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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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March 17, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 17, 2023 6:07 am

The Furman Paladins steal the show on the opening day of March Madness | #2 Arizona ousted by the Princeton Tigers | Teams that look primed for a deep run after Round 1.

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I put smiles on your face, but I'm not smiling. No one told me that with Auto Trader a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over. Finally, it's easy.

Auto Trader. It's March and that can mean only one thing. The madness is here. Not in front of a TV on game day? Listen to every round of NCAA March Madness live from Westwood 1 free in the Odyssey app. Catch all the biggest moments of the tournament no matter where you are.

From Cinderella's. A 15 seed will head to the Elite 8. To buzzer beaters. Atkinson scores. 1.4 seconds left. To champions.

For the fourth time. Search for NCAA March Madness right here in the Odyssey app to get started. Oh, it's iconic music, is it not? And that's a good way to wake up on a Friday morning. Happy Friday to you. Happy March Madness to you.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I just need to reiterate this simple fact. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the chaos. We wouldn't enjoy it as much.

We would complain and by we I mean you because sports fans you all complain about everything. We would not enjoy it nearly as much if it was straight chalk. Now your wallet might if you chose to put wagers down on the higher seeds but it's not nearly as much fun if it all goes according to seeding. It all goes according to plan. It certainly did not on Thursday afternoon.

In fact the first couple games we already had some pretty unbelievable unlikely but welcome results. I don't know how your bracket looks. I know nobody cares about my bracket. In fact I'm not even looking.

Producer Jay is obsessing over his. I refuse to look. It's a little bit like fantasy football. I refuse to look until the weekend is over because I'm always sure that I lost miserably even with the championship where I know again I'm very different. Most people would have been meticulously following and monitoring if they're in the fantasy football championship but I knew my team was underperforming to the point where I was pretty sure I had lost royally and then my family keeps asking and asking come on are you gonna check don't you want to know well no I don't want to know if I got my butt kicked I don't want to know um but I finally looked and it was crazy right every week that I had won so I finished with an 11 and 2 record every week I had been over 100 points I had been one of the highest scorers in the league thank you Tyreek Hill but on this weekend I didn't even break 100. Every other team in the league except for my opponent had gone over 100 points. We were the only two.

We both stunk but I stunk a little bit less. You play who's on the schedule. Thank you Jay. Jay is my fantasy football guru. He inspires me although sometimes he doesn't agree with my moves but this time now he's got to give me respect. Put some respect on the name. You got it. Respect the given.

Bow down. But in this case with with uh I mean I wouldn't tell you that fantasy football is skill but there's some there's some attention to detail there's some knowledge that's involved but ultimately you have no control once you set your line up which is why it can be so frustrating because you can't do a damn thing about it when your team is sucking. Tweeting the player who had a bad weekend does not do any good so please don't do that you're embarrassing yourself. When it comes to March Madness okay sure there's some research involved but the fact is analytics, stats, records especially when you're talking about records among teams that have never faced each other before you don't know how it's going to pan out. Analytics cannot measure how humans perform in the biggest moments of their lives. Analytics can't measure what happens to a human heart or what happens to a human's brain when they're freaking out and panicking in a moment when everything is on the line or maybe they're doing the opposite.

Maybe their blood runs cold and in a moment where they've never faced that kind of pressure before they step up. Whether a senior, whether a freshman, whether experienced or not now those things can help but they're not the ultimate determinant oh what a word determinant of how these games go. We're talking about so many different variables and we're talking about human beings and furthermore we're talking about young men and young women in March Madness which means there are going to be times where they completely freak out and they do the wrong thing. In the case of Virginia you've got a guard who is the all-time assists leader in school history.

If you haven't heard his name before well you're going to hear it a lot today you heard it a lot yesterday. Kihei Clark has more than 700 assists assists in his Virginia career. All-time school leader for Tony Bennett and he's one of the best in the nation when it comes to assist to turnover ratio meaning he takes great care of the basketball.

