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Dream On! | When God Preps Us for Work

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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June 21, 2022 3:00 am

Dream On! | When God Preps Us for Work

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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June 21, 2022 3:00 am

God has work for us to do. And He wants to equip us for that work. So often, His training program includes some trials and challenges along the way . . . and, at the time, we may wonder why we’re going through such difficulty. But God knows what He’s doing. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out how the Lord used Daniel in a powerful, miraculous way. And it was only because of the challenges Daniel faced that he could successfully complete the task he was given.

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A New Beginning is the daily half-hour program hosted by Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Southern California. For over 30 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have endeavored to know God and make Him known through media and large-scale evangelism. This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.

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Everybody knows what will you tell us about volumes of how you live your life the road followed Pastor Greg Laurie chart your course should not be seeking success.

Six below you will person wants to show on his training program includes trials and challenges along the way.

Time wonder where were going through difficult. God knows what he's doing. Pastor Greg Laurie Moore used Daniel powerful miraculous way that was only because of the challenges, especially complete your Bible and turn to the book of Daniel. Daniel chapter 2. The title of my message is dream on something so maybe I'll sing, no, maybe I won't as you recall, Israel was conquered by Babylon. Why because Israel kept turning to false gods and idols of the Lord warned them through the prophets, and they ignored what the prophet said.

Finally judgment K so the people of Israel were taken into captivity for 70 years under the rulership of Babylon without the king of Babylon at that time the great Nebuchadnezzar asked for.

Sort of the brightest best of Israel. Some of the young man that he could bring into his court school in the way of the Babylonian, then in the culture of Babylon and in the worship of the false Babylonian gods, and among those that were brought in were Daniel, Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo and it was Nebuchadnezzar's desire to seduce them to turn them into Babylonian to have them leave their Hebrew roots in their belief in Scripture and to think like a Babylonian, but there was one thing Nebuchadnezzar did not consider that was these boys had character. Okay so that brings us to what were looking at right now and that is that the king has a dream and it's a doozy of a dream. I don't know if it's because he had too much pizza the night before Bobby not don't think they had pizza back in those days but I had pizza before I went to bed. Not long ago and I have a good Technicolor dream ticket was in a movie right that's the power of pepperoni right there and you know that the king had a dream of. This was not one influenced by food. This is a dream that was actually influenced by God himself, the Lord gave to the king, a dream that was effectively a flyover of human history. So the king wakes up in the weird thing is he knows he had a very significant dream, but he can't remember it.

So he called together all these people that are supposed to have the answers. The so-called wisemen astrologers, astronomers, all those people that were supposed to hear from God choices bring a man bring in the palm readers clairvoyance. The mediums bring their crystal balls. There Terra cards or Ouija boards to bring the Jumanji game.

I don't care figure this thing out for me. Tell me my dream.

He says I make you guys a deal if you tell me my dream. I'll shower you with riches and honor.

If you don't tell me my dream.

I'll tear you limb from limb and burn your house down.

How to outsell their same old way we hold on king weekend tell you your dream tell us the dreamer will interpret the girls now.

If you are legit you'll know the dream and the interpretation that's we pick up Daniel to bursae. The king replied I know what you're doing your stalling for time because you know I'm serious when I say if you don't tell me the dream, you're doomed. So you conspired to tell me lies open. I'll change my mind tell me the dream, although that you can tell me what it means another make a true statement.

Verse 11. The Kingston man is impossible. No one except the gods can tell you your dream and they do not live here among people is very true but actually though the gods didn't have the answer. God had the answer and God had his men on earth, and his name was Daniel and the Lord had him on direct dial to get his push his name and then you would answer the phone and he spoke to Daniel. Daniel was a man on earth who had connections in heaven. Guess what, you're a man you're a woman on earth that has the same, your prayers are heard by God. So the king's henchmen. Areata storms into Daniel's house to kill him. Daniel and the boys are same way we hold out what you were killing all the wise men because they can't tell the King's dream as a whole and give us a little time that brings us to Daniel chapter 2 verse 17 genuine home and told his friends, and I am Michelle and Azariah, by the way those of the original Hebrew names of Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo told him what happened he urged them to ask the God of heaven, to show them his mercy by telling them the secret so they would not be executed along with the other wise men of Babylon that night. The secret was revealed to Daniel in a vision very important.

No stop there.

Daniel did exactly what God told us all to do one trouble, pray how many of you are facing trouble or difficulty right now. Razor.

