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3-8-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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March 8, 2023 6:10 am

3-8-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 8, 2023 6:10 am

A whip-around the night of NBA action | Gonzaga Bulldogs win their 4th-straight WCC Championship. Tony DeAngelo with a cheap shot on Corey Perry. | QB News.


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Subscribe to NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast. Good morning to you. Happy Wednesday to you. Happy hump show to those of you who celebrate.

Why wouldn't you celebrate? It's the middle show of the work week. I know I haven't been here all week, but I do feel good about returning.

This is the benefit of recharging, rejuvenating, resting. Sports will always be with us, as in always. They'll always be something to talk about. But it's good for broadcasters to take time away, especially as we get ready to hit the gas for a busy spring season. Of course, March Madness on the horizon, and that refers to not just College Hoops and pretty much everything. But while we're talking about College Hoops, yes, Selection Sunday is coming up. And so we'll have our special Sunday night show to go over brackets and some of the trends from this year's Selection show and our set up to March Madness. And this time next week, how about that? This time next week will be on the eve of the four most popular days on the calendar for College Hoops fans.

Really, you don't have to be a college, probably gamblers too, you don't have to be a College Hoop fan to enjoy what comes up next week. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So we're looking forward to it, starting to make some plans. Glad to have you alongside. And yes, I feel reenergized and ready to go. I definitely miss the work. When I get back, I recognize again how much I love what I do and how blessed I am to be able to have a job that I love so much. I also really love vacation where I'm in bed before 11 and don't have to think about what's happening.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Thank you for some of your kind words about not just my visit to Texas and how much you missed me. It's always nice to be missed, but also there are some photos up. I'm getting ready to put some more photos up from the fishing expedition. I was at times dropping my pole to take photos of what was a breathtaking sunset. I'm not sure my date felt the same way, but he was he was definitely impressed by the photos. So I guess there's that.

You know me, though, I can't resist an incredible photo, especially when the clouds are the subject. So I'll put some of those up. I did just put a post up and Jay and I just put a post up on Facebook, at least finally. So that's that's fun.

We accomplished that. And so you'll get a chance to check that out. Also, later in the day, I'll come back to some of your questions for Ask Amy Anything. We got over oh gosh, we got over one hundred and twenty questions, so it's impossible to ask them all.

But I will go back and answer as many as I can quickly. So thank you for finding us on social, both Twitter and Facebook. We're glad to connect with you. We have our YouTube channel as well.

You know, our podcast is always available every weekday morning. I actually had to fill out this questionnaire from the company about our social media. And it was funny because the only ones they highlighted were Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Insta. And we don't do TikTok or Insta primarily because it's a repeat of what we do everywhere else, but also because I do not have any more time. I spend multiple hours a day during the day.

I don't even mean here at work. Two hours per day on social media, just keeping up with it, posting our podcast, responding to people, previewing what we have coming up. And this is some responsibility that I've taken on since we lost our second producer. Jay and I kind of divvy up the responsibilities. And so that's something that I do now. And I just can't handle more than two Twitters, more than two Facebooks, a YouTube channel, a podcast, a blog.

I just can't do it. And so I had to cut it off somewhere. So this is where you can find us. But yeah, I was a little bit disappointed, Jay, that they didn't offer a YouTube option because our YouTube channel is now inching its way toward that magical mark where you will have to eat broccoli.

We're close and it's not right of them. No, they need to include YouTube in there. They do need to include YouTube. So instead we're promoting it. You all know that we have completely different content on our YouTube channel.

It's not show material, although every now and then we'll put up an interview. But for the most part, it's different videos that Jay and I do under duress. I would say he coerces me into doing YouTube videos. He loves YouTube videos in lieu of getting paid because he doesn't. This is how we keep him happy is we do more YouTube videos.

Not that inaccurate. Anyway, one more thing I will say about my date, which was great on Monday. I somehow don't ask me how I regretted it instantly after it came out of my mouth, mentioned our YouTube channel. I think we were talking about social media and I was saying how much it's a love hate relationship.

