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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 13, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 13, 2023 3:42 pm

Rich reacts to the Bulls’ play-in game win over the Raptors where all the talk afterward has been about whether the screams of DeMar DeRozan’s 9-year-old daughter from the stands made Toronto miss half their free throws down the stretch on the way to blowing a 19-point lead to Chicago. 

Rich explains why he backs Jets owner Woody Johnson pushing back on the Green Bay Packers asking for a first rounder from New York as part of the Aaron Rodgers trade. 

Rich reacts to Angels fans not showing up in droves for Shohei Ohtani’s home debut this season and says why such lukewarm fandom might result in him playing elsewhere next season.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live on the Roku Channel.

We're live in Los Angeles, California, and it is all good. All three hours is going to be a lot of fun right here on this program as we're waiting for Odell Beckham to be introduced as the newest Baltimore Raven. That's happening later on today here on this busy Thursday. We've got ourselves two elimination games in the NBA play-in tournament tonight. We got that going on. We got the NHL playoffs beginning. We've got Major League Baseball news going around.

The whole planet right now with Tampa Bay not losing a game to start the season and even 12-0 right now for them. NFL news a-popping. So much happening here on this program. Dan Campbell, the Detroit Lions head coach, is on this program. It's his birthday, and that's the way you should spend your birthday is by calling in to the Rich Eisen Show.

Albert Breer, I don't think it's his birthday, but he's calling in anyway. That's where we're rolling into this day on the Roku Channel again, which is free for you to go check out on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TVs. We're free on Amazon Fire TV and the Roku app and the We say hello to our terrestrial and satellite and streaming listening audiences on Sirius XM and Odyssey and the Cumulus Podcast Network. We say hello to those who are listening, whatever they darn well please at your right. How are you over there, Christopher Brockman? Good to see you. Great. Can't beat the Rays, but it's fine. DJ Mikey D is out. Jay Felley, good to see you, sir.

Hey, what's up? Congrats on the nominations. Thank you.

Same to you. Why are you wearing a Los Angeles Kings hat upside down? I don't understand this.

You know, it was a birthday gift from my girlfriend, and I was wondering the same thing, but I didn't want to ask. Just say thank you and move on. Yep.

Exactly. Which I will do as well. TJ Jefferson, the candles lit. Good to see you, sir. Good to be seeing you, Rich. How are you doing?

I am doing very well. You know what? This this world we live in, this is kind of crazy. And the sports world is even even crazier because you never know when a story is going to pop up. You never know what narrative might actually be discussed. You never know. You have no earthly idea what may possibly come your way, certainly when on a show like this one. What are we going to talk about today, right? Sometimes we come in here, we look at each other like, what's the talk about?

Mid-April. And you never know. Let's just take, for instance, the Toronto Raptors, let's just take them as a for instance, OK? And let's just figure out what's up with them all season long. And what's up with them all season long is a 500 basketball team. And right around the trade deadline, you're wondering, what are they going to do? You heard Fred Van Vliet was on the block.

He stayed. You heard they might break things up. And instead they add, they add Yaka Potel to the mix of OG Ananobi and Pascal Siakam and Fred Van Vliet and the young and talented Scotty Barnes.

And yet they just stay around 500 exactly, 41 and 41. What are they going to do? Are they going to pull the plug? Are they going to go for it? Are they going to go for it?

Are they going to pull the plug? They go for it and they make the play-in tournament and they make the play-in tournament and they host a play-in tournament game in the 9-10. And welcome to the Chicago Bulls team that's, you know, been down all year. And you're wondering what the hell is up when they got Zach Lavine and they got DeMar DeRozan and Billy Donovan's their guy. And they got, you know, Vucevich. You got Vucevich? Is that what we got right over there?

What do we got? Vucevich. Vucevich. Also Zach Lavine. You know, Vucevich, Vucevich. It's all the same.

You know who you're talking about. So this team is out there against the Raptors, right? Never know what's going to happen in this world. A Raptors team is up and down and they stay at 500, right? A Bulls team that you think can do very well and they don't. And they're now playing for the right to continue on in a road game in Miami to make the playoffs. After all season long.

You're wondering what's going on between these two teams and they finally show up. And a Raptors team that might trade away Fred Van Vliet and a Raptors team that might add or subtract. And they do add Jacopoel.

