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4-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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April 6, 2023 6:04 am

4-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 6, 2023 6:04 am

A bit of a stunning stat from the journalism world | The Ravens held a "Pre-Draft" press conference... which of course means questions about Lamar | Cam Newton names the QB's he be "ok" with backing-up next season.

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Subscribe to NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast. I'm not going to tell you I'm upset about it. I don't mind a good quality call here or there, but it doesn't seem like that's typically the norm. And whether you want to blame it on time slot or not, I think a lot of people get nervous when they get on a radio show and so they start to stutter and they say dumb stuff. I think there are other people who just don't, they don't know how to express themselves succinctly without embarrassing themselves. Now generally my rule of thumb is that if you want to call up and embarrass yourself on national radio, that's your prerogative. Others are not so concise, they ramble a bit. I get it, not everyone's a professional talker, but at the same time you're listening for quality content and they don't always provide quality content. But we liked our guy last night from New England.

He was great and he had the mass accent, which was a lot of fun. And so every now and then we get some good calls. I don't hold my breath though, mostly. And honestly, I'm not, this is not a blame thing, so don't take it as a negative. I have no idea who's calling and who's not because that happens in the control room. I can't see the phones ringing. I obviously am not answering them, which is why it's really funny when people are like, hey, is this Amy?

Nope. So I don't answer the phones. I don't know who's calling. I don't know where the numbers are.

I don't know. But there's too much that I'm already juggling and handling on the air. I can't be in charge of phone calls too. So if they come to me, great.

If they don't, well, that's on producer J and I trust him to make smart choices for the show. Though sometimes even our callers will fool producer J and he ends up giving me someone and putting someone on the air that has no business being on the air. Now I'm sure there are times when the opposite happens too. We miss a quality caller just because we're in the middle of something else. We're not in a position where we can take calls.

I mean, those things happen too. But I do appreciate, my favorite messages on social are the ones who, they're kind of a dual threat, right? They're monitoring social, but they've been on hold for, some people tell me, I've been on hold for four hours. Again, I have no idea because I don't have a phone in front of me. All I have is a screen, a video screen to indicate if there is a call that I should take.

But thank you. If you are on hold for three hours and listening to the show, we do really appreciate your support. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio coming up. I'm not sure what the Baltimore Ravens were expecting because they should have known exactly what was going to happen. Also, why are you hosting a pre-draft press conference on April 5th when the drap, oh no. Uh oh, open up the floodgates. There goes the perfect show. When the pre-draft press conference is 21 days before the actual drap, then it seems almost as though you are just trying to get it out of the way.

You know you're not really going to answer any questions with specifics, so you're just trying to get it out of the way. So we'll hear from Eric Takosta and then a bit of sparring with a reporter who got the zip it, essentially the universal throat slash and got shut down. Also in football, for those Patriots fans who are on board with the idea of trading Mac Jones, I do not know if this was legitimate. I know it was reported by Pro Football Talk that it's actually Bill Belichick who is the catalyst behind trading Mac Jones or at least investigating the possibility of trading Mac Jones. I just say, this time of the year, be careful what you believe.

Oh hello clickbait. Maybe in New England right now it's Patriots fans who are clicking on anything and everything that has to do with a Mac Jones trade. There is plenty of information, intel that is false, that is untrue, that is circulated simply to throw teams off the scent.

Here's what I know. If in fact Bill Belichick is reaching out to other teams about trading Mac Jones, other people know, right? There are general managers who know that Belichick is interested in trading Mac at the very least that they're floating the possibility. If it's confirmed by another team or if it actually happens, one of those two scenarios is when I'll actually believe it.

Otherwise, to me it's a very risky proposition. Bailey Zappi had some positive moments, he had some negative moments. I think Mac Jones is really smart and it's also probably not the best practice to judge him based on last year. Now again consider, in two seasons Mac has had two different offensive coordinators, two different guys calling plays, two different systems-ish, not complete change. But different personnel around him.

