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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 24, 2023 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 24, 2023 6:11 am

Will Brock Purdy be ready to start Week 1 for the 49ers? And what about Trey Lance? | Tom Brady offers advice to Bryce Young; other rookie QB's | Ask Amy Anything! 


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Find out more at That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. When I was running my half marathon, this was one of the songs they were blaring as people were running for the finish line or making their last turn for the final loop. This was one of the songs that they were consistently playing over the loudspeaker. It was a boom box, if you will, for a half marathon. I like it.

It's a song that's actually in my running playlist and so I'll hear it every now and then when it shuffles in. If that's how you feel, we understand. Dead center of the work week. We call this the hump show, middle show of the work week and it starts to go downhill from here. For those of you who like to hike, you live in hilly neighborhoods. Maybe you live on the side of a mountain.

Who knows? Going downhill in a vehicle actually is easier. Sometimes going downhill with your own two feet is more challenging. I actually prefer uphill than downhill but not when it comes to the weekends.

Let's cruise downhill. Maybe use the sledding analogy because I do love snow. At the very top, you got to give yourself a couple pushes. You're sitting on the sled. Maybe you stick your feet out on the sides and you get a little traction. You get a little motion momentum but then once your sled starts to pick up speed, maybe slow, maybe get stuck on some icy, well actually wouldn't be stuck on icy snow, maybe get stuck in a bit of a deeper puff of snow. Then you pick up some speed. As you're heading down the hill, you got to tuck in your hands and legs so nothing gets torn off. Nothing gets clipped by a tree. You don't get clipped by a tree.

Nah. Once you start speeding downhill, freedom! And it feels exhilarating. Well that's kind of how we feel about the approaching weekend. We pick up speed after this show.

We get through Wednesday. See what I'm saying? It's exhilarating to be speeding down the snowy mountain on your sled or your toboggan if you will. Does anyone use toboggans anymore? That feels like an old school world.

Something out of the Christmas story. I feel like it's a more Canadian thing maybe. No.

Sometimes the things that you come out of your mouth with, I just don't understand. What? The Canadian toboggan? I feel like they're more prevalent up there. Have you been to Canada to see whether or not they have more toboggans? I've been there not to see if they have more toboggans but next time I go there I'll take a look.

Jay relies entirely too much on his gut feelings and they're really not based in any fact they're just gut feelings and instincts. And? Have you been to Canada? Have you asked anyone about the toboggans? I've been to Canada yeah a couple times. I haven't asked about the toboggans but now I gotta make it a point. You're just guessing.

Uh yeah it's an inference if you will. Oh he doesn't know how to use that word either. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I can't even say my own name tonight. That's twice I've said my own name wrong. I'm going to start to use an initial A like our friend C who's been tweeting us the night about travel. I'm just going to be A or AL from now on.

I could do that. That's how I answer texts sometimes if they're professional or how I answer your tweets and your Facebook posts. AL sometimes people can't they want to know what that means. AL. It means Al is writing too.

Okay we're gonna get serious here. In 30 minutes you get to ask Amy anything so you've got a bit of a time left a stretch of time left to send your questions to producer Jay. So whether it's on Twitter, ALawRadio or it's on our Facebook page either one and while you're there we're asking you to fess up how early do you go to the airport for a two hour for a two-hour flight let's say.

Domestic. We're not going international because if you show up two hours ahead of time are you really in the airport for the same amount of time as your flight? That to me is it's it's early. That to me is early.

So if you have a two-hour flight you get to the airport two hours ahead of time and you have to think about transit to the airport you are actually on your way to the airport waiting for your flight longer than you're in the air. Huh that's excessive. Yeah that's it's like kind of sad. You just defended so many people we just defended so many people.

All right all that to say we want to know your opinions. There are people out there who said three hours easily three hours. It's way too long. Three hours. Way too long.

Three hours. I don't sleep on planes so if I'm up all night and I go to the airport three hours ahead of time I could have taken a nap. I mean like I get you're excited to go on vacation or like but. Well some people are saying they prefer to go without the stress that they appreciate the fact that they can get there with no stress. I will cop to the fact that there are times where where I have a little stress. I'd rather deal with the stress. I get I mean three hours seems like a lot I get getting there early giving yourself enough time but honestly I personally I really do get stressed out having to sit in the airport and wait for over an hour just sitting there not knowing what's gonna I hate it. Things could go horribly wrong. I hate it. When you get to the gate and it's not even your flight it's a flight that's going ahead of you in that gate.