Jacopoel comes and they are only 500. But it comes time to now to play a playoff game. And who knew with all the moves that the Raptors were going to make and didn't. And the move that they did make and still wound up 500. And a Bulls team that did have two incredibly talented players or three or four.

And could only be the 10th seed. Who knew it would eventually come down to the shrieks of a nine year old? Who knew?

I knew you were going there. The entire season would boil down to a shrieking nine year old girl. Nine year old shrieking. If only her name was Emmanuel. Emmanuel shrieking. Showed up.

Nope. D.R. DeRozan. Now it's kind of crazy as you're watching this game and the Raptors are up by, wait for it, 19 points. They're up 19. And the Raptors are going to the free throw line again and again and again, 36 trips to the free throw line. And every single time they let loose on a free throw. And it's all quiet.

Every time a nine year old girl beneath the basket shrieks at the top of her lungs. And every time the Raptors take a free throw, they hear this. That is actually the scream. We were able to take it off of the game tape. That was recorded outside the arena, by the way. No, this is her. That's how loud it was. D.R. DeRozan's daughter, after, you know, a few times, ESPN actually started to find the source.

You heard at one point Mark Jones and, you know, say where where where is this coming from? And they zero in on her. And now the Raptors miss free throws. They took six thirty six shots from the free throw line and made only 18. And the 19 point lead evaporates and the Bulls win. And all we're talking about today isn't DeMar DeRozan or Zach Lavine. We're not talking about. The Bulls coming back and now going down to Miami, Miami versus the Bulls, a lot of star players on that court.

It's going to be fun tonight for the right to go face the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round on Friday. Pardon me. Here we go. So why are we talking about a nine year old girl shrieking? Because the Raptors missed half of their free throws. Last night, 18 or 36.

And I cannot believe we're coming in here today and the national conversation is, was this young girl right to do it or not? Let me just settle this. Let me settle this. These are professional basketball players. After the first few shrieks, you know, it's coming.

Make your free throws. I cannot believe that Fred Van Vliet would be looking in the mirror today and Nick Nurse, who, by the way, might have coached his last game with the Toronto Raptors. Seems likely that they're looking in the mirror today. And wondering if their season went down the tubes because of this.

Are they really doing that today? The sound in the mirror. If you want to stop the shrieking, make your free throws. The number of times as a parent that a child does something completely annoying. The way to make it stop is to ignore it.

If you pay attention to it, they're only going to do it louder and more often. Now, I understand you could sit there and say, well, Demar should just told his daughter, you know, like it's bad sportsmanship. And I'll be honest with you. I'll be honest with you. If my kid was doing that, I would tell him to stop doing it.

Not because of the effecting of the competition. I mean, could you imagine you're sitting next to that at a game, you're paying thousands of dollars and you're hearing somebody shrieking at the top of their lungs every single time. I would have done that. But be that as it may, if anybody's out there today saying that the Toronto Raptors lost because she's shrieking. Don't blow a 19 point lead at home. There's that score more two and three point baskets when the crowd is screaming and drowning out the shrieks of a nine year old girl.

How about that? I agree with you. Am I wrong?

Am I wrong? Make more twos and more threes or just make they lost by four. Make five more free throws.

Shoot 64 percent instead of 50 percent. Wow. I cannot believe that's the national conversation. And I kind of feel like there's there's a nine year old girl who's walking around right now. And she's kind of famous. You want a playoff game? Look, I mean, come on. Did she really win a playoff game?

Yes. Come on. Come on, man. How did she not come on? These guys were freaked out to shoot free throws.

Come on. Well, the first few times the first few times I would be freaked out thinking, has a young child lost their limb? Then the next few times I'd be like, who is this person? And take a look and go, oh, it's the Mars daughter. They all know that's tomorrow's daughter.

They all know that. After a while, they're probably asking on the bench, who is the girl who's shrieking? And they're probably like, that's tomorrow's daughter. So, you know, tomorrow's daughter shrieking when you're taking a free throw.

So make your free throw shot, because guess what will happen? She'll shut up. The minute she feels that she's being effective.

Is the minute she's going to shriek louder. Most of these guys are probably parents anyway. They know that. Number of times that my kids say this person's kids annoy me. Ignore them.

And if you don't want to see them celebrating in the end zone, don't let them score. It's that simple, isn't it? I can't believe we're having this national conversation today because it is being had. You told me that today. Everyone's talking about it.