Right. So I may have mentioned YouTube and then I quickly said, don't watch it. Oh, well, now I'm going to watch it, he said. I should have just let it go by without highlighting it.

But like the spaz that I am, I instantly followed up with, oh, don't watch that. Instantly went home and went back to the page. You think? Yeah. I don't know.

He had the real thing. Why do you need to worry about watching the YouTube channel where, you know, you can just talk to me. You don't have to worry about the YouTube channel.

Correct. So anyway, we'll see if I never hear from him again. I suspect the YouTube channel is the culprit. If we get a subscriber, but you don't hear from him.

And I guess we'll know. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. It was an emotional night in Los Angeles where Powell Gasol's number was retired, hung in the rafters alongside those of Kobe Bryant's. And for those of you who didn't see it, I would encourage you to go back and to watch the ceremony.

Why? Because there were a-listers there. Celebrities, to be sure. And also Vanessa Bryant, who did a video tribute to Powell Gasol, a teammate of Kobe's. It was Vanessa's first appearance inside the arena since Kobe's memorial service. She smiled. She clapped.

But I'm sure there was pain there as well. She did it because she knew that her late husband loved Powell Gasol. In fact, at the Oscars in 2018, Kobe had this to say about his teammate with whom he went to three consecutive NBA finals and won two rings. When he retires, he will have his number in the rafters next to mine. The reality is I don't win those championships without Powell. The senior of L.A. doesn't have those two championships without Powell Gasol. We know that. Everybody knows that. And I really look forward to the day when he's there giving his speech at center court in front of all the fans who have supported him over the years.

So it's going to be an awesome night. I can't go on without talking about the person in the face that I don't see. The brother that elevated me, inspired me, challenged me to be a better player, just to be a better man overall. I miss him. I miss him so much, like many of us do. I love him. I wish he was here with Gigi.

I really do. But I think he'll be proud. And he was looking forward to this moment.

So I love you, brother. One of the more emotional moments there inside the arena as Powell Gasol's number was retired. So he played with multiple other teams, actually started with the Memphis Grizzlies, and that was the opponent last night in L.A. But the journey that he describes as he talks about his number being raised to the ceiling is pretty incredible. As a kid growing up in Spain, I had a dream. I wanted to become a basketball player, play in the NBA.

I never in a million years could think that a day like this could have come with such a huge honor, being amongst those great individuals in this amazing franchise. So it just tells you that, you know, just never set any limitations to what you can do, what you can achieve. Just put in the work.

Push yourself every day. Be the best that you can be. Congratulations to Powell Gasol, halftime ceremony, retiring his number, a two-time champion alongside Kobe, the Rookie of the Year in 01-02, four-time All-NBA roster, and also a six-time All-Star. And it was really cool to see him back there with his family now.

He has two young kids, so his wife and his older daughter. She was cute. She was in blonde curls and proud of her daddy and then his wife holding their other child and standing next to Vanessa and a who's who list inside that arena, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and, of course, members of the Lakers. His brother Mark was there as well.

And so it was kind of neat to take that walk down memory lane. There was a game to play. The Lakers are trying to get into that 7-10 tournament without LeBron James.

But you know what? Anthony Davis to the rescue yet again. The Grizzlies seem to have the edge in the fourth quarter until the Lakers put together a sizable run, including eight consecutive points. With 3.40 to go, every possession is important.

Crowd chanting, let's go Lakers. Austin Reeves has got it. Reeves dribbles left. Reeves down the middle, got it to Schroeder. Schroeder's 15-footer, good! 107-103, Lakers by four. Austin Reeves dribbling behind the three-point line, right side with five to shoot. Troy Brown for three. That's good!

Troy Brown! That's the score! Now can they get the stop? A 17-4 fourth quarter run, they did in fact get the stop. The Grizzlies, they faded in the fourth quarter like they often do. It's become a thing for them in the second half on the road.

