maybe the last five years having to deal with quarterback challenges from Kenny Pickett, who's no longer there, to Mason Rudolph, to now Justin Fields, Russell Wilson, who am I missing, who else was in there, Kenny, Mason, oh Mitch Trubisky, uh-huh it's a lot of peeps. The Steelers are looking for stability that position but they're no longer looking for stability at the head coaching spot.

Here's the report from NFL Network insider Judy Batista. I go back to something that Art Rooney said back at the end of the season when he was talking about this and he said the players still respond to Mike and that's number one and that's true. He is going to be in the job for two decades plus by the time this contract ends but players still relate to him. He can still motivate players and there's no better example of that than last season when they had just a terrible quarterback situation. They looked like they were about to be eliminated in December and then they win the last three games of the season to get into the playoffs. They've actually been to the playoffs three of the last four seasons and I know the mark of success at the Steelers organization is winning those Lombardi trophies. They want to win playoff games. They haven't done that in a long time but be careful what you wish for because there are an awful lot of organizations in the NFL that would take the level of success that Mike Tomlin has had that the Pittsburgh Steelers have had and again he's coming off what is arguably one of his best coaching seasons. Judy Batista on NFL network.

So here's the question that I was thinking and Jay you tell me which one you think would would get more variety. Which franchises in the NFL would consider Mike Tomlin an upgraded head coach or if not Mike Tomlin then who? Mike Tomlin is not on the hot seat. He's not on the hot seat. What other coaches in the NFL go into the 24 season with their jobs in if not in jeopardy or peril at least under strict evaluation under some serious some serious heat.

Maybe the second one. So that meaning like who is already like early on the hot seat which coach on which team? Which coaches are in a prove it situation in the NFL considering again that Mike Tomlin's not we're not going to be talking about his job status at all in 2024. The Rooney's have made it very clear they wanted to take care of him. They did and so no matter what Steelers fans might think they want where they think they can get an upgrade it doesn't matter because we're sticking with Mike Tomlin in the steel city.

So what other coaches in the NFL go into 24 with some major question marks on improve it situations if you will. Jay will put a post up on our show twix at Amy After Hours and then our Facebook page as well. If you didn't see the photos from lower Manhattan I had a bit of a story to tell you from Saturday so I did that it was part of our last podcast Sunday into Monday.

I know some of you don't start your work week until Monday night heading into Tuesday morning so if you missed it of course check out the podcast but you can also find the photos up on Facebook there or on my Twitter. We got another tweet instantly Duck Hodges he was also a starter under Mike Tomlin more recently and that actually matches what Jay said to be my ear when we were listening to Judy Batista. So what else if not Pittsburgh then who is on the hot seat among head coaches heading into the 24 season. We will do a little bit of football speaking of coaches Kevin Stefanski was the guest on the Rich Eisen show and has an update on Nick Chubb which I know there are a lot of Browns fans anxious for that. Lamar Jackson he's in he's out don't ask John Harbaugh whether or not Lamar is at OTA or at practices but of course at mandatory OTAs these guys are all required to be there. A little bit from the Patriots new regime there Jacoby Brissett right now the presumptive starter for Gerard Mayo's first year but Drake May the high draft pick and then oh hey Dak Prescott my gosh if you're Dak or Tua or Trevor Lawrence or even Patrick Mahomes are you already tired of the questions about your contract status oh my gosh it never stops it's a bit of a a swarm mentality where the second another guy gets a contract and the most recent one being Jared Goff now everybody's on to the next next man up for the contract you can understand why there are some teams who choose to reset with a rookie now if you have a franchise quarterback that's undisputed and he makes your team that much better of course you're not looking for a rookie you're trying to win while you're in his prime in the prime of his career but it is a bit of a rat race and it seemingly never ends or a hamster wheel if you will it never ends also on this edition of the show in fact straight ahead Dan Hurley makes his choice I think it's surprising a lot of people we had asked you your reaction to Dan Hurley as the potential coach of the Lakers well Lakers are still on the hunt Hurley heads back to Storrs Connecticut or he stays in Storrs Connecticut I should say so a lot there Roger Federer in a different role on the heels of the French Open and a new king actually Novak Djokovic no longer the top player in the world in men's tennis and then game two of the Stanley Cup final so far and I'm not saying at all that I think this will happen but so far but so far you've got the Celtics and the Panthers so the two eastern conference teams halfway to titles Panthers have never won in their franchise history Celtics haven't raised a banner since 2008 is either one of these series likely to end up in a seventh game man I believe the competition and the storylines have been great the Mavericks have been so much fun also Jay remind me I have to tell you a hysterical story about a listener and what he thinks he heard anyway it'll be funny we'll get to that a little bit later on but the Mavericks have been a great story I think the playoffs even the Pacers were an awesome story they were a six seed right coming out of the east and managed to get to the east finals and yet we still ended up with a sweep in the east only five games in the west and now we've got two series that could potentially go the short route they could go the short cut if you will again I hope that's not