I go on Twitter and see what the conversation is. That was crazy last night with ESPN Sports Center. Just had the young young lady on four different times. The Raptors were seventy eight and a half percent from the free throw line during the regular season. So and they shot 50 percent.

Don't tell me she wasn't a factor. Won the game. Lock down from the foul line. Get out of here.

It's ridiculous. She's not going to Miami, though, right? So what they said, DeMar DeRosa, DeMar said, no, he said, you can only miss one day of school to come to the game. No. And so, yeah, he says that now they're down. Oh, one. That was the one. Now you got to repeat what you did.

So, you know, the superstition kicks in. I cannot believe again that if if you believe that she did affect the play last night and you do believe this is the reason why the Raptors blew a 19 point lead at home. And if you do believe that, I cannot believe that as the Raptors are going through their season with the hand wringing over their roster and their coach's future and everything like that, that it really boiled down to a nine year old girl girl shrieking during their thirty six free throw attempts last night.

And it threw them off their game so significantly it cost them 18 points, five of which they could have used. That's nuts. And that's our sports world.

I can't believe it. So here's what we're going to do later on. Top five sports things that deserve to be shrieked about. OK, I'm in.

I got that for you later on. Eight, four, four, two or four. Rich is the number to dial if you want to chime in. What do you think should be shrieked at? By the way, Zach scored a thirty nine last night, too. I mean, so stop him.

Stop him. And the Bulls were weirdly trying to tank this year. And now they're going to make the playoffs. They're going to win in Miami.

There you go. Dan Campbell's going to join us. They just traded Jeff Acuda away for a fifth round draft choice and had Hendon hooker in. Lots to talk about with the head coach of the Detroit Lions, who I'm wondering if he's well aware that I hopped aboard the Honolulu Blue bandwagon and said the Lions are going to win the division.

Well, they are because they sent you some swag. They did. They're they're they're my March prediction of the year. Every year I'm going to make one prediction in March. Last year was such as you're not going to remind him how the Raiders won. Well, maybe.

I don't know. I'm not going to remind him of any of this. Let's see if he brings it up. Last time I saw him was at the combine when he was in the NFL Network booth and I told him, hey, I love Aiden Hutchinson.

He said he had a man crush on him when he drafted him. So when we come back, there is news on the Rogers Jets front and Packers front will hit on that. Some Major League Baseball to keep an eye on first pitch between the Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays less than an hour away. The Tampa Bay Rays going for a Baker's dozen in a row to start the season.

And you've got to figure they're getting it because they're going against one of the worst teams in baseball. That is inaccurate. What? Wait a minute. Trying to see that.

No. What's going on with you? What do you mean?

What's going on with me? We scored the third most runs in Major League Baseball. Oh, yeah. OK. All right. My bad. Sorry. Just looking at it.

Stats and facts. Just looking at it. No, no. Just looking at it.

No. Yankees are a few games ahead in the standings. Your season's not over.

Just two weeks. We've actually scored more runs than the Yankees this year. Oh, OK. That sounds good. I'm just looking at the at the runs and the wins and losses.

I'm looking at that. Right. It's my bad, bro. You do this every year. What am I doing?

Look at the standings in April. And you're like, oh, no, it's good. It's going to play out.

That's right. It's OK. I'm sprinting every now and then. And while I'm marathoning, it's OK. Wow.

But there is something that happened to baseball a couple of nights ago here in Southern California involving Ohtani. I want to hit up. That's later on in this first hour when we come back, the Jets, Packers, Rogers news. And my opinion on on what's now placed out there for all of us to chew on. Albert Breer will help us consume all that in hour number two.

Eight, four, four, two or four. Rich number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. Back with more in a moment. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating, itching or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat, no to protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

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I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft. That's slash Rich Eisen Show and slash Rich Eisen Show from the Combine to the Draft sponsored by Noble. Charles Robinson of Yahoo.

