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TH170914/What Angers and Saddens God

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 11, 2017 2:51 pm

TH170914/What Angers and Saddens God

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Everybody has a boiling point.

Everybody has something that really gets under their skin. I think when you're married to someone you know the buttons right you know what buttons to push. If you want a reaction. What makes you mad. What gets you really upset tell you. For me personally when I am hungry I get cranky. You know sometimes my wife will see me being a little irritable are a little short and she says you know you just need to eat that Mitchell throw a sandwich at me sometimes really don't know she will do that but yet I don't have enough these are our get something to it.

I get a little irritable. There are things that took me out so this is my opportunity to unload a little bit. Many of the things that personally your Timmy have to do with driving. Not my driving everybody else is driving okay. Why is it that people get in the fast lane and go 40 mph while they stay there. They stay there and they they will move if you get behind in plaster rights doesn't matter, they stay there and why is it that there always driving a previous I'm just asking.

It's just, you know, in the new driver by them in unity. Are we to the thing where you you pass someone and then you want to look at you don't know. Why would you want to give him the look to the window right so you you put next to Manila document will look at your good and there always leaning really far forward like the way you there like this just the windshields is close. I don't call those people. But anyway, why, why is it that when you're waiting in the line your three cars back the light goes green that the person the front always takes her time there like oblivious the screen mean does this mean I should go now.

That brings me to my next subject so false, why is the person at the front of the line when it goes green not going because there looking at their cell phone right and why is it that people with cell phone started to the loudest ring. The most obnoxious ring and then they let it ring like six times before answering it very loudly. Why is it about this ATM line. Why is it when I go to an ATM machine and I get behind someone that they wait until they get there to find their ATM card.

I mean, you're waiting, three, four minutes you plenty of time. I would guess it's a guy or girl, but you know you plenty of time to look in your purse and get it out but then you know you get there and it's like oh that's right I need to find my card. They're searching just right and then now let's talk about travel travel, why is it that I always get seated behind the person that feels they must fully recline for the entire flight. I'm telling you this happens the me every time I wife and I'll be seen sitting next to each other per person doesn't recline all mine. From the moment the plane takes off full recline from working on my laptop for your like like this the rest of the flight and I'm staring at the top of their head.

Why does this happen to me. I don't know, but these are things I can irritate us. In fact, there is actually what they described as an anger epidemic happening in America today a lot of books about it. Listen to some of these book titles.

The angry man the angry marriage, angry kids, anger and conflict in the workplace angry all the time to be married to someone reading the book right angry all the time, this one angry Christian, you know, experts tell us that people that are more prone to fits of anger actually have more heart attacks than those that aren't a study of 256 volunteers determined that bad tempered people are two times more likely to have a heart attack and anger can also make you say or do things you later regret right one expert said, quote the angrier we get the more stupid we become, at its sole through this expert said when our emotional brain is in charge.

We see things in black and white, were likely to make stupid and damaging decision. John talking about get all worked up. Anyone loaded someone you feel so good and then three minutes later, the adrenaline wears off anything. What have I just done and think about that when you send emails. By the way you get upset, send an email. Here's what I say to you right when ever you want. In that email but go ahead and unload get it all in their just don't get sent to sleep on and then that's when you wake up you think I was good to send this to my boss that's insane. But if you can't send all baby atop her and then your googling how do we get an email back that I just sent answer you don't, idiots, you let your emotional brain take charge right so anger is generally perceived as something that is negative and in many cases it is, but there are times when it's actually good to be angry. You might even be surprised to know that Jesus himself was angry to see that in the story before us and that brings up the question what makes God angry.

Not only will we see what makes God angry will see what makes God sad. You know, we must not forget that Jesus walked among us as a man, he he had the human experience that you and I have no course he was not sinful he was perfect but he felt the pressure and resins of sin, though he did not have the inward vulnerability to it, but he knows what it's like to walk in your shoes he really knows what it's like to feel your pain if he experienced the full gamut of human emotion from joy to sadness to loneliness.

