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Rodney McLeod | Indianapolis Colts Safety; Super Bowl LII Champion

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February 8, 2023 6:03 am

Rodney McLeod | Indianapolis Colts Safety; Super Bowl LII Champion

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 8, 2023 6:03 am

Current Indianapolis Colts Safety and former Super Bowl LII Champion with the Eagles Rodney McLeod joins the show!


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Learn more at today. Rodney McLeod, a long time NFL safety. He played for the Eagles when they won their only Super Bowl in franchise history and now has spent a year with the Colts. You want to talk about a typical unconventional season. We went through all of it when I spoke to Rodney earlier on Tuesday.

I remembered him as being a great talker, very open. Nah, this conversation takes the cake. Of course during Super Bowl week, it's about the event, right? It's about the memories. If you've ever been able to play in a Super Bowl, to win a Super Bowl, certainly that has to be where you start. Rodney, what do you remember about that game between the Eagles and the Patriots? About that moment when you became a Super Bowl champion? Yeah, what I remember most is being Tom Brady.

Him and Belichick, man, are a dynamic duo that created a dynasty there with the Patriots and it's hard to do. And I think, you know, when I really reflect on that Super Bowl year, you just really think about the memories that were created that year. And of course the brothers and the friendships that were made as well and result of us having a successful season. And it was special. It was one that, like I said, I would never forget. But of course, you know, when you think about the week of the Super Bowl, it just was a lot. You know, all the media frenzy to, you know, ticket requests to all the, you know, different events and celebratory things that they have planned for each team.

You know, it's easily, you can easily get distracted. But, you know, you have to find that balance and find a way to not only enjoy the Super Bowl because there's no guarantee that you'll ever be back, but find a way to also make sure you stay in the moment and understand why you're there to, you know, finish it off. But I had an amazing time and of course it's always, it makes it a lot, you know, better when you do end up on the right side of the Super Bowl and that's in the winning column.

Brady just announced his retirement and it seems as though this time it will stick for Brady. What made him such a difficult quarterback to game plan for, Rodney? He capitalizes on every mistake that you make or every mistake that you have put on tape. They do a fine job at going back and dissecting, you know, from start to finish your season or even seasons before. And when I really think about that game and, you know, we laugh about it now, but they really attacked us in so many different, in a different way every single drive. You know, they had an emphasis like, okay, have you correct? Have you made this fix here in your coverage?

What about this? You know, and so they're constantly making you think, but I think the best thing that they do is their adjustments, you know, as the game is going on. And we talked about that leading into that game. And one of the things, you know, we did at halftime was also, you know, make certain adjustments and it was completely two different halves. You know, you see that first half kind of being a chess match on both sides. It was very tight game. And then the second half, it was, you know, neither defense could like stop the offense. So it was interesting, you know, like I said, man, I'm glad we won, but you know, Tom Brady and Belichick make it very difficult.

You think about this Eagles team, and I know you have teammates that are still part of it, though, obviously a lot of the squad has turned over from when you all won in 2018. Jalen Hurts, he has really taken his game to the next level. So while we're talking quarterbacks, what impresses you about his game? I think what impresses me most about Jalen this year is his decision-making and, you know, his ability to be able to make the right decisions, throwing the ball down the field. And then also, you know, when he does need to use his legs, you know, he's being very mindful of not taking those, you know, big hits. And I think that's what you want to see when, you know, nowadays you have all of these running quarterbacks, you know, such as the Hurts, the Josh Allens, Lamar Jackson.

And I think one thing you fear most as a head coach and organization is the risk of them getting hurt. And so I think he's done a good job at managing that, knowing when to run. But like I said, more importantly, what's impressive is his decision-making and his calmness.