Yep and everything it says on the board it says all is good all is good you're just waiting for that. Oh you are you're waiting you're waiting for your flight to get cancelled or delayed. Someone's yelling at the front desk to the ticket guy it's not his fault about something it's just so much more stressful in like at the gate. Not to mention there are germs flying around the airport.

Jay can't deal with germs. Okay all that to say we're we're taking a poll unofficially we're just asking you to let us know how early you arrive at the airport for a domestic flight a domestic flight meeting in the United States. So again on Twitter or on Facebook our phone number is eight five five two one two four two two seven it is our hump show ask Amy anything comes up later this hour between now and then football baby it's not football season it's not I'll just readily admit that but you know what's happening right now the owners are meeting again because they have to they are allergic to not meeting every month something happens they break out in hives if they don't meet every month and then practice we dress it up we call it OTAs but actually it's practice we talking about practice except in the NFL we stress over practice we get very excited too as fans when there's official official training activities actually they're called official team activities but either way it's practice it's a fancy acronym for practice we know what Allen Iverson thinks of that. Did you see that new commercial that with that with we're not talking about practice it's Allen Iverson Kevin Hart and I can't remember though I saw it for the first time yesterday and it's Allen Iverson in a press conference we're talking about something not practice but it was the name of the comp it was brilliant it was genius I can't remember it so I guess it wasn't that good but I only saw it once but so it wasn't that memorable I bet you can google it anyway we're going to talk about practice and practice when it comes to the quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers is injured already no I'm not gloating or laughing over that the only thing I would feel bad for the Jets if if it did happen that he got hurt it's just some dumb calf tweak no big deal totally fine it's totally fine but why is it just so typical of the Jets that that's the headline Rogers first practice official practice that he's already walking off the field with a trainer it's just it's wrong it's just it's not totally fine could you imagine Robert Solomite spontaneously combust Joe Douglas would definitely spontaneously combust I think half of the tri-state New York tri-state area would just burst into flames I think it's just it's just it's just it's just that area would just burst into flames you think I don't know there are a lot of people who have a lot of writing on this in this area it's a big deal you think money um money will get there I'm sure people will start to make their Jets bets as the season creeps Jets bets yeah definitely thing hashtag Jets bets but pride really we're gonna pride we're going cross-country first though because I think a far greater question at the quarterback position is San Francisco and look here Kyle Shanahan it's his favorite thing he loves talking about quarterbacks at press conferences and Brock Purdy intel on the way he's doing good still staying the same yep on schedule I think he's a lot of throws sometime next week only god knows and it's all estimates so it depends what people have got for me but I mean we're hoping for week one and I feel pretty optimistic about that um that's what we're hoping for he'll be ready to play in week one and um usually that doesn't mean that's the day he comes back usually you got to come before that to make that goal and that's kind of the goal we're hoping for and don't have any reason to think differently I just try to focus on where I'm at right now and for me it's get my arm healthy you know to say all these things and say you want to be this kind of guy or that kind of guy of the team I think that's just in a sense foolish just to for myself to think like that like for me I come into work every day trying to get my arm right try to be around the guys and do what it takes to win Brock Purdy got his head down he's working hard to get ready but you hear Kyle Shanahan say he could potentially start throwing next week which is great of course we are not satisfied with that we want to know whether or not week one is a possibility so poking the bear that is Brock Purdy what about the start of the season what about week number one what about the season opener Brock I feel good arm is feeling good um so to say I'm going to be ready by this time or this time I just you know we're not trying to label any kind of timeline like that for sure though like that's a that's a goal right to um you want to be ready for you know the season and um if that's the case great but like I said we're just staying one day at a time and don't want to say anything that you know we regret down the road or whatever you mean because people are writing this down and recording it and because we're going to play it on a national radio show you don't want to say anything that you have to take back or back pedal on down the road it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio for now obviously Brock Purdy is unable to practice and so that means it's Trey Lance who's been working out with the same quarterback coach that Patrick Mahomes does and it's Sam Darnold baby it's Sam Darnold all right Trey first we know Kyle Shanahan is a big fan of Trey Lance he and John Lynch they identified him they targeted him they moved up to get him remember in the draft a couple of years ago and he was the starter when he got hurt early in last season was it broken foot some kind of a foot something foot I think it was a broken foot and so he is ready to go now and has been working out and is hoping for another opportunity and there is something to be said for staying professional even when it doesn't quite go your way and so I appreciate that Kyle Shanahan looks at Trey Lance and recognizes hey he's handling his business the right way though it's been it's been fraught with disappointment I think Trey's been the same guy this offseason he was last offseason Trey is a very special person that I don't think has to try to act anyway