I don't think there's ever been a lonelier man on the face of the earth. Then Jesus when he hung on the cross and bore the sin of all the world cried out the words, my God, my God, why have you taken me so yes, Jesus experienced anger and Jesus experienced sorrow but were told in Hebrews 515 we don't have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses. He was in all points tested as we are yet without sin, so that brings us to our textbook for us. John chapter 12. It's a description of the final week in the life and ministry of Christ and Jesus ministry there was a sense among everyone that something big was about to happen. There was an air of expectancy and excitement and Mary had already understood it. Remember we looked at how Jesus was in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus and and she broke out that beautiful perfume that was worth $25-$30,000 and reported on the feet of Jesus, and wiped it with her hair. Mary understood that Jesus had come to die. Mary saw something all the other apostles admit she saw that Jesus had been saying what he meant in the admin meaning what he said he was literally going to be betrayed, nailed to a Roman cross, and rise from the dead. That's what he had been talking about it so she wanted to bring some tribute is some way that show she loved him and appreciated him, and so she brought the most valuable thing she own which was that expensive perfume so there was this excitement building in the air and there was a perception that the kingdom of God was about to appear back over and look 1911. It says that during this time, as Jesus was getting close to Jerusalem. They thought the kingdom of God would appear, and here's what they were thinking because they misunderstood the role of Christ, they thought the Messiah was coming to deliver Israel in a sense it was true in another sense it was. It was true that he was coming to deliver Israel from their sin and to the point. It's also true.

He was coming to deliver all of humanity from their sin, but he was not coming to be a militant Messiah, and he was not coming to overthrow the power of Rome, which was occupying a Jerusalem and the nation of Israel at this particular time because the supreme issue for Jesus was not Rome's army, but God's temple because at first he was headed. He was headed in this what we call the triumphal entry to go into the temple of God and we must remember that's how God sees things.

His primary interest in us right now is is it is people you know we talked about the need for national revival in America and I think it's true, we talk about how much we need a spiritual awakening, but of course when God gives us his prescription for the healing of the nation second Chronicles 714, which was given originally and contextually to Israel, but in principle it applies to any nation including the United States. God says in second Chronicles 714. I think most of us know it, God speaking says of my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then God promises, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin, and I will heal their land. That's all we need in America we need our land to be healed, but basically got insane info nation wants revival and spiritual awakening. It starts with the church. God did not see if the government will humble itself or if Hollywood would humble itself.

He says no, my people should humble themselves, so Jesus did not come as a military political, economic, or social Savior became to die for the sins of humanity at his second coming to right the wrongs in our world and there are many so let's read about what happened to John chapter 12 starting in verse 12.

The next day the music Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem swept the city a large crowd of Passover visitors took palm branches out went down the road to meet them and they shouted praise God's blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord healed of the king of Israel. Jesus found a young donkey and rode on it fulfilling the prophecy that said don't be afraid people of Jerusalem look your King is coming riding on a donkey's coal. His disciples didn't understand at the time. This is a fulfillment of prophecy, but after Jesus entered his glory. They remembered what happened and realize these things have been written about him. Many in the crowd. He had seen Jesus call Lazarus from the tomb, raising him from the dead, they were telling others about it.

This was the reason so many went out to meet him because they heard about that miraculous sign, then the Pharisees verse 19 said to each other. There's nothing we can do look everyone's gone after.) So, the resurrection of Lazarus that was a really big deal. The news spread like wildfire. This is before social media. Everybody knew about it. All the eyewitnesses were telling all of their friends and all their family. Jesus raised the guy from the dead and there was no question. Lazarus was was dead because he had been in the tomb for a the process of decomposition and already said in, and yet he was alive again. Verse 18 says that was the reason so many went out to meet him because it occurred about this miraculous by the way, this is a classic example of how a good testimony works. People see a man or a woman raised from the dead spiritually. That's on top.

We become Christians. The Bible says we pass from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, and it's also true that we pass from death to life. We work dead in our sin and our alive through Christ. And so for doing our job as we ought to. We draw people to Jesus a resurrected man was like a magnet to the people to come see the man who resurrected him.

And if you're living for Christ as you want to. People will come to you wanting to know your secret wanting to know what happened to you and then you can point them to Jesus people and heard about Lazarus and they came to see him, but eventually they saw Jesus, but there was a gross misunderstanding here is that people are laying out these palm branches they were missing the point is, I said they thought he was coming to establish his kingdom then and there. Thus, they cried out the word hosanna you know the word hosanna means means save now so effectively there saying save now Lord deliver us now overthrow Rome now. Do it now know there's no question that Jesus was doing something very unusual and very deliberate for a good part of his ministry.

