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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 16, 2022 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 16, 2022 6:09 am

Chiefs come from behind to defeat the Chargers on TNF | Justin Herbert shaken up in the loss | Your Boom! Moment of the Week & QB News.

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Oh, it's Friday.

I needed Friday to get here quick, although this time tomorrow I will be, let's hope, parking at the airport and getting ready to get on a flight. So this particular work week has been a little more hectic because we're trying to get used to the football schedule again. And it's also the last week of summer.

How about that? Last week, last full weekend of summer. Summer is fading and waning and yes, football is fast and furious. So we're off into week number two and I think by this time next week probably we'll be a little more adjusted to this season and to everything that's going on.

But I will admit it kind of hit me smack in the face. And then starting out on week number two, Thursday night, we got a brand new element to the NFL season and that's Amazon Prime. Not quite exclusive.

So it's kind of funny when they say exclusive because it isn't actually. In the Kansas City and Los Angeles markets, you were able to watch the game over network TV. Whatever network normally carries the games in those two cities, well those two metros, you were able to see the game still. But nationally, the only place you could watch the game outside of KC or LA was Amazon Prime. You could listen to the game on Westwood One because I did that when I was getting ready for work. And also you could listen to it with the local radio broadcasts, either Kansas City or LA. So yes, exclusive, but it doesn't mean that if you don't have Prime, you are unable to follow the game or watch the game at all. That's not the case.

And as I found out last night, I didn't even realize it. When you go to Prime to turn on the broadcast, they actually give you the option to record the game. I had no idea you could record on a streaming service, but apparently there's some way to do it.

So I'll have to try that down the road as well. I thought the broadcast looked beautiful. Of course Arrowhead Stadium with all the fans decked out in red, it is quite a sight to behold. The audio was great, at least for me.

I didn't have any issues with the audio or the video. I thought Al Michaels brought instant credibility. The fact that he's the first face and voice that you hear when they get to the broadcast.

So of course they had a pregame, a casting and crew of thousands. Ryan Fitzpatrick with a Hawaiian shirt and a coat that did not match. Tony Gonzalez looking impeccable as always. Alongside Andrew Whitworth, the Rams offensive lineman who just retired after winning a Super Bowl. And then Richard Sherman. So you get a variety of voices and a variety of experiences in the NFL. And you also had Carissa Thompson who was right there in the center of it.

So Amazon's shelling out a lot of money to bring in the biggest names and the most I think interesting characters that they can compile. Along with Al Michaels though, Kirk Herbstree, two prominent football voices in the United States. Again giving instant credibility to this broadcast.

We're not talking about you know some kid right out of college who's calling his first games. I mean Amazon, they spent money to the hilt to make this as professional a broadcast as they could possibly make it. And while the numbers won't be anywhere like the 18 million viewers that tuned in to Monday Night Football or the types of viewership numbers that routinely accompany NBC, CBS, Fox. No it won't be the same because not only do you not have the same number of sports fans with Prime. I think the idea behind this 11-year contract is that Amazon Prime wants to increase its viewership by attracting people who want to watch the NFL.

But it's a little more difficult to find, right? I saw our friend Ross Tucker, former NFL offensive lineman, tweet about the over-under number of relatives who come to him around 8 15 or 8 20 Eastern Time asking how they can find the game and why the game isn't on TV. And so as much as we're immersed in the sport and we're immersed in football, so we knew it was on Amazon Prime, the average football fan would have no idea, right?

I mean it's something you have to go and seek out. There are times when my mom or my mom's husband will say to me, who's got the game tonight? Right? So if you're immersed in it or you work in the business, well you know where the games air. But if you're not and you're a casual fan then you probably had trouble finding the game last night because for the first time ever the national broadcast was exclusive to Amazon Prime TV. Got their own hashtag on Twitter.

So what did you think? I thought the picture and the audio and video quality were great and I love Amazon Prime for a lot of reasons. I've been a member long before they got football and it's saying something that I have my own account.

I don't just use my mom's. But their video quality, they produce a lot of dramatic TV series and it's like watching TV. It's TV quality.

