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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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April 26, 2023 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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April 26, 2023 6:11 am

Have the Clippers squandered the Kawhi Leonard/Paul George "era", and is the future of the Minnesota Timberwolves in trouble? | "Ice" Trae Young is back.

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That's positive. Good morning to you. It is a Wednesday. It's your hump day.

We attempt to shove you forward because you get through this day and you are closer to the weekend. Thank you for all your questions, for Ask Amy anything. I am going back and answering the ones that are relatively simple to do on social media. So check out both Twitter, ALaw Radio, as well as our Facebook page and throughout the day on Wednesday I will be able to answer some of your questions.

Now the ones that producer Jay finds more interesting and enticing he will save for a future edition of Ask Amy Anything on our YouTube channel, so the video version, and stay tuned. In the next couple days we will have the date for the next, are you ready? Chubby Bunny World Championship here on After Hours. It is coming up in May. I know we're slightly delayed.

It's a little more than a year since our last championship. Maybe because we nearly had someone die on the air. If you missed it, it's on our YouTube channel. It's a very popular video as you can imagine.

It went viral in the moment. So yes, if you missed any of the previous Chubby Bunny Championships, there have been three of them. All three different winners. We've got a new unsuspecting newbie. I was actually just confirming with him earlier before the show.

He has no idea what he's in for. Sean from the DA show will be a repeat offender. Also producer Jay because he has no choice. I'm the only one who's been in all four Chubby Bunny World Championships or will be, but I have no chance of winning because I'm generally trying to MC while I'm putting marshmallows in my mouth.

It's not a great combo. We'll see if we can get someone else to MC, but I don't know if I trust someone else with those duties since the show is mine. But also I have a pretty active gag reflex so the only thing is that you just don't want me to throw up the marshmallows while the camera is pointing directly at me. We do have a cameraman already secured so that's not a problem.

We'll do it live on the radio and then later the video will be posted to our YouTube channel. But yeah, if you missed last year's, Sean almost died and yet he is raring for another opportunity. So the date for the Chubby Bunny World Championship sometime in the next couple weeks or it's in the next couple weeks, but the date will be coming up in these next few days. And speaking of that, it might have been a year. I mean it's been a long time since we've done a Hall of Flame induction. Hall of Flame, it's unique to the show. I'm sure you're surprised that I came up with the name when I screwed up. That's generally what happens.

My best ideas come from flubs. So in After Hours, Hall of Flame Friday is on tap for you before the end of the week, even as we have the NFL draft which will take center stage coming up on our Thursday night Friday show. After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio, on Twitter, on Facebook, our phones 855-212-4227. The Clippers allowed the Suns to build a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. Now this is a 30-point swing because the clips were up by double figures earlier in the game only to see the Phoenix Suns come roaring back. It did not take long once the Suns locked in and then lo and behold they went from being locked in to completely unlocked and undone in the fourth quarter. They trailed by 20 in this fourth quarter and with a minute 58 to play all they've done is given themselves a chance.

Kick it out. Paul on the right wing three. Miss it off the heel. Rebound a man and the Clippers can tire. Take the lead with 90 seconds left.

Right to left here comes Mann. Hands it off for Westbrook right wing. Westbrook working on Durant. Westbrook wants to go to work. Westbrook's gonna drive middle. Get it inside. Kick it back out. Batum left wing three.

Short. Rebound. Up for grabs. Booker's got it.

Comes 15 to play. Booker into the front court. Bounce it behind.

Sham it and out of bounds. Turns it over with a minute 10 remaining. That's Noah Eagle on Clippers Radio.

Yeah the Phoenix Suns posted a 20-point lead in the final quarter only to see the Clippers without Kawhi, without Paul George come roaring back and then it became a different ball game. In the corner goes to Akogi. He drives the baseline out to Booker. Straightaway three.

Josh Akogi continues to make great plays. Dribble drive into the lane. Get the Clippers to collapse and then find someone on the perimeter.

It's your hottest player right now Devin Booker. 44 points for a book and now coming up with a basketball. Westbrook lets it roll. Picks it up in backcourt. Brings it into the front court down.

Off it goes to Norm Powell. It was knocked away by Akogi. Picked up by Chris Paul.

