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What If This Were Your Last Year On Earth

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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January 3, 2011 4:14 am

What If This Were Your Last Year On Earth

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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January 3, 2011 4:14 am

What If This Were Your Last Year On Earth

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Happy new year to all of you. Let's pray father, thank you for this day that you have made and we look forward to what you want to see the was sin. Your word and we look forward to the opportunities that are before us now, so help us to gain a fresh perspective as we walk into New Year's seeking to glorify you in all that we say and do we commit this time a Bible study to you now in Jesus name we pray. Amen we can be seated to see all of you today.

The Collins family is taken of this whole section of our church here so welcome to the Collins family.

They are all blonde will not really, but most of them are all right will inserted our Bibles in second Timothy four.

This is a special message just for today on New Year's message and next Sunday will be getting back in our Matthew theories that were calling. Follow me ever get a look at some of the great parables that Jesus told starting with the parable of the sower there really contains the secrets that every believer needs to know to grow spiritually. That's next Sunday, but today the title of my message is what if this were your last year on earth you know one thing that you notice as you get older this time seems to pass more quickly.

No course time as the saying, but it depends on where you're at in your life as to how you view time. For instance, when I was a young boy in elementary school. It seemed like sitting in class lasted for ever. I would just stare at the clock waiting for the hands to move within as you get older months go by more quickly.

Years go by more quickly, even decades go by more quickly and now as I look at my life I have more behind me that I have in front of me and I've been described as middle a however I don't know about that because I would feel bad about being called middle-aged if I knew a few more people over the age of 100.

I mean middle-aged seems like it would more realistically be somewhere in your mid-30s then where I'm at now in my 40s know in my 50s, but use this when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve Middle Ages when you're forced to know a Middle Ages when you know all of the answers and no one ever asked you the question yet. Time passes by quickly and then the funny thing is my generation, the architects of youth culture are now officially entering retirement age.

I read an article the other day that said that the baby boom generation now is at retirement needs and 7000 of these boomers are turning 65 each day. Many believe this is go bankrupt Social Security and Medicare now.

The irony is this is the original youth culture.

You know it was the baby boomers that effectively introduce rock 'n' roll to the world.

The generation that gave us the Rolling Stones and other symbols of rebellion has now gone from sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to nip talk and Botox begun from acid rock to acid reflux or some people are in denial about this and they want to appear to be younger than they really are nothing this satyr than a person who shops at forever 21 when their €66, so they think all do cosmetic surgery and everyone will think I'm younger I really don't know if that ever works to be quite honest with you I'm not against it.

If you want to get it that's fine but I don't think it really makes anyone looking younger. It just makes them look different. That's all okay and sometimes you look at some people and you think internally. Did you want to look this way and so maybe don't want to make that leap toward cosmetic surgery, so they just get a bunch of Botox and the problem with Botox is you. Your expressions disappear, you're supposed to have lines in your face, so a person is had too much Botox as to tell you how they're feeling in a given moment, and I'm really mad at you right now but I can't move my face so I'm telling you I mad with a Botox phase away. I'm really happy now but you can I can smile my face.

This process, or how many of you have had Botox or hide in the Kubrick.

You know, everyone wants to figure out how to prolong their life how to live longer and so forth. But here's the thing that we need to realize God is an appointed day for our birth and also for our death that were told in Scripture. Joe, 14, 15, you have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live or not. Given a minute longer. Hebrews 927 says it's appointed unto a man once to die, and after this comes the judgment and then some 39 Ford says Lord. Remember, remind me how brief my time and earth will be remind me that my days are numbered in my life is clean away. So I've a question for you. Let's say your doctor called you in tomorrow morning and said we have just done tests on you after your last physical and we have to tell you, you have only one year to live.

This is your last year on planet are now. If this were the situation, how would you live your life would you live it any differently Irma bomb back was a columnist for many years. She has since passed on, but when she found out from her doctor. She only had a year to live.

She wrote a column with the title. If I had my life to live over and here's what she said and I quote from her column.