You know, that's always been there, but you can really see how it affects the entire team. And this great poise, man, you know, it's like he's been there before, but he's so young. And I think, you know, that's what's impressive. And to see his growth over time from when he first entered, you know, as a rookie in Philly, and now seeing him having to go against him this year, you know, I told him, man, I said, it's great to watch you, you know, from afar and, you know, just wishing you all the best. And, you know, now he's put himself in position to, you know, be able to host up to Lombardi this upcoming Sunday. We're spending a few minutes with Rodney McLeod.

Our second consecutive Super Bowl week in which we get to catch up with him is after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. You had quite a year in which you picked up and you left Philadelphia after six years and you played for the Colts. What was it like for you, Rodney, to start fresh with a new franchise?

It was hard, to be honest, being a part of, you know, Philly for six years, that became my home and that's all I knew. And so the hardest part was just leaving, you know, the locker room, the relationships I formed over the years. And then I guess it extends, you know, outside of the locker room as well into the city. And so, you know, now having to switch locker rooms, the one thing you're hoping is that God's welcome you open arms and hopefully it's something similar to your experience, you know, wherever you, you know, coming from. And I noticed that quickly that, you know, this was a good locker room. Guys, you know, a mixed bag of players, you know, both old and young and some guys right in the middle. So the chemistry there and the closeness was there from, you know, beginning to end, which, you know, I really credit to, you know, us being able to stay together despite what happened throughout the year. But it was a hard transition at first, but I think what it did was it also re-energized me, re-motivated me and just, well, I felt like, man, I'm a rookie again.

Like I'm stepping into a locker room where a lot of people don't know exactly who I am. You know, you got people telling me, and I used you on Madden when you were at the Eagles. So that's just, it just puts things in perspective for me when I got there and, you know, I, I really wanted to prove not only to myself, but to, to my teammates that man, like at a year 11, I still can, can play and do it at a high level and was just looking to, to make an impact really.

And, and be, be helpful any way I can. I'm not sure there was a franchise that had an odder year, a stranger year than the Colts. And we'll talk about it, but I have to ask you about your week 18 moment. That was your first career pick six against the Houston Texans in week 18. Yeah, it was man.

I lost outcoming first big six of my career and you know, who would have thought year 11, that it would take this long, I guess, but at least I could say to my friends and future kids that you know, I was able to, to check that off the list. Not just that, but you were able to race down the sideline, essentially smack the pylon with the football and getting in kind of this dramatic style. Do you remember what you were thinking as you're closing in on the pylon and you know that there, I guess it was Davis Mills who was near you, right? Do you remember what was going through your mind?

Yeah, I honestly thought it was going to be just easy walking. And when I, when I kind of like looked up after, like I gave a quick burst, I saw him just standing there. I really thought to myself, do I cut back and risk, you know, him clipping me up, knee goes down at the one, just my luck. I have, I had a few of those moments where I've got tackled and like the 10 or something. So I said, let's just race it, race to the pylon.

I'll physical him and then use my receiver skills from high school and, and reach out for that pylon. Wasn't the first time I've done that in my football career. So felt good, man. And it was a it came at a very pivotal moment in the game and we needed a spark. And so I'm glad I was able to capitalize on the opportunity.

Well, congratulations. It wasn't just a pick six. It was a highlight reel pick six and you can't get tackled by a quarterback.

So no, they're talking about that forever. If I let that happen. Well, let's talk about the season that was with the Colts. Not just the losses, which I knew can be hard.

You'd known Frank from your time in Philadelphia. So the coaching change where a former player comes out of a broadcast booth and ends up as your head coach, even now there's still no head coach. So how would you describe the last 12 months of being a member of the Indianapolis Colts Rodney? Yeah, it honestly was, you know, a roller coaster. It felt as if like there was three different seasons just because of all the change that happened over the course of the year. And like I alluded to earlier, when moments like that happen and you face, you know, the level of, I guess, crisis that we went through, you know, normally you might have people who, you know, just kind of go their own way. But, you know, one thing that, you know, I recognize and saw was the fight in everybody. And, you know, the leaders kind of taking control of the team and bringing everyone together and us understanding, man, like, nobody's going to feel necessarily sorry for us. And, and, of course, you know, we had a stretch where, of course, we lost, I think, six or seven in a row. But, you know, I think everybody still came to work, committed, and going into each game, you know, hoping that, you know, we would come out victorious. So, you know, it's a rough one.

