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REShow: Mark Sanchez - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 12, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Mark Sanchez - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 12, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich weighs in on the NFL’s decision to play a potential Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship game in Atlanta, and reacts to Derek Carr’s goodbye note to Raiders fans and ponders where the quarterback could land next season. 

FOX Sports’ Mark Sanchez joins Rich in-studio where he reveals that the Seahawks welched on their promise do draft him #4 overall in the 2009 NFL Draft, previews Super Wild Card Weekend, voices his concern for Tua Tagovailoa’s lingering concussion, says how much playoff experience will play a role in this weekend’s quarterback play, shares a some great Joe Namath stories, says if the Jets can salvage the career of former #2 overall pick Zach Wilson, and how the NFL’s QB landscape could be drastically different next season.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

What attracted you to Colorado Prime? Rick George, man. This is The Rich Eisen Show.

Let's kick it off. You know, coaches don't get official visits. Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

We don't get, we don't get to fly in and check it out, you know. Today's guests, NFL on Fox analyst, Mark Sanchez, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett from the Showtime drama Your Honor, actor Bryan Cranston, and now it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We are full up today.

We got a full house and here comes the flop right here on the table. We got showing our cards over the next three hours right here on the Roku Channel Live. We are excited to be here in Los Angeles, California with three in-studio guests on this program.

844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program. The Roku Channel is how you can watch us for free every single day and we are free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TVs. We're free on Amazon Fire TVs. If you want to watch us using an app, the Roku app has the Roku channel on it.

The Roku is in fact the website for everybody to check out if you just want to watch us on the internet for free. Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello also to our podcast listeners.

844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program. Our three in-studio guests, Mark Sanchez of Fox Sports will be joining us here in studio and our number one Chris Brockman. You asked moments before the show because you have the Rose Bowl seats behind you and they have been signed by many folks who have played in the Rose Bowl from Josh Rosen to Troy Aikman to Ron Rivera. We will have Mark Sanchez sign those seats because he played his final game as a USC Trojan in the Rose Bowl. Excellent. There you have it. Chris Brockman is in his spot.

Same with Mike Del Tufo as well. We've got TJ Jefferson lighting the candle. Good to see you. TJ Jefferson to start this program.

Pleasure to see you Rich. Also in studio our number two Chris Mannix will be here from Sports Illustrated. He's in town covering the association. We got Lakers Clippers to talk about with him. Obviously he wants to come here just so he could be right near somebody who is leading his fantasy league in basketball by crushing the competition. By the way the competition I'm crushing just put out a new Rich Eisen Show basketball podcast. How's that for a promo Chris?

I mean backhanded but wanting well you know okay you could have done better. Anyway check out that podcast the Rich Eisen Show podcast with Chris and TJ and Rich Eisen Show call screener Adam Chudwin who I am beating a mud hole through right now in week number what is it 12, 13 of our league. LeBron says he's happy so we'll talk about that obviously with Chris Mannix. How did you be in the first effect LeBron's legacy?

It doesn't it doesn't at all and Nets Celtics tonight we've got that going on in the association. Our number three he has been on this program multiple times before but not in our Roku channel iteration. Could not be more excited to have from the hit show on Showtime your honor is Bryan Cranston will be here in studio on our number three. Hey now a great celebrity true or false all set up for him and I wouldn't miss that.

He's just a dynamite human one of the best actors we can put out there here in these United States for the whole world to consume on television and film. Bryan Cranston here in studio our number three very exciting. Moments ago the National Football League made an announcement if the Buffalo Bills make an AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs as we know it will be played at a neutral site. They have announced the neutral site.