If I had my life to live over. I would've talked less and listen more.

I would've invited friends over to dinner, even if the carpet was stained on the sofa faded. I would've taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about is you and I had my life to live over. I would've sent him along with my children and not worried about grasping, I would've cried and left less while watching television and more while watching life. If I had my life to live over when my kids kiss me impetuously I would have never said no hurry go to Boston for dinner, but mostly have given another shot at life.

I would seize every minute look at it and really see it, live it and never give it back and I would stop sweating the small stuff. Don't worry about who doesn't like you work who has more who's doing what and deed. Let's cherish the relationships we have with those who love us that that was very well written.

You know when life comes to an end. Certain things become more important to you that frankly should have been important all along, those three things seem to be paid family and friends.

The first thing a person becomes aware of opera on their deathbed or they know that the end is there is there faith either how important it is to them or their lack thereof. Those that are strong believers become stronger in their faith and seems under such circumstances, and those about walking with God are aware of the fact that they need to do something about that. Then there's family, you're very aware of the fact that you might be estranged from members of your family and hopefully that something you want to make right and that of course are our friends Billy Graham was recently interviewed by Greta Van Susteren and he hasn't done an interview and many years now and and he was asked the question if he could live his life over what would he change here was his response and I quote, I would study more, I would pray more, I would travel less and take less speaking engagements that I had it to do over and spend more time in meditation in prayer and just telling the Lord how much I loved him and adore him and I'm looking forward to the time you spend eternity together. That was well said, and now I want to look at the lives of two men that knew the time was short two men and effectively found out that their time on earth was quickly coming to an end. The first is found in the Old Testament, and his name is Hezekiah. He was the king of Israel, Hezekiah, and contrasted many of the kings of rule over the Jewish people was a godly man. In fact, he tore down the idols that had been erected to false gods and they called Israel back to turn to the Lord. In fact, when Israel was threatened by an enemy, the Assyrians, it was King Hezekiah who went and brought his request before the Lord and ask for the Lord to deliver them in the Lord answered his prayer and an angel of the Lord was sent and he destroyed 185,000. The Syrian troops on the battlefield, so this was a man of God, a man of faith. One day Hezekiah got very ill effects so sick that he was really on his deathbed and the prophet Isaiah was dispatched to him by the Lord and was told to give him a message and Isaiah said the King Hezekiah. This is what the Lord says, set your affairs in order for you were going to die and you will not recover from this illness. Ominous words for sure, and Hezekiah was not prepared to accept this new and he called out to God. He reminded the Lord of how faithful of the king. He had been any us, the Lord just stared his life and healed him. And God answered the kings prayer. Isaiah was told to go back to Hezekiah and say your life is been extended for 15 more year so that's a good thing right will not necessarily because Scripture tells us in second Chronicles 3224 that Hezekiah's heart was proud in his response was wrong. So how should the king of responded when he found out that his life was coming to an end while he probably should've said something along the lines of what Lord I like to live longer if that's in your will, but if this is my time than fine, he should've put it in the hands of God and you know when you live long enough, you come to realize that it's a good thing God did not answer all of your prayer. How many of you are afraid for something really stupid raising. I hope you're all raising her, will have as you get older you look back on things you prayed for.

When you were younger you say thank you Lord for not answering that prayer.

That girl you were madly in love with that guy or that career choice you wanted to follow work whatever it was you looked at and realize that closed-door was an answered prayer, and it ultimately was a good thing. CS Lewis wrote, and I quote I don't know where I'd be the day of God. It granted all the coolest prayers offered to him." Well, hindsight is 2020 we have the benefit of it. In the case of Hezekiah.