Paul is grabbed. Goes underneath to Kevin Durant. He lays it in with 58 seconds to go. The Clippers will take a time out.

We're going to keep it right here. 134-130. The Suns with the lead.

Big hoop for Durant who now has 29. Three seconds. Two seconds. One second. Suns win.

Nine tenths of a second showing but this one is history. The Suns will win. They'll eliminate the Los Angeles Clippers. Suns will move on. The Suns win.

Oh brothers. That's Al McCoy on the Suns radio network and the oh brother at the end really says it all as Monty Williams probably had a few anxious moments watching the Clippers come all the way back from 20 down. We knew it was going to be like that in the closeout game and to be able to make enough plays down the stretch I thought J-O Steele was one of the biggest plays in the fourth quarter and we just were able to make enough plays to win the game. Big big performance from Devin Booker yet again. In fact this stat blew me away. He and Kevin Durant who are the NBA's latest duo, latest power couple if you will, they combined for 328 points in five games. So the series is over. It's done in five games. Devin Booker has been on fire fire but between he and Kevin Durant, Booker and Durant 328 points in five games combined.

So last night for Booker it was 47 and they needed all of it. Hard to put the words you know um somebody that I followed you know for a very long time before we developed the personal relationship so you know to even be sitting up here with them right now it's kind of surreal um but you know just competing at the highest level. Iron sharp as iron and you know even getting that you know the work that you guys don't see you know in the practice facility together. He's one of those guys that works on his game. He produces every year and you know he shows up in big moments so he carried us man. He made sure that we were he wasn't gonna lose this game so his shot making was incredible. His play making was incredible. We fed off his energy tonight and also the crowd fed off his energy so he's a special special human being special player.

I'm just grateful I get a chance to play with him. Kevin Durant about Kevin Booker on Valley Sports Arizona obviously in the wake of the game. So Booker he's the guy who will slash to the hoop. He'll pass the ball around so drive and dish.

He will go for the steal so he's everywhere. Really have to know where he is at all times and then you know what Durant brings to the table. So 47 points matching Booker's playoff career high. Durant with 31 and actually had the final six points for the Suns as they eliminate the Clippers and for Ty Lue what might have been. Isn't this the story with the Clippers always and it seems like in the Kawhi and Paul George era these guys are not available when the team needs them the most.

As easy as it is for me to say oh we missed those I mean it's harder for those guys. You know you think PG and Kawhi want to be hurt you know in the playoffs you know so I feel bad for those guys because they want to be out there helping their team and to compete and just unfortunately you know the last three years we haven't had that and so you know I feel bad for those guys for putting all the hard work in. You know Kawhi all the dedication he put in from the ACL coming back playing his best basketball since January 1st and then for this to happen you know and so I feel bad for those guys you know and so you know it is what it is and like I said back to the drawing board and I'll come back next year and you know hopefully we can have a healthy team.

I wonder if it makes Ty Lue even saltier or a little saltier or maybe wistful that he's without his power couple in Kawhi and Paul George and there's always the question of what if even as he's watching Devin Booker and KD torch them. Now again they rallied from 20 down give them credit but it wasn't enough and ultimately I think the extra responsibility weighed on Russell Westbrook and Norm Powell who became the the new go-to's for the Clippers. Now Russ had an awesome playoff run it was limited for the Clippers but Russ rides again in these playoffs though he and Norm down the stretch missed 10 consecutive shots maybe in part because they were exhausted and now we've got Russell Westbrook who becomes a free agent and so he played some great basketball after he joined the Clippers but what now? This would be my probably my first time actually my career being able to make situations or make a decision but one thing I do tell you is that I love it here I love the people just the fans overall just to embrace men of not just me but you know my family and close friends and just the ability to go out and compete I know it was end of the year and a lot of different things happen but I'm grateful and you know I definitely love being here as far as making the decision.