Chris Brockman you get your wish sir. Boom. You said you wanted it indoors. Yeah. You want it removed from the elements despite the fact that had this game been played whatever the temperature and elements would be in Kansas City Missouri that would be it for the day but instead it's in the climate controlled comfort of Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia. Well done NFL. So I don't know about that. I'm with you man I would have wanted it outdoors in a spot that's you know the home of you know the Packers the home of the Steelers the home of the Browns and even the AFC site even if it's an outdoor stadium in a warmer climate like the Rose Bowl for instance would have been wild but I'm imagining Buffalo to getting forgetting from Buffalo western New York wherever Bill's mafia lives to Atlanta it's a huge ass airport as we all know sometimes a little too big in Atlanta for some but there's a lot of flights into Atlanta and a lot of hotels and a lot of restaurants I mean Atlanta is the home of Super Bowls and SEC championship games and national championship games obviously it's no stranger to big-time sporting events and this would be that and again I know I'm not supposed to traffic in this sort of stuff but I don't have my head completely in the sand let's set that over under in the mid-60s on that one and done look it's Allen in the homes and climate controlled comfort for the title and look that game's a de facto Super Bowl anyway like I want these teams at optimal performance and you know who's probably happy about this decision every player on those teams what do you think they want to go to Green Bay and play in four degrees absolutely not like be realistic guys this is better for everyone so you're happy with the decision the NFL very very I mean cats and dogs are playing together every once in a while they get it right okay there you go all right I don't think they got it right it should be outdoors you think at first I was with him when we initially thought about I'm like yeah put them put them indoors but fact of the matter is they wouldn't have had perfect climate in either of these locations right you're gonna it's gonna be cold and snowy and Buffalo or it's gonna be a little gonna be a little chilly in Kansas City also if you're Buffalo do you want my homes to have optimal conditions no you want something to maybe try to slow this guy down you want something to maybe slow Josh Allen and Stefan Diggs down and now I guess this is the latest imperfect solve in this entire what would you say narrative storyline but I won't complain rich because of the circumstance that led us here kind of put everything in perspective so that's why I I would hope that Damar Hamlin's out of the hospital yeah I would hope that people who have a problem with it kind of realize what got us to this point and kind of put your anger to the side and go well it's been a weird year top to bottom beginning to end so you know this is fine and the fact again that Damar Hamlin is home from the hospital allows us to have this as an argument or a take or a conversation in a sports pop culture show like this one um and then of course we should say um that there are five other teams in the AFC including a third seeded Cincinnati Bengals one would say leading the charge raising their hand saying hold on a second yeah we might need to get to that business yeah about we're going to Atlanta and maybe nobody's going to Atlanta good point maybe Cincinnati's going to Buffalo to knock them out and maybe you know the Jaguars take care of the Chargers or the Chargers take care of the Jaguars and the Chargers wind up being the maybe lowest highest lowest seed still available and you see Chargers versus Chiefs one more time and I would profit to say that's the team the Chiefs wouldn't want to see our seeds for well if you had to choose a team the Chargers wouldn't want to see seeds currently four through seven right now which team would they want to see the least coming to their stadium coming off their by the Chiefs you mean the Kansas City Chiefs and their divisional round which is the team they would want to see least I I'd go Chargers I'd go Chargers you don't want a division opponent that knows you and you know them and they play they played you know they play tight games in Kansas City not Los Angeles and they played one in Los Angeles but you know and I'm sure Travis Kelce is like why am I concerned they never cover me I score 15 times a game against them what are we talking about look I don't think the Chiefs are out there ring around the rosy and I don't think they're worried about a whole lot you know I know but that said this is just for conversation piece of course and one more item leading this program today is something I didn't see possible when I was speaking of outdoor games and freezing cold weather and freezing ones behind off I wasn't thinking I wasn't thinking going into the fourth quarter calling the Christmas Eve game in Pittsburgh PA between the Raiders and Steelers I wasn't thinking at all you know what I'm doing right now I'm calling on the last quarter of Derek Carr's Raiders career that's what I'm doing right you know what I'm doing I'm you know what I'm doing as they're they've blown yet another lead I'm calling Derek Carr's last drive in last pass as a as a as a Vegas Raider or a Raider period from Oakland to Vegas that's what I'm doing but that's what I did that's what I did because when the Raiders lost that game and found themselves on the brink of elimination and then wound up being eliminated with Derek Carr having a contract for next year with a large sum of guaranteed dollars if he's injured and he's got to be paid they said you know what we're gonna do we're gonna send you home and we're gonna start Jared Stidham and we're gonna tell everybody uh don't pay attention to that contract we're gonna we're just gonna say we need to see what we have in the kid as if Josh McDaniels had just met him so today Derek Carr acknowledged the the obvious which is he's done with the silver and black in a a very moving and typical for him uh emotional heartfelt um frequently uh religious