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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 24, 2022 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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August 24, 2022 5:53 am

Ask Amy Anything! | Kevin Durant & the Nets make peace? | Reaction to the Nets/KD decision.

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Dead center of the work week baby. Oh, producer J, it's all downhill from here.

J needs to hear that. We reached the midway point. When I was walking the hallways earlier, going from one studio to another, I thought to myself, wait a minute, is this actually the third show of the work week already? The week has been a bit of a blur. There's just been a lot of stuff going on.

In fact, this is just one way that I can, I can illustrate how, how many things I'm juggling right now. And I know a lot of people are, I got on the bike on Monday afternoon. And for a solid 50, as in five, zero minutes of my bike, I did nothing but answer text messages. What happens when you try to take off a few days and kind of put your phone down and disengage a little bit. And I did that because my family was visiting for 36 hours. And then I went on this rafting excursion on the Delaware River on Saturday, and I did not have my phone.

I left it in the car and it was on airplane mode. And it was fantastic, except come Sunday, come Monday, somebody has to pay the piper. And so I spent 50 minutes answering text messages on Monday. It was just a mad dash through Monday, a manic Monday.

And then Tuesday, thankfully, I slept a little bit, had some time to catch up. But now here we are. Third show of the work week, we call it the hump show because once we get through it, we are closer to the weekend. Then we were before.

I know that science. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the rocket mortgage studios. When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process rockets can coming up, we still have to roll our eyes about one Kevin Durant and the truce that has been called interestingly enough, Steve Nash was at the New York Liberty.

Game on Tuesday night, he was there in in New York, watching that game in person, actually watching the Liberty bow out of the playoffs. So he appeared to be smiley. I don't know, man, I'd watch your back if I were you head on a swivel. Make sure you know what's happening in the shadows around you. So we'll get to that coming up. Plus, we've got QB news. Still, the World Series champion Braves. They're cutting into that lead a top 10 in the NFL East. And then in addition to that, Sammy Watkins just piles on.

Nobody wants to play with Manny Machado anymore. Thank you in advance for all of your unique and creative questions for ask Amy anything. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence time to ask Amy anything sort of. producer J needs some good questions.

Did you get some good questions to you? I don't know that I've seen producer J like this very often. It's been over a year of us working together.

We just marked a year. And this is one of those nights where not much is going well. And yet the show. This is what you tell me every single time. I'm frustrated, annoyed, disturbed, freaking out. About things not going the way they're supposed to. Usually it's the equipment. You tell me the show sounds fine, which I hate the word fine, but the show sounds good tonight. So it does no matter what the issues are behind the scenes.

We have not allowed it to affect the on air product. Well, I wouldn't say never, but usually it's me who's being all emotional. You're like a Baker Mayfield tonight. My offer for goldfish and he loves goldfish. He finally took two whole goldfish.

It was like three, I think. Have you had any snacks at all in there? Did you eat the piece of chocolate I gave you?

No, I have it here. That's how you know that J is off his game because he didn't even eat the chocolate that I brought for him. My mental game. Okay, let's jump into this. Alright. Alright, so you did mention earlier that you had a Taco Tuesday last night. I did proper Taco Tuesday and that responded that generated some questions. So your turtle wants to know, speaking of tacos, soft or crunchy shell soft. Yeah, next only soft, no crunchy.

You don't mix it up now. Crunchy breaks really easily. And so you end up having to eat the taco with a spoon or a fork or the insides. The innards of your Taco. Yeah, I've never never really understood the point of having crunchy tacos because it doesn't hold together.

So you might as well just put it on a plate. Then you also want to know if I'm gonna eat crunchy. It's gonna be Tostitos chips with my Taco. So sometimes I'll do that. I'll put a plate of Tostitos chips or I'll put some chips with my Taco meeting meeting meat and the toppings and then I'll just I'll scoop it.

He also wants to know and I think you might answer this. You might have. Do you use beef or chicken? I use ground turkey most of the time. I rarely use chicken. I don't cook chicken at my house, mostly because of the salmonella poisoning I had after one of my trips to Ecuador. So now I don't generally like to look at raw chicken. I'll eat chicken. I'll eat it out or when someone else cooks it, but I'm not real good at looking at it raw.

It just it reminds me of what happened. Salmonella is no joke. 10 days. 10 days. Yeah, it was awful. I dropped 7 pounds in three days. It was crazy.

