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TUE HR 2 102522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 26, 2022 12:28 am

TUE HR 2 102522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Extraordinary guest today. You've probably heard his name. You've probably seen his film called Enemies Within.

That was a few years ago. His name is Trevor Loudon. His website is and he's also got a book about the security risks of senators. Part one is out.

Part two is coming out this week. And Trevor Loudon is an expert on exposing the Marxist and communist backgrounds of church leaders, members of the Senate, members of Congress, and other so-called leaders who are driving us into the collapse of the United States as we know it. Mr. Trevor Loudon, it's an honor to have you on. I'm a fan of your work. Thank you for joining us. Well, likewise, Mike. It's an honor to be on with you too. I know the great work you've been doing.

Well, we're all doing our part, but you are doing more parts than most, I think. Now, let's just start with the big bombshell here. We're about to go into the midterm elections. It seems to be leaning strongly GOP, according to many polls, but even if there are... Well, you've identified 30 US senators with Marxist and communist connections, and some of those are going to remain no matter what happens, it seems. Tell us about those senators and your security risk senators books.

Well, that's right. So, US senators negotiate treaties. US senators, they gave us a nuclear deal with Iran, for instance. They negotiate with the United Nations and international bodies. They negotiate with foreign countries. Now, do you not think foreign agents would be very, very interested in co-opting US senators?

Yes, they would. Now, will you imagine if you were Xi Jinping? You want to take America down. That's your goal. But do you want to get into a multi-billion dollar trade war, which is going to turn your own people against you? Do you want to get into a multi-trillion dollar shooting war before you are fully ready? Or would you rather spend a couple of billion dollars buying up US senators?

What would you do? Well, and it's amazing how cheaply these senators are bought. That's what's shocking to me. They'll sell out for almost nothing. Yeah, a trip up the Yangtze River, a shear tip, some tuition for their kids, whatever. These people can be brought pretty cheaply. Some of them are brought, are ideologically sympathetic to the Chinese. I would say Dianne Feinstein would be an example of that. Judy Chu in the Congress is certainly an example of that.

But many of them are just bought in by business deals. The old Soviet communists, they had to use ideology to recruit people because they didn't have a lot of money. Well, the Chinese can use ideology to recruit the left and money to recruit the left and the right, they use money.

But either way, they have you. Radcliffe, Trump's intelligence advisor, said a year or two ago, he said that the Chinese Communist Party had compromised so many American Congress members, they could now determine which legislation passes the Congress and which doesn't. That should horrify every American, no matter what political stripe you are. Well, you already mentioned Senator Feinstein. I think our listeners are familiar with the fact that Feinstein's office had, I believe, turned over identities of mainland Chinese dissidents who were going to the senator's office to seek help. She would turn over copies of their passports to the CCP to have their family members kidnapped and threatened and coerced and things like that. Is that something that you are aware of happening as well?

I was not aware of that, had I been aware that I would have included it. Look, Feinstein has been working, first she worked with the pro-Soviet communists, then she worked with the Chinese. She'd been working with the communists of one stripe or another since the 1950s, since she was at Stanford University. But we all know that she had a Chinese spy on her payroll. But when he was exposed, she said, well, he was my driver. He was her office manager.

He was getting Defense Department documents across his desk. He worked closely with Christine Fong, who was the spy that seduced Eric Swalwell, who's serving on the House Intelligence Committee. But Dianne Feinstein's greatest crime, I believe, was getting China into the World Trade Organization.

That turned China from a third-rate power into a first-rate power. She set that up. She's had deep relations with the Chinese Communist Party for decades. She is sympathetic to communism, and she's happy to get money as well. She is one of the top dangers in the U.S. Senate. Absolutely. I'm just trying to remember, was that in the early 1990s when that WTO decision was made?

Yeah, about late, about 97, I think it was, 97-99. And she was warned by the FBI just before that, that the Chinese were targeting her. I think that was just one of the warnings they give. It really means to say, we know what you're doing, but we'll pretend we don't, but you better watch out because they're coming after you. Wow.

All right. What other senators, or let's say those running for the Senate, do you believe are also compromised or influenced, indoctrinated, or just paid off? Well, if you look at Raphael Warnock, for instance, in Georgia, now that's a critical seat. Raphael Warnock is the mentor, is the protege of James Cone, the father of black liberation theology. He's also, he served his time, learned at Ebenezer, the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York, the pastor of that Calvin, I've just forgotten his last name, Calvin, Calvin Butt, was a hardcore Marxist. He was inviting, you know, where the night that Martin Luther King was killed, Calvin Butt was a young radical in Atlanta, Georgia.