It's over the air quality. So I thought the quality was dynamic. The only thing that is annoying and I'm whatever this is just me first world problems is that you can't watch a bunch of other channels while you're in the app, right? So while you're streaming on Amazon Prime, even if you have a smart TV, you can't hit one button and go to your last channel. You can't rotate through a bunch of different channels in order to watch a baseball game say I'd have to back out of the streaming, change the input on my TV and go to my cable. So probably in the future I'll end up watching the football game on like during October for instance when there's so many postseason baseball games going on and and I can't afford to be just watching football. I'll put football on my laptop and I'll end up watching baseball on my TV.

So I know it's not perfect if you want to watch a bazillion things. Mostly though I think it's changing our habits, right? Netflix wasn't as huge a deal 10 years ago or YouTube wasn't as huge a deal 10 years ago. We change our habits. We change the ways that we consume media and we consume sports and it's happening all over in every other genre. So of course it's going to happen with football and then the bottom line, right? Amazon's paying billions with a B, billions of dollars to have the rights to Thursday Night Football for I think it's 11 years.

I think the contract is 11 years. So you either get Prime or you listen on the radio. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I'd love to know your reaction to Thursday Night Football debut on Prime and you can vote for the After Hours game of the week.

So either Twitter or Facebook or phone number 855-212-4227. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. Football is football. The NFL still has the power to draw people in which means that there will be fans who get Amazon Prime specifically to watch football.

That's what Amazon's banking on. That's what the NFL is banking on. This being a profitable partnership between the two entities and to that end it's also not a mistake or a coincidence that they put the best matchup of week two on Thursday Night Football. Next week it's another rivalry coming from the ASC North. Didn't I say it was Pittsburgh and Cleveland next week on Thursday Night Football?

The NFL is throwing Amazon Prime these Thursday night games that fans don't want to miss and to that end again they're hoping this will create a larger viewing audience and will be profitable before both the league as well as Amazon as if Amazon needs more profit really. I don't know who's I guess I have to look this up producer Jay. Who's got the more bloated annual revenue? Is it Amazon or is it the NFL? Can you Google?

Just do me a quick search. I don't know if you can find it but see if you can Google Amazon annual revenue just for kicks and giggles because we know that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who was there with Jeff Bezos last night. Roger Goodell has stated his goal of making the NFL at 25 billion wait 25 million 25 million 25 billion 25 billion dollar a year industry so if Amazon's raking in more than 25 billion per year then I suppose it's Amazon giving the handout to the NFL. Amazon makes much more than that. Well tell me what is it? 470 billion dollars.