Yeah, well, that leads us, I guess, into this next one. Benny wants to know what is your favorite dinner that you do make at home? Chili. I love chili, but pancakes lately. I make pancakes and I have this amazing mix. It's Kodiak pancake mix. It's actually called flapjacks and it's cinnamon oat and with pure New Hampshire maple syrup. It's delightful. So yes, I'm a big believer in breakfast at dinnertime and our schedules are upside down.

So who cares really? So after I go running, a lot of times I make pancakes and they're so good or chili. And I was just thinking actually that I haven't made chili in. Gosh, it's been over a month.

It probably been closer to six weeks. It's been too hot even for me to eat chili. Humidity. So love chili. Trying to think what else I love. I mean, any kind of pasta is delicious.

You're going to be so annoyed and just like, ew, gross Amy at me. I went to a friend's house on Monday for dinner and she made pasta. But guess what the pasta was?

I had an answer. It's so un-Italian. Is it like zucchini? No, not veggie.

Quinoa and brown rice pasta. I honestly, if she hadn't told me, I wouldn't have been able to taste the difference. I only would have been, would have said to you the pasta was cooked a little softer because I usually make my pasta al dente. So it's a little crunchy. It's not crunchy, but it holds together a little better. There you go, firmer. It's a little firmer. It's got a bite to it. But this was pretty soft.

It wasn't falling apart, but it was good. I mean, I just slathered it with meat sauce when she told me. So I've now tried quinoa pasta, but I dare not tell my family because they don't even like that. I don't eat whole wheat pasta.

They would get so mad at me. My brother just pokes fun at me because I try to eat different versions of pasta. He will literally go on strike if I try to feed him whole wheat pasta. He gets so mad.

I might defend him on that one. You know, I know most good Italians do, but I worry about gaining a lot of weight. So, you know, got to cut corners where I can. Well, Nancy wants to know, because I know you also were baking over the weekend, correct? Yes, I made oatmeal apples. Apricot bars and some tremendous island cookies that I had yesterday.

Oh, yes. Well, those were yes, you had a couple leftovers. Those were to take to the the house that I went to dinner on Monday. But the oatmeal apricot bars are because I keep asking my neighbors for favors with Penny.

It's been a rough summer. She has to stick to the schedule with the with the shots with the insulin shots. I can't. It's different when it was just her food or just her walk. I could finagle the times, but with her insulin shots, she's not real flexible. And when I don't get them on time, I can definitely tell a difference.

And so I oh, gosh, it's been so hard to, like, do anything now with her being on this schedule anyway. So I have to bribe my neighbors with baked goods, but they do love my baked goods. And they keep they tell me they love Penny, too.

So you did just set this question up very nicely. Nancy wants to know, has Penny or sugar ever eaten a freshly baked item cooling on the kitchen counter? No, because I cover them.

I don't take that risk. But I will tell you what Penny ate one time. And she's never been a dog that digs in the trash or anything like that.

I've never had to worry about that. Except one time. This was in my old place. So not when I was here in my current house. But I had a friend give me this big bag of Easter candy. And it was truffles.

Truffles that are wrapped in gold wrapping like really pretty Easter truffles. And because I'd never had an issue with her getting into any of my stuff or my trash. It was in another bag sitting on the floor of my kitchen.

I go out and go for a run. I come back and instantly I know something's wrong because there's stuff all over my floor. So the dog had gotten into the bag and then into the smaller bag and had eaten, no joke, at least 30 pieces of chocolate. And and the wrappers.

Like everything was gone. It's not like she knew how to open the wrappers. We're talking about so many pieces of chocolate and wrappers, right? I instantly get her outside thinking she's gonna get sick because dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate. You feed a little dog chocolate and they will die.

And so I'm nervous as all get out. The dog's gonna throw up because Penny is a really, Aussies have weak stomachs. She not only did not have any problems, she was happy as a clam. And for the rest of the week, she pooped gold wrappers. No, I swear to God, for five days, the dog pooped gold wrappers. And so she loved the chocolate and I got to see evidence of it. She never got sick. So no, she's never eaten baked goods. I do not feed her people food for the most part, but that was the one time where I learned the hard way not to leave anything tasty on the floor. Even in two other bags and wrappers.

