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Kevin McCarthy Resigns + Why The Left Wants "Dictator Trump"

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 6, 2023 4:54 pm

Kevin McCarthy Resigns + Why The Left Wants "Dictator Trump"

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 6, 2023 4:54 pm

Kevin McCarthy is quitting Congress — and with George Santos pointlessly kicked out as well, the GOP House Majority is narrower than ever. Charlie tries to figure out why Republicans seem more interested in quitting and cashing in than preserving their only source of power in Washington. Then, he reacts to Trump's town hall with Sean Hannity, and dissects why the left secretly wishes that Donald Trump really was the "dictator" they constantly claim he is.

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Kevin McCarthy retires and then the two attack vectors that are bubbling up from the Atlanta magazine, Trump being a dictator and Christian nationalism. Email us as always freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Start a high school or college chapter today at Support our program and click on the supporters tab Click on the supporters tab. Email us as always freedom at That's freedom at Start a high school or college chapter today at and it's an America Fest. The biggest speakers in the movement just days away

A-M-F-E-S-T dot com. Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Lots to cover today. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to resign from Congress at year end. Kevin McCarthy speaks to reporters after he was ousted from the position of speaker by a vote of the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol.

He's not only not running for re-election, he is resigning. Quote, I know my work is only getting started McCarthy said in an op-ed. The announcement immediately rocketed McCarthy right now to the top of the private sector's target list of former members of Congress who would be powerful lobbyists to a company's payroll.

The announcement McCarthy was a prolific fundraiser as a Republican leader and later speaker where he built a deep network of CEOs and major donors. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets, well now in 2024 we'll have a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives. You understand what happened here? And so they take out Santos to reduce our majority. Remember we went all in on that. We said this was a silly and stupid idea.

He's a clown but what are you doing? And then McCarthy says we're done. So it's an open seat. This is intentional political suicide. And this is Kevin McCarthy getting back at the House Freedom Caucus saying you guys got rid of me.

Have a nice life. Marjorie Taylor Greene says, well hopefully no one dies. Yeah, I mean someone could resign. All it takes is one or two more rhinos to resign with Kevin McCarthy and the House of Representatives will go to Democrats. So now a one-seat majority everybody. One-seat majority. And according to all public reports, Kevin McCarthy's seat will be filled by Gavin Newsom. Now there will be a special election. It will probably eventually be won by a Republican. And 105 Republicans last week decided to kick out George Santos to reduce our majority even further.

And they knew by the way. Many of those 105 Republicans knew this McCarthy thing was coming. So Republicans so bitter about the motion to vacate, about the effort by Matt Gaetz and many others that they want to literally hand the gavel to the Democrats. And Kevin McCarthy he holds a lot of power and he is saying see you later on his way out.

He's saying have a nice life guys. That is where we're at. Now who's going to actually fill the seat?

We do not know. He's basically saying enjoy your one-seat majority. And I will say there's one part of this that bothers me is you know obviously this is ridiculous what Kevin is doing. He shouldn't do this.

It jeopardizes the country. But the people that pushed for Kevin to be removed, you you guys expect that they won't fight back? What was the plan here? Remember I said oh no no don't worry we'll get a new speaker and all this. This was always on the table. They get rid of Santos. McCarthy goes scorched earth.

Okay. Basically the House of Representatives very we might lose the House before the election. Which means obviously no impeachment of Biden. We're supposed to believe we're going to impeach Biden. Guess what? Ken Buck.

Done. He says we're not impeaching Biden. The guy is a traitor to the United States. We might not have the votes.

We might not have the votes. And I want you to understand Kevin very well could wait it out one more year. No he's not doing that. Kevin says have a nice life guys. You guys got rid of me. You don't want me.