You could see Jesus in effect flew under the radar a little bit.

He would heal people and he would say, tell no man he would say things like that. My hour has not yet come. But now he's playing his hand, if you will now is doing something very public, very noticeable, very significant in this what he was doing writing in the city and the donkey was a message being sent to both Rome and to Israel for the Romans they would know that when a Roman general would come back from a war that he had one he would write back in the donkey and the people would welcome him with palm branches sewn away. He was saying I'm coming back to you now as a conqueror and to the Jewish people. It was a fulfillment of prophecy because the Jews according to Matthew 31 knew that the Messiah would come suddenly into the temple and then Zechariah 99 says the king would come to them and he would be on the call the fall of an acid so they knew Messiah would come riding a donkey and would go into the temple so the Jews at all. He's declaring himself as Messiah and the Romans are saying oh he's declaring himself as a conqueror. So here he comes now because it's our had come out of this. The fact that Jesus was a wanted man.

I don't know if there are posters around town wanted Jesus revolutionary. That's what he wants.

He was a revolutionary in their perception so here he is with a price and then said he comes forth publicly, but there was nothing they could do because God was preserving him in this moment, he did not come as a helpless victim unaware of what was ahead, he comes as a powerful victor marching bravely in the battle so the disciples there still there excited, thinking.

Finally, everybody has seen how wonderful Jesus is. We known it all along but now everyone's becoming a part of this night crying out hosanna and no, Jesus does something very unusual. He comes in he stops and he begins to weep.

Luke's version of the story. Luke 1941, we read that Jesus wept. So here is a crowd whipped into a frenzy and Jesus is weeping. The crowd is rejoicing.

But Jesus is crying. By the way, this is the second time Jesus wept openly. The other time was at the tomb of Lazarus. There we read Jesus wept at the shortest verse in the Bible. By the way, Jesus wept.

So you have your say I can't memorize verses in the Bible to Jesus wept. Say that Jesus wept. Now you know verse from the Bible. Good place to start. Why did Jesus weep at the tomb of Lazarus what he was weeping because of death itself. It broke his heart.

Lazarus was his friend disabled when the second he was going to raise him from the dead. True. Maybe that's why was weeping. Poor guy. I want to drag him from heaven and I would not be a good thing if you can, even for a moment to contemplate the glory of heaven. Imagine the drug from heaven.

It's sort of like dragging your child out of Disneyland. You know, as far as our concerns are leaving the promised land. You know that the favorite time of the kid when they go to Disneyland is when they walk in the favorite time of Disneyland for an adult is when they walk out. Is that true husky party with you, but you know that's that's so Lazarus probably felt when Jesus said Lazarus come forth and he was called back to this earth again for Lazarus hit the deck twice like it's a bad note that I want you to die twice, but anyway he's weeping at the tomb of lectures because death was never part of God's original plan.

If we did not send them the garden we would live forever if we had not send in the garden there would never be easy nor sickness or cancer or all the horrible things that come our way of life, but because of sin, and remain throughout them and they were all infected by it. So Jesus wept.

Though we did raise him from the dead, but that's an interesting phrase is used there for Jesus weeping at the tomb. He wept quietly here.

He wept audibly affected Greek word used to describe his weeping as these writing in the vicinity signifies bitter anguishing.

He was openly weeping. He was sobbing everything that happened. I and the people were dumped on and I wonder if the celebration stopped singing and dancing in all of a sudden Jesus is crying. It's like Jesus.

What happened, why are you so sad you know why you weeping like this.

Why was he weeping, but we can only guess but maybe it's because his ministry was almost over time was short and yet find large he had been rejected, he healed their sick. He fed the hungry he raise her dad became the greatest messages ever heard in all of human history. He forgive their sins and now he is left mostly alone and rejected. He knew the one of his own would soon betray him Judas he knew.

Another would deny him.

Peter he knew Caiaphas and Pilate would conspire against together against him, and he knew that many of these people crying hosanna would soon be crying crucify him let his blood be upon us and upon our children. Not only that he knew their future and it wasn't pretty.