He was given 15 more years to live the heart of that workout. For starters, he gave classified information to his enemies short of a biblical version of Wikileaks to happen. It was an emissary from Babylon was sent to visit Hezekiah and for some reason that we don't understand. Hezekiah showed him all the treasures of Israel all of the well of the people in this gave a motive to the Assyrians to later invade Israel, which they did, taking the Jewish people into captivity for 70 years. Hezekiah should not of done this revealed such sensitive information to his enemies but he was sort of like a guy taken his body into his garage and showed him all of his toys. A look at all the cool stuff we have was an element of pride in it. So that was a big mistake. And then secondly it was during this extended 15 years of his life if you will that I Hezekiah had a son and his name was Manasseh, and he went on to rule Israel in his father's stead and effectively undid all the good Hezekiah had done what Hezekiah adored tore down the altars to the false gods. Manasseh erected new ones, and led the people of the full-scale idolatry was one of the most wicked kings that ever ruled over the nation, even offering his own son is a burnt offering killing his son to the pagan God mole lack frankly, it would've been better if Manasseh had never been born. But the king to give you an insight into work. Hezekiah was that in the final years of his life after he revealed this classified information to the emissary from Babylon, Isaiah was going to call them on it say why did you do that that's wrong and he went on to say in second Kings 20. The time is coming when everything you have Hezekiah all the treasures stored up by your ancestors will be carried off to Babylon.

Nothing will be left so the Lord some of your own descendents will be taken into exile. Bad news for sure. But yet the Scripture tells us that Hezekiah was thinking to himself what lease will be peace and security during my lifetime. In other words, who cares as long as it doesn't affect me. Oh my families to be taken in XO.

I don't care all of our stuff is good to be taken away as long as it doesn't bring me discomfort. I'm fine with that sad should've thought more about his legacy and what he was passing on, and that's what we all need to be thinking about in life is not just living a long life, but living a full and meaningful life.

Sometimes people live long lives and wastes them. Others live long lives and do horrible things with them.

Some live shorter lives, but their lives make a great difference. Jim Elliott, who was a young missionary who felt called by God to bring the gospel message to the Alta Indians and unreached try was martyred in his endeavors and though we had so much promise and so much life he had of him. It was cut short but yet in this journal. Jim Elliott wrote these words and I quote I seek not a long life, but a full one like you or Jesus you see when it's all said and done. It's not about just living a long life is living a life that is full and purposeful. Corrie 10 boom said and I quote the measurable life after all, is not its duration. But it's donation so will tenant donation is your life making so there was Hezekiah finding out his life was coming to an end. He asked for an extension made a mess of his life. And frankly, it probably would've been better if he had just gone to be with the Lord and the Lord said the time and come know it's contrast that to another man.

His story is in the New Testament. He was not a king. He was an apostle. We know him as Paul because here in second Timothy we read the last words of the great apostle. These were written in the member team prison in Rome. Why was he there because he had faithfully proclaim the good news to people, and though he'd been warned if he persisted, he would be arrested. And now here he was chained up in this miserable primitive little place. None of his friends were with them. He was all alone but yet as you read his words. They resonate with joy with whole, not with depression and despair. So let's read the familiar words of the apostle Paul in this final epistle that he wrote as he knew the end was near. Second Timothy four starting in verse six. I am already being poured out as a drink offering for the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge will give to me in that day and not to me only, but to all who loved his appearing. So do we learn from the final words of Paul.

What take away truth can we glean from them as we enter into a new year and how we ought to be living our lives just in case it's our last year will number one Paul knew that the time to leave this world had come.

Verse six he says the time of my departure is at hand.

I know it's close now I know that sounds sad and tragic and in some ways it is. But when you're a believer who is put their faith in Christ. You know when you leave this life you go straight to heaven. So it has a lot to do with your destination and I don't know about you but I don't look forward to going to the dentist even if it's true, teeth cleaning, because it seems like they always find something wrong.