Stop it. Net revenue. Holy crap in 2021? Yeah from 2021. Whoa okay so when I tell you that the NFL is the sports league that every other league wants to be when it grows up Amazon is what NFL wants to be when it grows up. Holy cow see what I mean about people having Amazon it's not as rare as you think football fans once you figure out where it is and actually someone said to me earlier on on Twitter that he can only afford basic cable he doesn't have the money for prime which I understand sometimes you have to make a choice between one or the other a lot of my family members have cut the cord so they only use streaming but Amazon's for the annual fee I pay I think what I paid last year or this year excuse me in in February was 112 dollars for the entire year that's far less far less than what I pay for cable as in far less and I watch a ton of shows on Amazon so it may be worth the investment or worth the switch all that to say the NFL is doing Amazon a solid by putting the best game of the week on Thursday night featuring two dynamic quarterbacks who are becoming household names well Patrick Mahomes already is as a former NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP but Justin Herbert is getting there and to put them both on prime time on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium which is a looker when it's full and the ground shakes when it really gets rock is pretty amazing but initially Justin Herbert and the Chargers kind of picked up where they left off Herbert takes the handoff looking for Horvath got it again oh the rookie out of Purdue with his second touchdown in as many weeks one yard Herbert to the right side of the end zone for Horvath and they cash it in Matt Smith on Chargers radio see you can listen to local radio if you don't have Amazon prime so for that reason part of the reason we had a lead for the Chargers at the half 10 to 7 both teams had moments where they were able to move the football but also had moments where they came to a grinding halt neither team had a plus 50 percent conversion rate on third down but man if you thought that was impressive Justin Herbert hooking up with Xander Horvath who's not a target that a lot of people would know maybe going to work into this offense a little more there was also a moment dangling there for Chiefs fans in the first half that was vintage Patrick Mahomes. Juju Smith Schuster trots in motion Mahomes will throw it looking left now spins to his right he is going to pump fake it trying to get to the outside now fires it side out and into the end zone McKinnon touchdown Kansas City on a nine yard touchdown improvisation and the Chiefs are seven of seven in the red zone in 2022. That's Mitch Holtus on Chiefs radio see what I mean all kinds of ways you can follow the game Mahomes is brilliant at creating on the fly he is the prototypical improv quarterback I mean this is a guy so when I think about what was that Sammy Watkins who said in the pregame that yeah Mahomes is great and all but Aaron Rodgers is on another level okay yes Aaron Rodgers has more MVP awards Aaron has an arm he can throw for days he is so experienced and really has never seen anything on the football field that that's new right I mean at this point he's like Tom Brady there isn't anything that he hasn't seen out there he processes football differently but it's not that big of a separation between Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes it really isn't I mean the the way that Patrick can extend plays and now he's younger and more athletic than Aaron Aaron doesn't run around nearly as much Patrick can duck he can feel the defense he's got that that instinct and that sixth sense about the defense and where it's coming from and how he's got timing and field vision and then he just creates new arm angles the man just makes it up on this touchdown throw to Jarek McKinnon in the second quarter it was the first score of the game for the Chiefs it looked like he was shoveling the ball from shortstop to second base I mean he was he was getting the lead runner out there on the diamond too yeah he was turning two it's amazing what the guy can do and this is all on the move he's frequently wrong-footed and everything else and yet he creates so seamlessly which is why he's so much fun to watch so you've got a 10-7 lead for the Chargers at half there and I say this I point this out only because I want you to know the Chiefs are not just winning because Patrick Mahomes is is Patrick Mahomes no actually as good as he was against don't tell me against the Cardinals in the first in the first week of the season they haven't yet put together a stretch where they feel like they're completely locked in all the way through I mean Patrick said that after week number one and again last night the offense sputtered to start they did score in their first trip inside the red zone but then they punted four times in the first half which is double what they had in their first game and so it's not perfect yet but what we've seen is that the defense is stepping up too and it was able to limit what the Chargers could do in that first half but the acrobatic catches and the acrobatic moves weren't just limited to Kansas City. Opening drive of this third quarter shotgun Herbert pump throw lobs it right side juggling attempt Mike Williams tucks down fantastic grab 15 yards Williams slides down hauls it in and the Chargers add to their lead. The Chargers defense is so much better too and to that end at this point in the game as Mike Williams is hauling in this acrobatic catch he first grabs it with his right hand he pulls it in tucks it against his body and then twists and lands on his right butt cheek that's how he stays in bounds as he's doing that he already has more receiving yards than the Chiefs have in their