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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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April 26, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 26, 2023 6:09 am

QB News | A whip-around the night of Stanley Cup Playoff action | Ask Amy Anything!


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Exactly halfway between the start of the work week and the end of the work week. We call this the hump show middle show of the work week and this is the hour where you get to ask Amy anything. Send your questions to our show Twitter after our CBS and also to our Facebook page and Jay will get to those a half hour from now. So look for the bright orange box with the yellow thought bubble. That's all you need. There's nothing else like it on social media.

We've got the only bright orange box with a yellow thought bubble in the entirety of Twitter and Facebook and probably Instagram and TikTok as well because it's too cool for those sites. Thanks so much for being part of our work week. You help us get through it.

I know you certainly help me when I get all your posts about the turkey or my trip to Syracuse or various stories that I tell. I know you guys care far more about that than you do about anything I have to say about sports. Our phone number 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Still to come this hour Stanley Cup playoffs. We've got a couple of teams on the verge. Will we get game sevens in this first round? Because the NBA, I'm not feeling the potential there except for maybe Kings, Warriors, the critical pivotal crucial all-important game five between Kings and Warriors takes place later on Wednesday. But you know not only did we have QB news on my last two Mondays in Syracuse, we had some actual breaking QB news on Tuesday.

We want to get to all of it here as we start this third hour of the show. It's time for QB news on after hours. It's still the biggest story in the NFL. Oh as a side note some guy on our Facebook page said I'm glad the trade is done so we can get back to football.

Huh. What football? And also isn't that football?

Let the truth not get in the way of a good rant on social media. Just playing this weekend. 39 year old Aaron Rodgers will be introduced on Wednesday as a member of the New York Jets. Hey Joe Douglas, any qualms at all, any at all about whether or not Aaron can still play at the highest level. He's not very far removed from back-to-back MVPs. You know you still have someone that maybe didn't play at a hundred percent throughout the year but still performed at a high level.

That's a polite way of putting it. He was my fantasy football quarterback. I won the championship in spite of him. That's the line about Aaron Rodgers. Yeah last year in the regular season because the Packers did not make the playoffs, his completion percentage was down a tick from his career number 65%. He threw for about 3,700 yards, had 26 touchdowns, a dozen interceptions, but if I remember correctly didn't he have multiple interceptions against the Lions in the last game of the regular season at Lambeau? How about this, his QB rating was way down to a 91.

That's far below his career average of 104. So it yes was definitely a drop-off year for Aaron Rodgers. Not all on him.

It has to do with the people around him as well. We know he'll be taking his snaps from Connor McGovern because the center for the Jets just signed a new deal himself earlier in the week and he's excited about welcoming Aaron to the fold and also the impact on that other QB in the Jets locker room. I'm excited you know this team, the young talent it has, the defense it has is primed to win. Zach's a heck of a player and he'll do amazing down the line especially getting taught by one of the best to ever do it. So I think it's good for everybody in the organization.

Everyone's really excited about it. Joe Douglas is the general manager of the Jets as we pointed out. Just want to reiterate that because of course Zach Wilson is now his responsibility. So what about the impact on Zach from this future Hall of Fame QB?

Him having the opportunity to really shadow and be with a first bout Hall of Fame quarterback every day, every hour he's in the building, that's a great opportunity and a great experience. I gotta be honest, I'm really surprised that Zach Wilson is still on the Jets roster. I suppose because he's cheaper going into year number three it's not like they have to pick up his fifth year option or anything like that. No, instead they can't afford to let him sit there and maybe he does benefit by having an adult in the room if you will.

Although sometimes Aaron uses that term adult loosely. How could you possibly say that? So the Jets are perfectly happy to give up what they've given up because they believe it can lead to a Super Bowl. I think the big question is how do the Jets now stuck up in the AFC and we won't know any of the answers to that until we see these teams on the field in the East Division of course but man it is a tough conference. It's got the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs who let's be fair every time it seems like someone else is challenging the Chiefs for supremacy they it's like Teflon they bounce off and it really doesn't make an impact at least not these last few years.