the I hope that's not the case I actually think that Celtics and Panthers fans might prefer now there's this sacrilegious maybe it is if you haven't won a title in a long time or you've never won a title in your franchise history and the Panthers case denied last season though to be fair they were an eight seed so I don't know how many expectations were there anyway but I wonder how many fans would say I'd rather our team the Celtics or the Panthers lose a game on the road so that they could potentially clinch the title at home in game five what do you think would you take that chance Jay allow the opponent to find some breathing room and maybe find some confidence and believe that your team could take care of business and win it in game five then because you know if you don't win in game five and you go back to the other team's arena for game six then you're playing with fire my brain says win it as quickly as you can don't worry about where you win it just win it my heart says how much fun would it be to win it at home so I mean I love when the championships are won at home it makes it so much better in my opinion it does it does it's really a lot of fun but I guess we don't get to pick that we need to be content with what we have and considering these two fanbases it's been a long time and never for these two fan bases so I think they'd probably take them whenever they could get them all the rats on the ice could you imagine in Florida they wouldn't what I mean do it's gross we see enough rats in New York City do we really need to see let's hope they're dead when they get onto the ice it's just and I'm sorry panthers don't eat rats no it goes it's some tradition of goes back like the last time they were in I forgot the exact story but well maybe a panthers fan will call and remind us why it's such a significant tradition I prefer the octopus on the ice myself that's a good one that's fantastic except for squeezing it in like people put it in their shorts and stuff kind of gross but yep didn't need to hear about that nope never mind eight five five two one ew eight five five two one two four two two seven on twix at Amy after hours we got your NFL head coaching question up because why not and then also on our Facebook page yes Dan Hurley makes his choice one two three four those are numbers but you already knew that if you want to know what number you're going to pay each month for your car use kelly blue book my wallet on auto trader they're really good at numbers auto 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straight ahead here on after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast 6.9 to go in it comes to ethan morton he's going to dribble this one out and the second verse is the same as the first uconn repeats as national champions the third team to repeat in the last 50 years 75 60 the final the huskies back to back national champions for the last 25 30 years uconn's been running college basketball and i see all the former champs over there and we run we've been running college basketball the last 30 years let's go this is after hours with amy lawrent dan hurley is bold he's brash he's open he's authentic he's coaching royalty this guy had it made at uconn until he started to take overtures from the lakers he spurned kentucky didn't even express interest in changing jobs inside college basketball and he squashed the kentucky rumors before they really got started why because his wife didn't want to move they'd moved a bunch she didn't want to go again but when it became obvious that the obvious that the lakers were going to make a pitch it really set college hoops on fire because he did take a meeting with the lakers he flew to southern california i hope they flew him charter or profit he flew to southern california last week met with the lakers brass rob polinka and genie bus on friday received an offer and then on sunday told adrian rosh narowski that he was torn between the two places and that he would make a decision by monday which he did so i admire him even a little more on this monday night because he did stick to his guns and he did make his choice dan hurley turned down a six year 70 million dollar offer from the lakers and instead will pursue a three-peat at uconn it's after hours with amy lawrence he released a statement himself quote i'm humbled by this entire experience at the end of the day i'm extremely proud of the championship culture we built at connecticut we met as a team before today's workout and our focus right now is getting better this summer and connecting as a team as we continue to pursue championships now here's the thing this is not about money it really was about fit it was about goals because the lakers while they would have made hurley one of the nba's highest paid not the highest paid some reports had him making or had the offer near 100 million dollars 100 mil it wasn't that not that 70 million is anything to sneeze at so he wouldn't have been the highest pay but he would have been one of the handful of richest coaches in the nba but even before the lakers pursued him and made their pitch hurley already had an offer from uconn to become one of the highest paid in college according to woge those talks now are ongoing and you can imagine that in the case of hurley they heard the message loud and clear he is going to be pursued maybe not again this off season probably not but he's going to be pursued by some of the top organizations in the nba in college hoops because of the instant impact he makes culture change for sure but also the ability to turn the team into a winner player development the offensive innovation and creativity a 64 and 11 record with the huskies over the past two years not to mention the two trophies now he had a lot of work to do in the two trophies now he had already signed going back to the end of their first championship run that happened in 23 or march madness did for the 22-23 season he'd already signed a big extension that gave him 32.1 million dollars i didn't remember that but i read it again on monday that's nearly half of what the lakers offered him so this definitely wasn't about money uh ucon the president i think it was the president made a public comment somewhere about how they do