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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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March 15, 2023 6:10 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 15, 2023 6:10 am

Moves & trades galore on the second day of NFL Legal Tampering | A whiparound the night of NBA action | Damian Lillard says he hates the current NBA.


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Subscribe to Nerd Wallet's Smart Money Podcast today. I will never understand why Jay makes me choose between sour milk or anything other that's just disgusting. Why would you make me drink something like that? That's gross. The choice is yours. No, it's not.

Neither would be my choice. I would go thirsty if that was the case. But yeah, when I was a kid, I had a bit of a potty mouth. But even if I didn't have a potty mouth, mom's idea of a potty mouth was calling someone stupid.

So she was very strict. But there was one time I used the word A double curvy roads and mom washed my mouth out with soap. Like actually?

Like actually. I remember we were living in Georgia at the time and it was the most disgusting taste ever. Have you ever tried soap?

Unfortunately, yeah. Like it's got in my mouth. How did you eat soap? Oh.

Yeah. I don't mean like in the shower. I mean you actually had to eat the soap. No, I don't think I've bitten into soap. Oh yeah, she made me eat the soap. Do you remember what flavor? No, it was just a nasty bar of soap.

Generic? Probably we were poor, so I wouldn't say we had any kind of fancy soap. Anyway, so yes, that was that was her attempt to get me to stop using words that she told me not to use. Gosh, I forgot all about that. I can remember exactly where I was though.

I can see where I was as a kid. We had an outdoor kind of sink thing and she made me wash my mouth out with soap. So gross. It didn't work by the way. Oh my gosh.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. I think that would be considered child abuse now. Not allowed to do anything like that now. Anyway, mom was pretty strict. She was, she had very high standards, but what I've come to find out is high standards, high expectations generally mean that you have a high level of confidence or belief in someone. You believe they can meet those expectations, so you refuse to lower your standards. You don't have to lower your standards. That's how I feel when a coach or a quarterback or a point guard or really a manager, an owner has high expectations for his or her team.

It's because they believe the potential is there and can't stand to see their team's underachieving. So to that end, we are still waiting. I don't even tell you what we're waiting on anymore. You just know what we're waiting on now.

So the question, this is my question. Even as I tell you that I'm really over this and I'm going to bed this afternoon, I'm, well it's this morning, I am not paying any attention. So someone send me a text or a tweet and let me know what Aaron has to say on his weekly appearance with McAfee.

Here's what I think though. It's his first one since the darkness retreat, is it not? Because he went on his darkness retreat and then I believe McAfee went on vacation.

And so this is the first time that we will have heard from Roger. So I'm pretty sure that the number two topic of conversation will be the darkness retreat. No, he talked about it on the Aubrey Marcus podcast, but he hasn't been on the air with Pat McAfee to talk about the darkness retreat. And how many people actually listened to the Aubrey Marcus podcast?

I don't know. But he, I remember listening to the last appearance on McAfee before Rogers took off and before he decided he was, or before he headed to his darkness retreat. And he promised them stories. He promised them video. He even said, I'll make sure you have access to the video, right?

So we don't have any decision. We know he's going to be on McAfee today. I know that I'm going to be, I'm going to try drugs again. I didn't work yesterday. I'm going to try drugs again and see if I can sleep through it. I just want it to be over. Someone wake me when it's over. That should have been the deal. I should have said I'm going to sleep until the decision is over. Wouldn't that have been amazing? It would have been weeks and weeks of just blissful sleep. I need a darkness retreat right about now myself.

Oh goodness. When I woke up on Tuesday, if I'm awake for more than five minutes without getting back to sleep, I start to get really stressed about it. And then my brain starts going.

And because we were getting snow on Tuesday, it was really bright outside too. And so generally once I wake up and my eyes see the light, it's just a lot harder to get back to sleep. When my brain starts to play mind games with me. Oh, if you don't get back to sleep now, you'll never get back to sleep. Oh, the dog's going to have to be up soon.

Oh, this is it. You're going to be so exhausted later. This is what my brain does to me. Why is my brain my enemy?

Why? Why doesn't my brain like me? I ask myself that sometimes.

Oh my gosh. You ask yourself why my brain doesn't like me? Not your brain per se, but you know.