You know whether cleaning oh we have a little problem here. Let's do an x-ray. Oh no, what now, but you know it's an important thing to get your teeth cleaned it and to take care of your teeth and it's what I don't look forward to know when someone says that's go to lunch. I'm happy. I look forward to that all depends where you're going right when you're really young, you get excited when someone says let's go to Disneyland and when you're older you look forward to the time when someone says let's now leave Disneyland the happiest moment for a kid is a Matterhorn to the front windshield happiest moment for the parents is a Matterhorn in the rearview mirror because you're exhausted and you're ready to go well, heaven is what was before Paul and we look forward to it. Now in Paul's case it was a home-court advantage of by that I mean Paul had the unique experience of dying going to heaven and returning back to the your that is why earlier he wrote of the book of Philippians to live is Christ to die is gain and I'm hard-pressed between the two by the desire to the part to be with Christ, which is far better. Nevertheless, it's important that I remain here with you would follow understood that heaven was a promotion.

It was a coronation. It was a good thing. So he says, verse six, the time of my departure is at hand. Another word he uses. There was a word that was used to describe a Roman soldier breaking Striking the four companies you like to go camping razor.

We have more campers in the for service and I can't I camp a little, but I'm not a huge Okay. I look forward to going home to a hot shower and a warm meal and I feel that way about the beach to to be the most exciting time of going to the beach is right when I get there and I'm all set up and then after about 20 minutes and I can want to go now because I'm hot and someone just told her beach chair up next to mine in the listening to weird music and you know understand on everything… Not as exciting as it once was. Well, this is the ideal pulsing it's time to break him I'm ready to leave the summer of my departure is at hand. Which brings us to point number two point number one was Paul knew he was leaving. Number two. This is really important. He had no regrets in life. Paul had no regrets in life. Notice he writes I file the good fight, I finished the course, I kept the faith.

In other words everything God had called Paul to do. He did get no regrets, no sense of on fulfillment or incompleteness he live life to its fullest.

My question for you today is, if this were your last year, would you be able to say the same thing.

Are there things that remain left in life to be enough course are for all of us. I mean things we would like to do places we would like to go but I mean I'm talking about important things.

Now things that you feel God has called you to do that you have not yet done. Maybe there are people you feel you need to forget there are things you need to stop doing that you know are unproductive things you need to start doing that would help you a great deal. Paul knew the time was close in notice for to describe how he live in this point of his life. He uses three pictures to describe what it's like to live as a believer realizing that any year could be your last.

He likened himself to a finer a runner and a soldier and we should do the same. Number one. Paul said he was like a fighter verse seven I have fought the good fight fought the good fight, I love you Ruben and her real fight. I don't mean like the ones you see in the movies were it's the barroom brawl in the Western and when a person gets punched in the face they smile and faint and it looks like fun or something.

Have your baby's skin in the face while in her's and the finder.

Paul is describing here is not a gentleman's boxing match for the bell rings and we go to our corner, we have the garden are teeth and her gloves on. Know this is a little bit more like ultimate fighting or mixed martial arts were talking bear for us were talking up fight to the death potentially.

This is the idea of the Paul is conveying the chrysolite of the conflict surprises. Some people think once they become Christians and everything's going to be sweet and nice and easy Akan fair friends are. It's the very opposite see now that you've entered into this new relationship with God. To discover your adversary the devil is going to try to undermine you and stop you and so you enter into a fine Ephesians 612 describing this from a modern translation says this. This is no afternoon athletic contest that will walk away from and forget about the couple of hours. This is for key a life or death fight to the finish against the devil and his angels. It's a spiritual battle and thus we need to use spiritual weapon. So Paul said, I fought the good fight in all of us find it every day. How are you doing in that funny are you winning or losing. Number two. Paul also compared himself to being a runner in a race. Verse seven he says I have finished the race, there were numerous hurdles and obstacles in Paul's life he had to deal with, ranging from persecution and even having to cope with his own thorn in the flesh for the Paul uses here for race that describes a race with obstacles in it so it's not like the race, we would see in the Olympics. We run a certain distance, and whoever runs the fastest wins. It's more like getting through an obstacle course. That's what Paul is describing and that he is saying that he is run that race. He has completed that race and and were in the race of life and all of us should run to win. I don't know about you but when I was in school I was in track and field and I entered a lot of races and I don't think everyone one I can't remember one I want. If I can only think I got second or third eye when a lot of these honorable men should ribbon has a recall. They were purple in color, so my wall of the fertile ribbons animal mention which basically means you showed up, or even worse, we acknowledge that you do exist and that's the extent of it.