He doesn't make stupid unforced errors. Furman, yes our Furman, Furman had trailed almost the entire game against the Cavaliers but in the late stages with the game still hanging in the balance the unlikely, the almost impossible happens. Bounces back to Clark 10 seconds he is double slap that prayer pass picked off by Heade five seconds, Pegues right wing for the win yes 2.2 and time on Virginia a right wing three by JP Pegues after the team that never turns it over gives it away and it's 68-67 Furman. Chest pass Beekman over midcourt his right wing deep three no good. The Furman power then shot Virginia and secured their first NCAA tournament win in 49 years 68-67 the madness is back.

It's back, it's spectacular and it started early on Thursday. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio that's John Sadak on the Westwood One NCAA Radio Network to break it down for you further this sure-handed veteran guard for Virginia Kihei Clark is double-teamed on the baseline time is running out there's five seconds to get that ball inbounded and he runs out of time instead of taking a time out taking a breath giving Tony Bennett and his team a chance to reset he just chucks it up in the air he almost turns his back to the court and he chucks it one-handed over the top of two guys to half court where the chances that the ball is not only caught by its intended target and I'm not even sure he knew who he was throwing at but the chances that it's not intercepted by some of the eight players that are standing between you and your target 10 more times he probably calmly calls a timeout but here is Virginia with the NCAA tournament stage and the pressure not only firmly on their backs but the knowledge that Virginia has lost in the first round in three of the last four years remember this it's not this team but this is the school that became the first ever one seed to lose to a 16. Sometimes what you hear sometimes that can be combusted and become combustible in terms of pressure you've got the bullseye on your back you're the high seed your opponent has absolutely nothing to lose so let's start with that the pass or the turnover by Kihei Clark again Virginia's all-time assist leader this is not a mistake that he makes normally. He called timeout um yeah probably maybe could have threw it to Imex on the right wing maybe um he was open just couldn't see it was a good trap. How's your teammates been able to pick you up through this?