Yahoo. He went on a local radio show, I believe, in Wisconsin yesterday and said the latest snag actually put a fine point on the latest. You call it a snag or the reason why the Jets and the Packers have gone to their separate corners for for the moment is that the compensation that was on the table for Rogers. That the Packers were willing to accept and apparently the Jets, one would assume, talent evaluation team and general manager, potentially, was willing to accept, brought to Woody Johnson, the owner of the Jets, saying this is the latest and Woody was the one who said no. And according to Charles, I thought it was a second round pick. One of the two from that the Jets have the Jets have their own forty third overall and then one from Cleveland, forty second overall that they just acquired in a trade that involved Elijah Moore, the second round choice from just a couple of years ago that didn't pan out in New York for various reasons. And at any rate, I thought it would be one of those two that the Packers would have and then a sliding scale of a. Of a choice in 2024 that could reach as high as a one if the Jets reach a certain level in the playoffs and if Rogers is playing for. But what came back, according to Charles Robinson, a third round selection in this year's draft and then a flat out one in 2024, whichever doesn't matter where it is for the Jets, it's it belongs to Green Bay first round choice next year. And Woody Johnson said no. And according to Charles Robinson, the reason why would he said no is he heard Rogers on McAfee's show talking about how prior to going into his darkness retreat. Said he was, in his mind, 90 percent retired.

And that. Caused Woody to. Reject a first round selection. In this trade in 2024, because what if Rogers plays one year and then all of a sudden has that 90 percent feeling again?

How can we guarantee that he's going to play in 2024 if he left 2022 going into 2023, thinking that's it? And then he needed to spend time with himself and his thoughts. And as Roger said on on Pat's show on that day, which is over a month ago, if I'm not mistaken. I think that date was March 13th.

Right around then month ago. Where he said he spent some time thinking about retiring and he spent an entire day thinking about playing, and he came back out and he thought, I'm going to play and then reached for his phone and checked back in with civilization only to see that the Packers were shopping him, which is a notion that Brian Gudekunz pushed back on at the owner's meeting. And. If all of this is, in fact, the case, and whenever I say that, it does sound like I'm questioning the reporting, and Charles is a terrific reporter. So I'm not questioning it. I do have to just basically come out and say, since Roger says most of everything that's been reported about him.

Is nonsense to the point where there's now a new T-shirt that Schefter is, I guess, wearing around town saying lose my number. And so if this is, in fact, the case. I say.

Way to go, Woody. Stand. Firm hold, as I said, from Braveheart. Hold. Yes, sir.

Hold. Because he's not wrong. And part of his concern isn't just Roger saying 90 percent retired.

His concern is. Look at the Denver Broncos. And they traded all those picks for a quarterback. That had such a disastrous first year with them. The team that traded him away.

Is choosing fifth overall in this draft. That's how bad a season Ross had, and they had to bounce their coach and to remind him of that. Situation.

All he's got to do. Is look within the room at one of the guys, tell him, let's bring in Rogers. The offensive coordinator was the coach. Yeah, so there's an actual personal physical human embodiment of how poorly the last huge ass trade involving the most recent one involving a quarterback.

That's on the hook for tens of millions of dollars, hundreds potentially. Now, Sean Payton has been brought in and won hopes for Denver's sake and for Russ's sake, that it was just a bad brew and mix roster. New coach, quarterback and new place.

It was such a bad brew that it can be fixed and it will be worth. The squeeze for the Broncos orange to have made that trade, but if you're Woody Johnson, you're like, OK, so let me get this right. We're going to trade draft capital this year.

Third, second, what have you. OK, cool with that. But the next year is definitely a one. No matter what Rogers does this year, no matter if Rogers plays next year, it's a one no matter what.

Hell, yeah, I would say. To my general manager and everyone else, there's the drawing board. Go back to it.

Go back to it. Because I, I, I know what he wants to make a splash, he has said it. And I know what he wants, Aaron Rodgers, for sure. I'm sure he's been thinking about it since the Super Bowl, since right around then, since the season ended. Is it possible to get Rodgers? Can we get make a splash? They didn't even I mean, they kicked the tires on Derek Carr and told him he could be a Hall of Famer coming here.

But I think Carr and everyone else will tell you they were they were targeting Aaron Rodgers from jump. But I totally understand the Jets not doing that, and I'm not sitting here as a fan saying, just do it, Woody. We're so desperate.

It's been so terrible for 50 years. By the way, I can think I just imitated myself with that. Doofus voice. I might have just done that.

I might have doofus to myself. I'm not sitting here saying that. Would you give up a one no matter what with Rodgers?