My brain doesn't like you either, actually. So the question is not so much if Rogers is playing for the Packers again, or if Rogers going to the Jets. That's pretty much a done deal. If you, if you care about the timing, I guess that's the thing now. It could take a little bit while they work out. And the various nuances of a contract, there's a lot of money involved, obviously. And now Rogers has a wish list that he's given to the Jets.

It seems like they're willing to bend over backward. And so I wouldn't say it's a matter of if. It's a matter of when. There's not a snowball's chance in hell he's retiring. There's no way that he's retiring. And so he will be a Jet sooner rather than later. Maybe he tells us why, but I don't even know if it's his decision.

I think he can see the writing on the wall pretty clearly. And while the Packers would like it to be his decision so that it's more of an amicable parting, Rogers is fairly clear that they would prefer to move in a different direction. It's just a matter of whether or not Aaron wants to put it on them or wants to take ownership of it. But the move is coming at a time when the Packers are ready to move on.

I mean, the irony, I just, I can't get over the irony of how all the things, everything played out in 2008 so similarly with the Packers and Brett Favre moving to Aaron Rogers. So we don't have that decision. Don't know if we'll get it today.

He may continue to say the timing is important and you'll get a decision soon, but let's just be frank. It's happening. How many of his former Packer teammates will join him with the Jets?

Don't know. But at least Allen Lazard has already committed to the Jets and Nathaniel Hackett's there as the offensive coordinator. It stands to reason that if the Jets are going to give Lazard a bunch of money and that if he's comfortable in that system, and certainly the Jets can use him to fill a need. He's a big physical receiver. He's not, I don't want to say short and speedy. Is that, is that, does that sound, I don't mean to be insulting, but you've got receivers that are shorter and fleet of foot and speedy. Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore are not big guys. They're, they're not real physical receivers. Not to call them short.

How tall are they? Jay's looking it up. He's Googling it. But Lazard is 6'4, 6'5 and he's, he's big. He'll fight you for the football. Garrett Wilson is six foot. Exactly.

Yeah. So he's six foot. What about Elijah? Elijah is 5'10. All right. So what, I don't mean to call them short, but shorter.

How about that? Not 6'5. Not 6'5. And they're fast. You know, we're talking about guys who can get up and down the field. And so Lazard is a different type of a receiver. Definitely fills a need for the Jets.

Plus Nathaniel Hackett is there. Now I can't tell you what came first, the chicken or the egg. I can't tell you what came first, the chicken or the wishlist. That part I don't know. Did Lazard intend to side with the Jets? Were the Jets going after Lazard before Aaron Rodgers wishlist became public?

Don't know. You can spin it whichever way you want. Either way, Lazard is a domino that drops and I think is a safety net. Well, not a safety net. It's a comfort for both Nathaniel Hackett as well as for Aaron Rodgers. But he also wants Odell Beckham Jr., which I find fascinating. And this is not from the Aaron Rodgers perspective, but from the Jets perspective. Because everybody in New York watched what happened with OBJ and the Giants. Maybe he's a different guy now. He's got a Super Bowl ring now.

He's gone through another injury. Is that something the Jets want to do? Because you're going to have to fork out a bunch of money. They're already trying to clear cap space just for Aaron. How do they find the money to sign Odell Beckham Jr. or Mercedes Lewis, which probably is more of a veteran minimum, or Randall Cobb?

How do you find the money for these guys when you barely have enough? Well, you don't have enough cap space for Aaron Rodgers right now. You're already wanting the Packers to pick up some of that. I did hear though that Lazard, there's another team involved there who's, I think that's what I read, there's likely picking up some of that money. Anyway, the Jets are doing what they can.

Bending over backward as much as they can. So, no wait, I think I got that wrong. Who's the receiver? Yeah, he's a free agent, right? That's not a trade. That's a free agent agreement. But there's a, nevermind. It's somewhere in the nether regions of my brain. There's another receiver that is changing teams where the money is being worked out to help a salary cap. And there's a third team involved that's picking up some of the money in exchange for, I guess it would be a draft pick.

It's gonna pop into my brain at some point. There's so much happening. Actually, to that end, if you guys missed the exchange on NFL Network yesterday that went viral, it was really funny. So the video is out there, but the audio is just as funny. Just so you know that right now there's so much happening in the NFL that even the most experienced broadcasters will end up doing things like forgetting to attach their microphones. So Tom Pelissero was on NFL Network along with Andrew Siciliano and Ian Rappaport. So it's Andrew, Ian, and Tom. But apparently, I don't know if it was not that long ago when it was, Mike Garofalo actually did the same thing that Tom did in starting to deliver a report without wearing his microphone.