The dog all in, all in on Easter candy chocolate. Hey, she got her opportunity and she took it, right? She definitely did. All right. Eric wants to know, have you ever taken batting practice at a major league stadium?

No, I wish I had. That'd be so much fun. And I'll keep it baseball here for a sec. Wayne X or yes, yes. If Albert Pujols ends the year with 698 or 699 home runs, does he come back for another season? No, he actually just reiterated that to USA Today on, I think it was Saturday before he went out and hit two more home runs. He said the numbers don't matter to him. He doesn't care. He never thought he'd get this many home runs anyway.

And he's retiring regardless of where he ends up. This one was interesting. Nigel wants to know, would you rather be a basketball referee or a football referee if you had to choose between the two? Basketball.

I've done that actually. There isn't anything I haven't done when it comes to basketball. I've played, I've coached, I've officiated, and that's kids all the way up to adults.

Kids as well as high schools all the way up to adults. And I've also done both TV and radio, so I've seen basketball from all angles as the game I know the best. So yeah, I would rather, well, and the court is a lot smaller too, so I'm going to be sprinting up and down a surface.

I'd rather sprint up and down a basketball court. Now Chris wants to know, similar to that one kinda, he says, would you rather flip a coin for the Super Bowl or throw out the first pitch of a World Series game? Oh, throw out the first pitch. I mean, flipping the coin is really cool, but it requires no skill. I want to show off my cannon for an arm.

I can confirm. Throwing the first pitch for a World Series game would be phenomenal. I don't even think it'd be on TV, but it doesn't matter to me because it would be an experience that I would never forget.

Going back to food here for a second. That would be really cool. Would you come with me? Yeah, I'd catch. Of course. Unless you want a professional catcher doing it, but that's overrated. Oh, is it?

It's overrated if I have, say, Yachty or Molina catch the pitch? No, not as fun. Gotta deal with your friends. So, going back to food for a sec. Mort wants to know, which of the following donut shops do you prefer? He gives you the option of Dunkin', Tim Hortons, or Krispy Kreme. I do love Dunkin'.

There isn't a whole lot I don't love about Dunkin'. In fact, Jay and I were just talking about pumpkin donuts. They are delicious, and I'm not gonna tell you why we were talking about pumpkin donuts because then I would out myself. But there's nothing better than a warm Krispy Kreme, and I do not mean the glazed with the hole in the middle. I mean the actual Krispy Kreme donut that's filled with the cream. That's why they're called Krispy Kreme. Now, the outside is glazed, but when they're out of the oven and the cream has been inserted into the donut and the whole thing is warm, oh my, you've never tasted anything better. That's why Krispy Kreme is so popular, because of the cream-filled donuts.

They are damn good. Oh my gosh, I don't remember the last time I had one. I know they sell them at the grocery store. They probably get them delivered that morning, and so they would be fresh donuts. But I don't want to eat Krispy Kreme unless they've got the cream in them, and I only ever see the glazed ones.

The glazed with the donuts, the holes taken out of the middle. One or two more here before we get to a rapid fire. Dean wants to know, have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, or have you considered playing Dungeons and Dragons? My brother used to love that game, so I've never played it, but I watched him play it a little bit. I'm not big into video games.

The only video game that I ever really loved, we had Ms. Pac-Man when I was a kid. That's more of a board game, I would say. Dungeons and Dragons?

Oh, I thought you meant the video version. There might be a video game version, but what I'm thinking about is the classic game board, make a character, someone tells a story. Oh, I don't even know what that is. No, I've never played the board game. My brother used to play the video game Dungeons and Dragons, but sorry, I don't know what that is. Board games, I'm more into Clue, Risk, Battleship, and Risk is the one where you're capturing countries all over, right? Didn't I ask you recently if you would play Risk with me? Yes, I said I would. Wait, what video game am I supposed to be playing with you?

What was the trade-off? Oh, would you say Age of Empires? I think I was into playing that at the time. That's right. Okay, so it's a Risk versus Age of Empires trade-off.

Yeah, you gotta buy it. We'll play it online. Right, okay, so only if you're gonna play Risk with me, and that's not... Yeah, it's a fair trade. Alright, that's an actual board game. So those, Life, Monopoly, I'm over Monopoly. My favorite is Trivial Pursuit. Love Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, and then Scattergories is another good one. We loved that in my family, too. Bananagrams, if you ever played that. That one I'm not familiar with. Catchphrase, ever played that one? Really good. Yeah, those are kind of games we like in my family.