intend to make him the highest paid coach maybe it was the uh shoot maybe it wasn't let me let me think about that and figure out where i can find that uh but i have no doubt oh no actually it was the connecticut governor because he's a state employee so the connecticut governor net lament made this and i don't know if this was a statement as in we're going to or as in we'd like to uh yeah it was on was on twitter he was talking about dan hurley staying in connecticut uh wanting a three-peat and he also made the comment about how they want to make him the highest paid coach in college so we'll see whether or not that happens but there is no doubt that the state of connecticut not to mention the university of connecticut as well as a lot of college basketball fans of ucon breathed a major sigh of relief because if not the lakers then who i mean that's kind of an interesting question if he's not going to leave for the lakers then who would he leave for maybe the celtics but joe mazzola has only been there a couple years remember he was the surprise when ime udoka was ousted or suspended it would seem like that would be other than the lakers the bulls maybe i'm trying to think about franchises but they're not in great shape right now nor are the lakers actually but at least the money's there i don't know what other nba franchise would you think would be as glamorous or high profile as the lakers high profile or glamorous none there's nobody it's the lakers the celtics i mean you're talking about the two preeminent franchises in all basketball so that part of it none um i'm i'll be fair i'm confused by the whole situation because i it seemed to come out of nowhere why we knew he was going to go meet with the lakers before he actually goes to meet with the lakers seemed odd then it was supposed to be this monster deal that didn't really kind of come to fruition it was a good offer but it wasn't a monster offer and then he goes back to uconn anyway like to me this whole thing just kind of seems strange and felt like a big giant play to get uconn to be moving a little faster to get the the extension and get the right money to him like it doesn't it the whole thing just didn't seem right if he wanted to take the lakers job he could have took it if the lakers really truly wanted him that bad that either were dying for him then why they offer him to be the sixth highest paid coach like it's just a whole thing and why is everybody talking about it before they even meet these are things where if you're dan hurley you don't want this out there that was true but somebody leaks it i don't know who it didn't seem like it was a secret it seemed like we all kind of yeah he's going to be on the plane tomorrow he'll get there on saturday they're going to have a meeting they're going to go sit down and talk he's saying it's sunday yeah i'll make my decision soon why are we why do we know about this like all those steps would have felt like then he takes the job for them to him them to turn around and not take the job it felt like well how could he potentially take the job if he did an interview no i get that but usually a coach especially of his stature and especially in college where you don't want transfer portal and you know chaos and all that stuff you want to feel like it's secure and in this situation you don't want to sound like you're flirting jim harbaugh flirted with the vikings was dying to get that but no no no i want to be in michigan and then he wants to taking the charge job like you don't want that out there because it leads to instability inside your program so i it's weird to me that we knew about all this stuff through the whole three or four days and then it was kind of like then you hear the offer and the offer was kind of to me if you're trying to lure a guy lukewarm and then it was like nah i'm gonna be i'll stay here it just the whole thing just seems weird it's almost like something put them together was like what do you think that that's not a bad idea yeah let's give it and hurley goes you know what i'll go along this can actually either take the money they're offering me a crazy deal or i go back to uconn and they pay me more it just didn't feel like it was really what we thought it was when we first heard the reports interesting i guess i didn't have that same opinion of it i kind of felt like a if the lakers were really interested um that no one could keep a secret like that and it sounds like maybe they did make overtures but he at at one point wasn't willing to talk to them and thought he was going to stay at uconn either way i'm not surprised that things leak because i always accept that things leak these days i just think that dan hurley's given us no reason to believe that he is a faker if you know what i mean he seems very real authentic candid and the fact that he was willing to tell adrian wojnarowski what he did about being torn that conversation was sunday i don't know i just don't think he would be someone to jerk people around that doesn't seem like him especially because he's a he's a coach's son he grew up in basketball arenas right he was he always wanted to coach it just doesn't seem like he's the kind of guy that would that would do this just to get a raise with uconn since they were already talking about it again i don't like i said i just um even when mike shashefsky when that whole thing 20 years ago with the lakers like we found out about it after he was there like i get the leaks once once you get off the plane and you're in la what the hell are you doing here like that i get but we shouldn't know a day before it almost felt like they wanted to tell us that both sides wanted to tell the lakers we're serious we're not just going to go with whoever lebron wants we're going after a real coach okay and dan hurley i'm serious i might leave you almost felt like they were dying to tell us that you're dan hurley and you're a lifetime coach how could you not take a meeting with the lakers i didn't say did not take it i was surprised that we knew a day and a half in advance that he was going to talk about it and again his his position makes all the sense in the world i either get overpaid by the lakers and take on that challenge you go to the mba good for you