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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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February 22, 2023 6:31 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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February 22, 2023 6:31 am

Tom Izzo & Nate Oats handling difficult situations very differently / Milestones for multiple Oilers / Greg Norman making logical arguments on LIV vs PGA


Helping you get to the back end of the workweek.

Welcome to The Hump Show on After Hours. We get to the top of this mountain, we get to the middle point of the workweek and then at least we can see what's downhill in front of us and we can start to cruise down that mountain. Uh oh, guess what day it is?

This is the point at which we're not quite anticipating the weekend or maybe we are but it feels like it's uh it's not it's just it's gonna take forever. Guess what today is? It's Hump Day.

Getting you to the good half of your week. It's The Hump Show on After Hours. Well too late producer Carlos and I realized it wasn't AAA that we were talking about. Maybe I got into that mode because I have AAA. I've been a AAA member for years. AAA plus as a matter of fact but no AAA means Ask Amy Anything. Duh.

Of course. So I don't know how we missed that right in the middle of Ask Amy Anything but I've never seen it put like that before. I don't ever use the three A's as a shortened way to let you know that we've got Ask Amy Anything coming up. I've never used that before so I guess it I just didn't think about it so you know all of those people out there who were yelling at their radios or are furiously sending me tweets or Facebook posts. I've seen it on both our social media sites now. Whoopsie.

Duh. The duh is on me so yes AAA in this man's brain equals Ask Amy Anything. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence our Hump Show. I've already gone back to answer some of your questions. The ones that I can do quickly so if I didn't get to your question then I at some point may answer it in a future edition of The Hump Show.