Though they did run into some issues with the Bengals right until this most recent playoff run. Speaking of the Bengals and quarterbacks Joe Burrow has been seen his fifth year option picked up so he's been secured by the Bengals for one more season. Not a surprise obviously because if they don't get a deal done an extension done well of course they want to be sure that he's already locked in for 2024 and his fifth year option will land him 29 and a half million dollars in fully guaranteed money far below the going rate for starting quarterbacks in the NFL but now that the Jalen Hurts domino has dropped and now we know what the Eagles will pay Jalen that gives the Joe Burrow camp a point of reference a framework for moving forward so Jalen's getting 51 million dollars annually right so Joe Burrow 29 and a half bargain basement price if 2024 if they get to that point but as for Jalen coming off a career year and taking it all in stride. It's a Philly thing I mean it's it's different it's different Philly it's a Philly thing I mean it's it's different it's different you know and for professional sports to see them out there tailgating um the enthusiasm they have the everything you know I can't really go nowhere around here but that's that's the sacrifice we make that's the sacrifice we make because I love this place. Happy to be in Philadelphia over the life of this extension or however long it guarantees them and they're thrilled to have them and they're more than happy to pay the money 255 million dollars over the life of the contract but the guaranteed is over 179 and for Jalen you just got to understand the passion that it's the lifeblood in Philadelphia this Eagles football and yeah doubles down on the city being unique among cities in the United States. I really thank them for this opportunity not only to lead this team but to lead this city and Philadelphia is a very special place and a place that I want to be for a very long time.

I know I've walked through the fire time and time again and in the end it's always made me stronger. It's a special moment you know I think that franchises go through special moments and this this is one for the Philadelphia Eagles. It's crucial no matter what that you can find your quarterback for the future for the present and the future and to have that person be as sterling a character and as passionate about his craft and as dedicated as this young 24 year old is is remarkable and it takes a lot to to get to that. I don't ever underestimate the personal qualities or the talent qualities of somebody who has what Jalen has it's it's rare and it's not easy. Howie Roseman general manager of the Eagles raving about his quarterback and again they're thrilled to have him locked up to have the extension done as we say the Bengals have to work on Joe Burrow at some point after that Justin Herbert will see what other quarterbacks line up to get extensions but there's security there there's stability there and the way that he played knowing that an extension was on the line put his best foot forward helped to drive the Eagles to the Super Bowl where he had a career game even though they ended up losing so all of this I love of course the job not done for one Jalen Hurts.

Money is nice championships are better. Oh boom as in mic drop boom baby it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. All right so those teams those sad saps in the NFL draft that are seeking quarterbacks because they want to be where the Eagles are that includes the Carolina Panthers new head coach Frank Reich was asked and continues to be asked whether or not the owner and he have talked about who they should choose at number one. He actually came in my office yesterday at some point and and asked the question you know it's kind of like a proposal of sorts you know but and I said yes no there is consensus and we're excited.