and uh you know filled with piety note to Raider nation says it breaks his heart that he can't say goodbye in person wasn't perfect hope that I was able to leave you with more than a few great memories he thanked Oakland he thanked Vegas the organization teammates coaches and staffs and then he said I once said that if I'm not a Raider I'd rather be at home and I meant that but I never envisioned it ending this way after nine years saying that fire burning inside of me to win a championship still rages a fire no man can extinguish which man could that be do you think he's referring to only God is what he said so I look forward to a new city and a new team who no matter the circumstance will get everything I have winning a championship is what I've always wanted and what I will continue to work towards god bless you all and with love dc4 here's the deal his contract calls for his money to be fully guaranteed three days after the super bowl right that's right so Derek Carr has a no trade clause as well he carries big numbers for the next what he got for me so if a team would trade for him uh this is what you would owe him you know I'm 32 mill uh 33 million dollars next year 42 million in 2024 and 41 million in 2025 yeah that's not happening no team's gonna acquire him for those numbers the Raiders won't get the value that they consider for those numbers and the clock ticks three days after the super bowl for this decision to be made and the new league year is about a month plus after the super bowl so he's gonna get cut he will be a free agent a free agent when the new league year hits yeah he'll get cut it'll only be a 5.6 million dollar dead cap against the Raiders so it's over dropping the bucket over over and you may hear talk about trades and all that stuff no one's gonna and by the way if a trade gets made it doesn't become official until the new league year and there's no paperwork so a trade could be struck and then a team could basically say yeah we're just not gonna do that again it would suck for Carr it would suck worse for the Raiders because guess what that would be after the three-day period by which they wouldn't know him anymore they'd be on the hook oh they're gonna cut him yeah you can't run the risk of making remember the Stafford trade hit didn't become official to the new league year hit yeah and no one was going back to their corners on that one no Carlos Correa situation it would be very expensive for the Raiders so he's gonna get cut and the question is who's gonna take him any idea well I mean obviously you're hearing the Jets you know what I'd like hold on top five from you what do you got you a top five on this yeah I don't know maybe not today maybe tomorrow top five were you thinking my car spots yeah well you just don't know where it's going to be yet does New England want him Scott Zolack said earlier this week we talked about it with Whitworth said it sounded sounded right to him yeah that that Belichick went from one day in training camp praising Mac Jones to the hills and then day after the season's over he's like he's capable of playing quarterback in this league I think actually if I'm not mistaken Mike Hoskins we have a um a visual version of that as a matter of fact if I'm not mistaken no yeah and so I don't know if New England is going to be involved in that what other teams might might want him what are the teams are going to be in the market another team that you could throw out there I know that they love them in in Seattle Geno what what are they going to do I imagine they wouldn't go you know take one uh veteran quarterback and place replace him with another right you know what Houston won you know I don't know Carolina New England these are all spots Indianapolis I mean they've gone the veteran route the last three years that's true and it hasn't worked out you know they went Matt Ryan this past year Carson Wentz last year Philip Rivers the year before after Andrew Luck suddenly retired that's right there are all these spots but in terms of New England maybe being done with Mac after Belichick sung his praises in training camp and then afterwards you know was searching for the words to praise him the visual version of that let's put on the screen there it is on the left is the way Belichick felt about Mac in training camp and on the right is the way uh he feels about Mac right now you know we're just uh that's it right there how old is that sweatshirt I don't know it's an all-time great is what it is so many I think that's it it is that's basically the uh that's basically the uh the visual version of that you think that sweatshirt came like that rich I doubt it I think it was over the years of well-worn film sessions um so where does Derek Carr go where does he fit so much to talk about what do you think 844-204 rich numbered adult what does Mark Sanchez think of it that's my way of saying let's get him out here ah yes Mark Sanchez who has been doing a dynamite job calling games on Fox yes he is coming out here next right here on the Rich Eisen Show Chris Mannix and Brian Cranston in studio in hours two and three welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of smallville a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too I'm Michael Rosenbaum hello I am Tom Welling what was the sign-off now always remembers talkville that's it always hold on to smallville folks we love you can do it without you we've got a great season two coming up catch up with season one or start season two on youtube or wherever you listen Mark Sanchez the Rich Eisen Show radio network powered by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call or just stop by what do I do Mark Sanchez here what do I do without TJ well I mean so TJ just told a story for our radio audience on the Roku channel side of meeting you were at a birthday party and you were with Stafford and a whole bunch of guys coming up from an elite 11 back in 2008 here in Los Angeles I met you with Stafford for the first time it was right before the draft it was you and and Stafford about to be drafted in the NFL and you flew to New York right before it was the night before the