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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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September 15, 2022 7:39 pm

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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September 15, 2022 7:39 pm

NBA players react to Robert Sarver fines & suspension | Brett Favre is facing legal trouble | Your phone calls.

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How is your mental health. I'm listening with Michael Phelps think for me in 2014 when I found myself in a dark dark place where I didn't want to be alive in those four days when I was in my room by myself.

I wanted to find a different way. I wanted to find a different answer.

I was sick and tired of feeling heartfelt and that that's why started to seek help and and and that's when I checked myself from the treatment center choice for odysseys. I'm listening to our national mental health conversation Wednesday, September 21 at 6 PM talk saves lives. How was your mental health. I'm listening with Michael Phelps and I think for me in in 2014 when I found myself in that dark dark place where I didn't want to be alive in those four days when I was in my room by myself. I wanted to find a different way.

I wanted to find a different answer. I was sick and tired of feeling heartfelt and that that's why started to seek help. In the end, and that's when I checked myself in the treatment center choice for odysseys.

I'm listening to our national mental health conversation Wednesday, September 21 at 6 PM talk saves lives.

Larry first conversation with the iconic Packers fan's Hall of Fame induction have a week to talk the Hall of Famer is here on the shell we get a chance to do it through my partnership with southern recipe pork rinds and gridiron great. I'm back to work. We should have a Hall of Famer coming up later this month. Courtesy of that partnership with put the pork rinds people at that, early season in the NFL celebration because football is back but in addition to NM, we've established a friendship with LeRoy and since I will be in Wisconsin starting Saturday and then on through Sunday and the early stages of next week.

I actually will be hosting a pair of shows from our Green Bay affiliate eyes over that read then we gotta be a great idea to get LeRoy back on the shout.

It just so happens we haven't spoken to him since he was inducted into Canton in November. He had to wait a long time for that phone call. The stories that he tells.

They always blow me away. The man has experienced so much as risen above so much in his life. It sits it's awesome to talk to him because he never stop smiling or laughing, and the joy is palpable is also contagious so looking forward to seeing him in Wisconsin this weekend but it was it was imperative that that's how we get them on the show before then. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio or live from the rocket mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage can help you get there home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can you combine me on Twitter a lot radio and also on her Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence were to get to QB knew that I decided to forgo to do it all in one fell swoop over to break it up into AFC and NFC, but the egg is the is up first on Thursday night football. This will be the inaugural Thursday night football game on Amazon prime Siu that games and having extreme exclusively Yahoo was was the outlet that had games first that were streaming from the NFL, but now Amazon is paid millions and millions and millions and millions and and so much money back. You add the whole package. The production the announcers everything else are you talking about billions of dollars on the NFL for this Thursday night package and I think it will be interesting to hear the reaction mean I have Amazon prime. I have a couple of other streaming services like Paramount plus which is that CBS two and then I also have what else do I have no I do not have Disney plus no Jay I don't have Disney plus you know that I do not I do not have Disney plus but I Paramount plus I have Amazon prime. And then there's one other one. Why do I not remember. Anyway does matter. I got a couple of them but the reason I got a smart TV is to be able to watch Thursday night football without having to use my laptop so she could actually gotta force me to upgrade the piece of equipment that I had to use that as a tax write off anyway so I'm interested in it. It's not the first. It will be the last. But this is a big deal for the NFL to have a particular game weekend and week out on a streaming service they will lose a lot in ratings. There is no chance that the Amazon prime game gets a 12 million people watching it that that's not going to happen, which is what you might get for a Thursday night or Sunday night or Monday night football game, but I will say this about Amazon prime and I know it's individual production companies, but I've been really impressed with the quality of the productions that come through Amazon prime. So for those of you who have prime there's a there's a Jack Ryan series… By novel kind of stuff, you know, Tim, Tom Clancy, but that stars John Krasinski and a couple of other really impressive actors and to season then you would even know that it wasn't built for the small screen, or even made for the big screen and they're all kinds of other series that you could easily throw them on TV that how good the quality is and ends. It's not going to be the only sport to take advantage of the dollars that are available. They are on Amazon or on Yahoo or on Apple. We know there are select baseball games and hit Apple TV as well that there's a ton of money in streaming and Amazon can throw money at any problem. An exorbitant amount of money which is why the NFL just could not turn this down so it will be interesting to see the reaction but they've you know that they throw their hat in the ring for some of the best announcers. They lured Al Michaels away. I think he was leaving NBC anyway but they lured Al Michaels wake her curb Street and some other very big names to work with them. They're doing a whole pregame show them there really dressed in the subsequent to be interesting to see how it compares to what we might get on broadcast TV that comes up on Thursday night and it is the AFC that was saying its Chargers at its Chiefs, and while both of those teams, a one on week one because it would been Sunday.