Soaking up your brothers right. Here's what you need to do. Pray here it comes let her know what to do. I don't know the answer. I'm having problems with my husband problems with my wife problems with my kids problems at work problems with the cat. Always the cat you know whatever joking about his cats are always a problem that you will always have problems with them. But still, I digress.

I just like to keep the People hating me because of my letter roughly the stop and then I bring it up again and think they hate me some more, actually like cats. I just like to provoke People. I think that's really what it is What I Say They Care Very Little Very Popular in the Community and They Have a Community Alright so Trust Me That Was Not in the Notes or Write so They Pray. That's What We Should Do and What Happens. The Lord Reveals to Them the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar. He Reveals to Them the Secret and Its Interpretation. So Now Daniel Is Appearing before King Nebuchadnezzar and He Wants to Make It Very Clear to the King That This Interpretation He's about to Reveal His Come from the Lord. Look at Daniel Two Verse 27 Daniel Said There Are No Wisemen Enchanters, Magicians or Fortunetellers Who Can Reveal the King Secret, but There Is a God of Heaven Will Reveal Secrets That He Has Shown King Nebuchadnezzar What Will Happen in the Future. Now I'll Tell You Your Dream and the Visions You Saw As You Lay on Your Bed While Your Majesty Was Sleeping. You Dreamed about Coming Events, You Reveal Secrets Is Shown You What Is Going to Happen and It's Not Because I'm Wiser Than Anyone Else That I Know the Secret of Your Dream, It's Because God Wants You to Understand What Was in Your Heart. I Love That What Is Daniel Doing Is Giving God the Glory. Make Sure You Do That to You Do It Well Done Job or Something Happens in Some of This, Many Are Just the Most Caring Person. You're Such a Compassionate Person.

I Love That Thing That You Did, or You Know What the Lord Help Me Do It. You're so Successful in Business. Lord Help Me Do It.

Your Great Minister.

Well, That's the Lord, through Thank You for That Nice Complement but I Have To Give the Glory to God. Always Make Sure You Give the Glory to God Continue Had a Good Biblical Template to Follow. Here in the Temple Was the Story of Joseph in the Book of Genesis, a Very Similar Story. Remember Joseph to Have the Ability to Interpret Dreams. He Was Sewn in Prison on False Charges. And While He Was Imprisoned.

It Became Known to Him That the Pharaoh Had a Dream That No One Could Interpret. But Joseph Could Interpret Dreams so He Was Brought before the Pharaoh and He Told Him What His Three Men in the Pharaoh Put Them in a Position of Influence. As a Result Very Similar. Which Brings up a Very Simple Point and That Is the Bible Tells Us How to Live in Life. This Is Why You Need to Know Your Bible. This Is Why We Study the Stories of the Bible and the Teachings of the Bible. This Is Why We Memorize Passages from the Bible so You Start Learning How to Think Biblically Is to Tell You Something, the Best Way to Know the Will of God Is to Know the Word of God, and I Think Some People Are Running around Trying to Get a Direct Revelation from God. They Want the Lord to Give Them a Word from Heaven Ordered the Cheeseburger. My Child Do This, Turn Right Turn Left. Let Me Tell You Something. Most of the Time When I Found Myself Smack Dab in the Middle of the Will of God Is Not Because I Heard a Word from the Lord. It's Because I Was Just Living by the Word of the Lord. Just Apply Biblical Principles, so Situation Comes up and I Did Wake There's a Story in the Bible I Just Read That Was Had a Very Similar Situation and I Went to Apply That Here Are Just Out Of This Verse That I Memorized That Totally Applies to This Thing and Then You Apply Those Verses and Live Biblically and You'll Find Your Walking in God's Will. That Is What Really Done. He Was Doing.