Jesus being God being omniscient knowing all things knew that destruction was coming upon Jerusalem in 40 years because we look back historically and we know in 70 A.D. Titus in the Roman legions came into Jerusalem after a siege of 143 days and killed 600,000 Jews and took thousands Of the Jewish historian Josephus talked about blood flowing through the streets of Jerusalem and the beloved temple was burned to the ground by the way, fulfilling the prediction of Christ present in Matthew 24 of the temple. You see this temple and Sony not know, not one stone will be left upon another.

It will be completely taken down and sure enough we know historically.

Now that's exactly what happened. The temple was dismounted as Chrysler. I was taken apart as Christ had predicted, and you know the thing for Jesus was it broke his heart.

Listen, God takes no delight. We face the ramifications of arson. Some people like to portray God's is taking some fiendish pleasure in judging people. Nothing could be further from the truth that there were the case, why would Christ himself. Take the judgment of the father upon himself. He's doing everything just Paris. From this, but he knows that we reject this offer of forgiveness and we reject his atonement on the cross we bring this upon ourselves of this broke his heart caused him to. We it's sad Monsey of the story of Nehemiah. By the way you be studying the book of Nehemiah as our first book in our virtue, Vallar and V to study and Nehemiah is an amazing book about a man that was put in a position of great influence in the use that to rebuild the walls surrounding Jerusalem, and in Nehemiah was doing something that was very important in the wall had great symbolism and that's what needed to be rebuilt and before Nehemiah rebuilt the wall we read that he wrote around the circumference of the city of Jerusalem and he wept. But after his weeping came working after his pain came a plan now Jesus is weeping because he's going out to do the ultimate work he's going to die am across the sin of the world. Now, Jesus enters into the temple. That's not your job to open it in the other Gospels. He goes into the temple.

He walks around he assesses the situation checked it out and he leads so this is preparing us for the moment when he is about to do something quite dramatic. Mark picked up the narrative and says and Jesus arrived back in Jerusalem. Mark 11 the end of the temple begin to drive up the merchants and their customers. He knocked over the tables of money. Chain changers and the stalls of those was put it all together here comes Jesus writing in Jerusalem on the back of the donkey fulfilling prophecy. He stops and looks at the city and he weeps over and knowing what their future is knowing that these people were going to turn against him. Now he walks into the temple, and he drives the money changers out. He turns her tables over, by the way, it's a violent act to overturn a table want to get someone's attention. Turn the table over you don't like your order in a restaurant. Just turn the table over known, tell them I told you to do that. I think it's a really bad idea actually not that everyone will stop and pay attention.

You it's like in 100 Westerns and see and it's always in the saloon right and so there playing another party in a way, and the guys are all gambling around the tables and there's always a piano player and he always has a little bowler hat he always has like a little gardener on his sleeve and he's always playing thing thing thing thing thing thing thing and some like that and then one cowboy says to another cowboy your cheating and that guy says I'm not cheating, and then the one cowboy just that's Larry the cable got so so they get into an altercation and one stands up and poses God.

And maybe there's a gunfight. Or maybe there's a fistfight and the piano player stops and runs for cover and people are thrown over the bar.

They always break the plate glass window behind the bar and hanging out the chandelier. You know how to write so when Jesus overturns the table. Everyone stops and says what is going on here but see Jesus was wanting to get their attention. Now I know this doesn't fit with the image. Some people have Jesus because some people think of Jesus is sort of the original hippie right. The original flower child.

Kind of like a piece and left you okay piece out. No, that was not Jesus. Jesus was a man's man, Jesus was a tough guy, but he had a tender heart symbol to be a tough guy you think you can carry across of the streets of Jerusalem, after being whipped for 39 times you have to be pretty tough to do that even Pontius Pilate set of Christ. Behold, the man, because that's exactly who Christ was, but you see, Jesus was also meek, in fact, Jesus said in Matthew 1120 Mark nine take my yoke upon you and learn of me, I meek and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. So we think of Jesus you know in a breath or rent a lamb around his neck and walk around with this little staff and and he's kind of a wimpy anemic little guy. That's all religious art portrays up its raw it's inaccurate we can we be blunt here. You know highlights in it. No good course dark hair.