He dragged out a whole bunch of Molotov cocktails. He went out, burned down, tried to burn down the church, burned down several businesses and terrorized white people in their cars. He became a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist, at the Abyssinian Baptist in Harlem. He mentored Warnock. Warnock grew up with Marxists. He came to Georgia. He was working with Democratic Socialists of America. He was working with Stacey Abrams crowd. Stacey Abrams is part of a Chinese voter registration linked network. He was very actively involved in that with a former leader of ACORN. He was working with some of the old Georgian communists who came down from the North in the civil rights era and set up co-ops and that sort of thing in Georgia. You know, he has been involved with straight up Marxism his entire political career. Yeah, anybody paying attention can see this is an evil guy, but the thing is these Marxists and communists, you know, they play to the gullibility of the left and they pretend that they love America and they love liberty and they love freedoms and so on, but it's all an act for them, isn't it? Well, Barack Obama used to talk about the Constitution all the time, did he not?

Yes, indeed. But just by the way, because they know our language, you know, they get into the church, they know how Christians think, so they get into the churches and spread Marxism through there, like Warnock has done. But just incidentally, the other Georgia Senator, John Ossoff, the first thing he did when he got elected was to ask Biden to appoint a man called Daniel Blackmun to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the entire US southeast.

We're talking Georgia and Tennessee and South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi. Now, Daniel Blackmun is a card carrying Marxist, a member of Democratic Socialists of America. So Ossoff gets this guy appointed as his first action. This is the kind of thing these people are doing. They're appointing their Marxist friends to all sorts of key positions and they're using that to undermine our economy, undermine our defenses, undermine our borders, and anything else that keeps America on an even keel. Absolutely. And would you say their goal is what, to weaken America's economy, to split the culture, split the family, to make America vulnerable to what, a takeover, an invasion, a collapse?

Where does this come together? All of the above. These people are working to some degree or another for enemies like China, like Iran, who want to eliminate this country from the face of the earth, not just weaken us, not just make us economically dependent, but to actually take this country down. And then do these leaders, do they think that they're going to get a protected position if China takes over the United States? Do they not realize? I think they think, well, this is not going to happen in my lifetime, so I'll let my kids worry about this.

Or if it does, I'm protected class, I'll be okay. Some of them really believe that America is evil and their job is to bring socialism to America. They think they'll be the rulers of socialist America. They don't realize that China will be the ruler of socialist America and will eliminate people like them.

But either way, you know. I've read Soviet textbooks and they say this is a very difficult problem because the duty of a foreign agent or spy is to get people in an enemy country to do things that will bring about their own destruction. That's their job. And that's not an easy thing to do. But greed, if you're shortsighted enough, if you're arrogant enough, you can be bought, your ego can be tickled, you can be compromised, and you will betray your own country.

I think we have thousands of people betraying this country right now. Oh, clearly. And Barack Obama was one of them, no doubt. I'm the one who characterized Barack as a sleeper cell agent. Yeah, yeah, he was. Look, his whole life from pre-birth to now has been surrounded by democratic socialists of America or pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese communists.

Every move he made, everything he's done. Look, he made a movie for Netflix recently, showing how cool he is as a director and the actual people he employed to direct it. One of them was a long-time Marxist, a leader of democratic socialists of America. So he could have employed anybody, but no, he has to employ a Marxist because those are his peeps.

Yeah, exactly. Now, you mentioned the Soviets as well. And of course, I know you're familiar with Soviet defector Yuri Bezminov, and he told us, I think that was back in the late 80s or so, he told us exactly how this was going to happen, that the culture was going to be overrun, that the people were going to be demoralized. And the demoralization seems to also include reducing morality, not just morale as in courage, but reducing morals so that your society is society has no more morals and no moral basis from which to function. That has been accomplished.

It's incredible. Well, that's right. So it's no surprise then that we have so many of our leaders that are on the take because of society is generally pretty corrupt. What do you think our leaders are going to be like when they have way more opportunity to sell us out than we do, who have access to some of the most important information in the world and some of the greatest influence in the world?

Do you not think some of these people are going to sell us out to Iran or China or Cuba or the local communists? There are no background checks in Congress. There's no security clearances in the Senate or the Congress.

