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I Hope So, No More Condemnation [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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April 29, 2020 1:00 am

I Hope So, No More Condemnation [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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April 29, 2020 1:00 am

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What we need right now is hope because of adherence sharing the light we've chosen to bring out one of our most requested vintage series.

I hope so. From Pastor Alan Wright the gospel by modeling will not have a little bit of law.

Why is that say I love you Jesus that I noticed that you today and maybe are not threatened by the Allen Wright welcome to shearing the light of program of healing and hope shearing. The good news of God is done for us in Jesus Christ. I am Daniel Britt for you to hear Allen's message in a series called I hope so they can from the pulpit at Minolta church in Winston-Salem North Carolina. If you want to know more about my hope so listen up next year on shearing the light did Allen writes daily shearing. The light devotional when you sign-up it shearing the and stay with us at the end of today's broadcast for a special offer to help you in your spiritual life here now with today's teaching is Allen right as you can very easily with one stroke can take a lesson which was not a lesson just like that and reinforce it with the mall Santa me there trembling and crying trembling, but doing it because hey, if it needs more presence.

It's worth it and first thing Santa says is have you been a good little girl yeah this is think about probably between now and Christmas. I'll probably yell at my brother and I'll probably not bad it might not all analyses that sort of regret, if I mess up when final rules and I'm not a good girl and I may not get fully blessed. Not my blessed masses depends upon me. Following the law. The law has been introduced into my hope so. This means that the law is anti-hope because we can keep the law. Paul has explained this in Romans six and seven. The law was good is not a lost fault that we sent but the law has proven that we have sin and fall short and so if we live by the law. We will be condemned by the law and so if you want to disturb someone's hope and contaminated introduced some law which goes far to explain why Paul laying out logically in Romans six and seven, the gospel, so that he can get around with a one. His wife is laying this out very clearly elucidating this Col. powerful truth that the law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ and that he took the whole penalty for all who disobey the law so that the system of the law could expire and be superseded by the covenant of grace and if so wanted us to see how this is possible through the sacrifice of Christ and the exchange is taken place on the cross wanted to see it was really get that so that when he finally comes around to say that for that. It makes sense to I think we can cite.

Oh I get it if it's as long as we have but it's mixed in with law and were trying to live somewhat under the law will always have a fear of condemnation because we will never be able to fully keep the law and therefore we will be condemned in the treatment of hell is to get you to condemn yourself by putting yourself back up under the law. So Paul is saying over and over your release from the law come out from under the law here in a covenant of grace until you really come into the covenant of grace and you really embrace the gospel for all you will be putting yourself under condemnation, that God is Artie lifted off of you. Like I've explained all this to you now Christmas is coming to an end and there's no Santa coming to town to take you off of one list to put you on other. The fact is you are in Christ, there is now no condemnation for you now ever message of the gospel have been waiting my whole life here. You have to because in this world there is condemnation. I think it happens while we were still in the womb I do I do some of us. Having been born yet and there was already a spirit of rejection in your home you are wanting born in sin and born into a world of sin knew no other way. Even where the family was relatively healthy even even there we didn't have any that have any other way to interpret who we are except by what the face communicates to me that looks at me if I face is not radiant and approving began to adopt an idea that something on me and so I'm already condemn that little so even the littlest soul has an intricate elaborate means of interpreting these messages. Littlest soul grows up as it grows and disappoints people that do well enough doesn't keep up that will soul learn sign.

I am, I am convinced I am damned. Get it right and I will soul my child really hard.

That's all might grow one to says why even try that soul goes into relationships finds out when I disappoint people they judge me feel condemned and sometimes that family breaks that soul already has felt condemned wonders why is it my fault what I needed to soul gets into a family of its own finds out when I don't do well enough. I feel condemned again so much anxiety. No wonder I wonder things seem to be breaking apart.

