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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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April 29, 2024 8:22 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 29, 2024 8:22 pm

Which NFL teams had the best draft? l Malik Spencer, Michigan State DB & potential 2025 first round pick l "NFL Today" on CBS undergoes pregame show shakeup


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It said at home is it at work? I don't know where your smart speaker is but just ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. You heard it but I'll say it again. My name is JR. This is the JR sport brief show and we get started every single weekday at 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific. I'm being joined by super producer and host Ryan Hickey and we're being joined by you.

There is no show without you so thank you. Last week I got in a little bit of trouble. Started thanking the Uber drivers and the Lyft drivers and I got a message from a cab driver in South Carolina.

What's up man? Hickey he sent me photos of his cab. He don't got cabs. He got like sprinter vans man. He got sprinter vans. Oh wow this is fancy. Fancy I know he got sprinter vans. Is that like a cab? I guess so right? I don't know maybe I didn't see the inside of it but you could put televisions in there you put a recliner you mean you could do all types of things right? I guess what for big groups or for rich people who want a lot of space.

You can put one person in a sprinter if you want you could put five or six you know just depends on what you want to do back there so a shout outs to everybody quote unquote moving stuff. How about this if you got a pulse right now and you're listening to me thank you. Hickey I think that that's a that's a wide net that that counts in everybody right? Yes no I think everyone all bases are covered with that statement alone smart man. Yeah if you got a pulse and you're listening thank you.

Hickey say some stuff I gotta hit the dump button I gotta sneeze. Oh well I guess if you don't have a pulse I well I guess you're not listening so I was gonna say thank you as well but that's. Touche. Unless you're that one person in Brazil otherwise. The one person oh that guy that they rolled into the bank?

Right the one kid at Bernie's. The dead guy oh my god I don't know what happens in Brazilian law but they're gonna put her away forever right? It seems like there's gonna be a harsh penalty I would not want to be on the other side of that one. Oh man we don't listen when it comes to other countries you don't you know I I know listen there's up there's some countries that lady would not have a pulse if she tried to pull that. What's gonna happen in Brazil I have no idea for anyone who's not familiar there was a woman last week two weeks ago I think it was her deceased uncle like literally just stopped breathing she put this man in a wheelchair took him to the bank and tried to have him take out a loan and he was not alive to do so and the the authorities were called obviously and they recognized that this man was not sleeping he was not sick he was not lame he was no longer alive that is uh one sick individual the lady the niece who did it and uh we'll see what happens but that's not true because if you can hear me you're alive and thank you for listening we got about uh oh we got a guest coming up in about 15 minutes you know we've been doing a lot of talking about the the NFL draft over the weekend I want to talk with someone who could be heading into the NFL draft next season he's a defensive back for the Michigan State Spartans his name is Malik Spencer racked up interceptions and tackles and he's looked upon as potentially maybe moving his way up into being a first round pick next year and so we'll talk to Malik about well we'll get his thoughts on the draft get his thoughts on the upcoming season with the Spartans and then overall his thoughts on on college football so yeah Malik Spencer from Michigan State University potential first round draft pick next season next year is going to speak with us in about 15 minutes so we talked some basketball and talked about the Suns being eliminated we'll get into those losers later on congratulations to the Timberwolves and then at the last break we talked about some teams that have done good today the Dallas Cowboys decided to bring back Ezekiel Elliott on a one-year deal pending him passing a physical the Kansas City Chiefs have also extended Travis Kelcey that's not too bad at least we know Travis Kelcey is going into the Hall of Fame he's still got some some gas left in the tank and we'll get into Kelcey later on in the show but I also wanted to show love to the teams that actually did a good job over the weekend with the NFL draft like for instance I said the Dallas Cowboys not because of the draft as an overall this offseason they've stunk actually think that they've gotten worse you're bringing back old garbage it's like hey let's put Ezekiel Elliott out onto the street and nobody wanted him so hey we gotta drag him back into our front yard and I said the Philadelphia Eagles quite differently they've actually gotten better these are two teams