Right, a splash for the Dallas Cowboys who are acquiring five-time Pro Bowl. Tom, microphone. There it is. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I remember Garofalo did this when he broke the Odell Beckham Jr. trade years ago.

I always said that was the dumbest thing I've ever seen on TV. Take a breath. Now this is it. Here we go. You reset. Take two. Three, two, one.

This thing on? Hey, Tom, that's the dumbest thing I ever saw on TV. Good break, though. That was a good break. Oh, man. Well, now we've topped it, Mike.

We've officially topped it. Take three. Stephon Gilmore to the Dallas Cowboys. So Andrew Siciliano's trying to get Tom to breathe because he's so locked into what he's trying to do and he won't stop and then Garofalo pops up because he also did it a couple years ago with Odell Beckham Jr. Man, it was a long day for anybody who works in the NFL and certainly for the guys on NFL network. But my favorite thing I've ever seen on TV.

Siciliano was one of my Syracuse classmates and he makes me laugh in this moment. Take a breath. Take a breath. Try to commandeer the situation. Take two. Three, two, one. Anyway, it happens to the best of us. So, yes, I got that detail somewhere. It's one detail and I can't remember who, but I'll remember or somebody can find me on Twitter, A-Law Radio. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. This thing on?

No, it's not. Those are some good drops though. The question of Rogers is still out there, but I actually feel like that's not even the most important move that was made in New York yesterday and I'm referring to the Lazard and trying to clear the room for Rogers cronies. We call him his entourage. Clear the space for Rogers entourage to make it into New York. To me, the piece that wasn't getting nearly as much attention is Darren Waller to the Giants. This is a massive move for New York football and while Rogers continues to languish with making his announcement and the Jets and Packers are still trying to get that deal done, to me, this Waller move to the Giants is a lightning rod. This is huge and they only had to give up a third round pick to get him, which I think is also pretty amazing.

I know Waller has had a lot of injuries. That's true, but he also had back-to-back 1,000 yard receiving seasons, actually over a thousand yards in back-to-back years and here's something I discovered while I was reading about this deal. Even though he's been injured, he's still third among NFL tight ends in both catches and yards since 2019. When he's out there, he is highly productive. Also a big body, great talent.

We've seen what he can do with hands and body control. We had some amazing catches for the Raiders this season. So yes, health is a concern, but man, what an upgrade for the Giants at tight end. So I think this is massive for Brian Deball and Daniel Jones even as the Giants have determined that he's their franchise quarterback. To me, that move wasn't getting nearly as much attention as it should have in the New York market because it's all about Aaron Rodgers.

Gah! It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. I also think that the Austin Eckler trade potential is huge. It's just weird how this time last year the AFC West seemed to be going all in and now you've got these major pieces that are moving in different directions and getting out of that division. But what about Austin Eckler too?

Because you're seeing Josh Jacobs is tagged. We know the Broncos, they're waiting on Javonte Williams to get healthy, but they also brought in Samajee Piran, formerly of the Bengals. So Sean Payton's kind of showing us what they want to do to help out Russell Wilson.

The Chiefs, we know their situation. Great situation this year with Isaiah Pacheco, who was a huge piece of, well, great second half for him. When they put him on the field in a role that was more integral to their offense, he soared.

He excelled in that role. So then you think about the Chargers and Eckler wanting this trade, not wanting to be there if they can't pay him what he feels like he's worth. And so they're going to be the odd team out when it comes to running backs. But Mark Ross of NFL Network is looking at where Eckler could end up. I would love to see him in Cincinnati with the Cincinnati Bengals.

I mean, you talk about Samajee Piranha-Freeza. We don't know Joe Mixon if he's going to be a cap cut. They're kind of, you know, looking at Joe Burrow contract coming up, but they're sitting fifth in the league in cap space.

All the other teams are struggling teams. This is a team that we know they were a step away from winning the Super Bowl and a step away from getting there this year. You put this guy in with that offense and Joe Burrow, it's just going to take that offense to a whole another level. So that's Mark Ross with the piano in the background. I'm sure he's playing the piano as well on NFL Network.

So that's interesting, right? If P. Rhine, well, P. Rhine vacated that spot and ends up there in Denver in the AFC West, could Eckler have a chance to win the Super Bowl? Head to Cincinnati. They're already tremendous on offense. Can you imagine adding Austin Eckler?