We had a chance to speak with Eric Haseltine, who called the action for the Grizzlies radio network. And he said they are not only a woeful road team, but a lot of it can be traced to their struggles in the fourth quarter where they seemingly fade how many times. They had an open look for three last night and could not get it to drop.

They could not cash in. So three losses in a row now for the Grizzlies. And this one again is because of the fourth quarter's struggles as well as their struggles on the road. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis, 30 points, 22 rebounds, and also a Band-Aid on his nose because he got popped before half.

And he was bloody. Managed to stay out there and play hurt. You can see it's still bleeding, but we've got to win basketball games. Do whatever I can to come out and compete every night and help this team get victories. You know it will be all right. We've got two days to kind of recuperate and make sure it's still in place.

But I'll be all right. He was awesome, man. He's just inspired everything we've gone through all season. He's been, like I said before, he's been a solid rock. He proved it again tonight. He wants to be out there with his teammates.

He wants to be out there fighting. So the Lakers, they are right now surging even without LeBron James, which is impressive. Don't know how long he's going to be out, but they put themselves now in the number nine spot. And with that win last night, they broke a four-way tie with the Pelicans, the Thunder, and the Blazers. Those three teams are 31-34. The Lakers are 32-34. They've won seven of their last ten. You've also got the Jazz that are hovering there as well. It's so tight in the west with, gosh, 16-17 games to go for most of these teams.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. As for the Grizzlies, they slip back into a second place tie with the Sacramento Kings. How about that? We don't talk about the Kings enough.

We're going to have to do that soon. But the Kings have caught them because the Grizzlies are sliding backward. And yes, Ja Morant is the major story around the Grizz. Their superstar guard is away from the team for what has been termed an indefinite period of time. It's a learning experience, yeah.

I get it. He's maturing. He's trying to figure out his way.

But he's made some very poor choices, not just for him personally, but he has put his team in an awful position. He's put the league in a tough position by posting a video on Instagram Live. It was a livestream of him in a Denver area nightclub brandishing what appeared to be a weapon, appeared to be a gun. This is him on a video stream. Why? Why would you do that? To me, you don't have to be mature to recognize that you do not put a video up that everyone is going to see.

It's going to go viral. I don't care if you're drunk. I don't care if you're not.

In fact, if you are planning on drinking, how about put down the phone and don't have a gun? He's put his team in such an awful position because, yes, they want to support him. They want him to be around. And I recognize the value of being in a team structure for the most part.

It's better for him than probably not being in a team structure. But the thing is there are NBA rules that prohibit having a weapon when you're traveling with the team for obvious reasons. There are also Colorado gun laws.

And where did this come from? And did it come across state lines? Did he have it on the team plane? Even if the answers are no, no, and no, it's not my gun, you still force the league to investigate. You force the team to, for now, put you on the shelf because this investigation is ongoing and there's also a police investigation. Again, you're the one that invited the scrutiny.

You're the one that invited everybody to see what you were doing. And in order to not appear, and this is the responsibility of the league and the authorities, but they can't play favorites just because he's an NBA superstar. They have to investigate. It could turn out it's nothing more than him. And I wouldn't be surprised if someone quote unquote takes one for the team and says that was my weapon, not Jaws. OK, so maybe it's not his and it just happened to be someone else's. And he thought it would be cool to wave it around in an Instagram video. Or maybe it's not him at all. Let's just say the video's doctored.

I don't I don't know if that's possible, but yeah. It's AI technology. It's doctored.

It's not actually him. Either way, he has to be away from the team because the Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA have to investigate and this legal inquiry has to run its course. There's no other option for the Grizzlies, which as I say, puts them in an awful position. I said it yesterday, it's a healing process. So if everyone expects something to change overnight, we know we've got to be due diligence and respectful in that. So we're talking about Jabi in a better place personally and also professionally, you know, so, you know, to put a timetable on things disrespectful, in my opinion, we want to make sure he's in a great place for himself, but also as a responsible teammate here. We're in touch with him every single day. It's staff.

It's teammates. He's still a huge part of what we do. You know, as I said the other day, we love him. We want what's best for him. We support him. So there's a level of support and there's definitely an element of accountability that we're having discussions about.