And then Euchre, Poker, that kind of stuff. Alright, last one here before Rapid Fire. Dan asks, how many Slurpees have you drank this summer? None. How many times have I stopped the ice cream truck? None. How much ice cream have I eaten? Plenty. Do you like Slurpees?

I thought that was just a random interesting question, so I went with it. See, here's the thing. If I have to be careful about how many desserts I eat, it's my attempt to not turn into a blimp and to remain relatively healthy. So if I'm going to get desserts, it's going to be the stuff I really love. Slurpees to me is nothing but flavored sugar. That's it. It's like you're mainlining sugar into your veins, so I prefer ice cream. If I'm going to have dessert, when I have dessert, it's going to be ice cream, it's going to be some of my baked goods.

Let's close it out here with some Rapid Fire. Workout at home or workout at a gym? I'm a home workouter now. I gave up my gym membership during the pandemic to save money, and I will never go back. I have a stationary bike.

I have an actual bike. I run. I can do yoga in my house, although I'm going to a yoga class on Thursday, so the second one since I started going again. I'd rather go hiking. I'd rather go rafting. I'd rather go kayaking. I'd rather swim.

I don't need to be at a gym for any of that stuff. Would you rather be able to foresee the future or change the past? No changing the past. The past made me who I am right now, for better or for worse. You change the past, you change a lot of things, so I'd rather know what's coming, but then sometimes I think if I knew what was coming, I might adjust or I might change course, and I only want to walk the path that I was meant to walk, for better or for worse.

I'm glad I don't know what's coming, and I can't tell you I don't have any regrets, but I'm not going to go tinkering with the past. M&M's. Peanut or plain? Peanut, but plain or better for you.

Anyway. There's also peanut butter. Nah, stop screwing with M&M's. Sandwich. Crust or no crust?

If I'm going to eat a sandwich with bread, I'm going to eat the crust. Sourdough bread is my favorite. My brother and I had some. We got some fresh from the grocery store when he was visiting last week, and I couldn't resist.

I just went out and bought another loaf. Last one here. Fan or air conditioning? I have both, actually, this time of the year. You run both simultaneously? Yeah. Upstairs in a cape, where it stays warm, and where Penny is...

I can't sleep with that dog panting the way that she does, so yes. Both AC, central air. I don't do wall units, I don't do window units. Dishwashers and central air are two things that I have to have. Well, I don't need dishwashers as in plural, but a dishwasher and central air. I'm a little bit of a snob. Oh, an HDTV. I can't do a standard def.

But that's probably more information than you were looking for. Alright, you can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Thank you for sending your questions for Ask Amy. I don't know if we're going to leave it at the top of the hour here, but it's dead center of our work week. We are headed downhill toward the weekend. It's our hump show, and we appreciate that you're hanging out with us here after hours on CBS Sports Radio. We like you as much as you like us. Hey, what's going on? I love the show. Thanks for having me on. Hey, I'm enjoying your show, Amy. I'm normally not up to hear you, but you've got a hell of a show.

Thank you. Hi, Amy. I remember talking with you when you very first started on CBS. You're such a superstar. Amy, thank you for touching my call. First time calling, looking at your show every morning as I travel into Boston. First time taller than any sports show ever, so you're kind of taking my sports show virginity right now. Okay, well that's not creepy at all.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. So that was easy. Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Sean Marks, the owners of the Brooklyn Nets. They're all on the same page now. Poof. Snap your fingers.

It's like magic. I'm so impressed, but also I can only imagine how awkward and uncomfortable the face-to-face meeting that got it done. Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Sean Marks, along with Joe Tsai, met in Los Angeles on Monday.

Couple of other people there, Katie's business partner, Joe Tsai's wife, Clara Wu Tsai. They agreed to move forward with their partnership. Is that what we're calling it these days?

Funny. I thought it was a contract to play basketball. This statement was released by the Nets GM, Sean Marks, on Tuesday.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Before I say anything else, producer Jay is a Nets fan. He's wearing a Nets hat currently, but don't get excited because he wears the Nets hat every day until we get to football season. And then for maybe two weeks he'll wear a Giants hat and then he's back to his Nets hat. What is your reaction to the fact that apparently all the wounds have been healed and they're moving forward together to win a championship?