But those were the ones that I could do as quickly as possible. Always glad to have you join us on this edition of the show because whew once we get through this one I launch you forward I shove you forward into your Wednesday your hump day and then we are closer to the weekend by the time we reconvene. Our phone number 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4CBS we'll see if we can clear some of these phone calls coming up but I wanted to start with the scene in East Lansing on Tuesday night. I admire Tom Izzo so much but I don't envy the situation that he is in as the face of Michigan State not just basketball a man who's been there for 40 years and there is no training there's no manual that tells you how to navigate a tragedy like this one where on Tuesday you had the third of the three students bury the funeral service that takes place after the campus shooting a week ago. Tom Izzo is authentic he's sincere he's open he's emotional he's compassionate he's passionate all of those qualities of this man make him beloved but also make him a good leader and teacher of young men in this case a good leader of a campus that is in desperate need of some type of hope and a path forward and I appreciate that Tom Izzo has been willing to put his basketball team in that space. He said last week that he felt like getting back on the basketball court would provide some healing and as we know it generally does work in sports that way I don't always know why it's hard to pinpoint it's emotional it's about our hearts it's about the unity it's about coming together for a common cause but it's also about a spark of joy it's about knowing that the man on your left or the woman on your right the classmate the teammate that you stand with and that you know you can see the faces you can hear the voices you're not alone so as they started the game with a moment of silence and an honoring of the victims the survivors the first responders there were tears there were tears before the game there were tears after the game ultimately the way that the Spartans and their fans represented the campus the way that Tom Izzo represents that community it's a step and as always he's the one that steps into this void right he's the one that is willing because he loves that campus so much because he loves the school so much because he loves his basketball players his teams that love kind of forces him to take the steps and before the game actually he was taking steps around the Michigan State campus I swear to you I was just happy for our people I really was I was happy for our team but I was happier for our students you know some of them are scared to go back into the classroom some of them are worried about going into the dorms some of them are you know I tried to walk the campus today I went for a walk in the cold my buddy wickens back there and you know just just want to make people feel comfortable you know and and I thought here's one two-hour period where maybe they forgot about all the things that they've had to deal with and they got a chance to enjoy and that's what sports sometimes can do it doesn't take away all the pain but it it's like a little aspirin maybe for a couple hours so I was just thinking those people and I just kept looking up at that top row you know El Maguire once said when the corners in an arena are filled you're okay you're good not easy there's no blueprint this is not part of your training when you become a coach but the fact that he is part of the fabric of Michigan State 40 years there and that he believes in the power of sports to heal as you hear him talk about and I know he uses the metaphor of a little aspirin but what he really means is some unity some togetherness some community what he really means is a little spark of joy and some healing and for him to take the initiative to not only walk around campus but to really encourage people to show up and then to laud the fans for supporting one another for being there the fact that this is far more than just a win and really the win is secondary I just think everybody did a hell of a job and most of all the fans students and the community I mean it was wasn't a nine o'clock crowd game wasn't a nine o'clock on a third on a Tuesday night crowd fans were unbelievable and you know I think it was I saw Louanna Simon the other day and she gave me that maybe a good quote she just told me you want to hug 15,000 people all the time I said yeah I do and even more than that she said well the way to hug 15,000 people is for your team to play well in front of them and I thought that was a damn good statement and I told my team that I said if you want to make people feel better and you want to you know give them a hug this is the way you give them a hug so I hope all 15,000 people enjoyed the hug you can hear the emotion in his voice right you can hear him get choked up even then his students or his players they started a little slowly as is fully understandable when you're talking about not only getting back on the basketball court after an extended stretch where they're not at home playing in front of their own fans but the emotional start right again the tears of your coach the moment of silence honoring the victims Tyson Walker and company they were able to shake off that slow start and to really absorb the emotion and the support of the crowd and have a great run they ended up winning over Indiana by 15 but it wasn't as much about the points or how they got there it was really about the wave of emotion that they could feel from the fans and he spoke about it after the fact too about you had one shot go in and then you just wanted more shots to go in so you could hear it and feel it I feel like every time a shot goes up and goes in the building is crazy you know it's like one of the best feelings to do so yeah this one does a great job so it's just like once you see the first one going like you just want to shoot the second one more and watch it go in yeah so Malik Hall with 10 points for the Spartans Tyson Walker he was really the spark for them offensively and they got back to basketball but it was so much more than basketball and honestly when you think about the role that sports can play and the part of the calendar that we're on right now for the Spartans where you're talking about soon getting into conference play and on into postseason it's distraction seems like such an odd word I don't love using it some of you say that to me when I feel so reluctant to talk about sports in the wake of a tragedy or a natural disaster and you all will say to me well we need a distraction we need something different and I just I it feels to me like sports don't matter and I would say the same thing about the Spartans win in this return to their home court the game itself didn't necessarily matter but the impact of playing this game mattered and I can't rave about the leadership of Tom Izzo enough even as he considers himself to be one of those people in East Lansing part of the community who needs to heal and and needs to to find a way to move forward together I am honored to be a part of something you know there's dates that you always remember unfortunately some of them are dates that are very negative and just the way it works but today was a day that I think people will remember and unfortunately last Monday was a day they'll remember I hope this one brought a little bit of a smile to some people's face hmm as if I could admire it more I know many of you feel the same way it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio so between the Spartans getting back on the basketball court and all of the emotion really the energy around that too and and that's credit to the fans a credit to the basketball team that went out there and played for their community between that and then the I would definitely say it was an emotional reaction a visceral reaction to the Alabama head coach Nate Oates choosing some I would say inappropriate words just words that I hope did not fit how he feels about what has happened with his basketball team he did later apologize and or not apologize but just say his his comments were unfortunate they they were a poor choice of words but for him and for the the basketball community to find out more details about what happened in Tuscaloosa last month so this is the shooting that took the life of a 23 year old mom it happened on the strip in Tuscaloosa late on a Saturday night we already know that Darius Miles and and Michael Davis they have been charged with capital murder that the trial hasn't begun yet this was a bond hearing their moms were there and both these players were reduced to tears and and they were denied bond but ultimately heard their mom speak about why they they wouldn't be a flight risk or why you know they would not take off again ultimately the bomb was denied but what happened was you had testimony from the law enforcement and the detectives who've been investigating and what was revealed in open court on Tuesday that not a lot of people knew although Nate Oates said he knew and the team knew is that their star freshman Brandon Miller is allegedly the one who took the gun to Darius Miles on that night according to police records and according to the testimony Miles texted Miller this this freshman phenom who leads the team in scoring and is expected to be a top five draft pick in the NBA whenever he comes out Miles texted him and said hey I need this gun bring it to me and so Miller did and then Miles provided the gun or then in turn handed the gun or told Davis where to get the gun that was ultimately fired and in this fatal shooting so there's a chain of custody here with the gun and the gun got there to the strip because his freshman brought it to Darius Miles and so Nate Oates is talking about it and again I feel like if he had another hundred opportunities to to address the situation maybe be a little more prepared but also he would never use these words again and so this really set the internet and social media all ablaze yesterday afternoon. Can't control everything anybody does outside of practice nobody knew that was gonna happen college kids are out Brandon hasn't been in any type of trouble nor has he in any type of trouble in this case like in the wrong spot at the wrong time so we'll address it when I'm sure NBA scouts last they do their homework but I think the article that it came out and also stated Brandon's been interviewed.