Enjoy. He's done. McCarthy says I know my work is only getting started. This is so unbelievably dysfunctional. We have a country that is being overrun every single day by illegals. We're borrowing two trillion dollars. We're on the verge of two world wars in Israel and Ukraine and Russia. We have a traitor in the White House and our party which is supposed to be the opposition party is deciding to become less powerful. I know my work is only getting started Kevin McCarthy writes in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. In fact let me get that Wall Street Journal op-ed. This is political suicide everybody. Now it is national and civilizational suicide writes in an op-ed here in the Wall Street Journal. Oh and then uh representative Patrick McHenry is bowing out at least he's not running for you know the typical way you do this is you say I'm not going to run for re-election and then you just see out your term and you give a last speech and you allow the handing of the baton this is not just unusual this is an insult this is a throbbing middle finger to all of you and I don't like it at all but I also want to make sure did you did you expect the regime not to fight back all this should have been gamed out guys and it wasn't political suicide through and through and George Santos total clown he had an unbelievable voting record really great according to the turning point action voting scorecard we went through that last week Santos would at least have us a two-seat majority so if I don't know somebody dropped dead we'd still have a majority we asked the question what was the point of voting him out and it's because 105 republicans voting him out would say wow republicans like us Santos what he did is indefensible the guy's a total clown he said he wasn't going to run for re-election whatever by the way if you spend any time around some of these guys of congress they're not exactly spring chickens one of these octogenarians could drop dead at any time I mean I don't we have a very we have a slim not a slim majority I mean and the democrats they've they've been working this thing they've been working by the way we just had another member of congress resigned to go become a college president as if that couldn't wait and excuse me while I state the obvious this doesn't seem as if duty and service to country is the priority here it is revenge and grudges so somebody says here they email us but Charlie weren't you skeptical about removing Kevin yeah I kind of was and I beg you to prove to me that speaker Johnson has been an upgrade number one number two the regime has a lot of power okay so now Kevin is resigned they obviously were behind the Santos thing the 105 establishment republicans are we in a better position to save the country the answer is of course not we have intentionally reduced our majority to such a state and I hope it was worth it and maybe you guys think it was I don't think speaker Johnson is worth it I don't think he's an upgrade I think speaker Johnson has been exactly the same with bible verses around it in fact in some way he's been worse if you guys disagree let me know tell me what speaker Johnson has done he's done a laddered cr he gets praise from chuck u schumer he gave joe biden exactly what he wanted so there's a uh the empty the question is this we it's not totally vacant house seats are filled through special elections so there'll be a special election at some point this spring and kevin is doing this as revenge he's coming back with total revenge against the people that removed him balance of nature changing the world one life at a time I try to take care of myself I try to eat right and I love fruits and vegetables I'd rather have them than anything else but I know I don't get nearly enough so I thought I'll try it for two months and no harm no foul if it doesn't work after that then I've tried it and at least I know within two weeks I noticed this huge difference in my energy sleeping better at night and just energy I would get up in the morning and get up not just sit around you guys have got to try this you have to try it you owe it to yourself to try it the wife and I both think it's done a lot of good we both think it's you know it's improved your overall day-to-day how you feel and we've turned everybody on to it we our kids are on it our brothers and sisters that are on it we got some neighbors we've turned on to it so we're very pleased with the product and the results it's not like you're superman but you definitely know you're healthier you don't lose weight and I've never heard that said in any of the commercials but by golly you do I work in a school so I'm around like a thousand kids a day constantly and so I wash my hands and use alcohol on them probably a hundred times a day or better and my hands are always cracking open and splitting and all I did not have that this entire winter and I've said to anything this is me I bet you anything it's down to nature it's the only thing I've done different like the guy on your commercial says I'm gonna keep on taking it the rest of my life and I feel the same way it's going really good I mean I feel better got more energy and you know I can go through my day better start your journey to better health with balance of nature call 1-800-246-8751 or go to to get 35% off your first preferred order that's 1-800-246-8751 go to or call 1-800-246-8751 and get this special offer by using discount code Charlie. Why can't McCarthy just see out the term see out the term it's a one-two punch it's remove Santos which is totally unnecessary and then he resigns what's next is the question what's the third move by the way