They did not have the same path to to get to want to know the Chiefs bludgeoned the Cardinals whereas the Chargers had a challenge from the raters and they were able to hold off but if not for the three takeaways plus that the thing about the fact that Khalil Mack had initially died. His debut well I should say his debut in the AFC West. Please return to the history who has the. The fact that they were able to use that, one to punch and the the moves at the Chargers have made || holding them up as the top competition for the cheese of this will be a really intriguing battle early on so that will kick off week number two summer to do some QB news.

In addition, we've got a little bit of a Serena Williams which is needs and as I say LeRoy Butler an hour from now here on CBS sports radio.

You can find me on Twitter a lot radio and also on her Facebook page. Our social media always open for business were of full-service operation.

Just before we move on to I would say the second punch. It's a one-two punch on this edition of the show and really this week. Two stories in sports that transcends boards and and they're not on the field on the court instead. And we often see this you know there are headlines that will draw people away for all the wrong reasons in the game start again.

It's like the kind of fades into the background. I mentioned Daniel Snyder last hour and the Washington Cmdr. situation the ownership and me and that was all the rage.

When Nelly Snyder, but Commissioner Caddell and others were called to testify in front of Congress and there was this like loud uproar people a groundswell really for people wanting to take away the franchisor, Daniel Snyder, but once game start that all seems to fade into the background of the NBA has a bit of a ways to go before the season tips off and right now because of the findings against Robert Sarver.

There certainly is a Polish and I would say outcry and a demand for him to be removed as the owner of the sons and also the Phoenix Mercury as a matter fact is is an investigation that lasted most of the last year that he used a racial slur at least five times and that the workplace standards, the workplace culture the workplace atmosphere, all of those were left wanting and it starts with him start to the top, but it's same old song and dance right when people come forward. It's about harassment. It's sometimes about sexual discrimination.

It's about religious vitriol and the thing is, I hope it's not the case moving forward. But I'm not that naïve. Of course the stuff happens in the workplace because people are people and humans are imperfect in some cases, humans are are jerks to use a word that I can say on the radio. You wonder why employers and in this case, the owner of a franchise.

Don't recognize that creating a workplace culture a workplace atmosphere where people feel degraded or demeaned or where they almost dread going into work, Matt. I've been in situations like that before where walking the building instantly put you on egg shells or put you on guard that is not to bring out the best in your employees actually undermines the ability for your employees to do their work and to be productive and I remember feeling that way myself. As I said, going back to the days my previous network on the get a surprise. What kind of culture there was ESPN over the time that I worked there and the stories that you hear from other people who go public or not so dissimilar from mine. I'll never go back and tell those publicly other than kind of what I've shared with you in the air here because I don't want to be the center of attention to want to be in that situation I lived it. I survived it. I'm never going back to it but it's not as though it's right here and I just crazy to me that bosses and employers, and in this case, owners don't understand how putting your employees in a situation where they feel that way actually takes away from the takes away from the productivity of your company and the ability to beat the competition, art, or to take to move forward and to make more money if what owners care about is bottom-line. If what businesses and corporations and companies care about is bottom-line. You want employees that feel empowered and are happy to go to work in our thrilled to to put their best foot forward, not hoping they don't get noticed her hoping they don't get embarrassed or humiliated today.

Units just never understand why if what you care about is money that you should recognize your bottom line and your ability to make money and to increase your revenue source is increased and is is sustained when your employees feel like they're treated well when they're happy when when they when they love going to work since that's not rocket science is after hours here on CBS sports radio but I will say again in United States America. We don't we don't have the ability to in most cases we and I don't think we should have the ability to in most cases, force people to give up their property that's that's not what we are in the United States America that's communist countries that socialist countries will you can't only allow people who do the right thing all the time to to own a sports franchise ever just specifically talking about sports and I think that I'm in no way excusing what Robert Sarver did. It's it makes me cringe. It's disgusting and I'm I'm embarrassed for him and for the NBA but because he's a bad dude doesn't mean you can take his business away from him right in and that's kind of what Robert I'm sorry what Adam Silver was saying and then he underscores the point that there wasn't malice here that they believed in the case of Donald Sterling plus there were recordings that Sterling was malicious and that Sterling was a racist and that this was a pattern. It happened to be caught in know what was it a phone recording if I remember correctly or above voicemail because it was caught and people could hear it, it became more damning and more damaging, and the other owners were so outraged in the NBA was so embarrassed that there was a greater sense of urgency with Robert Sarver. According to this committee. There was an ill intent. They don't believe that he was a racist. He was repeating words that he heard exactly what Caleb Gundy just resigned from OU for the University of Oklahoma.