What do you think is going to happen given those circumstances? There's not even like a history IQ check. They don't even have to be familiar with the Constitution at all to be a member of Congress, right?

Well, that's right. And they probably wouldn't like learning about it because then they might feel a little bit guilty when they're betraying it. But right now it's just blissful ignorance for them. But as I repeat my claim, there's at least 30 US senators and 100 Congress members including the heads of every single major committee in Congress and the US Senate who couldn't pass a background check to drive a school bus. But there are no background checks. So this this is like in the FBI doesn't dare to touch them. Because do you think the FBI or even if the FBI wasn't compromised, even if the FBI was doing its job?

Do you think they're going to go up against the Judiciary Committee that pays their salaries? And say, Look, Mr. Nadler, the head of the Judiciary Committee, you're a Marxist. We need to investigate you. Is that all right? We need to investigate at least 100 of your colleagues for working for the Chinese and the Iranians and the Cubans and the Communist Party. Do you mind Mr. Nadler?

Is that all right? What do you think is going to happen to their budget next year? Yeah, exactly. So the FBI doesn't touch these people, even if they wanted to. The media covers for them. And there's no background checks or security clearances or loyalty oaths to catch them out. So therefore, America's biggest problem right now is we are being sold out by foreign operatives who have compromised our leaders have bought our leaders, who have elected our leaders, who have blackmailed our leaders who have compromised our leaders.

We are being run right now, I believe, by Susan Rice and Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. I think it's that bad right now. Now, tell us what you know about Mark Kelly running for Senate in Arizona against, I believe, Blake Masters. It's a very tight race right now.

Kerry Lake seems to be polling strongly there. But people think Mark Kelly is just this astronaut. But there's much more to the story, isn't there? Mark Kelly used to flog Chinese vitamin supplements from outer space. Mark Kelly met his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, who was later tragically shot in an incident in Arizona. He met her at a Chinese leaders meeting in 2003, set up by the Chinese Communist Party's consultative committee. It was at a Communist Party gathering that they met. He was actively involved in several businesses with China, including with high ranking Communist Party officials over several years. And right up until very, very recent times, the man is completely compromised by his Chinese connections. But we also found out that he's working with some people connected to NIAC, which is the National Iranian Action Committee. And they are the main lobby group for the mullahs in America. They are lobbying for a resumption of the Iran nuclear deal, which, you know, which they want, which Trump cancelled.

And they are putting pressure on Mark Kelly to deliver that. He has said he will vote for it. He's very heavily tied in with he's very heavily tied in with a local Arizona woman who's part of NIAC, who did her thesis at Stanford, I believe on the Iran nuclear deal. But he's endorsing her. She's supporting him. She's getting votes for him.

She's working together. That is an Iranian influence operation. And he's right smack in the middle of it. So he's influenced by both by both Iran and Communist China. Yeah, I've noticed there's a lot of establishment money being thrown in his campaign there in Arizona, a ton of money.

That's obviously not all from Arizona. Well, who owns the establishment? Who owns Wall Street? You know, is Wall Street ever going to stand up to China when they're so deeply embedded with China?

The DNC was deeply in bed with China. You know, this is the thing. Once these people get compromised, they have to make protect each other. Because if somebody cracks, they know this could, you know, start a chain reaction that leads to them. So Mark Kelly, they know Mark Kelly's compromised, but they know they're compromised.

So they got to protect Mark Kelly. You know, we are living in a country where it's the people, it's not Republican Democrats so much. It's the people versus China and Iran, and other countries that have compromised our leaders. You know, Mark Levin wrote this book, American Marxism, which was a very good book.

But he completely missed the point. The American Revolution is run from overseas. And nobody's stopping it. It's run from China is run from Cuba is run from Iran is run from Venezuela is still run from Russia, to a degree.

So, you know, this, this is, this is the number one problem we have. A government isn't run by Americans. Yeah, and also elections. So there was an arrest in the last two weeks. I forgot the man's name. You know what I'm talking about that with where that voting technology company was absolutely sharing data with China.