McHenry is serving out his term why can't McCarthy oh Bill Johnson from Ohio is going to be a college president I guarantee you that McCarthy knew about that after expulsion of Santos Bill Johnson expected an early exit some Republicans have voiced concerns about the razor-thin majority so now we have a one two three potentially four part move get ready for this everybody you are living through some synchronicity this is all synchronized I hope you're seeing it it's very orchestrated it's centralized so okay it goes Santos then Bill Johnson unnecessarily resigns McCarthy unnecessarily resigns and look I want to be very clear you know some of you guys email me and very nasty and that's all right you guys got to blow up some steam I get it I'm not an apologist for McCarthy or anything I want to be able to govern I don't I like majorities okay I like two or three or four majorities this is this is not good representative Bill Johnson selected as the next president of Youngstown State University great wasn't Jim Trestle the head of Youngstown State University the former Ohio State football coach I think so could be wrong Jim Trestle one of the best college coaches that got ran out unnecessarily I could do a whole show on Jim Trestle so we've lost McCarthy end of the month we lose Johnson we kick out Santos and here we are over the past few months almost a dozen house GOP members have declared their intentions to retire from office now even if we are able to hold on to a one-seat majority it is likely that we'll lose the house the only way that we keep on the house is Donald Trump does what Donald Trump does massive turnout has huge coattails and he just carries he does an unbelievable job with this he just defies all the polling and the overflow effect helps dramatically in these swing districts it's looking more and more like Donald Trump is the greatest asset that Republicans have for get out the vote and for messaging it's so funny because if you read the Koch brother memo the Nikki Haley the Nimrata Haley memo they'll tell you the opposite no no no I'm telling you Donald Trump is the only way that you could fix all this it's really Trump robust at this point which is exactly why they're writing these nauseating articles in the Atlantic they're trying to create the prerequisite to kill Donald Trump they're trying to line up the pieces for his assassination McCarthy's timeline means he would depart before the February 13th special election to replace expelled representative George Santos further cutting the Republican majority down to 220 members versus 213 Democrats this means house Republicans lose just three votes before requiring Democrats support Democratic support to pass measure so what's the next move is there somebody else that's now going to just resign at the end of the month and saying I'm just going to give the keys to the Democrats are there deals being made by lobbyists and insiders now now it gets to be really really tricky everybody think about it you can go find some 75 year old rhino from Tennessee who wants a payday and they say hey if you resign things are going to look really good for you and he gets a couple million bucks and like that the house majority goes to the Democrats if you are a Democrat operative that lies steals and cheats that's a great deal for you by the way this Bill Johnson being head of Youngstown State I'm just supposed to believe that came out of nowhere this seems very orchestrated somebody made a couple calls get Bill Johnson out of the way boom and they got and they gamed it out and so now we have a one-seat majority the McCarthy special election will be sometime in the spring it should stay in Republican hands but McCarthy McCarthy won't even see out the end of his term he's got he's got a lot of business to do and he's going to go make a lot of money he's going to go lobby his colleagues that he got elected so he's going to resign and he's going to go you know get paid 200 300 400 500 000 a month or whatever same thing as Paul Ryan right Paul Ryan made a lot of money becoming a lobbyist sitting on boards you know respectful respectful and by the way the George Santos district will probably go Democrat he barely won barely won before and Jeffrey's is going to pour a bunch of money into it hey everybody Charlie Kirk your exciting news to share about saving babies by providing ultrasounds right now there is a dollar for dollar match doubling the number of babies you'll save with preborn there are babies alive today about to celebrate their first Christmas because of what we did together a year ago at this time providing ultrasounds and right now you could save twice as many babies maybe you're already wondering about end of the year giving and want to give every dollar get the most results or maybe you just want to know that a girl making this decision deserves the truth that next year at this time she's picking out a Christmas stocking for her baby's first Christmas it's beautiful to think about your gift of $15,000 somebody out there can do it I'm sure will provide not one but two ultrasound machines $280 saves 10 babies $28 a month saves a baby a month for less than a dollar a day and right now any gift saves twice as many babies with preborn I'm a donor to this organization we love this organization with the Kirk family clay three three eight five zero two two two nine full endorsement amazing people click on the preborn banner at go to right now and click on the preborn banner Donald Trump had a great town hall yesterday with Sean Hannity he was he was great I watched the whole thing he looked great he was sharp he was using the we and the us statements