that were disappointments in the postseason okay the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked the Eagles out of the postseason the Eagles crashed and burned as the season went on and the Dallas Cowboys were upset by a guy like in Jordan Love who's basically getting his feet wet in the postseason and so what did the Eagles do they got better yeah Saquon Barkley isn't as washed up as this other guy he might actually perform better with this Philadelphia Eagles team and then they didn't stop there they added two defensive backs in the draft easy QuiƱon Mitchell out of Toledo this man was expected to go number one be the first cornerback drafted and he was and then they picked up another one out of Iowa Dejean this man is always going to be known as the guy who can beat Kaitlyn Clark in a basketball game Hickey how long is that going to be until he plays like five games right probably yeah outside of that it's hey who's Cooper Dejean oh that's the guy that can beat Kaitlyn Clark sure anyway Howie Roseman the general manager of the Eagles he talked about the depth that they added at a position where they sucked last year Howie Roseman was happy listen to this after the season we sat down and we talked about what we wanted to do to the team and what we wanted to create we wanted to create incredible competition at all positions that was a position that we hadn't addressed a lot early in the draft we felt like that we still had some veteran guys on the roster and that we were going to get back yeah well now they got youth and if the old guys can't hack it you put the young guys in there and I think we'll see some of these young guys I don't even want to say sprinkled in it wouldn't surprise me if especially in the case of Mitchell if he was playing you know pretty early and in the case of Dejean he has there's been a lot of talk about him not just playing at cornerback but maybe even sliding over to safety Philadelphia Eagles round of applause congratulations y'all had a good draft second of all you want to talk about another team that that had a good draft well how about the team that was able to go out and select first overall it wasn't rocket science to select Caleb Williams at number one overall and then also get him Roma Duntay the wide receiver out of Washington at number nine not too bad not too shabby Caleb Williams after months about five months of is he going is he not going and who's going well Caleb Williams says man I'm going to the Bears I'm happy I'm just one of them um nothing more nothing less I'm the same person every day um and and and what they saw at the dinner is the person that I am um five years from now 10 years from now 15 years from now and maybe just hopefully a couple more accolades on on that list Hickey what the heck is that is that baby making music in the background I don't know what's going on I mean I'm sure I obviously clearly Bears fans are very excited maybe that's what's the sound echoing right now through the city baby making music in Chicago I mean look Cubs are right now red hot you got your franchise quarterback you got another great receiver in Roma Duntay things are bright right now in Chicago for the first time in a long time did did the Cubs not am I am I correct the Cubs lost like on Saturday what was the score like 17 or nothing uh and then they lost yesterday too it was 15 to 5 I think right they got smoked this weekend but overall they're 17 11 to start so there's positivity there there's optimism at quarterback for the Bears for the first time in how long it's maybe that's how you celebrate you know well I guess Chicago has to have balance because between the Cubs on the north side and the White Sox on the south side why I don't know who I heard say this I don't know what the hell I was listening to they were just like hey all I heard was hey the White Sox said they're gonna suck for the next like five six years and I just had to go that's that's bad now's a good time to get tickets uh maybe you don't want to go but now's a good time to get tickets for the away team for the away team and congratulations Chicago you gotta you got a quarterback and in about four to five years you're gonna have a publicly financed uh stadium that you paid for and so enjoy everything when it comes down to the Bears round of applause for the Chicago Bears this is a team that did good in the draft clap clap clap clap clap and they're not the only team and let's think about even in their own division that had a good draft much love to the Minnesota Vikings they do play inside and US Bank Stadium I think it is gigantic trapezoid are they going to get a quarterback well they did picked up JJ McCarthy not from Minneapolis but from Michigan and then they were also able to pick up Dallas Turner who would have thought that he would have still been stuck around at number 17 overall but nobody wanted a defender until spot number 15 when the Colts took Latu and so if you're the Vikings you got yourself a QB you also got yourself an edge rusher for the future you hope Kevin O'Connell former quarterback in the NFL himself he likes the quarterback room he likes what they've done JJ McCarthy can sit and learn behind well Sam Donald you want to learn