Just comes across tone deaf from start to finish in that cut the fact that it he said it was wrong spot wrong time is nah I mean I'm not telling you Brandon Miller was part of it or had any idea what Darius Miles was going to do with the gun but I would say that it doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to think if someone's asking for a loaded gun in a crowded place on a Saturday night that there is at least the potential for something to go horribly wrong and then the idea that things just happen people just out well Miller wasn't there and the gun wasn't there until he put himself there again this is not a referendum on Brandon Miller I don't know if the authorities will charge him at this point he's not been charged with any crime he's still part of the team they don't it sounds like they don't intend on making any changes the team meaning I don't know about law enforcement but that they don't have any more suspects that they feel like they've got the two people that they're going to charge that could change obviously moving forward but for him to skip ahead to the NBA draft and NBA scouts too is again comes across fairly tone deaf that doesn't matter and I don't know how the question was phrased but in that particular moment where you're talking about again a young woman's life and he has expressed remorse and sadness over that but you're speaking about a young woman's life and two players who have been charged with capital murder and how did the gun get there well your freshman was the one that took it and you're somehow incorporating that into oh well we'll explain it to the scouts that's not even remotely important in that moment at least in my opinion and so that was something that NATO it's ended up walking back and just agreeing that he had a poor choice of words and that it didn't come across the way that he intended it I can understand it's awkward like I was saying about Tom Izzo there's no manual to prepare you for these types of situations but maybe some scripted comments maybe or have someone write them for you or just say I have no comment it seems like he got caught off guard and wasn't really prepared and just it came out all wrong to be sure all right you can find me on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence milestone moment for the Edmonton Oilers what for all those people who love it when we drop some hockey nuggets and also we talked about this earlier there's there's been zero mention of Aaron Rodgers so no it's not that but there is this kind of idea of the domino effect and and what's the first domino to drop when we're looking at the NFL offseason which honestly will begin in Fuego in just a few days and we'll try to get to your calls too eight five five two one two four CBS it's after hours on CBS porch radio you are listening to the after hours podcast getting you to the good half of your week it's the hump show on after hours thanks for hanging out with us good morning to you did you know that a 1000 pound fragment of a meteor slammed down in Texas no I'm serious I'll share those details coming up I heard the report driving into work last night and I thought a thousand pounds holy cow it's a miracle that it didn't hit someone or something anyway I'll share the the news with you haven't heard it but Cliff has been waiting he's in Alabama Cliff welcome to after hours CBS porch radio hello Amy how are you doing I listen to you first time caller show every night I'm in law enforcement here in Alabama so I love your show well thank you for your service sir and before I say anything further about what I was calling about I don't want it just act like I have no remorse for the victim and their family on this I'm just calling it as a sports caller up after the fact so here in Alabama we're heartbroken these turned events has escalated into something more with Brandon Miller and another player on the team coming to get the way we finally got a good program here a good coach with Nate Oates I think he got a little bit of trouble on what he said because like you've been talking a lot about Tom Izzo tonight you know he's been coaching over 40 years and it's kind of NATO's first big coaching job and wow did he get slammed with a major incident here sure and he don't really have the experience of handling situations like this so I think sometimes he the lack of experience on these types of situations kind of gets him in trouble I don't think he meant anything he said I would agree with you I just think it was it was super awkward he I'm not sure he was prepared for it and maybe somebody should have given him a heads up that this had come out in court and that he was likely going to face questions of course because it's his star player and because Brandon's name was so prominent in court on Tuesday so yeah I would agree with you it's more inexperienced in the situation but also being unprepared it just sounded like he was unprepared when he faced those questions agree with you a hundred percent and he may end up losing his job or get suspended or whatnot you know that's how bad it is and probably Brandon Miller gets suspended the rest of the season I'm sorry did you say hopefully he does no probably he does probably okay looking like this is probably coming because all this new stuff that has come out or maybe not new but it seems like you know maybe the police may have been covering up some further stuff that could have possibly went on you know as far as what's been coming out down in here in Alabama of different news organizations that that yes Miles did call Brandon Miller he brought in the gun and in great detail the gun was loaded in one in the chamber and and different you know different words he used on that right and his his car his Dodge Charger was actually shot a couple times during this incident because you know they did return fire the guy in the car with the girl right right so he was on the scene some reports are even saying that possibly that they might have blocked the car in on the shooting that took place yeah because you know there's not been much further investigation and I kind of wanted to end it there well I can imagine I can imagine this this type of thing Emma I think it's right I'm just saying we know that it's happened before when it comes to high profile athletes sometimes there are people who are willing to cut corners or potentially look the other way but in his bond hearing you're right it seems like a lot of other details came out some of those that you've mentioned I hadn't heard or hadn't read but the fact that it's two players two players are at least involved and then this other man who is there on the strip but I I don't know that it should fall on Nate Oates because it's not like he you know it should he should be somehow you know implicated in that he's not a great coach or not a great leader because this happened because these are these are adult men who who have their own choices to make but sometimes it will it could come back to bite a coach for how he handles it in the aftermath and so I can imagine there's definitely more concern about that considering what Nate stepped into yesterday you're right amen I want to