But again, I'm not going to comment on what those bars are going to be. Of course not. And with an ongoing investigation, you wouldn't expect the Grizzlies to say a whole lot. You hear from Taylor Jenkins, they support him. The whole disrespectful part is, I don't know, it's just a word that's kind of thrown in there. Jod was disrespectful to his employer and to the league. Actually, it's the other way around, probably to his teammates as well. But it is nice that the team is behind him.

That's the company line. Now we had Eric Hasseltine on the show earlier. He joined us live from L.A. because he's there following that game. They didn't travel last night.

And he can't comment on the legal investigation either. But what he did tell us is what's missing without Ja. And also another player that's missing that's leaving a huge hole for these Grizzlies who are fading right now. I mean Tyus Jones, he's one of the veterans. It's a young team.

But he's one of the vets. He's going to have to step up. And they don't have Ja right now in these fourth quarters where they collapse. It's different, but we've got to figure it out. We can't make excuses.

The reality of it right now is he's not here with us. So we've got to adjust. Yeah, there's nothing else that they can do. There's really nothing else that they can say. It's a bit of adversity that they hadn't faced a whole lot last year or even earlier this season.

They've got to figure it out. I guess there is at least solace in the fact that their next opponent has a worse road record than they do. That would be the defending champion Golden State Warriors who are, get this, 7 and 25 on the road.

7 and 25! And they've just dropped back to back games away from their own arena. This despite the fact that Steph Curry goes 10 of 16 from beyond the arc last night and has 40 points.

Instead they lose in Oklahoma City. He has 40. That's so frustrating for him. I'm always confident. That's why we show up.

But he'd like to have something to show for it at some point. So we've got another opportunity on Thursday against a great team that is probably going to be a wild atmosphere. And we've got to be ready for it.

But confidence never wavers. It's just frustrating at times when you can't get it done and have something that says we know how to win on the road with this particular team. So we've got another opportunity. I think it would be a miracle if this team actually challenged for even the West Finals. Forget the NBA Finals.

The opportunity to defend their title. Their problems on the road are so bad this season and their defense is really what's glaring when they're on the road. So here they are just two games above.500. They are tied with the Mavericks now. So same exact record.

Same winning percentage in what is the 5th and 6th spot. But they've got the Timberwolves and the Clippers hot on their heels. They have no margin for error and right now they're going into a matchup with the Grizzlies who also desperately need a win. So something's got to give coming up on Thursday.

What plan? Stupid? I think it's a nationally televised game. I could be wrong but I think it's a game on TNT if I remember correctly.

Which is where the Grizzlies Lakers game was last night. So that's coming up on Thursday. Alright we've got questions answered by the not so diminutive. Wait I did it again. Dimutive. Dimunitive. Wait diminutive.

No. I keep adding a syllable to the word. Dimunitive. Dimunitive.

No that's not how you pronounce it. Diminutive. Diminutive. There we are. Well we. Why do I keep adding a syllable?

I keep practicing thinking it's going to come out differently and it doesn't. So you know. The not so diminutive.

No that's not either. Dimunitive. Diminutive.

Sounds like a college. Welcome back Amy. It's Drew Timmy.

He's not any of those things. But he is now Gonzaga's all time leading scorer leading into selection Sunday. The Bulldogs and then in addition to that more QB news on the back end. Pete Carroll so happy to have Gino back in the fold and my thoughts on Derek Carr since I didn't have a chance to give them when he signed with Saints.

We know dominoes are dropping even as we get closer to the start of the NFL league year. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Good morning. Dimunitive.

Nope still can't do it. Dim. Dim. Dimunitive. Diminutive. See now Jay is even showing me up. I think you got it too.

It's one of those words it's stuck right now it's stuck. It's after hours CBS porch radio you are listening to goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them. The trick simply start with bite sized steps like goalies apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health or goalie ashwagandha gummies to help you relax restore and unwind.