He was reading off of an iPad as he grabbed the iPad in a video session to a film session and he was reading off the iPad and and this is what he said that he read the and word and read what I guess we don't know specifically that that's the word that it was but I've heard reports about heat. He read inappropriate and offensive language and said he didn't even realize what he was reading, but because players complained not only did Oklahoma feel like they should make a change. Brett Venables, but Caleb Gundy resigned. According to the date the investigation and starboard. That's what he was doing he was repeating words that he had heard from someone else. I don't know how that makes it any better. How does that excuse you. Are you still not responsible for the words that come out of your mouth into your mouth, your intelligent human being with a brain. The robot are of a minor bird who repeats what he hears from somebody else immediately are still responsible for what comes out of your mouth, so I hate that excuse. But again, according to the VA committee that investigated him.

His intent was not hostile.

His intent didn't come from a place of inherent racism.

However, there are players around the league very prominent players who have recognize voices that are really upset that the NBA did not take his punishment further just to talk to some players and private conversations. Leave it for the players to to speak directly how they feel are only say I know disheartening same reaction I've had cases these are I think sad sad you know as I was. I think for those players to see the we are to continue to deal with these issues. I think it's it's no secret we you know this is a week where roughly 80% of our players are our black no more now for coaches black it's it's I will say that none of them maybe.

Are you shocked his I am living their lives that I don't think there is single my God I can't believe this happens, but at the same time you know what I think they look to the league look to the partnership league house with the players Association to see how can we do better. How can we improve things. I am always impressed with Adam Silver's ability to communicate and speak whether or not you agree with his position or not. Remember, he's a commissioner he's not an owner. He has a sense of the CEO of the NBA ownership right he represents them same as Roger Caddell represents NFL ownership Roger Caddell, Adam Silver don't have the autonomy to the end of the talk in some cases but when it comes to removing one of them mean Sarver is essentially Adam Silver's boss or one of them.

I mean the he reports to the owners, so he can't by himself just force a man to sell his his property, his team, but I do always appreciate the calling influence that Adam Silver has. He speaks well. He's intelligent. He's relatively call which I guess if you remember his dull Sterling press conference and how shaken he had just taken over from David Stern right after right before that whole mess with Donald Sterling and he was so angry that he was shaking. His voice was shaking generally. Silver provides this calming influence, and that's why he gets paid as much money as he does because he deflects same as Roger Caddell. He takes the heat that is intended for owners and he absorbs it he deflects he takes the vitriol and and he's an expected to smooth things over calm things down. Be the voice of the owners in a way that defuses situations such a good work defuses situations one more from Adam Silver.

He agrees that even though Robert Sarver is good to be suspended for a year and is paying the maximum fine of $10 million. The details that are coming out really exposes the league and is terrible for the NBA is all about how much this week means has been in the African-American community. How much progress we've made in terms of women sports WNBA and Hall of Fame on Saturday night listening is when cash in some of the great general speeches that the inductees were given about the meaning of this game and in these leaks and how we transform people's lives impact on society. Something like this happens your disgusted by so I'm glad that were able to be transparent about this certainly not hiding from this recognize it happen happen in our league.

I accept and understand that some people disagree with what the ultimate consequences were for Mr. Sarver and also hopeful that Mr. Sarver uses this time to not just express his remorse demonstrated, Adam Silver really underscoring yes is disgusting. Yes it's embarrassing for our league and Sarver needs to do his own introspection and understand why this is such a big deal and how it reflects on his business. Sarver is an owner right so he makes money when the NBA makes money and his team. The Phoenix Suns is in a stretch where it's successful. They haven't yet won that title but were successful and he's got one of his own players. The most recognizable names and faces in the NBA, who is now embarrassed in and coming out and speaking against his own actions. So I hope that he sufficiently embarrassed and also ready to as much as much as he can make amends if there is no malicious intent.