I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there don't really know my process because it's kind of my first time doing this but you know so we'll see what happens. So looking forward to seeing what what Russ chooses but he's an LA guy he wants to be there he went from Lakers to Clippers so really just had to change locker rooms and found a home with the Clippers played really well in this postseason and seemed like he was a fit in the locker room as well it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio the Clippers are done there's not a surprise the Phoenix Suns move on but they've had heavy minutes for their starters so they can use a couple extra days of rest they were the four seed Clippers the five right so that one goes true to form the Denver Nuggets eliminate the Minnesota Timberwolves though also it becomes a little dicey at the end but while we're talking about stars Nicole Jokic with another triple double and Mike Malone just so grateful thankful overwhelmingly so for his NBA MVP. Unrelenting you know that that guy is just a he's a worker you know that guy is every single day you know you never have to worry about Nicole Jokic showing up doing his job his consistency I think is just I marvel at that sometimes he's able to play at this level as consistently as he does. Jamal Murray had 35 in this game but actually what I liked the most was hearing from him how the Nuggets got a spark late in the first half now if you didn't see this game the Timberwolves also raced out to a double figure lead so they had both the Wolves and the Clippers with early leads and then they disappeared though it was a fight it was back and forth at the end but Jamal Murray why why did the Nuggets finally wake up in this one? We had a slow start and you know once they started talking they woke us up you know that was it and we locked in we fought back in the second quarter and then I thought we did a good job of executing down stretch even when they made a run just defense we all came together and what we had to do. They started yapping that's what happened yeah a little bit like that Carl Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert both fouling out in the late stages of this game so you wonder if that could have impacted well could have made a difference I suppose but you also had the the Nuggets using their advantages and they also made their free throw so those two things stood out to me at the end of this game. Now for the Timberwolves they run into a brick wall again I actually thought that they would take steps forward so they made the playoffs last year though didn't advance and with the addition of Rudy Gobert everything they gave up for him the way that Carl Anthony Towns I know he was out for quite a while but came back Anthony Edwards had been playing well though he blamed himself for the loss on Tuesday night because he went 0 for 6 from downtown I mean he had 29 points for heaven's sakes they're not even in this series if Anthony Edwards doesn't play but what do you take away from yet another early exit cap? We fight you know we fight you know I think we just fight too far away you know we always seem to be a team that fights really hard when our backs are against the wall and things are not going our way but we gotta take that fight utilize it early on in the games and stuff like that so we just gotta be a better team you know we just gotta come out better do better all of us it's not and it was a it was fantastic series I think we all have a part in this and including myself and just got to be better just got to be better who knows what might have been if he had been out on the court for for more games this season uh but still they to me were poised to take a major step forward after getting back to the playoffs last season feeling like they were a year more mature and more prepared and yet still now I know it has to do with who you run into but isn't that partly on them the fact that they end up in a position where they have to go through the play-in tournament and they take on the top-seeded Denver Nuggets as for the Nuggets they're playing some smart basketball remember they also stubbed their toe mightily at the end of the regular season and there was talk that maybe this would be a wasted campaign for them though they did still protect that number one seed but they seemingly have righted the ship now and to see where they are along with the Suns that gets some little extra time off I think is huge for them we've got Warriors and Kings Lakers and Grizzlies coming up tonight in the west we've only got one series that's 2-2 everything else was sitting at 3-1 the Celtics actually have to now go back to Atlanta because they have one of their famous fourth quarter collapses against the Hawks last night so we'll get to that a little bit later on NBA playoffs are going to have to compete NHL playoffs going to have to compete with the NFL draft on Thursday we know what happens when the big bad NFL flexes its muscles it will be the prime time offering on Thursday night we had a chance to catch up with Joe De Leon of Believe Network he's a host also a draft analyst he's turned his dreams into reality and real good stuff from him about what happens with the quarterback dominoes at the top so we'll bring back part of that conversation next on Twitter a law radio our Facebook page hey football fans Baldy here and I'm doing something special for the year's NFL draft Jason Lockett for and I are hosting the 2023 Odyssey NFL draft show so join us on the first night of the draft talking with local experts from our Odyssey podcast from across the country and leading up to the draft check out our podcast in the huddle I'm going to give you the inside scoop on the best prospects for your