Uh yeah they're my brothers um you know tough way to go out like this but uh you know but yeah. We should have called the timeout or it could have gotten a tie up we had it and um it kind of it unfolded I think had he gotten tied up he would have called the timeout in there and again I have to see how it played out. So Tony Bennett reacting hasn't had a chance to go back and watch the tape but it's the agony of defeat for Virginia because they led most of the game and then it unfolds so quickly in fact it doesn't get unfolded or it doesn't unfold it just it's it gets dashed ripped apart but you have to give credit to Furman it's not just the steal. Furman is still trailing at the point at which the steel is made at half court. The ball probably goes to J.P. Pegues, a sophomore guard who's been J.P. Pegues, a sophomore guard who had just missed his last three attempts from beyond the three point line and yet time is running out he's got no time left to think about it and with 2.2 seconds remaining he splashes a three to put Furman ahead by a point. So it's it's not just the defense they're still at half court they could have stolen that ball away Pegues could have missed another shot Virginia gets the rebound and okay no harm no foul just a lot of heart palpitations but it took not just the defense and the ill-advised pass by Clark but Pegues should get credit because in that moment there was no other option he had the open shot if he hesitates well he might miss it but also time might run out he didn't hesitate he nailed it man one of the one of those epic one shining moment highlights from the video that we're going to see when we get to the end of this tournament. I feel like those are moments I've craved my whole life and I feel like I'm built for so as soon as I got the ball and I seen a shot a shot attempt I had I knew that all I could do at that point was just rise up and shoot it and I had full belief it was going in and it did. It sure did 11.4 assists our friend Jalen Slauson a big game a double double 19 points 10 rebounds. I'm not sure how many NCAA tournament games Furman has won zero two this is our second all right shout out to our SID so this is our second NCAA tournament win you know so that's that's big time for us and then this team's done a great job making history all year so you know Saturday is going to be another chance to make history and this team has performed the best under the brightest lights all year. Love the fact that we had Jalen Slauson on the show earlier this week. He had a huge game and it's actually funny the audio is not great Jay gave it to me but it's really hard for him to it's really hard to hear as he is walking down the tunnel going back to their locker room after Pegues hits the three and actually Virginia had a late attempt that bangs off the rim so it was close there was definitely a moment there where Furman could have seen it all go away but as he's walking down the tunnel he's incredulous he threw it away I can't believe he threw it away right so you have all of these factors you have the five second call the ball gets in right the ball is inbounded but there are no great options because the trap is right there so as the ball gets inbounded kind of at the last second you know before they get a turnover on the five second call then you've got this great trap on the baseline against Clark who just heaves it as I say he's almost got his back to his target he heaves it as though he's throw he's trying to throw it up and over a wall which I guess in in theory it really was my basketball coach in I think this was college always told me we had a defensive specialist one of our assistant coaches always told me use the sideline use the baseline it's an extra defender you don't have to you don't have to worry about help defense you don't have to worry about a defense or a an opponent getting by you if you shovel him or in my case her if you shovel her toward a sideline or a baseline and that's what they did they essentially had him trapped on the baseline he had no place to go uh and so there was there was not just the two bodies but there was another kind of pseudo defender in the baseline because he was stuck there and he just heaves it up in the air so I feel terrible for him but man what a moment for the Furman Paladins and if you don't know their story we were thrilled to tell it earlier in the week with Jaylen I would encourage you to get uh well to get access to our social media or our podcast so that you can hear the story but they had their own heartbreak and that's why this is so unbelievable that's why I love March Madness because often you don't realize what's happened in their own history whether it's personal or team school history to get them to this point until now they get on the stage we start to kind of peel back the layers on their story well with Jaylen and with the Furman Paladins they suffered their own heartbreak 12 months ago because they lost on a buzzer beater in their conference championship they thought they were headed for the NCAA tournament in 2022 only to be stunned by Chattanooga on a deep three at the buzzer that knocked Furman out so for 12 months Jaylen told us everywhere they went in South Carolina they go to the mall they go on spring break even you make the mistake that's what he said of wearing a Furman shirt and everywhere people come up to you and say oh aren't you that team that lost on the buzzer beater so for 12 months they had to hear about it but they used it as motivation they used it to become better to become stronger to become mentally tougher Jaylen even told us he and one of his teammates another fifth year senior they had their names out there for the draft ultimately pulled back and decided that they would return to school for this and because head coach Bob Ritchie believed