I'm not sure if I believe it per se. I think that a trade for the Nets, they were probably looking for a little too much, which is fair. I mean, I would ask for the world too if I was trading Kevin Durant. Looks like they weren't going to get the offer that they wanted and this was really the only option. Okay, well that explains it from the Nets perspective. Why would KD agree? When weeks ago he essentially issued an ultimatum to Joe Cy, the owner of the Nets, saying it's me or it's them. I think at the end of the day, yesterday, he realized that he really doesn't have as much power as he maybe initially thought here.

He asked for the Nets for the demands and the Nets pretty much said no. And what is he going to do? He could sit out and not play. He could retire. He doesn't want to do that.

I mean, he's one of the top players on the planet. He could make a stink and make everything really uncomfortable for everyone. He did that. He tried to do that, I think, already.

And it just didn't work out for him. He could retire. He could. He easily could. And that's really his only out here, I would say. Right now, at least, it looks like. I mean, he could act like James Harden. That seemed to work.

Twice, actually. How are you feeling about them moving forward together? Because not that long ago you told me you were over it. Yeah, I'm just over about everything not being about basketball anymore. I just want the team to play basketball. You know, it's what I would like my basketball team to do and not focus on everything other than not playing basketball. So if this is actually the end and they're going to focus and go to practice and start playing, it's fine with me. Let's just start playing some basketball. You know, the season's what? A month?

A little over a month away? No, stop it. I'm not ready for basketball. And the Nets don't even... I don't even know who's on the roster.

It's not a month away. But anyway, you know what you sound like, Browns fans. I just want to play football. Can we just focus on football? You hate it when I say it, but it's a little bit true that the Nets are the Cleveland Browns of the NBA. I think they come out looking better than the Cleveland Browns here in this because they just... The Cleveland Browns I feel like would give in to the demands where the Nets right now I think look better as an organization because they didn't give in to Katie's demands. They didn't give in to Kyrie's demands. They said, no, you're going to do it our way. So I think the Nets actually come out looking pretty good here. Well, you assume that's what's happened, but you don't actually know. Well, they didn't trade him. So he's still here and he's willing to work it out apparently and play for the Nets. So clearly they said something that persuaded them or they just told them, hey, this is how we're going to do it.

If you don't like it, retire. And either way, I think the Nets look good. All right. I like it. Three years of giving them everything they wanted. It's all enough.

It's all been wiped out. Those sins have been forgiven because now the Nets are putting their foot down. My perspective is this. I don't know how those two can coexist.

Now I get it. We're human beings. We say things we don't mean or we say things we do mean, but later we want to take them back.

We wish we hadn't said them. So sure, maybe KD was apologetic and maybe he tried to spin it as that's not what I meant. I didn't say to Josiah, you either have to trade me or you have to fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks. I just know they were all in the same room and it had to be awkward and comfortable. Maybe they did clear the air and maybe Steve Nash and Sean Marks, except that Kevin Durant didn't mean it or that he's willing to overlook whatever it was that caused him to give that ultimatum in the first place.

I have no idea. I just know that all of a sudden everything's better. But is this a Band-Aid on a broken leg?

So maybe the bleeding stopped for a moment. But if you're Steve Nash, aren't you watching your back? We know that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been hanging out together.

They've been spotted together in various places, even across the pond in Europe. He didn't get the trade that he wanted and he opted into the final year of his contract, primarily because nobody else was going to pay him the money that he was going to get from the Nets. Durant had just signed an extension. In fact, it hadn't even kicked in when he asked for the trade. And so producer Jay is right. He had zero leverage. I've been saying that all along. If I'm the Nets, I tell him to zip it.

You have zero leverage, so zip it. And maybe that's what happened. But I can't imagine that would fix things because Durant is in charge of his own career. And he watches what else is happening in the NBA where guys have requested trades and it's worked. Kawhi Leonard won a championship. Anthony Davis won a championship. James Harden, well, he may never win a championship, but that's on him. Apparently, Ben Simmons is in great shape, expected to be 100 percent when the season tips off. Kyrie and KD are still together.

I don't know what changes in terms of them having a championship path, but I don't know how long they can coexist. Chemistry is so important, especially in a sport like the NBA where it's tight. There's only so many guys on a roster and there's only so many guys who play and factor into what happens on the court. Kevin Durant's an alpha male. He may not talk like it except for when he's using his various burner Twitter accounts.