statements which I think are very very powerful the more Donald Trump uses we and us the broader his appeal and he went out of his way in a very powerful um in a very powerful approach he said look it is our movement together it is you the American people us we are going to take back the country the more we and us statements the better he talked about the issues in a very very powerful way I thought it was hilarious the way he answered the dictator question because and by the way that's one of the reasons we're bringing this up because there's two attack vectors happening simultaneously again when you see an op you have to call out an op there are two ops that are happening they're trying to do the Trump is going to be a dictator to lay the prerequisite to kill him assassination attempt and also this Christian nationalist thing that we're going to have to unpack they're being regime supported with books op-eds media interviews all of it together it's a simultaneous pre-election pincer movement to lay the foundation because they're freaking out that Trump is doing well in the polls so they're going to try to compare by the way this is why the BBC comes out with this Julius Caesar documentary this is why they came out with Napoleon in my opinion it was a terrible trash movie they're trying to build this narrative of oh my goodness strong man central power it's Operation Mockingbird that they're doing via Netflix, Hulu, mass media so there's two things happening there's the Trump is a dictator and also Christian nationalism is going to come over and take over the country and you have to be really scared of that it's it's widespread and it's not going to go away they're going to try to make the 2024 election about those two things don't vote red even though you've gas prices wide open border losing your country can't afford anything inflation dollar diminishing economy is terrible your kids are getting trans and you're losing your country because oh my goodness you want to still be able to have abortions and you're really scared of Christian nationalism and Trump is going to be Julius Caesar okay so Trump answers this question and it's so funny now I really like Sean Hannity I get along with him I think he went he did too much follow-up on the dictator question in my opinion it was like two and three times he followed up it's a false premise why are you even taking the premise from the Atlantic and asking the question do not don't take the media's talking point and then platform it and it's almost as if you are you are mainstreaming and you are giving credence and giving credibility to something has none you're furthering a talking point that exists to justify rigging the election and this is the other point it's a great point Blake it's a really good point that when you have millions of people that think they're running against a dictator they're willing to fill out an extra ballot they're willing to cheat if you think you're running up against Adolf Hitler it gives you this is Dennis Prager's point too he's done a great job of making this point it gives you the micro moral justification to cheat so all of a sudden you get sent three ballots and you say well running against Hitler I might as well fill them all out and you can sleep well at night and by the way I've said this before and it gets totally taken out of context by the media so I need to be very precise if you're actually running against Hitler you have a moral imperative to do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't become president or whatever of course you're trying to tell me that in the nationalist socialist workers if all of a sudden you got teleported back in time and you had an opportunity to do something to prevent Adolf Hitler from becoming the fuhrer of Germany of course you would do whatever you possibly could that's why they do these media operations is they want to incentivize the micro cheating the extra ballot being filled the loose signature verification the mule activity the election worker that doesn't align the signatures so they create the prerequisite where the people think they're running up against Mussolini it's very very important okay here's Donald Trump asked by Sean Hannity you're living through a two-part pincer movement okay it is Trump is going to be Julius Caesar and oh my goodness Christian nationalism I'll prove it to you in a two-part move it's all Operation Mockingbird don't fall for it and we need a vast and quick counter on it before this further metastasizes play cut 55 you are promising America tonight you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody except for day one except he's going crazy except for day one meaning I want to close the border and I want to drill that's not a that's not that's not retribution I got I'm gonna be I'm gonna be you know he keeps we love this guy he says you're not gonna be a dictator are you I said no no no other than day one we're closing the border and we're drilling drilling drilling after that I'm not addicted that sounds to me like you're going back to the policies when you're a president that's exactly okay first of all I think it's hilarious you know when you think of a dictator you think of mass deportations which you need it and all that but he says I'm going to use my dictatorial powers of which is all just a joke he's joking okay to drill it's like of all the things on his on his platform he's talking about retribution by the way this guy that spied on twice impeached he's facing 700 years in prison he's facing 700 years in federal prison and the first thing he answers is drilling I think it's hilarious I think it's absolutely hilarious