behind him anyway Kevin O'Connell's happy bringing JJ in a huge part of it was making sure that we had set up a premier quarterback environment for a rookie quarterback to come in and kind of grow at his own pace JJ is incredibly competitive as is Sam Donald I expect our quarterback room to push each other and really help our offense reach its truest potential this year for sure Hickey how long before we see JJ McCarthy I would say week one he's starting oh no yeah sorry Sam week one week one damn bro why wait oh what are you gonna wait for I was gonna say week number four like it's gonna be a game where Sam Donald has thrown two interceptions in like the first half and then he throws another one in the third and the game is out of reach and so Kevin O'Connell looks over he looks around he goes why the hell not he goes hey Sam sit down and JJ go in but you're putting JJ as the the starter from day one week one starter lock it up I think you gotta give Sam Donald I mean unless he looks like complete garbage through camp you you gotta give Sam Donald the the veterans chance right you gotta say I'm gonna put you out there but this is your job to lose with an understanding that if he starts quote-unquote seeing ghosts again he gotta sit down I think Sam I think Sam will start man I think he will so you have faith that he'll play well at least from the outset you gotta remember do they really play games anymore well like they he'd have to outplay him in in camp that's it or Sam Donald would have to throw like ducks and preseason how many games preseason games are you gonna play two two and a half maybe maybe one yeah well why because he sucks so bad damn what does Sam Donald do to you nothing I actually bad well I was a big believer in Sam Donald I got burned by him big time oh yeah I won him on the Colts at one point so kind of glad I didn't get my wish there but oh well let's let's let's well you know speaking of Donald his former team I think they did good in the draft too the New York Jets picking up Olufeshanu offensive line to help out their aging nut job quarterback and Aaron Rodgers and so Olufeshanu says not too many people say this maybe they lie when they do he says being a jet being drafted by them is awesome honestly it is pretty hard to describe I mean it's it's everything that I've imagined it'd be you know I've worked I've worked so hard for this moment and for it to finally you know come true I mean it means everything to me okay all right we heard Zach Wilson say oh there's no organization I'd rather be a part of than the Jets don't say things like that man don't don't don't do that yeah you know what here's another team at least they have a quarterback he's young he just needed a coach I think he has one now in Jim Harbaugh and now he got an offensive line and that happens to be the the Chargers with Justin Herbert they were able to draft Joe Alt out of Notre Dame they got themselves a wide receiver and Lad McConkie from right here in Georgia with the Bulldogs and so he got some toys to play with right I mean he still needs some help at the running back position but Joe Ortiz helped put the squad together he said his new offensive lineman the protection for Herbert he's incredible listen and certainly an athlete as a as a pass protector the ability for a guy his size to bend and you see it on film you see him recover but then when you watch him at the combine watch him at pro days I mean it was it's exceptional man nobody wants to face off against no six foot nine tackle nobody wants to do that hickey I'd quit I'd quit like like what are you I'm done coach like you line up imagine you're imagine you are six five right imagine you're six five six six and you walk over to the line and you look up at this guy this guy's six nine like it's like can I kick them in the nuts it's not who wants to do that I guess there's no rule against that so they do it just do it and don't get caught man that's why I don't play football that's why I talk I don't want to hit nobody let alone a guy six foot nine no thanks I'm dirty I'd have to beat Joel maybe we can put Joel and beat out there at defensive end hey he probably run out of gas well he was a good tackler well I know when he hits the floor he can't get up so if he can barely play basketball he ain't built for no football at jolan beat he is dirty though he is a good tackler stepping on people pulling him out the area he'd be dirty what a guy it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network yeah we got some some teams that did good in this past weekend's draft the bears the jets the chargers the eagles of vikings a round of applause to them all we're going to take a break and when we come back we're going to have a conversation with someone who's going to be playing college football this upcoming season but he might be a pro next year we'll have a chat with malik spencer defensive back for the michigan state spartans you're locked into the jr sport reshow here on the infinity sports network hey everyone boomer asiasson here the nfl draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network we got folks listening coast to coast east to the west a little snoop dog on right now hold up anyway right before