No wonder were so depressed. No wonder were so addicted. No wonder wonder were so anxious no wonder were so sick because a spirit of condemnation has followed us all the days of our lives in every message from this culture. Every message of the media bombards us with essentially the same thing you're not enough. No, you don't look good enough you not successful enough. You're not. You're not powerful enough not rich enough you're not there not enough, not enough not message of condemnation within waiting for Romans eight whole lots in the world's been waiting for. The world is been waiting all history has been waiting for Romans eight verse John is more excited than anybody else to give us room in a personal because in the beginning when Adam and Eve sin. There their pain was not just the pain of feeling dirty. That's bad. There was a fear of the condemnation from each other and from a God made is what made him cover-up the God has demonstrated his heart always and he gives windows of hope pointing to the ultimate hope and he opened up a little window of hope and the heat. He said the innocent blood of animals or to make skins to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve to point to his heart and to the fact that one day that while now I cover your condemnation with the skins. One day there will be no condemnation. It is the motivation of God. That is, people live without any condemnation and only imperfect hope and people grew in sin and the world became exceedingly wicked and God decided he must purge the world and great waters came, there was a window of hope was opened up to a man named Noah was just pointing to the fact that there would one day be a righteous man through whom all the hope of a new world would come and Noah built an ark and there was a dog and all the friends and there was a rainbow because God was saying that it is my plan that one day, though this whole world now has been condemned for its wickedness that one day there would be therefore now no condemnation for my people. That's listening to shearing the will have more teaching in a moment. Today's series felt as a candidate for Christmas stockings hanging by the fireplace is waiting to be filled colorful packages just waiting to be ripped open the wonderful feeling when you're certain something that is coming and there's a word for that posture of high health, physical health isn't about how in the sky during that certainty left feature for child sized home for Christmas not wishful thinking that if a child size many different Christmas that I know it's going to be good models have if you want to fax hope Pastor Alan) amazing exploration of Bremen's final six 712 message CD album called I hope Sam delve deep into the writers of grace. We have the scatter watermark and save seal or deliver to discover how hope can fix you fleeing and missing a mouth on Pastor Alan Wright CD album. Maybe it's time for you to feel like it Christmas again gospel is shared when you get to shearing right this bypass is only possible because of recent financial support were in the final days of this special offer being made available to you when you get today. We will send you today's special affect happiness in this series I banks from sharing the right ministries, seven 877-544-4860 or come to my website sharing the right leg listening to shearing the lightning. Today's teaching them to you. Once again, Allen Wright, I got a call the people unto himself and he flourished them against all odds, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Jacob data son Joseph was condemned by his brothers phone into a pit sold into slavery, and many years later those brothers thinking Joseph to be dead.

They come to Egypt looking for food and when Joseph sees them. He's sits in the position of authority to condemn those brothers, but instead God open a window of hope we could see his heart and see his plan and instead the man of God, ran into the back room and he wept, wept for joy. He wept for compassion and later he would weep upon his brother's shoulders and he would tell them that you intended for evil but God meant it for good.

And I'm not to continue but I will bless you, and live in this land I will prosper you here because God was showing that the time would come in which he would have a way in which his people could live free from condemnation, and under his favor, and that people group plentiful and they became a threat in the eyes of the new Pharaoh and so the Hebrew people were put under terrible tyranny.

There wicked slave masters that enslaved this multitude of people. And when there slavery was at its best and they had cried out to God. God opened up another window of hope and he sent a man a murderer in his own right, but a man of God's calling man who was raised in the court of royalty and yet was one of the Hebrews.

He wasn't family was that one man, a real man a sense him to be a deliverer, because God was showing us that the day is coming to W deliver who will be Royal and yet one of you anything to deliver you and it is a way that you come out from underneath all this condemnation and they had the blood of the Lamb that they could put over there door goes with what God open up this next window of hope, he was showing that is to come through innocent blood of the Lamb is to have nothing to do with you, but you got come out from under this condemnation, you just put the blood over the door and you will be set free and he delivered his people and gave him an inheritance in the promised land and the people had lived under so much slavery and so much condemnation when the 12 spies going to the lab then came back and condemn themselves. We can't do with smaller grasshoppers in their self-condemnation.

The generation died off with a man who refused to condemn himself or anybody else in his name was Yeshua's name Joshua and he believed and he was a window of hope to God opened the show that there will be a general who will not condemn, but will move forward believing the inheritance to be real, and God watched over this people at times they would be faithful at times they would disobey. They could not keep the law, and where the law is not To bear his punishment and they were disciplined and they were bad they were. They were exiled to Babylon and they were in pain what God did, then Revealing his heart them descent profit after profit. Profit after profit to declare the heart of God.

In Isaiah, comfort, comfort my people restraints will be renewed. This opening up a big beautiful window of hope is said that there's wind who we esteemed him not. For this by his strength that will be healed, pointing to the day, there would be no condemnation and no exile that there's going to be away someone else's stripes are gonna be our salvation someone else's blindness gonna be the payment for a penalty. Open up the window is Jeremiah. Jeremiah prophesied to those in exile and he said the day is coming. I know it's coming up seeing what God can do. This is the man. It was sent down to the potter's house, the product quickly as modern in his hand.

It isn't what it was intended to be left with a partner can do it they can be molded making equipment get totally new.