give you an example before I hang up is Barry Switzer when he coached at Oklahoma he referenced this way back then you can coach a college player at 18 years old or 20 years old right before they graduate whatever it is and if they do something wrong as a coach you're held accountable but they could go to the NFL the next year and be 21 years old and do the same thing and the NFL is not held accountable to the point where they're out of a job when they do something wrong the perfect example is Bill Belichick with Aaron Hernandez when he did the killing Bill Belichick wasn't held accountable to the point of losing his job at all no you're right and I don't think that very often comes back to to on the coaching staff it doesn't usually because those are considered to be adult males again who make their own decisions so you're right there's a there it's crazy that there's a line it could be days right you could be 20 versus 21 yeah and it just have to having turned 21 but you're treated so differently well it's a different atmosphere obviously these are college kids who spend the majority of their time together with their team with their coaches but yes you're right sometimes age has zero to do with it it's just it's about level of maturity I certainly hope that Brandon Miller at whatever point if law enforcement decides that he let's say he's only charged with a misdemeanor because he was he was in possession of a gun that was not his right and he carried it loaded into a crowded place you know the laws are different in every state but let's just say he gets charged with something like a misdemeanor I hope that this for him is a wake-up call because he does have a very bright future and this this is a situation that could have gotten a lot worse for him and and so I just I hope that it's something that he takes as a cautionary tale and recognizes he's got so much to lose and he shouldn't even be putting himself in these situations yes we're all hoping down here in Alabama that Brandon could clear his name on this and keep playing basketball and going have a great future and that he'll have a learning experience on this and all that and that's like I said that's the point I was trying to make I didn't want to take away from the victim and their family on this because I don't I don't want to seem like I don't I don't feel for them and I do greatly it's just that I don't want to see Brandon Miller go down either and I'm not just saying that because he's a great athlete but he has such a great future ahead of him I hope that everything works out for you and Amy I want to thank you for letting me for taking my call like I said I'm a long time listener I love your show I listen to you every single day thank you sir I appreciate that and again thank you for your service though I know you were calling as a fan in this instance thank you Amy all right have a good day be safe yeah it's a tough situation there's no right answer wrong answer but a lot of times what do we know public pressure tends to force an administration or force a school or even a team in the pro realm to make a move I don't believe this should come back on Nate Oates but I do believe he at least at this point but I do believe he has to be extremely careful about what he says because to talk about the NBA draft when you find out in court that your star freshman at the very least was moving a load it's just dangerous it's dangerous to move a loaded gun with a bullet in the chamber and to take it into a crowded place right what I just want to reiterate I'm not telling you that Brandon had any idea what was going to happen but it's dangerous to be in that situation anyway and and because he has so much to lose I hope that this is an opportunity for him to make better choices moving forward and that maybe it scares the crap out of him enough that he is much more careful and Nate Oates too he's got to be a little more sensitive and a little more professional when it comes to his comments in these situations that's the world we live in with high profile sports and athletes it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast behind the flyer net all the way across Nugent Hopkins to dry sidle scores! Leon dry sidle at a sharp angle has tied the game at two. Pucked back to the left wing point Kulak a rip a shot doesn't get through it gets into the slot area outside of the net scores! Connor McDavid banked it off of somebody in front of the net the Oilers have a 3-2 lead gets into the slot area outside of the net scores! Connor McDavid banked it off of somebody in front of the net the Oilers have a 3-2 lead getting you to the good half of your week it's the hump show on after hours it was quite a third period for the hometown Oilers against the Flyers not only did the victory the 4-2 win help the Oilers end a losing skid and so they were able to get back on track and potentially have a spark moving forward but it was a milestone third period all three of those goals that here with Jack Michaels on Oilers radio came in the third period and they brought with them milestones Leon dry sidle scores the first goal in a power play and on the assist from Connor McDavid both dry sidle and McDavid end up with new plateaus in terms of their career points 700 for Leon 800 for Connor McDavid fifth fastest ever to get to that mark in NHL history Ryan Nugent Hopkins also assisting on that goal and for Leon dry sidle of course he's deflecting and he wants to point to the other guys but it was quite the team effort on the power play to get him to 700 career points definitely a big goal big win for our group dropped a couple but yeah two of the best players in the world plain and simple you know it's so much fun you know sharing the ice with these two so feel very fortunate and very honored that you know I get to play with these two for a long time. So then you have Connor McDavid who is at 800 career points tack on not just the go ahead goal but then an empty net goal as well so dry sidles goal ties the Flyers at two and then you've got two more by McDavid and one of them is a short handed and so they get not only the milestones 700 points the 800 points but they get a desperately needed win and you know that McDavid doesn't love speaking to the media but this was a pretty sweet occasion and he does the same that Leon does and points the finger right back at his teammate. Obviously a great accomplishment from Leo 700 you know amazing feat and you know new just having a great year you know and just keeps on going and making those great plays. So yeah really didn't have much to say about the 800 in fact later he was talking about the fact that they needed a breakout game and that he had a breakout period in which he had multiple points but not much about the 800 though there's a pretty cool photo that the Oilers put up on social of both Leon and Connor together and they're holding their signature pucks or their special pucks and it's 700 and 800 and you're talking about a lot of points in one picture so it's pretty sweet actually if you want to check it out on social. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio elsewhere that was my hockey quota for the week.