If he's not truly racist when you're still response will for your words and your actions and he's ready to correct those workplace situations. Those workplace conditions that have led to people speaking out against him as a boss while he's got a year to figure it out. So that's one major headline coming out of the world of sports that is negative and cast a major shadow, but there is another and as much as I loved watching Brett Favre play football.

He cannot hide behind that anymore.

This is gotten so bad to the point where he I would think is facing jail time made Scott that bad. How was your mental health. I'm listening with Michael Phelps and I think for me in 2014 when I found myself in a dark dark place where I didn't want to be alive in those four days when I was in my room by myself. I wanted to find a different way. I wanted to find a different answer. I was sick and tired of feeling heartfelt and that that's why started to seek help and end, and that's when I checked myself from the treatment center choice for odysseys. I'm listening to our national mental health conversation Wednesday, September 21 at 6 PM talk saves livesfootball fans to get enough football. That's why we've got nonstop football coverage on the free Odyssey you just live shows dedicated to every protein play-by-play for the most diehard local radio station stalking football interviews with star players and coaches and football fans being for everything you love about football live and on-demand with the free Odyssey you download today.

Odyssey knows that football fans can't get enough football. That's why we've got nonstop football coverage on the free Odyssey you just live shows dedicated to every protein, play-by-play, and enough game to offer the most diehard local radio station stalking football interviews with star players and coaches and football fans being for everything you love about football live and on-demand with the free Odyssey you download today and after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast as well so you will spontaneous loving to me was what was all about. Use these after-hours Lawrence can hear his voice right now without cringing.

It's not as though this is a new story or new controversy surrounding Brett Favre, but he took a drastic turn over the last couple of days. Courtesy of a report from Mississippi today that was published on Tuesday. Now again, there had been these allegations against Brett Favre and some former Mississippi state officials including the governor, but the text messages all of a sudden have exposed any denials that he could throw out there that he didn't know what was happening or that he was oblivious about the welfare money and where we don't. Where was coming from that kind of thing. If you don't of the story. Essentially, he's been accused and it's not just him they the governor, former governor of Mississippi.

His name was Phil Bryant as well as other state officials have been accused of using money from the welfare system to find projects or amenities that had nothing to do with welfare use. Eight. Misappropriating those funds for other things under the guise of welfare and needs criminal and is disgusting and it's it's just grow with it on a number of fronts. One of course is that Brett Favre doesn't need money that is of itself is just achy.

The fact that he would engage in fraud potentially and take money in a state that he says he loves for a volleyball stadium, a state-of-the-art volleyball facility for his daughter is just gross. Because if he wanted to he could go out and raise the money based on his Hall of Fame status based on his career for having safety talking genes and all other kinds of things getting paid for those those endorsements and appearances keep a bazillion ways that he can make money because he's Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. He does not need to be stealing it from people who need it.

So that's disgusting of itself, but then the idea even if, regardless of what you think of the welfare system and I'm not telling you it's perfect is broken in many places around our nation but there are people who over especially over the course of the last couple years have to choose between paying their electric bill and buying groceries or putting gas in their car or paying for child care in the last couple of years have squeezed so drastically.