Yeah, yeah, you've got it. And remember, that was called the conspiracy theory, that idea that China could be looking at, at voter data, but actually, it looks like some data is passed through China. So my question to you, Mr. Lowden, do you believe that the midterm elections coming up here? Are they secure enough to have a real election? Or is it so totally rigged that it's beyond hope? Look, I think, look, we, the Republicans won Virginia, they have won several local races. They've won school board races in Wisconsin and Texas and many other places. I think there is rigging, I think there is cheating. But I think the red wave is going to be big enough that it's going to swamp most of that. I think a lot of states like Florida have done quite a lot of work on election integrity.

It's not enough to satisfy me, I won't be satisfied. So we go back to paper ballots and full voter ID. Yes. But I think some work has been done. And I think the Republicans will have a very, very good election. Well, I'm certainly hoping so. And that will give us a little bit of a breathing space and a little bit of a fighting chance to start to claw things back. The danger will be, you know, is China, is they going to start a war between now and then? You know, is Biden going to use that as an excuse to postpone the elections or even cancel the elections? We are both Russia and China, both Russia and China are getting ready for war right now. It's not going to take much to pull that trigger, you know?

Absolutely. And, you know, I've interviewed other guests who believe that China is about to attack America. And of course, over the weekend, there's been a lot of news about this dirty bomb in Ukraine and Russia sending out all these alerts, calling the State Department officials essentially around the world saying, hey, we didn't put that bomb there, Ukraine did, and they're going to set it off and try to blame us. So you can see that there are things that are being coordinated to start World War Three, potentially in the next week, literally, before the elections. That's right.

Well, you know, this is what worries me, you know, we're going to need God's help here, because I'll tell you what, we're in trouble. You know, if you were Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, would you want Biden, you know, the Democrats out of power? No. When they're giving them everything they want? No, you wouldn't want them in power for sure.

Absolutely. You don't want some crazy person like Donald Trump coming back or, or Ron DeSantis, or someone like that, who actually believes in defending America, do you know, you know, that they, they look, we're, Donald Trump presided over four years of the greatest peace we have known for decades. As soon as he was out of power, we had the Afghan debacle, which I believe was completely deliberate. You know, North Korea is rattling its sabers. China's rattling its sabers. Ukraine, you know, Russia has invaded Ukraine, Iran is doing stuff in the Middle East. None that we've had a massive border surge, God knows how many foreign agents are coming across that border. We've had the whole world of balance of power is tilting now, within a year or two of the change of President.

Don't ever tell me elections don't make a difference. This is all happening. Because Biden, who has basically worked with the Russians and the Chinese, his entire entire political career, when he wasn't working with the Iranians, has is really there to tip to put us under, you know, if Joe Biden was a fully paid up Chinese agent, whose goal was to destroy the United States military, alter the world balance of power, wreck the US economy, destroy the US middle class, what would he be doing differently than he has nothing? Alrighty, I got news for you, Trevor. Joe Biden was a very well paid the Biden crime cartel was very well paid by by China.

Some say that they got over a billion dollars from China. But anyhow, Wendy, what do you think all that? Well, it's a mess.

It totally is. I mean, I'm, you know, when you have a certain party in power, like we have now, you notice there's more deaths going on. There's more shootings going on.

There's more upheaval going on. They're just a wrecking ball. They're communists. They're the enemies of America.

They want to reduce us to third world status. But much more than that. And it's hard for people to wrap their brains around it. God's Word, the Bible is extremely clear, extremely.

It doesn't in any way stutter. All of the things that these people hold to all of these things, according to the Word of God, these are Satan's children. The Lord, the Lord describes them as Satan's children, Satan's children. So our fight is again with Satan's children out there.

And so anyhow, I'm going to open the phone lines and take some calls. We already had a call people asking about adrenochrome. What do you know about adrenochrome?

Well, we know what it is. It's the substance within. They get from children out of their blood when children are frightened. It's caused, they produce this chemical within their blood. And the effect, it has an effect upon the wicked, the evil, the ungodly, the satanic. It gives them a high, doesn't it? I suppose that the adrenal glands release, you know, the fight or flight substance, you know, so when you're fearful and afraid.

And yeah, that gets into the bloodstream and it supposedly heightens your senses, makes you stronger, faster. So yeah, it's sick, what they're doing. It's very, very sick. Phone lines are open at 888-677-9673. 888. All right, Wendy, are you going to stick around for a while or are you going past your limits?

Because everybody's going to want to talk to you. Well, I'm going to be on tomorrow night, so I think we can probably pull some double duty tomorrow night. But I've had an early morning today and I'm kind of pooped. All righty. Well, give me three more minutes. I'm going to go to Bob and then you can go right at three minutes.