of all this at the border of all the stuff by the way that's super important let me just be perfectly clear it's unbelievably important but Sean Hannity asked this question well to be clear you're not going to do retribution and Trump his instincts are so good you could just you could just see Trump being like what the hell are you talking Sean's not this that basically trumps a bit that's Trump's very nice very kind way to say to Sean Sean knock it off I could tell you're reading a script that's basically Trump's answer like it it's Trump's most that's the most polite fu that Donald Trump has ever given in an in an interview because he and I like Sean a lot Sean's always been very good to me but it's very obvious Sean is reading a script from some executive okay Sean was told to ask this question because he followed up like two when I was watching I said what in the fresh heck are you doing you take some sort of talking point from the Atlantic and that is what you spend your time with Republican primary voters in Iowa that Donald Trump is going to rise and become Alexander the Great it was so scripted I didn't like it but I thought Donald Trump's answer was hilarious only on day one and we're going to drill baby it's a troll is what it is it's a troll of the media because the media expects him to be like oh he's going to be a dictator he's going to come after the Washington Post understand these people are so weak and they're so feckless that they actually do lay awake that Donald Trump is going to become some sort of Red Caesar and mark march tanks to the streets and he's going to bulldoze the Washington Post Office like that really bothers them instead he says and all of my dictatorial power is in the tradition of Napoleon and Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius I will expand fracking in the Permian Basin it's perfect it's perfect and by the way the border so what does he do he counters this stupid silly question and this baseless narrative with two unbelievably popular things lower gas prices aka energy independence national security and a closed border I love it I love it and he also kind of plays into this whole thing because here here's the answer that the regime wants him to give Donald Trump would say oh no I won't be a dictator he doesn't even he doesn't even repeat the he's so well media trained Trump is he doesn't even repeat it he jokes around with it he toys with it he taunts them he trolls them he shows that he's in control you cannot teach media master class like this you can't instead he somehow pivots to talking about oil but let's be very clear and Trump knows this the even better answer he'll give is by the way Sean some of these people deserve retribution James Comey should be in Gitmo Andrew McCabe Bruce and Nellie or Merrick Garland spying on Catholic priests and people going to Latin mass when Donald Trump says I am your retribution do you know why the elites get so nervous when he says that because they know they deserve it that's why deep down the elites know that they've been doing some very dark things and deep down I believe every human being has a soul no matter how hard you try to suppress that soul and they know that they have been doing the activities and the practices of the demonic and Donald Trump is talking about justice he's talking about justice and so yes you could do the oil thing you could do I think it's hilarious but the second thing is Sean hold on a second the department of justice the FBI the CIA you always wear the CIA pin Sean they deserve to be held accountable the American people have been used and abused by the oligarchs they see their dollar diminishing in value they see their kids being taught to hate the country if there's not retribution for an open border then what good are elections and before we get off our high horse what the heck do you think Joe Biden is doing to meme man Douglas Mackey or to Donald Trump they're doing retribution now it's time for us to administer our own and what I didn't like about the question of Sean Hannity was almost begging him as if we're somehow better than this oh well you know you're not gonna you know come after or you're not gonna go after we want justice there's not a single person who went to jail for Russiagate not a single person went to jail for spying on Trump not a single person and we're supposed to take this jack smith on face value no the mandate that Donald Trump is building is the American people want the administrative state they want the shadow government to be put in handcuffs and perp walks so this whole kind of media narrative well to be clear uh you're not going what come on Sean you're better than that just throw the script away I don't like and again Sean has always been very good to me and I owe a lot to Sean he he's put me on his show a lot I really like him but that whole dialogue really frustrated me I want your thoughts freedom at all right if I just go to the atlantic website which remember is owned by lorine pal jobs lorine pal jobs is one of the most powerful individuals can we get a picture of lorine pal jobs our friend Alex Marlowe from did amazing work the most of anyone to really profile and detail lorine pal jobs's influence she's the widow of steve jobs worth approximately 20 billion dollars she owns the atlantic magazine the emerson collective I believe time magazine is also owned by a democrat donor if I'm not mistaken anyway so lorine pal jobs is not talked about a lot she she hangs out in the shadows 20 billion dollars anyway so if you read any of her websites right now they're pushing this dictator thing dictator thing okay so then on the other