You know first place ribbons, no trophies for me for running a race and we should run the wind don't want to get second or third place you run to when you were_back. That's what Paul writes in first Corinthians 9, everyone runs with only one wins a prize.

So run to win all athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize overrun with every purpose in step run with purpose and every step.

So that's the idea that's being conveyed now working to get a reward that's worthwhile you look at some of the rewards or awards I should say that people win. I have a friend who is one the Ironman and that's that that's a very hard competition that goes on for hours and I look at the memo I sent this is all they gave you.

I mean I've never won anything like that. So I guess it's what it represents that he's an Ironman. I'm an iron email. You know, but still you when these little awards are not worth much for running for an eternal reward that God will give us in that final day. And finally, Paul says that he is a soldier in verse seven he says I have The fate were that he uses here for Carries the meaning of having guarded the faith as an armed soldier would guard is closed against enemy attack. Paul is saying that he never strayed from the truth of God's word and he lived it out. So let me ask you if you're this for your last year, would you be able to say the same thing that Paul said have you been winning in this fight and struggle against Satan and personal sin. Have you kept up the pace in the race of life rub you slow down. Have you guarded in Your faith in the way you live and tell others. If you have, here's the promise that you have from the Lord per se pulses. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge will give to me in that day and not to me only, but to all with love will love his appearing. There is a reward waiting. And here's the thing. One day when we leave this world. As Christians we go to have that will be a judgment seat waiting. Now this is not is not a judgment about getting into heaven because the fact is the judgment I'm talking about is in heaven. The great white throne judgment that determines who does not get any heaven is not something a believer will participate in because whoever is not found written in the book of life is cast in the lake of fire know I'm talking about a different kind of judgment. You can almost compare this judgment. I'm talking about you and awards ceremony where you will be rewarded for your faithfulness. Now, if you will serve the Lord with the gifts that he gave you and you abuse your life for the glory of God rewards will be given, including the crown of life. The Paul alludes to herein Timothy and there's other crowns that are promised in Scripture. Other rewards that God says we can receive. But if you have effectively squandered your life and by that I mean you put your faith in Christ. So you're in heaven. Thank God for that which you never really did much with your life. You didn't run the race to win.

You didn't maximize your opportunities.

The Bible says it will be a burning a fire to see what kind every man's work is in and some people will be left with nothing altogether in heaven but they have nothing to show for their life on earth. And then there will be others who will be rewarded for their faithfulness to God so that something to think about the way that we live our life seat when it's all said and done, the only thing that's really going to matter is whether or not you accomplish the purpose that God had are you doing that Jesus was 12 years old when he said to Mary and Joseph. I must be about my father's business and just 21 years later he could say to the father I've completed the work you gave me to do what it really is simplified. There are three things that we can offer to God in this life we can offer our treasure we can offer our talent and we can offer our time are treasure our talent in our time. First, there is are treasure. I'm speaking of course of our possessions, our resources, our finances, we can offer that to the Lord.

Of course, I urge all of you to give faithfully to the work of the kingdom in this coming year. Why should we do that because Jesus said where your treasure is there. We are hardly also see whenever you put your money in this something you develop a vested interest in that thing and ideally your treasure will go where your heart is so if your heart is changed, it will change where you put your treasure what works the other way. We put our treasure, our heart will follow. So you want your heart to be in the things of God which are treasure and the things of God invest in the work of the kingdom number two there is our talent. God is given to every one of his certain abilities and skills even gifts. We are to use those for his glory.