All right, Wendy, how are you doing? Okay. We're talking.

All right, you were talking about, you know, that vaccine and everything and how they have, well, they, whatever, they get changed. Hey, Bob, turn your radio down. Bob, turn your radio down.

We're getting all kinds of feedback. Sorry. Oh, wow.

I'm sorry. I wasn't doing that. I know you were talking about how they, that vaccine has things in it where they can control or will start to make your system deteriorate that. Now, isn't that something on the effect like as a Manchurian candidate? I mean, as far as like, as fine as like being able to make certain things in your body go, maybe into your brain and then all of a sudden that would trick, fix something where they'd be able to start controlling your thinking and things like that.

I know you're an expert on that. Well, that's an interesting thought. I mean, they're, they're getting, they're getting more sophisticated with protein switches. For instance, have you noticed that there's a certain age group that gets in the males, they get the myocarditis and it's probably linked somehow to testosterone level. Okay. Cause the myocarditis isn't happening in the older males. It's just the vital young males.

So how do you take over the country by taking out the vital male? Understand. Understood. You know, understood, you know, but I would say, I mean, definitely like that, but now I know that, all right, real quickly that the Texas shooting right there, I think I heard it on this, uh, this program passed Ernie, somehow there was a, uh, reconnaissance plane military, which it never goes over that area. I think when the kid ran into the pole, the tree or whatever, I was like that they were down, they were going down and then they were there. And then all of a sudden when, when he started shooting and everything else like that, the reconnaissance plane left again, never goes there.

There's no reason for them to go there. So what I'm thinking is like, and of course I think I heard that that could be like a Mediterranean candidate because him and the other guy were in a mental institutional for a while. So I mean, they might've set him off maybe what with the tree and the suit or whatever. As soon as he started shooting, they knew whatever, whatever it was to trip, trip his mind to do what they wanted. Well, everything about that was questionable. Look, look, if you're there and the guy is in there and he's shooting children, are you going to stand outside there for 20 minutes, 30 minutes? No, you're going to go in. And, uh, these cops were told to stand down while that was happening there.

There's something very, very wrong about that whole thing, uh, until there was enough people killed. I can. Sure.

Yeah. I will. I'll let you go.

I know you got other people calling. Thank you very much. Have a blessed night, people. All right.

Thanks, Bob. All right, Wendy, you can go get that beauty sleep and I'll see you tomorrow. Okay.

We'll talk then. God bless. Love you. Okay. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

All right. There you go. We've got Todd. Jesus, sweetheart. Todd, you're in the air. Hi, Pastor Ernie.

Hi, Todd. Could I ask you two questions? Yeah, sure.

Go ahead. Uh, two weeks ago when you talked about, uh, Franklin Graham and, uh, Dr. Charles Stanley, uh, you, you had constructive criticism and I would like to, uh, have you elaborate on Dr. Charles Stanley so you could educate me on him because I think, uh, he's one of the top five Bible scholars in the country. And my second question is, uh, when you talked about Pope Francis, how do you know that that wasn't fake news and what's your source? Well, actually the source come from the Vatican newspaper.

We read it right out of there. They have some people in there that, um, and then there's that Bishop also, uh, that we've often played him and I'm trying to remember his name right now off, off hand. I can't remember, but he's a very, very well known Catholic Bishop. Who's, who's taken a lot of stands, uh, uh, against the Pope. He has stood up many, many times against the Pope.

Oh yeah. Dr. Stanley is, uh, uh, I would say yes, he's a Bible scholar. And like the apostle Paul says, you know, I think the good Lord for any preacher out there that's preaching the gospel. Okay.

But you'll notice a few things about that. I remember some years ago we had an operation rescue there in Atlanta and we asked, we needed, we needed places to park our cars and we went over to them, to his church. He had a huge, huge parking lot and he would not let the pastors to Christians park their cars out there. And he made this statement when they started arresting our people for praying, I'll lead the parade. Well, guess what was it within a week went by, they arrested, uh, 10 pastors right in front of his church, right on the sidewalk in front of his church.

And those 10 pastors asked him, Charles, where, where are you? Are you going to come out and lead us? But as far as that goes, uh, if my, my, what I was saying is this, if Charles Stanley and Franklin Graham, I appreciate Franklin Graham to no end, uh, the Samaritan's purse is a great, great thing. I'm, we support that.