favorite team it all starts tomorrow at 7 p.m eastern on the free Odyssey app ah weddings the celebration of everything that makes a couple perfect for each other you know laughing at the same terrible puns smiley face brunch plates on weekends still finding each other 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know whether everyone's rooting for me everyone's against me at the end of the day I'm I'm motivated by it by pushing myself being the best version who I am this is after hours with Amy Lawrence that is the voice of Bryce Young many people believe that he is the object of the panther's desire that we will not find out until the overall number one pick is revealed on Thursday in Kansas City prime time NFL draft coming up the opening round it's become a must-see TV event after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio had the chance to catch up with Joe De Leon in our first hour joining us from Los Angeles part of the believe network as in NFL and college football well NFL draft and college football analyst we had to sort through what was going on at the top but first I wanted to know from him what's the buzz here we sit we're just a few hours away what's the buzz around the 23 draft well I think the buzz right now is separate from who's going to be the first overall pick but who is going to take Will Levitz and we had this morning a Reddit post drove the market up for Will Levitz maybe going first overall first of all I just want to dispel those possibilities it's not going to happen he's not going to be the first overall pick but it seems like there's a strong possibility right now that maybe a team trades up to three with the Arizona Cardinals to take Will Levitz and I I think right now that's something to pay attention to that Will Levitz could be the second quarterback selected in this year's draft why what makes him that valuable well in my opinion I don't think he's that valuable to go number two as the as the second quarterback I actually have him as my fourth quarterback but I think what the NFL sees is a big strong arm a big strong kid who's a quality athlete can move pretty well but on top of that high character and he's really tough he's a really really tough kid I think with all that the NFL it checks every box that they're looking for in the NFL quarterback and to eventually be a high level starter and he has the ceiling to be a high level starter because of all those traits now the concern for a guy like Will Levitz for me is the decision making he has been a starter for two years he's an older prospect and there's a lot of times on tape where he makes really head scratching decisions with the football if he can overcome those issues I think he can certainly hit that very high ceiling and expectation for him but right now I'm a little careful on on wanting him to be that second overall pick but the NFL thinks differently so Joe we know that the Carolina Panthers have indicated there's a consensus in their organization for the quarterback they want to take number one overall who do you believe is the best fit for the panthers yeah I think Bryce Young without a doubt is that best fit and if you look at the panthers situation their roster compared to the rest of the NFC might not be win now go to the Super Bowl but if you look at their division the NFC south is pretty bad so with that in mind you throw Bryce Young into the mix who's the most ready to play right now there are size limitations there's concerns about his frame and him being under six foot and being under 215 pounds but he is just such a reactive decision maker he is the best decision maker out of all of the quarterbacks it's almost like he's thinking a whole step ahead of all these other guys and I think that that ability to think decisively to always find his clay makers in space to set them up perfectly is going to make him the best rookie quarterback and I honestly believe that in his first year or by his second year rather it could be like what happened with the Jacksonville Jaguars where Trevor Lawrence first year struggles a little bit and then by year two they hit a hot run to go to the playoffs and then they upset someone they have that potential and I think Bryce Young is definitely that guy if you consider the coaching aspect of that in Trevor Lawrence's first season he had Urban Meyer but once Doug Peterson got there there was some real value in having a quarterback who spoke the language of the head coach right and of course we know Frank Reich also played the quarterback position and is a coach that comes from that same tree so that's an interesting point Joe Dillion is with us here after our CBS Sports Radio a host on Believe Network the first team and then also an NFL draft analyst the talk about CJ Strad excuse me this leaked test score left him with a low score in terms of his ability to read defenses and in terms of his ability to process what's happening on the fly behind the line of scrimmage what do you make of that I'll even call it a rumor I'm not even sure it's real a rumor Joe well the rumored number is historically low 18% is well below what everyone else tested frankly in my opinion I think it's more telling that Bryce Young tested as high as he did he had the best number I think his number was like 96% or something along those lines that to me is more telling of his mental capacity but I'm not surprised that a guy like CJ Stroud has issues with his cognitive ability and I'm not saying that he's a dumb player but you watch him on on tape he's great on his first read but once that first read doesn't open up he's very indecisive I almost wonder if he's overthinking or he just doesn't know what to do with the football he also for some reason doesn't want to rely on his legs even