He was tan from the sun's skin would've actually been darker. His muscles would've been strong. He was a strong man but he was a meek man and I think it's because we don't know what meekness is we think of meekness as weakness, but a literal definition of meekness is strength under control. Meekness has a strength to not defend oneself as an Jesus going to the cross. But meekness boldly defends other UC were the opposite someone offends me, I rise up in anger.

How dare you say that about me. Don't be disrespecting me. I have my rights all defend myself.

That's what meekness meekness is when you attacked me and I let it go within you attack someone I care about.

Now I rise up. You know me messing with them. You don't say that about them, especially if they're weaker and they need help. I stand up for someone else that for Christ shows his real strength. No, I won't stand up for myself right now.

I'll give up my right to say but you mess with these people and that ticks me off and that's what makes God mad. What makes God what makes God mad is when religious layers and religious people try to keep people from knowing God, why did he drive the moneychangers out of the temple because basically you have the Jewish Temple. First, it was a tabernacle or attempt later to become a building built by King Solomon rebuilt later by King Herod and I was a temple known as the second Temple that was ultimately dismantled stone by stone by Titus the Roman legion. So you have the outer court of the Gentiles in the top now is you getting closer. There is a special area called the holy of holy and that is where the high priest would walk in once a year to offer a sacrifice of the sins of the people inside of the holy of holies in the original Temple was the ark of the covenant know it's not in a warehouse like Indiana Jones movies tell us it was there in the inner sanctum of the temple and inside of the ark of the covenant was that Aaron's rod that brought it in a jar of manna, right Maisie so that's the tables on this outer court. The court of the Gentiles, that would be the non-Jews.

This is for these guys set up their tables and goals somewhat of the cell and a few souvenirs that they were doing. People were coming in with their animals to sacrifice in these men out there, said excuse me only see that animal all that animal squad you can bring that animal in but he were having to close a deal on special approved glands that you can buy the jack up the price and rip the people off so the people were being taken advantage of and instead of praying for the people they were praying on the people. So Jesus walks in, and this angers him. Why, because God welcomes all people into his house.

Even though the Jews are God's covenant people. Even though the Jews are God's chosen people. It is also true that God desires a relationship with all people, and even at this point. Historically, before the death of Christ that opens the door to all of humanity are to approach God. I even at this point God welcomed in the Gentiles are the non-Jews like Isaiah 56 says God speaking all blessed Gentiles and commit themselves of the Lord and serve him and love his name, and worship him, all except the burnt offerings and sacrifices because my temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations. And that's what Jesus would think you've taken my father's house, which is a house of prayer and you've turned it into a den of thieves.

So we drove it made him angry civil.

That's interesting, but what does that have to do with us today can happen in the church to know. Maybe a nonbeliever comes to one of our services for the first time. Maybe they look a little different than the rest of us.

They don't have a harvest T-shirt back there T-shirt says something very inappropriate for church and it never even occurred to them that was inappropriate. They just put on their favorite T-shirt and came in. Or maybe there they appear a certain way or they're not dressed in a way that you think they should be dressed as an believer or whoever they are, and why are those people here in the church. I don't want my children seeing that and I don't want them to be affected by the way, we will not let's understand what the church is okay. The church is a place for us to worship God. We agree. That's what we've done. A church is a place for us to hear the word of God right a church is a place for us to discover, develop and use our spiritual gifts right a church is a place for us to build friendships and relationships. It's all that and more that the church is for that not all the churches for as I've often said the church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for Saints so the church let me be stated this church hopefully will always be a place where people can meet God. I don't know why that is but in a lot of churches. Imitations are never extended for people to come to Christ. I think they miss out on a blessing and I think they really other people want to come to Christ, we see that all the time no matter what were talking about her. What's happening in our service we see people coming to Jesus, so it should be a hospital.

How stupid would it be if you went to the hospital because you just broke your arm and they said you can't come in the hospital. What does your arm is broken. Excuse me.

This is not a hospital. Yes it is. That's why I'm here in the hospital because my arm is broken and I need help. We don't really want people with broken arms.

Here we only want people that are perfect job years ago.