I guess I put the wrong one on. 18 touchdowns last year. 18 and he led the NFL in yards after catch. He's a weapon. I just don't know if the Chargers should get into his trade request. I kind of feel like they should say, sorry man, you're playing here like it or not. You're playing here.

You're playing nowhere. Look at a scorned girlfriend. You either, well, not really a scorned girlfriend. It's more about the boyfriend saying like you're either with me or you're nowhere. Ooh, that's very dark.

This is what I get for using the race relationship analogies. Yeah, it's not, I don't think it's a done deal because if I'm the Chargers, I wouldn't give him up. All of a sudden you're then definitely at a disadvantage when it comes to that position. All right, so the AFC West is in a weird spot this year. Last year they were going all in. This year pieces moving everywhere. Our poll, by the way, that we had put up about Jimmy Garoppolo, whether or not he's an upgrade at the quarterback position for the Raiders, just ended.

So just ended in the last couple of minutes. Overwhelmingly, and this is on both Twitter and Facebook, we were inundated with your votes. Nearly 57% of you say that Garoppolo is not an upgraded quarterback over Derek Carr. Oh, Josh McDaniels. Remember when Josh McDaniels got into a, we'll call it a peeing on the fire hydrant contest with his quarterback in Denver, Jay Cutler, and then promptly traded him away?

Then didn't like the way that Brandon Marshall handed his business and promptly traded him away, too? Are we still looking at that Josh McDaniels? The head coach in Vegas now?

That's not good. He definitely has a wrecking ball. He brings it in and just just wrecks everything. All right, well, you all don't happen to think that Garoppolo is an upgrade. I personally think if he takes care of the football, he's a game manager, yes, but he can be an above average game manager and teams win when he plays. The biggest question for me with Garoppolo is not his effectiveness, it's whether or not he can stay healthy. This is what I hope for him. It's what I hope for him. All right, so on Twitter and Facebook, you can still weigh in if you want to about either that question, if he's an upgrade for the Raiders, or we're asking you when Aaron Rodgers ends up with the Jets.

However, that looks on paper. Are they the best team in the AFC East? I say no. Again, this is all on paper, but I still say the Bills are a better team for a lot of reasons.

They've been together now. They have a better coaching staff, again, a cohesive coaching staff, even though Brian Deball left. This is an established culture and foundation for Buffalo, and while they have not taken advantage of their opportunities, they're still a damn good football team, and they're not a new team.

Constant change equals constant losing. The Jets have been in that space for a long time, until their culture is changed and I feel good about it, or until it's stable. The last we knew Robert Solon was on the hot seat going into 2023, so I still say the Bills are a better team. So you can answer that question on Twitter, after our CBS, or on our Facebook page. It's our hump show. Jay got our candy stash stolen. I don't know what's happening, and he also skipped out on asking me anything.

Wow, I mean, are you going the way of Aaron Rodgers? You're just gonna go radio silent here? What happened to our candy? Where's our candy? Did you break into the locker?

Yeah, I'm trying to commandeer it. I love that someone reached out to you and said, hey, I'll send you candy. Did you give him our address?

Oh, of course. What kind of candy is he sending us? I don't know. We'll find out Monday, he said.

Expect a package on Monday. It better not be anthrax covered candy. You're trying it first.

Now it's like out there. You're eating it first. It could be a disgruntled listener who hates me. You better watch out. Be careful what you accept from listeners is all I'm saying.

Is there any sort of test we can run on it before? We'll give it to the guy who promised you that there would be a candy locker, and then as it turns out, there was no candy locker. It was just him stealing your candy. Our candy. We'll give it to him. Put it in there. He can try the candy. No, we're not putting it in there. Have you not learned your lesson with the candy locker? It's anthrax candy. We need to get him to try the anthrax candy first. All right, we'll make that happen. All right, coming up, you're not going to believe what Damian Lillard says about today's NBA.

He actually doesn't like it. And the Nuggets, they're dovetailing. They're going in there. They're spiraling downward.

But we do have a team that's made the playoffs. It's all that. We're going to pack it in the next two minutes.

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Search for NCAA March Madness right here in the Odyssey app to get started. You're listening to the After Hours Podcast. Here's Ingles lobbing the pass inside. It's Lopez gliding through the defense and laying it in up close. A 10 point lead for the Bucks. Ingles being swarmed gets it to Lopez.