we went to break we talked about the nfl draft over the weekend great selections we have some teams that did an excellent job minnesota vikings chicago bears nothing too crazy of that went on maybe outside of the falcons but right now joining us on the line we're going to talk to someone who just completed his spring game is going to be playing again for the michigan state spartans later on this year could be a first round draft pick next season joining us on the line is buford georgia's own malik spencer malik how you doing man yeah how about you how you doing i'm great thank you for taking the time to hop on i i guess out of the gate before i ask you about the spartans and college and all of that stuff you you from right here in georgia man how do you feel about the falcons picking panics at quarterback instead of maybe getting some defensive help uh i don't know why i really i mean i thought it was a good pick i mean so it made me happen to the uh to the to the to the to the actual quarterback like uh cousins like shoot they gotta they gotta back up but at the end of the day it's still a blessing for uh for panics so i just write what it is yeah well i know i know all the falcons fans certainly hope that uh they don't need panics sooner than later we got michigan state spartan malik spencer here with us on the infinity uh sports network anything else that stood out to you over the weekend with the draft any any particular uh players that you you played against that you said damn this guy is good this person is amazing what are your thoughts man you actually play um uh i ain't gonna lie like it was straight it was cool most definitely uh i was just glad um people i knew when the job got kicked so this is why it's what it is so when you when you look at at the draft what does the next season look like for you because you starting to get a lot of attention yourself as a potential first rounder i mean bleacher report is talking about scouts and people bigging you up what does the rest of this year look like for you especially coming off of the spring game um i gotta do me for real for i got just to keep working and then that's my opportunity for everything when everything come come to fruition i got just um capitalized so it's like yeah when i do what i do i should be straight with new head coach uh smith who's in what's the biggest difference with him and his head coach um i would definitely say um we get close to the same for sure a little bit more structure i mean but it was structured already but i feel like it just it just it just feel different well i would i would certainly hope so that's why they brought them in what's the biggest difference for you i mean you're obviously playing a larger role on the defense here you've ascended into to being on the field more last year you tackled every single thing that moved you had quite a few pass breakups as as well how has your role changed and heading into this season i know you talk about the opportunities what do you expect to be different from you for you um really just maximizing our opportunities it was a few plays last year that i could have stretched and uh most definitely see players out up on the field so really just maximize a lot of opportunities that come to me when they come um and like when we're talking about the team i feel like i've got just really just more step up as a more of a vocal leader you know i mean just be able to like that type of characteristic and i feel like uh i'll be straight malik spencer is here with us michigan state spartan it's the jr sport reshow on the infinity sports network malik malik there's obviously a lot of distractions and now we know there's nil and there's transfer portal how do you keep your head straight and and look forward without all the other distractions and then still obviously be a student like how the hell do you balance out the time uh i feel like the standard way is the best way for it for it's not really in the mix with everything like i feel like there's no time to be like there's nothing to be structured about so really just stand out the way keep your head down and shoot just like you're working every day just whatever you need to work on and any aspect of being a person whether that's academics your personal life religion like regardless stay out of the way and working on yourself malik this past draft that we had over the weekend we saw 14 offensive players just go right off of the board we didn't have a defender taken until spot number 15 your job as a defensive back even on the college level do you find it to be much more difficult do you feel like you get a fair shake are they always leaning towards the offense nah they most definitely leaning towards the offense people want to fight the fans and people want to watch people score and make big plays and i mean you can make big plays on defense but like like the offense got the ball so like people want to see people play big plays stretch the field so it's just like yeah how do you stay and keep motivated we know that the spartans are a team that are trying to turn things around here you are one of the top prospects and one of the best d-backs expected to take another step how do you how do you maintain