Oh Yeah, Joseph. The Lord Gave Him the Interpretation, to Give the Interpretation to the King, to Give God the Glory for Greg Laurie Will Have the Second Half of This Message Just a Moment, You Know, There's Nothing Lying Here in the Word of God and Worshiping the Lord Together. I Will Encourage You to Join Us for Something We Call Harvest at Home Every Saturday and Sunday Harvest out or Join Christians Literally from around the World As We Worship and We Study the Word of God Together. So Join Us for Harvest at Home and Harvest As We Pick up Our Study. Daniel Is Appearing before the King to Not Only Interpret the King's Dream, but to Tell the King What He Dreamed in the First Place. Pastor Greg Continues. So Here Is What the King Saw He Saw a Giant Statue and of the Statuette Had a Goal and It Had Chest and Arms of Silver, It Had a Belly and Thigh Me That a Bronze Had Legs of Iron and Feet of Clay and Iron Mixed Together, and Then a Rock That Was Carved Out Of a Mountain, Smash the Toast. How Do You Interpret a Dream like That God Gave to Nebuchadnezzar a Flyover of the Great Kingdoms of the World. Daniel Interprets His Foreman Will Get into This Later We Get Deeper into Daniel but Verses 37 to 38. The Head of Gold Was a Representation of Babylon and the Babylonian Kingdom and Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon Lasted from 636 to 539 BC Jeremiah Called Babylon a Golden Cup in the Lord's Hand. So Babylon Was the Head of Gold and Notice How Is This the Metals Go down, They Become Less Valuable. Gold Is the Most Viable. Now We Find It Hasn't Chest and Arms of Silver, a Lesser Nation and Babylon, the Medo Persians under the Leadership of Cyrus Conquer the Babylonians and That Kingdom Lasted from 539 to 330 BC. Then There Are the Belly of the Pfizer Brass of Verses 39 to 40 That Represents the Kingdom of Greece, Led by Alexander the Great Conquered the Medo Persian Kingdom of Greece Lasted from 330 to 63 BC and Now Here's What Really Gets Interesting. The Legs of Byron and Feet of Clay. That's the Roman Empire That Lasted a Long Time from 63 BC to A.D. 470 but Then the Toes 10 Toes Feet of Plato's Written Expression. He Has Feet of Clay, Meaning There Vulnerable Their Human. That's with That Expression Came from Feet of Clay Toes of Clay That Are Crushed by a Giant Rock Drop Something on Your Toes Amendment Hurts Google Rock Cut Out Of a Mountain Boom Drops on the Toes.

They Shatter What Is This There's a Revival of Sorts of the Roman Empire.

In the End Times in a World Leader Emerges on the Scene with 10 Nations Confederated behind Him.

He's Identified in the Bible Is the Antichrist, the Beast, and Then His Kingdom Is Destroyed by a Rock.

What Is the Rock the Interpretation. Daniel Chapter 244 during the Reigns of Those Kings the God of Heaven Will Set up a Kingdom Will Never Be Destroyed or Conquered Little Crush All These Kingdoms and the Nothingness It Will Stand Forever.

This Is the Meaning of the Rock Cut from the Mountain, Though Not by Human Hands That Crushed to Pieces. The Stage of Iron, Bronze, Clay, Silver and Gold. It's a Great God Showing the King What Will Happen in the Future. The Dream Is True and the Meaning Is Certain. What Is the Rockets Christ Returning and Shattering These False Kingdoms in Establishing His Kingdom on the Earth Will He Rules As King of Kings and Lord of Lords Take Away Truths That We've Learned Together Number One We Win the Indiana We Win in the End That's the Read the Last Page of the Bible, You'll See Lord Will Establish His Kingdom Number Two When Crisis If We Need to Pray to Daniel, Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego Did Never Back down. Never Give up. Number Three. We Need to Hold Our Course to the Very End. Daniel Did. You'll Be Glad You Did Not Give into the Enticements of This Culture Maybe Six Months Maybe a Year before He Went to Heaven. I Was Having Lunch with Pastor Chuck Smith. Chuck Was a Man of Few Words.

By the Way, I Mean in the Pulpit.

He Would Give Messages but When You Hung out with Chuck Privately, Which I Did Many Many Times He Was on the Most Verbose Person He Would Give Rather Than the Short Answers and Does so I Was Sitting with Him and I Said so Chuck Can Have a Question for You. If an Older Shock Could Speak to a Younger Chuck, What Would You Say to Yourself, What Is the Message You Would Pass on to a Younger Version of You in between Bites of Whatever He Was Eating Chocolate up to Be and Said Hold the Course Went Back to Eating Again like Hold the Course. What Is That Mean He Just Looks at Me.

I Said like I Keep Doing What You're Doing Right Oh Sheila Keep Reading the Bible yet so Just Keep Praying Just to Walk with the Lord Right over the Course Goes Back to Eating.

It's Just like You Probably Think Goal Way When He Left When Really He Was Given a Really Important Point over the Course Chuck Did That throughout His Life. Daniel Did That throughout His Life, and We Need to Do That throughout Our Lives. Hold the Course Final Point, We Should Be People of Character and Purpose That's What Were Told about Daniel Verse Eight of Chapter 1 He Made up His Mind Not to Defile Himself, or Literally, He Purposed in His Heart.