or i go back to a place that i've won and i could be still the reigning king at uconn big fish in a small pond he's a winner either way so it did i'm not looking at it from his personal standpoint he could do whatever he wants i'm just surprised coaches usually don't want us to know that stuff until they're ready to tell us well maybe it wasn't him though yeah but it might not have been him all right interesting love your reaction on twix at a law radio at amy after hours i already got some of your responses the nfo coaches whose jobs are more prove it in 2024 or else here's why april chose to vaccinate her child i think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by merc imagine the softest sheets you've ever felt now imagine them 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lawrence if you were watching game two of the stanley cup final you know that mikola goal came on the heels of him nearly scoring an own goal for the oilers instead of being one one and tied after two periods it could have been two zip edmonton i don't know what he was doing if he just thought he was going to kind of kick it back to sergei bobrovsky and instead he hooked it around a little bit too hard because it looked like a shot on goal and bobrovsky had to save it from going into the back of the net so yeah he goes from nearly scoring his uh against his own team to nico mikola then tying the game and i sure i'm sure for the oilers too that was frustrating because they'd had a bunch of opportunities uh they were generating a few more of them uh not as much as what we saw in the third period when there was more of a sense of urgency but they had scored on their very first shot of this game in a weird situation that unfolded with a five minute major an ejection the panthers essentially getting what would have been a five minute power play until they get their own penalty and now it's four on four and that's when the oilers score so to me it felt like a massive squandered uh chance and so i was a little on edge for them until well like i said mikola nearly scored for them but until mikola tied the game i was thinking hoy the oilers are they're playing the panther style of game but right now i still feel like they have a great opportunity to steal one in florida of course the third period changed all of that caposo a shoulder into a bander came on the far side of the ice out the line the puck played down low eckblad now it's a post on the right side around the end boards evan rodriguez here in the near circle looked to play it on net couldn't get it through another try shot he scores evan rodriguez let it rip and he beats skinner short side the panthers have their first lead of the night it's two one what a laser of a wrist shot that was eckman larson straight on rodriguez to lundell anton lundell near shot lets and rip tipton they score evan rodriguez gonna stick on it and the panthers make him pay it's three one seven thirty four to go in the third evan rodriguez has two on our two radio networks the panthers and the oilers before that it turns out along with the mikola goal in fact the mikola started four consecutive goals for the panthers and they go from being down one nothing to a four one winner last one of course being an empty net goal this is a team that has a style and identity and they didn't like the way they played in the opener and so to see them go back to what they do so well and their style of play that had to be good for the panthers though this win could have come with the cost alexander barkov gets hit in the head by leon dry sidle in the third period uh and he ends up leaving the ice and i don't think ever returned to the bench uh didn't see him there jay didn't see him either and so afterwards a lot of the questions were about the captain and the hit from dry sidle this isn't the oprah run for sure my feelings don't matter right okay well coming up we will talk to mike cuneo of cbs4 in miami he was at game two and we'll ask him if anybody else was willing to comment about alexander barkov or what else he got from paul maurice in that press room but also what is the status of the panthers captain because that could leave a gaping hole in their lineup even as they fly to edmonton game three is not coming up until thursday it's after hours with amy lawrence evan rodriguez he's a first year florida panther but this was a huge night special um trying to embrace it trying to stay in the moment um it's two big wins for our team and um i think our we've already turned the page and we're getting ready for game three yeah well now the oilers are down oh two and lots of adversity that's a word you hear even though what is the old adage the series doesn't start until a team wins on the other's ice it's another opportunity for our group to uh come together um and dig our way out um supposed to be hard supposed to be difficult um and i'm excited to see what our group's made of i'm excited to see um our group come together i'm excited to see um us fight through adversity and looking forward to people doubting us again we can certainly be better um starts with me um you know there's certainly a lot more to give and and um you know be a lot better connor mcdavid says i look forward to people doubting us again he generated three shots and had the assist on the at home goal as for leon dry saddle just two shots although one of them came from this crazy angle where he's almost flush with sergei babrovsky and bob was able to kind of stop the puck not quite under his arm but it did hit him as he turned just in time it hit him in his left kind of shouldered armpit area so yeah weird angle for dry settle but that's kind of something he's good at so here are the oilers down oh two as the series shifts to edmonton but it's the panthers who are two wins away from their first stanley cup in franchise history we will talk to mike cuneo by the way he also covers the dolphins i saw him tweeting dolphins news during the game so maybe we throw in a question about the nfl good to have you with us that's one hour down find us on our facebook page or on twix it's after hours with amy lawrence this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage 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