I support it. But the thing of it is what if, what if Franklin Graham and Charles Stanley and all of these others were to come out and do what we're doing like they did in the old times in the Bibles and call them Mr. Biden, what you're doing is a sin. Mr. Biden, abortion is murder. Mr. Biden, you're promoting these children to have this, to get mutilated to the little girls, to be turned into boys, the boys and the girls. What if they were to come out and boldly like the, like Peter did like the, like John, the Baptist did and boldly speak out the way some pastors in this country are. Uh, if, if you, if there are enough of them were doing that, the fake news media couldn't keep it quiet. And I can tell you, it would make one heck of a difference if they had the courage to come out and boldly say, Joe Biden, you need to repent or you're going to perish.

Joe Biden, you need to repent or you're going to perish. And that's what I'm saying right there. You educate me so much. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you. Bye. Bye now.

Alrighty. Let's go to Ray and Philly. Ray, you're in the air.

Good evening, pastor. How are you? Oh, I'm doing okay. How's things there in Philly? Whoa, you're in a tough neighborhood.

Aren't you? A tough neighborhood. I'm just watching that debate. You know, what's going on with the federal men and Dr. Raj.

And, and they're very big concerns. Yeah. Well, let me ask you this.

I, you know, I'm not trying to be mean or ugly, but that's okay. The people in Pennsylvania couldn't be very smart to elect that guy to begin with Federman. This guy, this federal event is, is he's anti life. He's anti God. You ever see the tattoos he has on his hand, on his arms. Those tattoos are for they're, uh, promoting satanic sayings. Uh, I didn't think they were for a good purpose. No, they're not.

I don't, I don't, I don't think he's for a good purpose either. Well, we'll see what happens in 14, 13 or 14 days. So anyway, I have a question. Um, you know, I'm really a guest at what's taking place in what's taking place in this country with the transgender and the gay and et cetera.

I mean, I, I've come to read an article in the, uh, particular newspaper that that is a five up to date right now, a $5 billion business and death, no transgenderism. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's growing.

It's, it's growing and growing. They're promoting, they're pushing and the parents don't even know about what is happening with these children. And they're, this is why I'm telling her people, if you love your children, get them out of the public schools, get them out of there, get them out of there for 50 years.

I've been begging people to keep the kids out. And as far as what's the place in California, um, with Gavin Newsom signing that, what did he sign an advanced side bill making it legal for abortion 28 days after the baby is born? Yeah. So that is correct then. All right.

I was reading that correct. Yeah. So what is it now that Roe v. Wade is overturned, they're going, it's like, Satan has all his minions on this earth trying to take advantage of every child.

And no matter what happens, the evil will just continue. Well, absolutely. Here you go.

I've got an article here. Now Biden wants universally federally paid abortion leave. Uh, Joe Biden expressed support for federally funded leave and childcare services for women seeking abortions in, in a, now this video aiming Sunday, according to, well, he's talking about what's, what's in the video. He goes on to say, Hey, Biden told, uh, the N O w this, that he supports paying women to undergo abortions for childcare and travel expenses. According to Axios, Biden is wicked. Biden is an evil, evil man.

He, according to his own daughter, he's a pedophile too. I do believe that. Yes, I do believe it. So, but anyway, I just wanted to clarify that with what happened with the California and, uh, I appreciate you and your, uh, program and you take care and be blessed. Thank you. God bless you. Bye.

Bye. Remember, uh, when, uh, the former governor of Virginia wanted to do the same thing, remember he was saying, well, uh, a woman should have, take some time, even after the baby's born, there should be a certain period of time. If they discover some defects and things in the baby that they didn't know about, they should be able to decide to kill the baby. Then too folks that is sick.

That is really sick. You know, uh, he goes on to say here, uh, that a reporter had asked him whether he supported a very funder version of the efforts, private companies are taking to financially support women who want abortion. The answer is absolutely. I do support that. And I have publicly urged companies to do that. He said, I've urged them publicly as president of the United States. You're not the president of the United States. You're usurper Joe Biden, and you are as illegitimate.

Okay. You are as illegitimate as can be. And, and you're a wicked man.

You're a very wicked man. God's where the Bible says, I've set before you life and death blessing and cursing. So choose the life and Joe Biden, you have chose death. And the Bible says, so God, God has said, repent or perish. Joe Biden. God has said, repent or perish. You better pay attention. Let's go to, we got a cliff cliff.