I know how absurd would that be will that's the same way if it's in a church we're not dressed appropriately away. The second, are you in some kind of a sin, you can't come in here no let's get the cart before the horse. Let's get him in here given the gospel and their lifestyle will change after they come to Christ they need to be welcome. So know this one a nonbeliever comes into church there taking it all in the person you came to church but I remember so clearly I first went to a church because I was not raised in the church so I had no point of reference. What I want to know what is going on here you know this is in the early days of the Jesus movement over at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pl. was filled with people and and is so funny because back in those days after song was sung.

No one would ever apply, they would all just point out like that point up is called the one-way sign this point up some work in the church and a song was playing on get real popular one just points up on looking up with what why the Princeton Review there is and I give the glory to God, just interesting opening of that time there were other things had never seen before an internal check and the solid was going on in this place. But I'll tell you this much I loved what I saw and when I look around I would see an older person next to a younger person next to a person of a different race next to a person that was different than that and I look for that while these are all kinds of people. There's not just people that look like me because you know back in high school. We want to hang around with the cool kids try.

We want to be with people that look like us and we look like them at all of this to them in this place of diversity. I'm saying this is powerful. I'm watching people participate and then when the music And the worship took place and the pastor spoke.

I listen and so when someone comes into our church there checking it all out. Not just use up your speaking or what worship is happening there checking you out there probably watching you to wonder if you're even interested in this looking at you got your phone out you you like you're using your Bible aperture really plain you know Mario brothers or something. I don't know what you're doing. Hopefully your listening or taking notes or whatever, but if you're distracted or you're not engage their watching that and if you want to engage in listening their watching that to. So here's my question for you.

Are you a bridge or a barrier for people that want to come to Christ because it comes out of this every believer as a witness. You either a good one, or about one now enclosing. Here's an interesting twist on the story.

This is the second time the temple was cleansed the first time Jesus cleansed the temple. He used a wet that's one of my favorite Jesus stories Jesus with a wet… That time to write. That's a theme song of Indiana Jones. He unaware why he wanted to try these people. He made the whip himself so he thought about it carefully. This is not a temper tantrum. He drove all his money changers, but for now, a little time is elapsed in the temple is clean and there's no money changers left but then one guy comes and sets up a steep then the second guy shows up. Now the third guy shows up now there's open to tables with more their crummy ripoff sacrifices again. The whole routine is started over Jesus as time to do a little spring cleaning here again is in the true of our lives as well. You know, we first come to Christ in God changes us. Maybe you are an alcoholic and you're free from the power of booze. Maybe you are a drug addict and you're freed from the power of drugs. Maybe you were in the porn and you are free from that power. Some other slip as sin that you were a slave to you're just filled with profanity cussing all the time and you stop that you change the way you spoke, you change the way that you live, you became a different person with a little time passes and you little compromises are some of those old vices are coming back and next thing you know some of those old vices have a foothold in your life before you know it. Some of those biases are getting the control of you and then to much to your shop you want to be in worse shape than you were when you came to Christ the first time in your same. How did this happen it happen a little bit of the time just a little bit and that's the way the temple got filled with all of these people again. So Jesus had to drive the people out every now and then we need a little housecleaning. That's why the Lord taught us to pray in the Lord's prayer our father who art in heaven how it would be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. Christ taught us to pray on a regular basis to ask the father to forgive us of our sin because I hope this is the news do you use in every day is a note ensued today. You just sit right there saying that because you're so proud he didn't see it or you send today I send today will send today we constantly ask the Lord to forgive us, so there's two ways to clean your life up the great way in the Kathy way my wife is In case you don't know. Here's a great way of cleaning. It's not a good way. By the way, the great way is let messes build for long periods of time. If there's clutter on the desk and you don't know what to do open up a drawer and throw everything in their no rhyme or reason. If there's something on the floor. The dog will get it. Even if you don't have a dog. Hope some dog will get it's never do today what you can put off till tomorrow so I big messes building up here and there, that's a great way of cleaning. Here's the Kathy way of cleaning always be tidying things up when you make a meal shall make food and she's cleaning up the dishes before things she cooked and before shall eat the meal. She's cleaning sleeping all the time putting things away. Organizing the drawers a one day a could people confinement for two days because she made the bed with me in it tonight knowing the world was that the Kathy way so you can do it to Greg where the Kathy way. I suggest you do it the Kathy way, don't put it off till we took the big mess that's all we constantly come and say, Lord, cleanse me today. Just forgive me of my sin known and unknown, or you can kinda let it go. But one thing becomes another thing in your life is sort of a tangled mess and using all God would've done yet even then he'll cleanse you with is not better to live constantly being cleansed by God, so let me say in closing, there might be some of you here tonight that have never asked Jesus to come in your life. II has to have your visitor maybe you were brought by a friend in your candid check in this thing now. One of these people into what they do what they do that while, but maybe you've heard God speak to you.