And now we're going into season number three and it's another change. Bill O'Brien is the offensive coordinator. He actually does have the offensive background and has worked with Bill Belichick before. But that's a lot to put on a young quarterback, even if you are the number 15 overall pick in your draft and hand selected by Bill Belichick.

How do you evaluate a guy when it comes to steadiness and when it comes to the reliability of an offense when everything around him has changed in what will be his third season? That seems like a lot to ask. No, not really.

That's actually untrue. You tell us very little of what you know. But it's okay because I'm not sure we have that much time. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for hanging out with us. So bottom of the hour, I have to tell you my tax filing story because I almost fell out of my chair. Now, granted, it was after work. I was exhausted. I was staying up because I had to wait for a work phone call on Wednesday morning.

So instead of normally getting in bed around eight o'clock, my time reading for a little bit and then falling asleep, I had to stay up. And so I thought, OK, I've got 45 minutes. My taxes were done. They just weren't filed. So I had 45 minutes like, OK, I'm just going to go through the process on TurboTax and I'm going to file my taxes.

And then, lo and behold, I open up TurboTax and nearly have a heart attack. So I'll explain the bottom. But I promise Marco he could be here for the story. So I don't want to tell it without him. Also, this Thursday is a very significant day for my family and it is bittersweet. And for those of you who've listened to me for a long period of time, you'll know that it's absolutely impossible for me to do a radio show on Thursday, April 6th, without mentioning why it's significant.

So I will share that with you as well. By the way, really appreciated our feedback and the reaction to our conversation with former pro soccer goalie Jesse Bradley. Reached out to him. Well, actually, he reached out to me and then we responded.

We sent him the link to the conversation that we had on the show last night. So he joined us from Seattle. Now, he was our our goalie slash correspondent slash hype man during the World Cup because he was all about it. He played internationally in Africa as well as in Europe. And so to have him to kind of connect with him during the World Cup was amazing because we got some incredible technical insight on the World Cup.

But he now is post his playing career. And one of his big missions in life is to share hope. And so now here we are. It's Passover.

So happy Passover to those who celebrate its Easter weekend coming up. And it's a good week to be able to share hope. And I don't know many people that have crossed paths with on this show who are better at communicating hope than Jesse. So it was a lot of fun to talk to him a little bit about his own journey, which is very unique, but his hope habits. That's one of the things he speaks about. He's a speaker. He does all types of media appearances. He's also a pastor.

And so his hope habits as well as his wisdom for athletes after they retire because it was a 10 year saga for him to find a new purpose, a new direction and to really get comfortable post playing career. It's great wisdom and you will be inspired. So the link is up on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. And it's also up on Twitter, ALawRadio. And so if you want to check it out, it's available. It's not something that you need to listen to right this second. I wouldn't say it's timely. It definitely it definitely is. It definitely is something that you can listen to at any point as opposed to, hey, Aaron Rodgers is getting traded today type of a thing.

So it's not that it's a little more. We just love to be inspirational and to bring inspirational people on the show whenever we can. To that end, I actually had a friend reach out to me on Wednesday and she said, I just got back from a trip to Africa, a humanitarian trip to Africa in which there were. Oh, gosh, I think she said half dozen, maybe more than that NFL players and their families. And so it was really neat to see them interacting in.

I think it was Tanzania with these current and former pro athletes, pro football players, and just kind of a neat opportunity for them to get out there and to share their physical strength, to share smiles. So that was kind of cool to be able to hear her. And she is asked, hey, can I come tell the story on the air?

And I said, absolutely, absolutely. So we do like to get off the beaten path. This is not a conventional sports show, though, these days, I don't know what conventional is. It does strike me a lot that very often men who host radio shows can talk about whatever the hell they want to.