But, you know, that's when you really lean on your leaders and your team to really hold everybody tight during those moments and just, you know, weather the storm. That was your first year in the locker room. Did you feel a responsibility as someone who has logged over a decade in the NFL to step into that space and try to keep the locker room together?

Oh, yeah, most definitely. I think unfortunately I've experienced the season something similar record-wise in 2020 with the Eagles. And that was my first time stepping into the captain role, you know, with the Eagles after the departure of a good friend, Malcolm Jenkins, and a few others. And I learned a lot from that season. And the one thing I was very proud of myself is that, you know, I made sure the morale was still high in the locker room and God still had something to play for, in a sense, and that we stayed together. And so I try to demonstrate that the best way I could, you know, this past season is really all about your actions and the things that you speak about and trying to find some positivity out of the rough situation where it looks like it's a very dark place, but you got to find some light out there and really hold Sean to that.

And so that's what I tried to do is every day I walked into that to the building is, you know, be positive and be present more importantly and focus on how be a solution, you know, and not continue on with the problem at hand. I hear from a lot of athletes who've suffered through serious injuries like you have and have had the game be taken away for a time that they never take it for granted. You're still playing into decade number two. You worked hard to get back to the point where you can play regardless of how difficult it is. It's still validating for you and all the work you did that you're still out there.

You still get the chance every week. Oh, yes, a hundred percent being able to, you know, play the game, you know, and battling injuries and seeing guys, you know, get cut throughout training camp or week five of the regular season just put things in perspective. You know, when you played over a decade, you've seen it all and I try to constantly remind, you know, my my fellow teammates of that, you know, guys who are just entering the league and I think a lot has to do with just comfortability and understanding that, you know, you never really have it. You never, you never really done until you, you know, you completely walk away and so as long as you have a jersey and helmet, man, hold that seat as long as you can and you do that by, you know, bringing your best and being your best every single day. It's a long time NFL safety now with the Colts. Rodney McLeod with us here after hours on CBS Sports Radio. You say you've seen everything right after 11 years except Jeff Saturday was called out of the broadcast booth and into your locker room as the head coach.

So that was kind of a new one. I can imagine there was a reaction in your locker room. What did you hear from Jeff as he stood in front of the team that second half of the year and you guys kind of had to pull it together for a guy who didn't have any coaching experience? Yeah, I think Jeff from day one was honest with us and I think anybody would tell you, you know, honesty is the answer to it all and he kept it real. He told us, you know, he didn't have much experience but, you know, what he did have was his passion for the organization, passion for the team, passion for the game and he's driven and, you know, that's what has gotten him to the point that he is now in his career and what allowed him to play as long as he did and be a ring of honor and all the famers like those sorts of intangibles, you know, the passion, the heart, you know, the mindset and being committed and driven like those things, you know, matter and will, you know, get him through this time of inexperience, right? And so all he asked from us was, you know, just bring your best man and let's try to find a way to all this, you know, put good things out on tape and play for one another and play hard and be committed to the grind and the process throughout the week. He really emphasized that and always just kept it real simple, you know, every single week what our objectives or goals were going into the week. But one thing he always did was he held guys accountable from the minute he steps in, you know, he wasn't afraid to, you know, challenge us because it's all about productivity.

It's all about success and it, you know, of course, everybody has been living up to their fullest potential, you know, how do you try to maximize it and how do you try to correct what is going on? So I commend Jeff, you know, for stepping in and giving in his all and really, you know, going to battle with us. So it wasn't then as weird as what people were saying from the outside? No, I think, of course, when everybody saw the hire, you know, of course, oh wait, Jeff Saturday, I know I'm a former player, but now he's on TV. So, you know, how did that happen? But like I said, I think it had a lot to do with just his character, man. His character says it says a lot.