Of course not. But for next year, for next year, I wouldn't give up a one for him this year and I wouldn't give up a one for him next year. I would give up a one for him next year if he plays and they reach the divisional round. Right. Because at least, you know, if he reaches the divisional round, that means that they're the one seed right off the bat.

Probably not the case. Or they've made the playoffs and they won a game. Which I would think would lead Rodgers with such a positive vibe. That he would, if he emerges from the season successfully, professionally and personally. The experience in New York City was so successful to that tune, he would come back if his body feels that way. But he said himself, he had to go through a workout of a week's worth of workouts to see how he feels. You want the guarantee that he's going to play the two years.

I mean, that would be worth the first round. But how can you guarantee? How can he guarantee you that? He cannot guarantee you that. How does he feel physically, mentally? I mean, it's a friggin grind that he's gone through.

Next year, it's 20 years. Oh, mentally, he said that he was 90 percent retired. He admitted that. That he needed to go through a process. He needed to work out. Who knew that the, you know, when he went on McAfee Show, the first blush reaction to so many in this industry was, well, he just blew it for the Jets because he just gave all the leverage to the Packers.

And who knew that his comments on McAfee Show roosted in New York in this manner? That's what's holding it up right now. And I don't blame Woody Johnson for thinking that. Doesn't matter what he might have told you over dinner in Malibu.

And it doesn't matter what the coaching staff is telling you right now about let's win right now or the general managers win right now. Because Woody feels the same damn way. But Favre once told him I wanted to come and he used it sort of as a pass through to go to Minnesota. And Mark Murphy had the same thing happen to him. Oh, yeah, we'll send him to the Jets. Because we don't want him lining up in Minnesota.

He did anyway. And both of those guys, no doubt, still feel the burn from that. Even though, you know, Rogers won the Super Bowl a couple of years later and the Jets made the next two championship games after Favre left. But be that as it may, you know, will Zach Wilson turn into the next Mark Sanchez? And the team is built well enough that all he's got to do is game manage them to the AFC championship game, only to get their asses beat by this year's this millennium's version of Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Is that enough to give up a first round pick? For a guy that might not be there after a year, that's what happened with Favre. I don't blame Woody Johnson for feeling this way.

And I would say, come on, how come they not figure this whole thing out? You get to a championship game, it's a one. You get to the playoffs at all, it's a one. You get to the divisional round, it's a one. If it's a Super Bowl appearance, well then, you know, let the good times roll.

But sliding scale it, man, and then figure out what 2024 looks like based on 2023. And set some sort of a construct, if you can, with Rogers that he's got to let you know by the new league year if he's coming back. And Rogers will let you know by 2024's new league year if he's coming back. If he's not, that's another way if he wants to stick it to the Packers. And I'm sure the Packers are like, well, you know, he could stick it to us and say he's not playing. And then what happens if he says he's not playing? And then our draft choice is less than and he comes back after the draft and says I want to play.

Let's figure it out, you know, let's figure it out, get in a room and figure the whole damn thing out. If this is exactly what it is. But I wouldn't just say it's lock it in, first round pick in 2024. No way.

No way, no how. You don't know, what if Rogers gets hurt? What if the year is successful but he just says, you know what, I just don't want to do it anymore.

Which is his right and totally possible. Twenty years in the league is a long ass time. So, way to go, Woody.

Stand firm. I wonder how many jet fans feel that way. I was going to say, you never thought you'd be praising Woody for a competent move like that. It's been a long, it's been a long 12 years. I mean, the Buffalo Sabres last night got eliminated from playoff contention. The reason why I bring that up now is they have now matched the Jets for the longest playoff drought in North American sports. That's the current longest playoff drought streak in North American sports. Now that the Sacramento Kings are getting set to play their first playoff game after a 12 year drought. Coming up this weekend against the defending NBA champs in Golden State. So, it's been a long time and I understand that this isn't happening fast enough for a lot of people.

But there are inflection points. There is the draft this year. There is the training camp season. There is the absolute drop dead date of September 1 by which the Packers will have to pay Aaron Rodgers.

There is the offseason workout program. Which, by the way, Rodgers is supposed to be at next week. Does he show? Oh my god, does he show? No. Okay, does he show for the first minicamp in May? If he's still on the Packers? Yeah.

Does he show at the mandatory minicamp in June? Uh huh. The deal's not done then. No, no, of course not. Why not?