Doesn't matter. They could go an entire show without talking about sports. But if a woman of a woman does it, well, then all of a sudden it's what she doesn't know what she's talking about. It's fluff, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So anyway, we just do whatever we want to do here on the show. And the good news is, if you like the show, great. You know where to find it. If you don't like the show, that's OK, too.

It's not going to offend me. I think radio and TV in general are very subjective. One more thing that I thought was interesting that I want to pass along. This Arash Markazi is a host and a reporter that has been on our show multiple times from L.A. And he goes back and forth between L.A. and Vegas.

Arash Markazi. When was the last time we had him, Jay, to talk about what were you talking about? Some event that went on in Vegas, right? What was it? What was happening in Vegas that we just... Oh, man, it was very recently.

Yeah. Well, I cannot remember what the event was in Vegas that was like it was a really big deal. Anyway, Arash joined us from Vegas. It was the... Oh, it was one of the rounds of the NCAA tournament, right?

So it would have been the second weekend maybe of the NCAA tournament. We talked to Arash. Arash and I used to work at the same network. We don't anymore, obviously.

So we've kind of gone our separate ways, but it's good to remain in touch with him. He posted this link on Twitter. Oh, here we are talking about clickbait. He posted this link on Twitter, but this to me is... I mean, this is real information if in fact it's accurate. And it comes from a source that is widely reputed. The Pew Research Center. Okay, so this was printed by

And these are a couple of... And I have yet to read the whole thing, so I'm just telling you what he put out there on social and highlighted yesterday. Eighty-three percent of U.S. sports journalists are male. Eighty-three percent. Here I was thinking we had made a major inroads in headway and that it wasn't still so predominantly male. Now I know in sports radio it's predominantly male.

Absolutely. And I've been in this business now 20 plus years. And I... 90... not even. Ninety-eight percent of my time in this business is spent with men. I very rarely encounter other women. In fact, other than Erika Herskowitz, who does part-time updates now and then on the network, there are no... other than Maggie as a host, yes, there are no people, but we don't encounter her.

My point was like, we don't... I don't ever see females here at work. I'm it. So, yes, Maggie is a new host on the network. She was working for our New York affiliate. She and now Perloff do their show in the midday.

But I never encounter Maggie. So the entire time that I'm here in the building, which is what, six... five to six hours, some of my work is done at home, a lot of my work is done at home, I never run into other women. And it's been that way for most of my career. But I thought that the numbers were a little more open outside of sports radio, because sports radio is kind of the last bastion of, hey, it's all men. And part of the reason is, doesn't matter what you look like on radio. So women who are good at the job, a lot of them want to go into TV.

I can understand that. I happen to be a radio junkie. But if you're an attractive female, generally, and you know what you're doing, generally, there is an opportunity for you in TV. In radio, you have to know your poo. You can't just be a pretty face, because how does that help? In fact, it can be a detriment. I do love the phrase. I hear it from my friends sometimes.

I'm a face for radio. So 83% of U.S. sports journalists are male. Here's the other percentage that blew me away.

Also, wouldn't have expected this. I would have expected that had partially changed by now, or the number had come down a little bit. 82% of U.S. sports journalists are white. I believe those numbers are changing, both the gender and the ethnicity. But still today, there's a lot of work to do. No beat, and according to Pew Research, no beat in U.S. journalism, so if you consider all the various genres, is more predominantly male and white than sports, which I find so strange.

I get it. Again, I've been in this business for a long time, but the athletes we cover are not predominantly white. The audience that we're speaking to is not predominantly white, and definitely not our audience, because we have a lot of women who listen to this show, and I consider that to be a compliment.

Women who would say to me, I'm not a sports fan, but I enjoy listening to you. So yeah, it's really interesting to see this research coming from the Pew Research Center. All right, so speaking of clickbait, because that's my type of clickbait, that type of intellectual information. I'm a bit of a, not only a radio junkie, but an industry nerd, so I definitely like to read that kind of stuff. We're asking you though, I wouldn't expect our clickbait to be the same thing, because I'm a total, I'm a total nerd. We're asking you, what online clickbait is impossible for you to resist? So on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence, a lot of you are weighing in. I'm surprised how much of you are going with sports clickbait. That's the last thing in the world that I would click on.