though he's a very good athlete his worst game was against Michigan I think that's a lot of proof of what the floor can be with a guy like that and his inability to make decisions I'm not super worried about that test score I'm just more worried about how can he progress and is there even any room for progression in that decision making and I think if you're the team that's picking him you really have to hope so so you believe then the leak about CJ yeah I mean that number makes a lot of sense I mean even if it was slightly higher I still believe that his score was the lowest amongst all of them and I think it made a lot of sense if you just look at the ranking of all those scores if that test is supposed to tell us who thinks the quickest and who's got the best decision making just in general who's a quick thinker it makes sense CJ is one of the slowest to make decisions and I think right after him would be Will Levitt okay thinking about the Bryce Young piece at the top if that's where the panthers go how do you expect the dominoes to drop at quarterback after Bryce yeah I think that the Houston Texans are not going to be taking a quarterback it seems like they haven't been very excited about any of the prospects in the class and I think with with that situationally they don't want to take somebody that they're not in love with so if somebody then trades up if that's the Tennessee Titans moving up uh if it may be a team like the Atlanta Falcons moving up to go get the next quarterback I do think that Will Levitt as of right now is going to be the second quarterback taken the Colts are going to stay where they are at four and they're probably going to take Anthony Richardson or CJ Stroud and then whoever's the best remaining available I don't see the last guy falling outside of the top eight I know that it's certainly possible and I think this time last year we were all saying well there's no way uh only one guy goes in the first round and that's what happened certain possibility that one guy slides out of the top 15 but I just think with this year having quality quarterbacks not elite quarterbacks and last year being so devoid of quarterback talent that a lot more teams are much needier than we're used to them being needy quarterback needy quarterback teams I like it desperation makes for some interesting decisions the rest of that conversation and we do talk about Jalen Carter actually from Georgia and about whether the situation with the car accident that involved another Georgia football player and a student trainer whether that turns into a well turns into an obstacle for some teams that might be previously interested in drafting him and we know there's been a lot of conversation around Jalen there's a lawsuit actually that was just filed by the father of Devin Willock who ended up dying in that January car accident so there's there's still I think some trepidation there some conversation around it a lot of talent on the defensive line for sure so would some teams be willing to go other places and then you've always got the questions of the skill positions and I was joking earlier I think it would be hysterical if the Packers finally draft a skill position now that Aaron Rodgers has made his way to the New York Jets and speaking of that Joe Douglas the GM of the Jets spoke on Tuesday Aaron Rodgers is scheduled to be introduced by the Jets as if we don't know who he is introduced by the Jets on Wednesday two o'clock New York time 11 a.m pacific time which is where he had to fly in from right because he makes his off-season home in Northern California I can only imagine what a zoo that will be I'm so glad that I am not in New York City during the daytime actually if it's at the Jets facility it'll be in New Jersey oh don't scratch that remind me not to go anywhere in New Jersey anywhere close to MetLife on Wednesday afternoon we'll hear from Joe Douglas coming up also that we continue with some of this tree uh my gosh the pre-draft conversation Tom Telesco was weighing in about the Chargers but really Austin Eckler is the major question for the Chargers right now and then Brock Purdy a guest with the Kelsey brothers on their new heights podcast he actually has a great trash talking story from the season you can imagine there were plenty of defensive players who are willing to trash talk him because who are you you're mr irrelevant oh huh how did that work on twitter a law radio on our facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity the after hours podcast to put it in play gets it out to Trey in the back court Trey now brings it across against Jaylen Brown Trey in the middle fires the three bang Trey Young just hit it with 1.8 to go and the Hawks take a two-point lead 119 to 117 Trey Young has just stunned this crowd folks Trey Young has just stunned Boston Trey Young has it clock rolling seven seconds to go Trey Young at Jaylen Brown pull up deep three and he got it Trey Young with 1.8 to go six feet behind a three-point line puts his arms up on his shoulders to say ice tray is back and the Hawks lead by two with 1.8 to go in game five we were down one so I was really trying to get a layup I was really trying to get into the paint and uh we had enough time to that I could get the ball and dribble down and try to create something and if someone helped I was still had enough time to get somebody else the ball too so but uh but Jaylen was backing up pretty pretty hard and uh I think he was expecting me to get trying to go by him and get to the basket and either I could tell he was backing up and then Marcus was sprinting up to trap and then at that point I looked up and it was only like three four seconds left maybe two so it was uh I just had to trust in what I've done my whole life and just