Who is it? We'll announce that Thursday at about eight o'clock. Okay yes they do know who they're going to announce in terms of consensus and he's referring to consensus among the decision makers the owner the general manager of course the head coach that's who he's talking about that there is consensus about who they will select but the consensus outside of the Panthers war room is that it will be Alabama QB or Alabama product Bryce Young. So then we'll see what happens after that if you missed my conversation with Joe De Leon who's an NFL draft analyst joined us from LA in hour number one we're going to bring part of that back next hour but it's also on our podcast if you're wondering his thoughts on this rumor about CJ Stroud scoring low on a particular segment of the QB test at the combine but also why he believes that Bryce Young is the best fit for the Carolina Panthers. I remember this time last year we knew that Kenny Pickett was a Pittsburgh Steeler and we wondered how long it would take for Pickett to take over as the starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers remember they had brought in not Mason Rudolph shoot um who do they bring in from the Bears oh my gosh why it's gonna drive me crazy. Mitch Trubisky. Mitch Trubisky thank you oh and he was with the Bills after he was with the Bears but that's where I remember Mitch from remember he was selected number two overall my goodness my football brain it still needs to warm up a little bit but do you all remember the narrative around Kenny Pickett his really small hands it was like an act out of Seinfeld this bit about Kenny's really small hands so he tells the pivot podcast that he actually tried he tried to resize his hands does the hand size stuff get on your nerves do you sit look at your hands like come on I stretched them out a little bit man I was doing some exercises I got them I think it was like eight and a half at combine I got into like eight and five eighths or something at pro day so like for whatever that's worth man I was trying everything I could you couldn't I was sleeping in like a splint to like stretch my hand out what come on that's ridiculous you can't actually stretch out your hands I didn't think that that was possible especially since he's like a grown adult now at this point his bones is not growing anymore I guess he is I don't know I stand corrected oh my goodness go-go gadget hands can't say enough about our young cube at least he didn't urinate down his leg all right so Kenny Pickett was wearing splints and all that sounds super healthy how about not worry about it because you know you can still throw the football grip the football on the pivot podcast now he was selected early on by the Pittsburgh Steelers where Brock Purdy was selected dead freaking last and this is fun he was on the new heights podcast with Travis and Jason Kelce and he recalls his draft day experience I didn't think I was going you know the first day or two it was really you know day three and for me it was like where am I going to be at I didn't really care how I got there I just wanted to get there and have an opportunity and so you know man just waiting all day for a call you know the Niners had called me before the seventh round and told me we got one more pick and so I went on my phone googled it and I saw it was the last pick and I was like oh man about it you miss it irrelevant it is fun though to hear Kenny Pickett and then Brock Purdy each on podcasts with fellow pro athletes or former pro athletes and one guy got selected number 20 overall in the first round right so Kenny Pickett number 20 overall heir apparent member played at Pitt so a local product new Ben Roethlisberger the coaches were really familiar with him he ends up going 20th he doesn't have to wait very long at all his name is called on Thursday night under the lights Brock Purdy wasn't sure he was going to get chosen the Niners called him on the last day which would be Saturday and told him hey we're going to pick you dead last and yet they both end up as starters last season and because the Niners are more championship ready they go all the way to the NFC Championship with a rookie starter not a guy who was selected number 20. Now Pickett's got a bright future as long as he stays healthy I love what we saw from Pickett the Steelers made the right choice but isn't that crazy from the category of you can't make the stuff up it's impossible not to root for Brock or Kenny even these both these guys seem to be uh great young men and really are attacking with tenacity and um all the all the coach ability that they can bring forward their coaches rave about them so it's great can't wait to see what happens in year number two all right on twitter after hours cbs or on my twitter alal radio what we're asking you is to send your questions for ask amy anything that comes up oh about 20 minutes from now straight ahead a little bit of well now see if I laced up the skates I look like a baby giraffe on skates however I do love playoff hockey and we've got some game sevens a-brewin if these series continue on the same paths it's after hours with amy lawrence our tum our tum show our tum show jay what is that a tum show our tum show no there was a p on the end our tum show our tum show hmm it's here's what it is now it's our dumb show because I'm an idiot I don't know I just I had gotten through the first two plus hours without making up any words I didn't really embarrass myself even though I'm got one kind of a hellacious sleep schedule since sunday morning but that the wheels just they completely fell off not just fell off