Clearly now I'm the person who opens up any story about Giselle, according to my browser. Okay, we're going to hear from the Ravens, but just lower your expectations is all I'm saying. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. All of us in the organization have been together for what, five years now. We've been through some crazy things, some amazing moments, some tough moments, challenges, ups and downs together. We've hugged in the locker room after wins, we've hugged in the locker room after losses. Those are things that last forever.

Those relationships never change. So this is part of it. This is part of the story that's being written, and everybody's writing the story, but I just appreciate that it's been handled with class. Lamar's handled it with class. Lamar's under contract, and that's the guy I'm, of course that's the guy I want to see be our quarterback. That's my guy.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That is the voice of Jim Harbaugh, most recently trotted out as part of the AFC Coaches Breakfast that took place in Phoenix just at the beginning of last week, so a little over a week ago. And if you remember the catalyst for those comments, it was Lamar putting on social media a coordinated attack on John Harbaugh and the Ravens when he posted that he had asked for a trade before they had tagged him with the franchise tag, the non-exclusive franchise tag. So early in March, about a month ago now, he had requested a trade. Ravens obviously knew that, were then armed to make what they felt like was the right decision in putting the non-exclusive franchise tag on him. What does that do? Ultimately, it saves them money if they don't find a trade partner.

And if they do, they end up with two first-round picks in return at the very least. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for not only your clickbait responses, because I love it, but also we still are continuing to get responses to our question from a couple nights ago. The most iconic and recognizable voices in broadcasting. So that has got to be one of our most popular questions ever, because the answers are still coming in.

Our phone number, 855-212-4227. Now, fast forward from NFL league meetings, so the owners meetings last week in Phoenix, to Wednesday, April 5th, and for some reason, that is the date that the Ravens chose to hold their pre-draft press conference. A full three weeks before the draft takes place.

It feels like what they most wanted is just to put a bunch of mindless drivel out there, get it over with, because they weren't going to share any real intel. But of course, it was going to turn into an opportunity for reporters to ask Eric Takosta, the general manager, about Lamar and his status. I understand the need to ask those kind of questions. I think just out of respect for the process, this is a draft luncheon, and we're going to try to keep as much of this discussion as we can to the draft. To the coming weeks, building the best football team we can build.

So I understand those questions. I think we've spoken about this situation probably five different times this spring, in various different press conferences and such. So we're going to try to just kind of defer to those questions and move forward to the draft. Do you think they just wanted to bite the bullet?

Because Eric Takosta and John Harbaugh looked so uncomfortable up there. They had to know that the questions about Lamar were going to persist. So that's beginning, kind of at the beginning of the press conference, about whether or not he's spoken to Lamar, doesn't want to answer the questions, isn't going to give any information, which I understand. But then again, more questions asked about Lamar. And hey, would you like to see this whole quarterback conundrum, the questions about Lamar, answered before you get to the draft? I think the things that we control are really getting the list, the draft board set, evaluating the players as best as possible, being aware of the players, the free agents that are available now post-draft, who are the players that we might have a chance to bring in post-draft. That could make us a better football team as well. We're doing the best job we can in terms of recruiting free agents. Our scouts do a phenomenal job of that.

I think our coaches do a great job of that, and just putting ourselves in position to win draft weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about Lamar? That was essentially going to be the tenor of this press conference. Great, thanks for that, but what about Lamar?

Oh my God. Which is why the questions persisted. So that's Ravens GM Eric Takosta would not answer any questions about Lamar, what did you think was going to happen? First of all, we're not stupid. We may play some on TV and radio, but we're not stupid journalists. We know that you're not going to give us jack about the draft three weeks at a time.