Romans 12 says, just as our bodies have many parts and every part has a special function so it is with Christ body we are all parts of his body, and each of us has a different work to do. And finally there is our time. Our time, let's say that tomorrow morning you got a call from the president of the bank that you use in he told you that an anonymous donor. Love you very much. I decided to deposit 86,400 pennies in your bank account each and every morning is that what that's right 86,400 pennies in your bank account every morning and there's a condition you have to spend all of the money you can carry it over from day one day to what isn't spent is taken away what you thought on is that even that much money we got your calculator on your figured it out and realize that totaled up to about 350,000 give me $315,000 a year a lot of money. They will grade that's interesting analogy with the point there is no point. Just want to share.

So anyway, no solicit someone who loves you very much deposit into your bank of time 86,400 seconds of time each and every day they cannot be carried over from day one today to there's no such thing as a 27 hour day. You are given 24 hours each and every day to use as you choose, and we can say Lord I want to give this time to you because the Bible says redeem the time, because the days are evil and that means to make sacred and wise use of every opportunity. So what if this were your last year on earth. Here's the reality. It could be our last year on her essay won't do you know something I don't. Maybe I don't think so.

But here's what I could be your last year because the Lord himself could come call his people home of the rapture of the church that can happen in this coming year, and I for one would like to see that happen when you really good to how many of you would like this to be the year we all go to heaven relegate good good. I agree how glorious that would be just going about our business. Hopefully our father's business when suddenly a moment, in the twinkling of an eye were caught up to meet the Lord in the air know Billy Graham was asked the question not long ago. This is not in the interview with Greta Van Susteren. This was in dinner that we attended he was being interviewed by his longtime associate, Cliff Barrows and fasten the question Billy you done so much in your life you been so many places.

Is there anything left that you would like to do that you have not done without hesitation, Billy said I want to see Ruth is talking about his wife and he loved Ruth deeply in and she of course loved him. They were just a perfect match and having the privilege of spending time in their home and watching them interact was a real joy and it just broke his heart when the Lord took Ruth to heaven and he has Mr. ever since that and that is why when you have a loved one that is gone before you. And they haven't, it causes you to have a longing for heaven. You did not have before because you see, now it's personal that someone that was dear to you, someone you want to see again, and this is why the rapture is such a great hope because it's a time of reunion.

In fact, the Bible says that we will be caught up in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye together with them in the air to meet the Lord, who are the with them while Paul was writing to the believers in Thessalonica that were wondering about what happened to their loved ones would already.where were they would ever see them again. They were wondering also listen when the Lord comes back for his people in the rapture in Texas is up to heaven will be instantaneously reunited with that. So maybe you of a loved one that is gone before you that you missed deeply and will happen so quickly. You couldn't even measure it in human time.

You'll just be with them, and most importantly will be with the Lord himself so that I could certainly happen. That is something we all look forward to doing you know with our son in heaven now, and it's been two years and five months. It is something that affects us deeply and it causes our heart to be more in heaven. Any changes you know sometimes people ask our things back to normal yet know, and they never will be, because you know it's a new kind of normal. You have to learn to live in a different way. But there are certain things that happen in one's heart when a loved one leaves them that are quite unique and one of those things that I found in my heart and I found in talking with others that have had the same thing happened to them is you have a new determination to live your life to its fullest. Because especially when a child goes realize like it ended any time you realize how short life really is. And a lot of things that maybe I was a little frightened to do before have dissipated and it's replaced by a determination to accomplish what God has called me to do so that's a good thing. Another thing I've noticed is my fear of death is effectively God not somebody held a gun at my head right now I probably would say please don't shoot me, so I don't want you to think it's in a rational statement that I'm making but that read that fear isn't there anymore because I look forward to reunion. I look forward to what is ahead and that is a good thing do not have the fear of death hanging over you so we need to all be ready to meet the Lord because this could be that here because we could die this year. I know that's a heavy thought for some, and it's not what you want to hear right now but listen. Someone's name is going to end up in the obituary column tomorrow and the next thing we always say it won't be me and it certainly won't be someone close to me but the fact is, it could be. So you want to prepare.