side on the inverse there's another movement and I see this because I'm in a lot of these circles in fact I'm mentioned in some of these articles about christian nationalism now I don't have nearly enough time to go through all this but I just want to alert this Steve Bannon's been doing great work to raise the atmospherics of this and to raise the awareness of what's happening but this is a targeted campaign for books articles op-eds media to try and scare people about the rise of alleged christian nationalism now we have tpusa faith which is the largest pass that's lorine pal jobs by the way right there steve jobs's widow you should all be familiar with her she's worth 20 billion dollars she pumps in money into the stuff like you wouldn't believe she's one of the most powerful democrat donors that people have never heard of alongside of reid hoffman from linkedin mark benny hoff from salesforce sergei brin larry page mackenzie bezos mackenzie bezos and her are like soul sisters for the destruction of the country you could put lorine pal jobs mackenzie bezos side by side and you say sister sister you got a problem because they are they are spending tens of billions of dollars to destroy the country okay thank you so anyway this christian nationalism thing they're accusing this guy tim alberta who is an award-winning journalist staff writer for staff writer for the atlantic it's an op lorine pal jobs fun so that here the atlantic is the source of all this because you have to understand so lorine pal jobs 20 billion dollars emerson collective you know friends with mackenzie friends with soros they all coordinate but lorine again it's not her but it's her team they are workshopping the two intellectual attacks via this ecosystem and they all come from the atlantic okay trump is a dictator they have like nine articles can you show that guys the atlantic and then you have this guy tim alberta who is doing the whole media circuit i again you know when someone is regime appointed because he's on every show saying this over and over again play cut 62 i think you know what you're sort of what you're sort of getting at here is christian nationalism right i read the i haven't read the book yet but i read the piece that you put out in the atlantic about it that ended with the pastor who took over for your father who was trying to fight the takeover of trump in the in the church you asked him what's happened to the evangelicals in america and he said they love america too much it's like they were is that what we're dealing with here is is this what what this what the evangelical or at least for some evangelicals that are supporting trump morphed into christian nationalism so tim alberta continues we're going to do an entire show about christian nationalism very clearly i'm a christian i want a free society and i'm a nationalist they're trying to combine those two terms to create a dog whistle they're trying to call you a nazi without saying it don't fall for that but yes i am a christian i am a nationalist i reject what you're insinuating i want a free society and i want a strengthening and a revitalization of the constitution i want a free society i want the promise of the constitution period that's the answer now tim alberta is an op tim alberta is an atlantic op now how much is he being paid by lorraine pal jobs we don't know but he has this fake piety and of all the things that i see in public media i hate is fake piety i can't stand it well he says well you know we need to just worry about our spiritual life then why are you going on msnbc next to these clowns and atlantic simultaneously has these articles the climate can't afford another trump presidency how trump gets away with it four more years of unchecked misogyny the specter of family separation loyalist lap dogs and cronies and they also see that's that that's the atlantic so if you want to know the inside baseball of what is happening in high society democrat donor circles the atlantic is workshopping the ideological ecosystem not necessarily the ballot chasing and that that's separate that is related but it's separate but the ideological narrative attacks stem at the top of the tributary it's the atlantic the atlantic is what twitter has become for the incubator of high society elite opinion and they're broadcasting their play they're showing their play very clearly and lorraine pal jobs pumps money into it and the new attack vector again we don't have time to get into this at this point but we're going to workshop this whole thing because we work with thousands of pastors at tpusa faith i've spoke at hundreds of churches and i'm telling you it's coming because christians are waking up churches are waking up and it's amazing it's amazing to see is they are trying to smear the faithful as christian nationalists and scare moderates that trump is going to be the new julius caesar thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to don't get me started about the reindeer rights elves the shop floor just isn't the happy little place it used to be we should have used red balloon that's right santa red balloon dot work is america's woke free job board every day we help good companies find reliable motivated job seekers without all the woke nonsense and our new red balloon recruiter service is turning traditional corporate recruiting on its head delivering high quality employees for a fraction of the price give yourself a christmas gift and post your jobs on red balloon dot work today and use promo code salem to get 10 off your first month's job posting because life's too short for a bad hire you
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