You're in the air. Yeah. Uh, the previous caller, he can go to life site They have lots of information on the Pope, uh, life site and that Bishop is video that that's been publicly in hiding.

Uh, that's against the Pope goes all the way back to World War II in Italy. It's very articulate, but, uh, also one more reference is, uh, I found, uh, I'll just mention one tonight, but there's a book on audible called nuclear folly. Nuclear folly, uh, was about $17 and I'm stuck. It's a current and, uh, it goes back over the Cuban missile price, uh, crisis. Uh, but it seems interesting so far.

So just, you know, we're talking about potential nuclear war. That might be an interesting book, but my question would be about Proverbs chapter 10. It looks like around the last three or four verses that you, it says that the righteous shall not be removed. And, uh, that's kind of implies that the, some people will be removed.

Well, what do you think of that? Well, let me go to Proverbs 10 and see. Yeah, it's, it's towards the ad. It's like the last three or four verses.

It's talking about that, but it's specifically uses that word remove. Okay. Proverbs. All right. Uh, towards the end.

Uh, it's around first like 30, 29, 30. Well, he says, uh, verse 27, the fear of the Lord prolonged with the days, but the fears of the wicked shall be shortened. The hope of the righteous shall be gladness, but the expectation of the wicked shall perish. Then he goes on to say the way of the Lord is strength to the upright and destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Oh, there you go. The righteous shall never be removed, but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. Okay. So what's going to happen to remember when the Lord, uh, he is going to cleanse the earth.

Okay. And when he cleanses the earth where, you know, we're going to live on the earth and there'll be a new heaven or new earth and we will live there, but where will the wicked go? The wicked will be in the lake of fire.

Won't they? Uh, yeah, yeah. But it is interesting that that word removed does imply that some will be removed or, you know, it could go either way depending on, uh, well, you know, the Bibles, they'll always have usually more than one application, but it says the righteous shall never be removed, but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. Uh, you know, he, that, that talks about that could have more than one application as, as God has removed. Remember that there's been times when God has destroyed complete nations and you know, look what he did back at the time of the flood. And so, uh, it has that application also.

Right. What would be like a present day example that could possibly happen in the near term? Well, I would, I would have to say what is taking place right now in a lot of, a lot of countries in this world where there's a lot of persecution, but God is going to bring a judgment and, and the judgment is going to come and I think it's going to come swiftly, uh, to some of these countries. We may see, you know, they're pushing hard for nuclear war. If they, if they go that way, I think, uh, I think if they go that way, they're probably going to go with the neutron bombs, uh, because it destroys mostly people.

And, uh, you know, you can limit the area of that. I think that would probably be where it would start. But what would happen is you would have mass mass murder.

Okay. Even as it is right now, uh, just think about, you know, all of these people that took the poisonous poke, you know, uh, if you look at the people that are fighting it, the people, I don't know one single person out there that refuses to take that, that lethal shot. That's not a Christian. Every single person that I know out there that's refusing that, that doesn't mean that there's not a lot of people that aren't Christians that are refusing it, but all of them that I know, uh, and are, are Christians.

What do you think? Well, I think people should, even if they're not Christian, they should, they should be knowledgeable about what's going on. I mean, why are they putting their trust in it? It is unbelievable that it's happening right in the US.

I think it's going to end this country because we're exporting this to other countries. And, uh, you know, nobody's talking about that. I think these people are going to come back after either the US basically, because Pfizer, for example, is a US-based, uh, company. Uh, there was a thing, a clip on the David Knight Show podcast that talked from India. They said the terrorists in Pakistan, and they said the terrorist company from the USA, Pfizer. So you, when they start saying that, there's going to be retribution from, from me.

Yeah, there is. Let me, let me, uh, correct myself because when I think of it, the Muslims also, uh, most Muslims refuse to take the shot too. So maybe it's not just, but now, but think about this too. Uh, Biden, the Biden crime family, the Biden crime family has kept the door open in the border. They're the gatekeepers. And we don't know how many, uh, terrorists have come into this country.

Probably thousands of them have come into this company, country, and they're, they're sleeper cells waiting. And, and you're right. Uh, again, folks, this is why we have to, and boy, I'm going to tell you, don't, don't ever say in front of me, well, why should I vote? My vote don't count. Uh, well, you know, there's going to be election fraud, but we can overcome it. If enough people come out there, uh, and vote, we've got to take our country back.