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How do you want to handle that from a day to day basis, something I joke about with the young bucks all the time I said if you would vanity search Matt Hardy on Twitter I said after you got through 100 plows you want to quit the business and never, never be seen again. You just learn to deal with it, you know what I mean, it's the kick rocks wrestling podcast with Evan t max subscribe now on the Odyssey app or ever you get your podcast, the after hours podcast sweeps across the paint the hookshot comes up short Watson tips it out to be controls and off to Smith three good. Another assist for Timmy this time the Malachi Smith, the Zags have their biggest lead of the game forcing Randy Bennett to call a timeout five seconds on the clock, he dribbles shoots and sticks. The three point shot. Saxon retreated just a half a step too much Greg with a step back three and the Bulldogs eat at 5326 their biggest lead of the day, the Zags inbound. The Zags win. Four straight West Coast Conference tournament championships. 21 overall. The Zags do it in dominating fashion.

This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. Congratulations to the Gonzaga Bulldogs ranked in the top 10 still in the nation but not looking at a one seed more than likely that's Tom Hudson on Learfield as they wrap up their fourth consecutive West Coast Conference championship, and their 10th in 11 years under Mark few Gonzaga has a new all time leading scorer, and that is the diminutive diminutive. The thing is he's not so diminutive. There we go.

I did it. It's about emphasizing the second syllable diminutive, but it's the opposite of Drew. He's anti diminutive.

He's an it's an oxymoron to say diminutive drew. I got it Jay, I've been rattling it off and you're, you're unfazed by it all. I think you got it now.

You think I got it now. Now I'm thinking of the antonym. It's you dropping an SAT word. Nice. The antonym.

Very synonym or antonym. Okay, back to Gonzaga. With 18 points he becomes the all time leading scorer in Gonzaga history. The mustache, the headband, they're back, they're headed for March Madness, and along with Mark few there's still that quest to win the first title for few. They've gotten close, obviously, they've gotten the final four, they've gotten the championship. They've been disappointed, but they continue to beat down that door now with these four straight conference titles. I can't even describe it man just, you know, people want to count us out early we came in here as a two seed and it was nice to be an underdog for once it felt good and I'm leaving here four for four on championships baby that's what we do over here at GU baby. This team is has taken some flack this year, and they took some time for them to put their own stamp on this, but here they are.

They're 28 and five. They're regular season champions, and WCC conference tournament champions. Okay. That's what we do. Okay, and I'm telling you, I mean we've done this a lot here but I don't know if I've ever been as proud as a group collectively, you know from where we were to where we are now. Congratulations to the zags or Bulldogs whichever. I'm looking forward to it I'm rooting for them, I feel as though they've become a sentimental favorite, a little bit for those teams that don't have a rooting interest but also as you're filling out your bracket. There are teams that maybe give you the willies.

When you get to the tournament. Gonzaga has been one of those who's burned some people. Now again they've gotten to the championship game they've gotten to final fours. Now it's about closing the deal, it's about making sure that they don't squander another opportunity because Timmy is on his way out. And so, the way that he leads the team how much fun he brings to the court to the position the passion, of course the intensity, and yeah he's right for consecutive conference titles but what better way to end your college career than to shock the world. He called themselves, he called them underdogs.

That's funny, underdogs Gonzaga is definitely not that they're Bulldogs not underdogs, but I don't know that there'll be a favorite going into the tournament so here's an opportunity for them to come in, flying under the radar, a little bit. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. There was also a moment and Jay I don't have the numbers so you're going to have to either put them on the screen or tell me. There was also a moment last night in hockey that we believe is worth highlighting.

Now I would say if you are squeamish, or you have a weak stomach, then maybe you don't want to think about this particular moment. But there was an objection, because there was a literal hit below the belt. Tony D'Angelo received a major penalty so get thee behind me Satan and a game misconduct Why? Because he took a shot at Corey Perry below the belt, and not just, not just a shot, but he speared him with his stick.