entire passing game and so not only are the Chiefs defenders infused with some youth now to go along with their experience and we're seeing the Chiefs defense carry its own weight but the Chargers defense is much improved we know this now they didn't get to Patrick Mahomes officially for more than one sack but Khalil Mack was in on that one but both defenses are forces to be reckoned with in addition to the offenses which is why these two teams are going to be challenging and part of that AFC power power what are we going to call it power not a power struggle oh that would work a power struggle would work they're gonna be part of that AFC power I don't not pyramid what am I thinking of power just power it's a Friday morning I'm trying to come up with a word it's just escaping me but my point is both these teams will be in the mix and we know the AFC is stacked so they're going to be pushing like everybody else like the Bills like some of the other teams we talked about in the AFC and so the Chargers are a much better team even though later in the game it was like the one mistake right Justin Herbert he is he's a guy who can make any throw in the field too maybe not as as adept at the improvisation but man it's a lot of fun to watch him play and so he continues to move the team up and down the field they have over 400 yards of offense one moment though one moment when they're in a hurry up turns out to be the turning point Chargers go without a huddle again right side intercepted on the left side picked off at the goal line at the 25-yard line picked off by Watson Watson could go all the way the seventh round pick 2015-10-5 Jaylen Watson cooking hamburgers in Augusta Georgia then he went to Wazoo and now he gets a 100-yard pick six for a touchdown Kansas City at 10 29 to go in the game I love how much Mitch Holt has packed into that play-by-play of course he did have 99 yards of Jaylen Watson going the other direction so first thing they're in a hurry up offense the Chargers and maybe just maybe that is one reason why Watson had his eye also the two previous plays Herbert had gone to the same receiver and what did he do he was about to go to that receiver a third time Watson was ready great anticipation for the rookie cornerback out of as you hear Holt to say Wazoo Washington State and he's a seventh round pick we're not talking about a guy who was coming into the NFL with a bunch of fanfare and pomp and circumstance no they picked him in the seventh round and he proved to Andy Reid and the coaching staff that he belonged out there on the field he had a good camp you know you saw him progressively get better during camp he played obviously at a high level in in college so I mean the pack there so they he's played against good competition I think it was probably Adam most most of all just his progress that he made in camp good size can run you know you saw that after the interception that was beautiful it was beautiful on Chiefs radio Andy Reid there 17 unanswered points over the third and fourth quarters for the Kansas City Chiefs and that was really the turning point they tack on a couple of field goals and while they do give up another touchdown to the Chargers they are able to hold them off and get their second win and again this is not a perfect offensive game for the Chiefs not even at home not even with Mahomes doing what he does he's under 250 yards passing is a couple of touchdowns but they were only one only one of three in the red zone not the same as what we saw last week against the Cardinals because the Chargers D is much improved and this is a battle I love this I love this already what we've seen from the AFC West and as for LA they have to hold off the Raiders in week number one and in week number two they twice have a double figure lead against the Chiefs but are unable to prevent the Chiefs from coming back so there's a very very slight margin for error in this division unless of course you're the Broncos and you choose to go for a 64-game for a 64-yard field goal instead of just going for it on fourth and five and I couldn't help it all right what's the after-hours game of the week on twitter after hours cbs also on our facebook page and your reaction to the debut of amazon prime football is that weird does that sound weird amazon prime football amazon football football on amazon it's growing on me is it what did you think it was all right I also like people like you said had the issue where during commercial breaks I tend to flip over to a baseball game or to literally anything else that isn't a commercial and I couldn't do that which really did bother me but yes right so we could watch it on our laptops though and then watch something else on tv which I daresay will be valuable once we get into October where baseball playoffs are taking yeah I'll probably be using multiple tv or a phone you could use a phone too well I don't have actually that's not true I do have multiple tv's in my house but they're in different rooms so that's not gonna help me I'm not gonna be at one tv and then run to the other tv and then run back we'll see my my main floor tv actually our apple tv on that one is outdated I guess so we have to buy an updated or a new roku or whatever so my amazon prime app on that tv upstairs didn't let me watch the game because it's not up to date I guess my downstairs tv had has the more updated were you getting your steps going up and down the stairs that's it all right so your thoughts on amazon football all right I gotta say it a few more times it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast she's showing blitz a rush for herbert under pressure has everette and he's got the right sideline 30 to the 34 yard line and a new set of downs and herbert is slow to get up and he is really slow to get up holding his