I Love That Phrase Purposed in His Heart Dear to Be a Daniel Dare to Stand Alone Dare to Have a Purpose for Dare to Make It No Will You Be a Daniel, Are You a Person a Purpose. Paul Wrote to Timothy and Said, You Will Fully Known My Purpose and What Was up Purpose. Paul Says in Philippians My Determined Purpose in Life Is to Know Him and the Power of His Resurrection, Being Made Conformable to His Death Loose Paraphrase My Purpose. My Reason for Existence Is to Know God and to Become More like Christ. That's Our Mission Statement Here and Harvest Knowing God and Making Him Know What Is Your Purpose. Everybody Has One Is Your Purpose Knowing God Is Your Purpose Becoming More like Christ.

Some People Might Say, Will My Purpose in Life Is to Have Fun.

All I Want to Do Is Have Some Fun. I Got the Feeling I'm Not the Only One Right My My My Purpose in Life Is to Enjoy Pleasure or My Purpose in Life Is to Make Money for My Purpose in Life Is to Be Successful. Listen, You Should Not Be Seeking Pleasure, but Purpose Don't Be Seeking Success, Seek Significant Be a Matter Purpose Be a Woman, a Purpose and I'm Telling You All These Things You Chase after the Things That Matter Will Come Back to You and the Things You Don't Need Won't You Won't Pleasure You Will Find the Things This Culture Offers but If You Walk with God.

You'll Have Yes More Fun Than the Nonbeliever Because You'll Have a Deeper Joy and a Real Happiness. That's Killed Three. You Don't Have To Wake up with a Hangover in the Morning.

You Don't Have To Live with a Guilty Conscience. You Don't Have To Face the Ramifications of All the Bad Decisions You Made That Come to Haunt You for Years to Come and Study All of the Blessings of God, All You As the Psalm 23 Says, Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me All the Days of My Life and I Will Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever.

That's the Christian Life. That's the Life We Want to Live Know That Some People Know about You, and All about God.

We Know All about A Lot Of People Right Now Because of Social Media. So I Follow Them and Instagram.

I Know What They Had for Lunch. Yeah but You Don't Really Know Them. Do I Do Actually You Don't Okay. I Think A Lot Of People Know about God, but They Don't Know God, You Know, Sometimes He Will Call the Church Office a Call My Secretary and Say I Need to Talk with Greg.

I'm One of His Best Friend, Social Text Me and Say Is This Person Your Best Friend All Say Back to Her Rule of Thumb If They See My Best Friend You Can Almost Guarantee They Aren't and I'll Tell You Why. If There My Best Friend. They Have My Phone Number Right There. My Phone so If You Don't Know My Phone Number and like You Know I'm Kidding A Lot Of People Love My Phone but They Have a Way to Contact Me.

You Don't Have To Go through Some of Those Who Come Right to Me. So I Think We Still I Know I Know God Live You Know God Jehovah's Phone Number More That I Need You of Relationship You Have Communication You Getting Your Phone Number Boom There's an Answer. God Will Answer Because of the Death of Jesus When We Come Back to This Thing. These So-Called Wise Man Said They Had One Thing Right. They Said King. No One Can Answer This. Even If Dogs Came and Walked among Those Well the Gods Never Can Walk among Us. But the Son of God Did Walk among Us God in Human Form That Jesus Crying Fully God and Fully Man Living a Perfect Line Going to a Cross and Dying for Our Sin, so We Could Be Forgiven and Come into a Relationship with the Lord Jesus Who Died on the Cross for Our Sin and Rose Again from the Dead, Jesus Who Is Ready to Forgive You of Your Sin. No Matter How Horrible It Is.

He Stands at the Door of Your Life in the Knox and He Says If You Hear His Voice and Open the Door He Will Come in, Have You Asked Jesus to Come in Your Life. Yet If Not Wanted to Do It Right Here Right Now. Let's All Bow Our Heads Father, Thank You for Your Word to Us. Thank You That Your Word Is True. Thank You for Your Promise of Forgiveness through Jesus and I Pray for Any That Have Joined Us Here That Don't Have This Relationship with You, Lord, Help Them to Come to You. Help Them to Believe in You Right Now in Jesus Name I Pray for Greg Ward Important Prayer and If You like to Make a Change Today in Your Relationship with the Lord.

Pastor Greg Will Help You Do That in Just a Moment before Today's Addition of a New Beginning. Concludes so Please Stay with Us. Will Pastor Greg Were so Excited about Your New Book, Lennon Dylan, Alice and Jesus.

It's a Look at the Lives of Dozens and Dozens of Well-Known Music Icons and the Way Their Lives Rose to the Top and Then Often Crashed to the Bottom of the Reasons for That. Now Some of the People You Talk about in the Book Obviously Are Passed on Which One of Them Would Be at the Top of the List of Those You'd like to Meet and Have a Conversation with.