but I blew multiple tires at the same time the tump show a tump is a small rounded hill or a clump of trees shrubs or grass I need to shrink back into a clump of trees right now like bart simpson or was it homer homer right shrinking into the head hedge with homer simpson it's after hours cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast what a finish brett kulak activating and bearing it from the left circle three one edmonton on kulak's first goal in his postseason career that we got out of the gate quick and uh asserted the way we wanted the game to be played they punched back they're a good team and um you know we stuck with it and uh continued to put hard miles on their team and um we found goals up and down our lineup so it was uh I thought a well-played game getting you to the good half of your week it's the hump show on after hours the edmonton oilers double up the king six three and as you hear from j woodcroft they always did a lot of things really well in taking a three-two lead in that playoff series leon dryseidel evander kane zach hyman brett kulak all scoring for edmonton uh connor mcdavid a couple of assists in there so as we're talking about the stars being out in full force in the nba on tuesday night same thing for the edmonton oilers not quite so comfortable for the dallas stars uh this is this is all about jake ettinger hill wide fire save main rebound score hey football fans baldy here and i'm doing something special for the year's nfl draft jason lock and four and i are hosting the 2023 odyssey nfl draft show so join us on the first night of the draft talking with local experts from our odyssey podcast from across the country and leading up to the draft check out our podcast in the huddle i'm going to give you the inside scoop on the best prospects for your favorite team it all starts it all starts tomorrow at 7 p.m eastern on the free odyssey app surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity mason marchman with his first stanley cup playoff goal as a member of the stars and dallas extends their league it turns out to be a shutout and by the way i said ettinger thinking see this is where the wheels have come off horribly our former producer dave his last name was ettinger so that's totally my fault uh jay gottinger uh though he pitches he pitches a shout out uh and and really cool for the dallas stars because they're at home and you can hear the fans behind them and so it's it's been a series and that's kind of had back and forth momentum very often happens in the stanley cup playoffs but what a moment for him as he helps the stars to blank the wild peter debore i'm not gonna give him the wrong name proud of his goalie he sure doesn't look like a 24 year old goalie you know he's doing some some special things uh for being at the stage of the career he's at got lots of standing ovations from the stars fan and here's something you need to know this is i think is critical most importantly minnesota over three on the power play and on the power play the wild uh and all of those power plays came in the second period so it was a barrage for ottinger uh he stopped nine shots it was like one of those rapid fire type of a power plays where the wild are getting look after look after look and he has to be on his toes and moving around and locked in laser focus but on the first two power plays for minnesota in that second period he's got nine shots that come bang bang bang bang bang and so he's able to preserve that that shutout he's able to preserve that lead for the dallas stars and so at 24 years old we're seeing him grow up before our eyes as a goalie who is playing the best of his career and this is what we talk about with the stanley cup playoffs right even if it's a goalie who doesn't have a ton of experience but it can be locked in even if it's a mismatch maybe on paper if you've got a goalie who is playing the way that ottinger is if you've got a goalie who's playing as though the net and well and the post can be your friend but as though the net is teeny tiny and nothing is getting by him uh it's it's a whole different type of a game really at times can't even it doesn't even matter what you throw up in front of him because he can see everything a lot of it is so much about the vision uh now of course the wild uh right now trailing so be facing elimination in game number six their head coach dean evison i mean they got to bring everything they've got because there's no tomorrow we didn't have our our best stuff obviously uh tonight so yeah two days we expect our group to be excited jack to get home win one game and see what happens in seven dollar sagan and the dallas stars uh they've got the advantage in game five they preserve it and and actually sagan's got now what we're talking about power plays four different power play goals in this series and so he's the guy whatever you're doing on the power play minnesota he's the one you need to be tracking uh one more last night the carolina hurricanes do not eliminate the islanders it's been a bit of a lopsided series not completely but at times it's looked like a mismatch and the islanders are able uh to extend that series thought we were going to get that with a couple of well we did get it with the atlanta hawks so we got it in the east there we go east nhl east nba we got it with the atlanta hawks uh thought we might get it with a couple of the western conference series but the clippers after they rally from 20 points down against the suns in quarter number four they actually come all the way back from four from the fourth quarter from being 20 points down uh though they