shoot it with confidence they didn't need three they only needed one um uh Trey Young is pretty shifty getting to his right hand so that's what I was looking to take away and you know he stepped back pulled one from the logo it's a tough basket tough shot in the playoffs you know um maybe I could have forced him towards the basket a little bit more you know if I could have picked him up a little bit better but maybe we shouldn't have been in that position in the first place but tough shot this is after hours with Amy Lawrence if you haven't seen it it was in fact a classic classic Steph Curry shot but it came from Trey Young and it was on the logo and he admits that I was going for a layup funny way out there uh and Jaylen Brown thought he'd be heading to the hoop too and gave him too much space but I do appreciate what Jaylen said at the end of that clip we should never have been in that position in the first place and that is the truth Trey Young was 16 points in the fourth quarter for the Hawks to rally past the Celtics they outscored him by a dozen in that final quarter uh Trey he wasn't great from beyond the arc but he got hot when he needed to hit five triples and as a team the Hawks shot 19 of 41 from deep it doesn't sound like a great percentage but they did have a huge advantage in that realm John Collins 22 points himself but man everybody in awe of Trey and the show he put on fourth quarter time close game you know I'm I'm sort of you know at this point being with Trey my whole career you know I know what time it is like it's ice trace um he does his thing he's clutch he wants to be in those moments and uh he wants the big shot uh so it's sort of normal for me to see him go into that mode and do what he does so uh you know I mean I'm just continuing to support my brother and watch him continue to go to work we got contributions across the board um in lots of different ways whether it was oh on the glass J.C. coming up with some big plays um bogey all the way through hunts defense so um really a collective effort and as much as anything I think we were tough-minded um in a very difficult game it's tough to be down you know really through the whole game you know and just hang in there and hang in there and you know close the gap have the lead extend close the gap again have the lead extend um and we just didn't capitulate to that I love the word capitulate uh Quinn Snyder remember took over midway at Mary's if it was exactly midway but took over at some point during the season and he had great success when he was with the Utah Jazz this team I wouldn't say they underperformed because I think the expectations were fairly low after the way they started with the coaching change this is the Trey Young we saw against the Knicks primarily going back to playoffs ago and while it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to win the series I think that's probably not the case it forces the Celtics to keep playing while the Sixers are sitting around Max and relaxing and while Joel Embiid has extra time and that's the big point is that Joel now gets extra time at the very least gets one more day but maybe two more days to rest that sore knee right knee sore right knee I think it's the right knee I can't keep up with all their maladies they're like old men half the time these NBA players at this point in the season it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio so you've got the Hawks who forced the game six it's in Atlanta okay so you never know shooters like this they can get hot they can feed off the energy of a crowd as for Jason Tatum he picks up this big technical foul and I say big only because of the situation only because of where it happened it it didn't seem like anything whether it's technicals or flagrants I just I don't understand why that is the theme of the first round it doesn't need to be yes you want officials to make sure the games don't get out of hand but for heaven's sakes you don't want the technicals and the flagrants to be the story and it seems like they're going overboard with these extra calls these extracurricular calls and and Tatum for his part he was shocked yeah I see it all the time during the regular season after the whistle guy shoot after the ball guys you know blocked the shot after the whistle all the time you know I wasn't mad or anything I just was doing something that you know I would normally do in the regular season that you know just kind of happens all the time but I guess you ain't see it that way you didn't see it that way now it happened with 99 now it happened with 99 cents Jay what did I just say it happened with 99 seconds remaining in the game and the free throws did lead to a tie but still the Celtics had the lead later in the game with seven seconds to go Derek White hit a couple of free throws that gave them the lead and that of course led to I actually like the Celtics call could we hear it one more time with Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell so Steve Holman the great Steve Holman on Hawks radio but the reaction from Grandy and Max on Celtics radio is classic Trey Young has a clock rolling seven seconds to go Trey Young at Jaylen Brown pull up deep three and he got it Trey Young with 1.8 to go six feet behind a three-point line puts his arms up on his shoulders to say ice Trey is back and the Hawks lead by two with 1.8 to go in game five on the Celtics radio network so I it maybe it's just me but Jay I'll get your input would you prefer to be an ice tray would you would you like to be an ice tray ice tray yes or no uh are you afraid of an ice tray no I'm not afraid of it I'd just rather be something I think hot would be better than I've been cold I don't know that's me huh uh a lunch tray it'll be a lunch tray