Shouldn't that be, if you're a male, why would you ever do that to another male? So there was a hit to the little lightnings and Corey Perry, obviously fell to the ice in pain, right away, speared him. Jay, what type of punishment would you suggest for a defenseman, an NHL player, who gets paid to play hockey, using his stick as a weapon to hit an opponent below the belt? That to me is dirty, as in freaking dirty.

Yeah, there's no room for that in the game at all. I mean, we saw the Rangers, New York Rangers defenseman Keondre Miller, just got suspended three games last week for spitting. People, you know, he apologized, he said he didn't mean to, but he did it and he got suspended three games because there was a past president there with someone else spitting. This is, I don't know, I know spitting is disgusting, it's gross, I'll never say that's good. But it can't hurt someone.

Yeah, this is using your stick as a weapon. Right, oh gosh. Plus he's a multiple repeat offender in Tony D'Angelo, so. Yeah, this is not his first time, and so not his first time getting thrown out, not his first time with a type of hit that is questionable at best, and that's at best. I don't know that you can even, well, I guess, until we hear from him, until the NHL looks into this, but still, it appears nasty.

And John Tortorella, of course, is commenting, he always comments, but his thoughts after this move. I haven't seen, I haven't seen the clip what happened. Guys in the room said it's pretty obvious what happened. But that's the line you walk as far as going over the edge. I want him to have his personality, to have that competitiveness. You know, like a couple of guys that I did sit, I wish a little bit of that would rub off on them. But again, I haven't seen it, but I think he may have crossed the line, judging from what some of the other guys said.

So you got to be careful and easy to say. That's part of who Tony is, and I think he's done a pretty good job this year in staying on that line, competing, because he competes. Maybe he crossed it tonight, I got to look at the tape. Okay, so that was John Tortorella, who's coaching D'Angelo for the first time this season. So D'Angelo's new to the Flyers, and in the locker room afterwards, he said to reporters he intended, so that's the problem, he intended to give Corey Perry a shot, but did not mean to give him a shot where he did give him a shot. So he kind of points to this series of events, he tried to knock my stick out of my hand, he talks all game, I asked him to fight, he doesn't want to fight, so I meant to give him a shot. Replay looks worse.

That's what he said. I'll bet Corey Perry believes that the hit itself was worse than anything that might happen to D'Angelo. So Jay just waved at me. What do you got in there, Jay?

I got D'Angelo. Alright, let's hear it. He tried to slash my stick out of my hand the second beforehand.

He talks all game. So I asked him to fight, doesn't want to fight, he'll tell you that he's asked me to fight for years. I don't say no, so there's not much of an argument there, but I didn't look to, I wasn't trying to give him a shot. Replay probably looks a little bit worse than it was meant to be, but it is what it is. It took 30 punches on the ground, and when I get up they don't let me do what I got to do, so it's whatever.

Well, I would say your reputation precedes you there, Tony D'Angelo. So yes, he intended to give him a shot because Perry had been trying to slash at him with his stick earlier. It probably looks worse, that's what he said. I'm going to assume that the NHL is not necessarily on board with it probably looks worse, because I'm not sure Corey Perry would agree that there's anything worse than that.

That to me is a cheap shot, and your stick should be nowhere near the little lightning in this particular case. And the little thunders? Well, not this time, but yes, thank you, Tim Roy. Alright, on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page, Dimunitive.

See, it's all about where you place the emphasis, second syllable, Dimunitive. This time it's going to stick. Our Facebook page too, just put up a couple of pictures, thank you. We'll do some more, really, really love the sunset pictures I took while I was fishing. Well, I mean, I put the pole down so that I could take the photos. I'm not sure if that's poor fishing etiquette, to leave the pole down on the ground.

I never know when a fish might run away with it, or a turtle, or some seaweed. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Hurry back to throw, and it is, is it lost?

Oh my goodness, it's hot! DeAndre Hopkins caught it! Back from under center, steps back, throws the fake. Cooper cuts, got it, touchdown L.A. Burrow back to throw, looking, firing deep for Chase in the end zone.