Whatever pretty soon we'll be talking about Stanley Cup postseason and then you'll have hockey to your heart's content. In the NBA we saw the Atlanta Hawks and maybe knew this was coming the Atlanta Hawks end up firing Nate McMillan. This is after they bring in a new president of basketball ops so he wants his own guy Quinn Snyder is the name that you're hearing a lot of and in Chicago we now know that the Bulls have shut down Lonzo Ball for the season he hasn't played this year and won't play this year.

I literally like I can't I really can't run so I can't run or jump so it's like a range from like 30 to 60 degrees on my knees bent that I have like no force and I can't like you know catch myself so until I can do those things you know I can't play so I did rehab it was getting better but it was not to a point where I can get out there and actually go out there and run you know full speed or jump so surgery is the next step it's definitely something I've never dealt with even the doctors are a little you know surprised about it a little bit but we're all working together to figure this thing out. Man I feel for him it's already been 13 months since he last played a game he hasn't played since January 14th of 2022 and now we know he's not going to play in this season and he's still experiencing pain he's still having discomfort you know he tells you he can't really run or jump there's just certain angles of his knee where none of that is possible and he's already had two surgeries so now he has to go through a third surgery at the very least and they're hoping that at some point he'll be able to you know regain that that well the strength in his knee the ability to have the full range of motion to be able to use the knee the way that he needs to to be a point guard in the NBA but I feel for him because this is this is scary and you can hear that in his voice now the move sort of coincides with the news but Pat Beverly was deciding between the Warriors and the Bulls he actually signed with Chicago on Tuesday. It was between Golden State and the Bulls obviously you know it's always good to play with a lot of great talent in Golden State but you know a lot a lot of guards over there you know so I figured you know I can make a playoff push with the Bulls right now and kind of you know pop them up a little bit the East kind of weak I'm excited. The East is kind of weak interesting I wonder how the Celtics and Bucks Sixers well the Nets are getting weaker but I wonder how they feel about his assessment that the East is weak huh I would have thought that people would look at the West and think there's like 17 teams within two losses of each other it's almost as though there's a magnet sitting at 500 in the in the West and it's it's pulling all the teams to it.

So Patrick Beverly signed and we'll see whether or not he can kind of pick up the slack at point guard because that's been a major challenge for the Bulls this season they're not getting the production that they expected or hoped from Lonzo Ball obviously because he hasn't played since January of last year. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio we're getting closer to the start of the live golf season and I say that only because Greg Norman did an extensive interview with the podcast called The People I Mostly Admire that's the name of the podcast it's kind of clever and he actually was very open about the fact that he's lost friends he's he's got people who just they disagree with his association with this live tour and with the Saudi Arabian money that backs it that they've actually cut off ties with him. Some of my dear friends don't even speak to me because of this that's their choice if you don't want to talk to me again happy days. He's clearly chewing up about it happy days happy days are here again if you are going to cut off our relationship because I've chosen to work the live tour and to be part of of this this tour that does rely on the Saudi Arabian prince and his money to keep going well then happy days.