But he thinks he knows what he's doing and he's a two-time NBA Finals MVP. And I can't imagine that all of a sudden everything's tremendous and the chemistry is perfect and they're all good. I think Jay may be right. The team said to him, well, we're not going to trade you. We're not getting what we've asked for.

And so for now, your only option is to sit tight unless, of course, you do want to retire. I hope there's no way to know. I hope they played hardball with him.

I hope they did. But unhappy superstars can create a lot of problems. We know this. Is Kevin Durant just biding his time until he can then figure out a different way to exit Brooklyn? I wouldn't put that past him either.

I don't know. This seems fishy to me. I think it is because right now there's no other alternative. And so they're just they're all going to swallow their pride and dignity. And for now, put on a happy face. Maybe that increases his trade value around the NBA.

I just know that this is a little bit too good to be true. There's no way. And if you're KD, are you embarrassed? I mean, if you're KD, the franchise finally didn't kowtow and cave to what you wanted. The ultimatum that was put out there for the world to know about.

Produce zero results. The owner of the franchise that you play for publicly backed his coach and general manager. As if a response to KD was necessary because the story went public.

Right. So he responded to publicly. And now are you saving face by agreeing, quote unquote, to move forward, biding your time until you can figure out a different way to exit? He needs a new exit strategy.

Is that what's happening here? I don't I don't buy it. I don't buy that it's all kumbaya and everyone's happy now. What I buy is that at this point they have no other alternative because there's no one who's giving that that's what they want. And KD is not going to walk away from that kind of a contract or his basketball, which he does love.

And once again, Vegas has made Brooklyn one of the top picks for a championship in twenty twenty three. OK, don't buy that either. We've already seen this drama. There's like a soap opera that it's like a you what I said, fade that. But it's like a soap opera where you can watch for an entire month and the storylines don't advance.

They just stay really. I mean, you're watching the same storyline play out. You can have two actors in the same room for an entire week in a soap opera. It never changes.

Yes, I did have a soap opera phase when I was younger. So I don't buy it. We'll see what George Caro, Hall of Fame coach and Antonio Daniels have to say about it. They've agreed to, quote, move forward, not to get along, not to support each other. Not to like each other. No, just to move forward. Think that phrase speaks volumes.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Obviously, what hits the topic, we got a lot going on with our team. Uncertainty with Ben, not playing last year, us being swept in the playoffs, Kyrie situation, being a free agent. You know, so it's a lot of uncertainty with our team. So I understand why so much noise around us. But as individuals, just control what you can and move forward.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That was before we knew about Kyrie Irving back on June 24th. Kevin Durant voiced his desire to stay out of it and let things play out with Kyrie on the etc.

podcast. He said he wasn't worried about it. He could understand the interest and the questions to him. But this was about Kyrie and they were going to remain friends. They were going to support one another. But this is business and this was Kyrie's decision. Kyrie then opted in and the stunner was days later, Kevin Durant requests a trade from the Nets.

And it's taken a downward spiral a couple of times since then. Not only did he double down with Josiah when they met in London, but he asked the Brooklyn Nets owner to choose. If you want to keep me, well, you can fire the head coach and the general manager. What? Aren't you the guy who picked those ones? Well, maybe not the GM, but aren't you the guy who picked Steve Nash? You signed off on it. And now another meeting. Man alive. I hope it was a come to Jesus meeting for Kevin Durant.

I can't even imagine that, but I hope it was. I hope the Nets told him. Here are your options. Play or retire.

One or the other. We're not paying you to sit around. We already did that for a full season. We paid you to do nothing. We can't get what we want for you in return.

Apparently, you're not worth nearly as much as we think you are. Oh, that would have been a good line. I'm sure they didn't say that.

They, I'm confident, were politically correct with all of this. Do you think there were swear words dropped in this meeting? I don't, actually.

I think it was probably a very, like... Oh, you think it was cordial? I do. I think you gotta be very sensitive with what you say to Kevin Durant.

Well, it's pretty plain. Play or retire. Because we're not trading you. However, if I'm Steve Nash, I watch for the dagger. I watch for the knife.

I don't want to get stabbed in the back more than I already have. It was a surfaced wound initially, and the team chose to back him. Haha. Pun intended.