ultimately fall and then uh in the other series we saw minnesota push denver to the edge but both those series are done now not feeling confident not supremely confident about a game seven in the first round of the nba though if we can continue this punch counter punch with the the warriors and as the defending champions we know they certainly are a very tough out and the sacramento kings then maybe maybe they're not sure if you heard but dear and fox he is likely to play in game five on wednesday so we'll be talking about it this time tomorrow but he does have a broken hand and so he's gonna have to play john maria's hand is not broken but he's dealing with the pain right of that soft tissue injury right now you've got guys who are doing whatever they can just to be out there on the court so they've got to take care of business back home in sacramento right so this is a game five where they've got the advantage as the three seed in the west we felt like we did enough to win uh last game i mean they felt like they did enough to win game one so at the end of the day like we're we're still even three game series now uh we have to take care of home court um i mean we won every quarter but the third quarter i mean they they they they hit us in the mouth in the third quarter and they were able to finish the game off uh but at the end of the day we still gave ourselves opportunities to win uh we won the rebounding battle uh i think we won the second chance points and that's what you want to do especially going on the road so uh for us coming out control control and that's limiting their second chance points and uh for us it's be physical defensively and then try to offensive rebound i said broken hand i think it's broken finger not broken hand but likely to have it wrapped or likely to at least try to keep it out of the line of fire right so the problem when everybody knows you have a broken finger there might be a little bit of extracurricular activity surrounding your finger protected at all costs but dear and fox is playing extremely well had this conversation well kind of i wouldn't i wouldn't call it a real conversation but one student in my class at syracuse decided that fox has earned the right to be called justy aaron i don't think so i don't think we're there yet but he did have 38 points in their last game uh he's obviously playing at a very high level he's sparking the sacrament of kings and game five is humongous i haven't seen the updated stats in the last couple of years but generally it's about 82 percent of the time when a tie series goes into a game five best of seven the winner of game five ultimately prevails 80 again 82 percent ish of the time don't quote me on that number but it's right around there uh the numbers may have changed in the last couple of years slightly but we're talking about game sevens um or seven game series where they're tied going into a game five so this is where the kings have to take care of their business on the home court now steve curr knows his warriors they have been abysmal on the road this season they dropped the first two games in sacramento but only 11 wins away from chase center all year long it's awful i mean it's it's embarrassing for an nba champion um but they're not going to think about darren fox his status they're trying to do do what they can to reverse that road trend i think sacramento's crowd will make sure that we we don't let our guard down they will though they will help us quite a bit in that regard yeah i mean it's different and different in april and may um june than it is in january december um if we let our guard down um there's something seriously wrong with us so we'll be we'll be ready to go i absolutely love that if we let our guard down there's something seriously wrong with us yes agreed there was something seriously wrong with you all season long in road games oh my gosh you're talking about a championship pedigree they looked abysmal on the road this year i know i just used that word but it fits if we don't take this one seriously if we let our guard down there's something seriously wrong with us there's something seriously wrong with us that's a great drop moving forward this is the last game of a quadruple header on wednesday it's a wacky wednesday a hump show wednesday you've got new york and cleveland where the nicks can take care of business in cleveland if they can beat the cavaliers they're on to the next round uh you've got the lakers also trying to eliminate the memphis grizzlies another one of those potential upsets like the eight seed miami over milwaukee but memphis and milwaukee have the benefit of hosting those game fives can they protect their houses can they protect the house uh and then finally it's golden state sacramento so the first three games like the three games on tuesday are all possible close outs whereas golden state sacramento right now the only one that's sitting at two two so that's the one a lot of people are talking about looking forward to uh steph with a huge performance yet again in game number four and draymond green was back he did not start that's another question will draymond be in the starting lineup all right one more piece of nba news just quickly paulo ben caro uh the duke product wins nba rookie of the year on tuesday dominated so this is how you you do all but sweep it 98 of 100 first place votes and out of 500 possible points paulo ends up with 494 points my gosh so yeah just shy of unanimous pretty darn close but average 20 points seven rebounds nearly four assists this season uh so good for him congratulations to paulo all right straight