He's got it! Touchdown! Joe Burrow in the Bengals. The Holmes fires for the end zone, caught, touchdown Kansas City. He's off the back door again, no, Herbert keeps it in zone, touchdown Chargers! Herbert with his second of the day. Here's the snap, Josh going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five, into the end zone, touchdown Buffalo! Josh Allen, nine yard touchdown run, the Bills respond and then some. It's time for QB News on After Hours.

As we hurdle our way toward the top of the hour the way that, oh I don't know, Derek Carr might hurdle the football. Not H-U-R-D-L-E, just so you know, I mean H-U-R-T-L-E, diminutive. No, diminutive. Crap. Yes, exactly.

Some guy just wrote me on Twitter and said, now you've got me trying to practice that word too. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You know the big news on Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens did in fact put the franchise tag on Lamar Jackson, but they're gambling with the non-exclusive tag. Actually all six players that were tagged on Tuesday before the deadline got the non-exclusive tag. Two things, the Ravens are done negotiating for now. They're willing to let another team negotiate.

You do the hard work because Lamar is stuck on getting a fully guaranteed deal. So now it's up to other teams to see if they can talk him down off that wall or if they can in fact decide. They can find the money to give him a fully guaranteed contract. In which case the Ravens are then willing to let him go. But if their gamble pays off and no other team is interested in giving him a fully guaranteed deal, then he returns a place for them at $32 million instead of $45 million, which would be the exclusive tag. So it's a gamble.

We often talk about players betting on themselves. Well in this case the Ravens are betting on the franchise and betting that the rest of the teams in the NFL will feel the same way they do about a fully guaranteed deal like what Deshaun Watson got. We know though the Giants avoided having to place the franchise tag on Daniel Jones because he gets a contract extension worth $40 million per year. And they're also then able to use their non-exclusive tag on Saquon Barkley. 1,300 rushing yards last year, 10 touchdowns in 16 games, and he'll make $10 million a year if they don't come to a long-term deal.

But awesome that they get to keep both of those weapons. So that's the big news coming with the franchise tag, also Josh Jacobs of the Raiders, and then Tony Pollard of the Cowboys getting franchise tagged. Let's move on then to another big story coming out of the NFC Beast now, is that Mike McCarthy is taking over as the play caller for the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott doing an interview with the Dallas Morning News, he's actually excited, full of anticipation for the change.

It's exciting for what's next, always optimistic. I know Mike's history in calling the plays has had a lot of success, so I'm excited for that. I know he's excited to get back into it, to dive into it, to be able to call the plays, and just to be so engaged, and so it's a change, but it's going to be good. At Kellen Moore, on to the Chargers, a lot of different coaches coming into the building with the Cowboys.

They did have a double figure win season last year, they made the playoffs, but of course they want to be able to go farther, not just a road win for the first time in 30 years, but back to the NFC Championship. Weirdly enough, people are talking about a contract extension for Dak, I do not understand that, they just gave him one. I would say it's not time for that yet, but he does believe that this is his only stop in the NFL. 100% I'm excited to be a Dallas Cowboys as I said, I always dreamed to be here, now that I'm here I don't expect to play for any other team, and now it's just about winning, so just trying to get that done, and just to hear, obviously as you say in the front office, looking forward to an extension, so when that time comes it will happen, with Stephen on it may just happen overnight, but when it happens it happens, it will be great. Referring to Stephen Jones there, Stephen and Jerry, as the brain trust for the Cowboys, and they write the paychecks, Dak Prescott on the Dallas Morning News expects to stay in Dallas, regardless of whether or not he gets an extension right now, very strange. I'm thinking Patrick Mahomes is probably in line for an extension, or for a raise of sorts before Dak Prescott would be.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. So that's inside the NFC beast, nothing new yet for Jalen Hurts, that will come as will the Joe Burrow extension, but those right now, not the breaking news, instead it's about the tags, and it's about Daniel Jones getting his contract, also about the fact that the Green Bay Packers are, well they've allowed Aaron Rodgers to speak with the Jets, otherwise it would be tampering, they are at least considering the possibility that a trade could be in the offing, how ironic that it may be the end of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, the same way that Brett Favre ended his run in Green Bay, two Hall of Fame quarterbacks back to back, would both get traded to the Jets? So Derek Carr obviously no longer an option for the Jets, they're putting on the full court press with Aaron, they've sent a contingent, including their owner, obviously Robert Sala, and then a guy with whom he is familiar, the new offensive coordinator in Nathaniel Hackett, who missed, of course misfired in Denver, one year as a head coach, I kind of wondered if Zach Wilson would also be part of the contingent, I don't know if that's going to work, or maybe Sauce Gardner, who promises to never pick off Aaron in practice, and also to burn his cheese head, if in fact Rodgers becomes a Jet, so not only does Rodgers have to talk to the Jets, but then he and the Packers would have to agree, they'd have to agree to work this out, but I was using the breakup analogy earlier, just maybe the Packers are sitting back watching, hoping that Rodgers will be the one who writes the Dear John letter, it's not you, it's me, I'd like to go on, let Rodgers be the one who decides, and yet in the background you're going, phew, we don't have to be the one who speaks up.