We already said he's not going to play for them anymore. But what if he's just like, you know what I feel like doing? I feel like showing up to the offseason workout program.

So it doesn't get fined? No. I feel like showing up to the offseason. What if he decides this? I feel like showing up to the Green Bay offseason workout program. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to work out. I'm going to work out. I'm going to go into the workout area and workout room.

The gymnasium. He's going to go there. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to try and put up a few reps of 225. And put that pec muscle in jeopardy. That bicep muscle in jeopardy. Oh, ooh, my arm. My arm, ooh.

Pull a whole caddish out. Oh, my arm, my arm. Feels like it could be broken.

Suddenly that $60 million is now guaranteed, is it not? I'm a walking injury settlement. Does he show up like Ben Roethlisberger? Like a boot?

I don't know. He shows up healthy. And then like, oh, I need a boot.

And then the shoulder's wrapped. Come on. Man, that was cold blooded. This is it.

Oh, man. It's on the line, pal. It's time for gamesmanship, clearly. And it is time to cut nuts. It's time.

Because he's going to want what he wants. And the Packers and the Jets can't come to terms just yet. And I believe midnight is the third round of the NFL Draft. If the third round choices is on the table and the Packers are willing to accept it, I think they probably would are willing to accept a third round pick this year because the one's guaranteed for the next.

If it's a sliding scale of a first round selection or second or third round selection in 2024 based on performance, based on him playing or not, then I think it's a two this year. That said, Friday night of the draft, when I'm sitting there on NFL Network with Joel Klatt, Charles Davis, Daniel Jeremiah and the rest of the NFL Network crew is at every single facility and we are rolling and you are hopefully watching. I will be keeping an eye on that transaction wire, because if Aaron Rodgers is still a Packer by the end of Friday night of the draft.

Well, then it's definitely time to cut nuts and Rodgers can walk in and just say, oh, do you really want me working out with you and being on your cap no matter what? Is that what you want me to do? You want me to show up in May? You want me to show up in June? Oh, OK. You want me to see you still value me as a member of the Green Bay Packers after I've announced my intentions?

Got it. That said, I do believe this is like the there's going to be a lot of games of chicken this week, next week. Albert Breer is going to join us top of our number two, eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. Something involved Otani this week that just jumped out at me. Jumped out at me and I want to hit that, too, because that's the story of the summer. If Otani doesn't sign a long term deal between now and then.

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For full important safety information, visit Juvederm dot com. Albert Breer is going to be joining us shortly with all the latest. He had some interesting reporting on Bill O'Brien's challenge going to New England now and Mac Jones. And I'm wondering if the Texans really would consider not taking a quarterback at two. And if that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if Mac Jones would be a target for them by the end of that draft, if the Patriots are ready to just pitch it and be done with him. I wouldn't be surprised about that. I mean, there's so many moving parts and so many possibles. Albert Breer is going to join us in a moment.

844-204 Rich being the number to dial. What I'm about to say might be unfair. I will say that.

And when I tweeted it out, I got some pushback from some folks here in Southern California. Molly Knight has been on the show and she's terrific talking baseball and covering baseball. She's got a great substack. She was in Angel Stadium.

She was in Orange County for Otani's first start at home for the Angels. Now, Otani, this just in, in case you need an update, is incredible. He is, you know, that might actually be downgrading how great he is. Yeah.

OK. He's once in a lifetime. He is once in a lifetime. He is a unicorn.

He is. And you could say, well, Rich, we've seen Babe Ruth before. Well, I don't think Babe was a pitcher slash hitter for as long as Otani has been doing it so far. And that many people around this are Babe Ruth.

I understand that. Yep. And Otani did what he did in the World Baseball Classic. And everybody certainly in Southern California saw that because he did it against their best hitter. And maybe one of the best all around players prior to Otani's arrival in Southern California in baseball and Mike Trout. And Shoei Otani had two terrific starts on the mound this year on the road. This was his first start.

Southern California. And Molly put this photograph up on her Twitter feed. And you look at the stadium and to call it half fill, half full is very optimistic. Now, this was. Let's let's put it all out there. This was during warm ups. Keep it up there if you don't mind, Mike.

It's during warm ups and it's at six thirty at night. So good luck. You probably if you came from the city of Los Angeles, because again, these are the Los Angeles Angels, don't forget. If you came from the actual city of Los Angeles for everybody who lives around the country.