ahead your chance to ask amy anything so jay will be checking out the questions on twitter after our cbs on our facebook page too here's our latest sports update and here's marco i almost said marco ben caro what my brain has just come apart in the last couple of minutes from the tump show to just everything else that has fallen out of me since then the brain is like a plate of spaghetti it's all intertwined uncanny the amount of people who work here whose names sound like people were talking about this segment surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity you are listening to the after hours podcast podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence time to ask amy anything sort of it is that time of the week again man these hump shows or tump shows as i affectionately call them they come rapidly when i gotta do this commute up and back to syracuse one more week one more week and i can't believe i'm gonna be judging while judging and grading final projects but actually my students have to do an entire radio segment one young man wanted it to be five minutes tops uh no it's got to be 10 to 15 he thought asking for more than five minutes was too much and i almost said out loud that maybe radio is not for you but i i did not i'd want to crush him and his soul uh so instead he better come up with 10 it's gonna be interesting really listen to them in class it's live no it's not live we're gonna listen to them in class yeah i mean like they're gonna go like in front of like the class no they're going to pre-record it we're gonna listen to them in class crazy right it's fun it's after hours not for them it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio it is time for asking me anything and jay's got he had a lot of questions to sift through well we got to start with some of these questions based on your trip to syracuse of course oh oh okay my trip david wants to know are you a snacker when you drive oh absolutely i can't do anything without snacks and drinks so i take a cooler with me to syracuse uh now most critically is it has my coffee in it for not just uh monday evening but then also tuesday morning when i have to drive back um but yes i also take snacks and generally my go-to's are goldfish cashews and dried cranberries apples sometimes lime chips if i'm feeling particularly salty this past week i took pepperoni and wheat thins because they're a great oh and a piece of cheese because they're a great snack and then also we'll take like a turkey wrap or something along those lines all right and brian wants to know excuse me greg wants to know with your stint of being a teacher a professor at syracuse would you ever want to go back to school absolutely first of all i'm not paying someone else to educate me i i know all i need to know for my chosen career so no i already have a master's degree i don't need another one and also who has time for that i can barely keep up with the jobs as they are so no i'm never going back to school i'm absolutely completely done in fact i know that if i hadn't done my master's degree right on the heels of my bachelor's degrees i never would have gone back to school because once i was out i was out i was never doing homework well i we we do homework but i was never writing papers again i hear that and james wants to know now what has your been your favorite part or is your favorite part of being a professor so far the connections with the students being able to answer their questions and also seeing not just the well hearing the verbal participation but also seeing the non-verbal communication and how engaged and and interested they are one of the directors in the office that hired me has indicated that the students really love me which i hope is the case but beyond that i'm glad they like me that means they'll give me a good review i i want them to learn i want them to to have the tools they need to build a radio show from scratch whenever they get the opportunity so i feel like it's working i'm equipping them with the tools that they need well just hearing a little bit of the students who are over watching who were watching it on the show the other night and two weeks ago they all seem to be very engaged interested and just so you seem like you're doing a great job that's all i gotta say thank you uh so now move on from that a little bit this one was interesting brian wants to know what was your worst sports injury i've never had any really i of course have had jammed fingers i banged knees so i've had bruised knees the only thing that ever really gave me any trouble when i was in high school i was going up for a rebound as i was coming down with the ball of a bony little guard with her knee she was jumping but she had her knee open like a can opener in a pool she had one knee up don't ask me why she was jumping like that but she was jumping with one knee up in the air and as i'm coming down with the ball she never had a chance to get the ball as i'm coming down with the ball her knee lands in the small of my back so i dealt with some pain i wasn't going to go to a doctor because i didn't want the doctor to tell me something was seriously wrong and i couldn't play so instead i used heat packs and just made sure i warmed up and also during games couldn't really sit for long because the back would tighten up but it didn't bother me in college it once i got done playing and took a couple of months off it was okay oh germane i've never broken a bone though so that's never nice never happened germane wants to know are you a sneaker head uh i am specific about my running sneakers i also have hiking boots i