He feeds the right wing. Catch and shoot three. J Crowder delivers the dagger against his old team with 1.23 to play here in the fourth. Paul's got it into the front court. He'll pass it away. Wayne Wright's got it. He'll hold on.

And there's the final horn. And the Bucks are going to come away with another hard earned win tonight. They pick up win number 50 tonight. Clinch a spot in the playoffs. The first team of the league to do that with a 1.16 to 1.04 win. Breaking a four game losing streak here from the desert in Phoenix.

We just mentioned it in the coach's locker room. You know to appreciate this. You know making the playoffs in this league is hard.

You should never take anything for granted. And I'm probably you know we have a you know special team and you know our focus and our effort and our you know kind of desire to just keep getting better. Sometimes just I forget about you know celebrating and I need to improve. I need to get better.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Mike Budenholzer congratulations. He's going to celebrate.

Sounds like he's celebrating doesn't he? The Bucks clinching the postseason berth at their 50th win. In fact the first team in the NBA to lock up the playoffs with a fourth quarter rally in Phoenix. Giannis another huge game. 36 points 11 rebounds 8 assists. A call with Dave Cain on Bucks radio.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. Now you know that the Bucks have the best record because they are the first to clinch a playoff spot. Well in the west the top team is going the wrong way. So the Denver Nuggets have not only not clinched a playoff spot but right now they're playing some of the worst basketball of the entire season. There is only a four game gap between the Nuggets and the Grizzlies. What was a foregone conclusion the top seed in the west is no longer a gimme for the Nuggets and Mike Malone watched these Nuggets give up 49 points. A franchise record 49 points to the Raptors in the first not half quarter last night.

49 points scored against the Nuggets in the first quarter of a game last night. They have fallen below 500 away from Denver. Just told our players that's we've gotten away from who we are. We have success for a reason and it wasn't the offense. The offense was a byproduct of the defense. The last four games were the worst defense in the NBA by far.

Oh. And if we want that to change we have to have a hell of a lot more urgency. I think we're showing up thinking hey we're going to be all right and you know I knew it this morning when I told our guys when we met they've lost three in a row we've lost three in a row.

Something's got to give and they they dominated us in that first quarter. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for us. I love the fact we're facing adversity because I'm going to find out a lot a lot about guys in that locker room. I'm here.

I'm going to be here today, tomorrow, the day after. I ain't going anywhere and I'm going to find some guys that are ready to fight with me because right now we're just in chill mode and you can't be in chill mode with 13 games to go in the season. We got to try to find a way to get our swagger back and get back to playing Denver Nugget basketball. I love this from Mike Malone for so many reasons. Number one he is unafraid to call out these professionals. You are professional basketball players. You are not taking care of your business. You are not taking care of your business. He's not going to sugarcoat it.

He's not calling out individuals but he is saying that is the worst defense that we have played all season long and in fact he said it's the worst defense that the NBA has seen over the last four games. I told these guys you can't just show up and think you're going to win but then he also indicates I'm here for the duration. I'm here for the long haul.

I'm going to be here today and tomorrow. I'm not going anywhere. We're in it and I kind of feel like I would want to play for Mike Malone after that little speech but again he doesn't sugarcoat it for his team. He doesn't say it's no big deal.

That is a big deal. You don't want to be playing this crappy when you're getting close to the playoffs especially a team that underachieved last year and what's been the knock on them? Their defense. They should be more intense on defense not the opposite.

So yeah they probably still end up with the number one seed maybe especially since the Grizzlies are without Ja Morant for likely the rest of the regular season if not beyond but good for him. Call them out. They got to know it's about to get to the point where you don't have a margin for error like you have. In fact you've given away most of your margin for error.

Not all of it but most of it. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Still the Western Conference is a total crapshoot really from three on down. The Lakers got I have to play this cut for you from John Ireland of the Lakers Radio Network. The Lakers got a win last night against the Pelicans but John Ireland he he kind of lays it out there the type of basketball that New Orleans was playing.

Russell moving right left handed player got the ball down low to Anthony Davis slam dunk. The Lakers look as good as they've looked all year. The Pelicans could not look worse.