How could you possibly say that? Well you know, there's a lot of rumors out there, not from your inner circle of course, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio, Pete Carroll, and John Schneider, and the Seahawks get a deal done to keep Geno Smith as the starter for the Hawks. It was done really well, everybody stayed really on point, communication was great, the focus was there to get something done, and so we got it done in timely fashion, we were ahead of free agency, which we needed to do, and really everybody's thrilled about it.

The owner, Jodie was great about it all the way through, she gave John the freedom to do what he needed to do to make the deal, and visiting with her yesterday, she was really pleased and excited. She took a lot out of Geno's accomplishments last year and was really proud of him and excited for the future and moving on, so everybody's connected on it, so it's a good deal, a good deal for a club, and I think it sends a really good message too to everybody on the outside, this is a good place. Being around Geno and knowing the competitor that he is, and the person, the leader, the staff felt really good about him, he had played three games, all the guys, everybody that has coached him, the guys in New York, Ben McAdoo, they always spoke very highly of him, so to come into camp, have him competing with Drew, obviously he was ahead of Drew with the system and everything, and then Drew got sick, Drew got COVID and was supposed to start the second preseason game, and he literally couldn't go, he lost his legs in practice, and then we played on that short week at the end against Dallas, and he still didn't have his legs under him and made some throws he'd love to have back, but then once Pete named Geno the starter, it was amazing, and I always tell, I know I told you this Bruce, Pete has this amazing ability to instill confidence in people, and once he did it with Geno and named him the starter, after the Dallas game in front of the whole team, it was like Geno just took his whole leadership level, his confidence and his leadership levels to a different atmosphere.

That's what happens when you have people who believe in you, who give you an opportunity and know that you can do it, the confidence soars. That's on Sirius XM NFL radio, John Schneider on wanting Geno to return, Geno wanted to be there, we know he had said that publicly, and Pete Carroll before that on Seattle Sports 710. As for Derek Carr, of course he met with the Jets twice, they regarded him as a backup option, so he got the $150 million deal with the New Orleans Saints, and I like this for him, there's a great track record there, now it was with Sean Payton, not with Dennis Allen, but there's a track record there of not only an incredible fan base who will support him, Alvin Kamara's got his own legal issues, we don't know exactly what happens with Michael Thomas, we know that Carr can sling the football, can they give him targets, can they give him someone to throw to, I believe that he can bring some leadership, we're talking battle tested, a lot of adversity for Derek over the course of his career, it could mean a fresh start, not just for the franchise but for him as well, and he doesn't have to worry about the trade rumors anymore, right, that's been a constant with him in Las Vegas or Oakland, instead he can start fresh, and Drew Brees, a great example of what happened when this franchise took a flyer with Brees and gave him a chance to start fresh. Have a great Wednesday, we'll talk to you tonight, it's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. BOOM!
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