oh let's see a heating pad no it goes along with his name you weirdo you know that right yes okay phew I was a little bit nervous that somehow that escaped you ice tray young I get it I get that part I don't I me it's not my nickname nobody asked me but I think I'd probably tell people no no to the ice tray I don't want to be an ice tray can you tell people that once the nickname happens can you tell them no I don't want to be an ice tray I feel like you can't you can't claim your own nickname I tell people what to call you as a nickname that doesn't work like that but if someone if people collectively decide to call you something that's that's it I mean what are you gonna do sticks there's nothing you can do you could say you don't like it but it's too late the ice water in his veins that part sort of makes sense it's just you have to go from ice water to ice in the freezer because that's where the ice tray is it's it's convoluted at best some people can't think that far down the road but also it's not scary ice trays are not scary no most people have ice makers how about that a tray maker oh now see that's even better ice pick that doesn't use his name you weirdo why I'm going with the ice here no but you can't just go with ice because his name is Trey it's cold-blooded I know but that doesn't that's not a nickname that plays off of his I'm getting rid of the tray sticking with the ice taking the ice part it's like when you decided to get rid of Brad Marchand exactly well it's Brad Marchand is his name and you decided like forget it I'm not gonna call him by his actual name because you don't like it correct that's and I said to you how about if somebody decided they wanted to use Jimmy as your first name people did that for 20 years but you hate it okay all right let's go last name then Bassioni yeah that would be rough exactly you can't change the man's last name in all my defense I always just thought it was Marchand and now it's you know that's just the way I grew up saying it I thought it was Marchand it's not yes right but even after we heard uh is it Judd Surratt call him that on a call and I call him Marchand anyway you have always done the tomato tomato thing but you can't do that with someone's name they'd be like saying Aaron or Aaron Aaron well that's kind of like a that's kind of corny nickname but you just can't change a person's name you can I mean no you can't change a person's name what let's stop it with this stop it okay just but I was Trey Young no no I'm going I'm going thumbs down to ice tray I use ice trays maybe that's why I don't think they're scary they're actually annoying because I have to fill them up all the time ice makers are what people are really into these days which makes ice trays irrelevant I bet there are people out there that don't even know what ice trays are probably the same people who think that the Titanic was just a movie and not an actual historical event no seriously if you google it there are actually people out there who think that the Titanic didn't really happen it's just a movie I'm sure Pearl Harbor too probably no although I guess anything is possible I think lunch tray except for those are usually gross and they're always wet when you get them you know you get them out of the stack and if it's a busy time in the lunch room or the cafeteria the lunch trays are wet and they smell like they just came out of the industrial dishwasher you know what I'm talking about of course yeah gross no okay I do not miss school lunch huh tray maker I think tray maker is better he shoots trays does he not tray maker is not bad okay let's go with that tray maker it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio oh speaking of A.A. Ron or whatever we're calling him these days some people call him diva some people call him drama queen whatever you want to call him he will be introduced later on today uh any concerns Joe Douglas that the 39 year old quarterback might not still be able to perform at the highest level for the Jets we're comfortable um with with how this this deal shaped um you know in any any negotiation um you know I don't think anyone ever walks away from from a negotiation where you feel like you you want everything um in terms of what's gone gone back and forth but um ultimately you know our our goal from the beginning was to to add Aaron to the team and um so we were able to get that uh agreed to terms to that yesterday and um just excited to get him here he's not uh very far removed from back-to-back MVPs um you know um you still you still have someone that um maybe didn't play at 100 throughout throughout the year um but still performed at a high level I love how diplomatically he puts that do you think he'll say that at the press conference to introduce Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday uh he didn't really play at the highest level maybe took a step back but we decided we'd give up multiple first round picks anyway just because I'm gonna go with no but very diplomatic of Joe Douglas there are people out there I bet there's some kind of a betting line on this which I think is really awful some kind of a betting line on whether or not he keeps his job past the season I don't know if you remember uh just the yeah uh the the betting lines that you can put out there these days are pretty outrageous but there are a lot of people who believe that Aaron Rodgers will be the downfall of Joe Douglas I don't think so um Joe's brought in a pretty impressive draft classes too and that's kind of the idea is they're young they're hungry they're ready tonight of course we will hear from Aaron himself have a great hump day it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio boom
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