Chose to back him and Sean Marks. But, I don't know. KD may take this as a brief loss. Maybe he's now conniving and figuring out how else he can work his way out of Brooklyn.

But for now, they're moving forward together. Hahaha. That's what he wants you to think. It's after hours with...

He's an idiot. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Antonio Daniels on, let's see, Sirius XM NBA Radio.

He actually isn't surprised by this. I told you all it takes is a sit down. I said this weeks ago, Cam, when I said I see Kevin Durant staying in Brooklyn. I said all it takes is a sit down with Kevin Durant, Joe Cy, Steve Nash, and Sean Marks. And they'll iron this whole thing out.

No. Putting your pride aside and actually, you know what man, listen. Because when you cut out all the outside noise, Cam. When you get off of social media, and you just get into a room with no distractions, and you can be completely honest with each other, things change, Cam. Things completely change. As grown men or adults, when you can put the nonsense aside and realize that you all have the same goal. Get Kevin Durant in the room.

I say, man, look. You got Kyrie Irving on board. You got Ben Simmons on board. You got Joe Harris on board. We went out and got Royce O'Neal and TJ Warren. We got the shooting with Seth Curry and Patty Mills. Like, why would we not want to run this back? Like you said, Cam, maybe they go out and get a Hassan Whiteside or a Dwight Howard or someone else along those lines.

And if I'm Kevin Durant, I'm like, man, you know what? You're making a lot of sense. No, no, no.

This is what I was talking about a couple weeks ago, Cam, when I talked about them getting in a room together, sitting down and ironing things out. This doesn't surprise me one bit. I'm glad Antonio Daniels is not surprised and he thinks it's a possibility. And he's a former NBA champion, played in the league for a very long time. That's his opinion on Sirius XM NBA radio. I don't buy it.

I don't buy Kevin Durant being reasonable. Since when? Since when? It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio.

Hall of Fame head coach George Carle, he weighs in also on Sirius XM. I don't know where the league is going right now with players signing, you know, five year contracts and one out after a year. That's not making any ownership happy. I mean, these guys are getting paid big money and I know there's a game of influence, a game of power that goes on with the great players and Kevin Durant is a great player, but I wish he would have handled this better. But, you know, I think we'll live through it.

And I think once we see Kevin Durant putting up 45 in the game, you know, we're going to let it go, forgive him and move on. I just don't, I don't, I'm not buying, I'm not smelling what the Nets are stepping in. I'm just not, I don't, I don't think this is a perfect solution. Maybe it's the only one at this point that they can come up with because neither side is getting what he wants. And a lot of times that's the best compromise when neither side is getting what he wants. But I don't think we've heard the end of this.

I don't think KD likes being bested. And right now he didn't get what he wants and the entire world knows it. Maybe that's why he hasn't released a statement. Did anyone check his social?

Cause I didn't. Just tweet something at him, he'll respond. Oh yeah, he definitely will. If not for his actual account, then with his burner account, let's say, man, he has 20.3 million followers. Wow. So someone named Jordan Hicks. Let's see where Jordan Hicks is from.

He's Spectrum News One in Texas. He writes to KD and says, not a single tweet to explain yourself, just pettiness, but then want to get mad when reporters try and figure it out. But then want to get mad when the rest of the league is tired of you, but then want to get mad when people fry you.

I defended you before, but you really are soft. So he writes that to KD. KD responds with, I don't have to explain myself to Jordan Hicks.

Who are you again? And then Jordan responds with, it did give me some exposure though, and for that I do appreciate you. LOL. A lot of men out here are doing anything to be exposed to the rest of the world. It's insane how much you want to be seen. That was KD's response.

Oh, Kettle, you're black. Oh my gosh. That's an outrageous tweet by Kevin Durant.

That is crazy. Yeah, so he gets called out, quote unquote, for not a single tweet to explain himself by Jordan Hicks and KD takes aim at him. I mean, I just, wow. I am surprised that we've heard nothing from KD. Maybe at some point we will, but for now it was a joint statement. Maybe they agreed on that in the meeting. We'll release a joint statement. Everyone's on board, seemingly.

There are no chinks in the armor, no cracks in the dam, and all right, starting fresh. Except it's fishy. I do love fish, but this, I don't love how fish smell. This is a little bit of a fishy smell. Okay, it's a lot fishy smell. It stinks. It's our hump show. Jay's in an even worse mood now, and we've got one hour to go. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.
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