in the vision and had them ready to play when they got out there on the court don't have any expectation of what this game is going to look like okay just go out there and play the possession and understand there might be some discussion that hey we're going to have to crawl back from behind but you know what if we get a lead that's going to be just as mental in that process to not worry about hey we got a the clock needs to run like you just have to stay in the moment and um you know a thought right there that celebration had me a little bit nervous but fortunately as the whole ball coach used to say the ball bounced our way tonight yeah so as you can imagine when pageese hits that triple firman goes nuts but the clock doesn't run out in fact i think they ended up putting another two hundredths of a second or two tenths of a second back on the clock so they end up still having to survive not just the final two and a half seconds after they've celebrated but they also have to then watch virginia's last ditch attempt clang off the iron which it did if you if you see it it was it banged off the backboard and and hit the iron and there are times where we've seen shots like that go in so yeah pretty incredible congratulations to firman to bob richie it just so neat that we were able to tell the story and i i watched this game on dvr because i wasn't awake when it was taking place but i actually had the ending spoiled by a family group text because my niece went to uva she graduated a couple months actually not even a couple months a couple weeks after they ended up winning that championship so virginia's story's crazy too right they lose to a 16 but the following year tony bennett's crew wins the national title so she graduates on campus they make a big deal of the fact that they've won the basketball championship blah blah blah and every year most of my family picks virginia to make the steep run but three of the last four years they've been out in the first round so before i even get to the game first i see diana omg with like a bunch of like outraged and upset emojis and then lauren's like uva lauren's my my other niece my brother's weighing in my mom's husband all like crowing about it and so this is me i wake up and i'm like firman like exclamation point exclamation point and then i'm like i just talked to their star player this week my brother goes firman i bet your niece is like that i yeah and then i swear i said i'm sorry diana with a with a crying emoji uh this is the funny part i don't think my family has any idea what i do for a living so the fact that i actually spoke to jaylen's loss in this week my brother's like firman's what are the chances he'd never heard of firman until yesterday over 90 over 90. hi my brother's pretty smart oh i know but okay i mean i don't think i'd ever heard of firman until this week don't admit that on national radio i didn't know you didn't know what a paladin was i didn't know what a paladin but jaylen told us that lots of people he didn't know what a paladin was before he decided to go to firman so anyway really cool story and not the only one princeton with a reboot are you kidding me i feel like we've seen this before it's after hours with amy lawrence on twitter and facebook always glad to connect with you uh some of you sending me some pretty funny comments about star wars yeah yeah bob may get kicked to the curb happy friday here on cbs porch radio you are listening to the after hours podcast and so princeton a third chance now to take their first lead of the game langboard will handle for the tigers langboard dribbling right down the lane puts it up on the run bank it in princeton has taken the lead with two minutes to go 56 55 tigers first lead of the game for princeton bounces and drops in and that may be it one more free throw for a wall but it's already a two possession game the wildcat players are stunned absolutely stunned the horn is gonna sound the princeton magic is alive and well the princeton tigers upset arizona 15 over a 2 59 55 is the final score the tigers will advance to the second round this is after hours with amy lawrence it happened again and 15 seed a 15 seed over a two now that's not becoming or it's not all uncommon anymore because it's actually the third straight tournament in which a 15 has toppled a two but to have princeton as a 15 seed again topple a two from what is now the pac-12 in arizona the pac-12 champion how many years after doing it to ucla remember pete carrill's team he's passed away not that long ago but he would be proud the princeton tigers and honestly i'm not exactly sure how this happened i was stunned watching it and it really doesn't make sense but that's the beauty of sports numbers don't always tell the story it can be about heart it can be about effort it can be about getting to a loose ball it can be about right place right time and taking advantage of the opportunity so princeton tigers once again upsetting a two seed an epic memory and the first ivy league win in the tournament since 2016 and this is humongous for a conference that always is is operating from a different set of standards but when it comes to athletics because they don't give out scholarships for sports and because their academic admissions are so those standards are so high you know they're just not in a position where they can compete as easily with power five schools and yet this will give them a huge boost in recruiting and just not to mention some some nice money and some nice attention it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio so here are the deets again almost doesn't make sense the tigers trail by 10 with eight minutes to go so they trail arizona by 10 with eight minutes to go it's not like they were using free throws to stop the clock they didn't make a free throw until the final 30 