God can make anything new. Declare the word of the Lord is in the day is coming to his neighbor knew the Lord for all of the Lord a new covenant, God will make with his people in my law will be put inside of their heart. They will no longer be an external code that you can't keep and therefore fall under continued condemnation window was open is Jeremiah prophesied in Hosea Kane's and I want to marry Gomer. She's a prostitute and an adulterous North America was.

He gave Hosea love for that prostitute when she was unfaithful a second time. He remarried her as he took her in it he said Hosea, people. He said that there is a way in which the love of the bride and groom can be set up on a bride who's been unfaithful for condemnation will be lifted and she will be rejoiced over the sin aim is to declare that there the day of the Lord that is coming in all of his glory, and all of its China is enjoyable to clarify on that day of the Lord.

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. There will be no distance between even the little children not boys or girls or men or women.

All flesh will be no distance between them and God.

But my Holy Spirit will be poured out upon their lives. They sent Jonah to model for them that though he spent three days in a whale. Billy was three days in the darkness, and he was into the glorious light. The word came a second time to Jonah because there's a window of hope that there will be one who spends three days and the earth rises forth to his glorious inheritance to reign over all the earth is coming a time when there will be therefore no condemnation upon my people decent Zechariah 20 sent to Holger Keithley, is writing humbly and I don't think like an occult recognizing when it comes to bespoke profit after profit after profit back. At present, the just shall live by faith, not by the law until finally, the Amalekite is just test me in this see if I don't open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so great upon which you can contain it at the time.

It's coming.

It was my people not live with anymore since a condemnation on their life and they will receive the fullness of my blessing. It says a lot. The whole of history and all of the world has been waiting for. Romans eight verse one there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. There is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus which is to say God wants us to live with hope that is not tarnished in the least by message of condemnation what he wants us to be the little kids that know that Christmas is coming and don't have any fear of Santa Claus because hope is powerful enough to make you and your make you not give up hope is powerful enough to give you victory over temptation.

We need to endure. We need to not give up and we need to live with victory that comes hope so.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not introduced any anti-hope.

While we will not halt as mix a little bit of law in here fly instead of saying I know that you accepted Jesus 14 years ago, but I notice that you send yesterday and maybe are not saved. After all, I notice you have been giving enough lately. Maybe you're not really saved in your condemn because we think we're gonna manipulate the power of hope to use it to make people be better than reality.

It is the release of hope in the security of the Christian's life that makes hope explode inside of us to empower us for incredible victorious living that when you look into the mirror and you think about how you messed up or regrets that you have disappointment if you have, you do not look at the mirror and see yourself for all your mistakes but you must look through the lens of the word of God that announces over your life in Christ you not condemn federal therefore if you get on living like a man sharing the light in today's teaching no more condemnation you felt as a candidate for Christmas empty stockings hanging by the fireplace just waiting to be filled colorful packages just waiting to give it everything. It's a wonderful feeling when you're certain that something that is coming and there's a word for that posture of high health, physical health isn't about how in the sky during that certainty left feature for child size. I get home for Christmas not wishful thinking that if a child size many different Christmas that I know it's gonna be good models have if you want me to fax hope during Pastor Alan) amazing exploration of the Bremen's final six 712 message CD album called I hope Sam delve deep into the writers of grace.

We have the scatter light of law cannot save, heal or deliver to discover how hope can fix you fleeing and missing her mouth on Pastor Alan Wright CD album.

Maybe it's time for you to feel like it Christmas again gospel shared when you get to sharing the right.

This test is only possible because of recent financial support were in the final days of this special offer being made available to you. Call us at 877-544-4860 or come to my website sharing the right leg. If you consider yourself a hope filled person you're filled with hope and that you're keeping your eyes on Jesus and the employer living the victorious life even through challenges maybe maybe even your facing those with Jesus by your side every now and then I think very few people escape this Allen condemnation come in and it's like these barking dogs that try to distract you on life's journey. Yeah permitting you down and at the very least I hope that we have shown this to date annual God does not want any of us to live with a single bit of condemnation so listeners who are struggling just hear this. Again, there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, not partial condemnation, not just a little bit of condiment. There is no condemnation. God wants you to live with hope that is not tarnished in the lease by message of condemnation want you to be that little kid that knows that Christmas is coming and you don't have any fear that that good things are coming. This is the way that it's rooted in a spiritually God has good things in store for you. This world may have some trouble God is with you and he's gonna see you through. And you have the hope of the glory of God in front of you. There is no condemnation for anyone who is in Christ are always encouraged to hear from you whether you visit online sharing the or call 877 like 60 again sharing the life.O RG or call 877 OIG HT 60 get Allen writes daily sharing the light devotional in your inbox each morning when you sign up at sharing the life who are cheating. This is been sharing the life Allen right the listener supported production sharing the likeness

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