Come on, what was the point of holding a press conference? You're not going to tell us anything about what you're drafting and who you're drafting and where you're looking. You might, maybe, if you're feeling generous or you slip up, you might give us a little info about what you're looking for in the draft, as in here are our top draft needs. Maybe, but even then, what's likely to happen is we're still in the process of putting our board together.

We're still in the process of evaluating these free agents. I could have answered the questions, because they were not going to give us any real information. What was the point? And then, I'm going to say for the sake of argument, at the very least, it's naive.

It's completely naive, but I don't think that's the case. If the NFL wants them to have these pre-draft press conferences, to me, they were just biting the bullet. They just knew this is what it was going to be about.

They were going to give no information about the draft and their process anyway. They knew the questions that were going to happen about Lamar. Did you see how uncomfortable John Harbaugh looked when he wasn't pretending to be a statue?

Did you see how uncomfortable he looked? Nobody's got it better than the Ravens. Eric Ticosta was saying all the standard stuff.

It really depends on the board. But people really want to know about Lamar. That's all anyone cares about right now. And honestly, how can the Ravens make any decisions if they don't know about Lamar? Let's just say for the sake of argument, two first round draft picks in the upcoming, well, it would be one in this draft, probably one in another draft, but then how do you even game plan? How do you even know where you're drafting if you don't settle this situation with Lamar? So I would be, I would say probably right now, it's obvious the Ravens are leaning toward having Lamar.

At this point, there have been no real trades posed offers made for Lamar, but it was comical to see Ticosta and to see John Harbaugh specifically, who would rather have been at that moment dealing with salmonella poisoning than sitting there at that table talking about, well, he wasn't talking, answering questions about Lamar. So this is the kicker. Again, this is always how it was going to devolve, always how it was going to end up is acrimonious because we keep asking and you keep shutting us down. Are you all looking at quarterbacks differently? Alex, Alex.

Alex. This is about the draft. Just move off the- Can I ask you a question? We're not gonna answer one more question. About the draft. Are you looking at quarterbacks differently because of the situations going on?

You know, I don't think we really are. I mean, we go into every draft trying to take any kind of bias out, any kind of need-based situation out of the draft equation. We really do try to build a board that's really best player available and that process involves really nine months starting in, you know, in early August when our scouts go out on the road and they generate the profile and the evaluations and get as much information as possible. We then segue into a set of meetings in December and then we get into the meetings in January- Okay, nobody cares.

Nobody cares. Really trying to assess this player versus that player. That was the point of the press conference? And it's really just comparisons and how these players stack up.

Really? Who do we think- How they stack up? Has the best chance to come in and make us the best football team. And so if that's a quarterback, if that's a receiver, a corner, an offensive tackle- All right, all right, all right. I've had enough. I don't care anymore.

Sorry, no disrespect to Eric DaCosta personally. But come on, you knew this was how it was going to go. And so as much as you wanted to try to run interference, you knew this was exactly what was going to happen.

Again, I have no idea why you would ever hold a pre-draft press conference three weeks ahead of time unless you're only doing it because you have to, and you're only doing it because you know you're not going to answer any questions. And John Harbaugh couldn't have looked more awkward and uncomfortable than he did in that moment. So that was pretty funny. Yeah, you know what? I will say that I think the PR person made it worse by jumping in because then it made it more awkward. It's almost like, look, we all know this is- Alex, Alex! It's like, look, we're all in a situation. We know it's awkward. The more you talk about it, the more awkward it's going to be. So just let it play out. We're all here. Let's just do what we got to do. I'm here for awkward.

We do awkward on this show, so I have no problems with awkward. It just doesn't make any sense. I mean, if you're PR, you should know better at that point. Like, you jumping in is not going to make it better. It's just going to make it worse. It's just going to keep it going, yeah. So just let it play out. Zip it.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. Okay, so I got to tell you this story because I'm actually feeling bad for those people out there who maybe are getting duped by TurboTax. So just a little background. I have an accounting degree, okay? So when I went to school, not only did I study communications and then get my master's in TV radio, I also have an accounting degree. So I do all my own taxes every year.