Those people who already were struggling to make ends meet and more and more families are relying on assistance. Whether it's welfare other programs from states around the country to feed their families and over the course of the last two years I've looked for ways to donate to different organizations are helping to feed people because that was what was on my heart can imagine kiddos being hungry, but that's happening in Mississippi, which is a poor state they are so many people that need money and welfare, or need assistance. Welfare is one way that states can help the poorest just to get by in the fact that a governor of the state as well as other state officials would engage in this fraudulent activity to direct funds to a Hall of Fame quarterback to build a stupid volleyball stadium is just disgusting and so to this point Brett has denied knowing where the money came from that. You may remember there were accusations that he took a bunch of money for speaking engagement and then didn't do them. So he had paid a bunch of money back to the state, but his claim all along has been that he was oblivious that he and realize the money was coming from welfare and that it was funds that was supposed to be to Peter to feed people to help them pay their bills and medical care and all that jazz, but now there are explosive text messages that are part of what's actually the civil lawsuit, but I can imagine there would be criminal charges filed if if this kind of evidence is allowed over this welfare scandal that shows communication between the former governor and Brett that that Brett actually knew they were the money was coming from NBC was engaged in hiding it. So there's one particular message where Brett Favre asks whether or not the media could ever find out and to the end being like we can't do this if it's going to be exposed and the governor that then governor assured him that he would be protected and that they would be able to to keep this information getting out there was another woman who I believe is actually in shale. Now, I think, but she's been convicted if not in jail, and there is so there's attacks between her who was in the nonprofit in a big nonprofit founder and that then governor that said just left Brett Favre can we help them with this project we should meet soon to see how I can make sure we keep your projects on course and then when Brett Favre asked the governor how these various state agencies might affect their plans to fund the volleyball stadium. The governor responds with I will handle that long story but had to make a change and promote this woman who will go along with these schemes and so while Brett and and the governor, former governor for years have you note denied any knowledge of it. Also denied being hands up how was your mental health. I'm listening with Michael Phelps and I think for me in 2014 when I found myself in a dark dark place where I didn't want to be alive most 40s when I was in my room by myself. I wanted to find a different way. I wanted to find a different answer. I was sick and tired of feeling heartfelt and that that's why started to seek help and then.

And that's when I checked myself from the treatment center choice for odysseys.

I'm listening to our national mental health conversation Wednesday, September 21 at 6 PM talk saves lives on a single six football fans to get enough football. That's why we've got nonstop football coverage on the free CF just some live shows dedicated to every protein play-by-play for the most diehard local radio stations talking football interviews with star players and coaches and football fans everything you love about football live and on-demand with the free auto CF download today with these welfare funds going to a place where they shouldn't to build up volleyball stadium. There were even text messages about how the name the volleyball stadium after the end of this woman here I'm reading in the story now just I wanted to see if I could figure out if she'd Artie been convicted that she's pled guilty to 13 felony counts related to this welfare scheme and there are others who are facing trial, not Brett Favre, not the former governor, but you can imagine with these types of text messages that that not only indicate that Favre knew where the money was coming from but that the governor was actually involved in helping covered up and helping steer that money toward Favre for a volleyball stadium that those two men may now face charges moving forward. And so, yes, there was money that was given to Brett Favre to kinda do ads do PSA's under the guise of speaking. He didn't actually do any speaking, but they were trying to cover it up with him doing some work and some kind of endorsements for the state for various projects, but ultimately it was a cover. It was really a sham for what they were trying to do, which was to build a state-of-the-art volleyball facility by using state funds that were supposed to be for welfare recipients may not. I don't know how you could Matt, I just don't know how you can look at yourself in the mere knowing what people have gone through over the past couple of years and you're stealing money that the intended for families to build a dam about volleyball stadium. Who cares you might volleyball in the dirt for heaven sakes, like the oh my gosh, and end. Just so you know the reason he wanted to build his Bible study. Ms. because his daughter was attending the school, which is just we know is not a great due to me there's been other things about Brett Favre that have come out the main should never have a phone ever what it comes to text messages and photos. He's been accused of a lot of things. He's always a former addict and everything else great football player was a good ambassador for the NFL, but I just don't know how the league wants anything to do with now since alumni weekend coming up in Green Bay at Lambeau come pretty confident saying there's no way he would be welcome back just markable and I don't know that I really he had the he's been able to skate his lottery he is slithering whole life for sure. He slippery and slither and now all of a sudden people finally undertook this it took to this and it's still not at the foreground of everyone's mind still might still feel the slide. He's not getting it brought up on charges proved me wrong. I feel like you still this live was the worse it could happen. Maybe his reputation takes a little bit of all that I feel so so bad he made.

I know he didn't make what today's quarterbacks are making but he made $138 million in his career and yet somehow he felt the need to take a seven-figure payout from a welfare fund and that's just the money made his career triangular that does all-wheel-drive on the north and 30 years.

Rose volleyball stadium while his daughter played volleyball that you know what you want, a state-of-the-art using the $5 million and out to there is to break out again and I don't feel the least bit sorry for him for any of this and I'm really ugly about be honest I would be annoyed and angry as you can skate to skate on this.

It's always the same nonsense.

Whatever it is, the governors can escape Favre can escape and it's going to be wherever the you know that the underhand you know love you with all the names are there to wind up in jail for 15 years. The girl grown going all I did was do what they told you that you should know better to because those particles going on and everybody else that was at the forefront of this bill skate away in 20 years from now will have something at Lambeau Field.