draft as a matter of fact and it was for some phone company I forget which one it was but I was doing the Q&A I was AT&T and I had a Blackberry from them for a while so here we are on the campus of AT&T right and and and I remember I remember Stafford for sure was being drafted by the Lions oh no doubt no doubt you didn't know though right no I didn't know for sure it was funny so the Lions actually brought me out there and I remember Martin Mayhew uh Scott Linehan um wow names like um the rest of them oh my gosh it's all right I'm blanking on some of the other coaches but regardless I remember asking them hey guys I don't want to be rude here but why the hell am I here I was like this is a done deal this is in the bag like like two months ago yeah and you know I'm good I didn't have anything going on I'm just working out anyway so whatever we can watch tape and do whatever and you can ask me all the questions but how am I doing here right and uh they couldn't really answer because they already knew they're well we want to assess everybody and you know given the uh curb your enthusiasm kind of look really you sure and so I remember that but then the night before I get a phone call it was right around that event I feel like we were staying at like Lake Parker Meridian Hotel and like um I get a call from the Seahawks hey if you're available at four you're our guy and I was like sweet because I'm flying home I had to fly home because my grandma didn't fly to the to the draft she couldn't go on a plane at that point she was getting pretty old so we wanted to go home and celebrate with her and have the whole crew there right Mexicans bro we roll in packs so I'm like all right we'll fly home I'm like this is perfect fly home boom right up to Washington up to Seattle we're good and then I get drafted by the Jets they go uh Aaron Curry linebacker Wake Forest and then the Jets trade up uh and that's how I ended up back in New York so I flew home the night before the draft or morning of and then flew back the day of then that predates Pete there too right uh correct correct he wasn't there yet it was Mora I think so do you ever find out what gives like why do they not you know I never asked I was actually just there calling a Seattle game but nobody else is really I don't think anybody from that whole regime is there anyway um they're gone yeah all right text Jim right now I'm trying to remember Mora was on a set I actually never asked him and I should have uh we were on a set for ESPN for a college football championship with uh Joe Burrow with LSU yeah and uh I remember talking about uh we go through our pre thing oh I gotta air him out because he crushed me on here okay so this is the first time I've told anybody this and Jim Mora we do the pre tape thing Vilma's there Nagandi is there um and Jesse Palmer maybe and Mora and he says okay who's your who's your under the radar performer and I said Moss the tight end and we go through like who are you gonna pick who you're gonna pick yeah well Mora is like right next to me and he goes yeah I think I'm gonna go with Moss on air we did it off air first and then he stole it on air he must once he said it I was like and so the producer goes do you have anyone else I'm texting you right now that is incredible do you want me to text you more right now I absolutely want you to text you right now air him out that is incredible well I'm gonna say hold on a minute no I mean it wasn't a big it was literally the last hit before we walked out to the field and we were done but all right here we go bro you jacked my hold on hey man on air with Sanchez says see you you and Seattle had told what you and Seattle had told him number four overall 2009 draft you were gonna take him lead pipe lock is that what they used no okay gonna take him embellishing fourth overall in oh eight right correct oh nine oh nine draft and took curry instead that was more his only year coaching Seattle okay he was there one year yeah it was homegrown before then Jim for a year yeah he got one and done because he's like yeah yeah what happened oh and happy new year right it's still fine to stay happy yeah you can still say how long do you get that I mean Kirby enthusiasts and said it was through speaking to Kirby said it was three days oh just three till January 3rd January Jan no January 4th was a day you get mid month okay there it goes text is in and the funny thing is I don't remember March I do remember mark that you were I do remember I was so surprised I was on the set of the draft in Radio City Jets fans are going nuts and I thought you were going to stroll out on the stage because I saw you the night before at this event and there you are with your family at home and in in Southern California I'm like geez I just wore that same jacket the other day actually on tv is that right it still fits yeah bless you man amazing I got Mark Sanchez here on The Rich Eisen Show you you are great and uh Kevin Coogler's just Kev's the man Kev's like underrated people don't know and they go who's your partner he's great Kevin Coogler is awesome he he's a I've met him through Westwood One Radio uh he called the Westwood One Monday night uh playoff game in Los Angeles between the the um Cardinals and the Rams last year my son my son like my son who was 10 at the time walked up to his boards right before the game like literally 15 minutes before Kev's good he couldn't have been nicer to him like great people you're you guys are a great listen you had some amazing games this year the the Dolphins and the Bills that was fun in the snow on NFL Network um and what a shame that it looks like Tua you know Tua's not gonna play it's even know what you do there exactly do you think he's have they made any comments about he hasn't you know gone through the proper protocols like has he not passed all the tests in the protocols he still has so here's my thing at this point like if you're not passing those tests and I don't know this pure speculation of course yeah but if you're not passing the test at this point there's got to be something going on right or or the other option here is he's passed the test nobody