that balance where hey you're you're one of the best on a team that's that's trying to get back up there i mean i thought we all good like i don't i only see myself as like one like it's been like over other people so it's just like yeah we all gotta get better at something we all gotta work so it's just like a lot it's like a lot of others keep that keep that the main thing we all gotta get better like we all got flaws yeah that's no lie well listen man you're you're a good teammate for for even saying that malik where can people follow you and keep up with you online i what you mean like my sm stuff yeah whatever you don't want people to follow you that's good too where can people follow you on your journey yeah oh um last year uh uh back road out malik that's what i would be on for uh like football purposes and stuff like that okay and then um okay last question for you on the way out we know that the the big 10 the expansion is i feel like it's expanded all over the all over the entire country where are you excited to go and play the most that you haven't been yet uh i ain't gonna lie i feel like i feel like this year i'm on fire play at michigan okay let's go down the road okay i can't listen man i can't knock you they running around with a national championship well listen malik thank you so much for the time good luck with the rest of the off season good luck with the season coming up and and good luck with the rest of your future i'm certain we're gonna catch you on down the line okay i appreciate that no no doubt about it that malik spencer defensive back out of michigan state and he is turning quite a few heads and look i mean i know it's 2024 and we just had the nfl draft over the weekend they're already mock drafts for 2025 hickey is that how many times does a mock draft get changed in 2024 for a draft in 2025 you gotta rip it up to shreds what like 10 15 20 times oh i was gonna say 100. 100 times between now and then i mean right like with the teams who gets injured who who plays well who doesn't who's drafting where who's drafting high who's drafting low which quarterbacks come out of nowhere to surprise you who doesn't which like now yeah i would say 100. yeah who would have thought that that jaden daniels would have ended up at pick number two right exactly this man wasn't even in conversation for the Heisman picks up the Heisman is throwing the ball all over the place to to neighbors and ends up as the number two overall pick and he's he's in dc right now uh for the commanders so yeah there's we we know the big names and the draft we know the big names that are likely to be next year i mean you look at a lot of mock drafts and you know shadore sanders and travis hunter are at the top of the list and uh god bless malik it nice and humble a great teammate there says we're all at the same level yeah that's nice uh he he's getting attention from from nfl scouts right now so thank you so much again to malik spencer defensive back for the michigan state spartans spartans are going through and have been through quite a bit of change and it looks like malik is going to be a constant until he gets that call to the pros it's the jr sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network speaking of change inside the nfl on cbs is going through some changes okay we got some different faces that are going to be a part of the pregame we got faces coming in names coming out some of these dudes have been there for decades i'll explain on the other side the phone lines are open also if you want to give me a holler it's 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4227 it's the jr sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network i'll fill you in on some of these television changes on the other side of the break and then you know what it looks like the looks like the nba might also have a new home don't move you are listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network i want you to thank o'reilly auto parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at o'reilly auto parts it is the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network thank you to nfl prospect malik spencer michigan state spartan for joining us in the last break yeah we might as well we finished up with the draft and we already got a new set of prospects so thank you again to malik for joining us in the last break you want to holler at me it's real simple 855 212 42 27 that's 855 212 42 27 i told you that we got a new influx of players into the league but we we did get a change at least on the television side if you are watching television during the football season and you're not just watching the games you're probably tuning into the pregame right you want to know who's playing who's not playing you want some professional analysis especially if you're putting some money on the line maybe you're throwing out some bets maybe you're trying to get your parlay together maybe you're trying to win some cash maybe you're just a fan maybe you just want to watch maybe you want to be up to date well there's going to be some new faces on cbs's nfl today yeah this has been for the better part of two decades boomer asiasson former mvp with the bangles and current morning