Brett Favre is on the field waving everybody no way to forget five years 10 years 15 whatever it is all forget, I will hear the cheers for Brett Favre at Lambeau Field. Although it was really embarrassing when when the Reds brought back Pete Rose earlier and liked it just won't let it go. I meant again all that stuff if you really know much the gambling all the other stuff in there about two he can keep his mouth shut. Either everybody they show you who they are believe the believe and where I'm again 96 betting versus coming up soon right for the Packers with suitable when shopping on field 2026 women to grow. If you were to pay me.

Is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much that the Brett Favre. You do know liar again if I know we share. You should be in jail right now is not facing charges but other people have. So maybe these text messages will be enough for the state to move forward. Let's hope chart. I highly doubt growth. I mean I'll never look at him.

The same happens with a lot of athletes.

I get it, but so that's the latest and will see what happens with him and assume he's not can be in Green Bay on Sunday that when I'm there for left is your baby.

Really I wish I could figure it all know course, I don't know I'm doing and I building I will say that was I feel like within a couple years unless he goes to jail.

This is all slide wedges like everything else that happens in his life, it's fraud he should go to Jim. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, if it's true. Allegedly you are listening to the after-hours podcast and make the most of our time. I have no real view alluded to go make the rules around here. You do every morning on my way to work and I millions of other reports like you all to show deeds after hours with Lawrence 12 matter and I can tell that you are really engaged and not doubting off because my social media has been really quiet so I know you have an opinion at just like I do and I don't mind you sharing them since those are those are two topics that I want to do together and I was waiting for the Adam Silver reaction in the Adam Silver press conference before really addressing that one because once we get into week two of the football season people in, and that includes me start to focus more on know what's happening on the field and these are two these are two headlines two topics to people that I think need to have their names and their actions allegedly exposed some glad we had a couple of minutes to be able to do it on this edition of the showcase tomorrow night will be a lot more of football with week two kicking off its after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio our phone numbers 85521242278552124 CBS at the top of the hour talking about longtime packers but the top of the hour, LeRoy Butler recently inducted into the Pro football Hall of Fame in Canton excited. Really excited to have them back on the show.

He's one of our favorites. Plus had to let them know that I'll be at Lambeau on Sunday night for Bears and Packers and I don't know if I'm competent enough in Green Bay to pick that game for survivor island I was playing with the survivor islands match ups J and try to figure out what it is that we are going to do because we have a survivor pool that were doing here at the office but also my own at the time to talk about that but let's first welcome David from Dallas. Welcome to after hours CBS sports radio talk about grandpa will like you like it yet. Well, I mean that the speeches didn't actually happen. He took the money for appearances right that he'd read that he didn't actually make now. He paid the money back, but the total money was somewhere around $77 million.

I don't think he paid that back he would be paid money that was specifically appropriated for him to speak because he didn't speak any thought Favre said be known paying that money back. He thought that would kinda be the end of it, but clearly he's been lying this whole time about what he knew and and about where the money was coming from or what it was for Rabobank. That's true. Could point it really isn't, but I think these allegations are. I guess these these rumors have been out there since 2020 and he's managed to cut his skate around the side because he said I didn't know that the money was coming from the welfare fund.

I didn't know where the where the money was coming from. And since I didn't do the speaking. I gave it back. I repaid the money. Once I realized, but the text messages obviously indicate that he knew he was in cahoots with the former governor and this other woman. You know that's already been up at the start. He pled guilty of 13 felony count the text messages tie him so he's right in the middle of all of it was very cognizant of where the money was coming from.

Not to mention the fact that he was always planning to use it for a volleyball stadium, not for speaking engagements, 20, 23… On think so.

I don't a while ago Michael Jordan live on the when when I felt good when we get a grip of a couple months ago. Talk about what job you get back with you okay so you don't know what sounds really interesting.

You know I love it when we get good authors on air okay so put you on hold dear can give your information to producer J producer J's like my secretary he's now he's telling I was just joking but thank you, Dave, and I appreciate talking to you in Dallas so he's on hold I was joking that you can even say secretary more.

I think that's offensive to his executive assistant. Now you can't use the term secretary. I can keep up. I try so hard to to keep up with the times, but I'm I'm not will you okay because you banana slug earlier.

So what would you prefer secretary urban you like it you sent me a mode you will exit out LeRoy Butler next year and CBS sports radio

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