wants to sign the permissions nobody wants to put their name on that I know if I'm the doctor there I wouldn't there goes my career if something god forbid happens to the guy I just don't know if anybody wants to put a stamp on it and say it's okay or there's a third option that too is like maybe yeah that I don't know I can't run this risk I don't know right I mean because because again he he plays Christmas he has an in dynamite first half his head hits the ground right he had a dreadful second half where he was throwing it directly at Green Bay Packers he just didn't look right then the next day it's it's it reported he has concussion symptoms that he didn't show in the game yeah which is wild and now we're hearing again we're sitting here on this set we don't know we're not we're not there it's it's it is a dicey subject for us to be talking about from afar admittedly but um it is a damn shame because that would be I mean to run that back that game that you called to run it back I know I know well they've had three really wild they've had three really close it would have been the third yes right in the trilogy right which seems like a lot of these games it's either a rematch or a trilogy like right it's a big deal you get those third divisional game right in one year that's I mean that's tough on both sides it's excellent for the players because you you know the personnel you don't have to worry about numbers and who's this guy and what's this nickel guy they bring in who's their dime boom personnel I'm good let's roll well what is it then it's the okay are they going to show us a little bit of last week's game or last match-ups game plan is it the fake game plan like belicheck was notorious for well what happened and then that is you're you're you're a perfect person to ask about this certainly since you've got Seattle at San Francisco you've got Miami in Buffalo you've got Baltimore in Cincinnati you also have Dallas at Tampa which has faced each other it's just the second time but facing a division opponent for a third time by the way you you beat Brady in one of them that's one of them yeah it's a pretty big one remember so that was the year we beat them at home um second game of the season yes I want to say opening up the new stadium was like our first win in the stadium I think later we go out on Monday night and get absolutely steamrolled um 44 to 3 or 53 to 3 something embarrassing on Monday night 45 to 3 there we go thanks a lot there we go thanks a lot then to the point where Rex digs a hole in the back of the facility and buried the ball he literally buried literally buried a ball and said I don't want anybody talking about it until it's time to play those guys again we'll go play them up there we're going to see them again because our record was so good he's like we're making it we're going to be in the tournament good chance we got to go through New England so get ready but I don't want anybody you know whining bitch and complain about that let's move on boom so the next time we play them I remember the pre-game we were out there and they were already advertising for the AFC championship game this is the divisional that's right so we had beat Indy in the wild card now we go up to Foxborough and they were during pre-game warm-ups there was like tickets going on sale for the on the screen I promise you and so I remember seeing that and I was like you got to be kidding me this is crazy and so even guys on the team were like yo what the hell and they were pissed your teammates noticed yeah like everybody everybody was land on Bart Scott I mean just in general everybody's like hell no and we were already mad about the Monday night yes we were just it was just one of those things where things were gonna go right didn't know how didn't know when didn't know exactly how it was gonna take place but it was just a refuse to lose kind of situation and you just have this feeling like this is gonna work out and I remember in that first quarter I mean the games and the balance we uh the defense picks off Brady on a screen of all things and almost takes it back for a touchdown we sputter miss a field goal I think and so it's like zero zero and as soon as the second quarter started boom we get a little momentum Jericho has a huge play up the sidelines um I scramble out to the left start back pedaling out and Braylon catches the ball like right on the helmet Tone has the the catch in the back of the end and it just starts to steamroll our way so note to San Francisco Buffalo yeah don't advertise the home game tickets dude no divisional tickets on sale don't do that during warm-up no and it's it's funny because those kind of teams we were such an underdog team yes and a lot of these underdog teams you just have this road dog mentality where it's you the 53 of you against the world let's go strap it up and let's roll let's see let's see what happens because we're already playing with house money we shouldn't even be here right like we're the underdog we're we backed into the playoffs whatever the narrative was we shouldn't even be here so watch this you could say that's Seattle's mantra 100% just there and nothing's better for Pete that's perfect what do you mean his mentality of of getting guys to focus in and hone in and um you know I sat down with him before the game too and and his ability to bring guys back to center and eliminate distractions uh his whole thing is like the epitome of poise and really honing in like he's gonna eat that up and have that bus rocking before the game when they show up to the to the stadium um I mean it's just perfect motivation it feeds into his whole mentality of of getting guys ready to play study your butt off you know the David versus Goliath idea yeah and it's just I love it I love it for Pete for you know Brock Purdy and those guys like don't take them lightly don't don't slip up now you know and weather is going to be a huge factor in this it looks like it's going to rain like crazy no forecast yeah for Saturday heavy rainfall uh 10 to 20 mile an hour winds uh near a half inch of rain wow and I'm sure I'm sure San Francisco's saying that's how our