seconds of this game free throws were not a huge factor and they only they only hit four triples so they were four of 25 from beyond the arc arizona's bigger faster stronger more athletic but could not buy a shot in the final four minutes and 43 seconds arizona was held scoreless here's something else that just blows me away princeton out rebounded arizona it was amazing to watch the end of this game where it seemed like rebounds were squirting every which way the big trees in the middle for the wildcats would have the ball go right through their hands i kept thinking offensive rebounds they're going to come up and they would miss point blank shots and then the the offensive rebound would come off the rim they'd have it and then they wouldn't have it and there'd be a scrum and a tie up on the floor a jump ball everything went the way of princeton and it had to it just if you watch it even as you watch it you almost can't believe it's playing out in front of you and the wildcats fans they could see the writing on the wall inside the arena there's this look of horror not shock because it didn't happen all at once it was supreme horror a nine nothing run princeton scores the final nine points of this game they had more points in the paint i mean just really weird you would never have anticipated it but that's march madness where anything can and will happen so yes pete kerril 1996 when princeton used a back door cut and a layup to defeat mighty ucla not the same team but certainly evoking memories of that moment there's going to be some comparisons and from some of you i'm sure to uh to coach kerril but i want to be really clear that this group did this and that was a really long time ago but um this group did something special for its university for the fans for the former players and for for one another we played our best basketball last weekend and we weren't in the tournament till sunday at two o'clock and uh we're a really hard-fought game we got all the way out here i prepare these guys to win and uh it's such a tough group we are imperfect but a very very very tough group toughness personified even when they were down they did not go away and they just fought and scratched and clawed tosanawami says hey come on we knew this was a possibility we have full confidence in the coaching staff's game plan um and you know that's that's what we set out to do low turnover was um take obviously you have to take care of the ball against a team like that limit their transition buckets um you know obviously play physical inside with the big um so you know exactly what what coach said was was our plan and and um we didn't quite you know we turned the ball over a couple more times but you know other aspects of our defense and stuff meant that we were able to get it done you know what's really interesting is that mitch henderson who's the head coach that we just heard from he was part of that that was crazy right so the just the full circle moment of it all and the fact that if you remember it in 1996 which i do vividly here it has happened again for princeton as a 15 seed final nine points as you can imagine rough locker room for tommy lloyd and his arizona wildcats i've been blessed you know i've had a a great start to my coaching career you know at gonzaga then coming to arizona and you know there's going to be some bad with a lot of good and and i'm built for it and um you know this this is going to be a small setback i'm just sad for these guys so they don't get to experience how special an ncaa run is because these guys were built to do that and we ran into a good team today that that made all the right plays at the right time and we weren't able to do that and that's what happens when you are able to stick around a basketball game they made enough plays down the stretch and we didn't and i'll tip my hat to them i mean they're they're they're a hard team to play against i knew it was going to be a tough game um you know i just know that program has a ton of pride and you know they're well coached and have great fundamentals and uh and that showed today well congratulations to princeton a 15 seed advances in basketball and they're going to be in that show today well congratulations to princeton a 15 seed advances a 13 seed advances i actually picked that one i did not pick princeton that's what i get i go through and pick a lot of upsets but a lot of times you're you're kind of guessing i think i have an entire right side of my my bracket that looks just all red marks it's all it's a sea of red but it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't chaos that's for sure so there was a definite there there was a definite group of teams higher seeds that flexed their muscles and were able to come out strong and smooth sailing all the way through like alabama like kansas that both scored 96 points houston is dealing with major injuries including the loss of their all-american guard who only played gosh 13 14 minutes marcus sasser he's dealing with the groin injury so they scuffled a little bit more and it did not look quite as smooth then you had a couple of individual performances that were really impressive too so lots of march madness even as we head into the second half of the opening round and all the craziness that comes with these first couple days of the tournament they're so popular and in addition i mentioned a couple of pieces of nfl news that i think are worth paying attention to you know fantastic friday can't always be a football friday but we like to mix in our our free agency football too the bullies they won't go away you are listening to the after hours podcast leave for roach ball screen left rolls with it from philipowski pass tipped by thompson back to the passer and roach eight seconds to shoot down the lane changes hands finishes lefty roach has been