I just want to remind you, Jesus was coming into Jerusalem to go to a cross and died for the sin of the world he was coming to die for your sin and for my because were all separated from God by arson. But God loved us so much he sent his only son to die in Our Pl. in Jesus willingly came and died there on the cross and rose again from the dead and now he can forgive you. Are you under the power of some sin right now that you tried to break into been unsuccessful. If you want to really change your life and you try but you can while you can't do it yourself.

But God can do it for you, but you have to call out to him and say Lord help me to forgive you of all of your sin tonight and you can walk out of here a new person on the inside. The Bible says if any man be in Christ is an altogether different kind of person the old things have passed away and behold, everything becomes fresh and new, everything can become fresh and new for you tonight as God removes the barrier that separates you from him called sin. But what you need to do is say to God you're sorry for your sin and churn from that sin and then invite Christ into your life and he will come in and forgive you and then you can know from this moment on, that you will go to heaven when you die, but only that you can find the meaning and purpose of life in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If you've not done that yet on the closing prayer and extend an invitation for you to believe in Jesus. If you need to do that. Respond now, as we pray let's hold our heads. Father, thank you for loving also met much you sent Jesus Christ, your son to die in our place.

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming and making the great sacrifice now. I pray for any that have joined us who don't know you yet. Lord, help them see their need for you and help them to come to you and believe owner has about in her eyes are closed and were praying together. How many of you would say that I get a great guy. I want this relationship with God.

I want this fresh start. You've been talking about.

I want my sin forgiven. I want to say yes to Jesus. I want a new beginning.

Pray for me of that. Your desire if you want Jesus Christ to come into your life and forgive you of your sin if you want to go to heaven when you die, would you raise your hand up right now.

Wherever you are and I'll pray for you, bless you publish.

God bless you hands are going up all over.

I hope yours is one of them if you want Christ to come in your life. Raise your hand up. I'll pray for you, bless you. Anybody else, plus over there in the very back row couple shoe on the aisle their God bless you over here to go there in the back to see a young man and I have accomplished you to anybody else, let me pray for you tonight. This can be the night where everything changes but you must come and believe in him.

God wants you to be forgiven. He wants to enter into this friendship with you that we been singing about tonight give raise your hand yet but you want Christ to come in your life. Raise your hand. Now let me pray for you publish, plus what our heads are still valid. Maybe some of you would think you know what I've fallen away from the Lord, you talk about people that neither temple cleanse. I was walking with Christ and then I let other things get on the way in all my life's a mess again and I need to come back to him. I need spring cleaning of my life right now by Jesus that your desire. If you need to make a recommitment to Christ.

Raise your hand up and let me pray for you right publish publicity 20 bless all of you nominate as did every one of you that is, raise your hand.

I want you to stand your feet and on the lead you in a prayer to pray together, to stand up everyone to be the razor handstand your feet were going to pray together stand up all over.

People are standing you're not alone stand up, you heard me right. Stand up his arm and have you prayer prayer out loud to Mark this night in time for you and this will be the most blessed night of your life that you look back on anybody else. Even if you did not raise your hand but you want to make this commitment a recommitment to Jesus stand up bless you understanding your not alone.

By the way, if you're standing anybody else. Only one more moment.

You want Jesus to come in your life you want to recommit your life to him stand up to pray together await one more moment. Bless you. Anybody else stand up.

Don't be afraid to stand up. God bless all of you that are standing nominal lead you in this prayer and I would ask you to pray this out loud after me right where you stand again as I pray pray this prayer out loud after me right where you are okay. Pray this prayer for me now Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know you're the Savior who died on the cross for my sin.

I churn from my sin. Now, and I choose to follow Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord is my God and my friend. Thank you for calling me Lord and accepting me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray, amen

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