season started in Chicago exactly right right and at least they've had and they got got though in that they did by Justin Fields and we'll see I mean this is Gino coming Kenneth Walker had a DNP with an ankle injury but we'll uh he'll go here's the other thing though like in conditions like that you want to have already practiced some of your quarterback runs as long as your quarterback can run yeah you saw Gino last week he did make some first he put he looked faster than even earlier this year 31 you can tell like so those kind of it just adds an extra player in your run game scheme because you're always trying to beat one defender anytime you hand the ball off there's one free guy right because the quarterback's not blocking well when the quarterback runs the ball now there's somebody to block everybody you have one for one across the board so your numbers are great that's why teams love the read option and all that boom put a guy in conflict the quarterback's running everybody's covered so for Gino for them for Kenneth Walker like that plays right into their hand get those big tight ends in the game bring in the extra lineman get in a phone booth duke it out it's not going to be the sexiest game for you know passing statistics standpoint but whatever go steal a win and see what happens yeah it's going to be on Fox and I got Fox Sports Mark Sanchez here on the Rich Eisen show and I want to ask you about the um experience factor here there's seven quarterbacks seven in the wild card round if Tyler Huntley starts for Lamar's we're expecting seven making their first career playoff starts seven of them there they are on the screen right there Herbert Purdy, Skyler Thompson, Daniel Jones, Gino Smith, Trevor Lawrence, Tyler Huntley, or Anthony Brown if if neither um you know if uh if Lamar can't go and then yeah you just remarked how Tom Brady's got 47 games of playoff experience and then the rest of the AFC field uh outside of Mahomes not so much Josh Allen is the second um with uh on that list with six but the reason why I bring all this up is certainly Purdy being new and you know he it reminds me the setup does remind me of your first time in the playoffs now Purdy obviously you know Iowa State's not USC um but I mean where it was okay you got the running game oh you got a defense you got some playmakers around you for lack of a better phrase don't screw it up exactly and so I don't know man I think what what is your sense of what experience might matter in all this for Purdy's situation much like mine keep the car in the middle lane give me 55 to 60 miles an hour I don't need anything crazy right down the highway keep me right down the middle is that what they told you at the time too no I mean that's kind of a I mean we tried in other ways with the silly wristband stuff like red yellow green and I mean there's a way to coach that stuff there's a way to protect the quarterback yes sometimes from himself um and what can guys handle what's their bandwidth can he handle the conversation when you burn a time out before halftime thinking hey we're right on the fringe of maybe trying to throw for some yards get a chunk play and get into field goal range but it's going to depend on this first down here and if we get any yards on the first run if we get stuffed or lose three yards we might just take a knee and end this thing but if we steal some hey be really careful with this ball it's either in our hands or in the third row right can you can this guy handle that because of Brock Purdy's experience at Iowa State I think those three years of starting or four years or whatever it is those are reps those are real live reps of playing the position knowing what wins knowing what loses that is most important so he's had this ability to step in with a veteran team who already knows what he knows and now he can operate at an efficient level the only thing I've really seen from him that gave me a little concern is anything over 30 yards has been under thrown just slightly and it's just a little more juice on it sometimes he's under duress and that happens to everybody yes but it's been consistent across the board so in weather like that I don't know if we're gonna have to deal with it but bottom line end of the day I don't care what game it is and this was Pete's you know baby as well like he loved reminding guys of this especially when we played in the Rose Bowl you see all these commercials about the game there's all this hype boom Penn State's coming to Illinois and Michigan somebody's coming in to whoop up on USC blah blah and he goes that's all outside I guarantee you he goes he'd hold the ball in the meeting he'd point at the Rose Bowl that was you know painted on our team meeting room he goes that field is the exact same size as the field we practiced on nothing changes he goes there's gonna be a hell of a lot more people it's gonna be a lot louder we're going with the same ball and he'd throw the ball around anybody see any difference in this football are we good with this football it's like exactly it's exactly but you just you get that mental framework of oh yeah we've done this before he goes you know who it's different for everybody else this is the same thing we've done he goes when you wake up on Saturday Sunday Monday January 1st to play the Rose Bowl there's no new game plan there's no new footwork quarterbacks there's no new reads there's no new releases there's no new hand technique defensive and offensive linemen there is nothing new under the sun that's going to set you free on game day yeah so please don't make anything up today do what we do that's it and we'll roll them like that was it it was awesome and you get in this framework of like dude I'm good let's give me the ball let's start this thing and so that's why I get nervous I just wanted to start not because I'm scared so I guess whichever quarterback can you know hear that be told that absorb it and actually execute it so playoff experience doesn't really I mean factor I think it matters just because it just like riding a bike you've done it right once you've done it you've done it okay check the box move on um you know