I think guys have the respect of Trey whether he played any other position whether he was the one two or the three obviously when you're the number one quarterback and you've done that and had experience that carries more weight but also when you're number one quarterback and you haven't played that stuff still isn't real till you go out there and do it that's all just outside perception so Trey's been the same since he's been here the guys respect the hell out of them and they'll continue to do that my opportunity is just to come in and compete and that's all I wanted so for me I don't want to take anything away from Brock and no one should be able to take anything away from Brock he did what he did last year and he deserves all the credit in the world for it like I said for me I just want an opportunity to compete this is a tough one because they're both likable they're both young they have different skill sets we haven't even seen what Trey Lance has to offer over a season as the starter of course with Brock we didn't see it for a full season but we did see what happened when he got an opportunity I do not relish the position that Kyle and Jon are in Kyle specifically I this is tough if Brock's ready week number one and Trey Lance is also ready week number one oh and Sam Darnold is ready week number one how do you decide it's a it's a good problem to have right it's great to have two quarterbacks that are under rookie deals now Trey Lance was a first rounder which means ultimately he will cost more money than Brock Purdy under these rookie deals they have a fifth year option they can pick up for for Trey Lance whereas Brock Purdy because he was the last guy selected it's not a fifth year option deal but ultimately because they have two guys who are under rookie deals they're gonna have to decide which one to pay all things being equal they both stay in the system I mean there is a chance that San Francisco could try to move one of them but if they stay in the system they're gonna have to decide it's a little bit like this situation with the Packers and Jordan Love how do they know whether or not they want to give him a large contract extension pay him the going rate of quarterbacks in the NFL these days if they never see him start and the Niners are potentially going to run into that right because if Brock Purdy's healthy we kind of got the indication from Shanahan that if Brock's healthy it's his job he earned that by the way he played last year but if they never see what they have in Trey Lance well how do they know practice is one thing you add have to have actual game reps and as for Trey he isn't asking out there was talk about him being traded in the off season but that's not what he wants I love it here I love the coaching staff I love working with Greasy and Clay and now Clint as well love the quarterback room love the guys in the locker room no doubt for me this is this is absolutely where I want to be so he doesn't want out he doesn't want to go somewhere else again love that he's professional and handles his business professionally and I wonder how much of Jimmy Garoppolo rubbed off on him I was always very impressed with the way that Jimmy handled his business the disappointment for sure waiting watching his team draft someone else not knowing about his future what two seasons in a row it was every other week is Jimmy Garoppolo going to stay here is he going to get traded is it his job is it someone else's job battling through injuries Jimmy always handled the adversity the ups and downs the highs and lows with the utmost professionalism and I am not at all surprised that Trey is doing the same thing certainly it's partly his personality but it's also got to be the quarterback that he was modeling and watching when he first got to San Fran well what about the opportunity now to work out with Patrick Mahomes and to train with Patrick Mahomes the MVP learned a ton like I said I was able to focus on the right things just having a better idea again even better this year coming into year three of what is expected of me how to run the offense being able to watch Jimmy and Brock play at such a high level this year but for me being able to be around Pat was awesome just pick his brain learning about just the type of guy he is how he spends his free time off season and then more about his in-season schedule as well it's kind of cool right as we head through the second half of the show we'll talk about what Tom Brady said to the rookie quarterbacks at their symposium he was brought in to speak to encourage them to talk about being a quarterback for an extended period of time in the NFL it's a neat service that the the league does for its rookies and there's so much pressure on quarterbacks so it's neat that they could hear from Tom Brady because obviously today's rookie quarterbacks today's young QBs grew up watching Tom Brady some of them wanting to be Tom Brady and the idea that these young QBs can be more prepared for what's facing them I think that's a something that we're seeing more and more now whether they go to one of the top flight colleges one of the top flight college football programs or they don't once you're in the spotlight man there's so much to adjust to and the best coaches the best programs will get these guys ready even before they get to the NFL so yeah you've got guys like Trey who know how to speak to the media you've got guys like Brock Purdy now he's a little bit different because he wasn't groomed quite the same way as a Trey Lance but I do love him and I know a lot of Niners fans love him as well and and to see Trey get the chance to work with Patrick Mahomes is incredible to see the respect that Brock has already earned because of how he led the offense last year when he was pressed into duty and he still has one goal and one goal only. We want to win a Super Bowl here and that's simple as that and so for me I just do my job and everything else falls into place but you know I'm just trying to be present I'm not trying to get caught up in rumors and what people were saying or anything like that so but the fact that I'm to say that yeah for sure I'm appreciative and and to see what we did last year and you know winning 12 games in a row and everything that we as a team it was a great accomplishment so we just want to build off that momentum. How do you choose?