I have since I was 22, 23 years old. And I don't have any problems with them, but I use TurboTax because it's easier, right? It's just easier than doing everything by hand. So I finished up all my calculations. I went to file on Wednesday morning. Now, when I had turned off TurboTax on Saturday evening, I always get a federal refund because of the house, you know, so we pay exorbitant property taxes in New Jersey, as you know. So I always get a federal refund because of the property taxes in the house. Because, and you and I are in the same boat, so you understand this, we work in New York, the state of New York, and the city of New York, meaning we pay unbelievable taxes in New York, but we're not residents. So a lot of that money is supposed to come back to us because we shouldn't be paying the amount of taxes we are in New York when we live in New Jersey. So we file what is called a non-resident state of New York tax form.

And I've been doing this now for 10 years. I always get money back. So as I had turned off the computer and shut down TurboTax on Saturday night, I noticed that there was, weirdly enough, there was a small New York charge, which has never happened before. It was like 100 bucks or something like that. It wasn't any big deal. But it flagged with me because I thought, that's not right. I shouldn't be paying in New York at all.

So I thought maybe the tax laws have changed because a lot of tax laws have changed around the country. I'll have to check that out. So now Wednesday morning, I sit down. Now, granted, I've been awake all night. I'm tired. I open up TurboTax. I go to finish up the filing. And all of a sudden, this bright red number pops up at the top of the screen where TurboTax shows you either your refund or what you owe.

$6,000 in the state of New York. What? No, that's not right.

That's not even, that's not possible. And first of all, it said 100 bucks like two nights ago. So why is it saying 6,000?

And I'm like, are you kidding me? So I quickly, I don't save anything. I get out of TurboTax thinking there's got to be just an error. It was a mistake. Open it up again. Oh, it's even higher. Now it's like $6,500.

I'm like, what the hell is going on? So I, again, I have an accounting degree. So I know right away what to look for.

I kind of look for the summary. I realize that TurboTax is showing I've paid no taxes in New York in 2022, which is not the case. I mean, I have my W-2 in front of me. I've paid a lot. I won't tell you how much, but I paid a lot in the state of New York, just like you have, right? So I'm thinking, why is it showing no taxes paid?

Which then makes sense because that's why New York is asking me for all of this money because they think I've paid no taxes in New York. So I go into the original W-2, back to like the very first thing you do in TurboTax is import or input your W-2. Okay. Right.

So originally I imported it. All the numbers were there. I go down as I'm paging down the W-2, the tax has been wiped out. Tax paid has been wiped out.

It's not even in the system anymore. So TurboTax somehow deleted the taxes I had paid federally and in New York. And thus the state of New York was about to ask me for $6,500. So I'm like, oh my gosh. So breathing, breathing, don't fall out of your chair.

Don't hit your head on the kitchen floor. I put in my tax number instantly that all the numbers changed. Right. And so not only do I have a slight refund in New York, but I'm obviously not paying. But my first thought after like, thank God, was what the hell? What if you are someone who has no knowledge of taxes at all and you're going through and you're doing this on TurboTax and this program tells you that you owe $6,000. Now maybe you're confused, but you don't really know what to do. My brother actually said, wouldn't it be worse if there's an error in TurboTax and they say you owe $1,000? And you think, okay, well, maybe something's changed, but that's not, I mean, it's exorbitant, but it's not like so outrageous that you would think, holy, you know.

Yeah. Anyway, so I was just feeling bad for people who don't have any type of background to go look and because what do you do? Call TurboTax, call the IRS.

You wouldn't even know where to start and the IRS will take eight months to get back to you, right? So I was feeling bad for those people who didn't have any knowledge to figure it out. I did not know, I've never encountered this, at least I don't think I have, TurboTax making an error, but it ate my tax money, like it just wiped it out.