hosting a show the first time you did it yeah wasn't that great I mean but you're thinking about all the guests and the first time you had some a-list celebrity you're like oh should I ask different questions well no I gotta be myself I gotta be rich because if I try and be someone else they'll sniff it out and it probably won't go well the camera is just as far from the microphone with an a-lister as it is with anybody else right the lights are still just as bright just as bright coach the desk is elevated at the same amount that's right I don't know about that look at you trying to stir it up yeah what stop it he's a nice man let's not put him to a spot I didn't say anything start it up can I get one more segment out of you gotta run whatever you got sure because I don't okay very good let's take one more segment and then Chris Mannix right behind I like I like guest uh convergence right passing ships in the night I like it I like guest gridlock I love it and Brian Cranston hour number three uh all right well I want to get some predictions from you best I can when we come back that's all right that's what I say I can stay I'm really busy he's gotta run you're actually checking your texts right now that's okay we'll be right back with Mark Sanchez at Fox Sports in a moment back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial and satellite and streaming radio network as well right here on the Rich Eisen Show with Mark Sanchez so uh what's the breaking news out of New York or at least the the tweet that comes out of New York City oh yeah Jets owner Woody Johnson said he is absolutely willing to spend big on a veteran quarterback if needed what do you what do you somebody probably asked him yeah of course yeah yeah I know what did you make of Zach Wilson what do you think here I just think it was a big jump from the beginning I think um he would a guy like that without the team around him and without that experience in a market like that would have benefited from watching a veteran play or at least getting a little time to watch somebody now fast forward we're at where we are now um well I mean it's Garrett Wilson who's really good breeze fall for five weeks when he first came in got it like learning how to play the position it was different the team I was on was drafting they were drafting two overall for a reason okay when they picked up Zach right the Jets traded up to five to get me right they were nine and seven and just missed the playoffs with Favre the year before right so they had veteran presence and talent in place if anything we were light at receiver and that's why we went and got Braylon Edwards my rookie year after game four right or whatever so then you have a defense you have a run game you don't expect the quarterback to do too much at the beginning and then you start to groom him and at some point take the training wheels off and let him go well you know at some point we started turning over a lot of players and coaches and it didn't quite go the way we wanted whatever but with Zach at least you set him up that way now because we're here I think Salah had to sit him down no doubt there's no question he would have lost the team well he would have lost the team and he would have question has Zach already lost the team is the question it seems like it if coach had to choose him or the team that means he's kind of already on the outside so new OC coming in so the question is is do you bring in an OC that says I know how to fix him and try to fix him or what he's already talking about forgive me I didn't see this but they are for sure done with the floor that happened yesterday they parted ways is the word that said okay mutually like like LaFleur like please let me stick around for an offense that didn't score three times a touchdown yeah I think games when he did his conference the other day saying I know LaFleur's comments the other day were like yeah Zach would have really benefited from sitting behind someone I was like what he's airing something out I was like oh there's definitely something that didn't work yeah we're which is fine but now my only thing is what's the fix for those guys you want continuity you now he's got to learn a new language on top of all the other stuff he's already been dealing with which is hard enough well so that that to me now can he do it yes was Tom Brady the his very best in the first seven weeks when he went to to Tampa no they were like four and three three and four whatever they were at the buy yes and then they started figuring things out correct and that's a guy who'd been in the league 20 years with a new offense best ever do it and with some terrific weapons that's what I'm saying so like let's adjust the learning curve to this new offense and this situation let's be realistic about it unfortunately you know the market I know the market there's no time for that kind of stuff there's no time to let it marinate and and incubate and all that it's just we want you know the microwave answer right now and I want to hit one button express 30 seconds and let's roll well the issue is is you saw what Trevor Lawrence looks like in year two correct we didn't see that you see what Kenny Pickett looked like in year one we still haven't seen that from Zach even on his best days and and I'm hearing the owner say hey I'm willing to spend big on a veteran meaning that's in his skull he's thinking veteran and he also has told the entire fan base even if he's asked a question it wasn't even if we don't know the context of it anything like that I'm just hearing that and he's sitting there basically telling yeah fan base if we want if Aaron Rodgers pops free for instance you want to talk about expensive spending on a veteran that's what you're talking about spending on a veteran not I mean Derek Carr is not going to be that much money if he's a free mean anybody else you know I mean Jimmy G's not going to cost 30 million a year one would think so I don't know you think he would on a free agent market Aaron would go for top dollar of course that's what I'm saying sorry so what do you think they should do should they go veteran or they try and