Seriously how do you choose? This is a tough one it's gonna be really fascinating to watch this play out but not as much not as much a practice because Brock can't play yet he isn't cleared for all football activities he's getting close to throwing is what we've heard but he could be ready for week one oh man it's gonna be one of the most watched quarterback positions in the NFL or maybe it could be Sam Darnold maybe Sam Darnold who is now the veteran in the room so why San Francisco Sam? I'm not going to go into too many details about you know what I what I could have signed for and the different options that way but I just know I'm you know excited to be here and and excited to get things going here. What a unique and eclectic quarterback room Brock Purdy Trey Lance and Sam Darnold very very diverse paths to get to that San Francisco QB room interesting and a team with very legitimate Super Bowl aspirations yeah good point I just saw this post on our Facebook page you ready to answer our show question tonight how early do you get to the airport Paul says one hour so he uses the Manchester New Hampshire airport one that I've flown out of a lot gotta have TSA pre-check because you get to keep your shoes on that's a good point that might be worth it right there alone I don't mind but there are times in the summer when I travel without socks and that's pretty gross well see I wear sandals right or I wear I don't know I don't usually travel in flip-flops but I do travel in sandals a lot of time and then I forget and I take my sandals off and I'm on my tiptoes on the floor so gross there could be parasites or something on the floor all right a couple of minutes left to send your questions for ask Amy anything uh straight ahead Tom Brady advising rookie quarterbacks at the NFL symposium kind of interesting and also what one rookie quarterback learned by hearing Tom Brady speak at this symposium it's the humph show and we're talking football in May what more could you ask for if you're going to be a rookie it's after it's after the health one health care system is proud to have been named one of the top places to work for women in the nation by news week health one is the only health care provider in Colorado and one of only six organizations in the state to be recognized with this award thank you to all our colleagues physicians and volunteers for making health one a great place to give and receive care learn more about our service at that's so what are you thinking for lunch uh I can't I'm getting new window treatments so I gotta go home and wait around all afternoon for a design consultation just to get a quote it's gonna totally mess up my work day why don't you just go to because I need custom products and I'm gonna have to go to the doctor's office and I'm gonna have to go to the doctor's office because I need custom products products are made to order and totally customizable and you get upfront pricing right on their website to easily get your quote online but I want to see the products in person ships samples to you fast and free they can even verify your measurements and handle the installation wow how convenient tell me more also has a huge selection of stylish shutters shades curtains and options for motorization even for your patio plus their 100 satisfaction guarantee well you've convinced me let's go eat I've got time now shop and save 45 on selected products plus doorbusters for their memorial day sale 45 off selected products right now at rules and restrictions may apply. Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours Podcast. I won't be long-winded you only get one super emotional retirement essay and I used mine up last year so I really thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Tom Brady he's not coming back to football don't worry there's no un-retirement announcement not this year actually you guys cracked me up earlier in the week oh no it was last week actually well it was within the last week when we had Armando Salguero on the show and he was the only person on the show that had Armando Salguero on the show and we asked him for fun who he believes will make a better analyst in the NFL broadcast booth will it be Tom Brady will it be Matt Ryan and the number of people who said Tom Brady no doubt because he excels at what he does everything he does which is interesting I believe that Tom will work at it I think that's why he put it off for a year he's got some other projects he wants to attend to he wants to maybe enjoy not being stuck on a football schedule for a year but he also has a lot of irons in the fire and I do believe he wants to according to what he told Jim Gray on their radio show he wants to be good at it he wants to practice before he gets into a broadcast booth whereas Matt Ryan many of you have no hopes for him I mean I think it's just because he didn't win a Super Bowl came so close didn't win a Super Bowl now you think he's gonna suck at broadcasting so you're saying there's a chance Tom Brady was practicing speaking in public he's practicing his public speaking at the rookie quarterback symposium that the NFL holds they do this for all their rookies but for quarterbacks specifically given his advice his wisdom is experienced to guys like Bryce Young and CJ Stroud Anthony Richardson Will Leviss these first round quarterbacks of which he was not by the way Peter Schrager of NFL network he was