rib cage he is grabbing his left leg and his rib cage and you don't ever see that with justin herbert shotgun snapped and they keep this game going to the end zone caught touchdown josh palmer herbert continues to do the incredible i don't know how he's walking much less throwing dimes and touchdown passes to keep their hopes alive off the field on the money and after hours it's time to talk football with amy lawrence not only did justin herbert throw the 99 yard pick six which was the turning point jaylen watson and the chief's defense coming up with the play of the game but he later got hit hard uh by was it mike dana who ended up hitting him uh and when that happened he he was affected for the rest of the game he was grimacing he was in pain uh he was really struggling a couple times even to throw the football though as you hear with matt smith and company on chargers radio he was gutting it out the best that he could so a tough fourth quarter for justin herbert but did lead them on another touchdown drive and through that seven yard strike to joshua palmer but with every single throw or movement you could tell that he was feeling the the shooting pain so whether it's bruised ribs whether it's cracked ribs he was getting x-rays after the game he did not speak to the media but his head coach brennan staley did he's okay um it was a tough game and you're not going to see a quarterback in any level of football play tougher and do more for their team and will their team um to give them a chance than him there's nobody that can do what he can do nobody um he showed a lot of guts he showed us what he shows every day um that we're never out of the fight and he brought us back and gave us a chance it was just a tough nfl game and he took some big hits and none of those big hits had any impact on him bringing his team back like he always does that's just the mindset and the toughness that he had uh to be going through it whatever he was going through and to standing there and make plays uh that's what that's the quarterback that lead us and that's what we like that's mike williams who finished up with well over 100 yards receiving there were some body slams in this game did you guys see the the tackle and i don't know who it was i think it was a couple of different charges who picked up travis kelsey and and slammed him on the field like it's wwe chris lo presti's here in studio was that derwin james it sure was when he's healthy he is he is a beast he definitely is a beast and then when mike dana drills justin herbert he also knocked him back in fact i feel like depending on which crew it is for the nfl there might have been a flag there about pile driving the quarterback even though you could tell that he was trying not to apply his full weight to herbert but he definitely got him like square too i feel for defensive players it's so hard to know what you can and can't do it's just like a small margin for error it is between flag and no flag and then it's subjective as well so it depends upon the crew but when you have guys like kurt warner for instance saying that the field is tilted in favor of the offense you know that it's a big deal so you hear what brandon staley had to say he's okay he's tough uh we got it but this is if this is an indication of what we're going to get through the afc west buckle up again if the broncos are going to continue to make bonehead decisions they probably won't be part of the equation moving forward but what we've seen so far is is pretty incredible from these teams and the raiders will get back in action coming up so silo just out of curiosity any insight as to why the nfl gave us a double header on monday night in week two both of the games originating from the eastern time so we're trying to figure that out yeah i know we grew so accustomed to that week one split double header right you had the west coast game i guess it maybe it has something to do with um honoring the tv package for espn the amount of games that they have to get but why they're doing it in the same time zones i don't know the answer to that you're up early this morning but what did you think of amazon prime football we're trying to figure out what to call it tnf on prime amazon football yeah we need something a little a little easier to say okay a little catchier i mean it seemed comfortable and familiar to me because of al michael's presence um so that part you know did not seem strange as far as the presentation went i thought it was fine um i would i will admit i did not make it to the end of the game because you had to get up early this morning um but i mean i think it'll be fine see now i'm now i'm used to it because i'm i've been an amazon guy for a while so i've used prime streaming like to watch the yankees here in new york when they're on so i'm i it wasn't a brand new thing for me so it didn't feel too foreign so maybe i'm not the most objective person to ask jay and i were annoyed by the same thing which and and i've had prime for years too but the fact that you can't like channel surf yeah when you're in an app you can't go flip over and watch the baseball game or sometimes i just don't want to watch commercials yeah so i'll flip over to i don't star wars on tnt or something so that was the only thing during baseball playoffs i'll probably have to have my laptop with prime and then watch baseball on the tv yeah that's if you're right that is the one thing with streaming the sports that i i've just kind of i got gotten used to and come to accept but it is frustrating or even if you have the ability to switch it's not an instant thing there's a bit of a delay exactly so buffer there that can be tough yeah so people are figuring out that this is a new thing that it's here to stay right it's an 11 year deal it's billions of dollars so