guess those could qualify though they're not really sneakers but i'm an a6 gel running girl and i'm pretty anal retentive about having not just my next pair but the next pair after that in house so because i go through them so quickly and then i have a process i use them until they're the tread is getting low or they're not proud of adding enough support i turn them into walking shoes and then once they're done if i need a new pair of lawn shoes they'll become my lawn mowing shoes or they get chucked so i go through them pretty quickly i probably go through two two pairs every six months definitely go through three pairs a year sometimes depending on how much i'm running might even go through more a6 gel we'll keep it here with the sneakers and the a6 gel theme because you do have a half marathon coming up which you are training for a week from sunday and gut boy wants to know do you run in the rain while you're training or do you have a preference of temperature when you run kind of like a two-part question there i did run in the rain this past sunday i had to do a 90 minute run and it rained on me while i was going thankfully didn't rain for long it was more just kind of a shower uh i let's see i wait remind me the second part why do i feel like i was going to answer the wrong question do you have a preference in temperature oh yeah sorry uh i actually prefer it to be upper 40s low 50s when i run because that seems to give me extra energy i'm exhilarated that way i don't need it to be sunny but if it's sunny that's fine but i prefer 40s 50s cloudy so that you don't heat up too much and eric wants to know have you taken any precautions for future turkey encounters while running no but no uh i will never take a turkey's photo again though i'll tell you that much by the way by the way the the ugly photo of the turkey i mean it's a photo of a turkey but he's fairly ugly he's got a blue head which i think is interesting it's only been like 200 times by people so forget like whatever photo i could post of myself my next selfie no the turkey's far more popular he's very menacing he is with his blue head so this one was different because people sometimes ask what's the longest you've ever run mike wants to know what's the longest time and distance you've ever driven in one session uh from atlanta to houston in one day took me 15 and a half hours i there were a couple stops in there for gas obviously they let the dog out but yeah there i went through a massive rainstorm in baton rouge which slowed me down as well there's a huge traffic jam for those of you who've driven through baton rouge i think it's i-10 maybe i-10 you know there's like a 90 degree turn and because of the rain the traffic was stopped nobody was moving it was it was crazy anyway so 15 and a half hours in one day was my longest drive ever that is insane yeah no it was pretty insane but i couldn't stop two hours from houston i just i had to keep going so once you're that close yeah and paul wants to know oh excuse me al wants to know as a play-by-play announcer who would be your dream color analyst anyone i guess past or present that's fun well if i was doing a basketball game because basketball is my play-by-play i would love to have draymond green as my analyst or let's see if i could go past uh larry bird's not a great talker i think i'd go a magic johnson maybe or michael jordan um try to think who else would be just kind of it would be really unique and interesting no to dennis rodman michael jordan i said michael jordan um yeah so michael jordan would be fun to try to think of someone current that i would love to have as an analyst who's a great talker who's a good talker oh how about dylan brooks no just kidding when he feels like it who's exactly who's a good talker right now maybe clay your boy oh my goodness well clay's not yeah he can get going and be a good talker but it could be a little awkward i didn't want to go and nice spoken by someone who's the king of awkward sometimes i'm trying to be a color analyst oh my gosh all right moving on uh here's another one similar sand sand jedi cow how's that name wants to know is there a particular athlete that you've never met that you would love to meet an interview mmm patrick mahomes patrick mahomes would be amazing uh john elway would have been passed because he was my favorite quarterback growing up uh so yeah those are those are two examples from the nfl realm larry fitzgerald too i've always wanted to interview that's a good one one more here before rapid fire david wants to know when you read a book you prefer the physical book the kindle or the audiobook style i do not do audiobooks kindle for traveling because it's easier but i mostly prefer getting the books from the library or reading books i can hold all right and we'll close out here with some rapid fire plain or sparkling water plain putter or driver putter home run or small ball for me small ball t-shirts or sweatshirts t-shirts french or spanish espanol por favor or everest or kilmanjaro oh everest pickup or delivery pickup iced tea or hot tea neither i do not like tea bumper cars or bumper boats bumper boats anything to do with the water and the last one here coke or pepsi i don't like pepsi products i'm a coke girl uh coke zero girl if you will now that's my question when i'm on planes i'm traveling or in restaurants do you have coke zero the answer has become more frequently yes thanks for your questions it's after hours with amy lawrence our hump show cbs sports radio surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity
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