there filming Brady with this wisdom and advice for the young QBs going in the second round in the end that's not real that big of a deal going first overall in the end it's not a big deal right it's great you got opportunity you're probably gonna be paid more than anyone for a time period but I was I was drafted you know 199 I just outlasted everybody there's another me back there right so how do I keep my edge on everybody thanks I had to keep working I didn't go hey I'm good right I won three Super Bowls I'm good the peanut gallery is active there as well on Peter Schrager's twitter we grabbed that Tom Brady could you imagine him in a broadcast booth will he be that relaxed will he be that informal will he be that inspirational to young quarterbacks who hope to follow in his past facts Bryce Young as we say was part of that meeting with Tom Brady was part of that rookie symposium and yeah he was blown away there's a lot a lot of gems a lot of nuggets that I was able to take away I was able to ask some questions about his career kind of his mindset of going towards it and you know for me obviously being a being a young quarterback you know want to know things that you know he wish he knew at this age and you know things that he felt like were were key for him to have success you know I think that's something that is pretty invaluable so I'm gonna keep it to you know I'm gonna keep it to who is in that room but I definitely took away a lot of being able to talk to it's one of the greatest to ever do it is a huge honor and privilege so I was very grateful for that Bryce Young and some of the other rookie QBs had the chance to take a photo with Tom Brady apparently the photo was snapped at the worst possible moment for Bryce because his eyes were closed was I oh gosh dang it man I did not know that but now I know it was like one picture they took and I'm like I don't know if I was looking for that one so I just hope they don't use that and of course that's the one they went with we gotta keep that that's fantastic apparently he didn't see the photo before someone else saw the photo and they informed him that he was closing his eyes in the picture his his reaction's so classic it's like any other American forget that he was drafted number one overall any other human would have the same reaction you get a picture with your idol and this is what happens you're closing your eyes it's man I did not know that but now I know it was like one picture they took and I'm like I don't know if I was looking for that one so I just hope they don't use that of course that's the one they went with some days you're Michael block some days you're Bryce Young and your eyes are closed in a photo with Tom Brady some days you're the windshield some days you're the bug gosh dang it now if that were Jason Tatum we wouldn't have got the pg-13 version or the pg version of gosh dang it nope Jason's not swearing at his latest press conference because he had a good game I don't know all right do we have fun with our audio here on the show straight ahead though we clear the deck for you and your questions ask Amy anything so on Twitter after our CBS on our Facebook page you can send your questions last minute I don't know if they'll catch producer Jay's eye but maybe you oh you know what he's big into packaging so I would suggest many emojis if you would like to catch his eye Jay is all he's a sucker for packaging he buys products off the shelves at the gas station convenience store based on what they look like I will admit this it's a good way to get me I'm a self-admitted sucker for a good package all right so I'm just gonna leave that it wasn't even me I'm so proud of myself I just was gonna leave it alone okay I don't dump that one I could have you could have I would have been so mad at you if you did though so mad at you all right good fun anyway we're going to keep going here and we've got to ask Amy anything next so there will be no questions about packages you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with Amy Lawrence time to ask Amy anything sort of you can ask me anything except who you will start for the San Francisco 49ers in 2023 because that I don't know I just did my CBS Sports Minute on how I'd hate to be in Kyle Shanahan's shoes because they're gonna have to choose one or the other before these guys are due contract extensions and oh yeah they're also trying to win a Super Bowl with this great roster they have thanks for hanging out with us it is our hump show middle show of the work week you get to ask Amy anything get a lot of responses on Twitter and Facebook as we more far away into a Wednesday morning this is where producer Jay shines I hope I hope he shines well we got to start like the Sun like the Sun I like that so we got to start here based on our show question of the night of how early do you get to the airport for a domestic flight so Michael asks you personally which is the most stressful for you when flying when traveling is it connecting flights getting to the airport security checkpoints knowing whether your checked luggage will make it to your destination or flying internationally yeah flying internationally I usually I usually leave a lot more time but I've done a bunch of that and I've done it in big groups and it doesn't stress me out as long as you're organized flying internationally is it's it's just a bunch of steps you have to