show host on wfa in new york city when he's not hosting on sundays on tv he's gone he's no longer going to be a part of cbs nfl today phil sims phil sims is also gone and we learned a couple of years ago phil sims was doing the broadcast he was an announcer for the games and then he was put into the studio pretty much when tony romo came on board and so with those two gentlemen out jj wad is in the recently retired matt ryan is in and a matter of fact let's take a listen to boomer asiasson he shared the announcement earlier today on his morning show on wfan in new york city listen to this i am stepping away from the nfl today on cbs more their decision than maybe mine but i really thought that the super bowl was my swan song yeah and i thought the way that cbs handled especially us guys out there in las vegas it was amazing so i had been there for 22 years the guy who hired me back in 2001 was a guy by the name of sean mcmaddens who was the cbs sports chairman he shook my hand he said i'd love for you to be a part of the nfl today i never thought my wildest dreams that would have lasted for 22 years and with all the people that i've worked with over there at cbs and the nfl today it's been an amazing run yeah it's um it's crazy to think that it's been it's been two decades and so with jj watt on the way in with matt ryan who officially retired last week on the way in a couple of dudes are going to stay nate burlinson is is still going to be a part of the show you think about bill cower he will still be there as well and uh james brown stays and sticks on as pretty much the host and so we got changes there's also a word and and speaking of the media landscape that the nba is close to to having amazon on as a distribution partner this is the same amazon i will remind you that picked up thursday night football and so why wouldn't we expect for amazon to get another day throughout the course of the week it looks like espn and abc will will maintain a hold on the finals but it looks like the nba they're going to be down on streaming huh we already see uh warner which has tnt they got the games espn has the games and that's pretty much it you're not going to find the nba on a streaming outlet unless you're streaming it on or through the nba app so looks like amazon is getting ready to to get into the game uh hickey when it comes to the the nfl today on cbs this isn't a shock you know i looked at it last year and said well they bringing in jj watt you're throwing in matt ryan it seemed like okay this is the way that they were progressing and it makes sense too right i mean boomer is an older player right phil sims older player now you know you're getting a whole different era of football it makes more sense from a broadcast perspective right to have guys that are still connected to the league with matt ryan and jj watt both retiring very recently so they've played with a lot of guys they're talking about right they know how the game is now compared to what it used to be not that boomer phil did a bad job whatsoever i thought they were great and cbs is my favorite pregame show um the ones that they have but it does make sense of like you know new time time to kind of you know or should say new times update those who are giving commentary on it yeah a little little bit of an update and uh in a reset and i agree with you when it comes down to uh the pregame i'm not a huge fan of pregame anything i just literally only want to watch the games i don't need the storylines and what have you especially nowadays in the internet there used to be a time where before the game if you wanted the most recent information you had to watch the pregame because trying to pick up a newspaper it's it's dated the information that you got out of the newspaper was from the night before so unless you were reading or not reading but listening to the radio and getting up-to-date information that's that's it you know this is pre-internet and nowadays with pre-games a lot of the information that gets shared on pre-games is it's in this it's in the palm of your hand before it even gets to television so i'm not a huge fan but i'll agree on this cbs has done an excellent job over the past few years when it comes down to to pre-game coverage i certainly enjoy it i fox is fine but fox has a lot of it's it's comedy and funny it can be a little too hokey for me and i i like cbs just give it to me straight i don't need all of the fluff i don't need all of the ha ha ha hee hee hee just give me the damn football and so cbs has done an excellent job and it's pretty cool that boomer is going to stay on uh separately from cbs on his his morning show on wfan uh new york city he signed a contract extension there and so people whether you live in new york or not you want to hear boomer isaacson well you got him five days a week for four hours monday uh through friday so good luck to to boomer and also good luck to uh phil sims as he talks about you know his future phil sims says hey i'm ready to see what happens and what comes next still in an excellent football mind and experience too eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven that's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven johnny is calling