He has a lot of respect from his fellow peers and colleagues, obviously in the media field now, but, you know, he gained the respect of us as well over his time. And it, of course, it didn't end the way that we wanted it to. We all wanted, you know, hey, just comes in here. We win the first game. We're going to go seven and no, and we're going to make the playoffs, you know, that it didn't happen. But what did happen was we found out a lot about each one of us within our locker room in the midst of adversity.

Which is so important. It's one of the reasons why I think everybody should play sports is because it builds character when it doesn't go your way. You just told me that moving to Indianapolis kind of gave you a fresh perspective, new start. In some ways, you felt like you were starting all over again in the NFL after year 11, which was a tough one, as we've talked about. Do you still have that anticipation for year 12? Yeah, it's something I've been, you know, battling with, I guess, over the course of the past couple weeks and even like a little like just throughout the season, you know, what next year would look like, you know, will there be next year or is this your last run? And, you know, I think as the season is going on, you just really stay in the moment and now using time to just reflect on, you know, the past year and how I feel, you know, both physically and mentally about the game. And so just really enjoying the time off and I feel like I still have more to give to the game. But, you know, we'll see, you know, how I feel in the next month or so as things start to get real and free agency opens up. So just to clarify, you haven't yet decided if you're going to play another season, you're still thinking about it? Yeah, right now I'm just, I'm having conversations obviously with my wife, family, you know, it's a topic that comes up even, you know, with friends, of course, is, you know, what are you going to do next year?

Like, what does next year look like? And like I said, I think I proved a lot to myself this past year last year and proves, I think, to, you know, viewers as well that, you know, I still am capable of playing at a high level when healthy. And I think that was the biggest thing I was most proud about is being able to complete a year fully healthy and playing, you know, 100% of the snaps while I was out there. And that is what I'm accustomed to. So, of course, with that, that takes a toll on your body.

It doesn't get a little, doesn't get any easier at a year 11. And so, yeah, you know, I would say I'm more so definitely leaning towards, you know, returning, but at the same time, I can't necessarily say 100% whether that's true or not. Well, I appreciate the honesty. Before I let you go, I know last year we talked about your foundation at the time it was Philadelphia. So, now that you're in Indianapolis or you played a year there, what's the latest with your foundation, your Change Our Future Foundation and its mission?

We are doing a lot. We actually did do a few things in Indianapolis, which was great. Hosted our Turkey Drive there. And then we also did our Total Days of Christmas initiative.

One of the big initiatives we have is Filicart. And so, we were able to take 15 families to Myers out there and be able to just put some smiles on their face and give them some holiday cheer as they prepare for Christmas. So, that was great. Getting used to the community there, introducing ourselves. The community really responded well to us.

So, that was great. And hoping to really expand some of our programs this year. We have our Next Man Up program that's at Parkway Northwest here in Philadelphia.

It's a mentorship program. And looking to expand and add one or two more schools this upcoming school year. And another thing we're excited about is kicking off our Lit program, which is very focused on literacy and reading and trying to increase the scores there and things of that nature. So, super excited. That is looking to be implemented in not only Philadelphia, but Indianapolis as well. We also have our Sneaker Ball coming up in June. We're going to push out to save the day for that probably in the next coming weeks.

So, a lot of great stuff. Just excited to continue to serve others. And as you're talking, I'm thinking as hard as it was to leave Philadelphia and as tough as it was to start over, you're now impacting another community and reaching a bunch of different youth. So, yes. And then you can find Rodney on Twitter at Rodney underscore McLeod for longtime NFL safety, most recently spending the year with the Colts, the season that was Super Bowl champion. So, that matters this time of the year. It's great to catch up with you again, Rodney. Appreciate your honesty and your openness and a few minutes of your time. All right. Thank you so much. Take care.

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