Vanderbilt slam dunk timeout New Orleans. They look like dodo birds tonight. Yeah they are awful tonight and that that's not like them they're having a good season but right now they're down by 39 points. Reeves still dribbling one on one against Brandon Ingram three pointer by Austin Goode and that'll do it. The Pelicans could not look worse. They look like dodo birds tonight. Isn't that Michael Thomas or Thompson sorry that's Michael Thompson Clay's dad right he still does the color for John Ireland there on Lakers Radio. Yeah so the Lakers do get another win and essentially what we're looking at is it's getting more and more crowded in these standings.

It's it's pretty incredible well also incredible but crazy how knotted they are together. So as an update the Phoenix Suns who've dropped three in a row they are now at 37 and 32. Okay so they're sitting in the four spot but they've dropped three in a row. We don't know when Kevin Durant is returning.

Oh Kevin Durant we never knew ye in Phoenix. The Blazers are backpedaling they're going the wrong way but they're still not completely out of it but we'll just take the even the Pelicans last night after they've dropped this game they've only won three of their last ten so they are now out of that 7-10 tournament. They were in it for quite a while but now they're out of it from and they're sitting in the 12 spot. From the four spot to the 12 spot in the west four games separate those nine teams four games. So a little push here a little push there a slide here a slide there and man you're looking at a completely different setup a completely different lineup and certainly different playoff games as well. So it's what are we talking about oh there's 69-ish we're talking about 12-13 games to go 13-14 in that range so we're getting down to the nitty-gritty. The the Blazers are definitely going the wrong way they're becoming more and more of a long shot for that 7-10 tournament even.