you're gonna have to get used to it is definitely the the present as well as the future i'm sure there'll be more uh leagues that take advantage of the money that comes from these various streaming packages all right straight ahead we've got your qb news to kind of get you set for week number two on sunday plus the boom moment of the week and you can vote for the after hours game of the week on both twitter and facebook you are listening to the after hours podcast as we wrap up the week we contemplate the mysteries of the universe boom i just laid down the ala boom the best highlights falls running up and down the lights a direct stamp and it goes to clement who gives it off to burton the tight end who then throws in the end zone touchdown falls put the ball and you're fired thanks for taking my call i really appreciate the greatest sports show in america boom after hours presents the boom moment of the week here's amy lawrence boom we're all set for the historic moment right here with the fans standing at bush stadium pitch one is taken for a strike adam wainwright yachty here molina have the record of 325 starts as a regular season major league battery passing mickey lowlitch and bill freehand from 1963 through 1975 with the detroit tigers it was a lot to manage honestly early on especially you know just the crowd was so awesome and um you know making me just get constant chills and tearing up and um you know just trying to manage my adrenaline because it wanted to just go through the roof adam wainwright yachty or molina as they continue to work together and as they get deeper into this 2022 season they'll continue to set more records and wainwright's not even sure he's retiring yet though we know yachty or molina is and then of course you've got the albert puhols component it's a good time to be a cardinals van isn't that what oliver marmel told us good time to follow these cardinals john rooney on cardinals radio and no joke i'm not missing any of the albert puhols and bats and uh listening to them on the radio just adds an extra element of of electricity and buzz so excited he only needs three more so about one per week but he has not had one since last sunday right he hit home runs on saturday and sunday or two last weekend so we're waiting on him uh he's had rbi in consecutive three consecutive games but not home runs since last weekend it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio i guess he doesn't need to steal all of the headlines all of the time the cardinals have got a good thing going uh we are really excited about week two and because of what we've seen in week one does that make sense we we tend to overreact and then i tell you to tap the brakes and sometimes i don't tap the brakes uh but after week number one it's such a small sample size that we need week number two to help us figure out what in the heck is going on so we've got divisional matchups we've got some conference matchups among teams that are expected to be powers and that we've just got some opportunities to see these teams in action again again against very different competition already back to throw and it is is it lost oh my goodness this song the andre hopkins coming back from under center steps back throws the fake cooper touch guys touchdown la burrow back to throw looking firing deeper chase in the end zone oh herbert keeps it in so touchdown charges herbert with his second of the day here's the snap josh gonna keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown buffalo josh allen nine yard touchdown run the bills respond and then some it's time for qb news on after hours we've got cubies that are injured we've got cubies that are gonna need a little more help from the people around and we've got pretty much everything as we head into week number two of the nfl season but why don't we start with the game that just wrapped up that kicked off the weekend patrick mahomes finished with 235 yards passing a couple of touchdowns he wasn't perfect the chief's offense wasn't perfect and yet he actually likes the fact that it was all hands on deck all right justin watson came in uh when mccoll was a little banged up and he got mccoll's route and he and he won against a pro bowl all-pro corner um and so uh for guys like that to to make the their imprint on the game that'll help us out as we get into these tough games like this that we can get touchdowns and and stuff like that from everybody pretty much the first half we were we were trying to protect the ball fast and do stuff like that um i just thought in the second half we just we trusted in our whole line we gave them a few chips a few uh receivers hitting tight ends kind of doing stuff to help them out i thought they did a great job of giving me that time enough time to make those throws but uh that's a great defense and i thought we battled and found a way to get the win the defense kept us in the game offense we didn't i mean we didn't play our best football and i think the defense that was huge for them to keep us in that game make some plays get points on the board um and then just and just give us a chance and um i think with a young defense like that to see that this early in the season i think that's going to carry us the rest of the way a young defense with jaylen watson and the pick six and then justin watson hauling in a 41 yard td pass from a home so it's new faces and yet the result is the same a 2-0 start for the chiefs the las vegas raiders lost to these chargers in week number one and so now they're looking for their first win of the year for derek carr still trying to get acclimated to josh mcdaniels but they're doing a whole lot of talking he talks to me all the time he called me tuesday uh he he has a set time as soon as they're done like he'll call me you know and uh he made sure