I'm not laughing at the situation I'm laughing at him so happy days in his Australian accent. He actually goes in depth on this podcast about why he wants to be part of the live and why he believes it fills a void in golf. And it is the biggest thing to ever happen to the game of golf in over 53 years ever and when you think back over time Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus and a few others broke away from the PGA of America to start the PGA tour why did they do that they do it as players right with their independent rights to compete. So this is no different than what we're doing today we're just giving more competition we're getting additional pathways for players to go play they're independent contractors we've created probably some generational wealth for some of these players so at the end of the day we just identified virgin space we are starting a franchise model in golf that's never ever been thought of before let alone done and why has this been possible. If you look across all sports around the globe sports have become an asset class and private equity and equity is being invested into many of these sports. So what happened with golf we had an investor who wanted to come in and unlock this virgin space so it's the first time in golf that's had an injection of close to two plus billion dollars committed to it to create this new competition create this new format create a new fandom create new excitement for the people who come to our golf tournaments and reach down to a new audience. That's Greg Norman who still is the CEO of the live tour despite the comments or I guess the reports out there that the Saudi Arabian investment firm was considering booting him or the the investors were considering making a change there at CEO and this is the people I mostly admire podcast one more and I actually appreciate his unique perspective on on the live tour and why it's been a help to the PGA. Yes we've gone and ruffled a few feathers but we ruffled the feathers of a monopolist a monopolist that basically controlled the sport for 53 years I tried to make a bit of a change back in 93 94 with the world tour and again ran into the same headwinds back then as what we're running into now so they don't like change they don't like competition to see what's happened today on the PGA tour since live came onto the scenes a massive amount of capital was injected back into the players on the PGA tour so to be honest with you the players on the PGA tour should be giving a standing ovation to live the league and the players for stimulating this new injection of money. He makes a point you don't have to agree with him you could be one of his friends that would never speak to him again but he does make a really good point which is that this has stimulated the PGA and it's led to an infusion of cash it's led to bigger purses it's led to these more exclusive tournaments it's led to some higher profile events it's really led to a PGA shakeup and as much as the the PGA may want to admit or may not want to admit that it's been good for golf you could certainly look at it that way and it was the biggest story last year that all of these high profile golfers like Dustin Johnson like Phil Mickelson like Bubba Watson like other major champions were bolting for live and the you know the two billion dollars that's accessible I don't begrudge anyone that it's life changing money it's life changing it's not just life it's not just your life it's it's your generations to come if you save it invest it that type of thing so I'm not going to fault these guys for doing it and we'll see if the competition in the format holds up the way that he says that it will or the way that he believes that it will but something he's been chasing since the 90s a rival to the PGA Tour. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio we're going to end with a couple of funny things because I try to give you some reason to smile so AJ Brown did the shoot what was the name of the podcast I'll look I'll look for it while you hear from him but he actually has given Howie Roseman an ultimatum when it comes to paying the quarterback this I love Philly and I'm about what I'm about to say you do not pay this man just shoot me off wherever he's gonna go listen so you talk about pressure Howie get it done so AJ Brown is giving this ultimatum in which he says to Howie Roseman on Row the room right that's all raw room I'm sorry raw room why would you name your podcast Row the room raw room podcast he says you do not pay this man just ship me off wherever he's going to go I'm going to so that's the ultimatum if you don't pay him well they might as well just go ahead and send us in a package deal wherever it is that that you send him so yeah that was kind of funny and there's more about the Super Bowl that we can hear on our next show but I do love that it should make you smile just shit me off that's it we're I mean you might as well just just make us available as a tandem we're a duo we're BFFs and in addition to that I'm going where he goes I go where he goes one more thing and this is not funny necessarily but it's definitely going to give you a smile if you've been following the story former Arkansas and NFL running back Peyton Hillis hasn't done a whole lot of really anything public at all certainly not public comments he's turned down interview requests in the wake of his recovery from nearly drowning after he saved his kids from drowning going back when they were swimming in Florida earlier in the year but he did put a lengthy post up on social media to thank everyone for their support and and says that the family is doing so well and it's really changed their family in such incredible ways so it's cool to hear from him have a great day it's after hours CBS sports radio boom!
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