They've lost four in a row seven of their last ten and Damian Lillard is actually speaking up about today's NBA and why he doesn't like it. I felt like shouting AMEN as I was listening to him talk. You'll hear that next it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Rogers is going to sit there and he's going to tell the Jets I like to get this this this this and this oh and by the way I know he's a pain in the ass but let's see if you get OBJ in here too. I'd love to have play with him I mean gee whiz enough we can Aaron Rodgers at least you know for once in his life a make a decision quickly and succinctly without being such a diva and just say you know what I'm going to the Jets they haven't won since Namath I'll see if I can help them make the postseason and make them relevant again and who knows make a run out of Super Bowl I'll give them two years everything I got can I do that before I sit there and start saying I got to have Randall Cobb you know who by the way Aaron is not Paul Hornig I mean geez. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Sirius XM NFL Radio or actually it's Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio right so for those of you don't know that's the original Mike and the Mad Dog well it's just it's just Mike now right just Mad Dog just Mad Dog so anyway it's uh it's not just us who are talking about it and honestly even though CBS Sports Radio headquarters is located in Manhattan we're not a New York station we we actually don't even have a New York affiliate that carries us full time but in New York it's all they're talking about so Jay and I are a little bit different in this respect because he's a New York sports fan he'll listen to more of the local New York sports radio I only listen to sports radio and I mean this in any market the only time I listen to other sports radio options is when I'm listening for a particular guest or interview there's a reason for that I don't listen to other sports radio because I need to A form my own opinions and B maintain my own style and I don't want to listen to other input because very often just as human beings we're influenced by whatever else we listen to or read or watch it's been my stance for 20 plus years now I I gotta do this on my own I'm not listening to someone else if we happen to have the same opinions fine but I need to express myself and have a style that's on my own so I really do avoid most sports radio unless I'm listening for a particular guest the other reason is you get burnt out on it will you do it for your career I don't I don't want to listen to it for fun for some reason well I think it's because Jay's much earlier in his career at some point I keep telling him trust me sports won't be nearly as much fun for you anymore and you won't enjoy listening to sports radio ever again at some point in your career you'll decide enough I do it at work I'm not doing it on my own time but Jay listens now still to New York sports radio and he actually said to me last night what you're so tired of it that you would rather I can't even listen to driving in driving home it's just it's been what two months now of just constant Aaron Rodgers to the Jets Rodgers to the Jets and it's just nothing's changed and it's just it's the I mean something's changed we we just don't have the yes it's a done deal but it's a done deal Jay it's happening but you said to me I'd rather listen to some random basketball game with people I don't even know then I've done that in the last few months I've thrown on just Oklahoma City Thunder's playing the Pistons okay sounds good better than Rogers talk but they're obsessed in New York they're literally obsessed with it and Mikey the mad dog or the mad dog sports radio which is now on Sirius XM it's not Mike anymore sorry it's mad dog but mad dog sports radio which is Sirius XM is also based in New York and he's a former New York guy and so just just one rant that is really indicative of what's happening in New York City right now it's crazy I'm just so thankful that when I leave here I can get away from it I'd rather listen to anything else I mean I do like politics I just don't happen to talk about them on the radio politics news I'd rather listen to a cooking show at this point I mean geez oh goodness I wonder actually wonder if anyone's asked Mike to weigh in Mike Francesca that's Mike to weigh in about Aaron Rodgers situation can I do that before I sit there and start saying I gotta have Randall Cobb you know who by the way uh uh Aaron is not Paul Hornig he's lost his mind a lot of New York people have lost their minds over this now it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio real big congratulations to both Texas A&M Corpus Christi the Islanders who won their first ever NCAA tournament game in Dayton last night edging southeast Missouri state and they're the Red Hawks those Islanders over the Red Hawks really neat when a school first gets this taste of victory in March Madness it means so much to especially smaller schools smaller campuses it means a ton to uh schools as they try to recruit spoke with the Drake head coach Darren DeVries earlier and he was talking about what a lift it is to have both the Drake men and women into the NCAA tournament because right now they're also deep into recruiting high school basketball seasons are either over or they're in their post-seasons as well and so they've got a lot of recruits that are visiting campus and it's a big deal when your team is on national tv and when you can say to them hey it's our second NCAA tournament appearance since I took over as the head coach so congratulations to Texas A&M Corpus Christi their first ever in school history and also Pitt the Pitt Panthers have not won a men's NCAA tournament game since 2014 they were able to edge the Mississippi State Bulldogs so those are your two games last night in the first four two more tonight before we launch forward into Thursday and Madness it's after hours on CBS sports radio I promised you Damian Lillard and I'm going to end with this because this is fascinating to me he was doing a podcast well the podcast that JJ Redick hosts it's called the old man old man in the three and Damian Lillard is I mean he's committed to Portland he seems to find joy in playing basketball he's never wanted to leave there and go somewhere else he actually I think is going to rattle some cages here with what he had to say to JJ about how the league has changed a ton the NBA I play in now is not the NBA that I came into and I expect it to evolve everything is is constantly changing but like I feel like I play for the love of the game like I want to I want the competition I want to know what it feels like to win I want to see my teammates do well I want to see my teammates get paid you know like I enjoy the the bonding part of it like we spend more time with each other than anybody but now it's like that don't count regular season don't count get a ring you know what I'm saying like who this guy's the MVP this guy did this he the first it's like bro what like what is this stuff like what is this you know what I'm saying like I and I don't want this ain't even I don't want to make it about my situation but I was talking after a game like a week ago and I was just like there's asking me about dang but like to win a ring and I'm like bro I don't need to prove to y'all that I want to win a ring why the hell do I play like I don't need to prove that to y'all but we cannot keep acting like while I understand we play to win championships we all want to win the championship we can't keep acting like nothing matters like the rest of the stuff the journey doesn't matter we can't keep doing that you know I'm saying so I feel like there are so many ways that the league is different I just don't I don't know if I don't know if I'm if I can just play a long long time because I don't I don't enjoy what what the NBA as a whole is becoming how about that quite an indictment of the NBA and of the product now and so while he doesn't specify there are a couple of things to come to mind when he says it's all about winning a championship and somehow it doesn't matter what you do in the regular season two things came to mind for me first of all this trend in the NBA where everyone plays with his BFF and and that's kind of what I think of when Dame says it's become so much about championships that it doesn't matter what you do during the regular season who cares who cares how many people get traded who many who cares how many teams you play for who cares how many times you jump ship who cares thank you KD that's exactly what I was referring to perfect timing he says we can't keep acting like nothing else matters except for winning a ring regardless of your loyalty and your fan base and some of the other elements that seemed to matter before and then I thought load management that's the other piece of it that comes to mind when he says the NBA no longer seems to care about the actual season or the journey instead we evaluate players based on how many rings they've won and so whatever path they took to get there it doesn't matter I think that's really interesting and there's more apparently this podcast old man in the three this is just snippets of it the entire podcast is supposed to drop on Wednesday yeah it's it's all about the rings and yes the ring is the thing the ring is the bling but he makes a great point the means to an end the means has become something that he doesn't enjoy that he doesn't enjoy that he doesn't appreciate that isn't like anymore all right survive your home show we're back tonight it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio boom
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