put this genie back in the bottle with Zach one what are they going to say to the veteran you're paying 40 30 to 40 million dollars for oh nothing are you going to compete with Zach no Zach is done no you're the two correct so then he's going to learn behind somebody like that and you hope this person can get in there and turn them into Jordan Love plug and play basically I guess just sit there and watching watch a veteran take a step back and watch it all happen where do you think Derek Carr might fit what do you think any idea on that front first blush what about um the only thing I thought was Stafford maybe to Atlanta just because of the Georgia thing maybe New Orleans maybe car to New Orleans um what's gonna happen in Miami with Tua like where's Brady gonna where's Brady gonna go that's an easy jump across the state potentially like I don't the carousel whole carousel is gonna be you know and and it's really gonna take one of the big dominoes to fall like I don't think somebody just goes after um Jimmy G right away or Baker Mayfield right away it'll be you know let's just say all these guys are free Stafford Rogers Brady staff car mix huh maybe all four of them are free then like the Brady Stafford Rogers then car then it'll start to trickle down and then you'll get and you also don't know which teams are be willing to say I'll hop on the carousel I'll change my quarterback yeah what are the Bears gonna do at one like what would you do there well here's the problem and this this was this was similar to me when Mike Tannenbaum drafted me and then Idzik comes in and is the new GM oh god I remember sitting down with him and I was like hey I'm assuming I'm no GM here but you're paying me eight million dollars this year no matter what so I'm hoping we go get an offensive player at least once in the first round like go get a baller to help this offense and if I suck you can you can blame it on me extend your career Mr Idzik because now you can just blame it on me I'm so no well we're having this discussion and it's more of just like hey we want to get the best players for the team blah blah blah and so that's fine but I'm assuming it's offense well they drive Geno Smith and no slide on Geno Smith I didn't know the guy had no prior relation with the guy whatever but I'm like what do you guys want me to do with that what do I do with that play catch with them on the sidelines that doesn't help us we need a receiver we need a tight end we need a running back we need some on offense we drafted defense five years in a row so suffice to say I end up getting hurt Geno get plays I got paid anyway it was like but what are we doing why don't you make the team as good as we can and go get a good quarterback the next year if you don't like me and no harm no foul that's the way the business works go ahead so what are the bears gonna do it's not his GM anymore I'm the general manager of the New York Jets ultimately I'm responsible for the performance of our team the product that we put on the field that lies with me there are no excuses oh god stop it stop it stop it did I strike a chord there so you're saying well I mean no I'm just saying it's definitely no is it but I understand what you're saying the loyalty factor he's not my guy you you see what I'm saying and he's never said that but that's just like a known thing that's just the way it goes and unfortunately that's the way of the world so but Justin Fields man I mean that's what I'm saying you're like god you're gonna give that guy up but I don't know you know he's a baller no doubt mark Sanchez uh thanks for coming in here I really avoid the picks yes oh no I mean we do have one more one last little segment here but all right stick around I want your seat then I'm gonna send you out of here I'm not here okay I'm double parked which is don't worry Del Tuvo will fix the ticket for you right we'll take care that's all right Mike's from New Jersey oh wonderful mark Sanchez great great to have you here anytime please let's see the let's do this on the regular if you will Chris Maddox talking NBA in studio coming up we are still here now on the Roku channel I got about two minutes left you got a Super Bowl pick what's your Super Bowl pick I just feel like the Bills are playing inspired okay that's going to be tough you'll take them in the AFC I'm taking the Niners in the NFC although this this weather coming this weather coming on Saturday genuinely makes me nervous can I tell you after this weekend can I make sure you can but right now we don't hold you to it oh no one's gonna remember this nobody's gonna no we won't tweet it out you're gonna replay it we won't put it on Instagram it does replay so oh just say Tom Brady you know you want to see I don't see the Bucks doing it what did the Cowboys beat the Bucks yay or nay how about that I'll give you that one what do you think thank God that is not a prediction that is not an answer we know they have to it's called do or die football mark Sanchez I'm more nervous than those guys she's making this pick I'm taking the Bucks this weekend are you I'm doing it what's the what do we have any betting numbers what do we got two and a half now open three down to two and a half you know a lot of people jumping on that and Cowboys are road road favorites road favorites suddenly all of a sudden you're trying to win Terry's money what's happening I'm just who wins the game when it all ends what do you got 10 seconds rich I think mike has one of mark's fans mark I want you to have my cheese try there we go Billy no stop it all right we are out of time good distraction good job to get out of it mark Sanchez everybody for over 40 years Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like Jim Ross and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on Grilling JR. Vince McMahon was the top heel in the Attitude Era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date we could have created a bigger or better heel now we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to Vince the Grilling JR podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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