go through for me it's always more stressful when I have a connecting flight I try to fly direct as often as possible I'd rather pay a little extra to fly direct because once you're in the air the stress is over right once you're in the air there's nothing that you can do about it at least you've taken off barring weather and who knows having to turn around something like that but your planes out of gas no I'm just kidding I I hate connecting flights because it seems like no matter what even if you land early takes you 30 minutes to get off the plane you're always getting a flight that's on the complete opposite end of the airport every time oh my gosh and in places like Chicago for example O'Hare that can mean a really long walk Atlanta same thing some of the biggest airports it feels like you could walk for days and and miss your connecting flight the number of times I've had to run through an airport oh this is why I generally wear sneakers when I when I fly not always but a lot of times because it's if you can't run then you might as well I mean just give up wave the white flag I'm gonna stay here and wait for the next flight I'm gonna be flying just give up wave the white flag I'm gonna stay here and wait for the next one so Karen asks what was your favorite part of spring cleaning what was my favorite part I guess what well it says what was but I guess it's really more what is your favorite part of spring cleaning okay uh the cleaning itself no organ organizing stuff or some other part of it definitely the organizing but the purging in fact on Friday morning I'm leaving multiple boxes at the end of my driveway for a veteran's organization to pick up because I've gone through at this point most of my closets and my dresser drawers so every couple of years I like to purge meaning donate clothes that I haven't used in a couple of years might as well give them to someone else who can so I feel much lighter yeah I love donating I love purging I love making more space I'm also giving away some books I was going to take them to the library but the veterans organization will take those too so yeah I'm donating as much as I possibly can to make room in my house so that's my favorite part of spring cleaning I like this one it comes in from Alan he says if I named a sandwich after you in my deli I guess what would be on it and what would you call it turkey but but carving board turkey so the thick slabs of white meat turkey white meat in addition I would have provolone cheese love provolone cheese salt and pepper cucumber and avocado and then maybe a horseradish of some type so not a not a real heavy horseradish but just enough of a horseradish to give it a little bit of a zest and a zing so it would be a wrap by the way a whole wheat wrap with horseradish spread on it or a horseradish mustard spread on it carving board turkey avocado cucumber provolone cheese salt and pepper and maybe some banana peppers but that might be a little bit too much with the horseradish and what do we call this concoction what do we call it something to do with the law I don't know the big boss no no but like Amy Lawrence a law a law sandwich a law wrap that's a wrap that's a wrap with a law oh no no no boom that's what we call it boom that's a wrap no it's too long of a just something to do with boom all right Alan we need two booms over here stat so Eric now wants to know when was the last time you played a pickup game of basketball or a game of horse oh it's been forever I even I wish I had played a horse maybe the last couple of years with my brother but yeah it's been a long time in fact the basketball that I own is flat so I haven't played in a really long time I miss it desperately but I wouldn't even know where to find a pickup game anymore so instead I try to like I haven't played golf yet this year but golf or I played softball men's league for a long time hiking that kind of helps running the half marathons still gives me some goals I desperately miss basketball I'll miss it forever I mean once you play it in an organized fashion at any any level if you really fall in love with it you miss it forever well here's another basketball later one Steven asks what was your jersey number when you played basketball and why I changed jersey numbers a fair number 11 was my high school number and when I got to college I wanted 11 but 11 wasn't available someone else on the team had it so I went to 33 which was my favorite number is my favorite number so I had 33 and then I don't know if someone else wanted 33 and I ended up changing to 23 for a while and then I finally got back to 11 so yeah I was kind of like Aaron Rodgers in that I changed numbers and went back to an old one eventually I finished up with 11 but yeah I did a 23 and a 23 as well I think you ready for this one no axel wants to know what would Jedi Amy do if she survived order 66 would I hide like obi-wan let my hair grow long hide in a cave or would I attempt to save people or not save people but help people who desperately needed help yeah I don't think I could stand by while the galaxy was taken over by the empire and by the dark side I think I probably would attempt to somehow be a be a use but without giving away the fact that I was a Jedi so a little bit like Ahsoka did after she gave up her her Jedi status if you watched shoot clone wars after she gave up her Jedi status on clone wars she couldn't resist