from chicago hey johnny hey man you are on the infinity sports network maybe from chicago jr hey i wanted to give a quick shout out uh ryan hickey i think he's the nicest young man on the radio today he's very sports knowledgeable and to me he's like like a boy scout you know hearing all the stories of his younger you know when he was a kid and stuff he didn't do none of the crazy stuff i did okay well he's shout out to good he's a young man he can tell you whatever he wants to because he's right here right on he's a good man no not not you johnny stop talking let let ryan respond oh okay johnny thank you very very kind the uh the check is in the mail i appreciate that hey i wanted to bring up uh kind of who won the draft you know i think the bears bears did real good i put them in the top three considering they only had four picks and then they went into next year for that fifth pick but uh picking up caleb rome and then uh that punter everyone's everyone's saying that's too early in that but that guy sounds like he's going to be an nfl all-star punter so i think that was a good move i think the eagles did real well four defensive players but well they had nine picks so it's hard to screw it up and then the steelers with seven picks picked up four offensive people you know the steelers usually go defense and then a quick comment on uh joe limbed the 30 year old you know lebron's 40 and this joe he the poor guy i mean he plays like a linebacker out there and he keeps getting injured but one thing i could comment on him is he speaks three languages you know he's from africa and then he speaks fluent french fluent u.s and he became a frank u.s citizen and a u.s citizen so we create english english accomplished guy yeah yeah he is he's an international fellow who decided to play uh for team usa hey johnny thank you for calling up from chicago yeah no joe limbed is uh yes he is an international fellow hickey do you you speak us you speak us i speak us of a yes i do me too i think uh yeah we speak we speak english and he speaks english too and he speaks french and he's uh i guess cameroon is cameroon a language i don't know english french and whatever they speak in cameroon that's what he speaks uh yeah he's good but he's good but he's dirty who cares hickey it's hard it's it's difficult to feel i i'm down on joe limbed like i used to feel like whatever oh you know goofy guy funny guy i'm past that he's dirty and even with the bells palsy and the knees being hurt i i have no sympathy for him whatsoever anymore none i'm with you 100 he's a great player right not taking anything away from his talent he's an elite talent but like you said you see the stuff that he pulls it's hard to feel bad for him when he's throwing elbow shivers and kicking his leg out and tackling people and kind of in a way throwing temper tantrums and in smaller increments and and you know less drastic ways than let's say dream on green but like in terms of like physical what you're doing on the court it's not all that different uh listen i don't he stepped on josh hart yesterday i don't know if it was on purpose i i who knows i know when he pulled on mitchell robinson's leg that was on purpose mitchell robinson tried to play basketball yesterday couldn't play was out there on the court warming up could not play you know it's gonna be real i guess sad joe limbed beat oh we're the best and we're the best team but with a better team yell it down three one okay now if you end up losing to this uh shorthand in new york nix then what what's the excuse the fans didn't support you you were hurt and joe limbed beat oh i'm disappointed in the fans oh tickets you'll be disappointed in yourself i hope he i hope he goes on a diet nikki i can't imagine what the hell do you think this guy eats in a day oh that's a lot of calories consumed i mean oh my god that massive frame like anyway we know we cut out the showy temples which that absolutely is a must that's a couple of years ago we did that yes yeah so a lot less sugar in the body thank god for that um but i don't diet i mean you can't reduce the amount of food you know famished out there you know what's crazy we see all of these athletes when they play we see all these athletes when they work out all they do is share workout videos and obviously we see them when they play we never ever see any of them eat nobody ever nobody ever says hey this is how i maintain my six-pack nobody ever says this is what i eat for breakfast lunch i don't know is it a competitive thing nobody ever shares what they eat nobody everyone on tiktok is taking you through their boring day how come no athlete is telling you what they're eating yeah all we get is workout never food except for the rock who's not even a professional athlete i'm going to talk more about this on the other side of the break we'll talk about how terrible the phoenix sons are they've been swept and then we'll talk about travis kelsey this man has a new contract with the kansas city chiefs he ain't going nowhere neither am i the jr sport reshow infinity sports network hey everyone boomer asiasson here the nfl draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app you
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