I mean, it's a computer system, so you would think errors are possible. Oh my gosh, that's scary. See, I've never used any of that stuff.

Oh, what do you use? Well, I have a guy that I've had for so long. I got a guy. Ah, he's been around, Doug's like family, I love Doug. Doug's, I mean, everyone's got an account named Doug, okay? Oh, Doug's like family, seriously. I'm not even kidding, Doug's honestly become like family. I'll say this, the first time that I was on the air in New York City, the first phone call that I got was from my accountant, Doug. Hi, Doug. No joke, that actually hurt me anymore. It's going time for Doug right now.

So Doug's been all, yeah, we took care of this. Okay, good. So I don't know, I used to do it when I was like 18, 19. We used to do it over the phone because I'm old. TurboTax wasn't even alive then. Right, but I'm old enough that you had to do it over the phone because you could, yeah, it was like the first time that you could actually file your taxes over the phone. Oh my gosh. It was almost like how I enrolled credits for college after you stopped having to stand in line.

You could do it over the phone to enroll for courses. Same thing with taxes when I was, you know, when I was a teenager. So I was able to do it then and after that.

Marco had long hair as a teenager. Then Doug came into the family and I haven't had to worry about it. How long was your hair? Down to the crack of my, you know what, yeah. Don't let the good Lord hit you.

No, don't let the door split you where the good Lord hit you. That kind of thing. No. Okay.

Close. I suck at cliches. You're there, you're there. I got the shame on me one wrong too earlier. Yeah, you did, but that's right. You know, you got the spin on it.

You didn't get quite the, yeah. Okay, so here's the thing. Bob, you know Bob. I do know Bob.

Okay, well, yes. I would love for you to know Bob. Bob, by the way, wants you all to say, he wants you all to know he said hello. Hi, Bob. Yes, Bob enjoys the stories. So Bob is, as best I can tell, fairly good with finances, but like a bowl in a china shop that I am, we were talking not so much about money necessarily, but about tax season, and I'm like, oh, I'll do your taxes for you. You didn't want to do your own and you're doing Bob's taxes? No, I do. I don't mind doing my own. It's just a pain in the rear end, you know.

It's busy, but I don't mind. I actually like doing them. I'm really proud of myself that I found this error, but then I thought, oh, maybe Bob is going to take that the wrong way. Like, what chick just barges in and is like, hey, I'll do your taxes for you.

That's true. You're actually, yeah, you're kind of, you're peeking behind the curtain. I was going to say, maybe he thinks that I'm trying to get some, you know, so I decided to put the kibosh on Bob's taxes. You also kind of set yourself up.

I mean, what are we, April 6th? I mean, you know, you're not giving yourself a whole lot of time. Oh, no, no, they've been done.

I just hadn't filed them yet. I'm saying Bob's. Oh, Bob. Yeah, you wouldn't give yourself a whole lot of time.

Bob's only been on the scene for a month. So what do you, I mean. I understand that. I couldn't offer to do them like the day after our first date. That would be weird.

Yeah. I got to tell you, after a month, maybe you shouldn't be peeking behind that curtain either. Bob was fine with it.

He's still talking to me. I think maybe he's not fine with it and he's just being kind. Could be.

I think Bob, minus the little issue that you had, I think Bob maybe should go to TurboTax and get them done. That's a good point. Anyway, phew. I got to make sure if the numbers are in the red, double check.

Seriously, that's scary. Although I would say this, honestly, and because of what like don't usually wind up owing. And if you do, it's, you know, a couple of bucks. So anything that would be in the red. Right.

Would be like a big red and then big red. I know. Right. Right. But my point is anything in the red I think would set up alarm bells for most people who don't. I would think knowing their taxes don't normally have to pay. They would go away. That's not right. Tax laws change.