And this is a national story. What I'm about to say here. OK, I'm going to tie it all together. Coming from the city of Los Angeles to make a six thirty start, you would probably have to leave your house around four o'clock to make it.

OK, to like park, ask and see, get everything done that you need to get done. So you're there for first pitch and let's be fair to the Lakers were playing their play in game against the Timberwolves. And again, these are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. No, they're just the Los Angeles Angels. They used to be L.A. of A.A. or whatever of Anaheim, the Los Angeles Angels. OK, this is this is a Laker town or a Laker area, if you want to include Orange County. All right.

Stretches. So now just for let's just for people who might travel around the country, let's let's let's that would be, you know, including what it would it be saying you're including Fort Lauderdale as the city of Miami, right? Would you say you're including Arlington as the city of Dallas?

Would you say I don't know. What would you say for Chicago? Choose choose something that would take you two hours to go to, even though the crow flies a little shorter. I mean, that's like living in Maine and going to Boston. Is it that far? No, it's an hour and forty five minute drive to Boston from my mom's house. Well, that's that's is that not as the crow flies, that's that's even without traffic like Leadfoot. I mean, this is this is about forty five miles at any rate. I'm just trying to be as generous as I possibly can before I say. Come on. This crowd, again, it got more filled.

I think the official attendance was twenty seven thousand and change, right? For Otani's first start, this guy is the unicorn of Major League Baseball. And this is important. It really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter unless it matters to Otani.

Does it matter to Otani? Because I will tell you this. I was in New York City when Dwight Gooden was doing what he was doing, and I wasn't even a Met fan. And I went to those games. It was a circus when he pitched when it was a good game. It was time to go to Shea Stadium.

I just use that as an example, because Dwight Gooden was so generationally brilliant and different when he was doing his stuff and he wasn't even hitting. OK, so I guarantee you that doesn't happen in New York. It wouldn't happen.

It wouldn't even happen. The Dodger Stadium just up the road. It wouldn't happen in San Diego. Slam Diego, where they sold out their first four games against the Colorado Rockies, because again, this is the Washington Nationals. It's not like they do have a draw.

This is a terrible road draw on top of just trying to be beneficial to the doubt. But if it matters to Otani, because he's going to go around the country and people are going to show up when he shows up on the mound in a place like, say, Boston, where, by the way, his next start is the Monday morning of Marathon Day. And Fenway Pack is going to be packed.

Correct. And if when he when he pitches in Yankee Stadium, I don't know if the Angels visit the Mets this year. He goes to Shea, Wrigley. He goes around the country, Atlanta.

Even Atlanta, which, as you know, is occasionally fan challenged or has has that reputation. Does it matter? Does he want to pitch in front of big crowds? Does it matter to him? If it doesn't, he'll resign with the Angels.

Doesn't matter. Or this is what he wants. Does he want to have less pressure? He just wants to play ball. That's all. Doesn't need forty seven thousand there. People going crazy and showing up because he's so special. That's the key for me about Otani.

Does this matter to him? Because it was a terrible draw. Again, first pitch, six thirty.

It is a real. Dreadful, trust me, experience trying to get to those games at six thirty at night. And. And it was a Laker night and it's the Washington Nationals and it's early in the season.

I totally get it. But to me and again, this may be a total bias where I'm from, that wouldn't matter in New York City at all. I wonder what the crowd looked like at, say, like seven fifty, twenty seven thousand max, forty seven thousand people at the game.

There will be twenty seven thousand in Fenway Park, in Citi Field, in Yankee Stadium, in San Francisco. Come on. Really? Yeah.

Easier to get to. I get it. I mean, I get it.

I'm just pointing it all out. Because when push comes to shove, Otani's on the mound and there's a ton of empty seats he's looking at. And when he's gone on the mound on Monday, what a circus atmosphere that will be in Boston. Does he want it? Does he like it? Does he revel in it?

Does he does he. Will he sat sit there and go, huh? This is a bit different vibe than my last start.

Kind of want to pitch here more often. Will that happen? May not matter.

But to me, that's the key. And will the Angels fans show up? Because to me. I'm a diehard fan and he's pitching. I'm a casual fan. He's pitching. I might be making more out of it than that needs to be made.
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