excellent and it's 46 23 fall away proctor mid lane left is good it is clinical domination it has not been in doubt for duke since the opening tap really proud of the effort proud of these guys right here they did a great job for you know five of them it's their first ncaa tournament tournament game and you really couldn't tell i think that's a credit to them and their competitiveness and their ability to rise to the occasion this is after hours with amy lawrence john shire who is part of two ncaa tournament championships along with mike shashefsky now is the head coach replacing coach k and it's still weird for me not to hear coach k's voice in march but 10 consecutive wins for duke jeremy roach back-to-back performances with 23 points so his career high coming in the acc championship game only to turn around and then score 23 again in their first round of the tourney the start that we got off to um 11-0 start i mean that's that's a huge thing that we talk about uh starting the game off right uh that first four minutes is very important um but i mean i was just happy just happy that we was we had the lead and we was getting multiple stops duke over oral roberts a team that was also a popular upset pick because of their 30 win season john sadak on the westwood one ncaa radio network not one particular player that turns in an incredible performance but a balanced attack by another championship favorite in the ucla bruins campbell dribbles up gets across the timeline races down the left side skips the pass right side singleton open look at a three yes sir 14 nothing ucla timeout unc asphill the bruins overwhelming the bulldogs in the opening three minutes of the game we don't believe in false motivation so we don't uh we don't believe that you need your home crowd to win we don't believe you need two starters to win we believe that you need toughness and togetherness playing hard and smart there's always a way to win i heard that soundbite from mick cronin and i thought it was funny we don't need two starters it just it came i know what he was saying but it just it came across funny um there are obviously a lot of teams at this point are dealing with the loss of starters of different guys in their lineups and he's pointing out that we have a more balanced attack and we like it that way and they did nobody scored more than 17 in their overwhelming victory against unc asphill and the call there with ryan radke on westwood one it's after hours with amy lawrence here on cbs sports radio another noteworthy performance marco balletti highlighted it in his update at the bottom he was shooting lights out but not just that andrew funk was shooting steph curry threes and some of these threes were four or five feet behind the line and just the type that caused your mouth to drop open but he powers penn state eight of ten from beyond the arc 27 points and if you're looking for a team that's hot to trot right now the nittany lions they are locked in some kind of an offensive groove so they're able to race by texas a and m in one of the later games last night alabama kansas houston all advancing which leaves us with just purdue as a top seed that faces an opening round game on friday another notable performance too i think um one that impressed me anyway was texas and i know they were facing colgate so i get it you're talking about bigger faster stronger certainly deeper but but texas is a team that remember fired its coach what was it eight or nine games into the season and they've continued to play well they've stayed together and so it's a testament to their leadership both the coaching staff as well as the players in that locker room that they've actually gotten stronger through the course of this adversity hunter throws it high on the left rice for three open again a bullseye again sir jabari rice is going to remember de moine forever and for always texas by 15 62 47 longhorns his seventh seventh three yeah jabari sir jabari rice makes seven triples and he actually sounds like i don't know a michael jordan type or something when people doubt him or when you know people question his ability oh yeah he's going to turn that into a powerful motivation i've always been a competitor so i love when people are against us or like just hype for their team or happy for their team so it kind of fuels us and i think we play good in big games yeah texas i don't know if you call them a sleeper because they are a two seed but the way that the longhorns faced adversity stared down adversity this year again with the coaching change how they've played down the stretch and what is a very tough big 12 if you remember uh they beat kansas in the big 12 championship but had also beaten the j-hawks uh going back a few games before that uh and so the way that they have played and the way that they faced every challenge to me means they are battle tested and of course that the conference they play in also means you go toe to toe if you remember we spoke with star freshman guard kiante george of baylor so also out of the big 12 they're a three seed they have a game coming up early afternoon eastern time but actually they're in denver so this is this is tough if you're not used to this now i would say college kids because of tournaments and and most recently conference championships maybe are used to awkward or odd tip times but here are the baylor bears going against uc santa barbara and in denver they tip off at 11 30 in the morning because it's right it's a 130 eastern time start but that means it's 11 30 it's before noon in denver which is yeah kind of interesting right uh and and then you've got teams like vcu a popular 12 pick over a five taking on st mary's in the early rounds marquette that's another team that is looked at as that's a two seed out of the i think it's the east region where they're expected