We've got to take it back. And so again, I don't know, you know, what else to tell you, but that. Yeah. But, but, you know, it's, it's good that you're giving as much information as you can give about the shot because even the wicked people should, should be made aware of what's going on. I mean, this is, this is just sheer poison. Nobody on the planet has been helped in terms of the virus from taking this, not 1%. It hasn't helped.

It's, it's just injured or killed people basically. When that article I just wrote, it said, you're four times likely to get COVID. If you've had the shot, you're four times more likely to get it. If you've had the shot that if you haven't had the shot. And so all of these people look how many times Biden's had COVID, uh, all of these people that have taken their shots and, uh, you know, it's just amazing thing. You know, he took another booster today and somebody said, good.

Yeah. I was talking to someone in other words, good riddance, you know, uh, but, uh, another thing that's interesting is you're hearing reports. There was an article on the Atlantic magazine and, uh, it broke down about how this, uh, doctor in Belgium, that's actually part of the distribution of the vaccine, but the top doctor in Belgium, this guy, Mike, uh, initially got cancer at the site of where he took the vaccine and he was monitoring it. And then he took a booster and all of a sudden his cancer just like rapidly spread.

And, you know, uh, he's still like almost like in denial. He's like, I'll get another booster, but this guy's 67 years old and the articles in the Atlantic magazine, but the articles written to where the author, uh, kind of is not admitting that this could be widespread, not just a limited amount of people getting, uh, like the calling it hyper cancer. Well, yeah, I've been reading about that. It's spreading people that they're taking the shots are much, much more likely to come down with cancer than those that haven't, but I got to move on now because we're out of time, but thanks for calling. Okay.

Here you go, folks. Are you going to heaven or hell? That's a question we talk about. Now, the Bible here right here teaches that many seemingly good people are going to hell. What good people go to hell? Yeah, because Bible says all have sinned.

We read that. How many times have we preached on that? Romans 3 23, but there is not a just man upon the earth that do with good and sinneth not. He's talking about those apart from Christ, you know, uh, your best, your good works are like filthy rags apart from Christ. Ecclesiastic seven 20 sin has a price. Folks sin has a price. The Bible states that the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Ezekiel 18 four for the wages of sin is death. Romans six 23. Now you might be wondering what happens to people who die in their sins.

The Bible teaches that it is appointed unto men wants to die, but after this, the judgment Hebrews nine 27 and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. Now folks, that's real. Listen to me. What I'm telling you is real.

This is the real thing. This, this world you're living in folks, it is very, very, very well. What can I tell you? It's like a vapor that appears before an instance and then it's gone.

Is there any hope? Yes. God said his only begot son, the Lord Jesus into the world to pay the penalty for your sins. Cause that's what God demanded for God. So love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. And that's one of the most, well, that's the best known verse in all the Bible. John three 16, but God commandeth his love toward us in that while we were yes sinners, Christ died for us. Romans five eight. The Bible tells us that God desires to save everyone. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Second Peter three nine. Jesus said him that cometh to me, I will and know why he's cast out.

John six 37. So do you want to be saved? The Bible teaches that there are several things you must do in order to be saved. First, you must realize that there's nothing you can do to make yourself worthy of heaven, not by works of righteousness, which we have done.

But according to his mercy, he saved his tightest three five. Secondly, you must repent of your sins. God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

Acts seven 30, acts 17 30. Repentance really is a change of heart, which causes you to turn toward God and away from your present way of life. The third thing you must do is to believe that Christ died for us sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. First Corinthians 15 verses three and fourth. The last thing you must do is to receive Christ as your personal savior. But as many as received him, the Lord Jesus, to them give you power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe in his name.

John one 12. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10 13. Salvation is free to all who will place their faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. For by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves.

It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2 8 9. The way to be saved is so simple, yet many refuse to be saved. They will not accept Jesus Christ alone for salvation and sin and its penalty.

They refuse to believe that the Lord Jesus is powerful enough to save them to save them by himself. Well folks, do you believe that? Heaven or hell, which one will you choose?

Jesus Christ awaits your choice, folks. We're out of time for tonight and all you folks out there, listen, I don't hate our enemies. I feel bad for them.

I realize what their future is going to be if they refuse to repent. Well, until tomorrow, we want to say like we do it this time every night. Good night. God bless. And always, always, always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance. What's right? What's left? Hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

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