But I would agree with you. The thing is, like, do you know how to fix it? That's the part that people don't know. My guess is no. There's a reason why you're probably using someone else or whether it's Doug or TurboTax to be able to get it done. Or Bob. Or Bob.

It's just him. Or Bob. Hi, Bob. All right. His name is not Bob.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS 4's radio. Here's our, oh, Cam Newton. Oh, dear. He's not letting this go. I mean, I'm the queen of not letting things go. He's not letting this go. You are listening to the After Hours podcast.

Tell me how these randoms keep getting times. Don't worry about it. I'm going to say it. I can't wait to say it.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You may remember the last time we heard from Cam Newton. It was right before Auburn's pro day in which he participated. And according to now Cam didn't speak at the actual pro day. But according to others who were there, Cam was he was Cam still got it was what we heard. He still got it.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS 4's radio. I'll tell you what he still got. He still got the ability to entertain. I'm highly entertained by Cam Newton. And Jay, are you telling me this is from his Insta account? This is from his YouTube channel. Oh, his YouTube channel. I do enjoy Cam YouTube videos. Now, what we don't have the benefit of is seeing Cam.

Jay, why don't you tell the peeps what Cam was doing while he was making his most recent YouTube video. He was smoking on something aggressively. Did it look like a cigarette? No. No? OK, good. We're going to stop there. We just maybe it was fake. Maybe it was a fake.

It was candy with smoke coming out. It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Cam Newton's not going to let this go. He is absolutely willing to take a backup QB job because he thinks there is more than enough of a market for a guy like him.

This is how I feel. There ain't 32 guys that's better than me. But I also know that I could also be a backup and I'm willing to be a backup. Players that I will back up. Number one, I'll back up Deshaun Watson. It goes without saying me and Deshaun Watson's relationship.

He was on my 707 All-Star team. I've grown to admire the person, the athlete that he is going through a lot of turmoil. But I believe that's behind him. I suppose it stands to reason there are a lot of guys out there who would back up Deshaun Watson if they could get a piece of a $230 million guaranteed contract. If the Cleveland Browns owners are in fact in the market of handing out another guaranteed contract to quarterbacks. Yeah, you could imagine there would be many who were lining up. So Cam goes with a standard line.

There are not 32 quarterbacks in the NFL who are better than me. But I'm willing to compromise here. Look at that. He's willing to compromise.

Because the art of compromise is that either party, neither party is completely happy. Alright, so he's willing to compromise. I'll be a backup. Also as a side note, backup quarterbacks often see the field.

Last year, two-thirds of NFL teams had to use at least two quarterbacks. So now he continues with his list. Deshaun Watson is his number one choice to back up. His next choice. My number two person would be wherever Lamar Jackson decides to go. Number three would be Justin Fields.

What is that noise? Another C1N product. Number four would be Tua Tonga Baloa. Number five would be Malik Willis. Another C1N All-Star representative. Interesting. So right now he has picked quarterbacks with whom he's familiar.

Guys that have been to this, it sounds like a camp or a school, something like that. So Deshaun number one, that's Cleveland. Lamar number two, which right now is Baltimore. Justin Fields number three, Chicago. Tua number four, Miami. And then Malik Willis, who I don't think he sees the field this year unless something completely changes. That's Malik Willis in Tennessee. All right, so those five teams are now on notice.

Do we need to wait until after the top of the hour? Okay, so Deshaun, Lamar, Justin Fields, Tua and Malik Willis. But the teams themselves are on notice. Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Tennessee. Interesting. I'm going to have to do a little more research. Of course the issue now is that a lot of teams have filled out their quarterback rooms.

But there are certainly backups that are still potentially going to move around. Here's my question. Just a random kind of question that maybe doesn't have an answer. Would you rather have Carson Wentz or Cam Newton as a backup? Jay. Jay's face is like, oh, that's so not fair.

Shouldn't have to be that hard, but it is. Cam or Carson? It's a simple question. Cam or Carson? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.
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