helping there were still times when she ended up helping even though she was no longer recognized or acknowledged as a Jedi but she couldn't resist that would be me Ahsoka will be getting a show on Disney plus either I think later in the year early next year coming up that'd be cool here's another one just in the star wars realm quick gut boy asks if Tom Brady was a star wars character who would he be Darth Maul no actually he might be Qui-Gon Jinn I could see him as Qui-Gon Jinn he get cut in half by Darth Maul I was thinking Han Solo for some reason really he's like got that arrogance about him yeah but Han Solo's uh more rugged I think yeah yeah a little more scruffy looking why you stuck up something something scruffy looking nerf herder all right move on here Gregory asks when you're grilling do you use charcoal wood that's it charcoal all right apparently Bob has a pellet grill pellet grill I like pellet grills I've invited him to bring his pellet grill to New Jersey I feel like I know I know what that is but I'm blanking yeah it's it's pellets you put in a big cauldron and they heat up the yeah it's it's delicious it's amazing yeah I'm not a gas grill person gas or propane I like charcoal is my favorite here's a sports one coming in from Christian he asks what's your favorite QB wide receiver combination of all time all time all time huh let's see okay give me a second and I will come back to it before the end before you get to rapid fire I need to think about it for a second something to do with John Elway but I just think about it for a second all right Diana asks what's your favorite amusement park ride roller coasters always all roller coasters flips yeah I love roller coasters love roller coasters David wants to know what is your favorite animal and why my favorite animal is a horse always has been when I was a little girl used to play with horse figurines just in love with horses they're powerful but they're majestic they have incredible personalities they'll work for you um obviously they're just the the speed I love the communication that a human and a horse can have so they're they're yeah they're amazing Alec asks do you remember your very first producer I don't I have no idea who that was that was a long time ago in fact I was probably my own producer for the longest time so no I I don't I don't remember Mike wants to know what is one movie or tv show you can never get tired of watching no matter how many times you've seen it one movie or tv show or one movie and one tv show okay well definitely anything to do with star wars I will watch it I've got the original trilogy memorized and I still enjoy watching it one tv show I really like the first five or six seasons of nashville which uh it's gone now but it was a good show I could watch that friends I never get tired of watching friends uh right now seal team I could watch seal team over and over again I'm trying to think if there's any other current tv show that I would really enjoy watching over and over again I really like um bones is another crime drama that I enjoy too so those would be a few you ready yeah John Elway and Rod Smith I'll go John Elway and Rod Smith or I could go John Elway and Shannon Sharp but I think I'll go John Elway and Rod Smith nice all right that was worth the wait that was good uh David wants to know what modern athletes would you like to see compete in a superstars competition which I didn't know what that was apparently an old abc show where athletes would professional athletes would compete in sports that aren't their profession so like Lebron would play hockey or something like that so what athletes who are at current today would like to see try a different sport out hmm my gosh why do you give me these questions and don't let me have time to prepare for them uh I'd like to see draymond green try curling because I think his that's a good one his ongoing commentary would be really funny so draymond green and curling uh josh allen and tennis with with John McEnroe he'd have to play tennis with John McEnroe I like that so now we'll finish out with some those are just random that's a what a question there's nothing else in there that had anything to do with me those are all like quite that was fun okay I don't know odd I like draymond curling that's a good one all right scrambled or fried scrambled spaghetti or linguine linguine with clam sauce oceans or mountains oceans if you're making me choose book smarts or street smarts book smart that's me I don't have as much street smart soap or hand sanitizer soap fork or spoon spoon work on a farm or work in a factory on a farm one pillow or two pillows when you're sleeping depends on how I'm sleeping on my side two pillows if I'm sleeping on my stomach which my chiropractor said don't do then I just do one flat pillow I'm a thin pillow person I can't do thick pillows experience an earthquake or experience a volcanic eruption an earthquake you'll get buried in lava with an earthquake it's after hours on cbs sports radio most of us have clothes that we've loved for years maybe even decades but it's harder than ever to find clothes that will stand the test of time if you're looking for more pieces designed to last you can't go wrong with American Giant from hoodies and t-shirts to denim and more they've got everything you need to build a wardrobe that you'll 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