So here's my word of encouragement to you in this coming year. Keep your heart and heaven in 2011. This could be the year we see the Lord.

We want to be ready. Coming back to the words of Isaiah to the King Hezekiah when he initially approached me to get your house in order, you are going to die now. That's we all need to think about is your house in order. No, there are the practical things you should do. I hope you have a will drawn up and you thought those things through.

Those are important things to consider. But then think about your legacy. Think about your life, think what you live for. Think what you will be remembered for.

Think about your effect on your on your family and on your children. And if you live longer, your grandchildren, what kind of legacy are you leaving. Don't be like Hezekiah who couldn't care less about anyone but himself for as long as it doesn't affect me.

I'm good with that.

Think more like Paul, I fought the good fight, I kept the faith. I finish the course. I've done what God has called me to do because we never know. This could be our last year or last month or even a last day. The Bible says teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom that simply means hopelessly wisely, hopelessly practically hopelessly spiritually. We have those three things to offer to God are treasure our talent in our time.

But let's live each day as though it were our last being about our father's business so will know that when he calls us to heaven we will hear him say to us, well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord. Maybe some of you sitting here right now would say honestly you know what, I don't really know that if I died I would go to heaven. I don't have that confidence that you spoken of today we you can have it by putting your faith in Jesus Christ. Or maybe in this last year you strayed. You know you haven't fought the good fight and you haven't run the race of life in and you haven't done well will then make a recommitment as we enter into this new year so you can be confident that of Christ comes back this year you'll be ready and you can be confident that if this is your last year you'll be ready to meet the Lord. And if you're not sure about right now I'm in a give you an opportunity to get right with God. As we close in prayer. So let's all bow our heads if you would know father speak to the hearts of these that may not yet know you help them to see their need for you and help them to come to you this day. We pray know what heads of God and her eyes are close were praying. How many of you would say today. Greg pray for me. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go to heaven. I don't have the confidence Christ is living in me, but I want that confidence. I want my sins forgiven. I want to know Jesus and real and personal way.

I want to go to heaven when I die, is that your desire.

If you want Jesus to forgive you of your sin if you want to be ready for his return. If you want to go to heaven when you die, would you lift your hand up wherever you're sitting and I mentally join the prayer slipped her hand up wherever you are and I'll pray for you today. God bless you. I bless you anybody else up there in the balcony. God bless you.

The balcony in the corner over there. God bless you to decide. God bless you as well. Anybody else you want God to forgive you of your sin, you want your guilt taken away. Or maybe you fallen away from the Lord anyone at recommit yourself to him in this coming year lift her hand up a prayer for you. Bless just lift your head up or I can see bless each one of you up there in the about the out side I can see you in the courtyard with the Lord sees you.

Of course, raise your hand up as well and you up in the court building watching on the big screen. You can raise your hand to wherever you are the bless each one know all of you that have looked your hand saying that you want to make this commitment a recommitment to Christ. I want to the stand your feet right now, lead you in a prayer right where you are to stand your feet wherever you are up in the balcony stand up and by the way, a number our standing, so you will not be the only one.

Stand up out there in the I amphitheater you stand up watching on the screen up there in the court building, you stand to lead you in this. For wherever you are. You want Christ to come in your life you want to because recommitment to him. Stand your feet.

Now pray for you publishing a bless you anybody else then your feet. Now bless you might be a few more with a couple more moments stand up now. Bless you. Anybody else got bless you one final moment. Forgive the stand stand now. Bless you. I bless you to admit all right all of you that are standing. I want to lead you in a prayer and I would ask you to pray this prayer out loud after me right where you stand again as I pray pray this prayer out loud after me. Okay, pray this after me now Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner. I think you for dying on the cross and paying the price for all of my sins.

I turned from those sins.

Now that I put my faith in you be my Savior and my Lord be my God of my friends. I choose to follow you in this coming year and every year. So thank you for loving me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray, amen. Let's encourage you. Bless you all

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