to make a deep run or a lot of people are looking at them uh purdue will be in action kentucky you want to talk about inconsistent that's pretty much the name of the game when you've got a lot of young guys which john calipari typically does gonzaga will play against grand canyon today we appreciated our time with malachi smith of gonzaga going back to selection show sunday if you missed any of our conversations we had oh and how could i forget sorry i cut myself off i do that sometimes miami and drake we talked to both those head coaches this week so jim lerenyaga and then the drake head coach darren de vries whose son tucker is a player of the year candidate he just wanted to stay in demoyne and play for his dad as opposed to going anywhere else so that's also a cool matchup a 512 that takes place in albany coming up on friday evening so a lot of enticing matchups forget about your brackets it's more fun when there's chaos it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio speaking of chaos i feel like that's how it's been on the qb chess board where you've got teams even if they do have higher draft picks and intend to draft a quarterback you can't always control what the team's ahead of you do if you missed our conversation yesterday morning we were speaking with a member well a host from our charlotte affiliate where the panthers had moved up to grab the overall number one seed and so now you've got this kind of ripple effect and so you've got teams scrambling even if they do have draft picks and there's just not much left gardner menshu going to the indianapolis colts but could it be if gardner menshu has got the most experience on that roster and they're not ready to go with a rookie or or put uh sam ellinger back in there could could we see gardner menshu starting for the colts this year uh pretty incredible and i love this the seahawks have resigned drew lock they're not changing their quarterback room it's gino smith it's drew lock p carroll believes in them and i think that's awesome also cheaper than what a lot of quarterback rooms cost around the nfl jaylen ramsey making his first comments as a member of the miami dolphins so why miami that's the question he was there in jacksonville he went to the rams he won a super bowl now he's back in the sunshine state that's a good young team on the on the up and up i feel like i can bring something to help him you know just be another piece to that puzzle here and uh there was a lot that went into me thinking about you know miami and a lot of praying that went into it you know mom and grandma praying over me but super excited i didn't i didn't necessarily think like oh i'll be traded but once it kind of started to be reality um you know me and my team we sat down and we we kind of wrote pros and cons of sit of different situations going on and we um we wrote down teams and pros and cons like which teams may be in need of a corner which teams may be interested which teams do i like as well which teams will i fit you know whatever they got going on and i remember writing down miami and miami stayed at the top of my list from the jump from the jump and he's already talking about how the dolphins secondary could be one of the best in the nfl now he's certainly decorated but it's coming off a tough year the rams are coming off a tough year so it's just not a banner situation for any of them bow he has matched his career high with four picks in each of the last two seasons so he's always a threat for that yes producer jay jaylen do you have anything else to say about the miami dolphin secondary on paper i feel like this is the best one jay wanted to make sure jaylen said his piece about the dolphin secondary if you were listening earlier in the week you may remember we asked you with aaron rogers going to the jets or i guess at the point that point it was if technically it's still if if we've got aaron rogers and maybe some of these other guys like alan lizard who knows uh if radel kob ends up with the jets but does the the rogers piece make them the best team in the afc east and i would say while there were some people who are willing to go there more people were hesitant because it's the jets and they're never the best at anything usually except for there's a lot of trauma around the new york jets but also the fact that in the afc east the bills right now are still the big dog they've won that title now a couple years in a row and they've got the best quarterback in the division in my opinion but a lot of people pointing to the dolphins as well not only because of what they did last year and the pieces they brought in offensively but because they're what they're doing now to kind of add to their defense too remember bradley chubb was a trade that they made latch last year but now they're bringing in other pieces on that defense they are locked and loaded the big question mark and and honestly i don't know if you agree with me or not maybe the only question mark about the dolphins is tua and whether or not tua can recover fully after missing most of well the second half of last year but a couple of games early too with multiple concussions so scary situation but he appears to be anxious to get back on the field again he's thanked the dolphins for his for their support so i don't know i'm not sure they're a dark horse because of what they did last year at least initially but certainly there's got to be some room for the dolphins to make noise in the afc east could we see it turn into the afc beast so the nfc east turned into the nfc beast what about the afcs if you missed my conversation with rhett lewis of nfl network it's podcasted good stuff with him we will join you again on sunday night in lieu of crazy march madness have a great weekend cbs sports radio boom
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