If That Were Possible.

Yeah, That's a Really Good Question. I Wish All My There's so Many so Many I Think of Janis Joplin Very Talented Young Lady, Harassed, Made Fun of When She Was a Young Girl Extraordinarily Talented Died so Young. 27. I Wish You Could've Sat down with Her and Said Janice God Loves You. And Even If Others Don't Love You, As They Are to You Are Loved by the Lord, and He Has a Plan and a Purpose for Your Life. I Was to Get Us Sat down with John Lennon It's a John You Need to Just Follow Jesus, You Made a Profession of Faith in Him.

Now You Need to Just Grow in Your Faith Spiritually and Continue Want to Discover All That God Has in Store for You. I Wish It Could've Sat down with Jimi Hendrix My Opinion the Greatest Guitar Player Who Ever Lived by Accounts of People That Knew Him. He Was a Kind Person.

He Was a Humble Person but He Was a Man He Was Searching As Well and I Just Wish I Could've Told These People That There Is a God in Heaven Who Love Them and That a Plan for Their Life. I Wish I Could Tell Them That Their Life Matters and so Many People Care so Deeply about Them and I Can't Tell Them That Unfortunately but I Can Talk to People Who Are Alive Today Who Maybe Are Despondent, Who Maybe Have Thought about Taking Their Lives Somewhat of Even Attempted to Take Their Lives and Say, Look, This Is Not the Way You Want to Go. Here's the Way You Want to Go You Want to Enter into a Relationship with Jesus Christ and Discover His Plan for Your Life Can Get to Know Him and Then You'll Have That Happiness and That Peace That You've Longed for throughout Your Entire Life Trying and You Know There Some Listening Right Now Who Have a Close Friend or Loved One Who Said That Same Crossroad Today. They Need to Hear That Message of Hope.

Let Us Send You a Copy of This New Book, Lennon Dylan, Alice and Jesus Read It Yourself and Then Pass along This Good News to the Person You Care about Is a Strong Wake-Up Call, and It's a Message of Hope and Would like to Send the Book Your Way to Thank You for Your Investment and Harvest Ministries and a New Beginning Where Listener Supported and without Listener Partnership. We Simply Couldn't Be Here Each Day Were so Grateful for Your Generosity and When You Make Your Donation Today. We like to Thank You, with Pastor Greg's New Book, Lennon Dylan, Alice and Jesus so Call Us at 1-800-821-3300.

That's a 24 Hour Phone Number 1-800-821-3300 or Go Online to Prof. Greg You Spoke Today about Having a Relationship with the Lord. Yeah, Someone Can Enter into That Kind of Relationship with God Right Now Yeah They Really Can. That's the Amazing Thing. I Think People Are Surprised That It Doesn't Take Years to Become a Christian. It Doesn't Take Months. It Doesn't Take Weeks. It Doesn't Take Days, It Doesn't Even Take Ours You Can Believe on the Spot and I Would like to Lead You in a Prayer Where You Can Ask for His Forgiveness. A Prayer Where You Can Receive Jesus Christ into Your Life As Your Savior and Lord. So If You Want Christ to Come in Your Life If You Want Them to Forgive You of Your Sin If You Want a Second Chance in Life. If You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die, Stop What You're Doing and Pray after Me These Words Lord Jesus, I Know I Am a Sinner and I'm Sorry for My Sin and I Turn from It Now and I Choose to Follow You from This Moment Forward As Savior and Lord Is God in Friend Thank You for Loving Me and Calling Me Ever Giving Me in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen. Listen If You Have Just Prayed Those Words with Pastor Greg and Meant Them Sincerely. The Bible Assures Us, Your Sins Have Been Forgiven Were Told. The Lord Is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us of Our Sins and Cleanse Us from All Unrighteousness and We Want to Send Some Resource Materials to You That Will Help You in Your New Relationship with the Lord We Call That Are New Believers Growth Packet and Will Send It without Charge.

If You Prayed for the First Time Today with Pastor Greg, Just Ask for It When You Call 1-800-821-3300.

We Can Take Your Call Anytime around the Clock That's 1-800-821-3300 or Go to and Click on the Words of God When Next Time You Visit the Fiery Trial Faced by Three Key Routine Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego Story Join Us Here on a New Beginning Revival Great Glory and Everybody Thinks or Listening to an Beginning This Is a Podcast Made Possible by Harvest Partners.

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