that my kids were in bed already he's like you know no go put your kids away so i i put my kids in bed then i then we called him back but uh he was good about that but we have our conversation just just to make sure him and i are always on the same page and and just that communication just in those couple weeks that we've been doing that alone it's just just the growth and the communication and i can see you know man just keep doing this with him we'll get on you know get it rolling and be on the same page it's it's exciting it's the raiders hosting the cardinals who are also looking for their first win this year after they got pasted by the chiefs in the season opener now joe burrow and the cincinnati bangles lose in that crazy overtime affair against the pittsburgh steelers they're now on the road at the dallas cowboys in week number two and what do you look for with that dallas defense joe burrow michael parsons he's a really good player you gotta have a plan for him gotta be aware of where he's at at all times you know he can uh he can wreck the game if you let him and michael parsons is why i'm not so comfortable picking the bangles in the survivor pool but it is cooper rush instead of dak prescott for the cowboys as dak is nursing that thumb injury cooper at least is a veteran he's not new to the cowboys i've been in it for a while obviously known kellen for years and um you know it's you gotta know what you're doing it gives you fighting chance if you don't know what you're doing makes it real tough out there so trust that you know it um and just go play referring to kellen moore the offensive coordinator that was the suggestion of some fans can he get out there and suit up instead of cooper rush so the cowboys are not putting dak on ir they're not making a quarterback new a move excuse me it's cooper rush or bust we shall see p carol told us for months that gino smith was the leader and was taking command of that quarterback spot with the seahawks and boy did he show up in a way that thrilled p carol on monday night football what we have is we have the benefit of a guy who's has lived a whole life in the nfl and he's got a whole career behind him where he was learning and studying and growing and he's and he's always had a great attitude so he's maintained the opportunity to learn and he's he's got he's got real command and and not to mention that that he's got a terrific arm and so uh you put all that together now we're not seeing the same guy that that you know maybe was six or seven years ago we're seeing a different version of gino and meanwhile he spent four years playing behind russell you know so he he he didn't get the chance to show it so nobody ever knew so we we've just been seeing it and then he's just been backing it up and for him to go out under those circumstances with that much pressure and focus and to come through like that it was that's a marvelous performance that is p carol raving on serious xm nfl radio can the seahawks do it this week though on the road at the san francisco 49ers where presumably we will not see the slop that tray lance played in in chicago but right now for tray lance he's still trying to make that starting job his own and that means taking leadership and accountability i'm the only one that touches the ball other than the center every single play so uh it's my decision most of the time where the ball goes uh how it gets there um things like that preset getting us in the right play getting us in the right call whether it's run game pass game uh protections whatever it may be uh so i make the most most of the decisions other than the play call with kyle uh so at the end of the day i mean i see it as there's there was always pretty much a better answer if i don't you know incomplete pass whatever there was always you know for me going back and watching the tape uh there was always there's always an option or always a better answer um unless you know we do make an explosive and i do make the right play uh but ball placement little things like that that could have got us you know to third and two versus third and four you know little things like that it was a lot of slop so people are looking forward to seeing tray without the monsoon justin fields and the bears as well tom brady has got the buccaneers on the road at the new orleans saints this is one of the choices for after hours game of the week and lately it's not been so easy in the super dome they know how to get the job done um they got a lot of great core players on both sides of the ball that have been there a long time so it's a tough environment to play but you got to go play you know you play good teams on the road you got to go play well and um we just last couple times we played them you know haven't done a great job of that of course jamis winston facing his former team he got bounced to make room for tom brady uh buccaneers only had one touchdown in that game on sunday night against the dallas cowboys though they did get 127 rushing yards from leonard fournette so for the saints it was a big fourth quarter comeback they're also one and oh but could they score 17 straight points in the final 12 minutes against the buccaneers that might be a taller order just a taste of what's to come in week number two so what is the after hours game of the week well you can find the poll on our show twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page i'd love to hear your reaction to amazon prime some people are yelling at me because well just because that's what we do it's the last weekend of summer no yelling just enjoy it breathing because pretty soon it'll be fall and autumn which actually i'm all about i'll talk to you sunday night from green bay it's after hours on cbs sports radio boom
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